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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  October 12, 2015 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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announced and called on iran to avoid any activity relate today ballistic missile design today deliver nuclear weapons. southwest airlines warning major delays after technology issues, glitch causing massive lines in airport to los angeles to washington, d.c. affecting 450 flights. dell acquiring emc. deal $65 billion. if this deal is struck, it is going to be the largest technology deal on record. emc shares rather nearly 7% this morning. that's going to be one to watch including the sector with speculation that more deals continue. nonetheless, showing plat performance at this hour. weakness of opening after six days of gain in the u.s. mix bag for the most part.
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we have weakness in london. the dax index is up about 23 points higher. ceo looking to stop the expansion of social media giant to better take on increase instagram and snapshot. los angeles dodgers, second-base man appealing suspension. controversial slide into second base that broke leg of shortstop rubén tejada. quarterback eli manning hit with 21 seconds to go in the game. wide receiver beck -- becham got
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hurt when he was doing a dance. being forced by host steve to defend america's position as leader of the free world. >> he's challenging your leadership, mr. president. he's challenging your leadership. >> steve, i have to tell you that if you think that running you're economy into the ground and having to send troops in in order to prop up, your only ally is leadership, then we have a different definition of leadership. my definition of leadership would be leading on climate change and international accord. my definition of leadership is mobilizing the entire world community to make sure that iran doesn't get a nuclear weapon and with respect to the middle east, we have to fix the country coalition that isn't suddenly lining up to russia economy,
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they are arguing that the strategy would not work. >> maria: joining me now alexis and accountability project president nomeki, thanks for seeing you. >> it didn't come -- he didn't come off well. when steve said this is an embarrassment. he doesn't good, there's no silver bullet, there's no way to make this really easy, and there isn't, but at the same time it's clearly not going well. >> maria: this is sort of peckulation and -- speculation really from more than steve, but the american people who have questioned the leading from-behind strategy that the president has taken on over the years. syria is difficult for the american public to understand let alone for steve, one thing that i thought in the interview that steve would cut off obama every opportunity. president obama, you're
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filibustering me. this is the first time for president obama explain syria. this is an opportunity, great interview for obama, i disagree with -- >> maria: what do you disagree about? what putin mentality was on going into syria, saying that putin only ally is assad and for that to be leadership, for that to be strength when he is sucking the economy of the russian people so he can play war games, this is all strong-man argument. this is not about what is -- it's not about russia being, you know, we're not in the cold war anymore. president obama made a pretty fair explanation. he's not running for office. he's the president. >> dagen: i want to go back something that the american
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people don't understand syria, but see that kind of attitude of the white house is the reason that the american people do not trust what the president is doing because it's like i know better, you people are too stupid to understand what's happening. >> no, i think the media has done a bad job explaining syria. i think syria is pretty complicated and people don't understand the facts that play here. >> dagen: we were busy doing a deal with iran, we thought that iran and russia would get on our side to get rid of bashar al-assad, it's allying with iran and syria and iraq and we are caught with our pants down. >> what would the alternative be? >> dagen: turned it on the republicans. >> what would the alternative? bomb the entire region.
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>> maria: come on, give me a break. how do you see this? >> to me it was really scare how the leader of the free world, our president -- you kept pointed it out, he kept getting cut off, he didn't come across presidential in any way, shape or form to me. when he was asked the tough questions about actually being on the ground and what putin is doing over in syria to switch it back to climate. that was the weakest part of the interview. he wasn't really tied in to what the people wanted to hear and the answers that we the people are looking for. >> dagen: he came in i never believed in trying to train rebels, why did you do it? why did you do it? >> reporters shouldn't be cutting off the president of the united states, he's a politician and he's trying to sell a political position and the idea that a reporter should be sitting there, yes, mr. president, tell us our
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version of things. >> maria: this is about increasing feeling across the country and by the way across the world that the president's foreign policy is misguided, and that's the bottom line. that's what i think steve was trying to get the president to defend and he's there saying, well, the russian economy is plumeting, let's all agree, putin does not look weak. >> all putin does is about image. he's like donald trump. >> maria: how do you see it. >> we do need a serious strategy , there is an opening for somebody else to take the leadership there. clearly if we have not delivered it -- clearly we haven't, you have assad, rebels and isis.
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>> dagen: i looked at it after the fact, our strategy is to lead, our strategy is to not be there and leave that vacuum, that's the strategy. he said america is safer. i don't think the president wants us to be involved in the middle east at all. >> maria: i agree with you. one day away, tuesday night, clinton maintaining lead of front runner, how do you see this? clinton ahead of bernie sanders by 19 points with 46% of the vote. vice president joe biden with 17% even though we don't know if he's going to run. >> we're all wait toing to see. clinton has a really bad debate, which you know, we'll see if that actually happens, that's a big opening for joe biden. >> maria: that's a big if. >> dagen: has to convince people
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that he is a viable national candidate. the polls are convincing people of that right now. >> maria: the polls are showing that he is a substantial candidate? >> yeah, in the primary states right now. he raised almost as much as money as hillary clinton did without having to run across the country and taking interest and big democratic donors. it's going to be interesting if biden goes in the race. that's going to be an issue on stage. >> maria: he did admit it socially. >> one thing to be likable and another thing to be electable and a lot of the democratic voters, somebody who might want to be electable. who is electable hillary or bernie? >> this is a point where you were saying, you don't really think highly of donald trump. donald trump looks electable
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right now looking at the polls. donald trump is gop front runner in national polls. are we putting much stock on donald trump's -- >> to still be in the lead is a breath of fresh air for her -- i think if she does a decent job, the story behind her. >> maria: thank you so much. we appreciate it. big changes. plans to begin layoffs, we are going to tell you what's going on at twitter. stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪ can a business have a mind?
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>> maria: welcome back, good morning, we are following the latest developments out of turkey, country facing the worst terrorist attack in modern history over the weekend. cheryl casone with the story. good morning, cheryl. >> cheryl: good morning, 97 people were killed and 200 injured as a peace rally. the country's capital. thousands of people filling the streets to mourn the victims. no group has claimed responsibility for that attack as of yet. dell could announce takeover of emc this morning. final price tag $65 billion, that would make the largest deal in technology sector. may seek other bids but because of the price tag that might be hard to get another offer at this point. finally, maria, permanent ceo,
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twitter is going to announce company wide layoffs this week. it's unclear how many people were affected. they've got about 4,000 employees, i was looking at the stock, they did view november 2013, it went up to 69. now twitter 25-30 in the range. >> maria: it's down 2% this morning. what do you do if you're investor in twitter? >> this is the point where you have to jump in and buy for of the stock. it's not whether or not moves are working, apparently they are with new additions on the sites. someone is in there and taking the reigns and wants to do something. so if you have been in it, you can add it to. >> maria: if you don't have it,
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it's an interesting spot to get in. i do. >> it's integrated in the grade google search. >> maria: you're right. >> there has to be opportunities to leverage twitter beyond where we leverage it today. i think we have to look at twitter and opportunities. >> dagen: you know how unusual it is to see a company that's in high-growth area in this corner of technology laying people off. you're basically bringing not the death but a siren, ambulance going to the hospital. >> when he came back in though, he had free pass to clean house, make any changes that he wanted to, two things that he did new addition to the site brings on more users. that's what the aim is. number one and number two he's appealing to wall street by
6:17 am
laying people off and making the company -- >> cheryl: i just saw this last week. >> maria: whether it's twitter or anybody else. this is the week for third-quarter earnings and begin and you're not necessarily seeing the kind of strength financially at twitter. is that the big worry? >> we are going to see still a lot of macro weakness, we can be looking for macro strength. maybe twitter won't be the place to look at macro strength. if you look at that, three major head-winds, it's still high dollar. but if you back away from that, we should be seeing macro strength, they have delivered the last quarter as well.
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>> maria: big for the banks as well. >> cheryl: forecasts are coming down to the bank, it's going to be a rough. >> they have come down because we are lacking catalyst at this stage. that's still going strong, underwriting activity which has slowed in the third quarter, it's flow, which have -- >> dagen: they needed to federal reserve to raise rates. >> exactly. banks have been a proxy for the fed moving or not moving. >> i was just going to say, if you look at the banks they all traded off, citibank from high-50's to low-50's. there's still a trade ah. this isn't going to be a boom quarter for the banks. a lot of money is going to come out of the high fliers and look at some quality in the bank. >> maria: we will keep talking, cheryl, thank you, we are watching twitter this morning.
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coming up first time in years, they will not get an increase in benefits. we will tell you about it. thriller, walking dead, ruling last night with 90-minute premier. we will talk about it, stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> maria: good morning, watching prices at the bump, average 2 cents. oil prices around $50 a barrel. good morning, phil. >> phil: that isn't happening. why it isn't happening?
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they are $50 a barrel but also because of a lot of refinery problems, now while you and i just love gasoline prices and puts more money in pockets, a lot of the state governments are having a difficult time because the lower prices mean lower tax revenue for a lot of them. a lot -- big thing to keep a look on, another drop. >> maria: people who receive social security will not see increase in benefits next year, the reason is lower oil and gas prices, social security is based on annual cost of living adjustment which has gone down. you wouldn't put these together but this is what's going on. >> exactly. it's been running at zero or a little bit above zero for the last six months. even if you exclude energy prices, we are still not seeing wage inflation, so therefore we
6:24 am
are not seeing inflation period. jp morgan did study and did who is benefiting from gasoline prices, well, of course, we find it it's the younger segment of the population that's driving the most, ges what, we find that they are spending it. 80% of it, but the retiree the person not driving quite as much and yet, there are the exact same people who are not seeing social security benefits go up. >> no matter what happens to the negative, those are the people who tend to get it the worst. phil made good points about oil. well, it came under there. now we are at $50 a barrel, i think you're going to see that trickle down to the pump. you are going to see gas prices normalize here. it's going to help retired people who are getting hurt by the social security.
