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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  October 7, 2015 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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our games, nothing it more important to us. i think it's going to be a good experience when it's said and done, it will motivate everybody to work harder. a good thing. maria: jason robbins, thanks so much. thanks, everybody, a great day. stuart varney is next. have a good show. >> thank you, maria. maria: that doesn't sound like stuart. it doesn't like like stuart. >> i'm stuart in spirit today. thanks a lot. maria: i'm sorry, charles. >> the real stuart-- >> i don't see you before we come to you and i need somebody to tell me that you're-- i mean, like i'm going to watch double now. >> that's okay, we want you to watch no matter what, thanks, maria, appreciate it and by the way, stuart will be back tomorrow. in the meantime, we've got an amazing story for you. isis trying to get their hands on nuclear weapons, that's right, gangs affiliated with the ties, and trying to sell
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nukes to the terrorists. and joe biden is the candidate in three swing states now in polling, the best chance to win in ohio, florida and pennsylvania according to yet another new poll. and donald trump, well, he goes after george w. bush calling the iraq war, a quote, disaster. now the new york attorney general investing those fantasy sports website. you just saw the ceo trying to explain himself. espn now has pulled the sponsored segments for now. a lot to go now, three hours of "varney & company" about to begin. >> first, take a look at the dow futures, a beautiful thing. pointing to a higher opening, up 110 points. a massive reversal since last friday. big question now, it's a legitimate one, could we hit 17,000 by friday? last friday we were wondering if we could hold above 15,000?
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a wild market, we'll keep you abreast of that. here is something that's going to get a hit at the open. yum! brands, parents of kentucky fried chicken, taco bell. they cut the four-year profit forecast and slower than expected in china. the other end of the spectrum, oil has been on fire. look at this, close to that $50 a barrel range right now, 49.20. gasoline 2.29, went up overnight. it's considered cheap that's the national average for a gallon of regular. listen to this, anheuser-busch inbev is making another bid for sabmiller. $104 billion. sabmiller rejected an offer. they're belgian-brazilian. this would combine the number
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one and two brewers, i'm not sure if it would pass regulatory reform. nonetheless, the shares are higher, anheuser-busch on verge of capturing the entire beer market. disturbing news from the associate press, isis trying four times the past five years to buy nuclear weapons with gangs with alleged ties to russia. let's bring in rich lawrie, fox news contributor, rich, this is disturbing since it feels like from what i'm reading they're close to getting their hands on a nuke or nuclear materials. >> it's something like out of a james bond movie, they're trying to sell nuclear material to our worst enemies and plots that we know about have been foiled, but apparently one of the downcides to foiling them as early as they've been foiled, they get away with all the material and apparently for some reason the smugglers aren't seriously punished so it's an ongoing security concern. >> a lot of them are in mall
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dova and meet at the high end clubs. and i've seen this movie before. i think i saw one was triple-x. and i've seen this and-- >> nicole kidman was there. >> an eastern european country, high end club, disco, and a-- >> jumping out of an airplane. >> it's real though. >> fiction does follow fact, right. >> to the point, the king pins of this get away. they're back out there and try it again. they've been stopped four times in five years, what are the chances if one of the attempts gets through. >> they high. donald trump was on special report last night with brett baier. here is what he had to say about russia's involvement with syria. >> you look at syria, also
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hitting isis, by the way. if somebody wants to hit isis, that's okay with me. >> rich, what are your thoughts, donald trump saying, okay, let putin have fun. >> it's not about hitting isis. they've launched some strikes now against isis, but the major project there is buttresses the regime of bashar al-assad and they'll harass turkey, a nato state. >> why would russia harass turkey? >> because the big strategic play here ultimately for putin is try to defang and demonstrate the uselessness of nato. so, he's going to play around the edges in the southern part and then he's also going to do it in europe. we're going to see some, i believe, before this administration is over, some big play in the baltics, where those states will ask for nato help because putin is going to send his men in there. >> will we give him the help? >> putin is saying no.
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>> russians were kicked out in 1973 from egypt and they're bk there. they'll have power from moscow to tehran to baghdad to damascus and looking at turkey, he's getting this ball rolling under our noses we've got to at some point say enough is enough. >> it's also costly for russia, they have a 3% budget deficit and have due bills coming in. >> and i know we want to break the economic back of russia, but it's a dangerous game, very dangerous game at a tough period of time for the world. we want to stick with politics here. we've got a new quinnipiac poll out showing ben carson and joe biden would be the best candidates for their party to win the three key king states. in florida carson beats biden head to head. however, in ohio carson tops biden and in pennsylvania. this time by a wider margin 47-42%.
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and liz peak with the fiscal times is leer. the polls where they are right now, trump with more competition, but hillary, really, in trouble. >> oh, hillary has been in trouble for weeks if not months and the world is waiting to see if joe biden is coming in the race, even without being in the race, he's doing better than she is in a number of confrontation. she has run in my view a bad campaign, it gets worse the revelation about the e-mail scandal. the good news for her, it's taking attention from the foundation which is also a problem for her. i think that biden is a strong candidate and particularly, if, as is rumored he comes in with elizabeth warren as a running mate. >> who would have thought six months ago we would be talking about carson and biden as the strongest candidates on each side. one of them isn't even in the race. >> although would he could argue not being in the race helps, too, you don't get the scrutiny and hillary is killing herself shooting herself in the foot.
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by the way the same poll adds credence to pundits that trump is the favorite g.o.p., even though he beats those in the party he loses to the democrats. >> the polls are skittish and every time someone says that gets attention as carson did about muslims last week, he surges in the poll, what isn't going to change too much, i don't think, is the growing unfavorable trustworthiness issues that are a problem for hillary and increasingly for trump. >> those are bouncing back and in this poll took another dive lower, a lot of republicans say they're adamant in this that they're not going to vote for donald trump, mid 20's to high 30's anywhere in the state. >> the conventional wisdom about trump is correct, so much has been wrong, there's a ceiling there. if you're not with him after he's gotten five months, more earned media than god, you'll probably never be with him.
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>> saying he's going to sort of morph into more traditional campaign, with his wife and family and kind of things that make us more endearing to politicians. you're laughing. you see the trump family walking around and. >> am i going to feel better? okay, that's my groove. back to fantasy sports scandal. espn pulled draftkings segments from the show and they are there's an investigation into this, what will they be looking for. job titles, job descriptions of the people working at these fantasy sports sites and you know, it's interesting, espn is trying to, you know, create distance now between itself. major league baseball, the nfl all have deals with these-- the two big ones, democratic and fanduel. what i've heard from most, they have no clue that the workers there were actually involved in the games themselves, even though it wasn't on their own
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site, it was the other one and they had access to proprietary information. we had the ceo on maria's show, he said we've done a big internal investigation no wrongdoing. >> i think he should have been cool and said listen, we're going to investigate and leaking to people the lists and-- >> i thought that was a ridiculous conclusion, if i were he, i would say we have some problem and we're going to tighten regulations and they also came out with a joint statement the two big companies, we don't have a problem because we enforce the rules. not true. >> i can't get my head around the fact that what started as a pastime of anti-social, baseball, statistic nerds have now become a corrupt industry, billions. >> it may be, to call it corrupt, but more than dungeons and dragons. volkswagen about to announce a
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massive recall, jo ling kent has a lot more in case you missed it. >> the volkswagen new ceo said they're going to start, told a german newspaper it's going to start a massive recall of those diesel cars in january expected to last through the end of next year. the german company says it will be correcting the software cheating the system. and google, you can hit edit and draw, it's been popular on facebook messenger and snap chat. two billion have been uploaded to facebook every day. despite endless expectations are weddings. many couples spent less than $10,000, but the average is 26,000.
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but it's skewed because of places like manhattan. i'm married. >> you get married in city hall. >> what about pure love, says the man who spent more than 10 grand on the ring. >> nice. >> and microsoft breaking the mold. they're after apple. and the question, can they compete with the big guys or too late? we'll have the answers for you next. first, the yankees, one and done in the playoffs, losing that wild card game last night to houston at home, by the way, 3-zip. the astros homered twice and the yankees managed three hits in total. . >> and a swing and a ground ball to short, a big hop for correia and astros advance to kansas city.
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it's a clump of fire ants in greenville, south carolina, yikes. >> formed together, they create an island and they do have to survive, and they can form a raft like this and remain floating for weeks. of course that storm jumped 11 trillion gallons. >> don't put your hand in it. charles: nature is amazing, it is. a quick check of the futures, speaking of amazing, last friday we were off 250 points and we've been up since then. now the question is, could the dow hit 17,000 this week? it might. and also, made a really nice move, it's actually been creeping up here. we're going to get inventories in the next hour that always moves oil and have eric bolling in to join us and tell us where it's going at 10:30 eastern. now a look at microsoft shares, where they're going to open. slightly higher this morning, a day after they unveiled two new phones, a laptop and a wearable fitness device.
