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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  October 8, 2015 12:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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>> it is up almost 26. donald trump band ben carson both in the lead on the gop side, they couldn't be more different. stuart: they are both outsiders from politics, both leading the direct opposite in personality and approach. >> we need to see them together. stuart: thanks for being on the show, neil cavuto, 8 is yours. neil: he seems to be the type of doctor who would tell you you really should lose weight but you don't have to which i kind of like. i like a doctor like that but that was very revealing. we will focus on capitol hill. the problem is they're talking to the usa chief, not the real big enchilada, chairman of the overall company but nevertheless what he is trying to tell them as we are staying on top of this problem, trying to get ahead on it. michael horne has indicated
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these vehicles will be coming to the u.s. holding off for the time being, lot of these rigged emissions software issues on the vehicle, but right now being chastised by many on both sides of the aisle for letting the american people down. and whether it is happening, the new guy putting charge is an asset with the company for the better part of 25 years. did you get any sense that he was holding back or covering up anything? >> he is very well coached. you don't come before an oversight investigative committee without being fully lawyer ed up so to speak. does admit his company is culpable. he is not sure when higher ups above him knew what was
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happening, but the problem was unknowingly and a willful violation of u.s. environmental law by an international company that should know better. this was not an inadvertent accident or unforeseen circumstance. this was a conscious decision by inch in years to ebay u.s. emissions tests and that is quite wrong. neil: is it your sense that it went beyond the engineers who reads the software so that you would give a different reading on the emissions coming from each vehicle? that could not possibly stop at an engineer level, the division head, any chain of command how i went too early to tell? >> that was my question to the north american head of volkswagen, he had to say that
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his company was still investigating, he did not know when you are under oath and he said i understand that and that is something we will get to the bottom of. quite frankly there will be some severe penalties because it was knowing and willful and that is wrong. neil: when you talk about severe penalties, there are a host of criminal suits where lawyers will make the argument people died as a result of this or were exposed to emissions or notches gases from these cars. to meet that seems like an early stretch but did you hear any talk that lives were lost as a result of this? >> no, i have not. again they violated emissions standards in the united states, you can debate whether those standards are where they should be but they are the standards and they should be obeyed. this company did not obey the law, they knew they were not obeying the law, there should be
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severe economic penalty or market penalty, i am not aware of anybody cleaning loss of life because of these violations of emissions. violation was during the test, during the test. the on road performance not what it should be. given the number of automobiles on the road in the united states as you point out it would be a stretch because somebody could have lost their life. there was a link into the vehicle, they could have suffered some health consequences because of it. neil: these lawyers were talking about people who were an exposed to passing volkswagen's vehicles, seemed like a stretch. an environmental expert. neil: that was the court decision.
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>> there was an engineering issue but also what moral issue that they knew the law, violated the law and did it apparently for seven years. that could not go unchallenged or unpunished. neil: thank you very much. as a backdrop to this, this hearing is still going on. if we could heat in on that, we will be monitoring these questions because they are pretty hard hitting on both sides of the aisle, both parties are loaded and a concern that they pulled the past one. we are getting a time frame on this, a lot of folks for a long time. we will keep an eye on that and what is happening in the hearings. connell mcshane, how much does this hit back at folks? >> its credibility, it is a tiny
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little play in the u.s. market, loss of life is a little ridiculous with so few cars in the united states, and the standards in the united states go to this nitrogen oxide which is relevant here and i so much more stringent, four times more stringent than they are in your. if there is loss of life here people must be dropping dead. neil: lawyers are pretty inventive. what i am wondering is from a past incidents, the faulty ignition thing, or toyota and the lexus issue, and the brakes failed, how big does this get? >> it does bring a larger points, no instances the we see over the years, the stock a little bit today, those instances we have immediate effects on real people. rules were broken, penalties
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were paid. and there's always a day at a company like this and you are invo in something like this. and that is what your company did and grin and bear it for lack of a better term and get through it and get a solution. is this enough? i don't know. 3 people in germany suspended, they will fix the cars and make it big time. neil: a lot of difficulties prior did this, being attacked or whether it was takeover it debate, chrysler stumbling around after the rescue. i wonder how this played out. >> this is not an easy fix here. no one will be happy, this is a
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major cost. it is don't buy the german states and is very much in bed with the german government said they won't let folks off and fail, we are looking at a bailout and the question is who is capable of taking over this company? is a massive oil company responsible for a lot of jobs in a big section of germany. for sure they won't allow the company to fail but the question is where do they go from here? >> hardware fixes too. that will take years in some cases. >> there's a tendency, 900 jobs are in tennessee so you got to handle this gingerly. if you want to punish the company but not at the expense of workers to lose their job. >> only a third of the cars manufactured in tennessee a diesel cars and this only affects diesel and the point is diesel is a tiny fraction of the american auto market so this is
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not going to have many ripple effect in the united states but it is huge in europe, 50% of all cars in europe, up to 60 isn't a in places like france are diesel cars. for the european market which has to rethink its diesel strategy. neil: that could call into question back to the jobs thing, since diesel cars are more likely to be less environmentally friendly, all of a sudden people look askance at all types of people. >> to that point not something we are into as americans as much as they are in europe to begin with. neil: all those crazy europeans, not us. thank you very much. we are going to be monitoring these hearings. they are putting this guy in got hot seat, beat him recklessly and let them at him.
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he is the new guy in charge. he has been at that company for 25 years. we will keep you posted. there are some other developments we're keeping an eye on including the first step of a two step process to select a successor to john boehner as speaker of the house. kevin mccarthy is expected to be the guy who survives the vote today but not maybe by a margin that will secure that he is automatically the speaker of the house, a big part on the entire house at the end of this month. but that consternation and the fact that there is no real clarity and the fact that washington has yet to deal with serious issues including punting on dealing with budget and shutdown and debt issues around christmastime, that will go, dan shaffer heads it up and says you can't get a soaring stock market in the middle of this. you are worried about the impact of all of this. >> the john boehner rain is about to come to an end and that will take a toll on market and i
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am already beginning to see that. obamacare will be changed drastically or dismantled. i see that in biotechnology stocks in a sector that is declining rapidly at this point. the john boehner thing was a shock to people but people saw it coming, the fact is budgets and deficits of this country are out of control and people are beginning to realize it has been happening the washington is out of control and central banks around world are beginning to sell u.s. treasurys in the last three or four weeks especially since the john boehner announcement so i think there's going to be continued turmoil in the stock market with tremendous volatility we have been getting, this uncertainty but the trend does look like it is over in the stock market and washington is going to have to make some drastic changes and those drastic changes are going to slow down the economy and -- >> you don't like -- the vacuum that you tell me about.
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going back to what is going on bringing people of today, republicans are meeting, republicans are meeting to decide on a they want, cast their vote to they want to succeed john boehner. it is not a binding vote. the binding what is october 29th but they are meeting and they expect to see kevin mccarthy, the california republican, the majority leader, number 2 to john boehner come out on top. that does not guarantee will be the next speaker, just sets the stage for two of the people opposing him. the fact of the matter is he will likely get a clear majority of those republicans but he can't afford to lose more in 28 of them in the general vote at the end of the month, you need them to 18 votes to get a simple majority. it is a fair bet democrats rally around one person, likely nancy pelosi, cannot risk that assuming he survives and gets this vote of support from fellow
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republicans. he cannot afford feeling of 28 votes, then it becomes a multiple vote and you know how that goes. multiple votes generally means the guy on top doesn't stay on top for long. if that is the case it is not a kevin mccarthy dissing, does that enter into the equation? it is totally outside the box guy like dan webster who challenged john boehner with a dozen votes at this go around and the freedom caucus, 40 member strong group of tea party isn't like what he has to say, then what? how would that affect your thinking on wall street it is a sort of revolutionary candidate? >> i happen to like webster. i think that would be great for the economy but we still have to go through that soft spot, that interest rates will increase and the economy will slow down and stock markets will slow down but that will for the long term of the country get in line with where it needs to be. mccarthy tinias a tale of john boehner. i would happen to think webster
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would be more stock--more negative for the stock market but in the long run could be more positive. neil: we will keep monitoring that. will be tuesday, this session today and the big one on the 29th which is the anniversary of but very big market crash but we don't want to infer anything here but in the meantime we are focusing on speaking of wall street hillary clinton's plans to rein in. some say shut it down. charlie gasparino looked at the plan. >> john stossel is going to drop by to preview his special centered in america, see you at 8:00 p.m.. big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets.
