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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  October 5, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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they have to pay 5% more. but stocks are sorg. the dow on the track to close up, 300 points. what's going on? >> well, ge certainly setting the tone. the worst flooding in 1,000 years as well. this is on he needs to be mind. investors and main street alike. south carolina under water after rainfall. it isn't over yet, got the latest on the rescue efforts and -- >> and hillary's e-mails. now she says kevin mccarthy proved it's all a political witch hunt and first back to this rally on wall street. a solid 300-point gain on the dow. that's close to 2%, all embassies up over 1%, oil is red, the only that we see down is gold down about a buck 50. but a huge pop in stocks, let's head straight to the floor of new york stock exchange. is this all about free money from the fed or what? >> well, i think that's a big part of it david and, in fact, you can trace it back to last friday's session. remember the market started to
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tank after that last job's report. and then all of a sudden it changed, it was back to bad news is good news. the chances of the fed hiking interest rate any time soon started to fade and here we go again. up nearly 500 points in the last -- in fact, we are up 500 points in the last two sessions. liz was talking about that transpacific partnership deal that was struck today. i haven't heard one trade of mention of that at all today. nothing about that down here. some companies will win with that trade deal, by the way, others will lose. i don't think that's a major player. ge up nicely today. 5% of the news of getting involved with that company and up more than 5% on the day, alcoa, huge win today, up 8- 9% after signing a billion dollars contract with the european airplane maker, that's been a good day for them, up 9.3% and, oh, by the
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way, that the nasdaq is back into positive territory for 2015. the only one of the major market exchanges to do that. so good news for the nasdaq back in the positive for 2015. how long will this last? i guess as long as the weak economic data comes in >> all right. that's what i was going to ask you. what did traders say about tomorrow, ashley, very quickly >> well, they think -- a guest in the previous show said there are there is some good value but how far can this rally go before we understand the causes of the rally is because of weakness. there's only so much good news in that >> ashley webster, thank you so much >> yeah. not too shabby. the rally today giving some life to the s&p, which has seen its longest streak and finally leaving correction territory along with the dow and the nasdaq. but billionaire carl icahn is not too optimistic. here's what he told trish regan early this afternoon
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>> right now i can't understand why companies are selling at multiple. the s&p really, trish, not selling at 18 times earnings about 22 times earnings because a lot of earnings are a. >> here to say about that, strategist of wells fargo and iq deputy chief investment officer gary. to all of you, your reactions first on the icon, do you think the u.s. stock market is overvalued >> well, i don't know if i'm allowed to answer, i don't have billionaire title under me. but the u.s. economy is slowing and investors came to that conclusion where it has been all year with friday with the slowing jobs and report what you're seeing in this rally from friday to today is basically anything tethered to dollar down leading the market higher and that could continue want to couple month of days.
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but, again, you don't want to be buying stocks with the economy slowing and phenol recession next year >> okay., scott, people are buying, and they view many sectors in this u.s. equity market as beaten down. everything seems to be pegging this rally on a disappointing jobs report leading to the fed pushing rate gains further off. how do you see the current landscape? >> i'd blame it on fed clarity actually, lori because i think that the market traded down after the last fmoc meeting, based on really a poorly word statement. you saw fed presidents go out in force next weekend, janet yellen talking about force this year, i think it's likely they raise rates in december and that clarity, you're going to see them continue to hammer at home is part of why we're seeing the market up here. another reason at least in our opinion is stocks are not overvalued. carl icahn is right. the pe which, you know, part
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of it is engineered because of all these stock buy backs. these companies, they're playing the hand they're deal >> okay. >> and that's the way -- one of the ways you move forward >> the fed missed the opportunity, we've been talking about this so much lately with the rally. are we at risk i hate to use the word bubble but at least asset and balances? >> i don't think so. i would argue that really the all-time record highs in the s&p stocks are basically at a fair value at that point in time. so i think stocks are going to finish higher. i think we'll see an eight or maybe a little bit more total return for this year. >> 8%? >> and next year's going to be okay. i think we're going to see a good rally here at the end of the year and at least on our work. >> always working against the clock. bear with me here. okay. we have earning season upon you us, alcoa had a fantastic day, benefiting largely on broad mark strength. so earnings forecast are always -- they
