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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 14, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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like to share with us? we'd love to hear it, send me an e-mail or go to our web site charles: if you can't see the show, dvr it, in the meantime, the man himself, lou dobbs. lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. iran showing off its military might sending a message to the world that it will continue its missile program despite u.n. security council resolutions and despite the nuclear deal with president obama and the rest. further provocation iranian state television today broadcast video of a secret underground base housing medium and long range ballistic missiles. iranian officials boasting the facility is one of hundreds of underground bases around the country. these talks come days after
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iran said it successfully test fired a new long range surface-to-surface missile. we take up the obama administration's failure to respond to these iranian threats tonight with house foreign affairs committee member congressman lee zeldin. also tonight, new fox poll shows stunning 70% of americans say the obama administration doesn't have a plan in syria. in fact, the majority of 53% of say vladimir putin has the upper hand in the syrian conflict. we'll be talking about all of that and much more with colonel ralph peters. and hillary clinton delivering what analysts say was a polished performance at last night's democratic debate, but was it enough to keep vice president joe biden on the sidelines? we'll have a full report for you, complete analysis tonight. our top story, iran is stepping up its military provocations.
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iranian state television broadcasting unprecedented video today of a deep underground tunnel packed with missiles and launcher units, iranian officials say those missiles and hardware could be used if, quote, enemies make a mistake, end quote. the pictures released three days after iran tested a new long-range ballistic missile, that the white house says may have breached a u.n. security council resolution. the administration saying ever so tepedly that it will raise the issue at the u.n. security council. earlier today, iran's guardian council approved the nuclear deal with the u.s. and world powers. the next big step for the agreement is to move forward in december, when the international atomic energy agency delivers its report on possible military dimensions of iran's nuclear activity.
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president obama reportedly reconsidering his decision to withdraw the remaining 10,000 american troops from afghanistan by the time he leaves office. senior administration officials tell the "new york times" the president appears to be now willing to retain a military force in afghanistan. the president's reevaluation reportedly and the potential reversal prompted by the taliban's capture of kunduz last month inroads by the islamic state and afghanistan and the continued presence of al qaeda as well. turning to domestic politics -- the presidential kind and what happened last night in vegas certainly didn't stay in vegas, not long, much to the clinton's campaign delight. reassuring the establishment she's likely to be the party's best bet for 2016. clinton landed a few good punches and rival senator bernie sanders gave her a
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surprise assist when he proclaimed he had had enough of the e-mail scandal that dogs her campaign. fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry with our report. >> reporter: as a pumped-up hillary clinton thanked supporters at a debate watched late in the night, her aides were giddy that republicans quickly declared her the winner of the democrats' first clash. >> we're going to win! >> reporter: one notable dissenter appeared to be vice president joe biden, either trying to stay neutral or raining on clinton's parade with a lukewarm agreed. >> i was proud of them, i thought they all did well. >> reporter: top clinton advisers told fox immediately after the debate they see no credible path into the race for biden. one aide saying this is the best day of what has been a shaky campaign, they privately admit another clinton stumble
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over months of the e-mail controversy would have panicked fund-raisers and allies and opened the floodgates for a biden rescue mission. >> obviously performed well last night in a debate that people are not up to the presidential level. >> reporter: a reminder that the rest of the field struggled to look presidential, clinton took a giant step toward knocking down the party's nomination by dwarfing the others. bernie sanders repeated he does not believe in capitalism, former virginia senator jim webb opened the door to illegal immigrants getting obamacare. >> i wouldn't have a problem with that. >> reporter: also continued to move left on policies in the primaries though explanation for flip-flops may sting in a general election. >> if you are learning, you're going to change your position. i never took a position on keystone until i took a position on keystone. >> reporter: then there are her trust issues, more easily sidestepped when among democrats. >> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails! >> thank you, me too, me too!