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and this augmented reality system, you feel like you're fighting with robots just like if you were actually in the movies. let's bring in christine, a lot of new things from microsoft. >> at that take them on in the laptop space, the surface has gone against the mac book air. and they have the surface book and that could do well against the mac book pro. it has the pin inputs and the detachable keyboard and runs windows which a lot of businesses still run. this is the first time we've seen high end hardware that can go against a laptop from a major competitor. charles: i thought that laptops had sort of been written off, but we've seen tablet sales peak as well. can they both survive, whether it's microsoft or apple, because you mentioned that the
9:18 am
detachable part, or, you know, i feel like one of them has to go. >> yeah, i think eventually one has to go. i think that microsoft has been ahead of the curve trying to figure out a way to have the hybrid model where it can be both and apple has been slower to catch onto that and announced the ipad pro last month and introducing it later this month and taking cues from what microsoft is doing. charles: the phones? >> the phones, that's not going to compete with anyone. charles: why does microsoft waste their time on that? to say this we can do this. >> i think they're trying to do things with phones, they're trying to build apps for android and ios. they build good apps and a good platform. it's hard for them to say we lost on mobile, knowing it's important. lost on mobile. charles: you lost microsoft, move on. but the three grand, the
9:19 am
virtual reality is coming back and, you know, a decade ago it was a bust, but this time it's going to set our world on fire? >> that looks great and three grand is for the developer version. we don't know what it will cost for end users. microsoft has the xbox legacy and it's the augmented reality and it's both. charles: of course, we know that oculus is going to be doing things with other gamers and that's a big area. and i'm afraid to get involved in it because i'm going to lose touch with the little bit of reality i already have. really appreciate it. [laughter] stephon marbury, new yorkers remember him, do you? he played for the knicks and then to china and guess what, he's taking on michael jordan off the court, criticizing him for the price of sneakers. it's controversial and it's next.
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>> point guard stephon marbury getting ready to release his uberaffordable starburies. and comparing the two sneakers, one marbury tweet reads, jordan
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has been robbing the hood since kids dying for shoes and the only face he makes i don't care, times will change. ashley, this is an important story. ashley: it is, $15 as opposed to michael jordan's shoes that cost anywhere from 70 to $220. charles: right. ashley: and jordan, he says, has been robbing the hood and kids dying for shoes and the only face this dude makes is i don't care. it's very inflammatory. charles: it gets back we talk about how many murders happen in chicago. a lot of it will be over things like a pair of sneakers. ashley: sure. charles: i got beat up for wearing the wrong sneakers, when i lived in harlem, you could get physically beaten to a pulp for wearing skips. and i don't blame michael jordan, the accountability has to be in the community. when black people continue to point the finger away from black people committing atrocities against each other i think it's an farce.
9:25 am
i mate that-- i hate the way that marbury is going around it. >> and by the way, $15 sneakers aren't a token of success. charles: marbury wasn't a success and he didn't live up to his potential, and he did play in china. getting back it accountability. every weekend when 20 black people shoot 20 kids in chicago, new orleans, they never blame the black kids, they blame guns, the media, tea party. >> and sneakers. charles: thanks a lot. up next, we're in dow 13-- i'm sorry, 13, i hope that wasn't-- 17,000 watch. ashley: what? >> we'll have a few reluctant bears to talk about it. 17,000 by friday, is that possible? mcdonald mcdonald's launches all day breakfast. the opening bell rings in just three minutes.
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are teaching seniors across the country to stop, spot and report fraud. you can help. guard your medicare card. don't give out your card number over the phone. call to report any suspected fraud. we're cracking down on medicare fraud. let's make medicare stronger for all of us. >> the big strategic play here, ultimately for put putin it to defang the uselessness of nato and he's going to play around on the southern part and do it in europe. we're going to see some, i believe, before the
9:30 am
administration is over, some big play in the baultics. >> that was rich lawrie at the top of the hour, remember, we start 9 a.m. eastern every single day. the market will open in seven minutes. last friday the dow hit 16,000, now we're considering the dow going to 17,000. maybe the next 24 hours or so. that's it. we're opening bell, we're ringing and you can see on the board there we're up 23 points out of the gate on the big board. and shah galani and liz peak. you're a reluctant bear and bearish and pretty strong in convictions. now would you say dow 17,000 by friday? >> we could see 17,000 today. there's nothing ahead in terms of the dow getting there. charles: what happened in the last 72 hours? >> i think the sentiment changed briefly and it could change back, right now we're looking at the same old story, the fed probably going to delay and now we're looking at oil. i think the rise in the price of oil is giving folks who are
9:31 am
worried about the commodities markets and some of them, glencore and some of the issues, and if the oil market is heating up we've got a clear path forward. charles: i'm looking at rio tippetto's move, and i'm shocked. is the commodities route over and if it's over does that bode well for the global economy? >> you know what, i don't know how you can say the global commodities route is over. because we're not seeing growth out there in europe and china and even in the u.s. suspect to so it's tail wagging the dog now. and as far as the fed not tightening before the end of the year, that's bad news, too. and shah mentioned earlier, i think we see 17,000, but for the reasons we're seeing it, oil shouldn't be up where it is economic growth, it's up there because people think maybe they're going to start parring back supply of it.
9:32 am
that would be the only reason. that doesn't indicate growth in my view. charles: well then let's switch gears a little bit. i like the topic, i want to get back, let's talk about yum. there's kentucky fried chicken, taco bell, a big, big forecast miss. shah, are you buying this, that it's only china or that this is some sort of proxy for china? >> well, 50% of their, the revenue comes from china so i'm worried about the fact when the ceo comes out and says there are unexpected headwinds. i'm not sure if 50% comes from china, ratcheted the earnings expectations below, so when the ceo talks down, the earnings of the company, that worries me. >> dan, here is the thing, some pee say it's a proxy for china, i'm not necessarily buying it. yum had a major controversy there, and i don't know if i lived in china if i would go back and eat there either. what do you think, is it yum
9:33 am
specific or-- i think it's yum specific. whatever fast food item they get it's like the glow is wearing off on it. i want to see what the rest of china is doing. yum! brands is not the big global mover of china. so i'd say it's a company specific issue, not a china specific issue. >> let's switch to something that's a global proxy, oil is up again, dan. we know about the troubles in the middle east and you talked about the dynamics, with the demand and supply, let's face it, oil's freefall in the first place came at the hands of the shenanigans, and with the fracking miracle. this sort of equilibriuequilibr. >> demand could pick up? >> absolutely, demand could pick up. we have to ask ourselves where does oil belong? one thing that's important to remember, saudi arabia's ploy
9:34 am
was to put the frackers out of business. it does, but when it's 50, 60, will they pump? sure, they'll pump. i think we have a cap on oil, 55 to 70. unless we see strong economic growth out there. charles: that's huge. >> supply and demand should dictate. charles: 55 to 70 is huge from here, dan, absolutely huge. i want to take a look at microsoft shares of course, out of respect to stuart varney, who owns the stock, but they're getting into hardware, can they really give apple a run for the money, ashley? >> i think it's a good day for them yesterday. i like what they brought out. but apple is apple, are they going to put a dent in the i-mac? possibly. i think that apple is king of the heap. charles: are you a buyer. >> i've been a buyer of microsoft and one of our core holdings and add to that position. charles: do you like microsoft over apple. >> i like them both. both of them are core positions for us. charles: all right.
9:35 am
let's talk about fitbit it did dip after this. we know there arewarable devices in it. tell us where fitbit is right now. i'm sorry, nicole's not there. all right. we are watching some other winners though today and we've got to start with twitter, and we know the stock has been hammered down this year. we heard that saudi prince al waleed has doubled his stake, it's huge. and then there's fiat chrysler up 15% in the past week, auto workers authorizing a strike against chrysler. we're going to have more on that later. and we talked about apple, you know, apparently no impact. we can see the stock is up slightly and netflix, netflix, keep in mind up 121% this year and amazon is up 73% this year. you're a value guy, would you touch either of those? >> no. charles: none of them?
9:36 am
>> way too expensive for me at this point. charles: really? i don't know, you know, i hear-- i know everyone is saying sooner or later everyone is getting into the game and netflix is going to lose. i think that netflix has one more bounce in there. >> you ka you willed, very early on the call and you're right and i missed the boat. at this point if you want to jump in now there's a lot of downside potential. charles: the risk reward there. anheuser inbev, and sabmiller says it's not enough. another bid is coming up and would combine the world's number one and number two brewer. if the deal could happen. a lot of hurdles there. >> when you get number one and number two companies together. officials could look and say too much concentration. this deal, as i understand it, is complicated in terms of two different structures and so forth.