6:25 am
>> dagen: you're beginning to start seeing airfares being lowered, which is great news. >> maria: really? for a long time they were swallowing that. you weren't seeing it passed on to the consumer. >> this is actually oil-driven deflation. not what you want to see, but as a benefit it does mean consumers do spend the savings elsewhere, that's the way to turn things around. >> dagen: ever since the story broke, i have not called my parents on the phone. [laughter] >> dagen: i know they will be mad like so many people, but no inflation, no cost of living adjustments. >> maria: exactly. southwest airlines asking customers to arrive early, big issues around the flight over the weekend at southwest, back
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maria: hi good morning morning i amma we'll back monday, october 12 fox business network dagen mcdowell ross cliff cooh murphy j.p. morgan morgan asset management. >> president obama, uncomfortable with cbs reporter steefr croft on "60 minutes" pressured about leadership in the world perpetration that vladimir putin is making obama look bad. >> challenging your loirl, mr. pet is challenging your leadership. >> i got to tell you if you think that running your economy, in to the ground and having to send troops in, in order to prop up your only
6:30 am
ally, is leadership we've got a different definition of leadership. maria: as we say airlines warning about major delays after technology issues caused big problems for the airline sunday the glitch because lines at airports from los angeles to washington, d.c. . affecting some 450 flights, del expected to announce a big deal to acquire emc wait a second for confirmation, deal o could be worth 65 billion dollars according to the "new york times," the "the wall street journal" first reported the talks last week, if this deal is struck it is expected to be the largest technology deal on record, shares rising more than 7% as you can see a big winner, rest evident market microsofted take a look dow jones industrial average in positive territory s&p nasdaq close to flatline coming off straight days of gains for u.s. equities, in europe this morning mixed performance weakness in u.k. with ft100 down 29 points
6:31 am
right now cac quarante in paris also under pressure tune of half 1% dax in german continue to go recovery dax up a quarter of a per cent this morning, los angeles dodgers second baseman chase utley is appealing, a two-game suspension, handed down major league baseball. utley peddle after a controversial slide into second base, during game two that actually broke the leg of new york metz short stop reuben tejada patriots undwaeltd beneath up on dallas cowboys in texas five undieted in nfl, tampa, florida a waterspout ruined a tractor trailer truck on sunshine skyway bridge the waterspout whipped across sie away a it had crossing the bridge hit a u.s. postal service truck no injuries reported. >> big bank earnings goldman
6:32 am
sachs bank of america wells fargo city group j.p. morgan kicking things off tomorrow financing and then as to show growth 8.4% down from 14.8% expected the beginning of the quarter, goldman sachs the biggest victim here estimates dropped by 25%, over the last 30 days, estimates continue to come down in banking sector like you said you like the evaluations happen where the growth story. >> growth stories one thing i think the growth stories you need the rates to start to move up in order to get real growth in banks remember banks have been dealing with lower zero per cent interest rates since 2009 going on six years leashed to you deal with this how to make money with it talk about goldman, numbers come down 25%, i think that is going to be a lack of case of bar set very, very low, the banks are going to come out do abouting to make announcements i think the stock prices, will move higher on this earnings. >> you want to apply banks. >> absolutely.
6:33 am
>> did you take your numbers down? >> we did take our numbers down, and you know a lot of it has to do with neither interest margins not going to materialize as one might expect if fed raised short-term rates trading an issue in third quarter we know what happened in equity market. >> but i think there is a positive and negative i will give you there, positive is the u.s. consumer, right the default rates decline provisions to cover default rates decline good thing all things better in residential in commercial real estate a negative potentially the ask exposure to commodity sector not great and our but stocks how much exposure could they have to energy story one thing if regulators want a more aggressive approach to dealing with potential default in the
6:34 am
energy space all that is going to do is for which those potentially more default. >> you make great point commodities complex one of the big, we were speculating what is going on with deutsche bank, because deutsche bank may have had big access ask exposure to glencore as well as he volkswagen. >> right, with the glencore example they were borrowing money from banks taking loans to pay off, oil like make advance payments to producers, chad expects i want to mention mortgages originations expected lower than first half of the year, and you have some banks, namely j.p. morgan backed away from making fha loans because of a aggressive prosecutors in this country so once again you have the government putting banks in a situation pushing them away from vital business. >> now they have to know how to deal with that by now the big banks dealing with government coming in to try to squeeze them, and to force them into different ways of
6:35 am
running their businesses, since the financial crisis, so, i actually think as far as the mortgages go if you see j.p. morgan backing away from that you are going to see big banks like wells fargo we know m midtier into that area. >> i that i good point we have learned how to deal withing regulations the reality is that today, it is not one or two that you have to meet it is more five or six we have met them you look at the requirements we don't fully phase in until 2018 we are a big step of the way there so i think the -- that actually tells you the potential positive for the banking sector because a lot of that, negativity has been. >> that is a good point southwest he experiencing a malfunction caused hundreds of delays across united states sunday. good morning. >> good morning, maria that is right the technical issues spilling into today at a major
6:36 am
headache for anyone traveling with airline this morning, the glitch affecting as we, the southwest mobile app and reservations centers across the country, limiting the airlines ability to scan boarding passes southwest is asking passengers flying this morning, to arrive two hours early, and to print boarding passes before you get to the airport, they will find that helpful as well they noted it was not a hack attack, or anything like that in fact a technical glitch we've seen technical glitches from american last month united two situations in july, but enough to forefrustration for passengers that get -- hitting airlines i have a list what the biggest frustrations are if you want to guess one? >> how about this one -- >> going to hurt business, if you do this to me once and i generally fly your airline unless -- my -- hometown isn't
6:37 am
serviced by another major, i wouldn't fly that airline again. >> it is interesting the whether southwest united any airline amazing the planes get off the ground because there is always a technical glitch. so i guess my question is what is actually being done about technical glitches do we actually learn from them. >> people don't say a deck glitch just -- >> that is right they don't -- >> always happens arrange big traveling days i think we know glitches are going to come up really how the airlines respond to them, to the question, i think if they handled that or gave you a discounted flight in the future i think would you continue to fly what i think southwest is very good at. >> big, big discount -- >> right. >> complaints, first half of 2015, so you know that flight cancellations delays number would be bab gage two, ticketing three, poor steve forbes.
6:38 am
>> thank you so much start with nicole and lauren simonetti fmnam 5:00 a.m. mariner before "mornings with maria" breathe on housing market fierce of higher rates senting investors into sell mode my guest says there is one area you want to put your money zombies ruling the television hit series "the walking dead" kicking off, first take a break could be catch of the weekendp he cleveland browns tight end catching the ball with legs, upset the baltimore ravens for the win. we'll be right back. >> ♪ whoops there goes another ♪
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maria: welcome back linked in checking things out the details on. cheryl: you bet sight implementing get that discretionary time off policy, for u.s. employees, so starting november 1 will no longer offer a set number of vacation days instead it is going to work with managers to plan vacations times we will see how long it takes to ask to -- entire year off you know going to happen. >> images out of india bangalore swamped with creepy toxic, creeping and creepy comes from a rake polluted by
6:43 am
chemical and sewage it is so strong burns the nose, coming if contact with skin itchy rash highly flammable. >> finally to sports joonts showing fight in at a win over san francisco 49ers week 5 nfl matchup, quarterback eli manage found the end zone for a touched, 21 seconds left in the game final score 30-27 new york, getting the win maria back to you. maria: thanks so much breathe on real estate, fierce of higher interest rates setting the interest interest you have the in turmoil could be a good entry point joining us scott crowe the chief investment strategist center square investment management good to see you thanks for joining us, what you are seeing in the market right now. >> what is interesting we had two different viewpoints on hand public equity markets
6:44 am
about, a -- discount underlying real estate value on the other side of the equation you had blackstone privatizeing, underlying to -- share price, you got one version in equity markets worried about the fed, another group looking it is a reap fundamentals saying that things are really, really good. and the rates are cheap. >> you look at fundamentals you got to believe going well rentsing soaring vacancies down not much supply. >> that is right one trg characteristics of this recovery is rack of supply normally to a recovery you see a lot more new stuff out of the ground, that is a direct correlation to the fact that the -- risk aversion hung around what means i are not seeing the same supply you normally should, and even though growth is modest went
6:45 am
growth strong the reits, big ones volatile vornado down 20% year to date last month rallied up 10% off lows, so clearly there was a great opportunity, there, do you distill see th still see or wait. >> wisdom that rates under perform into a rate cycle, when fed increases interest rates so what that means if receipts under perform prior to the fed raising interest rates, then outperform after the event so if you are interested in getting into the real estate at a today is a opportunity, don't wait. >> there is a growing thought i guess, that commercial real estate is in a bubble in, this country particularly in your major cities in the united states not residential wut external commercial you see what would i call overbuilding in new york city at this point. >> starting to see some cranes, it is taking two to
6:46 am
three years to hit the market, so we definitely passed halfway mark in the cycle, as to pricing another valid point prices are probably 10, 15% above peak values in many prime cities the conundrum space today is that yields are back to all time lows in other words, prices are high statement, 10 year bond yield 2%, so you can finance this real estate, very attractiveproduce great rir revealing the high prisons are going to attract more development more supply, that could be years away. >> i agree, real estate has got to being attractive right now given how low yields are, but within rae are there pockets of opportunity we should look at apartments? that vacancies declining speaking of building may have bills too many of those, to is it office real estate is it something else. >> -- both two areas, two favorites right now you are
6:47 am
right we've seen a lot of supply that is a good reason more and more people renting they want to rent millenials. >> rents are going up. >> that is right. >> people would rather rent in city than suburbs i think supply is normal healthy reaction to secular change the markets are normally late cycle players takes a while for these assets to heat up in terms of rental growth. >> one thing i add about new york you see represents through the roof a lot more supply coming on the market, and you have a quality of life that is spiraling down the toilet because mayor in city to be -- i think that people are not maybe paying aattention bigd in neighborhoods kind of becoming questionable again. >> this is not -- represents are going through the roof. >> that is more it shall we need the fact is where people want to do business changed we need more real estate in those areas to, basically allow that to happen without crazy prices i think we need more supply not less, to exactly address
6:48 am
that point. >> thank you so much see you soon, zombie fever takes over tv last night take a look behind this undead creates a president obama telling "60 minutes" he is not surprised donald trump has bern surging in the polls but he doesn't think he will take over for him when he leaves office. >> i think that he -- is a great publicity seeker, and you know at a time when the republican party hasn't real figured out what it is for as opposed to what it is against i think that he is tapped into something that -- exists in the republican party that is real,ness how to get attention, he is -- the classic reality tv character, and at this early stage not surprising that he has gotten a lot of attention i don't think he will end up being president of the united states.
