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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 2, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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say that was a steel driving man who became president of the united states. want to thank everyone for watching the show. appreciate it, every night at 6:00 p.m. can you catch me here. if you can't catch me, dvr the show. also you don't want to miss lou jobs. lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. president obama today speak out against putin's direct military intervention in syria, mr. obama's first remarks since russian airstrikes in syria began wednesday. obama's critics for three days have harshly criticized him saying president obama has outmaneuvered the middle east. mr. obama defended himself and flat foot the administration trying to spend the russian military intervention is an act of putin's weakness, not obama's. we'll discuss why russia does appear to be the stronger not weaker state actor in the
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middle east, and whether putin intends to extent russia's power and influence around the globe? former pentagon official fox national security analyst k.t. mcfarland is with us tonight. also tonight president obama reflexively pushing gun control after the tragedy at an oregon community college. the president reiterated that he wants to politicize the issue because he said he had to contend with the national rifle association stirring up fear and scaring, scaring politicians. the president also dismissed a change in mental health treatment in this country because he said 99% of disaffected young men grow out of it. we take up his analysis, his diagnosis and the politics of gun control tonight with real clear politics reporter caitlyn huey burns and the weekly standard's fred barnes. millions of residents and
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businesses bracing for historic rainfall and life threatening flooding from hurricane joaquin. as of right now, it appears the category 4 hurricane will not directly hit the united states, but joaquin is projected to bring with it drenching rain from the carolinas through the mid-atlantic state. we'll have a full report for you. top story tonight -- president obama trying to spin the crisis in syria. today's presidential news conference featuring a lot of denials that it wasn't putin who had the upper hand. >> mr. putin had to go into syria not out of strength but out of weakness, because his client, mr. assad, was crumbling. so mr. putin's actions have been successful only insofar as it's boosted his poll ratings inside of russia, which may be why the beltway is so impressed
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because that tends to the measure of success. lou: russia today bombed syria for a third day mainly hitting areas held by rebels opposing the assad regime not the islamic state fighters russia claims it is targeting. president putin faced western leaders for the first time since the start of the bombing campaign holding bilateral meetings with french president francois hollande and german chancellor angela merkel, on the same day that the u.s.-led coalition waged war against the islamic state and on the same day it called on russia to immediately cease its attacks against the syrian opposition forces and focus on fighting the islamic state. at the united nations, however, syria's foreign minister welcomed the russian airstrikes. >> airstrikes are useless unless they are conducted in cooperation with the syrian army, the only force in syria
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that is combating terrorism. lou: the airstrikes mark the first time russia sent forces into combat beyond the soviet union since the 1980, the president also calling for gun control in his news conference today while the president has talked about 11 mass shootings in this country over his time in office. his remarks today were less politically constrained and somewhat less controlled and dispassionate. immediately after three of those previous 11 tragedies, the president called for a change in the nation's gun laws. the president giving what has, well, what was perhaps his most forceful speech last night urging gun control. he continued his advocacy in his news conference today as details about the shooting are barely emerging. fox news white house correspondent kevin corke with our report. >> reporter: for the second day in a row, a frustrated president obama told the nation he would politicize the oregon college shooting because it
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wasn't just a tragedy, it was a choice. >> i'm going to talk about this on a regular basis and i will politicize it because our inaction is a political decision that we are making. >> reporter: the president blamed lawmakers he says are fearful of the powerful gun lobby for not doing enough to stem gun violence. >> the nra had a good start, you know? they've been at this a long time, they pension fund what they do. you got to give them credit, they're very effective. >> reporter: all too common, from newtown to arourora. the white house is calling for more regulations including background checks for all gun sales, a stronger ban on assault weapons, a ban on high-capacity magazines and end to the freeze on gun violence research. but are more gun laws the answer? the president's hometown of chicago for example has been
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besieged by gun violence despite having the strictest gun laws in america. windy city had over 1700 shootings this year, up 20% from a year ago and 349 people killed by gun violence in 2015. numbers that some on capitol hill say underscore the need for a more comprehensive approach to the problem. >> there is much more to it than just more laws about guns. i say what we need is more laws dealing with those who are mentally ill. >> reporter: in cleveland overnight, a five-month-old baby gunned down in a drive-by shooting. police are searching for the killer and answers. >> tough. this should not be happening in our city. >> reporter: absolutely devastating story there out of cleveland. as you saw the police chief breaking down. tonight, lou, we have learned that the president has ordered that all flags and government
