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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  October 7, 2015 12:00am-1:01am EDT

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look like carson and fiorina are almost tied. and oh, trump has 7 0%. thank you for joining us, good night from new york. ♪ kennedy: a fine evening to embrace, i am watching donald trump suffer a little new poll flippage. the calls for his head on a platter may be premature, he is leading in all but one poll, there has been shuffle and brick awaya breakaway, the donald is planted, and vowing to stay in the race, and win. the times may be too strange, one thing might explain trump's rise to the heights, mostly maintained that is twitter, "new
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york times" did a look at donald's use of his chosen social medium it makes sense, in 2008, facebook and myspace may have seemed as foreign to john mccain, donald is home in his twitter nest. all there for his fingers to tickle. 140 characters at a time, do you know he is worth billions, he is thrifty. his followers are noto only passive lien entertained, they are ready to regenerate conversations in the name of their power animal. try as they might there is no
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other candidate who matches his tweet reach, hillary clinton has a new more followers but trump is mentioned 3 more times than hillehilly. not so for uncle joe. half of biden's twitter follower are phony. not so for bernie sanders, he has highest concentration of real followers of anyone in the race. i'm sorry. i get choked up when i see a socialist, thank you, bernie. on other side of aisle 92% of bernie tweets are real, no spam bots or pakistani teenagers just a bunch of angry re. with contempt for millionaire,
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and the biggest loser here is jeb bush. at least he as a famous last name, he can tweet in two languages. on show. inside are trading rocks fantasy football. but this time, i will not get jail time, it america about to enter a proxy war with russia over syria. and i will visit a new york ranger's practice rink. to skate, interview and fight with the stars the nhl season, at least one of them, a good-natured one, find out who it is, i'm kennedy. kennedy: i'm glee moving my haro the side just for you.
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donald trump said he is not going anywhere. is he staying? let's ask our party panel. gavin is here tonight. charles cook. hello welcome. >> thank you. >> kisses, smooches, air hugs. >> very nice. >> love the affection. kennedy: charles, i know that you have come on this program 5 times said not only is donald trump not going to win the nomination, he is not going to win a single primary, i think we need to wage or this. >> what would you like to put on it. kennedy: what would you like to put on it, kidney. >> no, i lost it last election season. kennedy: do you think that donald trump is not going to win. >> that is a crick summary of my position.
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kennedy: he said he is not going to win. >> he says many things. i think he is declining. i think he is getting bored. kennedy: really, do you think this takes too much time and energy. >> he is a fantastic entertainer, it can'ting fun too -- can't be fun to play the same show every day. kennedy: tom jones can do it i don't know that donald trump can do it. might be getting bored? >> i predicted that he is going to go to very, very end, then hand over rein to ted cruz as an endorsement, it did occur, he might just say, i am here, i am figure to win. guess what i say to that. i am not mad at it, take trump. kennedy: is he going to make
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america great again. >> he is not be worse than obama or any of the democratic candidates, i will take him, he will hire good people. business, america is about business, he gets business, we're not community organizers. kennedy: carly, is it twitter that propelled him. >> you have a good point, if you hook at his twitter account, it is shocking how much this man tweets, i don't understand how he has time for anything element but media picks up on that, we're reading what he says, that is a huge help for him. i think that this little blip, in his poll is not a big deal, i am sure he is a fighter, he is a winner, he is not getting out of this race until he is good and ready, i don't think he is
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bored. kennedy: there is going to be movement in the poll. he may wiggle a bit but she is right, if he fights and puts out plans that are solid like his tax plan, i don't agree with him, i think he is a strange statist. so many areas we disagree. but saying that, if he fights he will win. >> here is where i it is agree, don ton stick relies on him being first break, he can't do it from second and third, this is though practice vado about that -- bravado about that. >> that is why he is not bored, this is the donald trump show his moment to shine. kennedy: they said the same thing about paul --
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cocolumnist maurene dowd said thabthat-- bo biden told his fao run for president. but the story is wrong, calling it offensive, what is the truth? gavin, i would be very surprised if joe biden were socalous as to float a story like that to give it to a reporter to test the water for a presidential run. >> this is not a great start to a campaign, i use my dead son to further my career. maybe if you get in the white house, you say, that is really tacky, but if you don't make it in, he will not possibly get in, i sold out my son, it did not work, shame.