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thank you, bernie. >> reporter: republican kevin mccarthy's comments on the select committee on benghazi are the gift that keeps on giving for clinton. >> this committee is basically an arm of the republican national committee. >> reporter: yet an fbi investigation of clinton's e-mail setup is looming for the primaries and the general election, and the questions of trust remain. asked in a new fox poll clinton is honest on the events surrounding benghazi? 32% say yes, 60% no. >> benghazi e-mails will be brought up by the republicans who run against her in questions of questioning her trust in honesty. but right now i could guarantee thought republicans are going to have a bunch of problems too. >> reporter: clinton's strong debate performance led top democrats privately mused that the dnc should not have limited the debates. if clinton started debating like the republicans in august, the summer may not have been as brutal. lou?
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lou: would have, could have, should have, ed henry, thank you. ed rollins will join us later in the broadcast. many republicans trashed the debate and the debaters saying hillary clinton essentially got a free pass on her e-mails and foreign policy agenda, perhaps her economics as well. fox news chief political correspondent carl cameron with our report. >> reporter: republicans could not wait to condemn democrats for last night's debate. ted cruz focused on bernie sanders's socialism and hillary clinton's big government. >> last night was an audition for who would wear the jack boots most vigorously. last night was an audition for who would embrace government power to strip your and my individual liberties. >> reporter: jeb bush suggested clinton's rivals covered for her by downplaying her e-mail scandal. >> i thought it was interesting they didn't go after her, particularly on the e-mail issue. look, there's an fbi investigation.
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she hasn't been forthcoming. that's a national security question put aside the legalities of this. it's clear that the russians and the chinese were trying to hack into her server. >> reporter: like her or not, donald trump said clinton prevailed. >> i think she did her job. got through the debate. i personally thought she won the debate, i thought bernie was off, not doing so well. i thought the other people shouldn't be up there to be honest with you. >> basically a liberal versus liberal debate who was going to give away the most free stuff. >> reporter: it's no secret democrats think marco rubio is a formidable foe. >> i anticipate that, that's what their specialists at. the clinton campaign and the democratic party are specialists at the personal destruction of individuals. they've done this for years. >> reporter: dr. ben carson walked back assertion that hitler's mass murder of jews might have gone differently if the public were not disarmed by the nazis. in a jerusalem post op-ed he
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wrote -- rand paul struggling to qualify for the next primetime gop debate streamed his campaign day live on the web and got annoyed by a particular question he gets a lot of lately. >> the third most popular from google is, is rand paul still running for president? wouldn't be doing this dumb ass live streaming if i weren't. i'm still running for president, get over it. where is rand paul in the polls? this is not live, ght? >> reporter: paul is selling $20 t-shirts that read -- the next gop debate is two weeks from tonight. lou? lou: can't wait! carl cameron, thank you. here's what some of the news organizations around the country are saying about who won last night's debate. the "new york times," a night goes clinton's way after months of problems.