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facilities flown at half-staff in honor of the shooting victims in oregon. they will remain that way until sunset tuesday night, lou. lou: thank you very much, kevin. one assumes that also flags will be flying at half mass for the six servicemembers who lost their lives in afghanistan in the crash of the helicopter as well. so many reasons are in nation to mourn unfortunately. kevin, thank you very much. kevin corke from the white house. turning to weather concerns in much of the country, forecasters are saying hurricane joaquin will likely stay out to sea. good news, but several states along the east coast declared states of emergency as a precaution. this storm is still expected to dump torrential rains along the eastern seaboard, for more on joaquin's impact we turn to fox news correspondent jonathan surrey live in kill devil hills, north carolina. >> reporter: good evening, lou. high winds and heavy surf continuing pounding north
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carolina's outer banks, emergency management officials are concerned about the rain that continues falling over much of the eastern u.s. it's causing serious problems not just on the coast but also many inland communities such as upstate south carolina in spartanburg, a woman died after her car became submerged in a flooded underpass, also emergency crews rescued several people whose vehicles fell into a creek after part of a bridge washed away. in north carolina charlotte, to prevent them from backing up and overflowing in the heavy rains. on the south carolina coast flooding is reported in several low-lying areas of charleston, nonessential city and county offices closed along with the public schools and colleges and that helped reduce the amount traffic on the roads. hurricane joaquin continued to battle portions of the bahamas, the u.s. coast guard and hurricane hunter aircraft have
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been searching the nearby waters for a missing cargo ship with 33 crew on board including 31 americans. the 735 foot along was carrying cars and shipping containers from jacksonville, florida to puerto rico when the crew reported they lost engine power near the eye of the storm. communications went down shortly after that. now lou, forecasters are predicting that hurricane joaquin is going to stay well off of the u.s. coast. however, they predict that these rains are going to continue causing problems throughout the weekend. back to you, lou. lou: jonathan, thank you, and unfortunately we learned on a number of occasions the tracks don't follow precisely what the national hurricane center suggests in the early days. jonathan, stay safe. a setback for the economy after a hugely dramatically disappointing unemployment report. the economy added only 142,000
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jobs in september. well below expectations and targets. the labor department also revised lower job gains for the month of july and august by almost 60,000 jobs. so while the unemployment rate held steady at 5.1%, it was for all the wrong reasons. 350,000 people dropped out of the labor force last month, bringing the labor force participation rate down to 62.4%. that is the lowest labor force participation rate since 1977, an average hourly earnings down by a cent. the first decline in wages in three years. on wall street today, it was a volatile session to say the least. the dow initially sold off declining more than 250 points before then recovering to post the biggest reversal in four years in the market. the dow from 260 down finished
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higher up 200 points on the day. s&p up 28. the nasdaq up 81. volume on the big board, again, heavy trading, 4.3 billion shares, and for the week, the dow and the s&p up 1%. the nasdaq with fractional weekly gains. we're coming right back. we have much more, stay with us. russian forces launching more airstrikes in syria today despite president obama's call for a cease-fire. could the president appear any weaker? k.t. mcfarland with us next. when an iphone is lost in the ocean, few expect to have it returned to them. wait until you see this good samaritan of the seas. that story and have here next. some cash back cards love to overcomplicate things. like limiting where you earn bonus cash back. why put up with that?
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. lou: president obama tonight speaking out against president putin's strike in syria boasting that the 60 nations of the u.s. coalition against the islamic state have not lined up behind putin in recent days. >> iran and assad make up mr. putin's coalition at the moment. the rest of the world makes up ours. so i don't think people are fooled by the current strategy.
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lou: yet the obama administration still has not answered many important questions. how many u.s. backed rebels have been targeted by those russian airstrikes? or how many of those forces have been hit? and these unanswered questions raise some considerable concerns about an administration that appears to be operating on occasion fact free when it comes to politics, governance and foreign policy. joining us former pentagon official, fox news national security analyst k.t. mcfarland. why don't we have a better sense of how many of these rebel forces are being hit? how many there are? where they are, and what is the effect of the russian airstrikes? >> let me tell you, if the obama administration's policy was succeeding, we'd hear all about it, the fact we're not getting the details is the fact it's not succeeding. when the president has the gall to say putin is doing this out of the sense he's a failure, this is the strategy weakness
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and he has a few couple of allies, we've got all these allies. why does the president's own team say our policy is failing. lou: it's intriguing he says this is an act of weakness on the part of vladimir putin because he had to prop up his client, as he put it, the state of syria. it has sort of an attractive ring to it. what is the reality k.t.? >> there is a russian-persian alliance. the iranians are sending 100,000 troops in the region. united states is drawing from the region. i think what's going to happen ultimately, we're all going to have to accept assad is the only guy there, why? the iranian-russian alliance that's going to kill the so-called moderate syrian allies. lou: i guess the question for me is, if it's so dog gone important as president obama said he has to go, can't stay.
