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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  October 13, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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this is happening again on a bridge there in maitland florida, authorities are working to remove the vehicle. orange county county fire and maitland police officers there on the scene working to secure and remove this vehicle. it is not known whether there are any injuries just yet. we'll continue watching that story for you. watch this market with liz. liz: how about it? tuesday night at the fights from wall street to vegas to the mideast to local pubs. bulls and bears duking it out on wall street right now. the dow jones industrial average as you can see down just a smidge, by two points. the bears are winning just at the moment but that could actually change because change didn't matter so far today. and will we see the end of the longest winning streak of the year? could happen today. got stay with me. out in vegas, a fight night of a different kind. less than 5 1/2 hours of the first democratic debate of the campaign season. five democratic candidates take
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the stage, only one on the stage before, it's hillary clinton. hillary clinton got generally good reviews of her performances in 2008, but still didn't help her win the nomination from then senator barack obama. for the others, lincoln chafee, martin o'malley, former governors, former senator jim webb and former senator bernie sanders, a spicy performance tonight could be the stepping-stone to higher poll numbers and energized campaign, or will it be early exit from the race? we have two people bringing the governors who know these candidates personally. former republican governor and senator from virginia, george allen along with former democratic governor from new york david patterson, both join us live on what the debate winner tonight must say and do. plus, a bizarre battle and dangerous game, fighting in syria. the russians backing the assad regime, the u.s. backing the syrian rebels who despise
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assad. captain chuck nash joins us, he'll take a stand on this one. there may be a saw in the beer wars as a major deal could end the budweiser and miller light rivalry, will the taste in culture start to change? are you nervous? don't be. so little time, less than an hour to the closing bell. you are in the right place. let's start the "countdown." . liz: this is interesting right now. so for a second we were within 2 points of hitting the flatline. here's the question, are the bulls taking a breather or not in the breaking news is the dow has crossed the unchanged line 24 times today alone with indecisive traders and investors unsure which way to go. you can see the dow is looking to squash seven day win streak. all ten sectors are trading down. at the moment, the bears have a very slight edge.
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if you're driving and listening on xm 113, listen to that xanl, if you are in the car. the dow is down just 8 points. we're watching all of that right now. but guess what, from the city that doesn't sleep in new york, vegas is known for knockdown dragout fights and at this hour las vegas is prepping for the first democratic presidential debate. less than six hours from now. fox news has released a brand-new poll to see where the candidates stand. here's where it stands here. hillary clinton get 45% of the vote. bernie sanders 25%, that is a 5% drop for sanders from a few weeks ago, as clinton's e-mail scandal embroiled her and her campaign in distractions, sanders was seen as her most powerful competitor, can he grab his edge tonight? and biden 19% though he hasn't committed. vegas is a betting town and blake burman is on the ground working the phones all day. what are you hearing? >>.
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>> reporter: hi, liz, got off the phone with one of the last people to have debated bernie sanders. not much is known for sanders in the general public across the poll. 88% of democrats wanted to hear more about sanders. so i spoke with richard parent who debated sanders in 2006 during that senate battle to get a feel what we might get from bernie sanders tonight. he said flat-out, look, bernie sanders is a very good debater. no matter what happens, sanders is going to have four or five issues, if he gets backed into a corner, sanders will rally around the four or five issues that sanders brings out on the stump, and that is pretty much what he will stick to. he said you might not agree with bernie sanders message, but sanders is very, very good at delivering it. i asked him pretty much to rate sanders. and he said on a scale of one to ten, if sanders is a seven,
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he would put hillary clinton as a five. again, that's one person's opinion, but somebody who has debated sanders, you know, fairly recently dating back to a couple races ago. as far as on the ground in nevada, liz, what people are talking about, the front page in the paper, the headline reid mum on dems. who might harry reid back? it's not just about sanders and hillary clinton, there are three other candidates as well. we can tell you that joe biden is expected to watch the debate tonight back at home in d.c. liz? liz: i saw that breaking in the last hour. the nevada senator not taking a stand or picking a horse in this race, right blake? >> yep. liz: you know you can bet on the outcome of anything in vegas, right? anything, and that, of course -- >> reporter: don't make me bet on this. liz: no way! i would want to you bet on this. look at the screen, casino
