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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  October 19, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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host could do as well. oprah rules the world. and does in very thin trish regan know it? bothers me deeply. go ahead. trish: neil, turning into an activist. you heard neil say, we're hearing a lot about it. joe biden will announce whether or not he will make a run for the white house any day now. what could this mean for hillary clinton and, is joe really going to take the leap? i am trish regan. welcome, everyone, to "the intelligence report." fox news says a decision is on the heels of tuesday's debate. many believes hillary's strong performance closed the door. the benghazi testimony this week may swing that door right back open again. joining me with intel on this story, democratic strategist, matt lipman and former massachusetts senator scott brown. matt, you're talking to all the dems out there, what are they telling you whether he is or is not running for president of the
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united states? >> only people that will know that are the people most closely associated with biden. the way i looked at this a few month ago, trish, if there was an open forge bidens let's say in january he would have been running since then. but he saw that hillary had those great poll numbers. now her numbers are still good but i really think he want to run for president, so i'm going to guess that he actually does it. trish: let's talk about the timing. you're guessing he is going to get in. there are a lost deadlines coming up, big filing deadlines, but technically, matt, he still has a few weeks. why would he announce now? >> well, i think he has got to raise money. that is the big issue, something he had problems with in the past. part of what he is calling around about. he has a team ready to go to work for him. but he has to raise money to be competitive. trish: scott brown, curious to get your thoughts in timing. why didn't he do this earlier? hey, he needs money, would be
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better to start earlier rather than later in terms of fund-raising. he seems to be waiting until hillary clinton got through the debate, a debate she did a darn pretty good job at. does it make it harder for him to declare his candidacy today say he had done it the day before the debate? >> let's step back a little bit, he had some personal tragedies rightly so he was dealing with, making sure he and his family were strong ready to move forward. i commend him for taking time methodically and thought fully. that is what he has done he has been always thoughtful and methodical. i said couple weeks ago i thought he would run. i think he should run. people like him and trust him. he offer as different narrative of than hillary clinton. people don't like her and people don't trust. she has scandal after scandal. in terms of money he will be able to raise money especially with the president's backing. he has a lot of president's team in play. trish: keep in mind, you talked about money, senator.
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you look at the funding hillary clinton has gotten thus far and certainly a lot of it, but she is not getting, matt, typical donors, those bundlers that flocked to president obama. are they holding out waiting for joe biden? >> two things. one is, i disagree with scott, who i respect a lot, scott. i respect you a lot, but the obama folks will not be endorsing and obama will not be endorsing biden against hillary. that is -- >> is that wink, wink? >> no there is no wink, wink. number one. number two, hillary is raising a ton of money. she is doing very well. could she always raise more money? are there people going to go to biden? absolutely i think that's true. there will be folks that go to biden that hillary misses out on, yeah. trish: however, as senator brown just said she has a trust issue with voters. this is one of the reasons, we're looking at poll data, 45%. sanders at 29% and biden at 18%.
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my goodness, biden is not even in yet. why on earth a candidate not even running doing as well as that? does it come down to trust factors, likability, factors, do, do i, want to hang out with this person for the next four to eight years factor, scott brown? >> well, obviously trust is a very important factor, when you're dealing with what she's been dealing with, with a lot of, benghazi, email. we all know what's been happening and you look at joe biden, gaffs, he make as ton of gaffs, i can point out personally how many he has made. people generally like him. there is a trust factor and there is a commonality with average american people like about the vice president. >> sure. gaffs aside, he seems like a pretty good guy. but, let's get over to the hillary scandal that continues to haunt her, gentlemen.
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a source telling fox that her private server may have violated the espionage act and fbi is investigating whether she violate ad subsection of that espionage act because of her gross negligence in using her private server. in other words thinking on this one, matt, is that she, for her own purposes, for her own convenience, may have compromised the integrity of the united states of america's security and in doing so, she might have violated this all important. act. >> you and i talked about this before, trish. i think this is incredibly overrated issue. i know you don't. we disagree. i haven't seen what you're telling me. i'm happy to look at it afterward. trish: i have to jump in. why do you think it is incredibly over-- >> i will tell you why. you're going to find, when people start to look, that nearly every government official has used their personal email account in ways that they shouldn't. maybe i'm not supposed to say that. trish: that is one thing.
