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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  October 9, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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our panel weighs in. melissa: but first, stocks seem to be headed into the weekend earlier as the closing bell sounds on wall street. the dow in green but on track to close up for the sixth straight day, the longest winning streak of the year. the dow right now up about 39 points, 38 points there at the close. the s&p 500 about two points, basically unchanged on the day. the nasdaq trading higher as well. crude oil up about nine cents, two-tenths of a percent, and gold, significant move in gold there, better than 1%, $12.60. while markets wait for tomorrow, here's everything that you need to know right now. david: well, shock and awe inside the beltway as house majority kevin mccarthy dropped out of the race for house speaker yesterday leaving house republicans scrambling. now gop leaders are putting the pressure on congressman paul ryan to enter the race. here with reaction, "forbes" be media chairman steve forbes. steve, good to see you.
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>> good to see you. david: first of all, any word? have you heard anything in >> just that the pressure's on. earlier doesn't want to do it, he's very happy where he is, paul ryan. he wants to be -- >> he's now head of the house committee, that's the tax writing committee >> the tax writing economy. this is a guy who has created the theory; right? >> that's right. and he wants to be there when we do a major rewrite of the code in 2017 >> now, we're going to have a separate segment on paul ryan specifically but just one point that i want to mention, there's a conservative group that is beating up and claiming he's not conservative. here's a guy who is essentially nursed at the side of one of the greats of all time, jack kemp who really came up with the supply side tax policy. here's a guy who stood up to president obama in obamacare. how can they not think he's a conservative? >> i think it's primarily the immigration issue and not anything on the budget side or certainly not in terms of taxation.
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as a matter of fact, paul ryan has been ahead of the house with social security reform, president bush taken and taken the post ten years ago, we would have a different system today and a good one. so this is a good who is very innovative and if he doesn't do it, if he just says i'm not going to do it, then i think you're going to see congressman of texas who heads the finance service committee under intense pressure >> could he be accepted by both sides both the conservatives and by both tea party types >> yeah. came out of the tea party conservative side. so they would see >> the moderates, see this guy, very capable of running things out of this chaos something constructive might develop? >> yes. two things, whether it's ryan or something of that stripe. they're much more interested in real policy big change than boehner in the previous
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leadership was. so they'll be pushing, this president and more particularly a new president even more than that new president might. so they're going to set the foundations, even if we can't get things done now, they're going to lay the foundation for a big action in 2017. these people want to get big real things done >> they are getting pressure from the home front. the, folks, out there say you guys are not listening to us, we're the ones who put you're the, we're not doing what we want instead you're making compromises that we don't want you to make with the executive branch >> well, i think what you're going to see with this new leadership is instead of just waiting for a crisis to come like a debt ceiling crisis, they will come up with innovative ways to do things. for example, the senate has a bill that obama will veto if they can get to the senate floor, raise spending, keep domestic spending under vol as much as you can with these entitlements and other good things. and obama's not going to like that but that's what you have
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to do more of. make him the villain. instead of the republicans >> and suggesting he could because there's no in constitution preventing a noncongressman become speaker of the house that maybe he could throw his hat in the race. what do you think of that? >> dream on. a lot of great ideas, but he served in the 1990s, a rocky period and i think the republicans if they're going to have to make a big change want to go with the why you didn't generation that can see us not only this session of congress but hopefully future session. >> steve forbes, we're not done with you, we've got more of you later in the hour. melissa >> mike was following the story that we were just talking about in washington. mike, what is the latest there? >> well, we understand that paul ryan appears to be giving some thought about jumping into the speaker's race after repeatedly time and time again he has said "no" to colleagues suggesting that he should run for speaker.
