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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 16, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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thank you for watching. >> send me an e-mail or go to our web site stallone auctions f items from the rocky movies and the rambo movies. i'm going to leave it with lou dobbs. lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. president obama spent much of the day scolding this nation's enemies and insisting they haven't outsmarted him, while he appears outwitted, he says the strategies will one day fizzle. mr. obama's say he lacks the strategy and no strategy is failing faster than the strategies of russia and iran. during his news conference, this is -- this is what passed for a strong rebuke. president telling iran there are, quote, costs to bad
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behavior, and telling putin that his policy in syria will, quote, not work. we take all of that up with former ambassador to the united nations john bolton. also tonight, reports that president obama angered the fbi when he spoke out about hillary clinton's e-mail scandal. federal agents still investigating the classified information on clinton's personal server when the president went on "60 minutes" and downplayed the scandal. i'll have a few thoughts tonight on the president's pension for injecting politics into ongoing investigations, hardly the stuff of a harvard lawyer and university of chicago constitutional scholar. and the house select committee on on benghazi today investigating an earlier clinton scandal. her roll in the benghazi terror attack. longtime clinton aide huma abedin went before the panel to testify. we'll have the latest for you. and discuss it with weekly
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standard's fred barnes and ashley pratt. president obama chiding enemies while signaling he may be open to negotiations with some of them. the united states is ready to negotiate with north korea, much as it did with iran, but only, only if north korea is serious about abandoning its nuclear weapons. could another nuclear deal like iran's be in the offing for this administration? fox news white house correspondent kevin corke with our report. >> more and more our alliance is helping people around the world in their own pursuit of happiness. >> reporter: at today's joint news conference with south korea, president park, president obama insisted close sighs between washington and seoul weren't strained by influential china. >> sometimes there's the perception that if president park meets with president xi that must cause a problem for
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us, president xi was in this room eating my food. >> reporter: still, the strength of that relationship is cause for concern. ms. park traveled to beijing and appeared with china's president xi and russia's president vladimir putin at a military parade. that visit raised eyebrows in washington especially worrisome say experts at a time when beijing is a buffer to north korea whose nuclear program remains a threat in the region and claims it has developed ballistic missiles that can reach the u.s.' west coast. >> we need the south koreans to step up to the alliance. every day there are 28,500 american service men and women in south korea to defend that country. this is the least south korea can do to defend the united states. >> reporter: chang says in addition to beijing and pyongyang seoul faces increasing pressure from moscow to keep missiles off the crean peninsula.
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engulfed in a proxy war. the kremlin would regret partnering with tehran but left open the door for future dialogue. >> my hope is that as we continue to have these conversations and as i suspect russia starts realizing that they're not going to be able to bomb their way to a peaceful situation inside of syria that we'll be able to make progress on that front. >> reporter: that drew a stinging rebuke from russia's prime minister who tweeted, quote, moscow has longstanding ties with tehran, and its proximity to syria, iraq and afghanistan makes iran more troubling for a white house eager to draw down regional military presence. this week the decision to leave nearly 10,000 u.s. troops in afghanistan through 2016 did very little to improve u.s. chances of helping the afghans
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but still better than previous plan. >> there reaches a point the numbers are so low, the only thing they're able to do is spend all day defending themselves. that's the issue with the numbers. >> i agree with that announcement, we never should have been in iraq in the first place. when we took the troops out, that was the end of that. iran is taking over iraq as you are sitting there. >> reporter: as you can imagine, the two leaders spent time talking about trade and in particular, the trans-pacific partnership. your audience probabliness this, the u.s. and south korea have a bilateral trading agreement that dates back to 2011, president park said her country would be interested in joining the trans-pacific partnership calling the u.s. and her country natural trading partners. lou? lou: one other way she might have phrased that is this is the richest consumer market in the world, why in the world would anyone not want access. >> couldn't have said it
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better. lou: thank you very much for that report as always. another violent day in the west bank in gaza for a month of unrest and clashes. three palestinians were killed as hamas called for a day of rage against israel. one of the palestinians wearing a t-shirt that said press when he stabbed and wounded an israeli soldier. palestinians today also firebombed a site revered by jews, the tomb of joseph. the worst violence since israel's war last year with hamas. it took almost a week but the obama administration has finally confirmed and determined that iran was in violation of united nations sanctions with its ballistic missile tests last saturday. it didn't seem to know what to say in the initial phase.
