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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 6, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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decades, it has not been favable. charles: some is a reflect of the obama economy and a new way of things spend now because there is no future. all right, we have a future, it is lou dobbs, he is next. joonext. lou: russia has escalated its involvement in syria. we take up the obama administration's weak response to russian aggression, join by lieutenant colonel robert mcbegiguinness. and clinton campaign releasing a new ad, features comments by the man vying to be speaker, kevin mccarthy, last week boasted that the benghazi select
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committee hurt clinton's poll numbers, i take that up with a man along with senator chuck grassley today called for homeland security to take action against this country's sanctuary cities. congressman bob goodlot. and in south carolina, the rain has stopped but the devastation remains. so does the prospect of more destruction, more flooding, a dozen dams have breached, officials warn that rivers have not crested, 11 people have been killed, thousands are homeless, and without party and power -- without water and power, damage estimate more than a bill yoon dollars across the state, some call a thousand year rain, vebt. rain. event. our top story, russia escalating this syrian civil war beyond any level anticipate by either
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president obama or the pentagon. vladimir putin has order more russian ground forces to syria. they include thousands of elite troops, including elements of special operations forces known as spez nat. with which he will process a strategic influence over the region, nato secretary general declaring russia's intrusion of turkey airspace to be unacceptable and dangerous. the turkish importan president s losing patience with russia, warning that an attack on turkey means an attack on nato. but nato has not responded to russian provocations. or to the on anything russian military build up in syria or increase of number of russian naval forces in eastern mediterranean.
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meanwhile, the white house remains silent, acknowledging that white house and russia agreed to more talks. president obama's challenges are mounting rather than as he hoped subsides. in afghanistan the taliban carry out a rising number of attacks. our military is hobbled by a number of clear objectives and a strategy. airstrike killed 22 people. general john campbell, told senate arm service committee that airstrike on kunduz clinic run by doctors without borders was an accident. >> to be clear, the decision to provide arrow fire was a u.s. decision made within the u.s.
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chain of command. the hospital was mistakenly struck could we would never intention ale targets a protected -- intention alley target a protected medical facility. lou: they have started investigations into the airstrike. campbell said that the obama administration's plan to reduce the number of troops in afghanistan after 2016 must be revised. >> based on conditions on the ground, based on the transitions that i have talked about, i do believe we have to provide our senior ship leader soptions, different from the current plan we're going with. lou: president is reportedly considering keeping only 5,000 troops in afghanistan after he leaves office, but that is a considerable improvement over current draw down plan, to 1,000 troops by the end of next year.
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turning to politic, hillary clinton campaign today released first national television ad. and her campaign went after the republicans hard. e, with awkward remarks of the man who want to be speaker congressman mccarthy, that left g.o.p. vulnerable to charges of politicizing the committee investigating bengha benghazi. >> republicans finally admitted, saying that committee investigating benghazi and clinton's e-mails was created to destroy her candidacy. >> everyone thought that hillary clinton was unbeatable, right, we putting it a benghazi -- together a benghazi special committee, what are her numbers today. >> she is fighting for everything they oppose. lou: we'll have more to say about that, my commentary. as for hillary clinton, she is a
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bedeviled candidate, her past, her record taking up her time and energy, today no different. new e-mailed with clinton a decision into libya, showing former secretary of state rejected out right a peace offer bison of libyan dictator moammar gomodictatdec.>> radical islamit groups eploited power vacuum, clinton makes no mention of rejects his peace offer in her auto biography hard choices. >> on republican side, donald trump speaking out about his candidacy telling our fox colleague brett -- thaty is
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believes he is being treated unfairly by the press. >> in florida i have 29, and push and rubio have 11, and headline is bush and rubio in tie for florida, i figured i was like a 2, wait a minute, i am killing them in florida, i am not even in the headlines. lou: we'll have more from the interview coming up. including what trump said about his reputation for picking fights, trump showing some sense of humor, sending senator marco rubio a special trump care package. that included a case of trump ice natural spring water, and make america great towels and bumper stickers, marco rubio responded with laughter. >> donald trump said, he thinks you sweat too much and drink too
