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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  October 20, 2015 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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>> the dark side, they are real. >> there is it is. december release of the film also went on sale last night and promptly crashed online tickets site. luke skywalker character has been heard. ugly game highlighted by interceptions. american league championship two games to one in favor of kansas city. toronto blue jays with several home runs 11-8 win.
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game four this afternoon. donald trump staying on top. leads poll and it comes as we wait for vice president joe biden announcement. latest in washington and it felt like yesterday the rumors are all over that it was a go for joe biden. >> yeah, all over the place, maria. it still continues but according to fox sources say the vice president is expected to announce that he's running for president. the time of a potential announcement still remains unclear as hillary clinton testimony on thursday top political calendar this week. for the republicans on the other side it remains status quo, donald trump continues as the front runner with 25% support with dr. ben carson trailing a few points behind. marco rubio, the only one the
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crack double digits, cruz, bush and fiorina follow from there and the rest does not clear 3%. the head line, maria, as we announce -- >> maria: 48 hours. >> blake: maybe after that, maybe in a few days: at some point you would think it has to happen. >> maria: blake in washington. good to see you. thank you so much for joining us. >> your thoughts on the new polls. >> what's particularly interesting about this latest poll that ben carson is actually the highest supported candidate as far as second-choice candidate among gop voters. with that earning as the second choice candidate for many voters.
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he actually leads donald trump 44-39%. but again, i mean, this shows the wages concerns that people have had earlier this week, 25% in latest poll. >> pretty unbelievable. donald trump is keeping jeb bush dancing. it doesn't matter what jeb bush comes out in terms of policy announcements. he continues to find himself explaining what his brother did and what donald trump is saying. >> at the same time fighting
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trump --, now he is getting attention and draws attention to trump himself. >> dagen: doing it on twitter is so petty. if you want to run the country. hillary clinton can stand on the stage and say nothing and look like thomas jefferson in a pantsuit. >> maria: yeah. >> dagen: it might not hurt republican candidates. it does down the row. >> maria: i was looking and it struck me that every time jeb bush is talking i'm looking at pictures of donald trump. [laughter] >> maria: he needs to take this back and say, look, fine about donald trump, here is what i am going to do. >> from the beginning the main priority is to separate from his brother and father, what he is doing right now is using up any air time that he has, all of his campaign appearances to attack
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donald trump and he saw poll numbers decline, and i think, i have to respectfully disagree. it isn't a mart strategy on behalf of his campaign to be going after trump and engaging in this petty antics, it's damaging campaign and as we are seeing the poll numbers are down and they have yet to recover. >> the ability to counterpunch was pretty good. bush wasn't as bad as you thought bush was going to be? >> we didn't see jeb bush have any rise after second debate. we didn't see rand paul. he went after donald trump, all of these candidates who are attacking donald trump who are trying to peg him as no-nothing,
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fake conservative, they're really not going anywhere in the polls. it's not benefiting their campaign and i think it's jeb bush probably the best representation of that. >> maria: good to have you on the show today. thanks for your insight. >> we will see you soon. >> maria: fox business network is teaming to bring you the debate, wisconsin on november 10th, you could only see it right here on fox business network so join us no tenth. i'm going to turn to one of the top stories in the journal this morning and that is the technology start-ups are feeling an ipo chill, so far this year . >> done by technology companies. that's the smallest percentage in 20 years. the journal saying sky sky-high valuations as they try to raise more money or go public. i feel like the private market has also been part of this, when you look at value yacións like
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$65 billion on ube ubeer. >> when they come to the public market, investors are saying, we don't want it at that size. we were talking, looking out for the next bubble. what we are seeing here is some air being taken out of the boom in the private market. that might healthy for tech companies. >> maria: down the road. bigger issue. kite kite a lot of these things have -- game within the game. it was established in the community where people got allocations, then mutual funds, institutional growth.
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now i'm trying to support my competitor who had one and pitched me valuation. >> you might find yourself getting less. >> keith: exactly. they are promoting the guy's book. >> dagen: that what was i was pointing out. that technology that they have for blood testing might eventually work on test that they offer, the fact that they were not using the blood testing technology for most of the test, it makes investors look at the company, why did we put a 9 billion-dollar valuation on. investors in technology don't mind investing in the crazy, but don't make them look stupid. >> keith: exactly. it was the blazingly obvious, but he said, you know, the thing
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about buying ipo's, get the read, you know, otherwise it's just a slide deck. what's a slide deck? it's a different story. >> the other troubling thing when you look at companies that we are talking about, what's the exciting new technology here. what's the technology that everybody is going to be talking about in a couple of years, something like twitter that the whole world is gravitating to. >> maria: sensors. >> dagen: no one understands except the people who start it. >> a company like drop box. you can send big emails. >> maria: nothing really breakthrough like major revolution. >> this economy needs breakthrough economy. >> dagen: what's going on public is ferrari. people are buying it because they like the name and it's
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sexy. >> albertson's, a grocery store. >> keith: they need to monotize. albertsons the poster child of that. >> maria: you have an earning story that's underwhelming. >> keith: when you tie two rocks together, they sink. a lot of people are start to go question deals, if i can't get growth anywhere else i might as well try it. stocks have not liked it, it's an interesting debate. >> they are going to stay very low and incentive to go back to debt. >> maria: in a world that you
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are searching where it's hard to come by. half-time, if you missed it we have highlights. it is not all bad news out of china, if you know where to look. we are going to look right now. amazon is hiring 100,000 workers, temp but good news. thousands of songs by independent record label, we will talk about it, stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪ can a business have a mind?
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>> maria: welcome back. ma'am zone for a butty season. >> dagen: no kidding, maria. announces to hire 100,000 u.s. workers for the holiday season. increase over last year. this company hired >> draft kings releasing findings of internal investigation as to whether they used inside information for advantage. and after his lineup was already set. and, of course, the final star wars trailer airing last night during espn monday night football half-time, 30 years after return of the jetai is the
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first of new trilogy of movies . characters and showing us glimpses of chewbacca but not luke skywalker. twitter tickets. major issues last night. the site crashes, amc and fanned -- fandango. >> maria: who watched it, degan? >> dagen: there's a hand. i love hand and people and think it's luke. [laughter] >> dagen: people don't get out, actually. >> cheryl: i think you might be right after what i saw last night. keith --
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[laughter] >> maria: not happy. >> dagen: at least they apply the same standard to men as they do to women. [laughter] >> how are you feeling about harrison ford? i think he was the most interesting part. >> cheryl: did you see the part where they hug? >> maria: 6 million views on youtube. , this was such a brilliant move to run it on monday night football. >> keith: the game itself was so bad. >> dagen: john williams music make me tear up. >> cheryl: what do you guys think of 2.2 billion revenue. 2.2billion. >> keith: they better deliver it.
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disney has expectations on this thing. >> dagen: full 10% of that is my extended family. [laughter] harp maria good stuff. millennials sharing tough competition, heating up the nation's housing market. housing data this morning. we are going to tell you about that and what is going on the market. good mornings with maria. ♪ ♪ ♪
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i just had a horrible nightmare. my company's entire network went down, and i was home in bed, unaware. but that would never happen. comcast business monitors my company's network 24 hours a day and calls and e-mails me if something, like this scary storm, takes it offline. so i can rest easy. what. you don't have a desk bed? don't be left in the dark. get proactive alerts 24/7. comcast business. built for business. >> maria: welcome back, oil prices higher this morning. fourty-six dollars a barrel.
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wall street journal reporting hedge fun, companies going bust. fill, good morning to you. >> phil: good morning, maria. equity firms, billions of dollars, a lot of them caught by surprise and not just rookies in the industry. we are talking about david ironhorn. they couldn't foresee the problems in china. one of the biggest funds in the industry had first lost in 20 years, mainly because energy companies had gone bankrupt, they have lost a lot of money. a lot of them are keeping trades on. they may have been a bit early. a lot of them are going to hang in there. back to you.
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>> maria: you have hedge fund guys and when you are charging 2 and 20 -- >> keith: hedge fund guys. >> maria: and gal. >> keith: a good thing to look at in terms of how he thinks he can quote, unquote hedge himself. s&p 500, 260,000 contracts, put that in context. a lot lookt that, i don't have growth, i don't have inflation, i don't have earnings but i do have hench funds that have to cover, that's a relevant bold case. particularly if you look liquid this market. they rallied in the close yesterday. 16% versus the one-month average. hedge funds are getting squeezed .