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the ambassador to the united nations samantha power said the medium range missile was capable of delivering a nuclear weapon. power will seek what she called a, quote, appropriate response from the u.n. security council. though she did not specify what an appropriate response would be. the president made clear it would have nothing to do with the lifting of sanctions as required by the nuclear deal with iran. on capitol hill, longtime hillary clinton aide huma abedin testified before the house select committee on benghazi. the closed-door hearing six days before clinton will testify on the terror attack. fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry with the report. >> thank you! >> reporter: trying to create momentum hillary clinton today headed back to new hampshire where she's trailing democratic socialist senator bernie
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sanders and used a cnn interview to raise more doubts about the republicans' investigation of benghazi. >> i will do my best to answer their questions. but i don't really know what their objective is right now. >> reporter: that came as the drip, drip continued for clinton. >> i wanted to honor the service of those lost and injured in the benghazi attack. >> reporter: her longtime confidante and aide huma abedin gave testimony to the house select committee on benghazi, where clinton will give testimony before republican trey gowdy's panel. ahead of that appearance, clinton's campaign is trying to muddy the waters by insisting abedin knows nothing. it remains unclear why the committee is focused on her given her lack of knowledge on the events surrounding benghazi. contradicted by the e-mails
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abedin exchanged with clinton such as october 29th 2012 one where the aide confided she had a long visit with my friend in benghazi. what's really going on is democrats are using the comments of the house majority leader kevin mccarthy to throw a cloud over all of the investigations of clinton. >> the question also becomes whether this is a taxpayer funded effort to derail the candidacy of hillary clinton. >> reporter: it's harder for democrats to make the same case about the nonpartisan fbi investigation of clinton's server. fbi agents are privately telling the "new york times" they're furious president obama seemed to dismiss and prejudge their probe before it's finished. >> i can tell you this is not a situation which america's national security was endangered. >> reporter: the president talked to questions whether he thinks vice president joe biden will enter the race. he's closing in on a decision,
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both clinton announcing she has 33 million dollars in the bank. biden would have a lot of catching up to do, lou? lou: the anticipation builds. coming right back with government and politics and washington, d.c., and parts all around the globe. stay with us. [ cheers ] >> donald trump introduces cnbc to the art of the deal. trump gets his way, of course, and puts a time limit on the gop debate. ashley pratt, fred barnes with us next. and for bmx mountain bikers, a small mistake can lead to a major disaster. that vid you drop 40 grand on a new set of wheels, then... wham! a minivan t-bones you. guess what: your insurance company will only give you 37-thousand to replace it.
