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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  October 7, 2015 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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49.44, that's up almost 2%. equity is looking up today. futures showing u.s. expected to open higher. take a look. industrial average, 78 points, nasdaq up by almost 30. engine land, france, germany, a third and 1% overall. announcing it has increased its stake in twitter. now 35 million shares. that's 5% of twitter owned by prince and kingdom holdings. this comes after one year after investment strategy when it comes to twitter. >> trying to give it and in the united states and this is flying companies in the arena. we are very focused to invest in companies and many companies come to us in this arena and
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just last two weeks we declined because they were overvalued and not as secured as twitter. >> maria: prince has been acquiring more stock in the last six weeks. latest investment by prince and company, second largest shareholders in twitter, he's also an investor 21st century fox, parent of this network. hillary clinton's emails. investigators contact a connecticut-based firm in september, the company was hired in 2013 by a colorado base firm. volkswagon new ceo hit by the company mission rigging scandal will begin in january. he hopes they can all be fixed by the end of next year. 11 vehicles worldwide had diesel engine with software use to cheat.
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houston astros move onto play in al. instagram celebrating five years as company, kim kardashian among them, taylor swift. kardashian is second and beyonce with 32.2 million fans. hillary clinton e-mail scandal, former secretary of state e-mail server expanded to a second data company. blake is in washington with the story. >> good morning to you. the company is cooperating with the fbi which signals a potential new avenue, the connecticut-based company was hired by network.
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that raises a whole set of questions. a source tells fox they contacted last month and asked to preserve all of hillary's data. either way, the public revelation of the expansion of the fbi investigation comes in a very big moment for clinton presidential ambition. first democratic debate is next week and hillary will appear in front of benghazi committee. >> maria: thanks very much for joining us. does this hillary's biggest obstacle and the biggest race is actually herself. >> it does, maria, the more people get to know her, the more
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money she spends there, the worst she does. it's a very troubling trend for the campaign. >> maria: saturday night live and new strategy of having softer hillary, has that helped her? >> you mean calculated, let me tell you i'm going to be spon -- spontaneous. that's not going to change the minds of real people out there who see the attempt -- the more she does, the more she does. >> this e-mail scandal would have to get a lot worse for it to change the minds of voters. there would be have to be, maybe, even charges in this scandal. >> look, i don't think the e-mail campaign is the driving
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force to allegations. the public doesn't believe her. six out of seven people in new hampshire think she's unworthy. this is a problem. >> would the gop prefer hillary to joe biden as an opponent? >> you know, at this point i think so. i'm just not necessarily sure that hillary clinton is going to be the nominee. everyone in 2007 and 2008 in washington thought that she was going to be coordinated and she was -- the voters of america, democratic voters rejected her. the same trend seemed to be happening again. as maria said, hillary clinton's worst enemy is herself. the republicans need to get out of the way. >> maria: bill clinton is coming out. we saw him in the late night program, is that going to be helpful given the fact that many
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people like bill clinton even if they are not crazy about his wife? >> sure. he's the best possible weapon that she has, but maria, he came on the national stage what four decades ago. this is like a cyber creature from the past trying to take the future. winning campaigns are about the future and not the past so it's going to be tough to shake the negative of hillary. >> maria: how do you explain she's leading in the polls? >> they mean absolutely nothing. >> maria: really? >> made up of series of early states that are voting and all the other states tend to follow through. if you look at the states, iowa and new hampshire where she is spending the most time, she is going to worst. let me ask you on the kevin mccarthy, he wants seat as house
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speaker, obviously, he did not speak well the other day. does he have a shot -- do you think schavetz has a chance? >> he is hurting himself. this committee is about finding the truth in benghazi. he hurt himself. is he hurting his election? no, least going to be the speaker of the house. >> maria: i appreciate you being here this morning. >> thanks, maria. >> maria: not $25 billion from market value, the auto giant ceo f all goes according to plan the plant will be recalling plans in europe in january and complete the fix by next year. according to expectations it
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could end up costing volkswagon up to $87 billion. they have yet to lay out the -- >> right. 11million vehicles worldwide that will probably need fixing. it's almost impossible to quantify the damage done to volkswagon reputation and brand. i want to end light of this, nobody died. >> maria: yeah. >> start with general motors with ignition switch problem which hit for roughly a decade. >> maria: yeah. >> killed 124 people, but with this, you know, it hurst their fan base because their fans bought the cars because they were green and kinder to the the environment but in the pig
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picture is it going to stop people from buying vw's, i don't think so. >> look al general motors. >> maria: yeah, look at general motors. >> no one died. incredible lack of understanding, 2015 is all about. they were hiding stuff. that's so dumb. the people that are dumb maybe will be gone. we could have a johnson&johnson several years from now. they could either -- i think there's a possibility. >> i know it's going to impact earnings, right? that's going to be -- >> lawyers are going to be lining up forever. >> maria: it is raising dividends. you just got back from china.
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>> 2% increase in sales in china versus 9% forecast with 9% forecast silly in beijing. >> maria: so does the economy feel slow? what was your impression? >> no hard landing. >> maria: i didn't think so. >> no hard landing. the government is going through corruption reform thing. they are going from a manufacturing economy to service economy. there's no question that these things are disruptive but still growing like we are here. >> to the extent that we trust and value imf's economic forecast lowered the bid, big picture growth, but forecast for chinese growth, china's growth it held it steady at 6.3%. >> maria: did they take the numbers up for 2016. i know they are talking about the negative story, but the 2016
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story looks a little better according to imf report. >> they left. i thought the market reaction was muted. >> absolutely. >> maria: maybe because pricing, mike. >> people don't care. people are so negative and all due respect they are talking heads. people have been pulling money out of the u.s. stock market. >> maria: is that the right call ? [laughter] >> i think it's a dumb thing. >> 2% yield when you're getting 10% -- come on, people. >> maria: coming up, scandal, commercials getting pulled and legal investigations ongoing. could this mark the end of the industry? coming up. take a look at the headlines this morning. media giant concerns growing of
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>> maria: welcome back. the federal government is said to release thousands of inmates from prison. cheryl with the story. >> cheryl: good morning, maria.
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tens of thousands of early releases. the united auto workers union threatening to strike if it does not reach a deal with fiat chrysler, an agreement with the auto giant last week, union seeking pay changes and other guaranties from the company. u.s. attorney general inquiry to look into possible advantages employees might have gained by using insider information. this comes as espn pulse sponsor fantasy sports segment from programming and draftkings taking advertising in espn. twenty-first century fox has investment in draftkings. look, this is a very popular, popular way to gamble and play sports and people love it. i don't think it's going away
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but is regulation the right answer. >> maria: that is the question. >> cheryl: i will tell you why, people use insider trading and why it's not, when you have insider on a stock, that inside information can move-that alone will move the stock to the upside. with this information you still -- it gets you only so far in playing these games because it's football and unpredictability of your players that you choose in your lineup. >> but how far does it get you? >> it doesn't get you that far. it helps you pick your lineup because you have inside information of what other people are doing. somebody could still blow out the knee -- >> maria: you're still gaining an edge and you think it's an accident waiting to happen.
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>> i respectfully disagree with my friend dagen. the fact that it's insider trading, when you have an edge you have other information that people don't have that makes you get $350,000. >> this isn't wall street. ceo don't want this. this is like -- >> absolutely not. >> a brand new business, it's growing pains. >> they were running companies well. major league baseball has invest ent many draft kings, i will point that out. mlb prohibits players and employees in participating and mlb didn't know that the situation was different at draftkings. they're asking to be regulated. they are asking for scrutiny and
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-- right. >> he's figured this one out. this is a good one for him. >> yeah. >> he's going after. >> maria: later we are going to talk with the ceo of draftkings because we want to get that side of the story. of course, they're in the middle of the scandal. in our 8:00 a.m. hour join us ceo of draftkings. you don't want to miz that. 21est century fox has an investment in draftkings. biggest autoof makers -- biggest auto makers on the planet. when we come back. ♪ ♪ ♪
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i just had a horrible nightmare. my company's entire network went down, and i was home in bed, unaware. but that would never happen. comcast business monitors my company's network 24 hours a day
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and calls and e-mails me if something, like this scary storm, takes it offline. so i can rest easy. what. you don't have a desk bed? don't be left in the dark. get proactive alerts 24/7. comcast business. built for business. >> maria: welcome back, gasoline
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pricing in lower levels in years . low prices could last for decades. you agree with that is the sentiments on the forefront, phil? >> i salutely agree with that. while i agree with general motors about this low-gas call, there's a lot more to dynamic. it's the changing of the way we produce gasoline, higher quality in oils that are available as well as better fuel efficiency. there's a lot more to it. back to you. >> maria: you wonder what the knock-on effect is. it could be low for a decade?
6:24 am
>> the supply thing has been the main for the past couple of years. the technology seems to get better and better and finding more and more. they try to get rid of some u.s. producers and they have some success but not a lot. i think -- i would guess too that it is like the '80s, it could be several years. >> maria: when you that level, you wonder what that does for electric vehicles, you know, suv's, when prices are that low, oftentimes you don't see that rush. >> large suv's -- >> maria: get back on top again. >> it's democratic presidents. they could change the rules of the game very easily. you saw him raising fuel economy standards. they can change the game.
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gasoline prices, that's a head win for any democrat. [laughter] >> pin will. >> maria: best known for six-figure fantasy. hot offers. stay with us, back in a moment. ♪ ♪ ♪
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it is wednesday october 7th, i am maria bartiroma, joining me is dagen mcdowell and mike collins. the money behind fantasy
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football in question has espn is pulling contest sponsored by draft kings, it was revealed employees reportedly using inside information to earn big payoffs on competitor sites. the attorney general began an inquiry asking draft kings and fans for a range of internal data and details on how they present fraud. drafting ceo jason robbins will be my guess, join us for that interview, 21st century fox has investment, futures show a higher market, look where we stand, the dow jones industrial average expected to open 65 points, this is the start of third quarter earnings season, the nasdaq and isn't the 500 of ire if this morning, we have gains across europe, stocks higher in england, france and germany to and of 1%, the dax index once again firming after the huge sell-off over the last couple weeks. we have seen a couple straight days of the dax index in germany, as a 81 points.
