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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  October 6, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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i can't tell you how many sample of bottles and coke and pepsi i have thrown away. i will not spend 20 bucks. >> it is so cool. i showed my kids back to the future. the fact we're not on hover boards. so funny how the 80s projected this time. david: that does it for us. "risk & reward" starts now. deirdre: the nato secretary-general confirming a second russian violation of turkish airspace. russia says it was a mistake. at same time russia is escalating its aggression in syria, including targeting america cia-trained rebels. this is according to u.s. sources. welcome to "risk & reward." i'm deirdre bolton. more on the moves overseas and what they mean for the u.s., joining me in fox business exclusive, is former republican congressman, third-time presidential candidate, host of the liberty report, dr. ron paul. dr. paul, thank you so much for your time.
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>> nice to be with you. deirdre: i need start on heavier topic. senior officials are describing a basically a nightmare scenario in syria. saying we need one of two things, either clear policy from the u.s. that prevents russia from bombing syrians or the u.s. should sent anti-aircraft missiles to confront russian planes directly. another presidential candidate, donald trump, says russia's lack of respect for u.s. leadership is part of the problem. >> all it is lack of respect. he doesn't respect our president. it is purely lack of respect. putin is a liar but putin is leading and putin is somebody people are respecting all over the world now. our country is just the opposite. you get the respect, to certain extent you have it or don't have it. you have the ability to get respect. you're a leader or not a leader. deirdre: so, dr. paul, is it a question of respect?
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>> i think there is a need for respect but depends on what you're respecting. i would respect our leaders if we would mind our business more often. i would respect our leaders and obama a lot more if he hadn't declared four years ago that our policy was to get rid of assad. our goal was to get him out of the regime and change regimes. i don't have any respect for that. i have respect for people who stand up who say it is america's best interest not to mind our own business and not look for another fight. we had libya, iraq and afghanistan. we're messing up problems up in ukraine. i see no reason in the world for to us be involved in syria. it is not our business. it got worse since 2011 because of a position assad must go. well, it looks like assad knit growing to go. there will be a lot bigger chance there will be a conflict between russia and the united states. and -- deirdre: dr. paul, let me take the opposite. if the u.s. does nothing, i know
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you said you wish nobody was bombing syria with humanitarian point of view, but here is what our national security analyst, told us, kt mcfarland. >> russia should just run the table, right? russians totally outsmarted and outfoxed obama at every step. it is a lot more, than, they were so much smarter or clever. the russians are in the position where they will take over the middle east. deirdre: to kt's point, dr. paul, what does it mean if the u.s. doesn't have a presence? does that allow as many described russia, just a bully, to take over? >> well, there certainly ace challenge to us but our presence in the middle east in declaring we're the dictators of the world and we have troops in 152 countries, we're always involved in regime change and backfiring and bankrupting us and helping isis and al qaeda, they're helping iran. i see that the policy is bad.
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it costs a lot of money and we're involved in many, many other countries. if you look at flags where we have military bases around the world compared to those of russia, you know, i don't think we have to worry that russia is going to invade us but right now, russia has a lot to worry about us because we put sanctions on them. we badger them. we threaten them. and now, they're sick and tired of it. they're confronting us. they have interest in afghanistan. they have treaty with syria. and they have a base there, which is legal for them to have it. so, i don't think it is anything unusual. i just think that we should stay out of inciting so many problems around the world. bombs won't solve this problem. and, we have precipitated some antagonism around the world that we don't need. bombs didn't solve problems in iraq. deirdre: dr. paul, when you hear a candidate such as donald trump saying with respect we need to fight fire with fire, you disagree?
