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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  October 9, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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neil: all right you have a leadership vacuum in washington. you've got syria all been ceded to russians. and you have got the markets neh. trish regan, help. what is going on here? trish: thanks, neil. help indeed. breaking news, house gop scrambling to find a new speaker following kevin mccarthy's bombshell decision to back out of the running at very last second. welcome to "the intelligence report." they are turning to paul ryan to jump in. even mccarthy is backing this idea. >> paul is looking at it. it is his decision. if he decides to do it he would be an amazing speaker. trish: but will paul ryan be persuaded? we have a breaking analysis from best-selling author, gina lowden.
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but first i want to go to blake burman in d.c. we have lawmakers heading out for one week columbus daybreak. what does that mean for ability to find a speaker? >> reporter: trish i had a republican congressman saying that his colleagues shouldn't go home for recess at all. that they should be forced to stay here until they figure out the next speaker. that obviously isn't going to happen. the biggest question really going forward is, the status of congressman paul ryan. he is being courted by republicans to enter the speaker's race but said he is not running. he just told reporters quite literally minutes ago he has nothing else to add at this moment. if ryan were though to change his mind, daniel webster who is backed by the house freedom caucus told neil cavuto earlier this afternoon he would still continue on as a candidate. take a listen. >> i want to promote what i'm promoting. it doesn't have to do with, like i said personality. it has to do with the way we run the house of representatives. if we don't change that, we're
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not going to change our stature among the people and we're not going to be able to be effective. >> reporter: however the same can not be said for jason chaffetz who said this morning if ryan gets in, he will end up backing out. >> if paul ryan got into the race, of course i would support him. he is the kind of person i could get excited about. part of the reason i got into the race is because people like paul ryan weren't stepping up. >> reporter: notice a couple times there i said the word if? there are a whole lot of hypotheticals out there, including the potential for others besides ryan to jump into this race. trish: indeed. blake burman thank you very much. get reaction from gina nomiki. people are talking about paul ryan, the name of the day. why might he not want to get involved? why might he not get into the speaker position right now? >> he will fall under fire especially from conservatives for some things he has done.
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he also has a wife and three little children. the speaker's job is huge job. to do it right he needs to spend a lot of weekend away from home. he might decide that is the not best thing. i don't understand why they can't get excited about daniel webster. i'm very excited about him. trish: you are. we'll get to that in a moment. i want to stick with paul ryan for a moment. >> sure. trish: here is what steve moore, economist from heritage foundation, told us yesterday about his specific insight to paul ryan. >> paul ryan would be natural person, i just had dinner with him on monday night, said again at dinner and again today i don't want the job. i'm not sure why he doesn't. trish: why do you think that is? it's a tough job to have, let's face it give circumstances. >> he wants to be the guy who reforms entitlements and tax system. and he thinks he can do that from the ways and means committee. trish: does he have more influence on the ways and means committee than he would have as speaker at this point?
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>> i think it's a smart decision for him to stay in the house ways and means committee for republicans. he can do more in that position. other names are being floated, mike conway, very involved with finance. former tax auditor and accountant. he was on ethics committee. somebody out of texas who are people who say could take paul ryan role from the leadership position and appeal to the conservative base. trish: you have seen the splintering effectively in the republican party with freedom caulk as you and everybody else. you would like to see webster get the speakership. is the idea behind that he could rein in or bring in some people that might be considered on the fringe right now and unite the party which is what is so desperately needs? >> yeah. he is not part of that freedom caucus as you know, trish, but they have backed him. that says a lot. i'm talking to people like louie gohmert who are very excited about this candidacy and i think
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what republicans need right now is to send a message to their conservative base, hey, you pulled it out there for us in 2014. and we know be that we have let you down but this is what we're going to do. we'll unite around someone we call all unite around. i have a little bit of a personal thing here with him. he helped me adopt my son who has down syndrome. trish: wow. >> that so me his work with terri schiavo, says a lot who he is personally. not who he is politically. i think that really count. trish: nomiki, we have the debt sealing looming over your heads. how does that play into all this as we see political scramble unfold on capitol hill? >> that is the most important point. we have find a leader republicans find a leader to work with the other side. yes they want to appeal to the base and base is pushing more conservative candidate in election primary year but bottom line we have debt ceilings. we have budgets that need to get passed. every four months we have this
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debate with the other side. trish: a lot of politics going on. >> nobody want to see the government held up. trish: stick with me. we have more news to get to with bernie sanders nipping at her heels, hillary clinton is moving further and further to the left. at the same time she is trying to distance herself from the failed foreign and economic policies from the obama administration. kind of hard to do when you were secretary of state in that administration, right? one of her political techniques is class warfare. she wants to demonize wall street, the engine of our capitalist foundation as a nation. she writes in a new op-ed here, time for more accountability on wall street. stories of misconduct in the financial industry are shocking. there is criminal behavior yet individuals responsible often get off without limited consequences or none at all. i want to change that. maybe we could start like china and locking up all the short he willers out there?
