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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 1, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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president obama said it as much. my interview with donald trump is great, going air tomorrow. our prayers go out for the families and we want to salute first responders. right now tom sullivan is in for lou dobbs, live for the next hour or two filling in with the breaking news on this tragic event. >> good evening, everybody, i'm tom sullivan in for lou dobbs, breaking news out of oregon where a gunman opened fire today at a small community college about 180 miles south of portland killing at least a dozen people and wounding 20 others. it happened at umpqua community college in roseburg, the gunman is a 20-year-old male who was killed. we'll have the details, the latest details for you. also tonight russian warplanes carrying out a second day of airstrikes in syria. strikes that contrary to russia's claims appear to be targeting rebels seeking the ouster of syrian president
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bashar assad, not the islamic state, and the obama administration scrambling to respond to the air campaign which caught it off guard. and the pentagon launching talks with russian counterparts in an effort to avoid midair collisions. we'll take up the president's foreign policy failures with lieutenant colonel robert maginnis and former are national security adviser for the middle east john hannah. donald trump intensifying his words of war with jeb bush. the candidates trading insults over their style and foreign policy. we'll discuss that with democratic strategist hank sheinkopf and "forbes" contributor carrie sheffield. tragedy in a small community college in roseburg, oregon, the gunman opened fire killing a dozen people, wounding 20 others before he was shot to death by police officers. the gunman, a 20-year-old male, and eyewitnesses said he asked people to stand up and state their religion before he opened fire.
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investigators now looking at social media postings they believe the shooter made where he appears to have a conversation with others online about his intentions. president obama moments ago speaking out about the shooting. >> earlier this year, i answered a question in an interview by saying the united states of america is the one advanced nation on earth in which we do not have sufficient commonsense gun safety laws even in the face of repeated mass killings, and later that day there was a mass shooting at a movie theater in lafayette, louisiana. that day. somehow this has become routine. the reporting is routine. my response here at this podium ends up being routine.
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the conversation and the aftermath of it, we've become numb to this. we talked about this after columbine and after tucson, after newtown, after aurora, after charleston. >> joining me is former washington, d.c. homicide detective rod wheeler and bo dietl, both are fox contributors. bo, start with you. the "new york times" sunday had a story about school shootings, mass shootings, they are more common but went back and said the cdc says it's about 15-30 average per year for the last 20 years, long before columbine, and that that's in a country with 100,000 plus public schools. so is it prevalent? is it increaseing? >> my feelings on this thing.
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this time right now some of the kids killed and the teachers, it's not a time to start to politicize this thing. we have to mourn about it, to stop bringing out about gun violence. our safest cities in america supposedly have the strongust gun laws have the most homicides, chicago, new york over here, what we're talking about right now is something that occurred on a campus. what we should be talking about is the security factor when you get the president of that university on television saying we're not changing, we have no guns on campus. you just had almost 40 people shot! 13 dead and you're saying you're not going to change your kuwa kuwayi -- way of thinking? if it can happen in a small town in oregon, it can happen anywhere. the only way to combat violence with firearms is to have a firearm. the head of security there without a gun. he had mace.
