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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  October 12, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> just don't call him bond. daniel craig is being told to shut up by movie executives, after the actor claims he would rather slash his wrists than play james bond again, according to page six. david: we page six. what they say is true. that does it for us. "risk & reward" starts right now. deirdre: iran successfully test launching a new surface-to-surface ballistic missile. welcome to "risk & reward." i'm deirdre bolton. iran says it did not break the historic nuclear deal with six world powers in july. state department and u.n. reviewing the launch now to see if they agree. a former bush administration official says iran is a direct threat to our national security.
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based on what you know, did iran break the rules just three months post-agreement? >> iran was under a u.n. arms embargo. this president lifted embargo because after nuclear deal. there are calls for the u.n. security council implement agreement, but iran doesn't feel bound by calls on language. this is more proof that the president negotiated a very bad deal with iran. deirdre: so restrictions shun on the program only apply developing a nuclear warhead missile. if the long-range missile was not fitted for nuclear warhead, can iran say, okay, we're not following spirit of the law we're following letter of the law? >> that is precisely it. iran is developing long-range ballistic missile capacity they can put anything they want on
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the mastering technology. another thing to have nuclear warhead capability. it is another thing to deliver it exactly where you want it to go. iran feels completely free to develop the ballistic missile program so when it breaks out on nuclear side it can deliver the message. deirdre: and too late for us to do anything about it. >> right. deirdre: speaking about geographical, in range of things, looking at nye notes, 800 miles, which puts it within striking distance of numerous regional adversaries including israel. is there anything that the u.s. can do or the state department can do reinstall sanctions if they don't like something? >> moist of our options right now are bad. the price of failed leadership. this is why prime minister netanyahu came to the united states to warn congress about dangers of the program.
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israel is within striking distance of iran with the ballistic missile. i should add, u.s. military base within 800 miles of iran is also within its target range. this is why it was important for the president to continue putting pressure on iran on the missile side so they don't develop that capability. not only are they freed, they will also have infusion of cash from the sanctions relief and they will use that to finance their missile program. there is no question about it. deirdre: this agreement was just inked in july. only took three months to see tension pushed back towards us and our allies. >> right. deirdre: speaking of big military moves, the e.u. demand russia cease some airstrikes in syria. european leaders cite concerns that russian intervention could prolong the war. how likely that u.s. aircraft and russian jets, whether on purpose, whether as part after strategy, collide, shoot each other down in already crowded
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middle eastern airspace, where there are commercial flights as well? >> there is bipartisan consensus emerging that president obama is blowing it in syria. we're playing very dangerous game there. it is very hard to deconflict, as you talk about the different conflicts between our military and russian military. you can climb up the escalation ladder very carefully if these things don't get deconflicted. right now we're following the lead of russia. yeah. deirdre: following the lead of russia. seems, i know russian president putin said, we're cooperating with d.c. to avoid these kinds of incidents. but there is no clear motivation that russia cares about collateral damage, right? >> this president knows, he perfectly understands, the person sitting on the other side of the table, he does not take president obama seriously.
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you always see president obama underselling the threat russia presents. he talks about putin on the wrong side of history and doom to fail. president putin will be own the wrong side of history if we him there. to date he is given a free hand, not only in eastern europe but middle east. deirdre: russia launched a missile from the caspian sea. it lawn -- went 1,000 miles away. it was a concern that maybe their missiles are not dusty and cold war era after all? >> that's correct. this is stunning display of military prowers by russia. this is certainly military and propaganda victory for russia. this means loss of american prestige in the region. unsettling for our allies in the region to depend upon us to provide security guarranty.
