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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  October 19, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. [applause] trish: different day and age. anyway, that's going to do it for today's edition of "the intelligence report." we're sending it over to the final hour of trading, liz claman, take et away. liz: trish, the dow jones industrials had been down 86 points, look at it right now, erasing most of their losses, down just 15 points. okay, you could say that the markets overall aren't exactly flying high today, but this may be, actually, a much better market than it looks after china's gdp reading came in below 7%. it actually beat estimates, but morgan stanley missed earnings estimates, the oil world is selling off, but here we have the dow still down just 15 points. the s&p is also coming back. it had been down 10. look at it now. it is pretty much trying to make a go of the flatline, down just about three points. breaking news this afternoon, the federal government has just
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taken a controversial step closer to regulating what could be your christmas presents? the faa says it's going to to me at warp speed to make sure the skies are safe when it comes to drones. drones are expected to be one of this year's hottest holiday gifts, and the federal aviation administration today announced, you know what? we are planning to require not just commercial drone operators to register these things, but now we will require even recreational operators or so-called hobbyists to register. here's why this matters to you. the consumer electronics association says it expects 700,000 of these will be sold this holiday season. pilots hot under the collar about the safety issue. they have reported some 100 per month or 650 close calls with drones in just the first eight months of this year. the fear? that a rogue drone intentionally or accidentally could bring down a major american aircraft. we go inside the fight which is heating up right now. and donald trump still the
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clear front runner in the republican race for the white house, but will his new line of attack on jeb bush be a knockout punch for that candidate, or has trump crossed the line by assigning blame for 9/11 on bush's brother? our political panel takes up the issue. and retired four-star general jack keane is coming in. we need him to weigh in on the increasingly horrific violence in israel that ramped up this weekend. we are less than an hour to the closing bell, let's start the "countdown." ♪ ♪ liz: while the markets may be getting a little banged up due to banks today, and that's because morgan stanley this morning reported a 42% profit plunge, there is a bright spot in the economy, home builder sentiment. the home builder sentiment index, we thought we'd start with some actual decent news because it shocked the market morning when it came out. the index is rising to its highest level in ten years. meaning that at least one sector
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of the economy is feeling pretty confident. that's the sentiment that's happening with the home builder world. but today we're getting this major revelation in the last couple of hours from the faa. the government is set to add a new set of regulations on those who own and fly recreational drones,touching off a debate between those who fear a major aviation accident is inevitable and those free market capitalists who see the future of drones as a major revenue stream for years to come. we've got both sides of the argument, because this has just developed in the last couple of hours. we have the ceo of measure, the nation's leading drone as a service company. they rent out drones for commercial issues and all kinds of companies, corporations. captain chuck nash is a fox news military analyst and retired naval captain. both sides represented here but, brandon, from what you know these new regulations require that people will have to register their drones. is this going to ruin your
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business? >> no. well, first, thank you very much for having me on. i think this is a next step for the faa in a long series of steps they've been taking to regulate commercial drones and consumer drones. their mission is really about safety, and they're really trying to make sure that if an accident does happen, that we can identify the person responsible for it. you know, measures in the business of providing commercial drone services and -- measure's in the business of providing commercial drone services. we're bound by regulation it is faa has already put on us. liz: correct. >> frankly, with a million new drones potentially flying in the air over the holidays, we're just as concerned about a hobbyist potentially endangering our operations or even a commercial airliner. liz: well, that is the issue, captain nash, and you as a payment have probably looked at this and said 650 reported close calls? listen, defining a close call is a whole different ball game, but pilots don't overstate certain things, as i would imagine.
