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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 7, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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what happens. charles: the voting begins tomorrow. what's the vote tomorrow? >> it's for the nominee for the republicans in the house. so it's not the vote for speaker. that happens with the full body later, but with the republican legislature wants. charles: watch that and watch lou dobbs. lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. russia escalating involvement in the syrian civil war, and extending mightily influence in the region. russian ships firing cruise missiles into syria, missiles that travel through two nations from russian ships in the caspian sea to strike their targets. the russians serving notice to the obama white house that the united states is about to be sidelined in the syrian conflict and russia means to dominate militarily as it supports the al-assad regime and extends forces on the sea, air and land. russian fighter jets intercepting three u.s. predator drones in the region. we'll have a full report for
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you and take up the president's foreign policy with republican senator jeff sessions, billionaire publishing magnate mort zuckerman joins us tonight. and also the hillary clinton e-mail scandal is worsening by the day. the fbi expanding its investigation into the scandal, including now a second private technology company and a second server. we're learning that some members of the clinton staff working for the former secretary of state feared they would be implicated in part of a cover-up. and dr. ben carson refuses to back away from his controversial remarks on how victims should respond in a mass shooting. carson said he would have sacrificed his life to help stop last week's deadly attack in oregon and that others should also consider trying to fight back. much of the liberal media responding with cries of insensitivity, but donald trump backing up the doctor, saying the backlash against him is not
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fair. we'll be talking about that with republican strategist ed rollins, and i'll have a few thoughts as well tonight for the left and its insensitivity. our top story tonight, the russians wasting no time in ratcheting up the level of their involvement in the syrian civil war, escalating the conflict by land, sea and air. four russian warships launched cruise missiles that flew over iran and iraq before they mistook islamic state territory. russian fighter jets intercepted american predator drones at least three times over the past week. the russians did not attempt to shoot down those drones but sources say the russians wanted to make certainly their presence felt. that development threatens to further undermine the obama administration's faltering strategy in syria. russia says its offensive is targeting the islamic state, the united states says they've been aimed mostly at bolstering
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syrian president bashar al-assad's regime. defense secretary ash carter in italy today could only argue that russia has a misguided strategy but the russian military is bringing more destructive power to the conflict than has the united states. >> we believe russia has the strong strategy, they continue to hit targets that are not isil. we believe this is a fundamental mistake. despite what the russians say. we have not agreed to cooperate with russia. lou: despite the defense secretary's criticism, the united states will conduct technical talks with russia to try to avoid incidents between u.s. and russian jet fighters, trying to assure the safety of u.s. fighters in what are obviously crowded skies. russia also at the center of a thriving black market, it turns out, for nuclear materials. an associated press investigation found the
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criminal organization some with ties to the agency that succeeded the russian kgb have been trying to sell radioactive material to islamic state terrorists. fox news correspondent benjamin hall in london with our report. >> reporter: a newly disclosed sting operation by moldova's police and the fbi has uncovered a smuggling ring operating in the back quarters of eastern europe offering to sell radioactive material. in february of this year, the network, which is said to include several ex-kgb agents offered a deadly amount of seizium to someone that represented isis. the plot was foiled. however the top men got away including the kingpin known as the colonel and no additional nuclear material was recovered. members of the gang were recorded as saying it was essential smuggled uranium go to arabs, they would be most
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interested in buying the radioactive bombs and the american state must be annihilated. the associated press discovered the story from eastern europe and said undercover moldovan police arranged 20 meetings before quantifying test vials. he was happy with the material, he could buy a kiloa week at the same rate which is 32 million dollars every time, until he had as much as he needed, as well as the seizium, uranium and plutonium were offered. even a russian missile system. the gang told undercover agents they gained access to the equipment in crimea annexed by president putin months earlier. long said the black market for the materials exists in the region because of the vast quantities of ex-soviet stockpiles and smugglers work freely. intelligence officers have told us since the relationship
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between russia and the west deteriorated, it will become ever harder to work with them on this issue. lou? lou: benjamin, thank you very much. benjamin hall reporting from london. turning to the race for the white house, donald trump keeps surprising members of the mainstream liberal media predicting his demise for weeks now. new polls out today show the republican front-runner dominating rivals in criminal swing states. chief political correspondent carl cameron has our report. >> reporter: in waterloo, iowa touting lead in the latest polls, donald trump urged security to go easy on hecklers. >> don't hurt them, don't hurt them. nonviolence, nonviolence. >> reporter: instead of his frequent derition of rivals offered rare albeit praise. >> jeb bush announced, he's a nice person. >> the governor of ohio is a nice guy and doing a remarkable job. >> reporter: the insult free rhetoric come as polls show trump still ahead but burdened by high negatives.