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always lower the bar; right? so that looks so much more impressive than truly what it is. how will the market react to it >> yeah. so not only will we see beats but every quarter for the past three-quarters we keep seeing higher and higher beat rates. it used to be the average was, like, 60, 65% now it's 75% of all companies beat expectations. so they've really -- companies are really good at lowering guidance, and you have to beat it >> will this fuel the fire under the rally right now? will this be a tailwind if you will to some optimism that's working its way into the stocks? >> the expectation now that you really to need beat. now, if you miss, that was your hurts your chances. but i think -- when we saw last quarter we didn't really see a big rally even when we have 78% of companies beating estimates. so i think the expectation is you just have to really nail it, and it's more about guidance for 2016 >> certainly. all right, aaron, scott, darius, thank you for your insights, everyone. appreciate your time >> thank you >> and former fed chair ben
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says the fed can wait to raise rates. sounding off in the financial crisis in his new book saying that ceos should have faced jail times for their actions leading to the recession. joins maria on fox business tomorrow morning. don't miss it >> yeah. look after ben, let the money keep falling from the sky. record-breaking rainfall slamming the east coast for one minute days, south carolina hit very hard by this deadly historic storm. the national guard law enforcement have been kept very busy scrambling to rescue people from all that fast-moving water. nine people are confirmed dead. fox news steve is in the capital city columbia with a very latest. steve, the governor is saying the worst isn't over. >> it's not, david and as we speak, we've seen helicopters go overhead. we just heard breaking news reports of a dam breach about five miles away from here. so this highway and this river right behind me could grow several feet in the next few hours.
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there's emergency evacuations underway across the state of south carolina more than 300 roads have been covered with water, a number of other roads hold or more than 100 bridges, so simply moving around the state trying to help people or rescue people has become incredibly difficult. also many people without power, more than 250,000 people no electric power, and 40,000 people without running water and this rain just continues to fall. we're seeing those helicopters and hearing about more mandatory evacuations. this is four days in, still raining and people are still being taken out of their houses by hospital and boat. david, back to you >> steve, thank you very much. i want to bring in former south carolina governor now congressman mark sanford, congressman, we just heard -- i don't know fumbled the report from our man in columbia, but he said a dam might be breached, the worst the governor said is not yet come. what are you doing to prepare
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for even worse flooding than what we've already seen? >> well, you know, i'm not directly prepared. we're in a different hat these days. it falls to the -- county eoc, emergency operation centers, sort of the central nervous system of how each county responds and that combined with what different mayors are doing and city council is doing across the state is the backbone to the response. the response really is driven in 11 counties across south carolina and roughly that corridor from columbia working its way down to the coast. it is -- i guess at this point still a bit of search-and-rescue but mostly it's preparation. i mean it's a long haul. i spoke to the director from the red cross, they were talking about how they were bringing additional tractor-trailer loads based on the size and the scale of the damage that occurred >> now, you represent charleston, which is that
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beautiful, beautiful city where university is, it has a lot of precivil war houses, how has that been hurt or perhaps even devastated by this storm? >> well, charleston's up and running and waiting for you. you know, i spoke to mayor riley this morning, and his point they were even able to get out the scheduled garbage pick up today >> wow. >> on schedule. i mean the -- i guess the guy who's been through it all is mayor riley, he distinguished himself during hurricane hugo, and he has a team that's remarkably prepared. they did have flooding and still have flooding in parts of charleston. and you have some neighborhoods where they would take a boat to get to homes. but as for the peninsula, which is what most people think of, it's up and operational >> that's wonderful news. now, i don't want to diminish the effects of the storms, there may be some worse to come in some communities where
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damns are breached, et cetera. but you have -- i've looked at a weather forecast, it looks like you've got four sunny days coming your way. nature's working in your favor here, isn't it right now? >> well, not really. not really. in fairness, to the report that, you know, you just played a moment ago, your report is right in some ways worst. not just tied to the dam, that's forest acres, and it's going to affect lake katherine and a number of areas in south carolina. but the auto real damage is all that rain that has come down between the mountains and columbia, south carolina. that rain has to go somewhere, and it's headed to the coast. so actually the river, which is in the outskirts of charleston or summerville will not hit peek philadelphia terms of flood rise until saturday morning. so there's actually much more flooding to come along some of the river systems that responds the water leave to
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the midlands and to the coast >> best luck to you, sir. we are praying for you. thank you very much for coming on. appreciate it >> thank you >> desperate search for survivors. the u.s. coast guard now believes the missing cargo ship likely sank during hurricane joaquin. 33 people onboard, and the latest from jacksonville. that ship had modern lifeboats onboard >> yeah. when it left here and headed toward the bahamas, two of those modern lifeboats on board, the kind that you climb in and close the hatch, as well as several life rafts, floatable survival suits for all of the crew members to wear. now, the u.s. coast guard did recover one of those two lifeboats and take a look at the pictures. not pretty at all. that's what a category four hurricane does to a lifeboat. obviously nobody inside. and 32 crew members still unaccounted for in that second lifeboat waiting to be found.