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much. >> water. >> what came in the package. >> i did not see it. i heard it was high quality water. charles: rubio in 4th place right now. >> to other news, death toll from south carolina flood has risen to 15. recovery efforts continue. state officials continue to monitor the flood levels, which are rising. fox news correspondent steve harrigan is in colombia, south carolina with our report. >> water in south carolina recedes, the losses take shape. the death toll climbs as more submerged cars are discovered, the structural damage is harder to estimate. there are 10 dam failures across the state, putting pressure on roads and bridges that so far withstood the flooding issue as waters moves south, more damns
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in the community around are at risk. >> buzz there is no rain, and sun is out, we are now look at downstreams water, and other areas that are going to be affected. >> reporter: those who are forced to leave their home quickly face a tough choice, what to bring. >> you never think of it really how intense it is. how just my daughter left with no shoe o-- on, we threw our cats into a suitcase, he just go. >> reporter: susan jones was home with three children and a dog, when their house began going underwater. >> it was scary, we were evacuated right here, high husband was out of town. >> reporter: now clean up. >> we took out the rug, that is what we were told to rip out the carpet, then, you know rug.
7:10 pm
try to help mildew. >> reporter: in this family story likeo many in south carolina, this is a case of neighbor rescuing neighbor, lou. lou: thank you very much. a lot of devastation, as i said, death toll reaching 15 in south carolina. >> we're coming right back with more. stay with us. >> who will be the next speaker of the house? and why are they taking so long to vote? will it be an establishment type? or an outsider of sorts? house judiciary commity chairman bob go goodlot the join us next. these women will show us how it all works next.
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lou: president obama today. >> american bees get a fair shot, it is made in america those products and services can be sold in places where there will be demand. lou: there of no mention of how many american jobs would be
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created, how much additional profit that american small account would enjoy. that is because there is no such estimation. the deal so says big labor and many small be people will cost americans jobs and bring huge restricts to the internet, including making it a law to reveal corporate wrong doing on-line, these are just some of the jewels in the tpp. >> and reports that joe biden released details about his son's dying wish. described a dying beau biden, sitting his father down trying to have joe promise him a run for the white house. reportedly saying that the white house should not revert to the clintons, the country would be better off with biden values, that sparked speculation of a biden candidacy.
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donald trump telling our brett baier he is not the fighter that everyone makes him out to be, with his republican opponents. >> i wish that republicans could get together, i am a counter puncher, i never started, you will say that bush started with me, i have been nice with bush. i want to be nice to everyone, it very important for republicans to win they get along, i am not looking to do this with everyone. lou: that is a kin kinder donald trump. jedediah bila is joining us. she is always kinder, and michael goodwin. fox news contributors. i have to give you some credit for being kind. start with mccarthy that absurd gift that he gave too hillary clinton, it resurrected
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her campaign. >> i think it would cost him his leadership, and i think it should. i wonder if he is not signaling that the committee has been source of a lot of stories about the e-mail. the committee itself has not done anything yet, it has not broken new ground. lou: jedediah circumstanc, is ie stupidest thing have you seen, the republican leadership in the house has not been blessed with great talent, for that matter 92neither has the democratic leadership. >> this shows he is not the guy for the job.
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a lot these people are trying to get answers, people died. it made sound like it was all about politics, he handed her what was a great political ad, well done, but step aside you are notes the -- not the man for the job, this why. lou: then, on other side issue biden's of denies that story from maureen about beau biden wanting his father to run for president. so exploited but now we're told untrue, by his office. >> i have a friend who was at the funeral, he told me that biden came up to him, hugged him said, beau biden told me to run, i think that pied know may have told many people that, my friend thinks she not closest friend this joe biden has, and he
7:19 pm
probably told it to many people. there is no question that biden was saying this. lou: what is helping on the republican side -- what is happening on the republican side. you watch emergence, trump, we told story, about this headline, in florida, talking about bush, and rubio tying and he was leading them both by 20. it is true the way that press deals with him there, that is -- we should say in-state press. >> i think that candidates are struggling with him, i am not seeing any of them, ted cruz, marco rubio, jeb bush, that everyone thought would be able to come away and steal donald trump's thunder, i am not seeing that. lou: what fascinates me, is that we're not seeing them emerge.
