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tv   Cashin In  FOX Business  October 11, 2015 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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>> it's a great hedge against the federal reserve. >> a hedge against the reserve. >> i agree. i like this silver play. >> all right. commodities are volatile. be careful. thatatatatatatatatatatat's it f. have a great weekend. keep it right here. eric bowling continues and "cashin' in." russirussia's now talking tb isis. what are we talking about? they want to bomb them, let them bomb them. bomb the hell out of them. bomb them. >> gop front-runner donald trump doubling down on what he told us about russia right here last week. he thinks it's better to let them russia fight isis. but i wonder what the donald thinks about this news. russian smugglers busted for stopping nuclear material for extremists. can we trust russia to lead the
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fight or will it come back to bite us? welcome to "cashin in" and welcome to the crew. iraq is reportedly asking russia for help, too. jonathan, is russia's involvement going to help us or cost us more lives and money? >> eric, nothing that we deal with russia can be of help. we are in bed now, formed coalitions with russia, with iran, with saudi arabia. i mean, totalitarian states. saudi arabia is a state to get excused for being an atist and like we collectivized american self-defense. depending on rush why and saudi arabia. we could defeat isis in two days. we have the fortitude, the military fortitude but instead we depend on the coalitions to degrade and destroy and the big loser here is america because it destroys our pride and destroys our self esteem. >> staying with you for a second r. you okay with russia taking care of isis, at least in syria?
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maybe not necessarily iraq but syria. >> we're the loser, eric. again, if it's a moral threat to us, if it's an actual threat to us, why do we have to outsource it to russia, a country we can't depend on and trust? that's the american foreign policy these days. love thy enemy. >> michelle, one step further. okay. so the water's under the bridge. president obama decided to lead from behind and syria is a mess. the middle east is a mess. going forward, should we be doing the work in syria that russia is doing or should we let them do it? >> well, look. it is concerning to think that put season on our side. put season not interested in helping us. he's interested in expanding the military power and influence in the region. donald trump is wrong. russia is not trying to destroy isis. looking at the very first strike that russia made, it was actually in an area where our allies are. he's not interested in destroying isis. he's interested in making sure that assad has power.
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that's all it is and not on our side and i think it's a very dangerous notion to think he is trying to go after isis because he isn't. >> i'm going to push back and boast of our wonderful contributor. >> you're the extra liberal this week? >> i don't think liberal but a libertarian. not sure where i am on this politically. here's where i am, though, logically. let them fight it. let them fight it out. right now we don't know who our enemies are in syria and the friends. a free syrian army? i'm not sure. we don't like isis. apparently we don't like assad, as well. let russia risk their lives and treasure. >> that's a great thought if we knew that russia was going to go after isis. as michelle said, they targeted american-backed rebels thus far. no action in terms of combatting isis and russia likes it best when the world is upside down, when they're creating the chaos and the u.s. on the back foot.
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i think really that we could have known that we were going to be moving towards this state of complete disarray when putin illegally annexed crimea last year and we all but ignored it. they have troops in the ukraine. we ignore it. they say they're not there and the facts are there. russians are dying every day across the border in eastern ukraine and we do nothing about it. >> stay here, john. not suggesting vladimir putin is our friend or trust him. i'm simply saying if he wants to do it, knock yourself out. >> well, i mean, eric, i can understand why there's confusion. this policy i think both frankly for potentially donald trump and obama is incoherent. there's no wars declared. there's no moral judgment passed on anyone. iran is kind of our enemy and kind of a friend. russia, kind of a friend and an enemy. most americans would say i don't know who we're fighting and why. and that's put on the american's feet. >> we have lots of frenemies. >> no, no, no. come on, guys. that's not fair.
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iran is not our friend. not kind of. not a friend at all. >> they're a diplomatic -- >> these people are not our friends and doesn't mean we take the ball and push them out and say we have the middle east. >> we're willing to give them a great deal. which is what we did. you talk about russia maybe do this and get out of it. the problem is that the idea of what we're giving the rest of the world, what we're showing china is we don't care. we have red lines, we don't care if anyone crosses them. president obama doesn't care if putin wants to take over the region. >> stay there, michelle. stay with you on this. >> we are not. >> can i be cold and callous right now? >> please. >> please! >> should americans risk our children, risk our livelihoods, economy and money for a civil war going on in syria? what's in it for us to risk that? >> we are humiliated. isis is a threat 0 us.