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what was he supposed to do? maybe there wouldn't have been 40 people shot, 13 dead if someone is able to take this guy out? . >> in washington, new york, l.a., but this was a small town and it seems to me that you've got a lot of the small towns where these shootings take place. >> tom, let me tell the viewers, these situations can happen in the small towns and the large towns. i take issue with the president saying this is a routine situation for him, this is not routine. try telling that to the 13 families of the people that died today. this isn't routine at all. and i think that's where the problem starts, tom. we have to address this situation each time it occurs until we can find a solution to
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it by saying this just happens, oh, well. >> all right so, what is the solution? this is what i find troubling, is that every time josh earnest said it today, hillary clinton said it today, the president in so many words said we need to find commonsense solution. what are those commonsense solutions. and i've got to ask you, bo, start with you, short of amending the second amendment i don't see one? >> the solutions, we first of all we still don't know if it was a religious attack, if it was just a mental personal who had a lot of problems, bipolar person who needed medical help. we don't know what it is. each situation has to be handled separately. we know one thing, in our society, you turn the tv on violence is prevalent. and here we go again with the
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machine guns and the mac10's this is a violent society. you have to reals when you have a violent society you have to minimize it, how do we minimize it, start to call upon people who understand security. and when you have proper security that you can effectively take someone out who has a firearm. >> having a guard with mace and that's it is not a guard. this brings up the question where you know the statistics. i looked them up before the program. fbi crime statistics, and gun violence has been dropping precipitously year after year after year after year, and when you look at gun violence, 80% of it is gang violence, that doesn't include the suicides and everything else. so at this point, that's where the president needs to say this weekend i'm grieving for the
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kids lost in the gang shoot-out. >> don't hold your breath if you expect to hear that from the president, tom. for real. let's look at it, in chicago this past weekend. 14 people were killed. 14 young african-american males were killed. how come the president didn't talk about that? now my point is simply this, the whole issue here is that we need to look at the totality of what's going on. not just the west coast of portland but chicago, everything, the economy, just like bo indicated and we need to continue to talk about these things and not brush them undered rug when it comes politically expedient for you to do which is what we see today. >> you hit the nail on the head. i guarantee there was not one legal gun used in the homicides in chicago and all the other cities across the country. these are illegal guns, not owners of the nra, these are illegal guns! let's get our president to
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stand up. why in the hell didn't he talk about the 15 people killed in chicago? these young youths that were killed over there. to me it's as important as anything else. >> gentlemen, we could continue this, we probably will again, unfortunately. we'll see you. >> a lot more on the shooting throughout the hour. all the latest developments coming up. turning to the tenuous situation in syria where russia is apparently brazenly targeting syrian rebels rather than the islamic state. fox news correspondent doug mckelway has our report. >> reporter: a day after the united states was surprised by russian air attacks against syrian rebels confusion rained over president putin's latest scandal. 20 sorties and hit 4 isis targets overnight but the pentagon reported entirely different result saying no evidence russian planes hit any isis targets. >> they're not striking targets
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in areas that are controlled by isil, and that in and of itself is a concern for us, and we've noted that concern. >> reporter: reports suggest civilians were hit in the russian attacks, putin denied it. >> i would like to direct your attention to the fact that first information that there were casualties among civilians were published before planes took off. >> reporter: russian planes reportedly targeted the nusra front, asked whether u.s. would protect them against ugz backed attacks. >> you are talking about a hypothetical situation. >> i think you should take our answers right now as not wanting to venture into hypothetical situations. >> reporter: in march secretary of defense ash carter indicated the u.s. had a duty to protect u.s. backed rebels. >> we will have some obligation to support them after they're trained. >> reporter: further adding to
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the u.s.' dilemma, new iranian ground troops have arrived in syria to supplement russian air attacks, after commander qassim soleimani violated a u.n. travel ban to moscow and sealed a joint syria military plan with putin. the russian buildup of forces began days after soleimani's visit. the iranian quds force critics say in the absence of u.s. leadership iran and russia are conspiring to become the dominant players across the volatile middle east. >> vladimir putin is exploiting the fact the president of the united states and the american leadership is not going to acknowledge malevolent intentions. >> reporter: putin's chief of staff denied he has intentions beyond syria. >> we are talking about syria specifically, and we're not talking about the pursuit of some political goals or ambitions. >> reporter: today iraqi prime minister abadi said he would welcome russian airstrikes against isis in their country
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for the evidence that russia is filling the void once occupied by the united states. tom? >> thank you, doug, doug mckelway in d.c. progress in afghanistan to tell you about tonight. officials say their troops have recaptured kunduz from the taliban including key government buildings as of right now. there is still heavy fighting in other parts of the northern provincial capital, but most of the city's center is cleared of the taliban. that development coming four days after the taliban seized the city. first one to fall to the taliban since 2001. u.s. special forces are providing tactical guidance to afghan counterparts in kunduz but the military says the troops did not participate in direct ground combat. up next, the latest on the oregon school shooting and this tragic day for a small tight-knit community. iranian troops are joining russia in the fight in syria. yes, iran.
