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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  October 12, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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melissa: president obama grilled on his strategy against isis. president says assad is public enemy number one, not isis. we'll ask the experts if they agree. >> one of my favorite people in the world, besides you. melissa: you excited. david: come big book legend. comic books saved my life as teenager. stan lee is behind all the marvel superheroes. we'll bo to stan lee live. but first -- [closing bell rings] melissa: dow is ending the day in the green for the 7th straight session. trade something light on columbus day. dow almost up 50 points. nasdaq showing a positive day as well. oil down today. david: down almost 5%. while markets wait for tomorrow, here is everything you have to know right now. former lawmakers bringing candidates from opposite sides of the aisle together, maybe to come up with some kind of a solution for our problems.
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former senator joe lieberman and former utah governor jon huntsman organized the no labels convention underway in new hampshire to get democratic and republican candidates on the same page to talk policy and at least ditch their political labels for one day. fox news's molly line has highlights from the convention at manchester, new hampshire. are they sticking to the script here? >> reporter: they really are. they have been asked a lot about compromise and what they would do if they had the opportunity to be president, how they would change things, so fascinating to see. eight candidates participating over course of this day. both democrats and republicans as you mentioned in the no labels problem solving convention. crowd is still here. this is panel they're working on now. we've heard from candidates throughout the day. we also heard from jon huntsman, as you mentioned, co-chair with senator joe lieberman about the organization. talked to me about bringing both sides together. bridging partisan divide in washington. >> getting people running for
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president how to pursue common goals for americans and gridlock and fighting, start fixing. >> the candidates really played to the subject matter here, played to this crowd, including governor chris christie. take a listen. >> i want to turn off the news, with all the stuff going on in washington right now, with who is going to be the speaker of the house. who cares? i mean who cares? [applause] because quite frankly, whether it has been democratic speaker or republican speaker of late they don't get anything done. >> reporter: kind of attempt to make people feel he is listening, how people are sick of things going in washington. we heard from donald trump, lindsey graham, senator bernie sanders. governor pataki spoke a few moments ago. governor jim -- senator jim web is coming up next and then
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governor john kasich. david: hillary clinton was a no-show? >> she was not expected to be here and did not attend the event. david:-week speak to colabels co-chair, former connecticut senator joe lieberman on hillary's noticeable absence. melissa? melissa: republicans knocking hillary clinton in a new ad ahead of the democratic debate claiming she is still misleading public. >> i did not email any classified material to anyone. >> federal government watchdog has determined there was classified information. >> did in fact contain classified information. >> total lack of accountability. like my problems have nothing to do with me. they have to do with the republican. >> playing it off as partisan witch-hunt. >> fbi, "new york times" chasing this story. >> those are not partisan organization. >> you think the american public is that stupid? >> republican national committee is responsible for the content of this advertising. melissa: joining me now fox news's bret baier, host of "special report."
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bret, sir, thank you so much for joining us. how effective do you think that ad is going to be? >> well i think pretty effective although they're targeting democratic primary voters. when there is rnc ad always comes with the calf vaught, are you going to be to affect democrats at the end, saying it is bout and paid for by the rnc. that said, issue, email issue is still very prevalent and expected to be question or topic or debate at the debate in las vegas tomorrow night. melissa: absolutely. i mean what is really interesting about that ad, that they featured journalist who is have been known to have an opinion, you know, who have defended democrats in the past. look at zbigniew brzezinski. look at people perceived in the public, straight in the center. take somebody like charlie rose. it says republicans at end, when
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you ahead of that people in the media saying she was not telling the truth in this case, it seems like it would be pretty effective? >> it does and a reminder that we have videotape in this business and it goes back. it seems like when hillary clinton comes out with another statement about the emails that they forget where we've been before. this kind of churns up everything we've seen before. this thing keeps on going, melissa, and the president's comments to "60 minutes" really add fuel to the fire saying that he doesn't think the email issue is a national security issue even though his fbi is continuing to investigate that very issue, whether her email server was hacked by foreign state entities. >> how does that cut though? i mean he is basically, to me, sounded likes, oh, this is no big deal. so that has to register with some people but then who comes along to point out like you said his own group is investigating that?
