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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  October 6, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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hillary clinton speaking to and audience in davenport, iowa today. she, too, wants to hold citizens accountable. they get the atmosphere that led to that note down. the battle has been joined. >> hey. deportation of illegal immigrants are at record lows. hillary clinton wants even fewer deportations. one day after releasing radical on control. continuing her move to the left. immigration policies to harsh. i think she has done a lot during the last six and a half years. part of a strategy. i think we have to go back to being much less cars and aggressive.
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the new government figures show that the white house spent only 200 dirty 1000 over the last year. that is the fewest we have sent since 2006. in this pro- immigration talk. especially at a time when this election cycle, you see her picture right there, has seen the death of kate stanley at a hands of an emigrated that had been deported from this country five times. joining me now is leslie marshall and smith. that is the cold blooded murder of kate styling. how does hillary clinton come out and say that we are not strong enough or we are too strong when it comes to
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immigration. >> it is interesting. as recent as 2014. she descended over his immigration plan. i think that it is pretty clear. i think that wesley would agree. this is all about getting votes. whether it is gun control, immigration trade, she will say anything at this point. >> this is about buying votes? going on the latest polls. >> is this her attempt to get this audience to vote for her? >> i do not disagree with kerry entirely. where are they the deportations at the lowest point in a decade.
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look at where she is losing ground. eleven percentage points ahead of bernie sanders. she is still not ahead of him and vermont. a lot of the democrats want to hear her moving more to the left. i think we are hearing more of this from her so they can say she is moving left. >> the e-mail scandal not going away. we have some breaking news on that. we learned that in one of the state department suggested that the state department also shows are now pressing clinton's personal lawyers to reconfirm whether or not hillary clinton really did turn over all over short e-mails. i think that that is at the heart of it.
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she was the one who ultimately made the decision what she wanted to turnover and what she did not. in fact, gary, according to this new report, the state department is not over officially, is not officially buying that. >> i think that if it was any other person, president obama would have had to resign along time ago. she has lied repeatedly. did she do a criminal act? probably. can she escaped this? it just seems like she can. >> it is amazing to me that you can get away with this in the minds of voters. leslie marshall, 25,000 people showed up over the weekend in massachusetts to show their support for a socialist.
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a socialist. bernie sanders. he has taken new hampshire by storm. wanting to take 90% of your check every week suddenly coming into favor. is this because of hillary? is it because of the e-mail scandal? >> i do not think that the likability plays to that particular crowd. being from massachusetts, socialists have not been found upon entirely in that state. bernie sanders is from vermont. he shoots from the hip. he is left center and that is what democrats, especially in the blue state. >> live free or die. there is sort of a libertarian type of culture undercurrent there. it is a neighbor to vermont.
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you look at those polls. why? >> i do feel like geography plays a lot into it. i think that new hampshire voters are a lot comfortable with them. this is his first time at the rodeo. >> out with a new ad today. the conspiracy. they are going after me unfairly. they created all of this. >> republicans finally admitted it. >> investigating benghazi and e-mails. >> everyone thought that it was unbeatable. what are her numbers today? >> spent millions attacking hillary. she is fighting everything that
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they oppose. she will never stop fighting for you and republicans know it. >> i am hillary clinton and i provided this message. >> they just hate me because i am campaigning for your rights. will it help her in this environment or has that ship sailed? >> it will help her. this is a page right out of bill clinton's playbook. this is an underdog. this is us versus them. they are beating up on the woman. stealing a little bit from billy sanders -- bernie sanders class welfare act. i am a humble lawyer. yes, i think that this will be a major theme for her.
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>> you are killing me with that. [laughter] hillary is basically saying you have used e-mails related to benghazi, questioning my role with benghazi. you have had hearings and you have had hearings over and over and over. is this a conspiracy? i do think that she is saying look, i was right all along. maybe saturday night live. she is definitely seeing a balance. >> we will keep watching it. thank you. i want to turn to and insider scam. a multibillion-dollar fantasy sports industry. two major sites out there, everyone.
