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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  October 14, 2015 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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recklessness, wreck this economy, no i don't. i believe in a society where all people do well, not just a handful of billionaires. >> maria: concerns about weak earnings, jp morgan and intel reporting 1.32 in earnings. bank of america and wells fargo are expect today report shortly, we will have the numbers shortly. intel third quarter profit fell more than 6%. better than expectations of 59 cents. expecting the markets to open like this. we do have some weakness this morning. fractional loss dow, to break down 7 points. nasdaq and s&p fraction weakness this morning. take a look at european trading. it's also weaker this morning. the dax in germany all down
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about 1% in average. snow is coming, no, ways of cool air through midwest could bring the first snowfall this weekend. >> you got him. a strikeout. the cubs win. the chicago cubs are heading to the national league championship. >> maria: and then there's this, the chicago cubs close playoff series for a win in their own ballpark beating rivals 6-4. new york mets not so lucky. they go back to game five in series. blake with the recap. good morning, blake. >> blake: good morning to you. it was not be, hillary clinton emerged largely unscaifed --
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unescaped, the democrats all five of them rally together against what they see as wall street greed and corruption, tops%, the billary and millionary, the moment of the night came when the inevitable was raised. bernie sanders through a lifeline. >> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your emails. >> thank you, me too. me too. [laughter] [cheers and applause] >> blake: hillary clinton laughing there. another twist that was sanders campaign that tried to fundrace that moment. she has been shedding democratic support to sanders over the last several months. maria.
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>> maria: , blake, thank you so much live in vegas. media founder, good to see you. >> good to see you. >> maria: observations on the debate. bernie sanders was the most googled, mentioned in tweets, hillary won, i'm not so sure. it's -- we know that there are three guys who are not happy this morning, but the two front runners are still strong and standing. >> maria: dagen what do you think? >> dagen: if joe biden doesn't go in, it's hearse. >> maria: it was pretty comfortable. >> dagen: bernie sanders did not sound realistic, he's a socialist, talks about the need of -- biggest issue none of them
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addressed her biggest problem with voters, why she's loosing in matchup with the republican candidates, it's the fact that she's considered deceitful. she has a credibility problem. >> maria: what about that? >> talk about clarity of vision and purpose, we know that coming out of these debates last night bernie sanders clarity, what he wants more than anything else is improve the middle class. i want to be president of the united states. >> maria: that's funny, yeah. >> i didn't watch the debate live, i did watch the mets game. i did catch the highlights. clarity of vision t clarity of vision is that this is going to be about antiwall street. this is what it's about. the one common thing wall street
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is bad, creates all the problems and somewhat ironic that the same day that jp morgan releases interest rates and the fact that the regulatory in bit in place continue to impact. so that's the -- the theme that comes out of this is this is what this election is going to be about. >> maria: hillary was clear on that. she is going to make sure wall street and big banks pay for what they are doing negative to the economy. >> wants she gets nomination she's going to realize that all of her wall street friends that are plenty and many -- >> maria: they know that already. why would she taking on this rhetoric when we know who her advisers are, private equity? >> it's the game is played. last night's debate told you how democrats are going to play -- >> wall street model is fraud.
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he came right out and said that. hillary went rht behind him and said exactly what she was supposed to say, which is we are going to get them. at the same time, i was think to go myself, if one wanted to do a donor base search of who was behind hillary clinton it's going to be wall street. >> i'm not going to give up the name of the fund, a year ago, maria, i interviewed hillary as a hedge fund partners annual meeting, she was paid a very nice amount of money to speak. she was charming and pleasant and certainly not antiwall street. >> dagen: she was stronger on gun control than bernie sanders was. she earned her lefty nature. >> go after the nra. >> my kids love bernie sanders, you know why, he hit the fish.
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he has a thing going. he's attaching with that generation. >> they lost last night. >> maria: 92% tax rates, giving 92% and living on 8%. [laughter] >> he wasn't perfect last night but he certainly was authentic and he was -- he was a real when he gave up that bid about the emails to hillary clinton. >> dagen: the skin question white-haired guy with the glasses, i think he's got a right, shot? >> anderson cooper. >> he was the best on the stage. >> maria: i thought it was a rehearsal for one of those guys to be presidential candidate. that's what i was thinking. martin o'malley wants to be vp. they were complementing obama
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policies. how interesting that they're complementing obama policy because obviously that hasn't worked. >> dagen: he was making googly eyes at hillary. >> maria: he wants to be vp. >> thank you. >> maria: tune to fox business networks debate. we will hold presidential debate november 10th, fourth republican primary debate at the milwaukee theater in wisconsin. we are focusing on the issues you want to hear about, economy, jobs, wages, taxes, you don't want to miss that, join us on november 10th from the republican debate on the fox business network. third quarter earnings after the bell last night. jp morgan kicked it off, missed both top and bottom lines. revenue of 23 and a half billion. for technology, intel reported quarterly results, posting
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earnings per share, revenue of 14.7. six and a third percent just from a year ago. any surprises as we kick off the third quarter numbers? >> they were not a surprise, commentary was not a surprise. it is disappointing because we are -- if you think of where we were a year ago and what the banks thought would be what the businesses would look like, it's disappointing and it's a very challenging environment. every bank the fact that the feds didn't move and the rates are not higher, expected the rates to be higher, they ran the businesses that way and just bringing it back to the debate. >> dagen: i was going to say -- >> every time you get public rhetoric like that it hurst the -- hurts the ability because the regular regulatory environment
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is hard to create new initiatives be it loans, business initiatives, play defense oriented business environment. >> maria: right. that is coming with up. new fees and new requirements in terms of capital. these guys are going to have to be dealing with new regulation normal for years. that's going to be the pressure. >> listen, i tell on people that are entering the business, you know, i ask them a lot of times. why do you want to come work in the business? what is it about wall street that you want to do? it's entrepreneurial, exciting. have you looked at the business since 2008. the last thing this is is entrepreneurial. i've been in the business close to 30 years. you're not in an entrepreneurial
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atmosphere. >> dagen: is anybody really going to get on the side of the banks and the financial institutions and talk about the good that they do and how individuals benefit and how individuals work part of the whole financial collapse and if you want a healthy economy you have to have healthy banks? >> look at what happened with romney, by the way, you go back and think about the miss information relate today private equity. >> maria: he got smacked. >> every time he try today give the transparent case on what private equity actually does for society, it hurt him. unfortunately that's what every candidate realizes, maybe trump if he does get the nom -- the
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nomination -- >> dagen: this new fee and regulating. >> nobody disputes that the banks needed to be reset after 2007 and 2008, nobody. but what happened is had a significant impact on the way to do business. >> maria: talk with analyst, and the cfo of marion lakes, i'm sorry, they talk about the broad market turbelance. >> august was an absolute disaster, people froze. despite the fact that s&p has bounced off lows, believe me, nobody feels great about the way things are right now. >> maria: new worry that could delay next flight. take a look at some of the other headlines. general electric is unwinding
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finance on the company making move as a result of regulation gary is talking about. yesterday it sold another piece to commercial lending businesses to wells fargo. nieman marcus delays, video games are saving the similar -- symphony orchestra. coming up right in a minute. ♪ ♪ ♪ can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit?
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can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
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>> maria: welcome back, 2016 hopeful turning up the heat in
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debate. >> cheryl: republican presidential front runner tweeting a storm with comments like this one, sorry, there's no star on the stage to be the. can anyone imagine chafe, as president, no way. the only debate, tom brady getting some good news for a change. new england quarterback is now brand embassador for clock maker, president of the group watch division and ceo said that he's thrilled to have the four times super bowl champions, don't-crack under pressure. finally if you think that flying could be painful sometimes, it's about to get worst.
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a chronic child shortage crisis will give flight delays if it goes uncheck. represents the controllers, but actually if you look back at what happened in 2012, we had a big shortage in 2010. there's 30% of the traffic controllers right now eligible to retire. so who is in the skies right now? they can retire right now. it could be pretty bad. >> maria: wow, this could be causing more delays. >> dagen: why are they having a hard time of recruiting? is it lack of skills, people don't want the stress or hours? >> cheryl: hours are the complaint. who can forget the controller who was passed out dunk about six months ago. it's stress, lack of sleep. it's an unhealthy job. but a needed job, you know.
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so we'll have to see but it could be bad next year. >> maria: , cheryl, thank you. major airlines making vaikation more possible, we'll talk about it next in a moment. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> maria: that was a couple of years ago in saturday night live, nbc bringing donald trump to host saturday night live,
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remember they broke ties over immigration, now nbc wants ratings and they are bringing him back. >> dagen: we even need a new word. [laughter] >> dagen: they made a huge stink. >> maria: he gets ratings. >> dagen: they fired him from celebrity apprentice, refused to run miss usa pageant and now welcome back to nbc with open arms. >> maria: he made up. >> dagen: get over yourself. i will caution him though, it cannot go well. >> maria: did he really? i missed that one. >> dagen: one of the worst hosts. >> maria: i don't think he's going to be a bad host. >> gary: i think it's a sign of
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desperation. >> maria: they had hillary clinton. >> gary: nobody is talking about saturday night live. they have to do something. that's what this is about. >> dagen: i wonder how much leeway they give trump on snl and they let him go after other candidates. >> maria: you made the point when hillary host it had show, it's a good idea because they are not going to be mean to you. >> dagen: not her. they were extremely tough on ben carson last weekend. they did this fake ad -- [laughter] >> maria: my husband thinks he's going to be president of the united states. >> gary: they are looking for trump to put out a couple of tweets like i absolutely love this show, this is the best show
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. >> dagen: they have strong demos and he needs that. >> maria: i have to say i love the show. you will never ges our -- guess our next guest. be back in a minute. ♪ ♪ tten you ♪ the information that's important to you is all in one place, so finding more insight is easier. it's your idea powered by active trader pro. another way fidelity gives you a more powerful investing experience. call our specialists today to get up and running.