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this has a host of second and third tier consequences. >> makes me wonder did they buy or build the missile? former assistant secretary of state in the bush administration. managing international tensions is a key topic last night between president obama and "60 minutes" anchor steve kroft. >> you said a year ago that, america leads, we're the indispensable nation. mr. putin seems to be challenging that leadership. >> in what way? let's think about this. >> he moved troops into syria for one. >> right. >> he has people on the ground. two, the russians are conducting military operations in the middle east first time since world war ii. bombing people that we are supporting. >> so that is leading, steve? >> he is challenging your leadership, mr. president. challenging your leadership. >> steve, i got to tell you, if you think that, running your
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economy into the ground, having to send troops in order to prop up your only ally, is leadership, is leadership, we have different definition of leadership. my definition of leadership would be leading on climate change, an international accord potentially we'll get in paris. deirdre: retired lieutenant colonel bob mcginnis with me now. also the author of "never submit." is steve kroft right in his critique we're not taking the lead? we heard from a former assistant secretary of state, that the u.s. has blown its foreign policy strategies? >> failed foreign policy. when the president mutters climate change and that is leadership, most americans yawn. they are fearful what is going on not only on middle east but on the streets of america on terrorism. look at any recent poll. vladmir putin has the situation well in hand.
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he has very complex agenda but, very clear he wants to reemerge as a world leader. he is doing that something he has been saying for a long time. showed us in crimea. showed us in eastern ukraine. he has that in tow. the entire region is awake. he will show the way of the future. he will bring stability to syria. even saudis and iranians are standing at attention. they understand what is happening here. deirdre: they do indeed. president obama also fielding to your point, a tough question on the pentagon's failed syrian rebel training program. >> i know you don't want to talk about this. >> i'm shape to talk about it. >> i'm i want to talk about this program. it would seem to show, if you expect 5,000 and you get five, shows that somebody, someplace along the line made some sort of a serious miscalculation.
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>> steve, let me just say this. >> this is an embarassment. >> look, there is no doubt that it did not work. deirdre: bob mcginnis back with me now. what is your take. what should we be doing now? it is clear what we've done has not worked, what is your next best step? >> yogi berra said, deja vu all over again. we're back what we were doing initially in 2011 after this started helping free syrian army getting its tail whipped in by hamas and russian fighters and ground forces with iranians. the president's theories about foreign policy, dismal failure in yemen, dismal failure in libya and of course the iran nuclear deal which you mentioned in the last segment, is another dismal failure which will prove that the entire region is destablized. the president just flat does not understand. he is, he some part of the world
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most reality doesn't tend to visit. and so we're finding that he is alienated iraqis. he alienated turks. i don't know anyone in the region that trusts the united states because of his policies. deirdre: all right. retired lieutenant colonel bob mcginnis. we're glad to have you with us. he is also the author of "never submit". remember the ceo that said he would cut the price of the aids drug he makes after hiking it 5,000%? >> we have agreed to lower the price to a point that is more affordable and is able to allow the company to make a profit but a very small profit. and we think these changes will be welcome. deirdre: he still hasn't dropped prices. an expert calling him out, joins me next. if you or someone in your family receive social security benefits, stay with us. there is potential change that would affect more than 20% of the population.
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in essence less money may go to citizens. we'll tell you why. more from the heated "60 minutes" interview with president obama after this. >> i feel like i'm being filibustered, mr. president. >> no, no, no steve. i think if you want to roll back the tape you have been giving me long questions and statements now i'm responding to them. >> okay. >> if you ask me big open-ended questions, expect big, open-ended answers.
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deirdre: according to a new survey economists see a 15% chance of recession in the next year or two. that is the highest level since october 2013. gary b. smith, and max step ford is with me now. in your view, gary, economy headed for downturn or not? >> i think so, deirdre.
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i look, when you say downturn, every signal that i'm see something down. manufacturing is down. wages are flat to down. housing is still down from the peak of 2007. labor force participation is down. corporate profits are down. what is, i don't see the good news. if anyone argues, oh, my gosh we're about to have boom times, i just don't see the evidence. deirdre: as far as silver linings, i've heard some people refer to the fact that corporate america has more cash than ever on the balance sheet. i'm thinking of apple at close to $180 billion. and the fact that wage inflation is only now just starting to go higher, meaning that companies have been able to become more profitable. what is your take? >> i look at, there is a lot of predictions flying around and what's interesting even if economists could predict recessions accurately, i don't think they can, it actually doesn't matter for investors.