7:18 pm
why has it taken four years and nothing has happened? if it's so urgent years ago, why hasn't something been done? >> he doesn't know what to do and how do it. ultimately president obama concluded the united states is withdrawing from regions bush was. in middle east, asia, we're coming home, we're going to lead from behind. the problem is nobody is paying a darn bit of attention to us and we've been left behind. in the middle east, we're not even a big player in this anymore. lou: did the president make any compelling argument to you today in his press conference talking about putin's weak -- the implicit statement was putin is the one who's weak, not big old tough barack obama. what's your view? >> well, and obama kept saying, in addition to that, history is going to prove me right and putin is going to ultimately get drawn into a quagmire in the middle east. we're so smart, we're avoiding it. we've ceded the area to him
7:19 pm
because we're going to let him get drawn into a quagmire. here's the thing, if putin and allies control the middle east region, what happens to our ally israel? other allies in the region and who controls world oil, not us. lou: to that point, why isn't there more discussion of the impact of a powerful russian military at the center. the nexus of the most important transport alliance in the world for crude oil and natural gas? here's -- let me reason this out. if i am vladimir putin and i have the united states frankly trying to destroy me with economic sanctions and doing a pitiful job of it, but still being -- doing great damage to the economy and the people of russia without seemingly a second thought, if i had that power at the nexus of crude oil and natural gas in the middle
7:20 pm
east, and i depended on crude oil prices, any provocation would give me an excuse then to act militarily to create an incident that would then drive the prices of crude oil higher. surely there is someone in the administration thinking rationally and realistically about the potential power that putin could hold over the globe. >> i don't think they are because they all think we're going to have windmills and anyway, global warming is going to prevent us from using fossil fuels. >> underline, k.t. is being facetious and having good fun at mr. obama's expense. hope he's not having fun at ours. >> who's watching that press conference? moscow, who else is watching? america's allies in the region and they're saying we have just been left high and dry. america is not going to have our back. lou: why have we not heard anyone in washington say out
7:21 pm
loud what i just said about the potential for putin's power in the middle east and why he has to be constrained. why? >> because they're all by the media -- they buy into the obama global community. we're all going to be fine together. lou: how about the republicans? >> they ought to be doing it. lou: i'm so sick and tired of republicans ought to be. these people, and i'm going to talk later about that in the broadcast, folks, you don't want to miss it. k.t. mcfarland, glad we didn't have to miss you tonight. breaking news, the douglas county sheriff's office in oregon confirming the shooter was a student at umpqua community college. 26-year-old chris harper mercer was enrolled in the class where he killed nine people before he was shot dead in a fire fight with police. be sure to vote in our poll tonight, the question tonight is -- cast your vote at
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a dolphin pulling off an amazing fete, we gave away part of this story. a miami heat dancer left at mercy of a dolphin when friend dropped her cell phone into the atlantic ocean. this does not sound promising for the phone, does it? incredibly, the dolphin swam to the bottom and retrieved the phone, unfortunately for her, the phone -- no fault of the dolphin's -- no longer works. go dolphin. go dolphins too. up next, the search for a new house speak, a few thoughts about that. and united launch alliance embarking on a mission to space. we'll tell you why this one has extra special meaning as if a launch into space wouldn't anyway. we can actually add to that. we'll heap more meaning on it. stay with us. we're coming right back.
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lou: a few thoughts now, if i may, on the massively, unthought-out approach of the republican leadership in congress. the hugely ambitious gop leaders and wanna-bes in the house of representatives are woefully lacking in imagination, in compelling intelligence, strategic vision or even street smarts and political shrewdness. the republican leadership by the way wasn't created by the departure of john boehner or his resignation he announced last week and it won't be filled by the installation of congressman kevin mccarthy, who desperate leapts to succeed boehner as the next speaker, so desperately he's campaigning hard for the post and went on hannity to seek favor and support, but instead mccarthy revealed his weaknesses and delivered a gift to hillary clinton and the democrats, when trying to describe the kind of conservative leadership he would bring as speaker. >> everybody thought hillary
7:28 pm
clinton was unbeatable, right? but we put together a benghazi special committee, a select committee. what are her numbers today? her numbers are dropping. lou: not even mccarthy's most energetic detractors of which there are many, could believe he had been so inept as to draw a line between the benghazi select committee and the poll numbers of hillary clinton. his comments sparked a backlash from both sides of the aisle and the would-be speaker last night went on fox news with bret baier to begin what turned to be an inartful effort to clean up his mess. >> i did not intend to imply in any way that that work is political. of course, it is not. look at the way they carried themselves out. >> that's not what you said. >> no. the point i was trying to makers i want to be very clear about this. i wasn't saying that committee was -- that was solely to get the truth out. what happened within the truth, you found out about a server.
