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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  October 1, 2015 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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futures are on the lows for a reason. maria: we've got special coverage for jobs in america, beginning at 8 a.m. eastern ahead of the jobs report out at 8:30. keith mccollough, mary mario, sandra smith, thank you. stuart, over to you. stuart: the humiliation continues. hours after a promise to work together, putin pokes america's eye once again. a reported 30 bombing runs by russians planes in syria and again, the targets are rebels we support not isis. america's friends and allies are asking just who is in charge here. more e-mail trouble for hillary clinton. russian hackers tried five times to break into her private server and the e-mails suggest her aides knew they were taking a security risk. and, by the way, bernie sanders is catching up to her on the fund raising front. watch out, east coast, here comes the hurricane which has now been upgraded to category 3.
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joaquin is now beating up the bahamas. where is it going? we will ask. and this from donald trump, he tells the bbc he'd send muslim immigrants back to syria, they've got to go, he says. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ we'll start with this, hurricane joaquin gaining power as it hits the bahamas. now it's a category 3, maximum sustained winds 115 miles per hour. hurricane strength winds about 35 miles from the eye of the storm and the center of that storm is now east of the bahamas and slowly, very slowly moving southwest. still not sure if it will hit the east coast or go out to sea, but preparations are made up and down the seaboard big time. now, look at dow futures. remember, please, we're
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starting the new quarter as of today. the last quarter was a rotten one, down 7% in a three-month period, we're starting the day pretty much flat. we'll see how we close the day. how about the price of oil. we made it up to $46 a barrel. maybe there's a higher price locked in because of the tension in the middle east. maybe. we'll ask the experts about that one. regular gas is still at 2.28 a gallon, that's the national average on regular. right. let's get to russia. launching air strikes in syria, reportedly not attacking isis targets, going after anti-assad rebel groups instead. here is ambassador john bolton with the american enterprise institute. i'm saying we're humiliated all over again and judging by your reaction, i think you agree with me. i want to know what is the down side to us ordinary, regular americans with what's going on with russia? >> russia is pursuing a
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strategy designed to supplant the united states as a dominant power in the middle east. what is the risk, that the oil producing monarchy will find themselves under the sway of a russian-irani coalition. and i don't put it past carving up. putin is cynical and sees a weak president and exploit is not since the soviets were kicked out of egypt in the 1970's. stuart: is it act to say, yesterday, september the 30th, 2015, putin reversed history. for 50 years m earthquake was been the power in the united states and now we're not. >> putin has a strategy and understands what russian national interests are and i think of that meeting he had with obama on metropolitan, something like a hot knife going through butter. stuart: what about the immigration or the immigration crisis? i presume that this will make
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it worse forcing more people out of syria going to europe? >> putin's argument i think has had some appeal to europeans in new york this week, by buttressing the assad government, that will bring stability to the region and in fact reduce the flow of refugees. he's in effect saying the americans have done nothing about ice so the flow continues. you could many with me, we'll stop the flow, by the way those sanctions imposed because of ukraine let's get them out of the way as well. the europeans are so overwhelmed by the refugee flows, it'll be attractive. stuart: these are our friends and they're-- >> he has a strategy. our friends in the region, are hedging their bets. netanyahu went to visit moscow, and the arabs on the peninsula are seeing power flowing from america's weak hands into strong hands and that's the way they operate.
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stuart: i'm saying it was an extras disastrous u.s. heads of state summit in new york this week. you told me that angela merkel, germany's chancellor was asking for a meeting with president obama and was turned down. and poroshenko, and yet, the president had time to meet with raul castro. i don't know what it will take to see that the president has a distorted view. this is a result of six and a half years of obama policy and the next 16 months are going to be worse. stuart: have we got any friends left? >> we've got friends who think we've lost our senses. they live in the neighborhood, they have to deal with facts, rather than fantasy and why they're hedging their bets with china and russia. stuart: we've been humiliated and in retreat and can't go back, is that accurate?
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>> and there's more to come. stuart: speculate what more to come? >> well, i think that putin, the i think that the chinese, other adversaries have marked their man in the white house and they don't know who will be elected in november of 2016, but they know they've got 16 months left of obama. if they've got an agenda to move against the united states this is the time to do it. the next president is going to have a deep hole to dig out of. stuart: ambassador bolten, historic days indeed. >> angela merkel was caught on an open mic demanding that mark zuckerberg do something about the site in germany. ashley: that was this weekend. merkel and mr. zuckerberg were caught on the hot mic and angela merkel complaining that the social networking site has not done enough to address racial comments on facebook site in germany in particular, with regard to the immigrant population coming in or the
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migrants from north africa. stuart: she's catching a lot of flak on social network because she's allowed in 800,000. ashley: her saying in english, are you working on this to mark zuckerberg to which he said, yeah, we need to do some more work on this. stuart: she wants to use zuckerberg and facebook as a way of clamping down-- >> she doesn't like the nature of the racist post. stuart: what is a racist post? i believe in europe they have hate speech laws. ashley: they do. stuart: if you're critical of islam or muslim immigrants, and that is-- >> ridiculous, really is. >> more on this. stuart: let's get to finance, shall we? that's what we're all about here. i'm going to preface this with the next one.
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you can see a stream of red, that's how much prices of basic commodities have declined this year, all of them with minor exceptions. all of them are down. tom is with commodities, i say that that story the collapse of commodity prices is the underlying story for every financial market all over the world, am i right? >> good morning, stuart. stuart: oh, yes. >> you are 100% right that will lead to the collapse and that's going to cause also the collapse of the equity markets, this is the start of a story much bigger story going on. and this is very bad for the whole world. stuart: take me through this. we've had the collapse of commodity prices, you say it leads to a collapse of stock prices. what's the link? >> the link is, is that we have lessened demand and money is coming out of everywhere looking for places to go and they're not going to find it because the weakness everywhere else is showing us that the companies are going to suffer. the economy is going to suffer. we still won't have good jobs,
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this is going to be a lot uglier. this is just the start, just the beginning of another bad quarter in front of us. stuart: well, stay there. because you're going to join us for the coverage of the opening about 9:30 this morning, stay right there, tom. thank you very much. here is how you get prices down at the retail level. target leading the way. lauren simonetti, in case i missed it. >> first of all, remind you 84 days until christmas and target is already price matching starting today. the retailer will match any price that shoppers find on-line on website, costco, amazon, wal-mart and they have two weeks to find a better deal and ask for a price adjustment. mcdonald's in canada rolling out self-serve kiosks and customers place orders by themselves and the food is brought to them by employees. mcdonald's plan to roll out
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services in 1400 other canada restaurants. the cost, $280 million. but mickey d's expects to fi fire-- plans to hire 15,000 additional workers. stuart: i don't get that, that i don't get. >> they need the workers to greet you. it's going to be more of a formal sort of fast food restaurant bringing the food to your table. ashley: ordering in the kiosks and if you don't want to wait in line to pick it up, go to a table and someone will bring it to you. they want it to be an upscale bistro. stuart: it's not necessarily a response to higher minimum wage for fast food workers. it's what? >> one can make the argument, it's an attempt to i am improving business. ashley: in long lines when people of ditherring over their order. stuart: in my ear.
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>> move on. another state to move for legalizing marijuana, tax-free for the rest of the year. advocates celebrating in the state. the lines at the dispensaries are long and some are even giving out some free goodies and offering discounts. stuart: tax-free? >> until january. >> there are planes leaving every day for portland. always out for a bargain there. by the way, tune in. every weekday morning 5:00, lauren simonetti and nicole petallides start your day bright and early with all the news on finance. hillary clinton's e-mail problem, yes, it's still with us, front and center still. the number of classified messages is now over 400, they're not supposed to be on that server and russian hackers trying their best to break in five times to that server. more on that coming up. first, look at this. over 200 sky divers set a new world record, flying in formation in california, jumped out of nine different planes at
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18,000 feet, that's higher than normal and they needed the descent time to get together. i don't know how long it took them to get into that star pattern, but that's a new world record. that is coordination, that's logistics. just look at that. ashley: look at that. stuart: i'm impressed, more varney in a moment. [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare?
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>> 15 minutes to go before the opening bell. it's going to be flat. now this, another hillary e-mail revelation. more than 5% of the latest batch of those e-mails contain classified information. here is what donald trump had to say about that. roll tape. >> what she did was totally illegal. it's hard to believe that she's even talking about running for president. you wouldn't believe it's possible, frankly, with what she's done and even the criminality involved that she could be talking about running for president. i think they probably won't indict her and it's very unfair to general petraeus and other
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people indicted for far less than what she's done. it's pure politics and it's democrats. stuart: all right, you heard it. that's donald trump appearing on fox and friends on the fox news channel. he clearly wants her out of the race and thinks she shouldn't be in at all. and come in strategist susan. >> good morning. stuart: i'm sure you read the front page of the new york times and clinton camp making moves to check biden. and hillary's camp is making a sudden and urgent effort to throw road blocks in joe biden's path. >> they're completely panicking, they've had two stories and it's 9:15. they have a story about panic and biden running and bernie sanders raised almost as much as she did. this is a bad morning for hillary clinton and new e-mails that she definitely had more classified information on the server than we knew.