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how worried are you about drones, and does registering them even do something? >> well, i think back to brandon's point, the faa, what they're trying to do is, you know, after the mishap assess culpability, and it's a little late at that point to do that -- liz: exactly. >> although, you know, it's helpful in assessing blame. but i'm not concerned about brandon's operation, i'm concerned -- as you point out, liz -- about the hobby itself or someone nefarious who's intentionally trying to do something. most of the hobby drones are line-of-sight things. we're going to start regulating remote-controlled airplanes? they've been around for decades. so this is about the use of something. you buy your son or daughter a green laser for christmas, and they go out and start lazing a helicopter at night, it all depends on who's operating this thing. you can use it for good or for ill. liz: let me tell you something that happened recently. a southwest airlines jet was on
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its final descent near lax in los angeles, and it reported a drone within 4,000 feet. brandon, i would imagine that at 4,000 feet that may very well be a commercial drone. listen, over 55 pounds, that sends me over edge because i think captain nash is right. great, you register it, now we know who brought down an airliner. >> yeah. i think we have to do a lot better job of educating both consumers and commercial drone operators about what is safe. liz: should they be christmas presents? should we be even allowing that? >> i think it's really hard to say that we're going to restrict what people and cannot buy. i mean, for years now people have enjoyed using remote-controlled helicopters and airplanes. i think it's hard to tell them, look, you're not going to be allowed to buy these types of aircraft. the issue is we've got to find a way for people to enjoy the technology because it is neat, it is cool. people want to why this -- liz: oh, there are all kinds of clubs.
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captain nash, brandon's company is registering, doing the right things and making sure they have the things that they need. you need altitude reporting equipment. i bet brandon is following everything to the tee. it is, a, the nefarious people or, b, the complete idiots out there who are flying these things. and then you adamson to the pack, they'll -- amazon to the pack, they'll probably do things correctly, but you've got every company that wants to deliver tacos to a dorm room. let's say helicopters. >> well, yeah. the thing that bothers me more about the corporate package delivery things or taco delivery things is, you know, who is going to be liable when one of those things loses power or bumps into a building and falls and hits a windshield of a car that now goes out of control and runs up on a bus stop and kills three people? you know, this is getting a little bit out of control because people are jumping way too far ahead with the technology and their ideas, and
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they're doing that because in some cases to enter into a new realm of technology you have to overpromise. what typically happens is you overpromise, you underdeliver, and things sort of come back to a medium point. right now i think we're still going to have the delivery driver bringing us our pizza and tacos, and amazon is going to look at that, and as soon as the first lawsuit happens, that's going to shut down. liz: we began with brandon, we'll end with captain nash. we thank you both. this is a discussion that continues because all they're saying now is they will fast track recreational drone owners and, of course, commercial drone owners, to register. it's great to have you both, thank you very much. >> thank you, liz. liz: it is something different in the skies that worries president obama, climate change. are the nation's ceos as concerned about it? top business chiefs flooding the white house today to meet with the president to hash out the best way to address the issue. who was there? berkshire hathaway energy, pg&e, hershey's, intel, johnson & johnson.
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these are some of the companies who sent their ceos to the white house. but what everybody might be waiting for is something that's supposed to happen this hour. one speaker in particular, vice president joe biden will speak at that summit this hour. joe biden has been dominating today's headlines -- not to mention the past couple of weeks. there's an announcement that, listen, supposedly imminent as to whether he'll jump into the 2016 presidential race. to fox news white house correspondent kevin corke who's been following the developments of the summit. he's joining us live from the white house. kevin, i mean, the summit is certainly a value, but is the veep eclipsing the president's event here? >> reporter: you know, sometimes that just happens, right? it's par for the course here in washington. you end up with a story that completely sucks the air out of the room, and in this case -- in particular when you're talking about the vice president of the united states. so we have been reporting here on fox news all day thanks to my colleague ed henry that joe biden, the vp, is expected to announce a run for the white house in 2016 sometime perhaps in the next couple days,
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although we don't have that locked down yet, liz, what that timing might look like. he is expected to announce a white house run. i also think it's instructive to look at process, sort of step back just a second and try to figure out what goes into a decision like that. i asked the press secretary, josh earnest, that today and listen carefully to what he had to say about what vice president biden may be considering this time around. >> there's one fundamental question that has to be answered before he can consider a whole range of other tactical questions, and the first is about your own desire and commitment to running the kind of campaign that we all know takes a significant personal toll. life on the campaign trail is arduous, and it's a difficult challenge. and i do think this is something that the vice president has considered as well which is that
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those kinds of questions are far more important than questions about anybody else's campaign. >> reporter: anybody else's campaign like, i don't know, former secretary of state hillary clinton's campaign, for example. by the way, with her benghazi committee hearing coming up on thursday, a lot of people here, liz, feel like joe biden will make that announcement before that point. but i should point out one last thing. larry sabato, the renowned political observer from the university of virginia, told me today the clinton campaign really, really, really, really -- [laughter] does not want joe biden to get into this race, but it looks like it's going to happen. liz: four reallies there. kevin, thank you. kevin corke at the white house. the closing bell ringing in 49 minutes. you know, i was trying to remember the last time nasdaq had a stock jump 113% in one single day. happening today. when oprah invests, the markets listen. oprah piling on pounds of weight watchers' stock, and it's the stock that's gaining massive weight at this hour. we'll show you.