7:29 pm
this committee's sole purpose is to find the truth why four americans were killed that night. lou: good lord. all of this from the same man who served as the right-hand man to john boehner and who had the temerity to give boehner a grade of b-for tenure as speaker, to the man who endorsed him as successor, but it was also a wildly inflated grade as is mccarthy's loss for power. despite all of that, mccarthy remains a favorite to succeed boehner which says more to me, at least, about the sad condition of the republican conference than about the would-be speaker's talent. for the good of the party, for the good of the house, and the country, i hope mccarthy steps aside. now i realize the absurdity of what i'm doing here tonight. it's a bit unusual. i'm asking a man to resign from a job before he even gets it.
7:30 pm
contrary to frequent appearances there are bright, talented folks who are committed to this country who should succeed boehner as speaker. for the republicans to get this right, those folks will have to overcome their own revulsion at what washington and capitol hill have become in order to make both what our nation serves. we're going to have to have as well a lot of good luck. our quotation of the evening. this one from one of the country's great entrepreneurs, james cash penny, he said -- we're coming right back with much more, stay with us. donald trump paling up to dr. ben carson. >> would you hire him in your administration?
7:31 pm
>> i would love to have, that absolutely. lou: does dr. carson want a new pal? caitlin huey-burns and fred barnes with me next. it's a driverless motorbike, unfortunately that wasn't the original idea. that compelling video here next. stay with us.
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. lou: top news at this hour, gun control forced to the forefront by the president today, a day after the oregon shooting, a day after his speech on gun control. obama urging americans to be
7:35 pm
single voter issues on guns. millions of people on the eastern seaboard bracing for torrential rain and severe flooding from hurricane joaquin. it's not expected to make landfall. and russia today saying warplanes hit islamic state targets in syria. the pentagon says no, the strikes hit rebel groups opposed to kremlin ally bashar al-assad. joining us, fred barnes, good to have you with us, and real clear politics political reporter caitlin huey-burns. the president obviously very emotional about gun control as he has been 11 tim over the course of his administration, after a mass shooting, and turning it to gun control. what do you make of it? >> i'm not surprised. the president has had to address the public after mass shootings, after these tragedies about 15 times in his presidency which is quite remarkable.
7:36 pm
he's also in the last year of his presidency, we're gearing up for a presidential racea. he is obviously exhausted by this issue and he knows that nothing will get done in congress on the variety of elements associated with these kinds of things. i think he's putting it out there and will continue to, but i don't want anticipate it him introducing legislation or anything like that. lou: i don't anticipate him doing anything but attempting to politicize what he can and staying out of his best he can, the consequences of his decision-making when it does take place, no matter the issue, but in this instance, gun control. what do you think, fred? >> it's not going to go anywhere, the president thinks he can talk to the american people and congress into passing a law that probably would have no impact on any of these massacres that we've seen, the one in aurora, the one in connecticut and the
7:37 pm
others, and because the bills are ones that don't cut very much, and wouldn't have an effect. they're symbolic, if he wants a symbolic bill to pass, that's fine to. politicize this issue once again and not raise another issue that i think is important from this shooting, and that is there are witnesses that say this shooter picked out christians to kill. asked students in the classroom what their religion was if they said they were christians were shot in the head. lou: he did not turn to the issue nor to the issue of mental health, and the fact of the matter is, in this instance, some sort of religious bigotry, somebody who is mentally ill or deviant in some way can have a bias, it certainly was his, but we don't know enough about it, and already we're into a discussion about gun control because the president finds it politically expedient.
