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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 15, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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thanks for watching "strange inheritance". and remember, you can't take it with you. a a. charles: appreciate it, want everyone to read it and stay here because lou dobbs is next. lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. president obama has abandoned his promise to end the war in afghanistan by the end of his term in office by withdrawing all our troops. president obama today announced he will maintain our current force of 10,000 troops there through mest of next year, and the president plans to keep 5500 troops in afghanistan as he leaves office. an extension he called modest but meaningful. the president conceded that despite the longest war in his country's history, afghan forces are not up to the task of protecting their country from a resurgent taliban, a
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persistent group of al qaeda terrorists and the invasion of the islamic state. we take up the major change in obama strategy with former pentagon official k.t. mcfarland and dr. jonathan chancer of the foundation for the defense of democracies. also tonight, donald trump and ben carson's campaigns threatening to boycott the next republican presidential debate to be held later this month. trump's campaign reportedly furious with debate on cnbc over the format of the event. trump wants the debate limited to two hours the, candidates give opening and closing statements as apparently do nearly all of the candidates. cnbc does not. we'll have a full report for you. and republicans handing hillary clinton another gift on benghazi. a second republican congressman saying the purpose of the house select committee on benghazi was to damage hillary clinton's presidential chances. of course, the first
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congressman to say that was house majority leader kevin mccarthy who was forced to withdraw from the race for speaker of the house because of it. we'll talk about the search for a new speaker, talking with house freedom caucus member, congressman nick mulvaney. top story, president obama's decision to halt troop withdrawal from afghanistan. the move means the president won't fulfill his pledge to the 14 year war, the country's longest ever. fox news white house correspondent kevin corke with our report. >> while america's combat mission in afghanistan may be over, our commitment to afghanistan and its people endures. >> reporter: a commitment endured for 14 years and will continue with today's announcement that the u.s. will slow its withdrawal from afghanistan, opting instead to have troops by the thousands remain beyond next year.
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>> we anticipated as we were drawing down troops, there would be times we might need to slow things down, or fill gaps, in afghan capacity, and this is a reflection of that. >> reporter: the president announced 5500 american troops would remain in afghanistan into 2017 calling it a modest but meaningful extension of our presence. for much of 2016, around 9800 troops will serve throughout the country in noncombat roles. it's a dramatic shift for a white house that wanted leave around 1,000 troops in and around kabul by the end of the administration. >> this was a disaster waiting to happen. i think what the president is doing now is enough to contain the damage at least until he leaves office. >> reporter: the decision underscores the difficulty the commander in chief had in achieving one of the central promises of presidency, ending the longest war in american history. already stung by the threat of isis and the re-emergence of al
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qaeda the taliban causing the most damage in afghanistan. they briefly seized the city of kunduz before being pushed back, the same city where the u.s. military mistakenly bombed a hospital occupied by doctors without border, kills 22 in the process. new questions are asked whether analysts believe the taliban was using a hospital as a base. >> the president's expectation is he'll receive a full accounting of these facts in the context of a thorough objective and transparent report from the department of defense. >> reporter: experts say in a fog of war, especially one more than a decade along, decisions have consequences. which is why many believe that despite calls from the left to leave the region wholesale, the president in this case made the right move. >> i've gotten to the point where any time the president makes a national security decision that's not a disaster, i'm grateful for it, but i think this is not a strategy to
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win in afghanistan, it is a strategy to avoid a disaster, to avoid another iraq. >> reporter: lou, the president was asked today if he was disappointed he had to make this decision? and he said curtly, no. he added this was the result of a month's long review and reflects the advice of his leaders at the pentagon. lou? lou: kevin, thank you very much, kevin corke from the white house. secretary of state kerry reportedly pushing to convene a summit with israeli prime minister netanyahu and palestinian authority abbas, as part of a bid to calm a spike in violent that swept through israel and the palestinian territories over recent weeks. netanyahu today accused abbas of inciting violence when he falsely claimed israel executed a 13-year-old palestinian boy accused of stabbing two israeli citizens. the boy is, in fact, recovering in an israeli hospital. netanyahu, however, says he is
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still open to meeting with abbas. russian president putin today slammed u.s. policy in syria calling it weak and lacking objectives. putin said he doesn't know how the obama administration can criticize russia's actions in syria yet still refuse to have direct talks with russia. for now both the united states and russia are holding talk only on air safety during syrian bombing campaigns. russia has carried out more than 30 airstrikes in syria over the past 24 hours, hitting rebel controlled towns between homs and ama, we will be joined by fox news national security analyst k.t. mcfarland and jonathan chancer. turning to politics, dr. ben carson making big strides in his bid for the republican presidential nomination. earlier this week, he was one point behind front-runner donald trump in a fox news national poll.