6:24 am
>> it's a problem for hedge fund. we live in a world of low returns. big bets can go wrong and we are seeing that with energy companies. the one i love in the story the the boom and bust in the last cycle and they look like -- >> maria: yeah. >> now they are getting hit on energy. >> keith: i used to work and i was a geniuos. >> maria: really? >> keith: there's very smart people. they have to make big bets. >> maria: you have the competition that you have around. that is a lot cheaper and that's just much more cost effective for people. you better be outperforming ifn. >> dagen: i want to point out when oil is skyrocketing people
6:25 am
blame speculaators. >> right. >> what goes up eventually comes down. >> maria: jp morgan $90 billion in u.s. stock. we've got so much short covering, the market is going to go up. >> keith: we've gone from growth. we have neither of those. now it's hench -- hedge fund covering. so many people position in one way. >> maria: yeah. >> keith: all the stuff had been crashing had lead the rally. i wouldn't agree with that much left. that's been covered. >> dagen: that's sad that that's the last piece that people are
6:26 am
hanging on. >> keith: no. that's like, i think, again, like a headline-type of number. the both sides of the trade are coming undone. it's a big deal. >> maria: apple making big changes, music to self-driving cars. we will talk about it in a minute. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> over in europe a similar situation. habit half a percent to 1% lower across the board there. across europe. >> the dark side.
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they're real. maria: eric is, the new star wars trailer rolled out last night during monday night football. tickets for the december movie went on sale last night and crashed online ticket sites. missing from the trailer was mark hamel who's luke scott walker character has been heard but not seen in these promos. the philadelphia eagles took it to the new york giants. it was time by interceptions, penalties, 27-7. american league championship at two games to one in favor of kansas city, the toronto blue jays on route to an 11-8 win.
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check out these dramatic videos out of thailand, elephants attacked a writer on a moped. this is a national park in the northeast of the country. the shared the video by ignoring the animals and should be banned before something serious happens. let's get you, on the markets. futures point to a slightly lower open, than $0.06, right? investors with a slew of big ticket earnings with three dow components before the market opens this morning, you will hear from travelers, united technologies and verizon following ibm's discipline and yesterday, reporting revenue declined again, the fourteenth consecutive quarter of revenue declines, stock down 5% in the pre-market setting the tone for markets this morning because of the earnings story. >> more people die from elephant
6:33 am
attacks than shark attacks every year? we paid attention to shark attacks that elephants are more dangerous. maria: jon hilsenrath and that. dagen: you managed to out nerd me. elephants were my favorite at the zoo. is to see you. tell us about the earnings period, the backdrop for stocks. >> disappointing, we are in an earnings recession, revenues declining, profit margins under pressure, earnings are slowing and this is affecting growth value cycle. markets still stays growth because when you have scarcity of earnings fund managers' pay up for those earnings and what you are seeing is small-cap continued to lag large cap. we continue to think that is the
6:34 am
right investment to stay with larger cap higher-quality companies with good balance sheets and those that raise dividend. >> we want to be long sized and a function we want to be long liquidity but one story within the story is u.s. domestic economy which is the russell 2,000, 80% of the revenue continues to wonderperformance a lot people blame ibm, china, but the reality is here we are, 65% of companies reported, we are down 4% but earnings are down 10 and it is not just energy. you get a comment that it is just energy. dagen: i never x anything out. people are trying to justify the whole move and everything so i don't think you should access which should be surprising in quarterly earnings, the multinationals have been outperforming despite whether
6:35 am
the dollar's strong or not. keith: we had a five year. market. if we are down a little bit, 1% or 2% which is where we are, is that such a bad year? how does this set the stage for 2016? put the market in better position for next year? >> we had tremendous gains, the s&p is up 2% from march of 2009 and nasdaq up 300%. the issue is a lot of clients didn't participate necessarily in that move. we believe we are in a secular bull market meaning the trend will rise over the coming years but you still get bear markets. i think the fed took off of their market, we have all the signs from a technical perspective that the risk was weaver entering a bear market. as soon as the fed did not raise rates we got a breath of rust, tremendous breath on this rally. the transports that were lagging
6:36 am
were improving. maria: that was surprising but was an indicator, they started to deteriorate. >> the fed doesn't move later this month in october and another thrust. >> the elephant in the rome is china. >> look at this. timothy geithner rejoining the course. during the course of saying the fed did not rush and raise interest rate, labor market is the reason the fed may not raise rates. and capacity in the labour market. >> put that in perspective. larry summers says the fed needs to rush, and -- all these people, janet yellen before she became chair was more dovish than any of these people.
6:37 am
where it does janet yellen in her heart of hearts, hard to think janet yellen is more hawkish than larry summers. dagen: they are democrats, they don't want the fed to do anything -- >> janet yellen is a democrat too? dagen: assume janet yellen is impossible because she is running the fed. and democrats -- >> that is the recent -- >> the lobby -- >> i would like to believe -- >> they have portfolio they care about in interest rates. and hedge funds.
6:38 am
>> larry summers investment advice. and we need to have that to fiscal. after 600 rate cuts, no economic growth as far as the eye can see the labor market rolling over, and -- >> is that the right move? the rate hike? >> i am not that smart but this is what i do now. rates stayed low and an extended period. on the short and long end of the curve. not exactly the same. and at merrill lynch, rates stay lower. >> really important point.
6:39 am
from 1951. >> the baby boomers, they thought, and at facing anything like that. and through retirement based on the current environment we are in and equities are the answers. >> when john said it is not that bad, depending on what they stocks could be down 5 or 10 but bonds are up, they have been stocks, if you are s c r l and the anyone rates were going to surprise to the downside you're giving someone a much lower volatility profile and they have a big position, that is the elephant stomping around. >> how about real estate, retirees taking money out of their homes? >> i don't personally see that but what i to tell clients is only two places you can grow your well over coming years and that is the equity market in real estate.
6:40 am
dagen: your looking long-term. >> not just because you are so smart and million investing but so humble as well. thank you, good to see you. thanks for joining us. apple music reaching 15 million users, tim cook, nicole petallides on that. nicole: speaking of of the wall street journal global tech conference yesterday, apple ceo tim cooke announced 6.5 million people are now paying for an apple music subscription and another 8.5 million users are still enjoying of the 90 day free trial, $10 per month music streaming service launched three months ago offering free trial for those who want to try it out. apple music competitor spotify has 75 million users, 20 million of them are paid subscribers. quote announcing the new apple tv will begin shipping by the end of next week. maria: big change on the rise
6:41 am
and for sports. in a few years ticket sales will no longer be the number one grabber of revenue for the business. more on that coming up, stay with us. the great beauty of owning a property is that you can create wealth through capital appreciation, and this has been denied to many south africans for generations. this is an opportunity to right that wrong. the idea was to bring capital into the affordable housing space in south africa, with a fund that offers families of modest income safe and good accommodation. citi got involved very early on and showed an enormous commitment. and that gave other investors confidence. citi's really unique, because they bring deep understanding of what's happening in africa.
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here, turn around and get up and after that happened she threw herself out low window. got in the car. maria: and ohio police department releasing this dashcam video of a roadside incident involving johnny manziel and his girlfriend. this includes audio from 911 call. on his social media accounts he said was a simple misunderstanding. at the top of lot of the biggest airlines, sony with that story, cheryl casone has that. cheryl: united continental machining brett hart acting ceo immediately, current ceo oscar nunez recovers from a heart attack and is on medical leave, the first public statement from united since he suffered that heart attack last thursday. we wish him well. lamar odom transferring to los angeles hospital to continue treatment according to the news after he was found and
6:46 am
responsive in a coma for four days. in of legal brothel in nevada. finally, ticket sales will no longer be the no. one revenue generator for the sports industry. and reports by price waterhouse coopers says by 2013 beads and sports federations will collect $19.9 billion from media rights fees because we love watching sports. maria: student loan that is and issue a lot of millennials, a new fan helping employers pay for it, back in a moment.
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maria: $1.3 trillion is what the pillow in student loans in the united states. my next guest has a program that will employe employers to help out with their student loan debts. ratified's tim dimello, how import party's plans for employees? >> the way the program works is we designed a new benefit plan, the student loan. down plan and a lot of people are starting to see it now, a precursor to the 401(k), you have a lot of millennials, 22, 25, 26 a.m. retirement is one thing but i have 35,000, $75,000 in student
6:51 am
debt, got to get out of this. we have been working behind-the-scenes and announced a new plan and price waterhouse coopers is the first quiet. maria: this is to get talented people in the company with the promise of helping pay this down. >> 46,000 u.s. employees, estimated as many as 16,000 have student loans averaging $35,000, they also recruit 10,000 people on college campuses every year so they put a program together with us where they will pay $100 a month for 72 months into an employee's plan. that takes that $35,000 which with interest is 42 grand and takes 22% out of the loans so instead of 22, you are out 29. >> how does this work for tax purposes? does a student have to pay taxes but turkey is getting from the company? the student debt which is tax free elements?