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stocks mostly up today but not the place where the debate is happening. wynn resorts is down about a percent, las vegas sands moving higher 1.25% followed by mgm and penn national gaming. the dow is trailing by 12 points, keeping you updated every tick of the way. the democratic candidates will introduce themselves to the american public for the first time. it's also an opportunity to take some jabs at the front-runner who is, as you saw, hillary clinton for now. what can each candidate do to make that lasting impression? we bring in the strategists, richard good stein is a democratic strategist at goodstein and associates and fred barnes, executive editor of the weekly standard. richard, a personality driven or issue driven win for the strongest candidate here? >> all indications, look, we've had months of campaigning, and the people that are challenging hillary clinton have not gone
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after her personally. i don't think their introduction to the public wants to be one of criticizing her. they want to tell the public what they have going for themselves. my bet, if i could be in vegas is that martin o'malley will actually try to take down bernie sanders a tad because o'malley has designs on being the lasting competitor to hillary clinton, sanders is very much in his way. o'malley thought he was going to beat sanders and the only way he gets to basically being the one-on-one competitor with hillary is bringing down sanders and saying you want to have denmark and sweden? fine, let's have the defense budget, bernie, and until we do, get to reality. that's what i predict is going to happen. liz: we have the standard that says taking on hillary. you say taking on sanders on behalf of martin o'malley. fred, mid-atlantic politicians in jim webb, lincoln chafee of rhode island and martin o'malley, maryland, jim webb of virginia.
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do these three have to be careful about appearing like they're ganging up on hillary clinton or is richard right, here's what i stand for which is less exciting and interesting than when the candidates all mix it up. >> i don't think they have a thing to worry about. they're going nowhere. people don't even know who they are. that's a good idea for o'malley to go after bernie sanders. it would also be a good idea for all three of those candidates who are not well known and are at 1 or 2% in the polls if that to go after hillary clinton. look, what are the two big political issues in 2015? one is the rise of donald trump, excuse me, and the other one is the fall of hillary clinton. are you not going to ask her about her collapse and what is causing it? you're not going to ask her about the e-mails and the problems with the clinton foundation? if you ignore that, you're not going to get anywhere. liz: i hope they don't ignore what matters to americans and our viewers, richard.
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that's the economy, and several different parts of the economy. the economy then of course the side story, huge to anyone with a 401(k) or pension, that's the stock market. so whether they take on and distance themselves from president obama, here's his record with the stock market under him. since he first was inaugurated, the first time around. the dow is up 106%. we can show the numbers to you. since he took office, the s&p is up 137%. the nasdaq better by 216%. now, you can argue until the end of time that it's the fed and false or what have you, but people's 401(k) sure look a lot better. do these candidates have to be careful about distancing themselves too much? >> yeah, look, i think democrats you wouldn't know it to watch certain tv networks. i think democrats actually feel this administration has done a profoundly good job. is the economy great? of course not. are we the envy of the industrialized world? you bet we are.
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not just the stock market. look at job growth, minus 750,000 jobs a month when obama came in. 60 straight months of private sector job growth. liz: they have to be too critical of the president. >> the one thing you're going to hear is talking about what the democrats will do for the middle class. something you didn't hear too much of during the first two republican presidential debates. >> needless to say, it's a wider gap since president obama has been in office. fred, before we go, the empty chair, joe biden. cnn is holding a chair, he's not coming, obviously. at least at the moment. does he decide after this debate whether he should get in? >> i don't think he'll let the debate itself decide for him. it looks like he's decided to get in, will get in. until he's out there announcing in public that he's running, you can't be sure. you know, the other thing we've been ignoring about the debate tonight, who decides the issues and what is talked about in the debate? it's not the candidates. it's the questioners. that was true in the earlier cnn debate.
