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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  October 12, 2015 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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tomorrow night and we're waiting on paul ryan to see if he takes the speaker job. dagen mcdowell, mike murray, anastasia, great to see you today. thank you for joining us. "varney & company" begins now, stuart, have a great show. stuart: thanks indeed, maria. that 60 minutes interview with president obama now we know, american leads on climate change. good morning, everyone. steve croft did the interview and he challenged the president and it became rather testy at times especially when putin's leadership in the mideast came up. that's where president obama made that climate change comment. you'll be hearing a lot of that today. as that interview ran, iran tested long range guided missile. that may be against the deal. and a washington post reporter convicted of espionage. lanny davis, breaks news of his own, he's a democratic attack
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dog and calls joe bide and buffoon and hillary clinton is scar afraid of carly fiorina. and a slide into second, you see, i do know something about baseball. "varney & company" is about to begin. match out. watch out. ♪ >> all right, take a look at the dow futures, we're going to be up ever so-- i'm going to call that pretty much flat this monday morning, remember, we're coming off a terrific week, what was it 600, 700 points up last week alone. best for the s&p 500 something like that, a great week. now, this is the largest tech deal ever. dell is buying enc for, wait for it, $67 billion in cash and stock. emc's a data storage company.
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it shows you how valuable data storage is these days. how about the price of oil sitting just below $50 a barrel and the price of gasoline, well, it took a minor league down turn, 2.31, got it. let's get to politics, shall we? the bread and butter of this program i tell you that. trump, carson, cruz, fiorina, they're all anti-establishment candidates and combined put them altogether, they've got 63% of the vote. i'll break the numbers down for you, 63% going to outsiders. first the cbs poll, donald trump 27%, carson 21, cruz 9, rubio 8, jeb bush, carly fiorina, 6 of percentage points apiece and reuters has the poll for the democrats. listen to this, october 4th to october 9th what's that less than a week, hillary clinton's lead over bernie sanders falls 10 points all the way down to
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41, well, her support is 41%. sanders 28, joe biden, who has not yet declared that he's running, and i don't know whether he will, 20%. not bad. coming up at 9:45, we'll have presidential candidate mike huckabee with us. he says he's going to go rogue in the next debate. you know i will ask him what that means. [laughter] serious stuff now to iran where that reporter for "the washington post" has been convicted. let me get this right, jason rison has been in prison more than a year on espionage charges. they'll appeal and they all it an outrageous conviction, in my opinion he is a hostage. now, that news comes just hours after iran tested a surface to surface guided missile with an 800 mile range. iran conducting that test on
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the same day that its approved its side of the nuke deal. let's bring in fox fuse terrorism analyst walid phares. in my opinion, america has been humiliated and they're laughing at us. >> no, the regime is fooling the administration and congress and the debate and trying to fool the public. 800 mile range pretty much covering saudi arabia to the emirates, egypt, israel, obviously, turkey and even parts of russia, but they're friends, yes, indeed, while we were focusing on the issue of the nukes, they're developing what i call the dome, being able to protect what they will consider in the future, the nuclear missile. stuart: is it a vast expansion-- throw the russians into the scenario, is this a vast expansion of the iranian-russian military power in the middle east?
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>> we will see it soon, but not just the development of missiles, but what will protect them. the russians after the signing of the nuclear deal with iran months ago declared they will be willing now, especially the eiranians are going to get a lot of cash, ready to sell them the anti-aircraft missile which means the iranians will have a missile and a dome protected by the russians missiles. stuart: i want you to listen to what president obama said on 60 minutes when he was asked about our failures in syria, roll that tape, please. >> i know you don't want to talk about this. >> talk about it-- >> i want to talk about this program because it would seem to show, i mean, if you expect 5,000 and you get 5, it shows that somebody someplace along the line made some sort of a serious miscalculation. >> you know, steve, let me just say this. >> it's an embarrassment. >> look, there's no doubt that it did not work. stuart: it seemed from that
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interview, that the president's heart was just not into the syrian mission. >> well, of course, if you're negotiating again with iran, you cannot put too much pressure on iran's ally in syria, it's mathematical. for all of these years and months, we were in the serious in syria. and in addition we were not vetting well the individuals, we would train them and some would give them to isis, so the project was not very in the beginning. stuart: we're short of time and thank you for your appearance on our program. thank you, sir. >> thank you. stuart: i've got another sound bite from that 60 minutes interview. listen to what the president says about leadership. roll that tape. >> mr. putin seems to be challenging that leadership. >> in what way? let's think about this. >> he's moved troops into syria. he's challenging your
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leadership, mr. president, he's challenging your leadership. >> steve, i got to tell you, if you think that running your economy into the ground and having to send troops in in order to prop up your only ally is leadership, then, we've got a different definition of leadership, my definition of leadership would be leading on climate change and international accord the potential we'll get in paris. stuart: okay, mary kissel is here on the last bit first, climate change? >> it's extraordinary. if you look at the threats that festered in the middle east today not just against our allies, but the united states. the creation of a terrorist caliphate that's growing every day, it's an immediate threat, a threat to europe. look at the refugee cries cities that europe is dealing with today. the president wants to focus on a maybe threat that many scientists contest that may
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happen 100 years from now. it's extraordinary. we have a president-- i saw that interview i thought we have a president who has fallen down a rabbit hole, every loss is somehow a victory for this guy. he says he's helpless in syria, he's not helpless. i tell you one thing, putin changed the facts on the ground. the president says he failed. well, he didn't want to try. he could have enforced the red line, we could have done a no-fly zone. putin has been a leader and this president is a wimp and our policy is a failure and it's very dangerous to us and to our allies. ashley: that interview highlighted everything you just said his reaction to steve croft who thankfully pushed him. that was interesting. stuart: and that's interesting that steve croft, establishment media actually pushed him. >> the extraordinary thing he talked about putin and syria as if it's a contained problem. it's not a contained problem. we have to be involved otherwise it will come here. stuart: mary, stay with us.
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more for you in a moment. i'm going to touch on the markets in a tangential sort of way. the minneapolis fed president says-- [buzzer] >> i didn't say federal reserve or fed, i've got to be able to say it, please. the president of the minneapolis branch of the central bank, how is that? [laughter] >> he says we should interest negative interest rates to give the economy a boost. that means you put money in the bank, they don't give back to you all of it. they don't give you in i interest, in fact, they take at that piece, that's a negative interest rate. here is kevin kelly, okay? now, the guy pushing this is mr. coacha lakota, the president of the minneapolis-- you know what i'm talking about. and i think this would be a way of getting a lot of money into the economy, do you agree with na? >> i completely agree and it's nice that central bankers are thinking about policies like this especially to get wage inflation going. we saw from the minute we hit the job numbers that we want
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today, but wages have been stagnant. another central banker bill dudley said we'll focus on that, china, stronger dollars. what it will do, it will push the banks to put money into the system. stuart: if it happened. odds are-- >> they've done this in europe, it didn't work. stuart: that was to defend the currency, the swiss franc. ashley: but the game was to-- >> this is a terrible idea. wages aren't rising because you don't have enough monetary stimulus, they're not rising because there's no central growth. you don't want them to distort the economy any more than they have. stuart: stop the banks holding the money. >> banks will lend when you lift of regulations and allow them to lend. you can't have the central bank somehow manipulate the economy, manipulate credit. it's part of the reason we're not growing. >> it's a communication thing, it's the fed letting people know they're addressing everything they can do.
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>> and want to turn us into japan? this will turn us into japan. has japan's monetary policy worked for 20 years? no, they haven't. stuart: i've got the buzzer and we've got to go. kevin, stay there, much more in a moment. how about this, a controversial play on saturday night making headlines. major league baseball suspends the dodgers chase utley for two games because of his slide into second that broke the leg of the mets infielder ruben tejada. utley is appealing the decision. ashley, i want to advance this story. ashley: yeah. stuart: if you change-- somebody wants to change the rules about sliding into decked -- second base and no contact. that would change that. ashley: it's a critical inning by the way, where the dodgers scored the winning run. and it goes to the commissioner
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or joe torre who says no, that's a violation of a rule. what will happen as an outcropping, i think we'll see a rule change. stuart: where the detroit police is a certainty. you break up double play-- >> none of you thought i knew what i was talking about. >> did you study, stuart. stuart: i was told what to say. this is bad for a lot of people. a computer glitch, headaches caused for people flying southwest. jo ling kent, give me the story in case everybody missed it. >> an update on the southwest airlines continuing to warn about major delays this morning. the company says that technology issues are causing massive lines across the country. a spokman now says they have, quote, stabilized these issues. southwest is asking passengers to arrive at least two hours earlier and print the boarding pass before you get to the airport which you should do anyway and no word when they'll be fully back on track.