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the market is up about 3% more during recessionary periods than it is all other years. my advice, don't listen to the economists, to stay the course if you're seasoned investor. there is a lot of fear going around in the universe out here. my advice, own the fear and panic and buy more. when others are incapable and unwilling to do it, that is the time to do it. deirdre: think for yourself. that is always good advice. last month drug company see know, martin shkreli became most hated man in america. he raised price of aids treatment 5,000%. it went from 13.50 to 750-dollars. the he promised to lower the price, the treatment is called daraprim. it is still selling $750 a pill, sometimes more. >> we agreed to lower the price of daraprim to a price more affordable and allow the company to make a profit, but a very
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small profit and we think these changes will be welcomed. deirdre: gary, did he dupe the press? >> probably, yes. kind of a silly pr campaign though when you think about it. i willower the price and then you don't lower the price. that isn't good duping. deirdre: he said eventually, we left out in the sentence. i will eventually lower it. he has gone on national tv to say he will bring the price down. >> i agree with you and here's the thing this, is in capitalist manifesto. why is it our business? he is allowed to do what he wants with his prices. this is not a government enterprise. this isn't like the railroads having to run on time. he can raise it. he can lower it. he can gouge, he can do whatever. people might not like it. look, i don't paying 3.50 for latte at starbucks but what am i going to do? in this case we don't like it --
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deirdre: but not to cut you off, i will make the argument starbucks is different than an aids treatment drug, if you or someone in your family has aids. zach, what is your take, even if it's a pr or management one? >> look i don't agree with what the guy is doing here but there is a bigger story. you know the regulatory environment and what we live in here in the united states especially with drugs like this is huge hurdle to overcome. you can go to india buy generic form of this drug for 10 cents a pill. if you remove regulations from barrier of entry to get drugs on market you may reduce the overall costs. i believe true capitalism is the ultimate road to morality. deirdre: we'll leave it at that. gary b. smith, zach shepherd, thanks so much for the time. when we come back, millions of social security recipients will not get increase this year. one millenial says forget about increases, the way our country
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deirdre: for only third time in 40 years, millions of social security recipients, disabled veterans, federal retirees, can not expect an increase in benefits next year. millennial charlie kirk with me now. he says forget no increase. his generation won't have any social security at all. so, charlie, to what extent do you feel like millenials who are now by headcount bigger than any other demographic group getting lost in the shuffle? >> yeah. i think it is completely unfair and it is immoral. what we have right here, we're literally taking money away from young people to try to attempt to fund an unsustainable i will solvent system.
5:23 pm
as young person myself i see every single week in my paycheck social security being deducted and deducted, and quite frankly i don't know if i ever see the money. deirdre: yeah, i don't think you will, cut to the chase, you won't but -- >> doesn't go into a lockbox. doesn't go into a drawer and locked, it is not. it is resid all way of taking money from young people to pay current retirees. this is not solvent and won't work. here is what i advocate for. young people under age of 25 should be allowed to opt out of social security payments. i know we're funding it. and ones allowing to stay solvent in the short term. no reason why our money should go towards something we'll never see in the future. deirdre: do you know of lobbying efforts, groups of young people getting together, going down and telling congresspeople, listen up we don't want to pay anymore? >> one of things our organization, turning point usa is generating grassroots enthusiasm opting out of social security. we're trying to educate young
5:24 pm
people about entitlement crisis to hit millennial generation. young people don't realize taxes of today are trying to pay for promises yesterday. we're not funding future programs, education, so for the. the money my generation is paying in taxes is paying off a promise some politician said in the 1950s and 1960s. it is immoral. deirdre: great to have you here. turning point usa founder joining me there, charlie kirk. a new study showing medicare premiums are skyrocketing. fox business's gerri willis right here besides me. gerri, essentially, if this cost of living adjustment doesn't happen on thursday, which it looks like it is not supposed to happen, what charlie was upset about -- >> it will be zero. deirdre: this means some premiums for people who are on medicare are going to go higher, is that right? >> here is what is going to happen. because we're not seeing a increase in social security payments the federal government