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with more intel hillary clinton, is lanny davis, former special counsel to president bill clinton. good to have you here. let me start about asking about the class warfare issue. why is this so popular with her. >> i'm trying to figure out if you have any opinions on the subject. sounds like you do. she is not demonizing. i don't believe it is class warfare. i think that is your expression, not hers. but you have the right to interpret it. trish: look at this for a second. i would like you to hear this in her words. she really sort of railed against the rich repeatedly. we've got tape. >> i want to even the odds for those who they are stacked against. we know that the deck is stacked for those on the top. we need to reshuffle that deck. the rich need to pay their fair share for america! trish: that is not class warfare to you? >> no, nor is it railing but
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you're entitled to your opinion. you have the program and you're entitled. i do not consider it to be class warfare to say when a multibillionaire pays less taxes than a the person that works for him as an assistant warren buffett -- trish: park talking warren buffett. carried interest. >> if you consider warren buffett engaging class warfare -- trish: is she going to, i would like, obama had the opportunity to change it. he hasn't, in part because he is getting handouts from all the private equity players on wall street helping to back his campaign same as her. donald trump has offered to change the carried interest exemption but i haven't heard a firm plan from hillary clinton other than a ton of rhetoric to do the same. >> you may not be listening i will tell you. she is at least in favor of taxing carried interest which is the manner that people escape paying or doing income taxes by calling it something else and get capital gains treatment which is lower.
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she said, as donald trump, that is fair. but warren buffett, i come back to is not railing against the rich. he is very well them himself. when he says there should be fair taxation system, it is not moving to the left. trish: when you say fair, aside, get away from carried interest for a minute and talk about the overall taxation system. what do you want people to do? would it be more fair to turn over 90% of the my income? >> i think that since the income tax was passed about 70 years ago we all as society agreed on progressive taxation. people who are wealthy pay higher tax bracket than people less wealthy. we all contributed to that culture. trish: how much does she really want the wealthy to pay, i'm curious? who you do you define the wealthy. >> president clinton had tax rate reduced under president bush. in his tax rate, booming economy in the '90s, $23 million and trillion dollar surplus. under republican president we turned that trillion dollar
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surplus into a deficit. so i would say president clinton's tax rate, conservative balance the budget, unlike where we have been since left office. trish: wealth redistribution in other words, take from people who have worked hard, who earned it in order to give to people who aren't working maybe haven't earned it? >> labels are subjective. you're entitled to labels, wealth distribution. progressive taxation has been in this country for 70 years. it is called that because we tax people who earn more at a higher tax bracket than people who earn less. trish: seems to me rather un-american. you are penalizing, penalizing success. penalizing work. really destroying work ethic which is so critical to our economy. let's not forget this doesn't need to be political. jfk, he cut taxes. since i have you here i have a lot to talk to you, about the server. you represented the family. you're a lawyer. what would you be advising her
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to do given this is criminal investigation by the fbi? >> actually you said some things wrong in your set up. let me see if i can correct them. i never represented family. i worked in white house aspects counsel to the president. never as personal lawyer. trish: special counsel. >> i've been a long-time friend but never represented. trish: what would you -- >> there is no criminal investigation. "the new york times" with e -- with drew the investigation. trish: does the fbi have an investigation that is not criminal? >> administrative review. when there is classified information issue debated between the intelligence community and state department. that is where the argument is. and "new york times" withdrew the word criminal. you're still saying it but you haven't probably read "the new york times" recently. trish: so what is your advice, does she need a criminal attorney? i would get one, hey? i have fbi investigating me for this kind of stuff? >> if it was criminal attorney she needed for repeating things not true, i think there would be a lot of people including yourself.