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does it come back to hurt him? how does that play? >> well, it, we'll see where the investigation goes. listen, just to put it in perspective, the committee, the benghazi committee that has been under fire obviously for the politics surrounding all of this and what kevin mccarthy said about it being a political effort to bring hillary clinton's poll numbers down, latest whistle-blower from the committee, package is a great thing for hillary clinton's campaign. what is not a great thing just in the past two weeks they turned over 1000 additional emails on libya and benghazi. these are emails that had not been turned over before, new information. and that make this is story continue for some time. melissa: gives it even more legs. bret, thank you for coming on. appreciate your time. you're getting ready for your own fabulous program. >> thank you. david: couple hours away on different channel. bret talking about new polls, showing donald trump and hillary
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clinton remain the front-runners for race in the president. that poll has worrisome news for jeb bush. bush's favorable ratings are down 11% since august. just 32% hold favorable view of the former governor. donald trump's favorable ratings are, guess what, up? 53% view the candidate favorably. that is up from below 50% 47, in august. melissa: i know you saw this one. crude prices tanking that opec ramps up supply in the view of an oil glut. interesting view. crowding out the market. last week it was just over 4dollars a barrel, down by 1%. -- $47 a barrel. david: another commodity we want to talk about. look at goldening up 1%. this is the highest sell meant since july 6th. getting boost on economic stimulus plan, yes, another one, in china. melissa: homemade craft site
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etsy ending the day down 11%. the lowest close since going public back on april 16th. the stock getting a sell rating from an analyst on concerns over competition from amazon's new craft site. david: you have to know there will be another competitor to that one. melissa: you strike me as crafter, david, i know you do. david: i love to sow -- sew. earnings season is kick off this week. revenues stall and companies run out of opportunity to cut corners and profit margins are expected to take a indid. between fed uncertainty and china woes could declining profits be a new norm for companies and investors? scott wren, senior global equity analyst. jason rotman, lido advisors. and john petrolides. everyone likes to point finger
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and blame problems for their own problems. the biggest excuse i'm hearing the dollar is too strong, therefore we can't make enough abroad. we saw that hurt alcoa earnings. is that a legitimate excuse? >> you know, i think here's the good differentiating factor. i think for established companies with predictable revenue streams who have been around for deck kids, yeah, you know what? a strong dollar could hut their quarter or year or whatever. however, for more recent companies, companies maybe just went on the public market within the past five years that are establishing dominance in their area, i don't think the strong dollar makes a difference and that leads to some of the picks which we can get to now or later. look for companies traying strong, new dominators in their space. david: we have some companies coming out reporting. i heard one report, 1/3 of all publicly-traded companies report this week. scott, profit margins are expected to take a hit because these companies have already
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squeezed every bit of waste and excess out of themes s. is there anymore to be to be done without more revenue coming in, people buying their products? >> david, when you look ahead, maybe not necessarily in the third quarter but i think you are going to see better revenue growth. now these companies have done a very good job playing the hand they're dealt. these operating margins are at record highs. they will stay close to that, what our work would suggest. i think there are more expenses to wring out. these companies are just getting more and more efficient. i think the market is underestimating productivity numbers you will see in the economy going forward. that is a big part of it. david: they have to become more efficient. there is no other way to get profit because there is not enough revenue. people are not buying as much. john, that leads me to wonder this 1,000-point rally in the past five trading days is real or not? is that rally, despite the fact that we may have two quarters of slower earnings on s&p,
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justified? >> it is hard to figure out what had happened over the last week. maybe market just sold off too aggressively in the past. i agree that profit margins will be hard to come by. top line is really stubborn to grow. companies are doing a really good job to manufacture earnings below profit margins. companies refinanced debt and taken advantage of low interest rates. a lot of companies moved offshore to lower tax rates. we all know companies spent tremendous amount of cash buying back stocks to help grow earnings. >> jason, isn't it a bad sign for the market, when you have two quarters of down profits and a rally? doesn't that seem somewhat artificial to you, the rally? >> listen, the bottom line is that i agree. i think it is. i think there is still money to be made picking individual stocks but on the whole, the rally will not last. the rally will stagnate basically starting now until the
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next fed meeting at the end of the month. david: get a pick in. jason, just two picks quickly, what are your two picks? i know you're dying to get them in. >> i really like lowe's. i think the housing recovery is long way from being over and i like sps communications. it's a phenomenal cloud-based supply chain management company. new 52-week high today. david: scott, jason, john, thank you very much. appreciate you coming in. melissa. melissa: president obama on defense getting grilled on "60 minutes" last night over his comments on american leadership and failed strategies in syria. david: all about global warming, isn't it? melissa: right. david: major travel troubles for southwest passengers after a nationwide computer glitch delay as quarter of its flights. we have latest details on that coming up. melissa: you know this guy. ♪ >> oh, man, i am so fired. melissa: comic book legend, stan
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switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. melissa: an american journalist found guilty in iran. "the washington post" reporter has been convicted of espionage. that is according to the iranian state television however the sentence is not yet known. the newspaper condeming the decision, calling it an outrageous injustice. fox news's greg palkot is in london with the latest on this story. >> reporter: melissa, there are a lot of questions about a verdict which was handed down in tehran. it dealt with a 39-year-old "washington post" reporter, iranian american citizen, jason rezaian, found guilty of espionage and other crimes according to iran.
