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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  October 16, 2015 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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they have sold out all their commercials and they want to increase it by an hour. i think it is unfair to viewers because it is too much, too much to watch and they're doing it because they want to make more money. sandra: always about money, right? here are the futures markets, speaking about money this morning. pretty flat action as far as we're seeing a few hours ahead of opening bell. green arrows for now. dow futures up six points. over in europe looking to trading to the upside as well. bigger gains to report with the dax and germany leading the way. mcdonald's all day breakfast, have you had your egg mcmuffin this morning? apparently an all-day mess for the franchises. store owners say it slowed down their service, lowered average bill and sparked chaos in the kitchen. owners also saying that the launch forced them to hire more people which increased costs. the credit card industry out this morning saying netflix is coming up with different kind of original content when it comes
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to problems with consumer transactions. the video streaming giant blaming new chip cards for drop in subscriber growth that users failed to update their information in when they received the new card. they have a hard time buying netflix's excuse because of systems in place to prevent the problem. netflix is the only company with this complaint. "wall street journal" says one of the darlings of tech industry forcing regulators drop the product that drew many investors. they have stopped collecting tiny vials of blood for fingerprints for all by one of its tests. journal says it is operates more like a traditional lab that draws blood with needles. the theranos is valued at $9 billion. plan net-hunting kepler telescope picking up strange light from a distance star that
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has the science community all abuzz. the strange light pattern makes it seem like a death star planet rather than a star. some refer to it as an alien megastructure. other scientists say it is light disruption from an asteroid belt. >> to the plate, and he struck him out! the new york mets have won the series! sandra: get your celebration in now, people. >> some cheers. sandra: yeah, yeah. all right. let's hear it, okay. they beat the los angeles dodgers to move on to the national league championship series. the mets will take on, let's hear it, chicago cubs, hello! >> we will be. sandra: that is about it. starting tomorrow night in new york. atlanta falcons have fallen from the ranks of the unbeaten. the falcons fumbled twice near the end zone and new orleans
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saints capitalized on mistakes winning the game 31-21. our top story other than the cubs this morning, regulators in nevada laying down the law against fantasy sports sites, sites like draftkings and fanduel can not be played in the state without a gambling license effective immediately. the decision coming amid growing backlash by investigators over those sites. those who break the new rule could face felony charges and up to 10 years in prison. joining this already vivacious conversation "barron's" online editor jack otter. scott is this the beginning of the end -- >> i mean, look if nevada is going against you, probably not a great sign but i'll tell you what. you have to look at states like new jersey which had gambling battle already and other states that don't allow gambling. here is the funny part to me. the claim has been made daily fantasy is not gambling. when you play in a fantasy
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football league, you pick team on basis you exchanged cashing off the record. that is the way to get around the government, things like that. sandra: do you have a team? >> on fanduel i do. i started to do ask for my money back, thank you very much, i'm worried they will start freezing assets. the point you know that daily fantasy is gambling because that is not what we did before. this is totally different realm. i think they will get pinched. sandra: what do you think, jack? >> it is so obvious to me. if you bet on green bay packers, that is gambling, right? if you bet on aaron rogers handling off to marshawn lynch instead of lacy that is not gambling. the guy i draft is running back. >> betting on games to betting on players. that somehow is skill. i think that is hilarious. that is great line. >> can i crow a little bit about this? sandra: please. >> as soon as i story broke i called this. you know what?
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you're unregulated. you're growing gait guns and you fouled up and asked for it. you invited regulators into your business. and they will, maybe they don't get regulated out of business but fact that the cornerstone of gambling in this country now says, okay, you're gambling operations, you need to register. it will cause every other state that currently allow this to look at federal law to say are these businesses violating federal law in our state? they will have to register as gambling operations or get shut down. sandra: fanduel put out a statement obviously criticizing decision by the nevada gambling decision. this decision deprives these fans of a product embraced broadly by sports community including professional sports teams. i know we're talking about fantasy sports but we're talking about a lot of money. >> have you seen commericals? i hate dorky guys on the commericals, one guy sails he put in 20 bucks and won two million. some dork in his mom's basement.
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>> now, now. >> he is cool. but the point is, you know what? these leagues or these companies, to your point, dagen got ridiculous amount of money in partnerships from the mlb, nba. denver broncos, other teams are sponsor or giving money to those leagues. >> i want to add the statement you read from fanduel, the fact they're using an excuse been embraced by sports community and media partners, you readies closure earlier that's a joke. i don't care if people like it. you know what? a lot of people like prostitution but it is not legal. sandra: it is not legalized. >> not in this country. it is not legal nationwide. gambling is not legal nationwide. i don't care if people like it. it's against the law! sandra: seriously we need to turn to politics. can you twice get your energy ramped up a little? >> need more coffee. sandra: republican front-runners
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donald trump and ben carson threatening to boycott the next republican debate. blake burman, say it ain't so. they are not going to show up, blake? reporter: stipulations. opening and closing statements allowed. only two hours. if anything else you won't get trump potentially. donald trump and ben carson sent to cnbc about the debate in two weeks time. that letter came after campaign managers and presidential contenders reportedly complained to cnbc over the desire to scrap the traditional debate statements. trump and carson are taking issue with the potential extra time. >> they want to make this an extra hour. i think it is unfair to the viewers because it is too much. it is too much to watch. they're doing it because they want to make more money. reporter: look at this, sandra. one of carly fiorina top campaign aides jumped all over this.
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seems jeb bush is not only low energy guy. looks like donald trump and ben carson don't have endurance to debate carly fiorina for three hours. no response on that so far from the counter puncher. sandra: sounds like she is game on three-hour debate. we want to bring in morgan ortega and "national review"'s can thin timps. are they complaining or do they have a legitimate point? a lot of candidates were visibly tire at the last republican three-hour debate? >> listen, i'm a political junkie. i love politics. i love debates. three hours was bored. even i was bored by last hour. i don't blame them. you can have a concise debate. cnbc should narrow down to 10 people and sub assistant sieve policy discussion. why do they need opening and closing statements. get to the hard politics in the debate. sandra: catherine, will you defend somebody here? >> i don't know. i agree it was way too long. but at same time adult male
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temper tantrums is something i'm not a fan. this is typical for trump. he does bring ratings. love him, hate him, still like to watch him. carson i don't think anybody is excited to hear carson speak. sandra: hold on, hold on a second. the man has been surging in the polls. >> absolutely. absolutely. but, in a debate he, very, talks like this. nobody is tuning in of the general population to see ben carson, like they are with trump. sandra: he is incredibly intelligent, articulate man, jack? he is but i have to agree he is a bit somnulent but do the debaters get to choose terms or the hosts? sandra: if you're one the debaters drive -- >> i like to hear jeb bush and marco rubio have more of a conversation. i wouldn't be that disappointed. >> two things. they're trying to control their message and demanding opening
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and closing statements. this shows you power trump and carson have or at least think they have, that they can hold out saying we're not -- >> we'll find out that they doesn't have it. where does trump have the onions criticizing somebody else for trying to make more mon? if trump and carson are it off the way, we may get substance. boycott. take off. i don't care. could hear from marco and some other guys, john kasich. those are people i want to hear from. >> but you're not, nobody will watch. it will be horrible ratings if there is no trump. >> that is too bad for america. >> what is trump growing to say. sandra: morgan, i want to bring you in here because we have some numbers. hillary clinton following up strong debate performance with rather impressive fund-raising numbers. does this mark a turnaround for her campaign? >> i was really impressed by her fund-raising numbers last night. when the fec reports come out i enjoy digging into it.
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hillary clinton said by end of 2015 she wants to raise $100 million. she raised $77 million this year. she has more cash on hand than anyone running for president. i was surprised at these numbers. i think it's a strong showing for her and may give joe biden pause. sandra: there is a lot of questions how much her husband is helping out with the fund-raising efforts and whether or not he will step in to be a bigger part, katherine. >> absolutely, absolutely. sandra: are you impressed by money candidates are raising thus far is? >> so weird how they affect george washington to be president. this is absolutely insane. people are being frugal. jeb bush, for example, super embarrassing to find out that ted cruz has more money in the bank than he does. >> i don't agree with that at all. i think jeb bush had impressive quarter, he raised 12 million, 13 million. he raised most other than ben carson. >> because so hard for jeb bush to raise money.
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>> jeb has one -- >> he has a big super-pac. >> jeb bush has one of the highest burn rates of candidates. he has been cutting salaries of his staff trying to conserve money. that never smells good. >> stiff debate performance, i'm surprised he is raising any money. >> doing the rap star thing. has money and blows it on a bunch of -- sandra: wow. all right. lots more to come. i want to thank morgan and katherine for joining us on that one. don't forget the fox business network will team up with "the wall street journal" to bring you a republican presidential debate focused squarely on the economy. that event taking place in milwaukee, wisconsin, on november 10th. can only see it here on the fox business network. after all the hype mcdonald's franchisees saying all-day brake fast is turning out to be a nightmare. more on that next. ♪ can a business have a mind?
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sandra: more trouble for volkswagen in fallout of its emission test cheating scandal. cheryl casone with latest on that story. cheryl. >> that's right, sandra. good morning, everybody. u.s. regulators and law enforcement shining a spotlight on volkswagen after the automaker admitted it rigged diesel engines to cheat emissions test. justice department, fbi, ftc, u.s. attorney's office in detroit and epa are all investigating volkswagen. your tax dollars at work. conflicting reports this
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morning of status of former nba star lamar odom who is hospitalized in las vegas on tuesday after being found unconscious in a nevada brothel. espn is reporting that the two-time nba champ still on life-support but also claiming he made quote, small progress in the past 24 hours. there are other reports today from people that odom is on quote, last leg and estranged wife khloe kardashian is preparing for the worst. we'll keep you posted. finally mcdonald's, all day brake fast has only existed for a week and that might be one too many weeks. franchisees are saying that the launch has been a disaster. they're complaining it slowed down service, lowered average bills and sparked chaos in the kitchens. owners say the launch, they had to hire more people. that is increasings costs. reports from some franchisees because kitchens are so jammed in the back, workers are tripping over each other to try to get to the different items to get service. >> i thought kitchens were so well-run?