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stuart: why hasn't joe biden thrown his hat in the ring? >> he has two or three months. he can be part of the solution or part of the problem. if he jumps in too early, he would hurt her. if he waits further, she'll be hurt and he'll look like he is a savior. stuart: you think the downward spiral for hillary clinton is inevitable and how she could get out of this. >> i don't see how, the e-mails are released until january and taking a toll. the last e-mail round we heard 200 e-mails. now with this 200-- or i'm sorry, 200 classified e-mails or e-mails later deemed classified. now it's another 200, now we're at 500. what happens when we have three more, are we going to see a thousand e-mails? there becomes a limit that she just cannot try to explain away.
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stuart: tell me about the bernie sanders catching up to her on fund raising? i understand that she-- hillary clinton raised $28 million over the summer and bernie sanders came in with 25 million? >> yeah. and she had to do it the hard way. she was out there twisting arms. going to events, running around tole ka -- to california last week having her people begging for money. and bernie sanders did it on-line and announced his millionth contributor and he doesn't have to spend time fund raising. he's addressing the crowd. stuart: you're convinced that joe biden will run and it will be in december? >> november, december. stuart: and hillary clinton continues to spiral down. what about bernie sanders, will he spiral up? >> i think he'll spiral in his word. that's why joe biden comes in, democrats will have a problem as a socialist at the top of the ticket. stuart: you have to worry about
9:19 am
joe biden, because in polls, he'll beat-- >> and i don't think so, because he'll be a third term against barack obama and given things, i'd be happy to run against barack obama's third term. stuart: "star wars" expect to fell $5 billion in the first year alone. i have some of them on the set with me yesterday, and by the way, wal-mart is selling these toys and trying to make sure that girls spend millions of dollars on them as well as boys. watch this. >> this is $200? >> yes. >> close to a real light sabre that you can get. stuart: no wonder you expect to bring in 5 or 6 billion dollars.
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♪ ♪ (charge music) you wouldn't hire an organist without hearing them first. charge! so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck.
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>> and why doesn't princess leah let the boys rescue her. maria:. >> because she's an empowered woman and-- >> yeah. >> the best place in the galaxy for everything "star wars." stuart: did you see that and get that? >> i can't understand it very well.
9:24 am
stuart: the gist is this, that's wal-mart marketing "star wars" toys straight at girls, it's very smart. >> girl power. let's go back to the original "star wars" trilogy, as the trilogy went to more and more forward, all of a sudden princess leah was kicking butt and a strong woman and getting out there and fighting. stuart: i hate that word. >> i'm sorry, go ahead, it wouldn't be the first time you buzz me. stuart: if you want to sell the toys, why sell to only half the population of children, as in boys. why not sell to everybody? you want to sell 5 billion worth in a year, nothing wrong with that. >> i think they're very smart and why they're probably go to make what, $5 billion, hasbro. stuart: they want to sell $5 billion worth of those toys. ashley: yes. stuart: and i couldn't see how they're going to do it beau that's a marketing effort to get it done. >> anyway, i thought that commercial was actually pretty cute. i think the movie, it's more
9:25 am
and more of these female-driven movies and have the powerful women, i can't say it. i've done pretty well. the hunger games. stuart: here comes cheryl. moments away from the opening bell, it's a fresh start to a new quarter. the last one was awful, wasn't it? and we go about 50 points higher. hurricane joaquin is intensifying on high alert. we don't know where or if it's going to hit, but we're on this thing. (vo) me? i don't just wait for a moment. i watch for the perfect moment. the one nobody else sees. and when i find it- i go for it. (announcer) at scottrade, we share your passion for trading. that's why we give you the edge, with innovative charting and trading features, plus, powerful mobile apps so you're always connected, wherever you are. because at scottrade, our passion is to power yours.
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>> russia is pursuing a strategy designed to supplant the united states as the dominant power in the middle east and what is the risk for the united states? that the oil producing monarchies of the arabian peninsula will find themselves under the sway of a russian-irani coalition. i wouldn't put it past russia at a point in the future to come to a deal with isis to carve up the peninsula. putin is cynical here and he sees a weak president. stuart: we've lost and humiliated and that was ambassador john bolten the top of the hour. we start at 9:00 sharp on this program. the opening bell will ring and
9:30 am
wall street trading will get underway again. this is october 1st, the first day of the fourth quarter of the year and ring away the last quarter which was awful. we're expected to open 40, maybe 50 points higher today. that would put the dow around 16-3. it's precisely 9:30. trading last begun. where are we? yeah, we've got some movement. we're up one and now 11, thank goodness. i'm going to say that's a modest start in the fourth quarter of the year and that's a rough third quarter. ashley webster is here and so is cheryl casone and tom horowitz joining us from chicago and scott shellady marooned in chicago, and also on the show. scott, to you first. give me a forecast. are woo he -- are we going to get a better stock? >> i don't think so, as long as the fed stays data dependent and has disappointed month on month and that's why we haven't
9:31 am
had the rate hike. i think that the u.s. economy is not doing as well as as others think it's doing. number two is the global situation is not looking better. bad news from japan yesterday and bad news from europe yesterday and china is faltering. i think it's going to be more and more difficult as the data gets worse and worse and they're data dependent on us. stuart: and next to me is tom horowitz who came from chicago. the fourth quarter. >> worse and probably bad. we're going from stability to volatility. not the volatility resent, not turning back and forth, but i think we are going to see more significant drops in the market. stuart: tom said it's the global economy slowing down and the fed isn't making up its mind what it's going to do. >> the fed doesn't know what to do and how to get out. >> i think the exact opposite, stuart, i'm sorry. i think that journalists came
9:32 am
on and made points about 2011, a horrific quarter and we still had global economic worries, but at the time was greece and europe, ashley was there and lived through that. >> we're four more years into that fed recovery. >> it's the fed's fault? >> no, not raising interest rates is the fed's fault. we're 4 trillion in and. stuart: scott in chicago and todd in new york, you say a rotten fourth quarter, things are going bad. cheryl says, no, it's going to be okay. ashley: yes, it was greece in 2011, but let's face it, china is no greece. stuart: three to one, cheryl. oil is up to 47 a barrel. 46.93. scott, come back in, please. i think this rally in oil, if you can call it a rally. this move up in oil has everything to do with what's going on in the mideast and we haven't heard that in a while. that's the case this morning, what say you? >> you're absolutely right.
9:33 am
a short-term bump on a short-term issue, ultimately, stuart, again the economy and again, what we see as far as the global growth situation, it's going to be difficult for oil to rally because we need to create some new real demand, as well as the fact that we do have such a supply hangover. that situation is not much better either. 50 bucks could be the new high and we could plumb the depths and go to 40. stuart: general motors, sales numbers coming in, up 12%, not bad. general motors just right there at $30 a share. ford motor company, they were up 23% in their sales, and they're just 14 cents higher. what was the seller-- >> all pickup trucks and suv's, thanks to low gas prices and the love affair with the big trucks in this country. stuart: you all the have a love affair with big trucks and cars. ashley: when gas is expensive it tends to trim the numbers, we're seeing the sales take o off.
9:34 am
stuart: remember the pope crammed into the back of that. ashley: can't forget that image. stuart: americans don't want to do that. >> drive. stuart: i digress. look at this stock, and an englishman and large cars. love it. and news came out of yesterday out of syria. two of them unchanged and a couple of them down a fraction. no continuation of the defense stock rally that we did see yesterday. okay, what's next? what we have next is, well, the defense stocks. you want to pass judgment on defense stocks? >> i think that the defense stocks have been rallying since march. the street expected troubles that we're getting now well ahead of the market. you go back and look and see some of them are 20 or 30% since march. >> okay. >> so i wouldn't be a buyer here. it's too late to buy now in my opinion. stuart: we're done with defense storms. let's deal with storm stocks, shall we? we're keeping a close eye on
9:35 am
hurricane joaquin, the storm. we don't know whether it's going to make land in the united states, we don't know that, but everybody is taking preparations and the group of storm stocks, as we call them, moved up yesterday. that would be generac, and home depot and lowe's. the move took place yesterday and even though that the storm is threatening more today. ashley: in the wake of sandy, i think that people are getting more prepared this time. it may not hit, but it could and we know what happened with sandy. stuart: i bought one of the generators. >> and the population on the northeast rather than florida and texas. stuart: let's take a look at twitter, please, it will purportedly name jack dorsey as permanent ceo. why do i care? >> you care because twitter is lagging behind facebook and
9:36 am
this could be the fix that twitter needs and we believe today they're going to name jack dorsey the ceo. he's going to take it public we believe at some point and user engagement. he's trying to fix twitter, it looks like the board is behind him. they've got to do something and maybe he's the guy. stuart: i want to get to scott shellady on the subject of twitter. are you there, scott? >> i'm here. stuart: do you tweet? >> i tweet, not as often as they see i should, but i believe that sometimes people say too much. so, here is what i think. i've seen a lot of interviews with dorsey and my feeling was, he wasn't that committed. he was kind of ambiguous and wishy-washy whether he want today take that role or not. so i'm going to wait to see what he does. the only real thing he could do for that company is find a by buyer. >> by the tie, i believe your twitter handle is scott the cow guy, is that correct. >> correct. >> that's the cow guy's
9:37 am
uniform. >> with pride. stuart: remember, please, not too long ago we put gamestop on death watch. the organ music that type of thing. they're hiring workers more than last year for the holidays. nicole: first of all, you've seen the stock down a little bit today. down 33 cents. it is 12% year over year increase in hiring. the prior year was up more than 40%. less than the prior year. wal-mart is going to be flat. target will raise. so this is everybody gearing up for the holidays, trying to get the consumer. and gamestop is doing so well with games and based on all the consoles, xbox, microsoft, and-- >> i thought games were downloaded these days? >> that's absolutely right as well. it says they continue to sell games and why they continue to boost for the holidays.