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and putting out this statement quote we continue to hold out hope for survivors. our prayers and thoughts go out to the family members, and we will continue to do all we can to support them. the national transportation safety board is investigating all decisions made regarding this ship. why did it leave kneading a tropical storm and why did the captain also not deviate the course and also instead trying to plow through a category four hurricane basically sitting another and ravaging in the eastern bahamas. two of the sinks sank, the other one lost all of its containers sinking to the bottom of the ocean three miles deep. and they did rescue 12 crew members along one of those ships, which took on squatter sank off haiti. over the weekend the coast guard did find the life ring,
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one of the life rings from the el farrow floating in the ocean. and they did find one fatality still floating in a survival suit, which ultimately failed. now, despite the sinking of the el farrow, planes, helicopters, and several cost guard continue searching for survivors. >> we are still out there searching, we have modified our search to people on the water, lifeboats, ask lif >> now, the risk of hypothermia is great for someone swimming in the possession multiple days, the survive rate is four or five days and that gives anybody until tomorrow based on the odds of still being alive. but the search continues >> yeah. not good. such a tragedy. phil, thanks for that report. well, the donald is slipping. new polls showing trump losing more grounds it on otherwise opponents. we'll tell you who. >> i was surprised to find on you the who's nipping at his
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heels. and steve jobs, the movie that hits the theaters this week and sparking a new debate over the legacy of apple cofounder why his wife fought so hard to stop the movie from being made >> and many in the big apple to come, grand opening in manhattan. we'll take you behind the grill inside the chain's biggest restaurants. you wouldn't take medicine without checking the side effects. hey honey. huh. the good news is my hypertension is gone. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck. when a moment turns romantic why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure.
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and keep lowering it $100 annually, until it's gone. then continue to earn that $100 every year. there's no limit to how much you can earn and this savings applies to every vehicle on your policy. call to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. . >> well, hillary clinton's latest defense on her personal e-mail server, the presidential contender slamming republicans for politicizing the scandal. take a listen. >> what happened? >> well, savannah, first of all, it was allowed, and i've said it wasn't the best choice and every government official
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gets to decide what is and then work related. >> yeah. but no state department official has used their personal e-mail account exclusively for all communications the way hillary clinton did. anybody going to ask her why? here now is bill, coanchor of america's newsroom on fox news. we haven't done this before. this is fun. >> nice to see you. >> october, huge month for hillary. >> sure is. this is her month, i don't want to say it's a make or break but a lot of different things going on. keep this in mind, snl saturday night, the rollout with the today show, and the town haul meeting in new hampshire. a week from tomorrow is the debate number one for democrats. two and a half weeks from now is the benghazi hearing. >> let's focus on that. benghazi hearing, are any of the people on that committee going to ask, first of all, why did you set up this personal -- >> i tell you. i think historically these lawmakers are terrible litigators. they get in these hearings and the line of questioning and thoughts.
4:20 pm
>> but a pretty good prosecutor. >> and that's the exception. a pretty good prosecutor? i don't know. but he is a prosecutor. one would expect him to be. >> he's fair. >> very good at going through it. >> he is fair, he knows the answers to the questions that he asks before he asks them, which is something every prosecutor is supposed to be able to do. every lawyer is. the biggest question i have is why did you set up this server? even though originally you had said it was bill's server, which was not true. >> during our time slot with martha from 9:00 to 11:00, we sit through a lot of these hearings whether you like it or not. david, i am always -- it always strikes me by how little prepared these lawmakers seem to be. >> uh-huh. >> knowing that a big hearing is on the horizon, you've got this key witness and yet they ramble and they talk and they really do not zero in on the point. will gaudy be different? will someone like jim jordan be different? that's the possibility. and one more thing.