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in florida trump's up double digits. ben carson in second and marco rubio's past jeb bush who's fallen to fourth. the others all in single digits. in pennsylvania other than trump and carson only rubio makes double digits. trump leads and carson's closest in ohio where governor kasich is third and ted cruz and carly fiorina have traction, in all three bellwether swing states nearly a third of republicans would not support trump. his rivals signaling they fear trump less are dispersing their fire. on a three-day swing in iowa to ramp up emphasis on the caucus state, bush dismissed trump as a lightning rod for anger. >> you can't be the large voice in the room, disparaging people, calling people idiots. >> reporter: he zeroed in on rubio for missing senate votes including an important one on the pentagon yesterday. >> they should vote when there's a reauthorization of the defense bill, when we're gutting the military, they should be there voting for this. it's important. the military men and women need
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our support right now. >> reporter: rubio toured a business in new hampshire and defended his absenteeism. >> i'm running for president, you're going to miss votes and miss time as other candidates had to do in the past. >> reporter: rubio's not running for re-election and has missed more votes than fellow senators running for president. rand paul missed the least but he's also running for the senate simultaneously. how long trump's civility will last is an open question, lou? lou: carl, thank you very much. carl cameron. turning to the democratic side, hillary clinton leading in key swing states but support erogued. clinton performs best in the state of florida where she has 24 lead over vice president biden. in ohio clinton has a comfortable 14-point lead over biden. numbers are troublesome in pennsylvania, 36% support, 9-point decline from august. and another problem, about 60% of voters surveyed in the swing states say she is not honest
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and she is not trustworthy. that's likely because of ever-unfolding e-mail scandals, the fbi is look into a second i.t. company involved in backing up mrs. clinton's server or servers. newly discovered e-mails show an employee for platte river networks was concerned he might be implicated in a cover-up. workers were reportedly instructed to reduce the length of time backups of her e-mails were saved on the server. employee was so concerned, so suspicious, he wrote a colleague that the move was, quote, covering up some shady stuff. we're coming right back. the obama administration bringing tens of thousands of syrian refugees into this country. so why don't the communities in which they'll live have a say in the matter? and on the issue of immigration, is it time to freeze immigration levels altogether? we take up those issues with
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leading republican senator jeff sessions here next. the rain has stopped in south carolina, but there's more flooding. the death toll is rising. we'll have the latest video and the latest developments in south carolina here next. stay with us.
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lou: our first guest tonight says the obama administration's plan to bring as many as 200,000 refugees into this country imposes enormous costs on an american public already struggling with low pay, rising crime, high deficits and resources. joining us now senator jeff sessions, member of several key committees including budget, armed services and the judiciary, senator, good to have you with us. >> thank you. lou: let's begin, if we may, hillary clinton has come out opposed to the plan on the trans-pacific partnership, and i assume stunning the administration which they thought they had her support, you've been opposed to it throughout. is there any way to stop what looks to being a fait accompli now? >> i think it is, lou. i think there's only a switch of five or six votes in the house of representatives would kill it. i think hillary's move will
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certainly mean fewer democrats will vote for, it though she was involved in the negotiations. i don't think she's feeling public pressure, and that's why she made this decision, but perhaps other politicians likewise will feel public pressure. they are not even asserting, lou, that wages will go up, that the trade deficit will be reduced or that jobs will be created. and this is because it's not going to be good in all those factors. we'll have an increased trade deficit. we'll have a decline in manufacturing jobs and wages if this goes forward. lou: and on the issue of immigration, built into the plan, i know you've read it but no one's read apparently all of it. tribunals that would arbitrate decisions rather than courts in these trading -- in the countries of these trading partners, the 12. clear loss of sovereignty and power and influence over our national destiny.