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wait. let me jump in matt. >> number one -- you're show. trish: no, i want to jump in you're talking about something completely different. i'm talking about her own server. this woman had her own server, not just personal email account so she could effectively keep all that information within her own control. >> i understand that -- >> with all due respect -- trish: let matt answer, then senator. >> i understand that hillary had her own private server. i get it. i again think this is unbelievably overrated issue, i do. what you're finding, trish, in the democratic party polls, not true obviously for republicans, democrats really don't care about this issue that much. trish: really democrats don't care when you look at democratic polling at 35%, sanders 29%. point out for socialist or go to new hampshire. she is now, to her credit after that debate up to 3%.
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sanders giving her a serious run for her money at 35%. i don't know how you can possibly say this doesn't matter. i don't know how you can possibly say voters won't care. senator brown, you know, anybody else would have been held to very different standards and yet, people are willing to give her a pass in the democratic party? people like matt? >> well, first of all, there are two different standards. the clinton standard and the standard for everyone else. somebody in jail right now who worked for the state department for misplacing or deleting one email. if it was anyone else but secretary clinton they would either be tried or potentially be in jail at this point. that being said, it is not just democrats and republicans actually voting in this election. there are independents and undecideds as well. they play a very important role. and they're deeply concerned about her lack of credibility on issue, i participated -- take benghazi. in those hearings in benghazi.
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the fact she was condescending, evasive and aloof and not answering the questions straight, had she said yes, i did have a server, i did have an email personal email account, here it is. gosh i'm sorry i broke the law. whatever comes my way i'm ready to take responsibility. that will never happen. but she doesn't. they deny, they blame. they get angry. same typical pat jeanne to that point, i want to jump in, what she had to say to cnn's jake tapper over the weekend. you can see her trying to laugh this one off. roll tape. >> i know bernie sanders said that, quote, the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails. [laughter]. there are a lot of people who are not. >> well -- [laughter] >> including fbi officials. looking into whether national security was compromised because of this server. trish: can you really laugh your way through that one consistently?
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does it show a lack of understanding about how concerned some people in fact are, matt? >> no. again, you can go back and forth with me every time i'm on, trish. we don't agree how serious this is. i will say, i do think that hillary should not have had a private server. this has not been handled very well at all but in the democratic party people have moved past this. trish: you think it was in error to have private server, that fundamentally in your view was wrong. >> yes. trish: she did it anyway, matt, why are you giving her a pass? >> from her perspective using private emails -- trish: private emails is different than private server. i have a gmail account. i have it here at fox. >> which can go back. you and i disagree. i don't know what else to tell you. trish: you have talking points down. i want jump to donald trump, guys. remember when he told me this? >> the beauty don't need any
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money. i need nobody's money. that is part of the beauty, and a lot of people, very interesting, trish, that resonates with a lot of people. trish: that is part of his appeal, right? he doesn't need to take anybody's money. he doesn't need to kowtow to donors and lobbyists. part of the reason he is on top in national polls. his money claims are on fire in "washington post." the paper claiming that trump has several campaign connections to a giant super-pac with his own campaign. trump is firing back. threatening to sue "the washington post" in response. senator brown, could it be on the side he has super-pac thing going? maybe he wants to use later on down the road? >> well, listen it is something that's available certainly to him and any other candidate. everybody does it. if you don't, you are potentially at a disadvantage. that being said we'll soon find out whether it is fact or fiction. as frontrunner he will be put unmore and more scrutiny.
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that is one of the things i and others always questioned, under that scrutiny will holed up. will he keep his cool? will he act presidential? will he move forward with dignity and grace and act like presidential hopeful or president of the united states? that is the big challenge. we'll find out all that stuff. a lot is in the weeds. i'm not too concerned about it. i want to know where they stand on issues and how they will move our country going forward than take a stab at what is happening to this president. trish: how much does it cost to run presidential campaign? around 200 million or more? >> successful? i think in case of front-runners they will raise a billion doll also in the end. they will have a fortune of money raised for their campaigns. but i have to say this -- scott you're -- trish: let's keep in mind. i'm talking about what is the burn rate on the cash. he would have to sell some assets if he would completely fund this thing entirely himself.