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. lou: rising scrutiny on the republican congressman from new york who gave hillary clinton a political gift this week when congressman richard hanna offered this questionable point of view about the benghazi select committee. >> sometimes the biggest thing you can commit in d.c. is to tell the truth. >> yeah, yeah. >> and this may not be politically correct, but i think that there is a big part of this investigation that was
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designed to go after people, an individual, hillary clinton. lou: congressman hanna has just opened himself up to being one of the biggest fobs around. the congressman teams up with democrats on policy issues damaging to the republican party. hanna is so deeply aligned with the democrats, the party didn't even run a candidate against him last year, and the new york state conservative party chairman suggests hanna should, quote, quit the act and seek the democratic nomination. a little conversion there, anyway. joining us political consultant ashley pratt, executive editor for the weekly standard, fred barnes, good to have you here. people were stupefied when he made those remarks. trey gowdy decimated him in an instant as did mick mulvaney on
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the broadcast last night. your thoughts? >> pure stupidity. does he want a cabinet position? i don't know, maybe he should champion in clinton for 2016. i don't know what he was looking to get out of that. lou: maybe he's got it. >> who knows! maybe he paid the clinton foundation off. lou: not running an opponent against him in last year's election was a good payoff. >> maybe he donated at one point, who knows how deep his connections go with the clinton foundation or the clintons in general. i think it was in poor taste, this committee brought to light the secret e-mail server. no one would have known that without the committee. lou: this committee's chairman, trey gowdy, a highly principled man. they've been doing hard, difficult work, and he said it would take time and using that time to carry out, i think, a judicious investigation of what happened. what do you think, fred?
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>> i think he's doing a very good job and all of the accusations by democrats are allegedly about his motives or the motives of people who have spoken out, but here's what i wonder, who do they expect this committee to actually target for questions and investigation other than hillary clinton? she was the secretary of state. it was her ambassador to libya who was killed. who are they going to call? the secretary of labor for heaven's sakes, they want to talk to her. if that reduces her poll numbers, okay, it does. lou: i think it may go to the iq, fred, you of the mainstream liberal media to begin with. as you say, if you're not going to investigate the secretary of state, who in the world would you investigate? >> right. are they doing their job if they don't? lou: absolutely. let's turn to, if we may, joe biden and his imminent decision to run.
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i know that washington must be all a twitter about it, arbly, will he run or won't he? >> i really, really hope he gets in the race. that debate was a snooze fest and his gaffes could have made it a lot better. at the end of the day, the democrats need another high-profile candidate in the race because it's anything right now. the speculation around biden running shows how little confidence a lot of democrats in washington, the ones that are the bundleers, the consultants have in her nomination, and i think at this point, that's when his uncertainty shows, but i will say, i will caution him, his time is slipping. he should have gotten in the day of the debate or the day after. if he doesn't get in by the end of this weekend, he's not doing himself any good by doing that. lou: fred, you're going to get the last word on this and also because as you and i always discuss, the position of donald trump as the persistent and now routine front-runner in these polls, your thoughts?
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>> well, certainly the vice president ought to run. we did learn from the debate that the other four candidates are not going to give hillary clinton any trouble. they're not going to bring up in any serious way any ethical problems, dealing with her server, dealing with the foundation or anything. they're not going to have anything to do with that. if the vice president gets, in he's going to have to really go after her on ethical issues or he doesn't have a chance of beating her. that may make a lot of democrats mad, but we'll see, i think he will get in, i'm not certain whether he'll actually be tough on hillary, but sure needs to be if he wants to win. >> i think that's what the democrats want. lou: your thoughts on donald trump, fred? do you want to update your outlook? [ laughter ]. >> my outlook is he certainly wears well. lou: [ laughter ] okay.
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fred, thanks so much. i like that. he wears well. and i don't remember him wearing so well initially. i'm going to have to process that a bit. ashley, good to have you with us, fred, thanks so much. >> you're welcome. lou: be sure to vote in our poll tonight -- we'd like to know what you think, what you feel, cast your vote at earlier this week, we told you about an extreme mountain biking trail in utah, one of the most treacherous in the world. a swiss biker strapped a gopro to his helmet and went down the course. a massachusetts biker suffering the scary crash, look at this. on the trail this week. all captured on video. i mean this is one of the worst falls i've ever seen, amazingly he stood up, got back on the bike and finished the run. look at the man. that's -- that is definitely tough.
