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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  October 19, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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lou: diana, i'm sorry to do this, we're right flat out of time. i appreciate it, come back soon, scott, join us again. we're going to be taking this up a lot in the days and weeks ahead. the and did you say russia headed toward military conflict, 66% of you say "yes." we thank you for being with us, join us tomorrow. good night. lisa: welcome to the best monday of the week. i am still watching larry david's turn as bernie sanders from saturday night live this weekend, a lot of people watching nodding their heads going, oh, nice, bernie sanders playing himself on snl but larry wasted no time going full sanders. >> i'm going to dial it right up to a ten. go right ahead. we're doomed. we need a revolution. millions of people on the streets. lisa: i loved it so much. and all larry had to do was exaggerate some of bernie's claims and tag on some classic
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larry logic and we were gleefully walloing in the euphemism. >> i don't have a super pack, i don't even have abackpack, i don't have underwear, some of these billionaires have three or four pairs. . lisa: i love it so much, sanders presidency seems a lot less likely and voters are left to giggle about what might have been. but blowhards are the left, they're just waking up to bernie and they don't like what they're sniffing. >> if you're saying that the government is going to pick up the tab but not make the insurance companies the hospitals, and the doctors not gouge people. >> right. >> then we are going to break the budget. lisa: yeah, and that's the only reason, bill. let's go back to a little more bernie on snl because that was so much fun. >> the american people are
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sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. >> thank you. me too. me too. lisa: bernie has also become quite a sex object and if felicia's talk show host will stop at nothing to hear his exploits. >> have you ever been in handcuffs? >> yes. i don't know exactly what you mean by that. when i was young, i was involved in a civil rights demonstration, and i was arrested. >> all right. let's call a civil rights demonstration. lisa: you know i would want nothing more than than to see bernie sanders donald trump square off in the ridiculous battles, but it is not to be. we all know where this is headed. >> i'm bernie sanders, and come next november, i will be hillary clinton's vice president.
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lisa: well, until then, hopefully bernie will hang in the race a little while longer, at least to get larry david on snl one more time. and a phenomenon around a distance star, physicist is here to talk about the prospects of an alien megastructure. plus the new report crunches the economy on how much hangovers cost the economy and thursday nights for the entire nation. and also went on the red carpet for the premier of a new documentary, talk with collin hanks, weird al, and many others. i'm glad you're here, i'm kennedy. ♪ ♪ lisa: hi, there. still welcoming you, friday on cnn, jake tapper asked hillary clinton about her on going troubles while she was secretary of state.
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>> i know quote the american people are sick and tired about hearing about your dam e-mails but there are a lot of people. >> she's psychotic. is her server a laughing matter? let's welcome the party panel and find out. tonight it's from fox news headlines 24/7 we're also joined tonight by comedian in your town and jamie senior editor of the daily caller i'm going to call on you this day, jamie. the fbi loves this stuff, they love when there's an ongoing criminal investigation, and they -- the person at the center of it is a cackling at their work. >> yeah. -- i don't know. is she a robot or something? that was just amazing. like you said i don't think the fbi takes kindly at people laughing to their investigations, but as you mentioned she might be in
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danger into going a psychotic famous -- considering what we just saw there. lisa: you know, i'm a libertarian but if there's ever a time for involunteerary commitments, they might have to step in on the former secretary's bailiff. now, joe, and i love this, you said watching her on server is like watching a bear on roller skates. >> yes. because you're watching something and you're, like, well, that's something a person would almost do and you know it's unnatural and not right. lisa: yeah. >> even when the hillary 3,000 kicks in, wipe eye now. i'm surprised she didn't raise a knee and slap it. when humor is encountered. lisa: it wasn't funny. the way he posed the question, this is a very serious matter. >> inappropriate aspect. lisa: the exact opposite of some of the times where she's
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come outapologetic about her involvement with the server and having the server in the first place laughing hysterically about it, or when bernie sanders at the debate no one cares about your damn e-mails. is she campaigning in colorado? >> quite possibly. i'm going to call to hillary's defense here because this laugh that everybody is talking about, that's not a haha laugh, that's an i am very nervous. lisa: it is. it's a nervous laughter. >> so i don't think hillary clinton is worried about bernie sanders or donald trump or joe biden or benghazi, but this e-mail scandal is really concerning to her, and you can see when -- by how she responds to questions like this. >> well, i had a friend when i was younger web trained himself to laugh instead of cry when he was hurt. so i think instead we've been seeing -- lisa: that's also a bear on roller skates. >> she would be actually crying. lisa: i've seen inappropriate emotional reactions, especially when people are uncomfortable, we've all been
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in situations where something very serious is going on and we're laughing and trying not to get kicked out. >> i think there are very few of us who might come across enindictment. >> but props to him for continuing his questioning. >> that must have been easy to tran scribe for the hearing-impaired. haha. >> haha. >> imagine reading back the transcript to the fbi? we asked the question, and it was hahaha. in parentheses. >> oh, that's so funny. love this one. lisa: all right. the secret service plans to give protection to gop proton runners donald trump and ben carson and a rotation that would involve 260 secret service agents and a pretty big budget now on the democratic side, hillary clinton already gets secret service because she is of course aformer first lady of these united states. who have donald trump and ben carson upset?
