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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 5, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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together, great show, hope you at home will join charles payne every night at 6 p.m. eastern time, if you isn't set your tv , you do it, you don't want to miss a moment of "making money," right now lou dobbs is next here on fox business. lou: i am lou dobbs, president obama tonight celebrating the completion of what his administration is hailing a historic trade deal, covering 40% of the world's economy. after 10 years of talks, and negotiations, 12 pacific rim nations aclient ud a-- includin, mexico, australia announcing they have reached an dream agreement in principal. now president obama must sell it to critics on capitol hill. they include democratic members of congress.
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many of those jobs to be shipped to low wage countries. and critics from both sides are agreeing with donald trump who calls this attack on america's business. we take it up here tonight. also tonight, new 2016 polls show trump is still the front runner key states of iowa, and new hampshire. but trump's lead has shrunk from a month ago, and trump himself say he would quit the race if he bebegan to see a sharp drop in the poll, we'll talk about that with washington examiner sarah westwood, democratic straggist robert zimmerman, and ba brad t. and floodwaters are easing in south carolina but remain high, the property damage is immense
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and the loss of life traumatic. weather conditions include heavy rains over much of the carolines, we have a report for you on this historic storm system. our top story, president obama has a lot to sel celebrate, the leaders of 11 other nations agreeing with mr. obama to a historic trade deal, largest trade agreement since north american free trade agreement itself. it is controversial, not assured of the votes necessary to reach final agreement and imminentcasion. members of the president's own party, big labor and republican front-runner and other candidates oppose it. fox news white house correspondent kevin cork with our report.
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>> reporter: white house officials welcome the historic agreement with optimism and confidence. that if passed, transpacific partnership, will be a game changer for the world economy. >> if we can do more to level the playing field for american goods and services, american businesses and american services will win. >> reporter: a world of global commerce. splaninspanning from canada, toe to australia, they say they will cam pete -- compete more abroad. the plan faces months of debate on capitol hill, 90 days of public scrutiny, reigniting a battle that pits president's own party against him, and threatens
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to engulf the entire 2016 presidential race there g.o.p. candidates jeb bush and marco rubio said they backed plan, donald trump called it a disaster, even more troubling, the attacks from political left, the leader in iowa and new hampshire polls bernie sanders saying he would do all he could to defeat the agreement, big labor, including the teamsters also oppose the partnership, and now withholding backing of hillary clinton. a good thing, there are income games and effort games, those who suffer from the freedom, it is important to help those who suffer. >> reporter: on tuesday president will speak at department offin agriculture in washington, he is to offer a full defense of the transpacific
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partnership, he is claiming it is disputed, and i should say fortunately disputed by several tobacco growers down south. lou: thank you very much, not the only dispute certainly that will follow in this days and weeks ahead. kevin thank you. >> more trouble for secret service agency this year, director joseph clancy told congress he quote does not have the ability fire people as will. well now hook he maybe fired, te internal watch dog is reopening an investigation into efforts by secret service to discredit house oversight committee congress managing jason chafe its, he say he did not know his officers were looking into this before it became public in
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april. it turns out that clancy any hear about it earlier. a week previous, now director clancy claims, he simply forgot, we'll see how that excuse plays with his job likely on the line. >> turning on race for white house, polls in new hampshire and iowa have donald trump still on top, but his support has slip in new hampshire, trump leads with 21%. followed by carly fiorina at 16%. jeb bush now in third place, 11%. trump has fallen 7 points since last month. and in iowa, trump leads with 24%, that is down five points from previous month, dr. ben carson in second place, 19% and fiorina, rounding out top me with 8%. on meet the press yesterday, trump talked about possiblic is from the race if things don't go his way.
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>> if i were dig poorly, if i saw myself going down. if you would stop calling me because you no longer have an interest in trump because he has no chance, i would go back to my business, i have no problem with that. lou: on democratic side, hillary clinton maintains 11 point lead over senator bernie sanders in iowa, with 47% support compared to sanners 36, but she ul lose half her lead if biden enters the race. clinton support would drop to 33%, and sanders to 28%. and vice president biden moves to third with 22%. in new hampshire, sanders beats chin ho kellclinton 48 to 22% bd with 18, this morning clinton played defense. blaming republicans for politicizing the benghazi committee and the investigation into her e-mails.