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i just had a horrible nightmare. my company's entire network went down, and i was home in bed, unaware. but that would never happen. comcast business monitors my company's network 24 hours a day and calls and e-mails me if something, like this scary storm, takes it offline. so i can rest easy. what. you don't have a desk bed? don't be left in the dark. get proactive alerts 24/7. comcast business. built for business. neil: i want to bring you up to date on two development, u.s. seeing the gathering outside the
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chamber where we have all the congressman gathered in the room and they will swap stories, they're going to decide on a successor to john boehner who announced stunningly that he was going to leave that office. the majority leader is the likely beneficiary and front runner to get that job, this is only the first part. he will likely get majority republicans in the room to back him but at the end of the monthly get 218 fellow congressmen and women to back him? that is what you need to be speaker of the house, both parties decide on an anti cannot have more than 20 republicans both and already has a group behind daniel webster, that florida congressman is expected to be seen as the front-running alternative candidate. republicans are not in sync on that. the volkswagen north american head on the hot seat taking a lot of nasty questions from those on the left and right to
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say how could you not know this was going on? you have been with the company for 25 years, great complicity going on for the better part of seven years. they expressed shock and awe at that. the third development we are focusing on going to charlie gasparino, something he telegraphed yesterday to hillary clinton coming up with a plan that she says rains in wall street. some of proponents could shut it down but it continues the clarion call, the bernie sanders call to put wall street on notice. >> now the the details are out there is much of what we said yesterday, looking to blunt the criticism from the left the gee is too close to wall street. it is an attack on wall street because she fears joe biden might get in the race. to the political thing, he is very close to wall street, very close to wall street. it doesn't hurt her wall street
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friends. if you look at this plan what she wants to do with dodd-frank, the volcker rule is pretty meaningless what she wants to do. the aspect she wants to tweak is not a big deal. and the end of proprietary trading. there is part of that that says you can't put 3% of your assets into a hedge fund, they don't do that much anyway and if you can't put 3% it won't break the bank, there is stuff about extending the statute of limitations from seven years to ten years. like i said. >> so you could rein in an executive. the firm is fine. >> one thing where she puts a tax on high frequency trading, it is a very small part of the market and those guys vote for high-frequency traders, particularly certain trade where they do what is known as the fake trade.
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i won't get into the details but the upshot of this thing for the viewer is when she says she is tough on wall street when you peel back the onion this is weak tea. neil: the former morgan stanley ceo telling me not too long ago to ignore all the anti wall street, now she is the one toppling the 1% the week it go far enough. >> to me it is all politics, trying to get elected, get the nomination. if you are running you got to win. if you read the tea leaves the right way you have to go a little bit off of them. >> john is a friend of mine. publish backer or clinton backer. i will say it this. if you read what he is saying it is all politics and if you look
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at this planet is so weak, this is a public relations ploy, what the blood going to come with if they're smart, this is less about wall street reform and more how does hillary clinton appease the left if you take a shot at joe biden. >> how does she dial it back? she went to the same degree, surprise more executives have not gone to jail. >> we're all surprised. neil: she opposes the trans-pacific trade deal, she was a big supporter of. >> she said i would make it tougher, do a better job. >> in context, the cap game, is she pushing herself so far on this that it is going to be hard to move? >> she is pushing a tax hike, very short term, what i am telling you, she wants for
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kicking and eat it too. this is not full bernie sanders reform, she tweaks reform. >> i agree with that but she is boxing herself. >> rhetorically but not policywise. she could turn around in a year and say i would have made but t p p tougher. one other thing, she is questioning her new york city fund-raiser is to figure out something. who leaked to you and i did it for your fox news show -- neil: i hope in that order. >> the opposite order but you were on first. here is the fascinating thing about this. they didn't want to unveil this. there is no presser plan for this. we caught them off-guard. neil: thank you. some people are trying to setback on the t p p deal when she was secretary of state she called the the gold standard for
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trade deals the affirmative 2012, this wasn't long after say no nafta that was bill clinton, her husband's crowning achievement, a little more after this.
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neil: this is a shocker if true. we are getting reports that kevin mccarthy, the front-runner to replace john boehner, the majority leader in the house of representatives, taken himself out of the speaker of race. blake berman with more on this. >> there was a closed door meeting underway beginning in 30 minutes or so ago. kevin mccarthy was the presumed or leader going into the speaker race. the way it worked out was 218 votes is what is needed to get you over the top. it was believed mccarthy at around 200, right up to the end,
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not entirely vair but sounded as if he would get his way but he felt that the end of the day it was about getting them to 18 in a few weeks, october 29th when the speaker raise vote comes up in the florida house. we're learning kevin mccarthy has dropped out. that announcement made in that hole of republicans behind closed doors. neil: the election of the speaker, the gathering of republicans your referred to who will decide to, has been postponed but obviously sets the stage for who would be the go to person. dan webster got the freedom caucus, 30 or 40, that does not make him the front runner for the job. others might think about it now. >> kevin mccarthy, the oversight chair jason chase fads who by the way put his name into the
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ring after mccarthy made what amounted to a gaffe that he backtracked on about comments about benghazi committee and hillary clinton and the reason the committee was put in place, that gave a lot of republicans pause about kevin mccarthy and that is when jason chase fits through his name into the race. additionally before that the first person to coming was then you webster from the house freedom caucus. the got the support yesterday, no matter how many members were part of a caucus, 30 or 40, but they put their entire backing behind webster. the reason i brought up the 218 was because mccarthy couldn't really get to that without some support of the house freedom caucus so you got to wonder if there was political calculation from mccarthy whether or not he just didn't feel he could get to 218. neil: for john boehner to go out of his way to say we all miss speak referring to the benghazi
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comments but it wasn't enough, just like you were reporting like no other congressman or woman in the house of representatives, in fact mccarty has dropped out of the race. i am thinking it is tempting for others to jump in, i could be wrong because others thought mccarthy was unbeatable but might be redoing their calculations now but obviously puts this all up for bidding. >> either way, if mccarthy had stayed in which we know is not the case there are some, the official vote is 29, there were 21 days and still are really until this vote actually comes to the floor of the house of representatives which is when it matters. who are we going to throw our support behind? there are three weeks until this vote comes on to the floor and ask any point from now until the
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29 anybody can get in or out and even on the house floor there could be anybody nominated. we were about to report in 15 minutes or so when i was supposed to be on with you the ebbs and flows of all of this, how it didn't matter, how mccarthy had a ways to go and we have been told kevin mccarthy has said, this is a short quote, this is not his time. kevin mccarthy not expanding on why other than to say mccarthy says it is not -- neil: it is the same reasoning or rationale john boehner gave to step down, he could have survived a vote. it would have been rocky but he would have had a majority support to stay on as speaker of the house but he wanted to save
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the inevitable bloodletting that would have pursued. and would have gone a lot more this go around with the back of the freedom caucus but you have to wonder whether mccarthy was afraid this could be a drawn-out process because there would have been multiple votes and with each successive vote, chances would have been into the equation. >> take out kevin mccarthy, mccarthy was there because he was the majority leader, the natural to fly to the number one. any one that goes in there needs the support based on these 30 to 40 house caucus members and on the flip if one of those house caucus members, daniel webster wants to be the next speaker of the house webster is going to need the support of 180 others that are considered not necessarily more moderate but certainly not a part of the
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house freedom caucus. it is one of those things you want to look at the map and maybe in the party looks at an end john boehner a couple weeks ago with the extension of the budget hearing and he thought as some suggests, lost a little control for the house freedom caucus and didn't have the numbers here may be mccarty just looked at the map and said i don't see a way to 218. we will certainly hear more as mccarty saying it is not his time. neil: thank you very much. we will talk to meghan mccain about this but first, washington congressional producer, something happened and i don't know what it is. >> i talked to kevin mccarthy and hour-and-a-half ago as we left the meeting, very upbeat, kevin mccarthy walked into the meeting very upbeat and
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something fundamentally changed. this is very typical of this house republican conference where they have a plan no matter what it is, how they are going to handle a bill or the iran deal or speaker of the house, they changed the price already and shocking news when this changed. mccarty said this is not his time. neil: it was his time yesterday. donald trump these tweeting on this saying kevin mccarthy drops out of the speaker race, we need a smart tough person to take over this important job. to do you think that is going to be? >> that is the question. there are talks about an interim caretaker speaker, kan. miller of michigan, i will take you down a little earlier -- neil: do you see others joining this race? jason jacobs or webster? >> it is possible but the question is nobody can get 218.
