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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 4, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobs. russian president putin made it absolutely clear that unlike some world leaders, he does more than talk. less than two days after sitting down at the united nations for face to face talks, he ordered the launch of airstrikes in syria. those strikes are not against the islamic state, but on syrian rebels including the u.s. backed syrian army that want bashar al assad out of power.
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secretary of state jon kerry issued more warnings to russia, warnings that putin is not heeding. president obama nowhere to be found as russia expands their influence in the middle east. and then a foreign policy failure nearly a year after nato ended their combat mission there. they're on the dprouground now kunduz. they seeds it earlier this week in a major victory against the taliban. we pick up with the war against the state. we talk to keane, bolton, and mcfarland. and donald trump reigniting his presidential campaign. a ten-point lead as he ends his
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six day boiycott of fox news. putin defying the west. he has significantly escalated the car in syria. today's russian attacks mark the first time russia has carried out a major military operation outside of the borders of a former soviet union since the end of the cold car. those strikes carry out against what the russians said were islamic state terrorists. u.s. defense sources say those strikes hit nonislamic state targets, but other opponents of the bashar regime that is not under the control of the islamic state. the russian gave the united states a one-hour advanced notice that those air strikes were taking place.
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at the same time, ordered the u.s. military to get out of syria. despite all of that, secretary of state kerry at the united nations did not protest, but rather he legitimatized the russian presence in the entire middle east. kerry said the united states would welcome the million tear efforts if russia were to keep their word and hit islamic state targets. the united states supports any genuine effort to fight isil. we also made clear that we have grave concern should russia strike areas where isil and al qaeda targets are not operating. strikes of that kind would question russia's real intentions fighting isil or
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protecting the assad regime. we have been observing russian activities and i don't want to go into detail about that at this time, but one of the reasons it is contradictory is that exactly the potential for them to strike as they may well have in places where, in fact, isil is not present. >> and the state department says that u.s. led coalition missions are continuing as normal tonight. despite a demand from russia to get out of syrian air space. and we have no idea what normal means when it comes to the u.s. led coalition. the coalition is made up, we're
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told, of 26 nations. their roles are not reported on. only nine of those nations appeared to be engaged in attacks against the islamic state. they warned law makes this week about russian president putin and the failed u.s. policy. he testified before a house committee yesterday. >> once again, putin is out maneuvering the united states and he will out bluff us. his economy is in the tank. his financial reserves are running out. he has deployed a relatively small military and he will likely get what he wants, remarks by general jack keane,
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he joins us now. you are always straightforward. how big of a mistake has president obama made here? how difficult will it be to force more russian military forces going into syria? what's your judgment at this point? >> it's a huge mistake, largely dealing with what hissize yoj is and that is certainly to disengage. that vacuum gets filled, and here we have for the first time involvement in the middle east rather than a navy base on the mediterranean by the russians. the limited military capabilities on the ground here, but significant strategic implications for the middle east itself. russia clearly wants to take the dominant role in the middle east. a role reserved largely for the united states post world war
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two. >> this is a role though that has form shaped or direct ed by inseptember officials in dc. and he made a persuasive argument before the united nations, it seems to me, that the world desperately needed the interception of the well meaning military against the islamic state, or at least, if i may be sarcastic in that, that seems to be the reception at the u.n. by most of the nation. >> he is not here for the islamic state, that is a false narrative. he is here to stand up and make sure that the regime does not fall given the recent pressure that has taken place this last
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year by the rebel forces. th the six air strikes in three towns, the rebels have been closing that off and he will open that up. eventually he will probably do something with isis out of the northeastern part of syria, but he is here to guarantee that assad stays in power. >> there is no question i think it seems to most reasonable people that he means to advance national interests of syria. so the administration looks even clumsier that they would accept the predex that this wou-- how h
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longer can they be clumsy, inept, and be in the months and year head. >> i have kind of given up on it a little bit. i think they will make one blunder after another. they conceded what the russians were doing today by aagreeing that we're going to sit down and coordinate our activities. the russians never said they were coming into syria. why are we doing that? we should be telling the russians with no doubt about it we will fly when and where we want, do what we want, and you need to watch what we're do. >> general, not cynical, sounds
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like a realistic judgment to me. thank you for being with us. >> sbaum in the white house, licking his wounds. we'll be talking about all of this and more with k.t.
