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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  October 13, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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could be carrot top. >> can't get joe biden with a podium waiting in the wings. you get joe biden with wings waiting at a podium. [laughter] david: i'll be listening. i'll be listening or watching baseball game. here is "risk & reward." deidre: five democratic presidential candidates will compete for mindshare in just a few hours. welcome to "risk & reward," i'm deirdre bolton. first debate of 2016 election season kicking off in a few hours in vegas. fox business's blake burman with me now. blake, senator bernie sanders, frontrunner hillary clinton, they have pretty much been quiet, calm about each other. is that going to change tonight? reporter: hi, there, deirdre. they have been gloves off at least with each other in this cycle. i say probably unlikely these two go after each other on the
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stage at wynn hotel behind me in a few hours. we got a bit of a preview potentially how these two might interact with the moderators to those questions later tonight. for example, hillary clinton, she got here to vegas yesterday. she made an impromptu, stop by of all places the trump hotel. used that as a backdrop. workers were protesting there. used that as a backdrop to absolutely rail against donald trump. as we've seen in the first two presidential debates, hillary clinton has been the focus of republican presidential candidates. tonight if she goes after anyone probably likely she goes after trump like we saw here yesterday in vegas or any of the other republican presidential candidates. as for bernie sanders, i would say probably much of a policy discussion from sanders tonight. spoke to one of the last people who debated against sanders in '06 cycle, agree with bernie
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sanders or not, he is very good staying with with his message. sanders has four or five things he likes to get to, basically circling back to it. we potentially saw a little bit of that yesterday when he gave a speech and talked about one of his spending proposals. here is a little bit of that. take a listen. >> in many parts of this country, we have not invested sufficiently in our infrastructure, and according to the american society of civil engineers, we need trillions of dollars of investment because many ways our infrastructure is crumbling, falling further and further behind many other countries. reporter: there are of course three others on stage tonight, that being martin o'malley, jim webb and lincoln chafee. along with bernie sanders this is a way to introduce themselves to the rest of the country, not only just democrats, voters, independents as a whole. who might go after hillary clinton among them, deirdre, i
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asked last week the o'malley campaign as many suggested it might indeed be indeed martin o'malley. i asked them might their candidate do that? they said they feel this is the way to introduce o'malley to the rest of the country but they said basically no comment as whether it would be martin o'malley taking that avenue. we'll see here a little bit later tonight. deirdre? deidre: thank you so much. blake burman joining us there from live on the scene. don't forget to tune in the republican debate on tuesday, november 10th on the fox business network. republican presidential candidate on fox news "on the record," telling greta this week's democratic debate will be a battle to carry president obama's agenda even further. >> i think it's a race to the left. all of the candidates will see which one of them can outliberal the other. one of the guys leading in the polls is bernie sanders, an vowed socialist. you have seen hillary clinton move far to the radical left in
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order to appease the radical left base of the democratic party. in essence they want to do everything barack obama is doing but even more of it. deidre: our political experts with me now, tamara holder, democratic strategist, fox news contributor. conservative commentator kirsten hagland. starting with you, do you agree about the race to the left? >> no, absolutely not. what this is hillary clinton, wish think wash think here and there with new trade deal. bernie sanders doesn't necessarily agree with some of the economic sanctions with iran. there are all differences of opinion. it is not about planned parenthood. it is no the about obamacare. it is actually bigger issues. american people want to see what are plans for regular americans. deidre: so, kirsten, to that point, what are the issues, let's say somebody is undecided, not this evening is the evening where people make up their minds, what do you think
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undecided voters want to know about, which stances count? >> it always about the economy, right? it is always about jobs and how americans feel they're doing, how it is impacting their wallet. they want to hear from candidates directly how they would help the economy of the we've seen unemployment numbers go down. we've seen job, you know jobless rates, go up and down. you've seen wage increases just dismal. they might not feel like the economy is great. they want to see practical plans in order to help them get ahead. deidre: economy seems like, also clinton's wall street record and iraq vote, i think are going to brink out differences in the candidates, right? >> i think also this is about likability. not just introducing the candidates but to see if jim webb, comes forward, really make as statement and like, carly fiorina did in the first debate. people are like, who is she? all of sudden everybody really liked her. she did really well. deidre: some cases really introducing candidates to the american public. >> right.