9:38 am
stuart: okay, we understand. tune in every weekday morning 5:00. lauren and nicole will take you through the day in business very early. how about amazon and cbs ash, they've got a deal. ashley: they'll be able to-- amazon prime customers will be able to watch the new cbs programs four days after they broadcast streaming on amazon prime for free. >> bad news for cable companies. very bad news for cable companies. ashley: it's all about streaming, so you can watch. stuart: if i've got amazon prime, i can now watch cbs programs and stream them, i can binge watch if i want to. >> four days after they first broadcast on cbs. >> streaming is king. david who runs discovery, that's all on his radar and they're realizing as a content provider, cbs is a consent provider, they can't ignore the
9:39 am
devil in the room, that's streaming and-- >> can you get in a word. >> bad news for netflix, too, the blockbuster of the 2015 season. >> very good point. stuart: how about this one, mcdonald's, the fast food chain, in canada they're rolling out self-serve kiosks. now, ash, i thought that was a way of getting around higher minimum wages, but i'm told they're hiring a whole bunch of people to go with the kiosks. ashley: ultimately it could. they're hiring 15,000 additional people because they want people greeted when they come in the door and help customers who don't know what they are he doing with the kiosks, and customers who take the order, trying to upscale things and reduce lines. they say millennials will love using kiosks because the way they do-- >> making face is? >> that's a perfect way around a bunch of stuff.
9:40 am
this is a way around minimum wage. it may be-- they may be dressing up the party saying, hey, we're going to do this. two years from now, those thousands will be gone. stuart: what say you, scott shellady? >> i was going to say the same thing. we're hearing about the hiring of 15,000 today and exactly right, somewhere down the road i can guarantee they're not doing this because it's going to cost more money. they're doing this because it's a cheaper alternative in the outcome. stuart: i've got an issue ai want everybody to join in on this. facebook executive cheryl sham burg, women at every stage in their careers are less interested than men in becoming a top executive. you're pulling a face. >> well, no, i read this with great interest and a discussion
9:41 am
on it. basically employees don't believe that diversity is important to ceo's and they're discouraged and the women surveyed are discouraged. they feel like even the upper level the ceo says yes, i want to promote women and a lot of them-- >> that doesn't address that quote. the quote said women at all stages in their careers are less interested in climbing up that ladder than men. >> in the survey they cited stress as one of the-- how stressful is it to get to the top and do they want to take that on. had nothing do with having kids, by the way. >> i think that women may be less interested in grab it all. women have more diversity, and other things, they want their careers. i think that women sometimes have a better view sometimes of the overall picture of life. ashley: get the big picture. stuart: scott shellady you're down there in a sea, surrounded by a sea of men. explain yourself. >> well, i mean, unfortunately
9:42 am
in the old times when the open outcry was thriving, we needed to hear each other and harder to hear a higher voice than a lower booming voice, but i know a lot of women that are driven and have lofty goals and i know from my years on this earth that women have a different way of solving problems which i think is sometimes refreshing. so, i'm disappointed in her opinion, not a big fan of the survey and i think i would have to disagree. stuart: i think we're around the block on that one. ashley, you've not weighed in. ashley: i tend to agree with todd. women have a bigger and better take on things and step back, but it's a sad statement to be honest with you. stuart: essentially i should walk away from this particular show, and this particular seat and cheryl, you should be sitting here. >> move over, stuart. stuart: and we've moved to the down side. we were up 40 or 50 points and now 12 minutes into the session
9:43 am
look where we are, we're now down 18 points. maybe todd and scott were right about the fourth quarter. we'll see. coming up, donald trump speaks his mind about the mideast refugees. he says he would send them all back if he were elected. after the markets, bracing maybe for the jobs report, it's first thing tomorrow morning. by the way, maria bartiromo has a special coverage of that. her show starts at 6:00 and the special coverage jobs in america starts at 8 a.m. more varney in a moment.
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>> that's an extra commercial, why not? good news. more popular than ever, that would be the fox business network. last month was our best yet in the ratings and by the way, "varney & company" is the number one show on this network because of you, you, our viewers, you deserve this, we
9:47 am
appreciate that. [applause] >> thank you very much. put it in the check. let's check the big board, where are we now? we're down 30, okay, how about that, the price of oil. and the market is moving, we're up significantly, close to $47 a barrel. i think that's trouble in the middle east. ashley: it is. stuart: in the oil patch, that's what's going on there. donald trump says if he's elected president he knows how he will handle the syrian refugees, listen to this. >> i'm putting the people on notice that coming here syrian as part of this mass migration, that if i win, if i win, they're going back. they're going back. i'm telling you. they're going back. stuart: that's pretty clean cut. that was donald trump in new hampshire yesterday. and joining me now from the tea net back. >> good morning, and congratulations on that news, number one. stuart: that was nothing. [laughter]
9:48 am
thank you, i appreciate that. i want to ask you, what is the feeling, what's the opinion among the black community, if i can ask you this question, about these immigrants from syria who may well be coming here by the tens of thousands. what's the opinion? >> i think the feeling in the black community is similar to the american community. on the one hand we have a great deal of compassion, the poor child dying on the coast of, i believe it was italy. you know, we see that, but at the same time we also remember that, i believe, the tsarnayev boys up in boston were terrorists and they were refugees as well. you know? and there is a great concern and this is what trump is tapping into, that, you know, kerry is promising 80,000, 100,000 next year are going to come in. well, what screening process are we going to have to make
9:49 am
sure that if we accept and assimilate these individuals into american society, which is a gift, okay? it's not an entitlement, it's a gift to them, that, you know, we're not going to be making home grown terrorists? >> i think your view as a conservative in political terms, i think you are a conservative. >> yes. stuart: is donald trump your guy? are you backing him for the presidency? >> no, i'm not backing him for the presidency, i'm not backing anyone at this time for the presidency. you know, whoever the inevitable nominee is, i will more than likely support, but i'm not backing anybody at this time, but there's no question that donald trump on a variety of issues has changed the narrative and dialog and it's been unbalanced, and extremely healthy and for the republican party specifically. stuart: i want to ask you about recent comments ben carson made to a talk show host, mike gallagher.
9:50 am
listen to this for a second. >> i think american blacks over the course of this next year will begin to see that they've been manipulated, very, very largely, and people telling them what they're supposed to think and what they're supposed to say, and more and more, i'm finding, are thinking for themselves and are recognizing, you know what really works for them and for their community. stuart: all right, nigel, you heard that. does he speak for you on that issue? >> yes, amen, ditto. i worship at the altar of ben carson. [laughter] at least on this issue. stuart: a candidate-- >> i'm not endorsing him either, but i tell you what, when he strikes a tone on these types of questions, that's why the american people are responding to him so resoundingly and by the way, it's republicans in the primary, but i guarantee you, there's a poll, i believe it's in north carolina, and it shows
9:51 am
him crushing hillary clinton in north carolina. and i would argue that is because there are a lot of blacks, god bless democrats and independents, that are crossing over in that particular poll. stuart: that's fascinating, because in the last several elections at the presidential level, black folks have voted about 90% for the democrats, whoever that democrat is. what about next time around? i don't know who the candidate will be, but will black folks turn out 90% for the democrat? >> you're about to see a revolution in this country. that is my prediction in black and brown communities across the nation. stuart: regardless who the presidential candidate is for the republicans? >> well, we can't be the stupid party any longer, but presuming we're not the stupid party any longer, then that revolution is going to take place. stuart: let's not define stupidity too closely. [laughter] nigel ennis, a great guest on the program. >> thank you. stuart: thank you, sir. got it.
9:52 am
coming up, feel like you spend your whole life working? one european country has a solution for the daily grind, no, it's not nine to five. wait until you had aer it, charles payne talks one-on-one with republican front runner donald trump. 6:00, don't missing it, charles payne, 6:00, donald trump. it's one of the most amazing
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things we build and it doesn't even fly. we build it in classrooms and exhibit halls, mentoring tomorrow's innovators. we build it raising roofs, preserving habitats and serving america's veterans. every day, thousands of boeing volunteers help make their communities the best they can be. building something better for all of us.
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>> oh, you've got to listen to this, views on sweden. the country is going to begin implementing a six-hour workday. they say the pros outweigh the cons. ashley, break it down. go on sweet den. ashley: the reason is two fold, gives them more energy for their private lives and more happy. stuart: it's across the board? >> it's adopted there, toyota has a factory in gotenberg and they say that people spend too much time on social media, long boring meetings, they say cut that out and focus work for six hours, done. stuart: if you've made it six hours, people would still use social media.
9:57 am
ashley: they've banned their employees were being on social media and keeping meetings to a minimum and eliminating other distractions, but didn't explain what the distractions are. the turnover rates are down. stuart: i can't wait. six hours, as i said there are planes leaving for stockholm. ashley: yes, they are. you pay taxes of 86%, but. stuart: there you go. here we go, dow down 41. look what's coming up. it looks like putin is winning, hands down. we have the latest on the new russian air strikes in syria and we'll tell you if hurricane joaquin is going to ruin your weekend. second hour of varney two minutes away.