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apple reportedly disengaged the news app in china. it's only currently available in the u.s. a, but when they try to use it when travelling to china, it doesn't work. and the king had a new recording "if i could dream", and michael buble and priscilla presley are behind this. are you going to buy it? >> no, i'm too young. i'm not the elvis generation. thank you very much. [laughter] coming up, attack dog lanny davis overheard gossiping about presidential candidates, calling one a buffoon and another a nut. guy benson heard everything and
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>> attack dog lanny davis engaging in a free-flowing conversation on his way to this program. guy benson was nearby and heard every word and joins us now. i want to go through candidate by candidate what lanny davis has to say. first of all, joe biden. >> okay, first of all, this all happened on friday. i was on the train, and on fox news. i guess he was on the way to see you he had a few colleagues with him. this was not me eavesdropping,s they were having a loud conversation on the amtrak, another reporter heard it as well. the first name that came up and came up frequently, joe biden widely rumored to be getting in the race and davis was teeing off on joe, called him a buffoon and said all the goodwill and excitement about joe biden is partially due to
9:18 am
media bias in favor of joe against hillary in lanny dave's mind and because people have short memories, he said and a lot of americans view joe biden as a buffoon and it might come to the fore. there was another reporter, woodruff from the daily beast and she reported more details on this and contacted lanny for comment and he apologized to bernie sanders, not to joe biden. stuart: what did he say about carly fiorina? >> with carly. she was the only republican mentioned in this little rant. aside from donald trump who was sort of dismissed and chuckled about him briefly. lanny davis seemed pretty upset the way that carly fiorina has been criticizing and attacking hillary clinton and that's been, i think, one of the key elements of carly's campaign is being a relentless on-message biting critic of the former
9:19 am
secretary of state. lanny davis referred to these attacks as nasty, very nasty, he was upset about that. stuart: how about what he said about bernie sanders? >> he was very apoll jettic, what he said recording bernie sanders, called him a socialist and that he cannot get the nomination and basically calling him unelectable. stuart: why would he apologize for calling bernie sanders a socialist when he's a democrat ic socialist? >> he said a difference between a bernie sanders socialist or an other socialist. stuart: maybe he wants to work for-- >> i didn't get that. and it's unethical to listen to a private conversation and report it, what do you say to that? >> it was a public conversation, it was in ear shot of not one, but two
9:20 am
reporters in a public place, i i was not straining or leaning in, it's very, very easy to hear. if you're a confident and a long time advisor and a high profile one to a presidential candidate, a very prominent politician, you have to be circumspect and there have been a lot of reports about things said on the acela. loose lips sinks ships. stuart: that was our slogan in world war i. >> debby wasserman schultz saying the g.o.p. has a right wing agenda against women. >> 15 republican candidates left all of whom are trying to outtrump donald trump saying, yeah, let's kick women--
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>> democrat national committee chair debby wasserman schultz teed off on republican. please roll the tape. >> 15 candidates who are left trying to outtrump donald trump let's kick immigrants out of this country and take health care from women. ashley: whale? >> you've got 60 seconds. >> it's the politics of fear
9:25 am
and smear. when your economic policies haven't worked you have to resort to try to scare the public. if democrat wanted to help women, they'd cut taxes and shrink the government. that's the best way to help women. we have a tax penalties on women, regulations that hurt business, job creation. why isn't she talking about that. ashley: good points all of those. schultz saying that the republicans are trying to out-right wing each other, they're trying to out-socialist. stuart: we're watching southwest, a glitch causing problems. and paying 18 billion to the customers of detective cars if i can call them that. and "varney & company" continues with the open bell in a moment. equals pretending to know wine. pinot noir, which means peanut of the night.
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9:30 am
monday morning. remember, the dow closed friday at 17,084. it was up about roughly 600 points on the week. what a week it was. now, we're going to open this morning looking at the futures, indicating a virtually dead flat, ever so slightly higher opening. let's see how we go. the first trade is in, ever so slightly lower. down 2 points, down 4 points. let's see we go from here, not a huge move either way, at least not in the first few minutes. to analyze we have ashley webster, mary kissel, kevin, and shot shellady. kevin, you're on first. will we continue to move higher the rest of the year? >> we'll see what happens this week, especially with earnings, the banks were been coming out with earnings, a league guardment down 6 of% and the s&p is done 2 1/2%. they're indicative of what the earnings season is going to be
9:31 am
they're cutting costs and revenues aren't grown in the revenue environment where they're competing with each other. stuart: it's monday morning, don't slow me down. 18,000 by the end of the year, yes or no? >> i say yes. stuart: got it out of you. and look at the price of oil, it's sitting just under $50 per barrel. iran has test fired a long range guided missile and putin and his iranian allies seem to be taking control of the oil patch in the middle east. scott shellady, come on in, please, will when mideast developments start affecting the price of oil. i don't think we've seen it yet. >> well, i kind of think we have already seen it a little bit, stuart. we've got two things going on. number one we're bouncing off the lows and a sharp break that we've had of late. number two, i see a little bit of fear factor sneak back in the price. we could see it go up, 50-55. one thing, you have to remember
9:32 am
we haven't seen the growth, to drive thoo price. look around you, everybody you speak with all the big banks are downgrading our gdp and i think so are going to get worse from here. i don't think that we see 18,000 by the end of the year. stuart: what we're seeing in the markets, the price of gold reaching a three-month high. scott, to you again, it does imply some impact from developments in the middle east, correct? >> yeah, i think there's-- two reasons you don't want to-- reasons you want to own gold, if you see inflation, or number two, if you're worried about armageddon. but once that's true the system, i think that gold will come back its normal levels. i say this, and gold has been a tough one as of late and i say 1,000 before 1300. stuart: okay. kevin, come back in on the same subject, on gold. a lot of people ask me, shouldn't i put my money in the
9:33 am
turbulent times into gold. >> it doesn't produce cash flow, it's a stone and someone else is saying i'll pay you this amount in the future on it. stuart: you wouldn't touch it. >> no, it's not an investable asset. it's not a product-- >> it has no yield. eli lilly. nicole: not a good day, to treat cholesterol, they were in phase three and 12,000 plus patients, they're going to have a pull it. they're not getting a sufficient fine for it and charge of 90 million, an a result the stock is the number one loser in the s&p 500 and merck, another drug name, go the a downgrade from one of the analysts and that's a big loser
9:34 am
on the dow jones industrial average. that was cut over at jeffreys. >> they're being attacked by hillary clinton as well. >> nicole, thank you, indeed. and look at twitter, their ceo, jack dorsey, he's cutting jobs. that's the first thing he's done as the ceo. ashley: he said from the beginning, twitter needs to be more focus, which we take we need to call some workers. as of the last quarter, we've got double since the second quarter of 2013. he's said engineering team is too bloated. they say it's going to affect all departments within twitter, but he's trying to streamline it for more focus. >> incredible, a global company with 4100 employees. then we have apple, it's blocking its news app from everyone in china. mary, this seems to me like
9:35 am
apple is doing the censoring on behalf of the chinese government. am i too harsh? >> no, you're right. it's like cisco selling routers that china uses for the great fire wall. if apple is going to do this, they should do when google was in china. google told users you're not seeing the bull google. it's unfortunate that apple can't be as straight with consumers. stuart: i'm surprised that apple is sitting there. >> are you really? a lot of revenues come from china. stuart: i don't think there's impact from the china news. >> this stock which was all over the place, way up, way down, stuck in a tiny range there at 112. stuart: quickly, you buy it at 112? >> yeah, you buy it at 112 here. it's yielding basically more than 10-year treasury, faster than the u.s. government. let's put it that way. stuart: look at southwest airlines, please. they've got a computer glitch that's causing nationwide
9:36 am
delays, real problem, the stock is up, i don't know why. ashley, what's the latest on the delay? >>. ashley: well, they're working through it. lets me see, about 450 flights out of 3600 were delayed over the weekend. that's a domino effect. what they're saying, they're working through it and please give yourself at least two hours to get to-- before to get to the airport before your flight takes off, but following some of this on social media and some of the people trapped, a guy in vegas, on instagram, southwest airlines lining thousands of us outside, no water, no food, no sunscreen, pure hell. stuart: the worst pr. ashley: the stock is up. stuart: volkswagen stock, please. last week it was well under $30 a share and now it's at 30. it's actually up 6% today. the news back drop here is that senator schumer says the epa should slap them with the maximum fine. that's $18 billion for lying to consumers. the impact on the stock is not
9:37 am
negative, it looks like it's a plus. charles schumer goes after you and you go up 6%. not bad. anheuser-busch, inbev. they're raising to just over 108 billion dollars. >> this is the fourth attempt, by the way by ab inbev. and if it's not enough, every year one in three beers will be made by the company and more than 50% of the entire industry's profits. stuart: one in three beers sold worldwide. ashley: is made by the combination of these companies. stuart: that's an anti-trust. >> come on, the government will make up any excuse for companies consolidating in the face of competition. why are they consolidating? there are more--
9:38 am
there are craft beers and-- >> have you ever been as feisty as this. >> on columbus day, too. stuart: we value youren about. no cost of living adjustment for social security next year. cheap gas, that's the reason because cheap gas means no inflation so no cost of living adjustment. scott shellady come on into this one know the because you're a social security recipient, but because there isn't inflation. >> here is the deal, stuart. until we get our heads around this and, you know, we can mention it later, but there are a lot of strategies undergoing in the short-term industry that are mrapg on paying negative rates or negative rate pays. we're in a deflationary time and it does not surprise me that they're not going to get an inflation increase. anybody out there going on strining for an increase in your pay, that's crazy. that's not the environment we're in, look at the rest of the world. stuart: quickly the minneapolis
9:39 am
fed president says we should consider negative interest rates. this is for you, scott, negative interest rates, you put money into the bank and they don't give it back to you and pay no interest. what do you make of that? >> well, you know what is this i think it's kind of behind the curve here. for the last two weeks, both in europe and in the u.s., the amount of interest rate plays, we've traded hundreds and thousands of contracts here in chicago and in london, betting on negative interest rights in both euro dollars and-- that's where this is coming from, that's what we've seen happen here and i'd say he's two weeks late coming to the table with it. stuart: hear, you think it's a terrible idea. >> you cannot rely on nt central bank. it hasn't work everywhere in the world it's tried. you have to cut taxes, shrink government and get the regulatory agencies out of the business. the fed should stand up, you know what, guys, it's not our problem. it's your problem, mr. president, it's your problem congress. stuart: the problem with the
9:40 am
federal reserve, it's financed the policies of-- >> it allows them to borrow at nothing. >> one of the reasons, the fed staffers don't see 2% inflation by 2018. >> look at the inflation that we have, these policies are distorting price of money and how people allocate capital and they're harmful. >> and got it. scott, i want to bring you back in again. negative interest rates, you put money in the bank and they don't give it back to you. >> it's a horrible idea. i agree with miss kissel, we need the central banks out of this and have a fiscal stimulus like tax cuts or billions that corporations are making overseas. it's going that we'll talk about, remember the rally that we had last week was not on the back of strength.