7:38 pm
anyone who thinks this is anything more than a contrivance is sadly informed. the pew research national poll showing that trump stands tallest among the republican candidates. 25% in the few national gop poll, carson 16%, rubio, fiorina at 8. cruz at 6%. it looks like the top six have basically been set here, caitlyn, what do you think? . >> the numbers for jeb bush at 4% should be really concerning for him. we haven't seen him rise in the polls and have seen nonpoliticians like trump, carson and others continue to rise. we're seeing jeb bush this week go after marco rubio which is interesting because they're both trying to play in the same lane, and bush hasn't been able to consolidate the establishment support. he has some donors concerned and also supporters concerned
7:39 pm
and giving an eye to rubio who has been rising in the polls. lou: in this poll, fred, they're not doing, i would say splendidly, rubio and fiorina, 17% behind trump, and dr. carson next at 16%, some 9 points back. i mean this is starting to look like at least right now, a very stable top tier here. >> no, but i agree with caitlyn, the one thing that is not stabile is jeb bush. he seems to continue to sink. i think he has a problem with his campaign. i mean, look, he was in the 20s a few months ago now down to 4% in the pew poll. he must be doing something wrong, don't you think? lou: something for the electorate at this time. >> no, no, no, i don't agree with that. >> the people are not complete idiots and cannot be managed perfectly in a suitable
7:40 pm
direction according to the strategists desires. oftentimes there is a judgment about the quality of candidate. >> i understand that, and they judged him poorly at the moment, but a candidate can change and have a different campaign, and i think bush's mistake is he's talking about governor's record which is a very good record but nobody cares about it, that was some years ago. presidential campaigns are about the future. lou: the top tier is stable. >> bush's numbers are falling as trump and carson and others are rising. people who don't have political experience, so if you're looking at someone like bush who pushes out his record, the people are signaling they don't want that. lou: caitlin huey-burns, fred barnes, fun talking, guys, politics are starting to get a little heated. i like that. means a lot's at stake. thanks for being with us tonight. breaking news, the coast guard moments ago telling us it has called off for this evening only air search for american
7:41 pm
cargo ship, a container ship missing in the bahamas. two c-130s were in the air searching for the 735 foot container ship. ship has a crew of 33. 28 of them are u.s. citizens. 5 polish nationals. it was moving from jacksonville, florida to san juan, puerto rico when it was battered by the high winds and waves kicked up by a category 4 hurricane by the name of joaquin. the search will resume tomorrow. something a little spooky occurred on a racetrack in france. watch this as a french rider loses control of his bike and falls off. the bike, perhaps moved by some mysterious force managed to stay upright and crews, track officials trying to stop the bike. joyride ended when physics asserted itself finally. physics still rules.
7:42 pm
up next, new cyberattacks affecting nearly 20 million americans. we'll have a full report for you and take up concerns about the hundreds of thousands of syrian refugees that the obama administration is bringing into the united states. that's what you voted for, right? we're coming right back. stay with us. good. very good. you see something moving off the shelves and your first thought is to investigate the company. you are type e*. yes, investment opportunities can be anywhere... or not. but you know the difference. e*trade's bar code scanner. shorten the distance between intuition and action. e*trade opportunity is everywhere. spending the day with my niece. that make me smile. i don't use super poligrip for hold,
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. lou: the obama administration plans to bring in nearly 200,000 syrian refugees over the next few years. critics not trusting the administration to properly vet the refugees, that concern is widespread on capitol hill. five-time emmy award-winning investigative journalist sharyl attkisson, the anchor of full measure, premieres sunday nationwide. good to have you with us. >> thanks, lou. >> the idea that this administration would bring in this number of refugees without discussion, apparently with the congress, with leadership in either party. what is going on here? >> i think it's just more of the president feeling as though he's moving ahead with doing things he thinks are important and right regardless whether the congress agrees and made it clear in second term this would be his path. i would argue beyond the idea
7:47 pm
of not trusting the administration to properly screen as is the case among some, it's a matter of not being able to properly screen if the will is there. intelligence officials i spoke to can't think of a way because there's no system established which you would be able to effectively identify and background check the refugees coming in from syria. lou: these refugees, the heritage projected costs on this which rise to billions of dollars over the course of their expected longevity in this country. we're talking about billions upon billions of dollars, and there is no judgment being made about whether this is appropriate, and the fact is these refugees unvetted, will be assigned to states and if you will, forgive the expression, dumped on the states irrespective of their views, right? >> we're exploring that issue on the first broadcast sunday. we went to maine because maine
7:48 pm
