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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 12, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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over. charles: you were fantastic tonight we always appreciate you watching. you don't want to miss a moment right now you don't want to miss tom sullivan. tom: i am tom selleck been in and for their jobs and obama once again defending his failing foreign-policy in syria as evidence mounts that vladimir putin has taken the lead in the middle east with the administration plan to trade the syrian bubbles is now working and putin mocks the president to say that president obama should have given him half a billion dollars because he could have used it more effectively to fight terrorism and the middle east. with former pentagon official with k.t. mcfarland
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also iran claiming it did not break said deal by test a ballistic missile but it says the bars them from developing those warheads we will discuss that move and obama led dismiss it -- as mrs. donald trump tuesday he is just a reality tv character seeking publicity he says he cares more about climate change than all of the problems we have had a we will have a full report coming up. the top story obama defending what critics say is a feeling for policy in the middle east it was supposed to be an aggressive
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as steve crawford pushed back of the choices calling the trading of syrian rebels an embarrassment to the president said he'd never actually believed the policy and we have the report. >> ask about the failed program president obama told "60 minutes" he never believed in the of plan in the first place. >> this is why i have been skeptical about the notion is that we will effectively create a proxy. >> to be so practical he did not show that in 2014. >> i call on congress again with additional authorities and resources to equip these spiders. >> the white house last week scrapped the program
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ridiculed by critics including vladimir putin who was quoted by the agency to say they should have given that many to us we cater use it more effectively to fight international terrorism no doubt. indeed they have been effective as they supported the regime but today target in the process is debatable that they hit isis hard over the past 24 hours but obama says his plan is flawed. >> if you think running your economy into the ground and having to send troops to prop up your only ally is leadership then we have a different definition mind would be waiting on climate change. >> officials insisted be engaged in that proxy war to tell fox news 50 tons over
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the weekend that the missiles have been shipped to syrian rebels missiles to battle the side. but the president insists they are propping him up out of fear but analysts say the president is afraid to meet moscow. >> if we continued to wring our hands to be absorbed by our own fear and not willing to instill fear in the adversaries, russian aggression in role happen in the middle east in asking why he did not buy into the program would he go along with it he said essentially as commander in chief you have to try things that our different but it is fair to say it was an expensive
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experiment. >> more provocative moves from the revolutionary court convicted "washington post" reporter on espionage irish charges behind closed doors he also holds dual citizenship and has been jailed for over one year and on sunday iran test fired a new guided long-range ballistic missile that may have violated the terms of the nuclear deal to carry nuclear warheads. as they approve the general outline of the nuclear deal. hillary clinton is a las vegas the former secretary of state will steal the spotlight the coming under
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heavy fire under multiple investigation with her e-mail scandal. we have the report. >> headed to there first face-to-face clash president tell cbs 60 minutes he did not know she had a private server although he also went to bat jumping ahead of the fbi investigation. >> is important for her to answer the questions to the satisfaction of the american public that this is not a situation that the national security was in danger. >> the public is not satisfied. 71 percent of registered voters believe her use of a personal server was not appropriate up seven points despite months of pushed back but republicans have their own trouble with that
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house select committee and intelligence officer in the reserve pitt told cnn he was fired for his e-mail and the republicans insist that the committee always has been and will be focused on those americans we lost in bin gauzy -- benghazi. >> we have said all along it was politically driven. >> the vice-chairman was divided after criticizing the party for holding four debates before i was handed a hampshire and iowa and new hampshire. >> and then choose one of his tickets to the debate as joe biden spent the weekend in delaware.
