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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 8, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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for merely escaping group think. ben carson is an american hero for pioneering in surgery, and he's a real christian not an academic one playing on campus. the race card is what it is. lou dobbs is next, keep it right here on fox business. lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. a civil war within the republican party after the speaker in waiting, kevin mccarthy, suddenly dropped out of the race to replace john boehner. mccarthy said the party needs a new face but it really needs much more than a new face, they need a complete change of direction. today's rejection of kevin mccarthy was a solid rejection of the republican establishment elites in congress and a rejection of the special interests who have run the gop agenda for years. that is, let's name names, the u.s. chamber of commerce, the business roundtable.
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and until now, their inescapable influence in the corridors of washington. tonight we'll be joined by the man who arguably started this. north carolina congressman mark meadows, the first to spark this revolt against boehner and the current leadership in the house. the congressman among our guests tonight, and already talk that many in congress want paul ryan to run for speaker, but then he's already supported amnesty for illegal immigrants, an establishment darling who would likely be the instrument of the chamber and the roundtable. the money establishment congressman mark meadows will be advising us who he wants as speaker, whether that person is the same as the one who will ultimately prevail, if he can devine all of that. also tonight -- russia's aggressive military expansion in the middle east and overwhelming new evidence that is something terribly wrong with the obama administration's foreign policy.
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accused of doctoring military intelligence reports to fit the administration's line it's winning against the islamic statement now vladimir putin caught the obama white house completely by surprise, it says, when launching attacks in syria. the white house, was it really misled by intelligence assessments and analysis? or was it something every bit as damning of this administration but as yet not known? we'll be taking all of that up with major general bob scales tonight. and donald trump riding high in the polls take his campaign to las vegas. his appearance on the same day that senator marco rubio began a three-day campaign swing. why nevada for these guys? because there's a lot at stake. nevada a critical early voting state in the republican nomination process. on the democratic side, hillary clinton taking a sharp turn left trying to outflank her socialist rival senator bernie sanders, winning more
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support among democrats. we'll take it up with fox news contributors ebony williams and rich lowry. and top story, kevin mccarthy dropping out of the race to succeed departing speaker boehner. boehner saying he's not retiring. boehner says he's going to stay on as speaker until someone wins 218 votes. so suddenly the rank-and-file republicans have revolted against their domineering oppressive leaders, most of whom serve the agendas of the corporate and establishment elite. the question now is who wins? will k street have its way as usual in congress? or the rank and file in conservatives prevail against the moneyed interest of k street. the scramble is on. fox news chief correspondent mike emanuel with our report. >> i thi i shocked some of you. >> reporter: after being the odds on favorite to be the republican nominee for speaker, house majority leader kevin mccarthy stunned colleagues by
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announcing behind closed doors he's not the guy for the job. >> something to be said for us to unite, we need a fresh face. i'll stay onas majority leader but the one thing i found talking to everybody, if we are going tour, night and be strong, we need a new face to help do that, so nothing more than that. >> reporter: house oversight chairman jason chaffetz jumped into the race to offer alternative to mccarthy. >> absolutely stunned, did not see that coming. kevin mccarthy is a very good man, and he has always been one that puts his country before everything else. >> reporter: florida congressman daniel webster picked up conservative support from 40 members ever the freedom house caucus late yesterday and pledging to make the house more inclusive. >> i have no idea how it will change me. it doesn't change what i'm running on, a principle based member driven process. >> reporter: establishment republicans say mccarthy had a numbers problem. >> kevin mccarthy has the vast majority of the conferences confidence and votes, but he's
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made a decision that i believe he couldn't get 218. >> reporter: north carolina congressman walter jones raised eyebrows after sending this all right tuesday to the republican conference chair saying, quote -- this was written primarily because i've been here 20 years, and i remember the night that newt stepped down, the next night bob livingston stepped down and the chaos it put the republican party in. our county is in deep, deep trouble, we need to have leadership in the house that we can say look at that leader. he is a man of integrity. >> reporter: mccarthy was asked if skeletons in his background caused him to withdraw? >> no. come on. >> reporter: retiring speaker john boehner tried to calm the
