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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 11, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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i adore you all. good night. good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. russia escalating its involvement in the syrian civil war and extending mightily its influence in the region. russian ships firing cruise missiles into cereal that travel from two nations fromr russian ships in the caspian sea to strike their targets. russia serving notice to the white house that the united states is about to be sidelined in the conflict and that russia means to dominate militarily. russian fighter jets interrupting three u.s. predator drones in the region.
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a full report for you. we'll take up the president's foreign policy with republican senator jeff sessions, and mort zuckerman joins us tonight. also the hillary clinton e-mail scandal is worsening by the day. the fbi expanding its investigation into the scandal, including now a second private technology company and a second server. we're learning that some members of the clinton staff, working for the former secretary of state, feared they would be implicated, in part, of a cover-up. and dr. ben carson refuses to back away from his controversial remarks on how victims will respond in a mass shooting. carson said he would have stop ed shooter in a deadly attack and others should consider fighting back. much of the liberal media responding with cries of insensitivity. but donald trump backing up the doctor, saying the backlash
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against him is not fair. we'll be talking about that with republican strategist ed rollins. our top story tonight, russians wasting no time in ratcheting up the level of their involvement in the war, escalating the conflict by land, sea and air. four russian war ships for the first time launch cruise missiles that flew over iran and iraq before they struck islamic state controlled territory in eastern syria. fox news has also learned that russian fighter jets intercepted american predator drones at least three times over the past week. the russians did not attempt to shoot down those drones. sources say the russians wanted to make certainly their presence felt. that development threatens to further undermine the obama administration's faltering strategy in syria. russia says its offensive is targeting the islamic state. the united states say they've been aimed mostly at bolstering president bashir al assad's
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regime. ash carter in italy could only argue that russia has a misguided strategy. already the russian military is bringing more destructive power to the conflict than has the united states. >> we believe russia has the wrong strategy. they continue to hit targets that are not isil. we believe this is a fundamental mistake. despite what the russians say, we have not agreed to cooperate with russia. >> despite the defense secretary's criticism, the united states will conduct technical talks with russia to try to avoid incidents between russia and u.s. jet fighters, trying to assure the safety of u.s. jet fighters in what are crowded skies. the president's plan to bring as many as 200,000 refugees in this country poses an enormous cost.
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senator jeff sessions, member of several key committees including budget, armed services and the judiciary. senator, good to have you with us. >> thank you. >> hillary clinton has come out opposed to the plan on the trans-pacific partnership. and i assume, stunning the administration, which thought they had her support. you've been opposed to it throughout. is there any way to stop what looks to be a feta com plea now? >> i think tlz, lou. five or six votes in the house of representatives would kill it. hillary's move certainly will mean fewer democrats will vote for it. although, she was involved in negotiations. i think she's feeling public pressure. that's why she made this decision. but perhaps other politicians, likewise, will feel public
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pressure. they are not even asserting, lou, that wages will go up, that the trade deficit will be reduced or that jobs will be created. and this is because it's not going to be good in all those factors. we'll have an increased trade deficit. we'll have a declining manufacturing jobs and wages if this goes forward. >> and on the issue of immigration built into the plan -- i know you've read it, but no one has read, apparently, all of it. tribunals that would ash trait instead of courts in the countries of these trading partners, the 12. clear loss of sovereignty and power and influence over our national destiny. why in the world would anybody support this? >> i don't know. i think people have not understood this sufficiently. a lot of people just think free trade agreements are good. but each one should be evaluated carefully.
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and these international tribunals are not good. we have at least a bilateral trade agreement. the last one with korea. we didn't create a whole new commission that meets regularly, can change its rules and impose new rules. i think that is highly dangerous. and the last thing we should be doing at this point in time. >> the administration insists on bringing in 200,000 syrian refugees, refugees from the region. this is extraordinary. and without consultation with the congress, unilaterally making this decision. we're now starting to see considerable resistance form among local governments where these syrian refugees are expected to be deposited, if you will. and the costs are enormous and state and local governors and mayors are saying, wait a minute. will they be successful? >> i think the local governments need to speak up. we need to put the pressure on.