is fairly unique in that it provides generous welfare benefits to refugees and asylum-seekers and the more wefl benefits they provide and the more welcoming and generous they are, the more they come, and they are dividing grappling scarce resources awaiting americans in some cases and the very deserving in many instances refugees who come from foreign countries and also need a share of those resources. that's a real dilemma. lou: you also have interviewed donald trump. we talked with him here a few weeks ago. give us just a little taste, a tease, if you will, what we can expect? >> he's talking about this a little bit that his idea for this when we asked how many refugees should be allowed to come over. he said from syria, zero. it's not that he lacks compassion, perhaps they should be set up in a safe zone in their own region, closer to home in a place that doesn't expose the potential risks in
7:49 pm
this country. and also it's been pointed out this country contributed 4 billion dollars more than any other nation to help with refugee crises in general, and yet when one arises, it's as if there are no provisions for it with all the planning done, nobody knows what to do and we're starting from scratch. lou: and we're bringing in 70% of the u.n. refugees in settlement in this country. it is extraordinary, and does not anticipate the 200,000. very quickly, kevin mccarthy, i was rough on him perhaps tonight in my commentary, but i believe he handed hillary clinton a gift with his just outrageous remarks about the benghazi select committee. your take. >> well, i'm not a political analyst but i will tell you people i've spoken to up on the hill think it was a mistake, not just democrats but republicans but definitely look at other alternatives, the question is who are the leading
7:50 pm
stars that could get enough support? i don't have the answer to that question, but there is a feeling that he did a great deal of damage. there is already skepticism about him from many of the rank and file, and i might point out as they're characterized as the hard right of the republican party that didn't like boehner, i've spoken to republicans who are considered moderate who did not think boehner was a good leader and would not support a mccarthy speakership. lou: look forward to your new show. appreciate it. >> thank you. lou: sharyl attkisson. and up next, education secretary arne duncan is out, but are students better off for his service? we take that up with radio talk show host larry o'connor and sam sorbo. that's sam right there. we're coming right back. had it with their airline credit card miles. sometimes those seats cost a ridiculous number of miles... or there's a fee to use them. i know. it's so frustrating.
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>> one of the last remaining members of the president's original cabinet resigned. calling it quits the president said secretary don't bin had done a terrific job here is one metric he did not consider that s.a.t. scores have fallen to the lowest levels of the decade with declines across all three disciplines of reading mathematics right-wing and african-americans and hispanics slipping further behind in those test.
7:55 pm
joining us tonight we have jerry o'connor. and radio talk-show host host, author of the answer. good to have you here. let me ask you with the s.a.t. scores there are very few metrics to say his administration has done well what is the deal? >> he changes the metric he talks about the deficit it was the highest we have seen when he first took office. and he just changes the
7:56 pm
metric. to say i am happy he is stepping down i have my doubts began -- of his successor i have no faith in a common core. absolutely none were no child left behind your race to the top. it is a way to purchase education to be successful. >> i don't understand us a new mass -- math to improve on basic arithmetic. >> it isn't it is nonsensical ask any mother or father or any para ince facebook page with the incomprehensible formulas to say this is what my kid is supposed to be doing for homework. that is the legacy not only
7:57 pm
the secretary of education but also of jeb bush who was running for president. also priority would get the agenda of your school board and they're not arguing how to raise test scores but how the administration is putting pressure on them to give full access to transgendered high-school students to go to the opposite gender locker room that is the priority of the administration, not the education. >> it is the safety of the institution as the president talks about gun-control to say he has politicized this again as if to 300 million guns would be so easy to take from citizens hands. >> when they talk about taking guns from citizens i say you first. of president yang give us his security detail then
7:58 pm
talk about taking them from the citizens it would have prevented in organophosphate wasn't done free zone that is attractive for someone with a gun to do what this man did he is 26 so he was still eligible for obamacare still living with his mother but he is still eligible for obamacare so that isn't a big deal. why is that a big deal? it is outrageous the president's politicizes it. >> is he trying to use day relevant as he runs out of time? >> face it going back to your commentary who will stop him? that is what he has done on
7:59 pm
amnesty. we use the term gun-control but they say gun safety he says i ask them to scour the of laws to see what i can do on my own. >> as if that is what it is about. >> who is going to stop him? >> why did he respond so quickly to this but not the putin attacks in syria? >> that wasn't quite as weak >> isn't an opportunity. >> your right. >> when the police are killed is a rush to the podium. >> gore to lower those flags for those we have lost.
8:00 pm
think you. tamara night or make that on monday we will have our guest jack keene. >> ask not what your country can do for you but now politicians tell us we should demand our country should do more for us. >> so many women are still earning less than men on the job. >> apparently america is filled with victims. >> i would not say i was not a victim. >> a country of victims? that is our show tonight.


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