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situation saying he's willing to stay until october 30th until the house elects a new speaker. the gop will likely regret losing boehner. >> i think people on the republican side begin to realize maybe john boehner was the best deal they had. john boehner understands the institution, i certainly believe he tried to make it work not just for the republican colleagues but many of us on the democratic side. he tried. >> reporter: it is likely boehner stays for now to handle several difficult issues such as the debt ceiling and perhaps the next government funding fight. expect pressure to build on chairman paul ryan as the only person capable of earning 218 votes in this environment. lou? lou: mike emanuel, thank you very much. coming up later here, i'll be talking with congressman mark meadows, a number of the house freedom caucus, leading the charge against speaker boehner. we'll be looking to him for insight what we can expect now from the republicans in congress. congress tonight also demanding answers how and why
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u.s. intelligence agencies missed the russian military buildup in syria? the investigation of possible intelligence lapses comes as nato defense ministers held a crisis meeting condemning russia's actions in syria. putin's forces today launched a new wave of airstrikes as well as a new wave of cruise missiles fired from the warship for the second straight day. four russian cruise missiles fired at targets in syria today, missed those targets by a wide margin. they went to an entirely different country. four missiles hit, are you ready? iran! iranian officials not saying what the missiles hit or exactly where. fox news correspondent kevin corke with our report. >> they've shot cruise missiles from a ship in the caspian sea without warning, come within a few miles of unmanned aerial vehicles. >> reporter: unprofessional, how defense secretary ash carter described the russian
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military telling fellow nato chiefs in brussels the kremlin's choice to fire cruise missiles was counterproductive and some fell short of their intended targets and landed in iran, moves on the ground by moscow are increasing the pressure on both the pentagon and the white house. >> they've initiated a joint ground offensive with the syrian regime, shattering the facade that they're there to fight isil. >> reporter: a joint ground offensive despite what vladimir putin told president obama ten days ago in new york, cooperation in the fight against isis is background noise to the russians' prime objective, support for the assad regime, the revelation that didn't price white house officials who are content to exercise strategic patience. >> is it clear escalation on the ground in support of the assad regime, unfortunately not an escalation against isil. and the fact is our operations against isil have continued unabated. >> reporter: pentagon sources tell fox news the russians are providing rocket and artillery
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fire while the iranian are joining the syrians on the ground to prop up the assad regime, moscow this time has both damascus and tehran backing them. meanwhile today on capitol hill, former national security adviser general james jones told lawmakers what the russians are really hoping for is to control who is in power in syria? both now and if and when assad is ushered out. >> putin is basically offering a trade, assad stays in power and take care of isil. i think that's what it boils down to. >> reporter: and a quick word about semantics, lou. we've heard white house officials express a desire to engage the russians in conversations about what they call deconfliction, but today we heard ash carter say what they're really after is basic technical discussions and now to working cooperative with moscow. lou? lou: kevin, thanks for clearing that up. language with this
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administration seems often a difficult challenge. thank you so much, kevin corke reporting from the white house. there is, if i may, some i guess improvement in language. ash carter today using these lashing words against the russian military calling them unprofessional in their strikes, unproductive. i guess that beats deconfliction, whatever that means. and considerable irony in the wayward russian missiles that hit iran instead of syria, of course, the russians were crowing quite a bit this week about firing their most advanced sophisticated cruise missiles called caliber, firing those missiles at syrian targets. the russian defense minister early this week said this about their certainty about the targeting of their missiles. >> we carry out airstrikes only when we are 100% sure we will hit the target.
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lou: well, make that 98% sure. perhaps the iranians should be concerned about the intentions and while the erstwhile ally the russians, maybe, just maybe, the russians really made a mistake in their targeting. the obama administration doing nothing in response to vladimir putin's provocations but our military is reportedly planning to challenge a separate adversary, china. the u.s. navy preparing to send one warship near china's nearly built man made islands of the south china sea. beijing recalling nearly 3,000 acres of land for airstrips and military installations over the past two years being built over coral reefs. the waters claimed by the way by taiwan, vietnam, the philippines and malaysia. the chinese navy earlier this year issued eight warnings through the crew of the u.s. surveillance aircraft conducting flights near the islands.