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have you seen kitchens in mcdonald's? oh, my goodness. >> have you? >> when you go there customers actually burger time the kitchens were chaos anyway. can you imagine having another meal? >> you wonder if they're using this as excuse to say things are a mess at these franchisees because service is slowing because of expansive menu. they added so much to the menu, workers say they can't keep up with orders, slowing down service. >> because that menu is stuck in the 1950s. mcdonald's has serious problem that consumer tastes gone somewhere else. that is smart move. i'm sorry tough in the kitchen but actually my opinion best food they serve. >> totally agree. >> it is one of the healthiest things they serve. >> we don't have numbers but stock hit all-time high. franchisees need to suck it up, an run their business. >> your point, sales are good but franchisee's are complaining.
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>> get the customers jazzed up. >> it is working. sandra: i love this analyst did that over at nomura. serving 29 operators, overseeing 226 different mcdonald's locations. they said it was a mess. one said it was erratic, distorted disorganized direction from mcdonald's and it is working. >> it was everything. when you start something like this, this is brave new world for mcdonald's, there will be adjustment period. best thing on menu is steak, egg and cheese bagel. now i get it all day long, awesome. number 13 on breakfast menu. >> instead of -- hash browns instead of french fries. hash browns on a hamburger. sandra: coming up, does that sound good. more bad news for operators of daily fantasy sports sites and players who have fallen in love with a popular new model. we're going to be right back. ♪ glad i could help you plan for your retirement.
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sandra: new report out shows oil giants are set to cut spending on exploration by at least 50% next year from the peak in 2013. could have a big impact on the energy sector as a whole. phil flynn looking at this for us this morning from the cme group in chicago. phil, how will the deep spending cuts, what independent pack will they have on oil prices? >> i think it will have an historic impact on oil prices not just today but for decades to come. this is really historic turning point in the energy industry we'll look back on 10 years from now the damage being done to production. they are saying that the end of oil discovery is over at least
6:24 am
for the short term. they don't see anyway in the future we'll find enough oil to produce to overcome the decline rates in the future. so it may not impact prices today but long term this is historic turning point. back to you. sandra: thanks, phil. i warrant to bring scott in here. is this all because of drop in oil prices? >> it could be. now here is the fun thing about oil prices, oil prices looked like they would tank even further a month ago and they bounced pretty hard. we're approaching 50 bucks. remember where we were when we are here. it is a big deal. could be reflection of a drop but prices were bound to rise a little bit after the huge selloff in august. >> remember the reason why prices are low because we had a supply glut. >> and demand issue. >> a bit of a demand but more on the supply side because of all this fracking. rather than to go to the north sea or somewhere elsewhere 70 mile-an-hour wind and one hupp foot waves, go to south dakota
6:25 am
or north dakota or texas would pull fracking. >> who knew south dakota and texas would sound good compared to that? sandra: talk about fantasy sites. getting hit over gambling concerns. jo ling kent here with the latest on that story. >> good morning, sandra. it is all about nevada. the state wants to treat sites like draftkings and fanduel like gambling ordering them to shut down in the state immediately. regulators say they can get back up and running if they get a gambling license. companies that break the rule, could face felony charges and time in jail. the move is considered one of the biggest blows to the fantasy business because nevada is so influential in the gambling business overall industry. the sites are already banned in five other states including washington state. you can see there, daily fantasy sites of course have come under fire after allegations that a draftkings employee used insider information to win 350 grand on rival site fanduel along with
6:26 am
class-action suit across the country. this is big business. fanduel and draftkings valued more than billion dollars. 21st century fox, parent company of fox business is an investor in draftkings. sandra: great stuff. we'll follow the story throughout the show, jo. thank you. credit card companies fire back at netflix for placing blame on new chip cards for lost revenues. really? that's next. ♪
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let's make medicare stronger for all of us. petroleum. sandra: we'll back everybody happy friday, i am sandra smith for maria bartiromo this morning friday october 16, and with me this hour she is busy fox business dagen mcdowell. >> fox news contributor -- scott mart any one the house
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editor jack otter breaking news going into a big weekend for the nfl draft fooipgs fanduel shut down in nevada sports sites can no longer do business until they get a gambling license, from the gaming draft draftkings fanduel assist they are a skill based game company not subject to gambling regulations 21st century, by the way, parent home of this network has an investment in draftkings you may not see donald trump, or maybe not even ben carson, at the next republican presidential debate, the two candidacy telling host network cnbc not to expect them, if it will moves forward with a plan to air a three hour debate and eliminate opening and closing statements, trump went on with fox news greta van susteren to express his disgust with cnbc. >> when they are trying to do sold out all xherdz want to increase it by an hour i think unfair to the viewers it is
6:31 am
too much too much to watch doing it because they want to make more money. >> the debate scheduled for the end of the month dean you want to watch will be right here on fox business network teaming up with "the wall street journal" to bring a republican presidential debate focused squarely on the economy, that event taking place in milwaukee november 10 you can see it right here on fox business network. futures markets this morning have been flat you are looking you do scene futures negative since last we looked futures holding on to slight gain over in europe we have been seeing green arrows as well up, wigs gains from the cac quarante in france up 7/10 of 1% a powerful storm dumping heavy rain in parts of california causing major mud slides, the hardest-hit areas los angeles county, and san bernardino, county, slides shut down 5 and state rout 58, so far no series injuries reported, airbus filed a patent for a
6:32 am
propelled aircraft the capability of flying from new york to london in get this 60 minutes! airline complete journey about 8 hours, the jet is called concorresponded q, would use three separate engines according to the pat patent. >> the new york metz have won the series. >> [cheers and applause] . >> all right new york mets moving on to chap series mets take on chicago cubs starting tomorrow night in new york. turning to the market this morning, it has been a wild week the you do back-to-back triple digit moves, and the but will and bear debate making its way to the cover of this week end edition of "barrons" magazine, "barrons" big money poll showing that money managers are more are bullish now than in the
6:33 am
spring, jack what is leading to that? >> well, i think it is the turmoil in the spring, everyone was on the fence the biggest neutral rating that we have ever had people don't know what the heck to do some reports creates a in the markets caused some to turn bearish, i mean bearish from 5% to 15% bullyish from 45 to 55%, i think a lot of managers are finding that in the turmoil finding bargz ain, one issue they don't see anything else to invest in commodities scary bond market guaranteeing probably inflation return for the next 10 years, so, best place bad neighborhood is stocks valuations come down a little bit in a low interest rate environment stocks selling at a price earnings ratio 15. >> big money polls showing bullishness.
6:34 am
>> seemed that drop in august scared folks oebl they are getting back in. >> have very important clieptsdz turned much more are bearish, 89 z% are beneficiaryish process a little bit more bullish, the other thing sandra i think the economy is weakening we are seeing lower gdp job numbers weakened last six months no inflation fed in a box that isn't the great environment for stocks one thing going for us is usual what are do you want to call it -- rally end of the year, right, that is what we may have here, seasonality coming into play pushing stocks higher davutoglu donald trump tweetdz moments ago debate on cnbc they media to his terms. >> come on davutoglu i wanted o. >>ive to get in worth noting. >> really? >> go ahead. >> markets markets. >> in fourth quarter.
6:35 am
>> all right, all right. >> expecting -- on the set. >> the sense fed is not going to move so the stock market likes that i think that is long term investors that should be scary but thing -- i agree one hundred percent. >> yields. >> enjoy it. >> more stimulus. >> we want to get to donald trump tweet tweeted out at cnbc agreed the debate will be two hours, fantastic news he says especially millions of people watching. >> bad news. >> what -- >> bad news. >> by the way, sandra we did ask money administration who favorite candidate for president i can share that number one is marco rubio 22%, bush is number two at 20%, carly fiorina, hillary clinton joe biden close kasich 17%, donald trump ben carson not on that list. >> i want to ask about that two-hour debate versus three his or women can handle 3 hour debate we retape a lot of water with an stand out there
6:36 am
10 hours, the men bet dehydrated. >> i think should be able to talk three hours >> a what guys are you hanging out with. >> trust me i can out endure sandra and i can out endure any man. >> there you go. >> well said. >> all right. >> rubio -- he can drink -- >> you guys. >> all right battle between streaming giant netflix accreditor companies heating up nicole good morning. >> make sure you hydrate during favorite shows netflix feeling heat from credit card industry, pro claiming payment miscues responsible for disappointing greeting the pushback comes the day after the video giant reported about 270,000 fewer subscribers than forecast, netflix claiming the new computer chip enables
6:37 am
cards led to involley service cancellation,credit card companies pushing back against netflix games pointing to fact other merchants have not been having billing issuing associated with chip enabled cards this is between netflix and those the chip technology, credit card companies because netflix basically said listen, every time you get you upgraded our customers cards with the chip for example, then they have to come back on our site update piling information that is one of the -- >> every company has to deal with this, not just change in the chip and card. it is credit cards expires happens sometimes, otherwise seems could have been more prepared what do you think. >> not only that, i think the key point er here is not hearing a massive retailer saying this is a problem if only netflix. >> ever company has subscribers you have to update, some original programming we're go bying to be seeing from netflix first of all, the stock dropped
6:38 am
about 8% yesterday they have continued to win wards with orange new black "house of cards" a bill murray holiday special coming up. >> trickles down to bottom line the most important thing subscribers what you can charge them i said yesterday that was blame the weather excuse, the kind you hear from retailers very -- >> security says it is a dumbest thing i have heard. >> if it was true i would be sitting in the dark with no delivery and my cable would be turned off, because my -- cards get updated every 3 months i update them on payments. >> that is you -- >> this is me talking about, if i am doing that america is doing it. >> prices going up for netflix another point. >> nicole thank you see you in a little bit, don't forget to start with nicole fbn:am, each every the morning 5:00 a.m. fox business snooker headache nausea regret over that late night pizza i have no idea what you are talking about not the only effective night out on town find out how much but i think drinking, costs the
6:39 am
economy straight ahead. ♪
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. sandra: all right breaking news donald trump got his way tweeted moments ago cnbc has agreed the debate will be two hours he says that is fantastic news for all
6:43 am
especially the millions of people who will be watching trouble in los angeles a teach files one bland lawsuit against bureaued of education. cheryl: good morning one teacher claiming it conducts quote with itch hunts against a older teachers to save on retirement benefits the plaintiff put under investigation for alleged misconduct now suing. no kia recalling 377,000 cars they may be self-driving, the ought maker says kia, suv, ununexpectedly shifts out of park into drive roll away, working on the problem, finally, guys, center for disease control says your hang over is costing u.s. economy billions of dollars according to a report excessive drinking cost 249 billion dollars in 2010, two.05 per drink up 11%
6:44 am
from 2006, items, that go into this health care, missing work ambulance cost bad productivity after a mets game what can i go on, the city had to worst problem when it came to economic hits from but i think drinking, hang over. >> washington, d.c. -- >> i don't blame should get a pass. >> to deal with day in, day out. >> the precious jobs on planet health care, retirement, never get fired. i mean this isn't mentioned toll on one's body why would i go there when people might be having a hang over. >> but i think drinking being stimulus the amount of money we spend on control, much of it made here in the united states. and then all the excess food
6:45 am
while drunk the next morning, all of that. >> purchases online. we are -- >> excellent point, drinking online shopping. >> [laughter] >> good point. >> the most fun thing -- >> does it mentioning people more productive hung over? >> shopping -- >> anything -- shop. >> yeah, cheryl thank you for bringing that story to us. >> the most important stories of the day to you sandra. sandra: coming up one of the most anticipated films of a generation, why are analysts expecting the next installment of "star wars" to be the top grossing film of the year? we will explain, next.