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>> trish, keep in mind, as he said, he hasn't been running all the commercials somebody in the republican field to run. he gets on tv as it is. he doesn't have to do the same advertising other people do. trish: there is a feud that has erupted between donald trump and jeb bush raging over 9/11 with each of them taking jabs over the weekend. take a listen to this, gentlemen. >> if my immigration policies as you know i've been by far the strongest on immigration of all candidates, of everybody, including democrats who are very weak on that, if my immigration policies were in effect i don't know that would have happened because i have very, very strong immigration. not just talking about the southern border. i'm just talking generally speaking. >> he was saying if under his watch he would have been so tough under immigration you wouldn't have run the same risks. overall your thoughts on this issue as it erupts right now,
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senator brown? >> well, first of all, i like donald. i've spoken to him. i understand he is talking about things that people at the dining room tables are talking about. that being said it is very, very easy to monday morning quarterback saying, you know had i been in charge i would have done a, b, c, and d, i find that is really irrelevant at this point. what is important is moving forward -- trish: do you find it disrespectful? >> disrespectful? it is easy to criticize, unless you're in the hot seat. i was talking about immigration forever. not about the question about talking about it. it is actually doing it. the problem you have a dysfunctional congress and you have a president for the last eight years who doesn't want to lead on this issue. doesn't want to be strong on immigration. as a result this is what you get. trish: matt, donald trump is willing to go where no one else is willing to go, right? people said oh, he will not make it after what he said about
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senator mccain. then you saw the next poll and he was up even further. >> yes. trish: so he comes out and says these things everybody is scratching their head. you shouldn't say that but whatever, he is saying it. it may be what people sometimes think. and, sure enough sending him to new popularity records. >> yes. trish: is he going to actually come out of this triumphant and and stand victor in this case? >> scott alluded to this in his last answer, people talk about this around the kitchen table. i think jeb bush is making a huge mistake and i think he stepped in it. he said bush kept us safe when he was president. obviously not blaming bush for 9/11, we weren't safe at that point. that is a fact. for him to continue to defend his brother's administration
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with all the same foreign policy advisors, trump has drawn him into this fight. when you have all these people who used to work for george w. bush going on the air to defend jeb against trump, i think that is win for trump. i think trump is kicking jeb's butt, i really do. trish: how much do you think is premeditated? do you think he is going in there, coming out swinging, my next target is jeb bush and i will go after his brother or you think it just kind of happens? >> i think it is premeditated. i think he has been, been angry since the last debate when jeb said we were kept safe and trump made a comment about that at the time. it has probably gotten undertrumps skin. one thing about the trump campaign it is destroying jeb bush's campaign. it is ruining him. trish: senator brown, how much of this happens? >> i think a little bit of both. i think he is very focused who he is going after, either based on what happened in debate or
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who he is sensing is the next threat. others is throwing dart against the wall and seeing what sticks. and that is what is happening in that respect. but, listen, i, the whole 9/11 president bush being in charge. he brought a great sense of calm to this country. he did what he felt was appropriate. to go back and monday morning quarterback i don't think is helpful. i would stick up for my brother too if i thought it was appropriate. >> that is why jeb bush will not be president of the united states if he has to keep doing that. thanks, trish. trish: don't -- >> neither is hillary. trish: coming up on fox business tomorrow, he joins stuart varney at 9:00 a.m. eastern. new study out shows women should not be on the front lines of combat. now a congressman is demanding that this full report be made public. we have all the details on it. plus if you're on weight watchers having a pretty good day. the stock soaring after oprah took a 10% stake in the country. more on the billionaire's bump
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and what it means for her image and weight watchers. see you here in two. ♪
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trish: all right. another woman in u.s. history makes history here. on friday a 37-year-old engineer became the third woman in history to graduate from army ranger school. comes as the debate surrounding women in combat heats up. democratic congressman from massachusetts is now demanding that the marine corps release data on its new study that shows women in combat were slower, less lethal and more prone to injuries than their male counterparts. so should women be allowed on the front lines?
