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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  October 8, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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provoke him is any missile or bomb striking a golf course that he frequents. that is it for us, we thank you for being with us, have a great evening good night from new yo york. kennedy: oh, my garden. i am watching this presidential race turn into will tooling election, they try to one up each other. donald trump may be masterful. trolling trump with a video of him destroying his cell phone remember that?
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you remember marco rubio state of the union respond panic hiding a. hydration. >> like the one the president laid out tonight. kennedy: water, yum. so donald trump september rubio a case of trump water. and jeb in the troll bridge. >> i lived in manhattan all my life, my views are a little bit different. >> they broke the law. but it not a felony, it is a act of love. kennedy: forget love, don't think she is on the sidelines being a lady like, she has
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trolled every g.o.p. candidate, sending them a signed copy of her book, "hard choices" sounds dirty, snap, girl. the worst troll of all is bobby jindal he tried his hard out to get track by trolling trump, your skills are luck laster when you are not responded to on twitter. how does this end? the approximately resort to sending north korea a case of dog food, and a note that says, obviously your pets are hungry, now you can stop feeding them your relatives, don't steal that trump. on the show, smugglers trying to
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sell nuclear material to isis, colonel ralph peters is here with us, john stossel, joining me to pull the gag and muzzle off of liberty, and harry reid is suing someone over a black eye in his marital consortium. i am kennedy. kennedy: did you feel the earthquake on capitol hill today? no, it was not chris christie taking a run through the commons, it was representative kevin mccarthy, this morning widely thought to be the next speaker of the house, unexpectedly dropping out of the race this afternoon. >> we're should put this conference first. and i think there is something to be said for us to unite, probably need a fresh face, i
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will stay on an majority leader but one thing i found talking to everyone, if we unite and be strong, we need a new face to help do that. nothing more than that, i feel good about the decision. i feel great to have my family here, my colleagues, i think we're only going to be stronger. kennedy: hmm,you need a new face? i heard nancy pelosi just got one from her surgeon. bringing in our party panel, jedediah bila. and ben. my goodness. does my cv look thin in comparison to this panel. >> you know, i think it tragic this mccarthy had to in a public way run into the glass seal being have on bro american
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country. kevin mccarthy is a very nice guy, a chummy guy, a lot of people like him, he did not have the vote, and his job in the past has been to count votes, this is a situation he looked at scenario there was not a path to win, he is stepping back, this is going to be an open fight i think from here on out,. kennedy: if he can't do it, wow have wonder who will be able to. is g.o.p. fractured beyond repair. >> not optics you want going into an election year. this was so abrupt, and shocking to everyone, 8 p.m. this afternooning mccarthy said he was running, but then 4 hours later he comes to the conclusion he does not have the votes.
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not a well oiled machine. >> i don't think it is where he was talking to people, he was like, it's not your time, we need a new face, they would have said that two days going, not in morning would wife and kids be about there are the brig drop out announcement. >> i am glad he is out, as my grandmother used to say, don't let the door hit you on the way out. hearing him that segment be on hannity with a huge mistake with respect to hillary clinton, that handed her an ad. the last thing we need are more republicans who wiped up in the verbal blunders all of the time, the rest of us sury to make them look better, i am tired of that. if you hand hillary clinton an opportunity to save herself when she is on a sinking ship that she made sink, step off, i need someone better.
