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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  October 19, 2015 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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attempting to hack into structure. two of the incidents took place last month. barack obama and chinese said they had agreed an understanding not to use economic crieber space. ahead of the big testimony this thursday. >> i think it's pretty clear that whatever they might have thought they were doing they ended up becoming a partisan arm of the republican national committee with an overwhelming focus on trying to as they admitted drive down my poll numbers. >> the chairman says there was a total disconnect between security needs and clinton state
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department. clinton is scheduled to testify this thursday. new york mets have a two-game lead in the national championship series. big night for the mets. they beat chicago cubs by score 4-1. kansas city royals play tonight, they also have a 2-0 league in american league championship series against toronto. tom brady connecting for a towp down last night. new england patriots took on indianapolis colts. two bizarre plays to note. hiking the ball and turning it over to the patriots. the other patriot linebacker jumped over the line and block an extra aattempt 34-27. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> maria: star wars fans will be tuning to monday night football as newest trailer for the next film will be released. two clips were put out on instagram. trailer airs tonight. dow components ibm scheduled to release earnings after the close. investors call to go 60 cents a share. focus oil prices under pressure. company stock is down nearly 20% of the last six months. we are talking earnings right now. anthony, good morning to you. which will have an impact? >> you have to worry about morgan stanley. what happened over the last three months. this is not a stock, i think, that's going to have a positive momentum over the next two quarters. >> maria: what do you see keith?
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that's probably the one really to watch. >> i hope the financial don't see in what they see in financials. 58 companies, earnings 2.57%. are down -- monday morning. >> maria: 7.9% earnings. down just over that on earnings as well. financials have been the big surprise. not surprise for people who had the view of down rates, again, a lot of people are not aware that the financials could go down in a down-rate environment. >> i don't want to pill on her -- >> yeah. >> love morgan stanley. >> i think we saw two very clear stories last week, we had the wells fargo who is more consumer driven and the rest of the financial companies that did suffer because of the market
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volatility. morgan stanley is likely to experience something spectacular. stand out in earning season, again, all the things that are tied to consumer. whether you look at transfers, airlines, financials, if you had more to do in last quarter -- >> maria: in terms of where we are for the broad story we are expecting to be under some pressure. do you see they are coming better than lower expectations or pretty much where -- >> maybe 2% surprise so far. maybe if we see a 3-4% surprise. that's historical normal there. keith pointed out, it's all about revenue growth and earnings growth and we are not actually seeing that right now. we have a review of what to expect, we got that last week. it's not good. >> yeah. >> earnings are down and one thing that stood out to me even if oil prices stabilize here the
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companies are not going to add back, it's not going to help halliburton. >> they went there for this quarter. we are currently down. but, again, the averaging happens after the fact. you can only protect the goalie for so long. it's what we say at the end of the day they start the lose expansion. >> you think it is? >> no, no, we had this dead cap. >> that's the problem. >> so you see basic materials, everybody is kind of sitting there, inflation again which is entirely different than healthcare stocks and growth.
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>> global story, the china gdp, 6.9% in a world where we see the u.s. growing 2%. you still have problems with the numbers. >> they made up the numbers. if you look at the chinese, we have been making fun of them, 7 dot 0. it's perfect. anybody who believes these numbers has analytical problems. you have to read the headline at 6.9. the locals didn't believe it overnight. chinese stock market was down. they sold out japan as well. >> there's many other numbers to watch. if you look at housing, vehicle, power output, they're all declining quite rapidly, to me the silver lining was actually last week which was the new
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loans. you want loans could actually be something that we might expect in the future. >> i think the only good news is i don't think they're affecting right now the current situation in the united states. i don't think they're affecting our stock prices. they did two months ago. the expectation now, maria, is they're going to grow slower and that's being factor but i do think keith is right. they're not priced yet into this market. >> maria: i want to turn to politics, larry david challenging presidential hopeful bernie sanders this week. very funny. poking fun at hillary clinton's scandal. >> can i just jump in here, this may not be great politics but i think the american people are sick and tired about your emails.
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what's the deal anyway? i forgot about my password. they said we will e-mail you a new one. talk about a ball buster. [laughter] >> i want lare to -- larry to be my vice president, that's my bid. >> maria: gearing up to testify on benghazi, that's happening on thursday. joining us right now brad, former president assistant to bush. thank you so much for joining us. >> good morning. >> that was pretty hilarious on snl. what it seems to be is that they had warning. benghazi was likely the place to happen if in fact, obama chose
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not to meet with the family. america was not prepared. we sent embassador in to a conuslate that should never have been used as one. it lacked security and hardening. the narrative that was given at the time was that somehow the intelligence didn't match the times and that's -- we know that's just not true, and also a video was not responsible for that attack. >> maria: what you're suggesting is going to be the sentiments around it, the hearing or are we going to be looking at this and questioning the credibility of committee given what kevin mac
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-- mccarthy about the goals of bringing poll numbers down? >> mccarthy spoke badly. that was never the intent of the committee. so, yes, no matter what comes out of the committee it's going to be tainted by what mccarthy said and that's unfortunate. >> what are the procedures going to forward? >> exactly. >> isn't that what the goal is, what do you think about that? >> the findings have been acted upon actually. in the last two years since the attack we've learned a lot about security and force protection of our embassies, consulates. that's the good thing that comes out of this so far. >> maria: what do you make about joe biden, is he leaning to consider? what do you think it means to this race if he enters?
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>> there's no reason why if i were joe biden not to enter. there's not much competition. as a matter of fact it looked like in some points of debate it was endorsement of hillary clinton specially with bernie, i don't give a -- about your emails. by the way, it's also a hedge against hillary being indictment . she could face indictment by the justice department. >> would he really indictment, will he actually go after hillary clinton? >> he would have to. hillary has weakened.
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they're bipartisan, you saw when the president misspoke and said there's nothing there there and they came right out and started leaking there's a lot here. she's under criminal information is an opportunity for joe biden. he would have to. that's exactly what primary systems are about, is selecting a democrat, which means that you have to put yourself in a position to attack the other in order to succeed. >> maria: thanks so much for joining us. tickets going on sale tonight along with full-length trailer. star wars the force awakens, you will have to be ready for some football. we will have details back in a minute. ♪ ♪
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>> maria: welcome back, no word from united airlines on medical condition of new chief executive officer. cheryl with the news this morning. good morning. >> cheryl: united decline to go provide any updates about ceo óscar muñoz's health. he had been admit today a hospital, the 56 year old suffered a heart attack. the transportation department planning to announce that all recreational drone owners must register devices, this on an
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effort to reckless users. and finally, tickets for disney upcoming star wars, the force awakens, that movie has to go on sale right after the broadcast of the trailer during the half time of monday night football on disney-owned espn, releasing new postlast night, we should also to note harrison ford is still a very good looking man. [laughter] >> i just think he lost a little bit. every time i just get goosebumps . >> keith: how about my boy -- >> cheryl: i don't know. >> keith: this is why you fail. [laughter] >> keith: that would have been
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nice. >> maria: very smart to release trail during football. they're going to be selling tickets tonight on line which is in december. it's going to be good. i think it's going to be good for disney. it might be blockbuster. >> anastasia: all the hype that's been building in the last six months. [laughter] >> cheryl: who is going to buy tickets tonight? >> maria: thank you. we have a new warning from a cyber-attack, you have the story next back in a minute.
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i just had a horrible nightmare. my company's entire network went down, and i was home in bed, unaware. but that would never happen. comcast business monitors my company's network 24 hours a day and calls and e-mails me if something, like this scary storm, takes it offline. so i can rest easy. what. you don't have a desk bed? don't be left in the dark. get proactive alerts 24/7.
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comcast business. built for business. >> maria: knew concerns over the cyber threat from china. security firm reporting hackers tied to the company have tried to hack corporate companies, this happens after president xi jinping meeting over the issue. good to have you on the program, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> maria: first give us your sense, characterize how big an issue this problem really is. >> maria the world is a really dangerous place. we need to keep everything safe, and so it's a new set of problems that we have to deal with. if you rewind history a little bit you'll find certain pat persons, everybody needs to have
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a pc on the desk top f you wire them all up together we have the internet and there's this whole new world of possibles, but that comes with a whole new world of vulnerabilities as well. >> maria: how big of an issue this is? >> the device that is are out there, they have individual as a rule narrghts laptops, phones and all the others, automobiles, are rolling with computer now a days, so they have certain as a rule nabilities because they are computers, so if you can hack into those you have access to other capabilities. it's important to keep the things secure. now a days things communicate with each other which we learn after the mobile revolution with all the cloud infrastructure it is sucking devices and becoming smart and to be sected and enabled and that leads to vulnerability.
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>> what do you recommend to those who have homes, alarm systems, how do we help these guys? >> keep your software updated, you have reputable applications on them. vendors, etc. that's really the best choice for the consumers out there. for small businesses, the problem is more extreme. there's a lot of less ability to absorb cybersecurity issues and when you get to larger corporations there are dedicated departments that handle this and as you get into government, et cetera, things get more capable. one way is to go to device manufacturers, they really build security capabilities, but then the owners and operators, the automobile makers, a number of different critical infrastructure components, et cetera, they're responsible for putting it together and absorb that risk. they have to put the pieces
6:25 am
together. that scales from electric grid all the way from individual consumers. the end customer has to put pieces together. >> maria: anastasia asked a really important question during the break. what are they after in. >> anastasia: what is the biggest threat to the united states when it comes from cybersecurity, we talked about the chinese hacking into certain systems, what are they after? >> so it's difficult to say who is after what. there are a lot of different scenarios and threats in the real world. with we need to make sure that there are security capabilities in place. it's not a one-size fits all. national security information, in other situations it might be financial situation, property. it all depends. the key here is we have the
6:26 am
ability to have the individual components to be able to defend themselves from cyber-attacks, then we have ability to keep that threat from spreading to other places. >> maria: bad actors, is it china, russia? who is really behind? >> there are a lot of bad actors out there. it depends on the threats, it could be internal. many threats are internal. people that work at the company that are stealing at the company and really access to information is the key, data is the currency for the new -- >> maria: economy, yeah. >> over time we have to understand that the security is protecting the data and the data is our privacy and really becomes a privacy concern at some point. >> maria: thank you so much. you scared us for sure. >> i hope i encouraged you that there are solutions in place.