4:17 pm
the details of those not made public. but he could be sentenced for as much as 20 years in jail. for nearly of the last 15 months he has been kept in iran's notorious evan prison where political prisoners and some americans are held. he was kept for many month in solitary confinement. he also has been ill and treated for that sickness. he had been living in iran since 2008. working for "the washington post" since 2012. he and his iranian wife were arrested on jewel of 2014. the wife and two others nabbed were later released but "the washington post" denies that rezaian is guilty of any wrongdoing. >> all we can conclude he is a victim. he is caught up in this collision of forces who are at odds with each other, whether it is about the nuclear deal. whether about the things we don't know. it is just a tragedy, an innocent man, accredited journalist, a good person has
4:18 pm
become a victim. >> reporter: in fact when a deal was struck by the obama administration with the government of iranian president rouhani regarding the program, release of the prisoners should have been included. the white house said it didn't want to link the two elements. anyway was trying for the release of the americans. it's a release rezaian's american mother has been fighting for for months now. would be grateful for. there has been talk of an appeal, perhaps a pardon. granting of bail, even a prisoner swap for rezaian and other americans, four iranians held by americans. right now the fate of this american man is very much up in the air. melissa. melissa: wow, greg, thank you. david: a incredible story. a few other stories on our radar. controversy in california. the state is mulling to allow inmates convicted of violent crimes to work alongside
4:19 pm
firefighters. california has the nation ace oldest and largest firefighting unit. who knew. a nationwide computer glitch delayed a quarter of southwest airlines flights and some problems continued this morning. the milford school district in connecticut, canceled halloween, banning parades they fear will exclude kids who didn't want to take part in the celebration. they also aren't allowing kids to wear costumes to school. have halloween word for grinch. the grinch who stole halloween. melissa: there you go. rough play that left one baseball player with a broken leg and the other benched. the latest on the nasty slide is coming up next. scary news for anyone that relies on a social security check. 70 million americans do. what you need to knowyour benefits. that is coming up. ♪
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>> there is, he will not get the double play. wow, did chase utley go in hard at second. david: the slide seen around the world. dodgers chase utley's hard slide in a mets shortstop ruben tejada, he broke tejada's leg during game 2 of national league playoffs. utley has been suspended for tonight's game but because he is appealing decision he will be available. fox sports 1 and a former pitcher. cj, the pitcher is the great matt harvey. he is phenomenal pitcher. he was quoted sounding really mad, maybe mets wanted some payback. what do you think he does if he is up against this guy tonight? >> well i think he would probably take a shot at chase utley you about he is not going to get that opportunity. chase utley will not be in the
4:24 pm
dodger lineup tonight. if the mets are looking retaliation it will probably not come against chase utley. the other opportunity they may have take out one of the dodgers middle infielders, exactly what happened to the mets and ruben tejada. may not see hit by pitch but something similar to game two, one of the mets batters going hard with that opportunity. david: new york met fans are tough. maybe not as tough as philly fans but they are tough. what happens if chase is announced in the lineup tonight? >> well you know he has been a philadelphia philly for so long. he has been booed anytime coming into shea stadium or citi field for new york mets. it will be heavier than he ever has been. he will be booed. not announced in any starting lineup because he is not playing but he will hear about it at stadium. david: we'll look at the picture, that chase went far north of the bad. he was looking to down the shortstop, no question in my
4:25 pm
mind but that is just playing or in your opinion playing dirty? >> major league baseball has a little bit of an issue with the rule, if you read rule book it is absolutely illegal slide. the problem they haven't called it. look back in history, recent history, guys slide late into second base umpires not calling it. at amateur level, when that happens, guy breaks up double play, goes too far at bag, give automatic double play. they don't do that in major league baseball. the slide is against the rules but commonly accepted as hard and bad as it looks. david: cj, you're a pitcher, if you were pitching for mets would you look for payback and in what way? >> absolutely. but it will not happen early on. keep other thing in mind, the fact this is the post-season. this series is tied at 1-1. you don't want to put a hitter on base in big situation with opportunity late in the game and mets have a big lead.
