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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX Business  October 18, 2015 8:30am-9:01am EDT

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>> bear. >> what do you like? >> driving and eating has taken a leap forward as when they deployed the auto pilot to the drivers of the luxury cars. no more fries in the street. >> all right. french fries and neil is next. almost. think quick. what is the difference between this. >> turned out i was much rich er than anybody thought. i built a great company. that's important. that's what we're going to do. we're going to use the mind set to negotiate the trade deals and create jobs and do so many different things and we're going make america great again. and that's my theme. make america great again. >> begin to stand up to o the billionaire class. >> protect them from the recklessness on wall street. >> reign in it so that it doesn't run a muck.
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>> different messages there. hi everyone. glad to have you and they trumped no matter what you you think. also hear that charlie and adam so charles you say what? >> what are the held of the accesses of the capitalism. it's too rich. we're too rich in america. here is what trump does that like this is what we have talked about for years. all of this is aimed at black people and now the whole country and the higher minimum wage and that junk. when donald trump talks about himself, he is saying that america is a great place and they work hard. i think those are totally counter what the democratics are trying to sell and the collective. by the way. every everybody running is a millionaire. >> not everybody.
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>> the biggest laugh is bernie and saying that we're a nation and we need to do more to support small and medium size businesses. this is a choice do you want to let those in the government make decisions for you. the answer with a big held is no. that's the choice. it's been going the other way unfortunately. >> i was watching that and i was thinking that and reminding me of a hostage take. i don't know if you're left o were o right. i was screaming of someone with the the math. that did not come up. >> i am trying to reframe from doing any donald trump impress nation. >> neil, your wonderful. you'rewonderful.
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>> so you're saying and looking -- >> china. >> you're saying what? you're looking at this and saying that the democratics announced it well. >> well, i watched the debate before i fell asleep because it was so lame. i did not think that they were so full throated. >> yeah, antiaddition and man. >> yeah, it's one thing against the access of capitalism. >> well, it was the crisis and it's one of those things charlie said that there were no access. they mask the socialism pretty good in this debate. >> were you drinking that? >> no. do you have a chance and i guess a theme that was here and
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whether you're left or right and that the sense was a lot more government spending the do and the rich will pay for it. they never got to that point. the closest is the planned parent hood and then the rich will pay for it. that's a math problem. what i am concerned about is that it was about ending. that whipping up people to be envio envious. whipping up those leaves only the dictatorship and that's out of it and getting started and how hitler's party got started in germmy. we do not want a policy based on enemy or people successful. i don't think that they're
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anything right. >> i felt that you fell asleep. at 10:30, and i saw enough of it. they were all that off of the charts. ad adam? >> i think that we're ignoring something. on the one hand they admire rich people and even people like donald trump that hit a home run, they do admire him for that. >> they really -- >> what's that? >> you're fired. >> okay. thank you for that. >> do they admire hillary because of the what house and her husband? she can claim 150,000 or 200,000 speaking fees. do they admire that couple? >> no. no. >> so you pick and choose who
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you admire. >> they see themselves as not having the chance to do what those people did. i am not saying that it's consistent, but the politicians are trying to tap into that. >> they have been brainwashed by the media. >> can i add something to it. >> i don't see people hating rich people and ordinary citizen hating them. they think that i am rich, but they're not. they want to borromeo w money f me. >> they want to whip people and they do hate rich people and that's what the democratics want
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to do. i take the issue with the word in vie. and that's what you're striving for. it's range and anger that you have to be careful for. that's the on way that they can do the white house. >> i think that she left a will the of outs in the debate. she was not -- she was not ben h n bernie sanders. >> i know that i get that and not a way to just pay for stuff. i heard a lot of programs mentioned and make sure that there's a college education and that we provide affordable drugs for everybody. maybe sure that we do a lot for everybody, and not a way to pay
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for it. it came back to the appreciation of man. >> free college for everyone and illegal immigrants. the bottom line is that they have never really promoted the idea of inveigh that you're talking about as an economic plan. it's always been a punitive plan and punished people, and that's a scary part of this whole thing. >> it's to con people into thinking. >> that's brilliant. >> this is where they need and conning people into thinking that you're going to get it for free and that someone else is going to pay for it. i could use a skate board, some ships and new nikes. >> yeah one of the things that i did not like is why frame the whole discussion about the accesses of capitalism.
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okay. the access is in the graechlt the accesses is not great and gives you that. do you see what i am saying. they're framing this in the most absurd way. >> they take the access of the capitalism. >> they blame the businesses and not the government. >> then there's a great student and some of the biggest heros and john kennedy and very very very wealthy families. >> and the roosevelts ate off the gold plates. >> who doesn't. >> pigs in a blanket on a gold plate. >> you should see my gold cup. >> don't even get me started. >> it's about the luck of the irish and the tax cuts of the irish. this is something that i warned you in washington to be remembering. you are about to be had by the
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you know is it just me but we're focused on getting back 2 trillion that we're not paying attention to what ireland is doing that could have trils of more back there. i am talking of a plan that they have to head the low per sent and tax rate. now it comes in many tears and the defense and it is well under the single digit when our corporate tax rate is 35 percent. i know that some pay at the 35 percent. he is right. i am knocking it down to 25 percent. i can do the math and say that they're offering google and yahoo and apple and dell and all of these companies a lower and working environment. >> they're stepping up to the plate. there's such a crowd and trying to get in there and this is really smart. part of this is around the property. two years ago an american company decided to put one of the new drugs in ireland.
