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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 13, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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with you. ♪ ♪ you have a "strange inheritance" story you would like to share with us? we would like to hear determine the direction of your income and family. up next, lou dobbs. you want to keep it right here on fox business.. lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. the big story tonight dr. ben carson's breakthrough in the latest polling. brand new fox news polls out tonight show dr. ben carson making huge gains in the republican race for the white house nomination. carson is now virtually tied with front-runner donald trump ter arlyoublg hi pporoverhe pt tw mont. d amg alrepuican primary voters, carson has the largest number who say they would definitely vote for him. we'll have the polls for you tonight, the best political analysis and a full report coming right up, right here.
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also tonight, democratic presidential candidates ready to square off in their first debate in las vegas. those new fox polls show hillary clinton, despite scandals and investi her commanding lead over socialist senator bernie sanders. but sanders and the other three hopefuls martin o'malley, jim webb and lincoln chafee will all try to steal some of clinton's support tonight in the cnn democratic debate. we'll be discussing all things politics tonight with chris stirewalt, fox news jedidiah bila, town hall political editor guy benson. and we'll be discussing political dirty tricks or was it trolling? when a jeb bush volunteer taunted donald trump. was that dirty tricks or bad journalism when cnn used the bush plant as a foundation story critical of trump. also tonight, iran showing off its military might. the country announcing it
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successfully test fired an advanced torpedo system, the domestically developed system has a nearly 500 pound warhead capable of destroying large ships in seconds. we'll be taking up that as well as the iranian surface-to-air missile tests and other iranian provocative moves with fox news military analyst general jack keane. our top story tonight, the fight for the republican presidential nomination and the very latest polling on the candidates. new fox polls show donald trump still in the top spot, but by the narrowest of margins. dr. ben carson has made enormous strides and is now within striking distance of trump. in fact, only one point behind donald trump who has now led the polls for the past three months. but the latest fox news poll has some bad news for former florida governor jeb bush who was once considered the likely front-runner, and bush today trying to break out by
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attacking donald trump, perhaps at his further peril, and also today putting out a plan to repeal and replace obamacare. fox news chief political correspondent carl cameron with our report. >> with the democrats debating tonight jeb bush sought to inject himself and plan to repeal and replace obamacare into the mix and put them on the spot for backing what he calls its failure. >> they'll be strongly supportive of the topdown driven, highly bureaucratic plan that is stifling our abt to rise up. for the democrats this is how they roll. >> reporter: instead of the promise of universal coverage and lower insurance premiums, bush noted estimates that premiums will rise $2900 over ten years and 27 million people will not be covered. >> you can't fix something that was a failure from the start. we have to start over. >> reporter: bush later toured a new hampshire medical device manufacturer to underscore his plans. he would make insurance
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portable across state lines, expand health savings accounts and employer sponsored coverage, provide tax credits to those without employer coverage, deregulate and unleash technological innovation. the latest fox news poll has donald trump steady in the low 20s and ben carson surging 11 points to a virtual tie. ted cruz in third, the only other candidate in double digits. carly fiorina got a bounce after the last debate but lost half that surge. trump plans to live tweet tonight's democratic debate. he went after a college student this morning for a question at the no labels conference in new hampshire yesterday. >> maybe you can prove me wrong, i don't think you're a friend to women. [ cheers ] >> i knew i shouldn't have picked her. i knew i shouldn't have picked her. all right, so let me give that you answer right now. i respect women incredibly. >> reporter: trump trashed her today tweeting, quote --
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bush's communications director tweeted back -- when reporters ask tough questions politicians know they can gain sympathy and change the subject attacking the press. we may see some of that at the debate tonight. attacking citizens at town halls designed to ask whatever is on their mind is high risk. lou? lou: carl, thank you very much, carl cameron. donald trump says the woman in that audience says that nonpartisan audience supposedly in a no labels event who attacked him without question a jeb bush campaign plan. here's what trump told my fox news colleague neil cavuto earlier today. >> it was a bush plant. what happened is if he can't put a plant in a room with
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thousands of people and not get caught. how is he going to deal with russia, china and iran? i don't think it's going to work so well for us. lou: trump weighing in on reports that billionaire casino magnate sheldon adelson will support rival marco rubio. >> i like sheldon a lot. a person i've known over the years. you know i'm self-funding, i don't want anybody's money. if sheldon gives to him, he'll have total control over rubio. lou: some critics might point out rubio has the support of another billionaire, none other than norman bramman, the florida auto dealer along been a supporter of rubio. he contributed 5 million dollars to the super pac supporting rubio. it looks as if he has competing billionaires for his attention in the trump view of the world or simply offset one another, cancel one another out in the bid to, quote, unquote control rubio.