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trish: this is all okay by you, absolutely perfectly maintained her own server? >> i will only say what is objective opinion of the national archives administration attorney as well as every other expert. she did nothing illegal by having that server. if anything, that server has not been compromised so far as we know compared to the state department server which is hacked. >> i don't care about that, you can not as a secretary of state maintaining your own personal server say i will set up my own security system? i will do it my way instead of the government's way when i in such incredibly important position. >> well look, you and i have respectable disagreement. i don't think, if you don't do anything illegal and there is no compromise of any national security, both of which i said are facts you can speculate whether something might happen in the future. nothing illegal, no compromise of national security i think it is perfectly okay for her to have -- trish: we're living in different day and age.
2:13 pm
look at russians, look at chinese, look all hacking happening. >> which happened in the state department prefer you prefer her to use? trish: i prefer our government officials as a matter of principle, as a matter of what they do, day in day out yes, sir, use government server. >> you said hacking and state department government server you wanted her to use has been hacked by the russians and hacked by the chinese. trish: she might have been hacked as well. that is one of the big concerns out there. >> you used word might. might is speculative word. trish: sir are you telling me you will allow every single government official to say okay i'm going to keep my own server you know what the government es is not safe enough? we'll privatize this all? if i run for office i will have
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falsely accusing trespass and other thug tactics. those are lies. bo dietl hired me to strike the false affidavits smearing his honorable and clearly willing to testify under oath law enforcement investigators now, private investigators. that they acted properly and ford needs to withdraw those accusations and to apologize. trish: we'll watch the case. mr. davis, good to have you here. we do have breaking news, i want to get to, everyone, breaking out of texas. texas southern university is in lockdown. houston police say two people have been shot, one person fatally, outside of a housing complex. there are different reports on the status of the shooter. there is the possibility that he is still on the loose.
2:16 pm
this is according to authorities. now again, texas southern university, is on lockdown right now, after these two shootings. we're going to bring you more information on this. stay tuned. we'll stay on the story for you.
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trish: the bond king fights back. billionaire investor bill gross is suing pimco. this is the firm that he co-founded following his abrupt departure last year. mr. gross is demanding a jury trial and damages of no less than $200 million, claiming that the company ousted him just to reap in profits. here is a little snippet what you could say is pretty dramatic suit, reads pretty well.
2:20 pm
driven by a lust for power, for greed and a desire to improve their own financial position and reputation at the expense of investors and decency, a group of pimco managers, directors, plotted to drive founder bill gross out of pimco in order to take without compensation gross's percentage ownership in profitability of pimco. their improper, dishonest and unethical behavior must now being exposed. the lead attorney for bill gross joins me right now with details on this suit. patty, good to have you here. >> hi, trish. good to be here. trish: it was dramatic and seen as very dramatic and set up as bill gross versus mohammed el-erian. bill here in the suit is alleging that managers of pimco were overly greedy. patty, let me ask you, the fund was facing challenges in the way of people withdrawing money at
2:21 pm
the time. so, was this perhaps managing director saying, hey, we want more in the way of performance? >> i don't think that's it. i think that what this lawsuit represent is mr. gross finally having an opportunity, and when he thought about it, file it emotionally, didn't file it right away after he was pushed out. he thought about it long and hard and wanted to correct a lot of the press and conversation about what happened and why it happened. this is his version. very well-thought out and his version of how he was wronged, and i think it is tells a pretty awful story. trish: so they force him out and basically he goes without his compensation as a result. 200 million would have been his compensation in that year? >> what we're talking about is
2:22 pm
bonus compensation. as you are looking at the complaint. and that bonus compensation which is, is peanuts that he actually received in, in 2014 as best we can tell, because it's typically reflected on his w-2 forms. that is how it happened in 2013. and if you compare 2013 with 2014, it is almost nonexistent. that is what we're talking about. trish: would be donating this to charity, correct? >> 100%. if he is successful in this lawsuit, trish, he will be donating all proceeds to charity. trish: very quickly, how would you say he is doing now? time has passed. i i know how upset he was at the time. that he felt pretty betrayed by mohammed el-erian. patty, how he is feeling now?
