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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  October 1, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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it is a time for a look at online poll. which leader has a better chance of success in the middle east. 96% said vladimir putin and others said barack obama. we will be continuing our coverage of the day of the lou dobbs show coming up. stay with us. tom: good evening, i'm tom sullivan in for lou dobbs. this is a special edition of "lou dobbs tonight", we are covering roseburg, oregon. ten people were killed in a shooting today, seven wounded, and colluding three critically in the college shooting. so let's listen in. >> ladies and gentlemen, first i would like to say that we are deeply saddened by the tragic events unfolding today it happened at this college.
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these tragedies are not supposed to happen here. yet they did and it leaves tons of questions as to why. so as this is a very active investigation and the investigation continues, there are two questions that i can answer and there will be more to come. it's very early in this event and we are still trying to confirm information that is floating around that we need to confirm. and i want to say first and foremost that are victims and families of our victims are our priority. everything that we do from here on out will be for them. and at this time we can confirm 10 fatalities in the shooting
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and seven additional injuries, those that were injured were initially transported and others were transported to the eugene area. we know that there are conflicting reports of the normal number of casualties and i can tell you that this number is the best and most accurate information we have at this time. the fbi has established a toll-free number for tips and families and that number is 1-800-225-5324. it can also be remembered as 1-800-call-fbi. when you do this, you call in
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and request option seven. this number is to help reunite and provide information to families of the victims. and this event has been deemed a mass casualty event, which brings with it hundreds of resources to this small community and the long length those resources and the fact that this is a mass casualty incident, bringing specific protocols that we must follow and that includes specific processes by which the state medical examiner's office manages identification. so we do not anticipate releasing the names of the fatalities per 24 to 48 hours. tom: that's very interesting.
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this happened about seven hours ago and it's very interesting that usually we know more about the gunman who was involved. but so far, no word on the gunman's name or his motive the shooter is a 20-year-old man who died in a confrontation with officers. the survivor at umpqua community college says of the gunman shot her teacher and then asked others in the classroom about their religion before spring more bullets. the governor has ordered flags lowered at half staff for the victims. joining me now is andrea who is was in an auto body shop is one building away from this hall where the shooting occurred. what happened from where you were? >> well, i was welding at the time. my teacher came out and said we had to go out and there's been an incident and we are put into lockdown. we stayed in their for quite a
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while. tom: did you hear the gunshots and if so, how many macs. >> i did not hear it because all of the machines were going. tom: does the school go through though through a protocol packets into something like this happens? >> i am not sure. this is only my fourth day. tom: yes, welcome to the college. i talked to a friend, and he said there's only 3000 people in college, the town is 22,000 people. because of that, everybody in town is going to know somebody who was a victim of this shooting today. have you heard without any names involved, have you heard any of the victims names or is it just rumors this time around? >> i heard of one person for
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sure that has died. i did not personally know them, but some of my friends did. >> you agree with that statement that the community is small enough to wear this many people injured or killed, that everyone in town is going to know somebody? >> well, the town is small, i'm from sutherlin which is only a few minutes away from the college. >> we are watching videos of students being let out and police have had their hands up and they are searching them. did you have to be searched by the police? you have a backpack for school materials? what do they do? >> this, yes, i was searched. they had us walk down and make lines with their hands up. they searched through my
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backpack and a major that i wasn't carrying any weapons on me. tom: you sound very calm. were you scared during this ordeal enact. >> yes, i was, for the most part. i think it is still registering. tom: yes, it may register later. andrea dennis, thank you for joining us. and the president also commented on the school shooting. he came out of the white house and said things like this have become routine. anyone who does something like this has a sickness. he took the opportunity to address what he believes to be failed gun-control policies in this country. let's take a listen. >> this is a political choice that we make. to allow this to happen every few months in america. we collectively are answerable to those who lose their loved
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ones. because of our inaction. we work to make things safer when americans are killed. when americans are killed in floods and hurricanes, we make communities safer. when roads are unsafe, we fix them. to reduce auto fatalities, we have seatbelt laws because we know that it saves lives. and there is a notion that somehow gun violence is different? that our freedom and our constitution prohibits any modest regulations?