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to say he should wait for a job with a new clinton and administration. >> he should end his career on the high notes to be ambassador to paris or something. >> i have a podium ready to go if he wants to jump in at the last minute. one of the fund-raiser said i think he is in yen but some point after the debate. tom: donald tromping is predicting few people will watch the democratic debate tomorrow because he is not to it and he is right the chief political correspondent has the report >> i think people are fed up with incompetent politicians >> aimed at replacing partisan gridlock job got a moderate reaction win the
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miss america asked to read -- for that debt. >> we will stop the deficit. we will do very quickly. how? are you ready? number one we have tremendous cutting to do in addition i will bring millions of jobs back into this country. >> as he tried to move on he said he could soften his tone when more rivals? >> are you concerned about the language used on the campaign trail? >> with the different kind of a situation is much less divisive but eight out of tin say if he wins the nomination there will drop but in iowa ted -- cruz was
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trying to get defectors. we are competing for every candidate whether bush or huckabee or rubio. >> lindsay greer renewed his commitment to compromise. >> chris christie did not surrender. >> we have an attitude that says if you are willing to compromise you are a capitulate your the next president needs to get them to make trade-offs that is good for that country's. >> but most candidates think it is to be the most liberal among democrats or conservative that makes it much harder to make deals if elected. tom: we will be right back. stay with us. >> president obama is defending a private e-mail server with a scandal on politics.
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>> five democrats are preparing for the debate could sanders will receive attention that the other three o'malley and lincoln chafee have barely registered in the polls. is cnn does have a six podium just in case bided decides to enter the race but donald trump does not have high expectations. >> people will turn on for a couple of minutes and fall asleep
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>> >> a demolition of iconic highrises in scotland not going as planned trying to bring down six towers in a controlled explosion. but when it was done to buildings were still there partially a bright beating residents stranded unable to
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lou dobbs, clinton will be center stage for the first democratic primary debate in las vegas tomorrow night, vice president joe biden will skip it. reviews are in. president obama's performance last night on 60 minutes was a flop. president doubled down on his claim that the russian military action in syria is a sign of russian president putin's weakness not strength. and the islamic state is the prime suspect in saturday a bomb attack in turkey. the attack killed at least 97 people at a peace rally in ankara. joining me now, walid phares, fox news middle east and terrorism expert, and fox news national security analyst kt kt mcfarland, we start with you on this turkish thing. this is an ally. they are part of nato, what is going on.
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>> there is trouble. tom: is there trouble. >> they are in trouble, because the russians use them as a way to insul nato. and to show nato is weak, the russian have flown into turkey airspace twice, the other reason, is that islamic extremism is now spread into turkey. we know that turkey had porous boarder. the third reason they are in trouble is kurds, there is a large and growing kurdish minority in turkey that wants independence. turkey could have a problem from without. and a problem from within. that is the kurds, and a problem in the bigger picture from the russians. tom: dr. walid phares, last night, the president was on 60 minutes, and my jaw dropped when
7:36 pm
he said that biggest problem was not all of this business in the middle east. but climate change. so, the president is pointing out russia is weak, the economy is weak. do you think that this is a show of bravado for vladimir putin to the russian people? is he weak? >> well, if he takes crimea and influences evens in eastern ukraine, now deploying in northwestern syria, there is a war room where russians are in baghdad where we were, i don't think this is about weather any more. this is go geopolitical climate changing all over the re john. i do not agree it is out of weakness. only calculation that russian have we're withdrawing from the region, they are moving forward. tom: what do hear when you talk to your contacts in the world with this business about climbal change is the biggest danger not
7:37 pm
these issues with isis. >> in the middle east, and region, there has been and continue to be a big frustration with our foreign policy, with russian foreign policy. beginning with egypt, and libya, now the iran deal, that is not pleasing our arab allies in saudi and bahrain, and yemen knoll -- nothing has done solved. so, the general mood at least of those who are partners with us now including turkey, is not that very favorable. tom: this business of whether or not the russians weaker and what we're doing is the right thing. you get donald trump saying, look, if vladimir putin wants to do it, let him go ahead, people on right saying that is crazy, that is bad foreign policy. >> this is bologna. you get beaten up, pummeled by
7:38 pm
the russians and iranians. and the obama solution, eventually they will wear themselves out beating us up, and we willal be fine. -- we will be fine, this is crazy in a sense that putin has out started us in 5 or 6 different ways, the reason for the iran deal and we'll have a better relationship with iran, no. they just aligned with russia. today, the iranians are testing a long range missile. they are just pushing us around, we're saying don't worry, it global warming. tom: what about that missile? is that in violation of our agreement. >> even if it is, the grime by itself -- agreement by itself who cares would say the iranians only force they can have iran abide by agreement is united states or russia. russia is the partner of iran. and our administration, i don't
7:39 pm
believe they will go to security council, and start telling the iranians you do not have the right for these missile, everything that happened in syria and iraq over last 3 years of because of the iran talks now because of the deal. in short, because of the iran, we failed in syria and iraq and the russians are in, that is not changing. tom: where does that go. >> potentially, if it could reach europe. but this is the beginning of a longer process they get long range missiles that can reach u.s., this is not like 10 years this is like next year or two. what do you do, you put nuclear warheads then the new iran has the ability like china and russia, very few others to challenge the united states with a nuclear missile. tom: does that put us back in a
7:40 pm
cold war era with a different person. >> indeed, and even more. the iranians are building a dome, with what money? with the iran deal money could we spending them the 150 billion, they are equipping for themselves buying from russian cash, antiaircraft long range missiles, they tell us try to deter us we can't or the price will be high. tom: ktmcfarland, dr. walid phares thank you. >> thank you. tom: vote tonight's poll, question is, is president obama on a losing mission in the middle east? cast your vote at >> and a graphic example of the human trafficking on our southern border with mexico. a sheriff's body camera capturing a moment when a big rig was opened up after a traffic stop near san antonio. it happened last month, video just released.