2:21 pm
former navy pilot lea gabrielle is with us for analysis. leah, good to have you here. let me share with you one of the findings in this study. it showed apparently all-male units outperformed mixed gender on 69% of all combat tasks. females sustained injuries at double the rate of men. why are women not performing as well and why are these groups that are coed, as opposed to single sex men, why are they not performing as well? >> that is a great question and there is no black and white answer to that. and there is no black and white answer to women in combat in general. you have to look what the marine corps was trying to accomplish. they were trying to basically answer the call, that all of the services are supposed to open all jobs to women by january 1st or explain they wouldn't. marine corps put together a task force over period of nine months, first four months they
2:22 pm
did a combat workup training for deployment. they basically did a simulated deployment out of the desert. as seth moulton said, the congressman, the full report is not been released. we're only hearing trickling data. there appears to be a leaked copy online. basically what it comes down do, they were looking at women as a whole in the combat arms community and biggest issue people with the military, allowing them all rolls being open are in infantry unit and special operation. for example, the seals, navy seals. when you look at women the way we're built, we're not built same way as men are. there would be higher level injuries. trish: you should have certain standards. if a woman is strong enough, is able to shoot well enough, all the various things that they measure them on, if they can meet those standards, then shouldn't they be allowed to participate, i think is one of the concerns? >> i think you really have to
2:23 pm
look what our military is designed for. it is not intended to equal opportunity employer. it is intended to be the strongest military in the world, to go protect our country and its assets around the world. so. trish: i guess what i'm getting at, if a woman is strong enough, meets the criteria should she fight on front lines? this is interesting quote from former army ranger in associated press article, he said, if there is a man and women together, they're inevitably will be in some kind of romantic or sexual tension, may be tension between them. this may decrease focus and deter the mission. in other words you can't have them together on the front lines because, you don't know what kind of stuff is going to go on. >> i have been there. i've seen that. that is silly argument for why women shouldn't be on the front lines. the better argument that maybe should or should not be on front
2:24 pm
lines, talks about special operations force or infantry, do the women make the unit stronger? that is the question we have to look at. it is not black and white and come down to how strong you are or individual women. trish: this says they're not and interesting to see the entire study. the congressman is of course pushing to see this made public. we'll see whether that happens. we're out of time. got to run. thank you so much. texas, everyone, will not fund planned parenthood anymore. what does it mean for the ongoing battle at the federal level as we move towards the debt ceiling deadline? we'll see you back here in two. ♪
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trish: all right. winter is coming early to the northeast! in fact, parts of upstate new york, take a look at that, everyone, got a surprising 9 inches of snow over the weekend. lucky them. meanwhile, temperatures in the adirondacks today plunging to a
2:28 pm
frosty 10 degrees, that's really beautiful, isn't it? can you believe it? snow in october, before halloween? ooh! all right, hope this is not a sign of things to come. texas, everyone, is cutting off taxpayer funds to planned parenthood after undercover videos allegedly show its workers bargaining fetal body parts for money. blake burman is here with more. >> reporter: this came in the form of a strongly-worded five-page letter from texas' attorney general, informing planned parenthood earlier today it would no longer receive funding which comes through medicaid. the ig citing the recent undercover video says planned parenthood gulf coast committed and condoned numerous acts of misconduct. here's what the ig said, quote: the state is determined that you and your planned parenthood affiliates are no longer capable of performing medical services in a professionally-competent, safe, legal and ethical american. this would impact just a portion of funding for planned
2:29 pm
parenthood facilities in texas as they also receive money from the federal government and through additional means as well. planned parenthood fired back saying, quote: what's happening today in texas should be a national scandal. it is completely outrageous that texas officials are using thoroughly-discredited, fraudulent videos to cut women off from health care. expect lawyers from here on out. trish? trish: indeed. thank you so much. we want to get reaction right now on the funding to fight planned parenthood from republican presidential candidate mike huckabee. that's going to happen tomorrow at 2 p.m. eastern. in the meantime, art laffer, the former economic adviser to president ronald reagan, joins me right now. art, you know, this is a micro issue, but these social differences are causing some major gridlock on the macro level, especially in washington d.c. we're down to the last nine days. congress has nine working days until we run out of money to pay our debt. what is your prediction on what happens, art? >> i don't think they're going
2:30 pm
to let the debt ceiling close government down. i sure hope they do not because, frankly, the republicans won't win doing that. they really won't. it'll shut down for a while x then they'll have to open it. all sorts of political opinion will go against the republicans. it's happened time and time again. and the real importance is to remember what the goal is. the goal is that top slot in the u.s., the presidency of the united states. and any type of measure along these lines that merely sidelines issues of shutting the government down will really hurt our chances for taking the presidency, and i don't think they should do it. trish: well, donald trump disagrees with you. listen to what he to say. [laughter] he be using this debt ceiling for any bit of leverage he could get off of it. watch this. >> i would use the debt limit -- i don't want to say, i want to be unpredictable because, you know, we need unpredictability. everything is so predictable with our country. but i would be very, very strong on the debt limit, and i would
2:31 pm
be asking for a very big pound of flesh if i were the republicans. trish: art, what do you think of that strategy? do they need to ask for more? >> i don't think -- i disagree with him on that, at least as far as he said. i would love to get some programs -- trish: but that means being willing to run the clock, right? by the way, you can't play a game of bluff and not be willing to take that chance. >> well, i wouldn't. i would not take that chance, but i would be willing to play it right up to the last minute, but i wouldn't tell them i was willing to do that. maybe that's where the unpredictability comes. seriously, you can't shut the government done. all the way back to newt gingrich, it just doesn't work. why would you ever try a strategy that literally doesn't work? i'd love to see government spending brought down, i'd love to see it more than anything, but let's do it where we can succeed. it makes no sense. trish: art, stay with me.