9:37 am
it looks like there are holdouts not particularly liking that structure, who knows? it would be a mighty big company and powerfully focused on different regions of the world. huge-- >> i really do know the see how the europeans in particular would allow this to go through and for me, you know, this morning constellations brands reported an amazing number. i think the stock is an all-time high so beer sales propelled them. beer is strong for me makes coors tap a good stock to look at. >> no, i don't think this deal makes sense. there's a debt component over 60 million dollars, i don't know if the market is capable to digest that. i don't know that it's going to pass regulatory. charles: it's a belgian-brazil company and with warren buffett and these are companies that combine everything. ashley: market share. charles: and fire a bunch of people. it couldn't create any economic
9:38 am
well-being for the underlying economies. >> this is what we see in top of markets. we see this consolidation, not a lot else to do with your capital. >> and when interest rates are zero percent. there's a tremendous amount of people that do deals that wouldn't be looking at them. charles: now let's take a look at mcdonald's, rather. yesterday they rolled out the all day breakfast nationwide, i think it's huge. even i-hop getting in on the act, trolling mcdonald's on twitter. do we have that tweet? we don't, but i-hop, this is their area. breakfast is their thing. and i don't think it's a silver bullet, that coffee was for mcdonald's at one point and the dollar menu is, but i think it's a good bridge to whatever that silver bullet might be. >> they need to make a lot of changes, this is a good start. this is something positive and been positive for the stock and had a nice bump here and-- >> anybody buying this? i think they do two things, put out press releases for media,
9:39 am
particularly the mainstream media and cage-free birds and antibiotics, but the fact of the matter is people like big fat juicy burgers and even chipotle isn't as healthy as it was made out to be. honestly, don't you want a big fat burger with a little bit of grease. let's revamp the burgers. >> that's a good point. that's a core product and haven't changed it. ashley: aren't they toasting their buns a little? >> i think the big mac debuted in 1959, let's revamp it. put in juicy meat. and in alabama they don't care about the antibiotics they want fat food that tastes good. let's look at tesla, tesla bulls are worried. they think the new model might be pricey. ben, you must have two or three of these. what do you make of the model x.
9:40 am
>> i've got an option on the fourth. this is too expensive for the masses. if you look at tesla, ford f-150 vehicle sold, and tesla won't do that in a year. and it's a great car, no denying it. they can't make it profitable enough for a 244 level. charles: i will say this, dan. doesn't it also give us-- doesn't acknowledge a dirty little secret that the majority of tesla owners are in a 1% and something ironic about the 1 percenters, getting subsidies to buy the flashy cars. >> absolutely, you've got to be extraordinarily well think to buy the cars and even the one with more traction for middle income people saying $55,000 and you're putting that up to low end luxury car levels, it's not going to happen. charles: there is a car that most middle class people can
9:41 am
afford and it's a lot of those volkswagen, unfortunately, a raw deal they've gotten. and volkswagen is going to start one of the biggest recalls in their history, they want to fix software designed to manipulate emissions tests and ashley, we've seen maybe in some degrees worse recalls recently. >> well, i was going to say where the loss of life was involved they've come back. charles: but they deliberately set out to cheat. ashley: the damage to the brand is significant. yesterday we did something about the resale valley and kelley blue book say they've dropped 1700 in value because of the cheating device, you know, on the emissions. can they recover? yes, they can, but it's going to be a little while before they can get back. charles: they were already struggling in america anyway. >> yes. charles: here is a number for you guys, grab a hold of this one, $2 trillion, that's with a t, how much money the 500 largest american companies in
9:42 am
america right now holding off shore to avoid taxes. apple, pfizer nike. liz, we've heard it before and every time it resonates. and we're getting a handle on it because donald trump has been talking it up and we're the only country that punishes people that makes profits from out of the country. >> it's not something that the companies are doing that it's inappropriate or wrong, they're doing it because the tax code is screwed up. if we want to change this and repatriate a great deal of this money, let's change the tax code and bring the money back. charles: a 10% window to lure the money. why not zero? he admitted zero sounds good, but thinks he can get 10%. give nem a zero and then 10% after that. george bush did this, we get 400, 500 billion back, but 300 billion is the stimulus plan that no american taxpayer has
9:43 am
to pay for. >> it's amazing some of this money isn't parked overseas because where the companies are investing and growing. it's not like $2 trillion is going to come home. charles: i said we could get 400 billion or 500 billion, a heck of a shot in the arm. let's look at the big board. the dow is strong and hanging in there 120 points, could we hit 17,000? shah says today and could sell everything. [laughter]. a warning about killer robots. some are worried about it and sounding the alarm next.
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usaa car buying service. powered by truecar. online and on the usaa app. >> fantasy sports company fanduel releasing a statement this morning, says it's banned its employees from all daily fantasy game and banning employees from other fantasy sites. ashley: that's an important point they make that they made the announcement.
9:47 am
i don't think many people realized they were allowed to play on competing sites. that is causing controversy when they're getting access to proprietary material and gives them an advantage and knowing every player out there, what teams they're selecting, gives them of sense of getting an advantage. the new york attorney general, he doesn't care they say they've done nothing wrong. we had the ceo with draftkings this morning on with maria this morning and says we've done absolutely nothing wrong. charles: in 24 hours, we did an amazing investigation. it was big of him to come on and talk to maria, but maybe some attorney should have spoken with him first. he it wasn't convincing. >> not at all. charles: millions and millions of people are engaged in this. ashley: more than 14 billion. charles: and just like the stock market, you want to make sure it's fair. i don't know that people mind winning or losing that comes with the territory, but they
9:48 am
may have the advantage because some guy won $350 grand, like a tiny investment. ashley: $25. charles: this is like hillary clinton somewhere calling for whitewater workers and say what happened. ashley: oh, boy. charles: couldn't resist. and so, fanduel comes out and seems to be getting ahead of this in a different way than draftkings who adamantly just denying. ashley: they put out a joint statement yesterday. it does not smack of-- it feels like there needs to be a lot more investigated, that's the problem, charles and why we have the new york attorney general and others to get in there and it's going to lead to congressional hearings and they're going to get regulated. >> and senator ma len dez, he called for an investigation as well. some people consider is gambling, got by with the supreme court ruling, it's a
9:49 am
game of skill rather than chance. ashley: correct. charles: and a lot of states already think, have banned their people in those particular states from participating. ashley: right. charles: it's going to make it hard. ashley: it's amazing how far it's gone with players from other individual leagues endorsing it. it's like the horse bolted a long time ago on this thing. it's huge already, it will be interesting to see how much it will get reined in or attempts ma i had to rein it in. charles: nothing worse than sports than betting or gambling scandals. we've seen rape allegations, but never seen the punishment that these leagues have, and going back to the white sox scandal and it matters a lot. ashley: we cannot escape the commercials for these two entities. if you watch any sporting event over the weekend in the last few weeks, it's phenomenal the amount of advertising they've done and people say that's pretty good, i want to try that. charles: people talk about uber, all of these things, and
9:50 am
valuations and this stuff, these guys raised a lot of money including from 21st century fox. ashley: jerry jones from the cowboys and kraft-- >> people wondering if they've got enough cash. the big board, the dow jones industrial average up 134 points. having a great day. yum cut their earnings forecast in china. there you have all 30 stock, majority up and the ones on the bottom lagging behind. but mcdonald's look giving up gains from yesterday. more varney next. does it make the short list? you remembered that too. yea, i'm afraid so. knowing our clients personally is what we do. it's okay. this is what we've been planning for. thanks, bye. and with over 13,000 financial advisors,
9:51 am
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for a free quote today,call liberty mutual insurance at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> take a look at this, shares of freeport mcmoran having a pretty good session. they've named two board members with billionaire carl icon. he's been pushing the company and the act-- it's been a top performer. drones and robots becoming more common on the battlefield. our next guest says if we let robots fight our wars we could be setting ourselves up for disaster. a robotics professor joins us, a member of the international committee for robot arms control. welcome to the show, we've all
9:55 am
seen the hollywood movies, we've read the books throughout the years, and beginning with isaac's free launch of robotics, you say that won't matter if we continue on the course that we're on we're going to regret it? >> i would say so. but i would say so, but ignore the --. >> go ahead. >> i'm sorry, i'm getting an echo here, just a second. i would ignore all you're hearing from the science fiction, really because we're talking here about things that look like conventional fighter jets, tanks, submarines, et cetera. charles: where is the risk, sir. >> such that they're-- once they're launched, they activate-- i'm sorry, i'm getting a terrible i can could he here and it's very, very difficult for me to talk. charles: and we're going to work on this, sir, and come back to you, ashley, listen, again, we all kind of understand the risk here and
9:56 am
there's a lot at risk associated with this, not just the science fiction things that robots would eventually turn on us, but the idea that it's easy-- it makes it easier to indescriminately kill people, harm people when you have a robot army at your disposal. ashley: it becomes a giant real life video game, with people at controls using these artificial intelligence to carry out whatever you want them to carry out. that video for some reason wigs me out. you know. charles: that's the darker project. and every year they give a prize. this year went to a south korean firm and, you know. ashley: it you imagine an army of thousands and thousands of these robots. charles: sure. ashley: although, you know what, who could use them. charles: anybody who lost somewhere in a war in the middle east say i would have preferred a robot rather than my son or daughter. there will be an inflection
9:57 am
point it will back fire to what degree. ashley: exactly that, where is it? i think we're close already. charles: first you're going to see this with drones. someone like isis can take drones retrofitted and that's what we'll see first, i think. hey, here is a headline that probably won't shock you, mainstream media, hillary clinton and i'm talking a whole lot more than joe biden and bernie sander, the idea of russia trying to buy nukes.