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>> flush the peace
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>> maria: 2-0 lead against toronto. tom brady connecting for a touchdown last night as the new england took on indianapolis colts. one was a fourth down play. the other is when patriot linebacker jumped over the line to block an extra point attempt, the patriots won the game 24-27. newest trailer for the next film will be released. two clips were put out on
6:33 am
instagram last night. saudi arabia delaying payments to government contractors as the oil prices push country in deficit for the first time since 2009. >> phil: that's a big story. oil pressure really hit saudi arabia, that's a big story, if you can't sell it or make a profit, it's unsustainable, but oil prices are also weak today, they're concerned about that data out of china. even though the gdp beat the headline number the production number was very weak. the other big thing, of course, when you look at oil prices this week, the concerns, of course, about oversupply, we are going to look at that later in the week. >> thank you so much, phil.
6:34 am
third quarter economic growth out overnight in china. dagen mcdowell joins the conversation right now. a number that looks 6.9% economic growth in china. >> dagen: of course, you did. [laughter] >> dagen: potential good news that comes out. i'm a righty. it's still the slowest growth for china since the financial crisis. that's disturbing, one thing that i'm interesting to see is ferrari. we just got some numbers at the ipo is being priced. officially priced tomorrow. 48-52-dollar range which is much higher than people expected, ipo's 67ipo's that have been
6:35 am
withdrawn or postpone this year. if they can get this one off, you were talking about it last week. albertsons ended up getting postponed. it actually closed lower. not a great for ipo's. >> anthony: the sexy ones. the sexy ones look much better than the -- first data is just an old company that you know, albertson's. i think it's important to call these things for what they are. private equity can monotize these things by getting wall street to keep them up. it's a really important one. they fought all day to keep above deal price and they lost that day. it was an interesting day. but again, ferrari is much
6:36 am
sexier. >> maria: he was talking about the growth of the company. he still called it a victory. they lowered it and it closed lower. still a victory. >> anastasia: some of the latest reports have suggested that luxury sales have slowed. if you couple with slow down in china, aside from infrastructure vinnesting has been luxury sales. so who is this company going to count onto provide that growth? >> keith: all the retail sales are up in china. possible rate cut in china over the next three qaurs. putting more pressure on the fed as it relates to what the fed can do this year. if they keep cutting rates, maria, that will strengthen the
6:37 am
dollars. >> keith: any single action by rate cut to counteract the weakness, that's the number one topic, anthony. please, china, don't do that. a lot of people would natural i will say that would be good for european stocks. may not be good for oil-related stuff. the dollar would go up on them. >> maria: everyone is focused on the dollar. >> keith: you are down three weeks in a row. >> maria: yeah. >> keith: correlation with that. the dollar was going up and everything was going down. the opposite come unglued. >> dagen: sales were down first quarter and second quarter, that
6:38 am
could be -- >> maria: they have been taken the numbers down. >> anastasia: you mention that had the dollar has been something to watch. the euro is going to be something to watch as well, exchange rate is 1.13. i don't think so, so we may not see outright action but we may see talk. >> keith: that could be a bell ringer, you wake up to him. >> anastasia: the market data is not bad enough for him to expand. the pressure -- absolutely. he may have to do. i don't think he comes out right this second, but i think he talks it down. to >> keith: market is not seeing -- he's been trying to talk about he has been, how is economy is fine.
6:39 am
dollar has been weak. it hasn't worked for european stocks. it's not working for the average person. >> maria: good point, anthony. >> anthony: this is a big problem for all. >> keith: they have negative yields. it'll be interesting to watch wall street cheer on weaker dollar when that creates inequality. >> maria: real quick, daigan makes a great point out this week. i wonder what's priced in there. do we expect a bad number? >> anastasia: another challenging quarter. whether it's selling farm equipment to brazil, those sales are down quite a bit. it's challenging. >> dagen: you have investors who are clearly not negative enough.
6:40 am
that stock was down 20% and it got smoked. different storm -- >> maria: no liquidity. >> keith: you can't get out. >> anthony: he's going to be right, super bad news. >> maria: yeah. >> anthony: i'm sorry, october october 19, 1987. >> dagen: i don't remember that. >> maria: viagra for women becoming available. pharmaceutical ceo about that
6:41 am
coming right back. stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪
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we've arrived at precision cancer treatment. the evolution of cancer care is here at cancer treatment centers of america. call or visit to learn more about precision cancer treatment. >> welcome back. breaking news moments ago new details to ferrari awaited ipo cheryl casone with the story. cheryl: rev up your engines joke that is right ferrari
6:45 am
saying chrysler is going to offer 17.2 million, shares, in ipo, that shares price 48 to 52 dollars per share the range ferrari says offering intended part of transactions to separate ferrari from fiat chrysler, 10 ooildz 40 palestinians have been killed as a wave of violence intensifies in the region, the attacks come, as israeli tightens security around the country, with a construction of a barrier separating neighborhood in east jerusalem ployed thousands of police backed up by troops to maintain order we are hearing secretary of state john kerry on his way to the regional, two people, are dead thousands displaced after a typhoon made landfall in the northern philippine islands over weekend the storm forcing floodwaters inland uprooting terms ripping roofs off builds maria back to you. maria: thank you so much,
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addyi in stores treats sexual desire disorder for women joining us cofounder ceo pharmaceuticals cyndi whitehead thanks for joining us. >> this has been a long road getting addyi out there you have two rerejections what happens to change the game to get this out and get approval by fda. >> new sipes fda every time they asked us to go back do work we did work i think we characterized at the benefits and risks today women can make dizzying for themselves with health-care providers, for women's common sexual dysfunction. >> interesting that there are 26 look at, this 26 fda approved treatment options for men -- >> that is right. >> i have more issues than that. >> gotten oi. >> only one, and listen. >> and really, 17 years, as well the game changer for men viagra, 17 years and here we
6:47 am
are finally today, with one for women, when you know they go to pharmacy down the street get their addyi. >> the first for women, sexual disfunctioning in essence a lack of interest in sex causing distress is not it is a medical condition we have known about since 1977. >> and it affects about one in 10 women between 7 and 10% of women, a lot of women are affected by this really disretrogressed causing issues for them personally, and in relationships. >> let me ask you about the acquisition what that did for you, because you've got a lot more marketing muscle a lot more oomph behind this. >> game changer. >> 34 person companying got this across finish line the
6:48 am
ability to maybing good ke good step cross the glooeb for women need access they have allowed us to do it in a affordable way so thanks to the resources we are actually going to offer addyi for as little as 20 dollars, per prescription that is 20 dollars less than half the cost of the same pill of viagra. >> big -- >> that was always this was also a about getting it right for women, from the outset. and to be able to do that thanks to that partnership. >> a cultural issue between men and women seems men more willing is to abide by trugz or try drugs. >> i was going to -- it seems like maybe there is an education, that needs to happen along with this because you mentioned that the condition is one in 10 women how many women know that that is what they need, so every day the conversation is happening behind closed doors of obgny ofrz or primary care physicians women are clear no question requires education, i
6:49 am
will tell you first thing it requires we are not seeing viagra not how we work in fact women are not on demand creatures i think women are clear about that but that is the catch phrase that surrounded us in fact differently for women not a platitude flow issue a brain chemicals issue we are taking one at a time part of it out of the gate, now through end of the year about getting the health-care providers and pharmacy educated to deliver that good information. >> is it. >> a daily -- >> kind of -- not a blue pill what color. >> pink pill. >> pink. >> it is daily of you take once a day at bedtime and really it is about -- restoring some sexual center of the brain. >>. maria: not viagra like on demand. >> women are not on demand. >> now. maria: the way you say it that is right. >> great holiday gift? >> [laughter]
6:50 am
>> i think it -- >> for women. >> on demand. >> good to have you on the show thanksing congratulations on very important product, in stores we will be right back. stay with us. ♪ ♪
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maria: earnings slowing breaking news right now on halliburton oil giant reporting better-than-expected earnings 31 cents a share revenue is below estimates, so we could see that, of a impact, we have got keith mccullough this morning, halliburton numbers. >> more same, talking about the break revenues are down the academy slower than expected, they are making the earnings manufacturing that maria from share repurchases,
6:54 am
going the same thing this morning. >> levering up to buy back stock not a growth story i mean at the end of the day a breaking point maybe earnings. >> energy in particular sploergs production companies are negotiating down the service fees for oil, services like schlumberger halliburtoning on thing they can control is cost, that is why antonio you made the point that they are not manufacturing, earnings but trying their best to deliver their earnings through cost cuts. >> low quality earnings the other tale on what you said with us for a while when you have to cut costs from here jobless claims start to rise this is part of the jobs -- >> not done yet we have seen the it schlumberger not done with layoffs one of the interesting things, the headlined crossing, halliburton that they expect north america market to recovery to be the quickest to recover interesting, because we are talking about rigs not being ratcheted up any time soon. >> laying people off too a 30-cent charge for severance, so --
6:55 am
>> real quick on hasbro you said was -- >> sort of same mix miss on earnings on revenues make the earnings. maria: again. >> side buyback. >> building in "star wars" merchandise hyped up missed on revenue. maria: am don fighting back against -- reviews good morning nicole. >> good morning, amazon is suing more than 1,000 users accused of selling fake products reviews in order to miss lead potential customers like you and i, lawsuit targets individuals, who hold accounts on online marketplace for odd jobs users can be paid to write positive reviews for amazon products, first of all, the, 5 bucks act and omission horizon sued several web sites in april, for selling reviewers the company said, they are going after individual reviewers taking the next step, on getting you have to on these phoneies, maria. maria: thanks so much nickel don't forget start your are day a every weekend with
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nickel fbn:am before "mornings with maria" all headlines 5:00 a.m. fox business network nickel lauren simonetti. >> former senator of nebraska nebraska bob kerrey weighing in on hillary clinton, ceo founder joins us about a partnership with nasa we will be right back.