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the administration has to consult and talk with congress. at least the judiciary committees. but it does not have to -- is not bound in any way on the number. they can choose the number they want. it's going to be way high. this is highly expensive. nobody ever counts the cost of local governments and schools and hospital emergency room visits, those kinds of things. >> right. >> and also every refugees, unlike most of the immigrants that come to america, are immediately allowed to get any welfare benefit basically that citizens get. >> i'm sorry, senator. as you know, the heritage foundation estimating the cost per 10,000 refugees, about $6.5 billion. we're talking about very large numbers. let me turn, if i may, to donald trump. you counseled donald trump on a number of issues, including
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immigration, on international trade. to what degree do you believe he has followed your counsel? are there areas where you would like to further the tutorial? >> for a long time, i understand he has been a critic of the trade policy of the united states, thinking it hurts american workers and manufacturing. i did -- i share with him my thoughts and the years of work we've done on immigration, and a great deal of it, actually, is included in his policy. he would make the situation much better. i have praised his immigration policy. i think it has many good points. >> including great big wall with -- how does he describe it? a big beautiful door in it. senator jeff sessions, always good to have you here. thank you very much. we appreciate it. >> thank you. good to be with you. donald trump, topping the polls in a new voter survey in
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critical swing states. we take up who's up, who's down with former reagan political director ed rollins next. it's very possible this driver didn't pay attention in driver's ed. and certainly not to the semi truck that he cut off on the highway. we'll show you the video of what happens next right here. we're coming right back. stay with us.
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joining us now, former reagan white house political director, republican strategist, fox news political analyst ed rollins. it's good to have you here. >> thank you. >> look at trump. you have been a doubter, i will put it that way. if not an outright critic early on. but trump is performing. >> the guy is a skilled entertainer. to a certain extent, he has tapped into this -- >> should i write entertainer prejorative? >> no, we're all entertainers in a way. he has tapped into the very unhappiness going on in this country, particularly in this party. the democrats with bernie sanders has someone else that represents an outlier group. he has made every political
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mistake he could absolutely make. he is not running a professional campaign. >> did you hear him today? i thought he sounded gentler, kinder, avoided negativity. >> at the end of the day, and it's part of the story of hillary with her negative opposition research on -- when you attack someone, like he has, sometimes it turns negative -- >> which is just about everybody. >> which is everybody. most republicans don't want that. they like or dislike some of the other candidates. and i think it enhances him. he needs to talk more about issues, define his he shalls in a more positive way. >> i can hear donald trump right n now, if i may channel him a second. that's all great, rollins. but the fact of the matter is i've got high negatives and i'm leading in every swing state and i own iowa and i own new hampshire. >> voters haven't cast their votes yet. >> but i'm just saying -- >> i take nothing away from the guy. >> you're taking lots of stuff away. >> you don't win with 25% of the
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vote. you can get delegates and sooner or later -- >> you're sure not going to do it with 6%. can we agree with that? >> absolutely. and some of those six percents won't be there. >> i want to turn to dr. ben carson. as i said i think the man stood up big and, i think, was a real leader and was attacked for it by the left, ed. this is a guy saying think about sacrifice. you don't even hear these candidates talk about that. they talk about confiscation, your wealth. >> i give him credit, too. it takes great bravery to go into someone's brain and try to save their lives and he does that every single day. a very skilled surgeon. basically he has been around a lot of death. he made that point. he grew up in a place where he faced it with his family. so i think when he talks about bravery, he means it.