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draft king. right now, they are trying to defend their business practices. you have an employee trying to break in a six-figure jackpot. this guy used information that just was not available to anyone else. twenty-first century stock has a take. joining me right now danny wallace and our very own connell mcshane. we have all of you guys on this story. a pretty fascinating one. if you could just explain to our viewers out there what fantasy sports actually is and who these players are and why exactly we think they are major. >> in terms of just the general exploitation of sports, you pick real people to play as your fantasy.
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you pick a player like tom brady. >> you can win real money. >> you have this guy who works as a draft pick. i saw some unanswered questions on the timeline. he puts a blog post out. it has proprietary information. stuff that should not be made public. basically what other people are doing. the strategies and what other competitors are doing. >> if i was a traitor and i have been to know what everybody else was doing, let's say i was booking those traits. negative based on that. >> fantasy sports. you know that a lot of other people are using tom brady.
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whatever you do, even half the information. the nfl games for the day started at 1:00 o'clock. i put that out at 1:40 p.m. key point, he goes on the other site. he goes to the other site and the wednesday hundred 50 grand. they are basically saying he did not have that information before 1:00 o'clock. we do not necessarily know that. >> there should be some kind of rule. working for one of these companies. there should be a certain understanding. a certain set of rules that you will not be out and trying to profit all of this. if we get information that is embargoed, we would never actually, seek a way to make money off of that information. in some ways, you can think about what this guy potentially
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did as a way of taking information. going and using it to profit himself. it is just wrong and it is illegal. >> a fairness issue. is there a fair and level playing field here. this whole daily fantasy sports is new for a lot of people. just out there for a couple of years, really. how much oversight is there? should there be more oversight. there is a senator in new jersey. after week one of the season, he sent a letter saying there needs to be a hearing on all of this. wait a second, there is a market here. we need to have some sort of hearing about it. this is essentially the wild, wild west that they are
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operating in. i asked the commerce committee are you guys going to do anything for this. i want to read you a brief part of it. we have a responsibility to protect consumers. not being taken advantage of. not necessarily saying here in washington. certainly the tenor has changed. >> whether this is gambling or you are using skill. i think that the argument has been for 2006 federal law that you are using skill. anyway, daniel, if this is a market, like any other market, does it need to be regulated as we would regulate a security exchange. >> of course we need regulation.
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we have to start from the premise that what is going on here is gambling. it is risking money. >> isn't that the market anyway? i put a dollar to work on the stock market. >> yes, but it is regulating. you use the term gambling. that comes with a pretty logoed context. >> all forms of gambling in this country are subject to regulation. blackjack, casino games, the lottery. it flies under the radar. you cannot be going on and playing this game with the other companies. i mean -- dennis: there is a whole lot more that needs to be done. thank you so much.
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we will continue following that story. there it goes again. this time, obama is sending your right to bear arms. plus the obama administration cannot get a call back from russia. how have we allowed this? new developments, everyone. becoming the most influential power in the middle east. ♪
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>> they are not returning our calls. they do not want to get together. going cold on the united states. we cannot get give a meeting right now with the disciple of russia. defense secretary it is morning rush that they need to start talking. they need to start at the pentagon right now. the latest move in syria. fox news contributor judy miller. wow. a complete total utter mess. when you are not returning our phone calls? >> they are indicating, these will be russian rules. we can coordinate them, we can get out of their way, but this entry twice into turkish airspace is no accident. part of a signal to us.
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they have that video conference. the reason he wants to talk to the russians is he wants to make sure that they are flying around in syrian airspace. >> that will be our problem. the only people fighting them are actually isis. the choice can be between a side, has allies and the russians. he does not want to deal with all the people we have been training. we have not been training that much. seventeen out of the 19 airstrikes that the russians have conducted have been against nonlicensed targets. these are anti-assad forces.