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>> well i disagree with he fight fire with fire but it ought to be with our brains. yes, we contest those who compete with us. but to say because russia does such a thing, that we have to confront them. i think they're fighting fire with fire. we're the ones that are involved in their neighborhood. we're the ones who take, take nato and surround their country right up to their borders. so they're fighting fire with fire. they're sticking back and people are hysterical because they're asserting themselves. we're the ones that decided that we would put on the sanctions and do all of these things. if we were a weaker nation and they did this to us, we would consider it outright aggression. so, yes, i think you fight fire with fire but we ought to use our brains about doing it. we ought to confront them by setting good standards, trading with them and outperforming them. i mean we, we didn't have to defeat the soviet union were weapons. we defeated them while
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outperforming them. fighting fire with fire. economic policies for us were absolutely better. deirdre: dr. paul, looking at candidates, i'm assuming you have a big favorite for your son kentucky senator rand paul. but there are murmurs that he may soon drop out. his rating, his polling is down to 3%. is there any truth to this? >> i herd anything like that. i talked to him couple days ago. there was no hint of that. his strategy is fine. he will keep doing what he is doing. organizing young people and much more people attuned to the government. concerned about civil liberties and foreign policy that gives us no chance to negotiate with people and too anxious for war. only one in the race, suggest, stop and think about this, before we stir up trouble and see if we can compete with who drops the most bombs. we dropped enough bombs in the last 15 years.
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thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people have died. just was last week how many we killed in afghanistan in a medical unit? everybody has outraged about that. deirdre: "doctors without borders" is absolutely outraged as your point. as a doctor you probably identify with that at even deeper level than most people. i want to ask you though about the race, the presidential race because you've done it three times. at this juncture, what is your advice to your son? >> keep doing what he is doing. speak the truth and loud and clearly of the stick to your principles. people want to know the truth. if you believe in liberty, present the cause for liberty. that means something to a lot of people still. and once you talk about liberty, and emphasize that, you exclude all the special interests and all wheeling and dealing because that is not liberty. that is special interests government. that is why we're in this mess. you talk to liberty not by groups. appeal to one group, i will give you this, i will give you this,
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you appeal to the individual. liberty is individual. you present the cause for liberty, believe me, people will rally and if they know you're telling the truth, they will vote for. >> dr. paul, there are many people who believe 100% in your ideas but i'm going to say, they are fearful living without a kind of infrastructure. i cover the markets. i'm obsessed with investments. so i always think of federal reserve. ben bernanke in his recent book came out and said, you know why i am not a republican anymore. he said that just constantly fighting, and he did actually call you out by name, constantly fighting forces against the institution of the he fed, just to take the other side, many people said after 2008, the entire global financial system would have gone down without the fed. we need some infrastructure, right? >> well, still going to go down. he postponed a little bit. a lot of people went down. the middle class went down. the middle class is paying all the bills and his friend got
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bailed out. because he got a temporary reprieve for wall street, that doesn't, you know, satisfy me one bit. but the federal reserve -- deirdre: he was nominated by george w. bush. so sometimes, and i know you take pleasure being outlyer and you want to get your message across, but do you think sometimes moving just a little bit to a larger tent would help some of your ideas become more adopted? >> yeah, absolutely. this is why i get along very well with honest, progressive democrats who believe in civil liberties. they believe we ought to have different foreign policy they believe in balanced budgets. looking at federal reserve to treat people as individuals. coalition of building comes with two set of groups that have principles that blend together. and that is, the progressive democrat and libertarian constitutional republicans because we can agree on so much. if you sell out, say i give you
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a little bit interventionism of conserve conservativism and intervention of welfare state of liberals put it together that is the worst system. we are living with it a long time. we have one single party, pushing interventionism, planned economy, interference with personal privacy, and interventionism. we can't afford it. federal reserve will not bail us out. they got us in the trouble. they tend they got us out of it but they caused trouble, fixing interest rates and they're market manipulators and price fixer and they created monster we have and it is on our doorstep and not going away. deirdre: one smart person, a big fan of yours, jim grant, can't say enough about your good ideas. dr. paul, thank you so much for your time. glad to have you with us. >> you're welcome. deirdre: dr. paul joining us there. dunkin' donuts by the way apologizing for the second time after one of their employees put "black lives matter" on a police
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officer's cup. my next guest is calling for a boycott of the chain. d.c. workers getting four months of paid family leave, most generous in the nation. one of our guests says the move making the u.s. a lot more like europe. plus citibank paying to the greenies. saying it is no longer lending to coal mining companies as part of a new climate change policy we'll be joined by the ceo of a coal company who says that the administration should step in and apologize to his employees. we're back in just a few moments. ♪ ♪ (charge music) you wouldn't hire an organist without hearing them first. charge! so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck.