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>> welcome back, and i am maria bartiroma. with the fox business network's dagen mcdowell and wall street cohost gary kaminski. bernie sanders bails out hillary clinton, the presidential candidates the bidding for the first time and it was he who took on the elephant in a room. >> enough of the e-mails, let's talk about the real issues facing america. [cheers and applause]
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maria: the candidates took on foreign policy and the u.s.'s role in russia with syria but did not start very smoothly because sanders was caught off-guard by a host anderson cooper. >> i want you to respond. >> pardon me? >> respond and get in on this. >> i think vladimir putin is going to regret what he is doing. maria: concerns about weak earnings season, jpmorgan reporting $1.32 a share missing expectations at $0.05 a share, the company talking about troubled markets and tough to make money and credit where interest rates are. the stock in a free-market is we are expecting a lower earnings, bank of america, wells fargo reporting shortly, we bring those numbers as soon as we get
6:30 am
them. profit was down 6% from a year earlier but the company got help from higher chip prices for the quarter, intel and reporting a profit of $0.64 a share better than expectations of $0.59. stock is expected lower. futures seeing weakness as well, we expect a lower opening for the broader averages for the dow, nasdaq and s&p 500 in the u.s. let's check european markets, seeing weakness there and as you and see we are talking 1% lower on all the majors throughout the euro zone. accu-weather is reporting colder to the midwest and northeast this week, could be enough to bring the first snowfall of the season this upcoming weekend. >> got him! us strikeout! chicago cubs heading to the national league championship. maria: it was a sweet victory. for the first time ever the
6:31 am
chicago cubs closed the playoff series. not so happy the new york mets, the dodgers go back to los angeles now for game 5 of the seas. even though there may be worries about flight delays there's a chance your next plane ticket could cost you less. phil flynn, looks like the airlines are beginning to tap on savings of lower oil prices to travelers. >> reporter: finally is the big word. a lot of people by saying look at these prices, gasoline prices falling off of the map, jet fuel prices falling over 47%. why isn't it showing up? the u.s. airline industry hedge their fuel purchases years out on the future and locked in at higher prices so when prices came down they were still paying prices from a year ago. the good news is those hedges are left in and prices start to come down meaning your tickets could fall.
6:32 am
over the last few months we have seen them fall dramatically, year over year they will be down 18% this month and the good news is you can afford to carry more baggage, pay more baggage fees. hedging is a necessary evil because a lot of these airlines were criticized in the last decade when they didn't put on hedges. a lot went bankrupt. maria: phil flynn in chicago. joining us is chief investment officer hank smith, good to see you, thanks for joining us. you have $8 billion in assets under management, got to allocate that capital and purchased exxon mobile land at a chevron to the portfolio. tell us about your position in energy and why you like it. >> first of all we are focusing on the highest quality of companies in that sector with exxon and chevron and really it is taking advantage of the
6:33 am
decline in stock prices and a rise in the dividend yield so with exxon we bought it when it was trading with dividend yield of 4 prison with chevron over 5%, these companies are not going to cut the dividends. we might not see dividend growth over the next year like we had in preceding years, but i would rather own these companies with all those yields than any fixed incomes with yields left in 50% of that. maria: what do you think of the broader market's? is a major selling done at this point or is there still volatility at year end? >> we had a test of august's lows in september. i think we will have choppy trading through the earnings season. a lot of the sell-off is in anticipation of weaker earnings. there will be a lot of focus on forward guidance but it does set up for ought nice november and december as we end the year. >> you know as i know the
6:34 am
details, what is happening with miller, typically signs at the top, the public thinks this is great news but when you see these deals is a very bad signal. how do you interpret that? >> you can't deny what you just said. if you look back, takingut nabisco in the 80s, that was near the top, but there was so much cash out there, the catch has to go, there was a ton of corporate cash. we are not too worried at this point. dagen: it is dagen mcdowell. a ton of corporate cash, does that mean you need to focus your investment strategy on finding companies that will be acquired? do you have to look at the world differently in a low growth
6:35 am
environment? >> we like companies that paid dividends. also that are buying back their shares, particularly buying back cheaper stocks, acquisition targets as the strategy, there is a lot of leeway or ramp up for dividend increasing or share buybacks and that is positive for the markets. maria: in a world with such low growth, you see these deals happening because these companies need to find growth. why is it so negative? >> historically you typically get management's unwilling to do deals. at the top of the cycle, aol time warner was a historic
6:36 am
cycle. it doesn't necessarily guarantee but symbolically, what is looked at as an indicator that you are at the top of an earnings cycle or capital market cycle. it could be different because one reason it could be different, you haven't thought about this too, this atmosphere of quantitative easing and 0% interest rates which a lot of these a saying you thought the fed would raise rates, what we were looking at doing is going ahead and doing it. that may be the manipulation that changes things on this cycle but we will see. maria: you have a backdrop in earnings and the broader economy that is challenged. >> i would also point out that for the first half of this bull market and we are into the seventh year of the bull market but for the first half there were no deals. corporate treasurers were
6:37 am
frozen, nothing was happening. i am not sure this is indicative, there is so much skepticism, so much anxiety and even seven years into an economic expansion of the bull market there is fear out there. maria: which is why stocks are better than fixed-income and cash and you are looking for dividend payments. thanks for your insight. see you soon. chief investment officer with a.2 billion, starbucks launches its delivery service in new york city but it is limited to only one building. nicole petallides has the story. nicole: good morning. hard-working new yorkers can now get a hot cup of starbucks coffee delivered right to their desks but there is a catch. the company will only deliver within the walls of the iconic empire state building. starbucks calling it green aprons delivery and for now all the program is exclusive to those who work in the world's famous skyscraper after the
6:38 am
coffee chain announced testing delivery service in new york and seattle earlier this year. starbuck says customers can use it apps to order anything from coffee to lunch, have it delivered within 30 minutes so 30 minutes, no more than 15 items but there is a $2 feet that will be added to the delivery so workers get it right to the desk. maria: er at the empire state building with a car so lazy will pay $2 a you don't have to get in an elevator or go downstairs? >> you don't want to get in the line but if you are going to pay $5, if you are going to pay $5, what do you get? the vanilla decaf what they? dagen: the biggest insult i ever heard in my life. >> if you are going to get to $5 lot day. they make it is $2, i won't pay
6:39 am
-- hi m not lazy. i get in an elevator and go downstairs. be with the people. >> it will go very well. maria: catches read before "mornings with maria". major ballistic missile violation in iran. president obama's controversial nuclear deal with the ayatollah next. breaking news moments ago black rock released earnings results on the top and bottom line. earnings of $5 a share on revenue of $2.91 billion. we will tell you about stock reaction next in a minute.
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the great beauty of owning a property is that you can create wealth through capital appreciation, and this has been denied to many south africans for generations. this is an opportunity to right that wrong. the idea was to bring capital into the affordable housing space in south africa,
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with a fund ers thatff families of modest income and good accommodation. citi got involved very early on and showed an enormous commitment. and that gave other investors confidence. citi's really unique, because they bring deep understanding of what's happening in africa. i really believe we only live once, and so you need to take an idea that you have and go for it. you have the opportunity to say, "i've been part of the creation of over 27,000 units of housing," and to replicate this across the entire african continent.
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maria: controversy in the iranian missile test escalating this morning. >> washington saying the missile tests over the weekend was the
6:44 am
violation of the u.n. security council resolution and washington plans to raise that the united nations. toucher nests said the move would not complicate u.s. efforts to implement the nuclear deal with iran. maria will be sitting down with leon panetta coming up in the next hour. you don't want to miss his take on the developing story and a lot more. maria: to last night's democratic debate the economy the top issue for voters, candidates had an opportunity to highlight their policies on low wages, small business growth in america. here is what hillary had to say last night. >> what i think about capitalism i think of all the small businesses that restarted because we had the opportunity and freedom in our country for people to do that and to make a good living for themselves and their families. i don't think we should confuse what we have to do every so often in america which is save capitalism from it sells.
6:45 am
maria: gentlemen, good to see you, thanks for joining the conversation is that was about it when it comes to small business last night but hill redid go on to say big business is going to pay higher taxes and their fair share. what was your take on the debate? >> it seemed like marijuana is more important than small business. wear red the incentives for us to grow? where was her stand on obamacare? where was her stand on reducing to grow up on business. maria: is the biggest -- >> it is murder, squeezing us. they take a little bit every day, different rules and expense. maria: what about you? >> what heard so much was the attack on the 1%. the only way to get to 1% is being an entrepreneur. there is nothing wrong with being that. when i hear the demonization, my son is an entrepreneur, what will he think?
6:46 am
am i bad -- maria: tell us -- >> what is it like when you need to access capital. when you work with banks you work with local banks, work with local banks, the big financial supermarkets we talked about last night what is it like? >> it is difficult. it is not terrible for me but if you are a small business it is impossible to get a bank loan. the intensity, the crime factors is nothing easy, you can't say i need not line of credit. >> the new credit services on deck and etc. making it easier for small business. >> your interest rates -- 4% 43%. dagen: talking about the negative and would you were hearing, i love the bernie sanders is not a capitalist, he is anti capitalism but he says i think everybody is in agreement -- i am not doing my bernie sanders imitation, great
6:47 am
entrepreneurial nation, we have to encourage that. what would they need to say that you would think they are encouraging that? nudges democrats and republicans. >> there needs to be less of a thing of taking away from the 1 percentage more aspect of how can we bring people a. instead of turning people down how we foster people to be more like. and duke and go up. is cool and sexy to demonize and say if you are rich it is bad but it is not. >> one of the most important things or talents anybody brings to the white house in the next presidency is the ability to bring us together. >> two of the last two elections were won by that exact strategy. if it has gone somebody in the white house two times. maria: obama was as a vice of as they come. >> his strategy was to go after the 1%. why would they not want to continue on that path?