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u.s. ships haven't sailed within the 12 nautical mile zone claimed by china since 2012. the threat from china extending beyond the obama administration to democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton cyberattackers from china as well as germany and south korea tried to break into her so-called private e-mail server after she left the state department in 2013. that, according to congressional documents. just last week, e-mails revealed russian linked hackers tried to attack her e-mail server at least five times, while she was secretary of state. one of the technology companies that worked on her private server previously warned that the home brew system was vulnerable to attacks, backup data firm datto urged platte river networks, the company managing the private e-mail system to upgrade security and add sophisticated encryption technology to the server over the summer. the upgrades were never
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performed. clinton ignoring the security concerns. we're coming right back, much more ahead. stay with us. mccarthy is out, boehner is back. he never really left. a majority divided. the election for speaker of the house on hold. the gop in turmoil. >> if we are going to unite and be strong, we need a new face to help do that. lou: and the chamber of commerce and the business roundtable. it appears they're still running republicans. who will step up? we take all of this up with a man who started it all. congressman mark meadows, nex next.. these commuters in china probably wished they stayed home. if you don't like your commute, take a look at this one. we'll have the story and the incredible video for you here next. stay with us. we're coming right back. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact.
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. lou: donald trump campaigning in las vegas today. the republican front-runner take some credit for kevin mccarthy's decision to drop out of race for speaker of the house. >> you know kevin mccarthy is out. you know that, right? [ cheers ] >> and they're giving me a lot of credit for that because i said you really need somebody very, very tough and very smart.
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it's bedlam in washington right now. bedlam. it's a mess. i've never seen anything like it. lou: our first guest, well, he's the one who first led the charge over the summer to change leadership in congress, filing a motion in july to vacate speaker boehner's chair. he's also part of the freedom caucus that today threw its support behind one of mccarthy's opponents congressman daniel webster of florida. all of that led to today's extraordinary events. joining us congressman mark meadows, a number of the house oversight and foreign affairs committees. congressman, great to have you here. do you feel vindicated today? what are your emotions in watching all that transpired? >> you know obviously a lot has transpired today, lou, when you see the leadership changing and the american people wanting washington, d.c. to work for them, that's really the vindication. it's not about me personally, as you know. i think the big part of that is who's going to be our speaker
7:19 pm
are? we going to fundamentally change the way that washington does their business. and make sure we address amnesty and other issues that are important to the american people. lou: well, you talk about washington, but if i may, congressman, this is really about you republicans, in changing the way you do business, and the way you work with business, particularly big business, and i think that everyone understands pretty fully right now that today paul ryan's name didn't start being bandied about by accident. that was a coordinated effort to replace boehner with another establishment republican who would very comfortably fit into the niche. that had to be led as including boehner's decision to stay on. it sounded like it was orchestrated by the u.s. chamber of commerce, the business roundtable and the moneyed establishment elite of washington, d.c. >> well, whether it was a coordinated effort or not,
7:20 pm
obviously to hear his name bantered around very quickly after the decision really discounts all the other people who have officially put their name in the race, or the variety of others that are looking to gain support. i think it's important for all of us to come together and make sure that washington, d.c. works for main street, not just the corporate groups up here in washington, d.c. that write big checks to everybody else. because that's not what this is all about. it's about being a representative form of government, and i for one am committed to that, and as you know, we've weighed in on this on a number of factors. i think the other interesting thing, lou, is as we see this, we have some great candidates for speaker. two of which who have already announced, but there are others who -- lou: jason chaffetz? daniel webster? your caucus, the freedom caucus throwing support immediately to
7:21 pm