6:49 am
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. maria: welcome back zombies took over television last night with amc hit walking dead sen premier joining is entertainment reporter, your thoughts on the premier how did it go. >> about about unbelievably. >> right. >> this show is out of control, last night did not disappoint, the buzz that is we are talking about a season six being described epic fans and there are legions will will not be disappointed with this season. >> who do you think is behind this creates a of zombies -- >> it is there is -- >> i watched a first couple of i watched first couple seasons, but just i was not sleeping at night. i couldn't go to sleep.
6:53 am
>> it is tv you want to watch when it airs, but then i would be waking up 1:00 in the morning, like -- those typographictype of things. >> i think what we are seeing is that the zombie, you know the zombies are really, of course, something keeps people waking up in the middle of the night as you points out humanitarian element to this show people are really getting, you know, connecting with characters see how they survive or perhaps how they are not going to survive, but as you pointed out, a major franchise for amc the end of last week increased profits 25%, exceeding wall street expectations franchise continuing, a spin-off now a spin-off of the spin-off 16 episode web only series less than one minute each, there is just really infiltrating, even audiences they have not reached i think to put in perspective if not a zombie
6:54 am
walking dead fan, really, this show is the most watched show on television, across all networks very crucial 18 to 49 advertising demographic beating out nfl "sunday night football." >> no wonder cash -- >> incredible. >> what is next move or amc to monetize, this a movie after spin-offs how do they monetize? >> a lot of people forget this started from a comic book we are seeing web series the spin-off of the summer spin-off will be a 16 episode, less than one minute snippet airing on line, and i think that is how they are going to do it also reaching international audiences. >> hoi do some -- stephen tyler a letter to trump tells him stop using dream on at campaigning. >> did the second cease and desist sent to trump's
6:55 am
campaign neil young complained so did arianna okay. you have seen entertains extremely liberal don't want to be connected to republicans that is interesting point, steven tyler is a republican he was also, reportedly at the first debate as trump's guest, so his spokesperson says not personal not political it is a right of issue of copyrighting. >> don't use the song free. >> precisely see what he does. >> trying to you save since self-financing his campaign. >> exactly. >> exactly. >> thanks so much. >> good to talk with you, next hour rick perry former sr., campaign advisor joins us, john weighs in on steve jobs movie back in a moment.
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egotistic egotistic maria bartiromo happy monday it is monday, october 12 columbus day throughout the morning this morning fox business network dagen mcdowell, ross cliff capital mike murphy j.p. morgan asset management global restaurants anastasia amoroso. >> president obama challenged on television last night about leadership on "60 minutes" last night steve croft asked how he responds to critics that say russian president vladimir putin is take tag lead on the royal stage. >> he is challenging your loirld mr. president he is challenging your leadership steve i got to tell if you you think running your economy into the ground having to accepted troops in, in order to prop up your only ally, is leadership, then we've got a different definition of leadership.
7:00 am
>> meanwhile, in iran iran decision to test fire a new generation of surface to surface mailz threatening packet with western nations in july united nations security rolls of because on iran to would i any activity revolt to missiles designed to deliver nuclear weapons looks like against the agreement before implemented southwest airlines warning travelers about major delays technology, issues, caused major problems force airline on sun, causing massive lines at airports from los angeles, to washington, d.c., 450 flights affected dell expected to announce any minute, it is acquisition of amc we are expecting this 65-billion-dollar deal to to be announced between dell and emc "the wall street journal" first reported talks last week, if struck is expected to be largest technology on record 356-billion-dollar emc up, up this morning. >> futures indicating a
7:01 am
fractionally hi openings for broader averages we have seen the gains materialize last 30 minutes fractional movers nonetheless upside after six straight days of gains, for u.s. equities, over in europe, this morning, mixed bag early trading ft 100 down 30 points cac quarante in paris weaker by 16, the dax, in germany, once again, recovering after huge falloff this year, the dax is up this morning, 33 points. twitter reportedly set to pronounce layoffs reko reporting jack dorsey looking to stock expansion of the social media giant to take on increased competition from instagram and snapchat among others los angeles dodgers, second baseman chase utley appealing a two-game suspension, by plrp panhandled after a slide into second being base game two woke the leg of shortstop reuben tejada, the new york giants, win, this morning beating
7:02 am
49ers last night 30-27. quarterback eli manning hit larry in the end zone he go ahead touchdown, 21 seconded last odell beckham, jr., celebrating his touchdown doing a salsa dance was reported he had pulled a hamstring during that performance. during that salsa dance. [laughter] great video, president obama in hot seat last night on "60 minutes" forced by host steve croft to defend america's motion as leading from behind, as leader of the free world. >> of he is challenging your leadership, mr. president challenging your leadership. >> steve, i -- i you got to tell if you -- if you think that running your economy into the ground, and having to send troops in in order to prop up your only ally, is leadership, then we got a different definition of leadership, my
7:03 am
definition of leadership would be leading on climate change and international accord with potential we will get in paris my definition of leadership is mob metabolizeing the entire world community to make sure iran doesn't get a neurologic weapon, and where had the the middle east, we got to a 60 country coalition is not suddenly lining up around russia strategy to the contrary they are arguing that strategy will not work. >> from hampers former gop presidential candidate utah governor, thanks so much for joining us. >> hey maria. >> great to be with you. >> how would you characterize what we heard in terms of leadership do you think putin up stainling obama. >> in the case of middle east absolutely is up staging the president doubled down basically, on a bad policy, he has his only ally, in syria in the region, and i think he is playing a short tactical game
7:04 am
not sure well as long strategic game if he is able to make sense out of the situation in sir, western iraq putting isis down could win advocates dilute the entire middle east region, and could be a major a source of influence, and a power broker for a generation to come. that what is united states is not a good outcome, we ought to be in there we have interests obviously, we ought to be playing long game instead of short game i have real concerns where this might take us. >> idea of leading from behind, has it worked? >> well, you see where we are. look what it has done in syria look what it has done in iraq, you have the destaib lived nation states no fencings economies for the most part allies stroll concerned about what future is going to be we have made no progress in the region at all major powers now are meddling in the region
7:05 am
what happens when major powered meel in regions, you've got turkey now just north of syria, aen in of nato, you have some incident between russia and turkey, that is going to test article v, in collect security proposition of nato, then you have real problems! so we are on the verge here of some potentially dangerous things happening, and a little loirl would be a good thing, hopefully not too late in the game never too late but we have interests to be protected we have friends allies, who are looking for u.s. leadership because when we don't lead, then the vacuum is filled by less been evlant architect what you are seeing in putin. >> you are looking at creating a different party with no labels tell us what you are trying to do governor. >> wr not crying a different party we recognize, we have a two-party system, republicans and democrats, we have 2000 good citizens, of hampers standing outside here, the largest getting a unaffiliated
7:06 am
voters i think in the history this have great state today we're going to have most of the leading candidates, on the republican side, and the democratic side also, absolutely unusual because when you get the republicans and democrats together, the whole theme is okay we have a two-party system we understand that, but we are people gathered here, who believe in public sector your country before your party, and getting the political system to focus on the big issues of the day. >> governor. >> as we engage in finger-pointing acrimony makes it impossible to focus on jobs a balanced budget, energy self-sufficiency fixing entitlements. >> should not you be on the house floor sending that message to the gop? they can't even elect a speaker of the house in a rational way, so -- is that really -- it is telling people we need to be unified really going to fix things? >> well, you know what? change comes from the
7:07 am
grassroots, to say that we are always going obsess in this mode dysfunction paralysis is wrong, the wrong choice doing nothing, is -- is -- it will keep us doing exactly what we're doing. so the concerned citizens are here we have members of congress who joined us republicans and democrats outraged governor here local officials i am guessing the kind of pressure we're going to put on political pressure the kinds of conversations that the candidates will have when here which will be not just what they want to do for country but how they are going to get it done most important of all, that how prespochz that you are going to bring people together billed coalitions work with other party without that it is impossible to get anything done. maria: right. >> so we are very interesting grassroots movement focused on problem solving at the end of the day you can be a republican you can be a democrat we've got left wing right wiping everything in between we believe in putting
7:08 am
america first time is ripe to be forcing on issues that really do matter we're going to get there this is what happens in america you get little entrepreneurial start-ups like you have no labels put pressure on body politic people get the message. >> i thick the way no labels, open to both sides, weighing in because you are right, a lot of the you know, the -- fighting gets in the way of getting anything done mike murphy from rosecliff capital. >> i know you started your career with president reagan president reagan had a point not attacking your own party, isn't that just a simple place for the republican party to start to stop bashing each other from within? >> well, he also said that you can be my 80% friend as opposed to 20% enemy. i watched him in action, he was a big tent big picture optimistic vigorous leader people like to be around him he was good-hearted a sense of direction he made people feel good. it was a big tent party, and
7:09 am
one of my concerns, is that we're getting, to a smaller smaller footprint as a party, so how do you get the 270 electoral college votes you need win presidency if you can't carry ohio, virginia, colorado and florida, it makes it absolutely impossible >> so message i take from ronald real estating greet yun 80 we're we have got to bring people in as opposed to scare them out. we can accept differences we can have different world views and opinions. but we have to have transcendent issues that bring us together as republicans there are plenty of them balanced budgets smaller tax base rolling back, the burden of government regulation, a big, bold confident position in the world so is much that brings us together as republicans, that we can take from the playbook we just have to remember simply principles of the reagan years we can do it all over again. >> governor behind you you have a integrate background says stop fighting and start
7:10 am
fixing this is something you he mentioned as well, what will it take to unify the pattern party what sets of principles can do the trick? >> well i think by focusing on what the american people are looking for, the american people want shared goals, the american people want problem solving around issues that really matter it was interesting maria when we did very polling at misinterpret people whether republican or democrat seemed the same level of support came around a jobs agenda, fixing entitlements mishgd social security energy self-sufficiency a balanced budget no more complicated than that if the republican party, in line with democrats who want to do same thing were able to embrace some shared goals ro ronald reagan had shared goals with tip o'neill on tax reform entitlement roechl bill clinton had same thing with
7:11 am
beginning ri newt gingrich took different paths to get there got to same outcome we haven't big also go for this nation in a very long time i submit to you that the republican party, could hit it out of the ballpark by targeting some big goals that are ripe for america they don't have to be heavy government governmetransfusion g us pay board bringing a generation of young people looking for a sign of hope in the workplace that they are going to be okay their country is go doing lead the charge k examine economically in terms of international affairs it can be done going to take problem solving shared goals sense of a common designee in order to get there. >> you made a lot of great points thank you for joining us we so appreciate your time this morning. >> thanks, maria also a a american. >> cincinnati bengals beating seahawks in a nail-biting overtime win one stient says
7:12 am
basic feksz helped the final field goal kick, sec cutting back on using in-house judges for series cases drawn criticism, cyberwar ignites arms race dozens of xhaens fight that threat china planning to intensify services concluding uber we will be back, stay with us. ♪ ♪ reform.