6:52 am
>> right now there's the tax law were you can do educational assistance which is $2,250 a few take a course, your company can pay for that and you don't pay taxes and to that level. that are now bills circulating that employer pays into a student loan account to $6,000 that will be tax-exempt, taxable right now we think in the future -- >> it bernie had his way it would all be free. you would have reeducation. that is what we have. at the base level, what john said the point work, i the employer pay down your debt and you don't have to pay down debt, your post tax earnings. >> absolutely where it is headed. i don't know how someone would reviewed that politically in this. >> there are probably some distortions in the tax code driving a student debt in the first place, what happened in housing, where we had all these
6:53 am
subsidies for housing when people took on more mortgages. dagen: if you are worried about your student debt and getting out of college or starting work force why not work for the government? you get your debt forgiven over a period after you work for the government for a period of years? why aren't more people doing that? >> people select where they want to go and not be driven by student loans. one is starting to happen is employers are really seeing a this as a major opportunity to help and attract people. >> people with graduate degrees or using this -- >> undergrad and graduate degrees. if you look at the u.s. in may we graduated 3.4 million people in may with college degrees, 2.5 million had student debt averaging $35,000. >> like the walmart, is walmart going to do something like this or is it something that will held very educated high-income
6:54 am
households? >> we had hundreds of companies in choir who want to do this. financial technology companies to retailers, this is a way to help people out. dagen: do you have to pay tax on it as an individual? >> right now you do, 8 is the benefit that you get. dagen: benefits on money i never had in my hands, it goes -- too responsible to pay off my loans, need a company to do it for me. >> it is an additional benefit. johanna bennett for use of it is -- >> rather pay the tax and the loans. they make it is resonating. >> absolutely. >> when you have $1.3 trillion there's a lot of resonating to would. the budget office in washington estimates $2.6 trillion in ten years, a student loans tires and credit card debt and auto loans. dagen: an additional benefit i would think they would be paying me that in salary and not benefit if i went to them and say i don't want the benefit, i
6:55 am
want the cash. dagen: i don't have student debt, i want the money. >> a lot of people want to get out from under their debt. part of what happened after the financial crisis, millennials want to be debt free. >> imagine -- a take on student loan debts, and i have a car loan, can you help me with that? >> such a huge focus that companies are trying to help out. in surveys most people tell you they want to cut in half and be out in five years, this is an initial program. our goal is to reduce 25% to 50% for anyone on the program. dagen: they will recognize this is a major issue that could turn into a crisis if it is not a crisis already. thank you so much. we will be watching that for sure. coming up next the latest earnings numbers we are watching this morning, what will set the tone for your money and star parker will join us to talk
6:56 am
about the 2016 race to the white house and how it is a pivotal week this week for the democrats, keep it right here, back in a moment on the fox business network.
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maria: i am maria bartiroma, it is tuesday october 20th at 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. with the fox business network's dagen mcdowell, keith mccullough and the wall street journal's jon hilsenrath, stock reach isn't it in a lower opening on wall street, earnings released setting the tone, united technologies reporting any moment we have those numbers as soon as they had a tape but what we are seeing is revenue coming in on the light side across the board for the industrial sector. european stocks under selling pressure, look where we are in europe with major averages down
7:00 am
between 1/3% and 1%. >> the dark side. the jedi. maria: there it is, the new star wars trailer rolled out during monday night football. tickets for the december phil went on sale at that time and immediately crashed online ticket sales. missing from the trailer was mark hamel who is. sky itwalker who has been heard but not seen. as far as actual game, the philadelphia eagles, tickets to the new york giants, another game highlighted by interception, penalties, eagles won 27-7 at the end lake, american league champions of two
7:01 am
games to one in favor of kansas city, a toronto blue jays unloaded several home runs, game 4 is this afternoon, you watch the game -- >>. a jeff:. >> we will talk about this coming up but first hillary do on top as they are both leading latest wall street journal and nbc polls as we wait for joe biden's announcement on whether he is jumping into the fray. blake berman with the latest in washington. >> the latest poll shows hillary clinton, post debate bump and an uphill climb for joe biden should he get into the race. clinton received support from nearly half of democrats. joe biden is at a hypothetical 15%. nothing officials from joe biden just yet but according to ed and resources said the vice president is expected to announce that he is running for president.
7:02 am
the timing of a potential announcements or remains unclear as clinton's testimony before the benghazi committee thursday and a prominent gathering of democrats in iowa this upcoming saturday top the political calendar this week. that very same poll shows it is status quo on the republicans i. donald trump continues as front runner with 20% support with ben carson trailing a few points behind, marco rubio the only other to crack double digits, ted cruz, jeb bush, carly fiorina kahlo from there, the rest of the field does not clear 3%. maria: what an exciting race to watch, blake berman, let's talk about hillary's upcoming testimony, the benghazi testimony this there is a. is that why joe biden is waiting? dagen: potentially, potentially. you have to worry about the timing, it could look back on his part. if you wait. that is the thinking of it he is waiting to see if she does poorly.
7:03 am
i'm interested, let's just say he runs. has to run on the president's record. the block with that. you get your hand and opportunity to hillary clinton and bernie sanders because she could go further left and run against somewhat -- >> we were talking, the political commentary was talking a few days ago about how hillary did such the good job in this debate the joe biden was out. now all of a sudden he is back in. dagen: mark can said on this program, he does work for hillary, he said 2:1 joe biden doesn't get in. that was his prediction. >> now they're saying he is in. we have no idea how this plays out. >> got these points because bernie said it is okay with your e-mail and joe biden will see an opportunity to say the problem is the e-mail.
7:04 am
>> challenge the former secretary of state on e-mail that happened in their administration. >> he has to worry can't win. the has to play that way. dagen: they did know about the private server. >> already had 18% and hasn't entered the race. >> that is his asset, say nothing, let hillary speak, let her testify. dagen: a great announcement speech referencing his son and his history, that is good for a double-digit gain in the polls. yum is separating its we to publicly traded companies, one candidate at this point needs a plan for growth because we keep saying companies do whatever they can, yum this morning announced a separate entities is separate publicly traded companies. just throwing that out. >> we followed this closely but you see when a company has growth problems like alcoa the next idea is split it up. we are at the late stages of
7:05 am
this cycle here and companies have to get very creative to encourage investors to buy their stock. >> i would like to learn what they are separating. is international and domestic? >> this is a pretty big deal, it struggled for several years but also historic because remember kfc was the first into china, they beat mcdonald's, got in the chinese market and for so long were of market leaders of is no longer worth it for them to incur basically slowing growth. it is a complicated story in china because you have food issues, food quality issues, demand the shoes and a slowing economy and uncertainty about the future and also competitive chinese brands, companies pushing out google basically, you see that in the food sector as well. >> i was supposed to be the solution for so many americans. that is the big story.
7:06 am
only so much on china. dagen: china was the only reason to buy yom for years and now reason not to own it. maria: china was the story to buy corporate america because these guys were going to get a foothold into an economy that has 1.3, 1.5 billion people there and that was the jewel of growth. >> at the leading edge of something we will see from a lot of companies, china figuring out -- especially manufacturers that overs of invested. >> this speaks to the highly activist environment, joining the yum board ahead of this though this was pretty obvious the coming down the pike, what happened between that was yom had to report their chinese numbers of again there is a process where people are asking for this and china is that so it will be interesting to see how bad people think china as us standalone operation actually is. dagen: it is not just growth in china. they had execution problems with
7:07 am
china with food quality. maria: that allow you don't 29% in most locations, you can own a majority stake. >> executing in china is a difficult proposition. maria: in breaking news, yom branstad in issue figuring out what local flavors were even though they knew kfc with the more successful, chicken over burgers, offering high price stakes at pizza hut, people looking for values all these strategic mistakes that full the overtime and you get these earnings reports. maria: we will talk about china, the economy with the candidates when we have our fox business network the date november 10th, join us in milwaukee, wisconsin for the debate, wall street journal and fox business network teaming up on the next republican debate. you are already focused on another story in the journal, tech ipos. it starts with the private
7:08 am
sector. >> exactly, devaluations are constantly in question, 14% of the ipos have been tech companies, the lowest level in 20 years and once they go public, haven't necessarily taken off this year according to the journal 11 of those 49 tech companies since 2014 have traded below their pre idea private share price of we are looking at two examples of that, down 54%, the at data analytics firm has seen the same tumble, 52%. this data comes as all these, although analysts, they held off on going public and we are seeing the way to raise money for private investors but my sources on the ground who are raising smallest ups as saying it is harder and taking more time. >> people looking at the private sector say valuations are outside. >> john was saying what is the differentiation like
7:09 am
in the 90s we -- i was like this is probably all long in the tooth. dagen: a care giver subscription site, if you were able to find someone elderly. >> sounds wonderful. the only break away technology is uber. the company that you talked about, the only technology that people that really change the way people -- dagen: if you have money to invest and you are looking at your existing investments in companies that are not public and you think i am not going to have a liquidity event any time soon, and i wildly overpaid for this it to bed technology, not making another investment that will hurt job growth, this is the last big heller in flight economy is the technology industry and if it starts getting shaky at all, look out. lookout. >> if you look at the valuation
7:10 am
even over the summer and into early fall in use see, remember they want to compete with amazon, think they can beat a $3 billion company, they're lowering valuations to $2 billion having issue is to become cheaper. >> i would take issue with your point that this is the last big pillaring net economy, we said that a few years ago, we had energy technology. the american economy does find ways to innovate. there is often some other news. dagen: i argue if it looks like the technology industry is a lot shakier in people from leaving today, i think sentiment changes across the board. >> what is not different this time is companies that don't do well over time. >> still making committee. that is the bottom line. coming up next romania surrounding star wars the fourth
7:11 am
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maria: united continental airlines naming an interim chief executive after the ceo suffered a heart attack, cheryl casone has the story. cheryl: that entire story has been, united continental airlines named general counsel bret hart as acting ceo, united has not given a timetable for his return, he suffered that heart attack last thursday just days after taking this e o roll
7:15 am
away. amazon announcing plans, a 20% increase over last year, the company has hired 25,000 seasonal workers since august. the new trailer for "star wars: the force awakens" going viral after day being on monday night football. >> who are you? >> i am no one. >> the force not with fans. ticket sales crashed, amc's sight. and if you're disney, yes. this is what you want. since we talked last with the at in terms of the number of views
7:16 am
of that trailer, 7.5 million views on youtube just to see those are wars trailer. >> lot of people count on disney and now, 105. how do you stop that train when you get these headlines, the the big numbers. dagen: this gives you something to discuss with your friends and family members, luke has joined the dark side. i saw all armed go to the robot, they say you don't see him. is luke now on the dark side? we are not going to get another trailer, this is it, we have two months to go. two months. >> did you watch the original star wars movies issue dagen: too many to tell. i saw it when it opened and, let me tell you a quick story.