6:30 am
the prince of saudi arabia betting big on twitter, kingdom holdings co. announcing it increased its stake in twitter now holding close to 35 million shares, 5% of twitter, this comes one year after i spoke with him about his investing strategy when it comes to social media and twitter in particular. >> in china and the united states, really highflying companies. we're focus on investing companies and many companies come to us in this arena and two are three companies. we believe in their future as fuel. maria: the latest investment he is collecting and gathering, makes him the second-largest shareholder in twitter right now. and an investor in 21st century
6:31 am
fox. volkswagen at new ceo says the recall caused by the missions rigging scandal will starting january. he hopes they can all be fixed by the end of the year. up to 11 million vehicles worldwide and diesel engines with software years to cheat on u.s. the kansas city for the american league playoffs eliminated the new york yankees in the wild card game. back to the markets, one of the top headlines in the wall street journal, once the biggest buyer china is dumping u.s. government debt. treasury holdings the latest sign and china's slowdown is hitting the global economy. joining us is ceo john hurdle. thanks for joining us. your firm has $27 billion in assets under management. do you allocate largely endowment money? >> pension funds, off 46 states where she investment officers. maria: let me start with this article about china dumping u.s.
6:32 am
treasuries. impact will is that? >> it isn't in back flynn the rank order of what is attractive in the world. it is elaine notion of zero real interest rates for this reason you treasury so you have to look where to put the money. this is not going to impact, we try to draw a bright line between trading and investing so it will not make a big change in our world. maria: because of trading it is not investing, looking long term you like equities. talk about how you are allocating capital. >> the rank order of what is attractive in the world, the hundred pound gorilla is zero real interest rates for the ten year bond so that is the risk free rate for ten years. we have to compare everything to that so we like equities, the risk premium of equities over bonds is quite high so we think 7% nominal return for equities going forward which is attractive, not what we had the last six years which is 11% compound that makes sense when you have that performance you have something lower going forward but that is the
6:33 am
attractive. maria: you like developed markets like japan, europe and emerging markets. what would cause emerging-market s to turn? we are waiting for a pickup in markets for a long time. >> of u.s. investors for evaluation, everyone asks for the catalyst. in our world the catalyst is price and dividends cheap enough it moves. people look for cash flows little investing is acquiring future cash flows aware of the cash flows? uconn by $100 of future earnings for $1,000. the united states you pay $2,000 for the same $100 of future earnings, 20 times earnings, ten times earnings, we are looking for the cash flow. maria: if the market is cheap doesn't necessarily mean it will become cheaper. >> that is true. that is why you have the rise in as investors do, not traders. maria: do you agree? >> yes. it is so clear, and the numbers as john described sometimes it
6:34 am
is so easy i am ashamed of myself. the stocks make it, i would like to go in the other direction and ask if there are so many people nervous and negative today on the stock market they are looking for a lot of things that are negative, what is the worst bubble, most risky asset out there today? you would tell people who are nervous to avoid? they are avoiding stocks but the bond market, what is it? >> anything interest rate-sensitive has been subjected being in a bubble. we have seen corrections like rates. driven up by people chasing yield, u.s. equity market is not in up bubble. if it gets in a bubble, bull markets don't end from old age, they die from excess. we don't see symptoms in the equity market indicating the end of a bull market. we could have a pause, the word correction is positive. we are really looking at what people own, confirming a they want to own what they own and
6:35 am
adjusting it so they have conviction in what they own. we think we are in that phase and we will accumulate stocks and pull backs. dagen: related to what you are talking about this headline in the wall street journal about shine at dumping u.s. government debt, we have indications -- i wonder if people, we are living in the garden of eden in terms of interest rates and it could be a move by china and other central banks and other nations to have rates skyrocket and puts us in reserve in a position to buy treasurys to keep longer-term interest rates lower. >> those are legitimate concerns, markets are price equally, somebody has to sell it to you. when it is so confusing you have to fall back on a disciplined and our discipline is priced cash flow, looking for the cash flow. the idea of skyrocketing
6:36 am
interest rates doesn't seem to be anywhere close to our future. we are more on the side of interest rates likely to stay low for a long time. there is no superdemand for currency around the world for capital around world driving interest rates higher. >> $120 billion the chinese spent in september to defend the currency from going down more. this isn't about bonds rising. dagen: it is about china and always is, you like developed markets, japan and europe, do you want to hedge out the dollar or do you think the dollar stopped going up? >> that is a long conversation, depends on what investors and so forth but one of the fundamental ideas you start with is having on dollar-denominated assets is part of the diversification program so it is a a good fundamental notion to start with and it gets more complicated from there so global multinational companies are
6:37 am
hedging already, where are their earnings coming from, it is a complicated issue. we look back at price to cash flow and say they are cheaper than general electric. cheaper isn't ford. we like that isn't right, right across the board, you can buy these great multinational companies that had discussed with their trading in the united states. >> thanks for sharing your insights lose >> my pleasure to be easier. markets out with a shortage of extravagance in the magazine, nicole petallides with that story. nicole: this catalog is something else, 2016, this year there's something for everyone to fantasize about. if you are in to motorcycles you this for a ride down but coast of the honor reeves, bike along this experience and it will run you about $150,000 for all your
6:38 am
adrenalin junkies for $90,000, you can buy at to the edge of space in high-altitude balloon but there's a catch, you have to wait until 2017 to go up in the stratosphere. if you love cars you better have the pockets of this one, the markets limited vision must saying comes with a 700 horsepower engine and will take you from zero to 60 in less than four seconds and that will cost you 90 grand, you get an experience with that one, they have an official in italy with the famous jewelry designer that is 150,000 so these are costly but a lot to fantasize about. >> start your day weekdays with lauren simonetti on "fbn a.m.," right before "mornings with maria". of next remember when google became the verb? a new report suggests amazon is heading the same way. will explain next back in a moment.
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just like eddie, the first step to reaching your retirement goals is to visualize them. then, let the principal help you get there. join us as we celebrate eddie's retirement, and start planning your own. >> is amazon becoming the next google. cheryl: some are saying that with germans on strengthens its
6:43 am
position as the first search destination according to a study by bloom reach. 44% of consumers go directly to amazon first to search for products compared to 24% of additional search engines. i know you are doing it, we are stuck. dagen: i use amazon for the time being. or need this point of. >> we get there in one day and you don't think. >> chuck robins has only been on the job for 11 weeks. he is no stranger to customers devolving demand. i spoke to him in his first business interview since taking the job that cisco invest with the company needs to do to have the kind of growth is seen in the past. >> when we look at what customers are trying to accomplish their moving regardless and increase io, every company in the world, every country is trying to better understand the
6:44 am
digitization face and frankly they're trying to understand the implications for my business, what threats might it freehand what opportunity might it create a they are thinking about the opportunity for them to disrupt their industry and business models so we see customers moving regardless. dagen: did since those coin the term the internet of things? >> connecting things has no inherent values of we think of how we change these connections, what do you do with that data, analysts and information and insights you can gain from the data is the most valuable thing you gain from the connection in the first place and did unleashes tremendous opportunity. >> tell me about the growth expectations for the business. >> what you find bizarre customers are saying they're not moving to the cloud to save
6:45 am
money. what is providing is greater flexibility, greater agility, the ability to provisions very infrastructure and down based on demand and increasingly what we will do is provide customers the same capability in their private infrastructure and we will enable use of their private and frustration for mission critical applications and data they want to maintain inside their enterprise and it will enable law hybrid connectivity so they can get the best of both worlds and leverage public and private clouds and we work with the public cloud providers to help. build out their capabilities, we work with enterprise customers to help them build down not only their private capabilities the interconnection between it did to. maria: what industries are most ploys to to the transition teachers the growth that cisco as it relates to the cloud? >> when you think about what is happening with did it is asian it is going to create an environment where customers a
6:46 am
going to have massively distributed infrastructure classmate of private and public clouds and i think that the industry's seeing the benefit of this new connectivity, we see it in manufacturing, retail, hopefully beginning in health care and those that the industry's beginning to see the benefit of connecting the manufacturing floor or in retail taking an alexander information you can gain from the network and correlating what you know about your customer with where are they and the story and you can do some interesting things in engage with the customer in a much higher value way based on what you know about them and where they are in the retail environment. maria: are you seeing the kind of reception you would expect given what you just said when you layer on the fact the we are looking at a global slowdown? >> customer the trying to figure out how to be more efficient, save money, drive greater revenue, drive a different level of intimacy with my customer and
6:47 am
the technology is enabling that. maria: we talk a lot about tax reform on this program and what needs to be done to make corporate america willing to hire more people. i have spoken with your predecessor quite a bit about tax reform and all the cash on the balance sheet. how much are you that right now in terms of cash for the balance sheet? >> $60 billion. maria: much of which is overseas. what would you like to see from a policy level in terms of tax reform to bring money back to the u.s.? >> we are optimistic right now because there's a great deal of work going on in washington around this topic and if you think about what is needed for the infrastructure in the united states there is work being done. paul ryan is helping lead this initiative where we would actually connect the repatriation of these funds with the establishment of this infrastructure fund and we need to reform tax policy so it makes
6:48 am
companies more competitive on a global scale. we are optimistic about it. maria: on the subject of allocating cash, you are on the job 11 weeks right now as ceo of one of the great companies in the world, cisco. what your priorities in terms of investing cash? >> we are looking at where our cash can drive future growth and we look at acquisitions in that space. we have committed to shareholders to return 50% free cash flow through dividends and buybacks and we are committed to that, it depends what is happening in the market, where are the opportunities, things are moving rapidly and you will see as the opportunistic on the acquisition side but we are committed to capital returns. maria: new leader of this company what are your priorities? >> there are four things we looked at early on with my team and one of them is how do we accelerate the things that are working at less the candid about the things that aren't.
