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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  October 7, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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i'm obsessed with legos, i'm obsessed with getting into the lego booth and they're going to make an announcement about a new product. deirdre: very exciting, glad you get your kicks, too. lance fennsterman he is the vp of reed pop. "making money" is next. charles: once again, the market finds a way to rally, after a midday swoon. has the bias shifted, and the bigger question, is the worst over? and president obama to release 6,000 federal prisoners including illegal immigrants, this is the tip of the iceberg, lock your doors. and the plastic incinerates at the white house after biden and carson leading the way in a general election, but get ready for trump 2.0 and get ready for "making money." we start right now. breaking news for you -- just now hillary clinton just announcing that she is against the trans-pacific partnership deal. an agreement obviously strongly
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backed by president obama but clinton saying she can no longer favor the deal because it doesn't meet her, quote, high bar. another alert, a federal judge denied a state department request to ask hillary clinton to look over and hand over more than 31,000 e-mails deleted from her personal server as a new poll shows voters think she is the least honest and trustworthy of all. joining me judith miller and tina bruce. your girl hillary making news left and right. is it a sign of desperation or what? >> this is good news for hillary. deirdre: the flip-flop on tpp. >> a political move. she had to do it. she was for it 45 times, according to cnn as secretary of state. now against it. sheer political move and the right one and the judge's decision in washington, judge reggie walton, really good
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decision for her, it basically says these records are personal property. charles: the 31,000 e-mails will be political fodder. family, the flip-flop on tpp, direct shot at president obama, who a lot of people think him and valerie jarrett are pulling strings, giving her a tough time. >> her statement about being against it is very much like what the meaning of "is" is, it was very weak, it was very cautious. she said as of now, which means it could change tomorrow, and jude see right is that politically it was the right thing to do. charles: why do you say it was right politically if there is such a major flip-flop. >> worried about sanders and biden, she still has to get to the bay, the nomination. it's going add into the distrust numbers. you can trust a woman who says one thing two days ago and another thing the next day? she's got two ends she's trying play and got trouble, i think.
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charles: her unfavorables are in the mid 50s and climbing. peter, this trans-pacific rtnehip al, othemajo inittiveor pside oba, someing at hreal want, pued f. llarclinn lo allhe way,ow fp-fls. you an onomt do the de makany nse beg with? >> the deal doesn't make a lot of sense, in terms of it's not as good a deal as she could have gotten, that's absurd. she's being very hypocritical here and reveals the person she is. remember bill clinton being against nafta and climbing it down and pushing through after he became president? all the americans worried about trade and tpp, you can count on it, if hillary clinton is elected president, she will push it through in the end. this is strictly politics and shows us exactly what kind of person she is. she's turned on her own president.
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>> worried about the unions as well. look, she's look at that dynamic, and bill clinton got elected twice by being a hypocrite. this is what they do. the american people are saying they want something better than that. charles: hillary clinton got one endorsement from a large union, the teamsters said we want to kick the tires with everyone, including and starting with donald trump. judith, the idea that everyone can see how transparent the move is. maybe it works in political circles, but in this particular moment in time where the anti-establishment candidate is rung strong in part because of the shenanigans it could backfire. >> it could, but she's much more worried about -- charles: it's a high bar, judith she's talking about. what is the high bar? >> she's done this repeatedly. not the first time she's done it. look at keystone pipeline. charles: i've lost track, by the way. is she for that or not? >> actually against it now. charles: actually against it. she's against all of this stuff, all of the above. >> it tells you she's not sure
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about the nomination, doesn't it? >> she's worried and she ought to be. >> you know, peter, as we get into the next phase and start to get cold and everyone gets serious about the process, a lot more pressure on the candidates to sort of discuss and elaborate more on what the economic policies are. we're not really sure, i don't think the hillary clintons are, we keep hearing what she's not for. what do you suspect she's going to say? >> i think she's going to be more pro business than her predecessor, i mean, the president. the clintons are just that way. she's going to be more focused as her husband was on rejuvenating the u.s. economy, not accepting 2.2% growth and that sort of thing, that would be a good thing for the country, i have to say. i think a lot depends on joe biden. if joe biden doesn't come out, she doesn't have to say a lot to win the nomination, she can beat bernie sanders handily. if joe biden comes out and