7:17 am
>> two minutes. dagen: in third grade the chair was separate from the desk. i put my feet on the desk and acted like i was flying at x wing fighter which was very and ladylike so my teacher had a problem with that. >> we just learned too much. cheryl: breaking down the latest market action with chief investment strategist, donald trump that his highest level of support since entering the 2016 race. ben carson however right behind, we will look at the latest poll numbers, stay with us. can a business have a mind?
7:18 am
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7:21 am
maria: oil prices rebound around $46 a mayor, the wall street journal reporting big hedge funds, energy companies now going bust. phil flynn with that action. jeff: your esteban i when the hedge funds, swooping in to buy energy, some of the most storied lines in a hedge fund world and private investment world get earned. a lot of things they could not foresee, the situation with greece, the situation with china and when those prices double dip a lot of the lost billions of dollars but some of them say with this trade is not over yet, that is hard to swallow when you have lost billions of dollars.
7:22 am
maria: who wants to stay for more, it has been a busy morning on wall street, united technologies, out with their quarter earnings, disappointing numbers from ibm, that stock is down 5%, joining us to handicap it all is mainstay capital ceo and chief investment strategist, good to see you. >> good morning. when you look at the earnings picture for investing is this a reason to buy stocks or do you raise cash? >> it is a reason to buy stocks, and earnings trough you are working for ruth, negative earnings based on consensus estimates, we have seen some beads as low as 80%, 50% on revenue, disappointing news, earlier earnings reports, but we think there are opportunities for surprises on the upside, we have seen recovery in the market, we still think we are along segment of the global market, dips like we have had in
7:23 am
august and september are an opportunity for long-term investors. >> back to the beginning of the year, were you calling for down 4% revenue growth in the isn't the 500 and down and 10% earnings and the of find any narrative drift? >> we looked at 2015 at the beginning of this year, where there would be the s and p index not doing much, volatility plus or minus 3% with the correctional long way, calling for that correction but this year we thought we would add 10% correction that when it came we have been waiting four years of with that, that created consolidated stocks, little bit, backing and we have seen that we treat in september but will fourth quarter will turn out pretty good for stocks and we
7:24 am
are looking for positive returns in 2016 although we know the best years of this bull market are in the rearview mirror, but that is the real debate. >> is this the bottom in earnings expectations or is it not until the middle of next year it? i signed on to the middle of next year. >> two different scenarios and gas, market reacts, in scenario one, in next year with no change in interest rates gum less than area 2 they move in december after all this, how does the market responds in those scenarios? >> does it matter? >> there were a lot of analysts going into the september meeting, thought we would get the rate hike, conversation around it, we didn't get the rate hike, that was meant to decrease volatility. we saw the volatility anyway,
7:25 am
concerns about shine and global growth, now there's the belief, and stocks doing a little better and how transparent they are. and economic data that accompanies it. rates and go higher, stocks can go higher along with that as long as the economy is improving, as long as rating creases are accompanied by a strong economic growth. >> i know you like u.s. stocks, what about europe, you have a pc be meeting this thursday. gee you want to buy europe ahead of that and how would you characterize what is happening in the euro zone after the stimulus? does mario draghi have to do something this thursday? >> because the fed is not hiking rates that puts pressure on the
7:26 am
ecb and japan to look at do they need to ease further? the euro needs to decline so they have a competitive advantage, climb from where it is now and if the fed is not hiking rates to strengthen the dollar here they need to look at more monetary stimulus. in lieu of that we like europe because the fundamental flaps are good in terms of economic growth, slow but growing, we like japan as well. maria: good to have you on the program, thanks very much, see use in. coming got the latest poll numbers showed donald trump leading the pack for presidency but can joe biden the rail the gop front runner? we have new data back in a minute. shouldn't what makes each of us a unique individual,
7:27 am
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business network dagen mcdowell hedgeye ceo keith mccullough "the wall street journal" john. donald trump still on top nbc poll 25% of the support, with dr. ben carson trailing a few points behind, marco rubio only other to crack double digits ed henry says joe biden is going to announce his candidacy for presidency,sayings timing of the potential announcement unclear due to hillary clinton's testimony before benghazi committee that is thursday, as well as garth of democrats in iowa saturday ibm setting the tone to markets, company stayed sales down 14% from third quarter compared to a year yearly blaming a strong $ weak demand out of china the 14th time in a row ibm posted year over overrevenue declines along with weak energy today, recommend pressuring broader market yum brands we learned
7:31 am
this hour s intends to split into two publicly traded companies spinning out china business, stock jumping on the news, it is up nearly 5%, on yum brands, check out the markets futures a lower opening however, we are off the worst levels levels of the morning dow jones industrial average to open down 28 points as i mentioned largely ibm equivocateness in energy, nasdaq s&p 500 also down this morning, similar in europe, up european major averages downside as you can see between a quarter of a per cent and three-quarters one per cent. ♪ jedi. ♪ ♪ maria: the hand, dagen has been talking. i promised new "star wars" trailering rolled out in "monday night football" that
7:32 am
hand, you see that hand again, december release went on sale, by the way, all of this crashed on line tooiblth sites fandango must have gone from trailer that was to actor mark ham will luke being sky weaker character heard not seen wondering if that was his hand, as the game monday tonight football philadelphia eagles took it to the new york giants, yeah an ugly gaming interceptions penalties, egges won at the end of the day 27-7 american league championship two games in one favor kansas city blue jays unloaded several home runs en route to 11-8 win game four this afternoon. >> look at that -- >> shot by -- >>.