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now carson is on top in the race for campaign cash! fox news chief political correspondent carl cameron with our report. >> reporter: ben carson wins the third quarter fund-raising race collecting 20.8 million dollars to keep growing his grassroots campaign. >> thank you. >> reporter: he's in the middle of a multiweek book tour which limits campaign time but is pulled into a virtual tie with donald trump in the latest fox poll. the billionaire front-runner is self-funding his campaign and gets so much news coverage he spent next to nothing on advertising. trump and carson threatened to boycott the next debate hosted by cnbc if it does not agree to limit the debate to two hours. network plans no time limit. >> i'm jeb and running for president. [ laughter ] reporter: jeb bush is cutting costs and trying to save money for a long gop primary trench war. he raised 13.4 million dollars
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and tried to make today's disclosure look more muscular by revealing campaign bundlers, medical records and most recent income tax returns. the man on the move is ted cruz, poll numbers are growing as he courts conservatives. third on the fox poll and on bush's heels in fund-raising at 12.2 million. carly fiorina danced with students in iowa, she raised co 6.8 million dollars. >> our trajectory as others have been up and down. >> reporter: bested marco rubio who banked six million. walker's former senior campaign adviser says the competition is fierce. >> i think senator rubio and governor bush are the ones courting walker donors the hardest. others are certainly doing it as well. >> reporter: chris christie raised 4.2 million dollars, that puts him ahead of rand paul who raised 2.5 and put out
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a memo denying he's near dropping out of the race. he'd cut income and business taxes, reform entitlements, build up the military and freeze discretionary spending. kasich said budget would increase the budget but balance in eight years, a convenient fit into two presidential terms. as for campaign budget, kasich raised 4.9 million dollars slightly ahead of chris christie. lou? lou: carl, thank you. carl cameron. john sununu former white house chief of staff will be talking about the day's political news and who he's supporting in the race for the gop nomination. we're coming right back. stay with us. the president shifting policy, slowing his drawdown of troops from afghanistan. k.t. mcfarland joins us to
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. lou: the pentagon expanding its drone base and operations in cameroon. that's why the obama administration is sending a new deployment of american troops to africa. 7,000 troops deployed in more than a dozen countries on the continent. most of them are in djibouti, a major base for the air force drones, and a strategic location indeed. joining us fox news national security analyst k.t. mcfarland, jonathan schanzer with the foundation for defense of democracies. straight to the issue of afghanistan. al qaeda remains, the taliban is not only not been destroyed by america over a 14-year period, the longest in our history but, in fact is resurgent. what in the world good will it do to keep half of the troops we have there inperpetuity.
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jonathan, i ask you first? >> what we're trying to do is put a bandage on the wound. we shouldn't have withdrawn in the first place. withdraw does not work on the battlefield. you can't decide you're going to pick up and leave a battlefield when the war is not won. we tried to do that here, we signalled this to the entire world we are ready to draw down and the taliban took notice. it's not just the taliban anymore, we're seeing isis there as well. we were about to leave afghanistan in a worse place, now keep our men and women in uniform to hold things together, i don't think that's going to work either unfortunately. lou: k.t., your judgment. >> i think one of the most craven things a president does is to send american men and women into harm's way to fight and bleed and die when he doesn't believe in the mission, when he doesn't believe it will succeed and does it merely to score political points.
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president obama looks at iraq and say he's blamed for the rise of isis and disaster of iraq. he doesn't want to make the same mistake in afghanistan. he's going to leave just enough forces to push it onto the next president. obama concluded one failed war is enough. he doesn't want two, so give it to the next president. lou: i would add to the view, i think one of the most craven things a great country and superpower could do is send troops with indifference into harm's way. >> absolutely. lou: we're doing it, we're doing it in my opinion, jonathan, because we don't have a selective service system. these are wars of choice being fought in limits and constraint and half heartedness by our leaders because those folks in uniform, the best military we ever had are not represented in our government, they're not represented by our chief
11:17 pm
executive, our commander in chief, am i wrong? >> look, you're not wrong, and i think we have some systemic issues that we need to deal with. i would argue this some of this is ideological; that right now we've been fighting a war for the last 14 years, a war against a force that we can call islamic fundamentalism or militant islam, whatever you'd like to call it. we have not figured out how to deal with it. lou: if that is the case, we should be ashamed, pull every servicemember off the field of combat immediately. if we don't have the sense, the judgment and the decency to fight to win, what in the world are we asking these young men and women to do in the name of this nation and its cause? >> you are making the right point. lou: k.t.? >> there's one thing that is worse than getting involved in the situation is getting involved in a situation and losing.