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>> you're talking about bravery going into someone's skull, as he is a gifted neurosurgeon. a lot of us might have the guts but we wouldn't be welcomed. >> i would hope not. >> he is a brilliant doctor. this is the thing that's sort of lost. identities, to me, get a little lost here is interesting. brilliant neurosurgeon, pioneering neurosurgeon in a number of techniques. donald trump, for crying out loud, this man is a multibillionaire. he has been immensely successful and people want to dismiss him, of all things, as a television host. which we know takes incredible talent. >> it does. it does. let me say this. it's a long ways to play out in this race. trump has gone further than i ever thought he would. someone asked me today, michael goodwin, who has been on this show many times. >> pulitzer prize winner. he always makes me say.
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>> he said do you think trump could make it? i said i have no idea. he said that in itself tells me a lot. and i don't have any idea. all the rules that i played by for 50 years are not in existence in time. >> one thing in sxirchs are the clinton rules. hillary clinton beset by fbi investigations. she has a scandal that is just suffocating -- would suffocate almost any other candidate, any other family other than the clintons. those rules still seem to apply. >> there's no rules. clinton -- the rules for you and me and everybody else don't apply there. i do think it's done severe damage to her. people don't think she's honest and at the end of the day, that's going to cause her problems. she may end up being the nominee or the president. but at the end of the day right now she's nowhere where she has when she start this had race. >> i want to touch on kevin mccarthy. we're moving toward learning who will succeed john boehner. has he disqualified himself by basically reviving clinton's
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campaign and decimating the benghazi -- >> he has certainly reinforced the negative that conservatives had toward boehner and them before. >> what about the fact that he just made the biggest monumental screw-up that one could imagine? >> i agree with that. we've spent a long time trying to investigate something and he made it a political issue for the other side. he needs to be very careful. he does have the votes today to make it. i don't know if he will make it the longer it goes on. scary accident on a detroit highway captured on dash cam video, showing this white car trying to switch lanes. but the driver apparently didn't see the semi truck. the car clipped the truck, then sent it, as you see there, overturning on to the median wall. the truck driver was not injured. police are searching for the
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driver of that little tiny white car that turned this into a hit and run. >> up next, few thoughts on the race for speaker of the house and evidence that stricter gun control laws would not, in any way, equal safer cities. that story straight it's more than a network. it's how you stay connected. with centurylink as your trusted technology partner, you get an industry leading broadband network and cloud and hosting services. centurylink. your link to what's next. to save; but also helped that them to save?sk members that allowed families to keep more of their money; letting them use any atm nationwide for free.
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the city with the strictest anti-gun laws in the country is also one of the deadliest. there were 60 murders in chicago in september. that, the city's deadliest month in 13 years. murders rising 21% from a year ago. as we reported last night here, murders in baltimore have risen 52% from last year. two big democratic-run cities where violent crime is simply surging. >> a few thoughts on kevin
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mccarthy and his hapless audition to succeed john boehner as speaker. as i said to you last night, mccarthy had deliver aid precious gift to hillary clinton and the democrats for clumsily linking politics, the benghazi select committee and clinton. this is what the clinton campaign has done with the mccarthy gift. hillary's first national television ad. >> republicans finally admit it. >> republican kevin mccarthy saying the committee investigating benghazi was created to destroy her candidacy. >> we put together a benghazi special committee. what are her numbers today? >> millions attacking hillary because they're fighting for everything they pose. >> the clinton ad comes two weeks before she will appear in front of the benghazi select committee which, just yesterday she slammed as a partisan
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political exercise. but she didn't call for the committee to be disbanded. for that matter, why should she? mccarthy has effectively neutered that committee and given clinton a dramatic stage on which she can flail the republicans. mccarthy's comments are a political gift that will keep on giving for a very, very long time. mccarthy has emboldened clinton and damaged his party and made getting to the truth of what happened in benghazi in 2012 and why an even more difficult task. democrats have decided to leak porgs of the closed door testimony. cheryl mills, clinton's former chief of staff and now they're threatening to release the entire transcript. trey gowdy slammed that move writing, quote, democrats have shown political motivation, willingness to violate the
11:26 pm
letter and spirit of house rules and their desire to defend secretary clinton without regard to the integrity of the investigation. mccarthy and his bid for the speaker's gavel has single handedly r handedly resurrected her campaign and undermined the select committee itself. just imagine what he could do as speaker of the house. this from george bernard shaw, democracy substitutes election by the incompetent many or appointment by the corrupt few. shaw, as right as he was did not anticipate our capital that is blessed with both incompetency and corruption, whether delivered by election or appointment. we'll be right back.