9:41 am
we had a bad jobs number and we rallied on that. central banks, let's get rid of them >> last month first time ever, three-month treasuries went down to zero rate. stuart: you give them $100, and they give you $100 back. >> that's the first time it happened in history. i thought i was out on a limb talking to negative interest rates. >> no, no. stuart: that's right. great stuff, everybody, look at the big board, we are 11 minutes into the session this monday morning, columbus day, we're down 4 points, i'm going to call that dead flat. coming up, a water spout in florida causing chaos on the highway where it slammed into a mail truck. look at the maim. a contentious interview with president obama, his leadership
9:42 am
called into question. presidential candidate mike huckabee will gin us in -- join us in a moment with that. technology empowers us to achieve more. it pushes us to go further. special olympics has almost five million athletes in 170 countries. the microsoft cloud allows us to immediately be able to access information, wherever we are. information for an athlete's medical care, or information to track their personal best. with microsoft cloud, we save millions of man hours, and that's time that we can invest in our athletes and changing the world.
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>> this is a go nowhere monday. columbus day, maybe. we're down 1 point. down, we're up .84, i think you get the point, we're flat. dell is trying to buy emc, can't show you dell because it's private. emc up 200. and kohl's and delive launched a same day service, kohl's department store, same day delivery. that's interesting. look at this, it's a moment when a water spout swept across a bridge in florida. there you are, slams into a u.s. postal service truck driver thing. it sent the debris flying. that's mail going all over the field and then the hurricane-- whatever it's called, water
9:46 am
spout went into a construction site, flipped over a truck. no injuries. terrific video, extraordinary stuff, but no injuries, that's good. and this, north korea showing off what it's called a long range missile, that's through the streets of pyong yang. they say they want to destroy enemies in quote, a sea of fire. if true, experts say it could fly far enough to reach the u.s. mainland. others that i it's greatly exaggerated. there it is, showing it off. trump, carson, fiorina, put together their support in a cbs poll you've got 63% of the vote going to outsiders. here is governor mike huckabee. sir, governor, outsiders lead the way. you're way down there in single digits. what are you going to do about this? >> well, i think, first of all, when people say outsiders, i don't know of anybody that's
9:47 am
more of an outsider, i've never been in washington, never had a paycheck there. stuart: you've held an elective office. >> right, but this is somewhat confusing i think to voters when they ask do you really want someone to walk into the oval office who has never ever held elective office and maybe people do, but i want to make them think about that. would you let a doctor operate on you who had never been in an operating room? would you let a pilot fly you who had never been in an airplane? i understand people are disgusted with washington, i'm disgusted with washington. >> are you going to go rogue. >> being president is not an entry level job, stuart. stuart: i've heard you said you're going to go rogue in the next republican debate. what do you mean by that? >> well, i didn't say i was going to go rogue. that was the headline. what i said it's very apparent that in these debates you have to be assertive, you know, i like to play by the rules. i know that sounds crazy to
9:48 am
people i always was raised to be polite and play by the rules, but in the last debate, i might as well not have shown up i start today leave my cell phone number and say i'm going out for a sandwich let me know if you might need me for a question or two. it's apparent you've got to step up and take more time and assert yourselves, the moderators are not enforcing the rules that they hand to us. stuart: as you know, there was a big interview last night on 60 minutes, president obama interviewed by steve croft and i want to roll a brief sound bite where we have president obama on the issue of leadership. mr. putin seems to be challenging that leadership. >> in what way? let's think about this. >> well, he's moved troops into syria. he's challenging your leadership, mr. president, he's challenging your leadership. >> steve, i got to tell you, if you think that running your economy into the ground and
9:49 am
having to send troops in in order to prop up your only ally is leadership, then we've got a different definition of leadership. my definition of leadership would be leading on climate change and international accord, the potential that we'll get in paris. stuart: climate change, governor? >> you know, i've said many times, stuart, this president is obsessed with climate change while the rest of the world understands the real danger of islamic fanaticism. i think that he thinks a sunburn is worse than a beheading and most of us think it's nan sense. this president talked about a terrible economy. he's helped to lead us to a $20 trillion debt, totally flat in wages and i heard what you were talking about before and you can loan the government money and they won't give it back. what kind of economy has he led? and there's an old saying, stuart, it says this, that you may think you're a leader, but if you look around and nobody's following you, you're not a leader, you're just out for a walk.
9:50 am
this president is pretty much out for a walk. stuart: okay. governor, we eagerly await your performance in the next republican debate. you may not be going rogue, but you're going to stand out and we look forward to seeing it. governor mike huckabee, appreciate it. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: look at this, coming up, redskins now banned in california schools can no longer use the redskins team name and mascot. the play that has people talking, a hard slide and here is the question, should we ban the slide into second base.
9:51 am
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9:55 am
back, you saw it, and broke his leg. utley has been suspended for games three and four. jared max is with me. there's a question this morning about changing the rules, making a slide into second, a noncontact slide. do you think we should do that? >> no, i don't ng-- think we want to do that, and there's skill trying to break up the double play as chase utley was trying to do. stuart: do you want a change of rule at all? >> and 5.09 subsection a-13, that the objective of this rule is to penalize the offensive team for deliberate, unwarranted, unsportsman-like action by runner in leaving the baseline for obvious purpose of crashing the pivot man on a double play rather than trying to reach the base. this is an umpire's judgment play, what does it say that the umpire essentially got the call wrong and then when baseball's disciplinary former manager joe
9:56 am
torre steps in yesterday, no, this was an illegal slide and there's the injury so they suspend him for two games. >> had the umpire got it right, the mets could have won the game. >> if the umpire got it right, it would have been an interpeerns ca interpeerns-- interference and got the double play and-- >> if you change the rule sliding into second, you make the double play that much more likely to happen, don't you? . . >> yes, yes. what's interesting, my friend kevin burkhart from fox sport et tweeted out. to recap, a catcher with gear on cannot block the plate on a close play, but a middle fielder could get destroyed. stuart: so, you don't allow the midfielder on second base to stand in front of the base and
9:57 am
block the base, if he does-- ments you shouldn't be able to block it and there should be ramification of going on. i have the feeling what will come from this just like in football you have the tom brady puck rule or the buster posey rule. i think that the chase utley ru rule. ashley: if it wasn't in new york, but-- you take it out of new york, the nypd, the new york police department is watching social media and twitter to get a heads up what could place. i'll put even money on that mets pitcher harvey throws at one of the dodgers tonight. stuart: thank you, sir. up next with more on the contentious interview with president obama, maybe the media's love affair with the left is breaking down a little, maybe. and a nightmare for southwest travelers, we'll tell you what's behind massive lines because they're still there.