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and trump versus jeb as the billionaire bashes bush's brother actually blaming the former president for the 9/11 attacks. >> i'm not blaming george bush, but i don't want jeb bush to say my brother kept us safe, because september 11th was one of the worst days in the history of this country. ♪ ♪ ♪ every insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. for those who've served and the families who've supported them, we offer our best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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liz: breaking news, with 45 minutes to go before the closing bell rings, we keep stressing this, it could have been a lot worse today with china coming out with numbers below 7% for the first time in years. it's not killing our markets right now. the transports are up 19, dow is down only 8 points. well, call in the oprah effect. she mentions a book, it becomes a bestseller. she invests in shares of weight watchers, look ott your screen, they are -- on your screen, up 112%, not even at the highs of the session. oprah announced she's going to be taking a 10% stake in the weight management company. stock took off. the media mogul will also join the company's board of directors and act as a program adviser. stock absolutely loves it. but on the other hand, competitor nutrisystem is experiencing some unwanted
3:17 pm
weight loss, ntri is falling about 9% right now. we need to update you on a worrisome situation friday that developed at united airlines, the company navigating some executive turbulence. the stock is up right now but was down on friday when questions about the health and future of brand new ceo of oscar moon miss arose on friday. he suffered a heart attack. few details about his health have been released since then. there were reports suggesting the board may be looking for an interim replacement. the air hawaiian is set to report -- airline is set to report this thursday. not good when the company isn't keeping shareholders apprised of what's going on. here's my question to you, can you win the presidency in america without so-called fat cat, wall street, superpac money? the 2016 race may just answer that question for the first time. the three front runners breaking
3:18 pm
the mold so far, billionaire donald trump, retired neurosurgeon ben carson and vermont senator bernie sanders, all raising money the so-called honorable way, through small personal donations of less than $200 apiece, forgoing superpacs that candidates normally rely upon. this as sanders in a new post-debate new hampshire poll keeps his lead over hillary clinton. joining us now, chris han, along with ed rollins, former principal white house adviser to president reagan. gentlemen, this is a story about how small donors mean big leads for these three. we'll get into alleged connections with superpacs donald trump has, but for now he says he doesn't need people's money. chris hahn, i would say that it's ben carson and bernie sanders who are the standouts here because they don't have any of that. >> well, bernie sanders, for sure. ben carson is doing kind of it
3:19 pm
in a circumspect way, doing a lot of direct mail fundraising, but bernie sanders is clearly a movement. look, when you're running for president and you're getting a lot of media attention, the rules don't always apply as they would for any other race or if you're a tradition allocate that really needs to build an organization. that said, when we get into the nitty-gritty of voting, organization matters, money matters and really big money's going to matter when it comes right down to it. i'm sure ed will agree. liz: well, there's a book about this, ed. what's the advantage of not bellying up to the so-called fat cat? >> you get to run your campaign the way you want to run it. the problem with the superpacs is you have an alternative campaign that you can't have coordination with. your campaign manager can't be saying this is the kind of ad we want to to put up there. i think this is the first year we've had the superpacs trying to run on full scale. perfect example is jeb bush.