daniel webster, the congressman from florida who has a remarkable record in legislative leadership. >> well, he does. and your point is well taken, a lot of people don't know that. but this is not about those individuals. it's about the process. it's about flattening it out to make sure that all members of congress let their constituents have a voice here in washington, d.c. >> should the american people be sending e-mails? should they be communicating by phone, whatever they may choose, to let them know that republicans certainly want to see their representatives, their elected representatives in congress treated with regard and respect and gravity? i mean, you know, this looks like a revolt of the rank and file who have been treated like serfs rather than representatives of the people? this is an extraordinary moment for the republicans and what
7:22 pm
happens may well influence the outcome of the elections next year, don't you think? >> i think it does. this is a defining moment, and it's important we get it right for the american people. it's important that it is not about a personality, but it's about making sure that every member of congress has a vote. every member of congress has a voice, and hopefully move legislation through that gets voted up and down based on the merits of the particular piece of legislation, not based on who you know or who you happen to be friends with. lou: or whose fund-raiser you go to or whose posterior -- anyway, we can go -- >> valid point, valid point. lou: the fact of the matter is you all should be treated with far more respect, regard and you are there to represent the american people. something which obviously the current leadership has forgotten time and time again. we wish you all the best. >> well, thank you. lou: this is a defining moment for the republican party, not
7:23 pm
just the defining moment for the republicans in congress. congressman mark meadows. >> well said. lou: and again, mark meadows and the man who started this all way back in july. thanks for being with us. be sure to vote in tonight's poll, the question is -- cast your vote at breaking news, the uc davis medical center has updated just moments ago the status of airman spencer stone, the french train attack hero who helped subdue a terrorist on that train. stone tonight is in serious condition after being operated on, treating three stab wounds to his abdomen. the hospital says it anticipates stone will make a full recovery. the video you're watching is
7:24 pm
surveillance video of stone being attacked by this group who stabbed him a number of times. and turning now to the world's worst traffic jam. people returning home after a holiday weekend in china, look at this. an estimated, we counted as best we could, 50 lanes of traffic. a drone overhead recorded the scene, thousands of these cars in beijing creeping forward toward toll booths. you think they aren't a little capitalist? is that capitalist or communist. i don't know, the toll booths. in new york it's communist. traffic merged from 50 lanes to 20 lanes, i don't know if you commute, i do. and that makes me feel a lot better. at least, at least they didn't have to pay the toll today. it was a holiday. no tolls on holidays. there's something we could learn from the chinese. up next, a few thoughts
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about today's dramatic developments among republicans on capitol hill on the house side. why it's a very good day, we hope, for working men and women and the middle class in this country. and a very good day for the fbi. fbi agents discovering that x really did mark the spot. we'll have the story for you, an extraordinary, extraordinary treasure discovery. we're coming right back. the promise of the cloud is that every organization
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♪you make me feel so young ♪you make me feel so spring has sprung♪ . lou: a few thoughts now on the fall of the man who is to be speaker, congressman kevin mccarthy. today, he did the right thing, as i suggested in my commentary on this broadcast just last week. for the good of the party, for the good of the house and the country, i hope mccarthy steps aside. now i realize the absurdity of what i'm doing here tonight. it's a bit unusual. i'm asking a man to resign from
7:30 pm
a job before he even gets it. contrary to frequent appearances, there are bright, talented, folks who are committed to this country who should succeed boehner as speaker. within hours today, however, the leadership was floating the idea of paul ryan to be speaker from all sorts of quarters. a vivid example of the big money establishment that the gop leadership represents and the man who serves as chairman of the ways and means committee. ryan, the failed vice presidential candidate of 2012 is held in high regard in some quarters. the candidate of 2012, a man who didn't get it done. ryan who signed onto amnesty for illegal immigrants and never to the best of my knowledge, ever proffered an idea or position even on the budget that hasn't been vetted by the gop establishment and
7:31 pm
money. they're fighting and let's be very clear about this, they're fighting against overwhelming odds and deserve great credit for doing so. they have thrown their support behind the little known daniel webster who's defeat for the fight in speakership is plotted in the offices of lobbyists up and down k street and the offices of the gop leadership not only in the house but in the senate and few other offices in washington, d.c. congressman david brat who defeated eric cantor who supports webster for speaker, by the way, talked a lot about the six principles of the republican creed, which i certainly believe are fundamental american principles. here they are. first the free market economy, a commitment to it. equal rights, equal justice and fiscal responsibility for government at every level.