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>> i think he is getting in. >> what? >> i do too. >> biden? kennedy: yes why not. >> in the race or winning. >> i think he would do well, but she is unstoppable. kennedy: do you think that the clintons floated this story. >> i think he did it himself. he called i have the best story for you. >> i'm note sure -- >> you rap that up, give that gift to world. >> i'm not convinced it happened like, that but maybe they run in same social circles, maybe he told her, and she said can i write that up. kennedy: he said i have nothing left to lose, hillary clinton hates two people on earth. >> that is not a good party, i don't buy this, this is a bad strategy for joe biden, i want a president that wants to be in the white house, and firmly
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committed, not just running on this emotion. i think that if he does get in the race, this story could hurt him, i don't buy he planted this. >> i don't think so. >> emotion got us obama for two terms. because broads are oh emotional. >> not all broads are emotional. >> they put him over. kennedy: my panel will return to find out which one is happiest according to a study. >> but first scandal rocks the fantasy football world. could it bring down everything could it bring down everything you love.
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kennedy: no, inside are trading may be a foot in rel am of fantasy football, two major companies appear embroiled in i insider trading scandal. that same week he won $350,000 at a rival site, fanduel, fbn's parent company 21st century
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fox is a investor in draftking. adam, is a fantasy football analyst, he is joining me now, how are you? >> this is a big moment, i have reached big time. kennedy: that is what you were born to do. fantasy football is one of the most popular activities in the country. how rife is it with inside are trading. >> it is a surprise, and you are like yeah i'm sure priced it -- surprised it didn't happen sooner, as far back as you go, i go way back, i was a little kid, pulling box scores out of "orange county register," you aral walking worried that someone like a guy is colluding are you trading, so, you always been suspicious going as far back as dow with it.
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so to see this is now embroiled in a bit of a controversy, not surprising. kennedy: people within the companies have access to prec use data -- trech precious data this is really only half the battle. you can have as yo vul of theseu still have to pick the right players, if you pick right you could make money. >> there is a certain element you need to require luck on your side. but, any advantage, i get it too because if you just troll through my twitter mentions during fantasy football season, everyone is looking for everyone sort of an edge. we're counting snaps, target like all sorts of thing, fantasy football, and sports in general, people are so in to preparation, and just getting all of of in the coulinformation possible, ts
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not surprise me. even when you know everything, these are still human beings playing a game, you know, calvin johnson, he will score a up to down, then sure enough, something happens he loses it at one yard line, at end of day you still never know. kennedy: you never know, it is interesting that companies still allow their employees to play fantasy football with their competitors just not their own company. what do you think fallout will be? >> i think there will be a little bit of mistrust among people. i don't know because you want it to be on the up and up. if you are playing in a contest, i play daily fantasy, but not huge ones, you want it to be on the up and up, i will not play mario cart with my nephew because i think he cheats,. kennedy: everyone knows he cheats. >> thank you, so if you don't think something is on the up and up you go somewhere else, you go
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where you feel like you are getting a fair shake, that is anything whether you eat pizza or whatever it is, you always want to be on the up and up, i think that basis of fantasy daily fantasy game will stay, yahoo! invested in this. people are interested, but you know, but for company, that are embroiled in these, that is a tough one for them. kennedy: but they -- two companies release a giant joint statement say they have internal fraud controls is that enough. is the government getting involved? >> that is the thing, there was a prius at one time where brakes failed that company had a mark on them forever. it will be hard for them, you see commercials all of the time. i feel like it will be hard. kennedy: and pretty women still
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date chris brown, count those snaps, thank you. >> thank you. kennedy: later, i hit the ice with ranger star derrick stephan. and either interview him or fight him, stay tuned, to
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kennedy: i'm so ready, attention
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turning to syria. focusing on isis and, assad. >> we're not going to make syria into a proxy war between the u.s. and russia. that would be bad strategy on our part. kennedy: mm-hmm, senator john mccain begs to differ. >> is this already a proxy war with russia? >> of course it is, and when the president said we're not going to have that strategy, we don't have a strategy, excuse me, we don't have one. kennedy: oh, mercy. russia appears to get into a militant mood, and this odd weather report suggests that.