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. . > . maria: welcome back monday morning i am maria bartiromo, it is monday, october 19, with me j.p. morgan amoroso skybridge capital host i hope to scaramucci, hedgeye keith mccullough. >> halliburton reporting earnings better-than-expected earnings 31 cents a share weaker than expected revenue, seems to be a trend across the earnings for the third quarter morgan stanley just out with report, big miss here revenue coming in 7.33 billion dollars, that was below expectations, the stock is under pressure expected to open lower. in china the latest reading on
7:00 am
economy overnight showing growth 6.9% in china, that was in line with estimates, however, it is the lowest reading we've seen in china since 2009. in europe, this morning, stocks are mixed moeflth higher although, you do have weakness for the ft asian markets mixed bag the european markets also trading mixed, dax in germany up three-quarters one per cent that is best of the lot. >> cybersecurity crowd strikes says china at it attempting to think a into america corporate infrastructure for economic gains, partners at "the wall street journal" the attacks took place against intelligent and drug companies unsuccessful, two incidents took place the end of the last month president a barack obama and chinese president xi jinping said they had reached an understanding, not to use cyberspies to commit economic espionage, hillary clinton using sunday talk show this weekend to dismiss the house committee on benghazi, as arm of the republican party ahead of testimony, this thursday.
7:01 am
the chairman of the committee, congressman trey gowdy says information shows a total disconnect is between security needs in benghazi and you clinton's state department clinton schedule to testify,this thursday. the new york mets win now two game lead in the about national leap championship series good game last night mets beat chib cub 4-1 kansas 70 royals 2-0 lead in the championship series against toronto, tom brady and rob gronkowski connecting for a touchdown last night operates took on colts, two intaibizarre plays colts lined most team up near one sideline before hikeing the ball turning over iot linebacker jefrpd over the line to block extra point attempt the patriots won 34-27.
7:02 am
♪ "star wars" plans tuning into "monday night football" as infuset trailer for the film released tonight, two clips promoteing the trailer put out on instagram last night tickets december movie on sale when that airs tonight. breaking news got earnings from halliburton morgan stanley -- halliburton better betters numbers 31 cents a share the revenue below expectations, seems the story, across the board, in terms of third quarter numbers coming out, morgan stanley third quarter eps 34 cents a share, and the stock is looking, below expectations, let's get the guys in on that in terms of morgan stanley. >> i think that is the you uglit number was down 8% the quarter to date these guys missed revenue more than any company i have seen in a long time and on earnings like you said 34 cents, the estimate was 63. maria: wow. >> a huge mess.
7:03 am
>> -- because of the capital market -- activity. >> the trouble with morgan stanley, will leverage to capital markets nothing the cushion blow wells fargo a business doing well you had broad-based loan growth that the the case of morgan stanley all about capital markets, it is all about fixed income trading we know third quarter was brutal. >> yes. >> fixed income revenue number 2.3 billion versus 2.8 that is off 20%, that is way bigger than you would have expected given what is going on. >> what is half a billion amongst friends? >> that is why, by the way, because you know, estimate on republicans 8 1/2 bn did 7.77 billion most on fixed side. >> by the way, since we are getting o so sneg on third quarter earnings i think important to point out that already, so far, this quarter, we have seen rebound in flows so money is getting back into equities, getting back into
7:04 am
certain parts of fixed in being all stocks hammered most third quarter so perhaps a better outcome in fourth. >> talk fabout that not getting guidance you want for the -- >> nothing to -- it is difficult we talk about halliburton we can say that maybe they are now going to see about additional rig in other words have visibility there with financials very difficult to predict what market might do. >> problem is we have gone from if you back up energy earnings are fine, energy, materials industrials, financials again a domino that is what happens when growth slows not deflation is a risk i that i big problem. >> fed made right call? >> absolutely. >> made the right call. >> i think one -- >> justified. >> made right call. >> i was calling for fed to raise rates, and 25 basis points but they made right call the economy is a lot slower than we could see from the outside. >> as you have been pointing out for a long time what do you think.
7:05 am
>> i think we watched financials also industrials, right something keith mentioned energy and domino effect so industrials will be really, really key to watch, because they are suffering from a slowdown in energy capex, suffering from slowdown in china, all things related to champion, by the way, most things. >> funny maria china does gdp fine all companies say not so much. >> really good point china gdp out this morning 6.9% anybody who is connected to china, in terms of american companies is seeing disaster. >> have campaign for a moment testifying in front of the house benghazi committee thursday clinton going on cnn state of the union ahead of the hearing. >> i really don't know what to expect. i think it is pretty clear whatever they might have thought they were doing they ended up becoming a partisan arm of the republican nat
7:06 am
committee with overwhelming focus on trying to as they admitted, drive down my poll numbers. maria: next geks says clinton made wrong decision former senator robert kerry thanks for joining us senator. >> what is your take i headed of testimony thursday. >> well hard to know what they are going to do coclinton did uncover the fact set server up in chappaqua never done before, she said i did it because i didn't want to carry two cell phones, that is just not true. maria: right. >> she made an end run around very important law that gives citizens access to what government is doing. freedom of information athit is about intentionally trying to avoid responsibility of giving citizens access to their own government. >> that is right rarms what have you say in terms of kevin mccarthy comments this was a true violation we learned
7:07 am
about revitalize e-mail server. >> over and over and over bernie sanders i am tired of hearing about e-mails i am tired of hearing about e-mails as well it is not about e-mails it is about an act that was intentionally done to avoid responsibility for this administrative procedure commonly known as freedom of information. >> do you think this is partisan. >> sure -- >> partisan what isn't partisan. >> partisan yeah. >> i mean, the fact that it is partisan is irrelevant campaigning for president of united states some aspect is partisan but not partisan to say instead of of trying to avoid carrying two cell phones around what you are trying to do is avoid responsibility of freedom of information act very important law, that gives citizens tremendous power to know what their own government is doing. >> amazing, today interestingly maybe not surprisingly, john jeh 189 sworn in chief justice of united states of america how many the people boil this down
7:08 am
to the constitutional fact that you just spoke as opposed to the politics -- >> i am lost in john jay -- >> it is in part because they get confused about the issue. and in part because you know it is a partisan issue suspect republicans mccarthy deep ended that suspicious the fact is the fact the fact is secretary of state made that a decision to set server up in her home there are national security issue vty iraue vulners were attached the big issue to begin with us i have a law that gives citizens sez to their government didn't have sez in this case. >> you set up einvestor in your overwhelm clearly gooufth to have expertise setting up that server what sort of team of experts did hillary clinton have to make sure that this server is secure and protected, if she is to conduct national security business on this. >> she didn't, i mean she said -- >> how do you not think about that. >> o i don't know, that is a good question, the fact is her
7:09 am
comment was, it was secure because steekt service is out there like, you know, somebody guarding the server is going to provide i security against hacking. >> we just had cybersecurity expert on. >> likely that server was hacked intellect not from what i have seen, the colorado company guys taking the fifth already, not likely he provided the level of security that you need to prevent hacking into that server. >> not just the issue of the freedom act as us point out but whole issue of trust. and so you know when i hear that -- the supporters say look this is a lot of in orange county, i have to go back to that poll that said what are the three words that you commonly associated with hillary clinton, people do not trust her. >> liar -- you know. >> i mean, i don't distrust her i disagree with what she has done disagree with -- >> be her would think. >> what would she say what i would like to hear her say that freedom of information
7:10 am
act needs to change, for security, requirements need to change, because it limits what at the seductive branexecutive do. >> the freedom of information act does provide citizens with tremendous amount of authority, and tremendous amount of power, but it does limit what executive -- >> sounds is a good leadership thing hey i did this with server because of the -- the laws are not right i am trying to protect elements of what are we're doing. >> on in on in the answer to that question. >> do you think this is going to impact her campaign. >> she is tone-deaf politically is the answer. >> may be. >> the campaign impact -- >> already impacted her campaign mean talking about it a great deal, it is not going away simply because bernie sanders says i am tired of hearing about e-mails. >> what about joe biden coming in. >> on in, i mean you know some point got to worry about becoming a snoopy pulling a ball away one more time going to get in or not. >> i asked earlier doesn't he
7:11 am
have to run the ball up middle on her. >> no can't go i don't know what he has to do vice president of the united states gives tremendous amount of credible when running people really do like them i the democratic party is to if he runs a controllable candidate. >> already got i know 1 or 14 object a hundred percent more than he had when he ran in 2008. >> working for him. >> good to have you on the program 22 so thank you very much juror been kerry is not just nfl fans, never before seen the trailer of one of the most anticipated films is set to debut during halftime we give details next, back in a moment. ♪ everybody's got a -- ♪ ♪ moves the world forward.