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not just about hillary and bernie. i think it about the other three and who they are. deidre: staying with politics and issue of trustworthiness, one that has followed hillary clinton there is in fact new development, her private email server was vulnerable to hackers. fox business's peter barnes with me. peter, first and foremost where is the new report from? what vulnerabilities were found? >> deirdre, it is from the associated press, which studied detailed records compiled in 2012 by anonymous hacker researcher who scanned hundreds of millions of internet protocol computer addresses for vulnerabilities, and using computer in serbia the ap reports researchers scanned clinton's server at her home in chappaqua, new york twice, at least august and september 2012. identified itself providing emails services for
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the sense uss, this ip census, appear to allow users to connect to it openly and control it remotely because of no security. the server used microsoft's remote desktop program. the u.s. government and private industry had warned back then that it was vulnerable to attacks from even low level hackers. remote access programs allow users to control another computer or server from another location, usually through an encrypted connection but not in clinton's case according to the ap. as you know the state department retroactively ruled hundreds of emails contained classified information even though that information was not marked classified when it was emailed. a clinton spokesperson, said quote, this report like any before it shows any evidence of actual breach let alone one targeting hillary clinton. justice department is conducting a review with security of server and we're cooperating in full.
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no comment from the state department. deirdre? deidre: peter, does this make the administration look foolish? this is one day after president obama said national security secrets were not at risk? reporter: well, obviously this is going to be a new development and, i did ask the state department specifically to respond to this new development because it could bear whether or not countries unfriendly to us like china or iran or others could have easily hacked into secretary clinton's server. deidre: peter, thanks as always. >> you bet. deidre: peter barnes join us from d.c. speaking of these concerns, i am back with tamara and kirsten. so, kirsten, do you think this email issue,aka trustworthiness will come up tonight? >> trustworthiness is huge issue. should be on the table for republicans and democrats because this is the highest
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office of the country. i don't think -- of course it will come up. in what vain we don't know and other candidates will not touch it. martin o'malley and bernie sanders will not touch it. this is an issue she will have to face. will it hurt with democrats? probably not. undecided voters, independents are watching. unfavorable rate is very high with them, over half. she has to keep defending herself. they are hoping it blows over and looks like a fighter at end of the day. deidre: speaking of being a fighter, hillary clinton, i heard people say she has been too passive, from other strategists. she needs to come out tonight swinging. will she, will she not? >> this goes not only to trustworthiness and likability. being a woman and likeable and aggressive is an issue. i'm not -- deidre: for anyone. >> you come off as being too aggressive you're seen as not likeable. she already has issue going against her.
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they will bring it up to say hillary clinton plays by different set of rules. american people are on the same level, no matter if you're at very top or at very bottom. here is hillary sigh e saying she believes in equality for everybody but doesn't practice what she preaches. >> the thing turned her off to millennial voters. she needs young people in this case. they are swarming to bernie sanders who is very authentic. deidre: that authenticity -- >> issue made millenial voters go, uh, pass. she will have to be cognizant of that. deidre: great to have you both here. thank you very much. when we come back, investigators say malaysia airlines flight 17 was downed by a russian-made missile. russia is more active in syria's airspace. some say it is just a matter of time before another air disaster that kills civilians.
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tand that's what we're doings to chat xfinity.rself, we are challenging ourselves to improve every aspect of your experience. and this includes our commitment to being on time. every time. that's why if we're ever late for an appointment, we'll credit your account $20. it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. >> we expect it to be $20 million at this point i've spent so far, nothing. and you know, which i think is a great tribute. it is your show and business show, predominantly, although you become more and more political i noticed over the years in all fairness, neil. sort of a great tribute to business. i spent the least money and i have the best poll numbers.