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why in the world would anybody support this? >> i don't know. i think people have not understood this sufficiently. lot of people just think free trade agreements are good, but each one should be evaluated carefully, and these international tribunals are not good. we had at least a bilateral trade agreement with korea. we didn't create a whole new commission that meets regularly. can change its rules, and impose new rules. i think that is highly dangerous. and the last thing we should be doing at this point in time. >> the administration insists on bringing in suddenly 200,000 syrian refugees, refugees from the region. this is extraordinary, and without consultation with the congress, unilaterally making this decision. we're now starting to see considerable resistance form among local governments where
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the syrian refugees are to be deposited, if you will. the local governors and mayors are saying wait a minute, will they be successful? >> i think the local governments need to speak up, and we need to put the pressure on. the administration has to consult and talk with congress at least the judiciary committees, but it does not have to -- is not bound in any way on the number. they can choose the number they want, and it's going to be way high, and this is highly expensive, nobody ever counts the cost to local governments in schools and hospital emergency room visits and those kind of things, and also every refugee, unlike most of the immigrants that come to america are immediately allowed to get any welfare benefit, basically that citizens get. they -- >> the heritage foundation
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estimating a cost of 10 per thousand refugees, about 6.5 billion dollars. very large numbers. let me turn, if i may, to donald trump. you counseled donald trump on a number of issues, including immigration, on international trade. to what degree do you believe he has followed your counsel, and are there some areas where you would like to further the tutorial? >> well, for a long time, i understand, he's been a critic of the trade policy of the united states thinking it hurts american workers in manufacturing. i did share with him my thoughts in the years of work we've done on immigration, and a great deal of it actually is included in his policies. he would make the situation much better. so i have praised his immigration policy. i think it has many good points. lou: includeing -- >> excuse me, immigration
7:19 pm
policies. lou: including the great big wall, how does he describe it? a big beautiful door. senator jeff sessions, always good to have you here, thank you very much, appreciate it. >> good to be with you. lou: senator jeff sessions. be sure to vote in our poll tonight -- we'd like to hear from you, cast your vote at if you want to connect with me on social media follow me on twitter -- breaking news now, the sun has set along the east coast, meaning the coast guard officially abandoned search for survivors from the cargo ship el faro presumed sunk. the container ship last detected off the bahamas last week, 33 mariners aboard during hurricane joaquin which grew to
7:20 pm
a category 4 hurricane. investors turning attention to finding the ship's data recorder, if they possibly can. residents along south carolina's coast tonight bracing for a second round of flooding as water from swollen creeks and rivers make their way toward the atlantic ocean, governor nikki haley warning officials are watching the situation closely and more evacuations may, may be required along the coast. at least 17 people in the carolinas have died because of the week's devastating flooding. up next, a few thoughts on the backlash against dr. ben carson because he said folks might consider fighting back against armed attackers when the lives of others are at stake. and a burglar botching a break-in in spectacular fashion. we'll have that story and that video for you right here next. stay with us.
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. lou: welcome back, a few thoughts on the outrage of liberals and leftists in this country, particularly in the media. republican presidential candidate dr. ben carson was asked about last week's shooting at umpqua community college in oregon. the doctor was asked what he would do in that situation. here's what he said.