3:20 pm
he has a campaign with clash 100 -- $100 million in california that's a superpac, and he has a campaign in miami that's running out of money. obviously, it's not working well for him. liz: all right. but the question is can you win without superpac and wall street money all through the campaign? >> i don't think you can. you need organization to, you need -- liz: ed, can you? >> you need money. the bottom line is you need money. can you raise money as obama did and other candidates have with smaller donors? you can. you just have to get to big, big figures, and i think to a certain extent -- the critical thing that's happening with carson and sanders and what have you is they're getting the media time, and you can't pay for the kind of media time -- >> right. >> when you're doing 15, 20 states, you've got to buy your advertising, and you basically are competing. liz: yes. and donald trump hasn't had to spend any money on advertising. he said he wasn't blaming george w. bush for 9/11, but it really came out that way. i want you to hear what happened
3:21 pm
on mornings with maria this morning where fox contributor and hedge fund manager anthony scaramucci finally spoke up, according to some people, who said it's about time somebody talks down donald trump. here's what anthony said. >> this is the type of behavior that you want running the presidency? somebody's got to stand up and talk to the american people in a way that they'll understand and say, hey, this is not the guy. finish. liz: donald trump blamed jeb bush's brother. that's what it came off to a lot of people, chris. how is that going to go? >> yeah, you know, look, nobody says it's his fault completely, but to say he kept america safe during his presidency is just not true. there was one day where we were really not safe, and i don't think americans felt safe during that entire presidency, what was going on in this country. so, i mean, i think that there's a bit of a problem there for, you know, for jeb, and i think most american agree that, look, the policies of george w. bush has made us less safe in the long run. donald trump's been saying it very clearly.
3:22 pm
liz: ed rollins, you were the one who called scott walker leaving the race. who's next to leave? >> i think there's several. they don't have money. we just got a report -- bottom line is polls don't matter, and debates eventually don't matter. what does matter is money, just as we're saying here. >> right. >> there are six or seven candidates, including my old friend mike huckabee, there's no money. so you can't go on -- liz: on the democratic side, is there money for lincoln chafee? why is he still in the race? >> there's no one on that stage other than sanders who's got a grassroots outside the beltway type of a campaign and hillary that belongs. she's the only one that could be president on that field. in our group there's probably three or four this can be president, and most of them ought to get out of the race and let it get down to a couple of people against trump. liz: interesting. by the way, while you guys were talking, the dow briefly touched the green side. >> a good thing for us. [laughter] liz: exactly. we need to let everybody know that donald trump will answer that very issue with stuart
3:23 pm
varney tomorrow. stuart is going to talk to donald trump about that and a lot of other issues. stuart doesn't back down from anybody. donald trump right here, 9 a.m. eastern on the fox business network. 38 minutes before the closing bell rings. up next, charlie gasparino's coming down. he's about to tell us about major changes coming to the new york stock exchange that could be causing the nasdaq to hit all-time highs. look at the nas right now, up 14 points to 4,901. charlie's breaking it right here. and treasury secretary jack lew told us last week in a fox business exclusive he plans to, quote, honor alexander hamilton when the redesign comes to the $10 bill. but hamilton's already being honored in a whole new way. we'll tell you how coming up. and we asked you what you think about the u.s. treasury and what it should do with the $10 bill. glenn tweeted: if a woman must be on it, why hasn't betsy ross been mentioned? red and gold tweeted: keep
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hamilton! his accomplishments deserve to be recognized. and, david, you went off topic. liz -- [laughter] liz claman on the $100 bill. nice. visit us on social media. you can leave all your thoughts @liz claman or liz countdown coming right back. will the dow turn positive again? we'll see. (patrick 1) what's it like to be the boss of you?