7:12 am
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. > . maria: welcome back a new report warning of china linked
7:15 am
hackers cheryl casone with the story good morning. cheryl: that is right good morning, u.s. cybersecurity firm crowd strike says hackered associated with chinese government trade to penetrate at least 7 u.s. companies in three weeks, since the u.s. and china agreed to the to spy on each other, crowd strike said attempts came from several groups including one previously identified as deep panda. the transportation department reportedly plans to start requiring drone owners to register devices, with the government later this year, and amid crackdown on unsafe flights more detailed announcement expected later today, finally, "star wars" fans, listen up, tickets for disney "star wars" the force awakens movie to go on sale after debut of first full length trailer halftime next game between eagles and joints doesn't open until december 18 you can get tickets night for that, we were talking about skywalker, he is not theh in
7:16 am
poster chatter when he is in movie the name in the credits but not on poster s very big don drum on the internet right now are we seeing luke sky weaker we don't know. >> part of marketing no doubt, the market about unbelievable, great job building excitement how brilliant to be releasing this trailer during "monday night football." >> of course, we talk about it all the -- turmoil that one point impacted nfl but we still know that it is still the biggest watched game every monday, every sunday. so, yeah, what a time to release it. >> espn owned by abc by disney. >> great synergy. >> going to be interesting to see old characteristics, anthony and i talking sky walker, 64. >> not grand daddy luke skywalker. >> maybe it is. >> -- >> literally. >>. >> we have to -- as my boy
7:17 am
yoda says truly wonderful, that the mind of a child that is what you need to do tap into whole new audience mill yazidi a yals and wills. >> on netflix hulu streaming services that are targeting millennials, see how much will they have to pay for those rates to stream that film. >> good point if you don't want to stream it you want to go get tickets tonight. >> on sale tonight cheryl thank you. >> you bet more countries forcing intez to save for retirement looking at how you can plan for your future do you have money saved right now in retirement. >> first opera taking on a venture 10% stake in waste watchers joining the board participating in the program as well more details next. back in a moment. ♪ ♪ technology empowers us to achieve more.
7:18 am
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it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. maria: happy monday more american companies raising 401(k) contributions like apache google credit suisse, traditional standard contribution of 3% to as much as 10% in evident to grow employee 401(k)s help you retire with the necessary money joining me now is a man that hopes have to balloon your 401(k), the president greg smith good to see you thanks for joining us. >> great to be here. >> tell us about bloom what your trying to do, in terms of 401(k)s. >> basically no more safety net for americans pensions gone away social security -- 401(k) basically only thing people have left, you will know average american has
7:22 am
3,000 dollars in total savings, so, we are trying to manage 401(k)s simple for people not like, you know learning how to do heart surgery fix your car we use you a flaur ower easy for peopl we are look to go go to one public schoolteacher in baltimore never wanted to have to sort through 100 choices. >> what do you do you basically say, look, this is the plan, that you probably want to follow because of anned where you are in life? >> you are getting recommendations in terms of how to allocate 401(k) money. >> yeah, we do three things one is we look at fees the average american pays 150,000 dollars, in 401(k) fees, we cut those in half on average, second thing we do is very basic. >> how do you do that cut fees in half. >> a lot of people choose, mutual funds we are very much, jack vogel began overpowered
7:23 am
we think people not sophisticated like you on this panel should not be trying to pick when money manager will beat market one thing we do, second thing we do is very basic, there are a lot of 20 years old in the country sitting in money market funds, a lot of 60 years old, a hundred percent in sfok, and we do very basic thing to people not telling you weak beat the market just getting you a risk in asset allocation we are like dietician go into your 401(k) make changes for you, think as a massive hole for people. >> advisory function you sit there go in say look you don't own you don't agree with keith long-term bonds should you tilt that. >> absolutely. >> so we you know, a lot of people i think it is intuitive to everyone here walk outside say assllocation say bonds at a huge space financial
7:24 am
technology emerging asks in 0 years how will young people deal with finance we take the view that it will no longer be hundreds of choices it will be fudiciary duties we are regulated by ftc when people say how do you do this we say that is the wrong question to be asking, the question you should be asking is how do i get my behavior right for 25 years in our view only we stock market works long terdz -- i think, traders should be the market the average american we believe should be using stock markets for more than 5 years -- >> i total agree. >> you are right i will say for my experience, my prior life how do you look at plenty 401(k) balances for 0-year-old i know a lot of people have been sitting in cash could have been invested in stock market i that i very, very critical function. my question is, it is a plan sponsor the plan sponsor has
7:25 am
responsibility to educate their plan employee how do you partner with plan sponsors go around the sponsors. >> you are asked a great quell in ideal world benefits department should deliver best to employees we have right now is maybe a 20-year-old 401(k) system at times, you know if you are a baltimore city public schoolteacher log in 100 choices -- vdot, how. >> nobody has -- >> how is one supposed to choose we think the future of 401(k)s we are partnering with planned sponsors -- allowing people to put money in 401(k). >> how do you incentive people to put money in 401(k). >> i this i what makes the americans leave free money on table everyone knows many companies you are matching contribution we encourage everyone even if a bad 401(k) maximum out your contribution secondly, if people are more confident about the decisions they make, and will know a
7:26 am
concept of paralysis of choice if given 500 choices you may make no choice it is so difficult, we make it dead simple fr we don't have a nobel prize -- no better than next person, but -- we think just getting that basic behavior, will incentivize people tee contribute more money, and they are all many studying show more confident employees are morale goes higher especially young people we all know saving less than ever, we got hr department planned sponsors say bloom radically improves saving rates we have the of employees you can sell no-brainer benefit you are offering. maria: i like it thanks so much greg president of bloom, markets under pressure. we'll be right back.
7:27 am
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. skybridge capital wall
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street host scaramucci hedgeye keith mccullough morgan stanley shares down 6% right now the bank reporting disappointing third quarter earnings results missing both top and bottom line, james gordon blaming market volatility for weakness in fixed income business, we also heard from halliburton oil services joint hurt by weak demanded, checking futures looking at weakness this morning it really is because of weaker-than-expected earnings third quarter dominateing cross the world dow nasdaq s&p 500 expected to open lower, this morning, overnight in china latest read on economy there, it showed growth gdp at 6.9% was in line with expectations, but the lowest reading, in in terms of those of the gdp in china since 2009. in europe this morning, stocks mostly higher, right now you've got a mixed performance
7:31 am
the s100 lower cac quarante in paris dax in germany higher a fraction 2016 campaign in bernie sanders, more on the focus of the "saturday night live" skit over the weekend check it out. >> not fan of the banks! they trample on the middle class, they krom washington, and why did they chain the pen to say the desk who is trying to steal a pen from a bank? >> makes no sense. that is why you got to break up the banks into pieces. and then switch the pieces down the toilet so you can never put banks back together. >> hillary clinton using sunday talk show to dismiss benghazi as arm of the republican party ahead of the testimony she has this week chairman of the committee congressman trey gowdy says information shows there was a dermatologist disconnect between needs in benghazi and clinton state department clinton to testify this thursday, new york mets have a two game lead in the national
7:32 am
league championship series, the mets beat cubs last night by a score of 4-1 kansas city royals play tonight 2p 0 lead in steers against toronto, tom brady sand rob gronkowski connecting for a touchdown as new england operates took on indianapolis colts two bizarre plays one a fourth down colts lined most team up near one sideline before hiking the balance turning it over to the patriots. the other is when patriot line backer jufrd over the line to block an extra point attempt the patriots won 34-27. ♪ ♪ we'll a peek "star wars" fans tuning in to "monday night football" newest trailer for film released two clips
7:33 am
promoteing the trailer, put out on instagram tickets to the december movie will go on sale, when that trailer airs tonight. back to markets, stocks under pressure futures indicating a slightly lower opening for the broader averages, as earnings dictate activity, investments digesting gunpoint numbers on the of china industrial production up 5.7%, gdp was up 6.9% retail sales up 10.9% out of china meanwhile, all companies that have exposure to china are reporting disastrous quarters earnings driving trading action let's talk about so far has been lacklust lackluster dagen mcdowell your take on the set of earnings. dagen: how much bad news is factored into these stocks that -- >> i asked that earlier. dagen: right, and because i point back at walmart it was down stock had lost one-fifth of its value up until that analyst presentation.
