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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  October 15, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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honestly yeah, that seems reflective? lou: can't wait to take with you both again, and i will send out your cv's to each other of the other, i promise you the next time. thank you. lou: on-line poll results of your thoughts of 6 democratic debates, too many you said. ♪ kennedy: welcome to the show. i am kennedy. we'll look at our best segment, best interviews over last few nths, ke greg gutfeld joining me too discuss recess consultants to make sure that the kids are playing in a pc way, that great! and "american ninja warrior" champ, he defined physics.
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and chri talking about how he cd music. a grab bag of crazy funny news at your screen, now my favorites. >> topic 1, tennis balls are an unnatural color, like color the lime and lemon jello, cooked in the same pyrex dish. and it would be fun to smack jell-o are a rack it, then spill aam -- film it in slow motion, look at that. so satisfying. these guys took their sweet time
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shooting slow mo jell-o tennis, this is not yet competed at the olympics. thank you china. topic 2. if you encounter a bear in the wild, remember, the basics of survival, if it is a grizzlysi bear, play dead, lay down and pretended you a corpse, then later sustained a fake obituary to our newspaper, you can never be too careful with grizzlies, if it is a black bear, try to scare the animal away, spanned up at -- stand up at full height and yell. all right, excellent way to scare bears is read stev steveng out loud, bears find the shining frightening.
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if you are not sure what kind of bear it is, the best strategy is reason with it, like this girl. >> bear! bear! you are breaking my kayak. why you are doing that? it's the end of september, why are you here? you are supposed to be asleep, why are you here. here. >> please stop breaking my things. it doesn't even taste good. kennedy: that the same tone i use with my children at 9:30 at night, when they do not fall asleep, mary is fine, she made it back without her kayak. topic three.o always horrifying when you drop your phone or side arm into the ocean. what if it is an emergency and
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you really need to get your cell to jump on tender or play snakes, man's best aquatic friend does not just kill sharks and swim with sailors, theyc fetch our personal effects from the ocean floor for us, watch this miracle. >> oh, my god. >> they got it. >> so cute, it's never going to work again but thanks. kennedy: did she say thanks, it's never going to work again but thanks. it just made contact with you, condition you accept for miracle that it is, when a sea creature retrieves your phone for you, that is magic. my god. like the time i lost my iphone off of the phone of san diego, and a large fish found it for
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me. such a good time. topic 4. katy perry was buggered in brazil by a rabid fan. she did not just hug kitty but kissed her, she licked her, she nuzzle her neck, she fondled the bobows. >> what is your name. >> she is kissing my neck. that is my -- okay, hold on, are you a katie cat? kennedy: i kissed katy perry and i liked it. there are katy kat who can't
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wait to be called up onstage. >> trust and confidence, a lot of thanks to give out. kennedy: nothing for you. >> lastly, nana is not impressed with drake. reading drake's words aloud . >> you keep getting rejected, what is that? what the [ bleep ] girls don't like him. you know they got a right -- that does not make sense. dope em, and dope em. >> oh, my god. kennedy: not impressed.
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two elementary schools in minnesota spent $30,000 on recess consultant to help them with playground activity and bullying issues, they recommended avoiding phrases like, you're out in baseball, in favor of, nice try, and good job. because recess is so dangerous, we asked our own recess expert greg gutfeld if this is a good idea. you are in wrong line of work if someone is making $30,000 in thn public school system as a recess consultant. >> this is not just necessary it is recessary. recess is a mind feel, games like tag, telling a child, you're it. how awful is that? that 40 years of therapy, what is that you're it.
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and then tether ball, the ball has done nothing, it is tied to a pole, it cannot escape, this is -- this is a symbol of oppression, we teach kids to hit it, just hit the ball, it goes around and around, then there is hide-and-seek. that is preparation for life on the okay, go, run, run from authority. kennedy: as far as you can. >> it terrible, tag is terrible, hide-and-seek terrible. jungle gym is bad we need to have more experts more consultants, we need mercenary monitors. kennedy: we need prestine zones of safety so children are never bruised, harmed or cajoled, i am worried we're creating a nation of teet sucklers that will put millennials to shame. >> they are our future, they c
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should be bubble wrapped and kepted in the refrigerator until they are 18. kennedy: i like that. like a bullfrog you are about to dissect in biology class. >> that is disgusting. kennedy: a high school in maine, cancels dances because they are plagued with the culture of grinding. >> what did david do? david danced before the lord, w with all his might, leaping and dancing before the record. leaping and dancing. kennedy: that is david, david did that, david safed that town. now if not for grinding would you have a job.d >> that is a good question, we have to remember that grinding is a gateway drug to first base. and so -- >> if you do it right. >> you don't cancel a dance,
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they cancel dance and replaced it a bonfire, that going to get rid of sex, it is a fire on the beach at night, they should have pelvic chaperones. kennedy: i have a quote from a student, he said, word is no one is going to go to the bonfire, and it going to be and this is from senior billy ruby. >> billy always says that stuff, billy is out of control. kennedy: i love it so fun, coming up. dos and don'ts of dropping out of the presidential race. >> and somehow i end up with a bunch of reptiles on my head, youe nerve know what happening here, i am glad you are here.