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i will walk you through a very fundamental part of what goes on here. this republican conference cannot get to 218 on their road on anything, on any bill, they have to turn to the democrats. this is something they had to do on their own to get 218. kevin mccarthy was always going to have the lion's share against 200 or so, you need an absolute majority of the house on the floor, 218 and i don't know if it is possible to chronicle the final divide. something else here, i talked to some close people to john boehner the past few days wondering if he would stick around, they can't settle on this. in the post 9/11 world there is a list for continuity of government. they want former senior statesman or something, members of the body in case there was a terror attack on capitol hill. that this does not pertain exclusively to terrorism. is this the first time this has happened in the post 9/11 world, it is possible the house based
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on john boehner's list, axes at the end of this month a caretaker speaker which could be anybody, speaker of the house does not have to be a member. neil: can you stay there? i want to bring in macon mccain on all of this, stepping away back from this, the two miles you out, republicans look like they are out mess. >> don't think republicans like they are a mess, kevin mccarthy looks like he is a mess. last night's topic was it kevin mccarthy's ruining everything because of his been gauzy comment and the fact that he just gave on a silver platter and attack ad for hillary clinton, i did not have a problem. i think that seals it. i didn't have a problem with kevin mccarty. i am not anti speaker john boehner, we need to throw everyone else but after that happened, clearly not ready for that. neil: that had not happened we wouldn't be here. >> i don't know the intricacies of the things behind-the-scenes which it was a horrible gaf.
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you see trade audi on tv, megyn kelly, clear the very emotional about the fact that all his hard work on the benghazi committee. neil: one of the other things chris christie, in which he made this game of thrones, the way republicans are operating in congress. what do you make of that? is crazy. and and he is not my favorite. the we do look, not terribly organized, this is a good thing, people were not fans of kevin mccarthy, anger towards john boehner, bringing someone fresh and new, trade audi says he doesn't want to. he is someone i think -- we need a real strong leader, someone who understands that endure and frustration of what is going on
12:38 pm
in america and kevin mccarthy is not running for prime time. neil: as we go down the line, republicans dealing with, you said very astutely when this what does that mean if you go through a revolving door of candidates? republicans look like keystone is coming. >> yes. that is one of the issues here. we have an issue of trying to raise the debt ceiling. a fiscal price for the country if they cannot resolve this. the time that i was off the air, he said we have known for some time. we have had a difficult decision to make. this is a reality check.
12:39 pm
i had this very of the conversation this morning. everything seemed to have changed on a dime. neil: that was beginning to weigh on it. did not want someone that out front. dragging into the spotlight. making everything look so political. >> yes. i think that that is one of the other issues, too. you have to help figure out who is in charge. the house cannot do any business. that means the debt ceiling. the transportation bill. you cannot do any business without a speaker. going back to that list, we do not know who is on it.
12:40 pm
they may just have to kick into that list at some point. this is really unchartered territory. >> not making sure any candidate right now to be speaker. if that is the case, that one looks like they can garner that. can he stay on the job a little while longer. >> yes. pretty adamant that they were leaving. there was somebody close to and that indicated that he would stay until the end of speaker of the house. this is kind of like the lion and the godfather part three. just when i think i am out, they pull me back in. >> that i did not expect. cannot of nowhere. hang on there, buddy. megan. darrell isa. i do not know if there's anyone
12:41 pm
out there that can get that 218 votes. >> i do not know. he may have to. i do not know what happens now. the republican party is definitely very fractured. i was surprised that how many people are so angry at speaker boehner. whoever it is, i hope that you will, you know -- neil: even your dad. those two are willing to reach across. a sign of weakness. >> say whatever you want. the tea party. making too many deals. too many times. refusing to fight the good fight. now, they are looking for someone that does not do that. >> referencing that. being aware of false idols. not necessarily getting anything done. shutting down the government
12:42 pm
when something does not go their way. >> the candidates even now running for psident. reaching across the aisle. i am my father's daughter. i think we should go back to a time of ronald reagan's. >> that is the big teacher view. those that look like they have done it. they may not. republicans -- >> i think that if someone reaches across. >> he wants to approve the process. he knows how to do that job. it is changing the system and the way they handle legislation. >> i am a fan of trey gaudi's. i know they think it is a republican inside thing. something that a lot of them are concerned about.
12:43 pm
they could really unite. i do want to switch very quickly to the dow. no wall street reaction. i do not know if that is a good thing or bad thing. the financial world. news on wall street. is that where we were before? democratics. california. what do you think of this congressman? >> i do not know, neil. it is hard to make sense of it. this comes at a really bad time. we are very close to some very important deadlines. making sure that we pay our pass bills that are due. quite honestly, there is something else on the verizon. their monthly premiums for medic care. >> the way it goes, that may be
12:44 pm
pushed back, all of congress votes on speaker. people forget. presumably democrats would all vote for nancy pelosi. >> undoubtably. yes. >> not in the majority. whoever the republican side on, that person cannot lead off any more than 27 or 28 votes. >> they have to resolve that within their conference. when they come to the floor, they move forward. try to come up with a bipartisan compromise. neil: that never happens with either side. i think tossing out all logic on
12:45 pm
this issue. i am not sure. probably had more votes than anyone i can think of. i think the challenge he was facing is that you cannot just get a majority of republicans in the house. you have to get the to 18. the house votes require you to get to to 18. if you can't figure out a way to get republicans to agree, then they will have to reach out to democrats. i think that you are right. they have to resolve it. the person we are negotiating cannot deliver votes on the republican side. we need to know if we will reach some compromise. they will deliver votes. neil: paul ryan is not interested in the speakership.
12:46 pm
i am wondering what you make of daniel webster? the 40 or so boats. even though he himself is not quite 18 partier. he wants to improve the system. the way that office operates. >> my sense is if they can bring together republicans, it is good for all of us. we are done. if we cannot rely on republicans, we are the majority. delivering votes to get things done. budget. jobs bill. then we cannot get our work done. we may see another government shutdown. republicans need to make their decision. they need to end the chaos. they need to come together. neil: all right. do you think that speaker
12:47 pm
boehner stays on a little longer to do with these issues? >> i think that people will start to realize that maybe he was the best that they had. i do believe that he try to make it work. for many of us on the democratic side. he tried. not easy to govern. not willing to take your lead as speaker. neil: all right. congressman, thank you. i appreciate your indulgence. megan, back to you. who wants the job? >> i respect the fact that he wants to go home and be with his family. as you were just saying, republicans and democrats. getting things done. so desperate. i just think these open wounds
12:48 pm
are exposing themselves. people do not want that right now. they want ted cruz. a lot of anger in this country. we should stress. you do not have to pick a congressman. >> to not pick me. what this means. they have to act sooner. some of these issues for wall street. getting a budget so that there is not any uncertainty out there. it could get to be pretty thorny. >> all this does is exacerbate the stereotype. completely fractured.