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a big night for democrats hoping to be president. we've had two republican debates which donald trump commanded most of the attention and established the commanding lead he still maintains. tonight former secretary of state hillary clinton, senator bernie sanders and the others will take the stage in a las vegas casino. they'll be there for two hours. fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry with our report. >> reporter: the stage is set for the democrats to finally debate after two republican showdowns. while front-runner hillary clinton and the others have insisted their debates will have more substance than the donald trump-dominated gop slugfest, democrats threw punches before the debate. democratic national committee vice chair saying debbie wasserman schultz is lying. >> it's not surprising she is saying things that aren't true. >> reporter: she was disinvited from tonight's debate for demanding more than four democratic showdowns before iowa and new hampshire, a dnc
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move that led critics to charge the gop debates coddled clinton. >> this is so silly, ridiculous. this is my point. we need to focus on our candidates. >> reporter: nevada's senior senator harry reid tried to mediate by slamming gabbard. >> i didn't think she was running for president. what is she concerned about? >> reporter: she raced to trump's hotel which is across the street from the debate site at the wynn las vegas. >> what do we want? >> reporter: clinton struggling to get key union endorsements eager to greet culinary workers protesting trump. >> if you are going to run for president, then you should represent all the people of the united states. >> reporter: despite clinton's attempt to take on trump, a new fox poll shows she would lose to him and all of the other top republicans in hypothetical matchups. while vice president joe biden leads all of the major republicans head-to-head in the fox poll.
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biden decided not to use a sixth podium waiting for him so the draft biden team is out with a new ad hoping to get him in the race soon. >> you deserve a president who will never quit on you! >> reporter: democratic socialist bernie sanders and the others have never been tested on such a big stage. while clinton went through 19 debates with then-senator barack obama and others in 2008. >> i think what we'll see tonight is hillary clinton will be the clear victor on that podium tonight, and not certain anybody is going to want to go up against her beyond me. >> reporter: two democrats will not be in the hall, bill clinton and joe biden. the former president will be at a watch party in vegas. he decided he didn't want to be the focus of the tv cutaway shots, everyone looking whether he's smiling or grimacing while the vice president will be home hosting a high school reunion. lou? lou: ed, thanks, sounds like interesting choices. ed henry reporting. turning to foreign policy now, iran's parliament approved
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the nuclear deal with the united states and world powers. debate over the legislation reportedly so intense the physical fights broke out among the iranian lawmakers, some opponents cried when it passed. the bill now goes before iran's guardian council to review, but today's vote simply paves the way for implementation of the agreement, and quickly the easing of international sanctions if the deal is upheld. iran, however, still every bit as provocative, perhaps more so. iran announced it test fired advanced torpedo system, the torpedo called dawn in farsi has 480 pound warhead that can be used against heavy vessels. it travels at a speeds and operate in deep or shallow water. we're coming right back with much more, stay with us. the latest fox news presidential polls. we'll have the newest polls on
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the republican race, and guess what? a jeb bush plant. dirty tricks? she's caught trying to taunt donald trump. >> i don't think that you're a friend to woman. lou: digital politics editor chris stirewalt joins us to take that up and a great deal more here next. and for bmx bikers it's not all world records. big endorsements, trophies and contracts. no, far fewer of those than of these -- next the video of what sometimes occasionally, rarely happens in bmx riding,
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. lou: in a display of what can only be called brash arrogance, congressman paul ryan is reportedly demanding if he were to seek the speakership of the house, he would require unconditional support from all republicans, but it appears support will be conditional nonetheless. congressman jim jordan and nick mulvaney saying ryan needs to reform, democratize the house and give rank and file members more authority and opportunity. not exactly unconditional. joining us tonight, fox news digital politics editor chris stirewalt.
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good to have you with us. >> good to be here. lou: start with carson and donald trump. he's closed in the latest poll up to one point. >> 11 points, he has jumped 11 points since august. and is now essentially in a tie, not essentially, physically he's in a tie for the lead in our poll. this confounds everything that political science that the perrisifo logical. thing that carson starts out with. low name identification, no political experience, no organization, and he also looks like he is half asleep, he is drewsing through. lou: and often sounds that way, too.