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kennedy: welcome back, the former white house stress secretary is darn good at giving advise to politicians, she stopped by after rick perry and scott walker dropped out of the g.o.p. side of the race, and m gave us the dos and don'ts. >> first do is when you decide to step out of the race, write your own resignation statement yourself. scott walker, he resigned he had -- write that statement, i thought that was the best thing to do, at that point, you are not giving a wrote speech you g are not on the stump, you are speaking from your heart, and
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your supporters and people that got up every morning to support you, they deserve to hear from you in your kennedy: it is a bitter sweetpe moment.. when you can't kerr through, it is tough, now, you do say, that you should signal who you think should advance or win the primary, scott walker did not do that. >> but he hinted that there was a need for coalescing for other candidates to push back against donald trump. kennedy: do you think that is the same thing. >> in a way, when there are 17 candidates, yes. i think he was suggesting there was a better direct than trump, whether that is fair or not, but it is worth while to say to your supporters, i know you supported me, i am getting out, if i were
8:15 pm
you, i would follow this persono kennedy: if you drop out take a >> it is purpose, press pause, that is a big deal when you enter the arena, you put your family through a lot, you should not just run to next thing unless you need to ern money right away. i would say, a week or not two, with your family, no phones, no media, and just reconnect with who you really are. kennedy: and spending 94 people's money -- other people's money, don't run-up so much campaign debt. >> this a huge thing, the walkers were looking at their future, thinks we don't come from money, we don't plan on making a lot of money, so, they need to get out before they themselves went into debt, this isa -- if you think you are going to get into too much debt you have to figure out to protect yourself, and people you owe money to. kennedy: don't let your staff find out from the press first?
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>> a lot of people that work on walker campaign did find out from twitter there would be a press conference, then "new york times" breaks a story. and confirms that scott walker is suspending his campaign. i feel like if you have staffers that get up every day, spending 18 hours a day nothing nothing but thinking about you and your well being, you should tell them first. the media will wait. kennedy: raising money for you,i investing their lives in your vision, and leaving other jobs to do, that you are right, get know, your final don't, don't be embarrassed. >> that really important, i think if you look at 17 candidates, only two are going to advance, to the primary, went and democrat or maybe an independent. but don't be embarrassed, it is amazing to actually have even entered. be proud, leave with your head hold high.
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kennedy: in go other electelect cycle, i think any one of these candidates, not excluding rick perry and scott walker they could have been most viable idatndin any other elect cycle this is a strairch strangt >> i think if you are not in top 10 at-this-point, you should probably take a look at these dos and don'ts list, and start making your own. kennedy: coming up,iz isaac caldiero the winner of "american ninja warrior" he joined me here, and the reptile guy, joined me with cold flooded creatures who eat rats. >> guess how many of those i wind up with on my head? awe believe active management can protect capital long term.