7:34 am
>> was that justified? >>. dagen: yep absolutely, but if you have analysts covering how did you not know it was going to happen? they've been bull horning for raising the minute wage to invest in stores, if you are caught off guard. >> i did not know. >> cat pillar earnings out later thissek would when er saying i thought should catch people off guard this is that "the wall street journal" exposé on blood testing company last week, that was this is a nine-billion-dollar valuation on this private company the one errand half of it -- >> a billionaire basically, had to come out on friday, and said that its stop collecting vials of blood from finger priccup. sfor all but one test "the wall street journal" did extensive exposé company
7:35 am
pushed back on it a nine-billion-dollar valuation technology it has been touting isn't being used for the vast majority of the tests they do if investor in that company gotten you go this is like one of the bells that rings the end of the party. to tell you get out of the bar. >> very impressive people on her board henry kissinger she has got people toby from cleveland clinic big supporter on the board she has been able to come out with a way to take blood in a minimal you know minimum invasive way as opposed to the huge but you are right journal points to a lack a lot of holes in the story. >> in the journalism story irritate was using, traditional testing methods, for most tests that it was offering, where you have to take big vials of blood or using traditional lab equipment that from seemenz, this is thing if you put money into a company and you say the
7:36 am
company is worth nine billion dollars is it stoiis to story doesn't add up. >> we have given 9, 20, 13, 80, 100-billion-dollar evaluations to things that have just a good or cool idea there is a rubber meets the road story telling meets numbers or basic facts about this you can see in public markets, too. >> you go the the private market is one story, i mean like uber valued 55 billion dollars the public story this morning public companies reporting earnings really what is dominateing the -- the tone. >> i think it is the issue of growth, you brought up the reason we are bidding up growth because it is scarce you cannot find growth in revenues markets go where you find it yes, it is biotechs few other names as long as growth is there a valuations i don't have a problem with but is point dagen is making if something was going to work not going to havings valuations are going to
7:37 am
suffer. >> old stale market cap halliburton this is like hasbro, morgan stanley i mean, algorithm ap comments might agency well have said affected by wind and rain i mean morgan stanley should be able to have a volatility at this point evidently not. >> the bargain husht 10% stake? weight watchers up 38%, opra going on program owner of the company and -- >> that is a huge -- >> -- she has been tweeting about it what did you want to add. >> joining weight watchers tomorrow now that opra is, but -- before i join weight watchers, be careful with thesis unicorns that is going to be. >> a private company. >> next class -- >> how does that impact fub markets if we've got a collapse in the private valuations, unicorns what does that mean for public market. >> will dent public markets because of psychological more than anything else. >> rattled confidence anybody
7:38 am
with a lot of money to invest. >> evacuating at a nasdaq like in 2000 -- >> nasdaq to put math on nasdaq up year to date dow russell down that premium is oc bubblyness of it all. >> thank you see you next hour dagen mcdowell to uber setting the standard for taxes, jo ling kents on that. >> good morning taxicabs taking on uber the city of new york will ditch traditional meteorite in 1,000 yellow cabs test gps meters to calculate fares program will eliminate the allowed taxi tvs you might hate in the backseat as well allow you to track and pay for your ride on a dmoou tablet that program will run a year this comes after new york city backed away from that proposed expect a on uber driefrz last summer after loss of public pressure, unicorn uber valued more than 50 billion dollars. >> that is right, and jo nice to see the taxi -- community
7:39 am
finally getting with the 21st century actually. >> with the program, this could have probably cut into uber's dominance a long time ago. >> i should be wearing a dunce cap i passed on uber at 800-million-dollar valuation it came in -- my daughter in -- >> [laughter] >> there you go. >> now taxicabs can just clean up all the -- try to sit in the backseat o. maria: feud between donald trump and jeb bush heated up over the weekend you've got to hear this we will tell you how it all went down, next. ♪ ♪
7:40 am
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. . maria: welcome back a manhunt this morning after shooting at a zombie festival in fort myers florida dherl cheryl with the story. cheryl: good morning images out of florida one person is dead, five wounded, automotive a shooting at zombie conn saturday. >> it shotdz began 11:45 pm local time detectives can value of thoseing for about witnesses asking anyone with information call fort myers police, and two people dead thousands displayed after typhoon hit philippines storm moving slowly around lausanne setting off floods across all that rugged terrain. >> miscalculating sfooud between donald trump and jeb bush over september 11th terrorist attack trurn taking
7:44 am
shot at jeb bush for claiming his burrow george w. bush, kept the country safe. >> jeb said we were safe with my brother we were safe, well the world trade center just fell down, now, am i trying to blame i am not blaming anybody but the world trade center came down so when he said we were safe that is not safe. maria: jeb bush in turn defended his brother against trump criticism about tax on state of the union. >> -- my brother, responded to a crisis and he did it as you would hope a president would do. united the country organized our country and kept us safe. and there is no denying that great majority of americans believe that, hand i don't know yes keeps bringing this up. maria: you support jeb bush do you think more about forcing jeb to defend g.w. >> one hundred percent, and everybody is calling donald trump an entertain better wake i want entertain happens to be a politician, and also,
7:45 am
interesting about this situation is you have the wonk fighting the high school boy, and so the only way you are going to beat high school boy play his game in a way he doesn't expect playing right into him, so if he said to me, what is trump want bush to do he wants him to go to know air and he wants him to talk just like he did yesterday. maria: i agree with you. >> you got to switch it up near donald trump has said some, messages that caught attention is this all by design all part of the strategy or just so happen and ends up being the story. >> i used the to think that i think that is a very good analysis. >> so do i. >> i do not think that anymore i think he has a pulse tapped into the american people -- it is also a strategy. >> how was the bully comment interesting, because he is kind of like the bully who wants to say also the quarterback of the football team, he is mr. big time, you know how much does it take for somebody to pop him for
7:46 am
somebody to pop that gai for a real. >> we remember high school so the thing you got to do with a bully take him out in a way he doesn't expect, okay right now playing all these guys their heads are spinning, they have no idea how to deal with this guy, take him out. >> how, how. >> one of the first ways you could take him out explain to american people, about the massive insecurity start going through life story, and just domino down the massive insecurities watch him set a his hair on fire. >> nobody blames george w. bush for 9/11. >> outcome reacted to crisis situation the fact jeb has to come on air explain. >> it creating a setup, and the thing is that jeb got applause lines at the debate over that line, so he is using it again that is not the right tactic in my opinion, make today out the way you take him out prey on insecurities lots of them watching in the game, marco can't take him out doesn't have muscle you needed
7:47 am
somebody in the game look straight in the face take him out. >> i think george bush could have done that. >> interesting to see if brother can, his brother is a -- could really pop somebody take him out. >> jeb has to get poppy in him. >> what about that jeb bush stretching his money we know that there are -- >> there are reports -- >> salaries -- >> he is okay he is okay in the money. he is great on the organization. he is great on policy. but what he needs to do now he has got to switch there is an expression in football shifting a heat, find out where he is coming at you, and go at him in unexpected way, none of these guys are doing that, because you know what he gets 25 million dollars of negative advertising every time he opens his mouth, cnn, all other networks, every time he opens his mouth they are going to run a 30 second news clip of this guy. those guys don't have that why they are afraid of him time to
7:48 am
end that nonsense tame have guy out take him out. maria: you said it, big partnership announcement from nasa what does it mean for the space of company it a purposed with the details and ahead stay with us. (gasp) shark diving! xerox personalized employee portals help companies make benefits simple and accessible... from anywhere. hula dancing? cliff jumping! human resources can work better. with xerox. which allergy? eees. bees? eese.
7:49 am
trees? eese. xerox helps hospitals use electronic health records so doctors provide more personalized care. cheese? cheese! patient care can work better. with xerox. that's it.
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7:51 am
. maria: welcome back nasa awarding three multimillion dollar contracts for next generation of space rockets among selected branson's vifrn galactic firefly systems of texas joining us cofounder ceo tom, good to see you thanks for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> how big a deal is this partnership with nasa. >> this is a big deal it is not just a big deal for firefly this really represents a calculaollaboration between industry and deposit nasa
7:52 am
simultaneously stimulates a great new industry benefits everyone, and i know firefly to have nasa first customer, is a big deal, really energizing our team. >> congratulations. >> anybody else can do that. >> we ha competitors virgin galactic another company rocket -- competing a cliche competition is good. >> and can you spend a little bit of time explaining what it is that you do what small satellites are. >> well we think of space in the context of exploration recoverers on mars land on the ground-moon that is to dramatically change next step in information revolution is going to take place from spays data that we are hungry for is going to be transmitted in space silicon valley creating small satellites very effective the barrier is
7:53 am
getting to space where firefly companies like virgin galactic come in if you think of firefly, think of firefly as the uber for space. >> now that is big deal; right? >> what does it mean for people here on planet either are what does it mean sending this many rockets into space what does it mean here. >> profound social economic implications 70% of world don't have access to the internet. >> 70% of the world. >> yes. >> very lucky here. so what that means is we now have to democratization for people around the world can share ideas if you watched firefly movie one scene says you can't stop the signal truly you won't be able to stop signal of information but other part is opens up a lot of economic opportunities, and you can access all thesis people sell products. >> -- how many -- companies are coming to specifically
7:54 am
saying hey this will be really cool a bunch of people in china the internet. >> a lot of companies most out of silicon valley but dozens of them phone ringing off the hook a lot of excitement. >> the rocket technology for a second. when we watch these go up, problems recently, are you worried about the efficacy of rockets on the private side. >> we're radically changing the way robots are do-- rockets they are nonreyufbl vehicles i flew from austin i paid a couple hundred bucks to fly here if we did it the way they do it i would have called airplane manufacturer say make me a plane we would have floep it up here taken to edge of the runaway and burned it believe it or not, that is the way the rocket industry works what firefly is going to do
7:55 am
mass production methodologies reuseability into space access going to drive the cost down, we are going to make use of modern technologies if you look at rockets right now electronics on them are archaic cost millions of dollars if you look at something lime cell phones technology that is in here 50 billions research for nods of dollars we can put that on our rocket drive the cost rocket down make it even more effective. maria: wow you are a true life rocket scientist. >> yes, ma'am. entrepreneur. >> love it congratulations, thank you so much for joining us, next hour "mornings with maria" the question over the democratic side of the race to white house the vice president joe biden run we will get the take on hillary clinton's benghazi testimony the trend over the restaurant certificating no more tips union square hospital group danny myers with us talking about why he is banning tips, at tyrants keep why banning tip