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because the secret service coverage. >> el chapofor one. could you imagine walking down on your everyday life being, like, i have past off el chapo. he's coming after me. even if it's a costly expense, i think it's worth it. lisa: i don't think it's worth it. we should means test secret service and if you have $10 billion and you talk about how you have $10 billion you can afford much better security. i think way too many people have secret service and, you know, i made the point last week that donald trump is going to revolutionize the country starting with your own. >> here's why it's good. donald trump has what we call low self esteem and having secret service around him will help boost his ego and as a country we're on good way. lisa: when will romney get protection. >> not until january. but got it right around 2011 this time because of the threats. lisa: so this rotation of 260 agents, obviously that's
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really expensive and, you know, like i said before, dr. ben carson, he's not a man of great means. i'm sure he has some money but maybe donald trump should splurge for both of them. >> well, trump has his own security detail and i wonder if it's a triumph of the free market if they're not getting drunk and driving into things like the secret service does. now, does hillary save this, oh, i thought you said secret receiver. but it shows trump, he has a twitter feed with el chapo, which says he's the only candidate involved in insulting a criminal. lisa: and ben carson has made plenty of comments about muslims. >> apparently the, yeah, the threats to his safety are off the charts and that's why they are implementing secret service for these two people and also for donald trump asked about this. he complained about not getting it. so this is just another proof
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that he has so much power with what he says. lisa: he has power and who you know else wants secret service. scott walker. all right. the panel returns shortly to discuss donald trump saying 9/11 wouldn't have happened under trump administration. immigration policy. it is trump versus bush just the way he likes it. and a little later, has a telescope followed an alien megastructure, the brilliant is here to explain. please stay with us but what if you could see more of what you wanted to know? with fidelity's new active trader pro investing platform, the information that's important to you is all in one place, so finding more insight is easier.
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. kennedy: it's too late to break it off, baby, and you are here, and i'm happy. thanks for being a part of the show, donald trump is doubling down on his position that the immigration policy would have stopped at 9/11 and is taking swipes at his opponent jeb bush and his presidential brother. >> well, i think i could certainly have maybe done a lot better. i mean, look, if you look at it, jeb during the debate said my brother kept us safe and i said to myself i didn't want to embrace him that night when i said to myself wait a minute he kept us safe web lost the world trade center on september 11th. his brother was president, if my immigration policies were in effect, i don't know if that would have happened because i have very, very
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strong immigration -- kennedy: joe, i will start with you. where are they both wrong? jeb bush and donald trump. >> i think jeb bush, he says the crazy thing and then you're, like, come on and then afterwards there was truth to that. it did happen on bush's watch. so jeb saying my brother kept us safe, it is a dumb thing for him to say. kennedy: yeah. >> but if we're going to be blaming people, you could blame the clinton administration because they didn't know what was being planned or they chose to ignore. you could go all the way back. the thing is you want to blame people for 9/11, you blame 19 muslim terrorists who had the support of arabians and pakistannians. >> yeah. that's right. yes, it happened on his watch but the thing that it does is it gets jeb bush right where donald trump wants him. >> yeah. kennedy: and he feels obligated to respond to this. he then defends his brother and his presidency and, you know, that just sort of crystallizes the idea that this is just a continuation of
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the bush dynasty, which is what voters don't want, so i think donald trump pretty much wins. what else would donald trump if he was president. >> well, maybe he could have prevented world war ii but the truth is he couldn't even protect his casinos in atlantic city from going bankrupt so i'm not sure he could have protected if he was in office nine months before to 9/11. and if you listen to richard clark, a big bush critic, right if when did he got into office and he says bush didn't listen to him but even in the 9/11 commission, bush taken any one of his recommendations, quote, unquote, not the remotist chance he would have stopped 9/11. kennedy: yeah, but the idea donald trump would have influenced and completely changed or overhauled our nation's immigration policy in seven months, i think that's unverifiable. >> if trump wasn't trump and somebody else said this, he would be shocked because it's coming out of his mouth we're, like, oh, okay.