9:58 am
9:59 am
>> here is the big story for you this hour. terrifying news about isis, the associated press reporting that eastern european smugglers have been trying to get them nuclear material, enough to take out a whole part of major cities, they've been trying it four times in the last five years,
10:00 am
but they continue to try. the swing poll joe biden and ben carson, the two leading in florida, ohio and pennsylvania. as for hillary, she's all over the mainstream media. brent is here with how much coverage she's getting compared to competitors. and there are reports that say that directions led a woman to her death. the second hour of "varney & company" starts now. ♪ >> let's check out the big board, 16,000 last friday, could have hit 17,000 this friday. looking good right now, take a look at oil. creeping up. everybody was talking a two handle, a three handle. what about a five handle? close to 50. the oil rally hanging in there looking really good. unfortunately, yum brand won't be joining the parade. the parent company of kentucky
10:01 am
fried chicken and taco bell reported in china, stock is annihilated. disturbing news from the associated press, isis trying four times over the past five years to buy nuclear weapons from gangs with related ties to russia, rich lowery had this to say in the last hour. >> the plats have been foiled. but one of the down sides to foiling them as early as they have they get away with the material and the smugglers are not seriously punished. so it's an ongoing security concern. charles: navy veteran ortega joins us with more on this and here is the latest out of south carolina. the lanefall that flooded the state, amounted to roughly 11 trillion gallons, and the second wave of flooding is becoming swollen rivers, still could crest again. so far, the flooding has killed more than a dozen people and cost more than 1 billion in damage. a real natural disaster. back to the markets, john
10:02 am
layfield down in bermuda. i want to go straight to it. dow 17,000 by friday, what are your thoughts? >> i think certainly could. it seems to be that motor tum is carrying us up. it's a psychological barrier, anything more than that, the headwinds and economy are against the market right now. charles: why this remarkable reversal. it looked like when the job numbers came out and the dow was down 250. they said this is it, yields are going down and the market will crack down in 15,000. and how does that change in 48 trading hours? >> people are trying to find where the bottom is. second biggest economy in the world going from 7% to 5%, if those are real numbers, hard to tell with china, that's a 30% drop. that causes repraying-- repricing of markets around the
10:03 am
world and namibia to australia and there is a contagion effect. i think we're looking for a repricing of markets and we're not sure where that price is. charles: so we gave up 2,000 from the high and maybe it's somewhere in between? >> i think you're right. i think we're-- look, right now, we're realizing and the fed is realizing this, which is disconcerting, america cannot pull the world economy. you're seeing slowing of the global economy and we're seeing growth in our economy, but not enough growth to pull the world economy. charles: you have a couple of stocks you brought us today. why do you like ryder? >> people are going, people are worried they're not buying trucks, they're renting trucks. ryder, i do own it and pretty good appreciation from this point forward. charles: i like ryder and i think that people are going to start being able to quit their jobs and getting a new one
10:04 am
somewhere else, household formation, to your point, i think they're going to rent the trucks and go all out. controversial, you like bp, you think do the worst is behind them? >> i do. small yield, better than treasuries, but what isn't better than treasuries right now. they just settled with the u.s. government for the oil spill. i think right now, you're looking at oil stocks, i don't think we see 60, $70 an oil because iran is going to come on-line at some point, a million extra barrels coming on line some point probably in the next year, but i like the oil stocks right here and i think that bp has been beaten up so badly i think the worst is over. charles: i tend to agree with you, i like those paying hefty dividends. >> great to talk to you. charles: you, know, the headline of the morning, a fresh quinnipiac poll showing
10:05 am
that joe biden and ben carson, biden has an edge in florida, but in ohio carson 46-42 edge and then there's pennsylvania where carson on top by 47% to 42%. as for hillary clinton, well, she's getting all the love on the mainstream media. over the last nine months hillary received, get this, 80% of coverage among democratic candidates followed by joe biden who is not officially in the race at 13%, and bernie sanders has been killing it with only 6%. joining us now, media research center's brent bozell. the media had a love affair with the clintons, joe biden filling stadiums with 20,000 people and that amount is crazy. >> let's look at it this way. it's more telling, i think, the positive and negative coverage that they're getting. it is interesting. hillary's coverage in the last
10:06 am
two months has dealt with 54% of it has dealt with her scandals. so that makes it primarily negative because she doesn't want to be talking about that. but, these are events that are out of her control and they're just happening. the fbi has an investigation and what not. the media reporting that. but what is interesting to me is biden and sanders. in the two month period, joe biden's negative coverage 2%. bernie sanders' negative coverage zero, 100% positive and with none of them there is any discussion about the issues. not a one is being-- are the issued being discussed. bernie sanders is the most far left candidate potentially in history. there's not been one second devoted to that. charles: well, you're not necessarily surprised although i guess that the magnitude of the 0% negative coverage does
10:07 am
blow your mind. this is the kind of candidate, the mainstream media has been longing for for a long time. >> here is an interesting one, you're absolutely rate. they love bernie sanders and he falls in their narrative. here is something interesting to consider. joe biden, he's had a miraculous rebirth of his career in the last two years. let's remember, joe biden has had a history of being an incredibly nasty politician when he wants to be. think of robert bourke, the justice alito hearings, think how he made mince meat out of paul ryan in the last debate and yet, he has remained himself into this lovable grandfather figure. this other thing is his gaffes. dan quayle must be hitting himself in the head with golf clubs right now. joe biden is far more gaffe prone, but it becomes lovable when it was biden and a sign of idiocy with dan quayle. to me it's remarkable he has
10:08 am
played this media game brilliantly thus far. charles: we'll see if it's enough to lure him into the race officially. >> thanks for having me. charles: to this explosive growth in drone sales, the potentially deadly collisions now the subject of a major house hearing today. congress increasingly concerned that government rules are so weak that drones could collide with an airplane causing it to crash. of course, elizabeth mcdonald is here with more liz: the house hearing is underway right now. the f.a.a. has not come out with rules on drone use. they're going to punt it into march of next year. the headline, f.a.a. is really concerned according to the f.a.a., one million drones are expected to be sold by this christmas. one million drones under christmas trees, 19 different models in wal-mart fr.
10:09 am
ap pilots spotted drones, 650 drone sightings by pilots in the first seven months of this year. that's up five times versus 2014. so, here is the issue, the real paush is hobbyists are buying drones. you're not supposed to fly above 400 feet if you're near the airport. they can't fine the operator if you're going to do that. chuck schumer is saying they may demand, may change the law, the law to put in technology into drones, disable drones if they come anywhere near air space or around airports. charles: a kill switch kind of thing. ashley: what's the danger, they're tiny compared to the plane, they can be sucked into the engine. >> you can't build the engines-- >> we've seen disaster with birds. flying might get comfortable with airbus gets their way. jo ling kent has more.
10:10 am
>> charles, look at that. charles: no folding chairs. >> it's worse. stacking chairs. airbus wants to cram more in the plane by stoacking on top of your flyers. look at that, they arrange flyers in two different levels like blocks. >> wait a minute, is that like burning beds on the airplane? >> it looks like it. what they want to do is take advantage of that normal seat, the spice above your head and take advantage of that and using, get this quote, use the unused upper lobe of the aircraft fuselage. charles: it looks like an egyptian burial-- >> you talk about the safety behind that, too, you just don't know. >> a lot of the unfriendly skies. >> isn't that the case? >> geez. >> child care, guys, costs more
10:11 am
than rent in a majority of states. according to the economic policy institute, it's cheaper to pay for four years of in-state college tuition than to hire a nanny for your child's earlier years. parents in bingingham new york is paying more. and pumpkin pie alert. >> 0 ex. >> if it's your favorite treat at thanksgiving you might want to start stockpiling the cans of filling. the chicago tribune, yeah, reports that thanks to record rainfall and a crop watch out back in june, the canned pumpkin manufacturer libby could produce a third less and once they're sold out, guys, that's it. >> that's it. >> oh, until the next harvest. >> that's a big deal. >> yeah, that's a big deal. and shah is saying my granddaughter turns three today. >> oh. >> hip birthday. >> i agree, the daycare center
10:12 am
is so expensive after the show, i'll be selling hot dogs outside of the building. >> don't have the price too high. >> thanks, jo. >> thanks, charles. >> donald trup taking a swing at george w. bush saying the iraq war, a quote, disaster, those comments are sure to upset a whole lot of folks. and russia in syria, there are reports it's intercepting u.s. military drones. more varney next.