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so i can rest easy. what. you don't have a desk bed? don't be left in the dark. get proactive alerts 24/7. comcast business. built for business. deirdre: dunkin' donuts apologizing for incident in rhode island on friday. an employee wrote
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#"black lives matter" on a police officer's cup. this is the second incident to occur in matter of weeks. first, employee reportedly told police officer waiting in line, we don't serve cops here. these incidents come after workers at individual arby's, chipolte and what a burger locations refused service to police officers last month. executive director, nigel ennis, and political consultant basil michael with me. glad to have you with me. what is your take first and foremost on the messaging to the community? people who are living, working and in theory protecting them. >> it is awful, horrific message to these brave, law enforcement officials that protect and serve, the overwhelming majority of black americans, of can american americans, just regular, just citizens period support these officers because they know they are the thin line
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between them and chaos. these anarchists, within these, anarchists elements within the "black lives matter" campaign are creating a dangerous environment. when the police and the community are at odds with one another or the illusion of that exists, there is only one benefit. and that beneficiary is the criminal. deirdre: is the criminal, at the very least, chaos. basil, we've heard from lots of different people talking about how they have been poorly treated. we have seen incidents, looting, ferguson was just the beginning. so, this tension is there. >> well, first of all, the communities of color are not chaotic. that is not what is going on in these neighborhoods. >> not what i said. >> there is a lot of good going on it is good. >> without cops it is chaotic. >> number two, they're not anarchists, they're bringing issue to the forefront we would not be talking about were it not for a lot of the activism that "black lives matter" has shown. but, i do think that not serving
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police officers is not a good, you shouldn't do that. these officers could have saved a life that day. and the person serving would never have known that. and, yet they were treated that way. so i don't agree with that. let's put that on the table. deirdre: i was going to say, seems like broad brush strokes on either side. >> i take you one further. what i actually think you could do is get a the lot of these businesses, a lot of fast-food chains prevalent in communities of color. maybe this is opportunity to have them sort of cosponsor some dialogue in the community to try to improve the relationship. maybe that is the way to go. >> no the way to go -- deirdre: ceo of starbucks who tried to do that. everybody complained. so there wasn't an attempt at some point to have this conversation on very local, commercial and personal level and everybody said, howard schultz was like crazy for even trying to have that conversation. i want to ask you, with legislation introduced today, almost every full and part-time employee in the nation's capitol
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will be entitled to 16 weeks of paid family leave. this includes, maternity but also includes, caring for family member. so, niger, is this going overboard or is this what we as a nation owe our workers? >> that alarm ringing must be that the united states is headed towards becoming greece, a greece superpower if youill. that is nonsense. you're talking about 25% of the year being on paid leave. that is not, way for productive environment. work environment and it is not make for productive economy that is going to be $20 trillion in debt when defacto socialist president leaves office. hopefully not replaced by the official socialist president named bernie sanders. deirdre: to be fair, in silicon valley, people have completely self-regulated leave. if they have a baby, if they're caring for an elderly parent, it is all on them. >> can i say this?
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i think that is actually the most important issue here. it is a class issue in some respects because you have a lot of high-skilled, high-income earners that have opportunity to take longer leaves, to work from home, that benefits them but if you're actually a low-income earner or you're in low-skilled job you don't have the opportunity. you have to go back to work right away. indeed one of the presidential candidates, marco rubio said, well, let's just leave it up to the employer. i think what this does, levels the playing field. not to say that everyone is going to use this as a vacation because you're doing something like taking care of a parent or family member or caring for a young child. people are eager to get back to work. we have to assume, i think it is right, to assume they're not lazy. they want to be working. deirdre: they want to be there, following their careers. basil smikel, thank you so much. niger ennis, glad to have you back with my.