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barack obama decides he's offended, this is important to him, and gets behind him the way johnson got behind humpry and looks electable, she's got real trouble on her hands. charles: you don't think so, judith? >> i don't think there is any indication the president is going to do that now. she is the front-runner in quinnipiac states. >> joe biden nipping at her heels and doing better than she would in a general election. >> that's true. he's run two previous elections and done terriblely, he has no money, no organization, she has the base of the democratic party with her. she is the top dog. >> family, brend bozell on varney this morning, very little negative coverage of joe biden. what was negative a year ago like the gaffes are laughable stunt by uncle joe, and feels like maybe the elites on that side of the aisle would like to see biden and sanders above hillary. >> let me tell you what hat is
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all over it. the political story joe biden talked to maureen dowd using his dead son as a political ploy to get that story out he should run for president. that is the kind of thing that hillary would want people to know that chips down at the attitude and sympathy for joe biden. that is a shot across the bough. the story came out hillary hired a major independent team to look at for opposition research to go after joe biden. these are messages to biden this is just the beginning, and they will not stop. she'll destroy him. charles: isn't there something about biden and his opposition going after osama bin laden too? >> that's part of what they're finding, he was against that raid. there's a lot of things the americans have forgotten but will be reminded by hillary. this is something she does not want him to be running because she doesn't want to work too hard for the nomination. >> do these things work for the american voter?
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you are experts, you follow politics. do the american people follow this? charles: i think something is resonating, she would not be a, as desperate as we all believe she is, and, b, slipping as much as she is in the polls. something frightening happening on the way to the coronation, not work the way they applauded it to work, whether benghazi, e-mails, the whether it's the flip-flopping, the unfavorables that do not budge, something is wrong with the candidacy and experts announcing she won't make it across. >> the reason we see the american people care is donald trump is so high in the polls and hillary's numbers are collapsing. we don't know quite what that is yet, but we'll see it. charles: peter? >> i think if it's hillary versus trump, hillary wins, hillary versus carson, a whole new ball game, carson wins. charles: why do you say that? >> very appealing candidate. managed to put the muslim comments enough behind him, a much smaller group to offend.
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i find donald trump, i am very intrigued by him but can't believe a lot of women will vote for him because of so many of the things he said. he's running among conservative women and white guys over on the republican party and easy to poll well over there. look at him in head-to-head against hillary, he doesn't come out well. carson does. charles: trump is looking very good with gop millennials. lead is enormous, 3-1. he's crossing color barriers. i've seen blacks like him 25%. i can tell you my son said he's voting for trump. very first time voting for president, he's voting for trump. >> opposition research doesn't only work for joe biden. ben carson nobody looked seriously at, and donald trump has been very active, very public man with a very wildlife, and i think that will turn out to be an interesting thing to look at. charles: lot of trump's life we know about. let me ask before we go, back
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to the e-mail thing, i think hillary clinton got a big score here. maybe they won't be forced, i know judicial watch made the request, but there still will be some sort of hearings out there and this is not going to completely go away, judith. >> no, it's still in the hands of the fbi. she's able to take the decision and say you see, these are personal e-mails. my property. this is a terrible decision for the american public but happens to be a very good decision for her. a clear victory, the only thing she has to worry about now are leaks from the investigation. charles: good point. >> i agree with that. any bit of good news is great for hillary. couple weeks ago she said the e-mail thing was like a drip, drip, drip and never knew when it would stop. it's likely not to stop especiallyith the other information of the cloud data firm with backups, if she can overcome this, she might be a pretty good president. charles: you think she might be
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a pretty good president. >> if she is able to overcome this and win the american people over, something miraculous has happened. charles: leave it right there. speaking of miraculous, the fbi throwing a wrench in isis' plans and stopping four plans for the terror group to buy nuclear weapons and materials. how easy is it for isis to get their hands on a nuke? we'll explain it to you and it's going to scare the heck out of you. we'll be right back. excellent. researching a hunch, and making a decision. time for a change of menu. research and invest with e*trade's browser trading. e*trade.