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it is not as if this is far away and nothing to do with us. isis wants to destroy us. russia doesn't care and doesn't deal with the threat of isis we do. it is a threat to us and it is part of -- it should be our concern. >> jess, i'm -- again, isis, i agree. they're our enemy. >> absolutely. >> not suggesting to go easy on isis. there are other ways to fight isis. >> there are, yes. >> can we do the full screen? we trained $500 million spent training syrian fighters. jihadists. whatever. our side guys. you know how many we got for that $500 million? >> five. >> five. >> five. >> i know. >> one, two, three, four -- $100 million per fighter. >> i understand. it is incredibly disappointed. we are humiliated on the world stage and doesn't mean all hope is not lost and should not go into syria but there are things to do like increase the presence in eastern europe. saying to china -- michelle was
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correct to bring that up. what they're doing in the south china sea is completely inappropriate. jonathan, you can't just go and bomb everything. it doesn't work as a strategy. they're everywhere. they're an infection. isis -- >> you're wrong. >> i not wrong. >> if you fight a war, fight a total war. we talked about that literally over a year on this show. the only reason to start a war is to end it. pour little bit over here and the tumor goes away. that's wrong. >> i'm not saying that the strategy worked out but what about the fact we hear every day isis fighters in new countries, within our boards? what -- bomb new jersey? there are isis -- >> well, you declare war -- >> implementing a bunch of half measures. >> jon? >> michelle, you're add so kating for this? >> this whole idea of a half war, a kind of war. if we're serious about destroying militant islam we
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should get serious about it and do it whole heartedly and to depend on the friends iran and the friends -- >> jon, that's a vague statement. we should do it whole heartedly how? as jessica points out, drop bombs in iraq, syria, and iran and dropping bombs in iran and dropping bombs in some places and might start coming back at us. >> saudi. >> well, coming back at us, i don't really understand it. for example, if we level, you know, isis' headquarters, if we level raqqa, if we show the enemy we mean business, they won't come backs a us. >> we're too scared to put our own self-defense out there. >> michelle, your thoughts? >> look. i think that like i mentioned we have a bunch of half measures right now. the president is far too cautious. don't do anything but do something. there's no point pof a half measure and wasting a bunch of money for something that's not going to work. we need a plan and to stick to it and not have this like half
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plans. >> all right. we'll leave it right there. folks, some awesome news. last week we were the top rated show in all of cable news all weekend long, all shows, all networks according to nielsen. thank you for being a loyal and engaged view crew. weigh in on twitter. i take cues what you want the see and debated right here. the popular hash tag on your comments and tweets. coming up, if you want to get it done and done right on time, you have to work full-time as kevin mccarthy drops out of the speaker race and chaos grows in the gop, a lawmaker is pushing a 40-hour work week for congress to fix this mess and will that work?promise was made.
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a promise that hit the beaches of normandy. a covenant that split the skies over berlin. a vow that captured iwo jima. a promise was made. a solemn oath that liberated seoul. a sacred trust that defended khe sanh. a pact that dug in in da nang. a contract that weathered tet. a promise was made. a pledge that stormed the desert in iraq. a bond that patrolled door-to-door in fallujah. an iou that braved ieds in kandahar. a promise was made. to america's veterans. a promise we all must keep.
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dav fights for all veterans and their families so they get the health care, financial benefits and support they earned. if youu'e a veteran who needs help, or you'd like to help us keep the promise, visit
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with all the talk about kevin mccarthy dropping out of the speaker's race, a lawmaker has a plan to fix some chaos and gridlock on capitol hill. florida republican david jolly is pushing a plan to force all members of congress to work a 40-hour work week so things get done and done on time. jessica, should lawmakers have to work full-time like the rest of us? >> absolutely. i can't believe this is a conversation. i mean, it is 137 days worked last year and a comment of how many votes marco rubio missed on the campaign trail and before
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that. they should. this is the reason that congress has a 14% approval rating. this is the reason that 79% of americans think that congress is out of touch with them and 52% think that they're corrupt. i don't say it fixes it all but working two, three jobs and not making ends meet, why can't the congress paying $174,000 per year not work a 40-hour work week. >> others say -- let's see what michelle has to say. congress approval rating at 14% is almost as high as isis approval rating. my snell. >> i actually think that this is a terrible idea. i think that when you have members of congress in office they actually do more harm than good. i think that we should return to what our founding fathers believed in, a part time congress where members of congress are paid very little, they just work a few months out of the year. they can be called in for emergency sessions but they are out, they have their own jobs, they work wherever they need to work and that's where they get the bulk of their money but they're not insulated from the rest of americans because that's what's happening. we have a bubble here in
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washington and all of congress is here. they don't understand the struggles of the american people because they're always here smoozing and hanging out with other members of congress. >> go ahead, jon. this is bipartisan of dysfunction, right, jon? >> eric, ronald reagan, show me the executive who works long, hard hours and i'll show you a bad executive. i mean, the point isn't to work a number of hours. it's the ideas. it's efficacy of the implementation that works. government worked a long time on the deal with iran, we worked a long time, many hours on obamacare and they're terrible ideas and shows you a bankruptcy of the electorate. half the people want term limits and the other half want people longer in office. again, the ideas that have to change. >> you do realize we're talking about 40 hours here. we're talking about like less of a work week than the majority of americans make. we're not talking -- spend 100 hours there a week like an investment bank. we are talking about an eight-hour day. >> i think the problem, though, is me believes of congress are out of touch with the american
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people and keeping them here in washington in this bubble insulated from everyone else is a -- >> they can work the hours at home. i would love to see them in their constituency offices. >> you know what else is a good idea? >> make it worse. >> another idea floated by i believe a senator, not sure who throated this idea, not bad idea, if the government shuts down or don't have a budget, me believes of congress don't get paid and not not until they figure it out, not the days or weeks or months we don't have a budget. jon? >> they don't get paid -- these people are mostly multi-millionaires and a good thing. that shouldn't be the issue here or working the right number of hours. it should be having the right ideas and protecting americanism. you know what? if that's done in 35 hours instead of 40, that's even better. >> clearly can't. >> let me throw this in your lap. the craigslist ad. >> i'm ready.