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he didn't qualify for the event's finals but certainly earned a new legion of fans and the ritchie everyone. biking, my goodness. up next, a few thoughts if i may on the president, well, he seemed to have a pension, a passion to inject himself into things he shouldn't. and southern california now digging out of mudslides that trapped drivers and shut down roads. we'll have the extraordinary video for you as well as the story and a new development. stay with us. we're coming right back. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash car i earn unlimited 2% cash back on
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11:26 pm
server didn't endanger national security, he didn't know that, not for certain, not at all because the fbi is still investigating and the agency is understandably furious with the president for what appears to be a clear intent to dismiss the entire scandal and in so doing make it clear to director james comey and the agents he leads exactly how he wants that investigation and final report to conclude. the white house can dance around the president's comments and in washington parlance try to walk back his improper word, words clearly intended to influence what is supposed to be a nonpartisan agency, the fbi. it's an agency whose storied history didn't slow down this president and his politicos and their efforts to dampen the fbi investigation of hillary clinton. but in washington and presidential politics, things are not what they seem at
11:27 pm
times, in fact frequently. sometimes words and conduct are deeper more complex than instantly obvious. perhaps his words were meant to cloak what might be his true purpose, which might be to sabotage her campaign. in all possible explanations, mr. obama should have held his tongue, no matter what. that he didn't means there is a reason and a good one for his inappropriate behavior and words. but this is not the first time the president has injected himself purposefully into what should be an objective fact-finding investigation that should be utterly devoid of politics. in similar circumstances, the president intervened in the investigation of cia director david petraeus, accused of providing classified information to his mistress who is writing a book about it. the president said, quote --
11:28 pm
the president said in a 2012 news conference as the fbi was trying answer the very question about petraeus. fbi eventually recommended to the justice department that pet a us be prosecuted. the president has a history about the ferguson, missouri crisis and the rioting that followed. police shooting of a black teenager michael brown, about which the president said this -- the president even dispatched his attorney general and three aides to the michael brown funeral in ferguson sending a white house emissary to the freddie gray funeral in baltimore and after the death of trayvon martin at hands of george zimmerman. obama declared if i had a son, he'd look like trayvon. a president who knows the law,
11:29 pm
trained as an attorney, a constitutional scholar who could hardly claim to be acting and speaking out of sheer ignorance. no, our president is saying precisely what he means to say and doing so for his own reasons, partisan, ideological reasons, our president believes he's above the law, not ignorant of it, and because neither the national liberal media have resisted his arrogance, he's had absolutely no reason to believe otherwise to the propriety of his words or otherwise. our quotation of the evening -- we're coming right back.
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newly positioned russian warships in the mediterranean threatening to launch missiles against targets in syria. will the obama administration respond or does putin now have free reign in the middle east. ambassador john bolton joins me next with the answers? and norwegian daredevil and norwegian daredevil testing his bala if you're an adult with type 2 diabetes and your a1c is not at goal with certain diabetes pills or daily insulin, your doctor may be talking about adding medication to help lower your a1c. ask your doctor if adding once-a-week tanzeum is right for you. once-a-week tanzeum is an injectable prescription medicine that may improve blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes, along with diet and exercise. once-a-week tanzeum works by helping your body release its own natural insulin when it's needed. tanzeum is not recommended as the first medicine to treat diabetes or in people with severe stomach or intestinal problems.
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. lou: top news at this hour, hillary clinton's longtime confidante and aide huma abedin a short time ago concluded her testimony on the benghazi attacks and the clinton use of a private e-mail server. clinton will testify herself next thursday before the same committee. turkey shot down a drone on border with syria. it is the first shootdown of any aircraft in the region since russia entered the conflict. the pentagon says the drone is russian. the russians say it's not. and palestinians desecrated a jewish holy site today, they set it afire amid a new wave of violence in the west bank in gaza. three mines were killed including a journalist. joining us tonight, former ambassador to the united nations now senior fellow with the american enterprise institute, john bolton.