7:32 pm
and adherence to our constitution. a strong national defense to assure peace. and faith in god as recognized by our founders. so the question is will those principles prevail in the ultimate choice of a speaker by the republicans? by the rank and file? by the freedom caucus and by the so-called moderates and the establishment republicans? we'll see. but i will say this, it certainly seems to me, a fight worth having and we should all thank those in congress who have the guts and the principle to take on the fight. the ultimate choice of speaker is, i believe, the critical test for the republican party, and will likely influence the outcome of the presidential elections next year, determining what kind of country america will ultimately be. our quotation of the evening from abraham lincoln who said this of our political leaders --
7:33 pm
we're coming right back. stay with us. moscow steps up its strikes against targets in syria and hits iran. the prospects of a direct military confrontation between the u.s. and russia rise. major general bob scales joins us here next. an australian car thief took police on an incredible chase, evaded capture until he made a very bad choice. no exit. that story, and the video here next. stay with us.
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let's make medicare stronger for all of us. . lou: joining me now retired major general robert scales, fox news military analyst, and general, let's start with the russian military by land, sea and air. airstrikes, missile strikes, supporting the iranian military, the syrian military. what in the world are we witnessing here? >> boy, i think we're seeing a game-changer here, lou. i mean, our viewers need to know that the russians as we speak are participating in a ground offensive against the insurgent. a battalion task force with all their latest tanks with latest long range rockets. heavy artillery, helicopter gunships supported by three
7:38 pm
different varieties of russian fighters. this is not what putin calls an advisory mission. this is active land combat by the russian army against these moderate rebels who oppose assad, and assad now has an ally who's capable of pushing back these insurgents pretty effectively, lou. lou: pretty effectively, and i hear words from ash carter, our secretary of defense, blasting the russians for their participation in that coordinated assault against the insurgents, the rebels, including the islamic state. >> right. lou: in syria. using words like it's counterproductive, unprofessional. i have to tell you, they sound like the hackneyed words of a 75 b-school graduate, not the defense secretary, of the secretary of defense. i don't comprehend how anyone could be blustering with latin derivatives and think it would have effect with russians who
7:39 pm
are carrying out military operations quite effectively? >> what's so interesting is there was a state department guru a couple of days ago who said this russian offensive is a sign that russia is weak and losing. you can't parse these words. >> you couldn't find fools who could talk like that in any reasonable enterprise in this country. >> amazing, but the bottom line is this, i think the united states is done in the civil war. i think russians for better or for worse are going to be the ones who manipulate assad and either succeed or fail in syria. it's time for us to focus on isis and leave the civil war to the russians and make an alliance with the kurds and get on. lou: this administration doesn't have the guts to even arm the kurds or the ukrainians. >> no. lou: let's stay clearly focused on the horizon, showing us
7:40 pm
visit pictures of an administration that will not act rationally in support of our national interests or of that our allies? >> absolutely. we had an opportunity to arm the ukrainians with real offensive weapons, we failed to do it. we have an opportunity to establish a direct logistical line to irbil in kurdistan. we haven't done it, and we're simply in the west, in the east it'stasis and in the west we couldn't get involved. couldn't get worse than this. lou: general scales, thanks for being here. >> thanks, lou. lou: something so bizarre, you have to see it to believe it. it is a car chase, police in a two-hour pursuit in australia of a suspect accused of stealing a car in the western part of australia. that's why you don't see a lot of roads. look where he's going, decided to go off-road through sand dunes and straight into the ocean. the suspect then tried swimming
7:41 pm
away. police, however, were able to successfully rescue and then arrest him, and they even got back the suv, as the tide took its time. in california, in fontana california, the fbi struck it rich, working on a tip they dug up a backyard to find $600,000 in neatly wrapped stacks. all part of a one million dollar haul, stolen from an armored truck last summer. the fbi arrested every one of them involved, some of whom are in jail. they're looking for the remaining money and somebody just decided on that tip, what the heck? let's check it out and that's what they found. up next, an angry hillary clinton. are you sure you're strong enough for this? an angry hillary clinton calling a group of americans communists and iranians.