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>> i did everything except carry his gym bag this morning getting ready to do it. paul ryan is the right man, he has moderate support, many men of the caucus have come to me saying let me know we will be with him >> paul ryan did not take reporter questions on the way out. expected to give it thought over the holiday weekend and his folks continue saying he appreciates the support from friends and colleagues but not candidate speakers. there are candidates running, chairman says he will get out of the race if paul ryan jumps in. florida's daniel webster says that he's running for principles, it sounds like he's still going to continue to compete for the job, even if paul ryan jumps in. meanwhile you've got house speaker john boehner trying to retire, still on the job he says it's still his plan to have election for speaker by the end of the month but up to house republicans to figure it
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out. melissa. >> wow. that's -- i mean it gets more interesting by the minute, mike, thanks so much >> thanks for having me >> busy day in congress, the house also voting on a important bill to allow u.s. oil exports overseas for the first time in 40 years an effort the president is always threatening to veto, peter barns in washington watching it all. peter >> that's right, melissa, the house has approved this bill from support of nearly every republican and a couple democrats, and it faces an uphill fight in the senate with a filibuster and as you mentioned at the white house where the president has threatened to veto it. by the boom in u.s. oil production thanking to fracking technology. the as you say now producing about 9 million plus barrels of oil a day, a 70% jump from just five years ago. >> because of american technology, we have an abundance of natural resources now and an abundance of oil. we literal could be the saudi
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arabia of energy and yet there's a law that's on the books that bans the ability for the united states to export its own oil. we're not energy independent. we use 17 million-barrel oils a day. but we only produce 9 million. which means we are still importing nearly half of all the oil we use. >> which is one reason why oil refiners and democrats like representative doyle there want to keep the new oil here in part to help keep crude and gasoline prices down but oil producers say refineries don't have the capacity so sell some of it abroad. melissa >> it's an interesting argument. thank you so much, peter. david. >> now onto the iran deal, we're learning now that parts of the controversial deal may actually be illegal. senior u.s. officials confirming to fox news that a key sanctions conflicts with
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existing federal statutes, james rosen is inside with an exclusive report on this. james, fascinating stuff >> thanks, david, good afternoon. a passive tucked away in one of the annexes to the iran nuclear deal promises that if the iranians keep their commitments, the u.s. will license foreign subsidies of u.s. parent firms to do business into iran. it's a form of sanctions relief that would likely mean tens of billions of dollars in commerce. the problem is that nome 2012 signed into law the iran threat reduction act, which directed him to close the so-called foreign subloophole and keep it closed until he could certify to the congress that he has removed iran from the state department's list of nations that sponsor terrorism. mr. obama signed that measure on the same day that he welcomed these guests to the white house. yesterday the state department spokesman said the same law in 2012 references an earlier law in 1977 that grants the
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president this kind of licensing authority >> the president has these broad authorities. secretary, we are comfortable that the administration has these authorities, and i would refer you to the department of treasury for more details >> well, as part of senate confirmation hearings last month, adam nominated to be under secretary of treasury for terrorism and financial intelligence also cited the 1977 law. but the 2012 law is clear that the president use those authorities to quote carry out the loophole, not to repeal it. >> the president following sadly a pattern this president has carried forward for six and a half years claims the ability to ignore federal law. that is a serious problem, and i would note it's the problem that the president doesn't have the ability to wave the magic wand and make go away >> would offer no timetable to the vote for the nomination. david >> thank you very much, james, appreciate it
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>> the pentagon announcing that it's ending its $500 million program to train syrian soldiers to prop up the assad regime. is the u.s. giving and up leaving it to russian leader putin? joining me now former u.s. ambassador un and at the american enterprise john bolton also a fox news contributor. thank you so much for joining us. what is the danger in basically syria and the balancing going on there to the russians? >> well, i think it's a much larger question as well. i think the russians have made an analysis that says they can get dominance in the middle east as a whole. we've seen it they really year with the weapons sell, this egypt sell with iran and i think the assad regime is part of the overall strategy. certainly the president doesn't seem to have an idea at this point what to do about
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these developments, i think they were caught flat-footed at the white house, they didn't understand what the russians were doing. they haven't had a strategy in place to deal with isis to begin with. and now they're caught without either that strategy or knowing how to respond to the russians >> i think there are people on the other side who argue so what you know? "we" tried to be involved in the middle east for a long time, it seems it's a very expensive and feudal effort. everything going on in syria, no good choices there. why does it matter to the future of u.s. in your opinion to not allow russia to be a major player in the middle east? >> well, you know, the notion of keeping russia militarily out of the middle east has been a american priority for half a century through republicans, democrat, and republican alike and the reason is that there are critical elements to the global economy that depend on a stable supply of oil and analogous from the region. and if our adversaries get
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control of it, we're in trouble, the people who do us harm get control of it, we're in trouble. the embargo demonstrated. plus we've got our close ally israel at stake and we now see a russian air base near its northern border. the fact is that when under president obama we turned our attention away from much of the middle east, it doesn't mean that the middle east stays the same except we're not there >> yeah. >> it means that everything else changes and that's what we're seeing now. >> so to just follow the logical argument a little further, you talk about oil and the as they go to came up just before you, we were talking about the fact that we have so much oil we're trying to extort it and washington it stopping us from doing that. on top of that, russia has a lot of oil assets already. so, again, what is the harm? say they establish a strong foot hold in the middle east and they control oil assets and we do not. why is that harmful to us given that our own supply of
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oil has changed dramatically with the advent of fracking? >> well, you don't care at all if the economies of south europe, south korea, japan, and iran, are subject to russia and the oil producing states of the middle east having their hands around the throats of those economies. the global market for oil takes into account all sources of production and the fact is we have tried to keep the oil flowing from the middle east through all different kinds of contingencies this last half century. and to give that up, to allow them to have that influence and allow them to turn the temperature up in the region and possibly send the price of oil through the roof could have extraordinarily damaging impact on our economy not to mention things, like, you know, the freedom of israel >> right. thank you so much. appreciate your time always >> thank you >> hard to imagine a guy like that such a plane speaker was once the ambassador on the united nation.
