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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  October 17, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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his guest on making money next. charles: stocks rallied into the close now, despite mixed signals on the economy, could all the doom and gloom actually be the catalyst for year-end rally? and hillary is out loud about taking away millions of guns, in one year all guns and she asked why can't we? took in millions last quarter, how they spent and how they might governor and look awfully vulnerable. making money starts right now ♪ ♪ .
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charles: well, the money is in, guys, and guess which presidential candidate raised the most money? hillary clinton raised $30 million but on the gop side, not too bad, ben carson topped the list raising nearly 21 million, jeb bush is 13 million and ted cruz surprised a lot of people, 12 million, carly fiorina 6.8 million, marco rubio at $5.7 million. by the way, remember how donald trump said he's funding his own campaign? well, guess what? he received 3.9 million in unsolicited donations so what does the tally tell us how they spent it? joining us now, fox news contributor, hilary kramer, peter, university of maryland economist and eric mcentarffe eric erickson, i'll finish with you and start with you. it's one thing new york all of this money, some of the guys and gals took in the money and
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some of them are burning through it a lot. what's the narrative that you read through it? >> well, inning i think the burn route at any rate at this point is extremely important you've got to remember mitt romney's burn rate in 2012 wound up being $3 spent for every dollar raised, it became unbear with me for his campaign. right now the most interesting number is the cash on hand, ted cruz leads that number followed by ben carson followed by jeb bouche and marco rubio. i think unlike guys like christy who have a million cash on hand and rand paul who spent $2 for every dollar he raised. charles: yeah, peter is an economist, if you can't manage your presidential campaign, you certainly can't manage the finances of the government and just case and point, talking about burn rate, what people spend versus what they took in, last quarter rick perry, you understood yes dropped out, go ahead, peter. >> well, the bush burn rate can be high because they're
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not raising a lot of money like chafee. i am very impressed because the numbers ben carson has. look, he's raised $21 million compared to clinton's 29, he's an amateur for the game and see has burned a very largesse percentage of it. i think he stands very well in the polls, beats her in head-to-head competition in the polls, i think this is a very strong and was very indicative that this sigh guy as a amateur is a contender. charles: and to that point, ben carson spent a lot of money to raise a lot of money but all of those donors are so small that none of them are near. >> right. charles: where they have to be with respect to their max. so none of them are maxed out, he can continue to go to these folks over and over again. >> barack obama. charles: you're right. and here's the thing, ebony, i'm worried about chris christy. if i'm in a campaign right now, i'm worried about chris christy and believe it or not, i really believe that jeb bush is in trouble. from what i understand, he was
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supposed to raise 25 million, he got about maff of that. i don't see his big donors stepping up to the plate. i think this next debate is do or die. >> yeah. jeb bush has been under performing throughout, in terms of finances and his performance in database the. this is going to be do or die, i agree with you on that. he's acting like a dark horse. being the best for his money, brought in 12 money, hasn't even spent 7. so i'm impressed with that. hillary clinton spending a lot, raising a lot, she's getting a lot of free publicity, but it's all negative. charles: yeah, i agree. hillary, we crunch the numbers all the time. what do you think of the way this has rolled out, first of all, a lot of money in early in the campaign but where it's going and how it's going does mean something. >> well, this is so similar, and i can can make a complete analogy to how businesses operate; right? the bigger get bigger and the smaller end up with this high burn rate. i mean year seeing what's going on here. and you have, like, rand paul, for example, they're burning through so much money because
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there's a basic necessity that cause them to operate their business. charles: although, eric, i've got to tell you something, we know that donald trump didn't have to raise a lot of money, he's getting a ton of free advertising. the money that came in, close to 4 million, should he consider returning that money since he's more or less pledged to not accept any. >> you know, if he wants to, he can. i don't have a problem with it. looking at the numbers that donald trump has raised and to his credit like ted cruz and ben carson, a lot of it is small dollar donations in high volume and i think this speaks very credibly to trump that he isn't paid for, he's a candidate for the people. charles: let's talk about what do may have to drop out, jeb bush raised 13 million, 12 million less than anticipated, and chris christy with just $1 million left, and lost half the supporters in his home state, down to 5%. so this is shocking. could he or bush be the next candidate to have to leave?
