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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  October 16, 2015 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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sandra: congratulations to the mets fans. coming up next week on "mornings with maria," anthony, former senator bob kerrey and danny myers, not no tipping policy begins at 6:00 a.m. eastern on fox business, stuart varney, "varney and company" is all yours. stuart: the treasury secretary says we can spend our way to prosperity. infrastructure, that is the way to grow, good friday morning. secretary jack lew works for president obama so he has to pound the drum for white house policies but he did give a clear statement on growth policy. the government must spend more money. that is his point of view. from lays down the law to cnbc, keep the knicks debate at two hours, they want three. donald trump wins, he tweet it. it will be two hours. nevada dropped a bomb on fantasy sports, you cannot do business
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until you get add gaming license. it is gambling and you know it. customers leva, stock goes way up. the franchisees' and they don't like it. we think we will show you the mets or the cubs, we will later. watch this. the best sports highlight of the night. >> mccaffrey, back to hogan. how about this from stanford. against the defenders back. stuart: now we will show you the mets led by daniel murphy who gives the go-ahead home run in this, clinch the series, to the national league championship. that will be the chicago cubs, at home on saturday.
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wouldn't you love tbs's ratings for the mets/cubs game. >> they are getting fired -- >> get credit from l.a. to new york. stuart: those ratings will be huge. huge. i have got it right. coming up in 15 minutes. the man who co-wrote the back to the future movies, he predicted 30 years ago the cubs would win this series in 2016, it could be true. the writer bob gale will be here at 9:15. dow futures, coming of a pretty good game yesterday. our market watcher says the dow will hit 16,000 before it hits 18,000. d r is here in a moment. looked at how g e is going to open, higher profits, core industrial businesses doing better, getting out of the finance business, it is up
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barely at "the opening bell". mcdonald's franchisee do not like breakfast all day. the company says everything is great, it opens at $103 a share, very close record high. this is the day after netflix reported weak subscriber growth, it is going to be down this morning, it will drop below $100 a share at "the opening bell". gas and down a penny over night, $2.20, we are down again. ashley: you are hitting the road again this weekend. stuart: moving on, very serious news development hundreds of palestinian rioters setting fire to the tomb of joseph in the west bank, joseph, the biblical father of jesus, its efforts of the damage, no injuries. this is an outrage of the first quarter and i am sure you will agree with me.
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where do we go from here? >> absolutely. we have seen israel has had to deal with another wave of terror and ballot is clear is not just about israel, is anti-semitism being stoked, the flames are being stoked, palestinians want to commit these random acts of terror, not just a few clerics stimulating this, social media, they are completely random but yet it is a testament of trying to begin what many of them see as the terror wave of a third intifada, they're sticking it, calling the israelis cold murderers. stuart: and yet our president doesn't like the use of armed troops in israeli cities. doesn't like it. doesn't want it. that is negative for the peace process. >> not only that, the narrative secretary john kerry and the president are pushing is the palestinian narrative that they are the victims and to allow
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those who are driving terrorism, random acts against innocent israeli citizens, women 7 years old being attacked and stabbed in the streets randomly and they have become the aggressors? that is absurd. the palestinian darkening these acts because they want attention and they know the un and the president and secretary will give the palestinian narrative and what that does is feed the social media frenzy and that is why the idea is to buckle down. bottom line is you see the tumor that has been attacked, this is about anti-semitism. stuart: one last one. if this were the other way a round, i want to know your opinion on my opinion. my opinion is our president has abandoned christians, jews and moderate muslims in the middle east, abandoned them. what do you say? >> absolutely. abandoned the forces of good in the middle east, allowed the vacuum which was the opportunity of the arab awakening to be filled by the forces of evil which are in iran, russia and
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bashar al-assad, he is allowing that come and big payday coming to iran, so the forces of evil, to spread their evil and terrorism around the world. stuart: i am sorry i cut it so short. this is a huge newsstand appreciate you being with us. moving straight to the economy, how do we get this economy going again? treasury secretary jack lew says the government needs to spend more money, roll tape. >> we have made clear if congress were to pass legislation to increase our investment in infrastructure it would accomplish two things at the same time, laugh foundation for strong economic growth in the coming generation. "cavuto coast to coast" when you heard it, he spelled it out, a position on growth, governments spend more money you say what? >> this isn't anything new.ay w?
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>> this isn't anything new. it is tax and spend. millions of dollars, look at the economy, record numbers of people unemployed, is a disaster, it is remarkable that is diluted, this connected to ideology versus objective fact. ashley: it has not worked. stuart: he has got to say it. he has got to do that but does he really believed it? a great experience on wall street, does he believe this? ashley: he has to toe the line. haven't we done this before? where has it got us? stuart: so far it has been a fairly good week for stocks. come on in, he is bearish, he will chalk cold water all over the week. let's narrow this down and make it precise, what do we hit first?
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16,000 on the dow industrials or 18,000? >> i love those numbers because we talked about 16,000 weeks ago when we were probing that number. we get back to 16,000 first on the way up and by the end of the year early in the first quarter we can get back to 18,000 but i think we will go back to check those lower numbers, lower earnings, week china, all kinds of things happening globally, global weakness, we are on the spike up, it seems to be some short selling, short covering, a little bit technical activity the doesn't seem to have a lot to it, not a lot of troops. stuart: you answer the question at the bottom of the screen, the dow at 60 on videotape friday morning. a longer debate without donald trump, a shorter debate with it. here's what trump had to say about it, roll tape. >> now all of a sudden yesterday they come up with this
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additional long period of time. the networks making a fortune of of this stuff, they never make money, they always lost money with it. i wonder why. stuart: cnbc has just agreed the debate will be two hours, fantastic news for all especially millions of people who will be watching. we reached out to cnbc to confirm this, they said no comment. looks to me like trump says this is how we are going to do it. >> the republicans have been held hostage by the media for too long. cnbc was hijacking of a process, not telling anybody what they were going to do, i think this is great, i support what trump did, this should have been the rnc. this is good news and for the base, especially nbc, to be able to try to control this, this is
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good news, the longer you have got time with republicans the more there is a chance for a gaffe or problem and that is what this network -- ashley: three hours is too long, to stand up there. stuart: cnbc will make more money with trump in. the ratings will be completely -- >> they need us more than trump or anybody else needs them. try this one on friday morning. nevada, the cradle of gambling in america, shut down fantasy sports site in that state. jo lin kent has the story. >> nevada is getting involved in shedding everything down in terms of fantasy. they will be shut down immediately, regulators reopen only if they had a gambling license, if they violate that rule, companies face felony charges, a huge hit the daily
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fantasy business. nevada very influential, gambling, sites that already been banned in five other states, both companies of course strongly disagree with this decision, it hurts innovation and, quote, ignores the fact that fantasy sports is a skill based entertainment product loved and played by millions of sports fans, 21st century fox is the parent company of fox business and invest in draft kings. stuart: you are rolling your eyes. >> my father was an enforcer for bugsy siegel some maybe i am not objective. stuart: wait, your father -- the man who was in las vegas -- wait. >> so much control over people, entertainment, people -- stuart: answer the question. >> the government wants a piece of a pie. stuart: your father was an enforcer for bugsy siegel?
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look at you. you are all right. up next the man who wrote the back to the future movies where he predicted the cubs would win the series in 2015, the stage is set, the cubs are one step closer, bob dailey next. ♪ hi, tom. how's the college visit? does it make the short list? yeah, i'm afraid so. it's okay. this is what we've been planning for. knowing our clients personally is why edward jones is the big company that doesn't act that way.
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cme group: how the world advances. stuart: the mets beat the chargers last night and will play the cubs, the chicago cubs for the right to go to the world series. aaron boone is with us, former major league ball player and current broadcaster. to you, what is the biggest worry, the mets or the cubs? >> i say the cubs. it is always the lovable losers
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especially with their young players, joan that coming in, the base of this whole thing. stuart: i am told the cubs have the youngest team in baseball and the best pitcher. is that true? >> yes. they have what will probably be the national league's cy young award winner and their young corps is probably the greatest in baseball and a lot of people thought they were a year away, that has been sped up and was carried them through the first round was their young star player. stuart: you know about baseball, i don't. the entire studio is asking me to rescue who wins, who makes it to the world series? is it the chicago cubs or the new york mets. please bear in mind i am sitting in new york. who wins? >> i think it is a tossup. i will go with the mets against
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the. days -- the blue jays. i'm taking the mets because my 10-year-old sun before the season started said the mets are going to win the world series this year. i know it is crazy. stuart: i am sorry to cut its those short but it is a huge day, thank you for being with us. there's a sidebar story here, a lot of buzz around the prediction made way back in the 1989 movie back to the future 2. watch this. >> with a minute, cubs win world series? against miami? >> who would have thought. 100 to 1 shot. stuart: showing us one of the co writers of the back to the future trilogy, bob gale, he is with us right here. even i know you made a mistake, it was a wonderful prediction but you made a mistake, you said
9:18 am
they played miami. >> in 1989 when the movie came out there was no major league baseball in miami still we predicted by 2015 there would be major-league baseball. we got the league wrong and we did get the team wrong, we said it was buying mediators. stuart: i say it is pretty good. you have enjoyed a resurgence because of that prediction 30 years ago. >> my phone is ringing off the hook, e-mail going crazy, we got to talk to you about the cubs, how did you know? lighten no. i am a cardinals fan. the cubs are perennial rivals, friendly rivalry, to the stuart: that is why you picked them. >> what was the most absurd thing you could pick in 89? what would make marty mcfly want to bet on sports, the scene you showed, the cubs win world series. stuart: you have a lot more life left in that prediction. if the cubs beat the mets and
9:19 am
dylan to the world series, you have a job, really solid job for the next three weeks. >> interesting thing about this is it the cubs don't make it the joke is still funny. whatever happens they will still be talking about it one way or the other. >> where is the hover board? >> last week i rode a functioning hover board, they are coming out with version 2.0 on october 21st, which is the day marty mcwide travel into the future. >> did you approve of it? was it good? >> it works. you won't see me competing with tony hoglund. >> maybe have a flying car right now. >> think about it, people had a net trouble driving in two dimensions. stuart: that was quite a prediction.