6:49 am
how do we really drive our culture? our culture is so important internally as well as how we treat our partners and customers and investors. the second is for a third is around simplicity and clarity. the pace at which we have to move requires us to drive a level of simplicity in everything we do and a level of clarity in how we communicate the we never have before. everything we do is complicated. it is our responsibility to simplify it that. what is important is a dynamic operational capability, it is moving fast. maria: chuck robins, thank you, we saw him on the show yesterday, we discussed ben bernanke's views on the fed and the u.s. economy, keep it here on "mornings with maria," we will be right back.
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>> how is the u.s. economy today? >> it is improve the moving forward at a moderate pace, a little stronger but we have come a long way. in 2009 the unemployment rate was 10%, today it is 5. we had six years of growth. maria: ben bernanke, on the rebound, in studio. he did not seem to me to be in
6:54 am
any rush to raise interest rates. it was all about the data and from a credibility standpoint don't they have raise interest rates? >> great interview and i found that disappointing. they are at emergency levels now. of lot of people, certainly respected, thought he did great job, a little disappointed recently with the fed. at an end of the did we have to get the dish the markets don't work, they manipulated prices, the fixed-income mutual funds, they don't price correctly in this environment, zero interest-rate or negative interest rates, 1-third of the world knows this is crazy stuff so they could be a leader and are not doing it. maria: global markets were important in a global economy like china also said the fed has to watch markets because there's a knock on affect. that is going to factor into the
6:55 am
decision. dagen: if you they back and read not the actual transcript of fed meetings when they come out five years after the affect, you can go back and look at what the fed was discussing in the internet bubble in 2000. having conversations, can you believe this is going on? i am surprised he republicans under the bus the way he talked about don't blame the fed's fiscal policy, it is the spending, republicans are trying to cut spending since 2010. maria: for six years he was talking about of a fat it is all about the fed and that is the only stimulus in town so we haven't had fiscal policies so i agree with that. why have we had that? the white house as well. >> those are the facts. is not a political observation, these are the facts and the fed right now is no longer helping the q e stopped helping a couple years ago so the fed isn't helping. if they could start getting out of the way at the markets, could
6:56 am
do something in december, won and done, people describe it -- maria: are you buying stocks regardless? you are bullish on that. >> it was a great interview. you have exxon will yield in 4%. maria: great to have used this morning, stick around, we will see you in a little bit, stay with us. can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
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let's make medicare stronger for all of us. maria: good wednesday morning, wednesday october 7th. with me is dagen mcdowell and this ceo of hedge i, keith mccullough in the house. the money in question this morning as espn plans content sponsored by draft kings and fanned will. the fantasy sports site under fire after it was revealed employees reportedly using inside information to earn big pay ups on competitors sides with the new york attorney general began in inquiry asking trackings for a range of internal data and details how to
7:00 am
prevent fraud. fracking ceo jason robbins will be my special guests in our age a.m. eastern hour. join as for the interview, 21st century fox has an investment, low prices at the pump could be around for some time, the chief economist at general motors comparing the current decline in prices to 1985. there was an oil crash after a six year boom, into two decades of low gasoline prices. the price of oil, take a look, crude oil kissing up to $50 a barrel, futures showing u.s. stocks higher ahead of the open. the dow jones industrial average, england, france, germany, the dax index up 83 points, the isn't the erica kenny, the cac quarante in paris up 25, 1/2%. saudi arabia betting big on tour
7:01 am
increasing his stake, king and holding company announcing his increased stake in twitter holding close to 35 million shares or 5% of twitter, this is one year after i spoke about his investing strategy when it comes to social me at twitter. >> as for moving in shine at, these are highflying companies in the arenas, focused on our plan investing in the companies and speaking, many companies come in this arena and we have declined two companies because of old values as secure as guaranteed at twitter. maria: this latest investment make him the second-largest shareholder in twitter. he is an investor in 21st century fox, parent company of this number. the industry invasion into hillary clinton and e-mails expanding to a second technology company, a connecticut-based firm in september, ask them to
7:02 am
prayer for all they connected to clinton, the company was hired by a colorado based firm that managed clinton's private server. volkswagen and new ceo says recall of the cars hit by the emissions rigging scandal will set in january. he hopes they can be fixed by the end of the year. of to 11 million vehicles worldwide and diesel engine with software used to cheat on u.s. emissions tests. the houston astross moving to the kansas the royals in the american league playoffs and eliminating the u.s. yankees in the wild card game. instagram celebrating five years as the company by posting the most followed accounts. kim kardashian among, taylor swift with the most followers coming in second with 48.1 million and beyonce next with 47.2 million fans. new developments, hillary clinton e-mail scandal, the fbi investigation to the former secretary of state's e-mail server expanding to a second data company. blake byrne has details now.
7:03 am
>> second phonology company says it is cooperating with the fbi would signal a potential new avenue for the investigation. the connecticut-based company was hired in 2013, managing hillary clinton's private server, this raises a whole new set of questions, among them can the fbi through data obtain any of the e-mails clinton says were depleted during her tenure as secretary of state because they were personal. a source tells fox the fbi contacted data last month asking them to preserve all of clinton's data. however it is not clear whether the data has in its possession material from clinton's time as secretary of state for content that was originated after she left office. either way the public revelation of the expansion of the fbi investigation comes at a very big moment for clinton's presidential ambitions. the first democratic debate is next week and she will appear before the benghazi committee in two weeks.
7:04 am
maria: we will see if this comes up in those debates, thank you. joining us is senior editor christopher bedford. thanks for joining us. this as clinton goes on the offensive with a new ad campaign. what is your take on this? >> should be paying kevin mccarthy royalties for her at campaign, handed her the football and put a bow on it. was incredible this guy running for speaker would say the benghazi campaign, the benghazi commission is part of partisan politics and it plays right into hillary clinton's constant defenses which our tax against the our partisan but it won't stake. a couple years before no one in hillary clinton's campaign wanted to rollout the first national ad on television talking about benghazi and the reason she still has to talk about benghazi is e-mail dishonesty and pay to play and all kinds of problems keep coming out and with the fbi investigating i think the intel community will figure out what is behind this no matter what a
7:05 am
congressman says because -- maria: finish your thought. >> people from the intel committee were killed in an gauzy and lies about it came from hillary clinton's a department and they were blamed for benghazi said they won't let partisan politics get in the way and they will dig into this. >> there is a big fear that it will a you see that last night, lou dobbs going off on this big time, mccarthy is not specifically in the best position looking at where we started slowly, he looked pretty good. maria: he was a issue in. what a blow. >> i don't know how -- i don't know how kevin mccarthy recoveries. maria: who recovers? dagen: may be jason japheth although in terms of fund-raising and support for other republicans he doesn't achieve mccarthy's level. i want to ask about this. doesn't speak to the fact that the fbi is pursuing this? revealing their looking into the security of e-mails on hillary
7:06 am
clinton's server, the fbi is moving forward with this doesn't that speak to the obama administration but they have just stepped away from this investigation? >> it seems they have stepped away. funny to see the clinton campaign's talking points. this is a long criminal investigation. of course it is noncriminal. it is an investigation. what comes next that the criminal elements if they find misdeed and it looks more and more classified information comes out at the end of every month that was in her e-mails that will find problems. i doubt hillary clinton will be indicted, but it is really bad news for her and good news for joe biden and bernie sanders. >> we just got these new polls from quinnipiac on swing states, vice president joe biden and ben carson running strongest in the polls head to head. what do you think of that? do you think the reason is the nominee if joe biden gets in?
7:07 am
>> janelle likely this hillary clinton will be the nominee because of a momentum that joe biden has none of the quinnipiac will you are talking about has florida, ohio and pennsylvania, three swing states did since 1960 candidates who win the presidency had to win two of those that the poll shows the the reciting back in those, as disliked as any candidate except donald trump and joe biden showing he is doing very well and all of the states and the matchup against ben carson he is winning in florida but i don't think he will be running against ben fresen in the general election. they makes this the decision this weekend. there was the reports out that we will probably find out something this weekend. he hasn't hired any staff but spoke in the global leadership conference last week, people i know who were there said the last half of his speech was his stump speech and it wowed the people. >> in headline news his empathy is significant and he did talk
7:08 am
about how his son asked him to run for the presidency. maria: thanks for your insight, see you soon. chris bedford of volkswagen, massive recall of diesel cars ever any missions scandal locks $25 billion from its market value, told a german newspaper of all goes according to plan the company will begin recalling those cars affected in europe in january and complete the fix by next year. according to experts like credit suisse this could cost volkswagen up to $87 billion, that is a lot of money, that will obviously be impacting earnings. your three things today, will, rotation, i want to talk about that the first your thoughts on 11 million diesel powered cars affected, half a million sold in the u.s.. >> this is going on and on. $87 billion isn't what it used to be. you had a fantastic interview with ben bernanke who was suggesting $4 trillion isn't that much.
