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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  October 7, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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when i started i went to 8, they said he plateaued. the next weekend i went to 16. well, that's a plateau! then i went to 20, 24, the poll today is 35 or 34. it's crazy! >> there he is, telling everyone how well he's doing again. he's sticking with this, despite some reports. liz claman, over to you. liz: trish, with the markets we had a rally of more than 170 points, gone, poof! and volatility started driving it back down and higher. on wall street watching every single tick of it. the dow jones industrial average trying get back up near that numbers, not close. we're up about 47 points right now. at any moment, breaking news, we expect the u.s. senate to begin voting on a $612 billion defense bill, but america's defense contractors and companies you may own are not celebrating just yet. president obama is threatening to veto it. the bill increases defense spending by $38 billion.
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the president wants equal increase on the domestic side. the pressing need for the defense bill underscored by a shocking report breaking today. the associated press uncovering, it's a horrifying bust of russian arms strugglers actively trying to sell the stuff we showed you, nuclear material to the islamic state, isis. those smugglers caught on tape on multiple occasions trying to sale enough uranium and plutonium to make a dirty bomb, to be used specifically, they said it, specifically set off in an american city. the worst part, the ringleaders got away with the uranium. retired four-star general and fox news military analyst jack keane steaming mad. does it change anything regarding the defense department and the companies in the business. the new polls in the key swing states. three in particular have the front-runners holding on.
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do you live in those states? stay tuned. and it took less than a day for one attorney general to throw the first inquiry into the fantasy sports scandal, as draftkings and fanduel scramble to limit the damage. we're less than an hour to the closing bell. let's start the "countdown." . liz: breaking news, we are watching the floor of the senate right now, as our defense contractors scrutinizing this closely. the senate will likely send a $612 billion defense bill to president obama's desk. beside the spending differences between military and then domestic priorities, the president really doesn't like that it contains provisions that make it harder to transfer prisoners from guantanamo bay. he wants to close the facility and likely return it to cuba to further improve relations
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between the two nations. so here's what the bill does. it gives a 1.3% pay raise to service members. nobody argues with that i hope. authorizes lethal assistance to ukraine to fight russian backed rebels and give $715 million to help iraqi forces fight the islamic state. but for more on the president's possible veto and that threat, we're going to go live to the fox news white house correspondent who knows it all, kevin corke live at the white house. we're waiting on the senate to vote, what do you think, kevin? >> reporter: liz, you hit the nail on the head. i like the way you laid that out in very simple terms. let me give you the white house perspective. this is a gimmick, you're playing political chicken, if you will, by floating this national defense authorization act out there. because they would argue it has too many riders, too many things they won't like. they would like something simple, clean, that is how the soup is made here in washington. and it's a major issue not just
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for this white house politically but a major issue structurally because we are talking about being very active in a number of theaters. not to mention the very serious situation happening in afghanistan and in syria. i want to share with your viewers for just a second something that josh earnest, the white house press secretary said when i asked him if the white house is playing a game of chicken with so much on the line? >> and so rather than resorting to tucking this gimmick into an authorization bill, we would rather see democrats and republicans actually work constructively to find a responsible way to identify our national security priorities that are inadequately funded. >> reporter: you heard him say it right there. a gimmick. in his defense, republicans termed it that way as well. in this particular instance, the white house is saying no matter how to comes up, the
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president will simply veto it, if it comes up as it's currently constructed. i want to share what john mccain, former gop presidential candidate and great senator from the state of arizona had to say about what he views as the white house's obstructionism and keeping troops in particular from getting what they need. >> the world has not been in more turmoil since the end of world war ii and the president decides we cannot authorize the ability of these brave young americans to defend this nation. >> reporter: listen, i would love to give you a flowery way to describe this but it's a mess, it will make its way through congress and i believe it will be doa if it makes its way to the president's desk. liz: we'll be watching all of the developments, take the senate floor as soon as we know what happens here either way. thank you so much, kevin, kevin corke on the white house lawn. >> you bet. liz: take a look at defense names, three higher, lockheed
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martin, boeing, northrup grumman up 1.5% or 1%. raytheon is flat right now. america's fight overseas against isis, the islamic state hit home in a big way. timing is interesting just as they're voting on the defense budget. the associated press cracked open a stunning story, and it really hits at number one fear of so many americans. russian gangs. we have the video, attempting to sell radioactive material to isis, giving the terrorist organization the ability to attack america with a dirty bomb or other nuclear device. earlier today on "varney & co.," one senior naval analyst attempted to differentiate the russian arms smugglers to the isis terrorists. >> isis is the ideaol terrorist, isis, those are ideological terrorists.