2:32 pm
>> i sure will, thank you, trish. trish: democrats seem to be going full steam ahead on this theme of government handouts. when are they going to realize that, you know what? they can't pay for all this stuff, they can't pay for everything that they're promising? there's some mess here, ladies and gentlemen. also, it appears larry david was born to play bernie sanders. did you see him on nsl? his take here on the presidential candidate this weekend was just uncanny. ♪ ♪ >> i'm to bernie sanders -- [laughter] and come next november, i will be hillary clinton's vice president! [cheers and applause] [laughter] the promise of the cloud is that every organization
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trish: all right. economic growth fell below 7% in the third quarter for china, lowest level since 2009. while this reading did come in better than anticipated, there are a lot of fears out there that china is in serious slowdown mode, and that's going to hurt us back here at home. art laffer still with us as well as ashley webster and liz claman. art, china's to been responsible for one-third of world growth over the past seven years. 6.9%, not great. if it goes much lower, when does it really, really start to hurt us, or has it already? >> 6.9%, trish, is absolutely spectacular. now, i was the first person
2:37 pm
modern times, i was george shultz's staffer going to china in october of 1970. when you look at what china has done, they've been growing at 10% per annum for literally decades, and it's just amazing. 6.9% -- trish: you'll take it. >> what we wouldn't do f here. [laughter] trish: let me ask you this, do you believe it? >> i don't know if i believe it, but i believe it as much as all the other numbers coming out of china. they're all sort of made up, but so are they out of the u.s. look at our revisions -- trish: look at the unemployment, right? 5.1%. >> there you go. look at our unemployment. participation rates have fallen, but hey, we don't look at that. trish: you know, ashley, you're saying you don't believe these numbers. >> no. trish: it could be much, much worse. >> citigroup believes it's less than 4%, but it could be worse than that. trish: all right -- >> they've cut interest rates, they've put a lot of stimulus
2:38 pm
money, there's a lot of pressure on the chinese to offer more stimulus, but by some averages they're spending $3 to get $1 of output. not good. trish: at some point central bank planning, it doesn't work. >> yes. trish: they're pushing on a string, we've been pushing on a string, and at some point you start to think maybe we should be doing things maybe a little differently, liz. >> well, sure, but you could look at china and say our markets didn't really pay attention when their markets jumped 60% to the year highs back in early july or late june and then suddenly there was concern. so you saw that market pull back. why now are we paying attention to china? sure, we export some to them, but it becomes an issue of, yeah, the numbers, the data. are they really reliable? there are a million other ways to calculate it, you can look at electricity generation, cargo shipments, etc. -- trish: but any withdraw look at it, i know art wants to say 6.9%, yeah, believe me, i'd take
2:39 pm
it back here at home. it's not what it was. with that in mind, art laffer -- >> yes. trish: -- a slowdown in china, is it something you're really worried about? are we on stable enough footing that if we enact the right kind of policies -- and i know that you would like to say that means tax cuts -- if we enact that kind of good economic policy here at home, can we skate by and not really be harmed by a slowdown in china? >> yes, we can. if we enacted the correct policies, as china's done for the last 45 years, by the way. they've done an amazing job of cutting government, state-run organizations and sound money free trade. they've done a great job. sooner or later, china's got to stop growing at 10, 1%. i mean, they're getting very, very large, and each percentage increase is getting to be a larger and larger amount of output. at some stage we're going to have to see china slowing down, and if we do our policies correctly, we can skim by that without any problem. trish: ashley, the market's not
2:40 pm
having much of a reaction to this. we're off 14 points on the dow. you might have anticipated a little more trepidation. >> well, we were in that situation two months ago, any negative news out of china, boom, our markets got hit. they were 10% average gdp over three decades? >> exactly. >> they needed to slow down. the question was, was it going to be a hard or a soft landing, as they like to put it. looks a little more bumpy. trish: yeah, it could be hard. ashley and art, liz, we're going to see you at the top of the hour. looking forward to it. donald trump, everyone, says it's about time he got secret service protection and that if he were a democrat, he would have gotten it a whole lot sooner. we're going to look into that. plus, oprah takes a big stake in weight watchers, putting her name and must be behind the company. -- money behind the company. find out why and what it means for her image. ♪
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♪ ♪ trish: hi, everyone. time for a check on these markets. energy stocks right now leading the decline on news that china's economy grew at the slowest pace we have seen in six years. all other commodities right now take a look at your screen lower. morgan stanley taking a hit after reporting turbulence in global markets have hurt its business primarily in the third quarter. the bank's earnings were down 42%, that's well short of analyst estimates. all right, "the intelligence report" is going to be right
2:43 pm
back with more on donald trump demanding secret service protection. is the agency playing politics? he says if he was a democrat, he would have gotten it ages ago. plus, we're going to talk about the democratic party and all the freebies that they're giving out. you know, would jfk have offered this stuff? that's next. ♪ ♪