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>> i have to say that now they have admitted it is a political partisan committee for going av me, not making our diplomats who serve in dangerous areas safer, that is up to the congress. if they have to still running i'll be there. i've been around the situations for a while. but some things are just beyond the pail, i'm happy to go if it sill in operation, to testify, i am happy to turnover my e-mails, i have gone further than anybody ever has, that is okay. i'm willing to do, that but, the real issue here is what happened to 4 brave americans. >> and hillary clinton referring to the politicalization of the benghazi committee of remarks from kevin mccarthy, he has
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since recanted his remarks. lou: sanders drawing a huge crowd of 24,000 in boston saturday, that more than double number that turned out to see then senator barack obama in boston 8 years ago. bernie sanders continues to give the democrats fits, and rescue crews tonight are going door-to-door in hard hit cities in towns across south carolina. after severe flooding, officials are still working to free residents who were trapped after as much as 20 inches of rain fell over the weekend, south carolina's governor nikki hailer says that the danger is far from over. >> if you are in your house, stay in your house. this not something to be out taking pictures of, this not something you want your kids playing in, the water is not
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safe in a let of wears water -- safe in a lot of areas, you see deep water its has bacteria in it. lou: this is discovered at 1,000 year rainfall events. they hope this is the case, this has been more than enough. lou: on wall street stocks rallies, surging 304, and nasdaq gained 73, volume on the big board, heavy trading still, 4.3 billion shares, wilshire 5,000 measures today's gains at almost half a trillion dollars, we're coming right back with more stay with us. >> russia's airstrikes rise as does the boldness, general jack keane on russia's unchecked agretion, and prospect of a wider conflict. >> this is no way for a guest to behave, especially when in a state motorcade, that video here
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lou: joining us now issue general jack keane. this week's airstrike, we want
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to turn to general jack keane, good to have you with us. i want to focus on what is happening in afghanistan. we have over 10,000 u.s. special forces in there. now there talk about keeping troops longer, still there is no discussion of our strategy. what is to be our purpose. you can help us house here? >> sure. this is a 14 year experience we've had, we unfortunately we have never been able to go at this with the full force our capabilities having put the iraq war ahead of this. we never got back to providing adequate troops until the end of bush administration, then president obama gave some troops as well, but did not give the commanders what they wanted, have been operating with one hand tied behind our backs, we're facing right now is most
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analysts look at this to include government of afghanistan would like to see u.s. troops stay to help them, enable their operations, and provide counter- connecounterterrorism but it shd be in neighborhood much 20,000 plus, we're down to 9800, i think that obama administration will cut that in half, and leave a much less than adequate force in afghanistan that would further jeopardize the security issues that the government, and african military face. lou: -- afghan military face. lou: with that, real fee tha ree face. the lack of a purpose, how in the world is the congress of u.s. with over site responsibility to respond here this is a president who is in effect gone rogue within his own
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presidency for appears purpose of a legacy that is only about 14 months distant now. >> well, the legacy in foreign policy is almost exclusively dealing with diplomacy and walking away from the use of military force at times when it help you get a diplomatic or political solution, i think that is what he sees largely as his legacy. the war in iraq was bad, the war in afghanistan too long, no other interventions in the middle east certainly. we have others filling the void, and taking advantage of u.s. policy, much to the frustration of our adversaries, but the situation is this affects u.s. national security interest, and also affects security of american people. lou: is the largest -- it seems
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to me, the largest lesson is for our military leaders is no more nonsense about understand the enemy, no more nonsense about long wars. which is a convenient doctrine for a military that is taking its time if you will because of resistance civilian leadership, isn't the larger lesson learn, strike your enemy, destroy your enemy, do so with all material, all weaponry available to u.s. military and be gon done with i. >> in principle yes, but point of fact, our ow enemies select e type of war they use, this form of warfare we're facing that is unconventional in and among the people, throughout history, this is a pro dominant form of warfare.