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. sandra: look at markets this morning, mixed action as you do see dow and s&p futures, to the downside right now, small losses, but we have been hire across the board nasdaq futures holding on to slight gain, now looking at other markets, including, oil, another big move there this morning, more than 1% to the upside, 4697, a barrel the latest hunger games movie "star wars," the force awakens hitting the screen next couple weeks more anticipated of the two may surprise you, according to poll data published by variety the final installment of the hunger games is now leading "star wars." joining me entertainment reporter catriona, is this true katrina -- "star wars."
6:50 am
>> not crazy a caveat about the poll one survey there were only 3,000 people polled so sample size is very small, and traditional the motive that comes out first is the hungrier games premiering november 20 al more anticipated because it is coming first, aefrp kind of has it on the brain, this is the fourth and final installment of the hunger games die-hard fans to see it. >> a theory on this. >> majority of votes surveyed lyle win therefore looking for hunger games, i know the guys i am taking -- >> "star wars," my wife goes to hunger games that is the deal. >>. >> i -- >> this is. >> "star wars" i am not going to see hunger games. >> do guys like hunger games.
6:51 am
>> jennifer launders is -- >> thank you. >> jennifer is highest paid actress of 2015 thanks to hunger games. >> still complaining about her pay. >> outspoken one i will say that for sure. >> see moves because hot chics in them. >> come on. >> -- i know you are a big "star wars" fan. >> talking about "star wars" this is one of the rare moments where it "star wars" means a lot to the parent generation, and they don't have to drag kids kids want to see it too i think you are going to have a huge ticket, just going to be crazy, and some parents, you know don't need to see it on the day it opens i think going to have legs going right through the window. >> saying even though anticipation of hunger games maybe higher at this point box office records will be shattered by "star wars" disney making parent friendly to the generations who watched 40 years ago, for the kids
6:52 am
very accessible your point is -- >> a big boost for disney stock for sure. >> -- that is one danger by disney day before it opens a buy the rumor sell news sort of thing. >> don't do that -- >> if it does a better than projections is very well might. >> i think -- >> i think merchandise extraordinary. >> is additional daily boost franchise over all. >> people not buying jennifer lawrence doll. >> -- whoa. >> creepy. extremely quiet during cement i am going to get tweets i was not seenet of them, no hunger games no "star wars." >> never seen one. >> all right, there you have it. >> not happening -- >> you got to go you got to like see over the weekend watch -- >> i know.
6:53 am
>> all right, on to-do list. >> i got to take you get you are take on something else morgan stanley with a report the box office sale 5% index year probably with help of me, katrina, new batman versus superman why say will sales going down. >> heels what we were talking about major box office success of 20 is a up 8% over last year, is really what is going to see, these numbers fly, because we are already, again,sh ticket sales in 2015 at 8.5 billion dollars, we have not even seen the release of "star wars" and hunger games, only going up. >> because. >> higher be the record in 2013 so expecting. >> not because -- >>, of course, stocks down yesterday for regal, so that resonates with morgan stanley. >>uring probably seeing both movies, hunger games "star wars."
6:54 am
>> "star wars," yes, i am seeing -- >> [laughter] >> coming you the i think that needs to get play here. >> might be -- that might have a problem, that is an interesting story, because it has a very short release period before available on demand a very risky strategy, not being shown at first run nearly a like two week. >> people wait not. >> huge. >> i hope not. >> the best thank you. will go rallying after economic data a federal reserve no hurry to raise interest rates big gains for gold mining stocks, to someone insure to see all movies and more nicole, i know you go to the box office. >> i get december 18 for "star wars," looking forward to that to look here etf gold, gold up about 4% this week etf up over 20% month of october, the fed
6:55 am
in no hurry to raise rates everybody flocking to gold closeer to 1200 dollar a troy ounce mark in etf would include gold corp barrett gold to name a few that is our feature etf for the morning we have much more "mornings with maria" coming up after the break so stay with us.
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"hunger games,". . . sandra: good morning. i'm sandra smith maria bartiromo has the morning off it is friday,october 16, with me fox business dagen mcdowell, scott martin here editor jack otter a big weekend for nfl draft fooipgs fanduel shut down in
6:59 am
nevada fantasy sports sites can no longer do business in the state until a about gambling license from the gaming board draftkings fanduel insist she are skill based agains not subject to gambling regulations 20th century fox participant company of this network has investment in day of the drings donald trump ben carson bearing to get the way with cnbc telling the host network not to expect them if it moves forward with its plan to air a three hour debate eliminating open statements trump went on greta van susteren to and he was disgust. >> sold out commercials want to increase an hour i think unfair to viewers too much, too much to watch doing it wahs they want to make more money. >> scheduled the end of this month the debate you want right here fox business network, we are teaming up with "the wall street journal," to bring you a republican presidential debate focused squarely on economy
7:00 am
money that event in milwaukee wisconsin november 10 right here fox business, futures markets this morning we've been seeing mixed action right now, trading mostly in downside with s&p 500 futures, off just a fraction of a per cent, dow futures lower nasdaq futures holding on to 2 point georgian in europe stocks right now are still trending higher, with the ftse in london now showing leadership with a gain of 7/10 of 1%, mcdonald's all day breakfast, causing some problems in appears an all day mess! for some store owners who say it slowed down service, lowered the average ticket and sparked chaos in kitchens, owners saying it forces them to high more people increased coasts credit card industry out this morning saying, netflix is coming up with different content when it
7:01 am
comes to its problems with consumer transaction, the vid giant blaming chip cards for drop in growth, saying unifiers failed to update credit card information when they received chip card, maybe that is not exactly the case after all, this morning "the wall street journal," a number of credit card industry insiders say they have a hard time buying a netflix stoifr because system is in place to prevent a problem netflix is the only company having that complaint, journal reporting that one of the darlings of the tech industry under pressure from regulators to end top product that has drawn so many investors theranos stopped collecting dials of platitude from finger prescribipricks saying more a traditional lab than that draws platitude with needles company valued 9 billion dollars, planet
7:02 am
henting telescope picked up a strange light, from a distant star that has the signs community abuzz, the strange light pattern makes it seem more like a death star planet rather than a star. some refer to it as an alien megastructure others say like a light destruction from asteroid belt. >> he struck him out new york mets -- have won the series! [cheers and applause] sandra: there it is new york mets beat los angeles dodgers to move to national league champion series will now take on chicago cubs, [boo]. >> in new york, the series. >> it is the mets have not won a world series since 80s cubs -- 1908. so we are excited about this you are too old --
7:03 am
>> mentioned cubs, facing off to be the representative of the -- >> upside down. >> new york it is a short flight able to go to all the games. >> cubs finally delisted? >> moving on from -- atlantic falcons fawn from ranks of up beaten falcons fumbled. >> 31-21. >> turning to politics, republican front-runners donald trump ben carson making threats to boycott republican debate appears candidates may have gotten their way blake berman has the latest the details on that blake. reporter: maybe what a difference a day makes good morning pearce donald trump will get his way, trump tweeted out minutes ago, quote here it is cn. butc has just agreed that the debate will be two hours, fantastic news for all especially the millions of
7:04 am
people who will be watching, now the back story here trump, and dr. ben carson sent a letter to cnbc just yesterday, saying they would not participate in their debate if it were longer than two hours, and did not contain opening and closing statements. trump absolutely lit into cnbc last night spoke with greta van susteren. >> they want to make this an extra hour, and i think it is unfair to the viewers because it is too much it is too much to watch and they are doing it because they want to make more money. >> now that letter came after the campaign managers of several presidential contenders reportedly complained to cnabout. c over its desire to scrap those traditional opening and closing statements no word from cnbc on trump tweet or debate rules. sandra: we won't hold out for that talk about it right now blake berman thank you, about those this what happens if you are for that reasront-runner.