4:26 pm
you have to win the game first. try to find retribution somewhere else. david: the pennant is to important. cj, thank you very much. appreciate it. >> my pleasure, david. melissa: draftkings and fanduel still reining supreme despite allegations of cheating in the sports sites. customers have not been scared off the on the contrary the sites saw best numbers ever with record number joining tournaments for nfl games, generating $43 million in entry fees. proving all pr is good pr. david: ads were all over the place. 007 facing serious backlash. former actor now bashing james bond. how can he do that? we'll tell you coming up. melissa: leadership under fire. president obama challenged on the white house's strategy in syria and the fight against the islamic state. ♪
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melissa: steve kroft really taking the gloves off during the "60 minutes" interview with president obama. take a listen. >> you said a year ago that the united states, america leads were the indispensable nation. mr. putin seems to be challenging that leadership. >> in what way? let's think about this. >> he moved troops into syria, for one. >> yeah. >> he has got people on the ground. >> right. >> two, the russians are conducting military operations in the middle east for the first
4:31 pm
time since world war ii. >> so that -- >> arming people that we are supporting -- bombing people. >> so that is leading, steve? melissa: pretty astounding interview. joining me hardin lang, senior fellow national security for center for american progress. jillian turner,er white house security staff under president bush. judith miller, adjunct fellow. thanks for joining us. jillian, what is reaction to what you just heard. >> president obama tried really hard last night to convince viewers that president putin's latest move in syria demonstrates weakness and defensive posture but that could not be further from the truth. i really felt like this was almost, deliberate misinterpretation of both president putin's motives for the region as well as russian national politics. the reality on the ground is that they're taking advantage of an opening they see in syria due
4:32 pm
to lack of the nights leadership there. failure to really combat isis, as well as opening, political opening to shore up the relationsh with president assad. melissa: hardin, if you listen to the interview, president's number one point, public enmoye number one is assad. no point going in or ability to get rid of isis until you've already gotten rid of assad so you know what will be there once you blow away isis. getting rid of assad is number one. kind of remind me of george bush and saddam hussein. >> i think the president's point last night was twofold. one he is not interested in making or getting us into some sort of open-ended military commitment. melissa: let me stop you. he is absolutely. he wants to remove assad. what do you think of removing assad as number one goal? do you think that is makes sense for that to be the number one goal? he made it clear that was the case. >> the point he is making there, president assad can't be part
4:33 pm
after long-term solution to syria. in the sense that you can't put syria back together again or have any kind of effective governance that will rule syria if he remains in place. melissa: that is not what he said. assad has to go before we do anything with isis. steve kroft, at best you have stalemate with isis. judy, said we need to get rid of assad first. to me, it was, that is a pretty amazing point because it seems like that is not our biggest threat in the area. maybe that is on the priority list. also something that george bush has been so criticized for vis-a-vis saddam hussein. just a bizarre position in my mind. >> this is very consistent for president obama. it is the non-bush, the anti-bush position. if we went into iraq, and that was a terrible mistake, he argues, and he thinks then we're definitely not going to do that in syria, no matter what the consequence. even if our allies begin to lose faith in us.