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the obama administration is drawing agents from china. the move follows some concerns in high praises that the compromised personal data of 2 million workers might be from bheem are actually intelligence agents. joining us to talk about it, john bolten. and k.t. mcfarland. i don't know if there are words
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to describe what this administration is doing. it has been prescribed for some 40 years, and i don't think this administration gives one whip that it has done so. >> i think you're exactly right. this is a huge set back for the united states. we have no counter strategy to what the russians are up to, and they're aims go well beyond syria. they're selling arms to egypt. they providing sophisticated information to iran. this is a fir bell in the night. i think our adversaries around the world can see this weakness and our allies can, too. i think this is a historic moment, i'm sad to say, a historic moment where power in the middle east is passing from their weak hand.
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>> and this power shift, and i happen to think he is right, don't you? watching a power shift that will have -- i personally fear horrific consequences. >> particularly in the middle east, and i'm looking at the next 48 to 72 hours. we're now flying in the same air space as the russians are flying in. what happens if there is an snx wh accident? >> there is no conclusion, as you put it, an accident, there would be no response from this administration. this president established himself quite convincingly as the weakest president since certainly jimmy carter and well beyond carter, your thoughts? >> absolutely and he is doing this intentionally. he came into office with a
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leading from behind strategy. a great threat to world peace. communism, it was the united states. take a step back and i will make it happen. >> your thoughts, john? >> for a year and a half or two years, we have seen a number of incidents where assets have come close to our air space, i think they have been practicing. they're ready to go, we don't have a clue, we were flat footed by this, and for secretary of state john kerry to say that we would welcome russian participation about isis, and even as they're striking nonisis targets, forces we supposedly support, and then to a peer again this evening. the theater of the two of them
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standing there together. he knows even if jon kerry doesn't. >> let me ask you quickly, k.t., there has been a run up to the crawl of our so-called spies or operatives or analysts in china. the public has known about it for four months only now they act. we know the cyber attacks took place over the period of a year and a half. and the administration acknowledged it and we heard the director of national intelligence admit or claim or however you want to express it, that there is not a thing the united states can do to defend it's intellectual property, is this even remotely acceptable on the part of any official on his
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level? >> it is like a shark tank. when others smell blood in the water, they start circling. the sharks are looking at a wounded america and they're going to go in for the kill. >> you know, when you withdrawal spies because their cover is blown, you don't announce it. not only have we done that, but every chinese national is now in jeopardy. this is another catastrophic mistake by the administration for a list that would take too long to discuss. >> at some point do we begin to believe there is a level of "intent" here on the part of the administration? we'll take that up in another conversation. thank you. >> thank you, lou. >> up next, a few thoughts on voter choices for 2016.
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if you have made your choice for who you want to see for your party's nominee, i'm happy for you, but that's not all of us. about three out of every five of us are dissatisfied with the way things are going in this country. that is a big number. about the same number of those of us that feel betrayed by our respective political parties. to hear the obama folks tell it, we should all be thrilled with this economy. why should we not be dissatisfied with this mess? we're heading towards $19 trillion in national debt. 30 million folks are unployed, underemployed, or have given up.
