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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  October 12, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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growing conditions, it has been dry out here and not a great year for pumpkins >> jeff flock joining us there from a soybean field. thank you, jeff, thank your guest, please. a reminder to check out our website, in the meantime making money starts now. >> well, lazy day for stocks but the dow closed higher for the 7th consecutive session and the fear index down for the 10th. and most presidential candidates and an array of celebrities and once again donald trump gets grilled on women. you've got to see how he handles it. moment. where has leadership gone? president obama think so it's all about climate change, well, i think that says it all. making money starts right now ♪ ♪
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>> america's list and leadership, well, let's admit it, starts at the white house; right? and it appears that president obama actually relinquishing his leadership, at least when it comes to the middle east, vladimir putin perhaps it's because our president think so that battling climate change is more important than fighting terrorists. take a listen >> if you think that running your economy into the ground and having to send troops in in order to prop up your only ally in leadership then we've got a different definition of leadership. my definition of leadership would be leading on climate change and international accord that potential will get in paris >> joining me now representative read and katrina pearson, leadership party. representative, i've got to tell you. when i watch this yesterday on 60 minutes, i cringe. it's -- i don't even care if you're -- how do you -- how do you think about the president? i don't care if you're a
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democrat, progressive, right, left, when he made these comments, i just cringed. it felt like he was so distanced from everything else. what's happening in the middle east? what's happening, you know, when i hear about climate change and to knock one degree off the temperature 100 years from now, i wonder how can he be? how could he be so far off? >> very difficult to say. i mean it was amazing, his comments there because he said, you know, are we going to do this just our one ally in the middle east? i wonder which one he was talking about. the valley ease, the jordanians, the egyptians, who all was he talking about? the presyrian army? he just seems totally disconnected from his job right now and let's face it. he feels climate change is a really important matter for the world to deal with but in light of what's going on with russia moving into syria, i think he would be taking that a little bit more serious >> russia moving into syria, iran launching missiles, saudi
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arabia trying to fend off terrorists in yemen, it is a complete melting pot of anxiety, in fact, you could argue that the world is on fire if you consider what's happening in china as well, katrina and still president obama saying you know what? here's the thing. i'm going to make sure it doesn't warm up one degree over the next 100 years. that's what my focus is on right now >> well, -- >> it's just amazing -- >> the cause of all of this destruction? this is obama's fault. he did this. he was on the wrong side of the arab spring, and now it's up so of course he doesn't want to talk about the middle east because he has to answer the question, like, where does the $500 million go to train efforts because there aren't any. so, charles, here's what we're going to do. president obama wants to be a leader of climate change, so he's actually going to focus all of his attention on moving the positioning of the globe to the sun and that's going to be his legacy i presume >> representative, here's the one thing. i think we probably did get a
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sneak peek of this, though, because even when the president was running -- by the way, very large and enthusiastic crowds, his first major into the overseas as president and a lot of -- i think it was a real approach toward foreign affairs where everyone was exceptional, not just america, so we had a glimpse of this. but as we enter last year, it's surprising to me that he's so to your point, disconnected >> yeah. well, the interesting thing is most presidents start to travel abroad in their last year or two and this president seems to be shying away from u.s. involvement abroad. and he seems to be lost a little bit as he deals with the foreign policy because he's struggled with foreign policy from the beginning but nobody should be surprised because lot of this was triggered by the horrible iranian deal within weeks of this deal being inked, russia
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move into syria, and as a result of american absence >> right. >> from the region. we're going to have to reengage >> although, you could also argue the president giving hard timelines when we're going to leave the middle east, you could call it retreat, he called it exiting responsibly. the red line or the line in the sand in syria is that he never really meant to enforce and of course he was taken -- he was pushed russia taking cry mia, i mean there's so much different areas we could probably try to pinpoint where it started. but the president now as a lame duck, how dangerous does that make our country? >> well, it's extremely dangerous considering. you were right. obama's plan of war is to give your enemy your plan, and it's just not working and i don't think the president is disconnected at all. like i said this is all happening because of his choices of the past, and he's not talking about them because if he were serious about doing something about it, he would be addressing it to the people of the world.