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>> he will say this, and he's a cooke and he's this. so the effort to dismiss carson over and over and over again, he's been written out of play several times. and yet here he is. and i will tell you why. people like entrust him. what do you know about that? voters like, entrust him and that's working in his advantage. lou: i didn't know how big the move was, but this was all presaged, i'm going throw a big word or two out, myself. by the "washington post" columnist saying he's a crazy man. when they start that stuff as the national liberal media is, he is starting to show real strength, isn't it? >> there is something in the republican electorate that responds so well to the press, this guy may be okay, if the "new york times," "washington post" is going after him. if chris matthews gets frothed
11:18 pm
over this person, there must be something good there. lou: those are always among my metrics. >> they respond instinctively and inspect the material. is this a good choice? a bad choice? what carson did is he made the pundit class heads explode. everybody freaked out. the republican electorate said this guy could be all right, and what's great about it is that as a black republican, as a conservative black republican, he confounds even more because they can't criticize him the way that they might have with the white candidate, and when they finally give in as gq did and said f-blank, blank, blank, then carson -- lou: gq is so eloquent. >> classy with a k. and they release the hounds and you -- it just looks nuts. >> speaking of looking nuts. when we look at what's happened to jeb bush in this dropping down in the polls, the man
11:19 pm
cannot break, it seems, for any period of time out of single digits. fiorina, who was supposed to be so strong at 5% in this latest poll. ted cruz moving up, and i want to give you credit. number one on the steyer walt power rankings a week ago, and you saw this coming, apparently, because now he's sitting up there with 10%. >> here's what i expect. what i expect is that ted cruz who is running an enormously disciplined campaign, and raising just boatloads of money, as he is doing this, and moving through and building this organization in these states, especially for the march primaries in the south, and across the southern u.s., so as he does that, he's putting himself in a position where he's betting that as the process works through and voters become more interested in records and not necessarily credentialism but track record, that as they move that way and look to the general election for electability, that cruz will be the guy who will
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inherit the support from carson and donald trump and he'll be the guy in the final pairing with either rubio, well, right now it would look like rubio. lou: how about the dobbs iq test here. that is for these candidates, you and i won't enter into that. >> no, i won't. lou: the fact of the matter is, i think we've got some of the highest iq's ever in american presidential politics running here. when you talk about cruz, when you talk about carson, when you talk about trump, fiorina, the numbers get pretty impressive when talking about their smarts, don't they? >> well, when you look at, and you mentioned cruz and carson. if you're a credentialist, if you're into -- lou: i'm not much of one of those, i'm an iq guy. >> if you are a credentialist, a meritocratic elitist. most say he went to school here, qualified there, ergo, he
11:21 pm
is qualified for the job. that hillbilly from west virginia is qualified. let's do that. and they have it both. both carson and cruz have the credentials. lou: trump's got good credentials, so does fiorina. they had some achievement. they're doers, thinkers, that's impressive. if i may. chris, good to see you as always. have a great evening. breaking news new, reports that the syrian army is preparing for a major offensive in aleppo close to the turkish border in the eastern part of the country. thousands of iranian, russian troops are reportedly involved in this unfolding assault. both islamic state and anti-assad rebels are in that area. the united states has previously led airstrikes against the united states in that part of the country. we'll be following those developments and bring you more throughout this hour, and a
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reminder to vote in our poll tonight. . an australian stunt rider making history, 20-year-old ryan williams landed the first-ever -- whoa! triple front flip, not back flip on, a bmx in utah, took a pounding with a series of failed -- my goodness. whoa! heavy landings. that's called a heavy landing. he launched himself 20 feet in the air to pull off the amazing stunt. seemed higher than that to me. he fearlessly picked himself up, finally landed the dizzying triple rotation and in so doing, set a new world record. up next here, a few thoughts on the woman democrats desperately, desperately want to be president, and folks in
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that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? . lou: a few quick thoughts now, if i may, on tonight's first democratic debate at the presidential season. hillary clinton will be center stage of course in las vegas and the clash with socialist senator bernie sanders could be something to behold. socialist versus newly minted populist and wall street nemesis, but it's hard to imagine cnn moderator anderson cooper once an acolyte and member of the clinton global initiative pressing mrs. clinton too awfully hard on long and troubling record. clinton said she'd be a fearless crusader sweeping aside special interests and putting the working man and woman in this country first. the reality of her record, however, is, well, at the forefront of special interest,