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charles: a major blow to the islamic state. fbi stopped 4 plots to sell nuclear material to isis. investigator say that gangs
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thrives in a black market in nuclear materials in eastern european countries, other gang members are believed to have ties with the kgb. this is stuff that we see in movies, this is scary, and frightening to know that four plots have been foiled in last five years, one just in february. >> the fbi and other agencies have been foiling these kind of plots for the last contract century, since the soviet union came apartment that was the land of loose nukes. this time because the fbi worked this well, the russian mobsters
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were never able to actually reach islamic state or al qaeda. they were intercepted. there is a shadow world of east european mobsters, with globalization of crime, and they will sell not just radioactive material but anything. we have to be on our guard. but sooner or later some loose radioactive junk of the kind not material for weapon but dirty bomb stuff, that is going to get out, likely gest target is europe -- likeliest target is europe. charles: europe? here is the thing though, cording to market they read. they wanted one of these middle eastern terrorist organization to target americans, that is scary. >> you have a couple things at work. who else wants to buy radioactive material for a dirty
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bomb. if you want to sell it, you want to sell it to islamic state or al qaeda, they come up with the money. russia is a complex beast, there are a lot of america haters, when the soviet union came apart, the kgb, profited they knew not only where the bodies were buried but where the gold was hid and the nukes were, we still have a problem with the shadow agents. they are out there working the deals between government officials, and the black market. it is a system that is alien to our senses, but it dangerous. putin himself, he would not mind seeing a dirty bomb attack on western cities, but he is probably not going to directly facilitate it, he is more
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worried about using it on russian soil. charles: isis now scrambling for skilled workers. there is an effort to recruit. targets muslim refugees, leaving iraq and syria, they have propaganda videos they hope to encourage doctors, teachers, oil field managers, join the cause. are they acting out of desperation? lisa, this is fascinating, they are now maybe trying to stem the tide of refugees, picking out skilled workers. this points to fact that isis is building something for the long-term. something beyond just a indiscriminate killing they are known for.
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>> they say they want to build an islamic state, they are literal about that, they need all types of skilled worker for that, they are experiencing a brain drain. they are producing new videos, 14 since september, the propaganda machine they have that is a lot are first two videos, broke here on fox, warning talk --ing to m to my gs don't go abroad. they are warning them stay, be a part of caliphate. charles: on one hand, you would suspect to your point, they want to build a natural state. maybe this does stem the tide, it is amazing they chase them out of their homes, under threat of being killed or beheaded and whatnot, and thinking maybe they
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will change their mind and join the cause. >> in '90s we followed bin laden there are lofty goals of the caliphate but no recognition of what do we do once we get power, is sis different, they are -- isis is different, they are savvy in social media. i think they are learning from other terror groups. charles: does this mean, what we see russia dropping bombs on them. all for show? is there a larger picture going on with isis undeterred from their goal? it feels like they are looking past this. >> absolutely, what russia is doing on the surface, getting rid of all anti-aircraft sad force -- anti-assad forces who are notice is, they can say, who is remaining in syria, russia and isis, we'll get rid of isis,
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in the mean tam meantime they es time. isis is no longer just in syria and iraq. charles: they are no longer just a jc team. >> thank you. charles: president obama to release 6,000 federal prisoners, including illegal immigrants, this is just the tip of the iceberg, i have said it before, lock your doors, we're going to talk about it, next. you owned your car for four years.
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charles: u.s. justice department to release nearly 6,000 federal prisoners by the end of this month, a third of illegal imgraps, but they are expecting more than 40,000 early releases for drug convictions, officials ensure that the illegals will be deported and others supervised.