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the transactional terrorists supply or support or take care of ideaological terrorists, the gangs out of belarus, out of ukraine, they are look for a payoff. >> i think he's wrong, okay? he says that the russians really only want to pay off and they don't care how they get it? if he read some of the released wiretaps, we see he is wrong. look at this. one of the busted russian gangsters giving his reasons for pushing the nuclear it'll, quote, i really want an islamic buyer because they'll bomb the americans. does this really sound like the eastern gangsters are transactional terrorists? with me former army vice chief of staff and retired four-star general, general jack keane, fox news military analyst. this is extremely disturbing but timing is everything, the vote comes as the ap breaks the store sdeechlt it change anything about the defense budget and what the country needs to do?
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>> no, it will have absolutely no impact on a defense budget. that threat you're talking about, this has been something the intelligence community and our agencies have worried about ever since 9/11. they call it the disaster scenario, the nightmare scenario because we're talking about the potential for tactical nuclear weapon going off in a city which has always been the aspiration of al qaeda and also of isis, and al qaeda clearly had some capability at that time to do that. and this in terms of the material itself, you would have to fashion that into some kind of explosive device that can be done by engineers and also potentially very dangerous. this truly gets the attention of intel agencies and we get lots of cooperation from other intel agencies around the world on this very subject. liz: let's give props to moldova, small breakaway nation that worked with our federal agents, they got enough to
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contaminate several city blocks if it were made into a dirty bomb. working together with our federal agents, bomb grade material, uranium, plutonium. this is all what they got. the chunks of brown stuff, plutonium and uranium. the ringleaders escaped with the material. they only got the middle men is that material, a still on the black market, and, b, could it by now be in the hands of isis? >> i have no way of knowing. but i do know this, that everybody is on top of this. and this is in the public domain, and i have no problem with being there, because i think it gets the american people to remind themselves that how dangerous this threat is that's out there that we have a tendency to keep a distance because we want to live our normal lives. there's been a lot of intersection and intervention with these people that have never been made public. that's the truth of it, that's a good thing.
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liz: these guys are old school soviet former guys who got their hands on all of the leftover plutonium and uranium, what is vladimir putin thinking of all of this? you have to know putin, back when he was running the soviet offices in east germany and berlin fell in 1990, he was the 37 years old. he watcheds at berlin wall came down. protesters stormed. it was awful what happened to all of the innocent people who were there. he felt that he always wanted to get back what he lost when moscow was silent and let it happen, and let berlin, east berlin go back into the hands of freedom. so what is putin thinking? >> listen. liz: does he hate these guys? is he worried? love them? what? >> his number one concern in terms of threat is what he calls militant islam, radical islam. he is very concerned about it. the reason he's in a strategic alliance with iran, everybody
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is focusing what he's doing in syria, the strategic alliance with iran is considerably more significant. he's going to impact every country in the region. why he's having that alliance with iran, he's concerned about the radical islamists south of his border and in the southern part of the country where he has the problem. he has been focused on this from the day he took office. liz: his old buddies in the soviet union are selling it, selling it to people who could set something off in america. general jack keane, thank you so much. >> good talking to you, liz. liz: breaking news, remember i was telling you the day before yesterday and yesterday the u.s. coast guard searching for the missing cargo ship. breaking news is the u.s. coast guard suspended search for survivors. of that missing cargo ship, they'll do it at sunset today. a few more hours to search for the victims on el faro. officials believe the ship sank in 15,000 feet of water near
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the bahamas as hurricane joaquin bore down on it carrying 33 crew members. rescuers recovered two survival suits now. one with unidentified human remains, a life boat, lifejackets, a life ring, they were looking for the data recorder to learn perhaps why the ship lost power in the first place. remember it was in the middle of the hurricane and could not survive without power. we're watching that story. we'll keep you posted as well. the closing bell ringing in 48 minutes. the dow climbing, we're up 69 points, the oil prices that were on the rise suddenly have reversed in today's session, could the prices at the gasoline pump, will they go higher too or lower? are we really driving toward gas prices below $2 per gallon? consumers can only home. we're going to take it up next on "countdown" with a top market watcher from the american petroleum institute.