5:25 pm
says you can't give anybody negative social security payments. you can't take money away from people. if you're on medicare, paying premiums, typically automatically deducted from your social security check. that would put you in negative. deirdre: part of the law protects as you say. in essence seems like, and i was reading along with you, seems like 30% of the people who do receive social security are essentially going to be paying medicare benefits for everybody else? >> that's correct. absolutely right. deirdre: so that means what on a month to month basis? payment more than 50 bucks? >> what will happen to these folks, they will receive a 52% increase in their premiums. that means at least $600 per person. for others more. generally applies to people who make what social security administration thinks of as a lot of money. 85,000. perhaps 120,000 as a couple. think about this. step back to think about this. you can blow 85,000 in one extremely bad year treating
5:26 pm
multiple cancer, whatever. at end of the day these folks will carry water, carry weight for most other americans. remember 60 million americans out there who are getting social security payments. just to argue a little with charlie kirk, if the young folks didn't pay into it we would be sunk. our generation has paid for the generation before us. that is just sort of the way it is working. deirdre: you have a standard date to come back with charlie kirk to have a true conversation. i would love that. gerri willis, thank you so much, breaking down those medicare skyrocketing premiums. when we come back, four-time presidential candidate ralph nader joins me on presidential candidate bernie sanders saying is not a capitalist. saying he will not take too many swings against hillary clinton. we'll talk about his strategy. the future of driving, creating a new driverless car that comes with a drone included. first more from the interview with president obama that got heated last night.
5:27 pm
>> i feel like i'm being filibustered, mr. president. >> no, no, no, steve. i think if you want to roll back the tape you've been giving me long questions and statements and now i'm responding to them. >> okay. >> if you ask me big open-ended questions, expect big open-ended answers. the easy way or the hard way. you could choose a card that limits where you earn bonus cash back. or, you could make things easier on yourself. that's right, the quicksilver card from capital one. with quicksilver you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere.
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>> the classic reality tv character is not surprising
5:31 pm
he has a lot of potential. >> you think it will disappear? >> i will leave that up to dependents >> >> in all fairness to him he says he will be the next president but i think it is sad because it is so much negativity. it could be mitigated -- mitigated that we have somebody more worried about climate change and all the problems that we have. deirdre: i am pretty sure that is the calmest i have ever heard donald trump. we have our panel with us. kurt, what did you make of that?
5:32 pm
day think i write? >> i think it is and trying to do get my head around the fact i agree with both of them into minutes. [laughter] it is terrified with a broken clock but the president is right that donald trump will not be elected a think donald trump is right about obama is defensiveness and negativity he has been a terrible president certainly the worst in my lifetime and i remember jimmy carter is the neck that is so ironic that donald trump talks about negativity when he is the key now a banker he opens his mouth and i agree. and i a agree with the president's assessment but i
5:33 pm
agree we have seen a different side as he presents himself as more presidential because he knows the electorate does not see him as the president but a cartoon character of himself. deirdre: on 60 minutes the president addressed the personal e-mail server. >> did you know, about her use a private e-mail server? >> no. she made a mistake and acknowledged it but the way it has been talked about in part is because of politics she is the first to read knowledge the vichy handled the original decision better and the disclosures more quickly. >> what was your reaction? >> this is one of those issues that i think is legitimate but the fact for the last three months that this is all that is spoken about is indication we are
5:34 pm
in presidential political season. >> it sounds like he was trying to couch that as best as possible to say she made a mistake and we are moving on. >> barack obama is a lawyer there is another word that we use it is called a felony she should be indicted of all the terrible things barack obama has done but corruption of justice department to standards of justice for his friends and another for everyone else is though worst. >> anybody who did any of this would be wearing stripes over in fort leavenworth. >> what about general petraeus? >> he was convicted of the misdemeanor.