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trying to prop up his friend there. making sure that he stays in power. why. what is at stake here. he will control the middle east. >> he has a warm water basin. their only remaining base pair. the russians were thrown out of the middle east by the united states invite egypt in 1973. they are back now for the first time and we are doing nothing about it. nato being exposed as an empty vessel that it is. even paying the 2%. gdp they are supposed to pay through their defense sector. >> he does not have a lot of time. he knows that at some point we will have a change in the administration. i do not know who won't wind up
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there. chances are, they will be tougher than barack obama. kind of reminds me from a historic perspective what they saw in the carter regime. >> we are now back to where we were in 1973. the russians beginning to project power. >> thank you so much. >> president obama has to convince members of congress. a new trade deal. that is coming up. gun control laws to ease acute of action. what about our second amendment. the right to bear arms. we will see you here. ♪
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>> fessenden opined that is working on his sales pitch for this trade deal today. a massive trade agreement between the united states and 11 other countries. facing an uphill battle here. mitch mcconnell saying there are a number of troubling cards to this agreement. some of the loudest critics coming from right within the president's own party. plate berman has the details for us. tell us about the strategy to sell this deal. >> this is certainly a deal that the president will have to sell. he was doing just that a little while ago. twenty-four hours after the 12 days of trade deal was agreed upon. meeting with business leaders. brief comments afterwards. american companies would not be
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disadvantaged. however, some democrats right off the top are certainly skeptical. sitting on the senate committee overseeing. agriculture has already expressed serious doubts. bernie sanders. staying quiet for the moment is hillary clinton. the white house was asked about that just a little while ago. take a listen. >> the administration welcoming her support. as much as any other presidential candidate that wanted to come out in favor of the deal. this will be a decision for her to make. >> is very well could be a presidential campaign issue as a congressional vote will not happen until early next year. >> the whole thing is very interesting. very concerned about protecting american jobs. go ahead.
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>> you have donald trump & a sanders on both sides. it will be interesting to see where she comes out on this as well. >> president obama may take executive action on gun control. what does this mean for our second amendment? is this move that he is threatening to make in fact unconstitutional. romantic moments can happen spontaneously, so why pause to take a pill? and why stop what you're doing to find a bathroom? with cialis for daily use, you don't have to plan around either. it's the only daily tablet approved to treat erectile dysfunction so you can be ready anytime the moment is right. plus cialis treats the frustrating urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night.
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we're cracking down on medicare fraud. let's make medicare stronger for all of us.
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>> the faa is imposing a record fine against the photography company for fine drums without permission. i operated 65 unauthorized flights between 2012 and 2014. more than half took flights in restricted airspace. they did not have radio transponders and other required things that they need to have. i want to get to this next story right now. a new round of executive action aimed at curbing gun violence in america. president obamacare .very, very political. listen to this. >> when you decide to vote for somebody, making a determination into whether this cause of continuing death of innocent people should be a rolling
2:33 pm
factor in new york city. >> now he is looking at another executive action to look at run control. judge andrew napolitano is here with us. arkansas gun rage owner. i want to start by saying this is something i told the judge in the commercial break. i was here live on the air that day. the entire tragedy unfolded in real-time. one of the things that we did not discuss and i deliberately did not get into the whole debate about guns. whether people should be able to have the right to have them. that to me was something that we needed to save for another time. we were dealing with the tragedy of that moment. however, the president at 6:20 p.m. that night. hours after we were reporting all of this got up and made a
2:34 pm
pretty political statement. then, of course, we heard from hillary clinton. she also politicizes tremendously. what is the left doing here as they try to seize this moment? this tragic moment? >> it is repulsive. beginning to get routine. their attack on guns anytime there is any gun related crime. they never talk about the fact that 2.5 million times last year law-abiding citizens pulled guns and saved lives. he is constantly -- the second liberty to a global authority. assigning the un arms treaty. a bureaucrat. authority over our gun rights.
2:35 pm
no way, we will not ratify this. under global authority right now. >> it is interesting. we look at the landscape. a socialist as ike keep pointing out. he actually is far more in favor of the second amendment. hillary clinton seems to be appealing to her face. >> hillary clinton is being a particular politician. seizing on that moment saying what she thought her constituents wanted to hear at that time. the 90 million others would never accept that. if you ever really try to step over that line, you will see a revolt of proportion. >> thank you so much.
2:36 pm
judge andrew napolitano joining us right now with his legal analysis. the president now says he wants to invoke some type of is that you didn't order. >> i do not know what type of executive order he has in mind. a new meaning on the words of the statute that has certain exceptions for the background checks. for example, if you have a background check to buy a gun into gave it to me to buy a gift, you do not have to give a background check to me. she would define all transfers requiring background checks. background checks do not keep us safe. in newtown, connecticut, she said yesterday and also were gun, what do they have in common? both of the killers were mad men. both of them were seriously mentally ill.