10:13 am
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to receive tanzeum free for 12 months. make every week a tanzeum week. >> man, am i happening today for real. the dow 17,000, 168 points, 16,959, that's a key resistance point and they're cutting through it like a knife and hot butter. and anheuser-busch, sap miller rejected anheuser-busch's new bid. if they combine we're talking the number one and number two brewers, that's huge.
10:16 am
here is what to look here. the shares opened, up $2. in the meantime, twitter shares down 20% this year, but saudi prince al waleed is raising his stakes and raised stakes already. and he's one of the richest arab world and now twitter's second largest shareholder. and a plot to sell nuclear material to isis. the latest known case in february when a smuggler sought out a buyer from isis. joining us now is navy veteran morgan ortega. i have it here, it reads like a movie plot. four times before, and they're running rough shod in maldova. >> it's a concern back when the oath union thought about what was happening. charles: back then the dirty
10:17 am
bomb stuff and people were talking about dirty bombs and now people are trying to facilitate this stuff. >> this goes on more behind the scenes than we're aware of. this is why you have to have human intelligence on the ground and can't rely on a signalled intelligence and what we're getting from computers and that sort of thing to know what people are doing. clearly the fbi has done an excellent job in foiling the plots. >> they say they can't get next to the king pins so they get a few low level people and keep moving on and they negotiate on the nightclubs, just like a plot out of hollywood movie. >> this is one of the reasons it's destructive. current relationship or lack thereof with russia. if the president is going to rollover and let them do what they want to syria at least they'll press for cooperation in the area. >> and i would think that now that russian troops are-- >> they are supposedly going after isis. charles: it looks like they're
10:18 am
dropping bombs on everyone. >> the only one that thinks that russia is going after isis is putin and trump. charles: i want you to listen to what donald trump had to say about the iraq war. >> i think he was a disaster and i think it was one of the worst decisions ever made. he has totally destabilized the middle east. had saddam hussein still abouten in charge you wouldn't have the problems you have now. charles: listen, he's talking about george bush and he says the war was a dumb move. >> thank you, captain obvious. charles: it feels like, listen, it's almost beside the fact now. >> yeah. charles: colin powell says you break it you mix it. what degree should we own it? >> the iraq war and middle east at large is a complicated region. you have to look at it, he would not have gone in when the president made the decision. fine, what would you do when
10:19 am
you get the intelligence. the majority of the congress, senate, democrats voted for this. what do you do when you get that sort of intelligence. charles: the president say i'm going on a hunch, i have i've got a hunch this is a bad deal, let's not do it. >> when you speak about going with good instinct that president bush put on. i was in iraq when the surge was there, a courageous act. obama inherited piece and trump needs to go after what president obama has done in the past six years, which is nothing, not president bush. charles: donald trump would increase the military and it would be intimidation factor. do you think that the bad actors would-- >> we're the strongest military in the world, i agree with mr. trump we should increase the military.
10:20 am
and because of sequestratiosequi agree with him there. and inhe's incredibly naive about iraq and syria. charles: not a robust start, i think it's a cloud play here. we might glean something out of that. coming up, obama administration wants to release 6,000 prisoners, officials say they they need the room and the ways that the traffic app is now said to have led a many with a to her death. it's a tragic story, more on this when varney comes back.
10:21 am
10:22 am
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and calls and e-mails me if something, like this scary storm, takes it offline. so i can rest easy. what. you don't have a desk bed? don't be left in the dark. get proactive alerts 24/7. comcast business. built for business. >> the obama administration is planning to release thousands
10:24 am
of prisoners by the end of this month, we're talking 6,000 of them going to be let go. mostly what they call nonviolent drug offenders, this is a part of an effort to reduce over crowding in a prison system. thousands more prisoners will also receive reduced sentences as well. constellation brands, hitting a new high today. looking good. a good earnings report. better than expected profits and corona beer and raised their full year guidance. unfortunately, avon, they've been beaten down this year and today, the stock is up also, but that used to be a $30 stock. an elderly couple visiting brazil through their gps app was taking them to tourist streets near rio de janeiro. instead allegedly took them on a road of the same name they were looking for, but this was in a slum where the woman, the tourist was shot dead by whom authorities believe was a local drug gang. ashley. ashley: a sad story.
10:25 am
charles: what do you make of it and also-- i'm sorry, that they're liable here? >> no, i don't, it's a very sad solution. they rely on gps, we hear people driving into lakes and rivers because they rely blindly on gps. they came back and said they are saddened by this, but unrealistic to take them only through safe areas. charles: and at the bottom of the thing, in tiny print. ashley: you would never read liz: what happened to the woman, she drove into the area, dangerous area in brazil. ashley: she wanted to go to a beach and instead put in the gps took her to an area where there's' a drug infested slum area where drug gang lords basically run the community and the car was fired upon and hit 20 times.
10:26 am
she was shot, the husband managed to get away, drive her to the hospital and she died. charles: the gps, i know it's not the first time we've had problems there eno. charles: thanks a lot. coming up, the fantasy football scandal actually widens. the new york attorney general launching an inquiry and the fda saying, believe it or not, it's okay to drink cold milk. and the doctor will join us on this one on whole milk. amerivest selects the funds and manages your portfolio.
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10:30 am
2.2million barrels. why is that important? it gives us maybe a sense of supply and demand. we had a build of over 3 million. let's bring in our oil expert, eric boling. >> 1 million more than expected. in general, the feeling is that the demand is starting to spike a little bit. the other issue is the dollar. we have this massive long term strength over the last few months. the perception is the increase
10:31 am
in the dollar slows down. it is very positive for oil. you see it bounce off the lows. there are certain reasons. the midwest. the east coast. houston. inventory builds do not mean much at all. sometimes it is a storage issue in oklahoma. >> any part of the country going through that whole blind changing thing? overall, the narrative is that china's economy is too slow for us to see the growth we saw an oil when they were spending money crazy. have we reached a point where they can just simply be oversold as well? >> china said that they are slowing down. it feels like the u.s. economy
10:32 am
is starting to pick up some of chinese growth. ours starts to pick up. you listen to presidential candidates. they are all saying four-6% growth going forward. also, unrest in the middle east. that has a huge effect. >> in the past we have seen geopolitics and oil up. the premium on oil in the past for instability in the middle east used to be huge. it is almost nonexistent right now. >> iraq or iran or iran gets involved or russia gets more involved, to u.s. shuts down a russian airplane over syria, you will see a three-four spike. putin has made a lot of accidents. iran coming online.
10:33 am
we have seen so many rigs go off-line here. finally starting to peak ample back in america. you have up to 4 million barrels it was just hitting at a cheaper price. going through different venues. that would be a negative. where are we going to be at the end of the year? higher or lower. i still think that the general picture for oral is lower. >> okay. thanks a lot. eric boling every day. take a look at yum brands. you know the company. taco bell. they issued a full-year profit forecast. an oxymoron in this case.
10:34 am
primarily in china where the stakes are claimed. they had a big scandal they are. obviously, it has not worked out for them for a long time. shifting gears for a long time. it is going to ban be and its employees from playing on any sites. the ceo of draft kings actually spoke with maria bartiromo earlier this morning. >> we are completely committed to creating an open and transparent environment. we have done everything, i think, to investigate this incident. very clearly found through evidence that we pulled, there was absolutely no wrongdoing. >> also want to remind everyone that 21st century fox is also an investor in draft kings.
10:35 am
joining us now is sports attorney richard roth. this is a real, real ugly situation. something that is starting to really explode on the scene. >> the way that these two companies came out. you cannot watch a football show right now. how it will play out is, they fail to do so properly. you have everyone coming in. you have eric snyderman sending letters. you have two different congressmen wanting to get into it. this is a form of gambling. >> the supreme court has said that it is not. somehow this will be considered a form of gambling down the
10:36 am
road. >> that was for the entire season. there was knowledge. some knowledge of football. what they have done is they are betting on one game. this may very well be a form of gambling. right now it is technically not considered gambling. the bet is on the guys you do not know. who were rookies last year. the unknown. that is the big payoff. this kid made $350,000. it is ugly. from a $25 bet. that is unheard of. 250 grand. >> using insider information at their own country. went over there. los angeles saying none of the employers would be allowed to play. >> about one hour and a half ago.
10:37 am
he stands behind his employees. there will be more employees. >> they come on the air in say we are not allowing any employees to bet. you know the legislature is going to comment. >> will it look the same? >> it could look the same. if they are successful. they can get over this hot. at lot of skeptical's. if you believe that there is some insider information. >> people love sports. >> very true. charles: thanks a lot. cheryl, what are you watching? yum brands. under a lot of pressure. they have problems in china.