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instead russia's over there taking charge, stopping on syria. what's going to happen next we'll have to see because obama wants to focus on climate change and might i add, bringing in hundreds of thousands of muslim refugees that are young men that are said to be 25% isis. >> i tell you it's really scary. but let's face it too, guys, the leader or the literaturelessness if you will in washington d.c. not just the democrats; right? we've got this gop fighting right now and it shows that republicans that are not much better shape. here's the question on the gop side. who can you unite the party? you were much a member of the caucus but recently you left. tell us more about your decision as a founder member of the freedom caucus to walk away from it. what's the message there? >> well, basically when the freedom caucus was started the whole idea was to drive policy to more conservative bent and also to help change the
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process whereby we governor ourselves in the house of representatives. less face it. republicans feel betrayed by their government, and they feel betrayed by republicans in the house. and a big part of that is because the process whereby we set up our rules and how we move bills to the floor and how we advance the policy are not applied fairly to every single member so you can't always bring those policy issues forward. when speaker barre boehner decided to retire and walk away from it, i felt i needed to be an independent voice of northeast, the freedom caucus wanted to vote on block for somebody but i didn't know exactly who they were going to choose at the time, and i wanted to be independent because i've got very strong forwards about leadership having run my own company for 35 years, and i was going to be strict in responding to the citizens in northeast wisconsin >> katrina, listen, i applaud what's happened so far, i think this is what a lot of americans want to see, they
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want to see a decisive fight, even if it means you lose a notion of, hey, something is worth fighting for because i think john boehner probably always looked at the numbers, did the calculations, figured they wouldn't win, so he never even engaged in the battle, and i think americans want to see that. however, could the freedom caucus be pushing this too far to the point where it hurts them as it hurts the gop, and it hurts them for the run for the white house? >> well, i'm not so sure that it hurts really anyone. i mean there is a little disorganization that's going on. you know, being on the ground, hearing from all the grassroots at the steve patty leadership fund, we now have petition. there's a lot of people out there that want to see someone like gowdy step up, even though he says he's not interested. there's a lot of public support out there. but when the freedom caucus pushed this motion to remove the speaker, there should have been -- >> katrina, let me jump in, though. let me jump in there because paul ryan is the one everyone's talking about in terms of >> uh-huh. >> who can actually get the amount of votes. i'm not really sure is tray
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gaudy could. with those people signed the petition, would they be okay if someone like a paul ryan was sort of put up there as the candidate that could unite the party? >> absolutely not. absolutely not. mainly request because one of the biggest problems with john boehner is that he was pro amnesty and paul ryanments of a long history of supporting amnesty, and we're trying to stop this president from getting his wishes >> representative, in the last 24 hours i've heard dick cheney, marsha blackburne, who i admire a lot. who are you supporting or who would you support? who could actually do this? because it's start to feel like mission impossible now. who can unite the gop? >> well, i think the person that will unite the gop is the person that says we're going to -- we're going to go back to a system of order within the house of representatives. absent that order and this is what the american people have been seeing. absent in order, a new order has materialized >> who can --
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>> the freedom caucus >> with all due respect -- >> well, certainly dan webster can do it, i think there's probably 15 or 16 members that could do it. and it's not about the policy. the policy will marriage from the members. it's about making sure >> right. >> that these clocks are running on time and votes get to the floor will the court has been it's about the members. they'll get it >> well, hopefully we'll get it all straightened out because the longer lingers, it will help the issue. but i understand where everyone's coming from on this. now, 2016 we've been talking about it, this election so far to dating has surprised all of the experts; right? it's going to probably be historic. it already is to a certain degree outsiders they continue to lead the pack on a republican side, your latest cbs poll has donald trump still number one followed by ben carson in the top five and carly fiorina, hillary clinton in the meantime barrel clinging onto the lead for the democratic nomination, bernie sanders a solid number. and here's the interesting thing. bernie could spring to number