11:18 pm
that's what we have had a record of doing in the last several wars, whether it's vietnam. lou: get to my point. >> you are so right, you cannot ask americans to go and fight and know we are not going to win. that's what we're doing. lou: i want both of to you comment on, this we heard vladimir putin say this country is weak, what he's saying is he runs more sorties in a day than we were running against the islamic state in a month. he means to kill the damn enemy. and we have people fussing around acting like it's more important to know where the certificate of merit is on the uniform as they brush off another third or fourth star. this is sickening to watch. >> and the primary responsibility for a commander in chief is when you use military force, use it to win. don't go in just because you don't know what to do. don't go in because you want to score political points. do it, get in there, win and get out.
11:19 pm
otherwise, you've got the greatest gift this constitution gives us is civilian control of the military, but that requires a president who's going to use that military judiciously and successfully. lou: it also requires civilian leadership of some capacity and character and purp, otherwise, it doesn't really matter much what the leadership, is whether it's civilian or military, if they don't meet those standards. jonathan, you get the last word here? >> sure, i would say this. everybody is taking their lead from the president, whether civilian or active military, they're taking orders from a commander in chief who is deeply ambivalent about american power. it's why we signed a deal with iran that was deeply flawed because we didn't want conflict. we're concerned about working with the israelis, the israelis have been drawing heat from the rest of the arab world. we wouldn't get into syria. why we're leaving iraq, why
11:20 pm
we're leaving afghanistan. we need leadership that is not afraid to fight the fights that are worth fighting. lou: two points if i may, i'm going to interject this, one, if i may, it was the iranian nuclear deal was a he. he being the president of the united states without consult with the congress of the united states, and only with the members of the permanent national security council and the united nations. and secondly, to an example, a former navy vice admiral, john kirby, the state department said this about the two parties engaged in israel and palestine if you will. he said, well, let's hear what he said we have the video and the sound. >> i would say certainly individuals on both sides of this divide have proven capable
11:21 pm
of, in our view guilty of acts of terror. lou: either of you violently ill upon hearing the former admiral? >> i would say they're winding up to abandon israel before the end of the administration. lou: jonathan, you get the last time, for real. >> not a cycle of violence, you've got people stabbing innocent civilians and being shot. that's not a cycle of violence. 99% of what the palestinians are doing is terrorism and needs to be recognized as such by an administration with moral clarity. we're not seeing it. it's unfortunate. lou: i promised you the last word. dr. jonathan schanzer and k.t. mcfarland. be sure to vote in our poll tonight -- we'd like to hear your judgment. cast your vote at
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turning to russian daredevils going to extremes as daredevils are want to do testing the strength of all things superglue. this fellow superglued his shoes to a plank and hung upside down on a hot air balloon flying at nearly 5,000 feet. that idea i can't imagine why that occurred to him. there it is. once the stuntman was satisfied the glue worked he untied shoelaces and parachuted safely to the ground. up next, republicans giving hillary clinton yet another gift. i don't know how to explain these folks who call themselves republicans in washington. and an alleged road rage incident has dangerous, dangerous consequences. we'll bring you that video and much more. stay with us. we are coming right back.