12:49 pm
all of the problems in the republican party. one of the worst gaps i have ever seen. again, it you said it looked -- to me it looked like he had rehearsed it. >> i think again he handed hillary clinton her first debatably effective ad. >> political point. republicans brought the world's attention of what was going on in benghazi. >> apologizing to trey gaudi. the benghazi committee was simply made for political reasons to hurt hillary clinton. it is crazy. it is really disrespectful. it is something that when
12:50 pm
republicans talk about, the liberals ask. he really, really made it worse. neil: megan, hold on here. stunning development here on capitol hill. republican members. getting 200 votes. he stood up in front of his colleagues and said, i am not the guy. and lot of issues on the rise. bottom line, looking at raising the debt ceiling. looking at it as if he does not act the way his conservative members want them to, he could be without a job in a couple of weeks. a lot of folks were expecting that. three weeks to work on trying to get people on board. you will have more input.
12:51 pm
instantly on the horizon. i cannot you that job or i will not last very long at that job. he was very disappointed by it. he felt that kevin mccarthy was the best person to lead the house of representatives. mccarthy being the next speaker of the house. he wants to stay as ways and means chairman. people have told me paul ryan. people have told me trey gaudi. both men have said that they do not want the job. we are back to square one. neil: it was only hurt the
12:52 pm
carthy. blake berman has some news for us now. what do you got? >> apparently he stood up in that meeting and said something along the lines of i am not your guy. we are also hearing reports that he said a sickly several different versions of that. flying in all over the place. paul ryan had said that he does not want this job. last time when john boehner had announced that he was stepping aside, paul ryan said the same exact thing. a job where they could travel a lot. pointing out whether or not folks would rally around him. paul ryan, of course, the number two nominee. could be something to keep an eye on. we will see.
12:53 pm
neil: it is important. second in line for the presidency. you do grab legislation. of course, important we think that the white house what have you. speaking of the white house and those that want to make it their own. such a mess. it will not happen without anyone else. what do you think of his reaction? >> i am sick of talking about donald trump's tweets. he will not like anything that is not him. >> i know. >> i understand that he will be angry at this. neil: christie said the same
12:54 pm
thing. >> i have a personal feud with him. he has tweeted about how he does not like me. i may be the wrong person to ask. neil: what happens to republicans if this drags on? republicans cannot get their act together. it will be that trump deal. >> yes. dragging it out until december. completely fractured. it will be bad optically. i do not know how bad it will affect candidates. maybe people will think that they are the antidote to this. i have no idea. neil: we do not like to lean too much significance to it. sometimes i think wall street
12:55 pm
responded belatedly to this idea. they realize, oh, yeah, there is that debt limit thing. they do have to iron out some of these patches. now, all of a sudden, it will not be addressed. and then they start uncertainty. a certain vacuum begins. i do not know if that is for the individual. reason to be concerned. the predictable train of events warding off any of these crises. now up in the air. >> it is pretty stunning, neil. those that could get the 218.50 interest in the job. there are some others that have thought about raising their hands or have raised their
12:56 pm
hands. don't think they could get 218 votes. these tough issues on the horizon, the debt ceiling if they do not absolutely, you know, stay truer to ideology, will they be forced out a moment after that vote happens. they may have a delayed reaction. seeing a logical success here that is okay for the good of party, good of country. at this point, people are scratching their heads. nobody seems to want the job knowing that john boehner is in a difficult spot. it was difficult with a democrat president. difficult to stay with the republicans. >> as you say, very easy to throw bars and criticism. you do it. dan webster. sometimes timing is everything.
12:57 pm
i am not sure he is the guy at the end. he could be the last man standing. it does not mean anything. all of the dozen votes. he reenters this race. you know, obviously tripled back and forth. he may be the last man standing. >> you are right, neil. he has been the speaker of the florida house. >> absolutely correct. very good. they have had some kind of experience running a legislative body. a different ballgame here in washington. trying to lead in one direction or another. he has pledged to change the way
12:58 pm
things are running. will there be a ground swell of support for him? we will wait and see. you know what, my country needs me right now. my house of representatives need me right now. i will raise my hand and do my very best for the house. they are absolutely speechless when he got up and said i am not your man. they are all scratching their heads. john boehner dropping right after the vote is here. apparently, he says he would do things in a different way. it is really a puzzling time here on capitol hill. neil: thank you very much. it is clear that we can blame this on pope francis as well.
12:59 pm
>> i think i shocked some of you, along? we have in going through this campaign. we are serving. we should look at this conference first. we probably need a fresh face. the one thing i found in talking to everybody is we will unite and be strong. we need a new face to help do that. nothing more than that. i feel good about the decision. i feel great that my family here. my colleagues. i think that we will only be stronger. we worked hard to turn this country around. what happened in four hours?
1:00 pm
>> we had our conference. i do not want making voting procedure a tough one. i do not want to go to the floor and went with 220 votes. i think the best thing for our party right now is that you have 247 votes on the floor. if we are going to be strong, we need to be 100% united. let's put the conference first. we have been talking with a number of members. thinking about this throughout the week. i just think that it is best that we have a new face. that was not helpful. yes. i could have said it much better.
1:01 pm
this committee was only created for one person. true on behalf of the americans. that is part of the decision as well. no. no. come on. thank you all very much. neil: looking at kevin mccarthy. majority leader of the house of representatives. leader of the republican party in the house. out of being speaker of the house. speaker boehner. his own comments under because he were not helpful. i have taken myself out of this race. i feel good about my decision. joining me right now.
1:02 pm
benghazi comments. >> i really think that it was. hillary clinton's tough attack ad. he did it on a silver platter. if you are not smart enough to know that politicizing the benghazi committee is going to be bad for republicans i was a fan of his. i like speaker boehner. i think he did a tough job. tough times. i did not have a problem with his prot├ęge taking over. >> i think that this is also francis' job. i feel the same way. within 24 hours, he is out. i cannot deal with it anymore. the guy he almost handpicks. obviously, pope francis.
1:03 pm
that is pretty basic. taking a look real quickly, guys. bringing you up to speed did the dow is down six and a half points. the battle, the third highest public official job in the country. the speaker of the house. the second guy in command should something happen. no one wants the job. that alone in this town of huge egos. no one wants to be embarrassed proven they cannot get the support. it is just not worth it. look ahead.
1:04 pm
>> started singing, my oh my what a wonderful day. >> i think it actually makes people crazy. >> yeah, boehner seemed incredibly relieved a couple weeks ago and mccarthy just about the same. and keep in mind, this is a reaction for both of them within the first couple hours or so. mccarthy says he felt good about everything. and smile on his face. who wants the job. as mike brought up and tim mccarthy said, you've got to have 218, he doesn't want 218, he wants 247. as to who can get to 247 or even 218, your guess is as good as anyone else's.
1:05 pm
chery cheryl:. neil: i was mentioning the pope in one of the da vinci movies, and the cardinals met and-- mike, stand by because i have a point, you don't have to select a congressman for this job. is there any possibility, i know it's never been done, where they might sus stay, the heck with it, we're not getting anywhere looking within our ranks, maybe we go outside. they can do that. >> i think before long, neil, all options are on the table. i think there's going to be a lot of soul searching and phone calls to see if you can twist paul ryan's arm to get in or twist trey gowdy's arm and they
1:06 pm
keeping saying, no, no, no. neil: a divisive figure, rightly ong wrongly, would he be as unifying as paul ryan would be? >> i think you're looking at who can get the majority. the majority of the republicans to start and then the democrats. a huge hearing coming with hillary clinton coming to testify before the benghazi select committee. he keeps saying over and over again, my focus is on what happened with benghazi, september, 2012 and so he keeps saying no. look around the conference and there doesn't seem to be that unifying figure, maybe somebody from outside says i'll do it on a caretaker basis, but if you're kevin mccarthy, if john boehner raises the debt ceiling as i'm about to become speaker,
1:07 pm
a lot of my members become angry. if he waits and does it first act as speaker, a lot of members are going to be angry. how can you lead going forward. a lot of republican members are looking at it, wondering how can i lead this body when some people absolutely want to say no on a lot of key things, a lot of important things, and if i work a deal with the senate and the white house, then am i dead man walking? >> all right, republican insider, mark sarano is joining us now. mark, at his press conference, he was talking about the need for the republicans to get their act together, select someone who will tame the id ideologs. this is healthy, a positive thing. clearly mccarthy went into the meeting and his support collapsed because of his public comments about benghazi.