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peter, be crunching the numbers, feeling the political wind, i know it will be shocks but i'm saying here and now i think jeb bush if this last debate doesn't bump him will drop out. >> i think he needs to drop out. it's clear that the bush name is a damaged brand, he can't get much traction, the tax proposals excite no one, and he has spent a great deal of money to just stay in the ring. it's quite clear that he just doesn't have the staying power. i admire the man in many ways, but he's just not viable in 2016, and he caught to quit the race. charles: hillary. >> what's most interesting to me is how this is a race about home runs. carly fiorina hit a home run, and she went right up in the polls. so there's one last shot here for jeb bush and let's see if he can do it. and pull something out of the hat and if not -- charles: he would be pulling it more out of a hat at this point in my mind. >> i don't think it's -- to peter's point, i don't think it's bush's name that's the problem. charles: really?
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>> no. >> personality. >> i think it's the reason request are his brother was the one to be. first. he's just not the star of the family. charles: he's got the brains but certainly doesn't have the chri energy. and let's play this forward, let's say it's shocking, jeb about drops out, it does feeling feel like coming into this i thought it would be a governor and now i'm convinced it won't be a governor, where would that money go and how could it change the dynamics to the campaign? >> i think it goes to marco rubio, by the way, bush has a 86% burn rate, i think rubio benefits. interestingly if bush does drop out to some degree i think it has an impact on donald trump because a lot of his trump polling support shows that there's a real bush vibe going for trump. it doesn't impact him hugely. but i think a lot of people then realize, oh, there isn't going to be a jeb bush battle now. i can look at other candidates. i think that then hurts marco rubio if jeb bush endorses hi.
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charles: yeah, i don't think anybody wants the jeb bush endorsement but having that said, though, peter, now that we get into the crunch time, the money has to be spent, and i don't see words being spent, after labor day a lot of it was going to be spent. where do you see these guys now laying out the cash? do you go for it right now or continue to try to be conservative? because as hillary pointed out, this has been about a series of home and run if you wait too late to make your move, it could be simply too late. >> i think they ask the husband who has cash right now. i think cruz is correct to not spend a lot of money until we get closer to ohio and spend his time fundraising. bush drops out, we're into a four-horse raise rapidly, trump, carly fiorina, cruz and rubio, i think cruz you could give him a$100 million,
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$200 million just a regional candidate with. they're not winners. charles: i tell you, though, cruz was loved by a whole lot of people and i think donald trump stole a lot of his thunder right out of the gate but he's a principled guy, i'm not going to write him off that quickly. i do want to ask you. did you guys hear about this? cnbc blanked, at least that's what we heard about donald trump, donald trump and ben carson together made the demands that the debate two hours max okay? of course they carved out -- they caved, cnbc caved because he brings also eyeballs but although it's kind of funny. you hate to see someone blink like that. nevertheless we want to have had to find out what this means for the debate itself, were they being intimidated at all? and will we actually learn anything? because, eric, we keep saying the next debate, we're going to get details, we're not getting a lot from these debates outside of entertainment value. >> no. we're not. you know, there have been really good
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debates, i think fox had a good one and to their credit cnn as well. yeah, you know, we're not getting a terrible -- there's not -- very little you can get out of ten candidates on a stage in two hours and that's one of the points that the candidates have made cruz and rubio complained as well because cnbc didn't let them get opening and closing statements so we're not learning a lot about this candidates. charles: that's just one reason. the gop probably should have -- i think initially they had the right idea and then, you know, everyone is kind of caving in here a little bit. but the idea that cnbc caved i think some people from a journalistic point of view will they now be intimidated to and probing, pushing questions here. >> well, the truth is, charles, they're behold to these star candidates. that's the truth, we hope it wouldn't be that way and that's the truth. andski for one am glad it went down like this. who wants to see three hours? it was too much the other night, it's a better format and i look forward to it.
