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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  October 16, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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he do in response, we'll bring you up-to-date. steve ballmer is investor in twitter. and keep you up-to-date, aol off worse news of the day because the ceo had mild heart attack and will be back in the office in two weeks. that is how i leave it to my friend trish regan. trish: thank you so much, neil. i want to go back to the live picture at the white house we're showing you. we're awaiting a press conference from president obama and south korean leader. we'll bring you any breaking news. joe biden inching closer to a run as one of his aides outline as strategy to capture the white house. we'll have intel. donald trump calling bernie sanders a quote, maniac. we'll have more on showdown between billionaire capitalist and socialist ahead. hillary clinton is burning through her cash. spend, spend, spend. is this a sign of how she would run the white house? i'm trish regan. welcome, everyone, to
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"the intelligence report." a leaked email indicates that joe biden is readying the troops for a run against hillary clinton. one of biden's closest advisors, ted kaufman reached out to all the former biden staffers, deciding if he decides to run we will need each and everyone of you yesterday. can joe biden topple the anointed one, hillary clinton? what will this mean for republicans? joining me democratic strategist chuck rocha. let me share with you another part of that advisor, senator kaufman's email, which he writes that abiden campaign, would be, i quote, a campaign from the heart. a campaign consistent with his values, our values and values of the american people. i think it is fair to sigh he writes, knowing him as we all do it won't be scripted affair. after all, it's joe. gary, does that campaign from the heart resonate?
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could he beat hillary clinton should throw his hat in the ring? >> well, two questions there. one does it resonate? i think it's a good platform for senator biden, vice president biden i should say now. i think that's the way he would go. can he win? it is impossible i think at this point. i would be shocked if he enters after hillary's debate performance which was i would term just good enough. i think she kind of cleared the decks for her. i think it kind of put the dagger in biden. that's why i say if he runs he will not win. trish: interesting timing, right? we're getting this email from senator kaufman out to all of his staffers. it was obviously leaked. it was really stressing once again the issue of heart and authenticity. that has been, joe trippi, the biggest complaint against hillary clinton. this lack of authenticity. chuck rocha. joe trippi is coming on, everyone.
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he will weigh in on this too but i want to get your thoughts, chuck. >> we know in d.c., i do political campaigns for a living, there is lot of rumblings. a lot of people that run campaigns like me are getting calls from certain people around the white house where i felt it would happen any moment. i don't think joe made up his mind just yet. he is putting pieces together and have universal i.d. and can raise money quickly. i think he will sit around to see what happens with the benghazi hearings. trish: only got a couple weeks, chuck. >> no. he has got plenty of time, only thing working against him is primary calendar, getting on ballot with certain states including alabama. if you can do that piece, have universal name i.d. and have money. there is time to get out there. everybody knows who uncle joe is already. trish: look at polling data on this because he already has been doing incredibly well and he is not even in the game.
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take a look when you look at national polls. he is now at 19% versus where he was in june which was 11%. here he is climbing in the polls. gary, he is not even in the race. >> that's beautiful part. he is doing great as long as he not in the race. let joe be joe once he gets in the race and watch that 19% plummet. the man can not get out of his whole way. he had a couple cracks at whole presidential thing. he bombed just notoriously. if he gets in, that is what politicians do, this is whole vanity thing, they run because that is only thing they know how to do. can he run as chuck sums up so practically? of course he can. is it vanity run? yes. will he win? i'm possible. trish: chuck who do you think would be tougher candidate to beat for republican? would it be hillary clinton or joe biden?
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>> i think at this point it is anybody's guess. i could come up with a name right now, the one with most momentum talking about raising most money is actually bernie sanders. it is the year of the outsider. you see donald trump, bernie sanders, ben carson doing so well. american people ironically are tired of career politicians. >> bernie sanders is not a career politician, chuck? trish: hold that thought. we have news we need to get to. developing story none other than than folks you're talking about. donald trump has new target in the way of bernie sanders. he is calling the self-proclaimed socialist a maniac. watch this. >> i watched hillary last night with we're going to give this, give that. the poor woman, she has to give everything away because this maniac that was standing on her right is giving everything away. so she is following! that is what's happening! [applause] this socialist/communist, okay?