7:05 am
>> apparently when bully on playground i guess do you anything you want. >> trump, a1, a2, kind of right there together so i guess that is what you can do. i think it is about aed for america, i was looking forward to the debate without two guys i want to hear more from -- marco what it is like or the john because iraq carly the rest of the group i think america could have benefited from hearing some guys and gals. >> you've got a point trump critical of someone trying to make money pretty funny. >> i guess you could see that as amusing it is about money comes on ratings for the network trying to do what is best for them. >> it is. i think it was still that many people on the stage, more than two hours. take a look i am a -- i am making assumption but they also wanted opening and closing statements that also winnows down amount of time that you have for discussion. just -- you may i don't know, maybe you just continue get as
7:06 am
much heat from the debate because not as much time occupant there. >> you -- o. >> yes, i do, i think they all need to put their big boy pants on stand up there as long as american people would like them to stand there. >> carly fiorina kind of saying not a problem for me. >> women, know how to just -- heels, too. >> we have greater endurance than men do. >> tougher we have a higher tolerance for pain. >> -- right. >> the rules debate not o imagine if trump said megyn kelly can't ask tough questions next time he doesn't get to make that call that is the fox's call cnbc call. >> he is winning. >> i pushed around another network. >> you can say that he just dictated terms of the debate they changed because of -- >> apparently -- i am not happy about it. >> such a dangerous standard going forward especially for future campaigns because they can look back say well, trump did it or another candidate did it why can't we, too. >> all right, of course, we've
7:07 am
got our debate coming right here fox business network november 10, from milwaukee teaming up with the "the wall street journal," and it is going to be the republican presidential debate that you must watch because going to be firmly squarely focused on the economy business and your money that is tuesday, november 10, daily infant sights hit over gambling concerns jo ling kent with details everybody is talking about. jo ling: yeah nevada cracking down another state to get involved in this, ruled draft constitution on fanduel considered gambling ordered them to shut down immediately regulators say they can reopen if they obtain a gambling license if they violate this rule companies could face felony charges and jail time, the move one of the biggest blows to the daily fantasy business nevada is, of course, still influential in gambling business the stooits had already been banned in five states both slowing
7:08 am
disagreeing with this decision fanduel told "the wall street stdemeaud histm prinhe tod vieserawt cey pa cny fox buss nworks investor in draftkings the debate kills vs money making inactived says it is gambling. >> everybody talking whether or not this is going to change everything going forward for the industry. >> the companies already don't operate in five states, and i would suspect with this move by nevada strongest voice in terms of gambling i would think other states would follow suit say these businesses cannot operate here in this state it dramatically changes the valuations on businesses. >> billion dollars each companies. >> and in one thing that fbi was looking into is whether
7:09 am
the executives at the company are encouraging, basically telling players how to circumvent laws if you live in state of montana here is how you -- not quite -- >> here is how participate, that is going to that is another area of focus for justice department. >> make it easy daily fantasy sites main pitch continue commit for a whole soap like fantasy league with buddies all this coming up on regulation may hurt them it is so transparent easy get in and out taking monday out state starts shutting them down you can jump right out not committed to stay in fantasy league they created for you. >> very important to point out nevada is doing pretty well under existing gambling laws not a konot getting a lot of revenue out of draft fooipgs fanduel i suspect phone calls to the legislators from you know, mirage maybe saying get
7:10 am
rid of guys. >> operators. >> not necessarily working looking at the incoming fees from last sunday they actually had some of their highest fees ever that was after the class action lawsuit, and after the investigation, of -- the information, exactly. a particular thing. sandra: great story do you have a team. >> i do not i just don't have time. but my -- on i'm sorry, everybody has time for draft kings, no your fate of guys the dorks. >> sounds really good i could do that, too. >> suppose that you go to a site. >> the greatest advancing are professionals algorithms at disposal -- >> if you go to sites deposit
7:11 am
money put in promo code fbi i think they trip your did he posit. >> being mcdonald's all day breakfast proving quite a nightmare for franchise owners they are complaining about this that story next take a look at some other big headlines topping the "the wall street journal" this morning, malaysia prime minister sparks a rapidly investigation for playing a key role at state department fund, u.s. firms are fighting glob krooir weapons deal an fees are it will upend the way that you use and sell spyware, and nestle cuts outh reporting 2% drop in sales keep it right here on fox business. ♪ ♪
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sandra: apple ceo cook unveiling a new ineffective program for employees, cheryl casone has this story. cheryl: that is right sandra interesting apple opening up stock awards to all employees, even hourly retail workers previously only top management executives from products team for eligible to earn a stock -- reports this morning of the status of former nba star lamar odom espn reporting the champ still on life support but also claiming that he has made small progress, in the past 24 hours. there are reports from "people" magazine stating that odom is right now on his quote last leg thatss his strangested kind of khloé kardashian is preparing for the worst, mcdonald's, all day board o breakfast franchisees saying launch has been a disaster
7:16 am
complaining it slowed down service, lowered average bills sparked chaos in kitchens across the can you please earners say it forced them to hire more people increasing cost for franchisees sales so far predicated argument for all day breakfast. >> the way i interpreted the second complaining means they are busy, one of the franchise owners saying commerce are abandoning in droves we aret too slow or offering subpar quality. >> i think this is a good move from 50,000 feet, mcdonald's realized it had a problem a smart step to solve it maybe didn't pull off logistics in management that is a tough management order to say how many i know how many franchisees 10,000, 20,000, kitchens you got to do stuff differently, i can see why that is an issue sort that quick, because mcdonald's dagen points out stock all-time high but face very series headwinds.
7:17 am
>> to that point, scott another franchise owner saying with current labor pool in their area, talked to several hundred franchises, they said that the labor pool is tough struggling to have people to run the sort of shift to keep up with demand, and extra person, to me again says they are busy. >> in the business to sell goods, that is the thing if you need more people in your store -- we get it i understand there is labor issues, but the reality is your business is up and the company did something that probably helped you in the long run that is -- >> to get all day breakfast anybody -- >> i was thinking about it last night decided a to i walked past mcdonald's. >> i had some issues i can't start eating them because i can't stop. >> a wheel -- >> i am a vegetarian now.
7:18 am
>> i will take one for the team, for the next hour i will go across the street i will bring it back -- is that will cool with everybody in studio? >> a lot of hash browns. >> i work on television for a living would i be big as this des desk. >> one meal. >> cheryl's offer. cheryl: hash brown in front of dagen what is going to happen? >> make sure you have a few -- thank you, jack lew warning with dire warning i should say for congress, raise the debt ceiling or reason i out of cash! he is telling this we will dive into the implications next. ♪ all right new report out
7:19 am
7:20 am
7:21 am
7:22 am
fining oil giants are set to cut spending on exploration by at least half next year, from peak in 2013, they could have a large impact on the energy sector as a whole phil phillip at cme group, how will these deep spending cuts what impact will they have on oil prices phil? >> have i think over the long run going to have a major impact, not just today sandra but for a duckdecades to come a historic point in global energy history looking back from maybe five or 10 years down the road realize the loss of capital spending cuts, impact on future production. this report also warns don't look to shale to bailout major projects, you are not going to
7:23 am
be able to playoyou a replace t much by shale alone especially canceling projects not like they can bring them back, some are going to take decades to produce so if we get that increase in demand we are going to fall behind curve maybe catchup with oil maybe next so years back to you. sandra: phil phillip, thank you. we are talking jack lew, moving up the dates the government will official run out of cash, and ability to borrow more to november 3, liz claimman any decision to raise debt limit rests squarely in congress. >> only congress can raise don't limit i have to reminded you your viewers about is the debt limit does not commit to new spending all debt limit does gives us ability to pay bills for expenses that we are committed to a long time ago. >> all right.
7:24 am
>> all right, so what first of all what do you make of that. >> well, i think he is right, i mean you don't tell the credit card company once the bill arrives i am sorry i am not going to pay this you tear up credit card and stop charging the items to the card. so that is what our government needs to do. they need to make a decision, we're going to spend x, going to borrow x, to cover it a long-term plan so that we bring down that difference, between what we spend, and what we bring in, one way or the other very difficult decision nobody willing to make them frankly. >> this debate could get pretty ugly. >> it could what that is going to hurt the market some people think that part of what the fed is watching, is this debate. and this is yet another reason they don't want to move because it would be one more pressure on the market and frankly the global markets lew makes another good point you don't like american economy you really don't like the global economy, you know, as rough as things may seem we are the best house in a bad neighborhood, this is a --
7:25 am
>> i can't believe here again as far as debt so tired of officials hanging this over american's heads oh, my gosh the was or thing that is going to happen in the world to your point if it does affect markets remember the big shutdown was good for government bonds that pushed yields down if you bought panders in anticipation i think could happen again if it mixtures market i would buy bonds ahead of a shutdown. >> buy bonds because they see the that as a safe heavaven. >> president obama said everything is going to be in turmoil the reality was bonds did very, very well when government was shut down. >> >>. dagen: if i ref to raise debt limit i don't know politically what you gain out that have. sandra: the "the wall street journal" this morning obama drops afghan exit plans president obama announcing a new strategy in you afghanistan, straight ahead
7:26 am
former germ minutes ministers of defense joins us the cdc says your drinking habitat is hurting the economy, we will tell you what, why, how, coming up. a combination of see products.. and customers. every on-time arrival is backed by thousands of od employees, ...who make sure the millions of products we ship
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bartiromo has the morning offried october 16 this hour fox business dagen mcdowell, fox news contributor scott martin "barrons".com editor jack otter breaking news going into a big weekend for the nfl draftkings fanduel shut down in state of nevada, the fantasy sports sight can no longer do business in the state until they get a gambling lines from the gaming board, draftkings fanduel assist they are not subject to gambling regulations 21st century fox participant company of this network has an investment in draftkings.