9:20 am
you are milking it. >> computers all over the country you can see back to the future part 2 for one night on october 21st. if you have never seen it with an audience it is a kick. stuart: thank you very much, good luck. another headline in the hillary clinton e-mail skip kendall. the fbi looking into gross negligence, possible violation of the espionage act. hillary's top aide gets girl on capitol hill today, full story next. ♪ ♪ (singing) you wouldn't haul a load without checking your clearance. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck.
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switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. stuart: a few minutes ago we showed you this video of palestinians who set fire to the tomb of joseph, the biblical father of judaism and that is an outrage. fox news reporting the fbi is looking into gross negligence and violations of the espionage act related to hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server. happening today a top aide testified to congress before close blowers. i want to know about gross negligence. what kind of charge is that?
9:25 am
>> i am glad it is not grows negligee and hillary in the same sentence. this is serious for her. it is a fine and or -- this is a dynamic. it is flexible based on what they think the severity is but it is interesting they are going after this because it is more easily provable, they don't have to prove intent to reveal secrets, this is whether you are negligent and failure to protect information that was obviously classified or for national security gets you in trouble. ashley: it has top-secret written on it. >> or the review of a cia asset, the bloom and full meal -- e-mail, somebody who is helping us being revealed in an e-mail she forwarded to somebody else. ashley: two charges, setting up the e-mail and not reporting it. bose kerri ten years in jail and
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stuart: the dow jones industrial average will open shortly, 15 seconds to be precise. it it will open pretty much flat but never know where it will end. where will it close al? on having to clue quite frankly but i can tell you when a couple seconds trading will begin and we will be pretty much flat, maybe a tad higher. we are up and running. we are open pretty much flat. i want to show you mcdonald's. is near an all-time high. this stock got a nice boost, 104 today, all day breakfast did the trick, that put it above $100 a share. who is here to comment on this? ashley webster, liz macdonald, todd horowitz, our viewers that wasn't to you they would have made a lot of money on mcdonald's stock. are you still buying it at 104? >> i would love to see a
9:31 am
pullback, they are throwing off a nice three point dividend, all day breakfast is a big hit. they're doing a great job. people believe in his turnaround. stuart: when you are buying more of it, 104. >> he would not buy more. ashley: franchisees' he the old days, having a hard time getting hold of it. stuart: that is the bottom line, consumers like all the breakfast, not buying all the breakfast, just because franchisees' don't like it that is no reason to turn south on the stock. >> they're complaining turmoil in the kitchen. ashley: they are spending too much time making breakfast which is a lower profit margin than the more expensive burgers. >> you bring in more people. stuart: if you own any kind of -- not any kind of mutual fund but you own stocks in general you probably got a piece of general electric, very widely held stock.
9:32 am
reported higher profits today, would you buy it at 28? >> higher profits on lower revenue. the international head wind and the dollar problems are going to plague g e going forward. putting new money to work is not in a g, solid stock but not where i want to put new money to work. stuart: come on in in chicago, i know you trade commodities, currencies but occasionally you look at the stock market, ge is a proxy for the stock market. are you buying? would you encourage others to buy ge at 28? >> i would absolutely not. i think it is a great company but there is not a lot of upside no matter what happens. you are seeing earnings and if i hear one more thing about the dollar, the dollar -- how companies continue to make excuses about the dollar is beyond me. i would not be a buyer of the stock. ashley: the c f o at ge expects
9:33 am
the company to grow the earnings per share by double digits next year. stuart: that is true. earlier on the show today, you said we would see 16 k on the dow before we see 18 k on the dow. come beckham, do you agree with that, 16 cable for 18 k? >> i think 15-2. stuart: is that a short-term selloff in the next couple weeks or what? >> i believe we are going to check the lows we made august 24th, from a technical standpoint we will probably go down below the lows, the dow is the only index that did not get to those lows, the russell made a new low, the isn't the went to them, we will see 15 oral lower and the market does work its way lower after the titanic sank from all the people running and
9:34 am
chasing yields to get back in. stuart: you are nodding your head. >> i am agreeing, technically the is spot on and the dow is a little weaker than the s&p, today will be a big day. the s and p at a break out yesterday. if we can't hold those numbers we may go down sooner. stuart: we are up 56, 60 points, almost 17,200. let me give you another big moving stock and that will be the casino people, this is down big, 8% drop, this is a china play, a slowdown in gambling, apply a and down goes win. i have been to the winter resort. this is all about china. that is a big deal where you are right now in commodities and currencies. >> it is a huge deal for win and crossing them a lot of revenue. they have all base most of the revenue coming out of that
9:35 am
ariane and when the area closes down it cuts into the revenue, it was $120 back and just came up from 57 is going lower and as long as china is having trouble they have trouble. liz: cash really hurt by the wynn resort operation, steve wynn scathing about china. he is saying their behavior is, quote, ridiculous and outrageous because of the table in his casino over there and they want to make steve wynn's enterprise do with the infrastructure spending 9 gaming facilities is what china is pressuring steve wynn. he has never seen anything like this. because of the communist party at a crackdown on luxury spending. it is illegal for communist party members to gamble. with a crackdown on corruption, it has cut back on that day. stuart: you ever go to the casinos it is all table games, not slots, it is table games. real quiet, all you hear is
9:36 am
bank, the money on the table. a lot of money. >> reporter: wheeler did people two weeks ago to this. stuart: another china story yum brands, they lowered their forecast, they done this a couple times, stock is up because a carl icahn diet is joining, up goes the stock 2%. let's look at walmart, no balance, it has dropped over 11% in the past two days and sales at its 21 stores in china dropped 6%, walmart touched 58 commonalities 59. ashley: nike had an all-time high, this stock has been on fire after a very bullish outlook for its revenue and sales over the next five years. liz: walmart under pressure from amazon. they have to get their
9:37 am
ecommerce, amazon beat it in market cap, bigger than walmart. stuart: we used to look apple every single day if not everything half-hour. listen to this, a bunch of employees, even people in those blue t-shirts and apples stores, no big deal for apple, it is still at 111, i can't explain this. sat there for weeks and weeks. >> volatility compression look for a bank out. >> thank you. the decompression of prices slammed together going sideways for a long time. a strong stock like apple breaking out. stuart: let's get to nicole petallides on the floor of the exchange. mattel not spending enough barbie dolls? nicole: what is up with 56-year-old barbie, she is supposed to be iconic. eight quarters in a row, the
9:38 am
latest quarter again, barbie sales dwindling. drop in 4% 4 michael dell. it is to the upside and i will explain, the big picture, they're talking about the currency head winds they face with the strong u.s. dollar and barbie is not bringing it to them. they got positive comments on the turnarounds, there is hope for star wars and hot wheels. 40%. and mattel is down. >> frozen, disney's frozen dolls are killing it. nicole: monster highballs for montel, bling of an eye, nobody wants those eager. stuart: a good story. >> straight quarters of revenue drops, bad news. stuart: a horror story and the charge reflected. netflix, where is it today, big drop, it was down big drop the other day, now a struggle back to $101 a share.
9:39 am
i can't remember, you use to like it. >> i did. early this year, started liking it, now i still like a lot. the one big problem in all the earnings picture that came out a day and half ago was the u.s. subscribers are down, european subscribers were way up, opening up to italy, portugal, spain, a lot of good things going on, i like it at 100, it is a good support level. stuart: they are bankrupt in your opinion. the headline to fox business from treasury secretary jack lew, here is the headline. government needs to spend more money to get this economy going again. todd morrill which, you are just itching to get in on this one. what do you say the treasury secretary, use the on fox business, you got to spend more money, infrastructure, that is how you get growth and you say what? >> i agree that we need infrastructure and should create
9:40 am
the more affect to rebuild america, the money should come from the $4 trillion to keep them afloat. and for taxpayers to keep it more for than as well, the government is too big, we need these guys to stay away to rebuild something. liz: the $840 billion estimate the plan went to infrastructure spending, it shows how government incompetence in doling out infrastructure money. stuart: the stimulus plan did not stimulate the economy. it didn't do it. >> the broken window fallacy. the piece set when you break a window you don't build up the economy. by getting that spending, there are better places to spend money than trying to rebuild something to make it sufficient that that is not the way you balance the economy near-term. stuart: disney stock wants to
9:41 am
hire someone to fight isis cyberattacks. that is a departure. ashley: an intern who understands microsoft office. that is the key to beating isis, for an intern to come in to who can develop counter threat plans to work of terrorists and cyberattacks, but physical attacks, tens of millions of people come to the parts each year and i would assume they would have a black operative unit in burbank where they are based looking at targets. that would be a symbol of an american company that would be an attractive target. stuart: i am about to start to talk baseball again, you are in chicago. on the cubs going to go all the way after 107 years. you have to say yes. >> go cubs goes! they are going away.