2:23 pm
>> i think he is doing very well. i think that he is completely, continues to be completely disappointed with how certain individuals based. we think, bill thinks, that from, based on unfortunately, overreaching and maybe greed, nobody always, you can't get inside of people's heads. i think he is feeling very upbeat, that he is having the opportunity to tell his story, based on his own personal experience. trish: all right. thank you very much. i appreciate you joining us today, patty. >> trish, thank you very much. trish: i do want to read a statement here from fox business obtained from pimco. they wrote to us, this lawsuit has no merit and our legal team will be responding in court in due course. our focus remains on our clients and their investment portfolios. all right, coming up, donald trump has new proof that hispanics really do like him. we're going to explain. oil tycoon boone pickens says
2:24 pm
there is a new sheriff in town in the middle east. guess what? his name is vlad you know, vladmir putin? who is boone backing for president. will it be outsider like carly or insider like bush? what does he really think about donald trump. legendary businessman joins me here next. >> i'm not sure if donald is a republican. you look at his history, he always has been a democrat. ♪
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>> the 2015 money races. marco rubio is not yet bringing in the big bucks. the florida senator's campaign says that only raised $6 million. dan carson top $20 million. maybe he just needs to talk to my next guest.
2:28 pm
the other sure do. not being able to stay in this race. big donors like food plug-ins can really help incorporate a candidate's campaign. i asked him where his money is going these days. >> i have money on carly, i have money on jeff right now. i just talked with ben carson in the green room. >> did he hit you up for money, too? >> he did not. i like the guy. >> why do you like carson? he is an honest guy. he says what he believes. he is not politically correct. i hate that term.
2:29 pm
that is why people like donald trump. he will just get up there and say it like it is. >> do you like donald trump? >> i know donald. i have known him for a long time. friends? no. friends talking we don't talk much. before that it was three years. i am not in touch with donald trump. he is not politically correct. do you like that? >> i think his delivery is pretty good. yes. i find a fresh look to it. i will not sit there and listen to a politician that has been briefed from his staff, stay away from this, this is how you
2:30 pm
say it, don't go there. he just gets up there and people like that. i am not sure. i am not sure donald is a republican. >> carly has gotten some support from you, financial support. why do you like her? >> she is smart. she got lucky on the first day. on the jv team. blue everybody out. that was great. she has to deal with the hp lucent deal. she has to work through that.
2:31 pm
i do think no question she is smart. [laughter] all right. coming up, more of my conversations with boone pickens. he tries to explain why oil has been on such a roller coaster ride these days. he also has a pretty serious warning about russian president vladimir putin. donald trump says he is popular among hispanics. he now has proof. my intel next. ike eddie, the first step to reaching your retirement goals is to visualize them. then, let the principal help you get there. join us as we celebrate eddie's retirement, and start planning your own.
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the first step to reaching your retirement goals is to visualize them. then, let the principal help you get there. join us as we celebrate eddie's retirement, and start planning your own. >> we have oil closing out the game slightly higher. of four tenths of a percent. 4963. a wild ride, as you well know for oil. boone pickens says the balance of power in the world is shifting dramatically. here is more on my conversation with the oil tycoon. why? >> 1980. five times from 80-2015 you have had all prices drop in half five
2:36 pm
times. i will answer the question. okay. dropping in half five times. this one went from 100 to 50. all of them had the same recovery pattern. what you had was too much oil. that is where you are. that is it. it is that simple. we suddenly have all of this oil. it was the united states. they wanted to shut it down. they announce that we will not cut our production. in fact, they raised it. i thought 10 was all those birds could do. and sustainable.