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plane language rather heard there >> very true. >> it pays to work in the government. a new study showing that private sector jobs fail to pay comparison-wise. and hillary clinton her book out, to all the gop candidates and ben carson's staff has found a lot of different uses for it. >> meanwhile mission to mars, nasa for its future plans for astronauts. we'll show you their game plan. fascinating stuff can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
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more earn their way repay, and the federal budget can't be trimmed one little by the. here with their take on all of this, steve forbes, media chairman, jack hal, and at the wall street journal. so, steve, government workers earned an average in $201,484,153, private sector, $56,350, is that because government workers are so much more productive? >> it's what happens when you have the bump, when you have military force behind you. washington is booming because it's sucking the resources out of the rest of the economy and there's nothing to stop it in the private sector if you were run out of line, you go broke and government you get fatter and talk about reform but never achieve it >> and, veronica, i don't think anybody except people inside the beltway would argue that productivity is so much stronger that there's no missal indication of capital, they deserve that 78% more because they provide so much more to the economy and the
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country >> yeah. i don't think many americans would say especially because we have so much gridlock and people wondering what washington is doing. i think this also speaks to the fact that the private sector hasn't seen wage growth in forever. i mean the wage growth we have had has been very -- >> because it's always in the public sector >> that's right. you know, it's been very difficult for the average american to keep paying their bills, keep advancing than they were, say, seven years ago, six years ago because they're not getting the wage gains >> in private sector there were unions that said we're not going to budge on pay, on benefits, by the way, the difference is enormous when you consider benefits too. >> unions in the private sector coming down consistently over years and zooming up >> companies came back and said you have to budget, we can't keep the jobs. but government doesn't go bankrupt. government just sticks its hands further in the pocket so the unions still there and the benefits. >> steve, i want to take a little turn. last friday at this time we had a horrible jobs number. i mean just terrible jobs
4:20 pm
number. but since then, the market has been on on a tear. up 1,000 points on the dow, the s&p is up over 2,000, i'm just wondering as a loose fed policy going to sustain this rally or is it short-lived? >> i think it's going to be short-lived we've seen this whole year up and down. but the line is flat, you're going to have enormous pressure on profits fourth quarter >> we saw with alcoa >> the rest of the world is in even worse shape than we are. so it's going to be hard to get real profit gains, especially if the dollar's going to remain strong >> quickly, forbes, barons, what do you think? >> there's no room for price to earnings ratios, you need earnings growth which you're not getting or higher profit margin and you're getting the opposite. so i don't think for the rest of this year -- >> wall street journal >> very nervous and jitterly still, they don't know what to do with their money, a lot of people sitting on cash
4:21 pm
wondering what to do. i think we're going to hear more of that going into the fourth quarter >> so is this rally over? >> i think it could be for now. we're going to see a lot more volatility than a move from the fed >> thank you appreciate it. melissa, over to you. oh, no, steve forbes, i just want to mention you join me tomorrow on fox news forbes on fox. 11:00 a.m. talk about the fight for the speaker, tomorrow 11:00 a.m. on our sister fox news channel >> i can't believe you almost forget. >> incredible. the most important thing about that. >> the king of promotion. >> the uaw has approved a four-year deal with fiat chrysler, leaves health benefits unchanged and would gradually the contentious pay system and gives workers a pass to higher pay and now goes to the unions 40,000 members for a vote. >> the new steve jobs movie hitting the big screen today,
4:22 pm
why apple fans are furious and why his widow tried to get the movie killed. and have you seen this? a jumbo jetliner gets a little bit too close for comfort. you won't want to miss this. they sure didn't. that's next you wouldn't take medicine without checking the side effects. hey honey. huh. the good news is my hypertension is gone.