9:42 am
joe madden is something special, they have a great team and is going to be a great c reese but at the end of the day the cubss at the end of the day the cubs beat the blue jays. stuart: this is new york. we were up, what are you saying? we were up 60, now we are up 19. watch out. how do we close? i don't know. up next a guest who said democrats be the republicans in their debate performance, the gop field is a circus. elieve act can protect capital long term. active management can tap global insights. active management can seek to outperform. that's the power of active management. to build something smarter. ♪ some come here to build something stronger. others come to build something faster...
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taking tanzeum with a sulfonylurea or insulin increases your risk for low blood sugar. common side effects with tanzeum include diarrhea, nausea, injection site reactions, cough, back pain, and cold or flu symptoms. some serious side effects can lead to dehydration which may cause kidney failure. ask your doctor if adding once-a-week tanzeum is right for you. go to to learn if you may be eligible to receive tanzeum free for 12 months. make every week a tanzeum week. stuart: it didn't take long, the game is gone, we perhaps 60, now we are dead flat. look at netflix, the day after it reported weak subscriber growth, it is back over 100, 101 to be precise, netflix always in
9:46 am
the news, ge reported higher profits, its core industrial business is doing better, it is getting out of the financial business, is a 2.5%. to politics, our guest says democrats discussed issues in the debate, the gop a debate looked like the circus. the left leaning brookings institution joins us now. you say the democrats came out looking good because they discussed the issues. i say all they did was say we are going to give you all of this. they never engaged in a debate, never said how they were going to pay for it, never got to the issues in a contentious fashion at all. >> many of the democrats discussed their values, their vision for america and the types of proposals they wanted to introduce. you are right, they fell short in describing how they were going to pay for it and getting into the details of it but the optics alone were so different
9:47 am
between the republican debate ended democratic debate that the substance of the issues aside it just looked a little more like what america wants from a president. stuart: far fewer people watched the democrat debate than watched the republican debate on fox news. far fewer. i think it was 15 million for the democrats, 24 million for fox news. >> viewershould is any indication of who we want to be president we would probably have had a president seinfeld back in the late 90s. stuart: it was interesting, it was entertaining for a start. >> in this entertaining. stuart: on the republican side you had seven governors of spades, senators, successful business people, a brilliant doctor, on the democrats had -- on the democratic side you have politicians. >> you have about politicians on both sides but your point is well taken.
9:48 am
a lot of people were tuning in to the republican debate for the entertainment value, not the politics or information about how to vote but to see who was going to take a swipe at whom. that is not necessarily what we are looking for in a president in general and i don't think it is what lot of voters saw in the republican debate. stuart: i can personality is very important in a presidential debate because who youy is going to be on your tv screen every single day of the week 24/7 for the next four years so whether you like him or not on a personal level is important in politics. >> is absolutely important, personality. i would be hard-pressed to think that everyone who is tuning in to the republican debate was tuning in because they have a positive view of donald trump's personality. i think a lot of people were tune in because they wanted to see that personality because it is such a caricature and it is not really what mainstream politics looks like what voters
9:49 am
want out of mainstream politics. essentially it was the show. was less a debate. stuart: on the democrats i i heard a lot of give aways, freebies, vote for us and we will give you this. i did not hear anything about paying for it. who is going to pay for it? i never heard that. or the that is an issue. >> it is and absolut issue. i thing most of the democratic candidates, all of the democratic candidates if they want to offer the american public the types of visions they talked about the other night, how you pay for it is an absolute essentials part of that argument. isn't to voters with that is an important part of the deal or if they just want to hear what policy proposals are regardless how to pay for it. stuart: thank you for joining us, i am sure we will see you
9:50 am
again soon because this is the political season and we are in it. november 10th, put that on your calendar, of a fox business, we this network will host the gop debate, maine topic economic growth and prosperity. tuesday november 10th. we have millions of dollars worth of diamonds in the studio. one of them is the largest cushion cut diamond ever offered at an auction. their it is. how much do you think it is worth? next. you both have a
9:51 am
9:52 am
perfect driving record. >>perfect. no tickets. no accidents... >>that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. >>yup... now, you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? >>no. your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. >>anything. perfect! for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. and if you do have an accident, our claim centers are available to assist you 24/7.
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9:54 am
stuart: i really do have the best job, and tens of millions of dollars worth of spending diamond and precious jewels from christie's geneva sale which is november 10th, they are ear and christie's has brought them, welcome back, good to see you, first off, the question shaped diamond the we showed everybody before, let's have a good look
9:55 am
at it. described it please. >> this is the largest vivid pink diamond that his ever appeared for sale at auction, vivid being the strongest, the best pink color one can have in a diamond, the largest 16 carrots don't and priced between 23 to $28 million. stuart: 23 to $20 million. next, we have one of our people from "varney and company" demonstrating, modeling. this is a pearl necklace, is that correct? >> natural pearl necklace, salt water natural pearl necklace from the nineteenth century. it was a gift from king umberto of italy to his wife, queen margherita. stuart: does that add to the value? >> make a big difference to the price. stuart: what is this about natural sea water? >> you could have cultured pearls where you have a beat in salted into the oyster, this is a pearl through and through. stuart: how much?
9:56 am
>> papa did thousand dollars topping estimates. stuart: that is a bargain. you are on to pricing. >> this is the best and flawless, 50 carrots. stuart: 50 carrots. >> you would have had to have a rough diamond over twice as much cutting into that perfect stone. stuart: you put it flat on your hand because if you drop it you buy it. how much would this trinket cost me? >> this is priced from 7 to $10 million. stuart: may i say the next item i can't say is flashy, that is a terrible thing to say but it is in president elegant.
9:57 am
air those good adjectives? >> elegant, striking. stuart: look at that. another one of the "varney and company" production team modeling today. those are emeralds and diamonds. >> wedding gift from the king of doused the to his wife princess elena who was a direct descendant of king st. louis the lot of friends. stuart: useful that in london for $700,000. >> 1990 in christies london. stuart: when you're selling it in geneva for how much? >> the estimate is $1.5 million, should comfortably exceed the estimate. stuart: i think you will. i would like to talk this thing. thanks to our models, thank you very much, the auction is in geneva nov. tenth. can i bit my phone? another lefty calling for government giveaways, treasury secretary jack lew, calling the
9:58 am
lefty, says we got to spend government money to grow the economy and ford's latest mustangs, we take it for a test drive. our car guy calls a the best forever, second hour of "varney and company" two minutes away. ♪ is it the insightful strategies and analytical capabilities that make edward jones one of the biggest financial services firms in the country? or is it 13,000 financial advisors who take the time to say thank you? 'night jim. gonna be a while? i am liz got a little writing to do. ♪ it's why edward jones is the big company that doesn't act that way. so wi got a job!ews? i'll be programming at ge. oh i got a job too, at zazzies. (friends gasp) the app where you put fruit hats on animals? i love that! guys, i'll be writing code that helps machines communicate. (interrupting) i just zazzied you. (phone vibrates) look at it! (friends giggle) i can do dogs, hamsters, guinea pigs... you name it. i'm going to transform the way the world works.
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10:00 am
>> stuart: precisely 10:00 o'clock eastern. jack lew tells fox business the way you get economic growth is to spend more government money. more government spending. you will hear him say it. mcdonald's. all day breakfast. the franchisee .so happy.
10:01 am
stuart: we are up just 15 points. another all-time high. touching 130 just moments ago. look at pe. they did report higher profits. they are getting out of the financial side of business. the stock is 28. netflix, the day after the big drop. it is down again. not enough people signing up for the service in america. here is a big loser. when casino company. down 5%. a slowdown. down they go. a resort in macau.
10:02 am
look at walmart. china 21 stores. their sales slipped a combined 6%. not good. walmart has lost 11%. do not forget about oil. it is always in the mid- $40 a barrel range. one of these days it breaks out, but not today. an exclusive interview with fox business network, jack lew says the way to stimulate the economy is to spend more government money. listen to this. >> passing legislation to increase our investment and infrastructure, it would accomplish two things at the same time. stronger economic growth in the coming generation. stuart: i wonder if we can wait that long.
10:03 am
>> you know that i love infrastructure. [laughter] >> okay. i've got the $100 billion of infrastructure. we just do that. spend more government money. >> i do enjoy the highways. our country and our people and education. stuart: i am not prepared to sit around. >> republican president. the fewest jobs. stuart: in the last seven years, we have averaged just under two and a half% growth. we need 4% growth. we will not get it -- we will
10:04 am
not get it with infrastructure spending, are we. wait. we will not give it, we will not get it i spending more on education. that is a good day. that pays off years down the road. >> you will not get it tomorrow. 1835. stuart: talking about being dead three and growth. cutting taxes for corporations. get private enterprise moving. >> you tell me every week and i believe you. talking about infrastructure growth. >> i do not shake like that
10:05 am
either. talking earlier this week. i do not consider these freebies. they are investments in our people. we need people to be educated. it is not about food stamps. it is about healthcare. education. being able to handle your student loan. stuart: i watched the democratic debate. giveaway this. giveaway that. freebase. free that. just answer me this. who pays? where does the money come from? >> the taxpayer. you would have tax hikes. hillary clinton said it. she said i want to tax the wealthy. the taxpayer will pay more. in the wealthy in this country is 1%. 90%. stuart: wait a second.