7:56 am
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. maria: good monday morning i am maria bartiromo it is monday, october 19, anniversary of the crash. >> any of those a job interview when it was going down noon 1987 with me j.p. morgan morgan, skybridge capital host scaramucci hedgeye keith mccullough. >> two stocks halliburton reporting earnings giant was mixed, results beating earnings on the per share basis 31 cents missing revenue, as you can see investors reacting to the miss on revenue morgan stanley a hit today stock sundown as much as 6% in the premarket, investors punishing the bank for third quarter results missed top and bottom lines james gordon blaming market sproilt a very tough quarter for the weakness the banks, fixed income business, took the hit a look at futures we are near the lows of the morning, right now that has to do with earnings, efb revenue
8:00 am
misses a number of pockets third quarter dow jones industrial average expected down 50 points in china latest reading on economy out shows gdp grew 6.9% that was in line with estimates however, the lowest reading we have seen since 2009. in europe, we got ecb meeting this week, stroks most higher although very much -- let me take that back a mixed showing this morning, as you can see markets moving s&p 500 down almost 30 points cac quarante down dax higher about the only one up a half per cent ecb meeting is happening this thursday. cybersecurity firm -- attempting to hack into america infrastructure for economic gain telling partners at "the wall street journal," that the attacks took place against technology and drug companies, but were unsuccessful attacks, two incidents took place end of last month when president barack obama and chinese president xi jinping said they had reached an understanding,
8:01 am
quote/unquote, not to use cyberspies to commit economic espionyaij hillary clinton used sunday talk show this weekend to dismiss house committee on benghazi as arm of the republican party ahead of big testimony this thursday, clinton saying this has become you a partisan attack aimed at taking down her polling numbers i asked former democratic senator bob kerrey about that last hour. >> it is not partisan to simply say, that instead of trying have to avoid to having carry two cell phones around what you are trying to do is avoid the responsibility of freedom of information act a very important law, that gives citizens tremendous power to know what their own government is doing. maria: ask hillary clinton scheduled to testify, on thursday, in that benghazi hearing the new york mets two game lead in national league championship series beat out chicago cubs last night score 4-1, kansas city roiled play of 2-0 lead in series, against toronto, then there is this, tom brady and rob gronkowski connecting for a touchdown last night as new england took
8:02 am
on indianapolis colts two by czars plays colts line toed boat up near a skiedline other patriot linebacker jumped over line to block extra point the patriots won 34-27. ♪ ♪ >> "star wars" fans tuning into monday tonight football as newest trailer for film released during "monday night football" two clips promoteing the trailer put out on instagram last night ticketed for december movie go on sale when that airs "monday night football" tonight, turning back to markets, stocks under pressure futures pointing to lower opening broader averages investors digesting latest out of china a slew of disappointing earnings reports
8:03 am
morgan stanley a hit down 6% banking giant reporting third quarter revenue 7.33 billion dollars, anthony you said a big miss for morgan stanley. surprised. >> they missed -- big miss not surprise pressure on other financial services companies particularly those that are in the fixing markets trading, the other big problem, i think that we're going to have is going into the first quarter next year maria, where we have a slowdown in revenues, we have a general slowdown in the larger companies in the economy, which is going to reset pace for 2016 future hibernation. maria: what you said in a world an as taisha growth so scarce you go for growth investors looking for growth and for yields, talk to us about high yields. >> yes they are looking for growth, that is right, growth large cap growth is still cheap on 20 year basis so we do think there is some value there, but high yeel is another thing you mentioned, and high yields he quite a bit
8:04 am
if you look at it a couple weeks ago you would have seen a yield almost 8 1/2% on high yield bonds that i am publicize high proeblth of fault we think will trend i want not going to see 6 1/2% default rates there is opportunity high yields not just because it pays 6 1/2% coupon but also because there is that potential for compression. >> would big names filed lower for longer on growth the treasury yield, not -- pretty close but the spread again if you look high yield spread going out it is something a lot of equity people really didn't pay attention to until they had to now we got a -- earnings season what is interesting here on morgan stanley you have 88 companies in the s&p 500 financials only 16 reported, again i think like industrials surprise last quarter, financials the
8:05 am
surprise this quarter, one point i just popped chart up on twitter if you want to look at why earnings slowing here matters, you know -- this time one of the top three legislated indicators for recession when trailing 12 month average of earnings breaks down, like second quarter again people have kind of keep pushing earnings estimates up for the fourth quarter to 2016 again a very precarious position given that we are at the five-year high in earnings. >> do you think that a recession happens in 2016. >> no i think it is happening right now particularly right now on industrials and cybering likals in resomething hes during good inclines 5% negative year over year u.s. consumer employment recession maria i think, probability goes up to next year and, again, it is just there is dominos first inflation stops going up then cyclicals, industrials transports the late cycle thing employment and consumption.
8:06 am
>> if you look at demographic productivity been in a statistical recession three years. >> 2% productivity growth in the economy, growing at about 1%, in terms of demography, 2 and a quarter to 2 1/2% going in reverse you can see it in the income numbers united states, down 6, 7%, what is happening here you've got the fed inflating assets at a time where we have weakness in demand. >> this is number one, answer the question on 216 recession, you got to get in a consumer right, 50,000 bucks is the median income in this country people have to spend 49 or 50, just to hang around the rim and stay alive not safing don't have any money, so if the answer actually is right number stock market going down because the fed is going to stay years that ensures the consumer keeps getting conceived 25% of median consumer costs rent based on federal reserve policy raising zero. >> health care. >> i will take the other side of that real quick i don't think u.s. consumer is going
8:07 am
to recession next year i think there is a few things you need to have in place, unemployment rate household net worth housing affordability higher personal savings rate you have a lower debt burn we have all in place i agree with you that there is a lot of recessionary headwinds in the industrial complex and, of course, all emanating from outside of united states, particularly -- case for u.s. >> if not a recession things never going to have one ever again, by the way, we are 77 months into u.s. economic expansion, you know to get into middle next year not have a recession, would qualify 1990 the only place unless different this time, that you don't have a recession, so again, the things, by the way, consumer confidence falling earnings on 12 -- on trailing 12-month basis, breaking belowing moving average once down to the end profits, profits that gets to you the place where people ultimately geojobless rise third thing we have not seen that third part yet. >> right on data, but there is under plying softness in the
8:08 am
middle of the i wouldn't you states. maria: particularly when you look at industrial complex. >> no question. maria: yeah. >> the question is does this parlay into consumer weakness i don't think so we can debate this another time. >> debating it now, former secretary of state hillary clinton to testify before house committee conbenghazi blake berman in washington, blake. >> good morning to you hillary clinton has continued her dismissals of the house benghazi committee in the lead up to thursday's hearing the committee heed trey gowdy continues to defend its purpose clinton stepped up her attack on process after mccarthy declared he backed off of the committee set up to impact clinton's presidential round gowdy maintains the committee is nothing more than a fact-finding mission both made their case on the sunday morning talk shows. >> i really don't know what to expect. i think it is pretty clear that -- uh, whatever -- uh -- they may have uh thought they
8:09 am
were doing, uh they ended up becoming a partisan arm of the republican national committee. >> seven members of my committee, are much more focused on the americans dead americans than presidential as prairgss public zidz thursday clinton's testimony public event before cameras. >> thank you so much, vice president joe biden making phone calls to top democrats, saying he is likely to jump into the 2016 race to some point, over the next month he said he will decide at some point next month biden adding according to one fox news source that his entry is not imminent on anything us former obama campaign director good to see you thanks so much for joining. >> good morning. >> do you think biden comes in? >> you know i don't know, i think a lot of folks trying to read tea leaves doing types of things you with be doing getting ready to run i know i said about running legislature call friends neighbors see if they are going to be with you
8:10 am
in the end has to make a comut decision i don't think we know yet. >> does this impact hillary clinton chances do you think if he comes in? >> well, i mean listen, i want to see him in the race i think would be strongest democratic nominee in november, this cnn poll showed him topping every one of the republican will no northeast other two are struggling against some of them i hope he gets in give us best chance in november. >> if biden were to run what is best strategy to align with the obama administration, or to try to differentiate his take from the obama administration? >> well, obviously, vice presidents one of the most consequential in history tied with administration for all the successes, that is part of the job, realistically the nominees in both parties are within five, six degrees of separation ideology so it comes down to more personality and approach i think he brings a story of a guy grew up in a hard scabel neighborhood
8:11 am
middle class life whole life i think he -- can talk to voters i think a lot of candidacy can't. >> you are a spror of jeb bush. >> i am i have a question about fund-raising the money do you think the vice president can break into that blisht on donor side for the democrats. >> do i day report in usa today this weekend 700 of 800 obama bundlers from 2012 uncommitted i can tell you i first got involved was concerned about you go fund-raising every day goes by i get five or six phone calls somebody knew want to go help out all things i worry about money is the one i least worry about. maria: how worried are supporters about this coming testimony on benghazi? >> well, i think everybody is sort of interested, frankly republicans overplayed their handlast week or so made it pretty clear why they are doing this, biden supporter got to say handled hers well two weeks from start with mitchell interview so we will see i just think republicans
8:12 am
will continue to overplay hands they can't help themselves. maria: steve -- >> seriously can when debating bernie sanders and slapping you on back saying i don't want to talk about e-mails don't you this i she has to answer the questions from republican some point? >> she does, i mean, the general election is against republicans if she is nominee absolutely but, again, as you seen the guy almost speaker of the you have thes house admitted why they formed committee i think done a pretty good job one of the challenges i think she has going into this hearing is democrats basically have you know, they agree this is a republicans out to get her -- >> is it that simple that big of a surprise republicans want to take her down that doesn't really tell me anything, like no kidding. that doesn't necessarily in mean that you know, what the american people want to know is justified that is why you had a private server what are e-mail concerning benghazi what actually went down that four americans were killed. >> exactly.