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and the next great idea could be yours. ♪ ♪ liz: your teenagers think the founding fathers are apparently cooler than jay-z. on your screen the hottest broadway show of the season, hamilton. the broadway musical blend of r&b, hip-hop and rap, the dance, all of it is burning up the rap music charts. the soundtrack is ranked fourth
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now among rap albums this week, just behind artists drake and future, fetty rap and matt miller. it brings to mind my exclusive interview with treasury secretary jack lew last week and replacing alexander hamilltop on the $10 bill with a woman. listen. >> we are going to honor alexander hamilton, but we're also going to have women on our currency. ly hiz okay. himhamilton's safe. i'm telling you, i'm getting this sense -- you heard it here -- somewhere he's going to be on that bill for now. >> i like fetty, by the way, i'm a fan. liz: i kind of like drake, but i love hamilton. my kids are rapping the hamilton soundtrack. at the box office, from music to movies, a spooky classic scares away the competition. sony's goosebumps earned $23.5 million starring jack black. it took the top spot in its first weekend.
3:30 pm
the family-friendly flick beat "the martian" by a hair, but it's been out there for a while, earning $21.5 million in its third week. coming in third, bridge of spies at $15.4. crimson peak took fourth. let us get to the nasdaq stock, ndaq. it is hitting an e -- a new all-time high, could it be related to changes at the new york stock exchange, its competitor? remember the day the new york stock exchange suspended trading back in july, right in the middle of the day for nearly four hours? now it looks like the exchange is taking extra precautions to make sure they have a backup plan and, charlie, you say that's a positive for nasdaq. >> well, i think traders are viewing it as a positive for nasdaq right now. i don't know if they should or not, but that's what's going on. what's interesting about this rule is what it does to the floor of the stock exchange. this rule was published, if they're asking the sec for this rule, the new york stock
3:31 pm
exchange has to get approval to do this, but they're asking the sec, and they filed this late friday so no one saw it til this morning. in any event -- liz: sounds like walmart. >> yeah, it does. sounds a little like walmart, although the stock didn't tank as much. this new rule allows them to open up new york stock exchange's list of stocks electronically as opposed to on the floor. what does that mean? new york stock exchange is running around saying this is only because of -- liz: in emergencies? >> natural disasters. but if you read the fine print of this rule, they can open it anytime. so if there's an issue that happened like what happened in july that prevented the opening of a stock, they can use an electronic opening of the new york stock exchange. now, we should point out a lot is not known about this, and we're still trying to digest it. everybody's trying to read this and digest it. we don't know the parameters of this rule. do they want carte blanche to open it anytime they want electronically w
3:32 pm
bypass what's known as the direct market makers? designated market makers in these stocks which are, essentially, floor traders and specialists? liz: they're trying to get rid of those guys. >> okay, i'm just saying -- liz: and i.c.e., by the way, they own the new york stock exchange. >> and jeff sprecher, never a big fan of floor traders, okay? of the floor. so this looks like, at least on its face no matter what the new york stock exchange is saying, and their official statement saying this is a direct sort of response to superstorm sandy which closed down the new york stock exchange, they didn't have -- they didn't have the technology to open their stocks electronically, now they will. although it sounds like they waited a long time. liz: look at the nasdaq stock for the nasdaq. >> right. liz: it is way above the 52-week high, when you go above it, you can see it, ndaq, that's what it's doing. >> on a down day. liz: yep. >> and this is where the new york stock exchange is, i think, not leveling with the investing public. they say that this new rule is
3:33 pm
related to superstorm sandy and the issues they faced not being able to open the markets. but if that's the case, why did it take years to propose this? it seems very ironic that just months after the electronic outage in the middle of the day that stopped trading for several hours, that they would come up with this thing worrying they couldn't open stocks if they had a similar electronic issue. that's what we're hearing. i will tell you this, floor traders are worried this would further erode their status at big board, no doubt about this. and i think the big board should come on the air and explain exactly what's going on here. liz: mr. farley is always president. >> i met him the other day. liz: and? why isn't he here? [laughter] >> that's a good question. liz: how'd that go? >> it went very well. liz: did he offer you candy? >> no, he offered to buy me a drink. liz: that's even better. i'll take candy. >> i drank club soda. liz: good for you. you had to be on point.