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kennedy: talking about hillary clinton, msnbc, hosted a town hall meeting, that did not turn into a fiery hillary clinton rally. >> you know she is i don't want to use the word, but. >> you can [ bleep ] >> not like women need to be equal, i just, i don't feel unequal. kennedy: baby, on a related note, hillary clinton said she has no knowledge of the super pac closely aligned to her campaign. we mutua believe you. >> msnbc said hey left out a lot of footage of thor voters saying nothing things about her, and a woman calling her the b word, what do you think they lift out? >> time will tell. her point foes othis is going to
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irritate a lot of male voters, if you look at her polling there is a huge gender gap, he lost men, in particular white men. kennedy: and hemorrhaged white women in iowa. >> you cannot get such a low number of the white vote and still expect to be president. this is why when you put bernie sanders up for in head-to-head match up with republicans, joe biden in head-to-head match ups with republicans they do better. kennedy: joe does better than everyone but ben carson according to the quinnipiac poll yesterday, you said this has to do with rbf . >> something that i know many people suffer from, not just women, that is resting [ bleep ] face. you look aggressive, hostile and angry but that is just your face, that is the way you look, i feel sorry for people who suffer from this hillary is a spokesperson of many americans that suffer from this, it will
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be a problem it not something she can overcome. kennedy: her denial she knows anything about this opposition research, she is run for 39 president, her husband, running for president for two terms how could she not know there was existing opposition research from a entity she paid hundreds of thousands dollar to, either she is a old fool or a bald face liar. >> she is a liar. her campaign handed this money to them to to be on si oppositin research, not this kind, she specified, leave joe biden alone, and leave my competitors alone, just the republicans. i think this idea she is running campaign for women about women, women don't like you, the rest of the country does not like you
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as well, it is time like these she says stop edthin edstupid t, she thinks we're all dummies. >> she does think this you are dumb. >> this is -- you know this is whole game she plays is one of the you know, assuming you will be dumb take her at her word. she does not hole t hold to her word. >> thank you, thank you, i agree to disagree. kennedy: coming up, my panel returns to discuss a controversial plan for rand paul. he said load up on guns, yes. later freedom's greatest mustache john stossel joins me to punch sinc sensorship right e kisser.
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kennedy: in wake of oregon tragic mass shooting last week, president renewed effort to impose more gun control. rand paul has taken the opposition, saying that gun toting lunatics go to colleges because they are gun free. >> i would encourage every school in america to put stickers, we're armed, come in at your own peril. kennedy: my panel is back.
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will, i start with you. how inviting for students and learning to have signs that say we'll shoot you. >> it is very nothing will you know encourage kids to learn like the signs you put up during a zombie acop. >> you know, i do think that gun free zone invite murderous sociomaths. >> you are outlooking to find a gun free zone. kennedy: yes, the path of least resistance. >> it may be pole to tell a republican voter like ha we these to to is arm everyone to teeth to shoot it out. kennedy: we should have freedom to arm our ourselves, i think
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that rand paul is right he talks about mental illness. >> argument that president made about gun control is divorced from the reality of the sitsz te situation, crimes like this are different from crimes of inner city, it is purpose to decrease the number of soft targets out there. but i think that within the mental he'll conversation, it is -- mental health conversation it is more difficult to put people in institutions and things of that nature than it used to be. kennedy: i don't think that anyone who goes to a shooting range should be institutionalized or government coherrincoersion is the answer o think that parents have an obligation whose kids are sick to stop werin -- arming them.
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>> yes, it always shifts to the go up policies be as opposed to where the root is. >> i agree with armed security, working in schools, i know i would feel safer if there were people who were trained to use these weapons who had them, they said were somewhat on guard, that is the word we live in now, i am cautious about having teachers have a weapon on them, reason is that crazy things happen in classrooms, i have this what some say is a been call fear of a student getting a hole ohold of a weapon but in tf people outside stationed and let the world know this not a safe territory for lunatics to come
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in with guns and not be challenged, we see it in movie theaters, i do think they seek out places where they're not going to be challenged. schools are not a place that psychos should feel welcome to come out challenge. kennedy: my panel will return to discuss harry reid struggle with his arch nemesis an exercise machine. >> but first, a american group reportedly trying to sell nuclear materials to isis, colonel ralph peters is here. awe believe active management can protect capital long term. active management can tap global insights. active management can take calculated risks.