7:09 am
when you conceptualize what is going on in terms of the world's problems this has been a huge story. i don't know how to play it specifically when it comes to the market but pivoting to the oil side there's a lot going on. yesterday we had the biggest rotation day or variants day in sector returns. some things were alive and some things were down a lot. at one point, oil and gas was up 6%, biotech was down 6% says the variants was an unbelievable day where people have been forced to chase what they didn't own, we call this the texas edge, energy and get out of what they own which is health care and biotech. at one point of the health care edf was down 4% on top of the biotech so this is a big-time rotation. a lot of people losing a lot of money and the down market losing money too so it will be interesting. i think oil is over by today. it has looked good since the
7:10 am
federal reserve had to fade in december with the jobs report. maria: you said that on this program, energy looks okay. i want to get out of the way. you were looking at energy positively. that is a good call. >> the good call was being, could have gotten a lot bigger along oil, not being short oil. but shorter oil for afraid what i think just happened. dagen: fear has rallied over and over again and the bottom falling out repeatedly. >> what we look at is on measurable quantity of reality which is the risk of a range. the range now for oil is 45 to 50 so at 50 you sell, 45 you buy and it is a buyer's market but you have to selig too. it is a trader's market, with goals, i am at seller. this is how we navigate an easier more dovish, that equals dollar down, signaling overssold so a lot of these are coming home to roost, oppose the jobs
7:11 am
report which is perverse but the reality. maria: i was struck, $4 trillion boundary is not that big a deal, they can unwind and they don't have to do it right away. >> watching -- >> in terms of interest rates don't you think they have to come off of zero because of a credibility issue? >> no, no, no. it would be highly sensitive to interest rate hike. passing markets. dagen: i-man he works for, ken griffin, has about 3 did million dollars in real-estate and miami, paid a record price in miami. it would be a conflict. and it is that bubble.
7:12 am
maria: we will take a short break. and the biggest daily hints of football websites gaining steam. announcing an investigation. the wall street journal of battle brewing atop the media giant's via, amid rising questions about the health of the executive chairman, iraqis lobbying vladimir putin for russian air strikes targeting of the islamic state. they want russia there and carly fiorina's age the tenure disputed legacy. a republican hopeful claiming her resume shows for she is business savvy, stalked and 50% during her tenure, that is the story in the journal, we will be right back.
7:13 am
thank you for calling. we'll be with you shortly. yeah right... xerox predictive analytics help companies provide a better and faster customer experience. hello mr. kent. can i rebook your flight? i'm here! customer care can work better. with xerox. wait i'm here! mr. kent? (gasp) shark diving! xerox personalized employee portals help companies make benefits simple and accessible... from anywhere. hula dancing? cliff jumping! human resources can work better. with xerox.
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>> connecting new things doesn't have any inherent value. every company has to think how to change your processes, what do you do with that data is issue analytics and information and insight you can gain from the date that is the most valuable thing you gain from the connection in the first place and its unleashes tremendous opportunity. maria: that was chuck robins in an exclusive with me late yesterday. after talking about making money in an age of information what it means for the company, the house cisco has traded year down 2% in an environment where the macro story has been one of the biggest worries for cisco and that is what we have been talking about on set for a while. fantasy sports sites now working with new york attorney general with allegations of insider trading at the firm. we continue coverage now. cheryl: concern is over
7:17 am
employees using information not known to the public to gain an advantage on competitor sites to win big money. new york attorney general now asking draft kings for a range of internal data and details on how they prevent fraud. meanwhile espn cutting draft kings content but continue broadcasting from the daily fantasy goes for sight. pulling advertising from espn yesterday but not clear if that was for more than one day, 20 per -- 21st century, an investor in draft kings. cheryl: this brings to the forefront of the relationship between the nfl and the betting sites. and sponsored segments, espn is pulling. this is another big problem for roger goodell. you have been looking at this. dagen: robert kraft and jerry jones own stakes in draft kings among other companies.
7:18 am
to company's defense the reason people have been so attractive, this is an industry, almost an industry of two that has blown up in terms of popularity. they are an advertising category in and of themselves. these companies have spent by my calculation $150 million on advertising just this year alone. the attraction is obvious. i don't think this is inside information. the information they are talking about only gets you so far. >> it reminds me not to name names but pretty big wall street firms that use different run their clients looking at their book too. as long as we know that is what they are doing tell your customers that's flat people on the wrist because the product. maria: you can't do that on wall street. >> i can't because of a have clients out there but there are some well-known wall street firms and by the way bloomberg
7:19 am
did this, bloomberg is looking at plants inside the terminal and breaking news on that. i don't know what the legal recourse would be but these are very cool platform as if they ever to go away. dagen: they are inviting regulation, inviting scrutiny and asking states to outlaw blatantly outlawed in the state of montana. however, will politicians take it that far? is so popular. maria: you hear from the nfl on this but in testimony just released in new jersey, roger goodell said the nfl separate fantasy games from betting because they're not continued on the outcome of a contest but on performance of individual players. >> this is the loophole, why
7:20 am
they're so popular. dagen: it is legal based on federal law because these are games of skill. they are not just games of chance. that is the definition. >> the other important links, who makes money or loses money if draft games were to be indicted? watch nfl red zone with a lot of people watch, sponsored by draft games. the nfl is tied to this thing, it will be interesting to see them attempt to have it if they have to let all. maria: we will talk to jason robins about that. jason robins my guess in the 8:00 a.m. hour, 21st century fox has an investment in fracking so we will talk to jason robins about this coming -- coming up gasoline prices at their lowest level in ten years. one auto giant says get used to less pain at the pump. we will go live to the cme in chicago, back in a moment. ♪
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maria: gasoline prices that level in a decade rising at any continental dollars and $0.30 a gallon. according to general motors' chief economist low prices could last for decades. phil flynn is in chicago and you agree with that position. >> absolutely. i have been talking about a new era of low gasoline prices for the last couple years but i want to give people the right idea about that. doesn't mean gasoline prices will fall everyday or stay below $1 a gallon but the highs will be lower and lows are going to be higher. new technology, better grades of crude we are able to produce is
7:25 am
allowing those prices to divorce themselves from spikes we have seen in a crude, our record amount of what we have seen before keeping prices low relatively speaking. maria: how much in the last couple weeks on oil? >> prices of oil not up as much as derivative plays, russian stock markets of the present in the last month. so many ways to look at it. oil and gas stocks up 5%, and the edf on the day. oil and gas, stocks are up 10, 25% on but they. a whole host of the emotional issues born out of what phil said. dagen: 27% from the 52 week low in august. it is still in crash mode. this is where phil's point makes sense. intermediate-term low or highs but higher lows, makes for good
7:26 am
trading market. i use 38 to 58. maria: you are a seller at this little, take a short break, ben bernanke offering his sample of what is holding the fed from pulling the plug on raising rates. the best selling author of the death of money is with us. join us as we celebrate eddie's retirement, and start planning your own. or building the best houses in town. or becoming the next highly-unlikely dotcom superstar. and us, we'll be right there with you, helping with the questions you need answered to get your brand new business started. we're legalzoom and we've already partnered with over a million new business owners to do just that. check us out today to see how you can become one of them. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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just like eddie, the first step to reaching your retirement goals is to visualize them. then, let the principal help you get there. join us as we celebrate eddie's retirement, and start planning your own. . maria: happy wednesday welcome back once he october 7 this hour fox business network dagen mcdowell hedgeye ceo keith mccullough the money behind ep fantasy football in question this morning, as espn pulls content by draftkings fanduel a fantasy sports stooit under fire industrialized employees using inside information to aerospace big payouts on sites, new york attorney general began coincident inquiry asking for range of internal data details how they prevent fraud, draftkings ceo robbins my guest in 8:00 a.m. hour 21st century fox has investment in draft kings,
7:30 am
futures this morning kieth a higher opening for broader averages where we stand dow jones industrial average picking up steam last half an hour now showing a gain of 115 points at the open, nasdaq and s&p 500 lgs rising, of course, the kickoff to the third quarter earnings periodaw yu iums brands alcoa thursday games in europe stocks higher in gleaned france germany the games there between about a half percentile in u.k., to better than one percentile in germany for the dax prince am weed at you of saudi arabia on twitter kingdom k holdings company announced it increased stake in twitter close to 35 million shares at 5% of twitter, saying it makes the prince and his holding company second largest are shareholders in twitter, stock edged higher in premarket take a look where we stood and on twitter fractional gain also an investor, by the way, in
7:31 am
21st century fox apparent company of this neither work, threatening amtrak threatening to suspended some train service facing december 3 s deadline from congress to add safety technology sights needs more time to do so amtrak told senate commerce committee vast majority of networks will be inprogrammable without extension it could start innovating customers beginning december 1, justice department set to release 6,000 inmates early from prison. this is an effort to reduce overcrowded and provide relief to drug offenders who received harsh essences 6,000 inmates this largest one time release of federal prisoner ever set free between october 30, november 2. >> going to open door let them go? what is going to happen. >> too many prisoner in jail. >> in response is to very harsh essences on drug offenders in some instances. >> people complain about drug laws. >> shah shank, increase in
7:32 am
interest rates off the table for this year, something keith mccullough has been saying a long time, yesterday, i sat down we ben bernanke here is what he said when i asked what is hold back u.s. from my raising rates right now. >> in near-term i think that at the domestic u.s. economy is moving along pretty well, you go housing sector coming back a lot of jobs being created. i think the drag we are seeing the is coming mostly from international economy. maria: no surprise there next guest says bernanke is ignoring other problems, even though if he doesn't see issues in housing, joining us right now james rick heart best-selling author of the death of money good to see you thanks for joining us what is bernanke ignoring right now. >> he is probably right there is no bubble in u.s. housing, but it be bubbles in emerging markets, commercial real estate he hasn't talked about looks like a bubble so there are bubble all over the world