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. tom: update on breaking news, moments ago president obama calling for commonsense gun reform saying thoughts and prayers for the victims will not prevent future mass shootings. oregon governor kate brown expressing profound dismay and heart break. we'll have a lot more on this on the shooting. we have a live report at 8:00 eastern time on the shooting in oregon. iranian forces arriving in syria, iranian forces in syria and preparing for a ground operation to accompany airstrikes. joining me retired colonel robert maginnis, the author of never submit. i got to tell you that putin said no, boots on the ground. sounds very obamaesque to me, what he knew is he cut a deal
7:18 pm
have iranian boots on ground. what does that do to the equation of what's happening in that part of the world? >> radically transforms what's happening here. putin understands objective is to bring stability to assad or bolster and replace him eventually of his own choice. he needs ground forces like obama needs ground forces but had adismal failure. the quds force out of iran, matches them with the hezbollah and the remnants of assad's ground forces and uses his own air force he established there out of ford operating base, and there's a good chance he's going to be able to clear out all those against assad, and then i think eventually, clearly putin has a reason to go after isis as well, and that is that there are 2400 chechens fighting with isis, as soon as
7:19 pm
the war is over, there they're going to go home and create another war in chechnya which, of course, putin doesn't want. tom: right, he's got his own goals and some match with ours and some don't, this brings up the question everybody was talking 24 hours ago about, the u.s. is flying sorties and the russians are too, we might have an accident up there. now i'm thinking if you have iranian troops on the ground, are we going to get iranians and now we got a real mess? >> it's been a mess for certainly over four years because of the civil war. civil wars are never clean, they're dirty. there's always the possibility if the iranians get in a mix where we try to target isis people, but the difficulty is, tom, we don't have people in the ground that are reliable spotters, so you know, somebody could call in an airstrike and it could be on an iranian force and, of course, we have other problems to boot.
7:20 pm
this is a mess. they're aligned of course with the iraqis, al-abadi in baghdad is cooperating with the mullahs in tehran, and the israelis as we know netanyahu has jumped up in moscow talking to putin to make sure their interests are protected here too. this is a regional war, and it's not going to end pretty, if, in fact, the u.s. continues to sit on its hands and the russians all of a sudden start to take things over, i'm afraid that's what's happening. tom: colonel, there's a lot of our prestige on the line, people are saying so what, let him fight this war. what's your answer to people that say that? >> u.s. prestige is on the line. putin has already grabbed crimea, grabbed eastern parts of ukraine. people in the eastern europe are on nerves ends, he's obviously bringing most of the sunni and even the shia world
7:21 pm
over to his side of looking at the situation. so we've been outpaced. we have somebody in the middle east, in russia, that knows how to do this and is doing it reasonably well, and we are just losing credibility left and right. this has geopolitical, long-term implications, it's going to take decades to recover from this and unfortunately our president doesn't have a clue. tom: colonel bob maginnis thank you for joining us. >> you bet. tom: a defense official is confirming that a u.s. c-130 military plane crashed in jalalabad, afghanistan. five u.s. service members were killed. also five contracted civilians died in the plane crash and two afghan civilians on the ground. no word what branch of the military was flying this c-130. there's a number of them that fly those things. up next, the secret service
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is in trouble again. this time it doesn't involve liquor, prostitutes or security breaches. we'll tell you all about it. and hurricane joaquin threatening to head straight north, possibly to the east coast of the united states. we'll have a full report coming up. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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. tom: breaking news out of oregon, a gunman opened fire on a community college killing at least a dozen people and wounding some 20 others before he was shot to death by police. a student at umpqua community college says the gunman shot her teacher and asked others in her classroom about their religion before spraying more bullets. meantime, presidential candidate marco rubio getting praise today for accurately predicting that russia would begin conducting airstrikes in syria. it happened during the second republican debate last month. take a listen.