4:21 pm
joe biden in my view is hanging back and waiting for this to transpire. >> very interesting. we don't have to wait any longer for you on xm serious. >> it's here. >> tell us about it. >> well, we launched a revolutionary idea this morning at 6:00 a.m. fox headlines 24/7, on 115 on serious xm and those folks have been great to us. no one has ever done this. here's the idea. anywhere where you are in america, every 15 minutes you can get up to date national and international news everywhere you are. it's never been done before at the local level, yes, but not the national level. >> and not with a fox news fair and balance. >> true story on that as well it is so fast paced, i did the hour this morning. you don't respond to e-mails, you don't send text messages, you don't tweet because there's no time. >> okay. >> and that's the pace we've set ourselves on. >> 15 minutes and the world as yours. you listen to bill or whoever happens to be on xm at the time. bill, great to have you here. >> thank you. >> don't be a stranger.
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don't forget to check out fox news headlines now on serious xm channel 115. >> american apparel filing chapter 11 bankruptcy, they've reached agreement with 95% of its creditors, which would allow it to restructure pending the court approval. and the incoming chairman of volkswagen warning that the emissions crisis is so big, it could kill off the automaker. this after reports that the cheating began in 2008 after vw engineers realized their new and costly diesel engines would not meet strict u.s. environmental standards. and mcdonald's is letting some of its menu ingredients roam free. coming up we'll show you how the fast food giant is changing production. and disney world might soon become the most expensive place on fort worth families. find out its new pricing policy will be all about
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>> big news on du pont, chair and ceo is stepping down, effective october 16th, updated its 2015 outlook to cressets savings. up more than 6% in extended trade, edward du pont board member is going to be stepping in as chair and ceo and that announcement as you can see popped the stock about 5% after hours. kind of depressing when you're leaving means the stock goes up but apparently that's what's happening here. >> all business. i don't think our feelings are hurt. and breakfast comes to the golden arches tomorrow. joining the trends like starbucks, burger king, mcdonald's saying all of their breakfast products will be made with cage-free eggs but where will the eggs come from? uncaged, on a uncaged site, jeff flock, those chickens are.
4:27 pm
>> this is a cage-free flock, which i support fully. take a look at that. this is what it looks like. very different operation than those industrial operations, battery cages where they keep the chickens confined, and i tell you i've got a whole basket of eggs here. some of these are even warm in my hand right now. how are they going to come up with two billion, though? that's how many eggs mcdonald's needs. 2billion. they say it's going to take them ten years to do that because they're maybe half a percent. this is hassleman family farm, and it's not going to be easy for them to be up to speed on this. >> not at all. it will be quite an undertaking to get that many eggs cage free. >> but i tell you, this is what people want, they want to know where the eggs come from, they want the chickens to be treated kindly and that's what's going to happen. it's going to take a while.
4:28 pm
>> it can be done perform. >> i guess they taste good too. they're beautiful. >> and will trump put his $10 billion where his mouth is? plus the flooding in the south and the governor warning that the worst isn't even over yet . . . .
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feet of rain in some areas. let's get straight to fox news meteorologist janice dean. she joins us with latest forecast. janice, south carolina governor nikki haley says the worst is not over yet s that so? >> it is really not over yet. we have watch waters to recede and we still have rain in the forecast. you look at storm totals. two feet of rain in widespread area. they're calling in one in a thousand-year event. it doesn't happen very often. look at historic rainfall totals. again, many counties, many cities recordings over 24 inches of rainfall in very short period of time. it is going to take month, if not years to repair some of this damage. you can see we have moisture plume coming into north carolina along the coast, just late in nature. anymore rainfall is not good news for the saturated area. flood advisories remain posted for dozens of cities. we still have onshore flow.
4:33 pm
wind gusts, from 20 to 30, 35 miles an hour. it will be the next 12 to 24 hours we could see the system clear out. we'll see potential for couple more inches. anymore rainfall on saturated ground has nowhere to go. it will be potential for more flooding. rain will finally end as this upper level low pulls out on tuesday. for the foreseeable future, at least next five days, skies will clear and cleanup will begin. back to you, lori. lori: wow. janice, thanks for that. david: moving over to politics now, donald trump isn't taking poll numbers lightly. here is what he said on nbc's "meet the press." >> i'm not a masochist. if i was dropping in the polls where i saw i wasn't going to win, why would i continue? if i were doing poorly, if i saw myself going down, if you would stop calling me because he no longer have any interest in trump because he has no chance, i would go back to my business. i have no problem with that.