11:28 pm
outright pay per play and crony politics and corruption, whether it's the clinton global initiative or her time at state. there's a smell to it all. aides moon lighting in conflict with day jobs or private e-mail servers instead of secure state department systems and networks. when clinton was secretary of state, her chief of staff was a woman by the name of cheryl mills, also on the payroll of another high-profile client, the government of abu dhabi. as clear a conflict of interest as there can be. the u.s. state department representing abu dhabi. it didn't take a genius or an ethical, well, monument to figure it all out. mills also one of the first people in the state department to know clinton was using her own private server instead of the secure state department servers. she gave tacit support to clinton's callous disregard for top secret government documents
11:29 pm
by running her own shadow state department out of the basement of her house in chappaqua, new york, and another one of clinton's right-hand aides, uma aberdeen working in a clear conflict of interest when she had a sweetheart deal by a private consulting firm and the clinton foundation and working for clinton at the state department. her actual job title is special, special government employee, and her title was construed as making outside work permissible because she was special. congress is investigating all that is swirling around clinton, whether benghazi, her private e-mail server allowing the obvious conflicts of interest assumed by lieutenants who took up outside employment working for her and presumably the u.s. government. hillary clinton creating more questions, raising more eyebrows and all the while mocking our laws and our rules. crashing through even the
11:30 pm
simplest boundaries of plain common sense and good judgment. and what are the consequences? she has a 20-point lead in polling for the democratic presidential nomination. what more do we really need to know about democratic party politics? our quotation of the evening. this from humorist will rogers who said this about integrity and decency. he said -- can you imagine the bidding war for the clinton family parrot? if they had a parrot, and if they'd sell it to anyone. and have you noticed of late, not many people keep parrots anymore. we're coming right back. apparently for some presidential candidates, one billionaire in their corner isn't enough. marco rubio looking for a newer, bigger billionaire
11:31 pm
booster and dirty tricks by jeb bush against donald trump. >> i knew i shouldn't have picked her. i knew i shouldn't have picked her. >> jedidiah bila and guy benson join us next. and the only team that can use this football stadium now is the swim team. is the swim team. we'll have t at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like playing the boss equals the boss wins. wow! a combination of see products.. and customers. every on-time arrival is backed by thousands of od employees, ...who make sure the millions of products we ship arrive without damages. because od employees treat customer service...
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at ally bank no branches equalsit's a fact.. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda. . lou: joining us now, the
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political editor of, guy benson. good to have you here, or there. author and columnist jedidiah bila, both fox news contributors. jedidiah, carson, one point, statistically a tie. >> it's going to be interesting with carson, too. he has a way of slipping up when he speaks about issues. he made the comment about prisons with respect to gay people. he makes slipups, people aren't bothered by that. lou: he mistakenly tells the truth? >> yeah, he says stuff people are left saying why did he say that or could he have said that better? it happens a lot of time. lou: that's true with trump, too. >> it's true with trump. lou: it's true with jeb bush. >> carson has a lot of humility, he brings the outsider component that trump brings to the table but has a humble appearance, he seems like a guy who means serious business and some relevant outsider experience. he's a doctor, we're people say this is a respectable guy who
11:36 pm
has had a life outside of politics that can bring something new and refreshing to the table. lou: guy, is the establishment, the good-bye establishment having fitting? jeb bush, their guy gone. carly fiorina, they're trying to push, five points is what they've got. and we're looking at carson and trump at the very top. followed by cruz at 10% in this latest poll. he's moving up strongly. >> well, i wouldn't necessarily characterize carly as establish. she is one of the outsiders. if you look at fox news poll -- lou: no, no, no, i didn't characterize her as an outsider. i said the establishment moved to her and started boosting her. >> i'm saying she's an outsider to. your initial question about carson and trump, when you look at numbers combined, almost half of the republican electorate, and i think jedidiah is onto something here, you look at what the two men have in common, it's not a lot. they rankle the same type of people and they're willing to
11:37 pm