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kennedy: after 7 scenes and 3500 contestants "american ninja warrior" crowned their first champion this year, izquierdo-diaz -- isaac caldiero completed all 4. you were like a human spider monkey. >> i tried to do my best on the course. kennedy: this is your third thid season.ea competing you had been through n several other stages in past, no one made it past stage 3 until and you jeff did, then you had to complete stage 4, what was the secret. >> a lot just comes from i mean the competition overall is intense. but at the end of the day it is
8:22 pm
focused on hurt mental capacity. -- on your mental capacity, we're all talented athletes and train like headless chickens. kennedy: how do you train for that stuff.. you are a rock climb are by design, and you have the jesus costume, is there specific training you go through. >> a cool like pop secret training regime. a lot is just you know a lot of cardio to build up my lung capacity. then just involve upper body pull ups and also opposing muscle groups, with playing on obstacles.a kennedy: and sport that is comparable that would be good like cross fit? >> there is over years a lot of cross fit competitors. a lot of olympic medalists,. kennedy: 3500. >> by far you know at the end of the day rock climbing is the best sport you could involves yourself in this build the grip
8:23 pm
strength you need to be the first "american ninja warrior." kennedy: it looked like you wasn't -- were defying physics, what kind of diet do you have? >> i eat whatever i can, eating on the road and traveling you get to survival mode but over last few years -- >> survival mode on the road is ruby tuesdays. >> me and my girlfriend, sherl also competes on show be we had a healthy diet, and avoid a fast-food, she has cool tips and tricks. kennedy: do you eat meat. >> yeah. kennedy: wheat. >> yeah. we eat it all, during competition and preparing we keep it strict, as far as meat we will stick to salmon, and salesalads. kennedy: reptiles are fascinating creatures, as affect
8:24 pm
nat as your average cat, eric calendar is helping kids here learn more some more about them, he stopped by with some of his friends. kennedy: this is smallest.s, >> this a tree frog from >> we're bonding. >> he can go on your glasses. kennedy: all right, no, don't drop and fall. >> he has burgers on his hands. >> right at home, welcome to serious journalism, oh, dear god. he can have -- the pocket light >> this is one of the many endangered species of madagascar, we teach about this species to the children. kennedy: beautiful, and this is a giant boa constrictor.
8:25 pm
woe, he is jumping away because he does not want to be eaten by the boa, tell me about drake. >> drake is a boa constrictor. all these animals are from madagascar, except for drake, he is from central america. kennedy: like the pope. >> yes. kennedy: back in my hair. is he making a pin a -- tickle y kennedy: is he going to hair. >> maybe but that is okay. >> does he eat him. >> no. i brought him because in madagascar they have tree boas.
8:26 pm
kennedy: who is hissing? >> that is he is a ca cam a -- . >> there we go, now i am complete. like a yoga class, now he is taking his tail, and he is wrapping it around my glasses, can i pick up the boa just to make it complete. >> around your neck leak this. kennedy: don't let him eat the creatures on my head, i have not uttered that phrase since 1993, just so you know. >> wow. kennedy: there you go precious. i am down with all sorts of creatures this guy peed all over himself right before the show, i suffer from my art, i think he is squeezing the life out of me. kennedy: later on, jack maxwell with booze traveler will tell his drinking stories from the
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kennedy: hey there, kennedy welcoming back to look back. at some of our favorite moments from past few weeks, i feel a topical storm. >> topic 1, bostonians michael bergan and jay foster went fishing they happened across a feature they could not name, they thought it was a baby whale, a sea turtle, the young jacques cousteaus come to grips with their sea born history. >> a baby
8:31 pm
[ bleep ] whale, man, rights here, holy [ bleep ] look at this [ bleep ] thing, oh, my god what is that pullback up pro, we seeing some [ bleep ] we ain'ter in severe before, kid, we could get big money for that if that a [ bleep ] fish, man. kennedy: i would love to buy them cocktails of their choosing too relive their adventure. >> topic two, as jimmy kimmel pointed out, pizza rat, was the viral sep saying -- sensation for new york, now he shows us. the most l.a. thing.
8:32 pm
>> a ke chai chihuahua draggingf kale on to a yoga matt. and it's name is lululemon.ka kennedy: always a bummer when you score a point for op set team -- the opposite team, javier, in the red, right there. boom. oh, no. he scored a goal against himself. i am not going to jump to the whole dumb goalie bandwagon, this is a tough job, but there is something more important, the back of his head, is brilliant. he should take his magical skull to basketball and football as well, it triggered a soccer riot. here is the crowd's reaction. >> holy [ bleep ] look at this [ bleep ] thing.
8:33 pm
oh, my god, what the [ bleep ] is that, bro? >> that is a goal for the other team. kennedy: topic 4. temperature was not only note ne thing 100 this summer in santa clarita, gathering for the senior olympics. he set world records in 5 even events. the high jump, but the best part don's frustration he did not shatter more records like he did when he was 90, he took home 7 world records, next year only thing old enough to compete against don in his age group will be a sea turtle, good job. kennedy: this year's viral successor to ice bucket
8:34 pm
challenge is top notch actors reciting pop music lyrics in the style of shakespearian drama, it is funny, but it gives us a much deeper perspective. take me to church. >> i tell you my sin, so you can sharpen your knife, offer me that death less death, good god, let me give you my life, take me to church. kennedy: bubble to surface. how about this one? >> i said, hotel, hotel, holiday inn. if your girts acting up, then you take her friend, so rock it out, baby bubba. kennedy: they are the robby b byrnes of englewood, new jersey
8:35 pm
and this classic work. >> i, i like big butts, and i cannot lie. you, you other brothers cannot deny that had a girl walks in, with anitty bitty waist and a round thing in your face. >> i think that actually might be -- from king lear. hamlet act two, scene four. it is quirky but getting rave reviews from rap lovers and theater goers. >> holy [ bleep ] look at this bleep bloo bleep [ bleep ] thing, what is that. >> that is shakespeare. >> if you have weird stories you would like to see in topical
8:36 pm
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kennedy: the best way to learn is to play, that is why i asked my friends to buckle up for a game of fact or fiction, bernie. sanders, edition. >> let's go here question number one. bernie sanders fact or fiction, bernie sanders believes cable tv price are too damn high, and has asked ftc to investigate. >> that is a fact. kennedy: you would be right.