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deirdre: donald trump speaking earlier with neil cavuto. we'll bring you back out to las vegas. colleague blake berman standing by, blake? reporter: special guest, phil ruffin, many of many titles. you own the treasure island hotel. you are a partner with donald trump in the trump hotel just right over there. donald trump trump was best man at your wedding. one of my closest friends. you heard him say he spent nothing on campaign. what do you make of donald trump so far? >> donald contributed $20 million to the children's home, st. jude's. you wonder why donald, $20 million buys you a lot of tv ads. children win cancer it is no contest. that is the donald trump i know. reporter: man of character. you know his business
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background. you surprised how well he is doing in this race? >> it's a movement. donald leads that movement. as opposed michele bachmann and other guy leading the polls at this time. this was different. this is movement he walked into. done an amazing job. reporter: i know focus on democrats. tonight you have unique insight into mr. trump. do you think he can actually win? >> i think he can win. i think his poll numbers showing he can win. winning primary. he is very intelligent man. very honest man and he and i have been great friends for many years. reporter: want to ask you about las vegas and what you are seeing here, the economy, hotel industry. when i got off the plane the cab line was packed. when i got into your hotel, treasure island, check-in was packed. what are you seeing right now? >> it is up slightly.
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not as good as it should be. up it 2 or 3% which is low for us. economy is knot that great right now. we're better than last year. reporter: there has been a lot said about millenials coming into vegas and not spending traditionally at blackjack table and craps table but at nightclubs and pool and so forth. is that a challenge to get them back into the casinos? >> this is strange. we got into the cell phone business. they bet with their cell phone. that is what it is like. they don't want to come into a casino but make a bet on cell phone in taxicab. it is crazy. reporter: in your casino and every casino here there is a sports book. we've seen rise of daily fantasy leagues, fanduel and draftkings. does this pose a threat to traditional betting here in vegas? >> yes i think it does. that is gambling. it is pure gambling. i don't know how it is legal. getting by so far.
5:18 pm
it is not taxed. just amazing. i didn't realize you could do that. reporter: are you guys as a whole, industry prepared to fight that? >> i haven't heard of anything like that yet but i know some are opposed to it but nothing organized. reporter: lastly, since the debate is tonight what do you expect to see out of democrats here? >> i expect hillary to win. she is the frontrunner. she is very experienced. we'll see. bernie, very charismatic but i don't like that far right or that far left. so, you know 90% tax. all that. don't like that. reporter: mr. ruffin, thank you very much. we appreciate your time. he owns treasure island. partners with donald trump at the trump hotel and one of donald trump's best friends. deirdre, send it back to you. deirdre: thank you, blake. a young woman broadcasting her alleged drunk driving escapades live on social media.
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our legal eagle, lis wiehl, says the woman may face life-changing charges. investigators confirm a russian-made missile brought down malaysian airlines flight 17. we'll tell you what is being done in conflict zones to protect commercial travelers. that's next. ♪ at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like playing the boss equals the boss wins. wow!
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deirdre: on sat saturday you're and russian jets came within visual identification of each other in syrian airspace. they avoid ad crash or another incident this time. lt. general tom mcinerney with me now. general, how crazy is this? >> well, it is very crazy, deirdre. we lost the initiative there, once russians moved in with a very small force.