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so what should we make of this? we have pete here, ceo of concerned veteran for america, a fox news contributor, and my friend, pete welcome back. >> thank you, avid watcher of russian television as well. kennedy: as you have been. >> always. kennedy: what is russia doing in syria. >> they are propping up a satellite state, assad has been a long-term proxy for them, he is under siege. rebels have been gaining ground, it is is not about isis, they are part of it but it is rebels. they are follow their doctrine now providing force protection for their own russian troops, and pushing perimeter out to provide pace for russian troops and assad, and prepping for offensive, they would like to get ground back and build space for assad. a lot of this is based to energy, and other things that leads them to dig their heels in and fight.
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kennedy: all about money, and refugees, unfortunately russia ticked off turkey, they used to have a good relationship. >> they are tense. only complicating this situation further, but turkey will not decide how it wants to weigh in, they want to get rid of assad but not align with us, they don't want to fight isis, they want to fight the kurds more than isis. kennedy: so we're arming the the kurds. >> kind of through baghdad, we're not doing as much for the kurds as we could. kennedy: are they get our arms? >> in a very limited fashion. they made the gains against the rebels in north. kennedy:ny question about russia and syria. why do we care? >> why? pause because putin is seeking to assert his dominance beyond traditional russian sphere for the first time in 40 years, they
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see an opportunity to how the whole region is shaped. so for us to think that it is the way it will be, no, history is not over. that is what i think this president forgets, they think that violence is so 19 century, and geopolitical game is settled, the big questions are not done, putin is playing the chess pieces he has. kennedy: i understand why that is interesting but why do we care? and if you were president, what would you do. >> a world with american leadership looks different from a world with an asis of iranian and russian leadership. kennedy: what would you do. >> as -- you could create a moment, a concrete moment like a no-fly zone over syria, you say, you will not do that vladimir putin. kennedy: then what. >> you have to be willing to enforce it. kennedy: that means? >> you -- our pilot, do this is
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get within airspace, and -- they don't have military might to go toe-to-toe with us. so you call their bluff, he is bluffing. kennedy: that is not a proxy war. >> you would want to avoid an actual conflict with russia, but until you draw that line showing a willingness to ep force it enforce it he will keep dipping his toe in. kennedy: you want to cut vladimir putin's poe off. >> thank you so much. >> coming up, cat versus flute and.
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kennedy: when you are tired and scared, because you are running for your life in the zombie ac e
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to me. >> topical storm, cats love fish, and themselves, they hate dogs, water, ask cannon fire and flute music. ♪ kennedy: the cat is a jerk, they hate flute music. ever since mozart wrote the magical flute.
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>> topic two. i'm going sexy, carrying pizza on his back. don't be coy, you remember pizza rat. that rodent. people thought, that would make a great halloween costume, and a great halloween costume, a even better sluty halloween costume, sexy pizza rat, that is right, for just 89.95 you can be a rodent, a sexy halloween costu costume. topic three. hay, did you have a good day, did you have a good day? missy and lady were having a
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great day just being dogs doing dog things like sleeping, breaking puppy wind, snacking on kibble, until dad came home and wanted to talk about who tore up his pants. >> did you have a good day? did you have a good day, daddy loves you, who tore my pants up though? you don't top tal you don't want that? >> no. i don't want to talk about tearing your pants up, it would be a great day if you would stop making me feel guilty, that video goes on and on it is fantastic. >> topic 4. there it is, you remember sissa phys from greek m missionology - mythology, rolling a boulder up the hill, perhaps he has been
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reincarnated toddler. i could watch this for hours, just falls out gain, this is warped. that boy is not right. but he is cute. topic 5. over 8,000 high read unprocessed images from nasa were unloaded to flicker. on flicker or facebook but until then here is a sample. wow. look at this. look how small the earth is from there. you can't see lines between countries, just one blue and green planet, so beautiful. there is an astronaut on his way to first foreign body, upon which man has tread. can you believe some people know that is a hoax.
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this is nonsense that is either buzz o'neal. you can see after the astronaut taking the photograph in the reflection of the visor. too bad they could not take selfies back then on the moon. i like this. you the alien landscape, the photographic there is no wind on the moon, the foot prints are still up there as neil and buzz left them, here is a good photo of one of our brave space men near the lander, as we zoom in, a clear view of the banjo he is playing, more impressive when you consider how difficult it is to strum a banjo while wearing a thick space suit and gloves. if you have weird stories, tweet
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me. or find me on instagram. coming up, panel returning to answer the question, would you -- your smartphone to salvage your marriage? >> and i school new york ranger player derek stepan. >> is there anything you have
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♪ kennedy: hello '90s, hello you, a study from university of now south wales, said your happiest years are in your early 20, it tapers off in your thirds and flat lines until you hit 80.