9:58 am
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10:00 am
. stuart: and here's the big story at 10:00 eastern. check that big board. question now is will we hit 18k by the end of the year? we have one market watcher that says, yes, we will. what about the everybody else? well, we've got the guy that says 18k by the end of the year. we've got him. after an interview on 60 minutes, challenges president obama. and the media honeymoon after seven years finally over? overheard on a train ride coming to "varney & company." lanny davis. gives his true thoughts on the is 2016 republican field and the democrats too. guy benson, overheard the whole conversation. thousands of passengers stuck on line after a glitch. going old school, handwriting tickets. this is a national travel nightmare. and bernie sanders asked point-blank are you a
10:01 am
capitalist? the answer will not surprise you. "varney & company" hour two starts now. ♪ ♪ . stuart: we have a lot of news coming to you out of iran. washington post reporter jason in prison for more than a year on espionage charges. he has been convicted. the washington post said he was arrested without cause. they're going to appeal and gentleman is the hostage. iran tested the surface to guidance missile with a 800-mile range. iran testing that on the same day the nuke day. fox news analyst said earlier on this program. >> while we were focusing on the issue of the nukes, iran is developing what i call the dome, meaning being able to what they were able to protect in the future, the nuclear missile. stuart: meanwhile in syria,
10:02 am
has dropped 50 tons of ammo, small armes, and grenades to rebels, the drop was supposed to be part of the government's $500 million train and quip mission that was canceled last week. and ambassador james, he will join us on the latest in this on going situation. let's get to the markets. dead flat this monday morning. taking a breather after the rally last week. up 600 points, down 5 right now. and biggest loser, lily, stopped experiments of its drug and down it goes 7.5%. big drop. it is the largest tech deal ever. dell buying emc for $67 billion in cash and stock. emc obviously a very valuable data storage company. check the price of oil sitting just below $49 a barrel now and the price of gasoline dropped a little bit
10:03 am
overnight, right at that level for three straight weeks. now to president obama's interview on 60 minutes. the president defending his leadership. role that tape. >> mr. putin seems to be challenging that leadership. in what way? >> let's think about this. >> well, he's moved troops into syria, he's challenging your leadership, mr. president. >> steve, eye got to tell you. if you think that running your economy into the ground and having to send troops in in order to prop up your only ally is leadership, then we've got a different definition of leadership. my definition of leadership would be leading on climate change. >> okay. now, the last part of those sound bites really intrigue me, leading on climate change, a leader on climate change. here is heritage foundation steve moore. did that stick out to you as well that climate change
10:04 am
should be such an important issue compared to all that's going on elsewhere? >> well, first good job to 60 minutes for asking him tough questions. am i surprised by it? no, because this is a president completely obsessed with climate change above all issues, and i would make the argument the neglect to other issues. to think that climate change is more important than the debt situation, $18 trillion in debt, the fact that we have high unemployment in the united states and around the world and that there's a lot of worry of a second double-dip recession happenin. stuart: yeah. >> to think this is a bigger issue than terrorism is a bit delusional and frightening. by the way, sir, one other quick thing on this. if you ask the american people what are your major concerns and you look at maybe the top 20 issues that come up in those polls, climate change is usually around 19th or 20th,
10:05 am
so the american people do not agree with barack obama that this is a concern. stuart: is this a concern on our economic performance? put in various rules through the epa, about to go on later this year to paris where he will give away some money, and he'll commit us to another line of climate change policies. is this a plus or a minus for america's economy in the next year? >> well, this is economic -- committing here. this is unilateral economic did i say government. we've seen this routine for five or six years where the president goes to these international accords, he hears what he wants to hear in china, india, they say, yeah, we'll reduce our emissions, they're not doing this, stuart. we've talked about this many times. china and india are building ten new -- you know, electric plants for every one that we shut down. so even if we shut down a coal plant in america, which is something that barack obama
10:06 am
would like to do, it's not going to make a dent in the slight carbons in the atmosphere because china and mexico and europe are moving back towards coal. so this is a way of injuring the american economy without having any impact whatsoever. stuart: i want you to listen to what barack obama said about donald trump. listen to what the president said flights on 60 minutes. >> trying to get attention. he's the classic reality tv character, and this early stages it's not surprising that he's getting a lot of attention. >> do you think he's running out of steam? do you think he's going to disappear? >> i'll leave it up to them to make the decision. i don't think it's going to be the president of the united states. stuart: i don't think donald be. what do you think about that? >> well, when he calls him a reality tv character, it takes one to know one; right? the same thing could have been said eight years ago, a first term senator who has never
10:07 am
done anything with his life is going to be a president? that's a laughable proposition. i'm not a donald trump fan, but i would say he's more qualified to be president -- certainly more qualified than barack obama wn he entered office. so i think it's a little unfair to say he wouldn't know what he's doing -- he's the guy who has createdly this and created things, so i thought that was a little bit below the belt. by the way, i've said this before, and i'll say it again. imagine this. if donald trump was elected president in 2016, the two people with the biggest egos in america would be successfully the president of the united states. stuart: we hear you, steve, thank you very much. cost-of-living increases for social security recipients will not happen next year. no cost of living adjustment. our next guest says the economy has been propped up by consumers. joining us now karen. all right. if this is -- if you're right that the economy is basically being propelled and kept up by consumers, i
10:08 am
take it that no cost-of-living increase for tens of millions of social security recipients next year, that will be a negative for the economy. i'm not trying to put words in your mouth, or trying to get this into the conversation here, what do you say? >> well, yeah, inflation is an important part of the puzzle of the economy and the fact that we don't have inflation is concerning. it's concerning because it indicates the lack of growth. now, the consumer has been the bright spot in the economy, there's 70% of u.s. gdp, and they've been spending. and the reason they've been spending is the jobs market is good, the best jobs narcotic 15 years. stuart: whoa whoa whoa. wait a minute. what is it? 93million americans not working. the unemployment rate is down but waging are stagnant, middle america is losing ground. >> and wage growth. stuart: you can't say the job situation is good. you can't say that. >> well, it's better than. stuart: has been that's not good. >> rate we've seen in seven years.
10:09 am
stuart: that's not good. it's not a good recovery. >> no. it has not been a good recovery. but throughout this whole recovery, the consumer has been the game changer, and they have been holding it together. and that's why we have seen the latest gdp of 3.9%. but there are a lot of yellow flags out there. inflation being one of them. the lack of inflation indicates that there's not a lot of growth. and if there's not a lot of growth, we're going to see that spill over into the consumer segment eventually. stuart: okay. >> consumers like lots of inflation, they like the low gas prices but take a look at the latest jobs number. it was not a good jobs number. it was lousy. and august down as well. and we also see most importantly corporate profits really facing headwinds. negative growth in the second quarter and negative sales growth, and we anticipate third quarter is going to be negative as well. stuart: this is not good, karen. >> it is not good and what
10:10 am
started out just as energy sector seeing struggles is now winding its way through other sectors as well. stuart: i'm out of time. we hear you. thanks so much for joining us, karen, we appreciate you being with us. thank you. look at the share price of southwest. got a technology issue creating massive lines at airports across the country. a spokesperson says they have now quote stabilized the issue. liz, do we know what stabilize the issue means? >> no. we don't and here's the issue. southwest expected it would be fixed but what you know? the problems do continue. do not expect a normal day of flying today on monday. get your boarding passes printed at home. we're also hearing not every airport official for the airlines is well equipped to deal with at home printed boarding particulars. so they've got to make sure, southwest especially that they can accept printed at home tickets. stuart: thank you very much indeed.
10:11 am
the lines continue. chipotle offering a special deal for customers on halloween. jo ling kent has that in just case you missed it. >> the burrito, halloween all across the corner and that means the $3 burrito is back, but there's a catch to get the deal this year. on october 31st, 5:00 p.m. to close, you have to add something quote unnecessary to your costume. the idea to campaign against unnecessary additives, chipotle went gmo free earlier this year and all of that money they raise from burritos will go to charity. and the swiss car maker will reveal a new car in january that will have its own drone, new autopilot features and when it goes into driverless mode, the steering wheel will completely followed up and retract into the dashboard so you will not be in control.
10:12 am
plus kohl's is getting same day delivery. they have pander with d live in places like boston, brooklyn, queens, miami, new jersey, and philadelphia in the coming weeks, just in time for early holiday shopping. they've got to get it on it, amazon and google and walmart stuart: yeah. a train from dc to new york, on the train to come and see us here at "varney & company," spoke out loud very candid on his thoughts. little did he know that guy benson heard the whole thing. more on that after the break. watch this. >> it was a public conversation, earshot of not one reporter but two in the public place, and i was not strange in or leaning in or anything like that, it was very, very easy to hear
10:13 am
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10:16 am
we're asking a question today. how about 18,000 by the end of the year? we have one analyst who says, yes, you will get there. there may be others, but we've got one of the guys who is saying 18k by the end of the year. got it. how about gold? look at this, please. that's a three-month high, maybe that has something to do with the situation developing in the middle east. twitter, the ceo jack reportedly cutting jobs in the name of efficiency starting next week but twitter is down today, back to 5% lower at 29. now this. bernie sanders responding when asked point-blank are you a capitalist? roll tape. >> when one of your colleagues ask you are you a capitalist? have you ever referred to them as a capitalist? >> no. stuart: . stuart: i'm not surprised by this, actually? >> no. not at all. stuart: where's the surprise here? >> trying to back off those words socialist.
10:17 am
there's no difference. >> he's never -- not lived in a truly socialist country. has no idea what it means to live in a socialist country. you know, we had the hungarian billionaire saying when did you no freedom and no pride in your achievement, you get more poor people and that's what's going on in socialist countries. bernie sanders is absolutely clueless about this issue. clueless. stuart: the single pair in vermont is -- >> that's right. stuart: attack dog. use that word advicely but that's what he is, engaging in a free flowing on presidential candidates what do while he was on his way to appear on this program. guy benson was nearby, heard every word. listen to what he said about it earlier today on this program. >> lanny davis seemed pretty upset about the way carly fiorina has been criticizing and attacking hillary clinton and that's been i think one of the key elements of carly's campaign is being a relentless
10:18 am
critic of the former secretary of state. referred to these attacks as nasty, very nasty, he was upset about that. stuart: well, there was a whole lot more, believe me, guy benson overheard him calling biden a about a for an. >> thanks for having me. stuart: now, he called joe biden a about a for an, said why would lanny davis do this? >> well, he's just making it all that's happening right now in the democratic field and, you know, consulting with his friends who are on this train with him and the comments that mr. davis made on this train are really insightful into what's going on in the democratic field. you hear all the time on the left them complaining that the republican field looks like a clown show and, in fact, that's what we're seeing right now on the democratic side.