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breaking news. russia has been test firing a state of the art cruise missile, much like the tomahawk, known as caliber t proves russia wants to
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get the west's attention and be treated as a superpower. one hopes we're not spending a lot of money on that analysis. it seems they're doing quite a bit more. we'll find out more as i talk with mort zuckerman next. iran's supreme leader banned any further negotiations with the united states. that's just under three months after reaching a nuclear deal with the obama administration and world powers. ayatollah khomeini doesn't have to do anything but self inspect. he says he's ready to hold talks with obama on syria. media magnate, boston properties executive chairman, mort zuckerman. good to see you. >> good to be here. >> let's start with russia and what they have done in the course of a week. they've escalated the conflict, they're bringing more military power to bare than the united
11:32 pm
states has against the regime of bashir al assad. it seems pretty clear. they mean to win they mean to have a victory. >> that's right. >> alien concept, it seems, to this administration. >> it's almost astounding when you see the contrast between the forceful presentation of his forces and of his politics by putin and the absolute shaky positions of the united states. and this is very dangerous, okay, what's going on there. it's not just syria that we're talking. it's that whole region, okay? our allies, saudi arabia, jordan, all those countries, egypt, they are up in arms over what we're not doing, never mind they're the ones who are now going to be at risk. all of our positions in that very important part of the world are now being undermined. >> the expansion of the islamic state, whether it be in syria, iraq, whether it be in northern africa, including libya, there
11:33 pm
seems to be no attention or focus on the part of this administration on any of it. yemen and the arab coalition led by saudi arabia and egypt. it's as if it has disappeared from their policy horizons. this is an extraordinary moment in u.s. history. >> yes, it is. it's almost inexplicable. it's probably the most important area in the world where there are serious contests now, where we are losing at every stage. so it's almost mis -- you look at it and go what's going on? are these people totally asleep in washington? >> the answer, as you suggest, is the pertinent one. it is also the one -- as you say, it's inexplicable what this administration is thinking. it's pretty clear what russia and vladimir putin are thinking. they're thinking they're going to dominate that region.
11:34 pm
>> right. >> which happens to be the nexus and transport of most of the world's natural gas and crude oil. >> right. >> how could they possibly -- >> russia, by the way, if they control that part of the world in crude oil and gas and everything like that, that's one of their big exports. that's going to dramatically improve their own economy as well as -- just the strategic. it's unbelievable. >> you synovize your enemy, which is what the obama administration is doing, by being passive. you're incentivizing putin. he is facing devastation, financially and economically. it's in his interest to pursue a military conflict so he can drive crude oil prices up. this is madness! >> it's almost inexplicable.
11:35 pm
this is so, shall we say -- i mean, in somebody who is sort of focused on national interests and security and on strategic planning, this is grade three. your most advanced, most sophisticated thing and we are walking way from what we have to do. >> and let's talk about the candidates themselves on the democratic side. hillary clinton dominating at this point, despite the extraordinary scandals that surround her candidacy and her person. bernie sander making a charge and doing better than anyone imagined on the republican side. donald trump leading the way. give us your measure of candidates on both sides. >> somebody said the perm nancy is due to the flatness of the ground around them. okay? you don't have people with experience -- hillary is the closest one, in fairness to her, experience in foreign policy and national politics and has a
11:36 pm
couple of good adviser. >> you wouldn't go for the socialist? >> yes. when he calls me, i'll let you know. i'll come right back here and talk to you about it. >> donald trump, fellow real estate magnate. you must have a deep kinship with him. >> i have known him for a long time and you're very nice to put us in the same category. he is a talented man. he is an entrepreneur in various ways. it is almost inconceivable that he has emerged as the predominant leader in the republican party in the polls. i mean, i find it astounding. but he has touched on something. and tied into something that this country really is very, very sensitive to. we have been getting the kind of bull from these public speakers -- nobody knows what they really mean when they say -- and he at least speaks in fairly clear terms, okay? he has enough credibility as a doer and nobody is really happy about the alternatives.