7:33 am
>> yeah sights and sounds of thailand elephants attacked a rider on moped a national park northeast regional of thailand the park shares video on facebook sake the noise upset animals should be banned before something serious happens country may be waiting for vice president joe biden to throw his hat into the ring all ice on donald trump. according to the latest nbc news pol the hopeful continues to lead the pack now at 25% support pb more on this tumble phenomena and what it means for the 2016 race ceo former political pollster mick, good to see. >> you how are you -- >> your take on this activity. >> the win of the democratic debate was donald trump, where. >> wasn't onstage. >> we've got to is to be looking at donald trump campaign through a political lens we need to look at marketing lens, he is really running one of the best marketing campaigns in the debate as soon as she engaged
7:34 am
him numbers spiked, he topped hillary clinton in the debate for twitter follows social media -- . >> he got more twitter followers after the debate. >> uber of politics the disruptive force targeting voters very well we are seeing people like jeb bush running the last campaign of the oldera, this is like -- a black and white campaign, and a digital world donald trump is on it! fascinating to me maria donald trump, wants to take on hillary clinton. and for whatever crazy reason hillary clinton wants to tabling on donald trump. >> she thinks she with an beat him pretty simple she has the experience he doesn't. >> kaen win the republican nomination. >> at this point yes, he really, as politics ice momentum game if he comes in, and wins iowa, and does well in new hampshire he's gone, and he knows that he is singled -- focusing on picking off the leaders, now going
7:35 am
after jeb bush, and look what he is doing to him he is -- conquering all issues jeb bush does not warrant nt to talk abo talked to the hirl people it is hillary's dream scenario i am like what are you talking about, this is -- >> obvious. >> i know why. dagen: i think i know why you can refuse this if you want to, but donald tactics trump tactics online, when you start attacking a woman versus a man, it certainly looks different they are hoping for that? >> different. >> hillary thinks that it is, and you saw line she used in the debate trying to -- but let me give you a scenario, what if it is donald trump and rubio? sort of a nice balance. >> then what -- >> i think he looks form midable. >> -- the running mate is donald trump absolutely matters, he has to have a. >> you i mean that is the
7:36 am
ticket trump rubio. >> could be a ticket. >> okay. >> that would shore up some of the issues, with -- with the latino voters, and deal with some of the -- >> i don't think rubio -- >> already, you know trashed him. >> you know what? >> not looking for a trump carly trump rubio either scenario. >> ben carson. >> i don't two outsiders together no experience i doubt that would work my point is, hillary wants to take him on because she thinks he is so be theable, he just might not be look what happened in canada, i mean -- only -- different. >> her only chance i mean for trump to speed bag pushes don't forget jeb was positioned as smart guy, i don't know about jerry brown versus george, george falling. >> the republican party is in a state of some chaos right now why say that that -- that that is -- >> hillary needs have to pivot trump has got plenty of
7:37 am
visceral reaction. >> marketing lens this is not going to be about democrats voting for democrats and republicans voting for dmaenz a group of independently voters swing voters going to make up this election when you are an independent voter, you are looking at hillary clinton versus donald trump, an independent voters are economic issues who is going to grow economy who is going to vision for the future. donald trump starts to look very -- >> -- wants donald -- >> in state of connecticut there is raging democrats everywhere. >> they all want trump -- >> they want that head-to-head people are most more likely going to take hillary. >> right. >> exactly right. >> you are in october this is what we are talking about we are talking about in july, all of the political classtained donald trump done they have never seen it think uber disruptive force not taken seriously all of a sudden changes market being. dagen: i just want my next
7:38 am
president to be able to spell destabilize. >> he needs to spell check on twitter. >> you should be -- that is part of authenticity how do you know not on purpose. >> oh, my god that is where we are? >> this is where we are, okay. >> would be seductive force not win trump is a destructive force we're seeing a guy has momentum we with a look for had issues come back, and so, the fact that he keeps -- issues coming back stronger hitting. >> negatives are they going up. >> negatives are -- have been high whole time. >> donald trump has already done huge things for this election, huge. and you've got give him enormous amount of credit for energying this election. >> you mean not predicting going to win i am saying running a very nice marketing campaign, and continuing the
7:39 am
momentum, so we can't keep discounting him. >> -- >> the conversation no one talked about who would be good for country or -- >> i think it would be good for the country i know hillary to be clear but i think she will smack him around seriously that would be very much -- >> all the 2ki6789 ems want it trump versus hillary they know what is going to happen. >> republicans. >> the she will -- >> when i was on hillary campaign she has 20 pictures of people talking about her hair, old issue, that is not going o to -- >> where are these pictures. >> go on web site actually she the hair past 20 hottest topicch what she wears in hair not going to actually -- be an issue here, and even if he does it, enough people will say yeah her hair changes. >> thank you for the scoop. >> we will break sports catch cow tlefkt inventories turning out billions in revenue reports claim ticket sales no prolonger the number one cash
7:40 am
generator back in a moment. ♪ ♪ you and me, something to see, baby
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7:43 am
. maria: welcome back fantasy football draftkings striking back against a cheating allegations. cheryl: covering draftkings
7:44 am
releasing the findings of internal investigation, as to when employee used snider information to a gun an advantage according to report only used public information determining his roster for the week, and after his lineup was already set. >> oscar pistorius released from prison in south africa under house arrest for four years the blade runner was originally sentenced to five years behind bars now staying at uncle's home this is part of south african law controversial move. and ticket sales no longer be number one revenue generator for the sports industry. a new report by pricewaterhouse cooper says by 2018 leagues in sports federation will collect 19. billion, for immediate rights for maria compared with 19.7 billion gate revenues i was looking at numbers from the report basically, over -- billion dollars spectateing sport bid in north america,
7:45 am
they are saying basically not about seats anymore it is does it matter about the stadium, makes sense. maria: given what is going gone on digitally who is watching from where. >> guys minting from all different animales multimedia experience multiaccess positive point. maria: all about media now new tvsets, home entertainment, you know -- programs, you can actually have a great experience at home. >> we should be coming you know with kind of big, corporate labels. dagen: we joked about years ago anchors should wear racing disputes, covered in all the corporate logos, that is another way -- >> conflicting in that -- who knows the way they are going. >> in my office if you like to try it on racing suit covered in sponsorship log os. >> you did a good recap of the this report did you see this morning in the journal, they talked about the enumerate
7:46 am
growth it is going to be compounded over 5 years more than 7% added spending media add spending television networks, part of who we work for. >> fox. >> you don't get returns in like that many places. maria: no worn validations continue going up thank you. >> hillary hillary attention from campaign trail to cal hill will benghazi have impact on her election the hearing is thursday back in a minute. ♪ ♪
7:47 am
7:48 am
7:49 am
. maria: tuesday morning candidacy on eastbound markets expecting a lower opening from broader averages all earnings
7:50 am
today keith mccullough in next two days it will be about europe ecb having a meeting thursday. >> have will he bring cowbell mario draghi if he doesn't bring cowbell a euro situation that continues to go higher dollar goes lower energy stocks go higher follow the bouncing ball if opposite energy hammered down euro strong dollar very important. >> this isn't the way ecb or any central banks work when ringing the cowbell. >> have more stimulus. >> months of lead up before these things happen long before ecb does anything he has to spend time building consensus on his committee, and signaling -- >> you are both saying. >> more stimulus happening thursday at the ecb meeting. >> the market -- agree o with john in is a process, and the data continues to roll out so that part of the process the germ ppi number this morning was down 2.1% the kadeflation is a catalyst to keep going. >> if economy doesn't perform
7:51 am
back that direction he hasn't prime it. maria: the bank of japan meeting the end of the month another conversation. >> riveting. maria: talk hillary a moment, committee on benghazi upcoming thursday republicans under fire for alleyly using investigation for partisan purposes what some call a vast right winning conspiracy. >> star wonderful to have you on the program. >> thank you good to be here. >> what are you expecting thursday. >> let's hope she doesn't wear blue do not wear blue, pant suit dress. maria: why? >> well, priermdz of the shg, r. maria: blue dress. >> we don't know what could be i would suggest goes with something maybe pink. >> -- how about -- >> going to matter, star that is the point is it do you think people are going to be expecting news to come out of thursday's hearing.
7:52 am
>> news will come out of thursday's hearing this is keep that in mind these folks have decided they were not going to cooperate since k committee formed now time to find out what exactly you were doing why hiding a server in a private location first place, and let's get to the bottom of this. >> basically not -- if you follow the bouncing ball somebody snows something we don't know certainly i don't know if biden knows something is coming out wouldn't he white for that. >> he is going to wait for that to come out keep that in mind he is political he wants that white house house between him wanting the white house and michelle obama probably not want to go move out of the white house i am a conspiracy theoristab biden-michelle obama ticket next year. >> sounds like e-mail thing so much like the white water
7:53 am
scandal clintons weathered so many they ride it out take some black -- >> hillary rodham clinton wasn't secretary of state. >> this is the problem, white water, they weather so much because they are about big government more than half country hooked on government when you are on drugs, you don't care what the person who is selling you drugs is doing you are just going to continue to want those drugs. >> you want more free stuff. >> more free stuff a lot of free stuff is connected from womb to tomb hillary told us last time she was in white house what she desire could she weather. >>. dagen: unless a indictment permissi pivotal thing does she need to avoid another what difference does it make moment likes inincentive. >> she is inincentive.
7:54 am
>> four people dead families still miss them. >> -- >> here you go basically said what difference does it make and that clip was you know, running all around the world. and that is what we remember. >> -- >> we find she will so offen up we don't know if we are going to find out there is a difference, maybe because this is more than just about benghazi this is about every single one of us that travel abroad if your country cannot protect you if you are making calls out and we are not going to respond, this is very, very serious, i don't care what -- >> we know ambassador stevens was asking for more help, we know that there was a reluctance to give more help. >> right. >>. maria: why? that is what we want to know from these e-mails. >> that is right. >> by the way, this committee was already successful because of this committee we found out about the server. >> right. >> kind of like this committee i am bullish on this committee. >> me too. >> on the committee she isn't
7:55 am
she going to use this -- >> is it possible, people on the committee especially when you look at congressman gowdy very series about this -- when you look at jason, very series not for themselves grandstanding but because of the american people they understand, that if you can't protect your own ambassadors, in this war, that we are in on a war against isis a war against trerrorism you can't protect this country extremely series saebt sleeping through that phone call we heard with. >> wonder if she starts to sound in other southern being interrogated by trey gowdy did that on the campaign -- >> -- you ever notice that -- >> all of a sudden. >> what? >> changes dialect. >> no way. >> yeah -- >> many of them do always sound southern. >> [laughter]. maria: ma is hilarious get the clip.