6:48 am
>> our country is 50/50 democrat and republican, that is nothing we can stop but the key is the demonization has an end because fiscally conservative is most of the studies show, most of fiscally conservative. maria: someone on stage you want? >> donald trump. >> if i had to pick someone on stage it would not be bernie sanders. maria: we will leave it there. good to see. coming the delivery watchmaker taking on apple in the smart watch market, a top name in the nfl does just that, we will be right back.
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maria: taking annapolis as it
6:52 am
prepares for its own smart watch, joining me right now is the ceo of the watch division, good to see you, thanks for joining us. very exciting what is going on in this high end watch world. tell us about your new connective watch. >> is interesting because it is the first time we have seen a company is not in the watch business, 5 million pieces and becoming the second or third biggest watchmaker in the world after just one year so there is a huge potential for connected watches especially among the young generation, the young generation are connected. wheat believed because the luxury accessible price and they will wage between $300 but up to 1,500. in means this price segment can
6:53 am
be damaged, traditional watches can be damaged by the connected watch. one thing to protect because we are also in that price segment we have to do it. maria: you have to protect the high an end. >> if we want to compete apple we have lost the start. we make our own version with our own dna. we must bring out the watch. maria: your partners are google and intel. it doesn't look like the computer. it looks like a watch. >> that is all whole secret. let's make our watch look like a watch, a traditional 160 years, let's make it look like a traditional swiss watch but if you want and you touch the screen you get all the connections you want and that was the game and as we have not the technology we don't have technology in switzerland for doing microprocessors and software, the google for the
6:54 am
soft, 70% of the soft of the publication of all the phones and the wearables and microposition and didn't tell land we get the two giant -- >> let's talk about business. how is the business? are you impacted by the stock market or asia and obviously the continuance in europe? >> the impact of the stock market is permanent. we have situations you could follow the stock market in the upper segment but what goes down goes up again. we are also impacted by the swiss franc. no one talks about that anymore. in one night gained 20% versus the yen, the dollar. maria: that makes everything more expensive.
6:55 am
>> that was a catastrophe. nevertheless, we were able at the end of september, the industry, the whole industry to be flat compared to last year which was a record year. swiss franc, instability in the world politically, problems in china. we do flat. maria: we have to ask you about your new brand ambassador, signing tom brady to be the ambassador, why? >> because he is the best. if you want to be strong just go with some people. that is it. to be very honest, i think he is a gentleman. he is a man. he is not just making good sport
6:56 am
but good personality. the moral behavior. he is an example for our kids and those are values that for me at least equal to how good he is in this field. for those reasons the man, the sport, outlet, and the reference for the young kids, those three elements. maria: congratulations, loved having you on the show today. we will look for that on november 9th, the connected watch. thank you.
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glad i could help you plan for your retirement. alright, kelly and promise me that you'll try that taco place on south street. and we have portfolio planning tools to help you manage your ira. yeah, you're old 401k give me your phone. the rollover consultants give you step-by-step help. no set-up fees. use your potion. sorry, not you. my pleasure. goodnight, tim. for all the confidence you need. who's tim? td ameritrade. you got this. maria: good morning, i am maria bartiroma, it is wednesday october 14th, joining me is dagen mcdowell on wall street, we cohoes kaminski, bernie sanders bails out hillary clinton, the candidates debating, and it was sanders, not clinton who took on the
7:00 am
elephant in the room. >> let's talk about the real issues facing america. maria: man was on to the economy where republicans and wall street were in the cross hairs of the candidates. >> if you look at the republicans versus the democrats when it comes to economic policy there is no comparison. the economy does better when we have a democrat in the white house and that is why we need to have a democrat in the white house on january 27th. >> do i consider myself part of a casino capitalist process by which so few have so much and so many have so little? by which wall street's greed and recklessness wrecked the economy? no. i believe in a society where all people -- maria: foreign policy of hot
7:01 am
topic during the debate. i will talk about that with leon panetta when he joins me this hour coming up on the program. black rock beat on the top and bottom lines with third quarter earnings support, reporting earnings at $5 a share, revenue of $2.9 billion, the company is seeing stock move lower right now. concerns about weak earnings season, jpmorgan and intel, jpmorgan reported $1.32 a share missing expectations by $0.05 a share, expecting to report shortly and we will bring those numbers to you, jpmorgan shares expected to open lower, the dow component will pressure the markets. intel third quarter profit was down 6% from a year earlier but the company got help from higher chip prices, reporting earnings of $0.64 a share better isn't the expectations of $0.59. futures indicate a weaker start, but get futures standing weakest
7:02 am
at the open, down 5 points, the s&p very close to the flat line. we saw weakness in europe, down students downside most of the day, the attack around and dax index down, asia went higher overnight. snow apparently is coming, accu-weather says waves of cool air through the northwest could be enough to bring the first snowfall of the season this weekend. >> a strikeout, a win, heading to the national league championship. maria: then there is this, the first time ever the chicago clubs closed at as series with a win in their own ballpark, beating out the same those cardinals with 6-4. not suggest at the end messaging for the nets, they lost to the dodgers last and going to l.a. for game 5 of the series.
7:03 am
that is the top story right now, democrats folding their first debate last night, blake berman and las vegas with the highlights. >> the focus for the democrats last night wasn't on attacking hillary clinton or their competition on the other side of the presidential while. rather they all joined together as a group and force their frustration over wall street which they pretty much put a label on as greedy and corrupt. take a listen here. >> donald trump and his billionaire franz under my policies are going to bail lot more in taxes today. >> my plan is more comprehensive and tougher because of course we have to deal with the problem is that the banks are still too big to fail. we can never let the american taxpayer in middle-class families ever have to bailout as the collective behavior we saw. >> agreed and recklessness and illegal behavior of wall street where fraud is a business model.
7:04 am
>> we need to separate the casino speculative bank gambling. >> the moment of the night came when bernie sanders threw hillary clinton lifeline talking about hillary clinton's e-mails and sanders said the american people like what mexican tired of hearing about your damn e-mails, a big moments of hillary clinton. maria: not all good news, and the latest fox hole, after ben carson over hillary $0.54 to 39%. voters choosing jeb bush over hillary, 44 to 40%, want to bring in chief presidential strategists, mark and joining us on said, good to see you. you think she had a good night. >> no question hillary clinton had the night she needed to have last night, she was strong, she
7:05 am
was tough, she was issue oriented, she held her own on the key issues, she held her own on syria no-fly zones, pushed against o'malley and sanders on economic issues. at the same time, she was presidential, and stood head and shoulders above the other candidates. that is a powerful performance. maria: i thought they were all differential to her. >> you can't call it a debate. it was -- when bernie sanders says the american public is sick and tired of hearing about e-mails, that might be 50% of the american public, 50% of the american public thinks these are real issues, this is the national security issue and to roll that out how does that do for a service as it is related to the rest of the country? >> if bernie sanders committed one of the great acts of political chivalry i have ever
7:06 am
seen, he clearly was -- maria: they all want to be vice president. >> this may be bad politics meaning it looks like bad politics but it is good politics. it was excellent politics. said he attacked her on it she would have lost supporters. by defending her supporters, shutdown the issue, he was on the defensive, remember the benghazi committee is looking quite bad after mccarthy's comments so he struck a chord in line with gaining support which i think sanders had a good night. date back maybe he struck a chord and got a few chuckles out of park or democrats but what about people who are undecided. what about other people watching that debate? you are mocking what is not only national security problem for her but a legal problem. >> i don't think it was mocking it. this was a democratic debate. the question was was the democratic party going to come
7:07 am
around hillary clinton as nominee? last night her chances went up. i think bernie sanders came off as an increasingly credible candidate but ultimately his chances went down. o'malley put in an incredible performance but i don't think he changed his chances and the of the two -- >> you know hilary duff person. i mentioned in the last hour, she was running around wall street, she was doing events, getting paid a lot of money and was constantly on speaking to more. i interviewed her one such event sponsored by a hedge fund. how can she now get out there and take this and we know why she's doing this, take this approach when she was incredibly close to the industry two years ago and a year ago. dagen: she gets paid several hundred thousand dollars. >> you got to look carefully at what she said. make sure middle class americans
7:08 am
don't get affected again by what happened on wall street. she is 100% correct. 10 million jobs were lost in the 2009 crash. that is an obvious big event did she says i got to make sure that doesn't happen again. any president does. that is a fair kind of she pushed against bernie sanders and martin o'malley on these issues. wall street would be reassured. she will be tough but fair. dagen: to but the middle of the road with karl marx, when you get her on stage do you anticipate she is going to move as soon as she gets the nomination she is on stage with the republican she moves more to the middle. >> on these issues the american public lost 10 million jobs. wall street is on the defensive. maria: on the e-mail stuff there's a feeling among her supporters they're sick and tired of the dam e-mails but that doesn't mitigate the
7:09 am
serious legal and national-security issues, there is a real fbi investigation right now and she is testifying in the next couple weeks. >> that issue will play itself out. even president obama says it is a legitimate issue. did you expect the issue to play itself out in the presidential debate? no. it didn't. >> is she concerned about joe biden getting in? >> joe biden looked at that and said this race would be tougher and then i thought, democrats will consolidate around hillary. if joe biden was going to get into the race last week was his chance and he decided to give hillary clinton a free debate and it is a lot tougher for him to get into day. dagen: puts the odds on. >> 2:1 he does not get in. maria: thanks, bank of america results out moments ago the bank reporting better than expected numbers on earnings and revenue, the start edging higher and of the open. we will break down those numbers
7:10 am
when we come back and look ahead on stopping the wall street journal, general electric unwind its finance arm about regulation making a move as a result of a tougher environment, and just yesterday it sold another piece of it, other commercial lending and leasing business to wells fargo. markets delay idea, luxury retailer said in recent market volatility and video games, the symphony orchestra, more people heading to concert halls to hear the music from your favorite games. we will be back in a minute.