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when we come back, mcdonald's share at 52-week high. introducing all-day brake fast for a lot of fans. we sent -- breakfast. we sent fox business's jeff flock to a mcdonald's store. he put it to the test. citi group not lending to coal companies as part of a new climate change policy. administration war against his industry must stop. says an executive.
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to receive tanzeum free for 12 months. make every week a tanzeum week. deirdre: citigroup announcing it is cutting lening to coal mining companies as part after campaign to fight fossil fuels and climate change. my next guest says the obama administration has been unfair
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to the coal industry and caused big banks such as citi to avoid coal and crush his industry. joining me on the phone, murray energy corporation founder, ceo, robert murray. robert, do you think this is the government's fault? or is this conscious consumerism? >> no. created by federal government and those to whom president obama and his supporters are beholden. no question they have been effective and coal industry is nowdown trodden. i read the citigroup statement and provides for exceptions. deirdre, in any business sector there are exceptions to the general views.
5:25 pm
this is hurting phenomenon relative to coal. for instance. hurting power plant legislation is blatantly illegal. we will overturn that in the courts. that will change the future vision of coal. i know this -- deirdre: not necessarily, bob, any. i'm going through citi's notes, they will lend to responsible coal miners. in citi's words, that are environmentally responsible which i assume your company is? >> yes, ma'am. that is why i said in their policy, they state there are exceptions. they will not deal with companies that do mountaintop removal. we don't do that. we are responsible. there will be exceptions. to their policy here. that is clearly part of their
5:26 pm
statement. deirdre: sound like that will be an exception. why are you fighting this so hard if it is not going to affect your employees? >> deirdre, i'm an american and what the obama administration is doing is destroying reliable, low-cost electricity in america. and our people don't know it. people on fixed incomes are going to get double-digit electric rate increases. people who manufacture products for the global marketplace are not going to be able to. this reliable, low-cost, power grid of our country, and i call it a political power grid, power grab of the american, power grid. it has absolutely nothing to do with the environment is being destroyed. people don't realize this. unfortunately americans don't react until there's a crisis. what is going to happen here, they're going to freeze in the dark. deirdre: they are going to freeze in the dark. so to your point, you are dwindling this, because you think it is an incorrect, it is wrong against the industry, even though it does not apply to your
5:27 pm
particular company? >> that is correct, ma'am. it is wrong for america, deirdre. you said it right. but it is not just my company. it is not just my industry. it is the united states of america. deirdre: we are so glad to have you with us. bob murray, thank you for the time. glad to have you as part of the conversation. ceo bob murray there. founder of murray energy. we'll shift gears here. mcdonald's breakfast menu available. jeff flock is illinois. jeff, are you seeing local enthusiasm so far? >> reporter: there is all kinds of enthusiasm. we're actually getting a exclusive look back in the kitchen, this is, we're in the middle of the day. what time is it here in chicago? 4:30. they're making egg mack muffins. a piece of equipment they put in continue to make egg mcmuffins and making hamburgers and rest
5:28 pm
they do down the way here. you can't get every breakfast item. they're busy making hamburgers and normally all the rest of the things. you can't get a mcgriddle, for example. most of the items you can get. in 87% of the restaurants you can even get hash browns. there is big competition out there now in this morning space. that is an egg mcmuffin right there. that is pretty tasty. has a little ham on it too. that is even better. a lot of competition in this space. other folks as well getting back into the business or getting into the business of making breakfast all day long. just about to see what is colling out of here. oh, that is the, what do you call those, english muffins. getting cooked. this again a special piece of equipment enables them to do two things at once in mcmcdonald's. community likes it. stock did well in the launch. not only here, okay brick,
5:29 pm
illinois, but elsewhere went without a hitch. deirdre: went without a hitch. there are a lot of hungry crewmembers at "risk & reward" after watch. >> reporter: sent them out. deirdre: draftkings worker used insider information to win $350,000 over one weekend. we'll talk about the legality of insider trading in fantasy football. a number of iphone 6s customers are talking on twitter, complaining the i touch i.d. button is burning hot. we'll talk about what exactly they are seeing and feeling. my next guest says, it is worse than --
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. deirdre: a major scandal is hitting the billion-dollar industry of fantasy football. an employee of one fantasy team allegedly won $350,000 from a rival company. fox business lori rothman has the details. i know better than to e-mail you or your husband during the fantasy picks, right? everybody is all in. >> how many guys is teams are playing on fantasy league? deirdre: all of a sudden they're looking at issues, they have four or five at once. >> the "new york times" blew the lid off the story. draftkings, employee who works for draftkings got information ahead of time.