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nobody wants to say it. trish: nobody wants to say it. but you know what? donald trump will and did and he is going after bernie sanders now in a way that, you know, wonder, is he recognizing, chuck, this momentum that sanders has? does he need to knock it down? >> it could be that or could be trying to figure out a way to make sure hillary is nominated. a lot of things going on in this campaign. there is one thing for sure, nobody getting more enthusiasm and more crowds showing up than what bernie sanders and donald trump is doing. right now if you look at enthusiasm out there on both sides, these two candidates are capturing most of it. trish: i watched bernie in the debate. i heard him off the top what i thought, this is guy -- you all know i am certainly no fan of socialism. i'm with trump on that one. this would be disasterous, absolutely disasterous for our economy and our country. nonetheless, you heard him talking. you had to say, well, you know
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the guy means it. he means what he's saying. we may all disagree with it, but he believes it. there is something to that. he may not actually be the outsider that people think of him as because he has been in the senate after all. nonetheless he represents what we don't see in politics a lot, gary and that's total, utter conviction. >> total, utter conviction by i wonder if it is all just through a haze? this man went to elite school, university of chicago i believe. he has been a senator for what -- trish: university of chicago and espousing socialism? shame on him. milton friedman. >> 125 years he has been a senator. probably worth a small fortune. when he was in school, i wonder if they went to him, you know what, bernie? all the as you got we'll knock them down to bs because we need to raise people that got cs and ds. he would have felt pretty lousy. trish: history proven --
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socialism doesn't work. look at latin america and malaise in europe. it really doesn't work. do we, chuck, want to turn into denmark? >> you want to turn into country that represent its people. people feel like everybody at the top are getting breaks and working stiffs, going along every day really/did. trish: there are not paying all taxes. this drives me nut. people talk about hard-working american families and how they need a tax break, guess what? the top 20% of our population pay 80% of the taxes? you know what else, half of our population pays absolutely not one penny in taxes at all. i look and question, exactly how much more can you give them? they're not paying any way? >> we don't mind them being rich, buying our democracy. small business like me paying 30, 40%. if you're big company paying dividend taxes. i'm paying 40% more taxes. trish: you know how much unions
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gave to election cycle, 1.7 billion. >> workers are and paying everything ones should have voice. you don't have to listen to me. listen to donald trump. listen to bernie sanders. that's reason they're escalating to the top. trish: bernie sanders is not only one in trump's cross-hairs. people love watching trump, right? you can't stop watching trump. he brought in millions of viewers to the debates. so many people are watching him. he therefore has got so much power he threatened to pull out of this month's cnbc debates in the network agrees to demand of shorter telecast. listen to this. >> now if you look at the, you know, debate, even though it was pretty boring from last night or the other night with hillary and the group, that debate, it was two-hour deal. now they want to make this an extra hour. i think it is unfair to the viewers because it is too much, it is too much to watch. they're doing it because they want to make more money. trish: you know what?
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trump says they listened to him and caved, agreeing to a two-hour debate. however that has not actually been confirmed. this is what trump is saying. nonetheless it shows you in many ways the power of donald trump when it comes to television. our blake burman has more. blake, when donald talks people are listening, including tv networks? reporter: as you brought up there, tricia, the debates have record audiences as donald trump points out it is likely because of him. this back and forth with trump and cnbc began yesterday, when trump's campaign along with dr. ben carson, by the which two republican front-runners according to polls at this stage, they sent cnbc a letter. it said in part, i'm quoting here. mr. trump and dr. carson do not and will not agree to appear at debate more than 120 minutes long, two hours, including commercial breaks. further the debate must include opening and closing statements from all the candidates. there were two complaints there.