7:11 am
7:12 am
7:13 am
maria: bank of america with its earnings, cheryl casone as details. cheryl: bank of america swinging to quarterly profit topping
7:14 am
analysts' estimates on the top and bottom lines after big legal expenses does the bank into the red just one year ago, the company reported just an earnings share of $0.37 a revenue coming and $20.91 billion, as follows jpmorgan's disappointing results that came out yesterday, the largest assets missing on the top and bottom lines in the third quarter. other headlines we are following, apple could be facing a $62 million in damages this after the iphonemaker lost to the university of madison, wisconsin. u.s. jury found apple used technology and by the university's licensing arm without permission and chips that are found in several of its most popular devices, your iphones and ipads. if you think flying could be painful sometimes it gets worse. the chronic shortage of air traffic controllers has reached a crisis that will lead to widespread flight delays unless and checked according to the
7:15 am
union representing air-traffic controllers. stuart: like to increase their rates but 30% of air-traffic controllers could retire right now. maria: the federal aviation administration was under fire for their hiring practices. cheryl: that is a story the fox business and that shapiro covered extensively, they were looking to increase ranks from lot minority perspective not getting the best candidates to the air traffic controllers. now we can't get enough of them in general. dagen: a disaster waiting to happen and it hurts the airlines, airlines get blamed for the delays and the problems when it is a government agency contributing greatly. it may not have fully admitted to fox business or anyone that extent of our reporting, basically their hiring practices -- >> once in a while you get an honest pilot who will say we need to circle because air-traffic control is so jammed
7:16 am
up weekend land. the american public doesn't realize it until they hear about it happening. >> cheryl: of response to fox business's reporting has been discussing. take a short break, the economy, during the debate, hillary clinton said it is why a democrat to be in the white house. keep it here on the fox business network. the only way to get better is to challenge yourself,
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we'll credit your account $20. it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. maria: hillary clinton making plenty of headlines following the debate. she said it is wyatt democrat
7:20 am
should be in the white house. >> if you look republicans versus the democrats when it comes to economic policy there is no comparison. the economy does better when you have a democrat in the white house and that is why we needed democrat in the white house. maria: she is talking about her husband's tenure. we are talking about the trump organization, good to see you and throughout the debate your father donald trump tweeting away which actually is getting read tweets and creating another conversation. >> got more attention than that action will debate. i had a tough time getting through personally. maria: what did you think? >> it was slow, didn't have the fire of the republican debate or the action, nor did they come any of the candidates the same way they came after gop candidates but it was a little slow. i had a tough time. i was channel surfing a little bit to see commentary on.
7:21 am
>> i watched the nets game. the moderator should have been saying i'm getting e-mails and wes right now, the moderator should have said there has been a democrat in the white house for the last seven years, that doesn't come up. i have to ask you even though those are your father's biggest supporters worried that when you get to february and march and still in the lead is he going to have the wherewithal, is going to want to get on a plane every single day? and really have to do the ground work that will be necessary at that point? >> he does not lose and more energy than anybody, the energizer bunny, he does not stop and i have never seen a man take a vacation, he is not the guy who goes skiing for a week like so many of his millionaire friends, he is a workaholic.
7:22 am
>> has isn't 757, just travels a lot. >> the actual time, he has mentally gone through and you can tell everybody he has gone through it and he knows what it will take. >> he is one of the people, the only person on stage to doesn't need to get this race, an amazing business all over the world, doing phenomenally well, he doesn't need to be there. finos the rat race and understands the pressure of doing this every day but it makes donald trump thrive. she is an incredible die, makes him if arrived and he wants to win. maria: is he afraid of going up against hillary clinton in the general election? >> i think he would love to. >> he wants that more than anything. maria: she did well last night. >> at the same time there's a horrendous track record he would take a hard and he has amazing groundswell of support behind him because he is able to be
7:23 am
direct, able to be brash, doesn't have to pander, he is not going out and seeking campaign contributions and that is the antithesis of of everybody on stage last night. maria: has he toned down his rhetoric? as you had a talk with him and said you got to say what you need to say and say it and be more kind? >> that makes him special and makes people go on to him in a certain way. people are tired of nonsense, tired of the pc, tired of the same 1-liners' you heard last night for three hours over and over, people get into the white house and it gets done and 19, trillion dollars worth of debts and trade deficits, isis caddy are heads, that will not happen i can guarantee you. sitting across the table from him every day, an amazing business guy, practical guide cuts through nonsense and red
7:24 am
tape. dagen: is the better on the campaign trail? it seems he really got for somebody who didn't like to shake hands some years ago and i experienced that myself i had to apologize for wanting to shake his hand years and years ago, he seems to have gotten his mojo, meeting people. >> this isn't his world. he popped into politics three months ago and is winning in every single poll. truly a special story. he has built an empire, of amazing hotels and golf courses and real-estate buildings, everything the man never touched turned to gold. jihad into politics and is leading every single poll. does it take a little while to get sea legs? sure. you're entering a totally new realm. maria: how do you feel about him hosting saturday night live? >> he has done it a couple times more for. he is an incredibly funny guy. we will go back and forth and he
7:25 am
is of funny, funny guy, if you ask his friends -- >> they have a fight with him, the apprentice and didn't run the pageant and he gets ratings and -- >> some of the best rated s&l's of all time and he is having fun with it, almost expected areas in the race and given what he has done on blood gop side, maybe it sounds cliche but i am proud of him. dagen: are you going to campaign for him? really hit the trail? >> i will be out there. we have a business to run. we are opening seven hotels effectively in the next 18 months all over the world, we have done great things. >> you were about to say unlike the other candidates, you actually run a business. >> and he still does. that is the amazing thing, talk about energy levels, not only is
7:26 am
he just running for president but not only is the winning but running a business, it is an incredible thing and he is doing amazingly well. maria: are real estate prices getting away from you? prices are going up, is this a bubble? >> look at what is happening in new york and the new buildings coming online, $10,000, levon thousand dollars a square foot, the incredible prewar buildings, they are selling for $2,500 but something doesn't match up. the new construction versus the gorgeous amazing free war, iconic locations, something is wrong. it is getting too grade between those two prices and isn't decade shapes out. maria: thank you for the inside, good to see you. eric trump joining us with an exclusive interview with the former secretary of state leon panetta, his take on the iran nuclear deal, keep it here on "mornings with maria".
7:27 am
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, . maria: hi good wednesday
7:30 am
morning welcome back maria bartiromo. it is wednesday october 14, welcome back to "mornings with maria." bernie sanders bailed out hirl hirl debating for at first time sanders took on elephant in the room. >> enough of the e-mails let's talk about the real issues, phasing america, [cheers and applause] . >> thank you bernie, thank you. maria: [laughter] [cheers and applause] maria: candidacy took on foreign policy what our role is with russia and syria but it didn't start off very smoothly for sanders seem caught off guard by anderson cooper. >> -- i would like you to be able to respond on this. >> well, i think -- um, mr. putin is gonna regret uh what he is doing.