9:58 am
i accept i'm not the rower i used to be.. i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. but i won't accept is getting out there with less than my best. so if i can go for something better than warfarin, i will. eliquis. eliquis reduced the risk of stroke better than warfarin, plus it had significantly less major bleeding than warfarin. eliquis had both. that really mattered to me. don't stop taking eliquis unless your doctor tells you to, as stopping increases your risk of having a stroke. eliquis can cause serious and in rare cases fatal bleeding. don't take eliquis if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. while taking eliquis, you may bruise more easily and it may take longer than usual for any bleeding to stop.
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seek immediate medical care for sudden signs of bleeding, like unusual bruising. eliquis may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. i accept i don't have to set records. but i'm still going for my personal best. and for eliquis. reduced risk of stroke plus less major bleeding. ask your doctor if switching to eliquis is right for you. if legalzoom has your back.s, over the last 10 years we've helped one million business owners get started. visit legalzoom today for the legal help you need to start and run your business. legalzoom. legal help is here. >> top story at 10:00 eastern. russia poking america yet again. no, they're not targeting,
10:00 am
isis, no, they're going after anti-assad rebel groups which we happen to support. more trouble for hillary, another round of e-mails released. it's reported that 5% of them. one in 20 of the latest batch contain classified information. not supposed to do. and get this, the russians tried to hack her e-mail private server five different times. cheryl samburg at facebook say that women are less interested in claiming the corporate ladder. we're upgrading hurricane joaquin. 120 mile per hour winds, there's a chance it could hit the east coast, don't know where or if it will. we'll try to get a handle on it. "varney & company," hour two, starts right now. well, here is a positive, some
10:01 am
pretty good news on auto sales. first off, general motors, their sales up 12% from a year ago. full sized pickup trucks and suv's are leading the way for general motors. ford motor company, their stock is up and the sales is-- i'm sorry, the stock is relatively flat, the sales are up 24% from last year, best since 2004. the trucks and suv's are the hottest sellers, why not with gas at $2. russia launching attacks in syria not going after isis, but going after anti-assad, anti-rebel groups, some of which are backed by the united states. joining us lt. colonel allen west. let's get this from the start. we're in retreat and i think suffered unmitigated defeat and i think we've been humiliated and you say? >> i say that you're absolutely
10:02 am
right. stuart, if you were to put this in context of 1936 to 1939 when the great western powers who had an avoidance of confrontation and any escalation watched the german nazi war machine under adolf hitler engage in the spanish civil war and test out bombing tactics they annexed austria, took czechoslovakia and the blitzkrieg and now we're seeing in the middle east. stuart: you're drawing a parallel starting with hitler and world war ii 60, 70 years ago. you want to go that far? >> yes, i do. those who fail to look at history are doomed to repeat it. if you're not drawing parallels between vladimir putin and hitler, if you don't see the parallel between the mune
10:03 am
munich accord, russia filled the void created by president obama. stuart: they do it contemptuously and that's what i want to ask you about. yesterday morning, a three-star russian general walks in an american embassy and delivers a note to the military and says get out of syria, get your planes out and you can demarche, get out. that's was a contemptuous order from the russians to americans, get out. now, you're a vet. you served in america's armed forces. what do our people in uniform, what do they think about being treated that way by a rival, if not an enemy? >> well, first of all, they've been set up and put in this position. when you think about this, stuart, i was in iraq in 2003, with the complete withdrawal of our forces from iraq, we have 3, 3 1/2 to 4,000, but what is
10:04 am
a russian general doing in baghdad, iraq, why are there army officials in baghdad, iraq? because the iraqis are leaning who has the strength that being the eyeiranians and russia. they're now flying operations in syria and think about the things about decon flicks. and that sets up a horrific situation and they said unintended intercepts incidents could occur in the air space. stuart: who would you like to see, your guy or lady? >> remember, you have a lady running on the g.o.p. side, but right now, i think it's kind of early. you have to sit back and listen
10:05 am
to these candidates because they are dealing with an incredible situation that they will have to resolve coming in as president in january of 2017. so, i think between the next couple of debates, october the 28th and i believe another one in november, we will start to see who separates themselves as a commander-in-chief because that's the most important position of the president of the united states of america. stuart: got it. colonel allen west, thank you for joining us, much obliged. we better get to the big board, see what's going on there. this is thursday morning and we're falling a little further. i think this is close to the low of the day. down 76 points, 16-2, 16,210, just about holding. the price of oil is up. 3% gain there, why? maybe it's because of the trouble in the oil patch, middle east. maybe worries about future supply, it's up a buck 40 a barrel. crocs, you know the plastic and rubber soled shoes that a lot of people wear, not necessarily
10:06 am
myself, but a lot of people wear them, that's down, and piper jaffray cutting the price. and dunkin' chosing 100 shores. shares down 10%. got to get the story behind that one because they're the best coffee. to the markets, check the big board. if you're about to retire, what are the best investments that you can make? i'm asking that question to ross gibbons from wealth empire. i want you to put yourself of someone early to mid 60's. close to retirement, probably, and they're looking at a market that's choppy to say the least and they're worried about a crash. if they were to sell, get out of stocks, where would you say they should put their money, any ideas? >> mattress comes to mind, stuart. no, i wouldn't go that far. i don't think they need to get out of stocks.
10:07 am
look, if you're in that age bracket where you're not trying to experience huge growth, you just want to protect your money and produce an income stream with it, you want to be in top paying dividend stocks and work with prices down right now, not a bad time to buy some, the yields are up slightly. buy top companies that grow their dividends on a regular basis and have done so for 10 or 20 years. stuart: wait a second, is it relatively easy to look for a big name company, a really solid company and get, 3, 4, even 5% dividend? because that's very attractive in a zero interest rate environment. >> sure, yeah, i mean, ten years ago, no one would have been excited about a steady 4%, but today, it sounds fantastic. and, yet, it's extremely easy to do. there's a lot of resources for the individual investors to look for top companies and you don't want to follow the big dividend. that's important, you can find, 8, 9, 12% dividends there. it doesn't mean it's safe. doesn't mean it's going to be there.
10:08 am
the big blue chips have been doing this for 20 years. stuart: is it your opinion that this fourth quarter is going to be really bad? because we've had several people on the show already this morning, yeah, the fourth quarter is probably going to be worse than the third. >> i don't think so, stuart. you know, look, it's really easy to come out and be a huge bear on the market. if you want to sound smart on tv, say you're bearish, because eventually it will pull back. it takes more guts to come out strong. the most bullish thing i've found recently, stuart, i track what fortune 500 ceo's are doing with their own stock. okay, these are people intimately familiar with their own company and they have an impeccable track record as timing the market. the buy to sell ratio, meaning the amount of their stock they're buying versus selling has only been positive three times in the last decade. one was the end of '08 through march of '09 undoubtedly the best time to buy stocks this
10:09 am
decade. the second time was august, september of 2011, that one pull back we've seen and third time last month. august of 2015. these are some of the most savvy investors out there who have more knowledge of their companies than you or i and they're saying it's time to buy. that's a bullish sentiment to me. stuart: ross, we appreciate that. we're surrounded by a sea of bears and negativity. that's a very interesting pointer for the future. we'll take it to heart. thanks for joining us, appreciate it. >> always a pleasure. stuart: and breaking news, the pentagon announcing it will commence talks with moscow on the situation in syria at 11 a.m. eastern today. yes, they call them deconfli deconfliction talks. at least they're talking hopefully about a coordination. russia commenced the strikes,
10:10 am
giving the u.s. one hour to get your planes out. stuart: and you've got different air forces flying overture of. if we're training rebels in syria, we may have troops on the ground and what if they're caught in the bombing. stuart: bombing our guys. ashley: they're talking about propping up assad liz: we don't know the time frame, what's the end game. stuart: no clue, but sergei and john kerry will get together on this. >> deconflict, what is it? >> deconfliction. total change of subject, chick-fil-a opening their first restaurant in new york city and offering a deal for their biggest fan. lauren, in case you missed it. >> that's right, chick-fil-a is opening its biggest store yet it's a few flocks from our studios. if you live in the area and you're one of the first 100
10:11 am
folks on line you could win a year's worth of chick-fil-a. stuart: what? you camp out now, for example. >> yes. stuart: wait until opening day, if you're in the first 100, free food for a year? >> yes, only one meal a weak-- week though. stuart: oh, that's different. >> still, 52 meals. stuart: continue. >> and possibly coming to the big apple, possibly a music event like coachella. the show would be called panorama and it will be held next summer. stuart: it will be big? >> yes, coachella is big. >> it's the thing to do. and a bride and groom in minnesota sent a $80 bill to a couple that were no-shows at their wedding. they wanted them to cover the cost of the dinner that the couple rsvp 'd to. ashley: love this. >> never showed up for, thus
10:12 am
the bill was sent. stuart: i love it, they canceled because they lost their baby sitter and were not allowed to be taken to the wedding. stuart: oh, that's different. >> it's so awful around weddings these days. >> we agree this is a tacky move. >> yes. stuart: on who's part. >> on the part of the bride and groom, sending a bill. stuart: i agree with that. >> the situation. stuart: because they couldn't take their kids and couldn't get a baby sitter. i'm with you. i take it all back. [laughter] >> we all agree for once. stuart: 5:00 every morning, we weekdays, lauren and nicole will take you through this. and hillary clinton, bernie sanders is giving her a run for her money. we'll explain it.
