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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  October 14, 2015 12:00am-1:01am EDT

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being here on our show's. his president obama on a losing mission in the middle east? only 98 percent of you think so. that is it for us tonight. good night from new york. ♪ kennedy: high, come on in. everyone wants hillary to go all trump, but even he knows he is a special ingredient missing from tonight's big show. >> people will turn it on for a couple of minutes and then fall asleep. >> the moderators are not going to pick candidates against each other. all eyes will be on the troubled front runners.
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should she blanket everyone with her machismo's? embrace her and her bulldog? we know she is human because she joked about being a robot. >> i was constructed in a garage in palo alto. kennedy: debunker story by mocking its premise. that is exactly what a robot would do. and then there are the others. sure. he needs to go full cranky grandpa because the north koreans would never agitate section unstable grump. jim webb needs to where a name tab. he was a virginia senator which is why people confuse him with the other unknown
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jim thorpe virginia governor jim gilmore who is running's as a republican. he has to make his mark by not looking like an escaped mental patient. people and uncharismatic. when you show in his owstopping up a. >> a bold embrace of internationalism, let's join the rest of the world and go metro. >> hard to see. 's what does this hunk of corned beef need to do to come off as a contender? stop doing this.
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>> and the home of the brave. ♪ kennedy: what the debate really needs is a gimmick. >> snap into a slim jim. on the show tonight's, coming back. it's plus, legendary rapper dmc joins me to talk about his life with run dmc and i will hit the streets to see if people can stop -- spot the difference. so glad you're here. i am kennedy. kennedy: hillary clinton is still dominating the general race, but she gets moved.
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in the same poll vice president biden beats the leading republicans. let's ask the party panel. tonight redeye cohost and correspondent. sitting directly to her left, author of dear reader, and editor-in-chief of reason magazine. hello, lady and gentleman. >> hi. >> i love you in your gingham giant blue and white and red. i'm going to start with you. what should hillary do tonight? 's. >> it show that perhaps not the entire democratic party has become socialist.
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all about incoming equality. he talks about the stuff. hillary clinton, she is going to be someone who thinks that free trade makes everyone poor. >> she will jam mistake into vampire bill's heart. what will she do if she is faced with a fiery bernie sanders and three other candidates out for blood? >> not going to do anything. the other three won't be able to land anybody blows. >> 's paprika is crazy talk.
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they can't risk looking like they will aid in the -- alienate the front runner. this. >> she is a woman. you should be nice the politicians. this. >> they have had so many opportunities to really step up. everyone saying we don't have any candidates. we need biden to run. you have three good men with resumes. this is your opportunity to shine. >> you and i were having a discussion about the week democratic bench and ii was asking you, why don't they run someone with a war record who can speak about foreign policy and the military's listen but if it
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is. >> i suggested jim webb. kennedy: on paper you are not wrong, though. >> a huge curiosity because he is not only get about that the secretary of the navy under ronald reagan, but he was way out in front on police reform issues. hillary clinton has been awful on that her entire career. the black lives matter is supposed to mean policy he is in front of it. she doesn't sweat. her human algorithm compelled her to crack jokes about being a robot.
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>> constructed in a garage in palo alto. >> i am just looking so that i can myself. it's. kennedy: does that make you feel lucky? >> it makes me feel nostalgic. the wacky girl robot that grew up desperately trying to have some humor and personality. i don't think she came off that badly. >> on the printed page with you. >> it is not a spontaneous joke. >> that is it.
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working hard. as. >> i'm not talking about the horrible spielberg movie. as. kennedy: ii sweat more than whitney houston and a sauna, but it's healthy. >> hillary clinton has her work cut out for her. tonight we will see. i agree see. i agree that she is completely rusty with her debate performance. we saw what carly fiorini was able to do. i love your spirit.
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this opportunity for jokes. the panel to turn. donald trump. hip-hop legend darrell mcdaniels will be here is area please don't miss it.
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♪ kennedy: high. it is great to talk to you. saturday night live has announced its november 7 show will be hosted by donald trump one year and one day from election day. last time he hosted was in 2,004's. >> great to be here, but it is even better for saturday night live that i am here. kennedy: he was not joking. let us discuss.
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will he be funny? >> he cannot be funny, but let me get serious here for a 2nd. he was right, one of the big things that help dragon is that he came from hollywood. when trump 1st started running the huffington post put coverage of him in the entertainment section. now this is going to be huge in terms of putting him over with the middle of america and not regarding mss republican free conservative sideshow. >> they are already there with him. and outside new york post caricature. >> in this case s&l. the hillary skit was excruciatingly bad and a reminder of all the reasons. >> pretty much praised.