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there is indecisiveness, only 14 times, each time a big chunk to the upside, a big chunk to the downside. high of the session dow up 173. dipped into the red, now up 72. back and forth, up and down, s&p up 10 points, the high of the session up 1. not there yet. we're watching it. oil interesting, too. oil was first up this morning but settled at $47.81. coming under pressure after weekly inventories saw a build of 3.1 million barrels. the expectation is 2.2 million barrels. that's the eia, the energy information administration, that was theirs, gasoline as well. we thought we'd see a much smaller build, we got 1.9 million. prices go down, take a look at energy names they tend to drive the s&p 500 on any given day.
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they're mixed we have conocophillips and apache down. bp, you may own chevron and exxonmobil, both dow components, moving higher. as investors look for direction to get in or out of the beaten up names, this quarter, what happens with the energy sector, it's the best performing group. quarter is very young. despite oil's move, prices at the u.s. pumps are holding steady. i'm talking really steady. 14 days straight they've been at $2.29 a gallon. that's the average. some forecasts have prices dipping even further before the year is out. we thought we'd bring in jack girard, ceo and president of the national trade association representing all of the natural gas and oil industry. jack, good to see you. for the consumer, does it go lower for gasoline prices? >> it has been good news for consumers and brought about by the production at home in the united states.
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so i think longer term, we can produce a lot more right here at home. what's taking place right now and one of the debates in washington, liz, is the ability to take that product we're producing, move it into the global marketplace. liz: meaning exporting with the current ban on exports. >> that's right, it's the global price of crude, specifically the brent crude price, drives the cost of gasoline at home, and recent reports show a number of them, including government reports that if we could export crude oil from the united states by lifting the current ban, it would potentially bring the price of gasoline down as much as 12 cents a gallon. so there is potentially more movement down but tied to our public policy. we've got to get our policies right. liz: i can play devil's advocate? >> sure. liz: exporting crude oil means removing it from our u.s. market. i know we have a lot more of it.
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won't it make the u.s. more dependent on imports and possibly drive up prices, why not hoard it and use up the bad guy's stuff first? >> because what's happening right now, liz, our ability to create jobs at home is being stifled because we don't have a market for the product. it's like anything else in the law of supply and demand. people don't realize but it's the global price, the brent crude price that drives the price of gasoline, so if you want to lower the price of gasoline, you want to put more supply into the global marketplace, but the difference here is rather than allow other nations like iran, which is now going to be allowed to export their crude as a result of the administration's negotiation to lift sanctions on iran, united states is restricted from doing that. liz: exactly. >> we can create american jobs, producing american energy, put it in the global marketplace and bringing the price of
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gasoline down further. liz: congress is supposed to vote on that or at least the house sometime this month, friday. i need to ask you, this my viewers would kill me if i didn't. i don't mean to put you in an uncomfortable position. we were saying oil was going higher because your institute predicted we'd see crude stocks decrease by more than two million barrels. we got the number today. they increased two million barrels, what's going on with the data collection? why did you get that wrong? >> the eai and epa are data collecters, you might see variation or fluctuation between them. generally they're both reasonably close and pretty darn accurate. if there's a slight variation this week, within a week that will be sorted out. more importantly, look at it long-term, the demand for oil continues to rise globally, and so ultimately some believe the pressure will continue to increase for that price to
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rise, and therefore, we tend to look long-term, but back to american consumers, if we want to impact them positively, let's put that product into the global marketplace, so there's a number of factors in play right now, but ultimately positive news for the u.s., if we get our public policy right. liz: we'll see friday, part of the picture friday. >> we will. liz: and jack, i promise you, when you get it right, i'll give you props. >> we appreciate it. thanks, liz. liz: any time. jack gerard, american petroleum institute president and ceo. closing bell, we are expecting that to ring in 38 minutes. cars virtually driving themselves off the lots across america. millions sold but jeff flock, live in an auto dealership to in illinois to tell us about the rocky road ahead in the auto industry. what's going on? that's why jeff is coming back. we'll tell you exactly how to
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find out more about this if you follow me on social media -- yes, we've got my name. we got that url. great story how i got it. i can't tell how i got it, it was weasely but i did it. "countdown" coming right back. stay tuned. (vo) what does the world run on?