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kennedy: welcome back, fbi confirmed a sting operation in
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mmoldova this year, intercepteda gang with ties to middle east everyonern extremist with more lieutenant colonel ralph peters, welcome back. >> kennedy always great to speak with you. kennedy: tell me about this nuclear plaqu plaquemines marke- black market is sounds terrifying about since collapse of the soviet union, the dark matter you wer underworld has bn created in russia. a lot of former kgb officers are in on it, our fbi, they have done a terrific job for a quarter century be they have been watching this, radioactive
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junk they be trying to sell to make dirty bombs, this is an ongoing threat, it is not going to stop. i'm here to give credit to our government for doing a good job. but when you have a combination of weapons, nuclear radioactive material, very poor countries, poor -- porous voters, sooner or later someone is getting get radioactive material, the ugly good news is that probably will be used in europe first, because it easier to get it there. kennedy: russia is sticking its nose into syria. but, are the russian gangs assuming that muslim extremists are not going it use radioactive terror bombs against them? >> that a key point that you raise, while vladimir putin would not mind see a dirty bomb
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go off in a u.s. city, he is wary, the computer' rejeep is very -- putin regime is very wary of letting radioactive material get out of their control, because they worry about it being used against russia. this under world, these networks from east europeans, most americans just know them as identity thieves, it uglier, you want weapons they will get them, you want drugs they will get them, you want poisonous snakes they will get, that you want radioactive material they will sell anything to anyone any time, and some of them from old kgb have a chip on their shoulder still against america. kennedy: like vladimir putin. >> if he could make millions of will do afterdollars and damagey are for it. kennedy: rand paul taking a
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different position on his opponents, saying that a no-fly zone over syria could lead to world war 3, if you draw a red line in the sky, you are apt to shoot when someone crosses it, do you think there should be a no-fly zone over parts of turk sce syria. >turkey and syria. >> i would love to see it but it's too late, senator paul has somewhat of a point. world war iii could take two sides, and obama would not fight. a no-fly zone would have been helpful in the past, it would have been helpful if obama was willing to stand up to putin. russian military has some good units overall it is shabby, but bottom line, asian a -- shabby
8:25 pm
military, well led, will beat a perfect military not allowed to fight, my concerns about a no-fly zone are practical. would he be willing to enforce it. the russians would test it. then obama retreats and betrays the military, i am against the the no-fly zone at-this-point because they do not think that obama would carry through. kennedy: i would like you to come back, on a later day i would like to talk about the u.s. when we hit civilians there is talk of war crime but when russia does it with their dumb bomb there is no coverage, i want to thank you. >> a grate subject, it i because we're americans. kennedy: coming up, a high-speed chase ends when the driver tries to take a shortcut through the ocean. >> and the whip and ncaa comes
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kennedy: let me dip you in glitter and call you a trophy, we know that barbie is pushiest brode in the doll house, no matter how many times you tell that superficial wank spot you don't want to pain her nails she will just keep resisting, ask sofia, she is not want to paint barbie's nail blue, but someone kept insisting. and someone was in trouble. >> you painted barbie' nails blue.
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>> she told me too. >> she told me, i said it was horrible, she said. >> you are not going to pain your barbie any more. -- paint your barbie any more. >> they can beat me up. >> you will say what? >> no, but they -- >> condition you hear 18-year-old sofia trying to use this same logic on her dad, i told the tattoo artist 100 times, not to put a huge bald eagle on my neck but he made me. top tick 2. kanye is not gay, that is always been an asset to his musical career but with fashion, his heterosexuality became his cross to bear, he said he was disyumm discripplcripple -- discriminatd
8:31 pm
against. >> i felt that i was discriminated against in fashion for not being gay 92 can you see kanye in a fashion award show. snatching the mic from a winner saying, i will never be gay enough for you. kennedy: many we'll find giving birth exhausting and painful, you can meditate or take painkillers or you can do the "nae nae." like this mother. yeah, in atlanta. ♪ kennedy: i did not see the
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skanky leg. it could affect your child when they are older and playing football. ♪ kennedy: the "nae nae" is a good way for robots to learn to mimic humans. ♪ >> topic 4. when you stole a car police have chase you to edge of the beach in perth, australia, you can do one of two things, step out the car approach justice with dignity ask self respect for hit the gas, and try to out evil
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knievel into the ocean. what is this well thought out plan somehow runs into complications. like this. >> holy sardines! kennedy: topic 5, mike for emperor. send this to us. a cheetah named kumbali from richmond zoo had to be separated from his family, that is sad, the smart zookeepers gave him the best friend on earth a pup puppy.
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they are the best of friends, they play together, and video said they are inseparable and are hike brother so sweet. you is use #topical storm. use any story you want, send them to me. i like it. >> coming up, is google rotting your brain? you can google the answer to find out. or discover answer when my panel returns, then later john stossel will give us a peak at his special, free speech under attack in america. we'll say all of the words you can't say to television, but real bleep them.