7:23 pm
>> not only would i probably not cooperate with them, i would not just stand there and let him shoot me. i would say hey guys, everybody attack him. he may shoot me but can't get us all. lou: and the lame liberal national mainstream media, hitting dr. carson hard for his comments, accusing him of insensitivity to the families of the victims. but the republican candidate today defended his remarks and here he is. >> i want to plant in people's minds what to do in a situation like this because unfortunately this is probably not going to be the last time this happens. the shooter can only shoot one person at a time. he cannot shoot a whole group of people. so the idea is overwhelm him so not everybody gets killed. lou: dr. carson acknowledged he
7:24 pm
didn't know about chris mince, the army veteran who rushed the shooter in oregon, he suffered a number of gunshot wounds as he tried to keep the door closed against the gunman's intrusion to save the students. mintz's actions verifies what i'm saying and that's exactly what should be done. donald trump came to carson's defense, somewhat unexpectedly in the minds of america is not me, but some. he wrote this in his tweet -- who should be offended by dr. carson's remarks anyway? and why would anyone take seriously the media and political hacks who hammer dr. carson seek only political advantage? carson was expressing what he would do in like circumstances, or hopes he would do. truth is none of us knows for
7:25 pm
sure how we will act in every threatening moment, much depends how well trained a person is, whether by nature or governed by fight or flight and how well we can overcome our nature. in discovering how he or she will react in life threatening moments to consider how to react, how much one is willing to sacrifice for others. much of the left in this country dismissis outright the very concept of sacrifice for anyone, save the wealthy, they dismiss too self-reliance and self-determination and insist upon reliance on government in whatever form and demand universal dependency it seems. how frightening it must be to the left to hear dr. carson's call for action rather than acquiescence, whether as individual citizens or together as a nation, but my guess is most americans aren't
7:26 pm
frightened by dr. carson but rather inspired by a leader whose voice is clear. dr. carson saying to all who will listen to america still stands for independence and self-reliance and, yes some instances sacrifice. now our quotation of the evening, this from dylan thomas who said, anticipating dr. carson -- we're coming right back. donald trump topping the polls in a new voter survey in critical swing states. we take up who's up, who's down with former white house political director ed rollins here next. and it's very possible this driver didn't pay attention in driver's ed and certainly not to the semi truck he cut off on the highway. we'll show you the video of what happens next right here. we're coming right back.
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. lou: the top news stories at this hour, russia dramatically escalating the conflict in syria. tensions with the united states rising as well. russia launching missiles from ships in the caspian sea and targeting sea, land and air. donald trump in the latest quinnipiac poll leading, dr. ben carson in each state
7:31 pm
closest to trump in ohio. and the fbi investigation into hillary clinton's e-mail server expanding to a second private i.t. company. the second company may, among other things help the fbi find out whether clinton wrongly deleted official e-mails. red eye's andy levy and joanne nosuchinsky join us later in the broadcast. they'll take up their perspectives on the news on this very news-filled day. joining us former reagan white house political director republican strategist fox news analyst ed rollins. >> good to be with you. lou: look at trump. you have been a doubter, i will put it that way if not an outright critic early on, but trump is performing. >> well, the guy's a skilled entertainer, and i think to a certain extent he's tapped into this -- lou: should i write entertainer pejorative. >> anyone -- we're all entertainers in a way.
7:32 pm
he's tapped into the unhappiness that's going on in this country, particularly the party. bernie sanders has someone else that represents an outlier group, he made every mistake he can possibly make. not running a professional campaign. lou: i thought he sounded gentler, kinder, avoided negativity. >> that's very important. at the end of the day, and it's part of the story of hillary with negative opposition research. when you attack someone like he has, sometimes it turns negative. lou: which is just about everybody? just about everybody. and most republicans don't want that, and whether they like or dislike some of the other candidates, and i think it enhances we need to talk about issues, he needs to define them in a positive way. lou: i can hear donald trump, that's all great, rollins, but the fact of the matter is i got high negatives and leading in
7:33 pm
every swing state and i own iowa and own new hampshire. >> voters haven't cast votes yet. lou: i know. >> he's got 20, 25%. lou: you're taking away lots of stuff. >> you don't win with 25% of the vote. you can get delegates and sooner or later going to narrow down. lou: you sure are not going to did it with 6%. >> surely not. it will be a bigger group, the bigger group that wants it. lou: i want to turn to dr. ben carson as i said in the commentary. i think the man stood up big and i think was a real leader and attacked for it by the left, ed. this is a guy saying think about sacrifice, they talk about confiscation of your money, your wealth but they don't talk about real sacrifice, and dr. carson was the first candidate to do so, and i give him great credit. >> i give him great credit. it takes great bravery to go into someone's brain and save their lives.