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rebuttal, count, counter point. >> yeah, agreed. three hours is too much time. and if you really make a comparison, look on the left. i think what's going to happen is because of all of this fragmentation on the right, hillary clinton now has the a real chance, barns, i don't think earlier wants to win, i think he wants his voice heard and with $23 million and some of that going to hillary,. charles: what are you saying? bernie sanders is going to drop out? >> i don't think he's serious. he wants a platform, i don't think earlier wants to be president. charles: i don't know lynn. here's the thing, though. i know that media said bernie sanders won that debate but social media says that bernie sanders won. all right. cnbc there's a lot of contention about the media's treatment of some of the candidates in general. how do you see it playing it out? >> well, i see a lot of the candidates in two hours we're not going to get a lot of substance. but there was a difference between the cnn debate for the republicans and the democrats. with the democrats, they asked them policy questions.
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with the republicans, they wanted to create a mud fight over a lot of the things that, for example, trump has said. if they ask serious policy questions and behave like journalists over at nbc, then we'll get a serious debate. even if it's only two hours. but it's up to the moderator to ask serious questions and get away from trying to embarrass trump and get people to react to the things that he says. charles: eric, after the third debate, gop debate, should we see some significant changing in these polls? they've been static here for a few weeks now. >> yeah. i think we probably will. we've gotten past labor day, peoples kids are back in school, people are paying more attention to this, it is an economic debate supposedly that people pay attention to. i allusion think we'll see more shaping of the race. remember you've got graham out there, they each have less than 500,000 but then you've got huckabee and rand paul barrel hanging on to get on
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stage. i suspect we'll get more dropouts and that will shake up for the race. charles: yeah, i for one can't wait weight for it. i can't wait to get into the next quarter. the thick of it. coming up i've got an and payne speed round and this market climbing up. we're not far from the all-time highs all over again. i want to make some money, you want to make some money so got questions, tweet me i'm @cvpayne scribe at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like shopping hungry equals overshopping. to build something smarter. ♪ some come here to build something stronger. others come to build something faster... something safer... something greener. something the whole world can share. people come to boeing to do many different things.
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. charles: that was one of my favorite times in the show where i get to answer your questions, talk about where you should be, where the market's going and of course these individual stocks. hillary is back with me. i want to start first with craig, recommend buying chicago bridge and iron
6:17 pm
weakness. you know, it has been weak, this is a big 125-year-old company but the business is energy, they do these massive projects. what are we hearing every day? these large energy companies putting us up on hold. now, having said that, the execution has been pretty good. unfortunately, you see that chart? lower highs, lower lows, the next major support 35, you know chicago bridge and iron? >> i do and i've followed it for years, it's an excellent company but no one should be in it right now, an awful day today with earnings. charles: right. >> and chicago bridge, their clients. charles: if you are in it and you're stuck, just know that warren buffett has a big stake too. hardy tweeted what are your thoughts on nvidia, it's not only oculus rift, this is a name i've liked for a long time, forbes had it on the cover of its magazine, january wash this is going to be the stock of the air, the first time since then it has lived
6:18 pm
up to the hike. i would ride the wave and use a 7% trailing stop. >> great company, going higher. beautiful. charles: all right. lauren asks what do you think of any big oil company like exxon mobile, et cetera, looking to buy small debt in gas company. so we're talking about the consolidation thing, it's definitely going to happen. i think they have a little bit of time on their hands to get some of those guys squeezed just a little bit more but certainly some of these frackers, some of these employees, i wouldn't -- i would think that can happen real soon. and in the meantime not a bad looking chart in exxon mobile but if you're looking for a dividend, i would say better. >> as an activist, yes, but those mergers, you don't want to be in them. charles: why not? is that because there's not big premiums offered? >> exactly. putting these companies together so they can have schwarzenegger. charles: now, i know it gets
6:19 pm
around $50, pulls back, i still think that saudi arabia going to for reasons including turmoil, the fight against yemen, the fight in the middle east in general, i think they're going to come to their senses and say let's manipulate oil to 50, 60-dollar range. maybe you could get some premiums in these deals. >> they could very well do that and that's why we've had a floor on oil. charles: austin asked how about i san disk? i'm down $10, i hopes of a buyout me today. we had a cheap position, took half of that off the table, look at this chart beware whole lot room on the other side, sometimes an under performer but years ago they turned down a deal and a smart move on their part. i think they could command a premium, much higher where it's trading now. hillary. >> i love san disk, that company did poorly a few months ago, you want to be in it as it comes back. charles: what about the the market in general?