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one time, two statements. many of the other campaigns voice ad concern about removing the traditional opening and closing statements as well. fast forward just a few hours later, a handful of hours later to this morning. trump tweeted this out, quote, cnbc has just agreed that the debate will be two hours. fantastic news for all, he says, especially millions of people who will be watching. so far though, cnbc not commenting. the rnc has not publicly announced anything either. trish? trish: thank you so much, blake. very interesting stuff. we of course are going to be having our very own debate right here on fox business. you don't want to miss it. fox business will be hosting the republican candidates on stage in milwaukee on g stuff. breaking news, everyone, that we're going to get to, quick reminder about president obama and the president of south korea taking to the microphones. just moments ago. they're outlining joint efforts to stand up to north korea. we are listening into this.
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we will bring you any news that comes up. so stay tuned. we're following it. we're on it for you. appears hillary clinton has got a spending problem. she is burning through her campaign cash pretty fast. is this how she would run our nation's economy? the same economy sputtering along more than a decade? we debate that. where is donald trump's secret service. the presidential candidate is drawing in record crowds there is no heightened security on him. he says that is because he is a republican. we'll debate the politics of it, later this hour. stay tuned. i will see you in two. ♪
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trish: news that hillary clinton is blowing through her campaign cash and outspending everybody. she has spent $26 million. that is higher spending rate than any of the candidates. not affecting her much. bernie, ahead in new hampshire. joe biden who is not even in yet polling at 19%. this is sign what could be? could she gain the white house and do exactly, that spend other people's money with no return on it? chuck rocha back with my. what is the money going to? what is she spending so much on? >> ironically 80 to 70% of staff going to overhead. people on the ground, people in
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new hampshire that is a smart, smart investment. but if it is going to consultants and powerful beings telling them what to do advise them it is probably not smart. how you win nomination in early states it is boots on the ground. if you're investing boots on ground, do it smartly. only 2.3 million was on tv. advertisement or direct mail. trish: i would anticipate money is going to more tv ads. those usually help. we saw boost it gave to john kasich in new hampshire. although that waned off a bit. did a big spending spree, bout a few ads, went up higher in the polls. >> she was only show in town until a few month ago when benghazi and email things started when they were getting more frantic. tv ads started to do go up. up until that point there wasn't a big push. they were look a lot of investment on the ground. it is whole new ballgame with joe biden getting or may be getting in is the wildcard.
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the spending rate is important. this is long-term thing. you have to rein it in if you want to close the deal. trish: she is not saving any. >> that is concern. if i'm that consultant i'm working on that campaign we have to put together budget for long term n iowa and new hampshire has to be spent on good old-fashioned leather on boots, talking to the neighbors and doing that organizing. trish: sure. comes down to who she is, her own popularity and likability. take a state like new hampshire for example, a lot of that is going around meeting people and meeting folks. seeing them face-to-face. you know the old joke. one farmer says to another, hey, who are you going to vote for? that farmer says, i only met each of the candidates three times. it is true there. it's true. people have the interaction. the complaint especially early on in her campaign, chuck, she just wasn't there enough relating with people one-on-one.
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certainly wouldn't talk to media but wouldn't talk to the people on ground. >> tell you what old farmers do. where did you get the corn from who is advising you picking the corn. he is really expensive. i promise you want, she is hiring best of best. they're really expensive. the matter will be does it make a difference? is it a wise investment. trish: we were talking about bernie sanders and him taking off seemingly out of nowhere. you wonder if this is repeating itself. you remember barack obama came essentially out of nowhere and knocked her off her thrown. >> i've been doing campaigns 20 four years, i never seen phenomenon of bernie sanders, carsons, donald trumps, regular americans who don't have good voting history. they're showing up because they're frustrated. some don't know what they are frustrated about. some of them are rich, some are poor, some are black and some are white.
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the frustration is washington forgot all about us. trish: you put it well. chuck, thank you. good to you here. fresh developments in the fbi probe in hillary clinton's email server. we're learning her actions may have violated espionage act. we're taking you to d.c. for this breaking story. we have more on it right after this. ♪ at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like ordering wine equals pretending to know wine. pinot noir, which means peanut of the night.