10:06 am
hold on a second. i make really good money. i really do. i am very proud of that. ipay a tax rate of $0.53 on the dollar. you don't think ipay enough already? the democrats want more? wanting more from a guy who is 67 years old. twelve hours a day. six days a week. still losing his hat to the woman. you understand me? >> yes, i do. stuart: then you should become a republican. >> i didn't even get to make my paul krugman joke on air. i am going to dress up like him for halloween. see, i got nervous. [laughter] stuart: thank you very much.
10:07 am
would you rather watch a longer debate without donald trump or a shorter debate with him? here's what trump himself had to say about it. >> agreed to two hours. now all of a sudden yesterday they came up with this additional long period of time. it was originally agreed that it would be two hours. the network is making a fortune off of the stuff. i wonder why. trump tweeted this earlier today. he is basically claiming victory. the debate will be two hours. fantastic news for all. especially the millions of people that will be watching. ashley, it looks to me that -- >> trump one. for the viewer at home, it is ridiculous.
10:08 am
i think that cnbc will make a lot more money with tromping two hours then three hours without. >> and none of the other politicians are really framing the way that he does. stuart: they like to watch him. stuart: some kind of deal, some kind of deal about the structure of the debate. i am sure under the contract it would be allowed to make it three hours, if they wanted to. by the way, november 10, put it in your calendar. the autonomy and passed verity. tuesday, november 10. to the big board. i will call it pretty much flat. look who is here. this guy is the bear.
10:09 am
the articulate their. he will ruin our friday morning by repeating that. seriously, still bearish. still see a decline coming. >> here is what i see. why investors are choosing to ignore earnings is baffling to me. we are worried about a recession. the ceo, they are really talking about an economic slowdown which is far greater than anyone i anticipated. an economic slowdown. recession? >> yes. we have had this tremendous focus on the stock market. the stock market is moving up.
10:10 am
we cannot be in a recession. in reality, we have had negative earnings. one of the worst quarters we have had in several years. if that does not point to a recession, i do not know what does. >> they are not based on fundamentals at all. >> exactly. liz: have not seen that since 2009. >> these low borrowing costs. borrowing as much money as they could borrow. inflating their share prices. adjusting their earnings-per-share to make them look better. a lot of smoke in meters. what you see is an economy in peril. it really needs some sort of substantial real growth.
10:11 am
>> we were all flying high. i was on a roll. [laughter] >> it takes the air out of the room. >> that is your job. stuart: look at netflix, please. company having a rough go. less than stellar subscriber growth. that is important. exactly 100 feared jeff, still with us. i can see you write there. i do not know whether you follow individual stocks. do you want to comment on netflix? >> netflix owned the entertainment industry. everybody else is the second player. what i will say is that there is an indication of how an extremely good company, very good, very well executing company is now starting to
10:12 am
experience some of the slowdown that the rest of the economy is experiencing. if netflix offers, the consumer suffering, it is an indication of what is to come. they are suffering despite the fact that they are still owning the entertainment industry and still being the top dog. stuart: you really put it well. thank you very much, sir. appreciate it. some people think that this is really exciting news from nassau. a mystery object fired while scanning the skies. jo ling kent has the story in case you missed it. >> it is very interesting. they have found evidence of life beyond planet earth. the dimming pattern could come from a bunch of comics passing through or from something else.
10:13 am
it could be a swarm of medicine truck was built by space creatures passing in front of the star. [laughter] let's be real, billion life in this case is highly unlikely. stuart: who says? let's be honest. >> science and research out of yellow and nassau. i know you maybe a little afraid of aliens coming. i just want you to know that this start is 1500 light years away. you are safe, i think. the rest of us, i do not know. [laughter] stuart: thank you very much indeed. mcdonald's breakfast all day. huge success. some franchisees say it is a
10:14 am
nightmare. mcdonald's corporate is lining its tax on the back of the franchisee. more than 1 million kids dropping out of the school lunch program. the new healthy food flat out stinks. more varney in a moment. ♪ awe believe active management can protect capital long term. active management can tap global insights. active management can seek to outperform. that's the power of active management. an it's multi-layered security and flexibility. with centurylink you get advanced technology solutions. including cloud and hosting services - all from a trusted it partner. centurylink.
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your link to what's next.
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10:17 am
stuart: 45 minutes. not much has changed. of 19. looking very well recently. walmart. china has 21 walmart stores are combined sales dropped dropped. not good for walmart. it is down 11% in two days. this just happening. hillary clinton's top aide arriving on capitol hill. testifying to congress on the e-mail scandal.
10:18 am
but behind closed doors. michelle obama school lunch program. not popular with the kids. the latest numbers show about 1.4 million have dropped out of the program since joe / year, by the way. 1.4 billion. a whole bunch left the program the year before. what is this? government food in the kids will not eat it? >> 16.3 billion school lunch programs that the white house wanted, participation for the second year in a row is down. they are cracking down. mandates. compulsory seminars. stuart: the kids will not eat it. a 4700 page rulebook about what can be in and prepare school lunches. no salt. no sandwiches.
10:19 am
fewer casseroles. >> they are flavoring with pepper in some of these series. stuart: government food, i do not like it did how about mcdonald's. near an all-time high. this is in part of a result of all day breakfast. a lot of franchisees say launching an all day breakfast is a nightmare. slowing them down. costing them too much. joining us now is catherine slater. a former mcdonald's franchisee. it looks like to me that all day breakfast is pulling customers into the stores. a big success for mcdonald's in the customers. what is the problem? >> the emperor has no clothes. a crew person told me i am not loving it. this is how map.
10:20 am
a lot of problems with what they are doing. it comes from the fact that a corporation loves to suck the money off the top and leave the operators in and the crew to pick up the pieces off the bottom. stuart: you were a mcdonald's franchisee. why did you leave? >> because mcdonald's decided our $2 million a year very profitable business should be closed. because they did not like the fact that we were pointing out some of their problems. they decided not to renew our franchise. we had no business to sell. we lost our $2 million a year business. stuart: mandates from mcdonald's headquarters.
10:21 am
it is hurting you guys in the field. it costs more money. the mandates from mcdonald's. is that the story here? >> that is half of the story. lowering our prices. we are getting fewer dollars in. in the franchise system, the dollar is off the top. they make the money. we are left with what is left to pay our bills and pay our crew. >> i have mcdonald's. they released this statement. we are hearing from customers and the overwhelming majority. franchisees saying that all dave prefers is a hit. the highest score in two years. that is according -- that is
10:22 am
most excellent news. they say that everything is fine. what do you make of their statement? >> again, i will say that the emperor has no close. there was just an article in the post that refutes that. there are issues with food safety. potentially cross contamination. robbie and raw eggs. increasingly bad work conditions. stuart: have you launched a lawsuit? >> no. that would be foolish. in fact, sponsored legislation signed by governor brown, building california. stuart: i am sorry. we are out of time. it is an interesting battle that you have got going here between
10:23 am
headquarters and franchisees. keep us up-to-date with this. >> i would love to talk to you more about the legislation. stuart: we've got to go. thank you, catherine. appreciate it. jamie richardson. he says white castle serves everything on the menu all day long anyway. cheeseburgers in the morning, purpose that night. he is taking a big shot at mcdonald's. a 74-year-old british man arrested by saudi arabian religious holies by having a few bottles of wine in his trunk. sentenced to a punishment that could kill him. i have that story for you next. ♪ (vo) what does the world run on?
10:24 am
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10:27 am
a cancer survivor, he is going to be flogged publicly in saudi arabia, 350/eplaps. let me repeat that to let it sink in, the saudi legal authorities will take about of the prison cell he has been in for a year and flawed him with the king, 350 times. it will likely kill him. what did he do to deserve this? he was caught with homemade wine in his car, alcohol is prohibited in saudi arabia and those legal authorities administer sharia law. this is the legal system so many muslims want to inflict on the judeo-christian world, barbaric torture in public of the 74-year-old grandfather. we may be a melting pot but there is no room in this hot for that. britain's prime minister david cameron has made a personal appeal for clemency. maybe he could use some support
10:28 am
from president obama. after all we have a lot of leverage with the saudis. they are at war in neighboring yemen, an enemy iran threatens just across the gulf and they are running down their reserves by tens of millions as oil prices plummet. wouldn't this be a good time for our president to tell them knock it off with the flogging the? we live in hope that at some point president obama will actively support judeo-christians, surely we can stand by and watch a 74-year-old guy claude to death by our friends the saudis. can a business have a mind?