10:38 am
that is their biggest market. you know the name. this is a stock that is hitting 13 year lows. i can show you a five-year chart. look at how well these guys have done over the last five years. this is really a big hit for these guys. the stock is affect young a lot of the other restaurant stocks. i would show you microsoft, but stuart is not here. charles: thanks a lot, cheryl. there is new research that says people may have been better off if they would have just kept ringing it. the doctor is in. doctor marc siegel. whole milk was like the fabric of america. you go back to the 40s in the 50s in the 1800s. you drink it. you work in the field.
10:39 am
the share of whole milk versus the rest of the department. >> i will not come on the show here and recommend that people drink whole milk. >> why not? milk has a lot of protein in it that is good for you. it has a lot of sugar in it. saturated fats, the big debate that is going on, charles, if you take out the saturated fats, what do you replace them with? we have been replacing the saturated fats with sugar. yogurt has a ton of sugar. how much sugar are you getting? you know what the body does to sugar? converts it. you have a mediterranean diet.
10:40 am
>> there is some evidence that whole milk prevents diseases. listen, we are going to get sugar from different sources. the defense mechanism from certain diseases. we should ignore that? >> i think that mel campbell * your immune system. they used to say drake felt it goes right into your coronary arteries. there was recently a study. it definitely increases cholesterol. it may not increase the kind of cholesterol that goes right into your arteries. milk may not be as bad for you as we thought it was. it is probably bolstering the immune system. four people who cannot get it elsewhere, milk has an advantage. recommending through, vegetables, olive oil,
10:41 am
cornflakes. i like stuart salmon in the morning. >> you've got it. see you later. thanks a lot. 3500 feet above the ground. sending people running. donald trump how trump gets more media coverage by spending far less. ♪
10:42 am
10:43 am
♪ nicole: i am nicole petallides with your fox business brief. we are still seeing sunny and green arrows. of about 95 points. oil gaining $0.15. the nasdaq and s&p without the aeros. those are some of your winners. we are seeing the restaurant in the red. kfc and talks about lowering its forecast. the biggest plunge in more than a decade. mcdonald's also a ladder. better profits. we will continue to watch anheuser-busch. a winner with a possible deal. we want you to start your day every day at 5:00 a.m. lauren simonetti and i with all your breaking news.x person
10:44 am
10:45 am
charles: yet another mid air pilot's scare. from houston to san francisco. diver did to new mexico yesterday after one of the pilots became ill and passed
10:46 am
out. they came just one day after an american airlines flight became diver did after a pilot became ill and actually died beard the ntsb investigators are now looking into the 790-foot cargo ship. it's sunk in the atlantic during hurricane >> joaquin. they still hope to recover a data recorder from the ship. search and rescue teams continue to search for any survivors. raising his face yet again. up the stock goes. now, to donald trump. the front runner in the race. he has not really had to break out a whole lot of bank for it yet either. reports that his rivals spend as much as 5 million through july. david, he cannot continue this
10:47 am
sort of shoe sting campaign. >> certainly, he has been asked to start spending more money. he has already been asked to spend more money. mr. trump is starting to spend more money. his campaign is being smart. letting trump be trump. probably his biggest. >> fairpoint. let me also add that while republican primary voters are more conservative than just ideology. it is also how we vote. trend after trend toward antiestablishment candidates over the years, alternately, republican primary voters get more potential's. neil: essentially, despite the fact that donald trump says he has resurrected the silent majority, they are conservatives
10:48 am
who want to see more developed plans and that trump is not their guide. ultimately, you are saying that trump is not their guy. >> mr. trump will have to do what barack obama did in 2008. ring in nontraditional primary voters. it would be good for our party. across the board. traditional republican primary voters, since 1940 have voted for those candidates that have government experience. that have a track record. it is how we distinguish between rhetoric and actual, schmidt. >> donald trump. >> pat buchanan certainly had his moment when he ran. ross perot had his moment. we have had many charismatic candidates run for president. at the end of the day, republican primary are conservative in their approach.
10:49 am
neil: conservative in some has a lot of meaning these days. and antiestablishment guy. are you, the establishment guys. you are sort of an establishment in establishment and to teach, if you will. trump, carson. they keep getting written off. we keep seeing polls that seem like they are getting stronger. >> going up and down. >> they are going up. >> that is where you want to go. there will be lots of movement between now and election day. charles: your organization, can this harm you? our sin or trump coming out of this. the power structure. the republican party. >> no. all of those candidates will be
10:50 am
good for the republican party would have to face hillary clinton or joe biden. charles: thank you very much. we have a michigan woman. she wants $300 million. tell stuart that the lottery does pay off. a special message from her lawyer.
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10:54 am
>> one michigan woman is $3 million richer today. the only powerball winner for the $310.5 million jack pot. she immediately jumped. big plans for her winnings. >> campfires. have we ever won the lottery. building our kids a home. having our own little community. stuart: a lump some pain payout. take a look at this video. glass bridge. more than 3000 feet up above the
10:55 am
ground. the bridge started to crack under the weight of the tourist. what do you do? you run like heck. thankfully, no one was hurt. the bridge is now closed. tonight is the deadline for fiat chrysler. if no deal is reached, they are on strike. jeff flock joins us now. i think midnight is the deadline. >> you said it. they have been selling a lot of jeeps and ram trucks out there. take a look at what they said to chrysler. 1159 tonight is the deadline. they could either target different plants. we do not know at this point.
10:56 am
they reached a tentative contract agreement. the union rejection provided that the senate provided a bonus. a healthcare cooperative that was sent to him. reduce costs for healthcare. the union said no. we are back at it. stuart: the clock is certainly taking. thank you. appreciate it. the great charles payne. do not go away. ♪ that's the power of active management.
10:57 am
10:58 am
10:59 am
charles: checking on the report right now. the dow gave up a lot. hitting a magic 17,000 today. still having a pretty good session thus far. trying to buy nuclear material from gangs allegedly to ties to russia.
11:00 am
a new poll out. on the republican side, it looks like then carson has the best chance of beating him in the general election. you will not believe this. varney and company our three starts right now. ♪ off a whole lot more. still up a fraction. getting close to 50. a big build on supply. oil stocks are reacting. taking a look at yum brands. they cut their full-year profits. a whole lot of controversy.
11:01 am
taking a look at shares of fit it. they are moving lower. a new fitness device. hitting a new all-time low as well. according to an investigation, extremists in the middle east including isis. chris, again, we have been talking about this all morning. it feels like something out of a movie plot. >> this was a nightmare scenario. inexplicably and inadvertently becoming independent. they have their hand on a lot of nuclear material.
11:02 am
a lot of this stuff is unaccounted for. transactional terrorists. just looking to try to sell this material. they would actually probably use this stuff. >> ideological. they are there for a purpose. they want to create 9/11. those are ideological terrorists. transactional terrorists supply or support ideological terrorists simply on the basis of money. my experience with the somali pirates, they were definitions of terrorists. they are looking for a payoff. they are dealing with isis. charles: whose responsibility is
11:03 am
it to crack down on them. the ex- kgb kingpin sitting somewhere. selling plans for dirty bombs. who should be the one cracking down on this? >> it has to be russia. they have the lead. this is an odd case where the united states and russia are not very good term for it now. it is in our best interest. the problem with that is you just do not know how clean the russian state police are. many of them may be involved in transactional terrorists. alternately, if you want a job done right, you have to do it yourself. u.s. federal law enforcement. being more pursuant.