8:13 am
>> well, again, maria my point is independents paying attention an opportunity to frame conversation what she did show republicans for what they are, in november. >> thank you good to see you we'll be right back "mornings with maria" continues stay with us. buddy- nice place, nice car what happened?
8:14 am
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maria: ferrari raising heads with yip yip this week. cheryl: that is right daemgs about one of wall street's most watched ipos fer ferrari says fiat will offer 17.2 million dollars in initial public offering, this is part of a series of transactions to separate ferrari from fiat chrysler, snow in october? parts of central new york going to be agency much as nine inches of snow look at these tweets coming from new
8:17 am
york residents tweeting pictures of snow-covered houses i think that is -- the house ireland maybe not, one of the hash tags on twister it is cold hashtag cold, get ready for football, synergy tickets for denies "star wars" the force awakens movie to go on sale after the broadcast of first trailer during halftime "monday night football" on disney owned espn disney looking to releasing the movie poster all questions what is the deal with luke sky weaker hero in 70s i remember, and basically, his name -- face is not on his face is not there name there is what is the deal. >> everybody asking. >> maybe a hint tonight what we are thinking, or the other thing could be abrams known for excitement, maybe going to bring in a disinto the movie.
8:18 am
>> bringing it up first to "star wars" franchise in a daik. >> the greatest thing fort wonks out there going back to 1985. so episode seven is tied back to -- the last of 1958 not one that came out in -- >> it is. >> i loo i can that. >> maybe this is why you know, sand sandra smith is cold people in chicago cold. >> -- there is a lot of -- g geo. maria: connect the dots. >> exactly. >> mets -- >> talk about -- sandra not here on patriots and cub day. >> cowboys didn't play i got nothing.
8:19 am
>> best bernie sanders impression over the weekend sandra sandra's growth popularity a athlete to headline hill's run for the white house? we will talk about it. >> we are doomed! evolution millions of people on the street we got to do something. we got to do it now! . [laughter] >> oh. >>
8:20 am
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8:22 am
maria: welcome back 2016 campaign bernie sanders wore on wealthy focus of ask it over the weekend check it out. >> not a fan of the banks. they trample on middle class, they control washington, why do they chain pens to the desk? who is trying to steal a pen from a bank? [laughter] >> makes no sense.
8:23 am
that is why they got to break up the banks into little pieces and switch the pieces down the toiflt so you can never put the banks together. >> keith mccullough fraiz from bernie sanders himself, told abc i think we will use larry at next rally. and a joke one of his rallies say that he was larry -- >> he would be perfect for earning morning this morning. >> the banks, this morgan stanley thing is a disaster. >> imagine what is going on there bonus season. >> bonus season, so we will know in the first quarter obviously. >> you can't lose like a half billion dollars on your desk you just can't. not in this at a. >> stock trading down this morning i guess the guidance for some banks is going to be important we didn't get guidance from james -- hoi can you get on market activity. >> capital markets we -- we i
8:24 am
think if we see turn aarp in the financial marx ymarks nobody is holding their bret. >> back to politics. >> because donald trump and jeb bush in this war of words you told the story, about fred trump don ad's father. >> the link, so what fred tumble intoid walk into a casino with 3 1/2 million dollars chips, cash got chips didn't use them, family got fined for doing that illegal way to transfer money to his son, is that how donald trump is keeping faith. >> not coming out, because people are superafraid of them afraid he is going on air blister them lawsuit them do crazy stuff to them an arian nation in chief strategy is he ail yennator in chief running the country he has upset the sfwier applecart in the republican party, and makes
8:25 am
him not a team player. >> i think the whole -- >> behavior that you want running the presidency, somebody has got to stand up and talk to the american people, in a way they understand it say this is not the guy. >> part of strategy is to just keep jeb bush defending george w. bush so he is blaming 9/11 on george w. bush, jeb is pushed to omega out and defend him. >> this okay noxiousness the insecurity bullying not what you want in american president. >> we work on wall street deal with clever insecure people all the time i cannot wait until he has to answer the question that is a very important store, people don't know. >> how are you going to build a team you just upset everybody in your party, you are wising off on everybody, you going to -- >> let me push back he is top of the polls. >> the top of the polls high name recognition most television experience of all
8:26 am
candidacy. >> true. >> attractive guy charismatic guy not the right skill set to be president. >> go who is going to stand up against donald trump. >> larry david. >> i don't know but that time is coming soon otherwise, you are going to deal with him. >> restaurant you're joins us next back in a minute. hi. hi. hi. hello. hi. hi. hi. hi my name's josh. kelly. my name is raph. steve. my name is anne. tom. brian. krystal. and i am definitely not a robot. i'm one of the real live attorneys you can talk to through legalzoom. whether it's for your business or your personal life, don't let unanswered legal questions hold you up.
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8:29 am
>> welcome back. restauranteur and union hospitality group danny meyer taking a stand on wages. in an effort to pay his workers more, he's eliminating tipping from his restaurant. good to see you. >> thanks, maria. maria: you have such successful franchises out there, and you want it across the restaurants, no tipping. why? tell us. >> we'll roll it out next year. a lot of people don't understand that the tipping
8:30 am
system as it is has completely lost any value it may have ever had. most restaurants share tips, so all the waiters share the tip that you leave so it doesn't really go to the person you thought it was going to go to, but the law prevents a restaurant from sharing your tip with the people who are cooking your food. so, at the end. day, what's happened is that it can be a good thing for servers who want to work on commission. it's a bad thing for servers who want to make a profession out of it, but a terrible thing if you're the person cooking the food. maria: i couldn't believe it. why is it banned that the people cooking the food don't get part of the tip. >> you tell me. it's a government thing that has created a disparity. over the past 30 years, the kitchen waiters have gone up 22% on an hourly basis in 30 years whereas being in the dining room has gone up well over 250%. >> your strategy will help the quality of life of the people working in your restaurant?
8:31 am
>> it's going to help us to reverse what's been a horrible drought in labor in the kitchen. there's absolutely no incentive to go to culinary school and cook at the level that you need to a the one of our restaurants when you know that you just can't make that much money. dagen: one thing that everybody said certainly on twitter, i've seen so much conversation about this, if i can't reward my server then the service is going to stink. it's my discretion that i get to say, you know, that i get to determine, if the service was good or not. what do you say to that? >> i say that's my job. if you come to one of our restaurants and one of our servers is not offering warm hospitality unless you give them a tip, i don't want that server working for me and they won't at the end of the day. i would also ask you a question, when you see a menu price in any restaurant, let's say you're going to buy the roast chicken, it includes the full price of the roast chicken, including the cooked celery. if the roast chicken is dependent upon you tipping the
8:32 am
cook to be good, would you go back to that restaurant? . dagen: good point. maria: a great point. people might want to do an extra tip on top of-- obviously, prices will be higher higher, right? because you're incorporating the tip. >> the menu price that you see higher, the guy that would have tipped is going to tip anyway, by the time you get your credit card bill it's the exact same thing as if i put it. >> when we look at tipping now, unless the service is really, really horrible, you probably still default to an ought mat it i can 20 -- automatic case. and that will be passed on to the servers and so forth. how much of an increase are they looking at in terms of real wages? >> what we'll be able to do is have that did is-- discretion. being putting the full price in, it allows, we get to determine what everybody's wage
8:33 am
is. down every waiter gets the tip that you gave this waiter whether they're good or not. how about if i get an opportunity to pay somebody what they're worth. what we'll do for our servers, because it's an outstanding profession for many of them not only raise from 9 bucks an hour, but revenue sharing for our servers just like today when the restaurants revenues go up they'll have incentive to sell and make more money, and not take that away from them. maria: i think you're selling me. we're having a debate on the economy all the time and we know that the last time people saved money at the gas pump. what did they do? they went out to dinner. what are you doing these days? >> happily, business are paying very, very good and very, very strong. one thing that they offer restaurants is hope. even when the economy is shaky,
8:34 am
as long as they're offering decent value. people want to be with people. we're seeing really good things. shake shack is doing good things as well. maria: shake shack was a good deal. has anything changed post-deal? >> only it's gotten better, so many people knew about shake shack. it used to be something you knew about. i think the ipo in and of itself gave the company a good boost and wind at the back. being public didn't sort of change the way you operate? >> didn't change it at all. >> danny, good to see you. >> thank you all very much. maria: dagen, great insights as well. big leaders in business and politics, join us for mornings with maria today. and here is some of the best moments from this morning. >> it's in the a blue color. >> it's a pink. >> how perfect. >> and made a run around a very important law that gives citizens access to what the government is doing. the freedom of information act.
8:35 am
it's not really about her e-mails, it's about that act. >> skywalker is how old do you say? >> 64. >> 64, that's not your granddaddy's luke skywalker. >> the luke skywalker from harrison ford. >> i don't care how old he is. >> everybody is calling donald trump an entertainmenter, he's now an entertainer that's now a politician and what's interesting about this you have to walk fighting the high school bully. the only way to beat the high school bully, play his game in a way they don't expect and they're playing right into him. maria: you're a true life rocket scientist.
8:36 am
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8:39 am
>> welcome back. two presidential hopefuls added protection from the secret service. cheryl, good morning. >> that's right, good morning. ben carson and donald trump have met with the u.s. secret service to request protection for the duration of their presidential campaigns much the request comes in response to growing threats against both candidates and increasingly crowded rallies. and the fantasy league draftkings ignoring nevada officials continuing to operate in that state even after calls to shut down immediately and apply for a gambling permit. they'll continue until they're paid out on monday night. and finally, maria, got to check out this video.