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the number that is reported of 5.1% unemployment is pure fix. how about the folks in both parties running for options. in your choice if you made it, frankly, i'm not thrilled and i want to say it to you straight out. i know lots of folks have chosen a candidate and will boost them through april of 2016. look at who we have to choose before. another clinton, another bush. everybody excited? 320 million people and the parties have come up with the same old same old sdpies everything that we talked about before the process began. there is a raving socialist who is exciting a party. and a billionaire populist in
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the other party which has been known for reflecting to the k street lobbyists. and the republican party has three first term senators among the offering. they may be suitably unimpressed. so how excited our voters with the 15 remaining g.o.p. candidates, four or five major democratic candidates, only 29% of americans would be extremely or very proud to have dr. carson as president. 28% would be proud to have hillary clinton as president. to put it in perspective, despite all of his failures and stubborn problems, his foreign
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policy failures, mountain of negatives, and those numbers are huge and growing, nearly four in ten are still proud to have barack obama as president. it is enough to make you cry and i don't mean with joy. not only at the choice we made but the choices we have. our quotation for the evening from ayn rand. we're coming right back. mike huckabee has a break if you suffer from a dry mouth, then you'll know how uncomfortable it can be. but did you know that the lack of saliva can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath? well, there is biotene,
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defense secretary carter spoke today about doubts and claims in syria. newly released e-mails show russia-linked hackers tried at least five times to get into hillary clinton's private e-mail account. clinton received the e-mails
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described as speeding tickets. it's unclear whether or not he is knew about the attachments. point is that foreign services apparently tried to enter that private server. trump tops a new usa today poll. dr. ben carson and carly fiorina were next. 23%, 10% lead, pretty impressive. >> it is. i think the thing is that it is sustained. it is not, in spite of several attacks on him by others and certainly some missteps, he has a base of at least 20% or 25% of the vote and that is not going away no matter what happens. >> do we have the quick snippet of the o riley interview last
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night -- after six days, i thought o riley did a great job, i thought -- where is he going with that shot. i was getting lost there for a camera. i thought trump was a kinder, gentler, and smarter fellow. >> i think he should be. i think he has swamped the field. that is sort of the base of our party, the republicans have all sort of been brushed aside. and my sense is that he is a force to be reckoned with. he is not going away. his supporters are not going away and i think he will win delegates. i don't know if he would win the nomination. >> why would you be doubtful of that? >> you can't win with 23%. >> he has 10% more than anyone else. >> you know, you have to win
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some place, and if the election was held today. >> is he getting outorganized? >> i'm saying -- >> you have to run against somebody, who is doing better? >> i have no idea who would be the alternative. >> i would quickly agree that this is -- >> i think the real story here is how we had this all-star cast of governors we bragged about, and they got swamped. >> and look, they have people stepping up and insults trump. >> i don't think he gets insulted. >> he did and he has been for a number of quarters. >> he doesn't care about it. >> no, i'm not suggesting he got his feelings hurt, but i'm saying to you that the people running against him for the most part aside from the three
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amigos, those are lifelong, career politicians. they are seemingly out of favor. who will step snup. >> certain >> certainly out of favor. >> explain the teamsters endorsement? >> they're smart, they endorsed reagan twice. they endorsed bush. they play a fourful game. they are a strong force. ing i think they will endorse the democratic nominee. >> they say they're going to look at trump. >> yeah. their smart guys. >> as the next teamster i can say they're pretty smart guy.
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sf a teamster, a five time gold glover. >> well done, ed rollins, as i would expect. sometimes i'll tell you about my diner with a teamster as well. good to see you. >> thank you. >> the g.o.p. presidential candidate mike huckabee is now building what he calls a southern firewall. his campaign strategy is bolstering his popularity in four southern states. the last time our guest ran for president in 2008 he carried many of those states. mike huckabee, good to have you
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with us. can you repeat the feat of 2008? >> i sure hope so. we went on to win iowa and south carolina. the scc primary they're calling it, they all happen on the say dame. we're going to focus on iowa, south carolina, and making a sweep of the s.c.c. many of them are states vicar ried before. we have built a strong organization. and if you don't win in the early stage you will not be in the finals. it's like march madness. it doesn't matter if you're undefeated. if you don't win early states you don't win the nomination. >> what are the polls telling you? you have not advanced like many people expected and not like you performed in 2008 certainly.