7:33 am
but we know fissed lousy at seeing bubbling they never see them didn't see tech bubble didn't see '07 bubble mexico 94 missed them all things -- but bubbles everywhere. >> he lz felt like to me, that he was no no rush to say fed should in fact raise interest rates any time soon so yes he said the economy ising embyroing, your honor, know coming along but he didn't really feel to me, my takeaway, that he thought there was any problem, with rates to stay where they are. >> is he not employed by companies that ren with levered expectations. >> not -- but i spoke to former chairman, and he said exactly he said the fed doesn't care if stock market goes down 15% not that jobs. >> watching global markets. >> snurp the problem, global markets china slowing down affecting at us reason china is slowing down the fed has been tight twoeng years, china take their concurrence of the
7:34 am
dollar feds tightening taper talk tapering forward gooipz tough you back raising rates have not done anything. >> you think that is you think that is tightening. >> that is the whole reason why the dollar went up so fast gold had some problems, is that you had a hybrid tightening not loosening the question does the fed force itself to easy really i.t. to all that you are author. >> that is what i say i this i the fed toward easy probably by forward guidance os first i am -- in the state you can talk your way through tightening easing. >> that will be easing. >> the former guidance currency wars drago said our turn going to -- choose dollar. >> that is macromarkets, moved my in box jim last three days everybody in brother saying, can oil go higher can dollar go lower can oil stocks go higher, isn't that the game
7:35 am
that fed is engaging in. >> you've got to get commodity higher oil trading 50, 06 through 2017 driven by saudi arabia. >> now i don't overshoot to put proper side, the program 60 dollars magic number it is good information a study for trackers doesn't hurt fiscal situation more thanness. >> saudis have been want to go do that i agree with that. >> stick in there. >> opec has no control over russia russia has been pumping a post soviet high in september. >> saudi lowest cost the price setter. >> you are one of the leaders on this topic, how much where withal does rest of the world have, playing currency game versus who we have we have obama, we have jack lew, we have -- >> fantasy football would be dead if we had that team. >> says there important point,
7:36 am
historically the dollar was treasury job fed did not worry about exchange rate of the dollar bernanke gave a speech october 2012 in tokyo where he said the rest of the world, hey we are if biggest economy if we go down take you with us we need a cheap dollar to help u.s. that was explanation for he 2011 the reason dollar got stronger is tough talk from fed that was a blunder they thought u.s. economy was strong enough to bear it. >> turns out not the case. >> go book to cheap dollar playbook. >> economy hooked on cheap rates this morning he mortgage purchase applications u.s. went up 27%, after that jobs number. >> you were surprised. >> huge number but also explains probably why stock market goes up people want lower rates they are addicted to it are they not. >> exactly right, as soon as fed talks backs away from t goes up well going to raise before tend 50 years, actually, they can't raise by march i don't think they will you are talking 2017. >> wow, 2017, i think next to
7:37 am
easy if i can wrong data stronger maybe raise march 2016, during election they it will keep adding o. >> oil, up 2%, headed for 50 dollars sort of -- keith's range 40 to 50, would you sell oil at this point? >> no, i am a buyer, right here, oil is easy, gets to low 40s apply it gets up to close 60 you sell it, it is going to be in that range trade the range. >> um-hmm. >> can i add one -- >> 60, said 50. >> now in middle, could you bought all you wanting at 40. >> close to 6 o sell, if 40 buy. >> if relate to the fantasy sports discussion we were having, how wall street firms basically will use their own book to trade against you, there is no better example of that happening than oil. so if you are trading oil you better -- watch your you know what? >> yeah, yeah.
7:38 am
>> right. >> you are trading against -- >> at this point. >> big investment -- >> on risk of the range what people do they chase price, this is agent you have the the most behavioral obviouslyness in the market that i see when up they buy high down sell low that is why hedge fund performance is putrid, terrible. >> smart people calling for 15 dollar oil, friends of mine good guys. >> goldman calling for 20, they called for 200, the very peak. >> that was. >> when goldman said going to 20 you could have bought 39 to 40 thereabouts. maria: you are right. >> i spoke to goldman traders head of commodities adopted listen to research department in about listens to those guys all ex fed guys fed models, women we don't listen to it ourselves we know better. >> i didn't say it. >> jim good to have you on the show you the so much your insights always joining us there coming up very latest developments in the allegedly
7:39 am
insider trading scandal we're back in a minute stay with us. ♪ ♪ you way you make me feel ♪ ♪ off my feet ♪ ♪
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7:43 am
deals associated press is reporting right now fbi has busted smuglers trying to sell nuclear materials to extremists ap learning they stopped four attempts in five years recent take population in february of this year. smuglers to sell material to isis, we will keep you posted on that, also this maria new york attorney general now launching into draft kings fanduel looking into possibly dwangz players might have gained using insider information as espn is polling sponsorship sports segment from programming, draftkings is taking down its advertising on espn should be noted twurp fox has investment in draft kooipgz, united auto workers threatening to strike if it does not reach a deal with fiat by the end of the day members rejected a tentative agreement last week back to you. maria: thank you so much tangibling increasing
7:44 am
important in competitive corporate world chuck robbins with me yesterday, in a fox business exclusive, saying that technology, innovation is on the top of his customers radar. >> the customers trying to figure out how can i be more efficient, how can i save money how can i drive greater revenue how can i drive different level of with commerce technology enabling that, joining us right now julie sweet the chief executive for north america good to see you thanks for joining us. >> thanks fostering me. >> how has transition to the cloud been going, for corporates today? are you seeing an increasing move toward the cloud. >> yes we actually the cloud was going to be a big movement five years ago started investing what we are seeing an he acceleration it is about innovation, all the innovation is happening in the cloud, and giving companies the speed floefkt to be much more agile. >> do they know what they don't know now. >> they know they tont know. >> that is right.
7:45 am
>> good for business coming to us, we are leader in the cloud they are coming to help figure out, not just sort of generally people know about the cloud what does it mean for my specific industry. >> could you explain to those out there may not understand this, why if i am a company why should i move to the cloud? >> well, it goes back to first innovation, so most of the new applications the new ways of whether it is going to it is digital transformation if you thinking digital customer experience heaping in the allowed >> what does that mean happening in cloud explain it for those -- >> very simple in old days software and developing applications, being done on premgs. >> you have your own -- >> specifics. >> so it is very it takes a long time. our business needs to be you know very slow you look at it,
7:46 am
takes a lot of time to change it. in the cloud you are off premises multitenet supporting a number of different clients in the cloud, you've got the ability to changes much more about quickly more one you can do it you know for others, as well. so it is much more fast turnaround for a client. >> i think about in terms of iphone just even with one application, on the iphone, apple your music itunes music used to life on your phone now doesn't live on your phone it is in the cloud on demand, that is how apple music service was to that point voitdz incorporations make me feel okay, about security and safety. >> that is the question. >> absolutely, so if you think what is on minds of ceos they are thinking digital growth efficiency cloud enable it go straight to security, right this is an area that we are investing in, we just bought
7:47 am
fusion x, does advanced cyberthreat analysis you have to look at all three, it is digit for the opportunity cloud to enable it security to keep safe. >> a the average company big small doesn't matter the cost savings are at least the cost cuts they realize using cloud versus costs to incur to ensure security of the cloud, where do you think that washes out on the pnl. >> a lot of companies move to the cloud as they get their technology, for the future ready taking the savings to invest in the growth, right. >> security is simply a cost like everything else, so on a balance. >> one of the biggest new for most companies it certainly is for us. >> it absolutely is, is a big new cost but, again, it is being done in a much more efficient way because your building on top of a much more efficient technology. >> agile not changing our dwerpz call it agile software
7:48 am
development that sounds cool. >> i am going to spend more money? also cool. -- >> you are going to make more money being much faster. >> i agree with that. >> good to have you on the show thanks so much julie from accentr, yum plunging cut guidance equal third a miss adobe down 8 1/2% problems in technology, up next student stars taylor swift beyonce kim kardashian sellina top the picture what is it, "mornings with maria" stay with us. .
7:49 am
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7:51 am
. . maria: instagram releasing list of top five people with most followers they all have one thing in common they are
7:52 am
women, jo ling kent with the the story. >> all women in celebration of the birthday of instagram, big celebrity women in fact founders of instagram launched this app five years ago in apartment, san francisco for the first time instagram confirms who the top five most followed are, of course, women, number 5 ariana grande 44.6 million, followed by number four selina gomez 46 million, former beyonce not queen bee in this 47.2 million, number two the queen of selfies kim kardashian 48.1 million followers most followed instagram who else pop star, taylor swift with nearly 50 million followers, that is more than 10%, of all the user on instagram as you can see 400 million people use instagram, according do the app, 75% of them coming from outside the u.s. so that monetization for the customers good the average time a user
7:53 am
spends on instagram 21 minutes a day, client by facebook in 2012 a billion dollars, as instagram starts to monetize, put ads in price tag a billion dollars maria sounds pretty cheap now. >> unbelievable. >> something everyone talking about facebook stock i kind of smell facebook may not have a great quarter want everyone to hear how good instagram is doing there is a lot, of course, back to allowing people to get numbers, incredible numbers. >> interesting read. >> the question how is your quarter going to be good enough instagram here, this is an interesting one for the stock i think. >> going on over here, you don't -- >> you know what it is company not built on filth twitter nudity, instagram no nudity. no nudity no nipples no nothing. >> in fact a lot of celebs come out against that. >> based on what did you say. >> i said -- >> twitter allows nudity,
7:54 am
twitter is like where all your porn stars, have twitter accounts that kind of show everything, instagram is built on is a clean sight. >> public battles about that. >> people -- a lot of will toers. >> one of the reasons feels instagram gaining. >> parents more apt to let kids use instagram more comfortable with it you have to police -- >> generation in general feels very comfortable with nudity thing this is like a i watched thank you know i watch what some other people at work, talk about, i mean gen x, no way would you sen a round potential date like a picture of you like -- showing a little something, mean -- >> true but if you look at broader social media, standout apps, not chat a one-time intersection not a facebook need track everything like or not like things like that.