7:41 pm
39 illegal immigrants from guatemala, el salvador, and mexico were crammed inside, the youngest, 13 years old. the driver, had no idea that what was in the truck he said, he was paid to drive it he was arrested and charged with smuggling. illegal immigrants now face deportation hearings, wonder how long that will take. according to the sheriff's department. >> up next, nationwide crime wave taking a toll on our largest cities, we take it' with a panel of law enforcementic pitters. >> and when you are the wife the world famous wire walker, nick -- wallenda, she may have just eclipsed her husband with a nail-biting stunt, we'll show you the video. stay with us.
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tom: memphis police departments mourning death of an off-duty police officer who was shot and killed yesterday, 31-year-old terrence owell ridge was with te department for just over a year, he was killed by a neighbor.
7:46 pm
99 officers have died so far this year, 15% increase over same time last year. that increase due to mainly in rise of fatal traffic accidents, many police officers you talk to here, say they sense there is a war on law enforcement. joining us now to discuss the war on law enforcement if it is there, ro -- rod wheeler and b o dietl. is there a war on law enforcement? >> well, it used to be, if you had gangs in the neighborhood, you would stop, question and frisk, perhaps take the guns off the street, the cops are not doing it. they don't' to get involved now, i talked with new york city talks, i was in dallas, the tide is turning we'll have cops not
7:47 pm
doing their jobs because they don't want to lose their jobs, you have to understand, everyone time an incident occurs outcomes a cell camera, the cop is always wrong, they try to make them lose their job, look at this kid in new york with the tennis star blake, they took his gun and badge away, they never charged him with anything, he never did anything wrong. he did his damn job, now they suspend him took his badge and his gun, that is when is going on, we as former law enforcement, my heart goes out to the cops. >> tom: is it tougher than when you were pounding the beat? >> absolutely, i have to say, bo title idiet else is -- is 100% , i was asking these young officers, about what happens
7:48 pm
with the street, their intersuccession with community it was disheartening they said they don't respond fast to calling any more, you know why? not even so much because of the citizenry, it is because of the politicians, they are afraid of the politicians they throw them under the bus, police officers do not get the back up they need. we're seeing the end result of this coming together. >> you know you have that fergying foferguson incident, al allegation that mr. brown had his hands up, where are the black lives mattering in chicago, with worst homicide epidemic in chicago, where are the leaders stopping that with the young african-american kids being killed? tom: the other story in the news a lot, is that there is a big push, federally.