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♪ kennedy: i am crying, thank you for being here, i appreciate it. is google rotting your brain, up to 40% of people google information before trying to remember it. a quarter of those people forget it right after it is used. have we enter able of digital dimentia or just a part of our transition to cyborgness? is there anything good about mem riding stuff. >ride -- memorizing stuff. >> i say no. common core and all that, about getting wrong answer correctly. first is like we're depending on
8:39 pm
this giant corporation which is a state on to itself now, which is a little bit scary. this is fantastic time all of the world's information available to you right there. kennedy: daniel suggestion that we treat internet like a human transactiontive memory partner, with the singularity we will meld with machine and live forever like gods. >> right, this is the future. the thing that i think is interesting is that first off, i feel like i should recent the fact that i have to if through 10 to 12 years of u.s suzuki training in piano, memorizing scales and chord only to tell me that is bunc bunk.
8:40 pm
>> this is a crutch for all conversation you have. kennedy: sharpies smell good, jedediah. >> my memory is shot, i don't know how i got here. i don't know who carried me in. but, when i was younger i knew everyone's phone number, i used to just, i had to, because you could not open your phone, and have your phone answer all of your questions. >> walk with your address book everywhere. kennedy: week at a glance. >> true but i feel like i lost some of that, if a hold on to information it is a second and a half, i feel like i am 95, there has to be some truth. but that said i don't know how important it is to remember everything.
8:41 pm
i mean you know like, when you went to school this stuff they made you memorize how does this help me. kennedy: i would say i'm not smart, i don't put phone numbers in my phone. >> rolo dex. >> a trapper keeper. >> the lady serving the tennis ball. harry reid reported his nasty black eye resulted from a accident on his exercise equipment on new year's day. look at that. yep. now he is suing the company that made the equipment for $50,000 in damage, no one has accused me of getting to a bar fight with mr. harry reid, i am in no way a suspect in that nonfight, his
8:42 pm
face, and rib and eye were injured that is what we call getting an old fashioned [ bleep ] whooping. kennedy: like what did he too with the bands i have those they are simple to use, i need to see footage of this. kennedy: he makes mont montgomey byrneses look like a rock. >> do we tell product i am suing you because i misused the product. >> thank you. >> yeah, harry reid indeed,
8:43 pm
which goes to your point how they were using the bands. >> we now have that image, and you know he is really taking this lawsuit seriously to make a claim like that. you are senate minority leader. kennedy: there has to be a loss. >> reporter has to write about something. >> looked like terd ferguson. >> i don't know what happened. >> you know. >> i do think that this is a situation there might be more to the story but i'm not sure i want to know. kennedy: i do. >> i will say. >> i do too. >> old saying, that you know. you should always feel sorry for man with two black eyes he had to learn the lesson twice. kennedy: a based on all what he break broke ruptures and injured he learned a lesson 15 times. gwyneth paltrow latest victim of
8:44 pm
income it i disparity between wn and men, said no one is worth the money that robert downey jr. is worth. compared to herri to income as a supporter actor. why does she step in hot malarkier time she open her bought. >> i cannot imagine how many times this must happen, she is not the star of the film, the guy who plays spider-man should be the one making most money, not mayor mary gain. >> i only made $9 million last year, but you said you would not see ironman if pepper pots. >> i stopped seeing batman movies after they got rid of
8:45 pm
katie holmes, maggie gyllenhaal, come on. you can see how quote could have been taken out of context, but, if you are gwyneth paltrow just zip it for a while. kennedy: people hear or see her, they say, i can't hear you. >> you talk about income disparity should they start in hollywood, unstead of hollywood elites projecting this on the world? >> they should, but to a certain extent, robert downey jr. came back from ruining his career at beginning of ironman franchise, he is the star the of show, only thing briefer than time this gwyneth paltrow spent on screen in "the avengers" were the shorts she was wearing, which i am in favor of, but i am more interested in gwyneth paltrow when she is in passive
8:46 pm
aggressive pie wars with martha stewart. kennedy: or uncoupling. thank you so much. ben, will, jedediah, i will buy you any adult beverage of your choosing. >> coming up coul, john stossels me to discuss his special on free speech, don't miss a word of it.