1:08 pm
it's plain and simple. the party needs to have this shake out and figure out who can lead them after october. they're going to dry to demagogue this and make it about extremism and about, you know, tea party extremists. it's not about that. it's the fact that mccarthy didn't have the support, very basic, and the guys who are running for this position are going to try to seek the support and a majority of votes. neil: blake berman is getting more on the white house reaction, beyond just using him to tame the ideologues. >> he simply put that republicans need to unite behind a united caucus. and the debt ceiling, that needs to be raised before november 5th and josh earnest, the white house press
1:09 pm
signature, was asked about today's decision by kevin mccarthy and what may come up in the days and weeks, would have any impact on the debt ceiling and he said, i'll read here, the next leader of the republican party in the house and the majority of house republicans will have to decide if they're more interested in insulating themselves from criticism, vocalized by ideologues and the party. that's the-- >> every time i hear the white house bemoan doing something, it was then senator barack obama who voted against it is saying he was tired of the gamesmanship. connell mcshane joins us along with meghan mccain. this is a mess for republicans no matter how you look at it, they have to find somebody and they're not finding somebody. connell: i think somebody will
1:10 pm
sit back tonight and write a big long story, we're the country where nobody wants to be speaker of the house and second in line to the presidency. that really is remarkable. neil: it's a huge office. connell: right. think cavuto might be-- and this whole idea of an outsider is interesting and everybody will do segments on it all day. i don't think it's going to happen. it never happened before. and megan is exactly right that these benghazi comments are really what led to today, but mccarthy had a math problem even before today. it was something else that-- >> yeah, i'm sorry, i thought he was the-- the other candidate besides dan webster in the race, part of this, i don't know how good of the audio is, can we play it up. >> whoever the nominee is-- >> do you expect new competition? >> oh, i think the conference needs to have a variety of choices. i think that's a healthy part of the process.
1:11 pm
we have a family discussion, but i think there will be a variety of choices, yes. >> here we go, in the mic all for us. >> we're going to stay on this. he's going to go to podium and talk, he said we need a variety of choices, chaffetz and dan websters the only others in the race. >> and that is to unite this party and take the fight to the president, to the senate and to the american people. i really do believe it is time for a fresh start. that was the whole genesis of my campaign. but we need to have a lot more family discussion because we need to find somebody that our whole body can unite behind and do what we were elected to do. so, i was absolutely stunned, surprised and shocked that this
1:12 pm
happened, but our conference is going to have to do a lot of deep soul searching and we'll see what happens. yes, yes, i said that i would support the nominee on the floor, but we don't yet have a nominee so the fact that it's delayed, i will continue to campaign, yeah. absolutely. >> i think we have a lot of internal fracture, fracturing that's happened and we need to figure out a way to unite the party. that's what kevin mccarthy wants to do that's what i want to do and i think that's what john boehner wants to do, yes. >> there's already a lot of talk about a temporary to take the reins-- >> i think the conference has to unite behind a plan and we'll have those discussions in the coming weeks, but ultimately we're trying to
1:13 pm
build concensus here that can get us to the numbers and get us back to the work that we were all elected to do. so, we'll continue along those lines. so, thank you. appreciate it. thank you all right. jason chaffetz who wants to be speaker of the house and chaffetz threw his hat in the ring, as did dan webster. he has the support of a caucus, 40 some odd members and even though webster is in a tea party per se, elected in the 2010 wave of tea parties meg and, it's the job no one wants, two weeks to the day that the pope was in town. [laughter] and speaker boehner was there and everyone was so happen. >> i love this. neil: and everything fell apart. it all goes to francis.
1:14 pm
>> apparently didn't bless washington. neil: what do you think about the job? >> i agree with connell a lot of pieces written, having a washington outsider coming and taking over for speaker boehner. and that job by definition is helping washington work. if you have an outsider who doesn't understand how the government works and doesn't have the relationship in washington, i don't see how it will work. it will be interesting to see how they were around chaffetz. and i don't think he was that sad-- >> and mccarthy, saying i'm going to take myself out of the race. connell: no, legitimate surprise and shock, people said, really, did that happen? i think at the end of today or any day, it's going to come down to math. i guess with mccarthy, and i understand that benghazi, he
1:15 pm
admitted to that benghazi had to do with the decision. but he had a math problem. there were 40 members of the house kind of together on this that have a lot of power in so much as they would be able to block someone they don't like. whether it be mccarthy or somebody else. they don't have enough power to take one of their people and put that person in power. >> the last part of that, do any of their people want to be in power, john boehner's point. >> and the office alone, the private car first class status, i would think that would be tempting. connell: and i would be president just for the travel. neil: and just for the commute. connell: of course. neil: upstairs and you're there. all right, guys, we're devoting nonstock coverage to this for a good reason, despite the fact that few people seem to want the job, it's a big deal when one of the most powerful jobs
1:16 pm
in government is left vacant, and no one to fill. kevin mccarthy took himself out of the race, two weeks from when speaker boehner. and all of this started by pope francis. i'm kidding. and i'm not attaching this, i'm saying that wall street might want to keep a close eye on this. some of the things taken as a given that would be resolved, the dead ceiling raised, i avoiding the government shutdown. and other things over big battle and funding issues, and that program that could result in higher premiums. those have to be resolved in the few weeks to the middle of december and now it's being opened up. i'm looking at this and i'm thinking, wow, this could be a problem. and i'm wondering for republicans, do they have to rally around fast? >> if we know anything about the g.o.p. electorate right
1:17 pm
now, it's that they are thirsting for reform. they're looking for a dramatic change in washington. look, this is not bad news for republicans, i think it's terrific news, because i believe-- >> were you-- >> look, mccarthy wouldn't have been the solution that the g.o.p. was looking for. neil: it looks like disarray. i'm not casting pil aspersions. >> two months from now that won't matter. neil: we will have passed the deadline to deal with the debt and have passed a deadline for a government shutdown. >> if you want to put it on party terms, what the electorate wants is a fight and constitutional conservatives to hold the line and-- >> you're trying to make lemons out of lemonade. are' covering up for the pope, covering up for the pope. >> it started with the pope, i know. neil: and chad knows this very, very well. two weeks after this started
1:18 pm
with the pope, clearly the catalyst behind all of this, something happened, there's disarray and you know this institution better than anyone. you know every nook and cranny and the history behind it. i can never remember a job that went begging this long for something-- what's going on? >> yeah, that's the strange thing. there was one member who said to me a couple of weeks ago that the varsity is not on the field. what do they mean by that? it's not to say that kevin mccarthy is not the varsity, but what about paul ryan, ways and means, supposedly has a mind like a seive-- like a steel trap. and some want the financial services committee to run. they have bowed out. there was an effort to court
1:19 pm
trey gowdy. a long meeting between he and kevin mccarthy monday of last week and a draft trey gowdy movement and that fizzled out after a short period of time. people say how do i get to 218 and manage this group of people? i had a conversation over the weekend with a sober, very senior member of the congress saying i think it could be a while before we get a speaker of the house. and people thought this would be a fait accompli, that john boehner would be out the door and maybe that's not the case. neil: so what i want to know then, what concensus emerges, if they have to be pulled over, i mean, ryan doesn't want it. some of the other types, gowdy doesn't want it.