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and you're right. there is a little bit of truth there. i don't think he should be attacking george w bush for 9/11. i also think it's odd he's trying to attack his brother through jeb bush. kennedy: yeah. >> but it's working. and it's working because he's so gung-ho about this he's 0 to 180 in two seconds and you don't ever really stop to think, well, maybe you shouldn't be saying something like that. and it is also pushing jeb bush on the defense. >> uh-huh. >> and showing the american people like you said that, you know, maybe jeb bush is just a continuation of his brother. kennedy: and that's what it does, crystallizes that perception and taking these ideas and people start to go, oh, what you know? maybe he's right. and then they go maybe jeb bush is exactly like george w bush and, oh, god forbid we get attacked again, we should probably choose a leader who is going to make that much less likely. >> right. exactly.
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kennedy: it's psychological warfare but somehow he's winning. >> it's kind of strange why is he attacking jeb bush right now? he's at 7% in the polls, he's not challenging donald trump. what i think it is kind of a way to get media to talk about this as opposed to the washington post report that he must have knew was coming out how he has a super pac that he doesn't have a super and can be connected to a super pac and putting you us to 9/11 instead of he's having a super pac to fund his campaign. >> very clever. kennedy: all right. the panel will return very shortly to discuss how hangovers cost the economy $249 million a year, at least in 2010. eat before and drink lots of water. and doctor on to talk about objects, scientists say it could be an alien megastructure. oh, please stay here for that
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kennedy: who, oh, i've got something freaky to tell you right now, nasa's telescope has discovered a star, or is it a star, that is raising questions about the possibility of a you just can't terrestrial civilization, a distance starlight is flickering due to a tight band of mater circling it and that would normally mean that the star, maybe it's young, old, is just doing its business but it's making scientists wonder about the possibility of an alien civility that is harnessing its energy and power, physicist and professor at the city college of new york joins me. welcome back, doctor.
8:22 pm
>> welcome. kennedy: let us talk about this. what is this flickering star business? >> this story could be as big as the discovery of the wheel . kennedy: what? >> the invention of fire. we're talking about a story of all stories because this could change our understanding of the place in the universe and megastructure perhaps bigger than a planet that is controlled by an intelligence or the story could be a dud. kennedy: okay. so basically there's this optical telescope that has been looking for dimming starlight, and it has found something where the light dims by about 20%, normally light dims by 1%. what does that mean? >> that means that we scientists don't know what the hell we're talking about. kennedy: oh, great. >> it means we're clueless what could cast a shadow bigger than jupiter. think about it for a moment. if this object is artificial, it means that a civilization has been able to manipulate an
8:23 pm
object bigger than jupiter. kennedy: and how much bigger is jupiter than earth? >> you're talking about 1,000 times bigger than earth and this is even bigger. is it a comet, is it a meteor, is it an asteroid, and one by one ruled out all the logical possibilities. the last possibility is that it's artificial. and if it is, it's bigger than a planet casting a shadow in front of the mother star. it could be a dyson kennedy: now, explain what that is because i read that in your notes, and i don't quite understand, i'm not familiar with a dyson sphere. >> a dyson sphere is built by civilization that can play with stars, that developed the entire star with a shell absorbing all the starlight. you would have to be thousands of years ahead of us. one civilization, for example, just harnesses the power of the atmosphere, weather
8:24 pm
controls, for example, buck rogers, for example. this is a type two civilization that can play with stars like in star trek, the federation of the planets would be type two. and then type three, galactic like star wars type three civilization. now, where are we in comparison? do we play with the weather, play with stars? no, we're type zero, we get our energy from coal. so if this is one, it would be thousands of years ahead of u. kennedy: and it's really far away. 5.8trillion miles in every light year so it's almost impossible to calculate how far this thing is but now the crazy thing you told me before we started, the keplar telescope is offline. it can't take in any of that data anymore so we cannot learn anything more about this anomaly. >> that's right. the keplar satellite which detected this object, megaobject in space is offline because the gyro scopes broke
8:25 pm
and it cannot align itself and take pictures. kennedy: and we can't take it back to take spikers what does that mean? >> well, if you're a conspiracy thirsty, the aliens found out we were onto them so they crippled our telescope. but we should then point our radio telescopes to listen them. that is their television and radio. that's how we will do it. that's how we'll do it the next year. . kennedy: all right. well, let us do that, let us train our radio telescopes on the far reaches of the known universe and figure out if we're going to have company. if so, are they going to aobliterate all of us? >> that's right. remarkable claims require remarkable proof. we want remarkable proof because this is a remarkable claim. a claim of the century. kennedy: last question we have five seconds what does your gut tell you? aliens or no?