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>> retail gas prices for regular gallon of gas have dropped 93 cents from this time last year. the government says these falling prices will fade households in average of $700 a year. most of this money, though, is going into her savings or pay down previous debt but the jp morgan chase institute has found something different. ceo diana joins me now. diana, i wanted to do this segment because i was looking at your research, and it really flies in the face of everything we've been told. whether it's a gallop survey, where people said that they
4:26 pm
are -- they're paying down bills 42% or just saving it 28% to federal reserve chairwoman janel yellen during the last press conference if you were able to stay awake, that we haven't seen the this money, so how are you seeing something different than even the fed? >> well, that you, melissa, thank you for having me on again. i think as we talked about last time, this is precisely what the institute is trying to do, provide a very fresh and more satisfying perspective. we've taken 20 million people and all the tractions of debate and credit cards to tell a very different story which is that in effect people are spending most of the savings at the pump. 80% of it is being spent, and it's being spent on restaurants, on groceries, and it's also giving a boost to entertainment, department stores, electronics and
4:27 pm
appliances. what's hard about this and hard to understand from the aggregate data, which is what the fed is looking at is that there's a wide difference between those who spend a lot on gas and those who don't spend much on gas at all. and the aggregate data net out all of these effects. with our 25 million of unites, transactions we can really break out how much of this is attrittable to the gas decline and other things and come to the view that people are spending it and yet it's a very different experience. a regional story and a demographic story. >> so are these 25 million people, are they chase card holders, your bank customers, who exactly are you looking at? >> well, many of these people are debit and credit card holders whose data is analyzed, it's really big data, technology, meets behavioral science against these great data sets. >> i'm not talking about privacy, i totally understand
4:28 pm
you're emphasizing the fact that you're not identifying who these people are. but what i think is fascinating about this is that you're looking at actual behavior with people who have cards. >> exactly. >> and what they're doing and like so much of the government data, it builds in a lot of assumptions from other data or even polls, that's people telling people what they're doing as opposed to really -- i mean of course when you say what are you doing with the savings? oh, i'm paying down my bills and paying it and you're, like, no, you're not, they went to the movies ask the restaurant. >> exactly. it's classic behavior at work. people say what they intend to do, what they think we ought to do. we observe what they actually do and we find the patterns are really different in the south and midwest where this is a big deal, lesser on the east coast because they had high prices and didn't see much of a decline and this matters for low-income people. they spend more of their income on gas. young people too for the same reason. so it's a very varied story
4:29 pm
that we can tell the other aspects too. >> i wish we had more time because another aspect is that we should have seen the boom from lower gas prices into larger gdp and economic growth and we haven't, so that's the next part of that story. maybe we can talk about that next time. thank you for bringing this really good stuff on. >> thank you, melissa. >> a lot of layers to that story. meanwhile a few other stories on the radar shooting at northern arizona university today. leaving one student dead, three wounded. an 18-year-old freshman was taken into custody after he allegedly opened fire into a group of students following a fight. and speaking of college shootings, president obama is in oregon today to meet with the families of last week's mass shooting at the community. protests are expected by those angry at for the president politicizing the shooting by calling for stronger gun control laws. and take a look at this. we gave you a tease before. a passenger jet making a terrifying landing in costa rica.
4:30 pm
we did not play with these images. just literally came within a few feet of on lookers before grazing a fence, no one was injured and the plane landed safely but i'm glad i wasn't on it. >> or in one of those cars that was driving underneath it either. >> yeah. >> we'll hear, won't we, the draft ryan paul campaign heating up today. we have got the latest on that next. >> also why elon musk is throwing some shade at apple. but is he just being nasty or making a smart business move? we'll let you decide coming up we live in a world of mobile technology,
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but it is not the device that is mobile, it is you.