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there's cash from 8 billion to 15 billion in one year. imagine that kind of money and not coming to this country because of the lower tax rate. >> you have to wonder too. it's getting the continent worried. they're all concerned and saying that your price is out of business here. they're not giving an inch, and i am wondering if it's here in the country. we get this back and that's been held, and trillions more leads. what do you think? >> well, there's no clear evidence that having a lower tax rate leads to economic growth. it could mean that we should have a uniformed tax rate. there's nothing that promotes prosperity. the rates that are important is the rate that they're willing to work and sacrifice. >> cannot tell me that you as the ceo -- if you're the ceo of a company and you have the
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choice of a place where it's six percent, where are you going go? >> i will go to the place where the tax rate is lower, but i am concerned how many americans these companies are going to hire. not concerned on what bank account there are access cash is in. >> this will encourage these companies to higher more workers because there's great financial incentive. >> if the talent is there. that's not clear. that's not clear that the talent is there. i look at -- >> wait. wait. wait. >> look. >> are you saying that someone that's half irish, yes or no? >> yes, i am. the talent is in the united states. this is corporate tax trickery, and they have had a history of it. they have got rid of the double irish and tax -- >> tax season and talent and money or not? >> if they were so great this tire would have not needed a bank bell out. >> they're starting. charlie, what do you think of this? >> i go on both sides --
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>> they got a bail out from europe. >> the financial crisis in ireland lasted a lot less. >> because they got bailed out. >> we got bailed out. >> not like they did. they got money -- >> the fact that they printed trillions of dollars. >> we did not have to go to europe for the money. we did not have to go to europe for the money. >> we pressed a button on a computer. that's what we did. >> very strong economy over there and strong workforce. >> i agree a thousand percent. we're starting to build factories and they're attracting talent. it was not because of the technology. >> yeah, we diddo it. >> kbrae, the banks -- >> yeah, you i just wanted to point out but we do need to rational liez and we need to get rid of the loopholes and lower the rate. i am not going to promote tax trickery. >> god bless you.
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>> the whole tax code is trickery. >> yeah, it's a chick move. >> yeah, the lower taxes alone are are not, and i am saying that presented with that sort of a gapping divide, any company and ceo is going to check it out and google is checking it out, and dell is checking it out and now emc is checking it out. they're not idiots. they're going to seize on that and try to make sure that more are in a place that's friendly to their capital. >> they should and will. >> did you just say as the resident left that they should. bernie sanders is calling now. >> i am your resident capitalist and optimist i have to remind you. >> you're not a resident capitalist, but i will continue with thissing myth. continue. >> thank you.
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they have a duty to explore that. i want to remine you that this is a country of four and a half million people. this discussion can only go so far and that ireland can do for the people. >> let's be real clear of the record of ireland, educated workforce and they have a lot that came out faster than us and a descent economy. >> they're not always perfect. all right. when we come back would you when we come back would you rather leave your own kid or pay at ally bank no branches equals great rates. when we come back would you rather leave your own kid or pay it's a fact. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason.
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how would you like to skip a tip but pay more for your food? you may have no choice. at least in some new york restaurants. they are trying it. another major restaurant group just announcing it will eliminate tipping helping more of the staff make a better living. >> i love this idea. i love it. because you don't have to be put on the spot about re warding somebody and deciding how much to reward this person. it lets danny myers restaurant group pay the cooks more. >> lousy service. there is little incentive. >> you go to another restaurant. that's what you do. you have to trust the manager and the owner of the restaurant to deliver hospitality. >> you may be paying more for the meal. >> it won't be more at the end of the day. how much do you tip? 15%? that's bad. >> you're okay with this, too? >> i'm totally oak with this. i have gotten used to getting
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out of my uber car and not having to tip. there is controversy on that. i love it. i don't want to think about it. i have enough to think about. >> the flip side is if people will pay more for a meal if they don't have to go through the hassle of tipping. take off the tip line. >> i love paying large tips. i want everybody to like me and kiss my butt and be really nice to me. i love paying large tips. i will be upset if i'm not allowed to tip anymore. i would tip anyway. >> you can still tip more. >> i said it to my wife. she said, slip them some 20s when you leave. i don't like the idea of the waiters and waitresses not being differential to me. i want them to be. >> you don't need to tip. you have to just say "beuller, beuller." >> you're a rock star in the restaurant. >> no, no. >> you have to pay for the meal. they see ben stein. >> no, it's money.
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>> don't you get comped at mcdonald's? fresh burgers? >> what do you think? you're a guy who knows all the best restaurants in town. >> i think it's a crappy idea, stupd. >> why? >> fist off, chefs and restaurants aren't urnnder paid >> line cooks are. >> and these other people. >> listen, you tip so you can get better service, you get a table faster. that's capitalism. you pay extra. >> i'm glad you brought that up. people need to understand danny myers, one of the guys at the head of the conscious capitalist movement, it's about individual effort. i want someone to work hard for me like ben stein said. i love rewarding them. when someone sucks i don't want them to get the extra nickel. >> what about the poor dishwasher in the back? >> first of all, that's like saying -- >> any restaurant group, if you
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all right. our pros have the tips to make at least 20%, maybe more. >> i think lululemon, at least 20%. >> the vanguard small cap growth
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index. small stocks are the way to go. >> ben. >> i don't agree. let's go with standard & poor's high dividends. less volatility, steady growth. >> bad timing on my part to end early. cost of freedom on fox. >> every public college tuition free. >> my plan would enable anyone to go to a public college or university tuition-free. >> guarantee health care to all of our people as a right of citizenship. >> i want the opportunity for im grants to buy into ex changes under the affordable care act. >> and it's all free. you heard the promise. lots more government gifts but you didn't hear how they would pay for it all. welcome to "forbes on fox." can we aff


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