7:34 pm
he does it every single day. he's a very skilled surgeon, been around a lot of death, and he made that point. he grew up in a place where he faced it with his family, so i think when he talks about bravery, he means it. lou: you are talking about his bravery going into someone's skull as he is a gifted neurosurgeon. a lot of us might have the guts but wouldn't be welcome. >> i hope not. lou: he's a brilliant doctor. this is the thing that is lost. it's interesting that identities to me get a little lost here. dr. ben carson, a brilliant neurosurgeon, pioneering neurosurgeon in a number of techniques. donald trump, for crying out loud. this guy is a multibillionaire, he's been successful and people want to dismiss him of being of all things a television host, which we know takes incredible talent. >> it does. it does. let me say. this a long ways to play out in the race. trump has gone far further than
7:35 pm
i thought he would, and someone asked me today, michael good win who's been on the show many times. lou: pulitzer prize-winning, he always makes me say that. >> you think trump can make it, i say i have no idea. that tells me a lot. and i don't have an idea. all the old rules, all the things i've played by for 50 years are not in existence at this time. lou: one thing in existence are the clinton rules. here is hillary clinton beset by fbi investigations, she has a scandal that is just suffocating, would suffocate almost any other candidate, any other family other than the clintons. those rules still seem to apply. clintons are teflon and tricky. >> no rules. the rules for you and me and everybody else don't apply there. i think it's done severe damage to her. people don't think she's honest and people at the end of the day, that's going to cause her -- she may end up being the nominee or the president. but at the end of the day she's
7:36 pm
nowhere, where she was when she started this race. lou: want to talk about kevin mccarthy, learning who will succeed john boehner, ed. has he disqualified himself by basically reviving clinton's campaign and decimating the benghazi committee? >> certainly reinforced the negative conservatives had towards boehner and him before and want a whole changed entity. daniel webster -- >> what about the fact he just made the biggest monumental screwup one could imagine? >> i agree with that. we spent a long time investigating something investigated on. and made it a political issue for the other side. he needs to very careful. he doesn't have the votes to make it, the longer it goes on, the harder it's going to be for him. lou: ed rollins, good to see you. >> thank you. lou: vote in our poll tonight --
7:37 pm
. a scary accident on a detroit highway captured on video. dash cam video showing this white car trying to switch lanes, but the driver apparently didn't see the semi truck. the car clipped the truck and sent it, as you see there, overturning onto the median wall. the truck driver was not injured. police are searching for the driver of the little tiny white car which turned this into a hit-and-run. an ohio burglar maybe the dumbest criminal of the week, we don't normally keep track. this is a beaut. surveillance cameras capturing a man dropping through the ceiling. whoa! i saw that in the movies. the botched entry scared the thief who escaped back up through the roof without stealing a single thing! police are asking for the public's help as they seek to identify the somewhat awkward suspect.
7:38 pm
up next, mort zuckerman joins us to talk about the president's failing policies in the middle east, and how do you make the world's longest glass bridge suspended 3500 feet above a canyon? even scarier? i want to know who came up with the idea of a glass bridge? we've got a lot of answers for you and great video. wait until you see what happens. stay with us. you total your brand new car. nobody's hurt,but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do, drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. if youthen you'll know howouth, uncomfortable it can be.