7:19 pm
porworld war ii, these is get is you cannot do, that the more military power you use sometimes the adverse relationship you create with people you support, and wars are by definition protracted, these wars do test the patience and resolve of democracies, in particular. lou: we don't need the tests we failed this in vietnam in korea. we have failed it throughout certainly the 21st century. we are you know there is an old saying we're always fighting the last war, reality is that we have not fought this war well. we have not won in iraq. we have not won in afghanistan. when we have the wherewithal, and obviously military to do it. but we have allowed a military leadership and a civilian leadership to simply reduce the
7:20 pm
adadvantage, and come up with doctrine based on most fervent dreams of our adversaries, that is a long warfare, respect for the battleground that he the enemy selects bee should d. but we should do opposite should we not? >> no. lou: no? >> this warfare disarms our technology, and reduces the advantage we have, massive numbers while they do have a quality all their own can cause more problem, we actually won the war in iraq after losing if 4-- for 4 years. our best general on the ground in petraeus did that, we folded our hand there, by obama administration that invited isis in to our problem in syria, in afghanistan, we know what to do. we have leaders competent enough for that, but president held
7:21 pm
back on providing them resources they need to to the job. >> i'm saying to you, i take your points, i accept them. but the point, that where we have a theorial civilian leadership and instance threat on our nation's national security, is it not incumbent to come up with a new dac win, and attitude -- doctrine, and a new attitude, and bearing and force that takes into account this nation's pro pencety to not be patient? that was my question, i will leave that for us to consider and muhs another day, general, i appreciate the tutorial. >> good talking to you lou. lou: thank you, our poll question. who do you believe will go all
7:22 pm
the way to the g.o.p. nomination? trump? carson? fiorina? or someone else? we would like to hear you from, cast your vote >> breaking news out of south carolina we received new video. cars in flood water, and jackson creek flooded in columbia. floodwaters indicating th the -- indicating the state resulting in 12 deaths so far. some flooding in california this flooding, is actually being welcomed by many. these are live pictures. a rain storm across los angeles resulted in street flooding in this instance in temple city, a scary accident caught on video in morocco, a vehicle, which was part of french president
7:23 pm
holland's motorcade is seen rides down the street with doors wide open, hitting a 40-year-old bystander, sending him flying into the air, the man was taken to the hospital in head injury his condition is serious. >> up next a few thoughts on trade deal, the tpp, blasted by critics from left and right, i will add my views. >> protest long gone from baltimore, the city grappling with crisis this is aftermath of it all, that story, and more coming right up. stay with us. we're coming right back.
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prge! a manufacturer. well that's why i dug this out for you. it's your grandpappy's hammer and he would have wanted you to have it. it meant a lot to him... yes, ge makes powerful machines. but i'll be writing the code that will allow those machines to share information with each other. i'll be changing the way the world works. (interrupting) you can't pick it up, can you? go ahead. he can't lift the hammer. it's okay though! you're going to change the world. lou: violent crime still surging in city of baltimore following
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death of freddie gray, murders in baltimore have risen 52% from a year ago. nonfatal shootings risen 80% over last year. >> turning to a few thoughts if i may on massive trade deal with u.s. and 11 other nations. president today hailing transpacific partnership agreement saying, it is an agreement that puts american workers first, and will help middle class families get ahead. well, no, it doesn't. mr. obama is wrong, he is not the first president to misrepresent what a free tried agreement does. clinton, and nafta come to mind, bush and china. but mr. obama still has to sell this deal to congress. which has 90 days to review it and muster the guts to turn it down. with a vote not expected until nexyear, this is likely to playa
7:29 pm
large role in rhetoric of this president's campaign. donald trumdon slamming the dea. it a terrible deal he is right, governor mike huckabee, tweeting this, when negotiating with foreign countries obama administration gets roll like sushi, it is a punch in the gut to u.s. workers, huckabee is right, it further guts american workers, trump and huckabee finding an unlikely ally on democratic side, socialist senator bernie sanders he blasted the deal as disastrous, saying wall street and other big corporations have won again, it is time for the rest of us to
7:30 pm
stop letting multinational corporation rig the system to pad their profits at our expense, sanders is right, only corporatists 3r06 i profit, thee class suffer. and hillary clinton? in a word -- nothing. the tpp boosts only income and balance sheets of multinational who support and direct chamber of commercchamberof come and bud tables, it will be interesting to see how many republicans have sufficient nerve to stand up for working americans ask their families to stand up for small business and stand against the lobbyists and corporatists who don't want -- they just don't give a wit beyond their own self interest, as they say, we shall see. >> quote of the evening i turn
7:31 pm
to organize laker, james hoffa said, improving out floo outloo. workers it is about creating sustainable skilled. am that allows americans to earn a fair wage with benefits this allows americans to earn a fair wage to pay for housing and food on table and sustain a middle class life style, up next, hillary clinton pushing gun control, a shock, i know. >> "new york times" so eager to run a story on donald trump's wife. they screwed up, they screwed up badly. they screwed up 6 times. why were they in such a rush? robert zimmerman is joining us as does washington examiner sarah westwood, politics, getting nasty. we're coming right back. (patrick 1) what's it like to be the boss of you?
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lou: joining us now investigative report for washington examiner sarah westwood, sarah. >> and democratic strategist robert.