7:55 am
>> a little bit more fine more curated. >> the bartender in chicago, with the tube top, and -- has 50,000 instagram followers it is built celebrities from people otherwise. >> a woman driven app as well -- >> i like it. >> thank you, and thank you dagen mcdowell for joining us this hour see you later dagen thank you keith stick around a lot to talk about cites raise heat on sports fantasy sight allegations of guess cheating a multibillion-dollar start-up next hour we will talk with draftkings ceo jason robbins how he is containing the fallout from the scandal keep it right here fox business network.
7:56 am
7:57 am
7:58 am
. maria: welcome back good morning. i'm maria bartiromo wednesday october 7 fox business network sandra smith hedgeye ceo keith mccullough fox news contributor monica on set breaking news a scary
7:59 am
development in the fight against isis associated press this morning reporting the fbi has smugglers trying to sell nuclear to middle east earn extremists stopped four attempts in five years recent take population in february of this year smuglers look to go sell materials to isis, casey weigh in those straight ahead the money behind in the event of a football in question this morning espn called koet by draftkings fan duel the stooits under fire after revealed that employees are reportedly yies inside information to aerospace payouts on sites new york attorney general began inquirey asking draftkings fanduel for internal data hoi they preventative fraud draftkings ceo jason robbins later this hour 21st century fox has investment in draftkings futures showing market will open high per take a look where we stand gaining ground last hour off highs
8:00 am
certainly way up from lows, dow jones industrial average expected to open up 100 points s&p 500 nasdaq also expected to open higher, one stock to watch yum brands killed the stock down 15%, in the premarket take a look, that would erase gains for the entire year, the company seeing unexpected decline in same-store sales in china, cut guidance a weak performance in the fiscal third quarter stock taking a hit, fbi investigation into hillary clinton e-mails expanding to second technology company, investigators contacted content based firm in september asked them to preserve all data connected to clinton, the company hired back 201 by colorado based firm that managed clinton's server volkswagen ceo recall of cars hit by he is emissions scanned starts in january hopes it can be fixed by end of next year vw said up to 11
8:01 am
million vooe volkswagen had zooel keysel engines to cheat astros limited new york yankees in wild cars game instagram celebrating five years posting most followed accounts kim kardashian taylor swift most 49.6 million car dash i know 48.1 million beyonce 47.2 million than whats did you say. >> i said -- top of the list. >> sure is fox story this morning, a scary development if the fight against isis associated press reporting fbi bust smugglers talking and trying to sell nuclear materials to middle east earn extremists on the phone casey mcfarland fox news national security analyst thanks for calling in what is your take only a matter of time when soviet union claepz in 1990's they had a number of nuclear sights scattered around the
8:02 am
soviet union in old soviet states they just literally the people walked away from those so stuff went missing. 30 years ago, 20 years ago. and as a result, it has been around, just hasn't found right buyer not just nieshg weapons problem not nuclear weapons or small nuke preponderancy fissile materiel not able to apply a nuclear arsenal but plenty around to make a dirty bomb the difference now, in the reason that you are hearing about it now, is isis has the money, are and i want to has the interest and has the intention. maria: also shows you that your seeing this kind of activity in that isis is trying to procure nuclear materials. >> i think al-qaida osama bin laden wanted to do it couldn'tfying out how didn't have money access but isis is now has cells around the world, and particularly has cells in some of the former
8:03 am
soviet union states in muslim populations muslim extremists that is what chechen war was all about, in russia, that putin made his claim to fame, by winning over against violent muslim extremists so i think it is a matter of time before somebody gets her hands on stuff, that is why a sting operation is extremely important that is why u.s. intelligence is crucial and ultimately will probably sharing intelligent with putin zplush can you speak to the dangers of iranian nuclear weapon because if iran is allowed to get a nuclear weapon the surrounding suni states saudi arabia jordan all going to want heavy a nuke weapon set off nuclear proliferation across middle east doesn't that up odds nuclear material of some kind will fall into hands. >> on steroids not even around with nuclear weapons the next countrys that get them like
8:04 am
you say you ticked off a a list, what happens if those countries fall if the leadership of those countries falls in different hands we are arab spring entrenched dictatorships can fall in a matter of days what happens if one of those countries has a small nuclear arsenal leaders get yes or no thrown isis takes over then we have the first for the first time in nuclear age we have the nightmare scenario nuclear weapons in hands of crazy people want to use them. don't mind dying, so long as they take a lot more people with them. >> famous. maria: is there a lot of confusion in the white house about what putin's really intention is here? and the fact or what may be the fact that, his intention goes well beyond syria? >> i think he has three -- yeah white house, they are confused about everything, but i think putin has three objectives, one he is going to prop up assad what he is doing right now this week, in the middle east killing everybody,
8:05 am
who is not in favor of assad he will get to isis eventual what he wants to do wipe out or i allies enemies to show our coalition is a joke. he said as much at u.n., so then the couple weeks' time faced with apple choice, isis or assad or -- that the point, putin will have made the point he is the one to go to in ine maine the reliable big partner not americans, so he wants to control the middle east. second thing i think using that is an opportunity, to pick our pockets speculatives else if i am going to pick your pocket i am not going to show you pocket i am picking i am going to make you distracted look somewhere else the second obama to emasculate nato he started flying accidental, in turkish airspace, turkey a nato memberu will see incidents in the baltics northern nato, where there will be little incidents that will happen, a denial by accident but all definitely by putin's design the third thing should
8:06 am
interest your viewers, is the oil market. this is an oil play. russia combined with the arab middle east, is the world's exported oil market right? you control the world exported oil market you try to control the world economy, so much bigger game does it get putin get there by end? who knows a narrow wind of opportunity he can't count on a weak president after january 2017. >> for sure, thanks we appreciate it. casey mac far landed new -- university swing state poll out this morning blake berman with numbers on that good morning to you. reporter: good morning to you that latest quinnipiac poll from quinnipiac shows donald trump not losing grip the top spot in the republican primary, he is the overwhelming choice in nutritious swing states florida pennsylvania ohio, old in in all three as you can see there by doctor ben carson of note trump received as much support as jeb bush marco
8:07 am
rubio, combined. and the pollster conducted this concluded bush is quote treading water. here is the potentially one reason why, while trump remains the top of the list for who republicans would not vote for, bush is the clear second. on the democratic said to hillary clinton is still on top. but the undeclared joe biden numbers continue to creep up as you can see there, even ahead of bernie sanders in those three states and looking long term, maria this is really a mixed bag for clinton and trump as they lose more head-to-head matchups against the other party, than they win in hypothetical general election matchup in those states that mantle goes to biden carson instead. maria: interesting stuff blake this you so much talk about that for a second. >> these polls versus where the real money would be made i think i sent an e-mail on this earlier in the week european money, bets, polls people put money on do you actually think
8:08 am
trump can get nomination, very few people are putting that money bet on the table, they are actually putting money on the table that you can see hillary, rubio or bush if you had to bet there is rhetoric we are well aware of. dagen: there is lag time betors maybe two months behind primary voters might be. and look i mean, early on trump you know will swing out a summer roms the summer roms turned into autumn roms now he could actually pull this off. i am not saying he will i am saying he could. >> you said that you know joe biden was going to enter the race long time ago first person to say it, on this program. >> when is it going to happen. >> the word is according to cbs earlier this week that he is going to make a decision in announce it in the next 5 to days or so i think absolutely running if you look at pecuniary appearances public schedule, all political speeches, labor day made big
8:09 am
labor day speech to unions unions, by the way, have not endorsed hillary now flirting with donald trump, a very interesting turn of inventories. >> really is unions are we have got to watch that bring in ed ceo president terrence group former senior advisor to scott walker thanks for joining us? a how do you read these polls. >> first of all, a lot of polls out there, in this quinnipiac poll we have of a sample fairly large survey but you are still looking at about 20% of what they are reporting as the republican voters in the race we are seeing internally in various campaigns that trump is running about half of what he is ring in public polls larger audience as opposed to primary voters i think what you do see is we are beginning to move out that have phase i talked to you about before kind of window shopping phase where looking at three or four candidates, to actual going in
8:10 am
looking closer at the record of those candidates that is where you are seeing a carson, you are seeing a rubio, really start to surface. out of these numbers, and i think you are going to see that continue the next month. >> donald trump made a really interesting point on in an interview with with bret baier fox nice channel last night basically saying media is not friendly to him when it comes to polling because he has been at the top aa big margin so long he is saying the second he drops a persistent or two in the polls, all of a sudden headlines all over the world trump -- >> are you going to drop out when are you going to drop out. >> interesting point, because he has been at the top by so much, for so long. maria: yeah. >> if you look the alternativals more say they would not vote for him that one vote for him more importantly when you look at broader survey, he is in terms of unfavorable 50s not
8:11 am
trusting high 50s awfully numbers will come home to radios is not a so many say trump for marketing going to drop out. >> listen i think the beginning took the rays on as lark i have no evidence, speculation then started to win i think it most shocking to him that he has been able to -- >> to lead and maintain lead, but curious to hear your thoughts on idea that the top three are still antiestablishment, antipolitician sending a signal to republican establishment we're going to decimate the establishment and normal way things are done 18 trillion dollars in debt disfun shunnal washington that i think very strong message regardless of who is nominee i think they would be wise to take on that message an bishop it. >> i think anti-washington message very much there quite
8:12 am
frankly, it is driven by middle class middle class feels very strongly on both enterprise that, the rich are getting special deal getting richer poor getting the programs and getting the bill. and tired of it because they don't see anything working in washington. but when you look at the top three candidates just that window shopping phase, where they are getting the attention, quite frankly, trump one of the things i said about him like macy's christmas window everyone going there being entertained but not going in and buying. and quite frankly that is one of the points on trump he is entertaining voters anger but not driving that anger i think you are going to see other candidates get more in the mode of really attaching what they stand for, to where voters stand in terms of their frustration, and anger towards washington. >> you are going to move on to another campaign? >> i may. i may. but you know, it was i was deeply committed to scott walker, i thought he was a great candidate i think you will see him in the future, so i will take my time.