7:31 am
>> breaking news financial trying to beat back worries about earnings bank of america beat expectations with its quarter, about those,ly report earning 37 cents better than 334 cents expected, revenue at bac coming in 20.9 billion dollars. last hour we had black boxing on top and bottom lines third quarter the company said that earnings came in 5 dollars a share revenue of 2.91 billion, wells fargo to report the top of the next hour we bring the numbers looks like obtaining stocks may be under pressure, futures showing weakness mixed market this morning at this point, for the broader averages dow jones industrial average s&p 500 positive nasdaq decline 3 points mot must movement foster equities, europe stocks lower most morning take a look looking at declines about, half a per cent to a quarter of a per cent, off the worst levels of the morning in europe, and about asia was also mixed to higher, apparently snow is coming! being a wu weather reports
7:32 am
cool air through degree of the northeast this week could be enough to bring the first snow fall this weekend. >> he got it! a strikeout, the cubs win the chicago cubs are heading to the national legal championship. >> for the first time ever, chicago cubs, closed out a playoff series with a win in their ballpark beat calendar nalz 6-4, new york metz, not so happy, they lost to the dodgers, so they go back to los angeles now, for the game five, the white house noonldz iran has likely violated a u.n. resolution with ballistic missile test josh earn of the says move will not affect the iranian nuclear deal bring in one of the most distinguished public servants 10 terms in u.s. house of representatives the who is a house chief of substantive under president
7:33 am
clinton served as u.s. defense secretary after two-year run as director of the central intelligence agency cia welcome back secretary leon panetta, good to see. >> you nice to be with you. >> thank you for joining us i want to start with this iran deal we know that iran started testing, missiles that was the specific requirement that it was not o to have activity in that regard, when we signed this nuclear deal. >> i think united states and our allies have to be very tough on iran with rartsdz to enforcing the deal if iran keeps progressed trying to test whether we are series this is a moments we have to see resolve we have to show, that we're not going to simply stand back, and allow them to violent violate the terms. >> what is the practical response, to join with allies, who signed this deal, and basically, make very clear
7:34 am
that this is not to be tolerated. i think we've got to decide when in fact this was a violation, but once they made that decision, then they've got to take steps to go right to iran, and say, you know, if you continue to do this, the detail is off. >> yeah, the other story line today is that the administration, has now ended its effort to train syrians to combat isis, you know the president came out with this plan to train syrians for that exact reason get o our allies in the region together make sure this is a coordinated fight, now, he says we are ending the effort, and skeptical from the beginning what do you think about that? >> well -- i am concerned, that the headlined that is we are simply you know walking away from the training aspect i think what needs to be said is that we have a strategy. to try to deal with syria make clear particularly with putin having done what he has done in syria i think we've got to
7:35 am
make clear what our mission is to make sure, issue assad comes down, to make sure, we defeat isis, those are have missions that the president himself has defined. i think we've got to arm the kurds we've got to continue to try to arm those forces that are confronting assad, we should provide a safe zone, and i do think we need to seriously look at no-fly zone all those steps need to be contain make very clear to russians we are intent fulfilling if mission we have in syria. >> doesn't feel like usual area vladimir putin is afraid of this looks from afar basically pushing president aroutine inserted russian in this fight in syria all himself. >> there is no question putin, you know, is trying to take advantage of the situation, he was able to push himself into the ukraine now trying to push himself in syria, when you are dealing with a bully you have to draw the line i think that is what united states has to
7:36 am
do you can't simply sit back hope somehow the russians are going dploed that is risk on their part but i don't think you sit back, and hope that somehow their efforts is not going to succeed i think you have to make sure the effort does not -- >> sitting back not doing anything are we. >> i think -- what a i sense right now is there is a certain am before i lance how we confront this i think what the president has to do come forward with a clear message, as to what we're going to do, in order to make sure that we foot fulfill our mission regardless what russians do. >> give your broad assessment of the foreign policy strategy, that u.s. is undertaken a lot of people call it leading from behind, is that the way you would with character relies it? >> -- characterize it. >> awful lot of flash points not world confronting, war terrorism syria in middle east chaos in middle east russians
7:37 am
are started a cold war china exercising territorial claims a athlete of cyber. a dangerous world dealing with north korea things they are doing this is a moment in time, the united states, has to provide strong world leadership i think what we have learned time and time again if united states does not lead, nobody else will. >> no won is leading although some might say russia is leading. >> well russia is trying to take advantage of the situation that isss dangerous makes the world more dangerous place. >> so the strategy going forward, what kind of changes would you like to see? so that u.s. can once again exert its leadership on the world stage? >> i think, i think the primary thing particularly in the middle east is that we need an overarching strangle for the middle east we have been responding, to the crisis of the moment. understand i understand that i understand why president wants to be cautious, we don't want to be trapped in another war in middle east. but that also does unfortunate mean we can stand back, and hope for the best, i think we
7:38 am
need a larger strategy, and that lodgerer strategy means we need to maintain a strong defense presence in the middle east expand our intelligence capability, we need to restore our relationship with israel, because that is important to our intelligence, and military capabilities, and we need to develop an arab coalition force nato type for are a arab countries to better coordinated inmate efforts in that region steps would i recommend. >> many of our friends in the arab world are upset with the united states first it was a red line that the president drew never did anything about it in terms of syria then not supporting the president of egypt then it was pulling all the troops out in fact made things worse. >> i just came back from the middle east, a few weeks ago. and there is no question that there is a lot of concern, about just exactly you know what overall strategy is. >> right. >> but at the same time, i think, you know we continue to
7:39 am
equip, and to arm, our arab allies they continue to try to fight back against isis, saudi arabia trying to be involved in yemen, we've got problems in libya we've got problems in syria we have problematic in iraq. they are concerned about iran's influence in the region this is a moment in time, where i really do thing we ought to put together a strong coalition, of forces ready for that wander leadership in that we could form a joint command center to try to coordinate the efforts so we can corroborator terrorism the influence of iran the steps that need to be taken. maria: the question i always ask is why aren't we doing it? we talk about them we've had this conversation before, let me ask you about the debate last night. the benghazi story the fact four americans died, in benghazi really did not come up hillary seemed to handle hers well tell us how you assess last night's debate. >> i think she gave a very commanding performance
7:40 am
probable her best moment last two years. in terms of politics, because you know she was well prepared she was effective, sheer countered you know the charges against her, and i think she strengthened her position as the leading candidate so she did a great job there is no question about it. >> do you think that joe biden this morning is rethinking, the opportunity to get into this race as a result of hillary last night. >> i know joe, i think i think he has been trying to struggle with moshwhat he has been throu a difficult time going to let him make decisions on his own i think clearly, her performance last night is something for him to think about. >> your most recent book still selling very well, i want to ask you about what you talked about, as the headed of the cia biggest regret biggest opportunity take us back to those days. >> well, you know, it was a it was very challenging, position.
7:41 am
i think it was -- i am very proud of what the cia did, particularly with regarded to the operation against bin laden very successful, took a lot of courage. plashlg on part of seals who conducted that operation i this i the challenge we had to try to develop, the most important intelligence and not be surprised. not be surprised. and i think one of the concerns i had is that we were surprised by the arab spring, and we should have been on top of that. >> a good point, in terms of of the cyberwar that we face you mentioned cybersecurity one of the biggest issues for the country certainly, threat can you talk to us about that? >> yeah, i think cyberattacks are battlefield of the future. we have seen cyberattacks on denial of service attacks we've seen the exploitation of intellectual property the thing that questionnaires me most a cyberattack that destroys computerizes we saw
7:42 am
iran, do that with what was called the virus destroyed 30 how computerizes at aram cooil could cripple our transportation systems chemical systems water systems, for that reason, we have to have not only a strong defense, we have to have a strong offense to deal. >> do we have it. >> i believe we do. i think we need to better defend ourselves, particularly with regards to other government agencies, besides defense and intelligence, and we also need to improve the private sector capability to defend i itself, against those kinds of attacks. >> unlimited spend for corporate america. >> it is. >> they have got to keep investing in that. they have absolutely got to continue that because, this is one area, where it could literally cripple the company, in terms of their ability to do business, they can't afford to do that. >> good to have you on the show. >> is. >> to be with you. >> thanks for joining is leon panetta keeping eye on bank americanization bank of
7:43 am
america beat expectations on ainges in revenue last night's debate may have aired on television a big hit on social media the highlights next, back in a moment. ♪ we've got trouble in tummy town.
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peptocopter! ♪ when cold cuts give your belly thunder, pink relief is the first responder, so you can be a business boy wonder! ♪ fix stomach trouble fast with pepto. . maria: welcome back investors watching third quarter earnings certainly setting the
7:47 am
tony for markets we heard from bank of america cheryl casone with the details. cheryl: that is right, good morning, bank of america swinging to a quarterly profit topping analysts estimates of top and bottom lines legal expenses pushed into the red thinks better there adjusted profit 37 cents revenue 20.91, billion dollars, this follows today jpmorgan disappointing results that came out after the bell yesterday. the bank missing on both top and bottom lines and another this morning seems like uber cannot catch a break! a glitch in a new uber app reportedly exposing financial personal information nearly 1,000 uber drivers the partner app a tool for drivers to manage their accounts released drivers linsdz social securicen abuse numbers. >> when it comes to teenagers focuses not with "star wars"
7:48 am
according to new report by piper jaffrey "star wars" the focuses awake eastbound is not most anticipating release among teenagers, second to final snau. of drumroll, the hunger game, and part one, that is third on list i just does this generation not you can say how amazing "star wars" is. >> going to get like my wro will cart three kids to the theatre to see new "star wars" motive multiple times that is going to happen, so you know what it is -- >> you are going to -- i am going to take -- >> cost to go to movie costumes comic con. >> i might. >> i know you are. >> quite a few not the way of the -- >> i have to dress up as -- an idea this is worrisome for disney, are companies putting, hoping to make billions off the to hys the movie you've got
7:49 am
to get kids to go. >> i wanted that robot that robot on the show here, that was very cool. >> not just for kids that is the point. >> we're the kids. >> i am the kid. >> that is -- >> going to drive christmas sales for adults and kids going to be "star wars." >> i agree with you. >> cheryl thank you so much he may not have been at the debate last night but donald trump twitter play by play making as many headlines this morning we will tell you about it next.
7:50 am
7:51 am
7:52 am
. maria: welcome back social media bugs at democratic candidates took the stage for at first dean about jo ling kent with numbers and details on social media. >> we don't know how many
7:53 am
people watched the debate on tv i can tell you social media was completely on fire last night! in fact being facebook and twitter let up the most last night when this happened. >> enough of the e-mails, let's talk about the real issues, facing america. >> thank you bernie, thank you. [cheers and applause] . >> that quote from senator bernie sanders that was most retweeted according to twitter this morning, and although donald trump wasn't in the spotlight insure tried to steal it live tweeting the debate same like sorry there is no star onstage tonight, of course, that actually gained trump 70,000 new followers, the most even among the democratic candidates onstage, sanders 46,000 new followers, there you have it, trump still winning, twitter if the you will, but certainly hillary coming out pretty strong in
7:54 am
eyes of a lot of social media users. maria: the race becomes all about user engagement. >> yes. dagen: there was one trump tweet i will pull it up resonated with people, he was talking about veterans, and that was it got a lot of attention, all over social media, i think that is what won him a lot of followers, illegal grants will be given obamacare free college tuition nothing mentioned about our veterans that was one of the things he tweeted resonated, we talked about his kind of trolling but i thought pretty tame considering -- for trump, on twitter in the past. >> there was moments for example, with chafee, webb o'malley where they tried to make a splash, what they are trying to do there, is maybe leverage those sound bites in so social media ads this is only good for fwoong and twitter to try to make money off this very lucrative campaign there is a business
7:55 am
side of all of these as well -- >> bernie sanders i am trying to get it down the american people -- >> you got -- a style accent. >> i guarantee that is utilized as an ad against hillary clinton if nominee by somebody because they will use it and will show something afterwards, right, already creating something in mind show that, and then actually show stuff from benghazi is this really it are people sick of it. >> you can ploo e-mail concern and like he is diminish it but the fact is there is -- >> about to testify, are about this, the next two weeks, so it doesn't takeaway the legality national security risk she put the country in. >> have there will be an advertising agency that is using that right now, and making a commercial. >> there were so many moments like that last night especially on what positions they've been taken or not taken especially marijuana issues like that it was a big night on social media, pretty fun to see how people reacted.