10:29 am
a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
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choose, choose, choose. but at bedtime? ...why settle for this? enter sleep number. don't miss the columbus day sale. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. you like the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store. right now save $600 on the #1 rated bed, plus 24-month financing. hurry, ends sunday! know better sleep with sleep number. stuart: still go nowhere friday morning, we are up 3 points, don't forget about oil still in the very narrow range, $46 a
10:32 am
barrel right now all. may be the decline in gas prices gets going again, down a penny and a half overnight, $2.20 is the national average and is heading lower. couple individual stocks to bring to your attention, kfc and taco bell, their parent yum brands, they lowered their forecast but the stock is up $1.23 because carl icahn guy is joining the board. apple giving stock to all kinds of employees, they can't sell it immediately, they are all getting it even those retail workers in the apples stores with a the blue t-shirts, no impact on stock, that is hanging around at 111. how about disney stock? it is up today, we are a $0.17, $1 and the sense is the price. you might think of disney as the sun plays to take the kids but now disney is taking on isis. liz: ashley was breaking this
10:33 am
news, looking for an intern proficient in microsoft office but also on the internet. it is an all hands on deck for security at disney. ashley mention terrorist attack years a disneyland and disney world, always on the radar screen and the sony hack has come on red alert. stuart: hold on a second. they are looking for an interim? liz: sounds like they want everyone to be proficient and on guard. stuart: windows 10? liz: internet proficiency. stuart: is it a stretch for me to say disney is looking at for isis, hiring somebody to counter seiders of the attack, an interim? liz: it is unclear but we see this reason request from disney house on the internet, they're clarifying it. stuart: did they mention isis? liz: they said fear of cyberattacks and cybersecurity.
10:34 am
stuart: we might want to back off a fraction. this is really serious, outrageous stuff. hundreds of palestinians set fire to the tomb of joseph in the west bank. joseph is the biblical father of judaism. on fire, his tomb. earlier today i asked the american islamic forum for democracy about this. out rage, roll tape. >> women 7 years older being attacked and stabbed in the streets randomly and they have become the aggressors? that is absurd. palestinians are committing these actss because they want attention and they know that the un and our president and secretary will give the palestinian narrative and that feeds the social media frenzy and that is why the idea has to buckle down and bottom line, you see this tune that has been attacked, this is about anti-semitism. stuart: meanwhile our president says israel we don't think you should be having those armed soldiers in your cities. liz: if you attack joseph's tomb
10:35 am
that is a clear attack on judaism and the fundamental roots of christianity too. joseph is the jewish patriarch of the old testament. 85 it is incited by the palestinian authority leaders not only -- it has disintegrated into targeting jewish sites which this is severely damaged. stuart: if jews or christians or anyone else attacked any kind of site imagine the outcry. liz: it would be a huge outcry here in the united states as well. stuart: but now is just not going on. got this for you. president obama has abandoned his self-imposed deadline for the withdrawal of american troops to afghanistan. he has announced plan keeping 9,800 troops there through most of next year but reducing that number to 5,500 in
10:36 am
10:37 am
announcement it looked like he had no hard for this. his heart is not in it. he wants withdrawal completely. that is my suspicion. what about you? >> i think he has staked his presidency on being the president who will end two wars but i think reality has come upon him. it is clear afghanistan still needs u.s. and nato support, afghan forces are fighting hard but taking a lot of casualties and the taliban remains resurgent so they clearly need our help. combat operations are over but they need air support, back stopping and support. he was forced to make this decision largely because what we
10:38 am
have seen in iraq. can't afford to have afghanistan unravel like iraq. stuart: in new york city where i am now there are 36,000 police officers to keep the peace, 36,000 for new york city, afghanistan is the giants country, we propose to keep the peace with 5,000 troops? what do you make of that? >> that will change the plan and there was no need he needed to put out this 5,500 number, he simply wants to be seen as a president who is winding down the war rather than doing what is necessary to win the war. stuart: we see that coming a mile off. i got to cut it off. lisa curtis, heritage, thanks for joining us. total change of subject, nev. state gaming officials ruled
10:39 am
fantasy sports, unlicensed forms of gambling, get out of here, that is what they said. welcome to the program. >> only a few more short weeks. how much is going on, when we first spoke about it it was the wild wild west, new jersey congressman said we want to a understand what is going on, to conduct an investigation. the fbi and the u.s. justice department, we want the coming after you, check out your books. stuart: when nevada says we are out of here, we can't do business until we get a gaming license, the writing is on the wall, that is the kiss of death. >> good luck getting that gaming license, six states have outlawed daily fantasy sports leagues so we are seeing the beginning of the end of howard
10:40 am
is now. we see regulation coming sin. stuart: regulation and taxation and licensing. >> that would make sense. a couple days ago the state of new jersey reopened the door for sports gambling in new jersey. the baseball game, the dodgers' bullpen showing the mets warming up and there's a gigantic sign, all i could see is isn't verisign in every major league baseball that says no gambling? so it seems hash tag hypocrisy. stuart: i am betting, and i am suggesting this weekend there will be plenty of people playing fantasy sports, all different sports. >> people did not back off, there could be a lot of business, those who think they are good at fantasy football or fantasy baseball, let me put my money where my mouth is, not that you won't see a good selection one day, but how the
10:41 am
respond to that winning, and the discipline you need to be a successful gambling. stuart: thanks very much. appreciate it, time for the sector report. right behind me. what are you watching today? >> licking its cybersecurity stocks, i wanted to follow-up on that discussion, not just about hillary or the e-mail server but this is affecting every single large around the world, one of the biggest, looking at that spot, that stock is trending up today and companies like checked at the cyber, cisco, and these other ones you want to watch, even as you compare these two, stocks performed the same, so pick a stock anywhere in this sector and it will pick up some speed in the next few months.
10:42 am
stuart: here is what we have next, hillary's e-mail scandal is not going away. the fbi investigating whether she violated the espionage act. doesn't matter about bernie sanders saying we don't care about it, the fbi does. a group of radical greenies want to use the anti racketeering act to silence their critics. if you don't agree with global warming, shut up, that is the message, moron that after this. (trader vo) i search. i research. i dig. and dig some more. because, for me, the challenge of the search... is almost as exciting as the thrill of the find. (announcer) at scottrade, we share your passion for trading. that's why we rebuilt scottrade elite from the ground up - including a proprietary momentum indicator that makes researching sectors and industries even easier. because at scottrade, our passion is to power yours.
10:43 am
10:44 am
nicole: i am nicole petallides, the dow jones industrial average up about 10 points, trying to make three weeks in a row of gains, the s&p also higher, quantities are mixed, gold pulling back, merck and general electric winners of the dow jones industrial average, ge hitting a 52 week high, with quarterly profits offsetting the losses they have seen in oil and gas, apple down 13% in the last three months, keeping a keen eye on consumer player 90 at a new all-time high today again. resorts coming under fire, that stock rainout is down 3.2%, we are looking at a mixed day on wall street and is down slightly, a much more coming dutch at "fbn a.m." at 5:00 a.m.. you wouldn't hire an organist without hearing them first.
10:45 am
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10:46 am
stuart: hillary clinton's top aide arrived a few minutes ago from behind closed doors meeting with the benghazi select committee. meanwhile fox news reports the fbi is using the espionage act in its investigation of hillary's e-mail server. blake berman has more on this.
10:47 am
>> an intelligence source familiar with the fbi investigation of hillary clinton's private e-mail server says the fbi team that is digging in to that server is focused on whether there are violations pertaining to the espionage act. the key parts of the statute is whether there is gross negligence involved in the safekeeping of national defense information. under that statute the information involved is not considered classified to be a legal violation. nothing on her server was mark classified at the time. and it is still unknown, what relevant evidence if any discovered by the fbi team in d.c.. stuart: thank you very much. the climate change guys are
10:48 am
urging the president to investigate those with opposing views and investigate them using the racketeer influenced and corrupt organizations act, which was originally designed to prosecute the mafia. let's get to steven haywood. i believe you are a professor at pepperdine university. >> that is right. stuart: what the devil is going on? you have academics, with the courts and a legal judgment to engage in debate, they're saying shut up, i thought was meant to apply to be named rego, professors of public policy like me. i think what is going on is simple. the climate alarmists are so desperate to get their way that first of all they call us names, they call me a climate denier which isn't true, and i think they have revealed themselves to
10:49 am
be what i am not calling democracy deniers. an attack on free speech and free inquiry. stuart: an attempt to stop free-speech, to shut it up. you disagree with me and i will shut you down. i will intimidate you with the rico statute because if you are investigated under rico and the deal goes against you, you pay triple damages, you are out of business totally. that is going on. >> one of the ironies of this particular story is the ringleader of the recent letter signed by 20 scientists, professor george mason university in virginia, state univ. he received $30 million or many millions of dollars in federal funds for climate work, seems to me that if there should be an investigation it should be in to misappropriation of public funds for political crusades like this. stuart: the professor at george
10:50 am
mason university, he runs a climate science operation which got $25 million from the federal government and he employs i believe his wife and daughter with in that operation who are also receiving money. had they attack you by any chance? >> they have not attacked me. i was attacked a few months ago, separately, and we call ourselves the magnificent 7. at wed may getting funding from tobacco companies or the koch brothers or silly things, i get no money from anybody, i don't even right on climate signs, i right about climate policy most of the time but they seem to miss that distinction and randomly sent letters, clearly meant as intimidation. stuart: professor steven a. wood you are welcome on this program anytime, speak your mind, we
10:51 am
won't prosecute. up next, ford's new shelby mustang, gary to the 4 a drive, the best car ford ever made. mustang trivia for you. what year worth the first we will answer this. is it our insightful strategies that make edward jones one of the country's biggest financial services firms? or 13,000 financial advisors who say thank you? it's why edward jones is the big company that doesn't act that way. is it keeps the food out. for me before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. super poligrip is part of my life now.