11:04 am
>> staying right there. i want to know what you make of this. there are reports that the middleman in sudan, blueprints for a dirty bomb. a lot of middleman. >> the most important thing to take away, this is a report done over three-four years. many of us have known this. do not ever think that russia is ever on the side of good. be it the relationship they have with iran. they were actually allowing the funneling of others sue me terrorists into isis in order to feed this side of evil. russia is on the side of evil. by the way, the radioactive
11:05 am
material was always somehow lost. the heads of the operation. operations were stopped before they were able to find out. the russian authorities are not on the side of good. they will continue to destabilize the region so they can fill the vacuum that we have vacated. charles: to your point, one of the wiretaps, one of the alleged sellers said that i want "an islamic buyer because they will bomb the americans." absolutely. we have a common enemy against isis. the russians are our enemy. they are trying to bring back cold war two-point oh. remember, we will now be handed $150 billion to their other outlying iran. hold onto your boots. it is now going to no longer be
11:06 am
a tom clancy model. this report only talks about the for that date found out about. attacking americans in beginning to create more vacuums. filling it along with the shia outlays. charles: we get that rush it is our enemy and that we should never trust them. however, now that they have flown these airstrikes and there are boots on the ground in syria, even though they struck at u.s. backed robles, they still allow ices isis to get a hold of this material? >> well, that is why they want to give it to somebody that will attack americans with it. they will not attack russians. russia has not been attacking isis. on the side of good. on the side of freedom. the long-term paradigm on
11:07 am
serious is that the russians and the soviets are on the side of a side. they allow the radicals because it legitimizes the rule. the same paradigm that the russians used across the middle east. destroy and decimate the moderate so that other radicals create a legitimacy for dictatorship. allies of ice assad or iran. charles: what about our wood be allies in the middle east. some commonality. when do we ask them to step up? you know, donald trump is willing to talk about this a lot. a lot of these are very wealthy nations. when are they going to put more in the game. >> amen. we need to bolster our sunni
11:08 am
allies. the radical side of the robles. we need to lead a continuation of a paradigm which is to fuel. you need to step up to prevent the shia militants. the shia dictatorships from rising. we will either work with them or allow them to rot. if we do not, they will radical isis and others. charles: here is what brett pair had to say about russia and syria. roll tape. >> now hitting isis also, by the way. that is okay with me. charles: trump okay with russia hitting isis? it does seem like putin is
11:09 am
outmaneuvering president obama. what is your assessment? >> donald trump does not have the first idea what he is talking about. they are defending assad via attacking the moderate rebels. russia has a bit of window dressing. that is not why they are there. it is obvious to the most casual observer who understands the situation. he has a weak hand. he is playing it strong. he is there to support his allies. the original sender tree. the reason that isis exists. he is the reason the series war lasted 4.5 years. the side needs to go. we are not doing anything to make that happen.
11:10 am
charles: this assumption that these robles are necessarily our friends and allies. maybe that is not true. we keep finding out the hard way. we have been disappointed over and over again. >> you cannot charge this on a binary scale. either an enemy of america. >> hard-core enemies. al qaeda is an enemy of the united states. i cannot validate that every single one that is not aligned with isis. i can validate. the influence. we need to be supporting people. these guys are transactional fighters. they may help us, they may not. >> not entrenched. airstrikes. even syrian army going on the
11:11 am
offense is today. thank you. we have new polls out today. it looks like the antiestablishment camps. carson may be the one that can actually take on the democrats. george talkie is next. ♪ is it our insightful strategies that make edward jones one of the country's biggest financial services firms? or 13,000 financial advisors who say thank you? it's why edward jones is the big company that doesn't act that way. for my frequent heartburnmorning because you can't beat zero heartburn! ahhh the sweet taste of victory! prilosec otc. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn.
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11:14 am
charles: stocks moving higher and higher. take a look at herself when casino. there is las vegas sands. a good week for them. still down a lot. take a look at amazon. down $6.50. amazon is down today. the amazon prime program continues to grow popularly. especially long college kids. >> connecticut's mailroom is overflowing with amazon rhyme packages. up by four times.
11:15 am
half of that is from amazon prime. what you are seeing is that effects of amazon students and amazon prime. half off. you also get a free six-month trial before that even kicks in. you can see the program that a lot probably grew up with. now they are getting everything. from fridges, even paper. >> amazon is like the new google. forget going to google or yahoo! >> you are absolutely right. 44% of all shoppers go straight to amazon. then they will go to the search engine, maybe google, and then they go to the direct retailer. the growth for amazon is humongous. it is so easy, though. bring it on. soda.
11:16 am
ring it on. >> it is true. charles: there was a time when a child would wait for a care package. it would calm everyone or two. now it is instead gratification. >> completely overwhelmed. we are reaching out to them to see exactly how far behind they are. >> and holding fee or something like that. we have doubled your package for an hour. who knows. somebody has to make a buck off of this. >> i do not know. charles: amazon has a lot of money from this. especially their relationship with millennial's. somehow, there will be.
11:17 am
getting stuff delivered in instantaneously. twenty-four / seven. every day. it never stops. >> pencils and calculators. >> can a drone carry a keg of beer to college? charles: all right. >> red solo cups. charles: mcdonald's. rolling out all day breakfast yesterday. new 52 week highs. twitter responses from its competitors. >> this is great. customers, here is the feedback. they wanted to come up with other ideas. let me show you some of the tweets. this stuff was kind of funny. 7-eleven. we love the idea of all day breakfast. it may have even been hours. here is the next one from
11:18 am
another competitor. i hop. breakfast all day. we been doing preface all day since the day we were born. there is buzz around mcdonald's and every day breakfast. >> fair enough. the silver bullet. a clear case of companies trying to take advantage of what is a vendor. a blackout at a sports event. considered one of the fast food chains. this is -- by the way, i forgot one. denny's. they came out as well. invitation in the sincerest form of flattery. hash tag all day breakfast.
11:19 am
everyone is trying to get on that. >> exactly. >> i think pancakes are good at any point in the day. charles: i do to. i could eat it all day long. >> records for dinner. >> all day. >> the breakfast of champions right there. >> it is good for you. >> people back then knew what they were doing. i know you talked about this on your show, charles. pretty pessimistic about it. i think it actually has a good shot. the quality, has anyone had and egg mcmuffin lately? there have been questions about it. we need a field trip. that is it. [laughter]
11:20 am
charles: hey, by the way, maybe dow 17,000. actually, that changed a lot. we can even hang onto 16,000. oil report out. a bigger bill than expected here at both stocks are major components. giving it all up right now. we have not gone into the red. it has been an amazing session. we open down 250 points. volatility here to stay. getting ready to deal with this. it will be interesting to go into the red. right now it looks like it is a possibility. ♪
11:21 am
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11:23 am
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11:24 am
charles: all right, guys. it did not do anything while we were away. holding on by the skin of our cheeks here. hey, by the way. gold. relatively unchanged. it has had its moments here recently. a lot of people thinking gold is severely unsold. the nonestablishment gop candidates leaving. perhaps it is because of incidents like this. roll tape. >> everybody thought that hillary clinton was unbeatable. we put together a benghazi
11:25 am
special. what are her numbers today. her numbers are dropping. >> a mistake. hillary's new attack ad. welcome candidate george. why can't the establishment republicans just, i don't know, why do they make these kind of mistakes. a shoe in for speaker. this kind of a gap. >> i cannot say for the washington republicans. let me make one point here. she is running an attack ad on this. she and obama are the ones who politicize benghazi. they are the ones that told the world that it was america's fault. an american video was criticizing.
11:26 am
letting hillary off the hook here. she politicize benghazi. she should have known better on september 11. september 11, 2001. having better security. let's not let hillary off the hook. let's change washington. elect a new president. that is why i am running. >> i agree with you 1000%. i hope that does not fade away. we know how these things work. making this whole thing look more like a political rip current. real seeking out the truth. war in america on june 4 americans do want to know. what kind of risk we were put out. >> absolutely. breaking the law using the private e-mail server. jeopardizing american security with that server.
11:27 am
the anniversary of that horrible attack in benghazi. it was when hillary was secretary of state. going to the un. blaming the united states for that attack. they knew that it was radical islam is to attack for their own political protection. we do need to change washington. we need someone who has not been an insider in their. someone who has been running a government. shown they can do that. iran new york as a conservative republican for 12 years. i know that i can change washington. charles: you are right. i thought a governor would win this thing. the rest including yourself. not holding very well. you never held elective office. gaining all of this attention and big numbers.
11:28 am
how do you reconcile that and how does that change? >> i totally understand that. people are fed up with politicians. they look at the political plat. they tell you things that they will do and they never do it. that is why the top three in the republican primary right now i've never held political office. i have no doubt that we get closer to next year, we want someone that will tell us the truth. be able to do it. be able to do it. the political world is different. i know that i can do that. i hope they are our voters that take another look. okay we had our fun with donald trump, let's look at someone that can run it well. >> seeing and talking with you again. >> thank you, charles. trying to sell nuclear material to isis. is it time for president obama
11:29 am
to stop talking about this terrorist group and start taking it seriously? the numbers are in. we know how much donald trump has been on his campaign. this will not surprise you. it is not a law. more varney after this. ♪
11:30 am
11:31 am
11:32 am
is what i had her eye and i
11:33 am
were him. charles: what a difference a couple hours makes. all the indices are now in the red. we learned that authorities working with the fbi have interrupted rushing games looking to sell radioactive material. the middle eastern extremists. while president obama finally get tough on isis? congresswoman blackburn, for had been detected and adverted. at some point, if we do not take a harder line and make a more definitive attempt, what do you think will happen? >> i think it is time for the president to stop living in fantasyland. they are not the jv team. he needs to realize that. he needs to add that he made a mistake in his assessment.
11:34 am
come up with a plan that will address isis. the way they have metastasized, basically. they are moving and expanding outside the middle east. issues in syria. refugees. of course there has to be a plan. charles: a rare mea culpa. what would be the right thing? with our outlined in the middle east, people have come with us. frustrated with us. sharing intelligence. come back here to russia. we will switch some sanctions in place. you need to get out of there. get out of there.