5:23 pm
they have now complicated problem. the f-16s out of incirlik, turkey, two of them, could initially pick targets up on radar. they were visually able to see them. it was the same area they were going to attack isis targets, i believe. the fact is, is that they, by guidance from higher headquarters, they exited the area so there would not be a collision or a problem. and, that is what ask happened with the small force of russian airplanes in there. they can frankly deter us from hitting targets when we want to hit them. deirdre: so in the pentagon briefing today u.s. military officials are calling for clearer air protocol procedures but russia needs to cooperate, right, for this to work? seems like that is very unlikely. do you agree? >> i agree because president putin today said in an international conference that the united states wasn't cooperating, and he used these
5:24 pm
words, the u.s. has mush for brains. and he cited the reasons in which they requested. so what we've got now is an information operations war, psychological warfare going on between the united states and russia, making it even more difficult to coordinate. deirdre: on top of all else, seems as if he doesn't really care about collateral damage in the same way that u.s. forces do. i want to ask you because there have been investigations that have confirmed that a russian-made missile was in fact the one that brought down that commercial flight, malaysian airlines flight 17. a commercial flight that was in 2014. i mean the plane was full of vacationers, people like me, you, flying from amsterdam to kuala lumpur, all 298 passengers killed within 12 seconds or less. so what is being done differently now, since this incident in conflict zones to protect commercial travelers? >> simply stated, deirdre,
5:25 pm
they're not flying there. that airplane should not have been in that area. the fact is we knew all along it was an sa-11, russian missile. the question was, was it done by separatist its or by the ukrainians, or by the russians? the fact is separatists, came from the separatists area but the separatists it are really russians. they have just done some kabuki so they're trying to be independent but they're really russians. and i believe that although they're classified sources, i haven't seen classified sources. some was leaked to the press, that the russian military forces were giving vectors and radar information to the sa-11 site before it launched its missile. i hope it was mistake and thought it was ukrainian air force aircraft. but the fact is, that airplane should not have been there. ukrainians should not have let
5:26 pm
anybody fly through that zone. even though 160 flights had flown through that day before that missile struck that airplane. deirdre: now we're seeing same thing over syria. i know that after a warning, after russia shot missiles from the caspian sea, commercial carriers were warned including malaysia airlines? >> exactly. you know there is a huge amount of traffic that overflies area from asia back into europe and both northern europe and central europe and southern europe. so they have got to be extremely careful to avoid completely syria, and parts of iraq as well. deirdre: all right. general tom mcinerney, thank you so much. so glad for your time. thank you, sir. >> thanks, deirdre. deirdre: when we come back, millenials may think of this holiday season by saving too much. we'll give you stats. this woman thought it was a
5:27 pm
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>> i am drunk beyond belief, i can't read your snaps. 57 people, oh, my gosh! i didn't realize i'd get this many people. i'm going to be drunk all the way home. all the way home, people. i'm going to be drunk. deirdre: fox news legal analyst lis wiehl is with me now. lis, the young woman arrested. she faces charges of driving under the influence. >> absolutely. deirdre: are we to assume that the police might not have been aware of her have people not seen the live stream. >> of course not. nobody was hurt, thank goodness. nobody was hurt. they wouldn't have been called to the accident of the scene or anything like that. i think it was social media that got her. if i were in the position of trying to defend this young woman. i would throw her on the mercy of the court and say she's young, she screwed up. she'll never do it again,
5:32 pm
she'll take mandatory rehab sessions, do community service. she'll go into colleges or schools and say don't do what i did, all of that stuff and pray that a judge will take that. deirdre: because you as a former prosecutor, that would be easiest day ever. >> just do my nails and i can go home no. i had a bank robber who went into a bank and went into a bank with a note and it was a pay stub that had his address on it. great! as a prosecutor, it's my number one tool. deirdre: your number one tool, and social media is a tool for law enforcement, and we're pointing it out for this allegedly drunk driver, but seems clear that there are other signs that are actually helping law enforcement, right? >> people will go in and post something on the facebook. you know, robber couple weeks ago went along with his girlfriend and posted on facebook, look how rich we are.
5:33 pm
he's got the cash flowing. the bank note flowing out of his mouth. it's crazy stuff. but in this case, if i'm the prosecutor, i love this guy, i love this guy's bravado, i love the way he's using social media. tells you once again, don't you realize when you put something out there like that other people are going to be watching. deirdre: we were talking about el chapo, the same with the drug lord and his son maybe just tweeted a picture, of course, the face was covered of his father's face in mexico. >> if you're a good prosecutor, you have the tools to do that. keep it coming for the prosecutors. for this young woman, i feel sorry for her, nobody was hurt, but on the other hand, you have risk and complete -- did not care one iota about the law. in fact taunting on social media. deirdre: you think she'll do time, right? >> i think she will do a little time, it was so horrible what she did.