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the "washington post" -- clinton's dominance at debate complicates biden's path. politico not holding back -- clinton crushes it! we won't be holding back either but we are coming right back. stay with us. syria, iraq, israel, turkey, yemen, egypt, libya all hit with waves of violence. in all of this, what should the united states do? congressman lee zeldin joins us to take up the issue. and sea lions in the san francisco bay are a big tourist attraction. attraction. the problem for the sea lions
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. lou: israel tonight is sending its troops into the streets and cities throughout the country. all part of an effort to try to stop weeks of violence and deadly attacks by palestinian terrorists. it's also closing up sections of jerusalem, making it easier for its citizens to obtain gun permits and to buy guns. three israelis have been killed, at least a dozen more injured over the past 24 hours, a number of shootings and stabbings around jerusalem. there have been more than 20
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attacks, mostly stabbings this month. a total of 7 israelis have been murdered. more than two dozen palestinians also killed, and joining us tonight congressman lee zeldin, a member of several committees including foreign affairs, one of the leading voices for israel in congress. great to have you with us, congressman. congressman zeldin: great to be back with you. lou: look, netanyahu had to do something, and this is a first step, obviously. is this going to be enough, do you think, to assure the security of the country? congressman zeldin: he's going to have to do even more, it would be helpful if america and the rest of the free world was in the fox hole with him and with israelis, it is obviously deeply disturbing to watch the terrorists attack and murder innocent israelis, but what is more saddening than that is watching president obama's shameful reluctance to stand alongside bibi netanyahu and
11:16 pm
the israelis in critical time of need. the prime minister is going to do everything to protect his country, it would be nice if he's not in the fox hole by himself. lou: why are -- if you will -- israeli supporters, why are they so reticent to criticize president obama's policies, and frankly his outright indifference or even in many cases his antagonism toward israel? congressman zeldin: i think you have more and more people who maybe they've been voting democrat their entire life, registered democrats, maybe voted for barack obama. more and more people are willing to be critical of the president's foreign policy. there are some people though who they are obama kool-aid drinkers who believe this twisted logic of who our friends are and enemies are in the middle east, whatever the president tells them is the situation on the ground, they take it as his word, don't question facts and it's unfortunate. i believe more and more people are open-minded to the truth
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and holding the president accountable in the democratic party. lou: those who are jewish who support israel, who are blind to what is happening here, i mean, i can't personally speak -- only for myself, i cannot fathom millions and millions across the country who are fundamentally christian, catholic, whatever religions may be, are deeply upset about what we are witnessing in israel, and it seems to have more of an impact on those americans or those religions than it is in large measure the jewish religion which you would assume would be absolutely straightforwardly, directly, passionately, deeply concerned. congressman zeldin: people have their head in the sands. it was a year ago you had hamas firing 12,000 rockets from the south. hezbollah firing 12,000 rockets from the north. hezbollah is fighting across
11:18 pm
the border to syria, al qaeda into syria. all around israel you have the existential threat to this country, and iran calling them the little satan, chanting death to america, it's important that everyone take their head out of the sand and stand up with our allies. lou: turn to the house, an issue of leadership to the house, not existential one assumes but very important to the republican party and the house, to the speaker. paul ryan has said no. apparently he has asked countless times every day whether he's changed his mind. freedom caucus says he's find with them, mind-boggling to me since his positions are antithetical to the very idea of the freedom caucus. what is the basis of his standing even as he insists that to be speaker he would have to have absolute obedience
11:19 pm
from every republican. i never heard of an american institution dominated by authoritarian, wait a minute, there is a white house figure as well. congressman zeldin: so i just got there in january. over the course of several months in washington, i have watched this man, and i spent four years in the state legislature level as well. never seen a legislator receive more respect from his colleagues on both sides of the aisle. it's something the way he presents himself. he makes his argument. people who disagree with him, but still respect him, but the fact is he keeps saying no, every single day he says he's not interested in doing it. lou: will the party be better off, the house better off if he said yes? congressman zeldin: yes. lou: so you support him? congressman zeldin: i would be supportive of him. lou: he's not your favorite? congressman zeldin: i like to see trey gowdy get in the race. i'm biased towards trey. he's the remarkable -- lou: he also says he doesn't want it. congressman zeldin: he also says he's not interested.