4:34 pm
even if the kurds are fighting virtually on their own. that is something he could do is give them more ammunition, more weapons. melissa: okay. >> he is not interested in any of that because he is not interested in getting us involved in syria. and by the way, even though i disagree with that policy and gillian probably does, most of the american people support that idea. melissa: gillian, that is not what i heard in the interview last night. he didn't say we have no business in syria, we're not boeing in there. it doesn't make sense. he said we have to get rid of assad. that is very aggressive, towards someone we supposedly drawn a red line at, then we've done nothing about it? this is the mountain that he wants his foreign policy to die on is removing assad? >> well you know, something that we, the united states, has rubbed up against our allies on in the middle east and arab allies, excuse me. this entire time. the matching of priorities, matching of fundamental goals for future of one of the country's in the region. the other thing here is.
4:35 pm
this is also putin and russians looking at post-assad syria, recognizing that is whether he is ousted friendly or, whether he eventually steps aside, which he is not going to do. looking post-assad syria, deciding what that will look like and russians wanting to get a foot hold in the region, so whatever government comes next they can play a big part there. melissa: we'll have to leave it there. thanks, guys. david. david: all righty. did you ever think you would see bernie sanders on same stage at the same time? one former lawmaker made it happen. we'll talk to him coming next. small scale movie on visionary, causing some stir and raking in some dough at the same time. details coming right up. active management can tap global insights. active management can take calculated risks. active management can seek to outperform.
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david: democrats and republicans sharing the stage to talk about the same thing. five republicans, three
4:39 pm
democratic presidential hopefuls addressing leadership and bipartisan at the no labels convention in new hampshire organized by former utah governor jon huntsman and my next guest, former senator joe lieberman. i love the concept of no labels by the way, focusing what people do rather than calling them a certain name. i have to talk about somebody that wasn't there, hillary clinton. what happened to her? >> first, great to be with you. well, i gather, i mean we tried. we had a satellite truck out in las vegas because the other democratic candidates are out there getting ready for the debate tomorrow night but, i think they just felt that a clinton campaign, they wanted hillary to focus on the debate preparation. so, we're sorry about it, but we'll give her a lot of other chances to come before no labels and -- david: part of the problem, i know no labels, i like the idea of no labels.
4:40 pm
labels can be misleading, focus on what people call each other, rather than what they do, however, somebody like her who had some different positions on same issues, whether keystone pipeline or the pacific trade deal, she has taken both sides of those two issues, just to name two? >> yeah. so that is the stuff, kind of stuff that comes out in campaigns. no labels doesn't expect people to stop being democrats or republicans or liberals or conservatives. no labels basically stands for this proposition, once you get elected you have to work together across party lines to solve the country's big problems. and to do that you have to negotiate and probably have to compromise. not a compromise of principle, settling less than 100%. president reagan would take a half loaf over no loaf. david: he was great at that working with tip o'neill and other democrats to make this happen. >> exactly.
4:41 pm
david: we had a example of this not working, simpson-bowles. the president put together the bipartisan commission to talk about tax reform. they came up with a terrific set of plans, lower tax rates and get rid of deductions and president threw it in the garbage can. what happens when the best bipartisan, no labeled committee comes up with real common sense solutions and the president throws it away? >> well you haven't thought about that in a long time but that is really an excellent example of what should not have happened. simpson bowls was a real bipartisan effort. of the simpson simpson-bowles plan you put in private, 80 to 90% would say obviously this is a way to get out us out after deficit situation and spur a lot of economic growth and job creation. i think that was one of the great missed opportunities and mission takes of the obama presidency.
4:42 pm
the president should have grabbed that and run with it to the american people and to congress. david: and finally, iran, i mean that's another issue, where people of different labels taking same view, this gave too much to a country that wants our death and destruction of the they call for it all the time. what is your feeling there? why didn't that bipartisan opposition to the plan fail to get what it wanted? >> yeah. i think the agreement with iran was unacceptable and full of risk, long term and very short term. it really was unfortunate and typical of the illness in washington today that, i think every republican voted against it and a very few democrats, only four in the senate, voted against it. so, it was a partisan vote on a big issue like that. where you could take different points of view but it shouldn't have been partisan.