8:13 am
>> good to have you on the show thanks so much see you soon, stock alert shares -- rejecting the revised takeover bid huge 104 planned offer under values the company the shares higher we will be right back. anheuser bunch race.
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8:16 am
. jo welcome back prince al-waleed betting on twitter again kingdom holding company increased stake close to 35 million shares 5% of twitter stock one year after i spoke with the pertains about miss strategy when it comes to twitter social media. >> i thought really moving turn to -- china, i said these are really high flying, star companies in the arenas, yes, we are very focused in our plan investing in these companies to tell you frankly speaking many companies tome to us in this arena just last week we declined maybe two or three companies because thrp
8:17 am
overvalued the future not as s
8:18 am
>> we assumed because in media we use it for our purposes, for marketing branding, but everybody knows how to use twitter how it could be useful to them company najd we need to tell how they can use this then tell them how to money ty it. >> they don't know how to make money with it everybody knows look, with when aol came out almost everyone on desk i think used iteratively there is also a something wall street uses because it is i used to say twitter is new, the fastest way to get information on tape that is new -- >> we use aol instant messenger. >> it was new. >> -- should trade at 20 times revenue on forward or something like this it is crazy. >> twitter is trying to add bells and when issels a feature twitter moments talking about expanding the
8:19 am
messaging beyond 140 characteristics sort of defeats purpose focus on core business, focus on what you are designed to do and do that well. by the way, you could make haim same argument for uber valued 55 billion dollars that is justified? >> that is not -- i mean again, we say i don't know how many times bubble the end of fourth quarter last year this is a bubble if you fail to acknowledge it you will be blown up multiple bubbles all over the plays you can talk about bubbles bubbles if you want. >> i like your tweet if not doing macromacrois doing you, that was good nfl in hot water followings allegations of possibly fantasy football concern and draftkings ceo jason robbins to get his take back in a moment.
8:20 am
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perverse. gleans prize lowest in a decade 2.30 a gallon according to gm chief economist low gasoline prices could last for decades,phil phillip at cme in chicago right now phil. >> good morning got to love this new era of low gasoline prices u.s. oil production, better quality oil better refining techniques fuel efficiency means we are going to keep prices lower for longer, not all the time, going to go up and down but new era low prices not only that lower heating bills as well, the energy information, administration, recorded yesterday that if you heat with heating oil prices 25% lower this winter 10% lower with natural gas 18% if you use propane you got to love low prices, back to you. maria: thank you so much phil flynn keith mccullough we talked about oil, crude oil in this range where you would be a seller what about gasoline.
8:24 am
>> that one tougher, much tougher for me to trade i try to keep it again from the top down, the thing back on oil, though leading indicator, i am getting questions on this on twitter rick earth said 50 to 60 i said immediate term trading range 38, 38 to 50. immediate term, very different perspective and this is why the markets going to like this so much because, they are conflicted, again, the media term not telling i think going to perpetuate gasoline natural gas or wti, what you see tremendously elevated level oil volatility the equivalent of vick obx down in low 40s that range looks more like being 40 to 55 if you had 40 to 55 vix in the stock market, you know people would be we could see people going out the windows right there it would be a very big problem and, again, i think that is the problem in oil market will continue to be.
8:25 am
maria: . >> from a consumer standpoint phil phillip detailed how seeing historically low gas prices natural gas heating oil going to cost us less to heat homes this wintery still consumer not using that tradition money in pocket to spend it elsewhere. >> coming out like casey said picking your pocket other side all-time record highs in rent. >> how about funeral care acting been bernanke had nothing to say about this they are in a depression make 50,000 bucks a year spend 48,000, 49,000 to eat have a bed something over their head gas prices by the time get it to -- >> 100 on their car spending 160 on health care. >> a wash, we just have been stagnant not seeing growth there there is no general growth in the economy, so going into the political cycle this is what matters to these
8:26 am
candidates, they have to speak to the middle class because there has been no upward moinlt last 8 years. >> that is true up next former federal reserve chairman been bernanke with us interesting take on direction of the u.s. economy highlights, back in a moment. (patrick 1) what's it like to be the boss of you?
8:27 am
(patrick 2) pretty great. (patrick 1) how about a 10% raise? (patrick 2) how about 20? (patrick 1) how about done? (patrick 2) that's the kind of control i like... ...and that's what they give me at national car rental. i can choose any car in the aisle i want- ...
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8:29 am
>> welcome back, good wednesday morning, everybody, i'm maria bartiromo. it's wednesday, october 7th. once again with me this hour, fox business's sandra smith. hedgeye's keith mccollough and monica crowley. isis, the associated press reporting that fbi busted smugglers trying to sell to extremists, that bust took place this year when smugglers were looking to sell radioactive material to isis members. and the fantasy football is once again in question, espn pulled draftking and fanduel
8:30 am
after they reportedly used information for big payouts on other sites. and asking draftkings and fanduel for how they do in fact prevent fraud. jason robbins will be my guest. 21st century fox has an investment in draftkings. take a look at equities, the stock market is expected to open up at 100 points on the dow jones industrial average. 40 points on the nasdaq and the s&p 500 also in positive territory. a couple of stocks to watch today for constellation brands, stock is up on stronger than expected earnings and revenue, the rise in revenue driven by higher beer sales, especially in the united states, want -- one to watch on the down side, the third quarter was a milk and the stock is down about 15%. instagram is posting the most followed account.
8:31 am
kim kardashian among them. taylor swift has the most followers, and 49.6 million followers, kardashian is second with 48.1 million followers and beyonce in third place with 42.7 million fans. and fears have struck, and wild swings with triple moves. yesterday i spoke with ben bernanke and asked him how he could characterize the economy. >> i think it's improving, moving forward at a moderate pace, nice if it would be stronger. we came a long way. 2009 the unemployment rate was 10%. today it's 5. we've had six years of growth. maria: i want to bring in the director of global macro. good morning, what's your assessment of the economy? >> the u.s. economy continues to be in a mid cycle expansion. things look pretty good there.
8:32 am
the rest of the world or the market has been tightening and keith has been talking about that as well and i think this was the reason why the fed, you know, sort of blinked in september and why it will probably do so again in december. so, you know, the dollar is strong and foreign exchanges around the world driven by china and spreading in the market. that's a form of market tightening and the fed looks at that and they should and this is why the fed is on hold. the u.s. economic picture continues to be pretty good. maria: what's your call to clients? how do you translate that into allocating capital? >> so, emerging markets, energy, equities, commodities, even high yield corporate bonds are pretty attractive valuation. whether we get a catalyst to really move them yet or not remains to be seen. what we tell investigators, kind of stay the course, the u.s. market is pretty fairly valued at 18 times trailing earnings. i think that price will do what
8:33 am
earnings do, ex-energy we're in that sort of boring market you don't have high expectations, but i don't see like a big selloff coming either. >> what does the day look like in terms of fidelity. it's a sector variance perspective. you have the huge move up in oil and gas stocks and biotech, and everyone has been rightly owning those stocks for a long time. what does a day like that look like to you? >> the last few days after the market double bottomed and sprang up. on the bad jobs number. >> that kind of rotation was highly predictable because energy was so oversold and of course, biotech is the sec lahr secular growth and energy is the poster child of cyclical growth. that is likely, whether it has legs or something is another story.
8:34 am
>> not a lot of people are positioned for that setup now. >> i think that gets so in the weeds for me, sitting at home and here is ben bernanke, eloquently tells maria in that great interview, he cited the number one thing he cited after pointing to a growing u.s. economy was the headline unemployment rate, does that make you comfortable, the fact that he cited the drop from 10 to 5% over that period of time, when so many are challenging that headline, unemployment rate, considering the underemployment rate has gone up, and the number of people working part-time has gone up and quite frankly, people don't feel that great about the economy? >> well, i mean, you know, his point, i think, is about, you know, the speed limit where the economy reaches its inflation threshold and of course, i think a lot of academics think it's around 5, but then, like you said, the u-3 versus the u-6 and unemployment, with a narrow unemployment rate and underemployment rate and there's slack there. make it's not five, maybe it's four, but generally speaking
8:35 am
it's calling it right that the economy has improved significantly, but there's still a lot of structural issues, you know, wages aren't growing enough, and so, chances are that we may not be at that inflation threshold for a while, which, again, the silver lining is that that allows the fed to kind of stay on hold and listen to the market signals which have been sending a different story. >> how do you get to, you know, the fidelity. you run global research basically and fidelity is very good at boiling it down for people. when you start talking about neru and the academic kind of relationships, the phillips curb, is broken. former relationships versus reality of investing today. do you find that to be a challenge? >> it's always a challenge to explain things in a way that make sense to the average investor. you know, we have a lot of investors who are not really investors by defaultment they've made their money raising a certain--
8:36 am
we try to explain it in a way that makes sense. ultimately it comes down to having a plan that makes sense for where you are, in your life, what your retirement age is, what your assets are and then basically sticking to the plan so you don't do what you shouldn't be doing. >> and the plan is different for everyone. >> are you seeing that clientele being risk adverse. what are you seeing from the clientele? >> our clientele is pretty much stay the course. since '09 the s&p has gone up over 20% on a compounded annual growth basis, this year it's flat to down, but the six years of doing that after five years that are super, super strong, really shouldn't concern anyone who has a long-term horizon. maria: despite the fact that the imf downgraded again. a new poll shows good news for joe biden and dr. ben carson. we will bring it to you next.
8:37 am
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8:40 am
>> welcome back, new quinnipiac polls showing vice-president joe biden and ben carson, the two at the top as best general election candidates in florida, pennsylvania, and al amato, thank you for joining us. what do you think, looking at these two at the top? >> well, look, carson is definitely anti-establishment and he does it with class.