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>> not formally in the race but a winner among the gop. congressman paul ryan being favored as the next speaker of the house. this after top contender kevin mccarthy unexpectedly quit the race. ryan firmly declined the idea is now taking the weekend to think about the position. is this the best fit for the speakership? joining me now brad, former senior advisor to president george w bush, and former aid, and political reporter, thanks to all of you guys for joining us. brad, what's your bet? what do you think is going to happen here? >> i think paul ryan is playing it exactly right. play hard to get because it will give him the opportunity over the weekend to not only talk to his family but to talk
4:35 pm
to the members of his caucus and to understand he will probably take this i believe but under his conditions. and one of the conditions is going to be whats next few months going to look like before the recess for the holidays and then what's the game plan going to be at least the blueprint for january. >> yeah. >> and beyond? so, yeah, i think he is thinking seriously about it now because there's opportunity. >> okay., john, he's thinking about it seriously but one of the big problems is this is a thankless job. this is a tough job with a lot of hours, and you make people furious at you, and they're always talking about how they're going to get rid of you. but you're putting your heart and soul into into it. it's not a great job. >> paul ryan's reluctance might be his greatest qualification. so in some ways he's an antipolitician, he doesn't want to be speaker, but i bet he will do it because he knows there's no alternative. every era that someone goes by increase the odds of him doing it. >> yeah. >> and the fact that he has
4:36 pm
the capacity to lead, he has the capacity to unify the faxes more than anyone else and at the end of the will do it and make an announcement. >> do you agree with that, becky? >> i think that's right. at this point it's process of allegiance there's nobody else that most people think who can get the 218 votes that you need to get, even after talking to the members, their tone was fascinating because these are guys that have been banging the anything but mccarthy drum for weeks and when they got their wish, it was like the dog in the cup. >> so, brad, this is one of those great negotiations where it sounds he was in the driver seat. so if you were him, what would you demand? what terribl conditions make this terrible job doable? >> that we know obama is still in power least for the next 16 months so there's the possible and then there's the things that are beyond the realm of possibility. and that's what ryan's got to do. there's got to be a come to jesus meeting within the
4:37 pm
caucus that if he's going to take this job, it's going to be under certain rules and criteria and they're going to have to live by that. >> john, what would you demand if you were him? weekends off. >> well, the great thing about it. if you're the speaker of the house, he can set his own schedule. he doesn't have to be the speaker john boehner was. but i think there are things that he could ask for that would give him greater leverage and authority to set the agenda. i would simplify say if i'm going to be speaker, i'm going to set the agenda. what conservatives are asking for is a fighter. someone who see cease the initiative, and paul ryan has the capacity to do that. >> okay. before i let you guys go, i'm going to talk i'm going to talk to you about one more topic, ben carson making some not so smart choices, and hillary clinton sent her gop rivals her memoir and the campaign is finding some yes creative uses for the book. ♪
4:38 pm
>> thanks, hillary. ♪ >> thanks, hillary. >> betsy, i looked before we came out here, it is a wopping 5,178th on amston, so i don't know if there's much demand for the copies, she may have been clearing out stock. >> yeah. and ben carson said this is a smart move, he put this out on facebook, he has the largest following, he has more followers than hillary, and he uses it to make tons of money, had a massive q3 haul so making viral videos like this is very savvy. >> what is interesting is she always makes that reference, what about the your this? what about the your that? what's your best accomplishment and she says read my book, which is one of the worst answers, i don't know is she trying to sell the book? she doesn't what he isn't in there because she didn't write
4:39 pm
it so she's, like, we should read my book together so we can figure out what the greatest accomplishments are. she brought everyone back to a book that didn't sell that the publisher was sad didn't earn out her advance. i don't know if that's a good pr campaign. >> i would warn the carson campaign, leave the comedy to trump, you have a book out too, carson. so if you're going to throw stones or books in this case, careful because you got one too. >> yeah. don't throw books. that can be dangerous. thanks to all of you guys. >> and meanwhile former detective of new york's finest is slamming donald trump for a lawsuit. and hillary clinton wants to hold wall street and big banks accountable but will voters hold hillary accountable for slowing down business? tackle that coming up next ♪ so jill, i know the markets have taken a hit lately.
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mm hmm. just wanted to touch base. how did edward jones come to manage over $800 billion dollars in assets? huh. okay. here's our latest market outlook. two things that i'd like to point out... through face time when you really need it. so that's interesting, you know we had spoken about that before. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. a combination of see products.. and customers. every on-time arrival is backed by thousands of od employees, ...who make sure the millions of products we ship arrive without damages. because od employees treat customer service... our most important delivery. od. helping the world keep promises.