7:56 am
maria: by the way, mccarthy said totally partisan -- doesn't take away from fact a national security issue. >> that is right. >> great to have you come back soon please thank you so much "mornings with maria" presidential hopeful south carolina o senator lindsey graham weighing in for white house top issues phasing lawmakers on cal hill. >> a move into health care, take a look where he is investing the sector coming up will join us, with his new move after leaving credit suisse back in a minute.
7:57 am
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more with your score at credit average. . . maria: welcome back good tuesday morning i am maria bartiromo, it is tuesday, october 20, once again with me fox business network dagen mcdowell hedgeye ceo keith mccullough "the wall street journal" john, yum brands said it will separate into two independent publicly traidz companies will spin out its china business, yum saying new company yum china will focus
8:00 am
on growing its iconic brands, of ktc pizza hit taco bell with offerings to china's growing middle class, big story, stock is on the move, verizon third quarter earnings forcing adjusted profit 1.04 a share revenue 2.3 -- billion, on top and bottom lines growth driven by demand for wireless and fire services united technologies earnings 1.67 a share revenue 13.8 billion per share number a win for utx the top line number revenue, missed on expectations, bank of america marion bartel told us earlier this morning story of the season has been mul multinationals. >> really surprising in all kweerlt earnings is multinarnlz performing. >> you want to keep buying them. >> yes. >> futures, this morning, indicating a lower open for the broader averages should point out off the worst levels of the morning but, nonetheless, we are expecting fractional declines the
8:01 am
opening of trading this morning, similar in europe, take a look at european bourses they are down, across the board to tune of a quarter of a per cent three quarters of a per cent lower. ♪ ♪ jedi. ♪ maria: there it is as promised new "star wars" trailer rolled out in "monday night football" tickets for the december movie on sale last night a, by the way, that crashed online ticket sites like fandango all crashed missing from mark hamill lou sky swaeshg character herd but not seen. >> "monday night football" philadelphia eagles to giants an ugly game by interceptions preponderates, at the end of
8:02 am
the day egges win 27-7, american league championship two games to won in favor of kansas city toronto blue jays unload searcher home runs 11-8 win game four this afternoon, keith mccullough. >> look at that ooh canada when nothing to celebrate politically you can celebrate blue jays. maria: celebrating socialism. >> yum brands plans to separate into two publicly traded companies jo. jo ling: parent company kfulfillmenc pizza hit spinning off china business separately publicly traded for years china business was a bright spot for yum brands struggled late food safety scares economic volatility in the country china is 57% of yum revenue more than half operating profit, it separation comes days after yum added activist veer keith meister to board he was calling for this exact change, the transition completed by
8:03 am
the end of next year, and to look at yum shares they are jumping on the amuse, they are up about 6%, and as of yesterday's close stock down nearly 2% so far this year maria this will surely hello. maria: thanks o so much concerns offed me monetary policy a toll on stocks my necessary geks says market volatility could be positive for bond investors, joining us right now, is black wrok chief vest strategist fixed income jeff rosenberg good to see. >> you thank you so much for joining us lay out what you are expecting from the fed, and the european central bank as well since is a fed -- a mario draghi meeting thursday how that impacts fkdz income. >> news focused on ecb focus on meeting later this week, the ecb loaneding survey in the bright spot for european data, came out a bit stronger than expected, is to, easing soming easing expectations you saw in stock market i appall this paranormal markets good
8:04 am
news stocks go down bad news stocks go up. >> have all about expectations, for monetary policy accommodation we saw that in first couple weeks in october, as we had disappointing payroll report, pushing back on the fed, we had a lot of conversations john written extensively about this we are reading about about the disagreements within fed most important issue that expectations in the bond market are really pushing off any fees are of -- of -- normalization, and really heightening the disagreements going on in market, the narrative is shifting away from the focus on u.s., the focus on what is going on here, to those global and international developments. >> how position how are bond bonds positioned right now if narrative changes say we get a couple good jobs reports let's say to some inflation data firm up, are the bond markets in for a shock if all of a sudden we are back to a fed rate increase in december. >> that is a great question, because the markets have pushed so far off
8:05 am
expectations, that if you get better data and better commentary you know, the probability for december is let's say 30% right now, usually before the fed wants to raise rates, they want those probabilities closer to 70, or 80, so the market is going do have to move a lot, if you are going to get that hike. right now with data and the commentary that we've seen on data it has been we can or mixed, and so the markets fed not that far apart. >> who gets hurt in this scenario if we get good data and feds say december back up. >> i that i bit of paranormal market good data is bad for stock markets, bad for the front end of the bontd curve, because bond curve implies fed is going to raise this market doesn't like that. >> and -- >> maybe --? the call in 2015 was to be over all berryish on growth and to push out your dots and go with long bond call so how do you think about that risk a lot of people weren't positioned for it sounds like
8:06 am
you are you have right setup between jumping or high yield and supersovereign. >> absolutely, things i think change dramatically, in the summer, we had issues coming out of china, k exacerbated by august 11 down, down grade spilled over august 24 into u.s. stock market stock market we saw the are getting fees are coming out of global an international developments validated september fomc postponement shifted towards duration interest rates less risky better positioned for bond. >> for bond investor where can you get yield without taking a lot of risk these as the. >> well you can't that is what it means to be in zero interest rate environment you see yield you are going to take a lot of risk the question is do you want to about doing that. >> the area of income for fixed in being investors i think most attractive municipals you get tax advantage the credit issues around municipal bonds
8:07 am
idiosyncratic big we will hear more puerto rico illinois chicago broader market interest rate, we pushed back on fed expectations for increases in interest rates going to support the income that you are getting, in terms of your total returns and price -- >> talk about emerging market for a second a lot of worry in the bond markets particularly about emerging market corporate debt are we heading for a crackup in that part of the market if so, where? >> so, the poster children for this concern, are the commodity and oil price sensitive sectors when talking about emerging markets means a lot of different market dollar denominated debt sovereign debt the area of focus is commodity incentive what happened to bond prices incredible volatility, down 20 points, september, up 10 points october, so, the story is not written in terms of
8:08 am
those of how this is going to end but right now there is a big debate, and you see that in terms of those price volatilities, it is -- >> i point out is there more to come on that front. >> i think there is more to come, the volatility is not settled in terms of ultimately what determines mow these bonds are going to show up. >> exactly. >> outlook for china outh for commodities -- >> do you think there is a bear stearns moment glen core two-thirds drif zpour less transparence as you know bear stearns was the start of a lot of issues not the end, do you think glencore that same issue? >> it is not as systemic it was bear stearns astet manager summer '07 kicked it off issues big in terms of commodity is if sensitivity emerging market sensitivity people want to go all the way to is this 2008 that is a little bit extreme we've had lots of credit cycles about 94, 2002, 2008 is unique in those it is not is going to be
8:09 am
that degree but certainly, we are looking at the next credit cycle if it combed to commodity energy sensitivities. >> characterize capital markets in general not just fixed income are you seeing stabilization? >> i wouldn't characterize stabilization, i think what we just talked about, was incredible increases a new level of volatility, bond prices moving 20 and 10 points. >> paranormal. >> now you are in a new -- region in terms of uncertainty, issue. >> fourth could be as troubled as third. >> i think what you want to think about going forward is that the september 17th, fomc raising global and international developments to the same play as our data k dpns in u.s. is an inflection point for two weeks paranormal ended police department we went back to old normal now kind of going back and forth i think that itself a meaningful inflection point higher volatility here to say.
8:10 am
>> good to see you thanks so much appreciate it jeff rosenberg black probleming see you soon hillary clinton donald trump on top both reading the latest "the wall street journal" nbc polls coming as we await a vice president joe biden, announcement when he is jump into those the fray blake berman with a latest. >> the deflates nby news "the wall street journal" poll shows hill 4i8 a post debate bump, and there is uphill climb for joe biden, should he get into the race, as you can see clinton received support nearly half democrats, biden is at a hypothetical 15% nothing fiducially from biden just yet but according to fox ed henry sources say the vice president is expected to announce that he is running for president. the timing though of a potential announcement very unclear, as clinton testimony before benghazi committee on thursday and a prominent gathering of the in thats on sad in iowa topped calendar
8:11 am
same pol for republicans shows status would that side don don continues as for that reason 25%, ben carson behind that marco rubio only other person to crack double digits ted cruz jeb bush carly fiorina from there rest of the field does not clear 3%. maria. maria: thanks very much exciting races blake berman d.c. coming up the mania surrounding "star wars: the force awakens," dlooifg hard fans scramble for tickets, the cechlo apple tim cook of valleying apple has 15 million euros 6 1/2 million paying subscribers blackstone leads the deal to by the deal 5.3 billion dollars, spotify removes songs, independent record lieshls oversight records a standoff over publishing royalties.
8:12 am
sh we'll be right back. when a moment turns romantic why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess.