4:34 pm
david: meanwhile, carly fiorina's numbers have been coming up. if carly's huge gains in the polls continue to chip away at donald trump's lead, will he stay true to his word and lead the race? joining me, rich fowler, democratic strategist. richard roe, romney campaign manager and judy miller. jason what is happening with trump? is this just temporary on his way up further, or has he reached his limit? >> well as you said he is not a masochist but he is certainly is a fares sift? david: hold on a second. you could say that about any politician, could you? come on? >> fair point, david. fair point. i think when he got into the race he shook it up. made it exciting. turned presidential debates into must-see tv which doesn't happen very often. excitement and appeal luster from the bluster is starting to fade a little bit.
4:35 pm
but i don't write him off at this point. i think there is leveling off. i think he has done republican as great favor, whether we appreciate it or not, getting eyeballs on other candidates. david: precisely so, like, for example, judy, carly fiorina. she has more than doubled in the polls. i'm wondering if she can keep that going? >> i'm not sure she can, david, the problem with carly, she is really not respected in the community from which she comes. this is the business community. whether or not you have the attack that steve rattner wrote on her in "the new york times" last week. david: steve rattner reputation in the business community is not so hot. former car czar. >> calling her worst executive ever. that no one else picked her up after she left hp. david: should be proud of this woman. started as secretary. moved up to ceo. >> come on. david: no you come on. that was at a time when the whole high-tech community was just floundering. >> it is true. david: come on.
4:36 pm
>> they were very few women. she does have that going for her. look, it was become well-known she was firing 30,000 people she was taking home $100 million in compensation i don't think that will go well with woman of the people image, all right. richard, what about another person of the people, so-called, bernie sanders? he is now outperforming hillary clinton in polls in iowa and, and new hampshire. is that, is he now become a complete threat to hillary on his own? >> i think hillary clinton campaign is worried about him. this is not surprise to any democrat, bernie sanders speaks to a wing of the party feels as though nobody is talking to them. david: we see polls showing hillary clinton beating bernie sanders. in individual polls of democrat against a republican, bernie is outperforming hillary. go ahead. >> what we will see from the clinton campaign, saw it on "saturday night live" this
4:37 pm
weekend, we'll see the campaign go out there to talk to the american people and talk about her vision. she release ad guns plan today. you will see more and who are -- david: you think hillary clinton campaign will catch bernie is what you say. >> i want to address this trump situation. i disagree with everybody on the panel. i don't think trump goes anywhere. i think trump stays. trump created his own base of voters. he is not talking brass republican party. talking to every day americans. david: richard are you willing to put your money where your mouth is? >> i will put money down. he will stay around. is speaking to american electorate -- david: john mccain, he says won't go higher. now you say he stick around. >> i think he will stay around. david: that i agree with, i think he will stay around. jason, do you agree? >> i think he will. at best will get to the middling number and in the top tier of the polls. richard's right he tapped into something. david: silent majority.
4:38 pm
he sure has. i misunderstood. >> i think he will pull out absolutely. david: other three of us think he will stay n. thanks to all of our panel. lori. lori: these die-hard fans are not braving wet weather for the new iphone that is the line for the new york city grand opening of, chik-fil-a. the fast-food chain finally bringing southern hospitality to the fast-paced big apple. opened stores this saturday. we sat down with the david farmer, chik-fil-a r is p menu development for a look -- vp of menu development. >> this is the market we had our eyes set on. it has taken a couple years to find the right location. we're finding other places here in town. and second location is at 46th and sixth avenue. we expect that restaurant to open up in the first quarter of 2016. we've got sort of our iconic
4:39 pm
menu items like original chik-fil-a sandwich but there is counterpart, the grilled chicken sandwich. you can get grilled chicken. salads, wonderful entree salads. chicken wrap. even grilled chicken nuggets. if you want to focus on health we have wonderful options there. we do have a special breakfast item that has not been launched to the chain yet. it is called egg white grill. it is grilled chicken with egg white on a whole wheat english move fin. i'm from atlanta. i can't get it at home but it will be special in this market. the chik-fil-a sandwich is iconic. it was founded by our founder, cathay. it has no hormones or fillers. we're moving to anti-bottomtic-free chicken. we hand bread the sandwich in the restaurant every day. it is real moist, real tender and a special recipe.