7:30 am
donald trump, he is getting very vocal about the next debate, claiming that he forced cnbc's hand trump and ben carson telling c inbc not to expect them, as it moves forward with a plan to air a 3 hour debate, and eliminate opening statements, trump went on with fox news greta van susteren to express his concern about those debates with cnbc. >> when they're trying to do sold out all commercials want to increase it by an hour, i think it is unfair to the viewers because it is too much, too much to watch and they are doing it because they want to make more money. >> all right the debate on that other network, is scheduled for the end of this month. the debate you want to watch is right here on fox business network, teenage up with "the wall street journal," to bring you a republican presidential debate focused squarely on the economy, milwaukee november 10 you can only see it right here on the fox business network. looking at futures markets, this morning two hours from opening bell, on wall street
7:31 am
you are looking at red arrows across the board as we starting the show 6:00 this morning we had green arrows dow futures currently up 26 points looking over in europe, where we have been seeing some positive trading, we continue to see up arrows well off session highs begins a by ftse in london up one half 1%, powerful storms heavy rain in parts of california causing mud slides the hardest hit areas include los angeles county and san bernardino county, the mudslides shut down sections of 5, and state route 57, so far no series injuries have been reported. airbus has filed a patent for a propelled aircraft that will be capable of flying from new york to london in 60 minutes, standard airlines complete the journey cross pond about 8 hours the jet is concord 2. it would use a combination of
7:32 am
three separate engines according to the patent. >> to the plate and struck him out, and new york mets have won the series! [cheers and applause] sandra: there you have it new york mets beat los angeles dodgers to move to national league championship series will take on chicago cubs, starting tomorrow night, in new york will the curse be lifted. >> president obama back tracking on plan to remove u.s. troops from afghanistan, before he leaves office the xhar in chief claiming u.s. forces on the ground system have not met their goals. >> this decision is not disappointing, continually, my goal has been to make sure that we give every opportunity for afghanistan to success while still making sure that we are meeting our core missions. >> joining us now a former
7:33 am
german minister of defense thanks for being with us what do you make of the change of strategy coming from the president in. >> does it come by surprise? after having set a date 2014 probably most stupidest date i heard when i was in office i had impression when we talked of a gap counterparts they told us you've got the watches we have got the time, andnk that sentence says it all. and i'm actually not surprised. it is -- as he said probably not a disappointing move for him it is disappointing, because the goal was a different one. and i am quite worded we might loss afghanistan even if you keep -- >> interesting even if we keep this many troops there is this even enough? the big question. >> was it ever enough? and was the strategy always right? that is that is probably the question certainly right to go there the very beginning, and then our expectations started
7:34 am
to blossom more and more -- afghanistan with westminster democracy standards never happened to be, so o third biggest troop supplier germany encountered many widows telling them this is where we are u.n. telling us the worst development of taliban since 2001 -- >> when you give away the strategy like you said the timing, reminds me of syria red line opposition is going to push you we will push it behalf of the 2014, 2015 whatever you think see what you do then this is what happens we back attract don't act syria look where we are. >> if you tie to election days it can't work, that is a very simplistic point it cannot work. >> what is endgame, i clearly this was a really bad with
7:35 am
tactical move what is big strategy more i learn about afghanistan, the more of a quagmire it feels like we saw what happened to russians taliban he frankly some of the stuff that has gone you on evening amongst our allies in afghanistan is very disturbing. >> well it has -- you are a latest developments in the part we have been responsible konduz it fell back into happened of taliban what those promising part in the north so what is the end gave i am to afghanistan? no, but there are solutions might be founded with neighborhoods countries struggling, resolution we may find a corporation with request intelligence services a breeding ground for terrorism we probably may have to accept they fought in afghanistan for centuries they will fight each other for centuries the next -- >>. dagen: if we make changes until president obama is out of the white house can we do anything that is more effective in afghanistan with
7:36 am
the current president there? >> well, it is -- >> certainly his promising president than the one we dealt with before in, our face turned around usually the on as the this is promising element in afghanistan nevertheless we have to deal with existing structures we are not beyond -- at overall structure which select our expectations, to a democratic country, it is not there. so what we can do is to try to avoid developments we have seen already, the beginning and the end is late 1990s beginning of the turn of the century. this is where we can work on, but this is bits and pieces nothing more. sandra: i want to kind of go over to syria now the continued conflicting there putin condemning u.s. for refusing to share targets, putin defending air strikes where are we there right now? >> even more complex situation.
7:37 am
now we are hearing that there will be a fight for aleppo we have seen that before this is like isis, against assad. and now we are trying to somehow embrace assad to a certain extent, i would say going from red line to rode carpet what a solution. so it is, of course, a more and more complicated situation, there, vladimir putin is in a multiple win situation at the very moment has all means at hands divide why you were more he has a frighten now foot prnt can teas american troops if he wants to something for his works for yooun standards look at refugee crisis for our western alliance all other things has elements i think are worrisome. >> does appear putin keeps trying to make it very clear he has the you were hand in all of this. >> well, certainly someone can
7:38 am
spell confidence correctly as we all know. >> hockey player too i harry. >> that is why -- we have not really stood up to him that is the thing we've got to say something at this point at least make action to not let him peep putting his footprint there he got involved get out. >> one thing if only helpful fighting isis, i would say okay we need partners down there without a question. but if he uses his forces to also fight the rebels to support assad, it doesn't make the situation better for the surrounding countries for turkey tried to -- to come to a deal yesterday, in european union european counsel we have to stand up we have to bob clear to putin he understands. >> we putt a deal lucrative with iran the greatest ally of russia in the middle east and we assume that russia would work with us because we got onboard with that deal and he -- he did the exact opposite.
7:39 am
>> in multiple win situation another little -- he has a partner, for oil prices, he has a partner down there for many, many other aspects, so the deal is probably lousiest we could have achieved i said that before and other terms, but on the other hand it is the deal we have right now just one footnote if i may, if break deal from u.s. side over here you will not have europe in the book, so that is one thing -- >> they are already cutting economic deals in the nation. >> thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >>. sandra: breaking news cnbc not commenting on donald trump's claim the network caved to hands in over the debate providing a sip of no comment when we reached out for verification no comment from cnbc coming up erin and drews names her price marriott hotel chain could be on the hook for a massive payout. >> centers for disease control
7:40 am
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sandra: all right. so there is new concerns this morning over hillary clinton's private e-mail server cheryl casone following that. cheryl: that is right, sandra getting noaa details, in fox news, is reporting that the fbi investigation, into her e-mail is focusing on a gross negligent provision of pertains to safekeeping of national defense information, and according to the report, the information does not have to be classified to be a violation, now this comes as clinton's top aide headed to capitol hill to testify before benghazi committee a lot happening with regard to hillary clinton erin andrews looking for damages over her people dip nfl football correspondent fox correspondent, and "dancing with the stars" co-host seeking 75 million dollars from marriott other defendants, this is after she was secretly videotaped in the nude in tennessee hotel room in 200 center for disease
7:45 am
control says your hangover is costing u.s. economy billions of dollars, shame on you! according to new report, excess drinking cost 249 billion dollars, in 2010, 2.05 per drink, sandra, and talked about last hour, of all the cities the most costly to the economy all hangovers washington, d.c. . >> aww. >> i would have thought new york, but d.c. >> they drink like that they got all that free time on hands know they won't get fired if they show up two hours late to work -- >> when you have pensions all the support, the free cars. carte blanche a tough life drinks probably expense -- >> drinks -- >> aha! . >> all around. >> productivity visits to er included in study, they looked at yeah, you know er visit if
7:46 am
too drunk to stand up. >> what about all the we apply online. >> i think that is a positive who doesn't want a couple glasses ofwi wine, come on. >> not worst thing you bought on line. >> yeah, but a couple dresses, came on -- >> what about all the agreesy hamburgers people apply. >> chicken sand with whichees mozzarella ham back in the day. >> i am a vegetarian i eat gras grass. >> all right, thank you cheryl. >> you bet huge weekend ahead for nfl instead all eyes on the unraffling fantasy football league, what nevada's bold move to shut down draftkings and fanduel emancipate for your fantasy
7:47 am
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7:51 am
phone sports attorney relinquish ad rotting to make sense for us what is going to happen next with this industry. >> almost "star wars" movie the walls caving in on them originally an individual they -- at draftkings 25 dollars made 2 a,000 on a bet with let's say -- now what is happening the morning state attorney general office looking into it fbi interviewing people nevada ruled this is not this is not skill this is gambling what is happened they sort of turned in 2006 statute on its head in 2006, to lobbying groups sports lobbying it is not about gambling taking the manage rogers from week one to 16 new companies say this is daily fantasy betting not going 16 weeks, you are betting on -- >> quickly as a very
7:52 am
experienced sports attorney before you go on, are where do you fall on this is it skill based or gambling. >> it is interesting, i like -- but as attorney general -- it really has become gambling because now you are not going a whole season you are betting on one day, and it is no different than -- horse racing or any other form of gambling you are beth the odds nevada shut them down five states shut them down congress requesting for inquiry they didn't regulate them if you turn on any sports show you will see these companies advertising all day long, once every minute 1/2 an ad getting to big health insurance of millions in company route regulating themselves could be the. >> you live in states prapg shutting it down balance in your account, what do you do. >> you can get money out not gambling in louisiana --
7:53 am
>> montana. >> that is the question, i took money out last night because i had i am -- that is where i live i am worried concerned that fbi justice department say draftkings, well we're going to freeze assets while we get the strained out i think there is liquidity issue. >> there could be unless an inspire employee avid better you really don't have any concern frankly, we will see where it plays out but you have everyone from congress to senate to states to the attorney general's office now las vegas coming in on them so just really it is crazy what is going on. dagen: how does it move forward do you think individual states start gang the fantasy sports gambling if you will, or is there any way for these two companies, to make changes to how they operate that could take some of the heat off them. >> two questions, so they are they are banning, nevada
7:54 am
banned daily sports if they -- you want -- you can still do it i think that is going to turn that way irony we are allowing for gambling are other state sort of a trend of gambling becoming, the answer is why i think states are going to start one by one, saying if you to allow it apply for it get a license. >> i think nfl opposes with a nelson mandela is trying to do with sports boating betting but fanduel and draftkings. >> every state trying more revenue bringing in more gambling. >> they are to blame they didn't get ahead of this bigger, more money and didn't regulate. >> exploded like a volcano overnight you've seen them explode didn't regulate themselves. >> that is the problem. >> at this point somebody suggesting could they move their operations, headquarters? >>heweo bse wevnekit nod icotin employees bet anymore be
7:55 am
serious who works at companies, these guys are people who generally men bet on sports, so, it is goeblth very hard they can try to regulate thepz but, as i said walls are coming in on them. >> richard roth thank you for expertise everybody watching that next hour we are joined by fobs sports holly sanders for a preview of another big nfl weekend also i want to talk to her about golf season starting 1 days talk about that as well former ciae cofferest officer mike baker here talking about the president's decision to leave troops on the ground in afghanistan. shouldn't what makes each of us a unique individual,
7:56 am
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sandra: good friday morning, everyone. i'm sandra smith. maria bartiromo is off. it is october 16th. with me this hour, fox business's dagen mcdowell,
7:59 am
scott martin and editor jack otter. how are you doing after about three hours? are you ready for another hour? just making a joke. >> you're the gold standard for energy. sandra: breaking news. going into the weekend for nfl, draftkings an fanduel is shut down in the state of nevada until they get a gambling license from the gaming board. they insist they're skill-based games and not subject to gaming regulations. we should mention, 21st century fox, the parent company of this network, an investment with draftkings. donald trump and ben carson tolling cnbc not to expect them if they move forward with a planned with three-hour debate. that is the inside joke? get it? trump went on fox news with greta van susteren to express his disgust over this. >> what they're trying do, they have sold out all the commercials and want to increase it by an hour. i think it is unfair to the viewers.
