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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  October 7, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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the dow and 2,000 on s&p. those are key. again numbers are just numbers. we have to wait to see what happens with china but there does seem to be a turnaround. the question is, whether it will last. >> i thought you were going to say we have to see what happens tomorrow. david: if there is a tomorrow. >> that does it for us. "risk & reward" starts right now [shouting] deidre: this is just released video from a smuggling bust of nuclear material. the fbi foiled four plots by gangs to sell nuclear material as terrorists were trying to buy it. welcome to "risk & reward." i'm deirdre bolton. sources say during the last five years gangs in eastern europe were trying to sell nuclear material to isis. fox business's ashley webster with me now with the very latest. ashley the latest case we know
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about came this year in february, right? >> exactly. it goes back to 2010. you mentioned deirdre, four busts in five years. the fbi actually behind this, working with police in eastern european country of moldova. back in 2010, 1.8 kilograms of uranium was trying to be sold for 10 million bucks. it is these gangs with russian ties getting their hands on this radioactive material and they're targeting terrorist groups in the middle east who they suspect would love to get their hands on this very, very dangerous material. of course the ultimate target of that would be the united states. the question is, how do you stop this? we know we've seen the four cases that were broken up in the last five years. a huge concern, is how many are not stopped. russia has a vast storage of radioactive material that goes all the way back to the old soviet union days. it is believed this is where
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materials are coming from. in one case it was trained to an officer in the fsb. that is the russian police force today which is latest version if you like of the old kgb. there is this suspicions that those higher ranking officials within russia are actually supplying some of this material to others who are then trying to sell it on to the middle east. of course as we know, the relationship between the west and russia is not exactly great right now. so any coordination on trying to stop more of this so-called radioactive smuggling is made that much harder. very worrying indeed. who do we not want this to fall in hands of of course, but certainly not a group like isis. deidre: indeed. ashley webster, thank you so much. joining us there from fox business. as ashley just said a smuggler offer ad huge cache of deadly caesium. enough to contaminate several city blocks and specifically
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seeking the a buyer from the islamic self-proclaimed state group. walid phares is with me now. walid, criminal organizations as ashley just reminding us, ties to the russian kgb which is now the fsb, basically thriving in this black market for nuclear materials. how long before some of this shows up in a bomb that is set off to hurt american troops or innocents? >> that can could be the biggest question of the decade. that is the biggest hole of security concerns since the collapse of the soviet union. these are weapons used or stored by the soviet union before it collapsed. many republics, not just russia, central asia, ukraine, parts of belarus, there are many sources for that. the second component is corruption. a lot of corruption out there who needs cash. who needs cash among many players in the middle east?
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isis has billions of dollars. the marriage of those three is explosive. deidre: let me ask you, walid, which i hope you give me one particular answer, how stable, unstable are these compound? do you need any kind of expertise to use this old nuclear material for harm? >> depending who is going to use it for what purpose. isis is not equiping thermonuclear icbms. they don't need a launching pad. they don't need that much scientific community to help them. what they need it for to deliver a small tactical charge of any kind of weapons of mass destruction from the nuclear to the chemical, to the biological for the purpose of deterrents. so they have demonstrated in the past that they do have some people with scientific knowledge. so the threat is actually real at this point. deidre: so the threat is real. what can the u.s. do at this point it seems as we're hearing from the sources that there was
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an information network the fbi was able to tack and catch obviously these people but that was this round. what do we need to do going forward? >> we can't be successful every single round. law enforcement and fbi demonstrated they are successful so much with so little but the real problem is first in the middle east. you have ice is up and -- isis up and running having a lot of cash. the second hole is how do you partner with the russians? the material is in former soviet union areas? we need a partnership with the russians, making sure that material is not going to get to isis. at this point in time as you said in the introduction, we're not at our best relationship with russia today, as because of syria. deidre: exactly. which is a worrying point. on larger nuclear theme, fewer than three months after the nuclear framework established between iran and six world powers, the supreme leader saying no more talks with the u.s. i will quote him here. there is reason for our objection to negotiations with the u.s. u.s. engagement in
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talks with iran, means infiltration. they want to pave the way to impose themselves. walid, whose words count more, the religious supreme leader, or, the iranian president rouhani who just to remind everybody, was actually for that nuclear framework? >> in my view, and experience in monitoring the iranian regime for the last three decades i think it is one person at the top who has two type narratives. it is the same person, the guide, the ayatollah, tells rouhani, do negotiations for simple purpose of what? getting all the billions of dollars. he wants them. he wants $150 billion to improve his weaponry system. on the other hand he goes on radio and tv to calm down radical elements within the islamic republic. tells them we'll not talk with the united states. in fact he has two faces. >> essentially it is, i hear what you're saying. there is essentially a policy hand and then a pr hand? >> of course.