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. liz: south carolina's coast, here's the breaking news, bracing for a second round of flooding as swollen rivers make their way toward the atlantic. helicopters dropped sandbags to help residents prepare for the surge of water headed their way. they're moving the sandbags in. all kinds of equipment going to the area. in columbia, south carolina, the threat more flooding has not lifted. about a thousand residents
3:28 pm
downstream from the comprised beaver dam were told to evacuate as crews did this, filled sinkholes with 400 tons of rocks to try to stabilize it. is it working? it will take time to find out but watching it. at least 16 people now have died in the floods. we have breaking news out of the embattled volkswagen company today. top executive will testify before a congressional oversight panel tomorrow morning. prepared testimony released earlier this hour saying the company takes full responsibility and promises to cooperate with authorities to right the wrong. what's the wrong? they rigged their smog -- all kinds of smog data that came through to show they're tricking the epa's rules. the new ceos is the company will launch a recall for cars affected by the diesel emissions crisis in january. they're hoping to complete the fixes by the end of the year. by the way, still not sure how
3:29 pm
many audies are involved but there are some already. and vw is not the only carmaker with a bumpy road ahead. fiat chrysler could be facing a strike by the united auto workers unit if a new contract is not reached by midnight tonight? clock is ticking, jeff flock, you are outside the dealership in illinois. >> could this be the first significant strike in the auto industry in 17 years. take a look at latest news that we have. one, the deadline 11:59 p.m., as i just said, 77 days of supply. so they have pretty good inventory, if there is a strike, as long as it doesn't go too long. $200 a week what the strikers would be paid in strike pay. they wouldn't get that until they are on strike for a week, that's tough for the union. this whole thing could be extended for another week. if there is a strike, take a
3:30 pm
look at places most likely to be targeted. nationwide strike is unlikely but possible. take a look where we think the targets could be. the toledo jeep making plants, the transmission plants in central indiana where chrysler makes virtually all of the transmissions for vehicles, the warren truck plant and the jefferson detroit plant. the kokomo plant may be the most likely spot for a strike, liz, they make virtually all of the transmissions for all the cars there. if they strike that plant, they don't have to strike anywhere else, because without transmissions, you can't make vehicles. so that's where it stands right now. i may have lost you but we'll keep watch of this. liz: jeff has been out-front when it comes to the vw story as well. as we look at shares of fiat, up 4%. vw has been down double digit
3:31 pm
percentages since the scandal broke, emissions rigging scandal, and we're waiting to hear on the fancy clean diesel audi that may or may not be involved. that matters to a lot of people who spent a lot of money simply because it was sold as clean diesel. we have fiat up 62 cents and the russell 2000 up 14 points. more fallout from the fantasy sports scandal. it took less than 24 hours for one attorney general to demand answers regarding the fantasy sports scandal. draftkings and fanduel are announcing major policy changes, ahead of a new investigation. connell mcshane has a new report and charlie gasparino weigh in on the thinking of this attorney general, perhaps. and donald trump and hillary clinton still in command in new swing state polls, but political panel here to tem us what the numbers say
3:32 pm
about their chances in a general election. things may change. two old school newspaper guys duking it out on "countdown." don't move, you got to stay with us.