4:40 pm
people love it and grave it. we have people that will go way out of the way to the find the sandwich. >> welcome to chik-fil-a? >> we're known for signature hospitality. we'll greet them with warm smile. it will be quick and we want to know everybody personally. we do a lot of kitchen work in the back. people may not realize that. how much of the food is just hand prepared. i would say, daily but at store like this it will be throughout the day, all day long. we also have a second level kitchen as well. and ultimately we think that will enable us to do a lot of catering business. she is showing them how to mix up the business cuts. -- business cuts. biscuits. that is really and art to do biscuits right. when you get into baking that is special. chik-fil-a is known for being closed on sunday. our team members do love that they know they will get a day off to rest. we always say when you come
4:41 pm
monday it makes the food taste all the better. you had to wait for it. makes it special. that is part of our signature. lori: okay, good luck to chik-fil-a. they will be facing a whole lot of competition in midtown manhattan. can't wait for january. 46th and sixth avenue. right around the corner. david: i kind of like chicken from other places. that is just me. no offense to chik-fil-a fans. lori: noted. why the new steve jobs movie has so many apple fans furious. why his widow tried to get the movie banned. 200 million-dollar sacking in miami today? this time it wasn't a quarterback. stay with us. ♪ active management can tap global insights. active management can take calculated risks. active management can seek to outperform. because active investment management isn't reactive.
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♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ lori: well twitter today making it official. interim ceo and cofounder jack dorsey was named the permanent ceo. and ceo of swear, mobile
4:45 pm
payments company preparing for inpo. we have peter shenkman. why did it take so many months? >> square is gaining popularity. i use it when i work but at end of the day, twitter was jack's babe built original baby that put him on the map. question is, can he do it, pull a steve jobs and come back to make the company as big as what it was. at this point square has strong enough capacity it can go on its own. has strong enough management team and doing well. twitter is company hovering around numbers two years ago. no up with knows the company like him. lori: user growth is flat. stayed there for a long. >> this is twitter's problem. going a day without twitter. when i first started, first tweet in '07. sitting in hotel room, not sure what to do. they need to make the purpose behind twitter logical. once you use it you will come
4:46 pm
back. but you have 2% of the americans don't use it because they don't get why they should be on it in the first place. that is what he did in the beginning. lori: i do want to turn to apple, the big steve jobs movie released this weekend. made a lot of his allies, friends, family furious. reports even that his widow tried to get the movie killed. will the movie really have any impact on steve jobs's legacy? weigh in. >> from financial aspect, apple aspect, largest company in the world, $40 billion bigger than google this morning. this movie will not impact the legacy of steve jobs and of apple. we don't look at phones they're made by little pixie fairies. we know the backstory. they're made in asia. steve jobs was not a perfect person. you never find ceo who essentially create a revolution who is a perfect person. lori: tim cook said the movie is opportunistic. film-makers claim it is only a portrait of steve jobs personality.
4:47 pm
>> what is the goal of movie, same with independent phones. sell something. you will not make a movie with no controversy. lori: it was this day steve jobs passed away. too soon? >> i don't think it is too soon. look at jfk assassination. how many thousands of movies. lori: but it is not a character assassination. >> in a way it is. a negative hit. i don't think it will affect apple. steve jobs did amazing things. a shame this comes out to create more controversy after the man's death. lori: appreciate the conversation. always good to see you. david: i want to see this steve jobs movie, this one anyway. who is making money including not the steve jobs movie, average use of atm isn't tied to your bank account rose to 52 cents per transaction over the past year. this isrd coulding to survey. in certain cities the average out of network feel tops five bucks.
4:48 pm
can rise to as much as $8 under certain circumstances. >> "martian" soaring in the bock office. debuted with $55 million over weekend. exceeded expectations to rank as the top october debut ever. losing money and his job. joe philbin, former dolphins head coach was fired after embarrassing 1-3 start to the season of the slow start ruined what high expectations for miami. he was replaced by tight ends coach, dan campbell. lori, did you see the jets miami game sunday, 9:00 a.m. lori: i was literally thrown for a loop by the c.c. sabathia news. seeking alcohol abuse treatment. david: go yankees. lori: employees tore the shirts off air france executives, literally tore them off. rush shun airstrikes
4:49 pm
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david: russia continuing to dominate airspace over syria. new reports, say turkey, member of u.s.-led coalition, intercept ad russian jet that violated its airspace. could this be navigational error? here to weigh in, fox news's lea gabrielle, a former pilot and judy miller is still with us. i want to talk about the u.s. strike, accidental strike of this hospital in afghanistan. any news on that? >> well you know what we're hearing there is going to be an investigation. there will be at least three investigations. a u.s. investigation, u.s.-afghanistan investigation -- david: but from pilot's perspective as you were. >> this occurred at night.