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and the combo of these two basically have given a lot of success to the iranian regime which is known to be very sophisticated. they were able to get almost everything from us and they're not delivering. that statement we'll not be talking with the u.s. is an invitation to washington to make more concessions. >> walid, thank you so much. so glad to have you with us. walid pharis, middle east expert. russia launching ships, 26 missiles from a ship, against isis from the caspian sea. the missiles flew more than 900 miles before reaching their targets. russian jets intercepting u.s. predator drones over syria. with me fox news reporter, former navy fighter pilot lea gabrielle. great to see you. coming from someone who has been in the hot seat literally, what are our troops up against? >> not so much what our troops are up against right now, but so much what our coalition pilots are up against right now.
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there is some sort of intercept going on. unclear exactly what kind of aircraft. we're hearing reports that they were predators that russian aircraft intercepted. i don't know if this is sloppy air work by the russians or actually intentionally trying to be provocative. probably a little bit of both because we learned over the weekend, that they flew into turkey airspace which means -- deidre: then they said it was a mistake. but i'm with your second comment there, where it seems very easy to make any series of mistakes and just say it was a mistake but have a strategy. >> when i flew missions over afghanistan and we went in and out of the country we were careful where we were flying. if it's a mistake they need to watch with they're doing. they can quickly cause an international incident. i think vladmir putin is intentionally being provocative here. look where they launched these cruise missiles from. when you look at the map, from the caspian sea, more than nine hundred miles -- deidre: he wanted everyone to know, when i first read
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headline, maybe it didn't happen, seems to be bragging, our navy is in great shape. what we can do. >> why the caspian sea. they have the port on the west coast of syria. i have to wonder because pressure from u.s. and coalition sources in the med are too strong for them to do it, or what exactly are they doing? russia claims they fired 2cruise missiles, hit 11 targets. 26. remember what they call terrorists basically anyone against assad. deidre: right. not clearly isis although they are saying they are targeting isis. >> absolutely. it is questionable when you fire missiles that long of a range, why would you do it, especially if you have airplanes in the air. what kind of intelligence do you have? i seriously doubt they have intelligence that they're not injuring innocent civilians. we've been careful in our campaign. we don't want to hurt people on the ground that are innocents.
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seems russia doesn't care. administration is talking about they are into something that will not end well for them. they will make the situation on the ground worse and anger people. deidre: to your point, putin doesn't have the same pressure about collateral damage, civilian damage in the u.s. we take responsibility for. thank you very much. joining me there, fox news. and she is a former navy fighter pilot. >> no focusing back from international right here to domestic issues, a new report showing criminal illegal immigrant deportations are at a new low. this is measure since president obama took office in 2009. he did vow to do otherwise. >> if you're a criminal you will be deported. if you plan to enter the us u.s. illegally, your chances of getting caught and being sent back just went up. deidre: he promised to release 6,000 federal inmates from prison. that begins on the 30th of october. ford o'connell with is with me
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now. democratic strategist, rich fowler, i will start with you. largest release, are largely non-violent criminals, who basically didn't have money to defend in court, is that what you understand? >> these will be non-violent drug offenders or non-violent criminals under the old guidelines in jail for long periods of time which is a great thing. this speaks to larger momentum and democratic and republican side for criminal justice reform. not just because right thing to do. it is fiscally responsible thing to do. it is costing this country billions of dollars. 0 billion to be precise -- 80 billion to maintain prisoners. we can bring the money back to the coffers. >> richard, herein lies the problem. 1/3 with criminal illegals. they're supposed to be deported. >> you're talking about two difficult things, ford. >> no, i'm not. 6,000 prisoners, at least 1/3 are criminal illegals.