12:39 am
is this right. panel is back, carly, gavin and charles. carly, you are in your 20s? >> i am. kennedy: you are only one. >> i disagree. kennedy: thank god. >> if this is the best it is going to get, i'm just going to off myself now. when you are in your 20s you are broke at bottom of work place, totem pole, you fin piner your lost college years, you do not know who you are, and reality hits new the face, there is no way, i look forward to my 30s very much. kennedy: i remember my 20s with turmoil, and drama. >> and hangovers. kennedy: such bs, late adolescence can be confusing, you gets pimples and urges. >> i thought it was the fun, i carried out those urges.
12:40 am
i read a study that said that is true but after 40 it gets good, and 50 it goes back up, because, you are building a family shaping human life, this is not that fun. kennedy: it is fun but exhausting, i tell them it is all emotions you could want to have, concentrated in one place, directed to one or several beings, and you know you about that is what makes it great, it is fulfilling, would you agree. >> learning to play a be flyinga -- playing a piano on planet piano. >> and you can change a number 2 diaper without the child waking up. >> that is chopsticks. kennedy: are you depressed knowing you will not be happy again until you are 85.
12:41 am
>> i do not intend to make to 85. kennedy: your life sucks, you are in your 30s. >> well, i am 30. kennedy: you are in your 30s. >> just, okay, but just, i am about to be 31. kennedy: you have a 15-year-old in your footlocker i know. >> thank you, i believe may late 20s were better than my early 20s. kennedy: that is what you get all of the issues, and. >> ladies have to settle down, find a guy uyour ovaries are going -- >> what are they doing? >> that is a shrivel sound. >> have you manned up. >> i am fine. kennedy: former real housewife of new york star, drescher has given up using her smartphone on weeks, after focusing on them more than her husband, it threatened their relationship could are our din digital lives
12:42 am
coming into conflict with our real lives. couple o of days ago, i was waiting for a subway train, i had an umbrella and a phone in my hand, the phone dropped between the subway and platform, i jumped down. you know -- -- >> how do you get back up. kennedy: i found two men, i said come here you are going to spot me. they spoke a little bit of english but just enough, they pulled me back up, my husband was furious. >> you could have died. >> you almost died for instagram. >> have you seen while you were sleeping? >> not going there. >> i've seen it. kennedy: does it make me crazy. >> probably. they have a national suicide prevention.
12:43 am
kennedy: what would you rather do live without your phone for 24 hours or without food. >> without food. i think not only would i probably leave my wife to keep use of my phone, i would happily push her screaming from a helicopter for 10 minutes of twitter maybe. kennedy: we're laughing now, this is so uncomfortable. >> and foie gras i will push her into a blender head first. kennedy: gavin you tried this. >> you got caught watching red eye on your phone. i am sorry. kennedy: i was so impressed to be in his presence. >> i have had my kids go dad, dad, dad, i am not paying attention because i am looking at pictures of them on my money. kennedy: when they used to be cute. >> no from this morning.
12:44 am
>> this is an a fliction i tried everything for lent, this is hardest one. >> it is called funding -- phubbing, it is snubbing your partnerre because you are on the phone, 30% of partners are depressed they feel that the other one is snubbing them. >> my wife texted me that. kennedy: you know another thing worse is busting out your phone and phubbing the phubbeaccident. phubber . >> i wrote an article, 10 steps to freedom. >> this is great. >> it is in -- where is it now. kennedy: how could you live without this, you are -- >> you can't. >> on television, right now. >> proving that he will never be able to follow his 10 steps.
12:45 am
>> what is the wi-fi password here? kennedy: do you have dial up. >> yeah it's a phone line. >> thank you so much, carly, and charles, and gavin. >> you are so much more excited about carly than the two of us, and okay thank you so much, carls and gavin, and carly, hey! >> thank you so much, coming up hockey seen starts tomorrow night, never too soon for macho man on skates to start growing their play off board, i ask ranger star derek stepan when he plans to ditch the razor. >> have you started your play off beard. >> i have not started yet, last two years i have been happy with
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kennedy: the nhl season starts tomorrow night, i get to watch my beloved new york rangers hit the ice, following a summer of hockey withdrawal, where they came so close to winning lord stanley's cup, i talked with captain derek stepan as he gets ready for the new season. i am at new york rangers training facility outside of new york city. reaching in their universe talk with a ranger star. derek stepan, how are you? >> good how are you. kennedy: people might know you best from the game 7 goal. against the caps. down 3 gains to 1, what was going through your head.