3:34 pm
charlie, thank you very much. what the nyse's doing turns out to be a benefit to the nasdaq. the force awakens officially tonight. we'll tell you what "star wars" fans get at halftime of tonight's monday night football matchup even if you're not a football fan. and another deadly attack in israel leaves experts wondering if the recent violence could cascade out of control. former army vice chief of staff, general jack keane, calls it right here next on "countdown." ♪ ♪
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liz: we need to show you this, breaking news. southern israel, video of people running for cover yesterday after a gunman opened fire at a bus station. the gunman turns out to be an
3:39 pm
arab, not a palestinian, killed a 19-year-old israeli soldier, wounded ten ore others. an err tree january migrant also was killed. officials say the motivation is not clear about what motivated that shooter, but what is clear is that the violence between palestinians and israelis in the region is ramping up. retired four-star general jack keane is here, fox news military analyst. general, the situation is on the verge, it feels, like exploding. what needs to be done right now to prevent that? >> well, i think, certainly, the obvious is the leaders have got to get control as much as they can of the passions and emotions that are involved here. and that's something the prime minister, netanyahu, and also president abbas, secretary kerry on the ground in israel, that's where he should be, right at the point of this thing trying to help out. i also think the king of jordan, you know, king abdullah should be involved because they have a relationship with the shrine. i think if he's convinced the israelis are going to take all
3:40 pm
the necessary prevention to insure that that mosque is not going to be violated in the future, which is what started this awful scene that's been, you know, playing out for a week, if those assurances can be given, i think that's a start in the right direction. liz: yes. the attack on the tomb of joseph really got emotions very high. that was a situation that got a lot of attention. but is barricading neighborhoods the answer? i mean, so far that appears to be, along with heightened alert, the one move that we're seeing. >> well, you know, the first responsibility of any head of state, in this case, you know, the israeli prime minister, is to make certain that his people are secure. liz: well, you know what, general? i think what he's doing in that regard is saying shoot to kill. if somebody pulls out a kitchen knife, which seems to be the weapon of choice of palestinians or an apple peeler, that's what they're doing. they're stabbing people, and
3:41 pm
he's saying shoot to kill because israelis have died from those attacks. they have a right to defend themselves -- >> he's doing two things. one of the things you just mentioned, the other, also, is he's putting up barriers. listen, when we had the intifada and we had thousands of terrorist attacks on israelis in the past in the major cities, there's things that shut that down, the's railly security walls -- the israeli security walls. now he's putting up more barriers. i think they're largely temporary to gain control so he can control the access of people moving from one place to another, make certain they don't have a weapon. so that's the immediate -- liz: what is president abbas doing? >> well, we have less visibility of what he's doing, quite frankly. i'm not convinced he's doing all he can to tamp down this thing. and while this seems spontaneous and teenagers are involved up until this gun shooting that took place today, you know, when you're dealing with the middle east, sometimes what appears
3:42 pm
obvious may have a veil of mystery surrounding it, and sometimes you've got to pull back that veil of mystery to understand that the movement may have been, in fact, more organized than we think. i have no evidence to prove that, i'm just looking at this stuff, you know, 40 years. it's usually more complicated than what it seems. liz: before we let you know, lieutenant colonel ralph peters said on friday that the palestinians -- due to isis' involvement in grabbing all the headlines, and this was his quote, have been relegated to a side show and they're trying to get attention once again. do you think that has anything to do with their drive? >> i don't know. i mean, the numbers here that are involved are small, obviously, and it doesn't appear to be a movement that's driven by leaders. the reality is isis is the most successful terrorist organization in modern times. it owns territory, it's expanding to seven other countries and has a worldwide
3:43 pm