7:13 am
7:14 am
7:15 am
maria: traveling stranded at airport after technology glitch delayed hundreds of as we say flights last night cheryl casone. cheryl: that is right unhappy seem southwest airlines hit with a glitch causing hundreds of delays massive lines at airports from los angeles, to washington, d.c., and a statement southwest pleaded with customers to arrive two
7:16 am
hours before departure technical issues could spill over today causing a headache for anybody with that airline especially this morning, get ready. cincinnati bengals a huge comeback to seat see atel see hawkish in overtime 5 and 0 to start season cincinnati winning field goal barely made it, in after it hit the upright but it made it, get this astrophysicist has seem has science to think winning ot field goal likely enable by one-third flefgs to the right 'cause wi earth rotation, someone i am shire understands that jock dorsey prepping for first remove as permanent ceo, going to announce company-wide layoffs unclear how many people will be affected inspires say likely going to affect most if not all of the depths at twitter twitter has 4,000 employees stock under
7:17 am
pressure talked about last hour jack dorsey seems taking no prisoner maybe celebrated as now permanent ceo. >> got to do something stock public with fanfare way down from ipo price. >> it is way down, i think the fanfare around dorsey is justified, until it is not, everybody wants a permanent ceo they looked far and wide for a ceo, and ended up with the original guy back there jack dorsey, again, i think that this speaks to he has a free pass right now. on how to correct this company, it is his baby, he is back in there can make tough decisions right now, get the company back on track for growth and i think it is a great move for the company jack running the company. but i don't know if he should be running two companies two public companies. >> ceo of square as well as twitter. >> i think what we have to see interesting, jack dorsey's motive is to rebuild the company, and to take at the ownership take the reins
7:18 am
cheryl you brought up last hour or is he preparing this to be a nice package to sell to somebody else, it seems to me like to there could be an appetite for that as well, it is utility it is a great service, so, you either pollish it up and make it a shiny. >> -- how do you monetize it. >> the answer starting to figure out it is the ad based revenue model is going to help monetize if you notice to know feed a lot more ads popping up targeted ads i this i going to help them. >> leave it there. >> you are not talking about -- well -- >> getting -- >> he puts lipstick on a sow tries to sell it. >> thank you, we head to break i want to oe. mc 7 billion dollars, offer 33.15 a share shares up on news, we are going to tell but the spinout
7:19 am
of the what else the details the largest in technology, ever announced back in a minute. the only way to get better is to challenge yourself,
7:20 am
7:21 am
7:22 am
and that's what we're doing at xfinity. we are challenging ourselves to improve every aspect of your experience. and this includes our commitment to being on time. every time. that's why if we're ever late for an appointment, we'll credit your account $20. it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. prices the pump this monday morning national afrm for a gallon of regular gasoline up two cents from a a we can oak now 2.31 a ghal, this is oil prices, hover around 50 dollars a barrel so in middle of the action, good morning. >> good morning higher oil prices mean higher gasoline prices that is what we're seeing at the pump, but, of course, for opec this is you
7:23 am
know, great news for them because they are declaring victory on u.s. energy producer, basically coming out right now saying, that is yet to come, for u.s. for opec oil producers, they are seeing better demand for oil next year seeing the market quite a bibb declaring victory over u.s. emergency producenergy pro time for cartel to come seeing more demand for oil stronger than anticipated for opec oil back to you. maria: thank you so much crude oil about 49, for the third time in 40 years people conservativing social security will not see increase in benefits next-year low gasoline prices social security is based on annual cost-of-living adjustment gone down due to prices at pufrn you made a good point you have done a survey at j.p. morgan people are spending much of the money they are saving. >> right, not showing up the
7:24 am
cost-of-living adjustment has not changed. >> you are not seeing those really take off, in the reason is because not every one every person about his from lower gasoline prices, the survey we did j.p. morgan institute if you look at younger people, they are the ones benefiting from low gasoline priets because they tend to drive a lot more, than somebody 65 and retired. >> not getting social security. >> right exactly so that -- the fact the retirees ones that are getting social security they are not benefiting from lower gasoline prices, and not getting inflation cost adjustment a double what am manyy. >> no benefit comef. >> if you look at retail you are not seeing that bump up a lot expected when you saw oil down closing in on $2 per gallon the pump i am looking for as we head back to school numbers holiday season i think people sitting on this money sitting on savings from the pufrn i think going to have a strong sales into the holiday season. >> spending was up, though for
7:25 am
the 3 month during the summer. >> it has been ticking up. >> ticking, yeah. >> moving up, not going down, and i did want to point out last hour, that airfares going down in september down 18% from a year ago also lower from the month of august, and that you are going to attribute that to lower fuel prices getting finally passed on to plierz. >> i think we are seeing you know the oil shg, dlaifgs passe on to core goods maybe you will see spending kick off fourth quarter maybe what we find is that the lower individuals younger individuals, who are realizing the gas savings they are spending them if you look at the increase in discretionary spending outside of gas, it has picked up. >> will he or won't he paul ryan feeling pressure to take reins from boehner we will
7:26 am
talk about that next supposed to consider over the weekend what have we learned you are watching "mornings with maria" next with paul ryan.