4:43 pm
that really has to stop in washington. otherwise our country is going to suffer. of course i worry from that agreement our country will suffer. david: i agree with you. no labels is one way to start. i'm glad you get all the people together. maybe next time hillary will come. senator joe lieberman, good to see you. >> i hope so. be well. melissa: biggest tech deal of all time. dell announced plans to buy corporate software and security giant emc for 60 approximately dollars. deirdre bolton joins us right now. >> you said it, the biggest deal, $60 billion. the cynics say basically taking two weaker companies and putting them together with the hope that the sum will be greater than the whole. you can see the chart as far as emc stock goes year-to-date. of course the main competitor will be hp enterprise. hp enterprise ceo meg whitman all too happy to point out just
4:44 pm
how much money dell will be pay on the debt they used to finance this pretty big purchase. definitely a wait-and-see but the whole strategy is going after businesses and putting more pcs and services where we all work, melissa. melissa: deirdre, thanks so much. see you at the top of the hour for "risk & reward." don't want too miss that one. zip, zilch, nada, 60 million americans and others will receive from social security. that is what you can expect for your cost of living reduction. the culprit? blame low gas prices and low inflation. joining me, gerri willis and our panelists, judy miller and john. it cuts seniors twice. they're also not being rewarded for saving. not getting interest rate. >> if you're a senior in this country you have a target on your back. seems like the federal government is out to get you. this announcement there will be no increase in social security payments.
4:45 pm
last year, if you remember, it was 1.7%. worked out to like 20 bucks. what we've seen year after year because inflation is so low and gas prices this year dropped 23%, no increase. this affects 6million americans. one in five -- 60 million americans. one in five feel this in their pocket. what those folks are telling me, my costs are going up. i don't believe the cpi numbers, not for a minute. melissa: mark, parse that for me. there is no inflation. seniors look at health care cost, medicare premiums are not going up. if you pay out-of-pocket for things, so are costs going up or not? >> the calculation to figure out cost of living for seniors needs to be adjusted and needs to be balanced towards those 62 and higher. it is equally weighted across food, gas, health care, education. i don't know many seniors going back to worry about education in that range. health care should have higher
4:46 pm
weighting in adjustment to account for that. melissa: judy, let me play devil's advocate, we can't afford this anyway. >> some things we have to afford. commitments to older people, poorer people, disabled veterans, these are the most people affected. this is the third time in president obama's administration that this has happened. the other two times that this has happened were the seniors are taking it on the chin has been under president obama in 2010 and 2011. melissa: is it arbitrary? or is there, does he have -- >> federal government policy. >> arbitrary if you ask me. the other thing going on that is so interesting, medicare part b premiums going through the roof for select group of senior citizens. they basically make a lot of money. they will see 52% increase. you ask if there is rationale for this? what is the rationale there? melissa: i guess i say if it is
4:47 pm
arbitrary, is it a formula? so if there is no inflation out there they don't deserve to get more because there is no inflation out there? >> right. again on the health care side you're seeing inflation. what it is forcing investors to do and retirees to live off income in their portfolio. federal reserve is keeping interest rates low. they are not getting interest off their bonds. third time with no increase in the social security benefits. what investors need to do, retirees, need to do, if you can afford to delay taking social security because you get 8% increase per year but that is difficult to do because it requires someone 62 years old or older, go heavier into the equity market. it is're in volatiln equity market. melissa: everything he said makes mathematical sense. policies out of washington really have been, this is administration that would help middle class and poor, instead
4:48 pm
zero interest rates created this environment where once again if you're wealthy you can delay payments, if you're wealthy can be in the stock market. if you're living off social security check and maybe some savings you're in trouble. >> that's why i think we see all the anger on both sides of the aisle. we see people who feel that their politicians have broken their promises to them. that's why you get a donald trump and bernie sanders. melissa: on both sides. >> on both sides. people know that the promises that were made are not being kept. melissa: thanks to all three of you. david? david: we're mad as hell and not going to take it anymore, judy. >> that's right. david: newest ipo on the block. ferrari on the fast track to wall street. the man who helped create the greatest comic book characters of all time is actually a great character in his own right. legendary, one and only stan lee is coming up next.