7:27 pm
>> here's what you're going to see in the next few weeks. the russians will begin to fly combat missions in the region, not just targeting isis but propping up assad. he will say america is no longer a reliable ally, egypt, america is no longer a reliable ally, saudi arabia, begin to rely on us. he is trying to replace us and this president is allowing it. tom: wow. that was dead on, wasn't it? rubio running in fourth place and according to real clear politics national average. and the man who's the odds on favorite infuriated republican colleagues for comments he made about benghazi, the gop led investigation into benghazi was political in nature because it succeeded in bringing down hillary clinton's poll numbers. top republicans are demanding mccarthy take back his comments
7:28 pm
and so far he hasn't. the secret service once again embroiled in a scandal. this time it involves an attempt to embarrass congressman jason chaffetz who he chairs the oversight committee and in charge of investigating the secret service, and in an inspector general report found dozens tried to assess chaffetz 2003 unsuccessful application, applying for a job at secret service. had doesn't stop there. a secret service director also suggested leaking embarrassing information on chaffetz in an e-mail. secret service apologized, chaffetz says the tactic was, quote, designed to intimidate him. states across the eastern seaboard bracing for hurricane joaquin, upgraded to a category 4 storm, a big one and continues to batter the balmsa. federal and state officials are preparing for the storm's landfall early next week. for more on joaquin's path and
7:29 pm
the storm preps taking place, we turn to fox news correspondent phil keeting with this report. >> reporter: now the strongest and most dangerous hurricane of the 2015 season, category 4 hurricane joaquin is pounding the eastern and central bahamas with 130-mile-an-hour winds and as much as 20" of rain. and the storm is barely moving swirling in place which is very bad news for the bahamas. >> there's nothing good about a slow-moving, major hurricane that is going to produce a prolonged period of extreme hurricane-force winds, storm surge and because it's not moving, continuous rainfall. >> reporter: tomorrow joaquin is expected to change directions moving north and pick up speed, it threatens almost the entire east coast. states of emergency in effect for north carolina, virginia and new jersey, and some places bulldozers are building mountains of sands on the beach
7:30 pm
for a first line of defense. in new jersey where hurricane sandy storm surge and winds caused about 75 billion dollars in damage three years ago, rain and flooding from another weather system this week are the first concern. governor chris christie is advising his people not to panic but prepare. >> we are not quite yet sure about whether this is going to be a single punch or a double punch. there's no question there's going to be a single punch that is going to start this evening. >> reporter: where hurricane joaquin goes this evening once it leaves the bahamas remains very uncertain. >> the problem with this storm is the models have not been in agreement. we like agreement. it gives us a much more confident idea where the storm is going to go. you can still see we don't have that at all. >> reporter: the soonest the national hurricane center anticipates hurricane watches for states along the east coast is tomorrow. tom? tom: phil, thank you. we're coming right back. stay with us. try the superior hold...
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. tom: i'm tom sullivan sitting in for lou dobbs tonight. oregon's attorney general says 13 people were killed in a college campus shooting.
7:35 pm
the shooter opened fire at umpqua community college in roseburg, oregon. much more coming up. russian warplanes are in the sky and now iranian boots are on the ground in syria, russia today launching fresh airstrikes at radical islamist terrorists but the kremlin admitted it hit nonislamic rebels as well. and dr. ben carson is a fund-raising juggernaut. he raised more than 20 million dollars in the past three months, that number surprised many gop insiders. carson is the first republican presidential contender to announce his third quarter haul. and donald trump is just fine with the latest russian airstrikes in syria. the republican front-runner on cnn today stating, quote, they don't respect our president, they really don't respect us anymore, and that's why they're doing this. at the same time, if they want to hit isis, that's okay with me. it's a position that critics say is indistinguishable from
7:36 pm
president obama's policy. joining us right now democratic strategist hank sheinkopf. also with us "forbes" contributor and opportunity lives writer carrey sheffield. hank, start with you. >> sure. tom: there's a lot of pushback coming from people on the right. >> he's right on part of this, they don't respect us, they don't respect our president. that's true. you have nato allies in the air in that region. have you turkey, you have france, have you others, who knows what will happen if the russians take someone down? we have a treaty obligation to france and turkey, what are we going to do? tom: i don't know. >> that's the question. it defies quick answers. tom: can you see where he's going with this. he's saying let them own it. we're not going to put any money or blood on the ground in syria. >> that's true, i can see the desire of everybody we want to stop isis, this is true. as far as the respect goes we
7:37 pm
can distinguish between russian respect versus islam and fundamentalist respect. i don't think the islamic fundamentalists will ever respect our president. if we have a stronger president in the white house, russia would respect us, it's a difference. tom: at the u.n. on monday of this week, when president obama got up and he gave a -- what i perceived was which way we've gotten to know this man. he views himself as a global citizen and going we'd like to have everybody, can't we all get along kind of a speech. and putin says we've got to use military might on bad people. so he was really rubbing our president's nose in this, and then took this action. so when are we going to find out who was right? >> right now. putin's right, obama's wrong. why? it's not about military force, it's about knowing how to use the power so people don't use military force. that's the difference. putin does not respect obama, he's not afraid of him.