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>> yes you are. deidre: ford, pick up on the first point that you mentioned. that is to say of the criminals being released who have been categorized as non-violent, it is cheaper for the states that are housing them for them to be free, whether or not it is good idea we don't know yet but it is cheaper. >> it is certainly cheaper. i think we need criminal justice reform. francisco sanchez had seven felonies and he was released. be very careful. i'm not saying richard, that we don't need criminal justice reform. >> you're mixing apples and oranges. >> no, i'm not, you're releasing criminals. >> talking illegal immigrants, when you talk about illegal immigrants, every time republican like yourself. >> 1/3 are illegal immigrants. >> at the time guess you nowhere. we wouldn't have illegal immigrants committing crime if we had comprehensive immigration reform. >> you're absolutely wrong. you have no interest in securing border. >> what are you talking about?
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what are you talking about? i support ad bill in the senate secured the border. you guys voted against it. deidre: best next steps ford, i will put that question to you. whether dealing with immigrants or whether it is dealing with the prison system, what is the next best step in your mind? >> the next best step is to actually have criminal justice reform but we have to be careful who we're letting out. basically 1/3 of these people are criminal illegals. make sure they're deported and don't come back. the problem we have sanctuary cities and birthright citizen law. the only job they will have is peddling drugs in the united states. americans should be worried and concerned because president obama is not concerned about their safety. >> clearly you received gop talks points for the day. >> this is not gop talking points. richard try this. richard, try this. >> are you going to let me speak. >> because you cut me off. here's the deal, president obama deported fewest number of criminal illegals this past year. >> that is not true.
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>> that is absolutely true. it is in the ap story. >> doubled number -- >> criminal illegal immigrants. >> total number one, number two. >> no you're not you goose the books and rewrote the numbers. >> in the absence of comprehensive immigration reform. deidre: ford and rich, we are going to bring you back. we're going to talk about debate and how candidates should talk about immigration during the debate. that will be in a bit. meantime, thank you both. ford o'connell joining me there. rich fowler as well. well the fbi seizing four state department computer servers as part of its probe for hillary clinton's emails. more on that story coming your way. also a government food fight. a house panel meeting on new dietary guidelines. my next guest says, you should be able to choose exactly what you want on your plate no matter what it costs the government. oil prices nearing $50 a barrel.
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deidre: u.s. government report showing increase in weekly crude inventoriesries. oil closed lower, first session in poor. prices around $50 a barrel. price futures group senior market analyst phil flynn is with me now. phil, what is the outlook for what goes in the tank? >> i will tell you what. gasoline prices still probably on the way lower, but not as low as some of these people were predict. we were hearing crazy predictions gas at $1.50 a gallon or a dollar a gallon.
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we might get close to $2 but not much below there. deidre: phil flynn, thank you very much. senior market analyst. not going too much lower than we have. as far as higher and lower, oil prices had a little volatility added to the stock market. we'll bring in a bull and a bear. dan shaffer joining us. president and ceo of shaffer asset management. tiger wealth management, michael lee as well. michael, where do we go from here? >> i think we're in regime of continued volatility for the time-being, next, six, nine, 12 months, definitely headed higher. growing at rapid pace. look at unemployment situation. bad number on friday. look at weekly jobless claims, jolts number, these are at the highest levels in the history of the survey. look at consumer spending, retail sales. we have very healthy underlying economy. i think we'll get a rate raise in december. from that we'll take off to hit all-time new highs in the equity markets. deidre: oil is up.
5:20 pm
27%, dan shaffer from the low, from the six-month low. where do you see energy going. how does that affect stocks? >> i see crude oil testing 33 to $34 on 2008 loy. i don't see what michael sees of course i'm on opposite side of a technical bounce. we had major selloff which the destruction in the oil industry which is continuing to this day. demand is just not there. so i foresee the prices with volatility we have here, $50 is probably higher level here. and i mentioned to you, i have now reinstituted my short positions which i had covered at the end of august when oil sold off. now looking for another test of a new low. deidre: test of a new low. dan shaffer, michael lee, glad to have you both, differing opinions. thank you for your input. when we come back, airlines, talking about energy, nickel and diming you on bag fees.
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a new patent just filed from air but, may have passengers literally on top of one another. we'll show you some scary pictures. plus new information on hillary clinton's email investigation. new reports showing the fbi seizing for hour government servers. more after this. awe believe active management can protect capital long term. active management can tap global insights. active management can take calculated risks. active management can seek to outperform. because active investment management isn't reactive.