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trish: breaking right now, new developments on hillary clinton email scandal. her private server may have violated espionage act. a source telling fox that the fbi is investigating whether she violated a subsection of the espionage act because of what they're calling her gross negligence in using her private server. in other words, in her attempt to make her life more convenient for herself, could sheave exposed all of our secrets to the world? if so, then she would be violating the espionage act, according to this source. her shades schlapp and
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joe trippi. mercedes, seems rather obvious to me. she was doing this to make her life easier but in doing so she could have made all of us far more vulnerable. >> you know what trish? what is disturbing, democrats this past week, bernie sanders said, the american people are sick and tired hearing about your emails. well, we have an fbi investigation going on. we know the fact she could have possibly violated the espionage act. i mean this is what we've got. if you knowingly decide that you send over this classified information through email, you would be prosecuted. criminally prosecuted. trish: i'm going to jump in. we want to listen to the president here who was asked about his reaction to the democratic debate. he is taking questions there in that joint news conference with the president of south korea. let's listen in, everyone. >> -- do you feel like president
2:25 pm
abbas has a responsibility to condemn attacks and try to stop them? and president park, welcome. as you know the u.s. reached this deal now with iran over its nuclear program. i'm not sure, if i should start over. were you able to hear that, president park? u.s. reached a deal with iran over its nuclear program. how would you feel if that were north korea? would you welcome attempts for such a deal and do you feel like you would evertrust north korea to abide by such an agreement? thank you. >> the democratic debate was taking place at the same time as some ball games. so there was a little bit of clicking back and forth. i'm not going to comment on what joe's doing or not doing. i think you can direct those questions to my very able
2:26 pm
vice president. the one observation i will make about the democratic debate was that those are all some very fine people. they share a belief in an economy that is working for everybody and not just a few. they share a belief that america has to project strength around the world by maintaining the finest military but making sure we have a strong economy back home. that we're employing diplomacy and working with other nations wherever possible to solve big problems, like climate change. so what was interesting, to me, was the degree to which, although there are some very real differences among the candidates and i'm sure those will emerge, and there may be for each candidate some differences with my
2:27 pm
administration, overall they very much, we very much share a vision of an economy that works for everybody and effect the pursuit of america's national security through all the tools that are available to us. and i was very impressed with all of them. i know them personally and they're good people. beyond that i think it is up to the american people to decide. and, so i will have a vote like everybody else as a citizen and you know, that ballot's private. i don't have to share my views about that right now because i think it's important for the american people to make up their own decision. >> [inaudible] >> i think that the vice president, like every other candidate makes their own decisions about these issues and they will have to figure out whether it makes sense for them. with respect to israel obviously
2:28 pm
we're very concerned about the outbreak of violence that initially centered on jerusalem but we always are concerned the spread of violence elsewhere. we condemn in the strongest possible terms violence directed against innocent people. and, believe that israel has a right to maintain basic law and order and protect its citizens from knife attacks. and violence on the streets. we also believe that it's important for both prime minister netanyahu, israeli officials and president abbas and other people in power to try
2:29 pm
to tamp down rhetoric that may feed violence or anger or misunderstanding and try to, you know, get all people in israel and in the west bank to recognize that this kind of random violence isn't going to result in anything other than more hardship, and more insecurity. and you know, i don't think that it's, i don't think we can wait for all of the issues that exist between israelis and palestinians to be settled in order for to us try to tamp down the violence right now. i think my views are well-known that over time the only way that
2:30 pm
israel is going to be truly secure and the only way that the palestinians are going to be able to meet the aspirations their people if there are two states living side by side in peace and security. those talks which secretary kerry put enormous effort in and before that a number of our envoys and secretary clinton put an enormous effort in, have stalled. and i think it's going to be up to the parties and we stand ready to assist to see if they can restart a more constructive relationship. but in the meantime right now everybody needs to focus on making sure that innocent people aren't being killed. and even though you didn't ask me the question i will horn in on the question that you asked president park because we actually discussed iran and what it could teach us about the
2:31 pm
situation in north korea. these are both countries that have a long history of antagonizing antagonism towards the united states but we were prepared to have a serious conversation with iranians once they showed that they were serious about the possibility of giving up the pursuit of nuclear weapons. and i suspect president park agrees with me here that at the point where pongyang says we're interested in seeing relief from sanctions and improved relations and we are prepared to have a serious conversation about denuclearization, it's, think it is fair to say we'll be there at the table.