12:50 am
>> you are in the game, it kind of you just not really thinking about scoring that goal. you are playing the game the way you are in autopilot. after it happens you don't really know how to react with it. >> did you realize the moment that you had just won the game? >> yeah, you can see i was excited. i think that is the highest i have ever jumped. >> that game 7, is now immortalized. >> it is cool, i got goose bumps just you talking about it, this is special game for me to be part of the garden on the wall so to say. kennedy: when you look at mike grif-- mark mersier's retired jy do you think my jersey will be up there. >> not that far, but a reminder
12:51 am
of great ones who played here. kennedy: you set the bar high for yourself, first game in nhl you score a hat trick. did you want to retire at that point. >> it was just a lucky bounce that start the first one, then it almost like took weight off my shoulders. kennedy: did you think to yourself, i might be best hockey player ever. >> never thought that at any point. >> i have kids they would like them to be athletically successful, when did you know you were good. >> growing up, a played all sports, hockey was not my main sport, i enjoyed being with high friends, playing all sports issue once i figured that hockey is the sport that i loved i got more focused on it, once you dedicate yourself to one sport you continue to get better in all areas issue so -- kennedy: what should parents push you? >> push you on?
12:52 am
>> it should be all sports, as long as the kids are happy, they enjoy being with buddies that is the more important thing, what it is time they find a sport they want to be in, then they will let you know, i think that is something that my parents did a great job with. kennedy: who is a better goaler lundquist or richter? >> you know, i never played with richter, i am going with the guy that i play with right now, the way he performs night in and night out, you know, i am biassed but i think he is the best goal net world. kennedy: he is phenomenal, should they should make a franken goalie and call them henrik ter. >> you are a start man. >> let's talk about play off
12:53 am
beards, i love them, i think they are fantastic, have you started yours. >> i have not, i have been able to perform well with the play off beard. >> why is hockey so emotional. >> it is a fast game, very physical game, those two things combined make it you know kind of a warlike at motte -- atmosphere at times. kennedy: i have a person question for you -- important question for you, on behalf of all new york ranger fans will dennis -- not suck. >> i like it. something that i have to hear at least within the game, knows that fans are involved at least. kennedy: greatness in your future. >> appreciate it. >> that after the interview, i stepped on ice with derek. here is something that i have done have you not, but some point, i want you to have shared this experience.
12:54 am
>> what is it. kennedy: i drank champagne out of the stanley cup in the new york rangers locker room. >> that is cool, how did you manage to do, that question mark. kennedy: it was the 90s, it gets better, so then brian noonan and nick, brought the stanley cup to the hamptons on long island to the mtv beach house where i was emptied i ate oysters out of the stanley cup, and i went swimming with it >> there anything you have not done in the stanley cup. kennedy: it is a family show that is all i can tell you right now. >> thank you, derek stepan. >> 1.8 million boxes of gluten-free cheerios have been recalled, because of something in t
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we're cracking down on medicare fraud. the health care law gives us powerful tools to fight it. to investigate it. prosecute it. and stop criminals. our senior medicare patrol volunteers are teaching seniors across the country to stop, spot and report fraud. you can help. guard your medicare card. don't give out your card number over the phone. call to report any suspected fraud. we're cracking down on medicare fraud. let's make medicare stronger for all of us.
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kennedy: it looks like general mills have has made silliac disease sufferers miserable. now people with variety of glut en, intollerrance may have ticking time bombs in weather cup boards. this is work of a spurpe lover. or, perhaps angry employee hates
12:59 am
his whole gluten-free life style fad, it is a likely tale. don't bore me with specifics of your grain bombs. >> you are suspect. kennedy: that is right. it will be a cold gay day befori eat a bowl of cheerios, on that day i'll have a bowl of oatmeal. because will ford. >> quaker oatmeal. >> thank you for watching, i have loved having you onboard. you can watch new episode, on
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