7:20 pm
>> where are they. lou: koch brother decide they will support carly fiorina, the new insider outsider establishment antiestablishment candidate, and rubeo make -- marco rubio making jokes of water of delivery froms trump water machine, these are crazy times, the polls say something but what? >> they are taking on a sense of per nancy -- permnant. you have people up and down within a range, have you trump at top from the beginning, and staying there now, i'm also struck that it does seem as though the field is getting widdled down, we're down to 8 or 9 republicans with any kind of poll. >> from a sea of 500. >> from 17 year half way home.
7:21 pm
lou: a 50% reduction. >> you know carly fiorina did stand out, she did manage to -- she was on the second tier debate stage, got to first, and rifled donna rivaled donald trump, you listen to marco rubio he is a smart guy, but something is not clicking, they need -- these guys better go home, watch themselves on television, and say where am i? where am i? lou: the truth is that some point, they have to connect, in a lot stronger ways, the frontrunner is the frontrunner issue he has been the frontrunner since mid july. >> in defense of all others with 5 or 6% each, iowa and new hampshire are so different, you play to a different audience, all they have to do, is do well in one of those two. >> good point. lou: there in lies the challenge, the same frontrunner
7:22 pm
is the frontrunner again on the republican side, and bernie sanders is tearing it up in new hampshire. looks about ready to over tame her in iowa polls, with that thank you to jedediah, and michael. you were very kind and gentle thank you. lou: breaking news, a federal law enforcement official confirming to fox news that justice report is releasing 6,000 inmates from federal prison byes end of this month. -- by the end of this bond, obama administration release parts of the new sentencing guidelines for drug crimes put in place by u.s. sentencing commission last year issue reducing penalty on certain quote, unquote non-violent drug offenders, we take that up with house j -- bob goodlot.
7:23 pm
>> do you believe that man who would be speaker renewed hillary clinton's presidential bid in we would like to hear when you think. cast your vote at lou: 3 women wing walkers, i have been rehearsing all day to say, that women wing whack walkers we -- releasing video high in the sky could they perform acrobatic stuns while strapped over a small aircraft in the countryside in england, the bright wing wing walkers. only flying women wing walkers. >> up next, a few thoughts on race for speaker of the house. new evidence that stricter gun
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. lou: we're going to be talking here with the chairman of the house -- the judiciary committee, congressman bob goodlatte, talking about sanctuary cities, talking about also the release of 6,000 prisoners by this administration by the end of this month under its, well, lighter sentencing rules. all of that coming up. but first the city with the strictest anti-gun laws in the country is also one of the deadliest. there were 60 murders in chicago in september. that, the city's deadliest month in 13 years. murders rising 21% from a year ago. and as we reported last night here, murders in baltimore have risen 52% from last year. two big democratic run cities
7:29 pm
where violent crime is simply surging. a few thoughts now, if i may on congressman kevin mccarthy and his hapless audition to succeed john boehner as speaker, as i said to you last night, mccarthy had delivered a precious gift to hillary clinton and the democrats when he clumsily linked politics, the benghazi committee and clinton. this is what the campaign has done with the mccarthy gift. hillary's first national television ad. >> the republicans finally admit it. >> republican kevin mccarthy, saying the committee investigating benghazi and clinton's e-mails was created to destroy her candidacy. >> everybody thought hillary clinton was unbeatable, right? we put together a benghazi special committee. what are her numbers today? >> republicans have spent millions attacking hillary because she's fighting everything they oppose. >> the clinton ad comes over two weeks before she will
7:30 pm
appear in front of the benghazi select committee, which just yesterday she slammed as a partisan political exercise, but she didn't call for the committee to be disbanded, and for that matter, why should she? mccarthy has effectively neutered that committee and given clinton a dramatic stage upon which she can flail the republicans. mccarthy's comments are a political gift that will keep on giving, for a very, very long time. mccarthy has embolden clinton, and damaged his party, and made getting to the truth of what happened in benghazi in 2012 and why an even more difficult task. democrats on the benghazi committee have decided to already leak portions of the closed door testimony of cheryl mills, clintons former chief of staff, and now they're threatening to release the entire transcript. a spokesman for the benghazi committee chairman, congressman trey gowdy slammed that move writing in a statement,