2:32 pm
we have not even gone to that point yet. there has been no indication that they could foresee a future which they do not process. [inaudible question] >> i do not think that is what secretary kerry said. i think what he said was that we have to end the violence. that israel has a right to prevent its citizens from being subjective to random violence. all parties have to lower the
2:33 pm
rhetoric, that the religious sites that are so important to create major religions inside of jerusalem need to be respective and that the status quo that allowed shared worship in and around these needed to be maintained. and then, i think as an addition to those statements of what secretary kerry said was the atmosphere in which there is so much tension is this mission between palestinians and israelis. obviously, it creates the potential for more misunderstanding and triggers. that is something that has been true now for decades. and if we can make progress there, obviously, it will help.
2:34 pm
there is not a direct causation here. what we need to do is make sure that we are focusing on ensuring that innocent people are not being killed. >> the iranian agreement, whether it could be applied to north korean situation. i think that that is what the question was about. the negotiations and how was concluded, how you reached an agreement, we saw the united states and u.s. leadership and other countries made efforts. we had international efforts that came together that made this possible. i think that that is a really important lesson that we need to take away from this. look at north korea. we do have international cooperation in that area.
2:35 pm
we have china and russia. we do have some international corporation there. the difference between north korea may be something that president obama just said. i totally agree with him. you need to have this genuine willingness on the part of north korea. this may not be a perfect example, but you can lead a horse to water, you cannot make it drink water. the same is here. north korea has to come to its own conclusion that it is generally moving to give up nuclear capabilities. they need to have that. if they do not have that and even if we had international
2:36 pm
efforts, we will not see a conclusion to these talks like we saw with iran. that is a big difference that i see here. >> wasim bari k -- you all seem very capable. >> separating the efforts north korea has really not changed its attitudes towards developing nuclear missile capabilities. how do you plan on steering it to korean times and one more. from your visit to china in september, we have been seeing you say the two careers, do you really think that this will be
2:37 pm
possible? i've a question for both of you, finally. in korea they say that we see each other often. this is your fourth time meeting. you also see each other a lot out multi- lateral talks. have you grown closer? >> let me ask the last. yes. let me continue with my answers to your question. the process, basically we have this principle. we are also leaving the door open for a dialogue. we are continuing the efforts to build trust. this is the basic underlying
2:38 pm
foundation of all policies. in august, there was a publication and we stuck to that. >> listening to a joint press conference there. the president of the united states and the president of south korea. we did hear from president obama that he china wants to debate. back and forth between the gains and the debate. we also heard him being asked about the potential run that we were reporting at the top of the show. he said, listen, you will have to ask the vice president about that beard he did also touch on the violence we have seen in israel saying that it is really up to the leaders there to try and control that. to try to tamp down. netanyahu to do so. to prevent this from spiraling into something much larger.
2:39 pm
i want to bring in mercedes and joe. we were just talking about this news that is coming out. breaking news about hillary clinton's server and potentially it being an espionage issue. first of all, i would like you to weigh in on your response on what we just heard from the president in regard to joe biden. jill, you are a member of the democratic circle there. what are you hearing? >> i have flip-flopped multiple times on this. i am now leaning towards he is running. he has to decide. i think in the next week, not much longer than that. i think we will have an answer within the next seven-10 days. this e-mail that was leaked by senator kaufman calling on all former biden staff members to be ready as of yesterday and his campaign would be one that was
2:40 pm
filled with very much heart. i know you said you have gone back and fourth. did that really indicate to you that he will throw his hat in the ring? >> obviously, one side. i just think. a long time ago. the only thing that stops the ambition of being president wanted his there is though balding fluid. i think joe biden really wants to be president. i do think that it was a missed opportunity that joe biden was not at the debate this past week. hillary clinton was the story. she had a very strong debate performance. i think for joe biden, he really runs this risk so late in the game. the fact that he has to raise millions of dollars.