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that one with the republicans they decided we'd ask donald trump questions, then ask the other candidate questions about donald trump. it was a trump debate. so it really matters what the cnn anchors and moderators ask tonight. matters much more than the candidates want to talk about. liz: they probably got a lot of blowback from viewers who said can we hear from the people stand for versus a pit bull fight in the ring? >> that's nonsense. >> i'm betting fred and can i have a side bet on that one. liz: we'll bring you back. it's vegas on wall street. >> they have to treat the democrats the same way they treated the republicans. liz: i see. to be fair, to be fair. >> indeed. liz: i could argue, fred, that you learn from mistakes and don't repeat them? >> what mistakes? they had 24 million viewers! >> true. i like you both. come back. we'll pare you once again,
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richard goodstein, and fred barnes, much more later with the former republican governor and senator from virginia george allen along with former democratic governor from new york, david paterson. both know personally the candidates. what's the scoop in their personalities? and it's not just the dems debating, tune into fox business' republican debate, mark the calendar, cancel dinner plans, have a party in your house. november 10th. milwaukee, wisconsin, fox business is going to beat it. we're going to do great on this and push them on the issues. the closing bell 48 minutes away. the soviet-u.s. cold war era hate ended such a long time ago. but is history starting to repeat itself? are the u.s. and russia on a path to a hot war in syria now? captain chuck nash on the complicated fight between isis, syrian rebels and the assad regime. could it involve a very devastating mistake that could involve us in a war in "countdown" is coming right back.
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we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. . liz: meat cleavers are being used in this battle in israel. nearly two weeks of daily violence between israelis and palestinians mark another bloody day. three israelis killed by palestinians in a series of
3:17 pm
attacks in jerusalem. the palestinians allegedly use knives, a car, a gun and a meat cleaver to carry out what they call a quote day of rage. israeli officials are now calling for arab neighborhoods to be cordoned off and more troops to be moved into jerusalem. in the past few weeks, eight israelis and at least 28 palestinians have been killed. check this. 50 tons of ammunition versus attack helicopters. that is happening in syria where tensions are rising as the u.s. boosts rebel forces with all that ammunition. militants fired rockets at russia's embassy today in the syrian capital of damascus amid a pro-russia rally outside. russia is ramping up airstrikes targeting anti-government fighters. with the u.s. and russia on opposite sides, china warns the two countries are edging closer to an all-out proxy war. could the cold war enemies be
3:18 pm
heading for a hot war in syria. we bring in retired navy captain chuck nash, he's now a fox news military analyst. u.s./russia at war with each other, that's an overstatement at this point. but it sure looks like it right now, if you go 30,000 feet above syria. >> yeah, if you go 30,000 feet above syria and look down, what you actually see is a unique situation. you've got the united states trying to undermine a sitting government and you have the russians trying to withstand a rebel assault against a sitting government, which is sort of a role reversal where we normally come down on these things. liz: russia is doubling arsenal and the airstrikes. the u.s. threw in 50 tons of ammunition. i'm wondering, captain nash, if somehow shoulder-fired missiles or surface-to-air missiles get into the region, bring down a russian warplane and suddenly it's the u.s. versus america
3:19 pm
rather than isis versus assad or the russians versus isis, et cetera? >> yeah, that has escalation written all over it. the potential for this to mushroom out of control is fairly high. if you look at where the united states and our allies have been flying missions since the russians started flying, we've withdrawn to the far eastern regions of syria, and we've pretty much let the russians alone except for incursions of f-16's coming down out of turkey, they get fairley close. other than that, we're trying to stay away from this. as the weaponry goes up, u.s. officials have admitted that we are greatly relaxing our vetting standards on who we give weapons to. so -- >> are you against assad? you get the weapons and could the weapons, let's say it's a two-launched wire guided missile that hits a russian helicopter and a russian pilot gets killed.
3:20 pm
suddenly putin will point to the u.s. and say i'm after you now? >> liz, not only that, i'll take it one step further. you have mohammad al-gandhi who heads the al qaeda affiliate saying to chechen brothers that we ought to revamp and step back on attacks on russian targets inside russia, i.e., the terrorism war inside russia. when russian citizens start dying, the bombs go off, there the russians looked at united states and we're going to look for a tit-for-tat relationship. liz: and now we have the dutch relationship, seems like a side bar, but it reveals that the malaysian flight 17 was brought down with a warhead that the russians make. so it appears, and this was july of 2014, it appears it was the russian rebels that were supported by russia, that that weaponry, no blame assigned in the investigation report, but look at this, and we can show
3:21 pm
you how they pieced that plane together. what a disaster. they found the pilot and copilot had hundreds of pieces of shrapnel from the weapon provided by the russians. >> they can do amazing forensics and rebuild the things and go back to it. it was an sa-11. they call it a gadfly, nato terminology for it, against a commercial airliner, it's like shooting fish in barrels. liz: it looks directly like a missile hit it of some sort. captain nash, thank you very much. >> you bet, liz. liz: as we watch and see if escalation is written all over this. thank you so much. we'll have you back. 39 minutes before the closing bell rings. the dow down 37 points. taking a leg down here. billionaire sheldon adelson may have decided who he will back in 2016. charlie gasparino running down here to break it, and break the candidate.