5:34 pm
throwing her on the mercy of the court. she'll rehab, talking to community service about never, ever doing this again. deirdre: it will be life changing, always going to be out there. fox news legal analyst lis wiehl. thank you, lis. retirement sticker shock, you may think have you enough especially if you live in an expensive city. new york city, san francisco, we'll give you the others as well. speaking of rising costs, millennials say one reason they are saving money. we're going to tell you what it means for retailers this holiday season and what it implies for you and door busters? you wouldn't take medicine without checking the side effects. hey honey. huh. the good news is my hypertension is gone. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck.
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5:37 pm a combination of see products.. and customers. every on-time arrival is backed by thousands of od employees, ...who make sure the millions of products we ship arrive without damages. because od employees treat customer service... our most important delivery. od. helping the world keep promises. . deirdre: a list of the most expensive places to retire is out. now in some parts of the u.s. you need a million or more in
5:38 pm
savings to be able to stop working. fox business' gerri willis with me. which places top the list. >> you might not be surprised to hear that new york city is at the top of the list, takes 2.25 million dollars to retire. 30 years of money to set aside and we're assuming that have you social security, number two, honolulu, hawaii is always expensive. san francisco is off the charts, 1.46 million. orange county which i thought was interesting, stamford has risen to the ranks. >> connecticut. >> connecticut, right, where the second wall street is, right? we see a lot of wealthy people in that area. deirdre: so as far as the least expensive, still over a million, right? >> shocked to see l.a. at the bottom of the list at number 10. i assumed it was superexpensive to live in l.a. boston 1.6 million. san diego, 1.02. become much more expensive,
5:39 pm
much more popular choice for retirees. oakland, that's a shocker. if you're retiring, you need to be retiring where the taxes are low and costs of low. deirdre: explains why in florida why you see older and wiser citizens. now speaking of savings, it seems like more people in every single age group are doing exactly that. so what does this mean for retailers? >> obviously, bad for retailer, i'm more interested in what it says, it could be bad for holiday season. three in five americans are limiting spending each month. three in five. think about that. deirdre: that's a high percentage. >> why are they doing this? they cite income, income is not growing, i need to save more. deirdre: across all ages? >> these questions are across all ages. i can break down what's going on in different age categories. 73% of the people age 50-64 are holding back spending. what's interesting, people who
5:40 pm
are 65 years of age plus are holding back the least. 48%, which is fascinating because that's the group you expect to not spend an extra penny, that's not what's going on, millennials want to say they're holding back spending. there could be one of the things going on, think about millennials, spending on experiences, that's what they care about, maybe spending less on hard core goods here. deirdre: does this mean for the people who are willing to shop this holiday season, you'll see more door busters? >> you bet. it's going to be retail mania for people who want to spend. my favorite thing is to wait until after christmas and get the super bargains. >> january shopping, gerri willis, thank you very much, for joining me there. still to come on "risk & reward," jack dorsey cutting jobs at twitter, cutting close to 10% of the staff. our tech experts tell us if it's a sign the company is getting back on track or the first flag of defeat.
5:41 pm
the discovery channel's new show pacific warriors debuts next week. one of the stars is going to tell us how she takes on a 500 pound tuna from a kayak.
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. deirdre: jack dorsey retook the ceo post at twitter more than a week ago, and today the company announced plans to lay off 8% of its workforce and more than 330 people. in an e-mail to employees dorsey said the cuts were tough but necessary decisions that enable twitter to move with greater focus. our tech panel is here, opportunity liz kerrey sheffield, brett larson and joe lazauskas.
5:45 pm
what is your take on twitter? is this the sign of getting the company back on track or the first domino to really fall? >> i think it's the latter, if you look at who are getting cut, it's going to be engineering talent, right now it's 50-50. deirdre: like cutting the muscle. >> exactly, and try to spin it and say we're going to be lean with engineers, that's why we need fewer, i think they're spinning wheels by cutting engineering as opposed to business. deirdre: i have not heard one company say we want to be lean with engineers. >> yeah, those are usually the last people to go. like getting rid of the guy who knows how to plug stuff in at your company, or the person who knows how to answer the phones and the phone is ringing, does anybody know how to do this? those aren't the people. unless you outsource it. then it's risky. deirdre: does this scream cash crunch to you? >> to play devil's advocate. deirdre: do it. >> they went from 2,000 employees to 4100 today.