7:27 am
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. maria: good morning i am maria bartiromo, happy monday it is monday tokyo 12 with me all morning fox business network dagen mcdowell, rosecliff capital mike murphy j.p. morgan asset management global strategist. >> president obama challenged on national television last night about leadership in the world contentious appearance on 06 mipz cbs steve croft asked president how he would respond to critics that say russian president vladimir putin is taking the lead on the world stage. he is challenging your leadership, mr. president. he is challenging your leadership. >> steve, i -- i got to tell you, if -- if you think that running your economy into the ground, and having to send troops in, in order to prop up your only ally, is leadership,
7:30 am
then we've got a different definition of leadership. >> a southwest airlines warning travelers about major delays once again, technology, issues caused big problems for the airlines sunday, causing massive lines at airports from los angeles, to washington, d.c., 450 flights affected, it is official, dell and emc corporation making it official that they are doing the largest deal, dell will acquire emc for 67 billion dollars, that is 33 dollars, 15 points a share the largest technology deal on record, tvv will remain independently publicly traded e-- he vmware, emc i want better than 7% before official this is in cash, and stock, as you can see emc higher, futures market higher this morning, indicating a higher opening for the broader averages, we have been back and forth now see s&p and nasdaq very close to the flat line, dow jones industrial average up a fraction on heels of 6 straight days of gains for
7:31 am
u.s. stocks, stocks in europe mixed as you can see, same story there right now, ft100 down 40 points cac quarante down 23, and the dax index higher by about 8 points we did have gains in asiaa japan is closed for the holiday, in u.s., and there are some other holidays around the world japan and bond market closed nobel prize for economic award earlier, princeton prefer winning for work on poverty and welfare. >> chase utley appealing a two-game suspension handed down by major league baseball utley panhandled after controversial slide into second base, during game two that actually broke the leg of new york metz short stop reuben tejada, the patriots undefeated wins beating up on dallas cowboys there are five teams unhe defeated in nfl a
7:32 am
sport ruined a truck on sunshine so stay way bridge became a tornado as it crossed the bridge hit a u.s. postal service truck no injuries reported there. all eyes on paul ryan this morning as he continues to mull over a decision whether to run for house speaker. ryan attracting support from front runners donald trump and ben carson over weekend appears to be an acceptable choice ultra conservative freedom caucus the house pushed boehner aside, a former campaign advisor to mitt romney and rick perry. >> how are you -- >> your thoughts you think paul ryan takes the job? >> well the word on the street is that paul ryan is now open to taking the job, if the ultra conservatives will go with him not do tail wagging the dog thing on every vote that comes along the way it is not obviously that is the
7:33 am
case, they still have a lot of demands they want to hold him to, and it is not clear they are able to come to agreement on that. >> that is really interesting that is one of the things paul ryan is saying wahs off the bat saying look i am going to come in here if in fact i am open to, this but i am going to bring people together, and i need to make sure, that i've got buy in from freedom caucus so that we don't have divisions, that is certainly a smart way of beginning this. >> yeah i mean the thing paul ryan as you know doesn't want this job he is happy being house ways and means chairman doing taxi reform the budget long wanted to do that has been a dream job 6, 8, 10 years to be speaker he is not going to have that policy role that he wanted to have as has been shown last couple years, it is a tough job being speaker, herding cash getting everyone to agree. >> i want to point out crew member jim disorderon runs freedom caucus on fox news sunday yesterday with chris
7:34 am
wallace the freedom caucus is backing daniel webster he did say when asked that the freedom caucus members would leak favorably, on paul ryan as the new speaker, so it looked like yesterday that caucus is opening the door to that. >> and i think really speaks to the dysfunction in the party a guy fit for the job a lot of people want in paul ryan i think a great move by him to say i will come in take the job but only going to do it if i can have some people line up behind me if there is not going to be all pushing back and forth infighting within the party i think a great move by paul ryan, hopefully he good, et cetera, the job, takes the job, and can bring some coheseiveness. >> why not kevin mccarthy say that is gus the answer was in same as boehner perhaps freedom becausek wanted nothing with that paul ryan coming in with powerful
7:35 am
position maybe a question is there are a few big agenda items coming up in december. and with them is debt ceiling what is your proposition how would-be speaker paul ryan would handle that. >> great question i was going to say one of the things that is interesting about this debate between if leadership and majority of the house caucus and house freedom caucus, is not really issue driven, the debt ceiling is one issue, where the house freedom caucus wants to say not raise debt ceiling you have to raise the debt ceiling unless willing to refor them entitlements who is the guy point man in movement on entitlement reform paul ryan so this is one of the interesting things the debate between, are the leadership, and the house freedom caucus more about in their case, process, can we have representation leadership, will you make sure you don't run the primary candidates against us where as for leadership more can we get budget deals through can we get the debt ceiling deal through, that is the debate not really about issues it is
7:36 am
process tells you, that the challenges here, pretty difficult when about issues you can the details when process maybe tougher. >> one challenge they have not been able to get anything through the senate, you know you speak to representatives in the house let's say we passed a lot of bills we wanted those bills to get to president's desk the president could have you know vetoed them that would have been his legacy, and yet, it didn't happen because they couldn't get votes in the senate, so what is paul ryan have to do with that? is he going do have is it accurate in terms of getting things through to the president's desk? >> great point and also we're in 7th year of 8 year democratic presidency, that there is a lot of frustration, pessimism over that period of time, i hope that if there is a republican president who are nominee, targets views that unify, this broad spectrum of conservatives maybe in that way people start to say okay if we recapture white house
7:37 am
canaveral behind that agenda. >> -- who is that person? . >> well, i do think going to come from one of the more experienced candidates i don't think the so-called outsiders people never held political office, are going to be able to unity the party that way. >> good to have you on the show you the so much. >> thanks, maria. >> joining us, controversial steve jobs biopike positive review after a limited release over weekend just ahead we talk with former apple ceo john sculley his thoughts depiction of him and late steve jobs, back in a moment. ♪ ♪ amerivest selects the funds and manages your portfolio.
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facing worst terror attack over weekend cheryl casone good morning. cheryl: that is right good morning, 97 people killed in more than 200 injured in two bombings as peace rally in ankar the capital, thousands of people filling streets to mourn victims no group claimed responsibility for that attack, and california background first state to ban public schools from using redskins as a team name nickname or mascot, governor jerry brown signing into law the california racial act effective january 1, 2017
7:42 am
passage my amp up pressure on d.c.'s team to do same. >> making it if i recall dell will acquire emc for 67 billion, 33.15 per share largest on record, vmware will remain an independent publicly traded company, take a look at stock guys because it was moving more than 4% maria higher if premarket backed off actually, substantially as you can see on screen now 2918, reed what you will the stock pulling back premarket. maria: you wondered what this means in terms of what dell is telling us for a long time dell has been moving, away from the retail and more toward institution the enterprise type business this is exactly what this does. dagen: storage but the trend in technology has been to be smaller and more nimble, this is the lumbering giant the execution does it open the
7:43 am
door for competitors to basically take market share, as they try to are a integrate two. >> dedicaata storage growing de wants to be in it you are right if you look at pc business over the last three years, have you seen declines in pc business, but somewhere you may see increases is in up graigd our infrastructure, when companies government, and do you need servers a lot of data storage with that a move makes sense. >> dell will remain chairman of ceooh that has been announced what does he do new direction knowing pc market face it is somewhat of a dying -- >> i think he do ising the with emc biggest part the are popularity is mobility explosion of data why you need you know, things like emc, and
7:44 am
larger enterprise businesses, right? >> it is correct, and if you look though although pcs have been dropping year over year for the last several years, when dell went private they had about roughly 14% market sharper of the pc market, today they still have roughly 14%, so going private looks like right now a great move by michael del his stock prices dropping he had to do what he anything he could to appease investors, wall street by going private with a partner like silver lake able to take a lower approach looks like right the spontaneous the market share has stopped going down now they look at a company like emc paying 24 dollars a share in cash, the rest is in vmware stock i think the play for dell here is the m-ware and what is next move that is going to stay a publicly traded company i think if any weakness in vmware setup for dell to inquiry vmware where real growth is. >> you don't think dell is done. >> i do not.
7:45 am
>> why not do that right now acquire a piece of the company versus applying whole thing up one of the issues is leverage for dell private and then a put nevertheless having to add 40 billion. >> about 40 billion. >> borrowing about 40 billion at a chunk, why not pie the piece you really want. >> i think getting 40 billion at interest rates i sure del with group looked at it figuring out whether or not they are able to do better with annually than 2% roughly going to pay on 40 billion i this i that should be what makes the deal easy because he borrowing at extremely low rates never thought they would be able to borrow that level. >> timing critical for emc to do this deal, tucci was set to retire i think delayed retirement, issue on emc ripe for picking. >> to your point seems a good teal for emc he shareholders 67 billion total biotechnical
7:46 am
steve jobs hitting theatres a good review former apple ceo john sculley his take on the film, back in a minute.
7:47 am
7:48 am
7:49 am
maria: welcome back futures this morning indicating a higher opening for the broader averages moves talking about, not a bad opening, after six straight days of gains, european markets mixed it will was good night in asia, shanghai up 3 1/2% europe right now subpoena 100 down 33 cac quarante down 17 dax up 22 points, this morning, and asian markets as mentioned japan closed this morning, couple other markets in the u.s. closed bond market closed banks are closed for the holiday, and a holiday in asia
7:50 am
japan the shanghai composite up 3 and a quarter percent good tone for chinese markets overnight, the deal of the day, dell acquiring emc for 67 billion dollars, this is the largest deal in technology, associating ever, move by dell to move from struggling pc business, joining us right now john sculley the former ceo of apple, john is good to have you on the program welcome. >> thank you. >> we've got to get to biopeculiar steve jobs film i want your take how you feel you were represented let me ask you about this deal each of them mc and dell, given -- emc and you srevolution how do you view this. >> timing is perfect microsoft having a lot of success with winds 10, windows so a zbant move for microsoft going to give newer energy to pc mobile
7:51 am
products that are connected to it, so good timing for dell. >> is this is more enterprise play or something else? >> well, dell is obviously trying to de-emphasize the amount of business that comes out of pc's it is a declining category in general, and a low margin category, but it is a smart move about they have been work on security a long time less -- emphasize that part of the business emerging with emclue strengthens that smart move silver lake is one of the best private equity firms in the world that partnered up with dell, a good move for everybody. >> talking about dell getting control of vmwarev without a big premium what are thoughts about that. >> vmware a great business are majority owned by ehadn't mc. >> that is a gem here, we will
7:52 am
see if emc holders push back to steve jobs generating buzz controversy, john were you happy with portrayal of yourself by jeff daniels. >> you have probably the best screenwriter for snappy fast smart copy by sorkin, jeff daniels superb actor danny boils in, academy award win how can you get better than that the thing to point out i think this is the young steve jobs this is steve jobs who was as a person, a work in progress if you look at steve jobs, in the latter part of his life, he became a person head happy marriage three more children, he was a very different person later in life, this picture, is all about steve jobs when he was you know obsessive with changing the world products
7:53 am
the abnormaled wasn't ready for intelligent wasn't ready a number of failures along the way there is a lot of back story tension, that gives one perspective as to what the real steve jobs ended up being later in life. so this is mike murphy on steve jobs, the younger version versus older version, john what was was there a defining moment where he took all those defeats and kind of turned it around to creating arguably gravest company in history? >> here is what is really interesting to me, i knew him probably as well as anybody on the planet did when he was young steve jobs, and was -- graebt friend of mine talking about this we recognize steve jobs in this movie at the same time, the young steve jobs, had all of the brilliant ideas the vision he knew where the world was going, even back in early 1980's the problem was the technology wasn't ready to
7:54 am
do things that is why they called it steve jobs distortion field he was not an engineer but had vision from the beginning, all those things that he did so well, late in life, turned out to be based on the same first principles that i learned working with steve back in early 1980's. >> john, then why are steve's his wife -- and tim cook so many people knew him later on in life why are they so upset with in movie? >> well i think they are upset because the young steve jobs, was very different than the older steve jobs older steve jobs had a happy marriage three children paid attention to them very different way than lisa in early days, is to, i think probably rightly so they are upset that they don't want the world to think that this was a complete man it wasn't the complete man it was what steve was like as a very young person back in his 20s. so people change over time he leashed from mistakes he made
7:55 am
so, i think to say this is the -- complete steve jobs motivie not intended it is entertainment not a biopick or history of apple. >> maybe the family relaxation mixed to come back to question asked in the beginning were you happy with portrayal of you? >> well, keep in mind that the actual scenes may never have occurred exactly the way they were written for the movie but portrayal tension between me and steve, the emotional feeling that he and i had, as friends, and all of a sudden, we found ourselves, you know in confrontation it is hard to explain just how he closely we are in early days suddenly we are put into this winner lose type situation because it was either drive company into losses of potentially bankruptcy, if we had abandoned apple 2 or lose friendship level of trust we
7:56 am
had that was the hijack -- what movie focused on jeff dajz did a superb job. >> you are got a new life today, i only he do consumer businesses investing in new summer platform we think going to completely revolutionize finance, a polarize different part of the market than apple with iphone affordable products, in the fastest growing markets around the world, into health tech as well, with tele health exciting things on forefront. >> we appreciate your time. >> thank you for asking me. maria: john sculley. we'll be right back try the superior hold...