2:37 pm
they put it right there. now they talked it back to 101, tend to. that was the problem area. too much oil. we are headed for 86. headed down from our peak. trish: the price should start to go back up. >> a nice factor that has come into the picture. first, who got hurt? not the u.s. consumer. all you do is drive an suv. trish: it is good for the suv drivers. >> that helped our economy. except for russia and opec and
2:38 pm
the u.s. producer. the guy that got hurt. trish: good for putin, too, in that sense anyway. that for his economy. good that the u.s. producer is getting out of business. >> we were producing 9.6. we are all big producers. we got knocked out because ours in the united states is not a government country. the russian oil company, they are owned by the states. they have a different way to do business. so, here we are. what now has happened, guess who the sheriff in town is. putin has moved into the middle east.
2:39 pm
got that big naval base in syria. he said, come on. cannot believe it. easier going into the mideast. they got kicked out. it is easier to go back in the mideast then it wasn't ukraine. trish: that is the scary thing. watch out in the middle east. you have a new player. that player is aggressive, smart and does not like the united states. knows he is playing against a weak president. trish: boone pickens, thank you very much. good to see you. weighing in on the oil industry. a fan on crude oil. repealing the ban. it benefits the national security. it could raise gas prices. joining me right now is peter barnes. the whole oil export plan, look,
2:40 pm
i have to say, this is a global market. we should be able to sell this stuff globally. why will we have a ban on something in the restrictive marketplace? >> passing with overwhelming republican support. trish, the bill faces an uphill fight in the senate. at the white house for the president threatening to veto it. talking about that with boone pickens. thanks to fracking technology. producing nine and a half barrels a day. a 70% jump from just five years ago. critics note that we still import, still use, rather 17 billion barrels of oil per day. produce only nine. still producing nearly half of all the oil that we use. they want to keep the new oil
2:41 pm
heater and parts of keeping crude and gasoline prices down. oil producers like to pickens says refiners do not have the capacity to handle this oil. by the way, if iran will now be able to start selling more oil internationally because of the nuclear deal that will end the oil embargo against that country, u.s. producers should be able to do the same. trish: thank you so much. we have breaking news for you. airair force one hundred touchig down. eight students and a teacher were killed before the shooter killed himself. president obama will face protests during his trip from supporters that are upset the president wants to use this tragedy to ramp up gun control laws. again, you are looking at a live picture there in oregon.
2:42 pm
you can see it coming into us. right there. the second amendment under attack. the first amendment. john stossel is here with some shocking examples. a rate hike will likely come this year. is it time for them to start singing a different tune? have we heard this all before? stay with me. stay with me. i will be right back. ♪ you can't breathed. through your nose. suddenly, you're a mouthbreather. well, just put on a breathe right strip which instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right
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♪ trish: all right. stocks going back and forth here. down from the national average. just update touch. trading lower. the nasdaq up a quarter of a percent. we are watching shares of gap. disappointing september sales. gap, owns banana republic. they saw a huge slump in sales of women's clothing. netflix is raising the price of its internet service. producing original shows like house of cards. $10 a month for netflix standard plan. it will not affect most. we will be back with more. john stossel. plus my intel on donald trump's rising popularity and rock star status. i will see you right here. ♪
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trish: we are looking at a really flat market here. the longest winning streak of the year. how do you like that. the best week of the year. out there saying he believes a great hike could still be appropriate this month. really? it kind of seems like more from the fed. fool me once shame on you.
2:47 pm
fool me twice, shame on me. it never happens. joining us right now from the floor of the nyse. i am hoping. i am praying. i have been hoping for some time now. i have to say, i do not think it is going to happen. the fed has about as much credibility -- [laughter] you know what is interesting. we have had an increasing number of people talk to us on our show. maybe not. well into 2016. why not queue before. can you imagine? spent over a million dollars. what a deal. trish: i would not be surprised. dealing with a whole bunch of government bureaucrats.