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>> forbes latest legal battle isn't over cars, it's over some nasty words it had for a friend of ours and that friend is fighting back. saying in documents that former nypd detective beau and his firm arrested employees when investigating a clients claim that ford was steeling secrets will now suing the car manufacturer for slander. beau, we don't have to look at pictures of him, we can get him live. he's right here with his attorney, special counsel of former clinton, and ford claims that you and your guys strong armed some of their people like you were a bunch of thugs. how do you respond? >> you know, this is very seriously, i'm not going to joke around about it. i'm offended. first of all, i've been in business and retired from the police department, 30 years, i never had a allegation. what ford did was take technology or my company from
4:44 pm
the company that i represent who has a technology that's used about middle of the car manufacturers, they took this and were using it for years. >> and they claim that you strong armed some of the witnesses. >> no. they then take the technology, knocked it off, and made their own. >> right. >> so what we were trying to do ised of the truth. so we do an investigation, we're talking to people, we're interviewing, i have former fbi guys that worked for me, former law enforcement, and part of our investigation is courteous because we want to give information. >> that's not what they say. >> they had a female that took the shoes off, and lied about certain instances, lied about our guys, they alleged that i committed a crime, and i'm just -- >> how do they get away with making slanderous comments that they can't prove? . >> so we're asking ford to come to a court hearing and allow us our day in court, and we'll prove putting former
4:45 pm
decorated law enforcement officials on the stand that those documents that ford was involved in preparing are lies and then we're asking the ceo -- >> but those documents correct me if i'm wrong they're locked up by the court what you're trying to do is make them public so that you can expose. >> they were filed publicly and therefore i am unity from a lawsuit. we're asking the court to expunge them and ask ford to apologize, and i've asked the ceo of ford, somebody who sits on the executive committee overseeing the whole software process that they say stole there us and that person who has named ford in her last name, we're asking for her to apologize as well. >> all right. the folks who knew the two of you are asking how the heck did you two get together? you're on opposite sides of the political spectrum. is he turning you into a hillary? >> no. and i'm going to be very honest. i had to find the best attorney. he's one of the best attorneys, you know what he fights for? he fights for the truth.
4:46 pm
and the fact that we were trying to obtain was the fact that they knocked off technology and ford can't go around slapping people around like that. ford's dealing with beau now and my lawyer lanny davis, and we're going to fight them and the truth will prevail. >> by the way, i understand lannie that ford has a server and you're trying to get the e-mails off that server, private e-mails,. >> i don't know and i haven't heard that expression server? what is a server? look, this is the serious part here. >> yeah. >> if ford says this is not the case, that they were telling the truth about these investigators for beau, then give us our and hearing day in court. that's all -- >> do you guys ever talk about politics. >> well, one of the things that i honestly said to lannie today -- >> the answer is yes. >> i can handle bill clinton tomorrow compared to what we have in the white house. that's what i said to lannie. >> how about hillary? >> no quote on that. this is not a political
4:47 pm
conversation. >> but we're trying to turn it into one. >> he's my attorney, and i'm going to be honest, he's so astute of what's going on here, and the fact of the matter is you have a company, nobody has the right to steal your intellectual property, that's what america's about, and you can't lie. >> bottom line, nobody's going to convert the other one. >> we're the odd couple, and we're happy to be friends even though he's wrong about everything, i still think. >> well, you're both good guys. lannie and beau. >> all i say is lannie has a spot for me at the nothing racing, i said of who? >> of hillary. >> all right, melissa, over to you. >> elon musk taking a bite out of apple and the tesla ceo could get some heat from the industry. >> this is pretty scathing, you don't know if this is really the tech war gone bad, if this is sour grapes when you said it. elon musk of course the
4:48 pm
founder and ceo of tesla saying acceptability rather, well, if you can't cut it at tesla, apple is a great way for you to work and basically implied that whichever engineers were fired, therefore not good enough for tesla, were a great fit for apple. so this has really kicked off a storm, there have been lots of former employees of both companies weighing in. this is kind of a q&a slowed site for closed conversations. however, some of the comments leaked trying to put both leaders, in particular musk's comments in context. one former employee saying, well, he comes off as brash, has this vision of solving very big problems which as you started out saying the electronic car certainly one of them and he doesn't take the competition too kindly. melissa. >> i love tech trash talking. >> there you go. >> love. diedre, we'll see you at the top of the hour for risk and reward. >> and coming up we're going to be talking about a little bit more about this steve jobs movie hitting theaters today. it's so controversial his
4:49 pm
widow tried to get it killed. we'll tell you why coming up next and we're going to be talking about the red planet and lebron james jumping ship but don't worry, it's not the cavs. lebron's tasty new business deal is coming up if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula
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>> whether it's on wall street or main street, here's a look at who's making money today. lebron james the nba superstar leaving guaranteed endorsement on the table for a potentially big piece of the pie. jumping mcdonald's, the marketing power for pizza franchise blade, it sounds better. diet pepsi meanwhile is losing money, consumers apparently don't like the new sweetener the company's using in the company. sales falling 6.6% in the u.s.