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ashley: trivia question before the break, when was the first mustang sold? the mustang introduced the public at the world's fair april 17th, 1964, and oh boy has it changed since then. gary test drove a ford mustang shelby free 50, says it is the best car ford has ever made and he joins us now. it is quite a statement. you love this car, you test drove it on a racetrack. why do you love it? >> made the g t 350 racing version to given the performance image. is back again. this is a really special car, not a muscle car, not a pony cart, you don't take this, it was designed to win races on the racetrack. the first race it was in was in
10:56 am
first or second place. very special v-8 engine which has a flat crankshaft that won't tried to explain but put it this week, the only other car you can get with that type of engine, a quarter million dollars or more. ashley: not using it. you are doing an injustice to everyone. that said it is very -- you could drive and on the street. and when you don't see them it is hard to engineer for the street, ford did good job making get something you put in a production car. ashley: how much does this put me back? >> not that much considering all the technology, starting price 49,000. it is 63,000, we reached the cost when it comes --
10:57 am
ashley: because some. >> the best of all time. i really -- to think about it. ashley: our 3 of and the tree coming up next. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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sometimes they just drop in. always obvious. cme group can help you navigate risks and capture opportunities.
11:00 am
we enable you to reach global markets and drive forward with broader possibilities. cme group: how the world advances. stuart: the government knows best. they know what is good for you. they even know what is best for your youngsters school lunch. no, they don't. 1.4 million children have dropped out of the school lunch program. the second year of very steep declines. it is not the schools fall. it is not the lunch lady. it is the micromanagement of government bureaucracy. the rule book laying down precisely what our kids make eat in school and what they cannot
11:01 am
eat. the food police, the food activist, first lady michelle obama, got ahead of the board and insisted on food that many of the kids will not eat. shock and horror. they found schools with regular pasta instead of whole grain rich hosta. some kids were bringing in contraband salt shakers. we spent $60 billion a year on subsidized school lunches. many of the kids are opting out. some of this government food is actually going to pick farms. this is what happens with but the government run our lives. this is we know better than you elitism. the one group that can say no is saying no. the "wall street journal" says that kids are voting with their forks. ♪
11:02 am
stuart: pretty flat for the dow industrials as we approach 11:00 o'clock eastern time. that is walmart down again. that is on a historic losing streak. down in the past two days. worst performance since 08. fifty-nine on walmart right now. nike is a different story. all time high. it reach 100 are deep. how about ge. fifty-two week high there. 2899. remember, ge is slimming down. getting rid of its financial units. they are down again. holding at 100. a lot of people signing up for their service in america. mcdonald's. franchisees. a lot of them do not like for this all day.
11:03 am
the customers love it. in 30 minutes, listen to this. we will hear from white castles vp. you will hear what he has to say at 11:00 p.m. eastern right here. politics. look at that. donald trump. cnbc. agreeing to his debate terms. >> agreed to two hours. now, all of a sudden they came up with this additional long period of time whatever it may be. it was originally agreed to hours. the networks are making a fortune off this stuff. now they are making a fortune. i wonder why. stuart: trump tweeted this earlier. cnbc has agreed that the debate will be two hours. fantastic news for the people that will be watching. to confirm this, cmd said no comment.
11:04 am
we have more on this later this hour. this is truly disturbing new video from the middle east. hundreds of palestinian risers spat fire to the tomb of joseph. judaism in the west bank. it suffered extreme damage. that happened today. hundreds of iranian troops are being deployed too serious. we also have president obama saying he will keep troops in afghanistan, but withdrawal down. jack keane is with us. where do we want to start with this? i would like to start with russia in the middle east. it looks like the ground war and a big one, is about to start. >> and are ready has. the syrian army aided by the iranians, there's about 7000 on the ground. in syria. they have been there for some time.
11:05 am
they are part of the iranian revolutionary guards corps. domination of special ops and cia. stuart: are they only troops? >> yes. their top leader was killed last weekend. killed in the vicinity -- the second major leader they have lost in a couple of years. they have been all in for some time. the sod was in a precarious position. that is why the russians got into this thing. the iranians are on the ground. assisting the syrians in that attack is taking place right now. stuart: they sleep through isis. iran, iraq, syria, all under russian airpower. troops on the ground. a new power structure in the middle east. >> it is.
11:06 am
that is where the robles had made all the gains. those robles are moderate rebel forces. many of them cia trained. also al qaeda, not isis. what is interesting is the rebels have been holding. they have lost some ground. the rapidfire the russians are using. they have tanks in this. they have fighter aircraft. they are still holding some of that ground. they eventually will lose some of this ground, to be sure. there is a real fight taking place. stuart: the palestinians have set fire to the tomb of joseph. the biblical parent of judaism. this is a huge development. it is an outrage. >> i think it is all designed for psychological and emotional. listen, the leaders have to step
11:07 am
up your intake control of this. stuart: we have lost hands down. america has lost hands down. >> america is disengaged in the east. it represents that disengagement. putin is on the ground in syria saying i say about my my allies and friends. pulling out of egypt. pulling out of iraq. retreating from lemon and libya. that is a message everyone is receiving. stuart: thank you. always good talking to you. back to the markets, please. that flat. route 14 points. coming back a long way from the august selloff. ross gibbons. i read your stuff. i have seen that you have used the word crash in your stock room in your statement about the future. you have used the word crash.
11:08 am
that is a very strong word to use in the financial arena. do you see a crash coming? >> absolutely not. you know as well as i do that the bears love to come out. say how smart they are once the markets have already fallin. where they have been the last month as prices have been climbing. i do not think that we are headed for a crash. i use that term to try to put people ids. a lot of investors do not follow the markets as closely. stuart: do you see some kind of a pullback coming? >> no, i don't. i think that we experienced vegan august / december. it was a great time to buy the market. hopefully people listened. the chicago fed puts out a number called the national financial conditions leverage subindexes. fun names.
11:09 am
it measures risk credit and leverage. it tries to identify whether the money supply is tighter than average or looser than average. every recession over the last 40 years has been preceded by a reading above one showing that the money supply is getting very tight. it is still below zero. we're still negative now. stuart: you almost got the buzzer with that technical stuff, but we laid off you because we like you. we get the message. no crash. no big pullback. thank you very much indeed. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: i brought you my take on the school's lunch program. basically, the government telling us what to do and what to eat. joining us now leslie marshall. all right. i do not know if you heard what i've got to say.
11:10 am
do this, do this, do this. 4700 page rulebook. what you can serve two kids in schools. what you can't serve. it just is not working. kids are leaving the program. this is a typical example of the way government works. it doesn't work. you say what? >> i say let's look at the report. first of all, there were no recommendations made. seven or 8-year-old telling kids, hey-- years ago when i would stop by mcdonald's, i love those fries with trans fat and actual salt. now that you have taken it out, it does not taste as good. they are not being served at the proper amount fruits and vegetables in their home. they will not like it. the majority of kids that have pulled out are not in the inner-city. they are in the suburbs. they have other alternatives. they are allowed to have school off-campus or bring their lunch
11:11 am
to school. these are largely republican districts. stuart: look. the point here is that you've got top-down government. micromanaging what kids eat for school lunches. it is absolutely not working. why don't you people on the left learn the lesson? micromanagement by a massive government era proceed? it does not work, is it? >> i do not agree with you, stuart did i think that we have a responsibility when we look at the heart disease rate. when we look at the obesity rate will we look at what happens to our children and what will happen to our children if we do not take control of the amount of sugar, sodium and fat there
11:12 am
are taking in. it may not taste as good or look as successful, but in the long run it is in the best interests of the american people. stuart: you will stick with it. the kids will walk away. half the food that is served will end up in pig farms and you will stick with it because that is the way we should eat in our schools. >> i will stick with it. it may not taste as good, however, if my kid will live longer and are taste yucky, sign me up. stuart: okay. we hear you, leslie. i wish the left would take some lessons from the right on how to do things. and that is preserve our freedom. that would be so good. we thank you for joining us. >> thank you. always a pleasure. stuart: i think she said always a pleasure. i'm not sure she was sincere about that. americans love the beer.
11:13 am
the largest peer makers trying to merge, that could seriously squeeze out the little guy. next, a defender of craft brewers on why this deal is bad for beer lovers. the producer of a documentary called beer wars. here is a clip. >> americas beverage is peer. >> very happy. watch out. >> everything in america that is important is around peer. ♪
11:14 am
11:15 am
11:16 am
stuart: mattel is of 4.8%. even though they are not selling many barbie dolls. that is why the stock is up. got a china story. yum brands. it has lowered its forecast. the stock is up because of karl
11:17 am
icahn. look at -- these are the two big beer companies. the story i am about to give you is that these two, the big beer guys, they are squeezing out the craft rumors. a documentary on that subject. "beer wars." here is a clip. >> americas beverage ispeter. >> it smells we teach. >> everything in america is around beer. >> you are all fighting. >> the beer industry is going into the marketplace. the battle for the soul, the retailers and the customers. stuart: the producer and director and writer joins us now. the premise is that some of
11:18 am
these craft brewers are just being crushed by the big guys. it is quite deliver it on the big guys part. give me an example of a craft brew that is crushed. >> what the big guys to is try to get as much as possible. that is really what is important to all of the brewers. get on that shelf. the big guy bigeye squeezing out by doing a variety of things. for example -- stuart: to be an example. >> none of them have been beaten out of business you have. a constant basis reducing their access to market. what the big guys will do in the fear that this merger will provide is the pig i will buy more distributors. the big thing in the beer
11:19 am
industry always was that anheuser-busch will comment. they will try to sue you. they will disparage you and then they will try to buy you. in the movie, for example, i show an example of dogfish head. they sue them over a pumpkin ale. they will try everything they can. the minute that there is a threat from a small brewer, and now there are a lot more of them, they will either stick their lawyers on you, go into the legislature and try to stop laws from being passed, they literally will use anything in their arsenal, that is why it is called beer wars. they have many weapons. stuart: they will be forced to divest various brands. they will not be allowed to have 70% of the american beer market. they will have to sell off various brands. do you think that that will lessen the pressure?