2:48 pm
they think that they really can affect things. i will give them this. they most likely helped everyone out back in 2008. we have now reached a point of no return. you have to start to wonder, are they doing more damage, creating more problems than they are actually helping? >> at this point, it looks like they very well could be causing more problems by making this artificial bad that nobody can sleep in at the moment. they still do hold power. every time one of them opens her mouth, what do we see? we see the markets move. it is the fed that moves these markets. charlie gasparino constantly talks about that. >> the investors need to learn their lesson. they are out there gabbing away.
2:49 pm
they just cannot stop talking to the press. >> given the choice, i think people would want to know what they are thinking. >> i do not know how transparent it is. forget being a presidential candidate these days. treating more like a rock star than a candidate did they all love him. he says even hispanics. he has proof. i have intel on this coming up. senses in america. you heard boone pickens earlier talking about how he cannot stand political correctness. neither can stossel. he is doing something about it. ♪ xerox personalized employee portals help companies make benefits simple and accessible... from anywhere. hula dancing?
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trish: we are proud of the fact that we are able to get up and speak our minds. we should be able to speak our minds without the threat of prosecution. now from college campuses across the country to our very own homes, that right is under siege. joining us now is john stossel. his show airs tomorrow night on fox news. what has happened? has that just enabled our ability to say what we think? >> more outlets. more open about some things. it used to be conservatives that said no violent video games. let's clear up rap lyrics. pam playboy magazine. they are hurtful. therefore, there is no reason to hate speech.
2:54 pm
there should be a law banning hate speech. trish: though mohammed cartoon which caused such an uproar recently. about the whole focus of free speech. >> there have been a number of mohammed cartoons. most recently with this contest. yes, you ought to be able to say for mohammed. i say to him, well, the carer, well, i think we have a clip. >> something special. let's run it. >> it is legal to draw the cartoon. you should not out of respect. >> with that they would not drop cartoons or make jokes. only one religion kills people, it becomes necessary to stand up
2:55 pm
and argue for the right to do that. >> that is also works time, not the cartoonist. i drop this. i risk my life. somebody has to stand up or they will take all of our freedom away. trish: the restriction of speech across campuses. >> things going on. they have safe rules. bringing up something that may be upsetting to the kids. they have a little room with cookies and puppies so they can recover from this. around the world, people are having their heads chopped off. college campuses, students are being protected from having their feelings hurt. >> inc. about the professors. on track to be tenured. things you can do and things that we can't do.
2:56 pm
you cannot necessarily write exactly what you may be thinking. >> a leftist professor that was tenured. my liberal students scare me now. brought up on charges. you are not to be able to say america is a melting pot. trish: john stossel, thank you very much. i will try to remember it all. good luck. i have some intel for you on donald trump. stay tuned. ♪ pinot noir, which means peanut of the night.
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at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda. >> i'm hispanic -- [inaudible] [cheers and applause] >> yes! mr. trump, we love you! [laughter] trish: okay. that was a woman there in las vegas as trump was addressing his fans there in the audience,
3:00 pm
and the rest of that clip actually had donald trump saying, wait, you're not a plant, right? you're not a plant. we've never met before. anyway, he keeps making the point he's popular with hispanics. he's going to need them if he wants to win the whole thing. liz claman is sending you into the close. have a wonderful weekend, everyone. i'll see you monday. liz: happy friday, trish. yes, you guys, the markets appear to be hamstrung right now. trading in a very narrow range as we head into the final hour of trade for the week. but stretch it out for the week, and we are set to cap off a big five days of gains. right now the dow jones industrials up 16 points at this very moment. very narrow trading range. up 16, down 3, up 7, down 4. we're watching every single tick of it. 24 hours after majority leader kevin mccarthy shocked his colleagues and the world by dropping out of the race to replace john boehner as speaker, the sound of that leadership vacuumn


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