10:13 am
10:14 am
10:15 am
>> more e-mails from hillary's treasure trove. this time reportedly 5% of them from the latest batch, containing classified information, one in 20
10:16 am
classified and by the way, russian hackers tried to access her private server five different times. separate story, look at bernie sanders. right on her tail when it comes to fund raising. hillary clinton pulled in $28 million over the summer. sanders coming in with $25 million. all of it, i believe, from individual contributions. political strategist who leans ever so slightly to the left. [laughter] . stuart: . >> good to be with you. i lean to the left, but don't fall to the left. good to see you. stuart: hillary keeps spiraling down and i don't know whether you're her supporter or not. i know you lean left. what do you make of this? >> well, i don't staunchly support her, but if i was advising her, she's on the rope and she's going to be clearly dogged by this. i feel like they're trying a handsoff approach and that the dust would settle. it's know the going to settle.
10:17 am
and just barely the front runner. hold a press conference and settle this once and for all and make a blanket statement about it and let it go. stuart: she can't. >> she won't. stuart: if she's got secret material on her private server that's breaking the law. >> i was looking at it from a legal standpoint. you make a good point. she's probably in violation of the federal act on the issue it's not liable for criminal sanctions, but the attorney general could enforce and try to recover this stuff and so she would be liable civilly and that's really the way i think it's going to go. stuart: it's all very difficult for her to stand up in front of the media and say, yeah, i did it, i did it. >> well, this reactive strategy is not going to work either. stuart: that strategy at the moment, the clinton campaign seems to be keep joe biden out, please. headline in the new york times today, hillary clinton, her campaign is making a sudden and urgent effort to throw roadblocks into joe biden's path. >> if joe comes into the
10:18 am
campaign, he doesn't hurt bernie sanders, but tremendously hurts hillary clinton and she does that and he knows that. he's the other establishment candidates, people who won't consider bernie sanders will consider joe biden. stuart: do you think he runs? i do. >> i think he's the best thing for preserving an obama legacy. stuart: are you prepared to say goodbye hillary clinton, come in joe biden. >> i think it makes it better if he comes in let's have a debate. whoever is making it for the general is going to be ready because the g.o.p. is going to be ready. stuart: a festive debate. and planned parenthood, there you are, planned parenthood, we had congresswoman mia love on the show yesterday talking about the planned parenthood tapes. just roll that tape for a second. >> it really tests your belief in humanity when you have other sides advocating for the torture of these children. understand that they are opening up a child and trying
10:19 am
to abstract brain tissue while that child is still alive. now, again, we have a decision we have to make whether we as americans are going to accept the torturing of these children or whether we're going to stand up and say, you know what? we have to address this. >> now, she's not talking about the legitimacy of the tapes or abortion, she's talking about the moral question, when you look at those images, what do you think? are we going to allow this? >> well, look, working with me, a sincere and deeply convicted woman, her faith is very important to her so i really felt connected to the passion you're saying. look, if you take the face value and i've seen some of the tapes, it's important to speak from a position of information. i'm a pro choice person, but that doesn't negate the brutality seen on this issue. stuart: who's side are you on. do you think you should fund planned parenthood.
10:20 am
>> and if you do that reducing abortion-- . they're not reducing them by planned parenthood. stuart: thank you for joining us and your point of view. >> thank you, sir. stuart: the candidates, only five of them have come out and side they don't believe in global warming. five of them, they've said that. >> yeah, ben carson, trump, huckabee, cruz and santorum said that climate change is not real. stuart: not real. >> not global warming is not real. stuart: did they say that whatever global warming there is is know the human caused. >> not caused by human. these five discount it. now, other candidates have bush, fiorina, kasich, rubio said it's real and all of them absent rubio said it's man made. put fiorina in there, too.
10:21 am
stuart: that's are the skeptics. i wonder if it's a big issue on the election? >> this is important, we've got now a north carolina businessman, a millionaire, who is a republican who is waving $175 million, and supports climate change policies. that's a big one. stuart: that's a big one. ladies and gentlemen, like to share some good news with you. "varney & company," number one. ashley: yeah. stuart: the number one show on the fox business network for the month of september. [applause] >> hurrah, hurrah, yay. >> it's because of you and that's a fact. thank you, everyone. more of your favorite show. [laughter]
10:22 am
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10:24 am
>> dunkin', i'm surprised at this, but they're closing 100
10:25 am
stores and the stock is down about 10%. i thought they were doing well, great coffee, but, no, closing 100 stores. how about this stock, it's flat even though sales were up 24% in september over last year, best retail results for ford since 2004. once again, it was ford's trucks and suv's that are the company's hottest sellers. how about general motors? sales up 12% from last year and again, full sized pickup trucks and suv's that led the way and it's up 1.8%, got it. here is what's coming up for you, the man who says the kremlin's number one-- he is the kremlin's number one energy. he had millions of dollars of seized by the russian government and he says that putin is running the company like a mafia operation. and of course, yes, we're watching hurricane joaquin. it's now a category 3, could be headed to the eastern seaboard. we'll get an update from accuweather after the break.
10:26 am
germany has agreed to take 800,000 largely muslim refugees. now, chancellor angela merkel is facing a barrage of criticism. she's responding with a call for censorship. at the u.n. heads of state meeting this week she had a conversation with mark zuckerberg who runs facebook. guess what? the mic was open and she did not know it. she took zuckerberg to task. she's catching flak about muslim immigrants. are you working on this, she asked in english? yeah, he said. you see in germany, there are hate speech laws. there are all kinds of things you may not say or even infer. islam is one of those verboten subjects. don't post on facebook that you oppose muslim immigration. don't say judeo christian culture will be swamped. don't say they'll take our jobs and sent them back.
10:27 am
do not say that. this is how germany responds to criticism, just shut up and facebook, get on board and close it down and this is why europe, maybe extreme, but this is why they're falling apart. the elites demand silent from the people. we go to the nice side of town and our kids go to school schools and universities. >> the exact thing will be here, you oppose massive immigration and you're an isl islamophobe. and where political correctness is hopefully in retreat. [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare?
10:28 am
that's a good thing, but it doesn't cover everything. only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, >> >> trend eight >>
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these kinds of plans could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. you'll be able to choose any doctor who accepts medicare patients. and there are virtually no referrals needed. so don't wait. with all the good years ahead, look for the experience and commitment to go the distance with you. call now to request your free decision guide. this easy-to-understand guide will answer some of your questions and help you find the aarp medicare supplement plan that's right for you. stuart: hurricane joaquin
10:31 am
gaining power. heading towards the bahamas. now a category three storm. mark, give me 30 seconds, if you would, on where and when and if that storm hits the eastern seaboard. >> okay. if it hits it, it would not be until sunday. yesterday, i mentioned to you, there was a chance that it could pull out. it is more likely that it will stay farther out to sea. this is moving really slow. the central bahamas will just be devastated with this dangerous system just getting stronger. 140 miles per hour plus. it looks like it is farther east. still a chance that it could get pulled in. i think it will stay farther
10:32 am
east. there will still be a lotto wind and rain there. stuart: maybe this is another sandy. clearly, you are discounting that. i do not think you would discount heavy rain up and down the seaboard. >> especially farther to the south. hopefully, we will get those baseball games then. farther south, though, we could be looking at up to a foot of rain here. this could be a major rainfall event. speak to anyone that could give me a weather forecast in a situation like this and get it right, anytime. thank you very much. check that big board. off the session lows. down about 40 points as we
10:33 am
speak. crocs, the plastic shoe people. cutting the price target to $12 a share. broke right below that. to russia. launching airstrikes in syria. they did in fact strike in isis l base. >> also striking again to the north. where the rubble camps are. there is also another interesting thing here. the iraqi prime minister, he would welcome russia airstrikes in iraq. he would welcome russia. >> with open arms. it is interesting. the russians first to go into pete up on isis.
10:34 am
>> they are de- nine that of course. staying on russia. we have a personal story for you. corrupt russian officials seized his assets. that was not enough. his lawyer was out suspiciously beaten to death in jail. he received text messages that he may be next. bill bratton is with us. he joins us now. i want to use you, if i may, as a pointer for the character of bloody mayor putin and how he runs the country. you described him as a mafia leader. >> basically, what putin has been doing, ever since he came into power, he and the people around him have been stealing money. i am not talking about little
10:35 am
bits of money. tens of billions of dollars of money. they have stolen just, it is an unbelievable amount of money. stuart: can you prove that? you made the allegation. hundreds of billions of dollars. can you prove it? >> you can prove it on an anecdotal basis. for example, there is a house on the black see that was built for vladimir putin. he has come clean. that house cost a billion dollars to build. that was money basically stolen from the russian government. the only pics, for example. $50 billion to run. really, in reality, only cost them $10 billion. where did the $40 billion go? to putin.