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one if joe biden errants the race. meanwhile today, quoted hijack that no limits that the -- take a listen to what she had to say. >> i want to thank you for your interest and on partisanship i'm completely high hacking this. i've lived in 27 different states, i'm a small business owner, i'm an investor, in short i am an american >> by the way, that was the no labels convention up in new hampshire, it appears that americans are frustrated with the direction of our country. rich people, poor people, actresses, so about time i want to know maybe the political experts have it wrong, maybe we are -- maybe we will see an outsider win this thing. representative, everyone dismissed donald trump out of hand, and even bernie sanders out of hand. they remain strong in the polls. how likely i is that that maybe an outsider will be in the white house? >> well, i certainly wouldn't think that bernie sanders could be called an outsider, he's been called a politician
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for his whole life so i don't think he's the person, and donald trump maxed out at 21% of the base. but i do think that carly fiorina and ben carson certainly will take some of that away from trump, and i wouldn't be surprised to see marco rubio move up here in the next few weeks. we'll see how this all plays out with the democratic debate this week and then the republican debate in early november. i don't think it's going to be trump or bernie sanders >> i've got to tell you, though, i think people may be sleeping on ted cruz, that was your guy for a long time >> absolutely >> he raised $12 million, creeping up there in the polls, and i think he's probably going to put rubio as the person with experience. do you now -- are you convinced beyond the idea of liking these candidates that there's a legitimate shot for an outsider to be in the white house next? >> i do. and i would include ted cruz as an outsider considering all the same people mad at him are
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mad at us at the american people. so i do think it's going to be someone for a second outside because, charles, take a look around. nothing's going to get any better any time soon. things are just going to get worse and everybody that's been out there pulling the lever for the establishment is a part of the problem. so i absolutely think it's going to be an outsider >> representative and katrina, thank you both very much. really appreciate it. >> thank you >> well, president obama, he said on tv yesterday -- he actually said this that he was skeptical about spending that 500 million on syrian rebels but he did it anyway. and after the interview we dropped 50 on the same rebels. what's the heck is our policy? we've got a couple of experts to help us figure it out. because certainly the white house hasn't. we'll be right back
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. charles: after the obama administration scrapped that $500 million training program for syrian rebels, u.s. military plane drops 50 tons of small arms ammunition so northern syria just over the weekend. so is the u.s. sending mixed messages is what exactly is our game plan over there? tammy fox news political contributor, and concerned vets for american ceo and a fox news contributor as well. pete, i was shocked when i saw that headline this morning. right after president obama goes on 60 minutes and more or less says, yeah, i knew the training thing wasn't going to work, but i thought i would give it a $500 million shot. what's going on over there? >> well, that's part for the course for president obama. and, you know, he didn't believe in afghanistan, and his surge either. he did it because he felt he had to. and this training program, i think this giving the weapons to the leaders of the rebels
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group is an admission that we can't have a presence there and these folks going through the process of vetting fighters, well, we knew who the leaders are, the capable ones are, we can't -- it's the guys on the ground that are affected by the incoe here is an of his policy, and we can't just see the outcome in that as part of the region to putin. and they're looking at this and saying this is better than pending $500 million to train folks that we can't even trus. charles: yeah, tammy, i guess when you think of the term leadership, this kind of is that you comes to mind. >> yeah. it is and, look, when you think about the entire seven years, seven and a half years so far of obama, you've got no real engagement. there's been no actual serious plan to engage any part of the been on retreat, in fact. but what he likes to do is is he likes to win the news cycle. so he responds when there's bad news and he sees things on
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the news, and he needs -- do a little bit to win over the next few weeks or maybe then it will go away. this is what this man has done now for the entire time he's been in the white house. the problem now of course, look, we've admitted that the training dynamic was a failure. and i think that was effectively in a statement that we knew russia was going to kill all of our assets. so now this really is almost, again, like a hail marry of, oh, look, i'm doing it something, this too, especially finding weapons to their enemy, to isis and others, i think is going to backfire. charles: yeah, and that's the part i don't get, pete. the first batch we send in, they give up right away. the second batch that we send in, they give away weapons right away. again, i'm not sure who the leaders are of these particular rebel groups, but -- if -- how -- other than thinking that russia and quagmire or at least saying that they are. what would be -- what's left for us to do to try to recapture any sort of lost