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. liz: ever run a race? if getting to the front of the pack is tough, staying there may be a harder challenge. for now the front-runners in the presidential election cementing status in the latest quinnipiac poll, top contender keeping space between them and the rest of the pack in major swing states. hillary clinton tops bernie sanders and potential candidate joe biden with double digits in florida, ohio and pennsylvania. those three important states. as for the republican side,
3:37 pm
donald trump does the exact same, keeping space between him and ben carson. it is worth noting trump beats former governor jeb bush and senator marco rubio who hailed from florida in florida. governor john kasich in ohio as well. does the cement of cementing their positions hold? ellis along with michael goodwin, new york post columnist and fox news contributor as well. as i remind viewers over and over again, it's a long way until november 8th of 2016. we have to ask, michael, can they hold this? >> it is surprising that the swing state polls are confirming the national polls who have roughly the same pattern, variety in each of the different states, have you clinton and trump on top everywhere nationally and in all the swing states. i think the one threat for both of them are the matchups in the individual states. swing states are everything, and if you can't win in the
3:38 pm
swing states, then i think you are weakened nationally. that is a challenge for both of them. so far doing enough in the swing states. liz: ellis, the poll comes a day after dr. ben carson topped donald trump in a poll which speaks to our business viewer audience, was that a onetime occurrence? >> makers probably not a permanent occurrence, one of the things we learned in recent cycles it is possible to get to the top for a short period of time. both hillary and donald are hang tough over what is an eternity in politics. my god, weeks, weeks they're at the top! >> doesn't it amaze you as a husband of a democratic candidate, talking about bill clinton talking about hillary, it comes down to donald trump. last night on colbert, he denied he told donald trump to run, you hear him say bill clinton told me to run. here's what president clinton said about trump.
3:39 pm
>> why do you think trump is doing so well. >> because he's a master brander and most interesting character out there. and there is a macho appeal to saying i'm just sick of nothing happening, i make things happen, vote for me. liz: i'm sure bill clinton wasn't thrilled to be talking about donald trump. he was of course gracious, michael. but can we watch some of the candidates pull that narrative away from trump? >> look, i think both hillary and trump, nobody in the field they see can beat them, but they can beat themselves. liz: interesting. >> that is the weakness they both have. both capable of blowing it, as we know, and i think that at this moment, if there is an opportunity, we'll see who can seize it. but right now, i don't think any of the others can win outright. liz: and we have a draft biden ad out, ellis talking about joe biden does. he run or not? >> i've changed every week, feels like he is inching in that direction. one difference between hillary
3:40 pm
and trump. hillary can go up over 40 and 50 and 60%. trump we have never seen him pull numbers that high. he may have a different ceiling. >> what's exciting to sit with two rival journalists, this is columnists, newsday versus new york post. ellis and michael. >> i want to thank you for not calling us dinosaurs. liz: we're not far behind you. i wouldn't do that. thank you so much. closing bell 20 minutes away, fantasy sports website fanduel promises major paydays in all of its ads that you have to watch before every game. but now this industry is making another promise. at least one of the companies says employees will not be doing a certain thing in the future. connell mcshane has the story. and kennedy, still a rocker girl at heart. tonight 8:00 p.m. eastern, kennedy is talking to nirvana co-founder, what stories does he have to tell?
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"countdown" coming right back.