11:20 pm
so maybe lou dobbs for speaker. we're going through our list of people here. lou: trust me, congressman, you don't want me running things in the house of representatives. you don't want me in that town as a matter of fact. better i stay out here. congressman, it is always good to see you. congressman zeldin: same here, lou. lou: appreciate it, and good luck with it all as they say. thanks so much. be sure to vote in tonight's poll after watching last night's debate six total democratic debates are in your judgment too few, too many, my goodness, do you see verb tense disagreement on that screen? i do! we'll fix that when we come back and repeat the question. cast your vote on san francisco tourists getting a lot more than we bargained for when they toured alcatraz island. a great white shark, there he is, attacked a seal tens of
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treatment options that were not considered previously. with this important breakthrough at the intersection of science and technology, we've arrived at precision cancer treatment. the evolution of cancer care is here at cancer treatment centers of america. call or visit to learn more about precision cancer treatment. . lou: a few brief thoughts if i may on the obama presidency with a little more than a year to go. i think most americans, most of us, now believe we've been perhaps a little too polite about the failings of this white house, much too nice about its incompetencies, confused goals, and mindless
11:26 pm
policies that contradict our national interest. now, i move tonight to mention the equally obvious but often unspoken quality of this president and this white house. they're overriding, often overwhelming characteristic seems to be this by any standard. they are the weirdest bunch ever assembled as a presidential administration, which makes this presidency not only particularly weird, but historically weird. by way of example, iran today approved the nuclear deal that obama constructed with obama and hardly ever mentioned the leaders of the u.n. security council, that's putin, she, olan and angela merkel, iran plus one. iran has showed off all sorts of conventional weapons including advanced torpedos, but most troubling the
11:27 pm
flaunting of long-range ballistic missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead and capable of hitting israel. today another show of iranian power and demonstration of president obama's weakness, iran's revolutionary guard showed the world a once secret underground missile base packed with long-range ballistic missiles. iran says it has hundreds of bases stocked to the roof with ready to fire missiles. just the latest in the series of dangerous and provocative acts by the islamic republic designed to humiliate the weak and confuse the obama administration, which seems to be only beginning to understand the price of the president's obsequious, desperate acquiescence demands of the ayatollah, the supreme ruler, and the obama response to the iranian provocations and their insults? why the white house mustered the courage to acknowledge that
11:28 pm
iran's missile test this week appeared, appeared to violate u.n. security resolution 1929, which bans iran from conducting such tests. that resolution is in place until the nuclear deal officially goes into effect. after which iran will narrowly be called be quote end quote not to conduct such tests. in another brilliant stroke of deal-making, the obama administration has agreed to replace a ban against ballistic missile testing with what would be a request, purely voluntary. the white house assures the ayatollah. the iranians violated the u.n.'s enforceable outright ban, so just what possibly does our president think the iranians will do with a feeble request? we've all been overly polite witnesses to a presidential administration that seems
11:29 pm
completely devoid of talent and completely lost in their own warped world view, and over the remaining 15 months of this increasingly weird presidency, the rest of us will be fortunate indeed if we are only witnesses to, not victims of, what is now clearly a failed experiment in american government. our quotation of the evening, i'm being overly polite when we should care enough to be straightforward. i doubt many of us will be indifferent to the events over the remainder of this administration. we're coming right back. stay with us. socialism on parade at the first democratic debate. bernie sanders and hillary clinton escalating the great democratic giveaway. what won't these two do with
11:30 pm
taxpayer money to get elected? >> enhance the benefits for the poorest recipients of social security. >> make every public college and university in this country tuition free. lou: former reagan white house political director republican strategist ed rollins joins us next. and there's a very thin line between being a daredevil and an alligator's lunch. a very thin slack line, and it a very thin slack line, and it seems hardly enough, the daring
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lo toptori at is hr, pridenobamrepoedly coiderg keing ousas ofur tops ahanian t fight the islamic state and other radical islamists. the move would abandon the president's promise of withdrawing all our troops for the time he leaves office. hillary clinton's big night in vegas causing big headaches for the draft biden crowd. clinton's strong showing shut the door on the vice president's presidential ambitions, if he has such. and the biggest debate winner on twitter, donald trump, trump added the most twitter followers after the debate. follow me by the way on twitter -- joining us tonight former reagan white house political director republican strategist, fox news political analyst ed
11:35 pm
rollins, ed, you must have had a hoot last night watching that. who won it? ed rollins: hillary did, she was substantive, a good debater. the rest of them did not win on the stage. they may all be nice people, but you had a socialist out there basically advocating pure socialism and no one arguing with him. lou: what do you say about people who said these are a bunch of socialists up there, with the exception of jim webb who was sort of confused there i think for a while. ed rollins: jim webb is a great hero. lou: i'm not saying he's not a hero. i have great respect for him. ed rollins: he set the tone, the redistribution of wealth, everybody who has money is bad, everybody who doesn't have money has been screwed up in life, and the old robin hood stuff we've heard for years, without solutions, other than let's tax the rich more and raise rates and nothing how you create jobs or what have you.