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. lou: something of a gift for the hillary clinton campaign,
11:27 pm
and today she needed a gift. another republican congressman saying the benghazi committee has unfairly targeted the former secretary of state. but there's also a troubling new revelations concerning her e-mail scandal. it appears clinton's private server routinely suffered technical problems and was vulnerable to attack. fox news senior political correspondent mike emanuel with our report. >> reporter: on the campaign trail in san antonio, hillary clinton worked to win the support of latino voters and picked up the endorsement of hud secretary julian castro. >> latinos and latinas, you're not strangers, you're not intruders. you're our neighbors, our friends, our family! >> reporter: meanwhile there are new revelations on the clinton e-mail issue ahead of clinton aide huma abedin's
11:28 pm
planned testimony been the select committee. the clinton server suffered technical problems twice in the fall of 2012 and the existence of previously unknown e-mail address was revealed by citizens united. after an exchange of e-mails with clinton foundation executive director stephanie street, she wrote -- the clinton campaign also received another gift from a republican member of congress on the issue of the benghazi select committee. >> may not be politically correct, i think there is a big part of this investigation that was designed to go after people and get an individual, hillary clinton. >> reporter: that led to brian fallin saying, quote -- chairman trey gowdy said there are seven republicans on the committee familiar with its work and congressman hanna is
11:29 pm
not one of them. while some of the calls for vice president joe biden to get into the race have died down biden tried to deflect reporter questions at an event with the president of south korea. >> is there still an opening for you in the race, sir? >> i will talk to you about that later. >> reporter: back in the 2004 cycle there was intense speculation biden could be a late competitor against then senator john kerry, after dragging his feet, he said you can't parachute into a presidential campaign. lou: mike emanuel, thank you very much. on wall street stocks moving higher, investor confidence rising that the fed will not raise interest rates soon. the dow up 217 points on that view. the s&p up 30. the nasdaq up 87. volume on the big board, 3.7 billion shares, just about what it's been for the past week or show.
11:30 pm
dash cam video capturing dramatic moments on a highway in fontana california. a pickup truck, a driver lost control and careened into an embankment and flipped into the air and landed on another vehicle at a car dealership. driver was hospitalized with major injuries. it's not clear what his current condition is tonight. eyewitnesses reportedly saying it was a road rage related incident after the mustang allegedly cut the truck driver off. we're coming right back. stay with us. >> unbelievable! >> donald trump is dominating the polls in early primary states but trump isn't former governor john sununu's choice in new hampshire. we'll find out why. it's take off as usual for this flight, until it isn't. this flight, until it isn't. the aircraft requires all of
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11:35 pm
russia on the crisis. but secretary of state kerry did call his russian counterpart sergey lavrov today. and donald trump topping the polls in two early primary states, south carolina and nevada, trump also ahead in the judgment of the polls to be the best candidate to deal with a wide range of issues. joining us now for more on the 2016 race, former white house chief of staff under president george h.w. bush, former new hampshire governor, john sununu, also the author of the new book, the quiet man, as he looks at the life and times of our 41st president. good to have you with us. >> good to be here, lou, how are you this evening? lou: i'm good, and fascinated with the polls. four early primary states, iowa, new hampshire, nevada, south carolina, donald trump is dominating. it's just extraordinary.
11:36 pm
what do you see politically here that is new, different and has made every savant on the issue back in june utterly wrong? >> lou, i've never seen a race like this, particularly this early in the campaign. it really still is early, but i don't hear -- i can speak for new hampshire better than the other states. lou: sure. >> but i don't hear people talking about issues. i don't hear people comparing who's liberal and who's conservative. i only hear people talking about what is effectively television persona. and the personalities of the individuals. and that's a little scary because when we elected the last president based on the fact he was historic, we ended up with somebody with no experience that didn't know how to run the white house or frankly had no experience in foreign policy. if we make a mistake and go by persona instead of philosophy,
11:37 pm
experience or positions, we're going to end up with the same mess. lou: as we look to those who are in politics with experience, we look for some guidance. the candidates that you think would be best. of this field, i've said it, we're in a group of 15 now, and subtracting, who there is not qualified? this is a terrific group of people. >> it is a terrific group. there are some with a track record. i like to suggest when people ask me how they can make decisions, i tell them look what people have done. go look what they've accomplished. who's cut taxes? who's reduced the size of government? who's written legislation and gotten legislation passed. who has a philosophy they made commitments to and delivered in office. whether governors, senators or whatever.