7:31 pm
quote -- mccarthy and his bid for the speaker's gavel has single handedly resurrected her flailing presidential campaign, and undercut the hard work of the select committee himself. just imagine what he could do as speaker of the house. our quotation of the evening, this one from george bernard shaw who knew something about politics, he said -- shaw, as bright as he was did not adequately anticipate our current state of politics in this country in which our nation's capital is blessed by incompetency and corruption,
7:32 pm
whether delivered by election or by appointment. we're coming right back. the obama administration wants to bring tens of thousands of syrian refugees into this country, but the administration doesn't know how to vet the refugees and they can't assure americans none are potentially terrorists. leading republican congressman bob goodlatte takes up the issue and much more here next. these two bull moose have their eyes on the same prize, and they show us all where the expression locking horns originates. that story, the battle, the winner, and the video all here next. stay with us, we're coming right back. join us as we celebrate eddie's retirement, and start planning your own.
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join us as we celebrate eddie's retirement, and start planning your own. . lou: the powerful chairman of the house judiciary committee congressman bob goodlatte seems to be at nexus of nearly every major issue with which this nation is contending, and we welcome him now to the broadcast. congressman, great to see you. let me turn to first and you senator grassley sending the department of homeland security, secretary jeh johnson a letter calling for action on sanctuary cities. many people in this country, i think, thought some action was being taken. your letter makes it clear that that isn't the case? >> no, it is very definitely not the case, and it's very unfortunate because i thought that what happened in san francisco would be a wake-up
7:37 pm
call to this administration that tolerating sanctuary city policies in a few hundred cities across the country is very detrimental to the safety of american citizens, but now we have seen murder after murder after murder by people who are not lawfully president of the united states taking place since kate steinle's tragic death in san francisco a few months ago. lou: if i may interject with the dates and victims that you noted in your letter to secretary johnson. if we could have this, you refer to kate steinle, murdered on july 1st. then on the 24th of july, maryland ferris, raped, fortured, murdered, illegal immigrant charged with the crimes --
7:38 pm
and the list goes on, as you point out in your letter. is there any prospect of a meaningful response from this administration to your letter and of that chuck grassley, this is an administration that's made itself clear, it will not enforce law? >> very discouraging. in fact just today, the associated press released a report showing that deportations of those unlawfully present in the united states is at its lowest level since 2006, notwithstanding the administration's claims that deportations are up. that is clearly not the case, and they said they're going to emphasize deporting criminal aliens but, in fact they're also at their lowest level of deportation since he took office. so this is very discouraging and it's a real public safety issue that this president could do a lot about and a lot about immediately to make americans
7:39 pm
more safe. lou: if i may, mr. chairman, a couple of quick subjects to touch upon. one is by the administration by the end of this month, 6,000 inmates in federal prisons will be released under the new sentencing guidelines, your reaction. >> what's unfortunate about the sentencing guideline changes is they were made retroactive and applied to anyone whether they acquitted a nonviolent crime or a violent crime. so i wrote to the department, to the attorney general and asked for a list of those who are being released into my congressional district, we took that list, the very first name on the list is somebody who had been convicted of murder. that is a very serious violent crime. so we need to do criminal justice reform, but we need to do it here in the congress, in a bipartisan way where, we establish the rules and not allow a commission like this to act, and secondly, we need to
7:40 pm
make sure we're not releasing violent criminals before their time has been served. lou: more than violent criminals, potentially terrorists being brought, in as you have noted and alerted to the public syrian refugees, as many as 10% estimated by some to be islamic state terrorists posing as refugees. you're going to hold hearings. how soon? >> we were going hold them tomorrow but scheduling problems with witnesses has caused us to delay it. but as soon as we can get that back together, we're going to hold that hearing. and again, lou, when they announced this, the secretary of state kindly called me the day before the announcement was made to let me know of this increase, and assured me that all of the precautions were taken for security checks on these people, but they cannot answer the question how do you do security checks in syria where the country is in total