6:25 pm
is that enough? how concerned should we be, joining me now pinal county paul babeu. >> thank you, charles. charles: let's talk about the president of the united states. he has been outspoken on prisoners. i think this is a set up, we talked about 40,000 more, i think somewhere toward the end of his term we'll see something historic with respect to how many prisoners this administration tries to release. >> barack obama has led the largest prison break in american history. 67,000 prisoners, these are criminal illegals that have been released on to our streets in america. instead of visiting the prison to talk about how har harsh we e
6:26 pm
with prisoners, why not talk to to the parents whose children have been killed by illegals. and hear the voice and their pain. instead of standing up for the illegals and criminals and quote their rights, this is out rainingous -- outrageous. charles: the big goal to get felons the right to vote. i think there are a couple of states they can, you talk 5 million potential voters more, a lot of people presume they will be democratic voter. >> of course,. you already saw this campaign over last few months, trying to get 10 plus million illegals who are not citizens of the nation, the right to vote. this has to be stopped. we're going to give away these privileges that should be only
6:27 pm
enjoyed by li jet matt citizens -- legitimate citizens, who have skin in the game here in america and have earned that right. >> talking thouses of illegal imbrands, once here they commit national crimes that we're going to supervise them or deport them, with almost 300 sanctuary cities waiting with open arms. >> that is not going to happen. you do not have to be the sheriff to figure this out, last year, 193 convicted murderers, who are not from america, were released to the communities, one of which russian right in my community, in pinal county, arizona, stobbed stabbed a cril informant, poured gasoline on him, lit him on fire while he was still alive to kill him, they just now released him back to russia, they said, they did not have proper travel
6:28 pm
documents, this is insane, they should be criminally responsible for the crimes that are committed against our citizens because they knowingly release them to our communities. charles: officer babeu how is your run going. >> outstanding because i am an oceaoath keepers, i ask any amen who wants to defend our constitution, stop this president, secure the border help me raise money to fight and win. charles: sheriff paul we thank you for your service, good luck with your run. >> thank you, charles, i appreciate you. charles: new poll shows joe biden may have a better shot than hillary clinton at debating donald trump, get ready for
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donald 2.0, next. many people clean their dentures
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6:33 pm
carson, in ohio carson, 46. tto bideen's 42. this gives credence that pundits that say that trump is every democrats favorite nominee. a lot of interesting narratives. you can see where trump is winning with still winning comfortable. we start to match donald trump with one individual candidate on g.o.p. side. he does not win, and match up with hillary or others he does not win. what does this tell you?
6:34 pm
>> it's early. i understand the appeal. i hope he does well, i want the g.o.p. field to do well. >> has to be a winner though. >> but not right now. this -- this is still an audition, this is note the musical. what is more interesting that jeb bush is fifth in florida, and john kasich third in ohio. that is what tells you where the elet rat in -- electorate is, the machine is collapsing. charles: right. right now rubio seems to be win among establishment. middle of the pack, some people think this would be short lived. >> we can't tell with rubio, he has a lot of momentum, a lot of
6:35 pm
people have surfaced out about jeb, and even kasich. they turn to ruben salaza rube o as alternative candidate. i still think in the end, what remains of republican machine, is going to rally, and the establishment will be heard, i think it is early. charles: tammy, i saw where koch brothers ar are looking at kardashian -- at fiorina, i don't know if that is good or bad. is it a good them to kick her tire? >> it is, what is better after second debate, i said to my listeners, you will find out if the establishment will want to destroy her or warm up to her. if they warm up, she is in a good position, if they did not, you would see attack ads, that
6:36 pm
is not happening, you hear some big money might be interested in her that is a shot to sim, she could be acceptable we're adjusting to this new environment, and we do like one of your outsider, don't hurt us. >> i don't see how she gets away from the hp legacy. she is a woman of the people, she takes home millions in compensation. >> and saving 65,000 other jobs and increasing a number of other jobs in the meantime. charles: she made a couple of the deals in end that were questionable. >> money here is with mr. trump and miss fiorina we want successful business people. charles: we hear trump 2.0, we'll see traditional advertising, and more of his wife, and his daughter speaking out on women's issue. >> great.