8:40 am
this is a kangaroo taking it to the streets of new york. yeah. witnesses first spotted this run a way king roux at the auto shop. he is around for 15 minutes and police corner him and returned to the custody of his owner, in case you're wondering, it's illegal to have a marsupial in new york city. maria: my next question, who is the owner? >> the guy that's known for like owning zebras and stuff and all kinds of animals, and in a house next door to the auto shop. so they weren't surprised by it, but they haven't arrested him this morning, but might today we'll have to keep youmosted. supposedly buster had a good time. >> wonder they have some kind of kangaroo fighting thing going on back there? >> no, no. >> you never know, why the hell would you have a kangaroo. maria: we don't know. do you know?
8:41 am
>> no, the guy, he likes to own exotic animals and that's horrible. no, he's had a zebra. he had a-- some other big game animal they keep busting him for owning the anima animals. >> that's what i want to know, luke skywalker. maria: we'll get data on the housing market index data. i want to talk housing for a second. jeff flock is on this one in glennview, illinois with more. hello, jeff. >> maria, good morning to you, you wills a -- always like to get the perspective from the ground, we're doing that in glennview, illinois. i've got edward r james home builders going on hine us here. a lot of big numbers, informing the fed on interest rates. are you worried about what the fed is going to do? >> no, we do know the. we don't anticipate any change significant enough to make a real dent in the overall
8:42 am
housing market. >> i want to take a look at the site that we're at here. you used to be-- if we take a look at housing starts numbers, they did thicken up. is there enough strength there, do you think, for us to be positive about this? >> you know, i think that the housing start numbers should continue to improve. it's definitely tied to the economy and i think as long as the housing continues to improve. >> maria, we'll look up there as we take a look at mortgage rates. the trend is down and this is still a very good time to buy a house. cheap interest rates. >> by any perspective, mortgage rates are an all-time low and we feel today is a good time to buy. we don't see the conditions changing significantly. and as we go forward. >> jerry, we'll spend all day with him, maria, on the fox business network. take a look at nice houses here, you could have for a song here in the chicago suburbs.
8:43 am
maria: thanks, we'll check back. jeff flock. let's talk about the housing market, keith, because you've got low interest rates and nine years away from the worst collapse that we've seen and yet, janet yellen is talking about how the industry is still recovering. >> yeah, janet doesn't like it, i love it. i love housing. housing and utilities are probably the two best subsector exposure. maria: because of valuations and it's been crushed. >> housing is up for year to date because we've had a nice home price appreciation. relatively low supply and showed starts relative to where they've been versus the bubble. i'm not calling for the bubble, but lower interest rates. showed that the 30-year fixed mortgage has never been below 3%. obviously, we're going to get. we will get kind of a whole new way potentially of demand and it's a rates trade and think of the housing sector.
8:44 am
>> think about late cycle indicators, housing is not one of them. you look at residential construction and it's been lackluster and that housing starts number that we've seen, we actually a need to be building 1.4 million new housing starts in order to keep up with population growth. we've not been doing that. for that reason we think there's more runway to the housing story and mortgage rates, mortgage rates, even if janet yellen and the fed will look at the mortgage rates. they're easy monetary policy that dates back. >> one critical component and why she's somewhat cautious, janet yellen. she doesn't want to raise rates, she knows it will affect housing. >> housing starts, 60% of our small businesses are tied to housing and that's where the jobs come from so this is positive data for 2016 on jobs.
8:45 am
maria: and those are the two guys that have been talking about close to recession and weak economy, why housing? actually, you like housing. >> it's a smart part of the economy and it's not classical cyclical. >> do you think it's a sellers market or a buyers market? for those people outside watching the show and thinking, okay, what does that mean that the housing market looks good. you're talking about investing from an equity standpoint? what about if i want to sell my house or-- >> it's a sellers market. if you look at inventory of housing, it's actually not enough. so if you're a buyer, you have to bid on a home in some places, you're in a competitive situation because we either don't have the labor or we just didn't build enough houses because the builders are not quite back yet. but we get home builder
8:46 am
sentiment out today so we'll see how that shakes out. >> we get existing home sales on thursday and housing starts. >> coming up, sylvester stallone fans, listen up. prize collectibles from the biggest fans and the auction block. tell you about it in a moment.
8:47 am
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8:50 am
they've had a hard time and particularly the millennial generations switched to apps and gadgets and maybe a healthier life style. oprah is stepping in and putting her money there and certainly, this is likely to get a big oprah pop, maria, right at the opening bell. maria: thanks so much. don't forget to start your days with nicole on fbn before mornings with maria at 5 a.m. and rocky, rambo, anything sylvester stallone. there's an auction to get everything stallone. joining us is greg, thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me. maria: you brought some rocky balboa memorabilia. and you brought the gloves and the script. tell us what you brought. >> the incredible iconic rock balboa memorabilia. this is the original script
8:51 am
sylvester stallone handwritten ky. >> love it. >> what's the opening bid? >> $150,000 and i expect more than that. maria: that's the actual notebook that sylvester stallone wrote. >> unlike this my keith. [laughter] >> did you have a farrah foster poster, keith? of course you do. maria: this is freaking me out. you've got blood stained shorts. >> this is sylvester stallone's dna all over. rocky 3. $20,000 and up. maria: and that's just for a collector and the dna, the blood on it, i guess it makes
8:52 am
it all the more authentic? absolutely. [laughter] >> where are you going to get another one. >> this is your chance, maria, start the bidding here. maria: show us. >> rocky two, when rocky won the championship and holds the belt up over his head, we did it. this is the belt. only one of them in the world. this was displayed in sylvester stallone's home, everything. >> why is he selling, for charity? >> excellent question. mr. stallone is a really generous person and a portion of the proceeds from the sale of these is going to benefit military servicemen and women. the gloves are the only gloves that were used in rocky two. rocky two, of course, when he won the championship. and so, these are the gloves that were incredibly worn and
8:53 am
beat to death because he used them throughout entire rocky two and won the championship against apollo creed with them. the starting bid on the gloves $300,000. >> more than the script. maria: the gloves are iconic. >> yeah. the real deal here easier to display the gloves. >> these are 20,000, what if maria wears them? probably more. maria: maria is not going to wear them. she's not wearing them. [laughter] >> the great part about this, sylvester stallone is the first international superstar of his popularity at the very top to have ever sold his memorabilia during his lifetime. we sold john wayne's estate years after john wayne passed away. maria: oh, wow, yeah. >> mr. stallone said the only thing missing from that auction was john wayne. maria: he wants this as his legacy now. >> he wanted to participate in it.
8:54 am
on our website, on, there are videos that we have got mr. stallone sitting in a studio talking about each one of the most 25 iconic items from his entire career and he tells the story about when they started rocky one, they had no money for a budget. the clothes came out of his closet. the leather jacket from rocky one that everybody thinks of him about, and that we are selling in the auction, came out of his closet because they had no budget. maria: is there one item he's not willing to sell and put up for auction? >> if there is, he hasn't told me about it. maria: great stuff. thank you so much. >> thank you. the auction december 18th to the 20th in los angeles and preview is in new york city tomorrow and wednesday. maria: previews tomorrow and wednesday and it's december 18th, and people can go to heritage, right? >> heritage, a landing page just for stallone that has the videos that are only on that page and you can
8:55 am
see actually every one of the 800 items up for auction. there's items for every price range, not just expensive like this, but there's items for 500 or $1,000 that we expect to bring. maria: we'll check it out. great to see you. thank you so much. taking a look at markets, futures pointing to a lower opening because of earnings. keep is right here, we'll be right back. ♪ but i still haven't found what i'm looking for ♪ t you wan? with fidelity's new active trader pro investing platform, the information that's important to you is all in one place, so finding more insight is easier. it's your idea powered by active trader pro. another way fidelity gives you a more powerful investing experience. call our specialists today to get up and running. was your commute? yours? good. xerox real time analytics make
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8:58 am
>> welcome back. new yo new york federal reserve president, bill dudley saying it's too early to consider it. >> too early to consider it? we've got the markets, maybe not. if we do it, gradual, to we should consider it. this reflects the economy slowing, and nothing on the system on an are the ro --
8:59 am
are on system that could be reported as a problem. and the wall street that doesn't do market. maria: we've got earnings to underline that story. anthony, you wanted them to raise and now you don't want them to raise either. >> for a long time i didn't want them to. i thought the data suggested it in the back half of september, and then, with the china crisis, they didn't. had they gone 25 and i didn't think it would have been that big of a deal. the fact that they're not going to go at all now, i think that's a big deal. maria: it shows you that the economy is worse than most people thought. >> it's interesting the fed is shifting a conversation right now because it seems like there was a lot more in the vein of stanley fischer, it doesn't need to be 2% we can shift before that. and you see early indications of inflation, so the threshold has been risen for raising rates for sure. maria: of course, we've got the gdp out of china, the lowest reading since '09.
9:00 am
>> and they made up the number. maria: and you don't believe of the number. thank you for joining us, anthony, thank you so much. keith mccullough loved it today. thanks for joining us. tune in tomorrow, we'll sit down with brady dougan and the winner of the nobel prize for economics. it will begin at 6 a.m. eastern. stuart varney, over to you. stuart: thank you so much. bernie sanders reveals the truth. he wants everyone to pay more. we must be like those europeans. good morning, everyone. we must have paid family leave, says bernie, and we must all pay more for it. higher payroll taxes for everybody, not just the rich. wait until you see the full text. trump puts 9/11 into the election. the hijackers wouldn't have been in america if he'd been a president. a big swipe at jeb and his brother. weeks after china and america talk about hacking, a new report talks about how china


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