5:46 pm
that's a lot of growth, and you can get bloated as a tech company. harder to get new features through. i can see this working out if they roll out more mainstream features. deirdre: are you going to say something? >> a 25% increase over a year, you could argue predecessor's fault. he's just cleaning out the cache. deirdre: we heard from snapchat saying we're not going to do original content anymore, there is obvious pressures coming from somewhere. >> i think a lot of the new media companies are getting into the content space and realizing this is not easy, it requires good people, it requires good content and money, and it's not just turn the camera on and it's free. it's no. that's how you get people to watch like a cat getting stuck in a ceiling fan. that doesn't happen every day. if you want to do consistently good content. deirdre: speaking of advanced engineering, cats in ceiling fans. tesla rolling out autopilot feature.
5:47 pm
brett, you are beyond happy about this? >> so excited about this! i am a huge believer in driverless cars. the way elon munching is -- elon musk is going to do this, you got the car, put a couple safe features in here, we need to take baby steps into the driverless car and this is the best way to do it, you are not talking about, no offense to tesla in anyway, you're not talking about a ford or gm, a niche product that has a very good future. deirdre: rich people are buying this, it's a luxury product. [ laughter ] >> this update is happening wirelessly. they are updating the software of the car so there are new features. >> just like an ipad. >> hard to go wrong. >> our cars are just going to be like ipads or iphones. tesla has a big advantage moving forward in attracting the engineers, maybe some laid off by twitter to build the next car.
5:48 pm
deirdre: and some by apple, do you remember the story elon musk said some of our engineers leave and work for apple, the graveyard for people we don't want anymore. i love apple. >> elon musk is known for humility. >> or his personality like the one he did with colbert, it's like wow. a lot of the guys are like i developed a car. i get it. i get it. i work with these people, i'm not trying to be mean. >> we want them for engineering talent, not for their tv personality. >> and we're going to save mars. i hope matt damon is listening. deirdre: facebook has plans, wants to take over the world. that's me editorial version, taking on google, apple, saying essentially with this messaging platform it can do what it wants. >> i'm skeptical.
5:49 pm
i almost feel it's in the turf the way google went to facebook's turf. if they're thinking they're going to use it for skype or messaging. i'm skeptical having worked on wall street. the big firms block facebook, i worked at goldman sachs and moody's, you can't go to i don't know if it's going catch on. i'm skeptical. deirdre: mark zuckerberg is going to have to visit lloyd blankfein and say it's china and goldman. >> i agree. they had to force people into getting the messaging app when they rolled out of facebook. >> very obnoxious. >> it really was. you had to use it. deirdre: joe, you're the devil's advocate today. [ laughter ] >> it worked. they went from 300 million users with the messenger app to 700 million today, and you look at chat appsters in china, it's not just messaging, it's uber, seamless, the way do you your banking.
5:50 pm
entire internet exists on shoutout platforms in other parts of the world. there's a huge potential for that to happen. deirdre: that is exactly the argument. one-stop shopping, we're your home page, mobile page, joe, brett and carrey, great to have you all here. when we come back, pacific spearfisherman call sharks tax collectors, the star of discovery channel's newest show. we'll tell you why. >> i'm a little different from the rest of the guys, when i see a shark. >> hell, yeah, that's a big shark. >> this is highly unadvisable. we live in a world of mobile technology, but it is not the device that is mobile, it is you.