6:37 pm
charles: what you see from traditional candidates, is this smart move? >> yes. >> the smart move, people know him, they know what he has been doing, i am excited to hear about that, we will learn more about him, it will either be good or bad, he is going to be our leader, this is perfect timing they will be appealing to american people, i think this is a good move. charles: you say now you think that trump will win? >> no hypothetically that is -- when we think about traditional campaigns, about the entire team that is circumstance round them. -- is around them. >> you are one of the straightest shooters that i know from the left, you are only. >> i am an independent. >> leaning to the left. charles: tell us right now. how afraid is the left of don dd trump? you watch that saturday night live skit, he is getting a lot
6:38 pm
of backhanded compliments, they are showing their hand they are afraid of donald trump more than others. >> they are afraid of fact all their predictions about his incandescent fall have not -- inevitable fall have not come to pass even bill clinton on colbert the other night called trump the master brand. and the guy who had to be dealt with. that is a backhanded compliment when you consider it. he has spoken to the american people. charles: bottom line is that plot thickens, this is intriguing. >> it is. charles: thank you appreciate it. tomorrow, you don't' to miss varpy ivarney in the morning, st sit down with dr. ben carson. up here next. what is the true state of the economy? where do we go from here? the economy and the stock
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charles: wages are moving up, gas prices coming down, where are we going to see it? you are smoking more cigarettes than you have since 2006. a combination of see products.. and customers. every on-time arrival is backed by thousands of od employees, ...who make sure the millions of products we ship arrive without damages. because od employees treat customer service... our most important delivery.
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od. helping the world keep promises. just like eddie, the first step to reaching your retirement goals is to visualize them. then, let the principal help you get there. join us as we celebrate eddie's retirement, and start planning your own. charles: most of the market trouble this year stem from confusion, federal reserve, where are we as an economy? what is the true state of the economy? a question we ask almost of day, we know gas prices have crashed nearly 30% from a year ago, only thing going up is cigarette sales look at these numbers. at this pace it would be first year-over-year increase since 2006.
6:43 pm
just a few moments ago consumer credit data came out for august, it was less than expected, credit card debt up $4 billion, so what are we spending money on in the economy? peter, we saw signs of cheap gas prices in the economy, smoke them if you got them. >> well, across the board retail spending is good, consumer spending is good. third quarter data is likely to be up. household balance sheets are in good shape issue going forward, the consumer will lead the way. in the manner we expected in the '90s, i think this u.s. economy is headed for a period of somewhat stronger growth, there will be a correction in third quarter because the second was so big, going forward could a
6:44 pm
buck 2 1/2%, not great, but better than we had. charles: i have to agree with you, household balance sheet is in good shape. average american lost their home be lost their job or tighten their belts, now they have a great depression mentality, i think a lot of folks, if they cannot afford it, they are not going to spend it. >> that would give you an initial adjustment in spending it has happened. data say people are spending again. what is more, you know i grew up in a rough neighborhood in new york city, first thing i learned was not to poreo money on the street -- borrow money on the street corner, with what the credit cards charge i don't see much of a difference. i think we're okay. charles: speak to a guy who used
6:45 pm
to break these elbows, your assessment of the economy? i understand where peter is coming from. i look at market and different parts of the economy, cigarette sales are up. businesses are not investing, there is a overall reluctance in this economy, just has fits and starts. charles: >> looking at data we see fed did not act. we have industrial production and pmi data. >> also fed did not act ahead of the jobs report. i don't know if they see this report or not, we're told they don't. if they would have hiked rates ahead of the jobs respect they would look worse than they do. >> you bring up a great point about inflation. all of that dita there is no inflation, and in the employment report, wages fell.