8:41 am
you know, he's a gentleman. people love that. he's not the same old-same old. you know, his saying, he's been criticized. they criticize him a lot. you know? when he said about a muslim president, and then he went to speak about sharreya being the problem. that kind of cut him off, but if you ever-- if he were allowed to explain fully, you'd say, yeah, well, i'm not going to be supportive of anyone, forget about their religious beliefs if they are going to try to run the country according to that belief, the answer is no. i think most people understand that. maria: and voters by the way. they shoot at him, but the other day he said listen if i were there i would have fought, i wouldn't let this guy shoot me. well, is that common sense? wouldn't you hope you'd have the presence of mind, easy to say something -- so people are tired of political correctness and that's why you see carson,
8:42 am
that's why you see trump, sanders, what do you think he's doing so well for? he's shocked everybody. no one, none of the political prognosticators thought he would pick up so much steam and then, of course, hillary is bleeding, you know why? you can't trust her? you say she's bleeding and yet, she's at the top of the polls? >> well, she's top of the polls now. and remember, the race hasn't really started. maria: you can't believe the polls now? >> no, they're going to change, they will definitely change, the flavor of the month kind of thing and people come up and down, but i think that carson has the ability to stay there for a while. maria: you do. >> and trump epitomizes the anti-government, anti-same old way, failure. immigration policy, we have none. 40 years, it's not just democrats, it's democrats and republicans, and obama has
8:43 am
exacerbated it. he's horrific on domestic policy, horrific foreign policy, what foreign policy do we have? don: well-- >> we get smacked around a lot. what do you think about the difference. can a silent calvin coolidge win the presidency in this country or do you have to be meteor ready? >> supporting the quiet guy on the republican said because i saw john kasich the governor of ohio, somebody of substance who understands, who is well-regarded and has done a great job both in congress with the budget. maria: great job on the budget. >> and at home in ohio, took a failing state, turned it around. sandra: is he still in the game? he hasn't-- >> he's got to break out in order to resonate, right? >> he has to break out and i think he has to be more aggressive and not be afraid. he's got to be more like donald.
8:44 am
sandra: the dark horse when it started. maria: that's what i thought. he handled himself so well in the debates, but, still, i don't see the traction i was expecting, actually. >> number one, he needs money, all right, in order to project and get his message out there and move around, et cetera, he got in a little late. and number two, i think he has to be more aggressive and, you know, he's probably watching and saying, my god, you're supporting me. [laughter] >> part of the problem, senator, part of the knock on him is that he's very smart and accomplished, but he's undisciplined whereas a candidate like donald trump, who is undisciplined, it works for him. for somebody like kasich he might be perceived as too much all over the map? >> i think that people have not really taken a look at him because how do you grab the attention? and that's what he has to do. so, what gives him, what does it? i say go after hillary, i say go after the foundation.
8:45 am
maria: highlight the economy and jobs, how about that? >> he could say i want to do for this country what i did when i was budget chairman and what i've done for the state of ohio. maria: exactly, that will resonate. senator, great to see you. senator al amato. we're talking with the ceo of draftkings next.
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
>> welcome back, we're about 40 minutes away from the opening bell. nicole petallides, off to the new york stock exchange, expecting a higher opening? >> the dow pointed to an open of more than 110 points. we're going to watch a name, maria, yum! brands, which is under pressure, down 15 and 18% overnight and came out with quarterly numbers and that the ceo is noting the recovery in china since the scandal in 2014
8:49 am
is slower than expected and as a result, cutting going forward to 2015. earnings per share, it's going to be below our target of at least 10% growth. so with that, the parent of k.f.c. and pizza hut. maria: catch nicole every weekd weekday, nicole and lauren, before mornings with maria. it's a scandal that rocked the sports world. an employee of draftkings is accused of insider trading after he won on fanduel. and a company that 21st century fox has as the parent company of fox business. >> thanks for having me. maria: can you explain what went on here? >> first, i want to make it clear to everyone that we're
8:50 am
committed to creating an open and transparent environment, having the trust of our customers that the game is fair is everything to us. and we have done everything, i think, to investigate this incident and have very clearly found through evidence that we pulled, records of when data was sent to this employee that there was absolutely no wrongdoing here. it's a little disappointing that the reports a that came out did know the account for those facts and unfortunately, dragged this individual's name through the mud and he's a good kid. his name is ethan, he works really hard and i just find it disappointing that in order to have a very important discussion, which we're open to having, how we can do a better job creating a trusted and open environment for everyone, it's just unfortunate to me that somebody who was innocent had to be smeared in order to have that discussion. maria: that's a fair point, jason, but we know the allegations that that person was using inside information
8:51 am
and how did he do that? i mean, what are you doing to ensure that fraud. >> he didn't. maria: you say there's absolutely no wrongdoing here. can you explain that? >> no, absolutely not. yeah, so, we have great records of when data is pulled, when communications are sent. so, it's quite easy for us to go and pull those records and what we found was that he was sent this data after his lineup was locked on fanduel so he had no ability to edit it. so couldn't possibly have been a situation where that data was useful to him in setting that lineup. we have contracted a third party law firm conducting an independent investigation and as soon as we have a summary of the findings, we'll share them. we're confident from the internal investigation that this person did nothing wrong. his name is dragged through the mud, he's a young kid, working hard and when someone innocent is vilified it's tragic to watch. >> i completely get that.
8:52 am
at the end of the day people that work hard that are young also make mistakes and i think that people here, and being a user of draftkings, i love the product and love the idea i think you guys are onto something, obviously, that is ground-breaking here, how do you get back to the trust of it all? when people see a system and they see a lot of money changing hands and they have a very competitive environment, think of wall street, that's why this resonates with maria and i. like, how do you get the trust back that people shouldn't see this as an opaque system that it's accountable and trance worthy. maria: we're going to wait, because there's an issue with the feed because we lost jason and the reason you ask that, it's taken off, people want to know answers as far as what the information was. >> on our research floor at hedgeye everybody plays draftkings, and the discussion came about, why should i trust
8:53 am
it. if you lost for three weeks in a row, i lost because somebody is cheating. >> jason robbins, we'll fix the kink here and come back with jason robins after this break. this is an opportunity to right that wrong. the idea was to bring capital into the affordable housing space in south africa, with a fund that offers families of modest income safe and good accommodation. citi got involved very early on and showed an enormous commitment. and that gave other investors confidence. citi's really unique, because they bring deep understanding of what's happening in africa. i really believe we only live once, and so you need to take an idea that you have and go for it. you have the opportunity to say,
8:54 am
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>> welcome back. we're back with jason robbins, the ceo of draftkings. sorry about that. keith was asking you about the trust issue, you continue to say there's absolutely no wrongdoing here, but you've got to explain this to us, jason, because we know that that person in question was looking at information not available to other people. he made all of that money on fanduel after he put his picks out there. so, how do you respond to these allegations that he had information that nobody else had? >> so, the person was sent information after he was no longer able to make any changes to his lineup on fanduel. the information that he was sent was definitely information
8:57 am
that contained utilization on players that should not have been posted publicly and that was an error, a mistake that was made and he will certainly be hearing about that from us, but that was not something. maria: could it be that information. >> it's kind of like on wall street, jason. >> it was inside information, but received after he was no longer to make any-- >> he didn't act on it. >> he couldn't have possibly acted on it. sandra: people are sitting at home saying, if you had that flaw in your system, what other flaws do you have in your system and how exposed are they? >> so, i think that this is an important discussion and you know, i am very much open and i have started actually, before any of this happened, we had already contracted, along with fanduel, to have a third party come in and do a full audit of our procedures, make sure this ifs there's any places to get better, we can do. we're a young company, been around three and a half years
8:58 am
and i think we've done a good job putting strong policies and procedures in place they can get better and i know that. there's a lot of work that we put behind this, it's important that everyone out there knows there's the highest integrity in our games and the competition is fair and work tirelessly. maria: have you heard from the nfl? >> about this? >> yes. >> no, i haven't heard from the nfl. >> my question before i got cut off there, how do you convince a user like me, that young guys won't make mistakes with the fanduel and the draft system? >> i think a few things, first,is getting the accurate story out today, i hope today is helping to do. i am disappointed that the facts were not accurately reported, but i appreciate all of you taking the time to come and share the real truth.
8:59 am
secondly, i do think that, and we evaluated this and discussed it with the rest of the industry, my personal opinion is that no matter how many times i tell you guys that we have controlled and procedures in place it's still going to be a question asked and the satisfactory answer is just to completely prohibit employees from playing on each other's sites. we've never allowed any of the employees to play on the public games on draftkings and it's clear they shouldn't play on any of the competitors site. a policy in place. and thirdly we're going to be employing a third party, it started the work, to do a full audit of our procedures to make sure if there are any places with he can get better that we do, and lastly, we're going to fully cooperate with any inquirie inquiries. sandra: have people been canceling their memberships? >> no, not at all. we haven't seen that and, you know, i think naturally people want some answers and that's what we're trying to do and they want to know that we're
9:00 am
committed to the integrity of our games, nothing it more important to us. i think it's going to be a good experience when it's said and done, it will motivate everybody to work harder. a good thing. maria: jason robbins, thanks so much. thanks, everybody, a great day. stuart varney is next. have a good show. >> thank you, maria. maria: that doesn't sound like stuart. it doesn't like like stuart. >> i'm stuart in spirit today. thanks a lot. maria: i'm sorry, charles. >> the real stuart-- >> i don't see you before we come to you and i need somebody to tell me that you're-- i mean, like i'm going to watch double now. >> that's okay, we want you to watch no matter what, thanks, maria, appreciate it and by the way, stuart will be back tomorrow. in the meantime, we've got an amazing story for you. isis trying to get their hands on nuclear weapons, that's right, gangs affiliated with the


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