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pinot noir, which means peanut of the night. deidre: the fbi has seized four state department computer servers as part of its probe into how classified information was compromised. at issue, former secretary of state hillary clinton's private email system. fox barns, fox business, peter
5:25 pm
barnes is with me now. what is the latest? >> reporter: hey, deirdre. according to the "washington free beacon" they seized four servers from state department headquarters. the free beacon says they're being checked by forensic analysts looking to determine how top secret material was sent to:tone's private email account by her aides when she was secretary ever state citing two people familiar with the probe. a state department spokesperson referred questions about the server to the fbi. i called fbi, and spokesperson declined to comment to us. free beacon could learn no other details about the servers whether they are part of the department's classified system or used for unclassified information networks. fox news has learned that the fbi investigation has expanded to include obtaining data from a second tech company that is fully cooperating with the probe. a source familiar with the investigation told fox's ed henry that the fbi contacted
5:26 pm
connecticut-based datto, inc., in september and asked it to preserve all data it had in its possession that may be connected to clinton. datto was hired to help back update at that in may 2013 by platte river networks, the colorado-based tech company that managed clinton's server and has already been cooperating with the fbi investigation. the clinton camp said today it did not hire the second tech company, raising questions why it left important decisions who was handling classified information to somebody else. deirdre? deidre: thank you so much, peter. joining us there of course on the very latest with those probes into hillary clinton's email servers as she served as secretary of state. there is breaking news as well on hillary clinton. she is standing against the tpp the trans-pacific partnership trade agreement, saying quote, as of today i'm not in favor of what i have learned about it. i think there are still a lot of unanswered questions.
5:27 pm
political panelists are back, ford o'connell, richard fowler. we'll start with you. we know in the past hillary clinton said it seems she was in support saying in fact this looks like the type of gold standard for a trade deal. now she is clearly against the obama administration on it. why is that? >> because she is trying to make sure that joe biden doesn't get in this race. filing deadline next 30 days. unions are hacked off about her for previous support. she is sick and tired of bernie sanders walking all over her and getting big crowds. this is about pacifying unions and keeping progressive base happy because her campaign hasn't turned out the way she wanted because of the drip, drip, drip of the email scandal. deidre: she says this doesn't necessarily, i'm looking at checklist here, create jobs, increase wages or assure national security. rich, what is your take? >> well i disagree with ford 100%. this is the right decision for her to make. after looking at impact of tpp will have on working families all across this country there is
5:28 pm
no way any candidate in this field understanding our current job market could be for the tpp even donald trump himself, gop frontrunner, whether ford likes it or not, came out and said tpp is bad deal. not that people are against free trade. but we want the trade to be fair. >> richard like the rest of the base -- >> they believe in sla . >> richard, this is a straight campaign play, and basically the progressives in the unions are against free trade. >> whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! >> on the campaign trail you would not be forward. explain why the tpp is bad for people. >> i just did. >> i could give you five reasons, are you going to let me? can i talk? >> yeah, go ahead. >> it depreciates wages, outsources america's jobs, number three, it destroys our environment because these countries don't have the same environmental standards in united states. number four, it shuts down american manufacturing when we
5:29 pm
got back on our feet, when we started to turn the corner, the tpp would take the jobs and send them abroad. number five, we saw the impact nafta had on michigan, on ohio. deirdre: last stop here in the sense of i do think that obviously this is a very union friendly, this 12 nation deal it is politically motivated, ford, what do you think the messaging has to be from the camp next? >> the messages is make sure first of all joe biden doesn't get in the race, she's going to basically win the nomination. what she wants to do is corner off every argument that bernie sanders is make against her, and one way is to be in support of tpp, she's come out with the anti-gun stance, at the end of the day, bernie sanders is pro republican on guns. she's trying to create a contrast between herself, joe biden and bernie sanders. deirdre: we thank you.