11:36 pm
lou: i'd like to share with the audience this when hillary was asked what would be the difference between an obama administration and a hillary administration? >> finally, fathers will be able to say to their daughters, you, too, can grow up to be president. >> secretary clinton, how would you not be a third term of president obama? >> i think that's pretty obvious. i think being the first woman president would be quite a change. i can't think of anything more of an outsider than electing the first woman president, but i'm not just running because i would be the first woman president. lou: sure sounds like that's the reason she's running, doesn't it. ed rollins: probably said that four or five times during the course of the night. lou: that's what she's saying, i'm a woman, vote for me. ed rollins: we've had 44 men in the white house, and many have proven any man in america can be president. lou: some of them have proved any fool in america can be president. ed rollins: i think the
11:37 pm
rationale for her running has been i worry more about a third term not just of obama but clinton, and i think to a certain extent that cast of characters on the stage, and i go back to bernie sanders, bernie sanders is a socialist. socialism has not worked anywhere in the world. lou: do you really think he's going to be a serious -- ed rollins: no, no, no, but he's in second place. lou: hillary clinton is 20 points ahead of him! >> i understand. that but at the end of the day, there wasn't a single person who challenged any of his premises and that's the issue. the democratic party is a party that believes, i believe in equal opportunity, i don't believe in equality, i believe in equal opportunity. lou: that's great, ed. let's put this up. number of people who ended up following everybody on twitter by the end of the debate. can we put up the full screen of this? the number one winner is donald trump. next, sanders, 46,000
11:38 pm
followers. clinton 10,000, webb 3,000, biden 3,000 and he forgot to show up! this deal, they just don't really care, they're talking, that message of that, that debate was we're going to take your money, if you got some, and we're going to give it to you if you don't have some. that's a pretty appealing deal if you're one of the folks without it. ed rollins: appealing to me if i could get roger ailes to give me your check and you could have mine, i'd be happy with that, too. that's not going to happen. lou: you had me nervous there for a while. ed rollins: i don't want your job, you do a great job. lou: that's kind. i'm going reciprocate. i don't want yours either. do you a great job! [ laughter ]. lou: for two guys -- ed rollins: beat up old jocks, that's the great part of america, that's what it is, we need to keep advocating. lou: you got it. ed rollins, good to have you. ed rollins: thanks so much. lou: a professional slack liner
11:39 pm
taking support to new levels. suspended above a colorado lake filled with hungry alligators. who knew they had alligators in colorado? he made it out alive but warned anyone watching not to try the stunt at home. dog gone it! i was going to do it too. ed rollins: me too. lou: thank goodness he gave me the warning. that means they had to bring in the alligators special for this spot. that was thoughtful. and a professional mountain biker giving everyone a taste what it's like to ride one of the scariest most unforgiving trails in the world. the swiss road racer was strapped on on a gopro to ride down a mountain in utah. a swiss fellow goes utah to ride this. that's a lot of trouble for this i think. the trail so treasured in certain parts it's almost impossible to ride your bike.
11:40 pm
i would say it is impossible to ride your bike but there, he did it. >> has to be really, really precise. lou: yes, really, really precise, i'm translating the swiss. up next, iran tries to show the president what they think of him, truly. and new polls show few people buying the president's assertion that russia is intervening in syria out of abject weakness. they think it's something else. we'll share that with you. stay with us, we're coming stay with us, we're coming right back.