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there is an expression that you trump and fiorina sucking the x oxygen out. >> poll numbers at this stage are not great for you. if you're hot when it's hot, you'll be cold when it's cold. and that's the way it normally has played out in every presidential primary. our focus, building the organization and structure, a lot of people's balloons are high in the air. we have seen this every election cycle sometimes people on fire
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at this stage are not even around. >> it seems like a rational explanation, but -- >> just look at the numbers, oregon we would have president julia juliani, president rick perry. >> and they have done a terrific job. i would like to turn to a couple issues. clapper made no sense. he sounded like a man in of seven weeks, not seven years. what was your reaction? >> i think his comments today make as much sense as the foreign policy this administration has carried out. how else can you describe or explain why we would make a deal with the iranians that violated what we said it had to have. why did we have a red line in syria we have to keep. why did we have a reset with
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putin that resets him to be in charge of most of the world's p.o.w.? we picked the wrong players in syria and egypt. i'm not sure what else clapper could go down there and say. it was almost unbelievable that he said it in public. >> and the president's choice to lead a summit on violent extremism seemed filled with irony, it seemed. we appreciate you, governor mike huckabee. up next, a troubling rise in identity theft. what consumers can do to protect themselves. what your government and big business are doing to absolutely not protect you, in fact, following policy that's are absolutely screwing the american consumer. we're coming right back. we're cracking down on medicare fraud.
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retailers across the country are supposed to be updating their card terminals.
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they have chips in the cards that are supposed to be more secure. they transmit unique data. it's all bunk as far as i'm concerned, but it's big bunk and it is being pedalled to the american people daily. here to talk about it is jerry wilson, defense secretary. first, discovery, consumers are not protected at all here. there is a ring of thieves having a field day with their personal information. >> yeah, with your personal information and it's a huge problem. >> and the company is at fault. it's their responsibility and not necessarily their liability, right isn't the. >> we have a federal trade commission, regulations, federal and state laws that are
11:46 pm
essentially to protect the consumers, but they don't know all of the things they need to go to get the protection because the credit card companies don't give you the proper situation about the fraud. you have to do everything on your own nap is the hard part here. >> woe can be the best stewards of our own information. at the end of the day it target, sony, chase are being breached, what am i supposed to do? >> and we had this happen to us recently. we were talking with one store, we won't name this this time, and we canceled the account because it was idiotic.
11:47 pm
they don't know what is go on. they talk about a password assigned -- well for 30 days it was wide open. this is the biggest bunch of stupid nonsense going on. our accountant tells us don't ever bank by mail because you're leaving yourself wide open. who else is saying that in why isn't someone saying this stuff. they told us from jump street. do not expose yourself on the web. >> there is a lot of class action lawsuits now. people have had no protection. and not so much of an why the i'm sorry. the chinese walked in and took all of the information from federal employees. >> the lawsuits will readjustment system. they'll have to. how does it protect you from the super sophisticated thief that's
11:48 pm
have figured out how to break into the defense department, opm, some of the most sophisticated retailers out there. >> eqifax, talking to those people was one of the most infuriating, frustrating, and stupid things, and i consider my wife and i to be reasonably intelligent human beings, especially on her side of the family. it is nonsense. i sense a major economic disruption coming here. when you see this happening, some people will get really screwed and they will be enough of them that we're going to see a disruption in the industry and in the economy. what do you think? >> the credit reporting agencies are profiting from identity shift, and here is how. they have e-based subscription services they market on the fear their personal credit
11:49 pm
information will be compromised. and it is $10 and $15 a month and doing things you could do yourself. >> that's exactly right, so many services that are available for free and we don't know where they are, but every time i fire up my browser i'm bombarded by offers. >> they have no interest in getting you to use your card less often. they want to make it as easy as possible. in europe, you need a pin with your card -- we're not really doing that yet. it is not the standard. we could take extra steps and we're not doing it but it is not in the best interest of the companies. >> america is behind by about ten years from other countries, why?