1:20 pm
>> he put out a statement in the past 45 minutes. >> and i think that statements are made to be ripped up and wondering whether this would be this clarion call to recruit any of those individuals, ryan comes first to mind, and whether you think that would succeed. what do you think? >> you know what one of the clarion calls might be, if there's some sort of an actual crisis, terrorism, i've mentioned the debt ceiling coming up here in a couple of weeks where they operationally can't respond to something that the american people need, the deals on fiscal front. deals with the stock market, with the debt ceiling. something that deals with terrorism and they're like, too, we need to get serious here and get 50 pest of what i do. >> and so on, so for the and doing some training. i can't underscore this enough. the house of representatives cannot do any business unless there's a speaker of the house. there's an issue with medicare coming up with regards to
1:21 pm
payments the middle of october. there's a transportation bill resolved by the end this have month. by the 5th of november they have to raise the debt ceiling and another crisis to keep the government over december 7th. they can't be in this stasis very long. neil: thank you, buddy. there's a couple of things going on, we told you earlier today that the volkswagen north american chief, michael horn, was in the hot seat today getting grilled about those 11 million vehicles that were rated with faulty readings. but the german prosecutors have raided volkswagen offices presumably back in germany. we don't know how that went down, probably not well. but, again, this continues, this guest on the part of authorities worldwide to find out what volkswagen officials knew and when they learned it, that's long since over and the u.s. chief, it comes at a time when all of this is on their
1:22 pm
plate and it's going to be very difficult to get anything done when we don't have a speaker in place, or at least the prospect of electing his replacement. liz mcdonald, you're looking at this, david asman, ap and lizzie, this is a mess. we talked about they could push back certain things. they can do whatever they want. speakers make the rules, but i'm wondering whether wall street is likely dismissing something that the longer the stripes on it-- >> they shouldn't. s&p downgraded the u.s., even though it was a technical default, it kind of shook the market temporarily, but then of course it came back. here is what's going on. i was out with people close to the matter, who were close to the freedom caucus. we know that kevin mccarthy was about to be denied the votes for house speaker. the problem was that the house
1:23 pm
leadership was not getting a vote on any pro economic growth policies that obama would likely veto for which they can go into the presidential elections next year, you know what? he vetoed it, we tried. we know that you're-- >> and show something, do that, go through those motions. >> what i'm saying is that this impacts the g.o.p. presidential race for the white house next year. the fact that the president was allowed to get his agenda through without opposition, without any legislation put on his desk and they could say we tried to get the fees, it's this president's recovery. >> and just to stack up the bills-- >> all of this started when nancy pelosi pushed through obamacare and senator reed pushed through obamacare with simple majorities. when the democrats stopped relying on majority of people
1:24 pm
to push through legislation. heck, we just had an arms control treaty between iran, it wasn't an act, it wasn't a deal, it was treaty and pushed through with a simple majority against our founding fathers and the constitution and the notion there should be a big majority to get something through that affects every american, it was stopped dead in its tracks by nancy pelosi and senator harry reid. the next speaker may have an opportunity to bring back the notion that all americans should be involved in decision. that's why this is so important. paul lower is saying, he doesn't want it. >> it's got to be a simple name. jordan is easier to pronounce. >> remember whenever general hastert has said--
1:25 pm
>> don't park in my spot again. >> there's a guy out there who says, i can do this. neil: and dennis hastert had a has-- >> jeb bush is responding. and donald trump, the guy is a bum. >> he hasn't-- >> he will. >> kevin he's a good person, i don't want to his house to inject myself. the congressman threw his hat into the ring. webster is a closer friend, principal guy, florida, and others emerge and hope they remain focused. the g.o.p. and d.c., my philosophy people who would not like who they would be. i think there would be a mad dash for the job, but right now
1:26 pm
two papers. and webster has the votes of this caucus. presuming 40 votes in that freedom caucus that would have denied denver mccarthy the 28 that he would have needed to cross over the hump and get that job. and of course, that sets the stage for this, but what do you think of that? >> well, yes, i mean, webster right now has roughly 40 or so. about you going into this, that block, the freedom caucus was telling, well, we might have the 40 or so now, come the actual vote on october 29th, they could split on the floor, actually go for mccarthy some of them should they choose to actually get that over to 218. that was some of the thinking going into this. now, whatever thinking going into this is obviously completely blown up or thrown ov to the side. i want to bring your attention
1:27 pm
to jason chaffetz, now that he's in the running. it seemed like mccarthy was a shoo-in, with a former top republican who said to me, this is mccarthy's deal. he gets that it's all it's the message that republicans need to put their message through. well, what happened? then the comments happened a few days after that about benghazi and you heard kevin mccarthy say, yeah, that probably had something to do with it. here is what i bring your attention about chaffetz, i'm quoting here, we need to bring the fight to the american people and he said it with an exclamation point. jason chaffetz if you've been following his quotes the last couple of days, the message, the message, the message, we need to bring the message of republicans and what our base wants out into the public, out of congress and that's what we need to get going forward.
1:28 pm
neil: wait a minute, didn't chaffetz do the bidding of speaker boehner when the bumped a congressman off the committee and all of a sudden came in, you know, angry concerned tea partier and then did the bidding of the guy, the caucus speaks-- >> that will be part of it. whether or not those demotions, i guess, is what one way to describe it, that chaffetz was behind. neil: i'm italian, looked like a horse's head in the bed. that's your impression, go ahead. >> that's certainly an issue whether or not it come back to get him and the thinking leading into today, at least with mccarthy, if he could broker some deal with the house freedom caucus, and maybe they would get a slot up on the leadership or maybe get some committee heads and maybe they wouldn't be demoted for not speaking out against leadership. well, now we see where mccarthy
1:29 pm
isn't as you bring up, a great point. >> may i bring up a point here which is easy to overlook? chaffetz is the head of the house oversight committee which just had the rug pulled out from under it by mccarthy, this is a direct battle between the old guard that kind of felt uncomfortable with what that house oversight -- not only with chaffetz, but issa, his predecessor, pushing the limits how much we shut investigate what's going wrong with the crepp administration and the people. so this is really an attack between the gold guard, mccarthy and all the old people that he represents, and the new guard, which is chaffetz, who as head of the house committee is now pushing the limits as to how much you can criticize the president and the current administration. neil: charlie gasparino is with us. >> doesn't this have a french revolution feel to this?