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. lou: americans have serious problems with the president's strategy in syria, they can't devine what it is. 70% feel the white house does not have a clear strategy to resolve the crisis in syria. 53% say russian president putin has the upper hand in syria, not president obama. our next guest says the obama administration has failed miserably, opening the door to putin's coalition which is now on the offensive in the middle east, joining us tonight fox news strategic analyst lieutenant colonel ralph peters.
11:45 pm
moscow now is quote, unquote deliberately targeting u.s. backed forces in syria killing 150 cia trained rebels. i mean, deliberately targeting? colonel peters: yeah. lou: is that not a bizarre thing to say? the russian military deliberately targets their enemy? colonel peters: putin is doing it for two reasons. one it makes tactical sense, he's trying, as we discussed, lou, putin is determined to rub out any opposition short of isis, and he's letting us take care of isis for him. he's attacking all the opposition to assad and contrary to the nonsense, nonsense from the white house about he's in a quagmire, he's in a quagmire, putin is smart. lou: he's moved all his military might in there, not all of it, but plenty of it, and doing so out of weakness.
11:46 pm
that doesn't begin to make sense. colonel peters: but look what he's doing, using his air power, planners and intelligence and commando-type forces but letting the syrians, hezbollah, the iranians in the thousands, and now cubans do the ugly work on the ground, do the dying for him, the cannon fodder. putin is sharp, lou. in an astonishingly short time, he is the dominant outside player in the middle east, as obama skullks away crawling from the middle east, not look backward. lou: obama is looking to withdraw our troops as he planned, as he leaves office. i mean, this is a bizarre time for this administration, and the reality is iran is now just thumbing their nose and raising various fingers to this president as they are putting
11:47 pm
that deal together to constrain nuclear ambitions on the part of the iranians. how more offensive and how much more of an insult can this president ignore? colonel peters: he can ignore a lot more insults, he's a passive guy and a coward. look, he got the nuke deal. the iranian test fired a rocket that violates existing agreements. samantha power at the u.n. said the iranians shouldn't have done that. that was bad. europeans don't care, they just want to do business. the iranians are filming their own underground rocket launchers in underground bases. how is the cuban policy working for you, mr. president. lou: the iranian policy, the cuban policy, the reset russian possible, the list goes on and on. colonel peters: and enjoying rubbing obama's face in it. lou: and indeed they are. colonel ralph peters, good to see you. colonel peters: thank you, lou.
11:48 pm
lou: on wall street, stocks fell after walmart shocked investors cutting sales forecast for the next year and netflix reporting lower than expected results, stock punished and extended trading. walmart accounted for 45 of today's 170-point drop on the dow. the s&p down 9, the nasdaq down 14. volume on the big board, 3.6 billion shares. walmart a reflection of the strength of the dollar, a signal what is happening globally and in emerging markets and rising concerns about strength of the retail sector in this economy. one of the more personal moments in last night's democratic debate came when the candidates were asked to name which enemy they were most proud to have made. listen to former senator jim webb's answer. >> i'd have to say the enemy soldier that threw the grenade that wounded me, but he's not
11:49 pm
around right now to talk to. lou: not many people can give that answer to that question. joining us now co-host of red eye on the fox news channel, former misnew york usa joanne nosuchinsky and andy levy. good to have you both. focus on the debate. is the campaign basically over? hillary clinton wins, it's done. >> it's not over until sheryl crow sings. i think that's how the saying goes, looks like it's over. lou: you? >> i think lincoln chafee has the clear path to the nomination, and you know it's going to be amazing if someone else can top him at this point. lou: we're going to take up this, and explore further what's likely to unfold in the campaign. do you think the e-mail question will come up or pretty much resolved by senator bernie sanders? >> i don't think it's resolved by bernie sanders, you have an fbi investigation, the story is not over.