7:57 am
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. maria: good morning i am maria bartiromo welcome back it is monday, october 12 with with me throughout the morning knox business network dagen
8:00 am
mcdowell, mike if you are fee j.p. morgan asset management global strategists, president obama, challenged on national television last night about his leadership and leadership in the world today, in a contentious appearance on "60 minutes" cbs steve croft asked how he would respond to critics who say russian president vladimir putin is taking the lead, on the world stage. >> he is challenging your leadership, mr. president he is challenging your leadership. >> steve, i -- i got to tell you if -- if you think that running your economy into the ground and having to send troops in in order to prop up your only ally is leadership, then we've got a different definition of leadership. maria: last hour i spoke with gop form gunpoint presidential candidate utah government huntsman asked whether he thinks vladimir putin is you been stageing president obama. >> in miss a of middle east absolutely us up staging the president doubled downed
8:01 am
basically on a bad policy he has his only ally in syria in the region, and i think he is playing a short tactical game. >> then there is iran iran test fired a new generation of missiles over the weekend threatening implementation of the packet with western nations, yags yags security council resolution called on iran avoid any activity related to missiles to deliver nuclear weapons had they in fact just broken the deal, before it is implemented. >> southwest warning about massive delays technology issues caused problems for the airline on sunday, causing massive lines at airports from los angeles, to washington, d.c. . and breaking news last hour, dell announcing a deal to acquire emc for 67 billion dollars, offer is for 33.15 a share largest technology deal on record. emc shares climbing in the premarket this morning they are off highs nonetheless looking out -- 4%, futures indicating a higher opening
8:02 am
for broader averages we have been back and forth here too dow jones industrial average expected to open up about 12 points on heels of 6 straight as the of gains for u.s. equities, in europe, this morning, a mixed bag in early trading as you can see s&p 500 london down 36 points the cac quarante in paris down as well, where the dax in germany trading up one quarter of 1%, gains in yiesh as well take a look, the shanghai up 3 and a quarter per cent nobel prize for economics awardlast your prince froefrn winning the prize for work on poverty and welfare, twitter this morning, reportedly set to announce layoffs this week reko reporting ce-- dorsey wants to stop expansion of the social media giant and better take on increased competition, from rivals instagram snapchat in sports l.a. decorums second baseman utley appealing two-game suspension by major league baseball was panhandled after a controversial slide look at it, slide into second
8:03 am
says about game two at what broke the leg of new york metz short stop reuben tejada. >> president obama, says new voice in white house would not be a bad thing peter barnes in washington with the story. >> hey, when president was asked on "60 minutes" interview last night if he thought he could win a third taerm if allowed to run had a simple reply, yes. but then he praised constitutional system that limits him to two terms. >> and i think having a fresh set of legs in this seative having a fresh perspective new personnel new ideas, and new conversation with the american people about issues that may be different a year from now than they were when i started 8 years ago i this i that is all good part of democracy i think it is healthy. >> asked about rest of his term obama said his options are limited, in an unaired portion of the interview, he said that on gun control he is
8:04 am
running out of administrative actions that could quote really move the needle, on reducing gun violence but said the most important thing he can do is keep raising the issue issue with voters, to put pressure on congress, to act. maria: are that is what he has been seeing, bring in snowstorm senator george allen good to have you on the program thanks so much for joining us. >> good morning, good to be. >> first observation on the comments last night. >> well, i think most americans look at country going in the wrong direction, or wrong track, substantially, and the president's approval disapproval ratings are generally negative. so i think most americans are looking for new leadership, now it is a question of who that will be on democratic side and the republican side, but what is is going on in middle east, and as far as what putin is doing i think americans regardless of who the president is we want to support our president we should have partisanship and waters edge but then you see,
8:05 am
iran shooting these missiles, and that whole arm sale deal with iran, going to allow them appall billions of dollars, number one state supports terror, to arms embargo going up, five years here they are, shooting off missiles, so, most americans say this is not going to make the united states or allies safer, and they really do question our leadership, and see it diminishing and also diminishing our economic competitiveness as well as national security. >> senator good to see you always. >> dagen. dagen: nice to hear somebody say y'all every now and then national tv 8:00 in the morning in terms of president obama what he said about hillary clinton, and her e-mails, e-mail issue, to be kind he said it was a mistake he didn't come out. he was very vocal about it didn't throw her under the bus so is to speak but is it telling that he is willing to even discuss it because he
8:06 am
could have just said i don't want to weigh in on this didn't do that. >> i don't think he could have avoided the question the way questions asked follow-up questions i think trying to be as protective as he could be, i suppose, with hillary i guarantee you he wasn't happy at all about this said he knew nothing about it, and then he says, national security had not been briefed so i don't think that is -- a conclusion anybody can draw at this time because we don't know who might have hacked into it are to who might have -- food are on e-mails. >> what are implications. u.s. leading from behind and perhaps putin, entering because of this leadership vacuum kooum what areing applications. >> implications united states leading from behind generally doesn't work very well. and the prime example in most people's minds is libya, where
8:07 am
we led from behind got involved, overthrew gadhafi now what do we have isis a foothold in libya, syria he on the other hand is an area that russia, puppet state in the mother maine they care most about military bases if russian wants to knock out hit isis, that is fine. it is going to be their treasure their cost for doing so. i think there can be ways to united states and russia can cooperate as far as any radical islamic terrorist groups that russia cares as much as we do about thwarting them there are other areas obviously disagreement but in tvm we augmenting to work with every country we can to try to at what time that for our own safety, friends and allies. >> mike murphy. >> hey senator. >> hi. >> how are you?
8:08 am
>> good. >> so the interview last night, seemed like a proxy for kind of what is wrong with the obama administration. in my opinion, in that not only is steve croft pointed out a lot of weaknesses in international policies but president obama did not seem to get the urgency the problem what with an we do to bridge the gap between now and election day to avoid putin getting stronger or potentially iran getting closer to a nuclear bomb how do we keep our safety over the course of the next about 12 months into the election? >> great question. the key thing insofar as iran was concerned is i call it arms sales agreement, with iran and that theyocracy to the extent anything that congress could do because there are sanctions, sanctions should not be lifted, there is a good legals to weather or not, this so-called treaty or agreement, with
8:09 am
iran, is binding on the united states. may be binding on other countries that signed on to it. but if we can stop first of all, any of those funds getting to iran would be good in fact when i was in senate we were trying to get after assets for the victims who have court judgments against the he iranian government seize those assets and wanted to use some of those assets to compensate those who had gotten judgments i would hope congress will at least do that stop any funding of iran, moreover the country looks at our as us going the people of our country look at america going on the wrong track you see poll after poll shows that i think the candidacy on republican sided augmenting to be saying here is what we ought to do i would like to see house and senate actually work together we great if a house would come up with a leader willing to take that on i think the senate could get things done going do have to
8:10 am
then aing that phfilibuster rule to put reforms on desk of the president to veto them see the differences. >> we have to you know that is the criticism that we haven't seen enough of that quick go ahead. >> real quick to come back to something you said earlier you said there is room for cooperation, between russia and the united states, and syria, is there really though? because russia bombing isis but also backing assad that is the opposite where u.s. wants to happen, is there really room for cooperation? >> there is -- a narrow room you have to understand interests of russia has naval base on mediterranean that is what they care about i don't think rush has any great love for assad that is a regime that has they have had a relationship with, there tr russian troops russian navfor hs
8:11 am
in syria you have to have that reality russia saved face of america when president had inkor herent request to fire a shot cross the bow wasn't going to get support of congress, which is bad for our country in that they would have refused it, and putin came in saved the face of america policies or president, by sailing we're going to get rid of chemical weapons, you got to understand what russia's interests are there. and it is -- our in any way concern i think should be the kurds, kurds are willing to stand up and fight for their the sovereignty for their own destiny i think that is an area and people that we ought to be fighting for also, support iraq to the extent they will be -- the ones best friends allies in the area are the kurds, as well as protecting the interests of turkey. >> good to have you on the program today thanks so much. >> good being with all y'all. >> senator george allen
8:12 am
joining is chase utley l.a. dodgers suspended two games for a play that resulted in a broken leg a whole lot of backlash we break it down with espn radio host coming up headlines topping the "the wall street journal," the sec pulling back on sending series cases to administrative law judges cyberwar ignites new arms race dozens of countries amass twopz fight tleet china planning to intensify scrutiny off on line crime services including uber. we'll be right back.