7:41 pm
disarray? we have no police presence there to be able to do that kind of check, and we're already the most generous country in the world in terms of immigration of refugees. two-thirds of all the refugees referred by the u.n. are admitted into the united states. we do not need to increase that number and certainly shouldn't do it where there's a credible risk of terrorism. lou: you should be by now, you should be accustomed to the president's unilateralism on a host of issues, i know you're not. let me wrap up this by kevin mccarthy, he looked like the preordained speaker of the house. he has committed a blunder of epic proportions. can he still prevail with the party's support, would the conference support him as speaker? >> we'll find out the answer to that on thursday. the most important thing here is that we look at the candidates. there are three candidates offered and determine which one
7:42 pm
is going to do the most to unify the party, do the most to advance the cause. lou: does he have your vote? >> i have not announced any support for anyone yet and i'm going pursue this process because i want to hear from each of the candidates who are going to move the bills. you and i have talked many times about our step by step approach -- >> i get the feeling you're not going to declare support for a candidate and not going to answer my question about kevin mccarthy. so you do not strain your voice further, suffering as you are from a cold, i have to say thank you so much. >> thank you, lou. lou: and let you off the hook on that question. i was sure you would answer that straightforward. >> i want to hear who's going to most immigration bills to the floor, and we'll wait to get that. lou: mr. chairman, good to have you with us, take care of the cold. >> thanks, lou. lou: an alaska couple coming home to find an unusual fight take place in their driveway.
7:43 pm
two moose, two bull moose, fighting it out. a time honored ritual in the anchorage suburbs, they were fighting over a female in mating season, as they say. the moose later took their battle into the street. the dominant moose chased his rival away, and, this is how he got to be the winner. quite a deal. locking horns. that's the origin of the expression. we learned several things in that one video. up next, a second russian jet fighter violates turkish airspace, an incredible video showing the power of a boeing 777, a plane so large it practically creates its own weather system in certain circumstances, and we're going to share those circumstances with you, next. stay with us. we're coming right back. your ca years. you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together.
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. lou: joining us, retired colonel robert maginnis, author of the books never submit, great to have you with us. russia is now a significant player, a dominant player respectively in the middle east. is there anything that you
7:48 pm
conceive that is developing here that implies the obama administration will try to roll back the russian rise to power in the middle east? >> no, in fact, lou, i believe that the russians are launching a ground campaign, and we are, which i think is a direct result of what they're doing in the west and the east. what obama is doing working with kurds, working with arabs and the turks is trying to secure the border between syria and turkey and attack raqaa. iraqi security forces are whipped. they can't take ramadi much less mosul. they have enough tents for thousands of russians, we believe the ground forces are coming in, joining -- lou: we know they've come in. colonel, here's the point that concerns me greatly. >> okay. lou: we have every reason to suspect that base was not built in a matter of weeks, it's been
7:49 pm
built for two months, this is a major forward facility. they are putting two dozen advanced soviet fighters on that base. they have put in enplacements around it. missile enplacements, and we're supposed to be fools, damn fools, that we don't understand what our president and white house aligned us to the pentagon. this is bull that's shoved on the american people, isn't it? >> absolutely, lou. they've softened the allies we had in there, now they're going to have a ground offensive. stabilize the region so assad can be at the negotiating table and take over a vast part of what he used to have. in spite of the fact of killing a quarter of a million people and ravaging that country. what happens next, though, is going to be rather delicate. are the ground forces going to collapse within one another? that's my concern.