8:40 pm
question two, bernie sanders, hugo chavez, recognized bernie sanders as the legitimate government of united states, until 2010, and referred to hip as quote, elel presidente. >> so true. kennedy: i wish it was true. that means president messy hair. number 3, bernie sanders recorded folk album we shall overcome in 1987, that is true. here is a clip.s i saw below me that golden valley ♪
8:41 pm
this lap land was made for you d me ♪ this land is your land ♪ this land is my land ♪ kennedy: i love socialism ♪ , the question, bernie of ment to sing but the produc producers thought his melody of so bad they brought in back up singers to carry it, and he talked word. >> that is so true. >> we nailed that one. kennedy: you don't think he has that? >> no. kennedy: okay, inspired by 1995 million man march, bernie sanders attempted to organized a mass march on wall street less than 200 people showed up, anda was canceled after they were
8:42 pm
directed from protest to empire state building, fact or fixed. >> so fact. kennedy: no, that is fiction. bernie sanders gave the bendiction to -- with long time friend. this is fiction. >> i like being different. kennedy: guy and ben still tied with 4 a piece. >> joanne if you get next 3 right, you be tied but they have to get them all wrong. >> okay. kennedy: bernie's brother larry sanders lives in england, and unsuccessfully ran for parliament on the greenspan on y
8:43 pm
ticticket this year, you are so good. joanne, just do what they are doing. >> i think that bernie would want me to have points to make it even. >> yeah. >> you know that is -- talking about that. >> participation trophy. kennedy: she is right. i is taking a point from both of you, you now have 4. joanne has 3. >> we're down with the struggle together. kennedy: founder of ben & jerry's wants to create bernied sanders favor ice cream with an equal number of peanuts and pecan to symbolize bernie's push to equality? >> oh, so weird. kennedy: in 1962, bernie sanders
8:44 pm
spent the 6 months in an upstate new york commune but left when it transitioned to a nudist colony. >> i hope that is true. >> i got one you did not count it. kennedy: question, i am giving you an extra one. question number 9, bernie sanders refusing to wear any article of clothing made in malaysia due to low worker salary. >> um. phenomenal work. >> thank you. you play to win. kennedy: you bested guy benson that is very tough. >> with my knowledge of bernie sanders. kennedy: so true. >> saw you studying notes back stage. impressed by you, come back. >> this is a fantastic game
8:45 pm
show, we need to do this. >> we need to do it,. kennedy: you will enter our pantheon of grand champions. >> was one of those? kennedy: you can have their neckties, and turn them into fashion accessories.s. that is what you won. >> yeah i'm a lady. fun, fun. >> speaking of good old bernie, i can't wrap my head around a socialist doing so well in polls, i hit streets of greenwich village in manhattan to see if people are onboard with his brand of lu -- lun seen this part of new york, they really are. ♪ kennedy: socialism, yes or no. >> yes. kennedy: good or bad. >> so bad. >> i'm all about it. >> it is a great idea. kennedy: socialism, yes or no. >> maybe. >> what is it? socialism? >> yes.
8:46 pm
>> i am a socialist. >> socialism, yes or no. >> yes. kennedy: do you know it good or bad. >> bad. > kennedy: yes or no? >> no. at all. >> i don't know that it would work in america. >> i'm a democratic socialist. kennedy: are you a socialist. >> no. >> are. jim: are you a socialist. >> no, we have an ebbic system that is. kennedy: bernie sanders is that intriguing to you. >> feeling the bern. kennedy: are you feeling the bern? >> i am. kennedy: do you like bernie sanders. >> i do. kennedy: what does he believe in. >> not sure but i know -- >> whatever it is you like it. >> i used to think there was a big difference. kennedy: bernie sanders when kind of a chance.