2:37 pm
neither of them had a record of mental illness. both passed a background check. both acquired them lawfully. both of them killed in no gun zones. these are areas of public property. how could you declare no guns? that is not me saying it. twice. the second amendment means the right to keep and bear arms. the same category of rights. free speech, worship and right to travel. you can not take a geographical area and say you cannot exercise your fundamental right. you can't do that with the first amendment, you can't do that with the second amendment. >> where is the armed security guard? >> because it was a no gun zone, no one, not even the security guards at work there were permitted to have guns. a courageous u.s. army veteran
2:38 pm
who was also a student put his body against a door. his body took seven bullets. he saved the classmates. if he was allowed to have carried a gun, that creep who killed the one professor and eight student would have been stopped long before he completed the killing, long before the police got there. the police cannot be everywhere. they were courageous and brave in forceful and quick, but they cannot be everywhere. >> what did you think when you saw the president say what he did just hours after the tragedy? >> i thought of a one-liner. never let a tragedy go to waste. people were still bleeding and he turned it into a political argument. that is why the police chief said please do not stop your
2:39 pm
when you are on the west coast on friday. >> what is taking joe biden so long in this race? good. very good. you see something moving off the shelves and your first thought is to investigate the company. you are type e*. yes, investment opportunities can be anywhere... or not. but you know the difference. e*trade's bar code scanner. shorten the distance between intuition and action. e*trade opportunity is everywhere.
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>> let's check these markets out for you right now. getting stocks moving a little bit. right now the dow jones industrial average is up about
2:41 pm
60 points. the s&p down about a 10th of a percent or so. shares of dupont are soaring today. ceo said she would retire. ellen coleman is stepping down. pepsi topping expectations right now. higher prices pushing up snack sales. gatorade and aqua fina. they saw volume rise. we will have more intel for you after this. we will also be looking at the inside world of the underworld. i am joined by the author of a new book on mob boss. we will be right back. ♪
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>> all right. welcome back everyone. johnny depp may be playing the role of whitey bolger. my next guest is the man who has the real info. hoping to piece together the extensive alterations. killers. he takes his readers inside the world of organized crime. good to have you here. >> thank you, trish. good to be here.
2:44 pm
i was a statehouse reporter for the boston herald newspaper. i was covering his brother. i always wondered why nobody crossed them at the statehouse. he had absolute power as a leader of the senate. i got some videotape from another reporter of the mayor of boston. what is the source of billy bolger's power. he said, are you kidding me. if my brother threatened to kill you, you would be nothing but nice to me. whitey bolger became enraged. they used the brother, whitey used to see me every day. i had to drive by his liquor store. he got to know who i was. it just enraged him that i was walking around. they knew where i lived. >> let me jump in for a second.
2:45 pm
you were covering the sky. you covered his brother. you printed something that they did not like. they got so angry with you they actually had a hit on you? >> yes. that is what some of the gang members have said in the book. the anchor who was a son of another mayor and boston said if i ever came in the liquor store they would chop me up and throw me in the dumpster. they would also use c-4 explosives at one point. they had gotten it from a crooked fbi agent. there were going to blow me up and my whole house. >> how are you still alive? >> i learned to not become a creature of habit. never hang out in bars. do not take any chances whatsoever. the way these guys operate is usually out of sight out of
2:46 pm
mind. as long as i avoided coming into contact with them, i did not want to get, as they say, flat-footed in a bar. you can generally avoid them. >> must not have wanted you that that because you are still here. let's talk about that kind of organization that they ran. one of the things that always strikes me is that it is ran like a business. these guys are like ceos. they are on the wrong side of the law. >> right. there are a couple things what is it about the mafia. what is ours is ours and what is yours is ours. another columnist always said the mob guys when they were conducting business, they always had advantage over legitimate
2:47 pm
businessmen. they could come up with the three magic words. i will kill you. >> thank you so much. good luck with the new book. we look forward to reading it. good to have you here today. >> thank you, trish. i appreciate it. >> why is joe biden playing hard to get? they aren't dying for him to jump in. stay here. ♪ tperform. that's the power of active management. put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day. the has unlimited access is thatto information,tion no matter where they are.