5:34 pm
basically information showing which players had the most money bet on them. okay? that particular employee of draftkings took that information and used it to play his fantasy team at a rival company called fanduel and managed to win $350,000. so all of this begs the question now, who's regulating these fantasy teams. >> they need to be regulated. deirdre: begs that question exactly that you said about regulation. fox sports actually has part ownership of draftkings. this is a big, we're joking how pervasive it is. >> big, big dollars, big bucks. you've got nfl teams with huge stakes. the new england patriots for one. the dallas cowboys, and so, and you see the ads splashed across the major league stadiums, too. lot at stake not only for the guy who used what they're
5:35 pm
calling insider information, let's call it what it is, it is insider information. question is how do you police these? how do you keep it? at the end of the day, it's just fun. my first job in tv was in a sports department at a local station ripping wire copy. deirdre: all i'm saying is that her team probably looks pretty good, or teams, plural. she's a pro. lori rothman joining me there. with more on the legal question, we bring in attorneys, randy zelin and whitney boan, thank you so much. yea or nay, you heard my colleague lori rothman say, is this something that needs to be regulated, if so, by whom? >> exactly needs to be regulated. imagine an employee say i inadvertently came across information that the public doesn't know about, inadvertently took the information, inadvertently
5:36 pm
placed the bet and inadvertently won $350,000. do you think that undermines confidence in the game and undermines the integrity when you have information that the rest of the world doesn't know about, that you can use to your advantage to make money? that is illegal, and as a result of this, lord only knows, they deserve the scrutiny they're going to get hit with now. >> no, no, no. deirdre: whitney, what do you have to say? >> no, randy made my point for me. thanks, randy. >> you're welcome. >> crimes are not inadvertent. there was no crime committed here. this is a game of skill, not chance. he may know who has the most money on a player, that's great. i can go to dinner with tom brady, that doesn't mean i will know tomorrow he's going to score a touchdown. this is not insider trading. >> what you said caught my ear,
5:37 pm
what you said a game of skill, not chance, which puts this in another category. >> poker. exactly. it takes skill, it is more in terms of knowing what players are doing. keeping up with their stats. it's not just playing roulette, you know? you need to follow the teams, you need to be invested in what each player is doing, you create your team off of it. not just rolling a dice and playing a game of chance, you have to have skill involved with. this no matter what the employees do, you can't control that. deirdre: so randy, i hear you saying -- >> it's not a crime. deirdre: randy, you're saying it's destroying the credibility of the experience, but the end as a result probably fewer people signing up and fewer people playing. in other words, the market in theory will take care of itself. >> exactly. >> forgive me if by saying inadvertent a half a dozen times, the sarcasm wasn't dripping from that.
5:38 pm
it was completely not inadvertent. the point is people bet, people make money. the issue of skill versus chance only goes to the regulation from a betting perspective, has nothing to do with gaining an unfair advantage over the rest of the public which makes it equally improper, equally illegal. it's not insider trading because it's not a security, but the premise is the same. material information, nonpublic, you gain an advantage over it. that ain't cool. that's not right. people are betting money trying to get rich on this. it's not being taken care of. >> they're not allowed to go on other sites and make a payment. deirdre: we have to leave it there. we'll have you both back with your fantasy sports teams. in the meantime, we're going to talk about microsoft new products unveiled. what it means to the future of the brand. and a possible defect alert, a number of new iphone 6s customers are complaining about a burning hot touch id button.