8:26 pm
>> i think it could be a highly solar system, in bizarre planets eclipsing each other in bazaars ways. kennedy: maybe there's things we don't know and we don't know aliens to further explore. >> my pleasure. kennedy: very good coming up lindsey lohan says she may run for president in 2020. maybe her super pac can run big money for whatever happens between now and then. and then a puffy that has very strong opinions about pumpkins. topical storm is next. stay right here that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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kennedy: cover yourself in the tarp of knowledge. let me spray you with sunshine, and smack you with a ping-pong paddle because that is what friends do, someone has been hiding vodka in her water bottle. lindsay lohan is tan, sun-damaged and ready.
8:30 pm
she wants to join the crowded 2020 presidential feel with kanye west, and paul ryan. she tweeted, yes, we can. let's do this ha @kanye west, ad she thenposted. first thing i would like to do as president of america is take care of all of the children suffering in the world. normally i would enumerate the reasons that lindsay lohan would make a horrible president. but hear me out, she is familiar with the criminal justice system and surveillance state, she is go the add stealing someone else's campaign slogans, and she is a bidennesque gas machine, who else has a parole officer
8:31 pm
and a playboy picker to -- pictorial. >> topic two. remember the little tikes cozy coup from childhood the iconic red or yellow car. good news, a british car restoration outfit made a real life road worthy adult version, it reaches 70s miles an hour, with an airbag andmirrors, this is where you can make up for lost time, remember that cute little girl on the kindergarten playground, it is never too late, now is time to show up to her house in that road worthy dull version -- adult version pick up where you left off. topic three, as you know every
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dog was bread for a purpose, beagles track down rabbits. corgis protect us from jack-o-lanterns. watch this wee cogge corgi pup t work. like the royal family, all that inbreeding. notice how he never lets his guard down, he knows something is awry. he guards the entire house, look at what happens when miniature pumpkins grow up, that is vicious? a man eater, like hall and oats. >> do you know who never
8:33 pm
protects yourself from denomic pumpkins? cats, topic 4. ding ! now for a guy chugging 48 ounces of water in mere seconds. >> ready? >> mm-hmm. done. kennedy: normally i would say that reminds me of my honeymoon, but i won't, i was not thirsty. that was a useful talent we dug up previous video of the genius when he was in college. >> thanks, i needed that. >> topic number cinco. if you gave a thousand monkeys a thousand typewriters evenly they would bang out the whole season
8:34 pm
in law. in australia a restaurant called chicken free, they are seeing what happens with one hen and one keyboard. >> whatever is on his mind, and doing it until she gets a 5 letter word in english. kennedy: so far betty has not produced shakespeare like that tweet. oh, yeah. look at that, wow. betty, that is more comprehensible than lindsay lohan. but here is what is interesting if we run the same gibberish. it turns into this. it makes no sense, that students and their parents pay higher interest rates for colleges than car loans or housing mortgages, of course that makes sense. you cannot re possess a diploma
8:35 pm
or a car. if you have we're weird stories you would like to see on topical storm, send them to me. >> coming up. you guys! tickets for the new star wars pre come available tonight. >> and later on. all things must pass. my moment with director colin hanks, stay tuned. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit
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kennedy: welcome back, badnews, frat buddies your binge drinking is hurting the economy hangovers
8:39 pm
cost $249 billion in 2010. panel returns. so, a quarter of a trillion dollars, i call des on this report -- bs on this report. >> i do too, and 5 years to figure this out? maybe someone in the cdc had too much. kennedy: in grand pappy's cup. >> how do they know who is drinking? that is the first rule, you call in for a hangover, you say you are sick, not a hangover. kennedy: how do they verify? no one calls their boss, oh, my cash i had an adult side, and i drank too many vodka tonics. >> the fish bowls kept coming. kennedy: not a big increase though. >> considers all that we've been through in last couple of years it is about 10% increase.