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trish: all right, everyone. the donald's wish has been granted. the republican presidential candidate, along with rifle ben carson, will -- rival ben carson, will soon receive protection from secret service, armed with nearly two dozen agents as early as this week for both the candidates. now, given the crowds that donald trump is drawing in, is this decision well overdue? i'm back here with democratic strategist matt lippman and former republican senator scott brown. guys, when you look back to president obama's secret service protection, it actually commenced -- i'm going to share with you this -- may 3rd, 2007. so that was much earlier than what we're seeing this time around, at least five months earlier. scott brown, is this a political issue at all? >> i don't think so at all because, first of all, it's not up to the candidates, it's up to the secret service, and that's based on threat assessments. obviously, everyone through the
2:46 pm
process, the primary season, that representative of the party will get that secret service protection regardless. however, if the secret service deems it appropriate that the threats are appropriate, they will issue the secret service protection. so that's what, in fact, probably happened here not only with dr. carson, but donald trump because of the large crowds that they're both getting, i wouldn't be -- and, obviously, hillary clinton gets it as being the former first lady and former secretary of state. and i wouldn't be surprised if bernie sanders ultimately gets it as well. trish: well, you know, donald trump, he may have someone after him because allegedly "el chapo," you know "el chapo," he allegedly tweeted out this: and i can't say it at all. it's all in spanish, we've translated it for you but, again, i can't say this stuff on tv. but you get the innuendo here. keep you know what around -- i'm just not going to go on, you can read it on your screen.
2:47 pm
the threat there from "el chapo" to donald trump. it's been suspected perhaps this might be his son. again, we don't know if this is, in fact, "el chapo" himself. but, matt, you know, you can imagine potentially, you know, donald trump's going to have a few people coming after him for some of the things he has said when it comes to that wall with mexico. >> so, well, two things, trish. first, i'm just going to take a second, because i don't think your audience knows that scott was honored as legislator of the year by a tech trade association that i was a member of, and i think a lot of people miss scott 's leadership on tech issues. so i just wanted to mention that. >> thank you. trish: when was he honored? >> about three years ago by iti, the trade association. >> thank you, man. trish: congrats. >> number two, what i will tell you, trish, on the secret service thing is when obama got that secret service, remember, he was a junior senator from
2:48 pm
illinois. so you could imagine how those people felt about junior senator from illinois getting secret service protection, and i'm assuming this about dodd, he never told he this, and and they don't get that type of protection, i will tell you that i think jeb bush's head is going to explode when he sees trump walking around with secret service protection. trish: you know, running for president, it's all about ego at the end of the day. >> a lot of it is, yeah. trish: secret service protection, what does it say about you? >> yeah. trish: but, you know, you can understand how he may feel as though he needs it. in the case of president obama, he was one of the first african-american candidates to really be succeeding at such a level, and so there was concern that he might be a target n. the case of dr. carson, again, similar situation, senator brown? >> yeah, absolutely. you have the two republican front runners, the threats are real. i can speak firsthand, i have people in jail still as a result of threats that were made against me. it's real --
2:49 pm
trish: wow. >> as a member of congress or any public official, you know, we're public figures. we're always shaking hands out there, glad handling and the like. i think it's completely appropriate to protect the people who are out there trying to represent our country if the threat assessment is made and determined by the secret service and their standards. trish trsh very quickly, though, ben carson is launching this big book tour. he's been back pedaling saying i'm going to do my book tour and campaign at the same time. so one of the things that went through my head as a taxpayer is, i thought, well, am i actually paying for his security on a book tour? or is he, you know, really going to be running for president of the united states? so i think, you know, it's a fair concern, matt, that many voters might have. >> it's a fair concern, that's a fair concern. but i would rather be safe than sorry. ben carson is a presidential candidate, and he's very high up in polls. if the secret service feels he needs protection, i can see why, he also says a lot of
2:50 pm
controversial things, and i'd much rather he be protected. trish: i'm with you on that. thank you very much. >> thank you, matt, thank you, trish. trish: yeah. congrats on that award. call it the oprah bump, the value of weight watchers' stock literally doubled in value after the billionaire took a 10% stake. she's like an activist investor now. more on the tv personality-turned-activist. stay right here. mm hmm. just wanted to touch base. how did edward jones come to manage over $800 billion dollars in assets? huh. okay. here's our latest market outlook. two things that i'd like to point out... through face time when you really need it. so that's interesting, you know we had spoken about that before. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. you can't breathed. through your nose. suddenly, you're a mouthbreather.