11:20 am
>> i do not think so. they will have to divest a lot of the portfolio. there will still be the issue of distribution and its access to market. at the end of the day, what really matters is that the craft brewers are able to get a distributor on their shelf or to a bar. went anheuser-busch owns or has influence over the majority of distributors in the country, that means that, for example, there is a doj looking into them. they buy distributor. they push out anything that is not anheuser-busch owned. that is a problem. stuart: no craft brewers organization that good organized legally and meet them with a legal challenge? >> there is an organization called the brewers association.
11:21 am
an organization that is made up of thousands of small breweries. hillman make up 19% of the industry. these big giant corporations with lots of money. even the smallest craft brewer, for example, sam adams, owns 1% of the market. there is not much strength in numbers, if you will. the strength comes from consumers. stuart: real fast. i have 10 seconds. to think that you could stop this merger? >> no. stuart: and you have a problem, having you. i am not laughing. the merger is coming. it does leave you with a problem. thank you very much for joining us. it is an interesting story. good to see you. here is what is next. the treasurer treasurer secretary of the united states, jack lew, says we need to spend more government money to get growth in the economy. liz claman sat down with the interview. that is next.
11:22 am
here she comes. ♪
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11:25 am
>> look at this. a 52 week high.
11:26 am
over $132. that stock is on a tear. it is up 34% this year. liz claman had an exclusive sitdown interview with the treasurer secretary jack lew. here's what he said about stimulating the economy. >> there are things that we can do. if congress were to pass legislation, it would accomplish two things at the same time. the best roads, airports. stuart: i think that this is an accurate or trail of the two sides of the fence. he is on the side of the fed said say i spend more money to stimulate the economy. >> what is the number one thing you think that congress should
11:27 am
do to stimulate our economy more and make it grow more? how many times do we have to read these reports? that is exactly what he said here it i then followed up was saying didn't we have $830 billion to cover it act in 2009? he said yes. he then started giving me fax. jd p. going from 10% to two and a half percent. that is good. that is on the front page of the journal today. unemployment going from 10% to 5.1%. october 29, it expires. there not other -- stuart: 4% growth. building roads and bridges. >> one would hope so. liz: he did not specifically articulate that. that is the number one thing he believes we need to do. stuart: i will be listening.
11:28 am
watching as well at 3:00 o'clock this afternoon you have in other interview. can you have another interview with the cleveland fed president >> she says why do we have such low rates, stuart? she is not yet a member. she will be next year. in january. we will ask her. if you were, would you have voted yes in september. lots more to do with as well. stuart: liz claman, thank you very much indeed. 3:00 o'clock. white castle taking shots at mcdonald's because they are serving breakfast all day. the vp of white castle joins us in just a moment. and then we have donald trump. taking aim at cnbc. that is next. >> they are making a fortune off of the stuff. they never make money. they always lost money with it. now they are making a fortune.
11:29 am
i wonder why. ♪ awe believe active management can protect capital long term. active management can tap global insights. active management can seek to outperform. that's the power of active management. you can't breathed. through your nose. suddenly, you're a mouthbreather. ♪
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11:32 am
. stuart: politics this friday morning. donald trump sounding off about the debates last night. roll that tape. >> it was agreed to two hours and now all of a sudden yesterday they they came up with this additional long period of time, whatever it may be, but originally agreed -- the networks are
11:33 am
making a fortune off of this stuff, they always made money, they always lost money, now they're making a fortune, i wonder why. stuart: so trespasser wants two hours and cnbc wanted three hours. trump just tweeted this. cnbc has agreed that the debate will be two hours. great news for everybody, especially the millions who will be watching. amy holmes with the blaze joins us now. donald trump just exercised his power, didn't he? he said we're going to do it this way, and he did it because he can do it; right. >> absolutely that's what i call power and you know the phrase he who pays the piper gets to pick the tune. donald trump, he -- i think is correct in saying that a lot of these extra millions of viewers who are turning into the gop debate are there to see the trump and that's making a lot of money for the network. so when he and ben carson both the frontrunners in the gop race threatened to boycott, that meant the network losing a lot of money if they lost those viewers.
11:34 am
stuart: what's your view on this length of time apart from the money and the ratings? the length of time. i don't know about you, but i'm having a hard time watching anything for three straight hours, and two is pretty much a problem for me. but what do you think? is three hours just too long? >> you know, i actually prefer the longer debate particularly when you have so many candidates on the stage to ask questions and try to investigate their views and maybe even get them to debate one another. but i think what's really at issue here, the campaigns are complaining about it and apparently in unanimous agreement is the issue of opening and closing statements. that they watch democrats in las vegas on wednesday get those three and a half minutes to make that direct uninterrupted pitch to the american people and cnbc is not allowing them to do that and they said wait a minute. democrats get this infomercial and we get the gop campaign
11:35 am
guy said we get hunger games? this doesn't seem remotely fair. the candidates want their own opportunity to speak directly to the american people. stuart: how about this? the presidential election revolves not just around policy and performance but around personality. and we go into those voting booths knowing that the person we choose is going to be on tv every day for the next four years. so we better like him as people. i think it's a big factor. >> yeah. stuart: and these debates as well. it's a big deal. >> yes. and these debates and the campaign election season you get to find out if the candidate wears well. that you, you know, might think that they're fun and funny and warm and likable on a first date but are you willing to be married to them? [laughter] . stuart: so good. all right. >> a decision voters have to make. stuart: putting you on the spot. which candidate on either party do you like? >> who i would like to be married to? . stuart: no. no. no.
11:36 am
>> so far, you know, what? i'm on the sidelines, i am watching the political parade as it marches by. watching very closely and enjoying every minute of it. i'm very impressed by carly fiorina. i think she is a terrific spokesperson for conserve values, for policy, foreign policy, she knocks it out of the park. i like carly fiorina a lot but, you know, we'll see how things unfold. stuart: amy holmes, thank you for opening up to us. we like that. amy, thank you very much indeed. >> thank you, stuart,. stuart: let's get to mcdonald's, an ongoing story, $104.04, looks to me like the introduction of all day breakfast of a success, the customers like it, thrilled by it and the stock is near a record high. franchise owners say they're not loving it. come on in white castle richardson. a compete competitor to mcdonald's. so are you going to beat them
11:37 am
easy? >> stuart, as a family-owned business that has been around since 1921, we're happy to welcome mcdonald's to the all-day breakfast offering. that's something we launched about four weeks ahead of them but we had over 20 million hours of practice because we were doing anything any time you want it from 1986 until reason and now everything 24 hours. so you can get a cheeseburger or a breakfast sandwich. stuart: that is your commercial, i gave it to you. now, i am told that you have the reputation, white castle has the reputation of being full of people who are stoned on marijuana and they've got the munchies is that true? >> well, the castle is always open for that late-night oasis but i think it's probably safer to say that customers are craving that one-of-a-kind taste. stuart: that was good. what's your name again, jamie? you just converted my question into yet another 20 second commercial.
11:38 am
that was really cool. will you answer the question? you do have a reputation as being full of stoners? >> well, you know, we're known for lots of and things part of that is being there for all of our customers any time they want to come to the castle. and the fact that we're family owned and have been since 1921, we think makes a big difference to all of our neighborhoods. we're there for all of our customers and been open for 24 hours since the 1920s. stuart: you are good. i just can't -- you are so good every question becomes a commercial. jo ling kent is here, young lady who knows what she's talking about. jo: i have a question for you, i want to know how you're grappling with millennials they know what's in food and white castle is not known for a food of good eating. >> that's changing. we have a chicken sandwich -- stuart: another commercial. >> well, just sharing the facts. they're all hot and tasty.