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tom: hank, the examples about hurricanes in car accident, seatbelts, we have not prevented hurricanes, we have not prevented car accidents, we have made things better. i'm not sure that his examples were the best and i keep hearing from them all saying the same thing that we need common sense gun laws. well, what are those? >> i think anyone that can't figure it out is not quite there. the example that the president used just doesn't meet the moment. we have families hurt and i don't think they are thinking about seatbelts or tornadoes right now. people are thinking about having better texture mental health that would be useful. but there are crazy people in
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the world. tom: i think the really hit on something. the common denominator that is these is the mental health issue and everyone wants to blame the guns and instead of mental health. >> people are effectively being paid to get weapons for others that should not have them. tom: we have a radio host from san diego. how do you answer the president when he says this? >> welcome i want to applaud the last guest for taking the same rights and applying it to something that will actually make a difference.
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there were four murdered in chicago, 53 wounded last weekend. you cannot stop people from going in shooting someone. and so you have to get to the root of the problems. >> you know what we tried to do. we tried to come up with logical solutions. >> there's nothing logical about murder. this is nothing like it. these are deranged people that act upon things. we have to keep guns out of their hands. and we are trying to limit some extent, whatever is constitutional. the transportation of guns would be a good start across state lines.
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and cynical people like oh, he has a ridiculous agenda. but i think he is emotionally involved in this. emotional arguments don't always meet the facts. >> and any american will be distressed because this is not the first time for the second time for the third time. there is something going on that needs to be attended to. the politicians need to say,3 there is something going on that needs to be attended to. the politicians need to say, okay, this is about mental health and we have to stop people getting guns. >> we have a larger numbers than this taking place in our city streets and in our inner cities. and no one comes out and
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lectures the nation. >> 's. >> no, because the president would have to talk about a lot of failed policies. whether it is broken school systems or families or economies and on this point of keeping guns out of people's hands, i don't know if that's possible. i would much rather focus on deterring people from slaughtering. people that shoot people like this do not want to fight. and if there is an armed guard or the possibility of someone having a gun, they wouldn't do that. they want a slaughter and not a fight. we let them have a slaughter. tom: yeah, it is always -- it is tragic. no question about it. hank sheinkopf, mike slater, thank you so much. coming up next, the latest developments on the oregon shooting in the state senator that represents roseburg and we will take up the search for the motive next buddy- nice place, nice car what happened?
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what. you don't have a desk bed? don't be left in the dark. get proactive alerts 24/7. comcast business. built for business. tom: we are following breaking news out of oregon. the douglas county sheriff held a press conference a few moments ago. saying that he can confirm 10 people were killed in that
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shooting. another seven people were injured and transported to a local hospital. three others critically injured and they were transferred to a regional trauma center. the sheriff did not tell us if it was exactly what weapons. three pistols were believed to have been recovered from the scene. we now have this oregon state senator jeff kruse with us. his district is roseburg, oregon. senator, i talked to a number of people from your community earlier today and i'm very familiar and i have a lot of relatives in the portland area which i have always considered to be a beautiful part of oregon. for the rest of the oregon is pretty red and the rest is blue. there's a gun culture, a lot of hunters and sportsmen who live in southwestern oregon. and having guns around is not a big deal is when i hear.
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>> i would agree with that, yes. tom: what happened today? do you have any details? >> no. and appropriately so. the college campuses, the last i heard there were 100 law enforcement people living there, everyone from state police to the fbi and the u.s. marshals office. and so what i think they are doing right now is getting everything right before they release anything. so i seriously doubt that we will have the details or even names of these people until they have all of their faction. and we have just had too many incidents in this country where some of the facts are right and some of them are wrong.
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>> the numbers are already moving around a little bit. as far as the school itself goes. one comment from a friend of mine said that because the community is 20 some thousand people, the school is 3000 students, but everyone in town is going to know someone that was a victim of the shooting today. >> that is actually very likely. it's a very small college. i think that's one of the things that is causing people the angst right now. and some of the victims didn't have any id on them. and really that is not unusual. i remember when i was in college i didn't always carry id either. so it was fairly normal stuff. tom: this particular college has
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an average age of 30 years old. i understand that there is a lot of trades and other things that are taught at the school besides english history and all of that. a lot of retraining going on. is that correct? >> a lot of retraining. douglas county at one point in time was the timber capital of the nation. and of course we cannot countries in federal forests anymore. so douglas county has a 25% unemployment rate. so a lot of these people are used to have jobs at mills or in the woods, they are having to find a new way to make a living now. tom: that could be part of the story. >> actually i think it is part of the story. you know, why would someone do something? why would they do something like this? when you have high in employment you have high drug use in all kinds of conditions that lead to disorder behavior. so i think that there are some connections there.