7:42 pm
fox news contributors will take up all this and much more. and we'll show you one of the most active volcanoes in the world, a spectacular display. you will want to see what happens next. did i give it away about the eruption part? we're coming right back. it's a fact. kind of like playing the boss equals the boss wins. wow! spending the day with my niece. that make me smile. i don't use super poligrip for hold, because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. even well fitting dentures let in food particles. just a few dabs of super poligrip free is clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. so it's not about keeping my dentures in, it's about keeping the food particles out. try super poligrip free.
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lou: joining us tonight, rich lowry and attorney and radio talk show host eboni williams, both fox news contributors. great to have you both here. quite a day. will republicans go with the establishment and paul ryan as he's obviously being prepared and pushed by the leadership, or will they go with, well, daniel webster you? got to love that name. >> lou, i think they would love paul ryan. ryan doesn't go close to that. paul ryan i feel still wants to be president of the united states and to be speaker at this point, that's a full errand for him. he pushes back on that. the establishment they'd be pleased with that. lou: the heck of what the establishment wants, what would be good for the country? you talked with mccarthy today. >> i did, he said he'd been thinking about dropping for a week ever since the benghazi gaffe and thought he could push his way through it. the caucus members made it
7:47 pm
clear they weren't going to give. the only way mccarthy could get them was giving them things he felt would make his life miserable as speaker, so he steps down. now have you paul ryan, a major lobbying campaign going ojohn boehner and others. i hear he's sleeping it, praying on it and might hear tomorrow whether it's a go or not. lou: it's always a good sign when people pray on things, i've never seen people pray on promotion and ambition and god says wait awhile. >> he is sincere about this. lou: all politicians are sincere. >> he is a policy wonk, the speakership is not a very rewarding job, and the only way it's going to be convinced to do it if he's convinced he's the only one to unite the party. >> he's got to think about a long-term career, he's a young guys, have a bit of national
7:48 pm
prominence still from 20 is s 2. i don't think this serves him in anyway, might serve the republican party, i don't know that it serves paul ryan. lou: interesting, you look at him, he's folded on amnesty, followed that whole line. conservatives are not going to buy that. he hasn't come up with an original idea on the budget in all of this. his ideas have been at best pedestrian, and they've all been vetted by the establishment. he's not a game-changer. >> well, on immigration, if he's next speaker, the two of us, lou, will have to get together and beat him about the head and shoulders. he is flat-out wrong on the issue. he's sincere but completely wrong. i would give much more credit on the budget stuff. lou: you're a much nicer fellow, or maybe not. >> what's that? lou: i said you're a much nicer fellow. you just wanted me to say it again. in all of this that's happening, when we look at the
7:49 pm
middle east right now, i don't think anyone could have imagined that russia -- putin has outmaneuvered obama throughout his presidency. this is just -- this is a smash in the face by putin against obama. >> yeah, certainly obama looks to be once again as many people on the right accused him in the entire candidacy of leading from behind, and unfortunately that's definitely this perception that's continuing in a very large way in this particular sector. >> of course, leading from behind is a major oxymoron. if you don't lead from behind, you're passive and weak from behind. that's what he is in this instance. putin loves to humiliate him but major strategic element where he's going to harass the nato state in the region, turkey, the way he's threatening other nato states in the baltics, that's his ultimate play. he wants to defang nato. lou: speaking of defanging, everybody trying to defang donald trump, the front-runner
7:50 pm
in the republican party, and hillary clinton beset by almost every imaginable news outlet and quarter on her e-mail scandals, she's still running strong. >> no one is really running against her. lou: bernie sanders would be upset to hear you say that. >> no, i'm not, it's just i can't get behind a socialist. that's my take, and a lot of people feel the same way. they want an anti-clinton option and there is no one at the table. >> eventually we'll hear from biden, we will one way or the other. but it's insane for the democrats to have such a weak vulnerable front-runner and no plausible alternative who's not a socialist. >> they haven't had a binge. it's disappointing. lou: any thoughts on the republican front-runner? >> he's holding strong and going into another phase of the campaign where he's going to try to be more serious. the one big piece of advice i have for him is prepare for the debates. i don't think he listens to me,
7:51 pm
lou. lou: people go through phases, and we all do that. >> look how nice you're being, lou. lou: rich lowry, thank you very much, great to see you. thank you so much. on wall street, stocks moved higher, the dow up 138 points, the s&p up 17, the nasdaq up almost 20. volume on the big board heavy, almost 4 billion shares. a reminder to listen to my reports three times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. a spectacular eruption, i promised there would be won't, near mexico city. the volcano popocatepetl nicknamed poppo spewing a column of ash and smoke northeast of mexico city. the eruption in time lapse here lasted several hours produced only a few tremors. right now the number of active volcanoes has dwindled to 34 around the globe.