11:35 am
if you were to take those steps and did find this, show you are going to be concrete, i think it would make a difference. steering down our president. not just in syria. ukraine, crimea, a whole host of issues time after time after time. apparently, when each time. >> what is so problematic about this is you look at how putin has positioned himself. that ukraine crimea, very orderly and actually quite predictable in his stuff. you are seeing russia reach out and form an alliance with china. that is one of the reasons that our president has to have a strategy dealing with isis. he also has to have a russia
11:36 am
strategy. the president version of discussing this and talking about it has gotten a world of hurt, if you will. >> leading from behind. charles: thank you. appreciate it. remember, we had a triple digit gain. up 150 points. and oil inventory. not demand like we thought. i want to bring in angela. you say things can get a lot uglier. >> yes. i think you'll see a lot of volatility going forward. charles: volatility does not necessarily have to mean ugly. avoiding some of the said intervention. you think that there is a natural place that this market should be. >> that is true.
11:37 am
i think that it has been very manipulated. i would much rather be franco. the roses have thorns. there are ways that you can work around this market. you can still make a good living if you are in retirement. using your asset class diversification. of course for the younger ones, there will be some good opportunities in the market. charles: we do not have a lot of time. some older folks have not gotten anything. a lot of them in the markets. where do they go? how do they navigate this course. >> there is a whole universe of income producing products. as a diverse of the case in, income producing products is the way to go. you are already in retirement.
11:38 am
you need to consider hitting some of that money out of that stop market. like i said, i am a firm believer in using the different asset classes. it lasts on average 19 and a half years. >> i guess we cannot avoid the thorns forever. we appreciate the optimism. [laughter] charles: fox business finally confirming. grand total. drum roll. charlie gasparino is here. >> i am not spending any money and i am winning. [laughter] i am winning, charles. i am winning. i make millions and millions.
11:39 am
i spend no money. we should point out that the last e-mail i have seen from that trump campaign, they are saying that they are not officially confirming. say what it is. getting back to eight story reported last week on "varney & company." even if it is 2 million. >> that is a big play. it cost millions. >> taking the deductions of thinking getting on this.
11:40 am
>> writing off the plane. that is awesome. >> generating all of that free at. >> $25 million a pop. every time. >> say he comes out. charles payne. go back to wherever. everybody picks it up. he can talk on social media. he gets played a million times. getting picked up in newspapers. that combined lasts about three days. equal to $25 million. that is the positive. the negative thing is this. you have to ask yourself how
11:41 am
serious some guy is as a candidate when he is not spending any money. >> he does not have to yet. we are are ready seeing signs that he is not pivoting. more like the godfather. >> on old one said that he would make a good mafia. charles: the good boss no matter what the organization. fantasy sports. launching an investigation. launching an investigation. fantasy sports forever. [laughter] active management can seek to outperform. that's the power of active management. the health care law gives us we're cracking down on medicare fraud. powerful tools to fight it.
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11:43 am
nicole: i am ♪ ♪ petallides with your fox business brief. stopped just turned negative. down four points. 170. oil had been higher. making the market. take a look at the dow winner and losers. johnson & johnson. under pressure apple and microsoft just to name a few. watching go pro. hitting a new lifetime low. that is under pressure as well. morgan stanley lowered its price target. wilson technology. the fitness tracker. said that. a competitor or.
11:44 am
down about 5%. $250. starting your day on fox business. all the breaking news we need. ♪ you pay your auto insurance premium every month on the dot. you're like the poster child for paying on time. and then one day you tap the bumper of a station wagon. no big deal... until your insurance company jacks up your rates. you freak out. what good is having insurance if you get punished for using it? hey insurance companies, news flash. nobody's perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
11:45 am a combination of see products.. and customers. every on-time arrival is backed by thousands of od employees, ...who make sure the millions of products we ship arrive without damages. because od employees treat customer service... our most important delivery. od. helping the world keep promises. charles: a couple traveling in brazil using a navigation at.
11:46 am
the woman is shot and killed. ashley: using the gps on the out. she put in the address. apparently, there are two streets with the same name. unfortunately, the gps took her to the middle of a crime slalom. she was driving with her husband. her husband was 69. she was 70 years old. she was hit by a shot. taken to the hospital where she dies. it is unrealistic to expect an out. expecting and have to take people only to certain areas. a brazilian actress did the same thing.
11:47 am
she was fired at as well. a gang infested area. she survived. >> a crime-ridden slum. two streets with the same name with the same town. tourists can do the same thing. they have the olympics next year. charles: the latest in the sports scandal. banning any site. and inquiry into these sites. drafting spoke to maria bartiromo earlier. having the trust of the customers. the game being fair means everything to us. we have done everything we can to investigate this incident.
11:48 am
very clearly found through evidence that we pulled. there was absolutely no wrongdoing. charles: full disclosure. twenty-first century foxes also an investor in draft kings. joining me now is bill harlow. what do you make of it? that was a very quick turnaround for ceo to come out and say i am pointed nothing wrong, we have done nothing wrong, this whole thing is kosher. >> declaring himself innocent. trust is very important in that industry. you cannot declare yourself innocent after a 24 hour investigation. you cannot be that definitive that quickly. people just will not believe you. charles: the supreme court has given this a pass. it is a whole lot of people
11:49 am
taking a shot, taking a hunch. it kind of builds up. it will have a lot of politicians involved. where do you think it goes from here? how deeply do think the government will get involved? >> there will definitely be hearings about it. too much of a possibility for insider trading. you have to firm with major players involved. investors in these program. there is a great possibility for conflicts of interest. they have to have a more thorough investigation. it is very important to us to have our integrity. we care about all of that. it is not good enough to declare yourself. >> a great commercial. $25.1350 grand. you have to add the caveat. he had all the insider
11:50 am
information. >> temporarily, they were going to stop their employees. >> the need to make that permanent. it is hard to believe that they don't have an opportunity to use that information to their advantage. charles: here is something that you do not see often. the father of one of the victims killed last week comes out in defense of the second amendment. you will hear from him next. ♪
11:51 am
11:52 am
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11:54 am
let's get you on the right path. call unitedhealthcare today. ♪ charles: the father of one of the victims of this deadly shooting at a community college in oregon said he will not be in attendance at the president's visit. the businesses surely political. >> i do believe it was ron emanuel that said never let a good tragedy go to waste. his visit here is completely to support his gun control agenda. i cannot understand why he would not make a mention of the families in the victims. he did say was a tragic incident. he saw this in sandy hook and now we are seeing it again. i just question his motives. i am in disagreement with
11:55 am
policies on gun control. we will not be attending the visit. >> come on in. the president's visit actually for political gain. >> no. this is a lame duck president. a guy that is not running for election. he does not have to do anything for political purpose. shutting down any legislation that would increase gun control. he does not have anything to gain here. >> the president came out on national television and said, yes, i will politicize this. having served two terms in the white house. despite the fact that there has been a lot. the president maybe avoids the second amendment. you are saying it is not political. >> when the majority of gun owners believe in universal background checks, i do not
11:56 am
think that that is political. those people support some sort of limitation. there is a lot of protections that the majority of americans do support. that is not political. i think his interest is promoting policies that reduce gun violence. >> you do not think that his interest is completely getting rid of guns. talking about that stuff before. every time something happens, the murders in chicago, the murders in new orleans, it is never individual. the scorn of our nation. getting rid of our ability, the right to bear arms. >> no, i do not believe that it all. the constitution upholds the right to bear arms. not once has he ever said -- charles: arakawa, oman.
11:57 am
many of the bodies were not even identified yet into you is making it a platform. >> i think that there have been a number of mass shootings in this country. wanting something to be done. i do not taint that it is political. charles: think you very much. more varney after this. ♪ so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck.
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11:59 am
. >> we shouldn't let hillary off the hook. he's running an attack ad on this, yet she and obama are the ones who politicized benghazi. they went out and told the world that it was america's fault, that an american video was criticizing mohammad as the reason benghazi was attack. charles: that was former governor george pataki on clinton's ad. now which presidential candidates are leading in the swing states. debbie says --
12:00 pm
all right, neil, take it away. neil: you didn't get, that's mail from us? can't wait until cavuto comes on? [ laughter ]. neil: you did? thank you very much, charles. we are following a lot of stuff all at the same time, which is another way of saying concurrently. take a look at the big board. we had been up almost 180 points. here is where we stand right now. fast moving conditions and just to chart it out here, you know me, i'm a huge fan of the charts but it's been all over the map. a lot of this could have to do with oil, oil prices got the sign that maybe the global economy could be picking up. whatever the excuse du jour is, they're down right now, that is calling into question whether we have too much supply. they got an unexpected bunch of it in the latest reading.


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