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tom: oregon state senator jeff kruse, thank you for taking the time. >> you bet. tom: going out to bill gavin, former assistant director of the fbi. in washington. bill, this is another one of those stories where the reports from the college or that they had one security guard that was unarmed and he had mace but they never expected anything like this. should we have armed guards even at community colleges? >> tom thumb i think that's one of the options, of course. the dimension of this is so much more broad than just one security officer with a firearm at a college. what is going on in the world today in the united states today, particularly with the reactions of people killing
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classmates and teachers, it is just reprehensible. it's a very difficult set of circumstances with no easy answer for law enforcement in a situation like this. >> no, there isn't. i had seen some recommendations about school rooms, classrooms, this comes out of newtown after the tragedy in newtown, connecticut. but put an outside door and somehow so that you are not locked in with one way in and one way out. these kinds of things. at security guards come have a back door that every classroom can access. are these things being talked about to is anyone really doing anything about it? >> i think they're probably talking about it, but it would have to retrofit so many of the schools, take a small community like this, they probably couldn't afford to do something like this. that is the horrible part of this whole thing is that there's not an easy explanation.
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i look at the protocol that they have here and not identifying the individual or shooter at this point of time, i understand the protocol, it doesn't happen every place. what they want to do is make sure that they get the search warrants and that they get into the house of this individual to get what they need prior to identifying him. and also in the community like this like you said earlier, there is probably not a soul in the town that doesn't know somebody who wasn't involved in this incident in the school. when that happens, one never knows what the reaction is going to be to somebody whose daughter and son and cousin was killed in something like this and who might show up at that house. so they have their reasons. >> at the same time, it's almost 5:30 p.m. on the west coast and they know if someone hasn't come home yet from school and the words are going to get out. when they control that?
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>> i agree with you to a point. there are so many times in involving the media, the media does a terrific job at investigating and many times they can come up with facts and figures that can be of assistance to law enforcement. so it's sort of a push me and pull you a fact and you have to put all these factors into one package. the one thing i want to mention is that i watch the president come on television and say that people ought to be angry. what is he thinking of to say something like that. during a horrible situation like this. he is the paternal image of the united states of america. he should be consoling these families rather than going into a political diatribe blaming congress, blaming anyone with a gun. it was just inexcusable for him
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to say the things he said rather than pay attention. and what he said is that i will do it again the next time something like this happen. i don't understand it. tom: bill gavin ,-com,-com ma thank you so much. i'm glad that you talked about that. we appreciate you coming on. >> reports that the oregon shooter single victims out based on religion during his rampage. reportedly asking them to stand up and state their religion. we have our former secret service agent on that next. and rod wheeler is going to join us right after a quick break just like eddie, the first step to reaching your retirement goals is to visualize them. then, let the principal help you get there. join us as we celebrate eddie's retirement, and start planning your own.
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just like eddie, the first step to reaching your retirement goals is to visualize them. then, let the principal help you get there. join us as we celebrate eddie's retirement, and start planning your own. tom: president obama not the only one politicizing the tragedy in oregon. >> joe biden is as well.
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>> i bet that it was a semi automatic weapon, that would be my guess. for so many people to be shot in such a short amount of time. we are the only civilized country in the world where we have these massive murders in our country. 87% of the american people agreed with a proposal that i put together for the president on background checks and gun safety. even over 60% of nra families support it. tom: it's just not true. it's not true about the fact that we are the worst -- sweden, norway, switzerland have more deaths per capita from mass shooters than we do. so i mean, this politics drives me crazy.
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joining me now is rod wheeler and a former nypd officer dan bongino. this is something where the cdc, the cdc says that we are averaging 15 to 30 deaths of shootings in schools per year. long before columbine. is that your assessment? or do you think that this thing is getting worse? >> it's just that there's a lot of 24 hour media coverage and social media which will give the appearance everyone that these situations are growing in intensity. and they're obviously horrific and tragic. but i have to be honest that is totally shameless for the president of the united states and the vice president to come out and we haven't even gone through a funeral yet.