5:39 pm
more details. and a billion-dollar tech giant may be dealing with another bend gate, after this. can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
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. deirdre: microsoft is betting on new products to secure the future of its brand. a project x-ray for hollow lens is a crowd pleaser at an event earlier today. it's a virtual reality game that offers wearable holograms. david asman right to my left along with insight partners hillary gosher and russ frush
5:43 pm
tech. is this virtual reality for microsoft? >> cool technology, they have not shown it's making money for them. it's a cute hologram, other than that, they haven't proven their tech. deirdre: some of the demos show a guy has a spiderman thing shooting around his living room at imaginary monsters, that sounds cool right? >> it's a precursor to something else, they are using virtual reality avatars where you are able to dress the person, you're able to be the person. i think the hologram number one, it's cool, it gets people interested, i'm not sure it's the entire pie. >> with all the technology, with all the money, you know about the money in these areas, this is the best they can do? i understand we're in a very kindergarten stage at the development of this technology. i know the pictures are spectacular. once you've seen, it it's not
5:44 pm
as good as the video. >> they've got a long way to go. >> a fight for hell vansy, speaking about microsoft again because enterprise software. >> pigs do fly. they have lap tops. microsoft never had a laptop. bigger announcement was the surface book which is very cool. deirdre: the take on apple of course. >> if i had a choice of a mac air and one of the books, why would you choose one of the books? >> can you detach the screen, you can use the touch screen. deirdre: it's cheaper. >> cheaper. >> and the windows operating platform. it is really what yoare doing because most businesses run on windows 10. >> works better with what you got at the office. >> absolutely. deirdre: but speaking about apple, it seems like when you put your thumb here, your touch id, some people are saying on twitter, it's burning my finger which is really not the idea of the product. >> you're supposed to use oven mitts, it is clear. deirdre: or the gloves that
5:45 pm
have the sensor, right? >> exactly. deirdre: how big a problem is this for apple prwise. >> you know bend gate was there, my telephone bends, i think this is going to blow over. with a couple of issue, apple tends not to care. deirdre: maybe the gents can weigh, in the bend gate, the more i think about it, the women carry a bag and the men don't want the phone in the pocket. >> apple is good at fixing the problems they have. from the bend gate to the other problems a couple of years ago. one thing apple can do is technology you can get anywhere, they have service which is beyond compare, and people who buy apple products know they're buying apple service. in this case, i don't think it's going distract the apple buyers from buying hand helds. deirdre: every apple developer who wants to develop for the ios first before any other android. >> everyone knows the first release of everything has bugs. on the tenth release, it's a
5:46 pm
problem, on the first release, it's a shrug. deirdre: i had to burn off my fingerprints. david asman, thank you very much, hillary gosher, russ, glad to have you all here. we have a quick break to take. u.s. job openings soaring 8% last month, well over five million unfilled positions. that's what that means, a lot of them are in tech. my next guest is doing something about it. 62% of americans have less than a thousand in savings account. a guest who says a huge retirement hit for many is coming. his best advice for you, after this. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. super poligrip is part of my life now. hi. hi. hello. hi. hi. hi. hi my name's josh. kelly. my name is raph. steve. my name is anne. tom. brian.
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. deirdre: five million jobs are going unfilled every month in e u.s. and a lot in tech. one person is on a personal
5:50 pm
mission to do something about it by helping the next generation of coders. >> how does a woman who doesn't code, who majored in political science and speech communications start an organization called girls who code? i was one of the girls terrified of math and science growing up, and it was something that haunted me, and i was running for office in 2010. as i was running i'd go into the schools and there would be hundreds of boys clamoring to be the next mark zuckerberg and no girls, and i said where are the girls? the quest of trying to answer that and to find out why there weren't women in tech. deirdre: i spoke with two participants in the new york city program. china is from queens, she had taken some computer classes prior to working with girls who code. >> in my school, it was required you take a computer class before entering the science program.
5:51 pm
in my sophomore year i did regular computers and junior year i did computer science. deirdre: how many boys and how many girls. >> one of 3 girls and 27 guys. it was mostly a guy class. i didn't feel scared but it was uncomfortable being the only girl in the class. deirdre: though the teens are young, they're finding solution to some of the biggest problems. >> for my final project, my partner and i found out there is no way for people to diabetes to dispose of needles properly. they have to find the locations themselves, and it's difficult. so we found a database that has all the addresses of sharps disposal locations in new york and we're going to put that onto a website and make it into an accessible mobile app where people who want to dispose of the needles or sharps can locate them safely. deirdre: 90% of the participants in the three-year-old pr program have gone onto major in computer science or closely related field.