3:22 pm
and while there's no peace in the middle east, the beer war may be over in one quadrant, as a deal between the top two producers of domestic beer globally agree to form the biggest beer bong in the world! but is it the craft beer killer? plus, we got a lot of social media reaction to the house gop's leadership crisis over the last few days that started last week. ron posted on facebook, he says -- then we have joseph who had a different candidate, thank you, joseph -- i'd start yelling and screaming at everybody, joseph. saying can't we just get along? i'm perfectly happy at fox business, we'd love for you to be with us on social media. i'm going to be right back. stay tuned.
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we're cracking down on medicare fraud. let's make medicare stronger for all of us.
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. liz: still red on the screen. the bears have this market in their jaws right now. the closing bell is 33 1/2 minutes away, and we don't have anything to the upside at the moment. no real moves to the downside. dow has increased losses, down about 45 points. major feather ruffling at twitter. the social media company announced in a company e-mail. this is the e-mail you don't want to get, it's going to lay off 8% of workforce in an attempt to grow up. get adult. cut costs, sharpen the company focus, attract new users. they're doing this to make themselves look like hey, we're in it. >> companies often downsize before a sale. liz: true. look at me all day, i'm true, true. twitter is up only under 1% at $28.99. we need to look at johnson & johnson. a lot of you own that stock in the portfolio. maybe in need of a booster shot.
3:28 pm
stock is down half a percent after reporting earnings before the bell, the largest maker of health care products beat estimates the company reported weaker than expected drug sales. that's coloring the stock a lighter shade of crimson here. stay tuned to "after the bell" 4:00 p.m. eastern when jpmorgan and intel are set to report numbers. here's a question -- on whom are vegas billionaires betting when it comes to the next president? we have a new report coming out today mega donor sheldon adelson vegas casino billionaire is considering supporting, charlie, who? >> not me, marco rubio. liz: rubio. >> let's be clear, i spent time talking with rubio fund-raisers, this is not baked in yet. it may be baked in a private conversation with them. at least people in the campaign and do legwork and fund-raising, he hasn't thrown his hat in the ring.
3:29 pm
before we say this guy, and as you know sheldon adelson is a billionaire, that means a lot when you are running for president. liz: and spends a lot of money in campaign. >> remember, he supported gingrich last time, that didn't work out so well. we should point out rubio is emerging as the candidate of business and finance, and i mean big businessman, big finance. liz: wasn't that jeb bush? >> since he's been faltering in the polls, people are going to rubio. anthony scaramucci, former walker, going to jeb, you know, rubio's team's finding many others who are willing to support rubio. rubio today, what we understand is in boston right now talking with -- doing finance meetings in boston, raising a lot of money in boston, mutual funds, insurance companies in hartford, stone's throw away, i
3:30 pm
believe he's with the fund-raisers looking, talking to people about money, and the reception is pretty good so far, he has become the candidate for major business and finance. you know, it's got to be shocking to jeb, came out of the gate very strong fund-raisingwise, now that rubio is maintaining, getting some sort of a momentum in the polls and jeb hasn't, that the sort of republican donor class, the hedge fund guys, the wall street guys, the insurance executives, they're starting to move to rubio. and we haven't seen the numbers yet. you got to get the numbers, this is a recent phenomenon as i've been hearing, it may not show up in the latest campaign finance reports which are quarterly, but from what i understand, the reception is there, and if he keeps beating jeb in the polls, they're going to go to him. on top of this, he gets adelson, and we may know about that in the next couple of
3:31 pm