11:38 pm
i really think at some point this race has to turn to a position where the voters look at that kind of experience as having some significance as they try to sort it out. lou: when you look at fiorina, carson, trump, the three of them. ted cruz, though he is an insider is making a strong move. i mean, voters are basically saying we want something different because we've had a taste of all that other stuff and it leaves a very bitter, bitter aftertaste. >> sometime something different is not what you think it is. lou: no, no, no question about it, you understand the frustration. >> sure. sure. look, we've gone through a period of time after seven years of chaos in the white house, everybody is frustrated. after seven years of congress not performing all the voters are frustrated. but i really do suggest to people that they understand that the biggest reason for
11:39 pm
paralysis in washington is lack of presidential leadership. nothing happens in washington without presidential leadership. lou: and i'm not going to be able to get you to endorse a candidate. your son running for governor has endorsed john kasich? >> no, it's my other son who endorsed john kasich. lou: that's right. >> it's former senator sununu, i have a son christopher running for governor in new hampshire. lou: you have such a dynasty there, i can't keep up with you, john. how do you feel about dynasties and family dynasties in politics? >> i think it's okay in new hampshire. [ laughter ] >> next time you talk to barbara bush, you guys can bring it all up to date. john, great to see you, thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me on, lou. lou: john sununu. be sure to vote in our poll tonight --
11:40 pm
just the just about seventh year of the presidency, it hasn't wrapped up. cast your vote at a passenger with a video camera capturing scary moments aboard a sky airlines aircraft. the plane about to take off from santiago, chile when as you see there one of the panels on the engine cowling fell off, they call it a cowling. i'm showing off. the plane safely returned to the run way, passengers were never at risk but all 137 made a journey on another flight. i've got to tell you at risk or not, not having your whole plane when you take off is perhaps a little -- in a minor way disturbing to most passengers, it certainly would be if i had been aboard that plane. up next, congressman mick
11:41 pm
mulvaney joins us, talking about the search for a new speaker of the house and what is happening in washington, d.c.? lawmakers behaving badly. where politicians are filibustering with tear gas? you think we've got problems in washington? wait until you see this story and more. stay with us, we're hoping there will be no copycats in d.c. stay with us. can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive? we ship everything you atcan imagine.n, and everything we ship has something in common.
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. lou: benghazi select committee chairman trey gowdy blasted republican congressman richard hanna, gowdy issuing this response in response to hanna's claim that the committee was designed to go after hillary clinton. quote -- our next guest has also defended gowdy's work, and joining us is congressman mick mulvaney, serves on the oversight and government reform committee and financial services committee, a member of the house freedom caucus. congressman, good to have you with us.
11:46 pm
>> lou, thanks as always. lou: let's start with congressman hanna. what in the world was that about? >> not sure. i had actually forgotten that richard was in congress. i'm not sure where he was coming from with that. i guess he's a republican from new york. you tell me. i was talking to trey on the way over here, and trey said when he talked to richard today, richard could not name a single witness that the committee talked to or single witness they had not talked to. my guess is this is a circumstance where a politician is afraid of losing his seat and is willing to say anything to get re-elected and that's what happened with richard. lou: we'll give him equal time at some point. >> i'm sure i'll hear from richard after that comment later on today. lou: certainly everybody is hearing from him. i guess that's fair play. turning to the committee and the focus on hillary clinton. the fact is that's the point of it. she was secretary of state on september 11th and 12th when
11:47 pm
what transpired in benghazi resulted in the loss of four american lives. are we going to see, is there going to -- in your judgment be real accomplishment on the party of the benghazi select committee when hillary clinton testifys? >> i think trey is going to get to the bottom of what happened which is the point from the beginning. democrats trying to make political points out of this for a long time now. one republican. but the truth of the matter is you should judge the committee by work, what it's done, what it's done up to now, what it does in the hearing next week and the report after that. we could put political spin on anything if we want to. that's what we do in washington, d.c. >> we've noticed that from time to time. >> we can judge this committee how it behaves and what it actually accomplishes. let's wait to see what happens next week before we say what this is all about. lou: let's turn to another area
11:48 pm
that is sort of remarkable, and that is someone to succeed john boehner as speaker of the house. what's interesting is he now has put his withdrawal, his resignation apparently on hold. paul ryan is asked daily whether or not he'll take the job, he's said daily he won't. no one will step forward. trey gowdy said he doesn't want the job, period! what is going on with the republicans and the selection of a speaker? >> i actually think there's a dozen folks who tossed their name out there and said they'd be interested if paul doesn't run. the bottom line and what folks are not talking about, there's a lot of folks who can unite our conference. paul ryan at the top of the list. the how freedom caucus endorsed dan webster. the truth of the matter is there's a lot of folks who could unite us. we're united to see the status
11:49 pm
quo change. folks don't like the way the house has been return under mr. boehner before that mr. canter and they want to change that. lou: congressman jordan was articulate and said it well, daniel webster talking about moving power back to the people's representatives rather than investing it in a speaker of the boehner mold, which by the way, everything that i'm seeing and hearing is that paul ryan wants the same thing, that is absolute obedience from the rank and file. that's mindless stuff for the republican party and counter to the freedom caucus, it would seem to me, its values. why am i confuseed? >> and if paul -- i don't believe that about paul, if paul or anyone else were to say i want to be speaker want and the blind, unconditional support, that person is not going to be speaker because the objections come not just from
11:50 pm
conservatives but all across the republican party. this is -- in the private sector we call this creative destruction, we have a bad product for a long time and have to change the way we've done business, it happens in all businesses, should happen now in congress. it's going to be messy, sloppy, it's going to be done and we're going to be better for it on the other side. lou: and hopefully so will the country. congressman, we appreciate your time. mick mulvaney. >> lou, thanks. thanks and good luck. our congress can be contentious but lawmakers aren't trying to get their point across by tossing things like tear gas. that's exactly what happened in kosovo's parliament today. opposition lawmakers set off three tear gas canisters, forced the suspension of theed session, they were upset at kosovo's recent deals normalizing relations with serbia and montenegro. that seems a little extreme,
11:51 pm
doesn't it? up next, protests return to baltimore. 16 people protesting the city's top cop arrested. we take up the crisis in baltimore and more with chris plante and the "chicago ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? spending the day with my niece. that make me smile. i don't use super poligrip for hold, because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable.