6:20 pm
i like these kind of quiet markets. i'm impressed when a market is supposed to crash rallies into a friday on no news. to me, that's impressive. >> it's very impressive. the market is -- the investors are ignoring some key signs, though, for example, general electric with the orders are weak but the numbers came out strong. i think it's very, very positive. we should all be excited, this means we could go into that rally i'm expecting. . charles: all right, hillary, thanks a lot. the other hillary, hillary clinton actually taking away millions of guns in just one year. i want your thoughts on that. we'll tell you ours. again, tweet me i'm @cvpayne and we'll be right back
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6:24 pm
your guns, hillary clinton she thinks she might. that's right. she's campaigning in new hampshire just yesterday in the democratic frontrunner actually said asked out loud, listen, recently australia managed to get away or take away tens of thousands, millions of guns in one year. they were all gone. can we do that? if we can't, why can't we? in response she said, well, i think that's worth considering. i do not know enough details to tell you how we would do it or how it would work but certainly your example is worth looking at. talking to someone from australia. national review reporter, ebony williams and eric erickson is back with me. eric, i'll start with you. there's a lot of anxiety already that president obama will somehow use executive orders or attempt to to take away guns, bullets, or do something and now it looks like hillary wins, she may up the anteas well. >> yeah. i'm going back to
6:25 pm
buy another gun tomorrow, bought another last weekend. might as well start collecting now. she was in favor of a national buy back. the president himself has mentioned australia as a gun example four times, in fact, it was a mandatory no discretion buy back, the rate at which the state purchased the guns from the citizens was not a free market rate but a rate just imposed by the government. that's what they want. luckily we have a second amendment in this country but he knows he can appoint a couple of justices to the supreme court. charles: yeah, jillian have to tell you something. everyone knows it's an open secret if you will if the administration could, they would certainly attack or amend the second amazement and make it a lot easier. the president has made no bones about it. he wants guns, all of our guns. >> yeah. absolutely and i think what hillary is -- responding to in this question is a very radical gun control proposal. i mean this is stronger than
6:26 pm
gun registration. this is something stronger than australia. they coerced, so this is about as far to the left on gun corollas you could possibly get. charles: ebony. >> give me a break. hillary clinton doesn't even believe this for one second. what you saw in town haul was pure political theater. she's a lawyer, she knows the constitution. this is hillary clinton once again trying to at least have the public see her as far left as she is. charles: hillary clinton is elected on the platform that includes this. gets in office and then she doesn't do it, she doesn't even have an attempt of doing it. >> of course not. charles: she gets to the point a couple of justices that will look favorable on changing the second amazement? >> it's not feasible. i know a little something about classic conlaw analysis and there's so many lesser restrictive means to which to balance the public safety proponent of gun control, there's no way that's
6:27 pm
happening. >> and i also think the political momentum for this is diminished. if they couldn't get some level of gun control passed after sandy hook. charles: one thing we can expect is that there will be incidents that come up that provide the groundswell for this. and, again, if she appoints, if she were president and were to appoint justices, after listening to ebony, do you still need to buy that gun? >> absolutely. these guys, they'll politicize the supreme court as best they can, precedent doesn't really matter if anthony kennedy wants to do something then it doesn't matter if any of the other justices, who cares about heller when they want to change their mind. charles: what about the you? >> tits it's not going to happen, the constitution is a constitution and analysis is analysis and there's no executive order that's going to overturn. charles: my two cents in there, anybody out there thinking about buying a gun, go buy it as soon as you can.