7:56 am
>> sure was. >> especially -- >> thank you very much outside advisor to president obama hillary clinton weighs in on the democratic debate joining the set next. back in a minute. more "stay" per roll.
7:57 am
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. maria: good wednesday morning i'm maria bartiromo it is wednesday october 14, with me this morning fox business network dagen mcdowell, wall street cohot gary kaminsky. >> the white house says the missile test by iran over the weekend was an apparent violation of a u.n. security council resolution. white house press second josh ernest says will not complicate u.s. effortings to complement the nuclear deal with iran i spoke we former defense secretary leon panetta asked what u.s. needs to do now. >> i think the united states, and our al lose have to be very tough on iran with regard to nothing of the deal if iran
8:00 am
keeping prodding trying to it have the whether we are serious on the deal this is a moment we have to show resolve we have to show that we're not going to simply stand back. maria: bernie sanders bailed out hillary clinton debating for the first time it was sanders not clinton took on the elephant in the room. >> enough of the e-mail let's talk about the real issues facing america, [cheers and applause] . >> thank you, bernie. thank you. maria: and beginning of third quarter reporting stn financials this morning trying to beat back woerz that earnings this quarter bank of america beat expectations, last hour, reporting earnings 37 cents a share, better than 33 cents, analysts were looking for revenue bank of america coming in 20.9 billion dollars, wells fargo next, set to report any moment we will bring the months, as they break, j.p. morgan under pressure, futures a mixed
8:01 am
opening for the broader averages, we are well off the lows of the morning, dow jones industrial average s&p 500 fractionally higher in europe weakness there we've got selling going on off worst levels of the morning with declines of between fraction to a half per cent lower, then this, he apparently, no, it is coming, accuweather reporting waves of cool air through midwest and northeast this week could be inform to bring the first snow fall of the season this weekend. >> they've got it the strikeout! the cubs win! the chicago cbs are heading to the national league championship. >> yes sounds of victory for the first time ever chicago cubs closed out a playoff series a win in their ballpark beat sanity lewis cardinals 6-4, not so lucky for the new york mets, mets lost to he dodgers last night they now go back to los angeles, for game
8:02 am
five, of that series. that is top story democrats holding first dean blake berman in las vegas right now with a recap, good morning blake. reporter: good morning to you as well fight night in vegas this was not it was somewhere between hardly and anything but. hillary clinton emerged largely ununskatethed approach free from sperm 2006 democrats forced anger frustration toward wall street they called greedy corrupt, they also talked about the top 1% billionaires and casino capitalism the inevitable raised bernie sanders threw clinton a life line put peter over personal politics. >> the american people are sickened of hearing about your damn e-mails. >> thank you, me too me too. [cheers and applause] . >> thank you.
8:03 am
>> for clinton we will see if that is enough to pretty much win over or at least easy concerns of democratic voters to who flocked over to sanders last few months or so clinton's pollster told fox last night after the debate quote i think things have stabilized. >> thank you so much blake berman robert wolf outside advisor to president obituary, and the founder ceo of 32 advisors good to see you -- >> great to see. >> you this you so much for joining us. >> gary good to see you. >> you are a clinton supporter. >> yes. maria: how did last night go. >> she crushed it, i mean. maria: you this i. >> a knockout i think from the beginning, she had a great hop in our step, i think when started out on foreign policy, capitalism sweet spot talking about business, you know foreign affairs, and certainly senator sanders weakness i think there was an immediate win right from the beginning. >> to be clear, term of business, she is basically, on the attack against wall street isn't she. >> no because i think she was only candidate that said she
8:04 am
is not for going back to glass-steagall the only candidate understand going back to glass-steagall would be i reallied trying to put gianni in the bottle brought up amount of ig lehman brothers when everyone he also talking about glass-steagall only talking about four banks when they make it like talking about entire financial industry. it seems to be, that the secretary put it back into you know, a normal conversation, so listen i think you know she was supportive of dodd-frank supportive the systemic regulatory consumer protections shows she understands whether the business community is applauding that is not -- >> when they agree or not. >> she is the one actually understands it most. >> easy to look like a pro business candidate and now pro capitalism when you are standing next to bernie sanders. >> i said from the onset, you know, right away anderson cooper discussed foreign policy capitalism, you know that is something that the
8:05 am
country cares about care about the business and economy and care about foreign affairs no disrespect to the republicdebat didn't talk economy this debate 50% was economy. >> that is true we talked about that should be the case that is what american people care about. >> you thisnk? >> i can think of nobody better in that seat everybody wants to know was biden watching did they talk to the president, and what is he thinking today i know you've got to have some thought about that you speak of the president all the time. was biden watching has what is he going to do now. >> well you know i think last night said abiden was watching the president was watching rumor a has it a lunch between the president and abiden, today interesting listen, certainly i think when i met with vice president a few weeks back, you know there was all speculation he is running he is running because meeting with me i said if i don't know if he doesn't know how would i know, certainly, i think the
8:06 am
pathway is closing. you know. there is no question, that since mccarthy mentioned the benghazi committee is literally a partisan committee going after secretary clinton's polling she has been incredible different candidate from that week on sxugd confidence talking about the issues, and e-mail in the back burner going into theing benghazi commission, this is -- an amazing situation, for the secretary, that benghazi has changed the whole tone has changed. >> if vice president says for personal reasons decided not to procure this, does president obama get behind hillary in a major way. >> i think it would be difficult for sitting president, to get involved in a primary, until there was a clear distinguished leader. er certainly though i think last night, if you said who is the candidate that took the president's platform continued on with it, it was absolutely secretary clinton there was no question. >> very complimentary.
8:07 am
>> i think that you know, she did that on purpose; right? you know everybody would say biden would carry the torch clear last night hillary was saying no, i will be cargo the torch i want to add to the torch. >> the perpetration becomes, hillary's presidency is a third obama term. >> well i think first of all, let's be clear obama's popularity is 80+ per cent gut tells me if he ran today he would win, okay? >> you know what? >> he will be -- >> exactly, and, you know, you know i wouldn't o probably challenge that either versus the republican field so -- and so i would not say that you are going on the same platform obviously she came out against him on some things, but i think that in extent -- continuation of the platform with health care, with the economy starting to do better but not where we want, immigration reform the things, by the way, we can debate where the national about map is going but the electoral
8:08 am
maps for democrats, that is a fact social issues right now have a lot of louder voice than anything. >> talk about this was case the electrics last time. dagen: let's talk e-mails kevin mccarthy snafu on the benghazi committee clearly gave her a lot of momentum a lot of energy if you will. last night that line a line of the tonight from bernie sanders dismissing e-mail concern and damn e-mails got a big cheer wut do you have to admit it is a legal problem raises legal issues in this country national security. >> fbi investigation. >> does she fully acknowledge this would be a problem. >> i don't think anyone is saying this gone away two things i would not gre mccarthy seat snafu i think told the truth. >> a foulup. >> no question why he is not speaker today, but i think that the secretary doesn't
8:09 am
think this is over. but certainly last night bernie you know, i mean listen, he gave her a big softball to hit. >> was that a setup. >> i don't think it was a setup i actually think he said all along he was not going to go after the secretary, and be a gentleman gentleman he raised a mill four right after it democratic party likes that not fighting each other onstage. >> i heard actually donald trump say, the republican party fights more against each other than they do against the democrats. >> they do. >> i loo i can that democrat party are not fisticuffs. >> last night 38% on economy, 52% foreign affairs what you want. >> who on that stage wants to be her vice president? all of them martin o'malley kissing up to her all night obviously wants vice president. >> i don't see vice president on that stage. >> owe. >> i love -- okay, would be you know, very -- >> have you have respondto hillary. >> yesterday e-mailing i mote
8:10 am
with her recently for almost two hours, so, you know. >> who does she say she wants vice president. >> i don't even first of all, won't say robert -- it didn't come become part of the conversation, i think you win primary first then go from there. >> what does she need to do now to keep up the momentum that perhaps she gained over the last weeks. >> i think you have to listen i think the public is nervous about the economy nervous about foreign affairs with a look what are is going on syria middle east two book ends, okay? economics and foreign affairs you have to stay on policy. and that is what she is a bit of a policy wonk what she is going to talk about i think that is a good thing that is what the country wants to hear. >>. dagen: hos head to headed matches up with republican candidates. >> dagen looking at polls no disrespect i am not a poll watcher i know in media you have to look at polls but meanwhile,s today. >> you ignore all polls.