2:41 pm
plus, there is a sort of organic excitement for bernie sanders as well. he will have very little room to really build and grow his coalition. >> i do not think that it will be easy by any stretch of the imagination. i think that he knows that. she is very -- i think that she is much stronger than people give her credit for. i do not think that sanders represents much of a threat. joe biden would. he knows that. i think that it is a very tough situation. he is not even in the race yet. increasingly well. it is like the news keeps turning out every day. we have news today that we were just breaking that a source
2:42 pm
close to fox's telling us that she may very well have been in violation of the espionage act by keeping her own private server. is this going to cost her the nomination? >> first of all, here is another week. leading to speculation of an investigation, even in the oracle that records this, there is no way of knowing -- trish: we have the president now speaking again. talking tough about serious. >> your administration has not released the final draft. you recently appeared in beijing with the leaders of russia and china. >> i have to write these down. hold on a second.
2:43 pm
wow. let me see if i can take these in short. with respect to iran, iran has often violated some of the prohibitions surrounding missile testing. our position with respect to un resolutions, prohibitions ample potential sanctions are unchanged. this thing that it makes very clear during the debate around nuclear fields. the iran nuclear deal solves a specific problem which is making sure that they do not possessing nuclear weapons. it is our best way to do that.
2:44 pm
it does not fully resolve a wide range of issues. we are going to have to continue to put fresher on them to the international community and where we have i lateral channels to bilateral channels to indicate to them that there are costs to bad behavior in the region and around the world. we will not do that more effectively if they are also on a separate track pursuing a nuclear weapon. with respect to their actions in syria, as i have said before, they are just doing more of what they have been doing for the last five years, as is russia. it is an indication that their basic premise, their basic theory of how to solve serious
2:45 pm
has not worked and will not work. their preference, originally, was we will send arms and money to a aside and he will be able to clamp down on dissent. when that did not work, a directed hezbollah to comment. they send in some of their own military advisors. that did not work. now the russians have common. iran is sending more people in. it also will not work. they are trying to support a regime that in the eyes of the overwhelming majority of the syrian people is not legitimate. our goal is, even as we doubled down going after i sold, is to continue to cultivate and serve as a transition to a new
2:46 pm
government insider serious and that we continue to have a process of getting the iranians, the iranians to russians, the turks, both countries and all the other interested hearties to sit down and recognize we have to have this. saving the structure of a unified serious state. with respect to russia, the only understanding that we have arrived at is how do we de- conflict in the event that our planes and their planes may be occupying similar space over syrian skies. in that sense, we have arrived at an understanding and subchannels for communications where we will continue to differ is in the basic set of
2:47 pm
principles and strategies we are pursuing inside of syria. president putin believes that if he continues to do what he has been doing over the last five years and that is prop up the assad regime, that the problem will be solved. we had to go after i sold and violent extremist groups. it is serving and bringing in foreign fighters and recruiting people to this extremist clause. that will only go away if we are able to get a political track and a legitimate inclusive government inside of serious. there is no meaning of the mind in terms of strategy. my hope is as we continue to have these conversations and as
2:48 pm
i suspect russia starts realizing that they will not be able to bomb their way to a peaceful situation outside of syria that we will be able to make progress on that. with respect to the trade and how hillary abused trade, i will have you direct questions to her. here is a general proposition, guys. during the course of what will be a long campaign and probably i will not be commenting on every single reference or decision that the various candidates make. i think that it is natural and proper for candidates to run on their own vision and their own platform. what is encouraging is the fact that i think everybody on that
2:49 pm
stage at the debate affirmed what i have said in the past which is we agree upon 95% of something. and on the basic vision of a country that is building out our middle class. making sure that everybody works hard and gets a shot. immigration strengthens us rather than weakens us. that people should be treated fairly and equally. the vision of the democratic party that i fought for is one that is probably shared by all the candidates. they can differ at any given point. i am happy to make the case once again for the trade agreement itself here and carol, i hope
2:50 pm
you take the time to read it. what you will see is that it meets the promise that i made it the most progressive, highest standard trade agreement that we have ever put forward. it deals with chronic problems like child labor or forced labor, that is enforceable, make sure that we are of thing the pacific region on the environment and is enforceable. it protects intellectual property. make sure our businesses are treated fairly when they invest in other countries. opens up markets. keep in mind, we have some of the lowest terrorist in the world already. we are already seeing good services being sold by other countries here. the countries that are part of tpp have significantly higher