8:13 am
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did you recognizedout out deadly the story right now good morning. cheryl: really did good morning 97 people dead more than 200 injured, after
8:16 am
terrorists attacked a peace rally in ankara turkey over weekend no word who is responsible, for that attack. southwest airline warning traveling about major delays this among, technology, issues are causing massive lines at airports, from los angeles, to washington, d.c. . southwest asking passengers flying to arrive two hours early and print your boarding passes before you get to the airport. and, finally, linked in a discretionary timeoff policy for employees starts about november s no longer will offer a set number of vacation days, instead, you are going to work with manager to plan vacation time see how long for one to say i want 11 months off please for vacation time. the truth is -- they need talent trying to hire engineers, having a tough time recruiting people. >> vacation. >> you work it out you with a don't work six months next
8:17 am
year, all right. >> works for companies knows that it is not unlimited people basically your job will get eaten if you are out too long -- they are work alcoholics. >> we don't take vacation days americans do not take set vacation days we are horrible about it. >> this policy getting people to work harder not taking a vacation because if they are being discretionary. >> i don't want to own any company that pirates people allows to take off as much as time as they want period. >> that is right. >> you want the best talent in that industry, all tech companies are doing crazy things, er maternity leave lure talent you have to attract lent to now a competitive. >> as business owner never give unlimited vacation may be
8:18 am
so many sort of -- trying to drum up top talent i get that, but you don't want to invest in a company going to pay someone to stay home. >> i agree with that, when you say unlimited really? come on. >> negotiable. >> unlimited, until out too much then you lose your job. >> have unlimited till somebody is better at is your job no happy mower beer and food at the end of the day break room call it a week. >> that works, too. >> thank you. >> coming up bad news forefantasy football lovers one florida grand jury convened to investigate the l.a. fantasy football site draftkings and fanduel, back in a minute.
8:19 am
8:20 am
8:21 am
maria: more bad news is for
8:22 am
he sfaebt gambling a florida grand ju grand juriroll investigating operators for violating federal illegal gambling business act a recorded number entered day of the kings fanduel bringing in whopping money in entry fees, sports and gambling lawyer daniel thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> what is your daik on this grand jury investigation put this into perspective. >> a act is designed to go after large illegal gambling operations the fact reached grand jury stage very troubling development for the industry federal grand jury's return dialates over -- return indictments over 99% prosecutions brought to them by federal prosecutors very low bar treasurer do not have to prove the same kind of evidence that they would at trial.
8:23 am
they need only to convince 12 out of 23 grand juries it is more probably than not, that a violation of criminal law occurred, and it is answer extremely low bar i would expect, indictment to ultimately be handed down about it could be months away. >> do you think, he dagen mcdowell do you think ultimately with this fowl foul up that they could get regulated out of business? >> i wouldn't say regulated out of business, they will ultimately get regulated a gambling product like sports betting casino gambling horse racing it will be regulated by time next year's football season comes by, but the bigger problem is the federal criminal charges, because that goes to the very legality of the problem not whether regulated a much more serious issue for the industry. >> you mentioned that ab gambling product but i guess
8:24 am
what they've been hiding or standing behind is the fact that it is a game of skill, fantasy betting are you certain it is going to be defined as gamble product going forward. >> the issue currently is whether it violates federal law whether it violates state law gambling products including many types of his skill gales poker, sports betting the characterization as skill game is immaterial cases that he would in a past a none starter. >> appreciate your time thank you. >> thank you maria. >> we will see you soon the slide around the world chase utley suspended after a questionable slide into second broke short stop's leg zombie madness take over the latest on the crazy the undead creates a, sorry first 67
8:25 am
billion dollars, dell emc biggest deal in history former apple ceo sculley weighed in last hour. >> i think the timing is perfect, because microsoft is having a lot of success with windows 10, windows so is a significant move for microsoft going to i think, give new energy to the pc as well as all the mobile products that are connected to it so good timing for dell.
8:26 am
... ...
8:27 am
8:28 am
>> welcome back, good monday morning, everybody. i'm maria bartiromo. monday, october 12th. with me dagen mcdowell and roseclif's michael murphy and anastasia amma. barack obama challenged, and steve croft asked how he responds to people who say that vladimir putin is taking the lead on the world stage.
8:29 am
>> he's challenging your leadership, mr. president, he's challenging your leadership. >> steve, i've got to tell you if you think that running your economy into the ground and having to send troops in in order to prop up your only ally is leadership, then we've got a different definition of leadership. >> meanwhile, southwest airline warning travel about major delays this morning. technology issues causing big problems for the airline on sunday, and causing massive lines in airports from los angeles to d.c. and made it official, dell may acquire for 57 billion in the largest technology deal on record. the vmware business will become an independent company, no premium paid there. up 3%, had been up better than 7% before that. we're coming off six straight days of equities.
8:30 am
it's a mixed showing, but we expect a higher opening for the dow industrials. and in trading, mixed trading, and the cac quarante down 15. the dax index continuing to bounce and recover from a huge selloff earlier in the year up about 28. the shaping high composite up 3% the chinese government talking about new lending opportunities in the banks and trying to open up banks there. and hang seng up, and korean kospi. nobel prize awarded this morning, deeten . the hit by chase utley, he was penalized for that, that led to the broken leg of the short stop ruben tejada.
8:31 am
and beating up the, dallas texas. a water spout ruined a tractor-trailer on the skyway bridge. it became a tornado as it hit a u.s. postal service truck. no injuries reported there. big bank earnings are underway tomorrow for this third quarter report followed by bank of america, wells fargo. they're expected 8.4%, but that's way down from the 14.8% expected at the beginning of quarter. goldman sachs, the weak spot here, estimates were cut by 25% over the last 30 days. anastasia, bank earnings should shed light on the housing market and where we are in terms of the global economy. >> i think we're going to see a whole lot of dichotomy going on. i think we see continued strength in the housing market.
8:32 am
i know there are sales numbers that slowed, but year offer yeefr, i think you'll see the strength tied to the u.s. consumer proposition, whether it's residential mortgage lending, whether it's credit cards or autos or commercial real estate. it's something we talked about earlier. i think you'll see strength there, but the global weakness has weighed on the trading business. you've seen lower fixed income issuance and lower trading as well. and those are the headwind. longer term if you're to segue past that, the takeoff on net interest margins and that may be some time coming. maria: that's about interest rates. we want to point out that goldman sachs was actually upgraded ahead of the numbers. and citigroup is upgrading from a neutral to the buy. ahead of the numbers, mike, that's an aggressive call, but you like the stocks.
8:33 am
>> if you have the chart up there, maria, that's the point. i don't think that goldman by any means is going to have a blowout quarter that's going to shock people. if you look at the price movement from 220 down to almost 170, now trading around 180. i think there's a lot of upside there. i think that when goldman comes out with their quarter and i think the risk is to the upside. i'd be a buyer of the stock. i think that citi's call is a great call. >> before the august route in the stock market, everyone, almost everyone thought that the federal reserve was poised to hike interest rates if they were listening to fed officials and you heard so many people saying now is the time to buy the financials. a lot of people got in early assume they're still sitting on these positions. maria: and you look at a guy like keith mccollough, he thought the fed would raise, and you look at now and the beginning of the year. let's talk about the fed a
8:34 am
comment from stanley fischer. the vice chair he comments on monetary policy, that policy makers are likely to raise interest rates, but that's an expectation, it's not a commitment. even in our interview with ben bernanke. he said there are no implications for the federal reserve not raising rates this year. i feel like they're opening the door to no rate hike in 2015. >> absolutely, i think they should have raised the rates at the last meeting. i think that was a mistake and you saw the reaction in the market to it, but now, whether they're going to raise in october or december, i think it's at best-- >> 2016? >> i think it's at best 50-50 because they told us they're watching not only u.s. news, but they're also watching foreign news, watching what's going on in china. so i don't think that anyone out there expects a big rally in emerging markets at any point this year. if they're looking at that as a need to raise rates. >> they're not going to raise.
8:35 am
>> we've got a rally in emerging markets. it might be a short-term tactical one. maria: in a week. and dead in the water for so long. >> in a week it's up 8%, 10% depending what you look at. the reason why it's up because one big dark cloud, the fed raising rates have gotten deferred. i don't think it got pushed back permanently. i think that ben bernanke makes a good point. what's the rush to raise rates? because we do not have inflation a inflation surging or wages surging, it's not like you have to pop the brakes on inflation now. >> and guess what, they have the tools to do so in the future. what they don't have the tools to do is save us from the next recession. dagen: it's insane to watch the language out of the federal reserve and hearing the rate are going to be delayed and it's the only thing that the markets are trading off of.