11:35 pm
good to have you with us. let's start first with the drone. the drone, how significant is it that turkey decided to shoot that down? >> well, this is a direct military contact between a nato member, that is to say one of our allies, and russian military equipment. and i don't doubt the turks' story that it's a russian drone. i think that demonstrates just what it means to have a russian airbase in syria now and things to come. i'm surprised at the turks doing this, but good for them. lou: shooting down drones is one thing, to get involved in aerial combat with arguably the second most sophisticated air force in the world is quite another even for turkey as advanced military and significant a military as it possesses, is it not? >> i think the turks are actually showing more gumption
11:36 pm
than the obama administration. the notion that we're talking to the russians at some level and they certainly hushed it up against john kerry talked about deconfliction, but the notion that we're talking to the russians about there being in effect an airspace we controlled for half a century comes perilously close to legitimizing the russian presence. lou: legitimizing it is one thing, we don't have the military power in the region to reverse what has been another putin foray and what it looks to be a further engagement in a region it's excluded from for decades. >> you're asking me the question it is frequently impossible to answer, what should do you -- lou: you wouldn't pose it as an easy question, john. >> what would we do with a president not competent to be president in the national security area?
11:37 pm
and the biggest breakdown came when our deterrence broke down and putin thought he could put an airbase to begin with and represents a significant shift in the balance of power in the middle east. it's caused our friends enormous heart burn and given our opponents a big lift, no doubt about it. lou: the violence na that now grips israel. this is getting worse it seems by the day. the arson at the tomb of joseph today, its desecration. where are we headed and why, in your judgment, would anyone representing the u.s. government say both sides have terrorists as former admiral john kirby at the state department said? i mean i was stunned by that and very few people are taking note of it. >> this is the worst form of moral equivalence, i think barack obama is determined to recognize the palestinian state.
11:38 pm
i want to be careful how i say, this but i think comments like kirby's comments like secretary of state kerry has made about the consequences of israeli settlements provoking the violence and comments by -- lou: which, by the way straightforwardly is not true, unrelated. >> absolutely. equating netanyahu and abbas as he did in the press conference today, the comments by the top leadership of the united states are encouraging the violence. i think that it's postulating a reward for the violence and that reward is the recognition of the palestinian state. lou: we should not ignore the president today saying to prime minister netanyahu he should tamp down his rhetoric as he put it. this is a shift that is visible, palpable to every american to hear our president speak so of our longest ally in the middle east, that is israel.
11:39 pm
it's disconcerting, deeply troubling, and there has to be a reaction of some sort. >> well, i wouldn't count on that, lou, i understand what you're saying in normal times you expect it. let's face it, the president of the united states by signing this nuclear deal with iran has kneecaped israel, and he suffered no domestic american political consequences for it. he can do almost anything at this point. lou: i think i have to defer to your judgment, i have to say i think you are exactly right and i was exactly wrong. >> i'll take it when i can get it. >> you are often in that position. thank you so much. ambassador john bolton. be sure to vote in our poll tonight -- we'd like to hear what you think, cast your vote at turning to an extraordinary video, gymnast displaying nerves of steel. the norwegian daredevil doing this, performing what he
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claimed the highest ever one armed -- look at this, hand stand at the edge of a sheer cliff, a single slip would have led to a lethal 2,000-foot drop below. the gymnast has been performing acrobatic fetes since he is a toddler, i don't know why he would test himself that way, there he is in the extraordinary video. up next, college football's catch of the year, and it may be catch of the decade, couple of decades, you have to see it if you haven't already. and democratic candidates pandering to the black lives matter movement. is anyone talking about solutions, responsibility, accountability? we will. law enforcement experts bo dietl and rod wheeler join me ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count.
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. lou: dr. ben carson slamming the democratic front-runners for pandering and political correctness, he says concerning the black lives matter movement, carson referring to this week's debate where candidates were asked to choose between whether all lives matter or black lives matter?