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. lou: breaking news into the broadcast new. military officials tonight telling fox news russia has been test firing a new state of the art cruise missile. this cruise missile is much like the tomahawk, the missile is known as caliber. officials say it proves russia wants to get the west's attention and be treated as a superpower. one hopes we're not spending a lot of money on that analysis. seems they're doing quite a bit more. we'll find out more as i talk with mort zuckerman next. iran's supreme leader band negotiations with the united states, just under three months after reaching a nuclear deal with the obama administration and world powers, which the ayatollah khamenei doesn't have
7:43 pm
to do anything but self-inspect. his statements contradict those of the iranian president who says he's ready to hold talk with the obama administration on syria. joining us to sort through all of this billionaire real estate and media magnate boston properties executive chairman mort zuckerman. good to see you. >> good to be here. lou: let's start with russia and what they have done in the course of a week, escalated the conflict, they're bring more military power to bear than the united states has against targets opposed to the regime of bashar al-assad. it seems pretty clear, they mean to win, they mean to have a victory. >> that's right. lou: alien concept to this administration. >> almost astounding when you see the contrast between the forceful presentation of his forces and of his politics by putin, and the absolute shaky positions of the united states, and this is very dangerous
7:44 pm
what's going on there because it's not just syria, it's that region, okay? our allies, saudi arabia, jordan, all those countries, egypt, they are up in arms over what we're not doing, never mind they're the ones who are going to be at risk. all of our positions in that very important part of the world are now being undermined. >> the expansion of the islamic state, whether it be in syria, whether it be in iraq, whether it be in northern africa, including libya. there seems to be no attention or focus on the part of this administration on any of it. yemen. and the arab coalition led by saudi arabia and egypt, it's as if it disappeared from policy horizons. this is an extraordinary moment in u.s. history. >> yes, it is. almost inexplicable. nobody can say this is unimportant. it's a critical, probably the most important area in the
7:45 pm
world where there are serious contests now, where we are losing at every stage, so it's almost, you look at it and you say what's going on? are these people totally asleep in washington? lou: the answer, as you suggest, is the pertinent one, it's also the one as you say, it's inexplicable, what the administration is thinking, but pretty clear what russia and vladimir putin are thinking, they're thinking they're going to dominate that region. >> right. lou: which is the nexus of a transport and location of much, most of the world's natural gas and crude oil. >> right, and russia, if they control that part of the world in crude oil and gas and everything like that, that's one of their big exports and that's going to dramatically improve their own economy as well as the role they have in just on the strategic -- it's unbelievable.
7:46 pm
lou: when you simply subside passively from the russian aggression, you're incentivizing vladimir putin to just look over here and look at $1.80 gasoline prices and he is facing devastation financially and economically, it's in his interest to pursue a military conflict so he can drive crude oil prices up. this is madness. >> it's almost inexplicable. because this is so, shall we say -- in somebody who is focused on national interests and on security and on strategic planning, this is grade 3. this is your most advanced, most sophisticated thing, and we are walking away from what we have to do. lou: and let's talk about the candidates themselves, on the democratic side, hillary clinton dominating at this point, despite the
7:47 pm
extraordinary scandals that surround her candidacy and her person. bernie sanders making a charge and doing better than anyone imagined on the republican side donald trump leading the way. give us your measure of the candidates on both sides. >> well, you know, as somebody said the prominence of these candidates is due to the flatness of the ground around them, okay? you don't have a lot of very people with experience. hillary is the closest one in fairness to her. she's had a lot of experience in foreign policy, the national politics and has a couple of good advisers. lou: you wouldn't go for the socialist? [ laughter ]. >> no, when he calls me, i'll let you know, i'll come right back here and talk to you about it. lou: donald trump, fellow real estate magnate. you must have a deep kinship with him. >> i've known him for a long time, you are very nice to put us in the same category. he's a talented man, he's an entrepreneur in most ways,
7:48 pm
almost inconceivable he's emerged as the predominant leader in the polls in the party, i find it astounding. he has touched into something and tied into something this country is very, very sensitive to that, is we've been getting the kind of bull from these public speakers, you know, nobody knows what they mean. and he speaks fairly clear terms okay? and has enough credibility as a doer and nobody is happy as the alternatives. his greatness is due to the flatness of the ground around him. lou: doing does more than talking, and as a doer, i want to say great to see you, partner. >> thank you very much. lou: mort zuckerman. >> i will do it. lou: thank you very much, mort. on wall street the dow up 122 points, the s&p up 16, the nasdaq up 43. volume on the big board, heavy trading, 4.6 billion shares.