5:51 pm
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5:54 pm
point for underwater spear fishing. one breath, one shot, one catch. she stars in discovery channel's upcoming show "pacific warriors." kimi, so glad you are here. you're a world-class free diver, national spearfishing champion. in this modern age, all kinds of equipment, why are you focused on reinventing this? >> i would think a lot of times in life, when you go back to simpler way of doing things, you can get a lot more out of it. and so for me, when it comes to this somewhat primitive style of hunting and using a kayak to do so, it's a good reminder of where food comes from, and what it takes to get to our plates, and to be firsthand connecting to it all in that element, it just adds a lot of value to my life. deirdre: i know, and i'm looking at the stats here, one fresh catch with make you $1500
5:55 pm
or more. and i know that's not the value that you were talking about, but you face sharks and other fish that could drag you out to sea, what do you feel when you're risking your life to do this? >> yes, so that wasn't the value that i was talking about. you're right, a lot of the characters on the show are commercial fishermen, and so for them, that monetary value is definitely what they need to take care of their livelihood. for me, as far as the dangers and the risks, i mean they're immense, but i think it really teaches you just to tune into your inner instincts and that's something you can carry with you in the ocean and on dry land as well. deirdre: so kimi, most people can hold their breath for 30 seconds, you can hold yours for four minutes? how long did it take you to
5:56 pm
train yourself to do that? >> i started free diving at the age of five. i wasn't really training for anything or trying to, you know, break records on holding my breath or anything like that. but i was just a tagga long to my dad who used spearfishing to put food on the table. it was a lifelong journey of being on the ocean that conditioned me to where i am today. deirdre: kimi, we're looking at video, you can't see it, you live it, you don't need to see the video. it was basically you riding, there it is, on the dorsal fin of a shark. i read you have to prove you're not food but actually competition for them. is that true? >> i think every encounter is different. i think that every animal is different, and no matter what, it's a wild animal. i don't think there's ever a formula that you can just plug
5:57 pm
in, and, you know, put on a wild animal and say everything is going to work out just fine. definitely, in that particular case, my instincts told me to swim towards that shark, and it was a way of communicating that i'm not prey. i'm a fellow predator, and we can swim together and hang out, but i'm not on the menu. deirdre: we will send you a t-shirt that says i'm not food. i know the show premieres october 23rd. what was the most exciting part for you to be part of the filming? >> i would say the most exciting part for me was just being able to watch this group of people, these fishermen who are just the true blue authentic grit of hawaii, and to watch them be able to do their thing and be recognized for it, that was meaningful for me. deirdre: speaking of recognition, you are the only female in this cast, right?
5:58 pm
>> i am the only female, i'm also the only diver. rest of the guys are fishermen with their fishing poles. >> so that was a different experience. you worked with your father, i'm assuming you can stick up for yourself. but what was that like? >> it was great. i mean, for me, we've all been doing this for so long. i've been seeing these guys on the water for years now, and i consider them to be my fishing community and my brothers and i feel like they all have my back, and i have theirs as well. deirdre: it's great to have you with us. thank you for the time. >> thank you so much, deirdre. deirdre: kimi werner, a kayak spearfisherwoman, the star of discovery channel's new show called "pacific warriors." that, in fact, debuts on the 23rd of october. we're going to do a quick market recap for you. if you take a look, you will see red on your screens, you have the markets, especially
5:59 pm
the dow breaking a seven-day winning streak. so transportation and biotechs a big part of the weakness there, not surprisingly with transportation down, you had oil lower. earnings out after the close that are going to affect tomorrow's trade, jpmorgan, of course, reporting and saying that the bank adjusting lower, missing wall street's expectations for a few missing analysts' expectations, largest bank reporting in fact adjusted profits, $1.32 per share and revenue falling 6%. jpm one of the stocks you want to watch in tomorrow's session. reach out to us via social media, check out our website, full interviews, bonus content as well. and reward. that is the way to do it. follow us on twitter, risk reward fbn is the way to reach out. you can ask me questions and
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questions to our guests,@deirdre bolton works. you can follow the show on facebook, charles payne is here, "making money" is coming up next. . charles: we begin with breaking >> >> guests who would win against hillary clinton? it isn't trump. "making money" starts right now. >> watch out donald trump that pursue your rearview mirror is a lot closer than you thought.


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