5:35 pm
she has classified material she should be in jail by? why are democrats tried to get around the justice system? >> i think she would be the first to knowledge she could have handled the original decision better iran disclosures more quickly. >> and she has. how many more times than she? her shores of dropping out of the race what more do want her to do? >> there are multiple felonies of classified information that is where i would like her to do. >> are you giving be classified material? >> 17 months later it they found a net eight was classified at the time. with every single department
5:36 pm
has a different classifications. >> she would be indicted that corruption in has infected our entire government one for the friends of the president and another for everyone else. >> eight you for joining us we have a of a quick break when we come back a bubble alert what this means for your investment the first democratic president troll candidate bernie sanders says he is not a capitalist but will not attack hillary clinton. >> one of the colleagues is on the show the refer to on the show the refer to them as a capitalist? no. appreciation, and this has been denied to many south africans for generations.
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>> any other day i noticed
5:40 pm
you said i am a progressive ru pushing back? >> when the colleagues gets on the shop you say are you a capitalist? that he referred to the mess that? >> are you? >> i am a democratic socialist. deirdre: bernie sanders says he is not pay a cap -- he is a democratic socialist than ralph nader is with me. this is just like the play book you wrote the open letter to say don't do this enki did it. every watching live? >> i didn't say don't do this. where did you get that? >> to use the word socialism >> he is the social democratic party of western europe that brought their
5:41 pm
people from world war ii with good public transit and four weeks' paid vacation with strong labor laws and higher median wages that is all he really is he is not to nationalize all the industries he doesn't want to nationalize the banks with 90 percent he wants to break up the big new york banks better too big to fail then the taxpayer picks up the tab. deirdre: from your letter your polls rise audience will get larger you will be a self identified socialistic his best to preempt them did the horse leave the barn? >> no. he should have said global capitalism he is that against small business but the giant corporate corporations that have no allegiance to our country even though born in the u.s.a. and profit on the backs of the workers they will go to the fascist
5:42 pm
regimes. that is you he should have gone after wall street bursa is mainstream he should have gone after the government guaranteed capitalism. >> what about so far of the al myers of raise whether bernie sanders on the left or trump on the right? he had a muted reaction to the direct criticism that obama offered last night to see essentially donald trump is a reality tv show character implying he is not presidential. >> battled think there is a comparison. bernie sanders has a real record. check out the polls. with the drug prices and medicare fraud and the corporate managed trade agreements with enforcement of corporate crime but he is
5:43 pm
the entertainer and doesn't have the material or the questions other than we will look into that. and battle think there is any comparison. >> as it gets richer and more timely sanders will have to come out and basically fight hillary? >> i think so. he can take her on the foreign and military policy she is corporatist wall street also militarist she has never seen a system she doesn't like never seen a war she doesn't like to be heavily responsible for the huge turmoil in libya and even oppose secretary of defense gates that said don't do this in libya.
5:44 pm
so there is a great opportunity but from military and foreign policy the media has to rise to a higher level of its own significance this debate has to be more sensible so maybe they will rise to that level >> there are fewer candidates you have done this before. who is doing the best right now with his or her message? >> i think bernie sanders is the closest to the green party agenda. i think the governor of maryland has something to say. hillary is striving to learn the rhetoric.
5:45 pm
but he has walked the talk. deirdre: date you very much for the time. for time presidential candidate. forgets the taxi driver a protest right here in the west dinette does not want uber operating too easily. they gave them a list of rules and regulations that makes teeeight 30 a lot more difficult to do business. some say the attack bubble has popped we will see what it means for your investment and the driverless car with the future of driving. next.