days, that's a huge blow in terms of raising money for jeb bush. >> for all of them, maybe. >> yes, that could whittle, that could take out a lot of second tier candidates or lower first tier candidates. liz: charlie breaks it here. thank you very much. >> you got it. liz: 3:00 p.m. eastern on the show is where charlie break his biggest stories when he can and does it every day. that's why you have to be here, "varney & co." tomorrow, stuart will likely ask senator marco rubio directly about sheldon adelson's support and probably have fellow 2016 candidate jeb bush. he's got him too! the candidates come to fox business. varney 9:00 a.m. on fbn. >> that could be the kiss of death getting business and finenance your corner in the republican primary. liz: because investors are pushing back? >> because the republican base hates, hates wall street. there's a dichotomy here, what
3:32 pm
is making trump so -- why do people like him? liz: because he's not an insider in the political world but considered a business guy. >> he's anti-wall street. liz: we have breaking news, would you like to be the driver of this truck? breaking news, crews manage to pull the truck off the ledge of overpass where it was dangling in maitland, florida. 40 minutes north of orlando on i4. it's a very busy interstate. the white tow truck at top of the screen there is pulling the vehicle away from the ledge. you can see traffic significantly slowing on the other side, rubber necking, i hate rubber necking, i look straight ahead because i don't want to hit anybody else. >> you are so perfect. liz: well. the vehicle was initially part of a multicar crash there. closing bell 28 minutes away. tonight is a big night. might not be the grudge match free for all that vegas is
3:33 pm
known for, but these five presidential candidates will make their case to the american public in tonight's first democratic debate. former governors george allen and david paterson, virginia and new york, know these candidates personally. they will gain which one will leave las vegas betting what happens in vegas stays in vegas. "countdown" coming back.
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. liz: dow jones industrials down 50 points right now. the s&p just four points above the 2,000 level, lower half a point. some of the candidates you'll see tonight during the debate you don't even know, but friends, enemies, frenemies
3:38 pm
know them well. we thought we'd bring in two political insiders who know the candidates personally and are ready to give dirt -- i mean insight! george allen served as republican governor and senator to virginia and david paterson former democratic governor of new york. it's going to be exciting. we'll start with hillary clinton, and governor paterson, have you known her when you were lieutenant governor of new york and governor of new york, she was the senator. what can you tell thoughts world doesn't been her? >> i would say what the world doesn't know about her is she evokes a lot more passion and a lot more personal comfort when she's talking to you by herself than in front of a large group. and that's why when she ran for senate in 2000, i knew her back then too, and ran for president in 2008 and in 2012, campaigns start slowly. it takes her a while to kind of -- as she said in new hampshire
3:39 pm
when she won in 2008, find her own voice. liz: find her own voice. it doesn't help, governor allen, if you have electorate of 300 million people and you are only good in a one-on-one or five on one situation. it's only good to be bill clinton or george w. bush who is so good in crowds. romney didn't quite cut it. tell us which one of the candidates do you know best and what will catapult them above the rest? >> i know all of them, asking me a republican which would catapult the best? liz: put you in a tough position. >> hillary and i served together in the senate and worked together after the 9/11 attacks where there was the period of unity in our country. senator sanders has, i think the one people relate to. even whether you agree or disagree with him, there's an endearing authenticity to him. i think governor o'malley for liberals or progressives who like higher taxes on the
3:40 pm
wealthy and taxes on rain and anti-gun rights and against the death penalty and so forth. they'll love his record as governor. of course, the results were that people in businesses and jobs left the state and governor hogan, a republican ran against those policies. linc chafee was a furrier. liz: like my grandpa. >> he's got strong back but rides his own horse. i'm sure what he'll bring up time after time will be voting against the reauthorization of force. jim webb, i appreciate and i think most americans do, his military service. liz: he's a fellow virginian, correct? >> yes, yes, he'll refer back to things he's written on where his words are carefully thought-out. and he'll undoubtedly say i wrote about such and such, and one thing he'll say if it's a tough decision, he'll say it's complicated.