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. liz: you got to give them props for moving fat. fantasy sports site fanduel announcing today no more. it's permanently banned all employees from playing on other fantasy sites. just like sweepstakes. espn is reporting that draftkings employees are making roughly total $6 million from playing on rival site fanduel. these kids know what they're doing in the new york attorney general eric schneiderman, took him less than 24 hours to launch an inquiry into both the websites to see if there was employee wrongdoing, where do they stash their data? is it protected? on a serve that could be
3:46 pm
hacked? what will the investigation show for the companies and how will they change? connell mcshane who brilliantly explained the process is back in the chair today with the story of eric schneiderman, the first attorney general to say i don't care if it's unpopular if the world is playing the games, i'm going investigate. >> basically wants to know who are the coders? who are the people at these companies that have the data and the information? and what are the rules that surround them? both of the companies put new rules in place. you mentioned fanduel, draftkings did the same thing. liz: draftkings first. >> well, on a temporary basis, now they made it permanent. we said it yesterday it was going to happen, they weren't going to allow employees to play. liz: otherwise the industry goes away. >> didn't make sense they rely on the employees to play. there are questions, you mentioned the espn report, i don't know where they got that number, from the 6 million. liz: i think schneiderman's
3:47 pm
office shared things with espn, fair and balanced, give it to fox sports one, too. >> i'm not sure they actually track it. maybe he has the information. the 6 million made on the other side. that makes sense. they're make changes, they're forced to make changes and what happens next? i don't know. we have to resolve the timing of the original inquiry, this guy was doing, he's playing on the other side, he made 350 grand, and when did he have the information is still a question. the company keeps saying, the ceo was on with maria bartiromo, he didn't have the, quote, unquote proprietary information that supposedly gave him the advantage until after he couldtuse. >> the fact he works there gives them access and the draftkings ceo, he hasn't broken any rule, there was no rule, right? the policy changes we talked about. i want to bring in charlie gasparino who followed just about everything attorney
3:48 pm
general eric schneiderman took office. >> i'm dubious about this in a law enforcement information being and an issue for law enforcement. the companies themselves need to maintain credibility. if something like this hurts credibility, they have to stop the practice. liz: hurts business. >> this is not insider trading. not even close. this is someone maybe using information and looks like they didn't use it before it was available. >> the game starts at 1:00, he puts it out at 1:40. they say they have documentation of that. we've asked to see it. we didn't see it. >> when did he use it? >> he put it out on a blog at 1:40. the question is when did he use it? they said he didn't. we asked for the documentation, we haven't seen it yet. >> so it's much ado about nothing. maybe he did that and by accident he used that
3:49 pm
information, i don't see what law that breaks. liz: it doesn't, it doesn't right now. >> there were no rules. >> why is schneiderman going after him? it's the only office going after it, the u.s. attorney is not, the sec. liz: everybody in the office is probably playing fanduel or draft kings. >> to be honest. eric schneiderman has the martin act a law in new york state which gives broad powers to go after a lot of stuff. liz: want to talk about another story you are about to break here, a hillary clinton plan to go after wall street or go after different changes that wall street should effectuate cheaply. >> there's all sorts of rumors it's going to come out tomorrow, she's hinted at this in recent speeches, getting this from fund-raisers is that she's going to come out with a concrete, wall street reform plan. what will this look like? it's going to be a mishmash. let's start first with why she's doing it. one reason she's doing it is
3:50 pm
because bernie sanders and the left and elizabeth warren have given her a lot of trouble for being too close to wall street. liz: gets of lot of dollar donations, a lot of them do. >> particularly bernie sanders coming out with tough measures on wall street, transaction tax, he wants to break the banks upbring, glass-steagall used to merge with investment houses, she has to appease the left and wants to go after biden. joe biden who may run for president has a lot of ties to wall street. she wants to underscore that a little bit. her problem with this, this is what i'm getting from fund-raisers is how do you thread the needle? from what i understand, right now, she's not going to go as far as bernie sanders and call for a reimposition of glass-steagall which would break up citigroup and jpmorgan. she's not going to settle. liz: can you win without wall street? without getting donations from the goldmans and the jpmorgan of the world. >> bernie sanders is doing pretty well.