11:37 pm
his prominence, as we say, is due to the flatness of the ground around him. >> and the fact that, as you say, doing does count a little more these days rather than just talking. as a doer, want to say, great to see you, partner. come back soon. >> thank you very much. i will do it. >> mort zuckerman. joining us now, lieutenant robert mcginnis, author of the new book "never submit." great to have you with us. colonel, let me start with russia is now a significant player, a dominant player prospectively in the middle east. is there anything that you can see is developing here that implies the obama administration will try to roll back the russian rise to power in the middle east? >> no. in fact, lou, i believe that the russians are launching a ground campaign. and we are, which i think is a direct result of what they're doing in the west and the east, what obama is doing, working
11:38 pm
with kurds, arabs and the turks, is trying to secure the border between syria and turkey. the iraqi security forces are whipped and can't even take re take ramadi much less mosul. what's happening with the russians is interesting. you look at their operating base, they have enough for thousands of russians. we believe ground forces are coming in. >> we know they're coming in. here is the point, colonel. here is the point that concerns me greatly. >> yeah. okay. >> we have every reason to suspect that base was not built in a matter of weeks. it built for two months. >> yeah. >> this is a major forward facility. >> oh, yeah. >> they are putting two dozen advanced soviet fighters on that base. they have put in placements around it, they've got tanks and we're supposed to be fools, damn fools that we won't understand what our own president and white
11:39 pm
house are lying to us, and the pentagon? because this is bull what's being shoved on the american people right now. isn't it? >> absolutely, lou. you know, they've softened the allies that we had in there. now they're going to have a ground offensive. they're going to stabilize the region so assad can be at the negotiating table and take over a vast part of what he used to have, in spite of the fact of killing quarter of a million people and ravageing that country. what happens next, though, is going to be rather delicate. are those ground forces then going to collapse on one another? that's my real concern. this could become something that's much larger than what is right on our plates. and if we're not careful, tripwires will be crossed. and bad things could very well happen in the near future. >> colonel, as always, good to have you with us. >> thanks. >> colonel robert mcginnis. >> thank you. >> who will be the next speaker of the house and why are they taking so long to vote?
11:40 pm
will it be an establishment type or an outsider of sorts?
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11:43 pm
president obama pushed his newly struck deal with business
11:44 pm
leaders and officials. >> fair shot of made in america those products and services can be sold in places where there will be significant demand. >> there was no mention of how many american jobs will be created, how much additional profits american small business will enjoy. that's because there is no such estimation. the deal so says big labor and many small business people will cost american jobs and it could bring huge restrictions to the internet, of all things, including making it a crime to reveal corporate wrongdoing online. these are just some of the jewels waiting in the so-called tpp. vice president biden personally leaked details about his son's dying wish. maureen dowd's august 1st column skroibed a dying beau biden,
11:45 pm
sitting his father down trying to have his father promise to run for the white house. dowd's column instantly sparked speculation of a biden candidacy. not a fighter everyone makes him out to be, at least according to his republican counterparts. >> i never start it. bush started with me. i've been very nice to bush. i want to be nice to everybody. it's very important for the republicans to win, that they get along. i'm not looking to do this with everybody. >> now that is definitely a kinder and gentler donald trump. author and columnist jedediah,
11:46 pm
michael goodwin, fox news contributor -- i have to give you some considerable credit for being kind. not kinder. >> let's start with mccarthy. and this absurd gift that he gave hillary clinton. he has resurrected, single handedly, her campaign. >> i think it may cost him the speakership. and i think it should. i think this was a first order gaf, one that cannot be taken back or explained away. i wonder, too, if he isn't signaling that they've been the source of e-mails. how else would he give the committee credit for it? the committee itself has not done anything yet. it hasn't broken new ground. she hasn't testified yet. >> is this not the stupidest thing you've seen? republican leadership in the house has not been blessed with great talent, if i may say it