7:49 pm
and a reminder listen to my reports three times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. chinese -- you've got to watch. this chinese tourists experiencing sheer terror at 3500 feet. they look fine here, right? it happened after someone dropped a stainless steel cup on a newly opened walkway constructed of glass, suspended above a canyon in central china. when the coffee mug hit, one of the glass panels cracked sparking panic among the tourists. chinese officials tried to claim the fractured glass did not affect the bridge's safety. they walked calmly as one can in a panic from the glass bridge, showing extraordinary good sense. up next, hillary clinton sends her republican rivals a special gift, one some might consider historical fiction, red eye's andy levy and joanne
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what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice. doing the big things that move an economy. see you tomorrow, mac. see you tomorrow, sam. just another day at norfolk southern.
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7:53 pm
lou: joining us now, co-host of red eye, joanne, and fellow red eye co-host andy levy. let's start with hillary, trolling the republican, hard choices her book.
7:54 pm
going after all of them. >> no she left out james gilmore our favorite candidate. kennedy: that is elitism. >> i usually love trolling, it keeps things interesting, but i love response to the troll, ted cruz was like you should read my book. then jeb bush with his book out about e-mails called replay all. you have to be ready, if you serve it you are getting it back. lou: that makes sense. >> bobby jindal said, he would read it if he watched the planned parenthood video. i suspect same number of candidates will read her book as did number of regulars reading to, none.
7:55 pm
it might not be a good idea for her. she came out against it, i think only thing worse than nobody reading her book people may read it. lou: then figure out what th pac partnership is. the sexy subway rat, i do not know about that. the sexy rat costume. >> only in de blasio's new york are this sexy halloween costume can be yours for just $90 or 90 dollar slices of pizza, i would rather spend my money on the pizza.
7:56 pm
lou: that is the rat. my producers were explaining to me what this was, they are right the pizza is bigger than the rat, do you notice how entitled rat seems, it must be new york city. harvard losing a debate to prisoners? this is a shame of an institution. >> but how many oscars is the movie that is made out of this going to win. >> right. >> this is going to sweep, this is going to pull a titanic. >> i hope they have a female prisoner though. i want more equality in hollywood. lou: they could do like a -- no, i better not go there. >> go there. lou: now, andy leans forward and says go there lou, i pull on the brake. you a u-conn mac and cheese kid, freaking out after he was
7:57 pm
refused service are about being -- things happen faster than than here. drunk on a campus student union, video has gone viral. should this student be expelled from u-conn immediately? >> i have to read the handbook, everyone will have one the code of conduct. i don't' to you want say something that not true. lou: there was a time when this would not have been recorded. that a student could show up drunk at student union, and not betione shun and shamed. >> luckily for us. somewhere on the way someone forget to give the kid a butt whooping, i am for idiot kids given a second chance, but this is his third arrest, arrested for assault and battery of a police officer, and calling him the n word for good measure, it might be time for actual
7:58 pm
punishment. lou: they have to work with admissions about i think he was booted out of the school he was in before u-conn. then he went to u-conn. this is strike two. >> he was carrying an open contain o -- contain container l on the school grounds, he is underage. lou: donald trump, andy, how do you feel about him atop polls. >> i think it is great to see a solid conservative out there who loves when government takes people's property, and gives to others in form of eminent doma domain. a real old fashion. >> i love enthusiasm, i say more. lou: on other side, enthusiasm built by socialist bernie
7:59 pm
sanders, representing true standard if you will for the democratic party. >> i think people love extremes. that is what we're seeing. lou: last word. >> is it pro bernie or anti-hillary? either way i am happy because itens up anti-hillary. lou: thank you andy and joanne. do you believe the man who would be speaker has renewed hillary clinton's presidential bid, referring to kevin mccarthy. 65% of you said yes. 35% said no. time for a few of your comments. he should be removed from any consideration as speaker. hillary clinton does not know which way is up, if she becomes president, i will give up and
8:00 pm
leave this country. kathline, i don't like anything that putin stands for yet i feel safer when he says he is going after the islamic state than when obama says it, good night from new york. kennedy: oh, i am watching you. take you swing dancing through swing states. let's forget iowa and new hampshire, and dance through big important chunks of geography, a few wives tallies that are true -- tales that are true. never put a hat at bed. quinnipiac poll sheds light. donald trump still very were dominating. he


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