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one of there dc. now they going to support him like hillary? >> i think so. itit is going to be beneficial to the show that he is on's. the time is ideal. november 7. we just got daylight savings >> starting to rear its ugly head. we need to laugh. well, me, but also donald trump. >> human uvb. he will make all of the vitamin d dormant in our systems proliferate. >> other than for dose and losers. >> i meant like america. >> together again.
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nbc best sitcom the year. >> it is going to be a buddy comedy. >> do you think you will do an impression of hillary? >> himself. i mean,, he has got to go british or go home. killed him in 2,000's. >> different, different rules. >> funny watching him play up against that actress. he will also have script approval. >> if they gave her script approval, they have to respond in kind. nbc, the parting of ways. >> i don't like donald trump one of his better, more appealing characteristics, protesters, and he signs
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their hats. zero, great. >> people cannot help themselves when it comes to celebrity. so much moreso much more to discuss. they will return to discuss playboys announcement. first, when the school discipline go too far?
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kennedy: high, theyhigh, they are. let's go in the way back machine. parents of students are demanding answers.
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the incident occurred as punishment for a food fight. the responsiblethe responsible teacher has been accused of hitting and pitching children in the past. is this punishment to intense? old school versus knew school's. psychotherapist. i don't have your full dv in front of me. they are making the kids get on their hands and knees and clean up the floor after food fight. is their phony outrage? >> our nation in general has become super soft on kids, and this is an example. a little bit embellished. they failed to mention of food fight.
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they could have dropped pencils on the floor. >> no context. >> if you have a kid that has a food fight they should be held accountable for their behavior. >> i want to get into further accountability. it is a huge problem for society's. you are more of the knew school discipline style. what happens with this is, we don't see many people having to clean the floor or even the genders, hired help on the hands and knees. >> it is the best way. >> it doesn't really end up teaching anything. what i wouldi would rather do is withhold recess and say what do you think this was like? talk about what was happening to create the problem.
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for a teacher to start imposing punishment that way crosses a lot. >> of this were disconnected punishment i would say yes, but this is not only punitive now let's talk about the bigger picture. peter gray wrote this whole article is about how psychological services of doubling college's they don't sell food, don't know how to handle problems. >> what we are taught as children resonates with what happens we becoming adults and adults. helicopter again, swooping income and saving the day, what will happen when a kid gets of the embassy? they look at that as this end of the world thing, so
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they are lacking resiliency. >> they don't have gumption, backbone. >> the difference between discipline and punishment. >> limbs are the rules. >> think about what is doing in teaching. helicopter parents are too soft. set up a consequence of let them fail. we have set the standard so high that these kids are just about achieving, getting into the best cause they can's so that they will
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be or achieve something i argue that you can't get the campus with some sort of firm boundaries. with you call it discipline or punishment. >> my hands right now. >> absolutely about boundaries. the authoritative part does not really work. >> coming up with the legendary rapper dmc is here
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she told us. >> i'm drunk. this is horrible. i don't even no where the next destination is. >> i really don't know. i am so focht up. it's i can't read your text right now. it's exploded in flames, and there is a special place in hell. before she makes that pitstop, here is a glimpse of what she is and for once she is convicted of being an industrial-strength jackass. >> i will cut you. i will cut you. kennedy: that's fun.
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kennedy: hello, and welcome back. sometimes you can hardly separate fact from fiction's i hit the streets to see if people can tell the difference.
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♪ kennedy: is this a real or fake quote from a presidential debate? education, commerce, the 3rd one, i can't, sorry. >> that is fake. >> that israel, rick perry said that. >> your lying. >> the puppy was like industry's. >> that is fake, adam sandler in billy madison. >> everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. kennedy: who am i, why am i here? i am not a politician. >> who am i? why am i here? >> no one reads law books. we need to put law books on video. real or fake?
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>> we need to put some laws on the nelly video. >> anyone that writes about the redistribution of wealth sounds like it communist to me's. >> sounds like a communist toa communist to me. >> i did see a ufo, an unidentified flying object. >> that israel. >> you have to keep in mind that jimmy carter saw a ufo. >> dennis kucinich, redemption. well done. i don't know what that was all about, but do not mess with texas, real or fake. >> sounds like jeb. >> completely inappropriate, inappropriate, and i hope you apologize. >> no, that was will ferrell >> strategically. kennedy: let's employ our
12:40 am
own strategically. so who is going to make the most tonight? >> anderson cooper. because i still have in my head's madonna just smacking him from behind at her concert. i feel like he might still be feeling that. have a few faux pas'. >> will will he do to the other candidates on stage? >> is going to pull his punches. >> he wants to keep it classy. it's. >> just waiting for them to ask to convert to kilometers. we had one pleasant lincoln, and that was plenty. >> they agree on illegal immigration. there is no daylight between any of them. to hear them not attack each other and agree.