7:38 pm
he said, look, guys, it will be okay. it's not okay. united states loses power in the middle east, what happens is the russians occupy the sea lanes in the mediterranean and control axes to a region harry truman went out of his way to protect. >> obama is not in reality. he loves to give the speeches and dick cheney said this in the recent book, whoever so and so dictator will be on the wrong side of history. that doesn't happen passively. you have to put them on the wrong side of history. it means people have to take action to put them on the wrong side of history. clearly not the united states at this moment. right now it's russia, putin the dictator who has no respect for human rights is going in and filling this vacuum of leader that obama created. tom: well, but hank, that's your point about syria. the russian navy has a very strategic important port in syria on the mediterranean, and he is saying i don't care about assad, i want him in power
7:39 pm
because he's our guy and more of a puppet and we can do whatever we want with our russian navy. >> thanks to american activities, the russian dominance of the region, it dominated egypt and syria somehow put under control for extended period of time until this president came along. it is not about israel. that's the confusion, it is about the security of the united states of america. what barack obama does not understand it is far closer from damascus to moscow than it is from damascus to new york, he is far from protecting the interests of america. >> wow, are you a democrat? i thought we were going debate. [ laughter ] >> i'm a democrat. tom: ash carter, who i have great respect for, i don't know if we were mimicking what the boss was going to say, he's saying this is going to backfire on russia. the muslim world is going to be very upset with russia. >> the muslim world is upset with anybody who is not an
7:40 pm
islamic fundamentalist. that's what he does not recognize. and the fact of the matter is i am worried about the tie between russia and iran and that bond is tightened, iran is the largest state sponsor of terrorism, and getting that evil brokering of that expanding this relationship with russia could only be terrible for the rest of the world. tom: evil incorporated just got a big expansion in the company. >> absolutely. tom: hank sheffield -- hank sheinkopf and carrie sheffield. thank you, both. up next, details on the tragic shooting in oregon. and vladimir putin outmaneuvering our president in russia. we take that up and more. stay with us.
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. tom: tragedy in oregon, gunman goes on a shooting rampage leaving at least a dozen dead. some reports from oregon saying up to 15 dead. the unnamed gunman who opened fire on umpqua community college reported as a 20-year-old male and he was killed during the exchange of gunfire with police. killer reportedly invaded a classroom and demanded people stand up and state religion before shooting some more. an official reportedly saying three pistols and one rifle
7:45 pm
recovered at the scene. president obama says the u.s. is becoming numb to such mass shootings and says the perpetrators have sickness in their minds. a lot more on the story coming up. mean time turning to the crisis in the middle east. joining me john hannah, senior counselor and former vice president cheney national security adviser. john, this whole business about iran now, the new equation is yesterday was the russian planes, today we've got the iranian boots on the ground. we were worried about running into or shooting a russian plane, are you worried about us bombing an iranian military? >> i can't tell you that that's at the top of my concerns. in fact, i think we're about due for some pushback against iranian aggression in the middle east. they've been running rampant across four major countries in the region, pushing back against the americans, undermining american interests,
7:46 pm
obama has done nothing in his hopes of getting this nuclear deal he's got. he thought he was going to get big cooperation with iran in solving the problems in the middle east after this deal. instead what he's gotten is a russian-iranian devil's bargain to prop up assad and take down the united states in the middle east. tom: and throw in one more are the people we propped up, the baghdad government sharing intelligence with the russians and with iran, with tehran. >> no doubt. putin, he's a good lenninist, he's got the bayonnet and he's going to jab it and jab it into the carcass of the american power until he begins to meet steel. all he's meeting is mush. don't believe he'll stop is the becoming the predominant power in syria. he's got his eyes set on baghdad as well. tom: he sure does. explain for people, donald trump was the one who said let them do it. let them own it.
7:47 pm
let them take care of this whole problem. a number of people on the right are pushing back. explain why we need to have our win as opposed to the russians? why is it so important for us? >> well, i mean we see the effects of just letting them fight it out in syria. in the first place, really good allies of ours in the middle east bordering syria, jordan and turkey in particular are threatened with massive instability as a result of these refugee flows, and now the refugee flows are, of course, hitting the shores of europe. european union, good members of nato that are a pillar of the western alliance. so there's real threats now to the stability of the west and the credibility of the west, and the credibility of the united states, and when you begin creating that kind of vacuum in an american led heard that has existed and kept the
7:48 pm
peace pretty damn well for 50 or 60 year, you take away american power, it's not going to be replaced by some virtuity use cycle of peace. all of the most destructive and destabilizing forces in the world will see there's a fire sale on u.s. interests not only in the middle east but globally, and they're going to be loath the place for at least the next 16 months. >> i can't imagine what our allies are thinking watching all this just like we are. i can't imagine what they're thinking. but i've got to ask you, is there a parallel to the early world war ii days of one piece at a time here there? >> yeah, no, this -- in the famous debate with mitt romney in 2012, obama mocked romney's concern about russia saying hey the 1980s are calling, they want their foreign policy back. the 1930s are calling president obama and they want their foreign policy back. that's obama.