8:33 pm
and we don't even have the facts. what if this is a terrorist attack 2 are you going to mention the word terrorism? he doesn't even have the data were the facts, which is totally and completely shameless. in my humble opinion, it's unforgivable that he tried to politicize it. >> that is the other question that i have. why have they not release the information. i guess the excuse about we need to go through protocols, but we have been through a lot of these and for now we have a feel for who the shooter was and what their akron was and even their facebook page by this time. >> that is right, that's a good question. a lot of our viewers have just e-mailed me and asked me the same question. here's the answer as to why they have not release information about the shooter. what we have learned in all of these cases is that if we wait a little while, about 46 to 10 hours before we release that information. it gives the investigators the
8:34 pm
ability to serve search warrants at the suspect's home and to try to find people that could've been associated or affiliated with the shooter. before when we used to release names of individuals in cases like this, is that people would scatter and it would be hard to get the story quickly. just so the viewers understand that is the reason why these days our tactic in law enforcement is to try to wait as long as we can. they are going to release the information soon but they need to get that critical information and before they do. >> okay, is this the protocol now, that if i do something wrong you going to my facebook page and find everyone that friended me and find out who they are 2. >> you know, the network here is important. you want to be sure that even this appears to have been a lone gunman, that there wasn't some kind of a conspiracy behind him.
8:35 pm
we don't know if this is a lone wolf or a support mechanism. we don't have any of that data yet. so i agree with broad that it may not be, in a 24 hour media society that can jump on the information and spread it. and it's tough for a news network not to jump out in front of it, i do agree that it is the responsible thing to do and it is by far the best tactical approach to an investigation to close all of those loose ends while you have the opportunity. >> if it helps the investigation, god bless them. rod wheeler and dan bongino, thank you both very much. >> thank you. >> i know you're coming back in a little bit. coming up next we have the authorities revising their numbers. ten people dead, seven injured in the shooting at umpqua community college. the latest on a the situation that continues to develop right after this. pital long term. active management can tap global insights.
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tom: i'm tom sullivan in for lou dobbs. the local sheriff's department in oregon confirms 10 dead in the college shooting today, the police say that a 20-year-old shooter opened fire at at umpqua community college in roseburg, oregon. we will have much more on this breaking story coming up. in the meantime russian warplanes are in the sky and iranian votes on the ground in syria. russia launching fresh air strikes at islamic terrorists and the kremlin admitted that it hit the islamic state rebels as well. a defense official confirming that usc had a military plane crash in afghanistan. five u.s. service members killed and seven civilians were also killed in that crash. and back to our fox news contributor rod wheeler. and if you take out a suicide
8:41 pm
and if you take out the gang violence, when you get down to actually much smaller numbers in my experience, i asked your experience, aren't most people that are murdered them murdered by someone that they know? >> yes, they are. as a matter of fact i would commit to you that probably over half of the homicides that we have in the united states are committed by people that knew the victim. usually it's gang or drug related or a lot of the murders are committed because the family relationship has gone astray. very rarely, i would say 10 to 20% of murders that occur in the united states are the result of the suspect not knowing the but i'm. but it is a reality and it's one other interesting tidbit, that is the mental health part. mental health is horribly out of
8:42 pm
whack. and it is a result of people that have significant health problems. >> i get that from family members all the time and they talk about the ft that they know that their family members are having some sort of mental illness and that they cannot give them treatment. and it's 72 hours max as every expert will tell you, they cannot fix you in 72 hours. and that is the main point to make. >> one other point is that this comes from strict experience. not only is it difficult treating a person within 72 hours, and in order to get a person to the doctor, even
8:43 pm
police have to get some probate. you cannot just take the person in this it's really not considered a crime. so we really need to look at it as part of this. >> that is a common denominator. tom: it's good to talk to you. thank you so much good here is what we know right now. the shooter, a 20-year-old male who is now dead. ten dead, including the gunman. seven injured. president obama gave a brief address for the white house tonight, calling for a change in gun laws warning that we have become numb to this and we'll have much more coming up next you totalled your brand new car.