6:46 pm
charles: a good enough backdrop for a year-end rally. >> we need to get through earning first. charles: thank you chris, and peter. by the way, you have been tweeting me with a lot of questions. keep it coming, and today i have a stock pick for you, it has been a while. if we break out, i want you to own this stock, i'll tell you all about it when we come back. ♪
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. charles: now time to address your questions on the market on "making money." what is your opinion on kinder morgan. they missed 3 of last 4th
6:50 pm
quarters, you can see very ugly chart. at the very end it made a huge bounce. i would not be in the stock, but if bounce breaks through have you more room up, if you are long, hang on use 30 as a stop. see how far it is go on upside. charles, more room to run? i am bullish on it cyber security stocks have come down a lot, some was a berr bear -- barracuda miss. if you can handle volatile, i think you will make a huge amount of money. patty caterpillar, dog told me i should not buy it.
6:51 pm
cat is getting hammered. coming up, commodities, a tough one. you know one of those names that will rebound, maybe a couple of years from now, if you don't have money or this is holding you up, you may have to bite the bullet on this. chris, said, about twitter, twitter and jack-in-the-box, twitter coming to life. jack dorsey gets the job. breaks out through 30 you want to belong the stock, it is speculative but so oversold, it is at a key point where it must hold, 75, if you can't break out 80. i know that stock looked good today, wait for it chose above 55 before you accumulate. one of my ideas mohawk industry,
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mhk, look at that chart, housing construction, only bright spot in this economy. only thing holding is back is shortage of workers, but. they look good, i tell you this space has a language runway, this stock -- long runway, this stock. 194 a share is cheap. p/e 4.9. street now looking for 11.92. i think it will do better. let's say 230 but i think it could be more. mohawk i think the make you mo money, i could not resist. >> up next, mccarthy and battle for g.o.p. leadership. has a lot of people worried.
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a real donny brook when we come back. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda.
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. >> everybody thought hillary clinton was unbeatable, right? we put together a benghazi special committee, a select committee. what are her numbers today? her numbers are dropping, why? because she's untrustable. but no one would have known any of that had happened had we not fought and made that happen. charles: that was a huge, and i'm talk monumental gaffe that many say let hillary clinton off the hook on benghazi. not only that, but has become fodder for the democratic front-runner. mccarthy admitted his comments
6:57 pm
were a mistake, but many are saying too little too late and could be a war for the speaker job and other leadership roles within the party. you were just covering your head. was that shame, tammy? frustration? >> both. charles: are you surprised boehner's hand picked successor made that mistake? >> radio talk show said he's john boehner minus 10 iq points, he proved himself there. there should be a fight, people want elections, jason chaffetz is making good points about being a person who can bridge everyone and need a speaker who can speak. it's good it happened now, early on in the process, i think this is a gift, and they need to fight to make sure. charles: how did kevin mccarthy become the front-runner? you know the political process. how does someone get ordained like this? john boehner was the victim of a coup, right? he gets to pick the guy who comes after him. >> well, he doesn't cry, and he's everybody's best friend.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
. >> it is about politics, not whether people like you, you build up for a while. chaffetz has been able to do that. i think it talks about people's ability and power to organize. media is playing a very big role these days, skit wents being able to chime in with who's running and who isn't. charles: how hard would the establishment push to make sure it's one of their own? >> they already pushed, mccarthy presumed was going to be it. already things are out of their hands, whoever can pick it up
7:00 pm
has a very good chance, that begins tomorrow and we'll see what happens. charles: the voting begins tomorrow. what's the vote tomorrow? >> it's for the nominee for the republicans in the house. so it's not the vote for speaker. that happens with the full body later, but with the republican legislature wants. charles: watch that and watch lou dobbs. lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. russia escalating involvement in the syrian civil war, and extending mightily influence in the region. russian ships firing cruise missiles into syria, missiles that travel through two nations from russian ships in the caspian sea to strike their targets. the russians serving notice to the obama white house that the united states is about to be sidelined in the syrian conflict and russia means to dominate militarily as it supports the al-assad regime and extends forces on the sea, air and land. russian fighter jets


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