10:19 am
you have a 74-year-old socialist running, he'd himself he's a democratic socialist, and mr. biden, who mr. davis sabah for an and the poll numbers tanking right no. stuart: it sounds to me that lanny davis is what he has always been, a hillary clinton or bill clinton supporter and that's why he's bashing joe biden, calling him a bafoon. i don't think he wants him to get into the race. >> well, he doesn't want him to get into the race because right now the current state -- regardless of her e-mails, hillary clinton is still the democratic front runner and if biden gets into the race, it would alter. stuart: why would davis do this? he's a political pro, why would he have a loud voice to new york city? >> i think it was stupid of him, you have to be careful with what you're saying on these types of situations, and i think he's certainly regretting it, he tried to apologize. stuart: he did. it's an attack ad from the republican national committee.
10:20 am
out a day ahead of the democrat's first debate, which is tomorrow night. roll that tape. >> i did not e-mail any classified material to anyone. >> a federal government watch dog determined there was classified information. >> did, in fact, contain classified information. >> total lack of accountability. like, my problems have nothing to do with me, they have to do with the republicans. >> playing it off a partisan witch hunt. >> now you have the fbi facing the story. >> you think the american public is that stupid? . stuart: well, that was an attack, wasn't it? >> it was. this was the first time that the rnc is dabbling in the democratic primary releasing ads and not only are they going to be airing this ad throughout -- not during the debate but over the next couple of weeks. also attacking bernie sanders on social media because that's where his support comes from. stuart: the inside track here? >> i just spoke with a spokeswoman from the rnc earlier this woman and they're
10:21 am
ramping up their coverage, fact checking throughout tomorrow night's debate, implementing all of the data that they've been doing, they're going to be attacking the democrats as much as the democrats attack them. stuart: you've got such a big smile on your face. gabby, thank you very much for joining us. pleasure. thank you, ma'am. president obama grilled by steve croft on 60 minutes last night. have you finally -- the president that is or the left in general, have they lost a little bit of their luster with the establishment media? my take on that coming up at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like playing the boss equals the boss wins. wow! to build something smarter. ♪ some come here to build something stronger.
10:22 am
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we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. stuart: del, a private company is buying emc a public traded company for $67 billion, the biggest tech deal ever. take a look vm wear, a deal
10:25 am
owned by emc, remain an company, those shares now hitting a new low and down almost 10%. okay. the fda changing its tune on climate change. turns out those cheeseburgers are not killing the plant after all. and the pentagon developing drones that no hacker can touch. we're going to give you the details on that one at 10:30 eastern. is it possible? the establishment media is changing its tune? finally moving away from its slavish support for all things democrat? maybe i'm grasping at straws and reading too much into steve croft's 60 minutes interview with president obama. i live in hope that the media will do its job and start to challenge the powers to be, that is leftist establishment itself. surely they've got enough to go at. iran is open about our president. russia laughing at him and openly throwing america into the middle east. at home, the economy slowing
10:26 am
again and middle america is actually worse off than it was seven years ago and the debt, well, it's almost doubled, and we have a media that only dumps on republicans? are you kidding? so i was hopeful that when i opened "the new york times" this morning there would be some evidence of a shift. perhaps an all critical analysis of the administration. oh, no. it's not there. the headline on the front page is about benghazi, how it's all political. another front page article flat out blames bush for the rise of the sheer in iraq. the editorial page falls in the line of the president, exporting oil, and paul calls paul ryan a conman. please remember the left takes its marching orders from the new york times. i guess my hope is misplaced. steve croft's 60 minutes interview challenge to president obama, it's an outlier. a rarity that does not set a new pattern. i should have known better. the elites decided a long time ago that america is up to no
10:27 am
good and as long as the '60s generation runs the media, there will be no change, not even gross failure will turn them around so what's your news? i got a job! i'll be programming at ge. oh i got a job too, at zazzies. (friends gasp) the app where you put fruit hats on animals? i love that! guys, i'll be writing code that helps machines communicate. (interrupting) i just zazzied you. (phone vibrates) look at it! (friends giggle) i can do dogs, hamsters, guinea pigs... you name it. i'm going to transform the way the world works. (proudly) i programmed that hat. and i can do casaba melons. i'll be helping turbines power cities. i put a turbine on a cat. (friends ooh and ahh) i can make hospitals run more efficiently... this isn't a competition!
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>> look, this is america. you're
10:37 am
that is different, i think in trying to explain to people. good implications are bad implications. if businesspeople, if we do not get up and speak and explain to people out these policies that the government is implementing work, then they are not going to know. i think people on both sides find it valuable. i think they find it valuable. stuart: how do you feel about the current republican field. 63% of the vote in a recent poll went to people that i would call outsiders. trump, cruise, fiorina. how do you feel about that? people that are not politicians. you are a personal guy yourself. >> i really do not care who wins
10:38 am
the next republican primary. i think i am a one issue voter. who can win. you look at these outsider candidates. putting them up against national polls. putting them up against hillary clinton or bernie sanders. they do not do as well. jeb bush or marco rubio. that is a problem. we will not win these elections if we are an anti-woman, anti-immigrant party. sometimes you get comments like that. >> i think that mister trump would make a much better president than mr. obama. sometimes he says things that concern me. not for winning the nomination, but for winning the presidency. we have to win the presidency. this is about to who the next president of the united states is. they just do not do as well in those polls up against democratic components. stuart: can you say for sure that those bikini-clad women
10:39 am
bring men into carl's junior. >> will we run an ad, it is up. stuart: you run it almost every show. >> we appreciate it. [laughter] stuart: all right. thank you for joining us. a time for the sector report. looking at some of the far pharmaceutical issues. stopping the development of a new hard drug. trial showed it was not effective. merck gets a price cut from jefferies. it is down. kind of a rough day for the pharma industry. those two stocks are down today. a reversal from the feds. the government says not that bad for the planet. go ahead and eat that cheeseburger. our friend called this one months ago. he is back for a victory lap.
10:40 am
>> just another example of a long line. now signed his going back hundreds of years with and apocalyptic forecasts. getting a lot better. ♪ but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
10:41 am
nicole: i am nicole petallides with your fox business brief. stocks have been mixed with a
10:42 am
very narrow trading range. the dow jones industrial average of just three points right now. the nasdaq down five. last week was the best week on wall street. some of your dow leaders include united health, johnson and johnson. also wonders work, chevron and microsoft. dell to buy emc. $67 billion deal. the largest tech feel. up about one half of 1%. the price tagged. representing 28% premium. twitter or planning layoffs. do not forget jack dorsey though facial ceo. that stock down about 5%. fbn a.m. every day for all the breaking news you need. ♪
10:43 am
10:44 am
stuart: you heard of the parents balance. mattel got a parents balance. rising 35% this calendar year. the new barbie uses a voice recognition and wi-fi to chat. the stock today is up 1.5%. twenty-two. cheating allegations. record number of people playing them this weekend.
10:45 am
>> 66. i think that you and i called this. it will not make any difference. research for a man in the uk said the beds place yesterday, record 7.1 million entries. $43.6 million entry fees just to play the latest round of nfl games yesterday. cheating scandals across the industry. having a side information had a difference. people wanted to play. stuart: hold on a second. you have an interesting twist on this. >> state officials, including massachusetts, these sites are taking away from our state lotteries. that is why they push off on legalizing gambling. we want our "fair share" from the revenues.
10:46 am
stuart: remember when the fda said cheeseburgers were contributing to global warming. our next guest always disagreed with that. they have taken cheeseburgers off the warning list. jason is here. the author of the book, unnaturally delicious. you said there is nothing wrong with cheeseburgers. they are not causing climate change. you want. well done. >> i do not want to say they have any impact. very small changes. indeed, the usda and the department of health and human services came out and said they were going to remove the criteria when releasing the nutritional guidelines. stuart: what they were talking about with cow flatulence. cows reduce beef, of course. they do their thing out on the field and that is contributing to global warming.
10:47 am
>> initially, the dietary guidelines came out and they said they wanted to consider sustainability issues. it also oiled down to greenhouse gas emissions. it involves a lot of different issues. when you read that report, one of the things they focus on was resource use. i think about allocating, you know, allocated resources, one of the most efficient ways to do that is the price mechanism to tell us what things are more expensive. what resources we need to cut back on. reporting a top-down suggestion on how we spend resources. stuart: what would you do? if you are in charge of, i don't know, what kind of policy, let's say you are in charge of climate change policy. do this, do that, don't do this, don't do that. what would you do?
10:48 am
>> let that price mechanism do it. it is more expensive. that is telling us that it is using a lot. now, one figure may want to think about is sometimes prices do not reflect all the costs involved. maybe they don't reflect the cost of carbon or water use. resources are properly price. maybe even sometimes that we think about creative ways of making sure that these so-called externalities get pressed priced into the market. generally, let people make their own decision. stuart: does the government have a role in play this, this element should be concluded in the real place price of this? >> property rights well defined. that's a good example like water.