7:36 pm
>> good to be with you. lou: is that wishful thinking is there something? >> that could be wishful thinking, establishment candidates, have been's donald trump to get out of the race for a while, they predict his political death every time. his comments could be read as an insuananinsult too his fellow candidates. issuing a hint maybe hos whose number are falling should get out. >> i think it says a lot about his character, the fact he is
7:37 pm
weighing in about whether he drops out, he is looking at this race like a nielson rating versus what he stands for and hopes america becomes. d. >> to be with you. lou: i am stunned, robert zimmerman, old friend, and for ven clinton supporter, talking character when you were supporting hillary clinton? >> because i recognize character, and integrity when i see it. so do the american people. lou: i think they do too. >> i am just stunned. >> let me ask, do you think that donald trump is right, sare awhen he said he knows that republican all of the republican candidates would collapse if he withdrew from the race? there would be no reason for anybody to tune in. >> he said it in most modest way? >> i am sure, you know i think
7:38 pm
that republican candidates would survive, i think that they agree that their needs to be a viable republican candidate for president, hillary clinton is vulnerible, and her past in the white house -- her path to the white house is not secure. the republicans candidates would find a way to carry on if donald trump were out of the race. lou: it looks like donald trump is staying there. >> sarah made me feel confident that republican party will survive. lou: with this, bernie sanders is coming on like a locomotive, his numbers are building, he leads clinton in new hampshire. he closes on the national polls, his favbill febility is higher. >> honestly this a democratic party, i never believe it would be a coronation, we have i real race. i think that it a really very important. lou: donors seem to be excited
7:39 pm
they are defecting to go to bide en others to -- biden others to sanders, went camp we hear that clinton campaign is not as sanguine as you, they are very nervous. >> well, let me tell you, get better sources, it is a campaign, people don't take anything for granted but we'll have a real debate about issues, not one will call anyone a name. lou: i know that hillary clinton has been excited about adding numbers of debates she is eig fore debate, robert? >> we're debating every 4 weeks. lou: what do you think of clinton? is she eager to have more debates? have i misunderstood what has been unfolding before me. >> you know by all accounts the opposite, she tried to keep the number of bebates lower -- debates lower could and final schedule is a compromise with her people,. lou: wait, debbie wassermann
7:40 pm
schultz in league with hillary clinton? on this? stunning. >> we democrats are always debating, don't you worry. lou: we'll -- we appreciate you being here to debate, robert zimmerman, and sarah westwood thank you. vote in our poll, who do you believe will go all the way to republican nomination? trump, carson, fiorina or someone else. robert zimmerman we want your vote. vote. go to lou: breaking news, coast guard still conducting a search and rescue mission looking for 32 crew of the container ship elsel faro, one body was found last night along with a empty lifeboat, the crew did manage to send a disdres distress signal g
7:41 pm
the hurricane. >> up next, russia keeps out playing bush administratio obamn the middle east, and eastern europe. >> this is what a labor dispute looks like in france, that does not seem french-like, does it? we'll have that and more nexto here stay with us. wow! put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day.
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lou: air france worker today storming the company headquarters at charles de gaulle airport in paris, they said they were cutting 2900 jobs, things got so out of hand, that executives had to run from a meeting, after worker stormed them and rip their shirts off amazing. turning back to russia's violation of turkey airspace, and the assault on targets within syria. and possibility of vladimir putin spending in ground troops, and diminishing role that u.s. is playing in middle east. john good to have you here, things get worse day-by-day.
7:46 pm
for this administration, its policies, a couple things for your perspective. en truth on turkey -- intrusion on turkey airspace by a russian jet fighter. >> yeah, i mean, question is, did putin do it on purpose, is he testing the coalition? or was it an accident, that could have been possible too. because we're dealing with small geographic space. from time russian combat jet takes off it could be in turkish airspace in 15 minutes, one wrong turn you have an altercation, but nato has to treat it like it was purposeful, and send a message to putin this is not acceptable. lou: within days of beginning strikes again target in syria
7:47 pm
the russians are running 2 1/2 times the average number of sorties by u.s. coalition forces per day, it is really remarkable. >> yes, this is you know the beginning of what look like serious eircom -- air campaign, putin has a small fraction of number of combat planes that u.s. has in region, he is using what he has in a purposeful way to achieve a political outcome to save the regime, and deal a humiliating blow to the u.s. and its coalition. lou: the strike on the doctors without borders facility. the suggestion that afghan forces called in that strike, u.s. then carried out the strikes that killed 22 people, injured dozens others. we were the ones protesting
7:48 pm
russia's entry to syrian forces saying they would not be discreet in their targets and this happens, the result there it a tragedy but looking at u.s. operation over course of last decade, in afghanistan and iraq compare to what russians did in a bliss like chechnya they leveled the place. the united state u.s. military,r than israeli military, the most discreet, and careful, when it hits civilian, it acknowledges investigates and trying to learn the right lesson 9. >> suggests this russians sending in quote, unquote voluntary to military. >> i doubt the very large
7:49 pm
numbers they are talking about. lou: 150,000. >> then you are talking about another afghanistan for russia, that seems to be to for putin a sake it would be a mortal threat to him at home if he gets into kind of game, i think he is smarter than that. but idea that russian mercenaries that put en can say they -- putin can say, they are not my guys they are volunteers paid high salaries by iranian to kill pro-u.s. forces in syria to knock them out, and force u.s. to back assad regime against ises they is seems plussi. applause ibl-- plausible to me. lou: john hanna thank you. >> thank you. lou: turning to weekend box office, the martian opened in first place this weekend. hotel tra -- transylvania 2 drod
7:50 pm
to second. and over 15 million. up next, best selling author, is joining me, and a lot of speculation last week that fast-food chain carl's jr. was endorsing a trump style border wall with this ad. we have the inside story. you are not going to believe what we will be able to reveal here tonight, we're coming right back, stay with us. e poster chid for paying on time. and then one day you tap the bumper of a station wagon. no big deal... until your insurance company jacks up your rates. you freak out. what good is having insurance if you get punished for using it? hey insurance companies, news flash. nobody's perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light.