11:50 pm
everybody who wrote the 2005 bankruptcy law themselves, literally wrote it, they own our congress, judges should be intervening in this right now. >> we're getting no protection. you put your finger on the problem. no one is there to protect the consumer. >> what happened to the consumer person protection bureau -- >> the personal protection bureau, they're waccing their finger. >> and raising their hand and hoping for the next job with a major credit card company or bank. that was probably unfair of me. i promise to be more fair and balanced on this revolving door in washington dc. legal recourse? >> people are taking it, but it is after the fact. your identity is breeched,
11:51 pm
information is bree information is breached. >> rebecca, thank you. john, thank you for being with us. i'm going to ask you to come back this week. i would like, also if we could, do -- we're going to post some of the things, tried and true that you can do to protect yourself on the website. we'll report on it here tomorrow night. up next, carls jr. tries to sex up the immigration debate with models. we want to know how you think they did. and we'll share a few thoughts here, next. you don't want to miss a single word. we're coming right back. we're coming right back. good. very good. you see something moving off the shelves and your first thought is to investigate the company. you are type e*. shorten the distance between intuition and action. e*trade.
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a sexy new had from carls jr. has sexy under tones. there is bikini clad models playing volleyball over a trump-like wall. and that passes for political humor on madison avenue. joining us now is former new york, first, joanne, do you
11:56 pm
appreciate what they're advertising there? >> the last thing i thought about when watching that special was politics. the second to last thing i thought about was burgers. people saying this was a political illusion to say the wall that trump is referring to, they have that all wrong. >> will this boost the wall's chances of being build. >> i have watched it maybe 85 times to get the political sub text, and i just don't care. i just don't -- >> whoa -- the wall is probably more entertaining than we expected it might be there. >> and also, that is a very short wall. i would have appreciated if they committed to the idea a little more. >> you think there should be a wall you can't spike over, right? >> it does explain the beautiful
11:57 pm
door that -- >> yes, i'm a big fan of that door, lou. >> a new york yankees fan has become a viral sensation. three opportunities at a foul ball. roll video. there it goes. he is up, he is -- oh, no. not helping the hold home team. that's two, that's two. we're up, we're up -- oh, that hurt. that hurt. is this fair? do you think it is fair to the fan? >> no, shame on major league baseball. this is bullying. editing all of this video footage like this, replaying it over, doing the commentary, it's shameful and i want an apology. >> should they be forced to issue mitts to every fan in attendance? >> no, you bring your glove to
11:58 pm
the game. that was part of the joy. >> he brought a young lady. >> good for him, he would have been better off with a glove. the first two are totally excusable, and the ground ball took a bad bounce. the third one was like a ball boy softly tossing it to him. on the other hand, all yankees fan is barszing. >> sometimes you drink too much at a game and your motor skills are off. >> he was stone cold sober an he was never going to catch it, that's clear. very beg of you, lou. >> i think you're lying. >> my wife is watching and he is would rat me out. let's turn to, if we may, donald trump and his historic interview
11:59 pm
with bill o'riely. how did he do? >> he did fine. he said he needs to be nicer and more mature. but trump is who he is. >> i think we need to measure behavior on the putin scale, and trump is on par with putin and that's what we need in a president. >> i think a lot of voters are thinking is trump man enough to handle vladimir putin, and the answer is -- >> yes. >> the answer is no, the way he whines the minute anyone says
12:00 am
anything about him. >> mr. trump, i had nothing do with any comment made by andy levee. levee. that is it for us a a a aertiset for time life's video collection. (soft piano music) well, hello. i'm carol burnett and i'm here at cbs in los angeles at studio 33. come on in. (tv show announcer) from television city in hollywood... (jaunty theme music) ♪'s the carol burnett show! (carol burnett) this is the stage where it all began. we shot all 11 seasons of my variety show here. you know, we made so many great memories. but no one has seen the first five seasons of the carol burnett show since they were first aired. no reruns, no web streaming, no dvd, nothin', nowhere, zip.


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