8:00 am
it is too much to watch. they are doing it because they want to make more none any. sandra: that debate is scheduled for the end of the month. the debate you care about is on the fox business network. we're teaming with "the wall street journal" to bring you a republican presidential debate to focus on your money and economy. that is taking place in milwaukee, on november 10th. you can only see it here on the fox best network. mixed opening for the opening bell. nasdaq futures a slight gain of a half-point there. in europe stocks right now are trading to the upside off their highs of the session but in midday trading. still up with the ftse in london leading the way up 2points. mcdonald's all-day breakfast sap apparently an all-day mess. store owners say their service actually slowed down as a result of this decision. lowering average bills and
8:01 am
sparking chaos in its kitchens. owners say the launch forced them to hire more people which increased costs. sounds like a good thing, i don't know. credit card industry is saying netflix is coming up with different kind of original content when it comes to promise with consumer transactions. the video streaming giant blaming new chip cards for a drop in subscriber growth saying userfaed to update their information when they received the new card. "wall street journal" has number of credit industry insiders have a hard time buying the excuse for netflix because of systems in place to prevent such a problem. netflix is the only company blaming the journal about that. "wall street journal" says the one of the darling of industry is under pressure. theranos stopped collected tiny vials of blood drawn from fingerprints for all but one of it is tests. the journal says theranos is
8:02 am
operating like a traditional lab that draws blood with needles. theranos is valued at $9 billion. >> he struck him out! the new york mets have won the series. sandra: all right, i i have a new york mets stage manager getting in my face right now celebrating this win. congratulations, new york. >> you have the biggest fan of the mets on planet earth in this studio right now. you won't find anyone -- sandra: there he is. matt. yea. celebration over? let's get to this? >> they celebrate anything in new york longer than 12 hours? come on. sandra: beat the los angeles dodgers to move on to the national championship series. taking on chicago cubs. >> we need to focus on this a little bit longer because this is something we may never see again in our lifetimes. last night when there was a walk, daniel murphy was pushed to first to second. he looked around.
8:03 am
he noticed no one covered third baseballs the dodgers had a shift on. he ran all the way to third base. that set up the winning run. mets never looked back. kids, adults everywhere, watch him thinking with his brain. not just the feet. watch this carefully. kid, learn this lesson for life. it is a great moment. tell you, keep an eye on daniel murphy. sandra: where is drew carrie when we need him. holy cow. >> half mental game or 90% physical, what did yogi say? sandra: this morning politics, republican frond runners ben carson and donald trump going back and forth with cnbc. blake burman with the latest on this tangled, web. blake. reporter: donald trump saying he will get his way. quote, cnbc just agreed debate will be two hours. fantastic news for all especially millions of people who will be watching.
8:04 am
however cnbc is not commenting on the matter at this very moment. this all started yesterday when trump and dr. ben carson had sent a letter to cnbc saying they would not participate in their debate in two weeks if it were longer than two hours. and did not contain opening and closing statements. trump then expressed his disappointment last night when he spoke with greta van susteren. >> they want to make this an extra hour and i think it is unfair to the viewers because it's too much. it's too much to watch and they're doing it because they want to make more money. reporter: that letter also came, sandra, campaign managers of several presidential contenders complained to cnbc over its desire to scrap traditional opening and closing statements. so far no comment on the trump tweet. sandra: blake burman, thank you. we have new numbers out for presidentialal candidates fund-raising.
8:05 am
let's bring in fund-raiser noel nix pour. good morning. >> good morning, ben carson getting 23 million leading the gop field. did this take you by surprise? >> it really did. that is really big. the fact that he is running neck-and-neck with trump. when you have polls one and two, one and two, looking like reasonable candidate, money is usually going to follow that. sandra: money is following that. we've talked about ben carson and his recent surge because it has been impressive to watch. here we have leading the gop field a former neurosurgeon and a billionaire real estate mogul/celebrity. i mean it is really historical time for presidential campaign. >> i have never seen anything like it. i think a lot of people are scratching their heads with this pham none going what happened? especially a lot of the establishment and big donors. they're wondering is this just a passing thing? is it a phase?
8:06 am
next time you talk to them, wow, i don't know if i give my money to jeb bush and rubio because i'm watching this. no big investor, big money person want to write a check thinking that they're giving it down the drain for a losing campaign and they keep watching this phenomenon of the carson-trump, carson-trump. >> what do you make of the relationship between those two? it almost feels like if it doesn't work out for one maybe the other will bring the other one along? there is kind of friendship going on there. i don't know if donald trump has that many friends. but certainly on stage those two relate the most to each other? >> especially about the debate. donald trump took leadership and basically took on cnbc and got his way with the two-hour deal. ben carson was right behind that. people are reporting, that other candidates they didn't like it either. almost like leaders and rest are following. >> cool kids in the high school, right? cool kids at the lunch table.
8:07 am
>> when you look at the fund-raising numbers can you tell who is not going to make it? chris christie cash on hand is less than 1.4 million at this point. you have rand paul, cash on hand at about two million. there are a lot of candidates below them.didates on eight names on here might need to step aside. >> it is starting to dwindle down. you will start seeing them drop off. you have to pay campaign cash. you have to pay for a lot of travel. it is extremely expensive. the other thing, what will you have left over to advertise to get your message out? is the whole reason to raise money to get your message out. if you can't do it you're a prisoner in your own world. sandra: speaking of which, donald trump, according to the these numbers, spent on bummer stickers and yard signs and t-shirts as far as campaign spending. $800,000 in logo-emblazed gear
8:08 am
he is seen tossing out to his supporters. >> trump raised almost $4 million, that money he gave to the campaign? >> he didn't even raise it. he wasn't asking -- i think unsolicited but his novelty items are what they are. remember the obama t-shirt, how everybody wanted that brand? trump is selling his brand. >> next biggest lineup, heavily branded, his 757 jet. $700,000 on his flights. >> i can tell you in the second quarter he spent about half a million. he spent about 50% more. sandra: noelle nikpour, thank you. >> thanks. sandra: don't forget to tune into the fox business network on november 10th. we're partnering with "the wall street journal" to host the fourth republican primary debate. we'll focus on issues you want to hear about, the economy, jobs taxes. you won't want to miss that. mark your calendars. nevada lawmakers ordering
8:09 am
fantasy sports sites to shut down and get a gambling license if they want to operate in that state. the decision coming amid growing backlash over regulators over industry giants, draftkings and fanduel. those who break the rule could face felony charges and up to 10 years in prison. let's bring in gaming sports attorney daniel wallach and our jo ling kent who has been all over this story. first to you, today an el. will we see other states follow nevada's lead on this? >> very well may because nevada is the country's most prominent gambling commission and the pace setter for the rest of the country. this is the first we whether had debate whether fantasy sports is gambling. there have been arguments on both sides. yesterday the first regulatory body weigh in with a definitive statement on that. it is in fact gambling that it's a bet and a wager. we have repercussions that would reverberate throughout the rest
8:10 am
of the country. i would look for other states to potentially follow nevada's lead. it may not happen overnight. massachusetts is looking at this. california has a bill to license and regulate. this is momentum that has been building. nevada was the first shoe to drop. sandra: he is predicting there is going to be more. >> there may very well be more, but so far this season it hasn't impacted the business side of either website. they have seen the most entry fees as of last sunday than they have the entire season. they're continuing to make money. remember there are actually conflicts of interests here that are interesting. nfl, bob kraft of patriots and jerry jones of dallas cowboys have stakes in draftkings. we're not just talking about insiders that work at these companies but people who are coaches. sandra: very good point. we wouldn't -- >> and owners. sandra: exactly. we weren't talking a lot of money and a lot of people like you playing. >> i did play and took some money out. here is the other thing, you
8:11 am
have to figure how quick are the states reacting to this? if you have money there and state abandons it, you're out of luck. waiting around to make a deal with the states. they make it easy to play and daily and easy to get your money out. >> like they just give you your money back. not like the money isn't there. >> but it is easy to get out too. >> they want real regulatory trouble if they don't give you your money back. they will gladly give money back even if banned in your state. >> there instituter what will happen is what -- insecurity what is happening? >> absolutely. >> this is wild, wild west. they were not running businesses. most people looking at these sites said this is gambling and they were getting away with it. sandra: let's get you back here. >> the walls are crumbling down between sports gambling and daily fantasy sports. we're seeing change in momentum. earlier this week a federal
8:12 am
appeals court agreed to revisit whether sports gambling should be legal in new jersey. sports gambling is on the way up and fantasy sports very existence is being called into question. there will be legal challenges, in florida i would watch that situation closely because there is a grand jury that has been convened to determine whether some of the daily fantasy sports operators are violating federal gambling laws and state gambling laws. i believe the momentum is underway to legalize sports betting. this will all be folded in. this is where we're headed. lines between the two have been destroyed. sandra: daniel and jo ling, thank you for joining us on that. we'll keep following that story. hillary clinton basking in the limelight following her solid debate performance the other night but a new twist in the email scandal may rain on her parade. we'll tell you why. stay tuned. ♪ (vo) what does the world run on?