3:41 pm
hillary will be very poised in avoiding questions and being evasive but -- liz: let's get to that, governor paterson. do any of these people that you know, you know a few of the others, correct? will they go after hillary on the e-mail issue or be what bernie sanders said that is not attack his competitors? >> i want you and governor allen to know my great grandfather is the only man to shoot a horse in man of war. it happened at the travers in 1919. liz: and then there's lincoln chafee and my grandfather sam, the horseshoe. >> i think it would not be a wise decision for fellow democrats to go after secretary clinton over the e-mails or benghazi or any of that because these are the same types of
3:42 pm
attacks they are going to take if they win the nomination, puts them in a very difficult position. what i do think would be interesting is if one of the candidates tries to bring workable, sensible and achievable goals, not necessarily to speak in absurd extremes or peddle, but say this is what i want to do, donald trump established himself as the candidate of the frustrated, but there is no candidate of the implemented. in other words, what could we actually achieve. liz: do you have a horse, so to speak, shoes are not in the race, governor? >> i don't have a horse in the race. i guess i do, i endorse hillary clinton. liz: that would be a horse in the race. i would say governor o'malley put himself in a difficult position because he didn't say much and superseded by sanders. here's his one chance to get back into this, and does speak to a lot of the values as governor allen said that democrats appreciate.
3:43 pm
liz: i can't leave without asking you, governor allen, is there a republican that you're backing? >> what i'm looking for leadership. governor paterson understands what leadership is, that's setting priorities and getting others to work towards achieving that mission, that's what i'm looking for in a republican. who's going to get our country more competitive for more investment and more jobs. tax, regulatory, productive energy policies, and so i'm looking at some. i'll probably make a decision after the next debate. i want to see ours. and i actually learned how to shoe horses on a ranch. liz: am i the only one who doesn't know how to do it? >> you don't need to. you get your grandfather to do it. liz: he did it under force from the russian army and then left! former virginia governor george allen, former new york governor david paterson. it's a pleasure. come back, governor allen when you make your decision. >> any old time, thanks, liz.
3:44 pm
liz: spoken like a true horse ferrier, any old time. the dow lost 64 points, the bears in control at the moment. another icon trying to swallow up a third. could budweiser's clydesdales soon be pulling a miller light wagon? say it isn't so. others say the mega deal in the beer world will affect your favorite taste of favorite beer. how? that's next on "countdown." romantic moments can happen spontaneously,
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3:49 pm
offer of 102.2 billion dollars. combined company would be worth 245 billion and control two-thirds of the u.s. beer market. make it the largest in the world. what would get it? this merger passed regulators, is that too much control? some think, this is another attempt by inbev to squeeze out the growing craft brewing industry. joining us now, first a man behind anheuser-busch's sports and media assets for 26 years and helped create the famed clydesdales commercials, tony ponturo. and breaking news standing by in the studio is fox business inhouse beer expert, my floor director, austin lavell. we'll get to fbn inhouse beer expert in a minute. first to you, tony. this is quite a merger. you worked at anheuser-busch for that long. what's behind the deal? >> mind-boggling, miller was
3:50 pm
the competition for 26 years. when i started in 1982 we had 22 market share, we grew 50. now they're brothers, or will be brothers, it's amazing. liz: inbev is corona, budweiser, they have a few craft beers as well. we'll get to the craft beers, but looking at the negatives, you know that the regulators say nine, what do you think? it will pass regulators. >> sell off some of the brands, some of the miller brands and their miller-coors, u.s. arrangement with molson and coors. you can't buy 70% of the market. liz: which will they sell off? >> i think they're going to sell off the miller-coors business. this is a play to africa and asia, big growth areas they don't have. they're going to get the coca-cola distribution in africa. that's the bigger play.