4:53 pm
since september. and a little more help from superheros, disney hitting the $4 billion at the marvel box office. and marvels age of ultron and "ant-man" alone counting for nearly half of that grand total. and that all might be chump change when the studio sees what star wars the force awakens hits theaters, i cannot way, melissa. >> i cannot wait. in the meantime the steve jobs movie is hitting the big screen but not without a little controversy. >> the most significant event in the 20th century when the war. ♪ . >> okay. here now to break it all down is the host of the fox life. >> breaking it down. here we are. >> first of all, good or bad,
4:54 pm
you liked it, hated it, it's great? >> i loved it. >> really? >> i've got to say, i don't say that about a lot of movies, when i saw it, and i loved it, i took the overnight, could not see the movie until 8:00 that night, i was dreading it a little bit, but it pulls you right in, and it moves very quickly. >> okay. >> a masterful job. >> so he's big on the dialogue, fast dialogue, i heard it's written like a play. in three act. >> cut into three acts. they based his life around the launch of the three key products, the macintosh, the next computer and the imac and when we think of movies we've seen today, this movie there's no explosions, no scenes -- >> you're not selling it very well. >> it's rivetting melissa, it's so good. >> art geek,. >> not at all because i'm still in the four. >> okay. how much of it is accurate because of course the family, his wife is very stressed about the whole
4:55 pm
movie, the movie at the same time sometimes when you see these mose about someone, it's somebody's interpretation, not terrible accurate, what do you think? >> well, from the 2011 book which is pretty much what steve jobs incorporated with, he does take some liberty and license at these events, his life unfolds at these three launches and clearly there's a line that he has right before the launch of the imac and he says does everyone go out drinking before they come to these launches because the girlfriend shows up, the daughter shows up, the wife shows up,. >> oh, that's funny. >> clearly that didn't happen otherwise they would never get the launch done but a very clever way to do it. >> didn't ashton kutcher have his turn. >> ashton kutcher did it, and he looked like steve jobs. steve jobs is played by michael fastbender, does not
4:56 pm
look like a thing, but you don't care about all of that and at the end of the movie you think he's steve jobs. >> how is that for selling it? >> i'm sold. thank you so much, michael. >> that's it? >> be sure to keep me in star wars. >> did you fly to london just for that movie? >> it's a tough gig, dave, but someone's got to do it. >> what a guy. one for the troops. meanwhile nasa's big plans for the red plant why a mission to mars am i happen a lot sooner that you you might think (vo) me? i don't just wait for a moment. i watch for the perfect moment. the one nobody else sees. and when i find it- i go for it. (announcer) at scottrade, we share your passion for trading. that's why we give you the edge, with innovative charting and trading features, plus, powerful mobile apps so you're always connected, wherever you are. because at scottrade, our passion is to power yours.
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. >> breaking news, very controversial moment, president obama speaking in roseburg, oregon just a moment ago after meeting with families of the umpqua community college shooting where nine people died along with the shooter. listen in, for a moment. >> i'm going to be very brief here. i just want to first of all say thank you to mayor rich.
5:00 pm
i want to thank governor brown. >> all right, again very controversial, not all of the people in the community were crazy about having him come to speak, particularly since he says he wants to politicize the shooting for his own purposes. >> that does it for us on this friday. "risk & reward" starts right now. >> the pentagon making a big strategic shift, abandoning $500 million program to train moderate rebels to fight isis in syria. welcome to "risk & reward," i'm deirdre bolton. officials said only four or five u.s. trained rebels ended up fighting. so this is a far cry from the 5400 projected. the president of the american


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