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due to your first accident. learn more by calling switch to liberty mutual and you can save up to $509. for a free quote today,call liberty mutual insurance at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. tom: a tragedy in oregon, killing nine people, wounding several others before police shot the shooter to that as well. governor key brown says that the suspect was a 20-year-old man who was killed in an exchange in gunfire with police at snyder
8:48 pm
hall at umpqua community college at roseburg, oregon, the rampage have been 10:30 a.m. local time this morning. the gunman not immediately identified by authorities who said that they were still investigating his motives. john is joining now. he is a radio host in florida. we've already gotten some e-mails and tweets from people saying, even when we find out the name of this guy, let's not say the name or show his face. would that really change anything when we reported these people are? >> i think that the media should and there's a connection that the media is missing. this terrorist entrance is from
8:49 pm
oregon. i think that they have to look at retribution as a motive. and i think that they have the name and background of the shooter could be incredibly relevant. unconfirmed, it certainly seems to be one that they should pursue. tom: in our day and time, i agree with you that the more that we wait, the more all kinds of suspicions. who is this guy, what was he doing. >> they know who he is coming committee have his body in custody. certainly with this connection to the paris train attacks begs a ton of questions. i think that the police would serve themselves well to all the speculation even if it's not terror related and let others know to be on guard in the towns where other americans know where the attacker is from.
8:50 pm
>> at this point it is 5:49 p.m. on the west coast. if your person, your loved one hasn't come home from college at, that means that it's going to get out and i would and that the police would want to control that rather than let the rumors about the families that must've been wondering was my loved one hurt or are they dead. >> i'm sometimes really disappointed and disturbed by some of the officers handle this information. it really doesn't serve any master and it does an injustice to the families of the victims and others that might be victimized .
8:51 pm
>> you know, agents apparentlapparentl y heard this over a network and raced to the scene. the initial response by law enforcement as many personnel that we are seeing, it does certainly clubby investigation. especially in smaller jurisdictions. they know how to handle these types of things. but there could be some confusion as to chain of command and tactical command. tom: coming up next, a woman that claim to have a grandmother inside the writing class were a portion of the massacre unfolded described the scene, saying that the shooter was lining people up
8:52 pm
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tom: president obama speaking
8:56 pm
out about the shooting in oregon. let's take a listen. >> we do not yet know why this individual did what he did. and it is fair to say that anyone who does this has a sickness in their minds. so regardless of what they think of their motivations may be. and so we are not the only country on earth that have people with mental illness who want to do harm to other people. >> joining us is a forensic psychiatrist and former mental health policy fellow. and doctor, i get upset because the president says we are the only country and we are not. there are a lot of scandinavian countries that have it worse than we do. and of course, this is a huge tragedy. but it is -- the mental illness
8:57 pm
part is where i want to focus and no one seems to want to go there. you worked on this, you worked on policy. why do we not fire up some mental health in this country? >> the issue becomes so politicized. we know that the overwhelming majority are not violent. they overwhelm majority that own firearms are not violent. but you can take an issue and say that it's one thing. that would be a gross oversimplification to do that. certainly we need, what we need is not metal detectors as mental health detectors. we need people to start looking to see the signs early before tragedies like this strike. >> for us that are not professionals, you go into the question, well, that person is strange or acts weird. we better turn them in. >> you know, as a professional, it's really the public that i
8:58 pm
think has the responsibility especially with shootings to speak up when they see something like this. what we need in the school system is school-based counseling and violence prevention programs and we cannot confuse production with prevention. we cannot predict these events because they are still very rare event and it's impossible to predict when they occur, but we can create an environment where they are less likely to occur. >> the problem becomes, i've heard from families over and over again, that they know that they have someone that needs help or someone who knows that they need help and they cannot get more than 72 hours and professionals say that i can fix you and 72 hours. what is the answer to metz it's always about public safety and civil rights. we don't want people being deprived of their civil rights. but when we see tragedies like this ,-com,-com ma you know, we know that we need to intervene sometimes against the persons well. so i definitely think that we need more mental health funding
8:59 pm
in the country and that we need people to stand up to tragedies like this do not happen. >> i see patients for charity, people that are truly in need. and i think more mental health providers need to step up to the community. we need to start thinking about the community and not just the individual. >> nobody gives you credit for the charity work that you and your colleagues do out there. i don't know what it's going to take to focus on the mental health part as opposed to the gun part and that is the problem. and you say it is politicized. as a one-party versus another 2.
9:00 pm
tom: think you folks are coming along tonight. that's it. lou dobbs will be back later. h? >> he's doing good. >> call of the wild. >> rescued by quite an odd duck himself. >> we use 26,000 pounds of chicken or beef every six weeks? jamie: what was his reputation. >> wild man. >> was he a guy who played by the rules? >> no. >> when he dies, the authorities want to shut his heir down. >> he left you with a mess. >> he did. that's when the anger hit. >> will it cost his widow her "strange inheritance"? >> i didn't go through everything all those years to just give up.


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