11:47 pm
that way. >> yeah. >> by the way, for that matter, neither has the democratic leadership. >> it shows that this is not the guy for the job. last thing we need is another republican who misspeaks and the rest of us have to run around cleaning up that mess. it did make it sound like it was a political witch hunt, like it was a partisan issue when, in fact, a lot of those people are trying to get to the bottom of this and trying to get answers because people died. he handed her what wound up being a really great political ad. well done, mccarthy. but step aside. you're not the man for the job and that's why. >> and then we have on the democratic side the allegations which biden's office denies, that this was a story from maureen dowd about beau wanting his father to be president of the united states, to run for preside president, so exploited. now we're told it's untrue not by the vice president but by his office. >> i have a friend who was at
11:48 pm
the funeral. and he told me that biden came up to him and hugged him and said beau told me to run. so, i think that biden may have told many people that. my friend thinks he's not the closest friend that joe biden has and that biden probably told that to many people, whether he told that to dowd or somebody else who told it to dowd, that's probably more likely, but there's no question that biden was saying this. >> what is happening on the republican side, jedediah? you're watching the emergence -- trump -- by the way, he told a story that we broadcast earlier in the show about this headline in florida, talking about bush and rubio tied and he was leading by 20 points. it was really true the way the press was dealing with him down there. we should stay in state press not national media. >> the candidates are really still struggling with him. i'm not seeing any of them, ted
11:49 pm
cruz, marco rubio, jeb bush, that everyone thought would be come away and steal donald trump's thunder. i'm not seeing them be able to do that so adeptally. >> we're not seeing these characters emerge. >> right. >> the koch brothers suddenly decided they're going to support carly fiorina, new outsider establishment -- anti-establishment candidate. you've got rubio making jokes about water deliveries from the trump water machine. >> yeah. >> this is a crazy time. these polls are saying something. i'm just not sure what. >> they're starting to take on the sense of perm nananency. not forever but it's extended where there's very little movement. people up and down within a range. essentially you have trump at the top from the beginning and staying there now. and i'm also struck, lou, that
11:50 pm
it does seem as though the field is getting whittled down now, down to eight or nine republicans with any kind of polls. >> eight or nine from a stage of 500. >> from 17. we're halfway home. >> 50% reduction. who would have believed it a year ago? >> and not a single vote yet. >> carly fiorina did manage to stand out. on the second tier debate stage, got to the first tier debate stage and managed to handle donald trump. when you listen to marco rubio, something is not clicking. these guys ought to go home and watch themselves on television and say where am i? >> at some point they've got to connect. >> yeah. >> and a in a lot stronger ways. the front-runner is the front-runner and has been the front-runner since mid july. >> also, lou, in defense of all the others with that 5%, 6% 7%
11:51 pm
each, iowa and new hampshire are so different. you're playing to a different audience. really, all they have to do is do well in one of those two. >> good point. >> well, therein lies the challenge. the same front-runner is the front-runner again for the republican side. and bernie sanders is tearing it up in new hampshire and looks about ready to overtake her completely in the polls in iowa. so, anyway, with that, we're going to say thank you, jedediah. great to see you. >> thank you very much. >> you were very kind and gentle. i thank you for that, michael. up next, scandal rocking the multi billion dollar world of fantasy sport. here next to tell us is fantasy football, is it threatened? stay with us. it's more than the cloud. it's multi-layered security and flexibility. with centurylink you get advanced technology solutions. including cloud and hosting services - all from a trusted it partner.