say whatever is on their mind regardless of whatever political firestorm it might touch off and don't necessarily back down. there is clearly a very significant appetite for that type of thing among the electorate on the republican side this year. lou: and interestingly, those numbers, while carson has moved up strongly, ted cruz is moving up, too. he's in double digits and moving up quietly, slowly, throughout the process. what does that mean, jedidiah? is he finally gaining traction. >> i think ted cruz is to many viewed as the reliable conservative in the race. hard core conservatives, talk radio loves him. there's a lot of people who look at a donald trump and a ben carson and say i like them but what would they do in office? for some reason ted cruz stands out as the reliable guy. they have faith in him when it comes to obamacare, key issues,
11:38 pm
shutting down the government. this is a guy who a strong fiscal conservative and willing to dig his heels in on issues. that is what that component of the republican party is look for, he's their guy. lou: las vegas and the democratic debate tonight. the idea that somehow anderson cooper, even though he was part of the -- i love this -- the clinton global initiative is going to really give hillary clinton fits. that's gone by the wayside, hasn't it? >> lou, i have to say, i almost fell asleep hearing you talk about this debate. i can't imagine it will be particularly exciting to watch. lou: i didn't say it would be exciting to watch. you damn well better figure it's exciting to hear me talk about it. >> you are never dull, lou. you are never, ever dull. what's interesting the controversy with anderson keeper, here's what i want to know, jake tapper is respected on both sides of the aisle. a tough journalist, he asked tough questions at the
11:39 pm
republican debate, why was he not good enough for cnn to moderate the democratic debate. and put out a statement. lou: he was roundly criticized for his performance. i've known him a long time. i respect him as a journalist. but that was a lousy performance. probably created by the folks behind the scenes nonetheless, just to keep the record straight on moderators. >> we can disagree on whether or not he did a good job. lou: that's my point. [ laughter ] >> but anderson cooper, and i think he's a good guy, too. i've never met him. lou: lovely fellow. >> he's been involved with the clinton foundation and, of course people are going to raise questions about that. the other point is why did cnn say they're not going to pit the democrats against each other. they explicitly said this, they're not going to pit the democrats against each other. lou: that's so unseemly, guy, you don't want people talking honestly about the issues and the rough-and-tumble of the
11:40 pm
public arena! that would be so crash and boujoasie. >> that would prove him to say he doesn't have ties. >> i'll take that bet. >> going to lose money, take my cash, you guys hear that? [ laughter ]. lou: jedidiah, thanks for being with us and we'll see whether you're right or not. guy benson, thank you. we only disagreed on two or three things. >> amazing, miraculous. lou: in washington state, the stadium high school bowl in tacoma. the stadium high school bowl in tacoma will be closed until february. to repair extensive damage from a storm over the weekend. heavy rain creating a waterfall over the bleachers. look at that field. my goodness.
11:41 pm
the water pooled across the entire field. nearly half an inch of rain fell in the stadium in a space of 10 minutes, far more than the facility's drainage pipes could handle and the waterfall that we showed you at the outset flowing over constantly over that period of time. and in minnesota, festival organizers finding a creative way to use some of the largest pumpkins ever grown. pumpkin festivals, carefully stuffed a couple. massive, oh, man! and dropped it, not by accident, on purpose! the huge pumpkin were filled with 100 pounds of candy, lifted them up with a crane. much to the delight of children attending the harvest festival and the children operating the crane, vying for the record for the largest pumpkin in north america but lost out to a pumpkin that checked in at nearly 2200 pounds. for pumpkin connoisseurs that
11:42 pm
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. lou: the military announcing today that u.s. and russian aircraft came within miles of one another in syrian airspace over the weekend. army colonel steve warren announced the incident at a pentagon briefing. >> a couple of russian aircraft came within visual recognition distance of a couple of coalition aircraft. visual identification took place, all pilots conducted themselves appropriately and everyone went about their business, but this is -- but it is dangerous. lou: but it is dangerous, and iran this weekend also successfully test firing a new precision-guided long-range missile, surface-to-surface missile is designed and built by iran, the first long range
11:47 pm
ballistic missile that can be precision-guided and that would put israel within range. joining us retired four-star general, fox news military analyst, general jack keane. good to see you. the white house trying to say whether that test violated their agreement. could you help out the white house and give them some idea about whether it did or it did not? >> well, as i understand it, there was a -- as part of the deal and this was introduced by the iranians at the 11th hour, to have any ballistic missile embargo removed entirely and any arms embargo removed entirely, which had already been imposed on them, and that was reduced to eight years for missiles and five years for arms. so to me, that seems part of the deal, but it's absolutely predictable that the white house, and this is going to be a pattern, lou. when there is some violations
11:48 pm