10:49 am
it does not properly include the price of water. water is not very well traded. people are not given rights over what they owned and given ways to trade. i think one of the things you can do is make sure that ownership rights are well defined. property rights are well-defined. we have a legal system that can sort out those challenges. there is a proper role for government to tell us what science has to say on such issues. providing information is a legitimate role for the government. stuart: you want on cow flatulence. well done, young man. thank you very much for joining us. we appreciate it. farm prices way down. record harvest. we have a live report from a farm in illinois. check this out. she said the most intricate ever made. here is a question for you.
10:50 am
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stuart: check this out. a pocket watch made by a luxury pocket watch maker was made exclusively for a private collector or. only one of them exist. a watch is made of 28 pieces. it has separate functions. it cost $10 million. before the break, we asked you how long it would take to make his $10 million watch. the answer is eight years. eight years to design and construct the watch. more bad news for american responders. a new report from the government shows that the issues crop is going to be worth aliens less than last year's. jeff flock joins us now. what can they expect? >> the years that they had great harvest, sometimes it means that the prices are low. about as up close and personal as you can see.
10:55 am
this is chris gould's soybean field. by all accounts, this'll be this will be a tremendous harvest. according to the usda and the supply and demand estimates. this will be the third highest score in and being healed and history. that is typically a great saying. you can see the soybeans just come out of here. this is what the goal is. those are soybeans. i will show you. those little kernels right now. that is where the money gets made. i tell you with prices as low as they are right now, not a whole lot of money will get made. >> jeff flock, as always, right in the middle of the action. jeff, thank you so much.
10:56 am
>> i think he had soybeans in his hair. that is what reporting does for you. we have a full two hours of varney and company now in the books. you have more varney just two minutes away. >> do you really want someone to walk into the oval office that has never ever held elective office? they be people do. i going to make them think about it a little bit. would you want a doctor to operate on you that has never been in an operating room. would you want a pilot to fly you that has never been in the cockpit? the republican field looks like a clown show. that is what we are seeing right now on the democratic side. ♪
10:57 am
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
stuart: climate change? the president had just been pressed on vladimir putin's challenge through his leadership on the middle east and he responds with climate change? in this new era of political plane speaking, let's speak plainly. putin has humiliated america, has the war in syria, allied with iran and advanced missiles. winning hands down. and president obama in retreat on the weekend the interview aired iran tested long-range guided missiles. are they breaking the nuke deal already? america admitted our effort to train syrians was an expensive failure and today we find iran has convicted washington post reporter, basically a hostage, of espionage and our president responds, well, we're leading on climate change. that interview will be watched over and over and over again in moscow, riyadh, baghdad,
11:01 am
bejing, london, berlin, and paris. our friends and rivals and enemies will take their measure of america's leadership. for our friends, it will be considered at least disappointing. climate change? for our enemies, it shows weakness and failure. climate change? ♪ ♪ >> expect 5,000, and you get 5. it shows that somebody some lace along the line made some sort of miss calculation. >> you know, steve, let me just say this. >> it's an embarrassment. >> if you think that running your economy into the ground and having to send troops in in order to prop up your only ally is leadership, then we've got a different definition of leadership. my definition of leadership would be leading on climate change and international
11:02 am
accord that potentially will get in paris. stuart: let's get straight at it, shall we? fox news senior political analyst brett joins us this monday morning. good to see you again, sir. >> thank you, stuart,. stuart: two words. climate change? go. >> i have to say when i saw that, i reflectedly burst out laughing. it's -- you know, there's a lot of ways to look at it. i think the most charitable way to look at it, he was simply trying to change the subject because we're talking about on world age of peace and freedom and the troubled spots in the middle east, and he wants to talk about climate change. i mean that is laughable at best. and i think, you know, what he said about the failure of the mission to generate this military force to fight the isis and the president now does admit it's a failure, he says it's an experiment
11:03 am
basically. well, stuart, do you remember what he said at the time he announced the strategy. this is the strategy. it will work, it will gradually reduce the capabilities of isis and eventually lead to its destruction. now its, well, just giving it a try and never really believed in it the first place. you've got to think that people notice this. stuart: it's notice all around the planet and also what happened just very, very recently, over the weekend. iran is test firing an 800-mile range guided missile and today we hear that they've convicted a washington post reporter of espionage? i think they're laughing at us. i think they're just laughing in our face having just concluded a nuclear deal. am i going too strong on this? >> well, i don't think so. i mean it's possible that, you know, sentencing they'll see time served and send him home i suppose. but one would suspect the release of this man, and he is
11:04 am
a hostage, he's not legitimate accused, that would have been easy for iran to do at the time of this signal that we're entering into a new phase of relations. but everything that has come out of the iran in tyrone has said that they're not looking for a new era of the united states, they're looking to make t easier for themselves to do the mischief that they do in the world, and there's a lot of it. and they said repeatedly that they're going to keep doing what they're doing and now they're going to have all of this money that will flow to them because of this deal to do it with. so anybody think so that that is some kind of triumph i think is not looking at the same world that you and i are looking at. stuart: do you think foreign policy will be a significant element in the fourth coming presidential election? >> well, one would hope so, stuart, because so much in the world is troubling and worrisome and there's been such a record of weakness and failure on the part of this administration that you have to hope that people will look at that and say we don't want
11:05 am
this. elections tend to be about the home front and the economy and conditions as people feel them every day in their daily lives and a lot of what happens in the world is not by felt by people in their daily lives and sometimes people notice that if there's weakness, they'll vote for a strong foreign policy. stuart: but the thing is the opposite of retreat is not war and that's the argument that we keep coming up with is that the president keeps coming up with. last 20 seconds to you, sir. >> well, i would say we're strong in the world militarily, we are less likely to have to eventually use that military. it's when we look weak that we get these destabilizing atmosphere when people like putin and tyrone feel free to act. stuart: speak solve and carry a big stick. i believe that was truman. >> no. it was roosevelt. teddy. stuart: i was there for truman.
11:06 am
i am actually a truman baby. that's a fact. thank you. >> thank you. stuart: monday morning coming off a big rally last week of course, we were up 600 points, made 17k, we're staying there, dead flat, virtual at 17,100 almost. biggest loser in the s&p is what? lily, respond the experiment of a hard drug. down 8%, that's a huge loss for a company like that. and this is the largest tech deal ever. del buying emc for $67 billion in cash and stock. del is private so we can only quote emc stock, which is up 1.5%. they knew the deal was coming. check the price much oil sitting below $49 a barrel this morning, down about 1.7% and gas has started to move a little bit lower again, down a few cents or fraction of a cent overnight to $2.31 that is the national average on regular gasoline.
11:07 am
look at apple. got a block its own news app in china. jo ling kent with details. look, going to say that apple is doing the censorship work for the chinese government. am i way off on this? >> yeah. this is a new york times report that says if you have apple news and you're using it, you're an american user because it's only available there and here, it goes to china, it doesn't work, it puts up this error message and how does this compare to google? because you'll remember back in 2010 google left because of censorship issues. apple, though, very much needs china despite the slow and growth that help lead to its record iphone sales remember just a couple of weeks ago on the iphone 6s. plus you have 75% increase in iphone sales overall in china. they think it's going to be their biggest market. so what's the incentive? . stuart: so if you want the china market, what you do
11:08 am
china. >> they're not saying that, but publishing what comes out of the journalism and media publication. stuart: okay. we hear it. jo ling, thank you very much. >> yeah. stuart: and chair schultz appearing on cnn yesterday. she went off on republicans. roll that tape. >> the 15 republican candidates that are left, all of whom are trying to out trump donald trump by saying, yeah. let's kick women -- let's kick immigrants all of this country, let's take health care away from women. stuart: political strategist and fox news contributor, ebony kay williams is here. >> stuart, i know where you're going to go with this. stuart: no, you don't. are you embarrassed by her? she's the lady that said republicans gave women the back of the hand as if they're assaulting them physically. >> look at you. i'm not in the business of defending debbie, she represents the stale establishment tone to the democratic party. and i actually watched that
11:09 am
thing three times because i wanted to be fair to all sides of this. i think she sustained on her talking points. she was trying to go back to that old war on women argument with the gop. stuart: she was indeed. >> and i don't think that's going to resonate. when you talk about planned parenthood, that's a knee-jerk topic but let's talk about it intellectually and honestly for the fact that people do have the right to oppose abortion, free speech, and the nuance on that. she's banking on the gender gap to play in favor just like nome 2012. stuart: i don't think that will. but my views on it entirely. i want to know who she really sops. is it president obama or hillary clinton? >> i think it's hillary clinton. i think so if you watch the full scope of what she thinks -- if you really, really about obama's presidency, then your candidate is who is going to best preserves obama's presidency. stuart: that's joe biden. >> an i think schultz is very much about a clinton candidac. stuart: the next one. the national committee, rnc, announced a new hillary attack
11:10 am
ad. let's roll it for our viewers, please. >> i did not e-mail any classified material to anyone. >> the federal government watch dog determined there was classified information. >> did, in fact, contain classified information. >> total lack of accountability. it's like my problems have nothing to do with me, they have to do with the republicans. >> they're playing it off as a partisan witch hunt. >> now you have the fbi, "the new york times" chasing this story. >> those are not. >> do you think the american public is that stupid? . stuart: now, then the essence of that ad suggests that the e-mail scandal is important to voters, that's why they're telling them about it. do you think it's that important or not. >> i think it's important, i think benghazi is more important and this whole notion of this being a partisan witch hunt, i think it's a little bit more partisan, people are running for office, but that doesn't make it exclusive that america deserves answers. stuart: you are shifting. you've been on this program for a few weeks, you are shifting a little bit towards
11:11 am
me, aren't you? >> i'm shifting towards american people, stuart,. stuart: you're shifting towards the truth. >> to the truth. of course. that's not a shift. stuart: oh, it is. you're shifting away from your colleagues on the left, and you're coming over to our side. >> well, that's why i'm a registered independent. now, on the issues, i tend to be more aggressive but i'm about the truth. stuart: you are not an independent. >> i am. stuart: you are not an independent. >> do you want to see my card . stuart: always on the left. >> not always. stuart: not wildly to the left, you're not a bernie sanders. >> i'm not a socialist. [laughter] . stuart: do the democrats understand who is and who isn't a socialist? i don't think they do. debbie schultz -- >> that's my point. that's what i'm saying and i think the new democratic party if they want to have relevancy moving forward, they need to get weal from those stale talking points. stuart: you know, by november 2016 you will still be on this program, and you will be a republican. [laughter] >> i will bet money that is not true. stuart: how much?