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we realized, okay, this not only could be convenient, we could save a lot of money. i was like, wow, if i could save this much, then i could actually maybe upgrade a little bit. and it was just easy. usaa, they just really make sure that you're well taken care of. usaa car buying service. powered by truecar. online and on the usaa app. let's start with this crazy story on somebody going after -- what is it? draft kings or king draft and fan duel? >> it's becoming insider trading. >> it is? >> you mean to tell me -- >> absolutely. yeah. there's going to be more regulations in this because there's insider information going on out there. >> is it basically insider
11:56 pm
trading between folks that want to gamble? i love that people trust the internet so much that they'll gamble on the internet. >> $2 billion a year. who knew that this -- >> and people love that. >> people into this stuff. i'm not into it at all. but people out there who just love this, spend all their time talking about who they're -- anyway, insider trading information. >> eventually. >> $1.3 billion, draft king valued at $1.2 billion. our parent company, 21st century fox with a stake in the site. everybody is playing. >> 2006 when they started saying you can't bet on sports anymore. that's what the law was. there were some exclusions. >> except vegas. >> nevada allows it. they said let's exclude fanta football. there's really no money at issue. but now there's a game changer here. now you're talking about $2 billion. they're projecting 2020 will be
11:57 pm
$14 billion. legislators are going to step in and say -- >> we're going to have more regulation. >> i know i am going to infuriate people but anybody dumb enough to gamble on the internet deserves exactly what -- >> they love it. >> i mean that. reminds me of the 1980s watching people with electronic roulette tables loving it zplu never know what's on the other side. it's a 16-year-old pimply kid. >> is the industry threatened by what happens here? >> i doubt it. >> people love doing it. real quick, u.c. berkeley creating, what would you call it, a diversity fund? >> $20 million. >> unbelievable. >> to get around proposition 209 which prohibited race-based preferential treatment. >> it does. you look at 209. that's exactly what it says. this is preferential treatment. yes, this is not legal. >> you have a bunch of liberal crazies out there, deciding that they're going to do affirmative
11:58 pm
action no matter what the law is. >> now they're not going to be able to. now an action group will get together. they're going to sue the university. >> what happens between now and 20 years from now? >> they could actually step in -- >> role of nonprofits in this because nonprofits are donating money into this fund. people really need to think about what nonprofit organizations are doing in this country. they are subsuming government at local, state and federal. we need people to awaken to this. >> there are a lot of people that do great things we're going to let them do whatever they want to do. >> and prop 209 -- >> i'm the guy saying i'm watching and i'm a dog so -- >> we knew the last part, lou. >> a jealous ex-girlfriend. >> ooh. >> murder. is there any defense for a woman shunned? >> no. >> well, you can't go insanity
11:59 pm
because this was planned well in advance. i love murder for hires. they were my specialty when i was a prosecutor. >> you love them? >> they're just so interesting. >> who knew? >> who knew? but there's so many things that go on, you know, the sex, the motive, the money. it's just all in there. >> here is what boggles me. the alleged killer broke off the relationship months before. then he goes off on his own and starts dating someone else and he's happy and she's like, wait a minute. you're not supposed to be happy. aren't you miserable? i broke up with you. then she hires someone, allegedly. >> we have to say allegedly. >> the getaway driver is looking at capital punishment as well. >> wrapped up in a conspiracy. >> i put that driver and say look you testify against the other two, we'll go a lot lighter on you. >> spare your life. that's what's at stake here. >> prosecutors around the
12:00 am
country, there no charge whatsoever for this counsel. >> pro bono. >> former prosecutor. great to have you here. >> thank you. >> thank you. dvertisement for time life's video collection. (soft piano music) well, hello. i'm carol burnett and i'm here at cbs in los angeles at studio 33. come on in. (tv show announcer) from television city in hollywood... (jaunty theme music) ♪'s the carol burnett show! (carol burnett) this is the stage where it all began. we shot all 11 seasons of my variety show here. you know, we made so many great memories. but no one has seen the first five seasons of the carol burnett show since they were first aired. no reruns, no web streaming, no dvd, nothin', nowhere, zip.


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