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>> so good. >> want to tell us what that is? >> a craigslist ad the democrats put out looking -- the qualities that they would like to see or that they know that you need in the next speaker of the house, republican speaker. a hillary barber, need to be to good with child care. >> my favorite, rinos need not apply. >> i don't know. >> democrats are funny. >> oh yeah. >> hillary was funny on "snl." i promise. >> my snell. >> i disagree. i don't think hillary has any sense of humor and not charming whatsoever. coming up, called the largest prison release of its kind ever. our government is about to set free thousands of inmatings back on the streets compassionate and cost saving or dumb and down t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t .
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approved prison break. the justice department getting ready to release around 6,000 inmates early. the goal to reduce overcrowding and sentencing. jails might save money, society. your thoughts? >> i'm okay with releasing low level drug offenders as long as they're not huge drug dealers or enforcers. but my concern is that we have americans right now who do not have felonies, never chitted a crime having trouble finding a job. i don't know how these people blend back in society when
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regular americans can't get a job. what are these people going to do? >> keep them housed up so that -- >> i'm saying, as a society, we should be concerned to figure out what we're going to do. >> we should apologize to them, eric. >> we should apologize, these are non-violent drug offenders. people up the '80s and '90s get tough on drugs war. we have destroyed these people's lives and homes, many minority by the way and can't both parties get behind decriminalizing the non-violent drug offenses? not only save a lot of money and clear out the jails but would protect the individual rights of americans. in my opinion, smoke a little o doobi if they want on the weekend no one's business.
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>> liberal on the panel said keep them locked up forever. >> am i the liberal? >> just kidding. >> it will save a lot of money. i saw the biggest private company in california has a, quote, 90% occupancy rate, mandatory. like a hotel. and this is clearly not a hotel, but to michelle's point, a great one about employment afterwards, and hillary clinton has spoken about this recently. we have 60% long-term unemployment for ex-cons and the ran corporation found those prisoners who went to some sort of education program within prison were 43% more likely to not reoffend and also, 13% more likely to get a job. and while i understand the concern about there are americans who have never done anything wrong out of work, we need to think about how we're going to take this population and -- >> a little devil's advocate into the segment. people who say even marijuana is a gateway drug, leads to other things. john, you want to push back on it?
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>> isn't that the wonderful thing about america, eric? you have the right to be as irrational and stupid as you want. that's the free country and we >> as long as someone doesn't harm me, i don't care. it's been a lovely take on this. >> we're going to leave it there. but i have to tell you, in the next block, you have to stick around. this is a big one, this is a big wake-up, america. i'm really fired up about this. workers demanding $15 an hour. and this is how some of them are treating our american heroes.
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tuning in to "cashin' in." see johnathan's stock picks. time to wake up, america. there's an extremely disturbing trend happening. one which needs to be brought to light and stopped in its tracks before it grows. in the last week alone, no fewer than four instances where a law enforcement has been harassed or more at fast food stores. in providence, rhode island, a dunkin donuts worker wrote black lives matter on a cop's coffee cup and another donut in west harford connecticut, denied for
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wanting a cup of coffee. in philadelphia, the starbucks. also used the restroom. everybody and in kansas at a taco bell, wrote pig on a cop's food bag and these fast food clowns want $15 an hour? good luck with that. absolutely unacceptable behavior. these idiots should be fired at the very least and brought up on hate crime charges and get the free speech argument. can you imagine the public outcry if the customers weren't cops, if they were jewish or gay and those of moms or dads, sisters or brothers and daughters. and one hour on the job, most of us in a lifetime. time to show law enforcement the respect they've earned and deserved.
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i suggest you do what i do. see a cop at a dunkin donuts or starbucks, buy him a cup or coffee. might be saving your life or taking a bullet for you this afternoon. america doesn't run on the show. i adore you all. good night. good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. russia escalating its involvement in the syrian civil war and extending mightily its influence in the region. russian ships firing cruise missiles into cereal that travel from two nations fromr russian ships in the caspian sea to strike their targets. russia serving notice to the white house that the united states is about to be sidelined in the conflict and that russia means to dominate militarily. russian fighter jets interrupting three u.s. predator


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