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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX Business  October 11, 2015 6:30am-7:01am EDT

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ward hotels and it's a good stock for the portfolio. >> john, i don't have anything to say. do you? >> what are you doing on the internet after justin's beiber. i don't know how you s that stuff. i have to be honest. i have a bear. >> my company doesn't block stuff. fed up because leader on the hill will not listen up. i want you to think about that while everybody else is pabting this as a war, i think that it just comes down to facility. imagine how you would feel if if the boss refused to listen to your ideas and then punished you if you question theirs time and time again. does not do for productivity and peace in the dc place. so is this really about a revolt or the rankin file of finding it revoltings. ben stines and charless payne and adam and charlie.
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charles payne is that what is going on? >> that's part of it. i think that the rankin file that you're talking about is a little upset because there's more president o the opposition and more with the position and the die unanimously i cynamics it's focussed at recently. >> i know how they feel working for you. you listen to me and ignore my ideas. >> it's like the guy banging on the door. do not pay attention. >> so you're comparing the house conservative republicans as lunatics from credmore. >> it's likely a gu loosh.
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>> if you're the boss -- cannot let a few stubborn employees dictate how you you do your job. >> did she use big words on me? >> that does not make sense. they're eating their own than focus cans on getting the eyes on the prize. >> they feel like and i know what they're saying because i work for neil. >> they feel that john and that whole leadership group cares for more about what obama thinks. >> yeah, adam all that i am saying on this is that a lot of people feel slighted and ignored. it did not start out that way. they felt that -- i talked to many that said i had a great measure. i had a bill with over 200 sponsors and i could not get it even into the committee. i could not get it to the speaker to take it up. these stories are lesions.
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it's the institution it's that's badly flawed. what do you think? >> el with, i think that good managers have to listen to their people but to a point. i think what kevin mccarty started pand erring to what he perceived to get elected. that did not work out for him so well. on balance good managers have to listen, were but more importantly they have to lead. i think john banner is an example of someone that tried to lead under very difficult circumstances. very difficult. >> whao. you're questioning? >> as president obama did when he called him a patriot. >> yeah, when they retire it's things like those that pop up at the funeral. there was a good guy. ben stine, what do you make of this? >> well, i am reminded of my old box richard nixon that said long
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ago in private. he is deceased now and he said that ben, you have to remember that most republicans are not fit to be dog catches. i don't know what it is that the tea party wants. i don't know what the far right wants. they're the ones that got us that that weakened the defense. they have no plan to balance the budget. i don't know what they want. >> there was a national security, but there was just an appoint and it sticks in me there was a national security out, and you did not have to cut the military and then i spoke with bill about this and the former bill of staff. they picked. >> i know what they want. >> by the way it's at a point and that was a back up and backbone for guys on the party that did not have it. it's not nearly the way that
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they did it. >> it's a disaster. >> in the literal sense of the world, these people are radicals. if you want to put it in a corporate sense, they do not agree with the mission of the company. it would be to sell that product. i actually -- >> i guess that's an important point and thinking of what you're you saying. the one side does not want to spend much. yours is not because it's perfectly fine doing so. >> no. no. i am not judging them. i. >> i think that you are. you disgust me. [ laughter ] >> adam is the reason why the republicans are revolting. >> because they find him revolting. >> they hate the fact that he kisses and hugs nancy pelosi. they feel that he gives aide to the enemies. that's why -- think of it. adam likes john baern. that's why he hate him. >> i think that john banner tried very hard to do his job.
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>> i have been to part a few tea party rallies. >> that's a fox news alert. >> i tell you what they wanted to see. they wanted to see backbone and a fight. >> they don't want to bring down the government. they don't like it. >> it's like you watch a movie like a brave heart. when you see someone against the odds even they that they lose the war, it's the thing to win the battle. instead john banner took everything and looked at the numbers and said that we can not win it, so why this is what they want. they want someone to fight and stand up for once and fight for -- >> even in the numbers -- >> it turned into fighting for nonsense. they're blaming this faction in the republican party is 16 percent of the gop representative in the house. they're fighting -- they're saying that it's basically the other republicans fault. >> why don't you admit that banner is a lousy read er.