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8:15 am
. maria: welcome back shocker in canada ten apologies of laparoscopy comes to end cheryl casone with the story. cheryl: according to to keith now -- that is right our neighbor to the north getting a new leader for -- trudeau the next prime minister of canada after liberal party won a parliamentary majority son of former prime minister pierre trudeau, two taking differences to the sky, a san francisco bound southwest flight turned around midflight after a woman claimed a man tried to choke her, for reclining her seat one passenger speaking out about that fight. >> everybody screaming, it was -- pandemonium i thought a
8:16 am
terror, restrained this guy like yeah, you know, like i said before 30,000 feet i will beat you down. >> mark curry well known actor final "star wars" trailer airing during monday tonight football halftime show set a 30 year after returning jedi new the first of new trilogy this is the final trailer before -- two months from day for the film to be relief, so much buzz. >> we want to talk about day ago entalking about the hand mania new highs as fans crashed movie sitelling tickets a graphic stop video to see hand is this -- luke skywalker's hand. >> is it. >> even if it is why -- >> dagen says might be going to the dark side. >> matters if -- >> he doesn't he is not a star --
8:17 am
>> matters if luke is in the film not in the poster hark hamill names in the credit so luke is in the film, but you don't see him, and the speculation is is is he gone to the dark side remember his father was darth vader, come on! maria: come on. maria: hand is significant because he lost that hand in a -- a light saver fight with his dad in empire strikes back. >> now -- you got to the -- >> there you go. >> that is -- but -- the old one is in movie there is a new version in the trailer, of the little assistant robot. >> that is bb8. >> bb8. >> may be going to the dark side as well fairly dark picture. >> no droids always part. >> close in. >> looks like he may have been hacked.
8:18 am
maria: makes you think of another movie. dagen: i lost my head ♪ maria: tell me about his -- >>. dagen: something awful. maria: that is the movie, okay tweet us, you got it cheryl -- >> maria. maria: cubs fans fly w flags in hopes of a wup as team gains game three national league series live to chicago. >> wrigley field is next. >> i don't know what that was i'm sorry. which allergy? eees. bees? eese. trees? eese. xerox helps hospitals use electronic health records so doctors provide more personalized care. cheese? cheese! patient care can work better.
8:19 am
with xerox. that's it. how was your commute? good. yours? good. xerox real time analytics make transit systems run more smoothly... and morning chitchat... less interesting. transportation can work better. with xerox.
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8:21 am
. maria: well getting ready to party in chicago. cubs will host game three one
8:22 am
of the nlcs as they take on new york mets jeff flock at wrigley field now. >> start to line up sun rises over wrigley field ernie banks behind me over here you see the lines starting to form, some folks hoping to try and score a ticket, some truth be told maria actually working for fiscal% trying to get extra tickets i won't impute motives to specific folks that is the reality out there, part of the allure of this is because of i guess what you would call an unmatched record of futile in progressively sports last time cubs won a world series 1908. and put together fun facts to know and well, if that republican president in white house teddy roosevelt, 46 states, half america lived on farm drove a model t, people made 22 cents an hour. that year they, by the way, vent the lollypop not sure why important there you go. the odds tonight? on the cubs making it to world series maybe you see them
8:23 am
pretty good for the mets and royals the cubs, and toronto, won their game three last night. actually, it is 6-1 i think the odds there you go, fly the w. white flag has a blue w on it the big cubs victory sign most career they just flown a white flag with nothing on it. we hope it changes. maria: jeff flock what do you think in issuing mets taking game three. >> yeah. >> yeah? >>. dagen: done that. >> beat poor can you be fans into o blif i know. >> i am a new yorker royal yankees fan. >> soft spot for chicago. >> it has been. maria: what? >> so long give the guys a break it would be nice to see them win. >> going soft you got to go for toronto. maria: talk blue jays for a second. >> they need similar thee, politically. you know this team is good engines joe carter smacked one see this, i don't know if
8:24 am
going to show it show the shot these are big bombs off in canada. >> i think kansas 70 is more sympathetic at this point with an blue jays i am going royals. >> the ballpark food is batter at wrigley got that going cub fans. >> there you go. >> maria's pitch in chicago. maria: i am not going to tell you i did throw first pitch at wrigley field, coming up presidential candidate lindsey graham will weigh in on latest from the trail and low poll numbers can he still make the nomination we will find out when lindsey graham joins us next on "mornings with maria" stay with us. buddy- nice place, nice car what happened?
8:25 am
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8:27 am
>> all eyes on the 2016 race for the white house. the latest nbc news poll donald trump with 25% support and dr. ben carson a few points behind. the rest of the crowded field not over 3% in the polls.
8:28 am
and presidential hopeful himself lindsey graham, senator. good to see you, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. maria: i want to talk about the work you've got cut out for you with these poll numbers. first, let me get your take on the world and the way you see it. we know that russia invaded ukraine and put troops in syria. what should the next president do? >> i've never seen so many threats to the homeland. they're running wild, pulten, asia has gotten a deal prefer in terms of pathway to nuclear bomb and money to pay for it. and our foreign policy is in freefall, excuse me, but our problem is that our two leading candidates on the republican side have no plan to degrade and destroy isil.
8:29 am
what president obama has is not a plan to destroy isil. i have a plan, and approach to syria. republicans, we criticize obama, but the lee leading candidates on our side have nothing different in terms of destroying isil. if we don't hit them, they will hit us. maria: you want troops on the ground to destroy isis. the u.s. has been generous in supporting war torn countries. what should the u.s. be doing in terms of these refugees. 100,000 are going to be let in? >> i don't think that we'll let in 100,000. we need to have a safe haven for them to go so they don't have to leave their countries. hillary clinton will at least do a no-fly zone.
8:30 am
donald trump says he'll stay out of syria. all i can tell you, another 9/11 is coming planned and inspired by isil. the idea of leaving iran and syria alone, it's-- one is deploying jordan and-- there will be a safe haven inside of syria so they don't have to leave their own country. maria: the president is talking about having a coalition, our friends on the ground in the middle east join in, in this war against isis. is that not going to work? >> not with him. i mean, he's never asked anybody to get a ground force. what i would do as president, i would go to the sunni arab states who hate isil and will not turn syria over to iran, assad is a puppet of iran. russia supporting assad is a nightmare for us. it's good news for isil because they can recruit. i'd get turkey and the arabs together to help form a regional army to go in and
8:31 am
destroy isil. 90% them and 10% us. donald trump said two things that bothered me, said that president bush was warned about 9/11 and, he should apologize to president bush. he says that probable going into iraq for isil. i blame obama for the falling apart of iraq for the rising of isil in syria and giving-- at the end of the day i blame obama for the mess and a republican should be an alternative to obama not more of the same. maria: who you do you wrangle the spending issues? we're talking about a $600 billion expectation in terms of defense spending. we've got the smallest army, what, since world war ii, the smallest navy on record.
8:32 am
how do you allocate the money toward defense at this moment in time? >> well, 20% of one third of the budget is defense spending. you could eliminate the department of defense and not move the debt needlement i would rebuild the military. we're going to spend 2.3% in gdp on defense by 2020 half of what one normally spend smallest since 1940 and smallest navy since 1950. i would go back to around 5% of the gdp spent on defense. liability that comes from the baby boomer retirement regarding medicare and social security, by 2040, all the money you send in taxes to washington pays interest on the dead. medicare and social security so, means test benefit for people income level make $175,000 would give up a little bit. ask people to work longer, flatten out of tax code to pay debt. the that's where the debt is, it's not in the defense department. maria: we want to get in jon hilsenrath from wall street journal.
8:33 am
>> donald trump is leading the polls, if he wins the republican nomination, will you support him? >> i'll support him, but he'll get killed. his foreign policy is weaker than obama's. he's got an isolationist view, i'm going to tell republicans i'll support our nominee, but if you send donald trump into the ring she'll mop him up. he said we shouldn't have gone into afghanistan after 9/11. maria: we're talking about donald trump in the lead and when scott walker said those not getting support should step down. are you prepared it step down? >> no, i'm prepared to go in. and they're capturing celebrity and sound bite. new hampshire and iowa captures the real person. let's see what happens after we vote and see if mr. trump can
8:34 am
stand the test of time. and mr. carson, i like mr. carson, but mr. trump has no plan to destroy isil very much like obama, i do. the key this to election, sending in somebody who's going to hit hillary clinton. you're not going to beat hillary clinton if your foreign policy is weaker than obama. maria: and that's why i stuck to policy on the interview you today, not focus on the celebrity and sound bites, here is dagen mcdowell. dagen: good to see you. you spent almost $2 million in the last quarter, but only raised a little more than a million. you've got 1.65 million cash on hand. september 30th, how far can you get with that money? >> a long way. more than christie, less than kasich. i've got a good story to tell about being prepared to be commander-in-chief. i would do simpson bowles, most em pooh don't know what simpson bowles is, you do.