11:45 pm
>> black lives matter. and the reason, the reason those words matter is the african-american community knows that on any given day some innocent person like sandra bland can get into a car and then three days later she can end up dead in jail. >> i think that president obama has been a great moral leader on these issues. we need a new new deal for communities of color. lou: carson says all lives, includes black lives, and we have to stop submitting to those who want to divide us into the special interest groups. joining us tonight former washington, d.c. homicide detective rod wheeler, former night detective bo dietl, both fox news contributors. great to have you here. bo, i mean this is crazy stuff, this is going on and on, i was stunned by that, how about you? >> all i can say is i'm wearing something here that says blue lives matter. all lives matter, every one of
11:46 pm
the kids, the 60 kids killed in chicago in the month of september every one of those lives matter. and now all of a sudden you have this group there, this black lives matter group which came out and said it's like the boston tea party, rioting should be allowed, nobody was arrested in ferguson, nobody was arrested in baltimore. i got a problem with that. lou: rod, you got to a problem? >> absolutely. let me just tell you, lou, bo is 100% correct. if black lives matter like they say they do, nobody has come out, and none of the presidential candidates that was on the stage the other days, none of them talked about solution. all they did was exactly what ben carson said. they pandered to their audience, and i got to say this, lou, i'm sick of it, i'm sick of it and guess what, i'm black! and i'm sick of it. i know a lot of african-americans are sick of
11:47 pm
the pandering. if they mean when they say, these democrats, why don't they offer solutions? they haven't done that. i can tell you who has, john kasich offered solutions, ben carson has offered solutions, so you know, this pandering has got to stop. lou: and you know -- >> the other part of this, the cops that are out there now, you've got tens -- lou: rahm emanuel, the mayor of chicago says -- >> millions of interactions with cops and people on the street. one incident that's a little questionable, whatever happens right away they condemn all the cops across the country. cops are walking around. i talked to a couple cops out front here. nobody wants to get involved. they want to take the report after the incident. once they get involved, they're going to get in trouble. we don't need police departments like that. we need the cops to go out there and toss the kids and get the damn guns off the street!
11:48 pm
>> when you have political candidates throwing police departments en masse under a bus, saying they're the problem for what's happening in chicago, rod. >> right. lou: this is -- there is no integrity to the political leadership and creating problems. >> you know what we have in new york? we have the police department where you have to give someone a paper with shield, badge, if i was discourteous, contact his number. who the hell is going to do work? lou: what is the reaction to what's happening in chicago? >> what's happening in chicago is utterly ridiculous, i was in chicago the past week, guys, i tell you it's ridiculous, and for a mayor emanuel to say the things he has done has said as far as the police being responsible, that's totally ill responsible. what he needs to be saying is here are the issues. the fact of the matter is whether we want to accept it or not, the democratic policies have not worked.
11:49 pm
i don't play the political game. the democratic policies have not worked. they haven't worked. people are still unemployed under this president. people are hopeless under this president. so can you say what you will or may. that's the issue and at the end of the day, these issues that we have, in african-american communities and all across the country will not stop until we have policies coming out of the white house that's really meaningful and going to make a change. lou: and i think in the same spirit, rod, we've got to be really clear, this is an american problem when we have bankrupt political leadership. >> absolutely. lou: we've got to deal with it. bo dietl, good have you here, rod wheeler, thank you so much. lou: heavy rain causing mudslides across the drought-stricken state. emergency teams rescuing -- look at these mudslides, more than a dozen people had to be rescued from a section of interstate 5 north of los angeles last night.
11:50 pm
a 500-year drought, rains hit and this is the result. up to six feet of mud covering some parts of that freeway. on wall street today, stocks posting a third week of gains, the dow up 74 points, the s&p up 9. the nasdaq up 17. we are coming right back. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day.