3:51 pm
liz: i'm going reveal something that i have not revealed before. i've never had a full beer. i've had half a beer in my life. i don't like the taste. we bring in the fox business inhouse expert which. is your favorite beer? >> any craft ipa is delish. liz: you must be out of your mind, they say the two biggies are going to squeeze out the craft beer world. >> it's all right, people are still drinking craft beers, there is craft beer in every single bar you go into. liz: what would you say to the regulators, mr. lavell. >> i would say don't take away my craft beer, please. liz: extremely eloquent. tony, should small guys are nervous? we should mention sabmiller owned a couple, one is bees knees, there's a company called fat yack. >> and goose island and redhook
3:52 pm
breweries. liz: does that sully craft beer, edgy reputation? >> they keep that very quiet. you don't want the customer to understand that. there is so much profit margin in craft beers that's not going to go away, and what they're doing is starting to buy the distribution system because that's another profit space that they don't currently have. they have about 20% ownership across the country, looks like they want to buy more. liz: there are others, the heinekens and my personal favorite, bartels and james. i know, i can stomach the mike's hard lemonade, that much i can do. do we see more acquisition stuff there? >> consolidation from a financial standpoint is good. they're going to reduce price of glass and aluminum, et cetera and marketing. liz: don't get rid of the clydesdales, right? >> they shouldn't. once in a while there's a brand manager that thinks they are
3:53 pm
old and antiquated and someone hits them over the head with a 2 x 4. liz: as the granddaughter of a farrier, don't touch the clydesdales, austin, last question, i would have pegged you as a pbr pabst blue ribbon. >> give me a 30 pack at the beach, and i'm good with it. liz: the eloquence is amazing, austin lavell along with tony ponturo the real expert. thank you so much. can the dow eke out another win, doesn't look like it. anything can change. looks like the winning streak will be snapped. we'll tell you if the market bears are crying wolf or if you should get your claws out for more volatility or possibly the r word. don't go away.
3:54 pm
. . big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice. doing the big things that move an economy.
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3:57 pm
we may show the dow down 55. i want to make this mention. nasdaq is close to session lows. nasdaq looking pretty weak at the moment, down 43 points. will the dow snap the longest winning streak of the year with a few minutes left? looks like it jeffrey. we snap a winning streak. we would expect to. jeff, can you hear me? hold on, it appears jeff can not hear me. he can't hear me at the moment but what i was saying, we look like we're about to snap the longest winning streak of 2015. the issue becomes, is that just healthy market behavior? healthy market behavior indicate trees do not grow to the sky. if we look at six-month chart of dow jones or one year might look we have a move to the upside or flat but we all all kind of different gyrations at the moment.
3:58 pm
i believe we re-established with jeff reeves. any big deal we snapped the lose freak today? >> i don't think it will be surprising. the dow will not go on forever. there is lot going on in markets. there is china, fear of another government shutdown. there is the fear of the fed. we have medium to long-term concerns right now. we'll see a bunch of up and down. saw a unbp of up back to where we were before trouble couple weeks ago. unrealistic to see we'll see double-digit upside from here. had to happen eventually. liz: bears are crying wolf or recession or are they? i heard this for three years. are we on brink of another recession. are we now or is that an overstatement? >> basically every economic metric shows we're growing. everything looks good. job numbers are impressive. unemployment rate continues to go down. i'm firm believer it is demographics. there are whole lot more boomers
3:59 pm
than millenials. bottom line oil is strong. we're running important holiday season. economy is doing pretty well. the challenge corporate profits are not doing so well. we'll perhaps see the first decline in earnings for 2012 for q3 numbers. investors have one step forward, one step book mentality, trying to decode all the data out there. that is why we're seeing such a choppy market. we will for next several months. liz: we have one minute lefter. toss it over to david and melissa. looks like the winning streak is snapped or squashed. david: eight days is not bad. liz: a surprise they were. melissa: we're hours away from the first democratic debate. what does each candidate need to do in order to get noticed? david: i had to look at paper to figure out, i didn't know they were five candidates. iran may have just violated terms of the nuke deal before the deal was dry, ink was even dry, test firing a new high
4:00 pm
powered torpedo. has the backpedaling begun already. melissa: scrapers. we'll bring you numbers -- jpmorgan numbers. we'll bring you numbers as they cross. david: looks like today is negative day. the closing bell rings] we're red on the dow and s&p. as liz mentioned, nasdaq taking biggest hit percentagewise, down almost a full percentage point. oil down again, down a full percentage point. only green on the screen is gold. we get news maybe the fed will raise interest rates this year after all. melissa: that's right. david: as markets wait for tomorrow, here is everything you need to know right now. donald trump is not going to be on stage at democratic debate in las vegas. but he has said he will tweet out round by round account what goes on there. that mur


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