12:41 am
>> if you're not going to go after her record, her server >> her name. >> what good are you? do you really want to win? >> we will discover. the aneurysm is on the side of his head as we speak. >> and the running for vp, frankly. >> they will have to beat up elizabeth warren pretty good. not just a place for e-mail. it is a giant digital porn dumpster. dropping naked pictures from his famous men's magazine.
12:42 am
it's you are a magazine editor. is this a good strategy? >> the deathknell, like when the magazine society were like biannually, okay, you will be mailing it in. >> going to take those pictures and start running. >> centerfolds, ladies of liberty. >> of course. >> necklace. that jacket. let's see what's under the jacket. >> is it better? >> it served its purpose, kind of an anachronism, and they have a great brand. it kind of fell by the wayside. this is clear out of necessity. >> they said they have done
12:43 am
the same thing on their website and have a fourfold increase in internet traffic are people going to buy a paper version of playboy? >> i don't think so. first of all, with the kindle, no one needs to go out and buy these things anymore in which case i am happy that there are no duties. kennedy: even fred willard has switched to the internet. >> arrested for going to a pornographic theater and making body congress with himself. >> what happened? >> this week tom brady took a swipe at the powerful brand names just because they happens to bleed high fructose corn syrup. >> you probably go out and drink coca-cola and think that's no problem. they can sell that to kids. that is poison for kids. kennedy: the thing that worries me, there ought to
12:44 am
be a law.a law. he will lobby to get rid of coca-cola. >> him and michael bloomberg. making choices that we don't like. coke is bad. >> you agree that coke is poison. >> i havei have been on team pepsi since i was a little kid. >> you want to start this, i will finish it. pepsi is the choice of a new generation. >> you don't like someone like tom brady demonizing. >> that is how kids get these complexes around food and how eating disorder start and it is dangerous to do so. these things are aa treat and not something to be had every day. >> i teach my kids moderation and weigh in. >> remain. >> you know what.
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[laughter] 14 grams heavier than yesterday. maybe a little less:. this was one for the ages. coming up, legendary rapper and hip-hop mogul is here. we live in a pick and choose world.
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run dmc and launched his own independent publishing house in 2013 and has since published to amazing graphic novels. you are here in the flesh. we have not seen each other in 22 years. >> that's crazy. >> i am a superhero. >> yes, you are. >> ninety-three. he hates me saying that. >> he watches the show with great frequency. it's this is the graphic novel. came out a couple of years ago. and this is the funny story because when you were a kid he loved comics so much that you collected them and then sold your entire collection to buy your 1st turntable 's.
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>> my whole world as a kid was school comic books. hip-hop comes over the bridge. we did not sell weed, so we had no money. we had this huge comic book collection, and everyone in the neighborhood wanted to get to turntables in the mixer. we did it, but sale, sold some comic books. my brother sold most of mine he sold all of mine. and it is a big brother thing. we get turned turntables and a mixer. fortunately it turned out good for me. >> music has allow you to start your own publishing house. this writing lyrics for your music and graphic novels? >> the same thing basically. in this universe my superpower is rock 'n roll
12:51 am
and hip-hop. in the dmc universe, st. john's university, graduate, become a teacher. kennedy: before run dmc. >> before music changed my life it was always comic books. the only thingthe only thing that is different is dmc does not become a rapper. i never me run. as the reason, i never become a rapper. i'm not wrapping. everything that is music, punk rock, hip-hop, pop, michael jackson, donna. we come from and represent everything coming out of the 80s because they were one of the most musically colorful, powerful, literal decades in the universe saying you had run dmc,
12:52 am
beastie boys, george michael, friends, michael jackson. a big shout out. kennedy: he did one of your videos. >> the design for adidas. but it is in the '80s like universe. it's feels like, sounds like, looks like, but is it? and in this universe there are superheroes, but they have all terrier motives. you want me to save the city, you have to pay me. the only do the white people. all people fighting. >> i love that. i think it is fantastic. you have always been in your head, but from back when ll
12:53 am
cool j, the beastie boys, who did you prefer back in? >> that's aa good question. i like public enemy, chuck d. chuck d. >> that is where he got. >> but i never really got into recording hip-hop artists. my is -- greatest influence is the cold crush for him sees. i changed my name from these ed to dmc to be like grandmaster cast because he was gmc. our whole dominance was because one day of were going to meet them and we want to impress them. >> quick question. which changed music more, rapper's delight or nirvana smells like teen spirit? >> well, it's about a tie. >> that's how much you love music. they influence music
12:54 am
equally. >> of course. that is why they work. >> thank you for being here. >> so, his graphic novel, and coming up, a caramel dipping sauce that is so insanely delicious it should be outlawed,outlawed, but it won't be. legal for your delicious pleasure next. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line.
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