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came down with a catch of the year last night. he's a quarterback. he catches the with his arms around the defender and catches it. incredible. while falling to the ground. stanford went on to win the game 56-35. look at that. i mean that's just unbelievable. joining us now from san diego k. fmb radio talk-show host mike slater radio talk-show host sam sorbo and authored the book the answer. good to have you with us. first let's start with, if we me with the e-mail, the suggestion by this president that there's nothing here, keep moving. i've decided that there's nothing influence national security now. the fbi sam is just various
11:55 pm
their agents who were investigating th. prejudged again. >> e preaches again and this is from a president who is in the past that i want to weigh in on that because i won't comment on ongoing investigations when of course he does comment on ongoing investigations but i have to ask how insignificant does hillary clinton's think she would be one that she took the position that she would never get classified e-mails? that's the real question is how insignificant did she think she was her when she first got an e-mail that she didn't even notify people don't send me classified information. it's absurd. lou: also think about the level and i want you to respond to this. the idea that people sending hea secure server when they send it to her? why would they send classified material to her? >> first of all i agree with bernie sanders. i'm so sick of hearing about her darned e-mails. could we put her in jail already
11:56 pm
or whatever the punishment should the? i'm sick of talking about it. let's just be done with it. remember one of the e-mails that came out it was like an underling of hers who is like this and i can send you this information it secured she said e-mail it anyway. usually it's the other way around. usually it's the subordinate subordinate or as i k i will do whatever i want in the superior says we have to follow the rules. she knows she broke the laws. >> with that look at the scandal right now the fbi is upset but we also know this president has got the final judgment here. he has politicized the justice department. what are the prospects here for an actual prosecution because the facts of the case lineup fairly evenly with that of david petraeus. >> es and they also failed fail to line up with jeffrey sterling who is sentenced to prison and jeffrey sterling is an underling
11:57 pm
so he has to go to prison. david petraeus not so much. he can do a plea bargain. the whole thing this massive tyranny, this massive obama being the one who gets to make the final decision heads you win tails you lose he gets to toss the coin is absurd. lou: sterling got charged with obstruction for justice because he had one e-mail from his list of e-mails. and they had no proof that he deleted it. hillary clinton has 30,000 e-mails. obstruction of justice absolutely. lou: the media is giving hillary clinton and the obama administration a pass on the whole thing. that's what's truly breathtaking to me. >> what may jump in. you know who's not though? everyone that i've talked to in federal law enforcement. indian diego i have friends navy s.e.a.l. dea border patrol.
11:58 pm
lou: you have lots of friends. >> india gondolas on lowest on the totem pole there. they know that their superior has broken the law. they also told me if they did anything remotely like this they would be fired like that and thrown in jail so we have to think about the morale issue on everyone below our leaders as well. lou: it's extraordinary the incompetent leadership. by the way it extends in some quarters to the private sector as well and all levels of government. the quality of leadership in this country we are desperate for stronger leadership. sam: look at the democrats debate. none of the democrats, they don't want to distance themselves from the socialists. these people are communists. the democratic party is dead. there are no democrats left. they are all communists and all they want to do is take other peoples money and rob people of the american dream because the american dream is wealth. they want to get the people who
11:59 pm
got the wealth and then they want to redistribute it so it's no longer wealth and the american dream is the little guy who wants to create that wealth, who wants to grab that dream and all they are doing is stealing the american dream from everybody. lou: its searing everyone's curiosity at this point is whether joe biden will run. you make the final declaration. >> joe biden is going to write on his white horse. i may have to disagree a little bit. i think obama said what he said publicly about hillary's e-mail but behind the scenes i think in the end he's going to push the fbi to throw hillary under the bus. why would he hire hillary clinton to be secretary of state? lou: we will see where the intrigue leads us. mike thank you so much in sam. have a good weekend. time for on line poll results.
12:00 am
95% of you said there's not a single domestic or foreign by this is working. thanks for being with us. join us monday. have a good weekend. good night from new york. colonel sanders failed until he was 65 years old. john. john: charlie brown ever learn from his failures. but we can learn frofailure. try and try again.


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