10:36 am
stuart: now, into syria. he is popular with the russian people. >> sort of. opinion polls about russia. if you are getting a phone call in russia, you will not be so stupid to say no. this thing has 88% support. reality is, the economy has gone into a total tailspin and russia. trying to create a huge distraction. now, he is going into syria. he is trying to start a war. a famous movie called wag the dog. this is what putin does for real
10:37 am
and real life. stuart: thank you very much for joining us. the book is red notice. thank you. how about this. facebook executive cheryl sandberg sounding off on women in the workforce. here is a key quote. the unfortunate reality is that women at every stage in their careers are less interested than men in becoming a top the second death. cheryl sandberg is probably the most senior women. she is saying that women, all the way up the chain are reluctant to press harder to get up to the top. that really surprised me and i would like to know why. >> women still take stress and
10:38 am
pressure as a way to pull back. they freak out, for lack of a better word. they do not get there. stuart: that is a reaction to stress. cheryl sandberg is basically saying that, no, women do not perform as well in stressful situations as men. >> the stress of life is enough to keep you back. then, on the other hand, they see the issue as balancing family and work. >> the stress is a disproportion of women.
10:39 am
it is unfair to women in the workplace. >> they spoke to dirty thousand employees. half of the workers say that gender is a priority. it is not just women. it is men as well. they are afraid if they take their vacation days that they will adversely affect their job. there is another study that just came out in september. no wonder why we are stressed out. >> we just need to find one that will put up with me. [laughter] stuart: more e-mails released from hillary clinton.
10:40 am
more than 5% reportedly contains. russian hackers try to access the server five different times. >> what are you going to do about this? >> i think you are trying to back me into a corner. >> your support for hillary is diminishing. >> this is an issue. we have russian spies. we have russian hackers. she did something. they knew the security risk. they went ahead and did it. what is the odds? give me the odds.
10:41 am
i say it is 75%. >> still a little shaky. the fact that cnn now and divided him. just get out there and do it. also, there were less of donors at the clinton initiative thing. people are not giving money to the clintons. stuart: is this breaking your heart? you thought that there was going to be a coronation. >> it is not breaking my heart. stuart: do not point your finger at me. there you go. [laughter] excellent. thank you very much. [laughter] it is time for the second report. we are watching the price of oil. it is about $47 a barrel.
10:42 am
tension in the middle east. it is there. how about gasoline. energy stocks. exxonmobile, conoco phillips, all of them, or most of them in the green. it will bounce back today because oil is bouncing back. identity theft. we are told that it is on the rise. your bank teller may be the one ripping you off. palestine's leader says these people will not abide either mid east peace agreement. a programming note for you. we get the big monthly read on jobs in america tomorrow. maria has it covered. it starts at eight eastern on the fox business network. ♪ it really opens the passages. waiter. water.
10:43 am
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10:44 am
awe believe active management can protect capital long term. active management can tap global insights. active management can seek to outperform. that's the power of active management. nicole: i am nicole petallides with your fox business brief. a tough third quarter. the worst quarter since the year 2011. right now the dow is down 72 points. 16,000 to 12. we are seeing could not stay out and the s&p negative at the same time. chevron, goldman sachs. oil gaining over a dollar today. apple and abm.
10:45 am
continuing to watch twitter. they will be named ceo. of course, he has been heading. we have seen madison square garden at a new high. a price target raised over at jefferies. it started out 5:00 a.m. with lauren simonetti and i. ♪
10:46 am
10:47 am
to this is being called a dirty little secret. stealing your personal account information. elizabeth macdonald has your story. >> yes. commerce bake, jpmorgan chase. stealing personal account information. stealing identity information. stuart: nothing you can do about it. >> nothing you can do about it. >> they have your information. >> you really have to be vigilant.
10:48 am
also caught irs workers in fresno and austin texas doing the same thing. stealing identity information. stuart: do you check your account regularly? >> yes. >> i do. stuart: every couple days. >> pretty close. i want to know where it is going. stuart: where did it all go? stuart: check it daily. a palestinian leader announcing that his people are no longer bound by the oslo accord. cindy, welcome back to the program. i want to know why they would do this now, virtually the same day that the russians are bombing in syria. >> they see an opening where america's influence is no longer there. hunkering down and saying they do not want to abide by any commitment. continuing to advance their radicalization.
10:49 am
stuart: where is this thing going? stuart: russians now run the show. where are we going with this. an all-out war in the middle east. >> stuart, you have good versus evil. my family began fighting. military training. population control method. now, we see that continuing. a covert, behind-the-scenes proxy. we see a nuclear power now taking the side of evil. taking the side through iraq and syria into lebanon. not bombing isis. bombing the towns in syria that were the birthplace of the revolution that were fighting for freedom. on the side for changing the date hater ships away from the depression that was destroying
10:50 am
any chance for moderation in the middle east. they have telegraphed over the past months. almost leaving and almost destroyed. you know what, america is missing. actually, america will hand that $150 billion. we will just make serious into our client today. stuart: september 30, 2015, that was the day that power radically shifted in the middle east. do you say that? >> that is exactly what our sentiment across the syrian community that i know is that maybe the world will wake up. this has not been a civil war since the summer of 2011. isis grew up in the northeast part. unless america starts -- you can hear josh earnest said we are
10:51 am
upset, we are not surprised either. are we on the side of good in the west? the people that wanted freedom are the ones being targeted. this cancer is spreading. through isis radicalization. through evil. not only to russia and iran, but the green light is on in the world that america will not protect those taking freedom, so why not advanced suppression and corruption. stuart: always a welcome guest on the program. thank you for coming today. u.s. auto sales. trucks, suvs. they are leading the way. tonight, special guests guest on making the money with charles payne, the one and only, donald trump. tonight on the fox business network. ♪ invest with those who see the world as unstoppable.
10:52 am
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10:56 am
jeff: take a look at the numbers. the reality is coming true. fiat chrysler of 13, almost 14%. the 66th straight month for fiat chrysler. gm of 12% as well. bw has some negative impact on that going forward. take a look at some of the winners. the ones that while the gasoline. mustang up almost 200%. jeep cherokee. equinox is up double-digit as well. >> very impressive. tough to be. jeff flock, thank you. >> a full two hours of varney & company. we have more of arnie just a few minutes away. >> there is a pull. i believe that it is in north carolina. it shows him crushing hillary clinton in north carolina. a lot of blacks. a lot of black double cracked
10:57 am
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stuart: i found it hard to watch. 5:00 p.m. eastern yesterday, russians and john kerry walked to the microphone and made statements. get out of syria. that was a slap heard around the world. side-by-side, they made their statements. calling his counterpart sergei. they are on first name terms? that is always the obama way with our enemy. just forget out. falling all day in syria. and talks about keeping our military and their military of part. it is called tito selecting. surrogate and i have a lot of work to do.
11:01 am
yesterday, september 30, 2015, russia reversed 50 years of history. they did it by contemptuously ordering america out. they bombed the forces that america supports. all of this just hours after president obama had held talks with russia's putin. we have been humiliated. we have suffered a stinging defeat. whatever policy we had in the east has been shredded. surrogate and john will keep the dialogue open. the talks will continue. the russians are still bombing. they are not leaving. we are. ♪ b2 this is the session low for the dow industrials. now down 121 points. that puts us back at 16,100.
11:02 am
we are only up $0.27. we were up more than $8 earlier. check out some of the big car companies. nice sales. of 24% from last year. forward. again, the trucks in and suvs that are the hottest sellers. the stock is dead flat. general motors sales up 12% since last year. that stock is up one and a half percent. gm at 30. chrysler sales up 14%. breaking news. here we go. reports that russian jets are now striking isis camps in syria. as we speak, a teleconference between the pentagon and russia's military is underway. come on in jack. welcome back to the program.
11:03 am
>> good to be here, stuart. we suffered a defeat. we have been humiliated. i want to know what is next. will we ever go back to our role in the middle east? >> well, we absolutely should. the tone and attitude is frankly an appropriate. the russians never advised us that they were bringing their forces into syria. avoiding radar detection. stuart: that is how they got them into syria? >> that is how they got into syria. they knew that we would probably not interdict them. they did not want to risk that kind of embarrassment. they are he told us yesterday to clear out of syrian airspace so we can conduct operations. our bruce pot should be one of condemnation in dealing with them so they know clearly that
11:04 am
they are operations that we see fit. you should avoid us and stay out of the area. otherwise, you will be confronted. stuart: we should put our planes in the air. we should be flying. >> take it to them. listen. the reality is we have better pilots, better airplanes, better radar. any russian airplane that moves and starts down a runway, we see it. this deep affliction thing that we are talking about is being overdone. geographically separating isis. russia will run most of their missions in the west. stuart: in your history, in the military, you are in the
11:05 am
military a very long time, a four-star general, to do -- did you ever hear anything that happened yesterday? >> no. never between russia and the united states. clearly, russia has reset the relationship with the united states. they totally manipulated us in 2013. assad has production capabilities. he still has that. same thing in eastern europe. they know that when their economy is in the tank, their military is totally inferior to ours. they are counting that president obama will do nothing. he is afraid of escalation and is afraid of confrontation.
11:06 am
it paralyzes him in taking any sort of action whatsoever. stuart: you would say that the russians are right. stuart: my pleasure. thank you. >> great being here. stuart: let me get to hillary clinton's e-mails. russian link hackers try to preach her private server at least five times while she was secretary of state. bret baier is with us this morning. what is the significance of these attempted breaches? did they get into that server? what is the significance of the attempts? >> whether she clicked on a fishing expedition by these russian hackers. it came in the form of e-mails that were, that said they were traffic tickets. that is kind of ironic because hillary clinton has not driven in quite some time, we do not
11:07 am
aid. what is significant is you talk about it folks and investigators and they say this suggests that her e-mail was at least known or they were trying to get into it. it suggests that it was former opel. just like any other private e-mail. stuart: do those e-mails all stew revealed that her aides knew they were vulnerable and knew that they were taking a security risk by using that private server? >> yes. multiple e-mails expressing concern about hackers. there is even an exchange joking about chinese hackers. this is the real ron. you talk about more than 200 classified e-mails, classified ad origination, at birth, essentially, of the e-mail. that is what we know so far. there will likely be more.