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lou: an advertising controversy resolve last week, we showed you this carl's jr. ad with models playing volleyball over a border wall, some thought that was a hidden political message, but the restaurant ceo, said that the ad was never intended as a political statement of any kind, he say that carl's jr. was targeting what he described add their customers largely young hungry guys, so there you are. >> "new york times" reporting to decline of big soda, some called biggest change in american diet, sales of full calorie soda plummeting by more than 25% over last 20 years, bottle water on
7:55 pm
track to over take soda as largest beverage category in next two years. >> joining me now brad thor, his seller "code of conduct" we last talked with our thriller writing author, he had just lost his favorite candidate, governor perry of texas, have you found a replacement yesterday yet? >> no, i am watching lou. i thought the debates at reagan library were very interesting. i was impressed with carly fiorina. i think so was the country as we watch her poll numbers. lou: this is not you being subtle in in-- your likely choice? >> there is a lot of things that
7:56 pm
rand paul stands for that i like, ted cruz, marco rubio. i did not like him on the amnesty thing but i thought he was excellent in foreign policy. lou: can you get over that. >> this is a real tough one, if he gets nominated i want sul are on the him, but interesting with that debate to watch ben carson and trump recede, and becompart of the background as they got to meat of policy, that is what i think you are seeing with trump's poll numbers. it's going to be great. >> think about hope and change, tell me how that was help me out. >> that is what pop limp circumstance people trump -- pap pop you -- is, they talk about a
7:57 pm
hope fighter, if it draws attention to republican platform that is fantastic. i wow want snook to get in, but we're not seeing substance with trump, in longer he is around not giving people substance, he starting to see poll numbers drop. lou: do you think he will change? >> he is a smart guy. i think if he realizes his poll numbers are going down because he is not picking up the policy brawpollball and work with it wi think he would. i will not sell him shortly is no dummy, he better get on the ball soon, is there any there, there. the deeper they look into him, people are not seeing more than just, a lot of hot air. lou: and in a way these processes are the result. if he does not respond, if he does not come with a more definitive policy message, if he is not clear, if he does not
7:58 pm
reload, that will be the answer? >> absolutely, this is not beanbag, i love people the trump followers. lou: who said it was? >> it is not, i get, i will do your show, get in the car, my tweets, will be blown up with trump supporters that are upset that i was tough on trump, i'm trying to be fair with him, if you don't get to policy stuff, you -- you don't have t bore people. lou: but on other hand he'll just be as boring as the rest of them. >> that would be a shame. because part of the charm of trump he is not boring, he is never boring. lou: but, who will watch if trump is not there? >> that was a big thing today. lou: somebody has to bring him with them. >> you know, yeah. i wonder how much more exciting trump could be if he was out of the race but hanging around to
7:59 pm
keep it interesting. >> >> fox news headlines 24/7 launch today on serious exam channel 115. trending stories sports business entertainment just above fox business fox news headlines.
8:00 pm
to is the weakest factor in the middle east? is said president obama less than vladimir putin. tomorrow night we urge a range on who will be the next president. good night from new york. kennedy: hello. your week on the watch "saturday night live" opens with surprises with hillary clinton dropping by to brute -- to booster numbers she did not play herself she was the bartender. >> hello. i am hillary rodham clinton. >> great name. i am a vowel. >> i needed to pull off some steam i had a hard 22 years


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