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melissa: whether on wall street or main street here who is making money today. ferrari coming to the new york stock exchange. ferrari parent company fiat chrysler, announcing first initial public offering of 9% of its shares. they're looking to raise one billion dollars when ferrari is listed. ticker will be race race. of course it will. only limited number of fans have been able to see the new steve jobs movie over the weekend that did not stop its success. even with initial small scale release in four theaters? los angeles and new york, the danny boyle directed film debuted with $5121, per theater average of 131,250. is that good? david: that is good for small number of theaters it played in. stan lee is the youngest 92-year-old in the world.
4:53 pm
through marvel comics pioneered the concept of superheroes with normal emotions is himself a marvel. he continues to create businesses with a schedule that would wear out elon musk. i asked him, how he was doing. >> i feel pretty good talking to you. david: i love you. did you ever think about retiring stan. >> just said a dirty word and i hope young children weren't listening. david: i should wash my mouth with soap. that is word i never want to hear. glad you're not ever going to consider. we just had "comic-con" in new york. the name of your version in that is l.a. is much better. comic causey. that is coming up in halloween weekend. tell us what you do? >> making speeches and introducing new projects we're working on. taking photos and mingling with the crowd and making a pest of myself generally. david: we love it when you make a pest of yourself. there is something, i can understand if it is under wraps,
4:54 pm
mr. "star trek," william shatner will be doing something with you. can you give us any hint what it might be? >> i could but they would kill me. david: they probably kill me first. >> this is, like the biggest secret since d-day. i mus'nt even mention shatner's name. david: well, i can. i just did. so i'm giving you a good tease. for all the people who want to find out they will have to bait. that will be revealed on halloween weekend, correct? >> halloween weekend will be one of the great revelations of all time. david: marvel movie wouldn't be complete without a cameo by you. i was reading, i found that there were 26 that you have done. i might have missed one or two. do you have any favorite yos. >> i love them all. i am totally not partial to any. each one is a masterpiece of underacting and playing a certain mood subtly and intelligently and excitedly, and i don't know why people even sit
4:55 pm
through the rest of the movie? david: exactly. i walked out of many movies. seriously, stan, do you get, your fair share of the profits from these things because they make billions of dollars? >> no. i really don't. i just get, the company is great at padding -- patting people on back. i'm very satisfied. they treat me well. i'm allowed to do cameos. i'm allowed to do interviews with great people like you. what more could a guy want? david: seriously doesn't tick you off you don't get a fair percent. >> no, i don't. it is funny. i was interviewed by -- "60 minutes," i don't know, seven or eight years ago, the interview kept saying same thing to you, doesn't it piss you off? no, everything is fine. we have a great working relationship. david: you look fabulous, and all of those, to tell you the truth, i do watch the whole movie after your cameos, i have to admit. i don't only go for your cameos,
4:56 pm
but that is the highlight of every marvel movie. i absolutely say that. >> that is a voyage of discovery. david: stan lee, wonderful to talk to you, my friend. hope to see you real soon. all right, the great stan lee. melissa? melissa: meanwhile we have breaking news. usc fires trojans football coach steve sarkisian, who was intoxicated intoxicated when he attend ad game on thursday. the school said in statement after careful consideration what is in the bests interest of the university and our student athletes i made the decision to terminate steve sarkisian effective immediately. clay helton will step into the interim head coach position. meanwhile it is not easy being bond. why the actor behind 007 is being told to shut up, by studio executives. that is not nice. david: how rude. [ male announcer ] some come here
4:57 pm
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so jill, i know the markets have taken a hit lately. but it's always about the very thing we do best. mm hmm. just wanted to touch base. how did edward jones come to manage over $800 billion dollars in assets? huh. okay. here's our latest market outlook. two things that i'd like to point out... through face time when you really need it. so that's interesting, you know we had spoken about that before. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
5:00 pm
>> just don't call him bond. daniel craig is being told to shut up by movie executives, after the actor claims he would rather slash his wrists than play james bond again, according to page six. david: we page six. what they say is true. that does it for us. "risk & reward" starts right now. deirdre: iran successfully test launching a new surface-to-surface ballistic missile. welcome to "risk & reward." i'm deirdre bolton. iran says it did not break the historic nuclear deal with six world powers in july. state department and u.n. reviewing the launch now to see if they agree. a former bush administration official says iran is a direct threat to our national security.


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