7:50 pm
this could become something that's much larger than is right on our plates, and if we're not careful, trip wires will be crossed and bad things could very well happen in the near future. lou: colonel, as always, good to have you with us. >> thanks, lou. lou: colonel robert maginnis. breaking news now, the united auto workers union is threatening a strike at the fiat chrysler plants nationwide by tomorrow night. the uaw wants a new contract agreement or will carry out the first work stoppage, it claims, since 2007. the incredible power of a boeing 777 caught on video. the aircraft with its 200-foot wingspan parting clouds as you see there, curling back in a vortex as it passes through stirring the clouds into heart shapes while flying over birmingham airport in the united kingdom. wow! up next, scandal rocking the multibillion dollar world
7:51 pm
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at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like ordering wine equals pretending to know wine. pinot noir, which means peanut of the night. lou: joining us now two of the best attorneys in the business, fox news legal analysts, let's start with this crazy story on somebody going after draftkings
7:55 pm
and fanduel. >> it is quite a trade. lou: really. >> there will be more regulations from this, there is insider information go on. people are making money. lou: inside are trading? >> it is. lou: live th the -- i love the a that people trust the internet so much. >> it is incredible. >> i am not into it, but i know people out there they love this, they spend all their time, insidinsider trading. >> there will be more regulation. lou: 1.3 billion. our parent company, 21st century fox, one of several large media companies with a stake in the sight, everyone is playing.
7:56 pm
>> in 2006 they said you can't get on sports, that was the law, then some exclusion. but nevada circumstance lows it, but -- let's exclude fantasy football it is popular there is no money at issue. but now this is a game changer. they project 2020 be 14 billion, legislate or are be stepping in. lou: i know i will infeuer quit- infuriate people, anyone dumb enough to gamble on the internet. reminds me of macaw in 1980s, loving it. >> you don't know who is on the other side. lou: is this industry threatened here. >> no. lou: berkeley, creating a diversity fund.
7:57 pm
to get around prop 209 prohibiting race-based preferential treatment. >> looking at 209, that is preferential treatment. lou: you have a bunch of liberal crazies out there will do affirmative action no matter the law. >> an action group will sue the university. lou: what happens between now and then years from now. >> they can step in -- lou: nonprofits are donating money into this fund, people really need to think about what nonprofit organizations are doing in this country, because there -- we need people to awaken to this. >> you have to be better watch dogs, saying they do great things. >> and prop 209.
7:58 pm
lou: i'm the watching and i'm a dog. >> we knew the last part, lou. [ laughter ] lou: a jealous ex-girlfriend, is there any defense for a womantioned -- shunned? >> no. this was planned well in advancement i love murder-for-hires they were my special dia diaz a prosecutor, y are so interesting, there are so many thins that go on. >> she broke off the relationship, the alleged killer. months before but he goes off on his own, and dates someone else, he is happy, she said, you are not supposed to be happy. >> she hired someone to
7:59 pm
allegedly, hires someone to kill him. >> i love the get away driver is looking at capital punishment as well. lou: part of a felony. >> if i am prosecutor, i flip that driver, i say you testify against other two we go light or. >> you spare your life. >> we want you to know, prosecutor, in country there is no charge what so ever for this council on how on. >> pro bono. lou: lis wiehl, former prosecutor, great to have you here, mercedes col win thank you so much. >> time for a look at our on-line poll results, who do you believe will go all the way to republican nomination, 70% said donald trump. 9% carson. 7% fiorina. 14% someone else. i guess according to what trump said today, about the way he gets treated in the press, it look like carson and fiorina are almost tied.
8:00 pm
and oh, trump has 7 0%. thank you for joining us, good night from new york. ♪ kennedy: a fine evening to embrace, i am watching donald trump suffer a little new poll flippage. the calls for his head on a platter may be premature, he is leading in all but one poll, there has been shuffle and brick awaya breakaway, the donald is planted, and vowing to stay in the race, and win. the times may be too strange, one thing might explain trump's rise to the heights, mostly maintained that is twitter, "new york times" did a look at


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