6:20 pm
ground there. >> not a whole lot. it's a series of bad options. you can't pay for will, you can't pay for clarity and emission, or what the intentions are the folks we're facing. if you look at that interview, he talked about convincing putin and iran to get rid of assad. that's who they're there to support. i mean in a fantasy land. his idea of global leadership when asked in that was the -- was climate change. climate change and engagement on the global stage. so hypothetical change and working with iranians. he lives on a whole other plane than reality, even if he doesn't have a strong hand, at least he's playing one, obama's sitting on the sidelines. charles: tammy, here's the thing. maybe it is a quagmire for the russians but they're teaming up with assad. >> uh-huh. charles: iran is playing a role and iran, they've been belligerent they've been throughout the negotiating process because they knew president obama wanted a deal so badly. i don't see how this can end outside of being
6:21 pm
unmitigated disaster. >> yeah. it's not going to be a quagmire for russia because they're not using their own troops, they're using assad and the iranians, the iranians will use this for good training and already the price of oil gone down, that helps iran and russia. so as soon as they control more of the oil fields, he's going to be in better shape economically. there truly is no downside and the assessment that this is going to be bad for putin also highlights how disconnected obama is from reality, his rueful in a way to just admit his dynamic. you know, it's interesting that he doesn't want to admit that he's in trouble there. and these are little tiny efforts to try to pretend in a way that he's in charge. charles: well, i never expect from him but the -- another year of this kind of stuff is really scary. thanks a lot. >> that's exactly what putin's doing. playing out the clock. charles: he is. hey, pete, thanks a lot. coming up the fed has -- they were out in force. three voting members speaking today. i don't know if they created
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more turmoil or less but one actually compared this to the bronco chase. do you remember oj simpson? so the fed's fed up with it, ear fed up with it, we're going to tell you what to do about it. next at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like ordering wine equals pretending to know wine. pinot noir, which means peanut of the night. put under a microscope,
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charles: well, we had three fed officials speaking, one, in fact, this morning before the open and it's pretty clear there's an intense focus right now, obviously on the next move, and it's taking a toll on the committee members themselves. now, apparently in a q and a segment said about the questions about the fed's next move whether they'll raise rates or not has become quote the oj simpson trial of monetary policy, now, it's not clear that we'll see them riding down the street in a white bronco but today he said still committed to a rate hike in my mind that the fed will try their best nothing further at least one rate hike in 2015
6:26 pm
and in the meantime the vix down for the 10th day in a row. so the big question now, what's the fed going to do and investors maybe? and joining me now, capital director and visiting fellow. let's start with you, steve, what's the message right now we're getting from the fed? obviously they're getting fed up with all of the pressure. >> well, this is exactly why we need some kind of price rule or some kind of rule rather than all of this speculation. i mean you mentioned the idea of oj simpson, you know, chasing the bronco. you know, i like the fed watchers and the ambulance chasers and cuts the -- catch the accident and if the body' body's blooded and limbs falling off, it's good for the economy; right? because somehow that means the fed is not going to get off at zero interest rate policy. i just think that the whole thing is debbie stabilizing for the economy be all of this speculation, and we acted as if these people are god,
6:27 pm
economic gods that can foresee the future. charles: i mean for the most part, their academies and the work in my mind has not been good for the economy, good for assets but not the economy, we need to distinguish the two. and i think steve's right. we don't know what the coherent plan is, we don't know what moves them, so it feels we always have to guess. >> and i think the market's getting warn out by the whole process. i think there's three reasons they should go ahead and do it first. it would be a signal to the world that they think the economy's doing better and can handle it second it will give them room if we did have a problem next year to get back down again if they had to, they can't go below where they could now. charles: they could technically. >> technically, yeah, but they would be pushing the envelope charles: sure. >> and then third you clear the air. you get the uncertainty out of the way, let the emerging markets clear and react as they will and people will assume that we're just going to have a gradual slope.