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>> can i finish my sentence. >> agree, it's a run on. >> they're blaming the other republicans for obama care. >> might i point out to you that they made john banner speaker of the house. >> and he got elect zbld they made it possible to be the speaker of the house. >> he sucked at it. >> i am not dismissing it. >> if they want banner gone, don't move in a proxy over banner. >> i want to bridge in someone to offer wisdom here. what do you think happened or what went wrong. >> i think that he thought i do not want the job. it's a terrible job and i will be dealing with nut cases and they will be that racing me and making me miserable. >> what changed in 24 hours? >> what change second degree that he got representation and nutty people and thought that i don't want to have to deal with them. life is short. >> leadership does not mean shutting down the government for
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no purpose but to deprive the republicans and the majority. >> thank you. amen. >> you know what ben it's hard for a guy that cries drop of a hat that to take challenge. >> what's wrong with that? >> you may not cry. >> go back a step -- >> adam the difference in banner and his detractors is that he was in a position to govern. he had the try to govern. how many times -- >> here is the problem. >> hold on. hold on. it would be great if they had a govern. it would be interesting if approximate one of them were speaks. >> you're right. banner said it as much. not as nicely as you said it. we're talking about leadership and i think that we're talking to two different things. every major revolution start with a may skbljority and that' people are saying.
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let's put up a fight even when we say that they're not going to win. >> they're poed. go out and move on. >> do you see the popularity of donald trump or ben carson? >> there's an anger and it never gets anything. >> yeah what do they like about trump? >> h hates the system. >> yeah, they like that he is a leader and not going to get up there and cry and take charge. i think that's the problem -- >> no. >> oh right. >> you don't think that banner. >> they like him because he does not cry. >> they do not like him because of his hair. we know that. >> he was a sensible descent guy. >> who is? >> who is a sensible descent guy? >> banner. it's sad to see him go. i think that the government shut downs are nonesense and suicida behavior. >> i agree and you have to be more than a guy that cries and
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hugs. you have to be more. >> yeah, there's nothing wrong with them. >> yeah, there's nothing wrong with being civil. >> take it from a anger. >> anger gets you nowhere. >> into trouble and in cuffs. >> that's why you have management. >> look at the time. all right. hillary is taking on wall street bosses. you should see how she is taking on her old bosses. that's the story. union workers going crazy and now the president is fighting the boost unions here. what's that going to mean for what's that going to mean for the rest of
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vehicles and drones. now back to business. all right. well ahead of next week it's that hillary clinton is feeling the burn. she just matched him and now she is pitching a massive wall street crack down. charlie, you're not too worried about the ladder. why not? >> none of any buddies are worried either. i give sanders credit for one thing and being honest about what they wants 20 do. he wants to break up the bank and it's clear cut. i am not saying that it's constructive and clear cut measures and this is a bunch of
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stuff that really leads to nowhere. when row peal it back, it's weak on every single level. just think that hillary clinton wants to end. it's a policy of the president and then the president to end spoofing in the high frequency trading. give me a break. >> which is what, cannot sell. >> it's a way of high frequency training. i am not going bore people with. >> if he can define it, she can. >> i think that there's a lot of theory to this. i they he is right. i know that she wants to punish and extend the time that you can go after financial things to make them pay for the fines and everything else that we want wrong with the melt down. she's making herself. >> well, it's antiwall street candidates. i talked to some that say she she did not mean it.
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>> well, the melt down was caused by the secretary of the tur erie and out of the federal refe reserve. >> well, he should be in jail. mrs. clinton is getting a huge amount of money from wall street liberals. the idea that she is going to be tough on them is a bad joke. >> yeah, i was hearing that and saying that she has to do this. it's cynical, but a read of what's going on. she is doing this enough and di dismissing the trade deals. these chips are piling up. can she do that? >> people on wall street know that it's not going go anywhere. it's pudding for the left. she is trying to spoon feed it to you. i hate that pudding. >> no, i hate that i am saying that this is phony.
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>> yeah, her capital gain tax plan is same thing. it will never go an inch. >> even if she got everything that she wanted in the wall street reform, it still would be nothing. >> really? >> absolutely john. absolutely. >> the thing that continues is obamas war on business and slash the wall street as a bulls eye. it's had an impact on the economy. the worst poster session in the economy and history. high poverty levels. it's one of the thing that's going make the nation worse. it's going to crush main street i think. >> what do you think adam. i hope that you're proud of yourself. >> we have seen this before and we saw romney in the primaries in order to get the nominations and then we saw him in the center and then the general. >> she is tacking way left. i understand what you're saying but this is running back. >> yeah, some of it is way left. >> yeah, we have not had had a primary yet.