like, this they're going to very cleverlily try to tell us that this is really not a part of the base deal. lou: let me just show everyone, if we could, the language in the deal, and this from the u.n.-sanctioned agreement and the resolution. quote -- you know, as you describe, it general, i have to say, this administration begins to look like more than simply negotiators and signators to a deal. they look like the dukes of the iranian government and the ayatollah. dukes. >> this will continue for the next 15 months. iran knows this. iran is back, they've been in sort of an operational pause,
11:49 pm
you know, as this negotiation certainly came to a head, and just think about what they've been doing since the nuke deal. they made a deal for the russian missile system, stepped up activities with the houthis in yemen. lou: did you say yemen? we haven't heard the word yemen out of this administration in i don't know how long, even though that civil war goes on. >> that was the model for how to do the middle east. and they are doing planning and helping to lead the ground offensive that's taking place in syria, and they provided the intelligence for russia and motivated them to establish that air base, and these are the realities, and then finally a few days ago they found our "washington post" journalist guilty of espionage. none of these things would have been done while the deal is going on. the gloves are off. iran is back. they feel unencumbered by the
11:50 pm
deal to do what iran does normally. that's what we're going to see in front of us. lou: we're out of time. i got to ask you one last question. is there in your judgment any, way to roll back russia, iran back, and it's new energetic presence in the middle east? >> yeah, absolutely, with russia. i mean, russia's inferior military compared to the united states, and we just need to stand up to his aggression and there are certainly ways to do that. with iran, alliance with strategic allies in the region systematically began pushing back on them. the united states has no, no desire to do that. i just talked to a saudi official not too long ago, and they're absolutely convinced when president obama came into power, his number one initiative was not just the pivot to the east, but to pivot, the pivot to iran.
11:51 pm
and that is the part of the administration for all this time. lou: and general, we're going to be taking up that pivot for some time it looks like, and the clock is running. it's a question who runs out the clock first. whether it will be iran. whether it will be obama. whether it will be vladimir putin. general jack keane, good to have you with us. >> good talking to you, lou. lou: a videographer captures video of waves of lava down hawaii's kilauea volcano. this is a short-lived breakout when a river of lava spewed out of volcano vent but doesn't represent a threat or new activity. this short lived breakout a quarter of a mile-long. why do you suppose they give something like that a name? peculiar, don't you think? but spectacular. california's governor, speaking of peculiar, signs a law for illegal immigrants to vote.
11:52 pm
we take up the case, lis wiehl and mercedes colwin, two of the ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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11:56 pm
joining us now, fox news legal analyst. free speech. what is the effect? >> i am biased. and, you know, no one ever had a problem with that. i don't personally understand the outrage of this. lou: is it manufactured? >> how could you tell people they cannot even say the word? 's. lou: left-wing fascism. >> first amendment rights, it is not exclusively unfair. something like this does not have any sort of violence. there is nothing that stops it. frankly, tribal leaders don't even have an issue with this.
11:57 pm
lou: is it appropriate for a governor to sign an order making it so? >> as long as it is not hate speech, which this is not. lou: let's stick with california because it is such fertile ground. it's jerry brown assigning this new act. >> illegal immigrants. >> they can get the drivers license in california. automatically you get to vote. and you are illegal. >> it so outrageous. lou: don't tell me. >> the owner of the republic of california. >> and that is the constitution free republic of california, it appears.
11:58 pm
why is there -- i forgot. >> it will cemented. >> it goes with this. the justice department with the citizenship initiative to register eight, almost 9 million residents in this country to vote by 2016 my do. >> is just another way to get at the illegal immigrants. lou: give them the ability to vote. this. >> it certainly was cemented lou: about the republicans will stamp their feet and just say no. >> after the election? >> 2017.
11:59 pm
lou: let's turn 60006,000 prisoners free at the end of this month by this president >> this one drives me crazy. these are soft balance, but that is not true. drug dealers, murderers that will be let loose on technicalities. lou: may be they murdered softly. >> stole a pillow. lou: this administration has duped everyone, the republican party, anyone with independence, anyone in this country who is a citizen, has traditional views of our society who believes in line order. >> anyone sitting here complaining has only themselves to blame. why did you vote him in? >> a lot more people to blame, including just about everyone in this administration. thank you, and thank you for
12:00 am
being here on our show's. his president obama on a losing mission in the middle east? only 98 percent of you think so. that is it for us tonight. good night from new york. ♪ kennedy: high, come on in. everyone wants hillary to go all trump, but even he knows he is a special ingredient missing from tonight's big show. >> people will turn it on for a couple of minutes and then fall asleep. >> the moderators are not going to pick candidates against each other. all eyes will be on the troubled front runners. should she blanket e


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