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five driving modes let you customize the steering, shift points, and suspension to fit the mood you're in... and the road you're on. the 2016 c-class. starting at $38,950. lou: 16 demonstrators arrested charged with trespassing after
11:55 pm
an overnight sit in at baltimore's city hall, protesters upset with making baltimore's interim police commissioner permanent. >> joining us tonight, host of the chris plant show. and washington pureo chief, lynn sweet, let's start with latest -- well first baltimore. is there any end to the protest demonstrations? >> well, i don't know, but the -- i don't know there there will be an end, there are so many local factors. the other challenge for the mayor is to figure out a way to show there is respectful concern for the protesters. and stilling the city and keep it running and create an environment where people think their -- feel long held grief
11:56 pm
an--grievances are heard. kennedy: chris? >> we created you were kroab kroab a networpresidentobama thf grievances they refer to as demand z as they did yesterday, they insist their demands be met, they play the victim, there were only 12 arrested this morning, they were squatters, they are self righteous, they have a list of demands, there is no end in sight we'll see this going forward, all over the nation. >> well -- you know anyone who covered local news for a long time, knows that people have protested in cities for many reasons. i would think when speaking maybe a little inexperience you might have on this. >> woe, woe.
11:57 pm
>> have you covered. jim: lou: i better sit back. >> all news is local. >> i covered -- i was with cnn for 17 years, i covered protests. >> cnn's national outlet. >> then you go, right. >> see that is my point, i tried to blame this on president obama. >> well, yeah. lou: i did not ask you to lash poor chris, lynn, let's take a moment, and turn if we may to the cuture -- i -- you know, i have to confess something. chris, lynn was putting in such a point for not having experience, in covering stories, i think everyone should know that chris had a long and distinguished career at cnn as well as i know have you as well lynn, i have had a long career,
11:58 pm
we're looking at something so unusual we don't have a background for this, that is donald trumpy is domination in south carolina. in nevada, new hampshire, it is extraordinary in iowa to see this, lynn, what do you make of it all wags were saying it fizzle, now we're seeing domination. >> this is an election live i've never seen, there is no rule book, no play book. the trump candidacy is feeding something that the public wants. i think it is just beyond the fact he is a good performer or his swagger. but every campaign has its rhythms, i would look at is he going to continue to want to put across the money to really run a state by state campaign, it really expensive.
11:59 pm
lou: he has $10 billion, some not liquid but 10 billion. >> right. so, i think that this is a learning experience for everyone. for campaign pundits, poll ster -- political reporters, he is tapping into something that real, and been bern too. lou: chris? >> you -- you get the last word. your thoughts on trump? >> donald trump becomes more real, he is a slap in the face to the political establishment on both sides of aisle, he is a slap in the face to establishment news media that has played this as a game for so long, no one has faith or confidence in our political institutions, and our media institutions, and america is looking elsewhere because america has had it with everyone involved in the process, quite honestly yeah, that seems reflective?
12:00 am
lou: can't wait to take with you both again, and i will send out your cv's to each other of the other, i promise you the next time. thank you. lou: on-line poll results of your thoughts of 6 democratic debates, too many you said. ♪ kennedy: welcome to the show. i am kennedy. we'll look at our best segment, best interviews over last few months, like greg gutfeld joining me too discuss recess consultants to make sure that the kids are playing in a pc way, that great! and "american ninja warrior" champ, he defined physics.


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