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>> yeah i don't know who is left at all. >> yeah, a lot of this is rhetorical. if you listen we won't vote for it. i don't like this because i would negotiate harder. she did not say that she would not accept the trade deal. >> she did not like this one. >> no, it was look at the ready. >> i am quoting from her. this is sucks big time. >> she said that it was not up to her standards. >> she wants to get rid of the liability waiver for the gun factors. even bernie sanders is not in favor of that. >> on that -- >> that's very low. >> it's rhetorical. >> on the bottom line you have the republicans on the establishment mode, and i think that it's unsettling and no one knows where the dust settles here. >> you know i agree with that 100 percent. the beauty. >> i really just made that upton
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fly. that was good. >> the system is that there's tremendous pressure toward consensus which will happen towards the end of 2016. the parties will go back to the center. >> hillary clinton would dress up and go to comic come if she would get the nomination. >> there's nothing wrong with that. we're going take a break. do all taxpayers have some skin in the at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like ordering wine equals pretending to know wine. pinot noir, which means peanut of the night. with toothpaste or plain their dentures and even though their dentures look clean,
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even 2%, that may be the
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most important 2% of the entire tax plan, everybody should pay at least something toward the government. >> that's louisiana governor candidate bobby jindal describing the fact at the lowest level at 2% everyone will pay taxes in his plan because he says everyone should have skin in the game. donald trump's plan leaves about 75 million households out and charles payne would bring up to half the households in the country not paying income taxes. >> when i interviewed donald trump on this, he said i agree. everyone should have skin in the game. >> wait a minute. just changed the entire tax plan then. >> did he really? >> he did. >> all over the place on this. >> here's the thing. think about this for a moment. making $47,000 a year because of circumstances, and there are 5 million job openings, they can do something to improve themselves. we're saying i'm going to subsidize the fact you don't have the skills and never get them between not paying taxes, earned income tax credits and incentives to not improve
6:54 am
yourself and hurts the nation. >> ben stein? >> very good point. i think that's a brilliant point and come to expect from my colleague mr. payne but i'll say it was the republicans under my friend again mr. nixon starting the idea of striking huge numbers of people off the income tax rolls and not sure about mr. trump because most people don't pay federal income tax. >> bobby jindal is saying everyone should. >> they should because if you don't pay any net federal income tax in this country, you are not paying to defend this country. >> well -- >> you are not paying for soldiers. you are not. you are not contributing to pay for our defense. >> you are not contributing anyway. they don't pay the taxes. >> at least trump is actually being intellectually honest and but changes the facts, i have a back bone to sell you.
6:55 am
>> he should have more gold chains. >> dragging the people down. >> wear a tie. play the part. >> "west side story." you're commenting on deplorem. >> he's looking to break out and speaking fees and not going to be president. >> up to 6%. i don't know about that. come on. come on. >> he is wrong. they don't pay taxes anyway. >> all he's saying -- >> they should. and he's right. >> all he's saying is if everyone paid something, you're more aware because you have a stake but a small stake. it's a good point. >> it's a good point rhetorically. everybody pays all sorts of taxes and user fees for all sorts of reasons. >> some people make net money from the tax system. listen. everyone should have skin in the game. >> and paying medicare -- paying into medicare and social security is a benefit to you. it is not paying for our defense.
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>> all right, guys. >> cut by -- >> i want to thank charlie, daegan and protect the demographics to keep it going. meanwhile, stocks to cover that tax bill, no matter the size. tax bill, no matter the size. after this. there's something out there. that can be serious, tax bill, no matter the size. after this. even fatal to infants. it's whooping cough, and people can spread it without knowing it. understand the danger your new grandchild faces. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about a whooping cough vaccination today.
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let's make some money. charles? >> a yummy pick, white wave
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foods. >> xlv, health care stocks down not out. >> if you overdo the food. ben? >> i'll take the s&p 500 again for the millionth time. love it. >> you have to say it millionth time. is that really necessary? all right. we continue now on the place for business, fox. >> damn good pick. first boehner and then mccarthy and now chaos and some here say the conservative revolt in the house is actually going to be good for taxpayers. are they right? hi, everybody. i'm david asman. steve forbes, rich c a argad and steve japson. you think the uprising is good for taxpayers. how so? >> two ways, david. they will have more imagination and good parliamentary maneuvers and battling with president obama on taxes and spending, the debt limit are coming up again in the next few months.


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