7:52 pm
up next, hillary clinton erupts on wall street. but mrs. clinton left out a key element of history. we will remind her. and discuss all of the day's top political news, steve forbes joins us here next. stay with us. ned your car for f years. you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends. three jobs. you're like "nothing can replace brad!" then liberty mutual calls. and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement, we'll pay for a car that's a model year newer with 15,000 fewer miles than your old one. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. a dry mouth can be a common side effect. that's why there's biotene. it comes in oral rinse, spray or gel so there's moisturizing relief for everyone. biotene, for people who suffer from dry mouth.
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lou: joining us steve forbes. mccarthy is out, boehner is
7:56 pm
back, he never left, now he is suddenly willing to stay, they proffering paul ryan to be speaker. even though two other contest ants with the men who i think has best name in politics daniel webster. >> sadly people don't recognize that, it is not taught in school any more, american history. lou: he will make history if freedom caucus has its way, do you think he is a likely victor. >> you will see real pressure in next few days of congressman from texasing comes out of conservative movement, reported -- very much into policy, he is the one i think you will see pressure on. i think you will see real action. lou: is steve forbes putting pressure on him to get into it? >> we're starting tonight.
7:57 pm
lou: and amongst those with paul ryan for example, and trey goudie, who said no they are not going to do it. >> that was before what happened today. i think -- now, when you see party in disarray, he -- i think he can be persuaded. lou: one wonders, freedom caucus said they want webster, webster has a proven record in florida, which is not the easiest herd of cats to manage. >> they have sunshine there and now state income tax. lou: they are in a better mood. >> a lot of orange juice. turning to republican race. trump again, standing tall his margins, holding. in a couple there has been
7:58 pm
erosion, but he is up carrying a third of the vote. what do we see a change? >> you see some shifting, after the third debate, you will see trump act 2, he said he will be more -- in that debate. that is interesting. what things is he going to push? how is he going after his opponents? lou: he laid out his po section on second endment, his possession on immigration, and his position on taxes. >> i wish he had gone with a flat tax but that is the right direction. lou: the contra temp, he insurplusseinsurplus -- insurpl. >> he said he loved people the forbes magazine but by donald
7:59 pm
stonnard this was light. lou: you love him in return. >> we said he is up a half billion hig he said he loved the people of forbes but we don't understand his assets that is mild for donald. lou: steve forbes, we ask do you think there is anything putin could do that would provoke a military response from president obama, 11% of you said yes, 9% said no, i love e-mail that suggestion only thing that would
8:00 pm
provoke him is any missile or bomb striking a golf course that he frequents. that is it for us, we thank you for being with us, have a great evening good night from new yo york. kennedy: oh, my garden. i am watching this presidential race turn into will tooling election, they try to one up each other. donald trump may be masterful. trolling trump with a video of him destroying his cell phone remember that?


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