8:11 am
>> pot us running 1% when i started backing him hillary 65%. >> wow i should have bet actually i would have been -- >> how do you like that. >> if vice president biden says i am not going to pursue this, those polls against hillary republicans a lot of that changes. >> 20% off hillary right now, so -- you snow has being. >> >> donald trump taking market share. >> i don't think to carson is winning the republican nominee nomination, by the way, he is i think even with trump in today's poll i would -- >> who is republican nominee. >> you know, my gut tells me that it will go back to establishment candidates. maria: jeb bush? >> bush or rubio, but you know, i am having a lot of enjoyment watching the donald, as a warden guy not one that disses him on tv i don't agree with his politics. >> -- you know, tweet right
8:12 am
back you said, i have always said that i respect his business acumen what can i say, tweeting right now. >>. maria: reporting. >> by the way, he is a great putter i am not a good golfer he is a greet putter. maria: now you are kissing up to him, good to have you on the show. >> guided being here. maria: robert wolf joining us tune into fox business network presidential debate about november so our colleagues at "the wall street journal" join you the the primary debate will focus on issues you want to hear about economy jobs wages foreign policy don't miss it november so on fox business network. breaking news wells fargo earnings out bank reporting better-than-expected profits and revenue for the quarter the stock however is lower, want to tell you what is going on behind numbers he had lines at wells fargo, back in a minute. ♪ ♪
8:13 am
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the bank reporting earning per share 1.05 on revenue 21.88 billion dollars, bank of america a quarter profit after big legal expenses pushing that back into red a year ago reporting adjusted earnings 37 cents on revenue 20.91 billion, blackrock beating on both top and bottom lines the company reported adjusted earnings 5 dollars on revenue 2.91 billion dollars, this is all following j.p. morgan disappointing results yesterday, maria so following all the numbers. maria: cheryl thank you so much gary take on bank earnings this quarter.
8:17 am
>> no surprises here, the mix of business bank of america wells fargo compared to j.p. morgan, a little bit more slanted towards retail consumer in terms of refy so i think that the capital markets exposure j.p. morgan significantly higher therefore you saw the difference there, again, these are not great earnings where you somebody in terms of the cycle, a lot of it has to do as pointed out regulatory environment what is happening with net interest major. >> consumer continues to use low interest rates to refy where they have ability to go got credit can do it, it is a over on negates impacted we had people on small business owners talking about how difficult it is, to get new loans, if you don't have your established credit. >> right. >> i am so optimistic, so upbeat -- good news out of j.p. morgan, shrinking smaller in size down 160 billion dollars in assets, to reduce
8:18 am
that new to being that new capital surcharge from federal reserve will give money to up the dividend and stock buyback. >> looking for a reason to own it. maria: . >> the j.p. morgan is strongest using many financial metrics the strongest not one of the strongest banks the question of profitability gets down to the idea of if they are all capital lived calization will they show higher returns. dagen: equity 12%. >> regulatory environment continues to impact all financial. dagen: absolutely. >> every bank wants fed talking about fed all day. maria: you are right. >> the fed didn't raise wants them to raise rates every bank wants fed to raise. >> yesterday you had another member of the board governor coming out saying, it would -- he doesn't think would it be appropriateto raise rates this year. maria: came up with all regulations. >> you are right.
8:19 am
>> created higher capital levels, so much. >> i saw a note from peter saying there is no schedule feds -- probably good for stock market. dagen: monday o he -- >> no fed speak today. >> retail sales out in 10 minutes i think setting the tone for markets up 2/10 of a perturb cent people expecting for september, we haven't seen a move by sxhoo consumer to spe money saved at pump. >> no basically put in savings you've seen evidence for casual dining, but not into apparel bye ticket items, on very, very high end luxury side. >>. dagen: borrowed money. maria: that is right, a short break we are watching, we are watching retail sales 8:30, 10 mipz away hillary clinton ties economic positive sperity to democratic marty if he would 70 joins us trumps that he says, back in a minute. i said you better sign it...
8:20 am
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. . maria: welcome back top in issue the democratic debate the economy despite the fact the presidential hopefuls clashed on policy with hillary's point all agreed when best to boost economic growth. >> if you look at republicans versus democrats compromise it comes to economic foil this is no comparison economy does better when you have a democrat in the white house that is why we need to have a democrat not house. >> i with a want to bring in harvard economics professor martin feldstein your reaction, good morning. >> good morning on policies
8:24 am
you have her policy frighten she has been drifting away from mainstream democrat policies let alone mainstream republican policies for anti-- policies scary. >> even though her husband in second term went to the middle, she has gone the opposite way. >> because she is -- running against an even further left candidate. >> bernie sanders. >> yeah. >> good morning there is statistical evidence to back up that claim go back 50 years, include reagan years bush -- >> there are so many other things going on i don't know the statistical answer to that. sort of caricature would be the democrats run economy superfast we see rising inflation, then, ronald reagan has to come in, slow things down were, the help of paul volcker for a while, of course, democrats did well in run-up to that, during the --
8:25 am
>> depends. >> we are going to leave a massive amount of debt after what has been an economic recovery last seven years. >> propriety. >> what happens, you know. >> but i don't think dealing with that is going to slow the economy down. i think we are at full employment that is basic fact if you look ahead we're not going to have very strong growth because we no longer have that excess labor to absorb. >> wait a seconded don't we have evidence that in fact smaller government and environment that is positive and encouraging business and encouraging to business does in fact create jobs encourage businesses to hire more people we do have evidence of that. >> yes but i would say at this point we've -- we've hired the people we are going to be hired, of course, there are new people joining the labor force every year every month. you have to have an economy that will absorb them.
8:26 am
but basically, at 5.-- excuse me at 5.1% unemployment, there isn't a lot of -- gone from 10% unemployment compensation to 5%. maria: right. >> bringing in a lot of people, but going forward, there is nothing like that, to be -- to be absorbed. dagen: quickly what is most critical thing for next president to do assuming full employment. >> well i think in terms of of the economy? >>. dagen: yeah. >> i think we need tax reform i think if we do have tax reform i wouldn't that didn't come up last night. >> we will have stronger growth be will have stronger growth, more rapidly rising real incomes, but i think it is not a question of -- of creating yet more jobs. bringing the unemployment rate from 5.1%, to 4.9, that is no longer the goal. the goal has to be, to raise the real incomes of the people who are working.
8:27 am
maria: wages, good to see you thanks for weighing in joining us. we'll be right back. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a free 30-tablet trial.
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8:30 am
>> welcome back, russia's air strikes in syria have been called into question. why are they doing this? what is the motivation? is it to help president bashir al-assad or something else? joining us monica crowley, thank you for joining us. >> hi, maria. maria: got to get your take on joe biden and the debate. what is behind the attacks? how do you see this? >> i'm writing my column in the washington times about the subject because a lot of people have been trying to get a handle on vladimir putin's motive. and there's something bigger going on here and far more dangerous. vladimir putin never works in a narrow scope, he always works in a broader scope. what he's really doing here, it's a huge gambit to gain control of the world's oil supply. this is about two competing
8:31 am
pipelines, but the one that vladimir putin is focused on is the iran-iraq-syria pipeline. assad a few years rejected the turkey pipeline. so vladimir putin wants to control the flow of oil and natural goes into europe and people do that by having control of the pipeline and under the pretext of fighting isis. most of the weapons he's bringing in are overkill on dealing with isis. what he's doing here and this is the bigger point i raise and nobody touched upon vladimir putin is encircling saudi arabia and working with the saudi main enemy, which is iran. it's tehran, they're encircling saudi arabia with weapons and new alliances to squeeze saudi arabia because the saudis have done the gravest damage to the russian economy by continuing to pump well over their quota and flooding the market and
8:32 am
decimating the market. maria: vladimir putin has been successful in that the prices are beginning to move up. and fighting in syria has worked. >> the power play has been working, but he's not going to be satisfied with a tick up of oil prices he wants all the marbles. maria: we've got your get your take on hillary clinton last night. you came on this program months ago and first to say joe biden is going to enter this race. what are your sources saying now, hillary by all accounts is being talked about as the winner of last night' debate. does biden pull back? >> no, biden is going to get in. biden is biding his time, no need for him to get in and get beaten up. the reason he's waiting because he knows he has the full backing of the president of the united states, his boss, and the white house. as soon as he gets in, all he has to do is throw the switch,
8:33 am
the money will come to him and the support will come to him and the minority vote will come to him if obama backs him. you saw last night mrs. clinton did well, no question about that, but what i think you saw last night was purely academic. i think the fbi investigation is going full throttle. yesterday the president and vice-president the sat down and met with the attorney general loretta lynch behind closed doors, we don't know what was said, but speculate that she's giving them an indication where the investigation is. and mrs. clinton did well. dagen: the other candidates helped her. there was a lot of love on the stage. maria: they were all deferring to her. they want to be her vice-president. dagen: can the republicans learn something from that? and talking earlier on fox, away from the cameras. the republicans need to get
8:34 am
alone. maria: fighting all the time. dagen: to shore up the party. maria: stick together. >> that's true, but the difference here, none of the other candidates on that stage last night are actually running to be president. they're either running to bulk up their brand or like bernie sanders, running to promote an agenda. bernie sanders after the debate last night said, i don't intend to be the nominee. he's advancing ideas is what he said, yes, where the republicans all think they can be the nominee. they're competing. dagen: they're taking millions of dollars from people and have no intention of being the nominee. >> he's running to promote an ideological agenda and not-- >> wait, monica, let's go back to biden, you've got a different opinion than what we've heard on the show this morning. hillary clinton strategist. maria: robert wolf. >> he was here. maria: he's close with biden and i think in his heart of hearts think that he wants
8:35 am
biden to get in, but after last night-- he spoke, and you've got a completely different take from two people very close to hillary clinton and barack obama as to biden. >> barack obama is the key, there's only one person who is in control of any of this and that's the president of the united states. he controls the white house. he controls the democratic party. and he controls this nominating process. we know there's a long history of bad blood between the obamas and clinton, he would rather eat his own knee rather than have her the president. barack obama needs somebody he can control. >> when do you envision this all happening? >> i think maybe by the end of the year, maybe early next year. i think the-- >> but this is really close for joe biden. >> he'll have 0 get in because of the ballot refire departments in the states. by the end of the months, he's going to have to announce. the fbi investigation is on a separate track and i think the tracks will converge and see hillary clinton maybe not
8:36 am
indicted might not see it that far, but she will be distracted politically and legally, she will be marginalized at the least. maria: i wants your take on jeb bush. listen to what he said, his take on hillary. >> i can beat hillary and every poll shows i can. i have a proven record that gives people confidence, i'm not shus talking about it. maria: reaction? >> governor bush is a good man, a good governor, but he's done in this. maybe i'm overstating it because he has a lot of money, nearly 100 million dollars which he can spend and will spend, but i think he is a tortoise in a race full of hares. you have dynamic, impressive people hung around him and while he's impressive, he's not particularly dynamic. people want an outsider, you saw with bernie sanders, but with trump, carson and fiorina
8:37 am
leading the pack. and fair or not, jeb bush is considered establishment. maria: can anyone on the g.o.p. lineup beat hillary? >> i think that any of them except for jeb bush. i think that jeb bush is a mirror image, the last name, all of the baggage, no energy or enthusiasm for the race. >> i'm pretty certain that voter turnout for bush-clinton general election will be loved. maria: and then hillary wins. because the dems will show up. the republicans will be upset, they won't show up. dems will show up and give it to hillary. >> but here is news, neither one of them is going to be the nominee. you heard it first on mornings with maria. maria: you don't think that hillary clinton will be the nominee after last night? >> no, because i don't think that barack obama does not want her. >> so biden versus hillary? >> i think it's going to be biden versus--
8:38 am
i have no idea. >> oh. obviously, i do this for a living, i can't honestly tell you. i don't have a good handle on this race and i don't think many people do. i think donald trump could actually pull it off. i don't know how likely that is, but i think he could pull it off. maria: and you think that trump can beat hillary? >> i think anything is possible. i think the dynamic, maria, you're seeing now is unlike anything we've seen. dagen: a fox news poll, everybody beats her in a head to head matchup, even bush beats her in a head to head matchup. maria: we're early in the innings. monica crowley, join us on fox business, hot shows, with varney, here are moments from today's show. you're signing tom brady to be the ambassador for this company? >> he's the best.