8:40 pm
i want to know how much of the offset by billions spent in greasy diner food the next day. kennedy: thank you. >> i am glad they don't come into work, remember those commercial for chaser, a hangover cures, you you would see the drunk couple. the guy and i had chaser i'm off to go to work. kennedy: you are getting in your kia. >> i am blind in one eye but i have my chaser. kennedy: maybe we should grow the economy by banning alcohol, could we use that $250 billion to do there are things. >> that part of trump's economic plan. >> you could do how much does facebook cost the economy? and monday night football, how about raising children, how about sleep, how up does that cost the economy. you could do that with a lot. kennedy: now imvery dubious of the data here. it makes me want to go to --
8:41 pm
have a cocktail. good news, tickets for star wars, the force awakens, they go on sale today, two months before the movie, will hopefully change your lives. it is going to hit the theaters soon, disney will release a new moster. -- poster of the film, giving us an artistic peak. joe, you have an interesting theory. >> yes. kennedy: you say that maybe there is no star wars movie. >> there is no movie. what are you going to do two months from now, you show up, sorry they have your money spent. kennedy: interest rate payments alone. >> they just announce there is a titanic two is coming out, give me your money, i will have itad. kennedy: we're going to sink this baby again. >> a bogus kickstarter campaign, i am inventing a new belt. >> one that actually keeps your pants up, are they milking the name?
8:42 pm
>> i thought we were done with this, first reading this was topic today. kennedy: first time you heard about it. >> yes, number 7, i have not heard of it. kennedy: you are not a star wars fan? >> i would say that jamie weinstein is a star wars fan from early childhood. >> maybe i'm lying just to seem cool. kennedy: do you like any sci-fi. >> i read dune it was okay. kennedy: i love dune. >> i will watch and enjoy but i the not rushing out to see it. kennedy: i want to see this movie. >> thank you, carly -- i -- >> i'm going to see it with my dad. kennedy: i'm going with your dad took that is weird. >> i hate when people -- when movies release tickets this far in advance, what lunatic buys a ticket two months before the movie comes out. >> people like kennedy.
8:43 pm
kennedy: pick me, here. >> i want to see it all of the tickets are sold, the people that are dressed up in costumes are not seeing it for a month. kennedy: my family and i, our theme is star wars, we're so excited about it. >> you will be princess leah? >> no, i am her mom po. >> i would like to see the those who wait and those who buy two months in advance this is a circle. kennedy: i feel like you are judging my life, that is thing we don't have to wait in line, i remember waiting in line for first star wars with my family and my feet hurt, i thought it was stupidest thing ever, and yoad wayoda was not on there, ai have do is go on-line, buy my ticket. >> you are buying in advance. kennedy: of course, i am a free market capitalist, god bless
8:44 pm
america! >> they found that people who like bitter tasting food and beverages are more likely to be sadistic and aggressive, that means you should watch out for those potential psychos who like black coffee water, and tonic water? >> i love to drink tonic water. kennedy: that so weird i saw you petitioning an old women on the bus today there this study is weird. because, you are talking too personal. are talking to people who chug plaqublack coffee all day long,d ask them if maybe they get aggressive every now and then probably because they are so jacked up on caffeine. kennedy: jamie? >> i don't drink coffee. kennedy: you take it like your men. >> a lot of the food studies are overturned, if you want a
8:45 pm
corporation with sadism i would not say drinking coffee but can- cannibalism. kennedy: joe, your coffee. >> i like to start the day with a coffee e en em-- it st just te question of what do you do with you doughnuts. >> thank you so much, coming up, i went to hollywood premier of all things must pass, a new movie about how a record, a ran into colin hanks, moneyy and weirda yankovic. >> i just listened to the voices in my head, i have no real control over it. you both have a
8:46 pm
perfect driving record. >>perfect. no tickets. no accidents...
8:47 pm
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kennedy: tower records once had hundreds of stores and massive influence in the music industry, stars like elton john were big spenders at the sunset boulevard store. >> he would call during business hours, his limo driver would stand there, he would come through with a language list. >> tower had everything they knew their stuff, they were on their ball. i mean they just were not employees, they work in a music store they were devotee of music, that is what i loved about the tower. they could say have you heard this, they were like friends. kennedy: in 1999 tour records made a billion dollars, 7 years later they file for bankruptcy, most people blamed the internet. but there is a lot more, colin hanks document its in his new movie, all things must pass, i
8:50 pm
flew to l.a. for the red carpet premier. >> imhere is on the sunset strip for premier of all things must pass. >> it is tower records. >> what was the aha moment where you decided this story needed to be told? >> when the stores were closing in 2006, an old friend of mine told me something i did not know that is that, russ solomon started selling used 78s out of his father's drug store in late thirty and early 40s. i had no idea about that, this was enough to make me think that was a documentary, it his journey starts there, and he closed 192 stores in world, that is a pretty impressive journey he went on. >> i spent a lot of my money at tower records, a lot of time there for me, i was really upset when the doors closed.