3:51 pm
this shows you what a difficult time hillary clinton is going to have with this issue. the mood on both parties is populist particularly in the democratic party. her best friends, among the biggest contributors come from wall street. morgan stanley the third largest contributor. ex-number two, tom nides at the state department. she's going to thread the needle, attack, not attack, and this plan is going to be part of the mishmash. >> and the timing too ahead of biden. liz: there is breaking news you might want to comment on. hillary clinton has just told judy woodruff of news hour, a news organization, she is against the trade deal. she's against tpp. if she's alienating wall street, she may alienate big companies in the u.s. >> i believe when she was secretary of state she was supportive of those types of ideas. liz: she was, wasn't she? >> started in the bush
3:52 pm
administration and worked its way through the obama administration. she was supportive of it. >> from an optics standpoint, she must think she's in trouble here. liz: terrified of bernie sanders maybe. >> who knows. she must think she's in trouble in her own party. here's why. the conventional wisdom is she's going to make talk about the left, lefty rhetoric and might kick wall street in the rear end a few times, but there would be a limit to it. there seems to no limit how far these she's going left on economic issues right now. >> normal to go left in the primary, you want to leave wiggle room. >> how do you do that tpp is supported by barack obama. liz: true. sometimes they say extreme things to get in. >> why would -- why would she go against tpp right now? guess what? liz: the labor. >> biden was for it.
3:53 pm
moving to the left of biden. . >> the timing is interesting, all the reports about biden thinking about running. >> here wall street firms have got to be freaking out. what did we buy into? this isn't the hillary clinton we know and love. >> the market doesn't care, the dow is up. 16,873. we were much higher earlier today but do have a 50+-point swing for the nasdaq. the nasdaq is gaining exponentially right now. want to strengthen your portfolio? hit the gym! how the bar bell technique could beef up your investments. more on "countdown" next with a guy who's got a billion plus to put into investments. awe believe active management
3:54 pm
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♪ liz: okay, we've got green on the screen. with just a few minutes left, three minutes left before the closing bell rings let's lift portfolio weights. chris columbus, with tower
3:57 pm
square asset management, says a barbell approach is the key to strengthening invests. one side energy, the other side what, chris? i'm thinking chris columbus. >> no problem. the environment where the economy is slowing, but modest but durable growth, people will pay up for growth. in u.s. equities you want to own on the growth side something like technology which tends to do well in the fourth quarter as well as health care. there was a selloff in health care which brought it back to valuation perspective. energy gives you the have value side. liz: i like that. besides health care and technology, a lot of our vestors have money in there they're watching. which part? it's a huge sector. >> i think there is m&a part of that segment attractive on some things on the semiconductor side. i like cash on the balance sheet side, on the software side. the real thing, fourth quarter is very good seasonally for tech
3:58 pm
in general. i think those are two segments. liz: i need to look at the markets. the dow is up 103 points. folks we had pretty wild swings today. not lots of them the but they have been big. up 100, down 25, up five, down 19. this is interesting moment here with a lot of green on the screen the s&p is look very healthy right now. where outside of your region in the u.s. do you find attractive right now? because emerging markets are looking scary. a lot of people are pulling their money out of those invests. >> relative basis i like europe. you're starting to see loan growth improve. i like relative valuation aspect of europe. seeing on relative basis, manufacturing and earnings estimates holding up better in europe than other regions. liz: what is the biggest concern in the final quarter of the year? we had a weak third quarter. people hoping for the santa class rally.
3:59 pm
will we get it, chris? >> we have peak fed conclusions. it has trapped us in a trading range. liz: what is over under? do you like a rate hike in couple weeks or december or 2016? >> i think fed 2016. the reality, central banks will not lift us anymore. we need global growth. i think global growth can do it. yes, we have excess manufacturing capacity for sure. services side is very strong and oil demand is still rising. to me that is a modest but durable economic environment. david: we're looking at -- liz: we're looking at dow up 103 points. craig, when we were talking went 10 points higher. good to see you. >> good to see you. liz: now to david asman and melissa francis. david: i was going to take credit for the rise. >> fbi foils a plot to sell nuclear weapons to middle eastern extremists.
4:00 pm
the kingpins got away. we'll ask the experts. david: by some accounts, donald trump only spent two million dollars on the race. could he write even that off on his taxes? >> ceo of fantasy sports betting site draftkings says he has done nothing wrong. judge andrew napolitano is here to weigh in. david: stocks climbing at close. [closing bell rings] looks like they may end in triple digits. this is the fourth straight higher day. up over 100 points as closing bell sounds on wall street. friday it was up. we may have a valley going on here. >> here we go. here is look where we closed the day on all of the major indices here. we'll give you the count.


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