8:39 am
[laughter] . maria: there you go. >> if you want to be strong, just go with some people. i think he's a gentleman. he's a man. >> if joe biden would get in the race last week was his chance and he decided to give hillary clinton a free debate and tougher for him to get in today. >> he does not lose and frankly he's a guy who has more energy than i met before. i call him the energizer bunny and does not stop. and he's having fun with it, where he's in the race and what he's done on the g.o.p. side. and a son, i'm proud of him. >> there's no question that putin, you know, is trying to take advantage of the situation. he was able to push himself into the ukraine, he's now trying to push himself into syria. when you're dealing with a bully, you have to draw the line on the bully and i think that's what the united states has to do right now.
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
>> welcome back, 2016 hopefuls turning up the heat during last night's presidential debate, but donald trump stole the show in some corners. cher cheryl. >> he was live tweeting a storm during the debate with comments like this one, sorry, ther no star on the stage tonight. and then he tweeted, can anyone imagine chaffy as president?
8:44 am
no way. the only winner of the debate is @donald trump. nba star lamar odom was found unconscious at a brothel. he is fighting for his life. he is a former laker and married to kim kardashian's sister khloe. and he's known to have drug problems. maria: and a leader of building applications for the cloud and will allow whole foods to operate more efficiently. joining us is the ceo of whole foods, good to see you, gentlemen, congratulations. it's an exciting day for you. >> it's a great day.
8:45 am
weepi weeping-- we think it's a great company and will bring benefits to our customer. maria: how does it work? >> things have changed. competing technology is cheaper and we'll use cloud computing for massively available storage and you can do things to change the way that retail works instead of the manual processes so all the systems we use today are pre-commerce, pre-social, pre-mobile, none of those things were contemplated years ago. maria: will the customer see any of this, walter? from a practical standpoint, what do we see as users? >> we'll predict better and order better and manage inventory better. we put the better visibility into the supply chain ultimately for customers. if you're picking a head of cauliflower and imagine you can see this is how it was grown,
8:46 am
for our product attributes and quality. >> i'm going to walk into a whole foods, which i do all the time. maria: so do i. dagen: fight the crowd to get in the door. >> how is this-- take me to the next level. what is it going to do to make you more efficient, helping me as the customer? >> this allows you to know exactly what you buy and how it's replenisheden ultimately attributes of a salmon. others is like no other salmon. you get access to information in a new way and a richer experience to you ultimately. it will take a couple of years to get there, but that's the potential. maria: how do you characterize business? we're having this debate about the economy. you're on the front lines. >> on the front lines, i would say the economy is slow and say
8:47 am
that business is challenging, choppy at times and we're working our way through it, but it's not robust. maria: how about your business, charles? >> we're in over 100 countries. globally i would say our business is growing. the u.s. is moderate growth, europe has grown better than we expected. and asia is fine as well. we're benefitting from people migrating from the business to the cloud as well. maria: and that slow-growth environment is one of the reasons you want to be doing partnerships like this because it makes the company see better into the supply chain. >> and the salmon example, we're going to predict you're buying that salmon because of the weather, because of economic conditions, the holiday, knowing what's in the store and the best thing stocked in the store. retailers, we don't want it to be that we don't have what you want. dagen: and as a customer, maybe you know too much about me. >> it's voluntary.
8:48 am
you opt into as much as you want. and the right amount of salmon and that's up to you. maria: somebody told me there are sensors and food and drink and tell where it came from. if it's the wine you thought it was, and you could consume it. >> they're also making packages that you can eat now, too, by the way, but, you know, i want to come back to a question. we're going to grow 38, 40 stores next year, business is still growing and this whole idea of healthy organic foods is robust. you've got to use technology to improve how you're doing business and that's part of our continued effort in technology to become a better retailer. maria: congratulations. we'll be right back. f you coue of what you wanted to know? with fidelity's new active trader pro investing platform, the information that's important to you is all in one place, so finding more insight is easier.
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>> welcome back, we're on earnings watch this morning for the third quarter because america's biggest banks have reported the numbers. nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange. nicole: traders are looking at wor worse-- futures came down a little bit. banks, two wenters and two losers, black rock, to the upside and bank of america, mounting legal fees, and moynihan has navigated the company through that and costs fell sharply because they've had fewer legal fees. on the down side two banks lower, wells fargo and jpm. and wells fargo stronger results. lone growth, the mortgage business did drop year over year and so we're seeing that one to the down side. maria: thank you so much. don't forget to start your day with nicole every weekday here on the fox business network,, mornings with maria.
8:53 am
two big blockbusters at the end of the year, most anticipated may surprise you. jo ling kent is on this with the details. jo: i love this and i'm excited for the holiday season. the movie, the final installment of "the hunger games" moved ahead of "star wars" "the force awakens". >> turn your weapons to the capit capital. turn your weapons to snow. jo: jennifer lawrence at katniss-- "star wars," 495. and it's on jennifer lawrence one of the hottest stars in hollywood. maria: it's a hot december.
8:54 am
we'll be right back, stay with us. can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
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big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice. doing the big things that move an economy. see you tomorrow, mac. see you tomorrow, sam. just another day at norfolk southern.
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>> i like sheldon a lot. we have a good relationship. if sheldon gives to him he'll have total control over rubio. that's the problem with the way it works. maria: that's donald trump talking with neil cavuto yesterday, marco rubio, where do you think the money will go on the g.o.p. side. >> with apologies to my co-host who is now publicly backing jeb bush who i think continues to get a tremendous amount, marco rubio seems to be making significant inroads in the establishment of the industry, in terms of getting incremental support and i think that will continue. maria: a junior senator. that was the issue with barack obama, but dagen, your thoughts. dagen: i think it will continue
8:58 am
to resonate and i've bashed trump on a lot of different things, but it's a big benefit to him and his campaign that he can say i'm self-funding. i'm not taking money. i'm beholden to nobody. >> i know, i know a lot of people if trump wanted to take money i know a lot of people who would be very happy to give him money, but the fact he's saying he doesn't want to take money, the question is where will some of that money go? i think a lot will end up on rubio. dagen: right now spending money on jet fuel and that's it. maria: the markets? >> it continues to feel really strange, it does not feel, more a feel than anything else, that we've seen the bottom on august 24th, i continue to be cautious in terms of what we have out there. maria: a cautious economy. dagen: i'm worried, tied back to the debate, the headline risk for whole industries in the next more than a year to the pharmaceutical companies, the drug makers, the bio--
8:59 am
>> talking regulation. dagen: even wall street. >> every time wall street is bad, wall street is bad, wall street is bad, that's not going to help stocks. dagen: not at all and that's another headwind in the stock market. maria: great show today, guys, thank you so much. dagen mcdowell, always a pleasure. tune in tomorrow, sit down, we'll talk to kathy inglebert, and don't go anywhere, stuart has an enormous show coming up. he's going to talk to two presidential candidates and get their views on last night' debate and issues that matter to the american people, that's on "varney & company" starting right now. stu, over to you right now. stuart: i will take it, you're a little early, maria, catching me by surprise. maria: i knew you were ready. stuart: i'm ready. how many people, honestly, honestly, stayed up for the whole thing? how many people? it wasn't entertaining, but sure looked like a coronation, didn't it? good morning, everyone.
9:00 am
the one moment which could have sparked real fire in the debate was about hillary's e-mail, but bernie sanders bailed her out of it. the country is tired about it. all right, some bullet points, climate change is the greatest threat freebies, government handouts galore and the rich will pay for it all. no word about growth and carson has caught up to trump. bush and rubio both on this show today. and then there is jeopardy, matt jackson, he's the champion. you watch? i do every night. winnings now up to $400,000. he beats everybody. the mets couldn't quite do it, they could know the clinch at home. cubbys did. if there's a


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