8:51 pm
kennedy: i asked colin what people missed most. >> the thing that people missed most, is the fact it was a place that you could go and hang owl and you were not rushed. a retail establishment, that does not care if you don't buy anything. you can go hang out there. >> i asked weird al yankovic and moby th the inimportance of towr records. >> i had to live within walking distance of the tower records. >> every time i walked in there, not to over state it it had this magical qual quality, you woulde rock stars buying vinyl, and cds, knowing that, you were buying a record from a band who played next door, and made their record across the street. >> there was a thrill of being surrounded by music. @ where are% of it -- 80% of a mystery to you.
8:52 pm
>> the iconic founder, russ solomon shut down the business in 2006, and weighed in on if the internet was to blame. >> no, only partly, we would have -- had we not had other problem we would have probably evolved into something we could handle. the internet affected retail of music business, no question about that. but it was not the thing that really killed it. kennedy: how the internet changed way we shop for music. >> they have more information from the stores than over the internet. because you have to search through so much stuff to get there and everything changes. you know. >> that is why such a an apatrol yale name for -- appropriate name for this has technology hurt music? >> yeah. kennedy: i think that way that people get paid circvolving in a way that can make people bumped out, and free music like having a huge artic like taylor swift
8:53 pm
standing up for things makes a difference, you have to have that, in my business with internet, and on-line content versus you know, moves and television shows you need like sort of a bigger a-list multimillion dollar actor, saying wait, let's back up. kennedy: i stopped in former location of tower records to sunset strip, where solomon's step mom rita wilson, not giddy about his success. >> this is very pardon to do anything, see it through all the way this is something that sort of as large as a document we with tower records, we're like what is the story, he created an amazing story, that i always get teary eyed when i see the movie. >> tower records in heart of sunset strip tonight. >> you can buy music now but is it fun to buy music now? no, in this building that we're if the former sunset boulevard
8:54 pm
tower records this is where we would buy you on music, and you would flirt with people, and get dissed by the staff. kennedy: they thought they were so much cooler than you. >> so much cooler. kennedy: you realize that fans who made music are playing here, hoping is the some point they would have a pile of roars at -- records at tower. >> sometimes they would take the records and just pile them up in stacks. kennedy: rita wilson thank you so much. >> kennedy, nice seeing you again. kennedy: i love it. >> right i rita is right, there are emotional moments in the movie, all things must pass, i recommend it, coming up, a new survey says what americans are most afraid of, what is number one? a hint. it will warm the heart of
8:55 pm
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kennedy: what really scares you? for most americans it is not economic collapse, a that will n universitystudies, they were given a list of 84 different fear options, 44.8% can't get a wink of sleep for fear of cyber terrorists raining electronic doom upon us, 58% said their biggest fear is corruption of government officials, one reason that people embrace libertarian movement is not for the love of
8:59 pm
freedom, and mead to celebrate and protect individual liberties, it is who we are protecting them from. when played people ascend to power it is too damn easy for them to get drunk on the perks of the job, i. suspicion about government officials is reason you are seeing a groundswell of support for outsiders like donald trump and ben carson, but the fact they lived outside of politics give them left opportunity to be adulterated by the system. the heart of hillary clinton a server woes is the attempt of someone in power to use that power to gets more power to access money who want favors, this is a wholly krupp -- corrupt enterprise. they are majority of rational voters who' everyone else to wake up from national nightmare, while there still time, thank you for watching the show, you can catch new episodes of
9:00 pm
kennedy, monday through thursday. follow me on twitter. or e-mail me. thank you for being the light of my night. (?) >> a letter arrives in the mail with news of a strange and lucrative inheritance. >> if i got a letter like this, i would think it was a scam. someone is scamming us. >> so is it a scam? >> i said, you know, ray, there is a fine line between a genius and idiot. he said, yeah, i crossed that two or three times a day. who is this mysterious benefactor? >> he's a hidden man. >> he didn't have the family life. he didn't have a friend to talk to. he really truly was a man -- >> but an inheritance? >> that's the "strange inheritance." and the strangest story still.


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