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take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. kennedy: this saturday john stossel airs his special on sep sensorship in america. >> some schools to protect sense sivsensitive students offer thea
8:50 pm
room called the safe space. >> run and hide, we have to get to savto save space. >> this is insanity, safe space is where cultures go to die. >> they set up with crayola. >> a columnist reports that the safe space at group of a room equipped with cookies and coloring books and a video of frolicking puppies. >> but somehow they are not allowed to be exposed to a speaker who might it is comfort them -- discomfort them a little. kennedy: that is from sensored in america, airing saturday, john stossel is here, joining me now. >> great to see you. >> you too. kennedy: it is worse than we
8:51 pm
thought, i graduated from college 10 years ago, it was not much of an issue when i was there then but now? >> because the left owns the colleges they say argument is over, gay marriage, global warming no wobbles should have a another view point, there is not enough push back, attitudes change when everyone can shout, and argue, and that is how people get won over, the gay rights movement a good example of that because we were free to say critical things, people fought back they won rights. kennedy: how do you learn anything without critical thinking if you don't challenge the views have you how do they evolve and grow. >> it is all decided, you learn what we tell you to learn, the other people have a bad opinion they must be kept off-campus, if you hear them, you may be so hurt you need to be protected in
8:52 pm
this safe pace because you are so weak. kennedy: moral justcasion from every side, you talked with a professor said this is right wing pai paranoia in he makes argument that the right we're exaggerating problem. only leftists have the power to take away people's jobs. they don't get shut off. >> if you were 18, and you were thinking about going to college, would you go now? >> no, i might, but i would take a bunch of years off, as i should have done before going to college, i learn so much more working as a tv researcher than in college it was an expensive waste of time. kennedy: in special john interviews people on al qaeda hit list for speaks out against islam that argue if americans'
8:53 pm
freedom we cannot sensor ourselveses because of extreme iftextremists, you talked with people who have been fighting again radical islam, what did you finding was the common thread. >> you cannot criticize -- you can criticize every religion but notice lamb, do yo -- not, isla. he drew that cartoon speaking to prophet, i said, muslims say it is not respectful to draw the prophet, you should respect their religion, he said when all religions are respected maybe
8:54 pm
then. kennedy: now mark steyn, you profiled he had to sue his canadian government they were trying to shed hi shut him downr criticizing it lamb. islam. >> and i have interviewed people who are free speech advocates said they are afraid of talking about it z point out if we don't all take a stand. >> cnn and "new york times" will not show cartoons that is letting them win. kennedy: john stossel wants you to win, thank you. >> i love it. >> all right you can wash john's special senors in america. on fox news channel. coming up a answer your e-mails. and your tweets. view are mail is next.
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kennedy: being best friends with postmaster general has its perks, lifetime supply of elvis stamps, hand delivered your mail. thomas, kennedy, when are we going to hang out. judgment thornton, stay on air, at least one of your lucky lotto numbers, i have a feeling number 17 on the list, no, i am not i can be lij -- kip linger but 13 is. >> i lot your show, tom is a good guy. football nice try about this week i on krist novoselic stop
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by for a visit, nirvana killed so many heavy metal and hair bands they were a revolution. >> maybe krist novoselic is hook kennedy up with a band, her drumming is better than her hoisting. maybe you can hook you up with tact. >> other viewers sweet and kind. this tweet. you are so annoying why can't you be serious, how did you get that job? oh, baby, you don't' to know how i got this job, but it is a good story. >> this week i visited new york rangers. interviews forward derek -- derek stepan like you are planning your show for me, you found me out, we plan this and every show just for you, next week we will show up inior livinyourliving room so tidy upa radio.
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i can see them, you can watch all new episodes kennedy, on fox business network, facebook kennedy. and e-mail kennedy. texas famila house full of history, millions. >> bob davis was a world class collector. >> and speaking of love affairs. >> what is this gun? >> a sawed off shotgun that was carried by the barrow gang. jamie: like bonnie and clyde barrow? >> they spawn a legend. >> those images of young outlaws shooting up the highways of america, somehow touches people. >> it may yield a fortune. >> the place is packed, people on the telephones are bidding, in is interest in the bonnie and clyde story. >> a mind blo


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