11:12 am
no. no. no. >> stock portfolio. stuart: thank you very much, ebony. appreciate it. an update on the baseball player that everybody is talking about. the dodgers chase suspended for two games. slid into second baseman there you go. >> broke his leg. stuart: broke his leg, he's suspended but ashley. >> there's an interesting development. the l.a. times says okay. he's immediately appealed the suspension and the major league baseball said okay. well, we'll try to get it heard today, but it appears very unlikely that's going to happen. they have up to two weeks but they need to present their case. so until his case is heard, he is eligible to play. so he will be available for game three and game four here in new york as it stands if they don't get the appeal heard. and you can only imagine the reception he's going to get out at city field if he is out there tonight. stuart: earlier on the show said that the nypd is
11:13 am
following twitter feeds. >> yeah. stuart: about the game. >> sure. stuart: because if he plays, there could be a riot. >> yeah. they've had talked about where the team is staying at the hotel in manhattan extra security there as well. stuart: it is ugly. >> major league baseball may try to get this hearing in quickly just because of that. we'll see. stuart: fox brian with us. wait a minute. you know what's coming. brian, good friend, great guy was the subject of a saturday night live skit. it's funny but we give him his chance to respond. that will be next. he responds to this. >> now that kevin mccarthy duets out, the house speaker is now open. >> i don't know why they don't let them all speak. [laughter]
11:14 am
11:15 am
11:16 am
11:17 am
stuart: 2016 medicare premiums will go up for about 30% of the people on medicare. that's about 17 million people. gerri willis is here. question number one. how much will the premiums go up by? >> premiums go up by 52% for this special class of people, thousands of dollars more that people will pay over the course of the year. stuart: 30% of people will pay $7,000 more? >> the wealthy people. stuart: okay. >> let me explain why. you know that your social security payments cannot go down and this year we have a cost of living that is zero. stuart: yeah. >> so premiums for medicare part d, which is what you use to pay your doctors bills with, that's going higher. stuart: now i've got it. >> that would drive their numbers negative; right? government says you can't do nap so what's going to happen to 30% of people who make money. stuart: yeah. >> $85,000 for a single, 120,000 for a couple, they will pick up the tab for everyone. their costs are going to go up 52%. stuart: that's a big story.
11:18 am
>> that's a big increase. stuart: taxing the rich. flat out. >> and what do we know about washington? it's out to get the retirees, federal reserve keeps cutting rates, cutting rates, these people can make no money and now this. so what is the message to people who in retirement, you know, they're trying to do the right thing but they can't because the federal government is on their back. stuart: gerri willis, a very good story and very good explained. thank you very much indeed. >> thank you. stuart: now this. saturday night live taking on fox and friends. opening the show with a skit about fox and friends. just watch this. >> now that representative kevin mccarthy has withdrawn from the race of house speaker, the position's wide open. >> i don't know why they don't let them all speak. [laughter] >> here's something interesting actually. you know that the speaker doesn't actually have to be a member of congress? it can be anybody. folks have thrown out names like mitt romney and --
11:19 am
>> well, i don't know about him. that's the man who stole christmas. stuart: brian kilmeade is here. now, he's portrayed in that skit by bobby. that was -- you're not too thrilled about it, are you, brian, because it's kind of heavy. is that what's getting to you? >> no. i'm mad added your floor crew. i heard laughter when we came back, they're all laughing, how dare they turn on me. stuart: is it the point of view expressed by brian kilmeade look like a or the fact that he was very heavy? which was it? >> well, i tell you what. i am heavy. if i had to choose one, i would prefer -- i consider myself relativelrim 176 pounds, why bobby puts on weight and still gets to portray me is unbelievable. don't they have anybody there that has a sit-up that could portray me. stuart: they should have asked me, simple because i'm 17- another story. i've got to ask you about
11:20 am
baseball. another store suspended chase after he did that big slide into second base. now, let me ask you this. leapt to change the rules about sliding into second base. i maintain that if you make it a no contact second-base slides, then you've changed the rules in a very significant way and basically make a double play a sure thing; right? >> well, you know, they've done it at home plate, stuart, they used to run over people, the catcher can get run over so they have to sit there and take it and these guys getting hurt, and i was for that and i have to be for this. i was at this point now, you don't go to baseball because there could potentially be about collision. you could say that about auto racing. but nears baseball, i think there has to be some honor among they've seen where you go i'm going to break his leg in order to avoid a double play even if the playoff is at
11:21 am
stake. i'm a mets fan, but if that was a met, i would say you've got to be kidding me. that's totally unnecessary and it changed the whole game. thrown out,. stuart: 30 seconds. it's possible that he will play tonight because of the timing of the appeal on the decision to spend him. you've got 20 seconds left. what happens if utley does play tonight in new york? >> it will be insane when he gets up and he's not going to start. they're going to knock it down to one game, that's the best case scenario, they're going to hear it today. they're trying to protect utley by trying to get him through the new york series, although they do have video tape to back up others and not face suspension. stuart: good stuff. and i'm going to review your new book too all right? >> thank you very much. stuart: brian kilmeade, everybody. on saturday night live. i believe mat, all of our stage managers has something to add at all of this. that's the man in the middle. >> i have one word for the
11:22 am
umpire, do not warn them before the game. harvey and the team have a chance to make retribution to this team. you know what i mean? strt: u me theve g to he ahanc to to ke ts r rvas toroct h ammate that wha basalls a abou i' all aut a harli, the y, b he ppose roed hselfo te tt gu outnd now he's gt a ok leg. someone that deserves to be in the playoffs this year. >> that is passion for the mets. stuart: passion. >> he's going tonight, by the way. he's going to be at the game. >> i'll be there. . stuart: watch out, utley. you'll be back. i know you will. thanks, matt. russia's president, vladimir putin gained the upper hand, that's an under statement, keep your eyes on the price of oil,
11:23 am
11:24 am
11:25 am
11:26 am
stuart: look at this. gold. that is a three-month high, 1,160 per ounce. three-month high. and the price of oil, down a little bit today. down 1.13, doesn't look like the events in the middle east have having much affect on oil. and vladimir putin has a grip on the oil patch in the middle
11:27 am
east. come on in, john hofmeister. i want your comments on this. i can see, john, down the road with putin in such a strong position allied with iran right in the middle of the oil patch. i can see real problems with the world supply of oil at some point in the future. can you? >> absolutely. now, we all know that russia needs much higher priced oil if their economy is going to get any kind of lift. stuart: yeah. >> as does iran. so you have this iranian, russian and then they could collectively control the quantity of oil that goes into the market and the work by the saudis to try to keep the oil price low could come to nothing because of the collaboration of the russians and the iranians. stuart: meanwhile we in america in large parts of america not allowed to frack for our own oil supply. and if we did at this point we're not allowed to export it to help our european friends. it seems like
11:28 am
president obama's got the wrong side of two -- two -- the same issue on both counts. >> well, he does, in fact. but you're not going to change his mind. congress is but an anthill to the president. he could care less what congress says because he could use his executive authorities through the commerce department to make it very difficult for any legislation to move forward and veto the threat, which he's done so citizens suffer from higher prices, the industry suffers 200,000 laid off workers in the industry suffers but that's not obama's concern. his concern is his legacy. and i would predict here, stuart, that his legacy when it comes to energy will turn into irrelevance about the time he leaves office. stuart: but his legacy also includes climate change. so he can say i favored climate change, i worked for policies that mitigate climate change, that's my legacy. not fossil fuels.
11:29 am
that's what he'll say. >> he can say that, but he's done nothing legislatively and if you don't legislate the kind of big rules, the kind of laws like the clean air act, the clean water act, which richard nixon engineered through congress, then his legacy will be for not because a future president will simply by executive fiat remove his regulations and substitute future regulations. so obama's failure to work with congress will turn him into a mostly irrelevant president. stuart: all right, john hofmeister, those are your last words today, but you will be back later. thanks i just don't joining us, john. thank you. meanwhile president obama says he's leading on climate change as iran fires off long-range ballistic missiles. what does the former director of the cia have to say about iran, climate change missiles?