6:28 pm
charles: real quick, jim. >> yeah. charles: the dow down, we had a thousand point to the bottom, had we past this one particular scare for the year? >> depending on the news, me feeling we've seen the high and the low for the year. but when they close the books, i think it's going to be be an unexciting year but i wouldn't put too much into this rally. i think it's a bounce back. charles: steve, stocks up, gold up, that's certainly a mixed message. >> i think the message is it's time for the fed to raise rates. we've had two bubbles in the last 20 years. both were created by loose money. maybe they should learn the lesson this time that the continuation of this actually makes a crash much more likel. charles: amen, brother. from your lips and hopefully to somebody's ears out there. in the white bronco going down the highway. >> is janet yellen watching this show? . charles: by the way, for more on the fed, you do not want to miss cavuto coast to coast on wednesday, our very own peter barns has an exclusive sit down with jeffrey, the
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president of the rich manned federal bank, 12:00 p.m. right here on the fox business network. well, up again and when you combine that with the no cost living adjustment for social security, the big question is the retirees, can they keep taking this? they're getting shafted big time. how are they supposed to survive? i'm not sure but we're going to discuss it. next ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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>> >> due to low gas guess what? a no annual increase to the cost of living this is the third time it's happened since 2010 medicare cost is soaring and the premiums have increased in the next year they buckled tremendously. we know the other things in life are going up as well as a major disconnect and what we know in our real lives. i don't know how the government says the price of education has gone through the roof. everything except gasoline. >> things like computers are going down in cost but i
6:34 pm
don't know how much of those senior citizens by did you see it increase in those prices? so the idea that there is no increase inflation for seniors is ridiculous. we should move gradually so people own their own accounts and couldn't determine how much they want to take out based on how much they got. >> rented is through the roof you have been forced to rent another rent goes up every year and people are seduced by incoming quality but the government formula well come through this particular case there is no
6:35 pm
cost of living increase even for veterans who were looking at a dysfunctional veterans affairs. it is supposed to be provided in the efficient manner waiting on a secret list. with command and control what people having no control in this does not put out what people want to hear >> the three greatest allies is the unemployment rate is 5% is really to% and number 3-d government is here to help you. >> what is the solution? but outside of voters to say we know we we're doing we are tired of getting shafted the city administration that
6:36 pm
pays people $15 an hour to flip burgers. to deal with inflation. >> conservatives have to stimulate how free market solution it is unjust throwing to the whim but empowering with the chance to be flexible to keep the money that you cover and instead of saying we get another 1% or 2% we need to make sure their best served to articulate why when government controls your money and when you are empowered to increase your wealth and opportunity. >> you met with these candidates are the ones out
6:37 pm
there that can articulate the average person gets it? >> none of them unfortunately. there is as saying that social security is a third rail of politics. by the way those benefits literally could be twice as high. and as the capitalists have been many and that is crazy. have they tried to pay that? >> three times since 2010 it is heartbreaking the way we treat our veterans did retirees. it is shameful. >> that latest nobel prize winner he did give strong
6:38 pm
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>> the nobel prize for economics may have taken a right turn the winner of this year prices economics is known for foreign-aid. with his book the great escape and bill gates is one of the many who are appalled by the arguments.
6:42 pm
that they could repress growth. but could that opportunity even be applied to america? i ordered the book today on amazon but princeton press the notion that he says we may be hurting the poorest by giving them billions of dollars was refreshing to hear. >> it is right in front of buses is obviously at detroit or liberal city or the condition of the economy here the most important book if you teach somebody to fish you feed them for a lifetime otherwise to be there for a day it is obvious in our lives but if somebody has the nobel prize it will remind individuals there is a reason if you
6:43 pm
will be handed things to you it is common sense. and that will not do as well >> and they have carried him over their shoulders the last two years with the income inequality that is nothing more than a guilt trip. but this is refreshing. i again in this country what we will see is a lot of politicians promising to give people a bunch of stuff >> able all compete to see who can get the free stuff the fastest. even jesus said and what they said is if you develop an economic policy you have
6:44 pm
to consider the individual choices and that is where we go wrong. >> you have to have the latest sneakers and the iphone i marvel at the people that i see. i hate to be like this but tell the story. you cannot afford it. be the of stores. >> and forcing everyone the same amount of money but the reason there is differences but you cannot force people to live a certain way. we will make choices that our different that a fax income. >> what about the idea of accountability to say the government has a role with the backdrop for the economy
6:45 pm
builds in the way you end up is all about for accountability can somebody say that? >> i think he did with his argument. charles: what about for president? [laughter] >> we will see that. >> but they do not think we will see more of that. that is probably why the other guy does of they learned helplessness syndrome. but they will not go out there and work to get the education. there is an amazing opportunity. >> learn the helplessness syndrome. we will be back coming up next. keep them coming trying to cram in is mitt eight questions as i can.