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charles: hung -- hung closing
6:32 pm
their boarder with croatia. jillian, you brought pictures of your trip to hungary. >> austria, and hungary, croatian and serbia. charles: give us a feel, you sense desperation. what of the mood to go with photos? >> i think i was surprised by how hopeful and upbeat people were. charles: the migrants? >> both, for migrants one day we were in rain just thick mud. these people are telling me had been one of the hard evidence days they had -- hard est days
6:33 pm
they had been through then they were smiling. i am impressed on the hung garian side. charles: why are they closing border? >> you have a uncontrolled migration happening, you can see on border, hundreds of people crossing, we don't know who some of the people are. i think shifting to a more controlled border environment is something that is inevitable. >> lisa, the tide will not be stemmed that way, these people top leave their countries for a variety of reasons. i read an article today, a woman, was a middle class woman in syria, they want to get out of there to germany. >> the end goal is not to get to
6:34 pm
hungary but refugee-friendly countries. charles: they are big welfare states. >> they are. there are 3 layers to this. we have other side be a lot of these people are not from syria they are just jumping on board, because it is a free-for-all. and second, what is logistics? how are the european countries going to absorb the mulltude. charles: merkel taking huge backlash for this. also in america, john kerry talked about taking in a lot these folks. people are worried about isis and terrorist groups embedded there. how can we vet them? >> it is impossible, have you that argument. there has to be one -- if there one bad seed, that does away with all. we have every reason to believe
6:35 pm
that isis and other groups would embed there, that is their goal to get into local societies, question after 9/11 is there will be another 9/11, no there will be a 3/11 that is the train bombing in spain. charles: we have seen where people come here, children of immigrants there was always a chip on their shoulder that never went away. i am surprised you talk about how upbeat they are or seem, they are always upbeat, then it feels like sooner or later a certain animosity it seems to settle in. do you just get's sense that people you met, they will be ready to go in, and change their life style, to assimilate? >> that is a very difficult thing to say, this is such a big
6:36 pm
group of people, it is impossible to make generalling a. i will say -- generalization. ill say europe's welfare state made it more difficult for europeans to accept these maya migrants. charles: great stuff. great photographs, coming up, people stick with what they know, they go with brands they are familiar with. we'll see if that applies to voters and candidates of the choice, i want you to tweet my the brand that you apply to each the brand that you apply to each presidential candidate. you wouldn't take medicine without checking the side effects. hey honey. huh. the good news is my hypertension is gone. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck. prge! a manufacturer.
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charles: my next guest is author of "people buy brands, not companies," joining me now dr. john tantillo, and ebony is back with me as well. before the show i asked the doctor, to describe the candidates in one word could a brand, we'll have ebony guest, first one. who is the gentleman? >> john kasich? charles: doctor. >> bush. >> okay i could see that. charles: a detriment to his candidacy. >> boring gentleman. charles: tough. >> ted cruz? charles: doctor? >> carly fiorina. charles: you were just singing her praises, the woman tough
6:41 pm
thing is a tough balance we can go with that. charles: ready? likeable? >> okay. ben carson. >> very good. charles: bingo. >> yes! he is. charles: ready. personalty. >> donald trump, of course. >> that is easy. >> hands down. charles: easy? if donald trump was not in the race would anyone else be close to getting that moniker. >> maybe rubio. charles: a little personalty. >> he is republican jftish. charles: really. >> pa taxy i'm kidding. flexible -- i in.