11:30 am
11:31 am
11:32 am
11:33 am
stuart: lookee here. 17119 as we speak. we do have a big loser in the s&p 500. halting sales of eight
11:34 am
developmental drug. down it goes. now, this. new developments from iran. there are other developments as well. let's bring in former director of the central intelligence agency. always a pleasure to have you with us on the show. climate change is the area where president obama is leading the world. as he is saying that, iran test fires 800-mile range guided listed missiles. what is your take on those two developments? >> it is not inconsistent for him to work on climate change as well as to protect the country against the iranians and russians and what's they do. the iranians are taking turns
11:35 am
sort of jiving at us in one way or another. >> laughing at us. >> yes. stuart: they are contemptuous of us. >> a few days ago, putin said if the americans would have just given me the $500 million they spent on training those five people, i could have made a lot better use of it. they love poking the finger. >> our rivals, our enemies, our friends. what is the rest of the world thinking when they watch that interview on 60 minutes last night. >> well, i do not think it is a zero issue. compared with what it has to do in order to protect the country, he is not focusing on what he is having urgent. we need to not end up in a
11:36 am
situation where we cannot protect our friends and allies. somebody in his office talked about leading from behind. he is not leading from behind. he is fiddling from behind. stuart: i do not want to put words in your mouth. would it be fair to say that our friends are in despair and our rivalries and enemies are lethal. >> i do not think that that is a stretch. i wish it were. >> what are we doing for the next 14 months? >> we have to change the way we are dealing with the outside world and the chance that this president does that is very, very slim. >> will there be more challenges to come from russia or china? >> oh, yes. the chinese have their islands that they are building in the south china sea. different parts that they are looking at him licking their
11:37 am
chops. they are moving against nato. nato is in a real bind. this is going to go on and on. >> thank you very much for being with us again. always appreciate it. >> thank you. stuart: to the dow. how about that. i for the day at this moment. will the dow hit 18,000 by the end of the year? he is a marker watcher. >> anything is possible. stuart: is it likely? typically a pretty good year on the markets. i do think that it is a possibility. stuart: you told me earlier that between november and april there
11:38 am
is a track record for the dow moving. november to may is up 75% at the time. a very good chance that we may see a good move here. >> up 75% at the time. >> you would think that maybe it would go higher. >> historical comparisons. >> a lot of patterns that exist in the marketplace. the numbers are pretty astounding. i think it is a good idea when you have a portfolio to understand that these exist. >> 65 years old. i have a bunch of money in stocks. i have done quite well. you do not think that i should dump on those stocks?
11:39 am
>> we had a lot of bad news come out over the last several months. the market is still hanging in there. 6% move would be 18,000. going into a very positive time in the market right now thanyou ry mh fojoing us. >> thank you. i appreciate it. stuart: dell is by and see. jill lang kent is here. what is dell kidding? >> pc sales are the primary driver. according to gartner, down 11% this year. not good. they are buying emc. a company that does software and storage. things for other big businesses. allowed storage. important things that everybody needs. dell is trying to pivot.
11:40 am
michael dell will take over. ricey is a bold, brave stuart: coming out there. taking control. >> the competitors are super fierce. we have amazon. restaurant chain. , is fast food. fast food, but fresh food. that is what they do. i'm going to ask their ceo. th cr trusted technology partner, you get an industry leading broadband network and cloud and hosting services. centurylink. your link to what's next.
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nicole: i am the co-petallides with your fox business brief. the past week of the year. today, we are adding ever so slightly. the s&p is up. the dow of 33. the nasdaq up about nine. we are seeing energy stocks coming under pressure. all down roughly 2%. energy. the winner last week. we are watching things closely. really kicking off. we will hear from jpmorgan. goldman sachs wells fargo gaming today. mattel. a new interactive barbie that will talk with your child.
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hi, i'm andrew luck. could anyone use some of my lucky beard for retirement? i could use some luck. make a wish. nice. thanks. your turn! no... thanks andrew. see,td ameritrade has everything i need for retirement. like rollover consultants for assistance and portfolio planning tools to help me manage my ira. so, i think i'm good. oh well. luck is in the air. um... td ameritrade. you got this. stuart: look who is back. he has returned to varney and come to any. this is matthew corrine. welcome back. >> thank you very much. stuart: i will give a commercial for you. you have 200 outlets.
11:45 am
seventy-seven cities in the united states. >> 15 countries around the world. you are the founder. your parents were the principal investors. you are 34 years old. you are a billionaire. >> no comment. stuart: looking for a buyout, perhaps? you are expanding rapidly. >> opening three stores every week. this year, 100. next year, 200. stuart: fast. that is the deal. those terms come together and make for a really exciting time. >> there is nothing wrong with it unless you are from the south. did you only get that they can
11:46 am
make muffin. stuart: you do not approve of breakfast all day at mcdonald's. you do not approve because it is not absolutely fresh. >> i think it is high-stakes poker. it may actually cannibalize same scales. it is not good for business. >> do you do burgers? >> we do not. we are salad and fresh frozen juices. >> you feel so good. >> i want to know what you see in the next 10 years. in the terms of health and wellness. will it last? we know how the american consumer can be. >> the definition of healthy is never going away.
11:47 am
it became spinach and then it became cale and quinoa. now it is fresh frozen juice. we want to bring health and wellness. fifteen countries. it is a grade. they have been doing it in sweden for years. >> i will bring you some tomorrow. you welcome back? >> yes. i welcome back when i am a billionaire. stuart: okay. it was a pleasure. new developments. it was intentionally brought down by a pilot. relatives for the victims. they want to sue an american court. >> all about money. one lawyer representing about three dozen families. future potential earnings.
11:48 am
the impact on the surviving relatives. most times, it is 108,000. the reason they think they can get it heard in the u.s. is because the co-pilot accused of ditching the plane and killing everyone departed his training in the u.s. they think it opens up to sue in the united states for a lot more money. >> a very limited window. >> that is it. that is grounds enough. >> you can imagine the grief. >> the question -- it is very interesting. >> that is what we will find out. >> bernie sanders. he says he is not a capitalist. rather a democratic socialist.
11:49 am
he thinks we should steer america to become more like him. >> how is that working out? stuart: that is next. you wouldn't order szechuan without checking the spice level. it really opens the passages. waiter. water. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck. the health care law gives us powerful tools to fight it. on medicare fraud. to investigate it. prosecute it. and stop criminals. our senior medicare patrol volunteers are teaching seniors across the country to stop, spot and report fraud. you can help. guard your medicare card. don't give out your card number over the phone. call to report any suspected fraud. we're cracking down on medicare fraud. let's make medicare stronger for all of us.
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stuart: bernie sanders. questions on whether or not he is a capitalist.
11:53 am
roll tape. >> are you a capitalist. referring to them as capitalist. the democratic socialists. >> a democratic socialists. republicans come in here. do you ask them if they are a capitalist. of course they are. they do not wrap their he is wrapped in the socialist camp. trying to back off of him a little bit. he is a socialist. he is a democratic socialist. >> this debate tomorrow night. the issues will be debated between them for the voters. i will be watching so closely. stuart: it will be late in the night. >> that's all right.
11:54 am
stuart: president obama on the hillary clinton e-mail scandal. here is the clip. >> it was a mistake that she's acknowledged. as a general proposition, when we are in these offices, we have to be more sensitive and stay as far away from the line as possible when it comes to how we handle information. >> she did not threaten national security. there was secret information on those e-mails. that was a tepid defense. >> i don't think it was a strong defense at all. they should know better. she should have been quicker to disclose work related e-mails that have been kept on a private system. >> vice president joe biden.
11:55 am
all of that was last night. stuart: the tepid defense of hillary could be interpreted as a push to joe biden. >> we know the animosity. he would love to have joe biden run. have his own administration's legacy. stuart: by today -- >> still time for him to make a big decision. >> i want to get to the sports fantasy story. insider information. despite those allegations, they had the biggest weekend ever. >> 7.1 million entries. after this scandal, both
11:56 am
companies were betting on each other's sites. this does not sound right. they have insider information. forget it. >> this is something that is incredibly complicated and problematic. just because something goes wrong in the system does not mean that people will stop betting. >> they are passionate about their teams. stuart: credibility. i am not winning because someone has the inside information. there are many different games they can play on these sites. they want to that. they love football. bring it on. >> they do not like all of that money going to football, gambling.
11:57 am
the dow is now 43 points. i think that that is the high for the day. we will have more varney after this.
11:58 am
11:59 am
>> this president is obsessed with climate change while the rest of the world understands the real danger. i think he thinks a sunburn is worse than a beheading. stuart: that was from mike huckabee. his focus on climate change. let's see what you viewers have to say. he says, does obama really think climate change is the number one threat and that terrorism will take care of itself over time. here is what cheryl had to say. surely you can see a nuclear war has far more implications than climate change. the interview on 60 minutes.
12:00 pm
climate change. my jaw dropped when i saw that. >> certainly the heat is on. turn it up. my time is. neil cavuto is here. it is yours. >> we expect so little of these interviews in mainstream media. you see one point where they argue ever so slightly. it was not that. it was new. different. thank you, my friends. here is what we are looking at right now. this big concept. the republican and democratic party.


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