5:30 pm
>> what the hillary clinton campaign is doing is trying to shape out the message. deirdre: we got to let it go. we'll have you both back. i thank you, both. ford and rich. we have a very quick break to take. when we come back. the unfriendly skies, a new airbus patent proud to have you rethinking your next vacation. tell you more about that. a house committee meeting discussing our country's dietary guidelines. my next guest says healthy choice is for the government to mind its own business. china dumping our country's debt at the fastest pace since the financial crisis. we'll tell you how this affects your retirement? it really opens the passages. waiter. water. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck. if you're an adult with type 2 diabetes and your a1c is not at goal with certain diabetes pills or daily insulin, your doctor may be talking about adding medication
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then use your miles to cover the cost. now, that's more like it. what's in your wallet? . deirdre: first the government said butter was bad for your health, now good. same for whole milk, eggs, the same fate. the house meeting today on new dietary guidelines. radio host david webb, dr. mark siegel, both joining me now for what i assume is a spirited debate. welcome to you both. >> good to see you. deirdre: how do we know? i'm going to start with you dr. martin. what's good for our health? what's bad? why is congress involved? >> david webb doesn't think the government knows, the government doesn't know the answer to what's good or bad for you. start with that. they told us for years, the government did that fats were bad, saturated fats, what they forgot to say is that the sugar
5:35 pm
you take in place of it like a fat free yogurt loaded with sugar, the body converts it to fat. that's the confusion, fats and sugars are bad for you. now, yes meat is bad for you, red meat is bad for you, too much of it. of course, the agriculture industry is up in arms. the meat industry is up in arms over the fact the government is trying to legislate us away from having meat. that's not going to happen. i prefer an approach, more fruit and vegetables, more exercise, more fish, a mediterranean diet. get people to do that by getting them to behave differently. they don't work on the school lunch program. 16 billion dollars kids are leaving veggies on the plate. deirdre: i know, in fairness to the kids, i love veggies, i eat a ton of veggies, if you go to a school cafeteria, i guarantee you don't want to eat the veggies. >> one, we agree on a number of things, government you have lobbies, the doctor talked
5:36 pm
about that, he's the trained physician, i'm the commonsense guy. the government has lobbyists on both sides of the aisle and end up with the half-baked studies that tell us butter is bad for you, coffee is bad for you, then it's good for you, then what's? deirdre: the food pyramid was built during world war ii to get us to eat more carbs, then what happens. >> common sense guys, the proper diet, you love veggies, i love veggies, my parents taught what was good for me, what i should do, exercise, all the other thing, eat in moderation, balanced diet. government didn't teach me that. what they're doing in the schools is treating the symptom, the kids get there trying to force them to eat veggies. the kids need to be taught at home. deirdre: what do you think, dr. martin, when bloomberg was mayor of new york city, he caused such a stir saying you can't sell a soda over a certain ounce. his argument was an economic one, i don't care what you do, everyone else is paying for your bad decision. >> that's the point you were
5:37 pm
making before we came on. we have a diabetes epidemic and obesity epidemic, feeding it with the cakes and cookies. the government has a responsibility. deirdre: the taxpayers are paying for everybody's health problems. >> the guidelines are not mandatory. they're not going to force you not to eat red meat. >> but how you behave in the institution. >> i don't want the government saying it's okay to have red meat every day, we need guidelines that are in keeping with common sense and should include fish and should include fruits and vegetables. >> we agree on the balanced diet. >> coffee is good for you in a lot of ways. deirdre: coffee is good for you, dr. marc siegel and david webb. >> coffee decreases the risks of cancers. deirdre: i love it. a new airbus file may have you feeling squished in advance for good reason, we'll tell you more about that sketch.
5:38 pm
china dumping u.s. debt, it means you have to be a lot more clever about your retirement. we're going to tell you more after this.