6:42 pm
>> i am going with cruz on that one. charles: warm? >> governor huckabee. >> yes. >> right. charles: very good. no one else in there? no one else gives you the warm and fuzzy. >> ben carson. charles: combative. >> i would say donald trump but -- >> no, are ready? chris christie. >> oh, yeah, right. charles: donald trump was not in the race, chris christie would be getting the headlines for hugelistic stuff -- hugelistic stuff. >> driven? >> rubio? >> no. charles: tell her, hillary? >> clinton. charles: she has been driven
6:43 pm
from day one. day one. ebony you are not doing too good. >> i know,. charles: a bonus one. personable. >> john kasich. >> no. >> biden. >> okay. charles: it depends on what side of political aisle you are, on one side he is crazy joe other uncle joe. >> could i make a statement about brands and how purpose they are. brands are more than names, i have been screaming about this over the years, it is what you perceive the brand to be, charles, this is an excellent example, i mention brand name, what comes to find. charles: people get a chance to create their brand, right you have to be one to messenger your own brand. >> but, in the end. charles: it can't be defined by others. >> you have to change that and make it yours.
6:44 pm
charles: am i nuts to say if donald trump does not win, i think he could get a television show, making $100 million a year because of the brand equity he has built up. >> no question about it. he is the greatest promoter of all-time. win a campaign, you have to be good at promotion as well as a ground game. charles: all right, leave it there, glad to you make it love your outfits, people at home say they have to fix the iris and stuff, adjusted tv, stocks rally in close, we have missedomic sid gloom folks have been telling to head for the hills, i wonder where they will be if we get a year-end rally, i'll tell you year-end rally, i'll tell you about it we'll be right back at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like ordering wine equals pretending to know wine. pinot noir, which means peanut of the night.
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charles: breaking news. hillary clinton aide huma abedin finished a closed-door. >> i came here to be as helpful as i could be to the committee. i want to honor service of those lost and injured in the benghazi attack. i am proud to have served at the state department, and i honored to work for secretary clinton along side distinguished diplomats and foreign officers, i appreciated time of the members and committee staff today, i answered all their
6:49 pm
questions with the best of my ability, with that i will be making no further comments. >> thank you. charles: hillary clinton still has to step up to the plate. >> in meantime, earning seen just got under way, the news does not look like it bodes very well for the u.s. economy. we should be booming, but what is the real story, joining me now paul dietrich. and peter, paul, we're getting mixed signals. every day there are a couple of things that are good, and other things not good. >> earnings, you have to take out energy, that town 64% in the last quarter compared to year-over-year, you take out
6:50 pm
energy, and the rest of the economy looks pretty good, even companies like ge hit with 50% of earnings from outside u.s., they are not doing badly given a year ago. charles: ge sells like 1100 locomotives this same quarter one or 2 is that a red flag. >> revenues down 1%. not bad. charles: this week we saw walmart lay a huge egg, the stock got crushed, i think it is company specific but it is hard to ignore an overall implication. >> 75%, they have been pressured to raise wages, the rest is exchange rate adjustment from overseas cash flow, i took a hard look at fundamentals. the consumer sector is strong. last semester -- last quarter it
6:51 pm
was up about 3.6 percentagial rate. i estimate that will continue to the third quarter, the third quarter number will below. second quarter of 3.9, and third quarter will be 1.8 because this is an inventory adjustment. but the basics of consumer demand are strong. charles: okay. >> and on the inflation side, i took energy out today, and look at cpi issue less energy because of the price of oil, up 1.9 percent, that just about the fed's target, janet yellen has to come down the stairs and adjust interest rates. charles: i didn't know you both would have your rose color glasses on today. >> thank you. >> boxing's golden boy, oscar de la jolla, he is in the house, there he is, he is joining me next, who do you think will be next big name in the sport? oscar has the name for us and
6:52 pm