11:39 am
that's the issue with a lot of customers and they're finding the castle is there for them. stuart: okay., jamie, that was pretty good. incredible three minute commercial, no matter what we ask, we got a commercial. you can come back any time you like but next time we'll charge you. >> crave on, my friends. . stuart: i like that. ashley: got a last-minute plug. stuart: now this. the fantasy is over in nevada. for now, state gaming officials ruling that fantasy sport sites are gambling. they ordered them cease and desist until you get a license. >> well, it is already band in five other states and here's the core problem. since 2006 when congress tried to pass a law that would help regulate online gambling, they never really had a handle on it and now you see this interest; right? the nfl with owners like bob kraft who invest in these kinds of companies like fanduel and draft kings plus the players
11:40 am
and the people who work inside the companies and the legions of fans. but the investigations, the fbi, the doj, that's not affecting how well these sites are doing. stuart: not yet. jo: not yet. but as of sunday, they were not even advertising in the top 10 on air or online and they had their season high for entry fees. so those who want to get in are still going to about be able to play. ashley: still advertising. i was watching the mets dodgers game, full of these fantasy sports commercials throughout. so they're continuing to hammer away and people putting down bets. stuart: but my guess is before too long, it will be regulated, it will be taxed. ashley: oh, of course. stuart: and it will be licensed. that's a big deal. jo: it's a big deal and they're going to push back as much as possible to minimize that. they say this will change the way they can innovate a skill-based game. a lot of people disagree with that. stuart: okay. you know, ashley, i noticed you had no comment whatsoever on white castle. ashley: what are you trying to say?
11:41 am
in my day i have visited white castle. jo: in his day. ashley: at 3:00 in the morning. jo: how many could you eat? that's what i would like to know. stuart: they're very small; right? jo: as well. 20, 50, 100? ashley: 15. stuart: now this. many people take vitamins for their health. but it's landing some people in the hospital. dr. marc siegel tells us why i should not take supplements. i don't anyway
11:42 am
11:43 am
>> i'm nicole petallides with your fox business brief. we are seeing up arrows, at least for now. the dow jones industrial average up about 1% and all three of these major are up higher for the week and the transports and the russell actually lower for the week. let's take a look at the dow movers, including general electronic and nike, hitting a 52-week high, nike at a uawl-time high today. and let's take a look at spirt airlines. look at this one, the battle has been heating up, the stock is down 14% right now. transportation index the downside led by railroads but the diners have down arrows. and right now oil at 47.06 as we watch oil prices down 4%, start your day every day fbn a.m. at 5:00 a.m. opportunities aren't always obvious.
11:44 am
sometimes they just drop in. cme group can help you navigate risks and capture opportunities. we enable you to reach global markets and drive forward with broader possibilities. cme group: how the world advances. [ that's a good thing, eligible for medicare? but it doesn't cover everything. only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, they could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. call today to request a free decision guide. with these types of plans, you'll be able to visit any doctor or hospital that accepts medicare patients... plus, there are no networks,
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and virtually no referrals needed. join the millions who have already enrolled in the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp... and provided by unitedhealthcare insurance company, which has over 30 years of experience behind it. with all the good years ahead, look for the experience and commitment to go the distance with you. call now to request your free decision guide. stuart: now, this is interesting from apple. making stock available to some of their managers, all of their managers actually, who can then hand it down on to lower down the food chain workers as a reward. jo ling content on this, stock, the managers get it, hand it down all the way down the food chain.s very desirable restricted stock is what is being shared, you've always been able to buy as a retail
11:46 am
employee apple stock at a discount but this is more of a carrot if you will and it's also very, very important when it comes to recruiting good talent as a lot of these stores where you want smart people representing your product. so managers will be able to -- ashley: i think it's smart, it's a good idea. stuart: when you say it's a restricted stock, they can't sell it immediately. ashley: right. stuart: they've got to hold it for a while. ashley: a period of time. stuart: do we have any idea how much this costs? not that it matters, they have 200 billion in cash. jo: they haven't determined how much of this is going to become available. stuart: i can't understand why apple in all of this up and down volatility is right there, 110,. ashley: not the capital to move it yet. jo: morin violation. stuart: maybe so. haven't got it yet. now this. many people taking vitamins for their methamphetamine but listen to this. a new study shows daily supplements send 23,000 per year to the hospital.
11:47 am
dr. mark siegel is here. i'll tell you what's happening. in those supplements there is caffeine and amphetamine and a lot of people chug the whole bottle because they want to get high on the contents of the bottle. am i right? >> yes. stuart: thank you. >> this time you're right. especially those 24 years old. a lot of people are taking them for weight loss, energy, they don't know what they're getting, it varies from one product to another, the fda is not scrutinizing it for safety, so we're seeing more emergency room visits from these weight losses from amphetamine o or people that get it by prescription, we have other people allergy, and people choking on pills but younger people mostly. stuart: that's with where the stimulants are. >> yes. stuart: you can relabel this stuff, you can be precise in
11:48 am
what's in it, if people see amphetamine, they'll chug it because they want to get high on speed. >> i agree with you. keep in mind if it's a prescription item, it's regulated in this case new york state, regulated, i can only prescribe a certain amount. here, you can get whatever you want and no one's stopping you. and you end up in the emergency room, have under lying heart disease and not know it. we're talking about a huge industry, we're got an slow this down, $36 billion a year, 130 million americans take something like this. stuart: here's my question. why should i take a vitamin c pill when i can eat an orange or a grapefruit as i do every single day. why would i go for the pill instead of the fruit? >> because some company pushes it and it's a fad and advertised. the truth is you're much better off with your grapefruit. i'm going to advertise you, stuart, except for the flu shot, you're great on your grapefruit, great on the salmon toast every morning,
11:49 am
you think you're healthy. stuart: i am. >> flu shot is next. stuart: i'll drop dead one of these days with no supplements. >> no. no. supplements. stuart: jo ling, you took me to task because you don't believe i took any supplement . stephanie: i was surprised because so many people take the multivitamin every day and you're in very good health, stuart, that's what i was trying to say. stuart: thank you, doctor. >> the greatest studies come out, i'm a big fan of vitamin d because we don't get enough of it in the sunlight but there is a study this week that we thought it prevented colon cancer, it didn't seem to stop the progression of colon cancer. i still love vitamin d. vitamin d supplement is a great supplement to take. >> i take one every morning. >> i do too. stuart: why do you go something from a factory, like a pill and think it's as good as the real thing. stuart: sunshine.
11:50 am
you don't have to be in the bright sun, just get outside. jo: i hate to break it to you. but these lights are not the sun. [laughter] >> this is makeup. it's not a tan here. it's makeup. but seriously if i can get you enough sunshine, ashley, do you know what that means? risk of skin cancer. stuart: i just wear makeup on weekends, it's that simple. >> that's another story. stuart: now this. stossel is coming up in a minute and he says failure is good. that guy on the wall street movie, greed is good. stossel is here next people talk about "deals"
11:51 am
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stuart: john stossel says do not be afraid to fail. some of the world's most important people failed frequently before achieving success. listen to this. >> i was the biggest failure i knew. >> that drove her to write the "harry potter" books. >> you're a wizard, harry. >> he made apple successful. >> no. of this would have happened if i hadn't been fired from apple. >> michael jordan, christopher columbus, and oprah winfrey were all failures who tried again. stuart: and stuart varney. okay. stossel, you are here in the flesh. >> are you going to try again? . stuart: i'm always trying, son.
11:55 am
wait a minute. your premise is that failure is good. so you wheel out all of these examples of people who learn from their failure and became a success. >> it left my premise because i'm scared of failure but in researching this, i have to say these people who is "we" ought to not be afraid of failure have a point because so many people failed and kept trying and did so well. colonel sanders built kentucky fried chicken when he was in his 60s. stuart: is that right? >> yes. stuart: i didn't that know. >> thomas edison turned down 1,000 times patents before he came up with the lightbulb. dr. seuss was rejected by 23 publishers. i would have quit after three stuart: you're saying you should not be risk averse. you should jump in and follow that dream and even if you fail, follow that dream, take that risk. is that what john stossel is saying? >> yes. and in america we have an attitude of
11:56 am
entrepreneurship and if you fail, you go work for somebody else. stuart: are you saying in america. >> well, you're up. stuart: english should be the 51st state in the united states. >> exactly. stuart: are you we losing culture? safety at all costs? the government will help me. >> the political candidates are sure saying this is a terrible country, we have to help you and. stuart: you're right. >> taxpayers will do that. stuart: and i will watch southern california because it's tonight. >> oh, goody. stuart: 8:00. i'll boost your ratings. i will watch myself. if i was nielson family, i would help you but i'm not. >> you don't count because you're too old. stuart: that's true. you i'm out of the demographic. jo: happy friday, everyone,. stuart: you're a failure. jo: fine i will watch the show. stuart: thank you. the right demographic.
11:57 am
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the quicksilver card from capital one. with quicksilver you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. so, let's try this again. what's in your wallet? >> what was the most absurd thing that you can think of in 1982? what would make marty mcfly go what? bet on sports and you just see the cubs won the world and years he wrote that movie back to the future way back in the 1980s, and he predicted at that time the cubs would win the world series in 2015. now let's see, we had him on the show, what about the viewers. what did you say about this on facebook? the cubs win the world series in that film. could life imitate art? it is possible. marine says i hope his prediction comes true. so we've got a lot of can you
12:00 pm
be fans out in the audience, this studio is jam-packed with mets fans as you might suspect since this is new york city. our time, ladies and gentlemen, is done. neil cavuto waiting right there, his time is almost starting. now. neil: are you guys talking about be abl baseball? thanks to my buddy charles payne for being in in my absence, we are celebrating right now as we speak, in fact, they're having democratic confabs about shrinking deficits about 439 billion in the latest peer, in other words, we are bragging of having deficits of half a trillion dollars. by the way, not too long ago used to be what our government spent. now, who am i to go off on a network-like rant i mean like this? come on. >> i wanted to get up right now and go to the window, open


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