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5:41 pm
. deirdre: major airline seat changes may be coming soon to a plane near you. airbus, filing a patent for a split level passenger seat design that looks something like this. from popular science, michael nunez, from the muse, adrianne larson and mark spunnard. glad to have you here does,
5:42 pm
that make you want to go local? >> yeah, not anymore they than i already did. i feel air travel couldn't be any more uncomfortable. deirdre: it's a hassle. >> another example of airlines cutting margins and trying make a buck at pretty much anywhere that they have an opportunity to. deirdre: so what do you think? >> i laughed out loud when i saw the diagram. it looks like a cartoon or someone "snl" would make fun of. >> i thought it was an onion story. >> the onion, they rock it. oh, this is real. they spent the money to file for a patent. there's no justification. you can't say is this tech's new way of preserving space, humans need space. >> i saw other drawings where people are facing each other. the one saving grace is that you are able to recline all the way. i have a flight coming up to taipei, 15 hours, that would be nice, i don't know if i want somebody underneath me or above me. deirdre: nothing that looks
5:43 pm
like it's worth paying for that ticket. sending the message to airbus and engineers. elon musk, famous engineer, billionaire founder and investor telling jack dorsey you shouldn't try to run two companies at once. jack dorsey has square and renamed or re-elected ceo of twitter. >> and it's helped the stock,s there a lot of confidence now. elon musk said you are not going to have the same amount freedom you had before. it's a matter of focus. i run two websites, certainly much smaller scale, but the idea is you can't have the pendulum swinging too much in one direction, otherwise you can't execute on both sites. deirdre: seems hard enough to be a ceo of one company, right? if you say, that that's already a big job but to be ceo of two companies, i feel that with twitter, i'm not sure who else was out there to take the job, it had to be somebody homegrown who really believes in the mission, right?
5:44 pm
>> you are absolutely right. needs someone with passion, with dedication who cares and needed a bold move and twitter did the right thing by making him interim ceo for three months and trying it out. it obviously went well if they are committed to bringing him on. deirdre: investors, that's the biggest mistake they make, they found a company but never worked together in an official context and it gets harder as time goes on. >> absolutely, not impossible to be the ceo of two different companies, in the case of twitter, they're having a difficult time differentiating themselves from the other social networks out there. you have snapchat, facebook, certainly can do a lot of the same things that twitter can do, and so i think for advertisers and also just users, consumers, it's hard too to reason with twitter and understand why you want to use it if you're not in the news business. >> that's the risk with this, are you getting more of the same from someone who founded it? the challenge for twitter is how do you attract more users
5:45 pm
at a time where other social networks are appropriating features like hashtags and photos. deirdre: it's becoming a very fragmented space, right? and now this idea of we're going to offer more than 140 characters which seems like a branding mistake, i don't know. jack dorsey. but seems like the people who use twitter the most like the modern haiku, right? >> right. if anybody is going to think about twitter it will be jack dorsey. what's going to suffer is square. i think his focus is going to be shifted so much and obviously twitter is very excited about it, i think square is going to suffer. deirdre: at the moment, square has its own challenges as apple pay comes ocompetitive payments, this is the second or third generation of products and services, thank you all, so glad to have you here, mark, adrianne and, of course, michael. we have a quick break to take, when we come back, once the biggest buyer of u.s. debt to china is starting to dump it
5:46 pm
all. my next guest says that could affect your retirement plans. we'll tell you why. new york comic-con kick off tomorrow, already sold out. we have the organizer with us to tell us the power of going geek. and we say that in the best way possible, after this. can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit?
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5:50 pm
several years they've been accumulating u.s. bonds, buying treasuries in huge numbers, now the tide is going out and suddenly all of those countries are selling treasury bonds again in huge numbers. deirdre: okay, so basically massive selling from countries that at one point were big buyers? >> correct, that's exactly right. they're having to do it because they've got all sorts of problems arising from the fall, the collapse of commodity prices, they've got problems with currency, to defend the currencies, selling the u.s. treasuries, getting the dollars and using dollars to defend their currencies, but all boils down to what's happening in the commodities markets. deirdre: so for the everyday person, why does it matter? what is the affect on rates? what does it do to retirement? i want to retire in a few years. >> me too! >> i have a couple more on you. >> very, very important point. we have to go back to bonds 101. when there's a lot of selling pressure, when bonds are sold like they are now, what happens
5:51 pm
is the other side of the seesaw rates go up, as bonds get sold, rates go up. deirdre: we're looking at a graph that shows exactly that. this is great, not everybody, though everybody talks about bond pricing, why it's important, it's hard to visualize sometimes. deirdre: there you go. you see the seesaw, that's the bond seesaw, as bond prices go down, interest rates go up. so the problem here is that as all of these people sell bonds, of course, that means more sellers than buyers. bond prices go down, that means interest rates can go up and go up significantly. and that can have a very direct impact on bond mutual funds, for example. and don't forget that just two years ago, 80% of bond mutual funds lost money. used to thinking about bonds being safe and sound, but developments have to make you worry about bond funds. >> okay, when looking at bond funds and say this doesn't look like a great idea, what else
5:52 pm
can an investor do? i want safety. i want my money to be there when i retire. >> right, and make a little in between. several things you can do. let me give you three quick ideas. master limited partnerships, nice yielding, 6, 7, 8% right now. another one is business development corporations, bdc's, and one which is interesting is bond mutual funds that go long and short at the same time, they have the built-in shock absorber that helps protect you against the dynamic we showed. meantime you are making money. deirdre: three good ideas, bob rice, we'll take them all. bob rice joining me there. when we come back, one of the biggest comic book festivals has come to new york city, it starts tomorrow, the man behind this massive, impressive event. it has grown to include much, much more than just comics, is going to be joining us after this.