1:30 pm
>> wait a minute, from the italian godfather to the french-- >> start reading your history. >> when i look at you, i think of guillotine. >> or horse's head. >> for the republican party right now to be going to this garbage, really just shows you a level of dysfunction, you know, they would screw up, i don't want to say, my father would say it, they have hillary clinton on the run. she's out there proposing an absurd wall street plan today which means nothing because she's afraid of bernie sanders. they have a kind of a crumby economy on their side, they can point to the president of the united states. they have infighting and shooting on the other side and what they're doing, they're killing themselves. neil: they can grab defeat from the jaws of-- >> a 50-50 chance the g.o.p. would win the white house. neil: i want to bring in congresswoman me imi who would
1:31 pm
have backed the congressman. 0 do you turn to? other names will jump in, what do you do? >> this was a shock to you will a-- all of us in the conference. i've been here for nine months and a lot of activity going on. it will be interesting to see what happens over the next couple of months. neil: couple of months? couple of months? when will this be resolved? >> well, speaker boehner said he's not going to resign as speaker until we have a new speaker, so i think what we're going to do at the conference, we're going to get together and-- >> who do you like? there are two people in the race right now, your colleague dan webster and other colleague from utah, jason chaffetz? do you like either of them. >> they're both fine men and
1:32 pm
talented in their own men. neil: you would not support either, sound like you don't like either. >> i'm not in a position right now to give my support to either one. i think we need to take a step back and try to absorb the information that we just got from leader mccarthy and then make a decision. neil: kram, thank you, very, very much. >> and on the phone with us, tea party caucus chairman i might add. congressman where do you stand on this. clearly the establishment lost again. again and again, and with things on the floor. this is the way the house floor has been run seems like the last four and a half years. last minute deals, last minute surprises, no announcements. i think that kevin mccarthy said i'm not the someone, we have a conservative group and we're going to sit down afterwards amongst ourselves, what do we need to see changes. that's what daniel webster
1:33 pm
offered, let's change the house. 80% of republicans across america think washington has betrayed them and we need changes in washington. this is the result. >> congressman, this is charlie gasparino. why would it take months? you would think that the insurgents would have candidates, you'd vote for it, you guys show the nation you can actually do something other than argue. >> it shouldn't take months. this is the house that can raise the debt ceiling a trillion dollars in one day. do a 1.3 trillion cr overnight. when they want to move quickly, they can get it done it's generally in the wrong direction. >> who is responsible for making it a monthly thing, a monthly, you know, play. this should not be a story for the next three weeks, there's a lot of important things out there. >> they are, we have a debt
1:34 pm
ceiling in early november. they're get to hit the debt limit. they don't discuss it anytime. >> the average viewer is saying who is they? who is responsible for making this a monthly thing, break it down for us? >> john boehner and kevin mccarthy. it's a top-down approach for far too long. they can't-- >>, you would not be a fan of the candidates, mccarthy and webster, changing the process to get more done before you're backed up by the deadline. who would you be far? >> daniel webster offers a history, and it it sounds wonkish, mitch mcconnell would have to be worried, and across
1:35 pm
america, can't this he do something, once in a lifetime actually take on the president of the united states and actually win something? >> is there a battle? are we talking revolution here inside the republican party, inside maybe the conservative movement? are we talking about something that's seminal here or just-- >> i think it is. but it's the battle between the washington establishment and the rest of republicans. don't forget i heard over the weekend 78% of republicans wanted to get rid of john boehner. 77% want to get rid of mitch mcconnell and what you saw today was a rejection of john boehner's right-hand man. neil: what do you think of chris christie's comments that you guys look like the house of thrones. >> and if you don't do this, don't do that, john boehner punished everybody he could punish and finally punished one too many and he lost the speakership and kevin mccarthy
1:36 pm
was with some of those. we begged even when the chamber goes after conservatives, he wouldn't do that. if he would have, he could have been around to be speaker. >> why wouldn't he do this. they are far from conservative, they were for the stimulus program. >> absolutely, absolutely, they talked about primary conservatives, i don't know why he wouldn't do that, i think it's about raising money and speaker john boehner raised 50 million every cycle, i think that comes with any speakership. far too many things on the floor it'd be in speaker boehner's office and there was little change and frustration. there's a reason that it happened after the august recess and said, my gosh, people are upset. finally, somebody in washington is here and-- >> i don't want to-- congressman, i will ask you this. >> yes, sir.
1:37 pm
neil: there's talk that speaker boehner has to stay on just to be in charge and deal with issues coming up, the ones you alluded to. how would you feel about that? the guy, you're obviously not a big fan of, stays on to sort of clean up here. >> last week he capitulated to everything for obama. we don't need a caretaker speaker who continues to fail to stand up to the president. we have a dealing debate. they haven't brought it up. it's not because of the current debate it's because they never do it every year. neil: would you consider being a candidate. >> no, i would not. >> congressman, it sounds like you're okay with chaffetz and okay with dan webster. it sounds like the traditional establishment republicans are running out of candidate and only two people to throw their
1:38 pm
hat in the ring right now are tea party favorites, am i right? >> they're conservatives, daniel webster is actually-- interpret tiff and-- >> it sounds like the revolution succeeded? >> it only succeeds when we actually have a republican senate and if that was the mandate in 2014, 2010 in the house and i think they failed miserably, they work more about obama. neil: that rage is candidates. >> blake? >> john boehner put out a statement. at this point it seems he has to stay on until it gets resolved whenever that may be and that's pretty much his statement. he said i'll quote here, it's short, after leader mccarthy's announcement, members of the republican house conference will not vote today for a new speaker. as i said previously, i will serve as speaker until the
1:39 pm
house votes for a new speaker. we'll announce at a later date and i'm confident we'll elect a speaker in the coming weeks. >> this is brilliant, perfectly brilliant, john boehner's plan. >> he's got to be sitting back home, neil, just watching in and you know, i mentioned how he went on and sang my, oh, my, what a wonderful day, john boehner. neil: with us is congressman clawson, a republican, and webster, of course, is trying to get this job. congressman what do you see in your colleague webster trying to get this job. >> first of all, thank you for having me on, neil, i can't believe i'm talking to you. >> i think it would be great-- >> no, i never expected to go from ball to business to have a cueto. each is a step up, man. so, look, i think that-- i'm thinking out of the box a
1:40 pm
little bit. i think it would be great to have a credible voice to the american people that says no more business as usual that we're actually going to do things up here different and break this cycle. so i would like to see an outsider. i think it would be a great time for an outsider and by the w way-- >> what's your definition of an outsider. >> look, i think, first of all, a business outsider, you see what's going on in the presidential race. i think a business outsider clear in congress, maybe somebody not even a sitting congressman for in job. i think those are great ideas and i think if we didn't have so many career politicians we might be open-minded to a best athlete model, to a great player model as opposed to someone with years and years of being a politician. neil: you could do that, you're right about that. your by laws allow that, i guess, but it's not a parliamentary system we have, you can't get a coalition together like we do in parliamentarian forms of
1:41 pm
government. so, barring that, getting an outside candidate, of the ones in there, i told you about webster, of course, jason chaffetz. do you think that others will be jumping in, seizing on an opportunity or it's up to those guys? >> well, i think the answer to that question is connect connected to the first question you have, which is listen to your customer,en concensus, they want somebody different. if that puts them in the ball game and shows leadership. this is a good time for leadership. if we had the right person to bring a different approach and show some leadership at the team. the freedom caucus, of which i'm a founding member, we could get something dolphin and have some-- >> we have to still have people-- >> what about kevin mccarthy and said about hillary clinton that did him in. what finished him off?
1:42 pm
>> look, you're asking the wrong guy, i have a lot of respect to kevin, but every change is an opportunity for-- a ceo retires, a better ceo you could come up with. i say today is a good time to show we're not business as issue. neil: are you worried, congressman, you guys, that is republican, look like the keystone kops? >> i never felt that way because i don't think that ambiguity is a bad thing. when there are changes in a marketplace or changes in a caucus, that that allows for opportunity for improvement and for leadership to come to the surface. you get a great guy or man or woman here talking over, all of this stuff, you call guys look crazy, that goes away because a
1:43 pm
great leader comes out. that happens before and-- >> yes, not anchors. neil: congressman, are you interested in this job yourse yourself. >> no, we have the house caucus-- i don't think it's a good time to stick with a name until i talk with moo i-- >> thank you: on the phone right now the former republican leader. what do you think, tom, what with you do? >> what i would do is what should have been done, once again boehner screwed up by trying to bias the race in favor of mccarthy and calling for a quick race, a quick election. they should have put this off for at least two, three weeks so that members could talk to each other. they could get a feel of what's going on and hopefully someone
1:44 pm
mr. emerge as a concensus type leader. neil: a concensus, they look like they're too concensus. >> congress is looking for a real leader, they haven't had a real leader for a long time. they're both looking for one, getting someone they can trust. neil: who fits that bill. >> i don't know, i don't know a third of the house right now. neil: the two in the race, webster and chaffetz? >> i don't know, they're both great guys. neil: sounds like you hate them both. he hasn't been there long enough for the trust, it's all about trust among the members. they're looking for everyone
1:45 pm
that they'll go to that they trust and as they discuss this with each other, someone will raise. and concensus is probably a bad word. it's somebody that 218 members trust. neil: the issues, connell. connell: i think it's fascinating to sit here and listen to the interviews. and it's different with congressman delay. when you have a sitting in the conference room, do you want to be speaker. >> no. the about earn who is ceptionly speaker set up to take a bullet for the leaders of the house. they can't pass the legislation that they'd lover to past, but liz made the point, make a point politically to do so in an election year.