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for your free 3-week hearing aid trial! trish trish all right. shares of weight watchers have been on a tear today after oprah announced she's taking a 10% stake in the weight loss company. the billionaire has also been given a seat on the boor. fox business' jerry willis is with me and, gerri, oprah is by
2:54 pm
far one of the most recognizable face on the planet, and we all know the struggle that she has had. it's been a very public struggle with her weight. so what a fascinating thing to see her now involved in weight watchers. >> that's right. that's right. you've got to call her america's biggest yo-yo dieter. she has been on them all, starting back in the '1980s when she did the liquid diets, showing her when she lost 60 pounds. and on her show she rolled in in that little hand truck 60 pounds of animal fat to show you exactly what she lost. more. trish: wow. >> that was probably her lightest as an adult at 160 pounds. she's also weighed 247 pounds. so her weight goes back and forth. this is having she's struggle -- something she's struggled with, and she's now paying $43 million for 10% of the company. trish: so she's an activist here. she's getting in just hike carl icahn. she probably wouldn't appreciate that comparison.
2:55 pm
she is a very smart woman. she's had tremendous success previously in business. you know, you look at the stock today, it's up on the heels of this news. what is it that she might do for this company right now? >> well, i think she's going to advise it, obviously. she will probably take a very big role, is my guess. she never gets into something halfway. trish: why is it in trouble? >> people don't want to use it anymore. millennials in particular think about fitness goals, they don't just think about pounds or calories, and they're using apps like my fitness pal which is a huge success, recently bought by under armour for $400 million. people are finding new ways to achieve the old goals. will they come out with an app? that's entirely possible. maybe they already have one that's just not successful, but oprah's going to lead them to the next big thing. trish: really interesting. >> look, she could have been a spokeswoman, but she's taking an ownership stake. trish: thank you so much, gerri
2:56 pm
willis, everyone. it seems all the democratic front runners can't give enough way on the taxpayers' dime, of course. my intel on this, up next. ♪ ♪
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>> i want you to have a special discount to be able to pay off your loans. >> every kid in this country should be able to get a high school education regardless of the income of their family. i think we have to say that is true for everybody going to college. >> i know we can afford it because we're going to make the wealthy pay for it. that is the way to get it done. trish: hillary clinton and bernie sanders talking about all their freebies that they would be giving voters on taxpayers' dime, you know, whether this is free childcare, free college, free health care, paid time off for moms and dads. has this always been what the democratic party was about? listen to this, folks. >> my fellow americans, ask not
3:00 pm
what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. [applause] trish: different day and age. anyway, that's going to do it for today's edition of "the intelligence report." we're sending it over to the final hour of trading, liz claman, take et away. liz: trish, the dow jones industrials had been down 86 points, look at it right now, erasing most of their losses, down just 15 points. okay, you could say that the markets overall aren't exactly flying high today, but this may be, actually, a much better market than it looks after china's gdp reading came in below 7%. it actually beat estimates, but morgan stanley missed earnings estimates, the oil world is selling off, but here we have the dow still down just 15 points. the s&p is also coming back. it had been down 10. look at it now. it is pretty much trying to make a go of the flatline, down just about three points. breaking news this afternoon,


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