5:53 pm
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. deirdre: new york is alive! annual comic-con starts tomorrow, lance festerman is with me now, and for the first time ever totally sold out before it opens, lance, great to see. >> you great to be here, thank you. deirdre: this is the tenth edition of comic-con. what surprises you most about the growth? >> i can't believe how fast this thing keeps shooting up. 167,000 people. deirdre: at new york city javits center, right? >> keeps growing and growing and growing. what surprises me is the passion these people have for all things popular culture. deirdre: as far as visual, no more interesting mix of individuals, right? >> no. we look very boring, and i
5:57 pm
think we look nice, but boring, we don't have costumes. deirdre: black and green. >> no hammers or swords. deirdre: i know a lot of hollywood people, george clooney was there last year. who's going to be a guest this year or one of the guests, there's a lot. >> yeah, a lot. we've got about 60 different television programs that will premiere or show footage or bring cast. probably the biggest is the walking dead. the entire cast. we're doing a huge thing at madison square garden, rented out the arena. 17,000 people get to see the first episode premiere a week before it's on the air. if you like rick grimes and that crew, they are all there from "the walking dead." deirdre: cool indeed. it's not just the u.s., you have development with china. how are you seeing this whole international appetite grow? >> this is going to sound very touchy feely. what's cool is geeks are the same all over the world, whether you are in russia, china or brazil. we have our costumes literally
5:58 pm
and figuratively. reed pop, we spent time growing globally. we launched a show in shanghai, next year beijing, we have comic-cons in australia, indonesia, singapore that we run all over the world. the language of geek is universal. deirdre: i'm sure themes are more popular in some countries. give me u.s. versus china? >> right, right, right. china, the costume play is a little more subdued and focused on asian characters. so they do a wonderful job of dressing up in costumes but i don't know who they're dressing up as. that's our secret. who are you? deirdre: what else? you talked about "the walking dead." what else is part of this year that you haven't seen or done before. >> i think expansion. that's the story, so there's a wonderful theater in manhattan called the hammerstein ballroom, you might know it. we'll take out the hammerstein ballroom and do crazy amounts
5:59 pm
of programming in there. the javits center is busting at the seams, we keep expanding outward. deirdre: how is technology changing whether or not it's how you promote the event, how you pull people in or even the kinds of characters that are appearing. how is tech changing your world at comic-con. >> two ways, you see more video game costumes, it's bigger than hollywood, it's massive. the other interesting thing is we use rfid technology to control the masses of people. deirdre: it's a huge crowd. >> we have people tap in and out using the technology and know how many people are in the building, it's tough to count 80,000, 90,000 people at a time. deirdre: lance, this is a huge undertaking for you, fun for everybody else. what's the one fun thing or person you're going to make sure you see? >> i have a bit of a problem with legos, i'm okay to say it,
6:00 pm
i'm obsessed with legos, i'm obsessed with getting into the lego booth and they're going to make an announcement about a new product. deirdre: very exciting, glad you get your kicks, too. lance fennsterman he is the vp of reed pop. "making money" is next. charles: once again, the market finds a way to rally, after a midday swoon. has the bias shifted, and the bigger question, is the worst over? and president obama to release 6,000 federal prisoners including illegal immigrants, this is the tip of the iceberg, lock your doors. and the plastic incinerates at the white house after biden and carson leading the way in a general election, but get ready for trump 2.0 and get ready for "making money." we start right now. breaking news for you -- just now hillary clinton just announcing that she is against the trans-pacific partnership deal. an agreement obvioustr


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