11:08 am
this information is tracking at a narrative that was not prevented, preventing hackers from getting in. stuart: this is the drip, drip, drip that will not cease for many months. and long time to come. are democrats, within the democratic party, are they beginning to walk away? >> there is definitely a softening. especially in the early state of polling. bernie sanders is seeing a surge. 28 million for the quarter for hillary clinton. twenty-six william for bernie sanders. he is only 2 million behind. his burn rate. burn rate for the cash is much, much lower than she is spending to get that cash. stuart: we will be watching at 6:00 o'clock eastern tonight. you always break news. things happen when brett baer is
11:09 am
about to go on. thank you. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: take a look at the big board. down about 200 points. what you want to do with your money if you are thinking retirement soon. we have a crash watch out. come on in. let's suppose, i know you are not, you are in your early to mid 60s. what do you think that person should do with their money? >> well, i think you may want to back off from your stock allocation a little bit. we will see some turbulence. none of the pieces that we do a major drawdown are in place. stuart: not a crash. okay. you shift it around a bit? in what way would you shift it?
11:10 am
>> i may back off on some of the more aggressive areas. i may back out of, for example, some of the technology sectors. i would be moving it may be towards dividend stocks. some great opportunities in some dividend stock areas. looking more for income generation and capital depreciation. prices welcome back. you are making money as you go. stuart: can i buy into a big-name solid company with a dividend this secure, no worries about the dividend and still get four, maybe 5%? can i do that? >> there are a couple, yes, that you can do that. still out about three-4%. that is very respectable.
11:11 am
a little bit slightly less blue, yes, you can do that. thank you very much for joining us, as always. i will update that hurricane. joaquin. the storm now is in the bahamas. it is a category three storm. maximum wind sustained. i spoke to accuweather needier rolla just just a moment ago. watch this. >> it would not be until sunday. i am really not oldish on it. there is a chance that it could pull out. looking more likely that this will stay farther out to sea. stuart: that is interesting. why are you laughing. >> it is like he is picking up the lingo. stuart: he said it clearly. we don't know, but we are taking preparations.
11:12 am
preparations are being made up and down the eastern seaboard. am i right on that? >> yes. stuart varney weather forecast. can the other presidential candidates keep up. youtube star back to show parents how easy their children can get lord out by strangers on social media. this is scary stuff. watch. >> he is 13 years old. we have been talking for 14 hours. when john knox on the door, kim is going to answer him or him inside. >> i am amanda's mom. are you looking for amanda? okay. come on in. (gasp) shark diving! xerox personalized employee portals help companies
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prosecute it. and stop criminals. our senior medicare patrol volunteers are teaching seniors across the country to stop, spot and report fraud. you can help. guard your medicare card. don't give out your card number over the phone. call to report any suspected fraud. we're cracking down on medicare fraud. let's make medicare stronger for all of us. ♪ stuart: good news thursday morning. 11:15 a.m. eastern. to the election. where is the money going? national cochair is with us.
11:16 am
morgan, welcome to the program. >> thank you for having me. >> we do not support any presidential candidates. we started 10 years. getting people elected to congress. >> under 40. you only support republicans. >> only republicans. it is a great point. i see most of the people are lawyers, business people. we are not a social issue. people are all over the scale. small business owners really looking to get young people. stuart: i say what we need more than anything else in america's economy is growth. , on. let's get back to some prosperity. you would support that kind of candidate.
11:17 am
>> absolutely. the youngest woman ever elected to congress came out of our pact. each year, every two years for the campaign cycle, we elect four to five people and give money to their campaign. stuart: if you had to pick a candidate running for the presidency, i do not think any of them is under 40, but which one would it be? >> this is my personal opinion, i am supportive of jeb bush. i think when you look at his plan and what he was able to do, you know, we had six, seven years of someone who just talks. i want to see someone who has action. stuart: i think of jeb bush at the establishment, not the insurgents. >> i see why you can say that because of his last name. he was a highly effective governor of florida.
11:18 am
he should be judged on what he did in florida and nowhere else. >> what to think of marco rubio? >> i think that he is fabulous. i think he is fantastic. i think we have really strong gop candidates. stuart: trump? [laughter] >> i think that he is, interesting. it gets a lot of people to watch the debate which is good for the party. stuart: that is true. stuart: forgive me for digressing. you are a fifth generation floridian. >> yes. >> the ortega family came from spain to saint augustine, florida. stuart: when did they arrive? >> five generations ago.
11:19 am
[laughter] >> still in saint augustine? >> holt county florida. >> angela merkel caught on an open mic demanding censorship. how about that. details in a moment.
11:20 am
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liberty mutual insurance. ♪ stuart: this is a controversial topic. we had a congresswoman on the program yesterday talking about those states. world this tape. >> it really tests your belief in humanity when you have other side advocating for the torture of these children. understand they are opening up a child in trying to extract brain tissue while that child is still alive. we have a decision we have to make. whether we americans will accept the torture during of these children or whether we will stand up and say we have to address this. stuart: you heard that. you saw that. what is this country coming to? you are nodding vigorously.
11:24 am
>> i think that she is fantastic. i think they should stop talking about this issue. when you look at the societal issues, the big societal issues of the u.s., gay marriage has been pulling. the country is getting more conservative as it relates to abortion. sending this message in saying this is what is going on. far more effective. >> we heard earlier about you supporting various candidates. numbers on hillary clinton's fund-raising. >> i was up last night. looking at all the numbers coming in. >> same amount in q2. raising 17 million more in q2 for the same effort. bernie sanders raised and it it
11:25 am
was close. i think the more interesting story here is she is doing the same amount of effort. this is a fox business channel. >> fox business. hold on a second. i have breaking news. new jersey's governor. a state of emergency ahead of hurricane joaquin. at the jersey shore, they are are ready building sand dunes. we do not know whether the hurricane will hit new jersey, but they are taking preparations. now, this. germany's chancellor angela merkel are caught on an open mic. anti-immigrant posts. flooding facebook in germany. >> it is interesting.
11:26 am
on the website of the un. always assume. what are you going to do about these racist posts? you hear mark zuckerberg say, yeah, we are working on that. stuart: in german, they have hate speech. >> they do. >> if you mention muslim immigration, that could be the same. angela merkel is saying to facebook, we don't like what is being posted on your social network. cut it out. >> these are residents of germany. i do not like what is happening in my country. i do not like all of these immigrants. >> we have seen racist before. having the opportunity to meet face to face.
11:27 am
an open mic. an open mic. whoops. thank you very much, everybody. drums trash talking is proving to be better than his billions. we will explain that one for you. some very good news. we will share it. fox business more popular than ever. "varney & company," q thank you, the number one show on the network. because of you. thank you, very much indeed.