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8:16 am
sandra: one of hillary clinton's top advisors testifying on capitol hill this morning. cheryl casone has latest on that. >> that's right, sandra. good morning everyone. huma abedin, hillary clinton's closest aide will testify in front of the house benghazi committee this morning behind closed doors. top staffer cheryl mills, jake sullivan and top confidante sidney blumenthal have provided testimony. clinton is supposed to testify next week. fox news is now reporting that the fbi investigation into hillary clinton's use of private email server while secretary of state is focused whether there were violations of quote, gross negligence, in safekeeping of the national defense information, of national defense information. under a provision in the espionage act, such information does not have to be deemed as classified in order to be
8:17 am
counted as a violation. one nsa whistle-blower says others have been prosecuted under this provision and wonders if there is a double-standard when it comes to clinton? >> this is a secretary of state, one of the most targeted individuals by other intelligence agencies and entities in the world using a private server to traffic in highly sensitive information. and no doubt including classified information, and no doubt information including sources and methods. but hey, i'm secretary of state. >> sandra, the argument clinton's emails in question were not marked classified when she received would not be relevant in the prosecution under espionage act. that is another avenue. to his point, she says well, she didn't know? we're talking to people that went to jail for three years losing one email. sandra: right. >> but she is secretary of state
8:18 am
she gets a pass but maybe she doesn't. sandra: interesting turn to have her aide of many, many years who is questioned, she is not accused of any wrongdoing by the way, clearly we could get some questions answered or they could get some questions answered and what was said and done leading up to those. >> correct. huma abedin, there is a lot of controversy how huma was paid, doing other work outside of government while collecting government salary. she will not be someone, they will not have open arms basically. this is closed-door, we'll not get anything at least initially. that is what reporting is for to find out exactly what she tells them. this has dogged the secretary of state hillary clinton. it continues to. she keeps dismissing it. that might be a mistake at this point. sandra: she is laughed it off at the debate which is being criticized. >> laughed it off. kept throwing dirt on it, and doesn't matter.
8:19 am
she has to be pretty disappointing, it is not going away. it is getting to be a bigger problem. there is obviously fire where there is smoke here. >> if this is a chargeable offense, it falls on the white house whether they get in the way of this. >> whether they support her. >> or get in the way of the an fbi investigation. >> this is espionage act. >> u.s. attorney's office, hello, come on. sandra: cheryl, thank you. >> you bet. sandra: companies want their workers saving more. if they don't do it themselves companies will do it for them. it is a big story on the cover of "the wall street journal" today. we'll talk about coming up. ♪
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i just had a horrible nightmare. my company's entire network went down, and i was home in bed, unaware. but that would never happen. comcast business monitors my company's network 24 hours a day and calls and e-mails me if something, like this scary storm, takes it offline. so i can rest easy. what. you don't have a desk bed? don't be left in the dark. get proactive alerts 24/7. comcast business. built for business. sandra: stock market little changed for the year. treasuries offering little
8:23 am
return. making your money work for you is harder than ever before. a new trend is making waves that could tap investors real estate market in the hunt for yield, talking about crowd funding. joanna schwartz, cofounder and ceo of early shares and, a website that helps investors ride the real estate crowd funding wave. put this in simplest terms, what exactly is going on here? >> this is just an incredible trend. thanks so much for having me. i love talking about it. real estate really emerged as the fourth asset class. stocks, bond, cash, real estate. institutional investors know it. high net worth individuals know it. every day americans can participate in the trend. kicked off by new regulations in the jobs act that went into effect in late 2013. so what was really a nascent industry is expected to be 2 1/2 billion dollars this year and projected to be 250 billion by
8:24 am
2020. really generational shift in investing in commercial real estate. sandra: are you seeing serious demand for this? i mean people are a little bit fed up with the zero interest rate environment. your money is not making any money when it is sitting in the bank. you're generating some serious interest. >> absolutely. we are as well as our other platforms in the industry. there has been a huge proliferation of companies riding this trend and investor are coming along with it. we're seeing -- sandra: we have a couple of guys, joe nana, that will challenge you on this. >> asset class is great like the fifth beatle or whatever. here's the thing. do investors -- you talk about stocks and bonds have gone boom-bust in the past. do these investors as it goes to mainstream america do they understand there is risk here just like stocks and bonds they're trying to get away from? >> sure, absolutely.
8:25 am
the regulation right now in effect are mostly catering towards accredited investors. our platform is only open to accredited investors. those are considered sophisticated investors. all the due diligence materials people normally review and evaluate making a private investment are all available for these individuals prior to making the investment. so, yes, they do understand. regulation a -- sandra: hold on i want to cut you off. i want to get one more thing in here. >> i ask you why would i want to do buy a reit, a real estate investment trust? >> this is a perfect solution if you want to be more directly involved. the fees are much lower. it is more direct impact. if you're buying a reit going through several layers of intermead air paying several fees along the way. sandra: you made your case. >> thank you. sandra: joanna schwartz, we didn't give you that much time. you made your case. it is an interesting trend a lot of people are noticing.
8:26 am
>> i will quickly add your biggest investment is your house, why do you need more real estate, period. sandra: there you have it. joanna, thank you. >> thank you. sandra: secret military documents shedding light on the u.s. lethal drone operations. former cia covert operations officer mike baker is here. he will join us with his take on this straight ahead. more "stay" per roll.
8:27 am
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8:29 am
sandra: i'm talking away. leaked documents reveal new details are about the u.s. drone program. inner sent website publish ad investigation called, the drone papers. based on a collection of secret documents from a government whistle-blower. we want to bring in mike baker, former cia covert operations officer, president of diligence. great to have you here. >> thank you very much. sandra: #oneluckyguy on "outnumbered." >> promoted. sandra: this is the most detailed look at u.s. drone
8:30 am
program which has everybody's curiosity piqued. >> here we go again, another individual, much like snowden or we had in the past. can't speculate who it is at this point or the extent to which they're picking and choosing from documents that he may have provided. but there is no doubt that the drone program is effective. it has been a very effective tool. the obama administration used it far more than the previous administration did. in part because of its remoteness. in part because it allows you sort of a standoff capability. you're not in the sense from the political perspective you're not putting boots on the ground in a lot of different scenarios where, but, the problem with this is, and problem with what intercept is doing, which is glen greenwald operation which obviously aided snowden to no end. there is an agenda there. the problem they're making it
8:31 am
appear if this is some sort of a cowboy operation. i know people in the drone program. it is a painstaking process. to say it is somehow cavalier, we're just killing sievians and we just don't care -- >> losing track of them. >> they just don't know. >> as this expose' cops out, face it, probably not first of ones likely to come out, it is a little bit of a hot button, do you think this jeopardizes drone program going forward because of its optics? >> no, no. nobody in the military or intel community or white house who knows ins and outs of program, who, a, believes it is done in a cavalier fashion, b, believes numbers of thrown out by human rights watch or whatever about civilians and at the end of the day saves lives. there are people that will view this whistle-blower like they view snowden as hero. i have different perspective.
8:32 am
i view him -- profile of these people tend to be the same. they tend to think they're smarter than everybody else. they tend to feel like they didn't get enough hugs from the office and they weren't respected enough. so here we go again but i guarranty you, this will not stop the drone program. but you're right, it has piqued curiosity yet again. >> can i ask you, we talked about earlier this the hour this catherine herridge story on about hillary clinton and fbi email probe. since you were in the cia so long, looking at gross negligence provision under the espionage act. that is the focus of the investigation how those emails were handled. that is not good news for her. >> it is not but look at top cover she has got. for crying out loud the president comes out on "60 minutes" and literally tries to influence an fbi investigation. i don't understand why the president of the united states wouldn't have said, not an area i can talk about. there is an active fbi investigation, let's move on to another subject.
8:33 am
instead he said i don't think so. how does he possibly know there were no concerns over national security? >> unless he has been briefed. >> unless -- the investigation is ongoing. so we don't know everything yet. so he couldn't know everything. more to the point from my perspective, i don't have all the details. all i can say from operational perspective if i handled information the way she did when i was in the organization, when i was in the agency, i would have been locked up. i would have been locked up. sandra: that is the point. mike baker, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. sandra: be sure to tune in to the fox news channel noon eastern time for more of him on my show, "outnumbered." mike is our #oneluckyguy. >> how about showing some leg? >> yeah. good point. i did ask, to be fair before we started this segment, should i keep my trousers on or not? the general feeling was keep them on. sandra: okay. we've got highlight real.
8:34 am
leaders in business and polics have been showing up this morning on "mornings with maria." here is a look at best moments in the show. unfortunately that didn't make quite in yet. >> where does trump get onions criticizing somebody else making more money? that is ridiculous. in trump and carson are out of the way we might get real substance. boycott it, take off. i don't care. >> the best thing on the menu is the steak, egg and cheese bagel. now that i can get that all day long, awesome. >> chicks love "star wars." and -- >> do guys like "hunger games"? >> because jennifer lawrence is hot. >> what about all the greasy hamburgers that people buy as well? >> delicious fried chicken sandwiches with mozzarella and ham on them back in the day. >> disgusting. dagen, how do you stay so skinny. >> i'm a vegetarian. i eat grass. >> really has become gambling. because you're not going a whole season.
8:35 am
you're betting on one day. it is no different than horse racing or any other form of gambling. you're betting the odds. what happened enough now shut them down. five other states shut them down. congress is asking for an inquiry. this all came because they didn't regulate themselves. >> congratulations, new york. >> you have the biggest fan of the mets on planet earth in this studio right now. sandra: there he is. whoo, nat! yea. proud of you, son. ge! a manufacturer.
8:36 am
well that's why i dug this out for you. it's your grandpappy's hammer and he would have wanted you to have it. it meant a lot to him... yes, ge makes powerful machines. but i'll be writing the code that will allow those machines to share information with each other. i'll be changing the way the world works. (interrupting) you can't pick it up, can you? go ahead. he can't lift the hammer. it's okay though! you're going to change the world.
8:37 am
chris capuano: you might feel like there's too many problems in the world
8:38 am
or that, you know, you, as a 15-year-old, 16-year-old, can't really make a difference. giancarlo stanton: it's not always about you. it's not just one person, it's a group, it's a team. chris capuano: just that simple act is transforming someone else's life. giancarlo stanton: it's one of the best feelings in the world. margaret: it'll just make you feel so good about yourself. mauricio: i'd do anything to convince you just to be a part of this.