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>> the term unicorn researches the private companies that are worth $1 billion or more there 140 in the u.s. analysts say the ability to raise money may be coming to an end. our panel is here "the wall street journal", said david asman and if true >> >> are you surprised? >> gnarly they have taken advantage of the zero interest rates with zero earnings and zero interest rates. of mortgage prices you have to have earnings and if you don't it is the artificial all valuations. >> another company that collects data the founder
5:50 pm
pointed out there are more than a few companies spending a dollar to make $0.20. >> investors are putting up with that for now but if things change with have greater economy they could be in for a real surprise people are used two-seat the unsullied go up and not down but people could be hurt. >> but they cannot go public if it is purchase so there is less incentive. is speaking of which uber thought everything would go so well in china but as it turns out the government has serious guidelines. if you are a driver you have to register, you can only work for one company company, restriction after restrictions. >> it is problematic. the biggest concern is
5:51 pm
driving for more than one company because right now they are not number one they are distant second to from the dominant company there so few said they could only drive for one place it is a problem. >> sometimes it is up private company. >> we talk about $1 to make $0.20 there spending tens of money to acquire drivers ended is difficult to do that they have to spend money if they kill the drive for them. >> is a waste of money on the part of uber it is clear more and more that the chinese government cannot allow capitalist innovation and productivity to flourish so you have to place your servers gore share data with
5:52 pm
authorities. foreign companies must obtain a license for the telecommunications. who can do business? >> but it is raised more than 15 billion if this doesn't go well i know how much they were counting on this. >> it was to be the second largest market though whole business is built on the fact they're not subject to the regulations of traditional taxis with a lower-cost. china is adding cost and regulation. deirdre: so with your next car you could get a drone to go with that. >> if you ever find yourself
5:53 pm
behind the wheel. [laughter] the best thing is look over all the cars of there is a traffic jam you could be stuck there for hours. this year's regular drivers --. >> this is way above the traffic jam. >> net may not be practical but if you cannot drive that yourself? >> it should be like a the bat mobile. [laughter] >> 8q very much. we are back and tell you why we sent jeff flock
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they come into this iworld ugly and messy. ideas are frightening because they threaten what is known. they are the natural born enemy of the way things are. yes, ideas are scary, and messy and fragile. but under the proper care, they become something beautiful.
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5:57 pm
>> american farmers are expecting a near record harvest but some crops will be worth less than last year and jeff flock is with me so are they victims of their own success? >> is a unique profession. when you do well in those professions you make more money and do better but for farmers is the other way a little fast this is moving through. a complot -- chipcom by with the soybean head.
5:58 pm
farm income this year compared to the record year of 2013 is less than half because prices are so low. soybeans and corn and commodities are down. i you to the point you could break even? >> probably not probably right on the edge. >> because of the price? >> correct. >> also that is the conundrum. it is a record year. soybeans go into so much of everything if you crack one open and you can see the curve ball that is what you are paid for. >> correct battery after. the yields will be great. >> they will be okay corn will be down a midwest for sure record crops.
5:59 pm
>> wow. take a look out at this field, i leave you with a picture, deirdre perhaps, that's soybean field out there, a lot of corn out here too. good yields for farmers, bad prices. >> diedre >> about the people who make farm equipment, i'm assuming that's a deer, there we go, i see the logo, john deere, what about the that company and others? >> look at the stock. not so hot and you're not going to be buying new john deere any time soon >> no. probably not at these prices. >> wait for a better year >> that's right. conserve in cash. >> it's a great logo and a great name, maybe now not so much >> so, jeff, quickly, quickly, and i know you're talking about soybeans from a soybean field but there may be a pumpkin shortage? >> well, that's what they say, illinois has a huge pumpkin crop, a lot of the industrial pumpkin, stuff that goes in
6:00 pm
the cans and this year, growing conditions, it has been dry out here and not a great year for pumpkins >> jeff flock joining us there from a soybean field. thank you, jeff, thank your guest, please. a reminder to check out our website, in the meantime making money starts now. >> well, lazy day for stocks but the dow closed higher for the 7th consecutive session and the fear index down for the 10th. and most presidential candidates and an array of celebrities and once again donald trump gets grilled on women. you've got to see how he handles it. moment. where has leadership gone? president obama think so it's all about climate change, well, i think that says it all. making money starts right now ♪ ♪


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