1:46 pm
neil: they can't do it? liz: they can't do it because the anger within the freedom caucus. i was with them close to the matter tonight. they have-- it's grass roots akin to make america great again. >> i think maybe congressman delay can be here. neil: we call him mr. hammer. >> mr. hammer was there, kudos because you kind of predicted dysfunction. neil: he did last week. >> i knew what it was to be conservative, i kind of got, there was much more agreement on the mile an hour tenets of conservativism and now there's not. you know, between tea partiers and, you know, working glass conservatives that cared about trade and immigration, it seems they're at each other's throat.
1:47 pm
who would want to run this. >> they're all conservative to one degree or another. this is about conservativeship. >> this is about leadership. without leadership you get the kay cost-- chaos. you've got members that are just as bad as the freedom caucus. i've been to meetings with some of the mayors in the house and they're spitting mad about what's going on and they hate each other, there's been leader to pull them together, there's nobody that they trust and. >> aren't we taking the same thing. connell: one of the great things about that, the religious right, we did-- >> he was a leader, that's the point. he was a leader and the question is whether there are any leaders.
1:48 pm
congressman, do you see any? we have chaffetz and they are the rebels, what's wrong-- the moderates think they'll make a mess of it. i don't see any moderate running for speaker. >> they'll washing it o-- they'll work it out and there was a deal who would be the next majority leader and they have somebody they trust as majority leader and mccarthy as speaker and frankly, that's why i thought boehner gave them another three weeks for mccarthy-- they thet in a -- why didn't mccarthy just do that then? >> i think there's a lot of things going on and mccarthy doesn't--
1:49 pm
it could be personal with him. something personal. it could be -- i hesitate to speculate, but it could be that he's tired and he doesn't want to go through this. it could also be. >> he wanted it 24 hours ago. >> no, may not have had a majority of the caucus. >> not at the freedom caucus, did have a wra majority. mr. delay, who would you lean toward? >> the person that can provide the kind of leadership that they need is jeff hencerly. he's got young kids and he doesn't want to do what a speaker has to do. neil: i appreciate it, very, very much, tom, thank you for joining us, by the way, the back drop for this is a perfect time for hillary clinton and the financials coming outment
1:50 pm
and indeed she's releasing what she calls a sake town on wall street. and among what they've done, there's extending the time to corporations that might have been figured by the united states government. and cracking down on high frequency traders and those who sell securities within seconds. and that will cut down on the volatility. does it no good. more is going to be coming out, but pretty much is this rearranging of the-- this will dramatically change what seems to be a wall street posster. more on that in a second. back to the story that's getting much of the nation attention. the battle of the speaker of the use. you get a huge office, i mean,
1:51 pm
a huge office, a lot of marble, your own personal driver. your own seats, and that's probably why we're not getting anyone to apply for the job. blake berman, it's interesting to me that theco members out there are not timing-- i can't see everyone lining up next themselves and right go outside to unite people. >> it's an interesting interview you had with kirk lawson, the in florida who probably knows. >> every poll on presidential side when they polled republicans there is no trust in government and really no trust in the party. everything, it's the reverse.
1:52 pm
and they say washington needs to go. it would be interesting to follow and the likelihood or reality of it, who knows. i will tell you, neil, that dan webster did give an interview a while ago, he said he was dumbfounded by what happened and when he was asking basically the waist forward, he didn't know about the dynamics just what he's focusing on. neil: thank you, blake berman. i'm thinking of the candidates in the race, those two are, webster and chaffetz, to dial it back, hillary clinton is out with a shadow banking proposal, that calls for review of changes and especially on the money market industry and
1:53 pm
particularly on the hedge fund guys. reined in. it's all a background to all of this. congressman and marshall blackburn, republican in the fine state of tennessee. >> all right. neil: i've asked this of your colleague and none of them seem to be volunteering for the job. no one wants this job. >> it's a britt big idea speaker of the house, had you interested. are you interested? >> you've got live to me, i didn't get the heads up there. it's not something that i've had on my to-do list, we've been busy, and working on the human fetal tash tissue. it came as a surprise to everyone, i'm sure you'll see a couple more in the race. >> do you like the candidates in. >> we have a talented conference. that's the they think about us.
1:54 pm
neil: you don't like the two who were in there? sounds like you dz. >> no, i didn't say that at all. neil: we've got two right now that you want to see more come in? >> i think there are others at this moment that are considering it and by the that we get to this time tomorrow. neil: who are they? >> i'll let them call and tell you. >> good for you. congress woman, you know that others are considering going in and haven't announced it yet? >> well, there are others looking at it and let the field shape itself up. neil: i want to be clear because i'm a little slow. tomorrow at this time are we going to have more than two speaker cabinets? >> i think you'll have three by the time, you know? and here is the thing, you have individuals in our conference who come from a wide raid of --
1:55 pm
from a wide range, and congress focuses on relationships. you have people who have great rirms. you'll see some of that come to bear as people look at approaching the leadership team, maybe they've not given it any. >> and how much do you think is due to the pope. >> i think i would never challenge the wisdom that comes from our heavenly father or from the pope and i would not challenge how someone sees that wisdom affects their lives. and that's a different discussion. i say different discussion. neil: that was charlie gasparino. >> even though i don't have a monitor, i could--
1:56 pm
>> i smell sulfur. neil: you don't want one. thank you, marsha blackburn. you heard it from marsha blackburn herself, it's the pope's fault. i'm kidding here. it was a week after he game and did-- >> it definitely affected boehner, i don't think it's a coincidence, he met with boehner and that night-- >> and by the way, john boehner got the pope to speak. >> he thought it was his parting act, it may not have been. >> what would happen if he stays on? >> well, you heard from one representative, a representative from tea party saying that was unacceptable. again, the sort of revolutionary fervor that's working through. i'm interested in wondering who miss-- who the-- >> and opposed the 2008 bailout
1:57 pm
and-- >> you know what i find interesting is these sort of-- you know what. >> don't get him on the pope. >> the sort of that these house republicans have for john boehner. it almost mirrors the vitriol of barack obama. my only pope now-- he put up with you. >> think what happened, the reason why john boehner left because he saw the pope, they thought of the russian revolution right after lenin died and he said i've got to get out of here. google is it's all in there. >> you clearly did. >> it's all in there, i learned that ithd grade.
1:58 pm
>> yeah, right. >> and the poster board for all of this by the way. neil: they all decide to love that. and crucified for wanting to slow the growth in medicare. >> he doesn't want the job, i mean, one day-- no, i understand that, maybe that's the reason. >> he's a roman catholic and plays into the pope thing. connell: the name hasn't come up yet, the back of people's minds, where is eric can tore, he's definitely not going to be the speaker of the house because of what happened to him and they think that way 0 and judge hencerly said when cantor stepped down. he might want the job.
1:59 pm
they had a president willing to negotiate. >> that's true. >> ronald reagan uted republican conference, speak of the house, democrat, tip o'neill do deals with. they don't have a president to negotiate with. he has not. never has. that is a huge difference. >> bottom line a mess. very much akin to what chris christie called "game of thrones" environment. referring to the constant revolving chair. "game of thrones," with the all of crazy characters? >> no they're all here. >> leave you with this, bottom line they don't know who is going to be leading right now the united states congress. plum line, second in line to the presidency. think they would line up like planes in laguardia but they're not. we don't know why.
2:00 pm
wall street is thinking this presumably gets worked out. unless we get real close to some crunch deadlines and it has not. trish regan after this. >> neil cavuto, thank you so much. lawmakers everyone, reportedly in state of shock as kevin mccarthy withdraws his name for speaker of the house. hello, everyone, i'm trish regan. this is "the intelligence report kevin mccarthy abs brutally withdraws from the job of speaker of the house. here is kevin mccarthy moments ago. >> i will stay on as majority leader. but one thing i found talking to everybody, if we're going to unite and be strong, we need a new face to help do that. >> the election for speaker of the house is being postponed. it is down to two. dan webster from florida, and jason chaffetz from utah, who just got into the running this past sunday. here is chaffetz addressing the


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