7:49 pm
he's in the period of the 1930s and he is ignoring mounting threats in an unraveling of a world order that the russians, chinese, iranians and all adversaries of america who want to take us down are creating chaos. tom: but we waited until we actually had then a world war. are we going to wait for that? >> well, we're going to have to wait to see. let's hope we can get through to 2017, and the new president, whether democratic or republican, has got to be better than what we've got right now. a guy who doesn't believe in american power. doesn't believe in the world order that we helped create after world war ii. he wants out of the game. out of that business, and let whatever fill that vacuum, go ahead and fill it. tom: no question. >> very dangerous. tom: i appreciate your comments very, very much. thank you for joining us. >> thanks, pleasure. tom: you bet. up next, we take up the search for a motive in the oregon shooting.
7:50 pm
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7:54 pm
reunification continues at the douglas county fairgrounds. family and students should gather there. there are counselors at the fairgrounds providing assistance to all the folks that are down there. at this time, i'd like to have my public information officer corporal hudson address some other issues. thank you. >> so we're going to continue to use the hashtag ucc shooting on our twitter account which is douglas coso, further written updates will be posted to our social media accounts, our website and to flash alert we have a number of agencies that have provided a lot of resources to this incident, and
7:55 pm
at a future briefing, we'll walk through what those are and what that looks like. we also anticipate having another briefing later this evening, and we'll notify you via our social media account and flash alert. [ inaudible ] >> i have a couple of administrative things to discuss and that's all the information i have right now. >> reporter: is the shooter among the ten fatalities? >> i'm not taking any questions. that's the end of the brief. >> reporter: just for accuracy -- >> there's a little update as you heard, they're going to have a briefing later, it's coming up on 5:00 on the west coast, so the sheriff's department there not giving us a lot of information.
7:56 pm
we know it was a 20-year-old. they're looking at his social media pages and finding out what was on there, but they're not willing to give us the information about his name and/or about his background. all we know is he was 20 years old and we don't even know if he was a student at this particular college or lived in the area. joining us now from san diego kfmb radio host mike slater and new york's wor radio show host mark simone, and gentlemen, this whole business, let's get back to the politics out. there the donald trump is becoming -- people are getting used to him, he was brash at first, but mark, what do you >> what you think about the fact that people seem to be liking him even more? >> i love donald trump. i have been around him for about
7:57 pm
20 years and he is a great executive who gets things done. and he can say all kinds of crazy things. but he is pragmatic, he gets the deal done and he gets the job done every time. >> the question has been, come on, give me some specifics. he is starting to do that. he came out with specifics on his tax policies and he says that he will have more. and if this strategic for him to not show his cards up front. >> and the people are going to be like okay, he is running a
7:58 pm
business negotiation and he is way ahead of everyone else and he's not giving up all of his tools. why use more specifics when he doesn't need to? >> there are pages of specifics. john kerry with his 27-point plan. they never did anywhere. >> he says all those politicians that have come after me. they all get pushed back. if you say anything even slightly negative, do the listeners come down your throat? >> well, they did in the beginning. but more and more are coming on board and more and more come on board. >> what does your audience they reign. >> i will be a little bit hesitant on what donald trump says and people are very quick to criticize me if i am ever
7:59 pm
critical of him. but one quick thing about his campaign, his campaign doesn't start until i bump the jump makes her public appearance. that is when she is going to be a nurse for the next couple of weeks. >> if trump is the nominee, who is his vice presidential candidate? >> i think a good solid guy like john kasich. >> mark cuban. not even kidding. >> i did not know that he was in the mix. >> thank you both very much. it is a time for a look at online poll.
8:00 pm
which leader has a better chance of success in the middle east. 96% said vladimir putin and others said barack obama. we will be continuing our coverage of the day of the lou dobbs show coming up. stay with us. tom: good evening, i'm tom sullivan in for lou dobbs. this is a special edition of "lou dobbs tonight", we are covering roseburg, oregon. ten people were killed in a shooting today, seven wounded, and colluding three critically in the college shooting. so let's listen in. >> ladies and gentlemen, first i would like to say that we are deeply saddened by the tragic events unfolding today it happened at this college. these tragedies are


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