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>> okay. some news on microsoft did unveiling products. microsoft's first ever laptop. it took a while. a wearable fitness tracker. company also unveiling three phones running off of windows 10 operating system. can be used as a full-fledged
2:51 pm
computer. we are heading into the last hour of trading right now. a two-day rally for stocks. keeping up this momentum. hillary clinton is trying to gain some momentum on the campaign trail. this is something she said moments ago and iowa. >> the laws were not as strong as they needed to be to hold individuals accountable. i will do everything i can to make sure that individuals are held accountable. if we need to change laws, we will change laws. >> jason, liz claman and ashley webster joining me right now. we did not actually see any of these guys go behind bars as a result of all that happened. that said, i would argue there is plenty of blame to go around.
2:52 pm
there are quite a few folks. >> bonnie frank should be the first thrown into jail. we suggest what the atmosphere was like that led to that situation. fannie and freddie. come on. everyone wants to live the american dream. we build it up and we build it up. we know what happens. we want to throw the bankers in jail. >> jason, it is a popular argument. sometimes arguments for hillary clinton. at business and telling voters, you know, they are the reason you are struggling today. they are the reason why it is hard to make ends meet. instead of actually attacking the economic situation to more
2:53 pm
progrowth policy, she and other democrats like bernie sanders, want to penalize success. >> that is a pretty fair point. i am a pro guy in general. i would even bring it on a more micro level. pro- education levels. how do you succeed. how do you manage your own money. maybe there can be some legal policies. it is one thing if somebody is doing something illegal. it is another thing if there is just too much risk and it comes crashing down. people should not go to jail because of that. >> a lot of democrats, i'm not sure if they really want to embrace. it is always someone else's fault. >> it does not sit well with a lot of our viewers. right there in court. bernie evers is sitting in prison.
2:54 pm
those companies did not affect a lot of people. this painting explosion affected so many people. it is getting very far in the rear view mirror. it is more important to look forward and figure out how we prevent the next one. i am just not sure that any legislation has been put in place. >> the government cannot necessarily prevent -- i guarantee you, those traders, who is down on the floor, liz, are you on the floor today? ashley, i can see the floor behind you, those traders running around aching trades on the floor behind you, they are smarter then the folks in washington. you can legislate all you want. i just think that the sec and the feds will have a hard time foreseeing the next problem.
2:55 pm
>> exactly. is there blame to go around? of course there's blame to go around. bankers selling on assets. should you throw them in jail for it? fire them if you have to. certainly, the lawmakers in washington -- >> is it enough to say i do not belong in jail? i did not know. >> i do not know if that is age available offense. i would hope that we would not go to jail. >> you think about ernie frank. pushing new ownership in a very responsible way. a lot of irresponsibility to go around. all trying to make money. out there saying, look, this is not sustainable. if you are going to have a real problem. a lot of people, you know, you
2:56 pm
dance loud the music is playing. anyway, hillary will not let it go to waste. jason, ashley, liz, thank you. coming up, everyone, joe biden still has not jumped in the race. we are on pretty high alert. my intel. ♪ hat does the world run on? it runs on optimism. it's what sparks ideas. moves the world forward. invest with those who see the world as unstoppable. who have the curiosity to look beyond the expected and the conviction to be in it for the long term. oppenheimerfunds believes that's the right way to invest... this big, bold, beautiful world. :
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♪. trish: remember that song? cheap trick? biden's theme song. i think he's playing it smart here. here he is in the polls for a guy who's not even in the race giving hillary a run for her money. 18% he's clocking in at nationally.
3:00 pm
so i'm suspecting he's probably going to do, this i think he's going to throw his hat in the ring. a lot of people in the granite state are hoping he does. they're on standby, and you could say it's a pretty brilliant way to play it. wait until they really want you, just like the song, liz claman, over to you. liz: thank you, trish, the markets torn in all different directions at this hour. which side will they rip on before the closing bell rings just 59 minutes from now, from ripping to tearing as the multibillion dollar world of fantasy sports betting about to be shredded to pieces after the young industry is rocked by a scandal compared to insider trading schemes on wall street. you cannot watch a single sporting event today. did you see the nfl games all day sunday without seeing these ads touting big paydays like draftkings and


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