5:52 pm
70% of the participants changed course of study based solely on experience with the program. >> we built classrooms in technology companies or universities. 20 girls, rising juniors and seniors in high school will go to nexus, go to facebook, twitter and learn how to computer program, with the goal of them graduating and going onto major or minor in computer or science in college, and run after-school programs in schools, and community centers and libraries. we'll have 500 clubs in almost 40 states where girls from indian reservations to section 8 housing to the best private schools in america are learning how to computer program with the same goal of getting them to major or minor in computer science. deirdre: what's the best part for you about participating in the programs? >> meeting the girls, they're amazing, sweet, kind, they don't discourage somebody if they don't know something. and when i get back into the computer science class at school, i know that, i got it.
5:53 pm
>> i like making things and knowing how things work, and for the longest time i was fascinated how computers were. i would go to the computer and say how does it know i want to do this thing? once i came here, it clicked and i was like wow. so coding is what makes computers work, and we can actually code to control how the computer responds to what we do. deirdre: what is the number one piece of advice you would give to our next president about changing the ratio in the business community. >> i can't just give you one, we got to invest in our girls, less than 1% of federal funding goes into computer science education. mexico produces the largest amount of female software professionals. we are so far behind as a country. if the majority of the jobs in stem are in computer science, we have to put more money into it. i would ask ceo's to follow
5:54 pm
jack dorsey's advice, make a numerical commitment to how many women have you in the technical and leadership positions and make it happen. we are missing out on talent. you met some of our girls, they're brilliant. deirdre: amazing. >> they're going to change the world. and we've got to give them access to technical education and make sure they're the forefront. they're going to be the next ceo's of america, but we as a nation have to commit to it. deirdre: girls who code founder and the program participants robin shum and china grant williams, when we come back, 62% of americans have fewer than $1,000 in savings accounts. my next guest says our country is not ready for the coming retirement hit. we live in a world of mobile technology, but it is not the device that is mobile, it is you.
5:55 pm
awe believe active management can protect capital long term. active management can tap global insights. active management can take calculated risks. active management can seek to outperform. because active investment management isn't reactive. it's active. that's the power of active management.
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deirdre: 62% of americans have fewer than $1,000 in their savings account, investment
5:58 pm
strategist, fox business dave as man with me for their best advise. mark, i'm starting with you, how is this possible. did it not count val of you the -- value of the house, what is going on? >> i think there is an element of that, not necessarily a new problem, this is a reminder, it probably does not count value of equity in your home, if that exists, not retirement savings whether it is in a company 401(k) or a teacher plan, but those are retirement vehicles that are qualified moneys, there are penalties for withdrawing money from those, taking money out of the house is not an overnight transaction, the consequence of a low saves balance, if you are in need of an emergency where are you going to get it. >> bank rate has been doing this
5:59 pm
for over 10 years now, i went to mid 2000s issue found that savings rate was twice as much back then, that was for every before the financial crisis, but we have to blame the feds, you lose money at 0 interest rate, that is all you can get at the bank, so why bother saving mon money. i bet more people have money stuffed in their mattress than in the bank. i think this shows common sense that americans are not saving with 0 interest rates. deirdre: it seems you would get better bang for the buck, elsewhere. david as man thank you, and mark thank you joining us from janney montgomery int scott, thank your watching us on "risk & reward,"
6:00 pm
the marketed did closed mix, have you dow eking over into the green, s&p 500 and the nasdaq lower, after two days straight gains. "making money" with charles payne starts in just two secon seconds. charles: a quiet session for stocks but commodity led by oil soar. and ben carson, he soars to the top of one poll. >> a the politicalization of guns continues. charles: president obama will be meeting with families of those killed and injured during last week's shooting at umpqua community college, as president continues to push for gun control. this is what ben carson said


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