following. i mean, al-qaeda itself has difficulty competing with something like that. liz: wish we could ring fence it, but we can't right now. general jack keane, thank you very much. >> good talking to you, liz. liz: closing bell ringing in 18 minutes. so murphy's law, anything that can go wrong will go wrong, was nowhere to be found when it comes to the new york mets. everything went right for the team, but what happens as the series shifts back to chicago? jeff flock is in the heart of cubs' country with something that could be a more depressing thought not for the cubs, but for the homers. >> reporter: we've got to be optimistic whether we're a cubs fan -- [inaudible] [audio difficulty] going to show you up close and personal -- [audio difficulty] stay tuned. ♪ they say that in life, we shouldn't sweat the small stuff. but when you're building a mercedes-benz, there really is no small stuff. every decision... every component... is an integral part of what makes the 2016 c-class
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3:48 pm
news in the daily fantasy sports game scandal story. the breaking news at this moment, draft kings is just reporting that an independent investigation found that the employee who won $350,000 by playing in competitor site fan duel's contest did not use nonpublic inside information while making his bets. over the weekend draft kings accepted entries from nevada for its nfl and post-major league baseball contests over the weekend, outright ignoring orders from nevada state regulators to cease all operations immediately because nevada says, you know what? it is gambling. and that needs to be regulated. fan duel and other smaller rivals of the site have already ceased their operations in the state, but draft kings says, nah, we're still doing it. well, a lot of people who care nothing about pro football will be keenly watching monday night football tonight. why? because the force reawakens sometime during halftime.
3:49 pm
a new trailer for the latest installment in the famed "star wars" series will be unveiled tonight during the giants/eagles matchup on espn. so even if you despise both of these teams, you're going to be watching because following the launch for the trailer, advance tickets will be available for purchase everywhere that movie tickets are sold. shares of disney that's putting out the movie up another percent at $109.40 a share. and it's on to chicago for the national league championship series. the new york mets defeated the cubbies 4-1 last night in game two, putting the mets up 2-0 in the series. mets' infielder daniel murphy with a two-run homer against jake arrieta, becoming the eighth player in major league history to hit a home run in four straight postgame seasons -- postseason games. you notice they're being very gentle in their dog piles.
3:50 pm
that actually happened at the michigan/michigan state game. somebody celebrating, one of the players broke his leg or his hip. be careful, guys. you've got a long series going. new housing data out today shows home builders are feeling the bomber -- barometer hit a tn of year high in october. jeff flock is in the heart of, well, cubs' country at a former naval air station that's being redeveloped into residential housing, and he's got jerry james with him. jeff? >> reporter: ah, legendary home builders edward r. james homes, you are looking at the definition of optimism in the industry. put the numbers up, that home builder index. you guys have never been as positive in the last ten years as you are today. tell me why. >> we're still in business. i mean, that's -- a lot of our brethren are not in the business and, fortunately, we survived, and i think things have dramatically improved.
3:51 pm
>> reporter: you are a private company, if we take a hook at the home builders -- look at the home builders' index, those are the guys that build most of the homes these days, but you still have a pretty good share. >> for a private, i think we have an excellent share. we have typically focused on the in-fill location, and that seems to be envogue today. >> reporter: as opposed to going out in the cornfields and that sort of thing. there are other people that are not as optimistic as we look here, barclays just put out a report, and their analysts said penalty-up demand, the idea that there are buyers in the pipeline waiting to pull the trigger, but when can you expect them to pull the trigger? these millennials, when are they going to buy one? >> the behavior of the millennial, there's been a lot of discussion about whether they'll be renters and fundamentally different than their parents. our take is eventually they start to form families, and they'll want a house too. >> reporter: they grow up someday. >> that is correct.