7:49 pm
you find them you lock them up, crime goes down, everyone has been watching crime rate go down, now it is going up about same time day release the people from prison, not jail but the big house, does that play into this? >> i think it will. and that is an interesting onin- observation, i had discussion with people about this you know these individuals a lot of these individuals, they will be released, they did not commit crimes against persons, they were crimes such as drug offenses. now, if we are going to release individuals, if we release people by the masses as obama administration is proposing, we need to have a plan in place to get these individuals back into the community. all too often we are seen, i am not knocking president obama, but have to be honest, we have knee-jerk reaction, we release
7:50 pm
people, they are not prepared to go back, they have to go back to the ai same community that put m in prison, you go back, no job, no hope that creates crime. tom: thank you so much. >> thank you. >> tom: on wall street, quiet day for the market. ahead of a very busy week for corporate earnings, dow up french. s&p up 3, nasdaq gaining 8. volume, 2.9 billion share changing hands, columbus day the bond market was closed, listen to lou's financial report 3 times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. >> and weekend box office, the martian held on to first place for a second week in a row --
7:51 pm
tom: the wife of dare devil nik wallenda performing a daring routine suspended from a helicopter. watch this as she thrills a nascar crowd at the charlotte motor speedway in north carolina. she swings from an aerial wing hundreds of feet above the ground, without a harness or a safety device, at times she was only hanging on with her feet. up next, republicans look to congressman paul ryan in search for a new house speaker. >> and robe probe takes aim at donald trump, we take up that feud with the washington examine air sarah westwood, and david drucker here next.
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dotcom superstar. and us, we'll be right there with you, helping with the questions you need answered to get your brand new business started. with over a million new business owners to do just that. check us out today to see how you can become one of them. legalzoom. legal help is here. tom: president obama weighing in on donald trump, president calling g.o.p. frontrunner a great publicity seeker, and a classic reality tv character. the donald did not take kind to the president's comments. >> you think he is running out of steam? do you think he will disappear there i'll leave it up to pundits, i don't think he will end up being president of united states. >> it was all negative last night on 60 minutes, because we don't have victories any more,
7:56 pm
we have a president that honestly i thought was not good last night on 60 minutes. tom: joining me now sarah westwood, and david drucker from washington examiner. how do you think that president did? >> well donald trump was not the only commenter to say barack obama did not have a good job, without good answers to the job in middle east, and or lack there of, and too soft on hillary clinton, and pivoted in the middle of an answer about a question about vladimir putin to climate change. but donald trump was right to take offense on what president obama of saying, right in the middle of trump saying he has more to offer, president of
7:57 pm
united states comes out and reduces him to a reality tv star. tom: by this point we're almost 7 years into getting to know barack obama. we know, we know although, still jaw drop whether he pull the out the climate change comment. but, we know that he will go soft, this whole thing about e-mail no big deal. how much do his words weigh on the still lot of people that like barack obama? >> there are, it is a good point. look, he will go soft on hillary clinton, he wants the democrat, probably hillary clinton, to win the presidency because it helps preserve his legacy, it will be an endorsement of his legacy, good for obamacare, and most of what he cares about. whatever disagreements he might have. so not surprising there. tom: i still see the polling is interesting it still says, people do care about the fact
7:58 pm
that she had that separate e-mail server. let's move on, the next speaker, sarah are you placing bets on any particular person? >> well there is no clear cut front runner beside paul ryan, he is only one that said he does not want the job, he does not want to negotiate with conservatives who want rule changes for their support of paul ryan, and paul ryan has to decide whether he wants to condent with those concessions up front or just wants to stay where he is. keeping his political future open. tom: this freedom coalition, the group of 40-something like that, supposely rebels holding it up, they had people drop out. are they strong enough to staying it?
7:59 pm
or are they going to crumble here? >> i think that they are strong enough to stay together if they want to, but i think they would have a hard time explaining, why paul ryan who was the republican whistling into the wind about medicare reform, and social security reform, and everything else is not conservative enough. i think they would face enormous frustration of the rest of the republican conference if they decided that their problem with paul ryan is he was not conservative enough to lead them, that is why i think that race is paul ryan's to have, if he wants it. he does not want to negotiate with them, why should he, he does not' the job in the first place, this is a seller's market. not a bu buyer's market. tom: all right. thank you both very much. >> thank you. tom: time for a look at our online poll result. we asked, 97% said yes.
8:00 pm
wow. that is it, tonight thank you for joining us, general jack keane among lou's guests tomorrow, lou will be back. and thank you for joining us tonight, good night from new york. kennedy: welcome to the greatest hour of your life. and i am watching the bubbling hot pot of congress boil over in this messy speaker's race, systemic of where our country is headed. congress has been inhabited by a bunch of cotton headed i ninny muggeins. we need to look outside the scumy pool of predictable dc big spenders for solutions. why should presidential race be only interesting con


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