4:53 pm
right now it is not clear who call called in the airstrike. not clear if someone on the ground or coordinates given. a lot of mistakes can happen with airstrikes. this is always a concern if you don't have someone on ground calling them in, u.s. person on the ground giving coordinates or talking your eyes on to the target. this happened at night, in the middle of the night, we don't know at this point whether coordinates were given or aviators, their eyes were talked on to the target. mistakes do happen. it is tragic. i tell you this no country in the world is more careful about protecting against civilian casualties than the united states. david: to that point, while the whole world is saying that, how awful it was that the u.s. did this, what about russia in syria? does russia any rules of engagement at all? i'm sure they're hitting hospitals and orphanages, anything necessary from their point of view? >> russia will bomb whoever it wants to bomb, wherever and
4:54 pm
whenever it wants to do it. that is the russian way. they will deconflict, as we say, they will try to work out -- david: don't want to ever hear that word come out of your mouth again. >> they will try and make sure they don't hit an american plane or any other plane. israeli plane, because they too have been crossing into syria to strike occasionally. however, the russians have made clear, get out of our way. that is -- david: leah, are they coordinating their strikes at all with the u.s., with the u.s. strikes? >> well latest we heard they had a conversation about having a conversation, right? so the world leaders agreed, i'm sorry, president obama and putin agreed they should deconflict. but then we haven't heard -- david: but again, don't use the word. they will coordinate some action. the russians already apparently made a mistake by going into turkey airspace, apparently not intentionally. but if they can make that kind of a mistake, they can make a mistake in the air over syria
4:55 pm
with the u.s. >> right now russia is saying mistake. it had to do with weather. basically jet was coming back from combat mission. the airbase it was landing was very close to the border. it had to make approach from the north because of weather, that this will not happen again. this is the u.s. is concerned about. david: anything can happen over the year anything can happen over the air. what is important. there was a report in "washington post," still unconfirmed, it was afghans who asked americans to bomb the target. david: what a mess. good to see you both. lori? lori: the u.s. and 11 other nations reaching a landmark deal on the trans-pacific partnership, an agreement that would open up trade between the 12 countries and impact 40% of the world economy. the deal goes before a skeptical congress though with lawmakers from both parties raising objections. david: lori, the happiest place on earth is about to put an even bigger dent in your pocket. yes, the world of disney.
4:56 pm
we'll tell you about that, coming up. ♪ it's a highly thercontagious it can be especially serious- even fatal to infants. unfortunately, many people who spread it may not know they have it. it's called whooping cough. and the cdc recommends everyone, including those around babies, make sure their whooping cough vaccination is up to date. understand the danger your new grandchild faces. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about you and your family getting a whooping cough vaccination today.
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>> okay, check out the big board. big 300-point rally. david: it was a huge day. on top of the day before when it was 200 points to plus side we have 500-point rally going. >> bad news for jobs report is good news for investors. disney considering surge pricing for its theme parks according to "wall street journal" the tickets cost more during weekends and major holidays, and less during peak times. david: i am with you. i think it is good news. you thought the work place was difficult. two air france executives had to flee angry mob of employees after they stormed air france offices. actually tore the shirts off the guys backs. i'm laughing. they scaled a fence to get away.
5:00 pm
workers were enraged about the company's plan to cut costs which could lead to company's first layoffs since the mid 90s. you don't see this in american companies when they talk about layoffs. they tear shirts off the executives backs. that does it for us. "risk & reward" starts right now. >> we are at a thousand year level of rain in parts of the low country. what does that mean? we haven't seen this level of rain in the low country in a thousand years. that is how big this is. that is what south carolina is dealing with right now. deirdre: hundreds of residents in south carolina have been rescued. there are also fatalities. i'm deirdre bolton. this is it "risk & reward." two to three feet of rainfall causing worst flooding ever seen. buckling buildings, closed roads, trapped cars, unsafe drki


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