2:51 pm
terrorist. for us to get those lowered, just example, japan, where they slap on 10-20-30-40% taxes on some of our goods and services, for those to come down, those to arrest being eliminated completely, that is a big deal. i am sure we will continue this debate as we post the actual terms for agreement and congress has a chance to review it. i am pretty confident that i will be able to persuade a whole lot of people once they see the outlines of the deal and this is the right thing to do. there is a geopolitical reason for us doing it as well. we want those of us that already have high standards to help us, too. that will make our businesses more competitive had it will put our workers and a better position so that they are not
2:52 pm
undercut by low wages or forced labor, that their plants to not suddenly shut down because we had environmental laws that other countries are not following. it is the right thing to do. [inaudible question] >> we will review rebuke as we have in the past. any violations. we will deal with them. as much as we have in the past. what i have been very clear about from the onset is that although we are eliminating or suspending sanctions related to the nuclear program, that the sanctions that are related to ballistic missiles, human rights
2:53 pm
violations, terrorism. trish: we have been listening there to the president of the united states. talking to the media in that joint press conference. talking about the importance of changing that regime there. that is really the only way to and the crisis. he talked about his differences with flat amir putin. he pointed out that vladimir putin is willing to keep al-assad in power. he also highlighted -- the issue that everyone is worried about. russia is they're trying to prop up the regime. in doing so is running into difficult relations in the airspace with us because we are there as well. we are in communication with the russians and we are dealing with all of that. he also talked about hillary clinton a little bit.
2:54 pm
they asked him about the flip-flop there. the transpacific trade deal. every candidate is entitled to their opinion and to run on their opinion. i am here with my political panel. mercedes and joe. she has flip-flopped on a few things. tpp is just the latest example we have heard the president address. if you are the president, she was your secretary of state, she is saying that this is a gold standard for trade agreement and now she suddenly ditches you and says i did not agree with that, i need to hear more. >> look, the reality is that when she is serving the president, she has to carry his message and his police and the police of the administration. that is what she has to do. that is what she is supposed to do. she has the responsibility to tell us where she will take the
2:55 pm
country and where she stands on these issues. trish: how much did you play into this? the uaw said you cannot be in favor of this and expect to get our support. >> going where she was on keystone pipeline which was against the union. i think that all this is, you know, stuff that will come up in the general election. of course the republicans will use it. trish: you can understand why it is being attacked. i do not want to bring -- i want to bring mercedes into this conversation, too. >> the defensive marriage act. she has flip-flopped. politically speaking, think about mitt romney. >> think about john kerry.
2:56 pm
john kerry is a perfect example of a candidate that was really hurt on his changing positions on a variety of issues. i think that we can see this with hillary clinton as well. look, it you change your position on the second amendment. you change your position on tpp. she did say that it was a gold standard did she shifted her language in the democratic debate by saying she hoped it would be the gold standard. i think that these things could hurt her in the long run. i think at this point hillary clinton is thinking about -- trish: thank you. we will continue monitoring caring what the president says. i will see you right here. active management can seek to outperform. that's the power of active management. if legalzoom has your back.s,
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over the last 10 years we've helped one million business owners get started. visit legalzoom today for the legal help you need to start and run your business. legalzoom. legal help is here. can a a subconscious. mind? a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
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trish: we're continuing to watch the president, he is now talking about our relationship with china. we did hear him say he didn't
3:00 pm
watch the democratic debate. he was watching the ball game, he said maybe he watched a little switching back and forth, he said he can't comment on the chatter that joe biden may run for president. he said you need to ask the vice president himself, i am sure we will, liz is taking us straight to the closing bell. liz: with dow up 31, we might have answer, still on track for the dow for a third straight weekly win. so are they not really that bad in stock world? mark this moment, because markets could move this week, they seem to be hanging on every word of any federal reserve, president or governor who made comments in the public. loretta moster may be the most hawkish of the bunch calling for


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