8:39 am
sandra: employers want their workers to save more money for retirement and they're taking action even if you don't want them to. cheryl casone has latest details on that. >> that's right, sandra. so anyone with a 401(k) needs to listen to this story. more and more american companies are raising the amount of money that you contribute to your 401(k) often without even telling you. we're talking about companies like apache, google is doing this, credit suisse is doing this. traditionally the standard contribution is 3% but now some are putting as much as 10% of your money into these accounts. companies are increasing that number by 1% a year unless you opt out. of course the question, sandra, what if their choices stink? that is something they will have to figure out, the employees anyway. sandra: there is always that. no, that is a fascinating story. they basically don't want to end up with aging -- >> there is always index fund in
8:40 am
there. there is always a bond fund. there is always cash. people are not taking responsibility for their retirements. they will not have social security. >> costs for accounts are going down. you have to disclose a lot of fees in 401(k)s now. that has brought down fees and increases contribution. >> reduces your gross income. it is greatest tax break. >> explain. you still get the money but not taxed on it now. >> not taxed on it now. if you want, maximum earnings potential reduce your gross income. sandra: somebody 22 years old, fresh out of college, new in the work place, can take a moment to decide that is the best thing for your future. some people are late coming in. >> the company basically has got your back. >> important to realize when you are at that age you have longest distance for compounding your money. most important. sandra: exactly. >> you have the option to opt out of these things but they opt you in.
8:41 am
you have to opt out but people need to remember, our parent have pensions. we don't have that. we'll live longer than our parents did. social security i think it will still be there but may not be quite as generous as it was for our parents. three reasons why you need to start funding a lot more than 3% from the get-go. sandra: wow. 10% they're setting aside. >> 40% of the working house olds between the ages of 25 and 64 have a goose egg in retirement savings. >> if you start young you can always borrow from the 401(k) plan for the hometown payment. greatest way to come up with the cash. sandra: great conversation, guys. a great story in the journal today. all right the government set to run out of money two days earlier than we thought. our own liz claman was the only person to talk to treasury secretary jack lew the same day he let congress know about this change. liz joins us now. good morning, liz. >> you guys were talking about how social security may eventually run out. if we hit the debt ceiling the treasury secretary told me
8:42 am
yesterday in a fox business exclusive, people will not get their social security checks, sandra. that is just the tip of the iceberg. if we default our debt, which is something we have never done in history in this country, that sends a horrific message to the rest of the world. are these scare tacticses? these are all issues. i spoke with jack lew yesterday b of course he spoke with fox business exclusively about this to clarify why we're 17 days away from hitting this debt ceiling. he really had a tensioned tone to his voice. listen. >> we have to pay all our bills. it is just unacceptable. we can't say we will pay social security but not veterans. we'll pay medicare but not people who provide electricity to federal hospitals. we have to pay principle and interest on our debt. there has been i think a fallacious notion that you can pick and choose. our system was set up to pay our business because the full faith and credit of the united states should never be called into question.
8:43 am
>> some members of congress, no surprise to you, mostly republicans say you're posturing, you're bluffing. you're fudging the numbers. we could actually last a lot longer. even after we hit this so-called debt limit. what do you say to that? >> the numbers are the numbers. i get reports daily. we publish daily treasury statements. expert who is are looking at numbers are drawing the same conclusion that we draw. >> what will be left on november 3rd? $30 billion. sounds like a lot on average household but on any given day, sandra, the outlays, the bills that go out to be paid are sometimes $60 billion. >> we have enough to last half a day? >> four 1/2 minutes. 8million payments go out or checks, medicare reimbursements, every month. it is not like they can, according to secretary lew pick
8:44 am
and choose, we'll service the debt because don't want to default on the debt that is the most important thing. that is what worries wall street although the markets haven't shown that concern just yet, but they have the attention span of 4-year-old. look, walmart stock is falling, federal reserve might not raise interest rates. whatever is closest worries them but this is 17 days out. sandra: liz claman is talking to them. great interview, liz. by the way she has another big exclusive interview this afternoon, loretta meister, cleveland federal bank on the closing bell. >> she is hawkish one of the fed, one of the biggest ones. we feel we got a major scoop about a stay of execution possibly for alexander hamilton on the 10-dollar bill from jack lew. hear how he puts it whether alexander hamilton will be booted on the front of this bill.
8:45 am
>> he got killed in a dual. how can you jettison the guy. >> first treasury secretary? come on. sandra: we won't miss it, liz. fox sports holly saunders is in the green room. she is headed this way. we'll look at some games on tap this weekend in the nfl. we're also talking golf. i love to talk to holly about golf. keep it right here. you're watching fox business. ♪
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8:48 am
sandra: welcome back. we're about 40 minutes away from the opening bell. let's get to nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange with a
8:49 am
look at opening bell 45 minutes from now. nicole. >> indeed. we'll see whether we get three weeks in a row of gains for dow jones industrial average. we haven't seen that since february. we see slight down arrows. dow futures down 18. s&p futures down about two. we're watching yum! brands closely today. it closed at 69 and change. they have a big activist investor coming on board. they did cut the forecast, the 2015 forecast but they added activist investor keith meister to the board of directors. keith meister might not be a name you know. guess what? he is a disciple of carl icahn. he is already coming out with ideas such as spinning off china unit which is problematic part of yum! brands. back to you. sandra: nicole, thank you. don't forget to start your day with nicole on "fbn:am" each and every morning at 5:00 a.m. on the fox business network. well, the new orleans saints, i can't believe i said that.
8:50 am
>> you went to lsu. sandra: have i been living out of baton rouge that long? that is just weird. new orleans thing. dagen managed to keep her accent. arch rival atlanta falcons first loss of season. fox news's holly sonders with a look at first action of nfl season. i won't talk about the chicago bears. talk about these guys teams. we have washington redskins on dagen mcdowell's side and jack otter is new york jets guy. what are you predicting. >> jets are 3-1, looking to get to 4-1. coming off bye week. should be rested playing at home. they're enjoying nice bounce back year. new coach, todd bowls and rallying around fits patrick. >> great defense. i'm a little concerned that the offense has been a little shaky. they have their moments and weak moments. excellent defense.
8:51 am
>> can the redskins score points against the jets defense. kirk cousin loves throwing the ball to the other team. that is a problem. >> jets love catching ball from other teams. >> clearly. sandra: new england patriots producers on this show. the big game is sunday night when the two teams involved in "deflate-gate" meet up. can we expect the new england patriots to destroy the indianapolis colts? it says that in the teleprompter. >> you're reading what was written, "deflategate" rematch, guys. so much talk about the game. every single time they meet seems like champion comes out of this when it comes to the post-season. such an important name, rivalries, you have to love it. that is what the nfl is about. >> wasn't even close last time. patriots have been good. sandra: many opinions in this room. i like it. >> how many times did brady get sacked in the cowboys game? the first quarter? what was it, five sacks? >> look at you.
8:52 am
so impressed with the ladies in this room. >> let me just say something. you have my dream job. all girls want to be sports reporters. >> talk to tom brady too. that is the other thing. sandra: i want to move on from the new england patriots. i would like to talk about more important things, chicago cubs. holla. >> mets are heading into that area. are we divided at this table? >> divided and united. >> cub fans around it. sandra: everybody wants the chicago cubs to win, right? this is a great sports story. >> they will meet in the nlcs. baseball to me, i know i cover golf. that takes a long time. i feel like baseball should be about five innings. >> i hate baseball too. >> i don't hate it but feel like it should be five or six innings. sandra: talk about golf. you are by the way in addition to covering golf, you are a spectacular golfer by yourself.
8:53 am
>> thank you. so are you. we still need to do that. like "deflategate" rematch. >> can i drive the drink cart? >> you laugh? i drove a drink cart on a golf course. that was my job. >> that is honest work. honest work. >> great tips. sandra: i caddied for chicago golf. double bag ad lot of dates. that is how i learned the game. >> maybe play in hawaii. sound good? sandra: pga season, i want to get your take, jordan speith, 22 years old. still leading ranks. going back into a new season. do you think he will hold it? >> some expectations but nobody had a better 2015 than jordan speith. he is 22 years old. on the golf course he made just as many millions of dollars. $22 million on the golf course plus all the endorsements off the golf course. "golf digest" came out with a statistic he earned about $3600
8:54 am
per swing he took in 2016. just about $14,000 for every single hole that he played. on top of that, he is excellent young man. what you see is what you get. excellent young man. sandra: wow of the jason day still up there, the australian. rory mcilroy. >> rory should be back next year. top three guys, those are all very interesting players. great for the game. >> absence of tiger woods all golf could hope for. >> i remember him. >> another surgery. >> i feel bad though. >> it is sad. >> really? you feel bad for him or not? >> clearly the lifestyle he was leading was good for his game. sandra: i thought you are were talking about caroline wozniacki. >> to see someone so dominant in any role in life to fall is sad. sandra: holly, thank you very much. you can see holly sonders on the sidelines this sunday at metlife
8:55 am
stadium covering the game. >> she will be good luck for my redskins. >> they need it. sandra: holly, thank you. looking for markets this morning futures looking to open to the downside. nasdaq futures posting a slight gain. dow and nasdaq futures are lower. half hour to go to the opening bell. we'll be right back. ♪ hi.
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>> half an hour from "the opening bell," but want to go to you first. i've sound like the old stone, you will thank me so much reviewing your children, if you have adults and children, put
8:59 am
that money away, do 10% if you ken, you will thank me when retirement comes along. >> you get criticized for your stance on that. >> james put up a video and business insider saying it is a scam, you shouldn't put the money in there and it was so irresponsible, i had to respond with a post on baron', a lot of twitter action, business insider the next day said you should invest in a 401(k). dagen: my final thoughts speaking of twitter, to the toad who called me stupid on everything we talked about. angry and alone are not good. >> i'm trying to figure out how to get tickets on saturday. also the cubs are going to win this one, mark it down. >> i don't like any sport where you can't use your hands.
9:00 am
sandra: congratulations to the mets fans. coming up next week on "mornings with maria," anthony, former senator bob kerrey and danny myers, not no tipping policy begins at 6:00 a.m. eastern on fox business, stuart varney, "varney and company" is all yours. stuart: the treasury secretary says we can spend our way to prosperity. infrastructure, that is the way to grow, good friday morning. secretary jack lew works for president obama so he has to pound the drum for white house policies but he did give a clear statement on growth policy. the government must spend more money. that is his point of view. from lays down the law to cnbc, keep the knicks debate at two hours, they want three. donald trump wins, he tweet it. it will be two hours.


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