8:47 pm
>> got my vote. kennedy: bernie sandersin socialism, will it work?e >> i heard good things. kennedy: if you could vote for bernie sanders would. >> you yes. kennedy: can. >> you yes. kennedy: will you. >> yes. >> your chairman of democratic party, tell me the difference. kennedy: what are you stewing. , theater. what if i took your talent and gave it to other people because i thought you had too much. >> no, that is not right. kennedy: coming up, a talk with nirvana founder krist novoselic. and we talk with jeff maxwell, who drinks around the globe, bottoms up butter cup. big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked.
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kennedy: i think when they shot that, they had no idea. krist novoselic paid long visi. >i wrote a book. and never mind, came out. when he heard never mind before it was released it blew his mind, he said this is something special. that made him stock in his tracks before, that what were you expecting. >> label printed 50 thousand copies offed record to last a year. so then never mind hit it was phenomenal, and spells like teen spirit was on heavy rotation on mtv, people were flocking to the record stores they tried to buy
8:52 pm
"never mind" they could not get it. kennedy: i was interning at a radio station in los angeles at the time, when that came oi pit headphones on in studio, i was pulling records for the dj, and listened to hear it loud. but it really, that was a monumental shift in music, hair metal, people forget, hair metal of huge at that point, one of the few noticeable paradigm shifts in music. >> yeah, like flip -- day andke night, have you hair metal band with soft features and fluffy hair. the sound garden was not like a hair metal band, they had like soft physical features, but a macho bravado, then like grunge rock came out we had facial hair, and glan els flannel shire
8:53 pm
had a feminine sense. kennedy: do have you crimes dres about kurt? >> i do, it is beautiful, youha know it is loving, you lose somebody, you see them in a dream, there is this love, it's nice. kennedy: jack maxwell has the best job in the world, the host of booze traveler, he spans the globe in search of cocktails he stop is guy with his -- by with bringing stories. kennedy: how is alcohol the universal elixir.. >> it is, i really lead that wherwherever i go, we all drinkr the same reason, to socialize,k celebrate or mourn, take the edge off. at end of a long day, whether hoisting a show or rounding up camels and sicily a race car driver, and the hungarian gyp sighs, there is no greater way
8:54 pm
to say, i would like to get to know you, could i buy you a drink or share my cow blood honey wine. kennedy: is there anything that scares. >> you yes like cow gla blood fm tanzania. they shoot the cow in the neck with an arrow, and they put it in a -- they are warriors they have clubs, i am not going to say no. kennedy: you say clubs they are dancing or weapons. >> they have nigh clubs too. some things i do not want to drink. kennedy: had have you tried to wiggle out. >> speaking of wiggle, it was in hon continental, a woman -- hong kong, the woman cobra queen she reached in to grab cobras to make cobra wine, she bops them
8:55 pm
on the head, the hood comes out like this, they get upset, she said you try. we had cobra wine, she said how is it, i said ha is it? cobra in a -- her hands are black because she is got bit,y necrosis, her skin is dying. kennedy: they are not show cobra that are defanged. >> that is what i thought, but not just about the drinks it is why, then stories they tell when they do. kennedy: coming up, i will hit ice with ranger star derek stephan and either interview him or fight him, find out which. itd vital data are stored. with centurylink you get advanced technology solutions from a trusted it partner. including cloud and hosting services -
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all backed by an industry leading broadband network and people committed to helping you grow your business. you get a company that's more than just the sum of it's parts. centurylink. your link to what's next.
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kennedy: i love hockey, i love you too, i'm glad you are here, i am a huge new york ranger fan, i was thrilled to visit their practice facility, and step on
8:59 pm
ice with derek stepan, i one upped him on hockey accomplishments. here is something that i have done that you have not, but at some point i want you to have shared this. >> what is it. >> kennedy: i drank champagne out of the stanley cup, in the new york rangers locker room. >> how did you manage to to, that question mark. kennedy: it was the 90s, then, brian nonan and nick brought the stanley cup to the hamptons on long island to the mtv beach house where i was emptie. emptied, i ate oysters out of it. kennedy: thank you for watching the show, you can catch all new
9:00 pm
episodes of kennedy on fox business network -- twitter, facebook. a tip of the hat to you, and good night. prized instrument. >> his love, his treasure, his heart, his voice. >> it's more than 300 years old and could be worth many millions. but this strange inheritance is about more than money. it's about a european countess, a father's legacy, and a huge financial dilemma for his heirs. >> it was very clear to us that he did not want it to be hidden away. [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ] [ bird caws ]


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