8:36 am
>> i don't think it's the only thing. it's coupled with better news out of china. at the very least we're not getting bad news out of china. one thing that happened last night is that the down payment to buy a first time home in china has been lowered to 25% from 30%. >> and china plus the market. >> they're trying to draw down the inventory and prop up the price because that's what gets the developers interested in the markets again. that is what gets the markets better and cyclicals. >> it's interesting, it's the best week for the markets this year, so, and you saw the emerging markets, so after a good week, look where we are here. we have the largest on record, the first data goes public on thursday, and albertson's public and ferrari, you have chrysler taking ferrari public. >> the symbol, rates are selling off, at a 10 billion valuation, and i think it's a huge valuation. we've got fiat chrysler under a
8:37 am
lot of pressure and a lot of negative news on them. the autos, you look globally, one good area is auto sales and that's fiat, that's ford, that's gm. you can own all of those. >> we had a good month last month in terms of sales. coming up next the controversial plays talking about a discussion about a possible rule change. is it a case of too little too late? we've got some answers next. back in a moment. ♪ all the right friends in all the right places don't care what's going down ♪. ♪
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8:41 am
>> new developments in the case of a washington post reporters held. >> iran state tv saying that washington state reporter has been convicted of espionage. the american journalist has been held in iran more than 15 months. they can appeal that conviction, but he could face as many as 20 years in prison if the charges are upheld. big time houston astros fan george h.w. bush, there he goes throwing the first pitch at the astros and the kansas city royals game and first lady barbara first next to her the entire town. she looks really proud of him. aerosmith steven tyler's attorney are sending a second letter to republican candidate
8:42 am
donned trump to stop him from using the power balanced, "dream on" at his events. and even attended the first g.o.p. debate in august and for whatever reason, he's changed his mind. stop using my song. maria: it's the slide that the baseball world is talking about this morning. l.a. dodgers second baseman chase utley breaking the leg of short stop reuben tejada. and he's appealing the suspension. good to see you. >> thanks for having me. maria: is this a dirty play? >> it's a dirty play. if it's something in the confines of the sport. even if he was light coming in, and sliding to second base, trying to break up the double play, the term he keeps using to protect himself, he's sliding past the base, his stole intent is to take out
8:43 am
tejada. and like he could have used a steel chair as long as he's breaking up the double play. >> the fact that he's appealing, in the world series you have to. but do you know the ruling. >> i imagine quickly, headquarters is here in new york and you don't want that to be a distraction, he is appealing it saying it's happened before and they've never enforced it. >> that's the problem though, right? >> maybe too often they allowed it to slide. baseball is weird, a weird culture, this is playing the right way or you're being hard-nosed, but if you flip your bat or admire your home run you're a disgrace to the game. dagen: where is utley staying in new york city? do we know? >> same hotel as the mets. dagen: you play dirty, we'll show you how to play dirty. >> see if matt harvey can make it to the game. maria: do you think he'll win an appeal? >> i don't know if he'll win
8:44 am
the appeal. i don't know who hears it, it's not like the nfl, as long as roger goodell is involved he'll not win the appeal. and sort of legislate this out can't let this one slide. maria: let's move on, how about the giants? >> the best team in the east. dagen: that's saying nothing. >> the history of the giants, all you have to do is get in the nfl. dagen: the giants have the best deodorant. maria: are they a super bowl contender? >> they've proven with their pedigree they're not quite a great team at that level, but they've beaten good teams and they're on the ropes and we've seen what eli did in the past. people are trying to discredit him, but he's a two-time super bowl mvp, pretty good in commercials and best
8:45 am
quarterback in new york history. >> forget the nfc, are the giants the best team in new york? >> it's close to a tie. tie goes to the team with the quarterback. the jets may be stronger in a couple of areas, defensively, but tie goes to the team with a proven quarterback instead of ryan fitzpatrick. dagen: there are so many teams that are out of it already. are you surprised to you bad the teams are playing, texans or even the 49ers. >> the nfl, a handful of teams that are legitimately good and a handful that are legitimately bad and depends on breaks and with are they fall. and you have mediocre teams against each other. and there's the team at dallas and-- >> they haven't hurt the ratings. >> if only that hurts the ratings, people stop going in
8:46 am
because it's a violent sport. as of right now, i don't hesitate saying single most popular thing in this country. maria: millions of blood thirsty fans tuning into the walking dead. and mark marquand with his thoughts on the season. ng tools to help you manage your ira. yeah, you're old 401k give me your phone. the rollover consultants give you step-by-step help. no set-up fees. use your potion. sorry, not you. my pleasure. goodnight, tim. for all the confidence you need. who's tim? td ameritrade. you got this.
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8:50 am
completion of this presumedly and with that we watch the stock of emc to the upside. what do the analysts think of it? fdr says it's a smart strategy to move forward rather than breaking up emc. and encouraging them to go forward with the deal. maria: all right. thank you, don't forget to start your weekday with nicole before mornings with maria at 5 a.m. the walking dead returns to the silver screen, the amc's ratings franchise has a ratings juggernaut for the past five seasons. why should the sixth season be different? and joining us ross marquand. wow h how are you handling the fantastic excitement? >> it's mostly the show and not me, it's incredible. i was a huge fan from the show
8:51 am
from the first halloween episode 2010 from being a uberfan to being on it is surreal. maria: why do you think so it's a popular genre. >> it's a universal show, deals with love, loss, struggle, perseverance after everything falls apart in your life and i think that everyone around the world can relate to that. dagen: and everybody can love a zombie, everybody loves horror and scarce you. >> who doesn't love the undead. dagen: i watched for a couple of season. i can't watch it it's on too late and i've got to get to bed and get up at 2:30 in the morning and i had horrific nightmares. >> my parents said they didn't think i would want to watch it, even though i booked it, it's not for us, it's a zombie show. and now they said they love it because it's their favorite show. maria: as you said it's a story that people relate to.
8:52 am
>> and zombies are tertiary from the story line. >> what's the difference of being on that side of the camera and at home watching? >> i think the biggest difference is recognizing the fact that all of these actors and people that i've kind of idolize and respect and admire over the years are just people. for me it's a nice realization that all of these amazing talents are actually just at the end of the day good solid normal people with their own struggles and everything else. totally geeking out like crazy. dagen: were you geeking out. >> and lincoln the first day, she is are juggernauts of the screen, so-- >> how great. so you went to comic con over the weekend. how woulds that? >> it was insane. maria: tell us about comic con. >> i'm amazed by what they do, the dressing up and panels, and you go to them and they're packed. people are waiting for hours
8:53 am
and hours to see their show. maria: people make fun of the people who go and call them geeks and they're super serious and that's your audience, the key demo. >> it's a huge business, too, a massive, massive, multi-billion dollar thing. maria: people love comics, not just kids, you know, comic books and characters. >> absolutely. dagen: ross, you do impressions. >> i do. dagen: would you want to give us one. brad pitt. >> you want brad pitt, i heard it's columbus day and you're hosting, congratulations, it's really great, angie couldn't be here today, with the kids all 17 of them, but we love to come next year, great. maria: how about donald trump. >> i don't do donald-- probably prepared one, that would be great dagen kevin spacesy, sure. >> do you want kevin spacesy normal or underwood. maria: that's fabulous. how about bill clinton? >> i don't do bill clinton too
8:54 am
well, that's not one of my go toes, but i will work on it better for you. maria: i love it. >> and working on that. maria: what's your favorite one. >> i love angry harrison ford, kind of my favorite, that and sean can connery. >> you listen to me, people been ripping on these play kids in comic con, without them you don't have a franchise you don't have anything, there's no business there's no franchise, there's no syndication, you need it all. you hear me. maria: you're great. >> angry harrison ford. an amazing show and your show, walking dead is known for surprise twists and turns. >> thank you very much, thank you. maria: one of the most popular characters abruptly killed off the show. are you nervous what's going to happen with the timeline and the script for you? >> yeah, always. you know, i think na was the real consideration throughout
8:55 am
every day you go to set am i going to die today and die this episode? for me, it petrified me and i wasn't doing my job as good as i could or should have. you have to enjoy the ride however long it lasts. maria: how much does the plot change? were there unexpected twists and turns that didn't happen a season ago? >> it's very much based on robert kirkman's incredibly graphic novel of the same name. we know to some degree where it's going to go, but not entirely. we hope, my character is still alive in the comics, i'm hoping that one plot stays true. maria: i love it. ross, thank you for being on the show. best of luck, we appreciate it. ross marquand. we'll be right back. more "stay" per roll.
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more "sit" per roll. more "who's training who" per roll. bounty is two times more absorbent. so one roll of bounty can last longer than those bargain brands. so you get more "life" per roll. bounty. the long-lasting quicker picker upper. >> let's watch the markets. we had some volatility.
8:59 am
we're looking at a final thought for the broader averages. mike murphy? >> i'm looking at the big dell deal. it's important to point out dell the company is doing so much better in the private market. that's why a lot of companies are staying private longer, keep an eye on that. maria: we should point out what i mentioned earlier, no real premium being paid for vmware, it's a public company, but some shareholders are complaining that in fact dell's got really the better end of this deal. >> 100%. maria: not the emc shareholders. anastasi anastasia. >> you want to buy everything with china, high yield, you can find a lot of opportunities there. maria: a maria:. dagen: joe biden have we talked about him today. will he come out tomorrow and give a heads up whether he's going to run for the presidency. it seems like he was discussing it latesly, but those close to him over the weekend and reports that he was going to make the decision.
9:00 am
does he go or not. maria: the democrat debate tomorrow night and we're waiting on paul ryan to see if he takes the speaker job. dagen mcdowell, mike murray, anastasia, great to see you today. thank you for joining us. "varney & company" begins now, stuart, have a great show. stuart: thanks indeed, maria. that 60 minutes interview with president obama now we know, american leads on climate change. good morning, everyone. steve croft did the interview and he challenged the president and it became rather testy at times especially when putin's leadership in the mideast came up. that's where president obama made that climate change comment. you'll be hearing a lot of that today. as that interview ran, iran tested long range guided missile. that may be against the deal. and a washington post reporter convicted of espionage. lanny davire


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