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. charles: all right, so you had ali, and pacquiao and mayweather, a lot of great american fighters, felt we were starting to slip away. not anymore. mayweather announced retirement from boxing, if that's the case, who's going to be the next big face? joining me one of the best ever himself, the golden boy, oscar de la hoya. oscar, first of all, i'm a huge fan, always good to see you, i met you downstairs in the green room years ago, and before we start talking about the next big thing, you as a fighter who's become one of the premiere promoters in the sport now, you talked about doing things for the fighter, pensions, health care, is that still on track? because it's so heart breaking
6:56 pm
to see the folks have amazing careers take the punishment that we do and read about them ten years later. >> it takes the fighter to -- to higher -- a team to look out for them. charles: that's something they should be doing on their own? >> still should be doing that on their own. i can guy the them, i can talk to them and give them advice, but that's as far as it can go. charles: because i feel when it's left to their own devices they're not going to do it. a slick guy is going to say don't worry about it, i got you, yada, yada, here's a bag full of money. >> the great thing about signing with my golden boy productions i as a fighter, i can speak to them, advise them, and they actually listen. we have fighters worried about, okay, my taxes, i have to pay this, i have to give this much to my manager and how much am i
6:57 pm
going to have left for me? i have to save this. it's nice. charles: i know there have been more than one story, the irs the first person in the ring after a fight. before you cut the checks. >> oh, yeah, i know them by first name. [ laughter ] >> the resurgence in boxing is impressive particularly in america. we have the fight tomorrow night in madison square garden between a russian -- kazakhstan and canadian sold out. why? what's going on? >> it's the matchups, the fights that the public wants to see and deserve to see them. what's the movie with field of dreams, if they build it they'll come. if you put the fighters, the tough fighters in with each other, the fans will come, the fans want to see you create ratings, you generate more money, pay per view, everything, this is a perfect testament to that. the garden in america. charles: the mecca of sports.
6:58 pm
>> it's crazy. charles: can you say thank you a little bit to the mma, felt like when mma was booming, it's still booming, but there was a point it cast a dark shadow over boxing. i happen believe to competition makes everyone better. i think boxing responded to your point by putting on better matches, better fighters and saying hey, we got to step our game up. >> i take pride in my philosophy, which is i'm going to take a page from my blue book, because when i was a fighter, active fighter, i fought everybody, whether it was bernard hopkins, felix trinidad, pernell whitaker, as a fighter i want my fighters to take on the best, it elevates you to a whole new level, whether you win or lose, it's how you win or lose. charles: i had the same conversation with floyd
6:59 pm
mayweather, he got upset with me, talking about having an 0 in the record. my man, if you fight the best, it doesn't matter, people will not consider you the best. you rang the nasdaq today, how was that? >> exciting. i rang the bell. charles: i know people were ducking like, uh-oh! my man started swinging. oscar, chill out. the next big fighter, tell me who it is? >> canelo alvarez, triple ggg, the middleweight division is the hottest division ever in boxing. you go back to the days with marvelous marvin hagler, thomas herns, roberto duran, sugar ray leonard. we are seeing this resurgence of the middleweight division where everybody is fighting each other. they want to see who's going to be the best. charles: i tell you what, i'm excited myself. my wife is puerto rican.
7:00 pm
>> my wife is puerto rican as well. charles: thanks a lot. appreciate it. and for more on boxing, guys, you don't want to miss monday with maria monday morning, she's going to be talking with greg rohan, the president of heritage auctions about sylvester good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. president obamas a promised to end the war in afghanistan by with drawing all our troops and president obama maintains he'll maintain our current force of ten,000 troops there through most of next year and the president plans to keep 5,500 troops in afghanistan as he leaves office an extension he called modest but meaningful. the president conceded that despite the longest war in this country's history afghan forces are not up to the task of protecting their country from a resurgent


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