11:28 am
11:29 am
11:30 am
11:31 am
stuart: price of oil was up bigger earlier, tension in the middle east has not subdued but the price of oil $45.75, volkswagen halting sales in the u.k. because of the mission problems. only 4,000 cars affected, sales in america up 0.6%, stock is down 2%. get back to your money, market watcher jerrod levy is here. i am tired of all the big picture stuff. i want you to tell me three stocks that you would by now
11:32 am
that i am going to do well in, go. >> first one, talk about oil and howard has come down, oil has come down 50%, gasoline not as much, 30% from its high, the way to capture that, as they make a lot more money on the fuel they are selling and because fuel is cheap then kinsella lot of and. the company is cheap at 7.3 times earnings, half of the s&p, the buyer, 15 -- 105, $106. >> >> it owns six stocks. the best thing going, on the upswing. it is still struggling, driving currency down, i see the index, down 15. >> put your money to the dollar,
11:33 am
no one knows how to do it, so buy back and you bought dollars. give me numbers 3. >> locker is consumable. why would i do that, they tell the story, nike's earnings blew out the quarter, they just announced and i big seller, nike products, there is a necessity, you have to wear shoes and is cheap, sales have been growing, solid stock and icy it 10% from current levels, up the stock could be 10% higher. stuart: you are selling it very well. still buying the dollar and footlocker, leave it at that. jerrod levy, thank you very
11:34 am
much. short, sharp end to the point. donald trump's trash talking is the crushing on the candidates that they can't spend enough money to combat him. charlie gasparino is here. >> what is interesting, if you look at the ad spending and i did download about how much everyone has spent on ads and some of those are attack ads, jeb bush data small modest attack ad, it equaleds their million-dollar so far in the campaign, obviously we are a big, $30 million, coincidentally the republican campaigns are crunching numbers on how much donald trump generates in free airtime everytime he counterattacks by opening his mouth or doing that tweet and they are saying each time he does that it costs, generates at least $25 million of free air time because there is a repeat, there's a tweet, the tv, as
11:35 am
talking about it so if you start crunching numbers here donald trump has basically done hundreds of millions of dollars of free ads so far. that is why they're afraid of him. the republican insiders i talked to particularly people close to jeb bush and marco rubio saying at some point they will go after his business record. not saying he did anything wrong but when you are in real estate as long as he has been in real-estate, there will be stuck there but they are hesitant to do it now because they raise money and they are afraid of the counterattack which is almost overwhelming. it is in session. stuart: on that subject, charles payne has interviewed donald trump, the full interview airs at 6:00 eastern on the fox business network. i know charles asked about been carson and being politically incorrect. i will run a brief clip from the
11:36 am
interview. >> they just want the country to be great again, make america great again. that is what they want and you have to speak up and then said it and he took a lot of heat over it because the word nazi was used but people do have to speak up and they have to speak up like their speaking up at my rallies. >> might rallies, my rallies, millions of people go to, never an empty seat at my rallies. donald's appeal is strongest on the issue of political correctness. in our culture and how it prevents us from having debates about immigration or affirmative-action and these are big issues and the republican party, the grass roots are sick of it. i don't think he is strong on economics, don't want a trade
11:37 am
war and no one scored his tax-cut plan yet, we haven't seen, i like to see the experts who say it is revenue neutral. stuart: deductions he would get away with, get rid of. >> revenue neutral and i don't believe it is uneven 20 is strong isn't this issue because all of us would agree political or redness is brainwashing. stuart: charlie gasparino, thank you very much. thousands more hillary clinton's females were released yesterday. the judge andrew napolitano is here. there's one aspect, it was revealed that on five locations the russians tried to hack her personal server. what is the significance of that? judge napolitano: the significance of it is she ought to have known of her vulnerability. we know from other e-mails she was aware of her vulnerability because one of her aides, former
11:38 am
prof. actually send an e-mail to mrs. clinton and her aides mocking the and the moaning of the fact that the state department e-mails were so slow and the system's so bad that people were using their own private e-mails to exchange work-related information. number 2, the system used to hack was ridiculous. because they sent her what appeared to be a traffic ticket. she doesn't drive her own vehicle and secretary of state but they looked at this, looks just like a traffic ticket you buy in new york city, if she had clicked on it, they would have been able to get into everything, they may have gone into everything anyway, we don't know. stuart: with the server was penetrated or not it was attempted five times. judge napolitano: we know in exchanges with sid blumenthal where she exchange top-secret information he was attacked and therefore some of the information she gave him was
11:39 am
available to the remaining hackers who were prosecuted and in jail. we also know of the e-mails released yesterday, one in 20 was classified. here is how we know, the state department, the whole government has a presumption of information from or about a foreign government, intercept of a conversation about government officials. something on the ground in a foreign country is presumed classified, whether the word confidential or secret or top-secret is there or not. stuart: so when in five was confidential. indy net one in 20. of 5400, she said she didn't send the receive anything confidential, 400 are in that category. legally, and i think she will be presenting the fbi with a far more serious case and far easier case to prove than the one against general david petraeus, the team investigating reinvestigated and prosecuted him, the same human beings.
11:40 am
stuart: i want to bring up another subject, the report accusing the secret service of looking into jason she fits's personal file. i think 45 people did this. that is illegal. judge napolitano: it violated federal statute that prohibits discrimination, even non public dissemination of private information in government files about government officials. what they revealed about him i don't think was that harming to him politically but they committed crimes in doing it and ought to be prosecuted. stuart: why did they do that? he was heavily critical of the secret service and its operations. judge napolitano: extortion. this is an effort by people in the executive branch of the government to silence someone in the legislative branch who is speaking his mind on an issue that is absolutely relevant to the voters. whether the secret service is properly protecting the president. stuart: the inference would be someone who looked in his file found some information that
11:41 am
might be nasty and could have said to him be quiet on this subject or else. could have done that. judge napolitano: we know 45 of them, secret service agents including the deputy director, including chief of staff were circulating this stuff and somebody leaked it. he applied to become a secret service agent and didn't get it and they leaked the fact he didn't get it and the reasons he didn't get it. he can survive that politically but this is a terrible precedent. stuart: thank you very much. breaking news just crossing the wires now, reuters in particular, the russian foreign ministry says it has no plans to join forces with united states led coalition to fight isis. ashley: a foreign minister went on to say the legal basis of u.s.-led coalition air strikes against targets in syria is
11:42 am
flawed. no sign of cooperation. stuart: what is their legal basis? there you go. that is just happening right now. next case, every person worries about the impact of social media on those youngsters. one youtube stories making sure we know the perils of what happens. you want to see this. >> matt will be here playing as the father of amanda so hopefully he will convince him to get in the car. >> i am amanda's dad. >> help me!
11:43 am
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stuart: toyota says september sales were up 16% over last year, their best ever sales for the highlander.
11:47 am
youtube star kobe person was on the show a few months ago showing how horrifying the easy it is for pedophiles to prey on teenage girls via social media. he is back with the new video that shows how easy it is to pray on boys. watch this. >> i'm here with the mother of thomas, thomas is 12 years old, he says be there in 20 minutes riding my bike, come inside because i will be in the shower. >> el! >> this is exactly what you get. stuart: that arrested my attention. kobe person is with us. that is the intention. parents and kids to death. >> it is a scared straight message. stuart: take me through this. how do you get hold of the young person being messed around.
11:48 am
>> i put a net on craigslist for parents with kids on social media and got a lot of responses and chose the ones that were all in the same area so we could get a house and lure the kids in in one neighborhood. bernard: when you put the ad on craigslist and say i want parents whose kids gone social media coming to view them all, find a group and look for parents who got a child who has been approached on social media. >> who has the social media presence. stuart: and then you get hold of the young person, you entice them somewhere outside their home and then you do the treatment on them. >> the craziest thing, 12 hours, the boys wanted to me up in 12 hours or less with this fake it girl profile but i made up. stuart: you made yourself attractive and easy for young man to be enticed. >> that is the scary part. that is how easy it is and why did it in the video to show this to happen to anyone's kids even if you think my kids wouldn't do
11:49 am
that all these parents said my kid would never do this and they did the they fell for it. stuart: parents agree to this. you interviewed the before hand. >> item know what i'd do and what is going to happen. i don't care, mike did won't actually fall for this. you go ahead and try this out. stuart: some people say you have gone too far, schering ticket or the parents to death, you go too far. >> it is a scared straight, scary stuff but the is going to work because kids are not going to do this again and the parents are setting an example for other parents. stuart: this is on youtube. what viewersshould have you got? >> this is the second video we did. in both videos over 15 million views. stuart: said that again? 15 million for the two videos? i hate to raise the issue but you get money for that? >> it is a job. i am making money but i put it
11:50 am
into bigger productions. we are going -- have a nice feel for the holidays coming up. stuart: a nice homeless video. >> helping homeless. stuart: that is different. >> something very nice. stuart: you do very interesting work and we appreciate you being with us today. there is more social media news, word on the street that jack dorsey is going to go back to twitter, stay at twitter, permanent ceo, that has done nothing to the stock, still languishing in the mid 20s. a new video profile experiment at facebook, not quite sure what this is about, stay with us, we will tell you.
11:51 am
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11:55 am
>> jack came back, the same identity, renaissance if you will, i want to tell you what the investors think about that, twitter and square, jack dorsey is the eco, and recently at twitter, highly confident in jack's ability to serve as ceo of the company, it is down. stuart: something i don't understand about facebook, they will test of video profile, you create a short video -- >> an animated gift. that is so fun. just a few seconds. it adds dimensions to the facebook profile. they're doing it because the news feed has been such a many generator, they take people away
11:56 am
from the facebook profile, facebook is refocusing on a profile to ideally make more clicks and generate more ad revenue. stuart: thanks very much. >> you don't seem at all interested. stuart: i am sorry, i am not. cheryl sandberg, executive at facebook sounding off on women in the work force in the journal, she put out one of the quotes from the op-ed piece, the unfortunate reality is that women at every stage in their careers are less interested than men in becoming a top executive. wait a second, camera holder was here a moment ago and here is what she had to say. >> what i took away from the report is women still seek stress and pressure as a reason to pull back so they get to the middle level, they get to the middle of the corporation and freak out for lack of a better term because of stress and pressure and they don't get to the suite in the report.
11:57 am
stuart: an increase cheryl. >> that is exactly what camera holder, exactly what i said at the 9:00 a.m. eastern time hour and you left at me. that is exactly what the report was saying, women are citing stress, not having kids, not wanting to stay home but stress and other information about the fact that it will take 100 years for half of corporate executives to be female. stuart: win in freak out under pressure. that is what she said. i don't buy it that. >> there are so many as even obstacles in the workplace different for men and women and no doubt continue to exist it is an institutional problem. stuart: okay, got it. i hear you. more varney after this.
11:58 am
11:59 am
stuart: we have a sharp drop for
12:00 pm
the market, we get down 170 points, back at 6 teen-1 as we start out of brand new quarter. last one was rotten. this one starting at the too. >> it is we're, watching a concurrent development, what you are mentioning. coast-to-coast, confusion over the syrian air strikes by the russians and it comes from that country's foreign minister, he was speaking awhile ago talking at the united nations where you see the greek prime ministers speaking if we could show that. we are waiting to hear from benjamin netanyahu. to each his own, i digress. one of the things we did for the russian foreign mission that might not jibe with we are hearing from the white house is we are all presumably on the same page, he says the u.s. and russia do see


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