11:50 pm
>> i want to hear more laughs and see more handshakes. lou: we're going to have that next as we continue with andy and joanne next, among the topics "playboy," does the unthinkable pg-13 banning nude women in the magazines, counterintuitive. and rand paul gets a little attention, his language. raw, i would say. raw. we're coming right bac if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day. i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business...
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lou: well if you have been tempted to give up on america, we have good news, an american jury rejected a woman's bid to sue her now 12-year-old nephew, claiming he act the unreasonably when he jumped into her arms at his 8th rthd par, caing heto fl anbreaher ist, e su him a memb jur sd, s is fullf it thboy notiabl it is done. lou: joining us now, co-host of red eye, former miss new york usa joanne, and andy levy, i am so excited to talk you to about the debate. but first, what did you think of the jury deciding to get out of town. >> i cannot believe this rate 8-year-old kid assaulted his aunt and got off scot-free, this
11:55 pm
is outrageous. party recently, it was difficult to hold b by, tray. >> any time you use the plate as a reason for compensation, you know. >> what is a reasonable 8-year-old? lou: 4 years short of the age of reason. turn to the debate. i thought it was spe spectacular debate, rivetting. >> you know i'm glad there is 6. i know that some people have been arguing for more. i don't know why we need more debates than candidates, at-this-point there is not much
11:56 pm
more to say. lou: bernie sanders said, i mean, we're done with the e-mail thing. wait until tray gaudi het bernie sanders had it. >> that is not mudslinging that is stuff that happened, it goes to your character, and her leave she is above the law. >> and lincoln chafee for being only one to challenge her on that, saying it is about a person's character. be a leader. >> that is why we won the debate. lou: i think that is the perfect metric by which to judge a winner. character, should amount. we have learned to does not amount to much in presidential races. the first democratic debate you
11:57 pm
says without question lincoln chafee. lou: how about you? >> man, anderson cooper. he won. lou: really? >> i am a sucker for a guy with glasses. i love when he cut people off, that is always fun. lou: i love the 30 second thing. wrap it up in 30 seconds. >> i thought hillary did the job she had to do, reassuring her supporters the people that don't care she is a path logical liar. and you have to remember, lying is not a bad thing in a debate. it is you should lie because it works, the format plays to her strength. lou: you think back to mitt romney saying that russia was a number one geopolitical foe. the and president dismissing him.
11:58 pm
that was against cnn, dismissing him? andy crowley sides with him on the view, history is made by such lies, it keeps you in the spirit of the things. >> it works, the viewers are not sitting there -- well most are not, with google open, checking fact checking. and the people who do fact check them, people most of the people who watch are not reading those the next day, all that matters is what you say, whether it is true or not attackically -- tactically it does not matter. lou: the one moment jim webb. decorated marine officer, said when asked about the enemy he is proudest of. do we have that? >> i would have to say enemy solding that threw the grenade that wounded me, but he is not around right now to talk to.
11:59 pm
lou: i mean, how was yor you're reaction. >> how refreshing, his enemy was an actual enemy, it is time we get a real commander in chief in office. >> judging from his demeanor, there is no reason to believe he will not kill someone else, he looked ready to kill someone else, like anderson cooper half the time for not giving him his time. lou: he constrained himself i must say. he is a terrific writer. a smart fellow. some would call him intellectual. i will go with smart fellow. >> he is not -- lou: he is not have any part in politics. >> not in this decade. lou: that is interesting. >> to me, he is a throw back to a eisenhower, someone who served then went to politics because they honestly believed in public
12:00 am
service. lou: my emotion right now is nostalgia those issue are good hey are both republicans. lou: andy levy joanne nosunkhiski thank you. kennedy: happyitty hump day. libty was th-- liberty of the b, it was make a wish night on that las vegas stage. >> 100% clean electric grid by 2015. >> tax credits for solar and for wind. kennedy: marty is full of hot wind, that nothing compared to bernie's need to spend, spend. >> make every public college and university in this


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