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call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ charles: now to ask your question. >> will retest the lows or a head back to the highs? >> talking about the vix index tuesday it will never go back but it is back in the mid teens i don't think it will get back at high. and that will cure alzheimer's. i would not chasing but i
6:50 pm
will look into it. between $0.20 and $5. bsn is quiet - - guy works and where the to percent of business will all crash soon then they will replicate yum! brands. there is a major difference with those and computer chips a thank you are wrong. is it possible to predict which can they will have the most adverse affect on the stock market? >> without doubt bernie sanders and joe biden may play ball but it could be the bark is worse than the by cry afraid so be careful. just put in the order for a the purchase of the furry ipo. this is exciting.
6:51 pm
they're raising $1 billion they sold 7,400 cars china could be worrisome for them and also you have to be larry i am not sure i would pay more than 10% we will know more as it approaches but i have a sports alert with that trading right scandal we have been talking about it but it did not slow down business with the record amounts of money combining 7.1 million injuries to be involved in the scandals to when players from a competitor from bull's-eyes are banned from purchase of trading but
6:52 pm
teams are both value at $1 billion. because all the games were born on the weekend. >> there is a spotlight to see how he will handle himself. we will tell you next.
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charles: through new hampshire once again it appears the questions were saved for donald trump an audience member put him on the spot to say he is no friend of women and he tried to convince her otherwise. >> maybe i am wrong but i don't think you are a friend to women.
6:56 pm
[applause] >> idea why should not have picked her. [laughter] i will again be a dancer right now. i respect women incredibly i have given women more opportunity than anybody in the construction industry. >> right now it is in issue that will not go away so has he moved the beetle? -- the needle? >> he did better than others but. [laughter] he put his record out there. >> you cannot win them all but he he did say i respect one another i care about women but i don't know what they are looking for their wide trompe to play here is ex-wife light up on his
6:57 pm
instagram? what type of question is that. >> that is what hillary wants the conversation to be but here is my hope that trump would say we can do best by repairing the economy to get the nation's strong and protect the nation to have a realistic foreign policy. >> the republican candidate should reject the leftist narrative especially business person to say i will help all women if i help men with the strong economy with the paycheck you have a commander in chief that will not abandon anyone it uniform. charles: although he didn't want to say to talk more
6:58 pm
particular about their involvement with women's issues and it does look like they will launch an ad campaign focusing on issues specific to women. >> candidates should because at this point you have hillary clinton saying the opposite so there is a back-and-forth to say he is not antagonistic he doesn't hate women he is not even unfriendly with women that is the issue they fight even if clinton is not the nominee. charles: but believe in the last week taking a more measured approach and very diplomatic is that because this is day process or is he
6:59 pm
looking to more diplomatic gore presidential? >> it was a natural move we remember when he announced everybody called him every name in the book said he was bombarded from all angles city was out on defense as summer clothes -- comes to a close and he realizes maybe it'll have to keep fighting all day every day because people are hearing me. >>no labels we are very successful katrina talked about this particular crowd hillary didn't bother to show up. >> day noel bombing is of failure they once a reason to vote for someone who was not a democrat biting tromping ask these questions makes us stronger candidate
7:00 pm
but they will win the people over. charles: you were fantastic tonight we always appreciate you watching. you don't want to miss a moment right now you don't want to miss tom sullivan. tom: i am tom selleck been in and for their jobs and obama once again defending his failing foreign-policy in syria as evidence mounts that vladimir putin has taken the lead in the middle east with the administration plan to trade the syrian bubbles is now working and putin mocks the president to say that president obama should have given him half a billion dollars because he could have used it more effectively to fight terrorism and the middle east.


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