3:52 pm
but there's a variety of reasons why they might not want to billion trigger. they might have a great fixed interest rate, any number of factors. and the other factor, they may not have found the location that they can buy into. >> reporter: gotcha. jerry james also tells us, liz, that the fed moved 25 basis points, not a big deal. it's not going to have a huge impact, so maybe that happens and all is good. blue skies in chicago for the cubs too maybe tonight. tomorrow night. liz: ask him if he likes stainless steel sinks. i'm redoing a kitchen. >> reporter: liz is redoing her kitchen, stainless steel sink, is that a good idea? >> we can give her one. we sell them here. >> reporter: you see why he's a pro. [laughter] liz: it's all about the stainless steel sink. vice president joe biden has just started delivering remarks at the summit on climate and the road through paris event. the event, at the white house,
3:53 pm
is bringing together the vice president, senior administration officials, the president, federal agencies and business leaders, lots of ceos there to discuss domestic and international climate efforts ahead of the big meeting in paris where they are expected to discuss this. now, word has been to fox news -- and we've confirmed it -- that his announcement as to whether he would run for president is imminent. he has not said anything. we are monitoring the speech. we doubt that this would be the forum during which he would make that announcement, but if it happens, we'll jump right to it. closing bell, we're seven minutes away. looking for portfolio home runs during this baseball season? our countdown closeer gives us his check next. can we make it into a green day? we shall see. stay tuned. ♪ ♪
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3:56 pm
melissa: well, the dow just turned positive, it's very tentative here, the nasdaq also in the green but the dow
3:57 pm
up 5 points, pretty darn good considering earlier today it was down 86. it's not just the mets and the can be you see who have to worry about hitting home runs in this volatile environment, you the investor need to be trying to pick off a few homers as well, mark leem an, president is playing batting coach here. mark, on any given day, we don't know what's happening with the markets so what are the tried and true coaching tips you have for picking some winners right now? >> i think liz we've had a lot of volatility over the last 60 days and the winners of the calendar 15 are the rest of the year and when you see third quarter earnings. so we're sticking with names we like like apple and facebook and amazon, they've been doing very well, i think they're going to have great third quarters. melissa: you know what i hate, i don't know like when people come and say this market is impossible to rush warned you've got nike, starbucks,
3:58 pm
there are ways to pick winners in a mediocre market, are there not? >> there are and, you know, the people we talk to, the institutional investors, they're not paid to work with cash, and we had an opportunity about six weeks ago when the market was down 7 or 8% to pick up some of these great companies. as you remember facebook traded in the 80s, amazon was down 7, 8%. there's chances to pay attention to these companies. you don't want to buy all of your portfolio day one but there are great companies who have not missed one quarter, one beat and are gaining market share and those are the markets we're focusing on. liz: well, ibm, you look at that company, quarter after quarter missing on revenues, dropping, is that a name just for the yield that you would go into? what's the point of that? and warren buffett, by the way, has 70 plus million shares of it. i don't get it. >> yeah. that's a name from the past. you have other names tough time maintaining market share,
3:59 pm
like oracle to some of the new cloud-based vendors. that's the place we're focused on. i think some of those historic companies are good yield-oriented companies but in terms of growth not going to find it there and i would not expect ibm to beat the expectations. liz: they're coming out in just minutes so stay tuned and great to see you mark. and, by the way, while you were speaking, every single index has now turned positive. when an interesting final hour this have been to have seen almost everything red now to the upside, the dow is up 15 points, s&p, nasdaq, russell, david and melissa, take it from. melissa: thank you very much, liz. david: meanwhile a little political news we want to get to, trump versus jeb over the 9/11 terror attacks, what this fellow republican candidate think of all of this. we'll ask him. >> and bernie sanders wants to the rich to pay for freebies. david: only so much to go around.
4:00 pm
and pushing for peace in israel but has america lost its ability to affect any change in the middle east? . melissa: but first the dow turning positive, it is inching higher as the closing bells sound on wall street right now. here's a look at the numbers where we are ending the day here as you can see the bell closing there and right now the dow up about 20 points. 19 points a tenth of a percent, the s&p just inching in the positive territory, the nasdaq four-tenths of a percent. david: and while markets wait for tomorrow, here's everything you need to know right now. donald trump doubling down on his heated battle against jeb bush over the 9/11 world trade center attacks. tension escalating after trump slammed former president bush on fox news on sunday. joining me now with the very latest, blake berman live from washington d.c. what's the -- i saw the back and forth once. i imagine it has gone even further. >> yeah. this happened yesterday then kind of trump renewed it a little bit today


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