8:35 am
you understand the next president needs to come together for the unfunded social security and medicare. the democrats are out to lunch. the problem on the democratic side is the second place polling guy with the soviet union on his honeymoon and probably never really came back. and you've got hillary clinton who thinks she was flat broke after eight years in the white house. so, if we don't beat these people who the hell we going to beat. dagen: you have a better southern accent than hillary clinton. >> a great job. >> mine is real. maria: will you, senator, do you think that if biden gets in, hillary still is the nominee? what do you think about abiden entrance. >> i think that biden would be a tougher opponent. number one. maria: tougher opponent? >> yeah, number one, if you're running against hillary clinton, you could wear her out on this idea that she thought she was flat broke after eight years in the white house with her husband president. and maybe that's why they took to china. if you're looking for something new and different, don't elect barack obama's vice-president
8:36 am
or secretary of state. they have been wrong about everything when it comes to foreign policy. i love joe biden as a person, but you'd be in the hall of fame just voting opposite of him on foreign policy. maria: senator, before you go, should the u.s. be doing anything about china's land grab? interesting stuff going on there, building islands in the south china sea. what should the u.s. do? >> one, go to 350 ship navy versus 275. 14 aircraft carriers versus 11. we should punish china for building islands over the waters claimed by others. that's not the way you settle a dispute. we should hit them in their wallet. you know, it would hurt us to have a different trading relationship with china, but hurt them more. they're manipulating their currency. we should do something about it. when they cyber attack us, when they steal our intellectual property we should make china pay a price. we're the strongest economy on the planet, the strongest military and we've got the weakest president in modern history. and one way to reset the table
8:37 am
is to elect a strong leader to understands the world for what it is. they can stand up to putin. what i'd do with putin? export natural gas that we own in abundance to undercut his mop nnopoly m europe and tell t ayatollah, you're not going to get another bullet or dime of money until you change our behavior. rebuild our behavior and with democrats to get out of debt. maria: thank you, lindsey graham. here is a look at the best moments in today's program. >> i saw the arm go to the robotic robot. they say, luke, you don't see him. is luke now on the dark side. maria: is that the conversation right now? >> yes. maria: it was the hand that dagen's been talking about. [laughter] >> and the "star wars" trailer
8:38 am
rolled out during monday night's football last night. that hand. yum brand had an issue figuring out what the local flavors were, they knew that k.f.c. and people in china like chicken over burger and they were offering high priced steak, and all of those strategic mistakes add up over time. >> and ubernot taking seriously and-- i want my next president to be i believe a to spell destabilized. >> and michelle obama probably not wanting to move out of the white house, i'm thinking they'll do a biden-michelle obama ticket next year.
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
hottest areas of investment has been health care, biotech and regenerative medicine and engineering. the company announced it's raised $150 million in series b funding. joining me is the former ceo of credit suisse and brady dougan and carrie cox, congratulations. i want to talk about the money raised, but carrie, kick it off with you. explain the site and why the $150 million raise was so important for growth. >> this was wonderful for us, because we have a ground breaking new biomedical
8:43 am
engineering platform. what we're developing now is a hue human blood vessel that should be able to be implanted into nearly any patient and in a few months, early evidence suggests that this now becomes and functions as if it were the patient's own blood vessel. maria: wow. >> so the potential now is very exciting for us. our first product is in hemodialysis access. when patient's kidneys fail they have to go in for dialysis several times a week and they have to have a vascular conduits implanted. most of those are teflon. our goal is to provide patients the option of having a new human vessel which we think has the potential to actually last longer than the teflon option with potentially fewer complications and fewer surgeries needed. if this proves out in the final stage of clinical testing, this
8:44 am
would be a remarkable benefit not only for patients, but also have significant health care cost savings as well. maria: it's a huge development. brady, you're a wall street guy. the former ceo of credit suisse, what are you doing in this company? >> i think that regenerative medicine is going to revolutionize the health care business in the next five to ten years, i think this will be equivalent to what you saw in the genetic impact overall. and as always, you can find companies that can be out on the front edge of that in terms of the development and those are great investments, great places to be and i think that humacyte is one of those. it's in the area, very, very interesting, i think, opportunity from an investment point of view. maria: is the ultimate goal to take it public? >> well, i think the good news is, and carrie can speak to it, but the trait thing about this financing commitment it actually carries the company through two commercializations. certainly going public could be an opportunity at some point, but the company doesn't need to and that's one of the great
8:45 am
things, you can just focus on developing the business and developing the pipeline going forward. dagen: to that point, carrie, how far do you get with $150 million. maria: the burn rate. dagen: you get through the phase three trial of this product, but how much further than that. >> we're anticipating we could actually complete the development of our first product of hemodialysis access and potentially launch it into the market ourselves. it's highly targeted market. so we could probably go it alone in the u.s. the other great thing about the raise that we were able to do is bring in funds that allows us to begin advancing other pipeline products. our company was founded by a brilliant scientist, who was elected to the national academy of medicine. we're proud. maria: congratulations. they recognize only the best of the best for that so we're excited, but one of the things she did was found the company with the goal of eventually being able to create a replacement vessel for use in coronary surgery.
8:46 am
so when people need bypass grafting they could take one of these vessels, available off the shelf. we grow these ahead of time and shipped and stored in the hospital pharmacy and taken out, implanted by the surgeon at the time of need. it's pretty revolutionary technology. >> how about the demographic demand. i agree with regeneration, we have a baby boom society that's moving specifically into the sweet spot of where you want to be. is that the access-- >> absolutely, if you look particularly at hemodialysis access and the need in that marketplace, that's driven dramatically by the aging population, by smoking, hypertension, diabetes, all the things that are driving the u.s. health care burden. maria: before we go. brady, we've got to get your take how financial services have changed, given what you've seen over your long career in financial services and the regulato regulatory, dictated how it is
8:47 am
today. >> it's pretty tough. we talked back in june about the continued evolution about the markets and the regulatory environment. he think you're seeing with the third quarter, obviously, you're seeing evidence of the continued, i think, difficult task it is to continue to adapt these business models to the new environment. you know, i think it's going to continue to be hard for a while, so, clearly, a lot of, you know, banks adjusting their strategies and, you know, hopefully will get to a more stable situation where the strategies and the markets and regulatory environment all sort of sync up better. maria: you're finding growth other ways. is the fda less bureaucrat particular, what's your experience getting it through. >> fda granted us fast track status and the importance, and upped that he is designation you get faster review through the agency. we've had good interactions with them.
8:48 am
maria: thank you, we'll be watching. carrie cox and brady of humacyte. we'll be-like right back. we decided to give ourselves stickers for each feature we release. we read about 10,000 suggestions a week to create features that as traders we'd want to use, like social signals, a tool that uses social media to help with research. 10,000 suggestions. who reads all those? he does. for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this.
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>> welcome back. nine minutes away from the opening bell. nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange. good morning. nicole: good morning to you, maria. we're focusing on yum brands, a name that struggled and seen sales dwindling and coming back from the tainted food scandal in china. they're splitting and it will be yum! brands and yum china. and owning 5% of the company on the board, has been pushing for reorganization of this company and now, you'll have franchisees in china who will
8:52 am
then pay fees to the yum brand parent and with that to try and be more competitive in this nature. so we're seeing the stock up about 5% this morning and due to close at the end of next year and tax-free to the shareholders. maria: thank you, don't forget to start your day every week before mornings with maria at 5 a.m. eastern weak days. millennials looking to move out or into an apartment may be facing unexpected competition, their parents. new numbers from harvard university show a growing number of renters are actually baby boomers, ages 55 and older. retiring and downsizing to apartments originally designed for the millennial children. interesting story there, jon hilsenra hilsenrath, what does it say about the broader housing market. september housing starts 1.21 beat expectations called for, and driven by the demand for rental apartments.
8:53 am
>> that's the connection. there's a secular change going on in the housing markets towards condos and apartments, which is taking a lot of baby boomers in. the housing starts yesterday and we had home builder confidence numbers which were very strong. the interest sensitive sectors are booming. housing and autos are booming. we talk a lot about the other headwinds facing the economy, but these are engines of growth right now and you know, if we're going to get decent growth next year, it's going to come from those parts of the economy. we're talking off air about the fed meeting next week. these are the issues that the fed has to balance. they've got interest sensitive sectors, with i-- which they have a big impact booming. maria: we'll probably hear commentary from the fed wednesday. >> they don't have a presser or anything like that. it's a meeting where they don't have, i guess, a meeting. maria: no press conference. >> they'll have a statement.
8:54 am
maria: unless they raise rates. >> jon and i were talking off line, before we came on the spot. the question i have when i met with the fed recently, do you really want to upset the apple cart here? you want to take credit for low rates and credit for housing. housing is coming from a very low place, what do they do -- the housing market is a smaller part of the economy than it used to be. >> right, as we saw when home prices move a lot, it could have big impacts on the economy. it was a smart part of the economy relatively speaking in the 2000's and people borrowed against their homes and had an impact on economic growth. if you look at some markets like san francisco, home prices are booming. >> a bubble. >> they're not worried about bubbles right now at the fed, but they're talking about it and it becomes increasingly a part of the economy. dagen: they will talk about it, but they'll never ever do anything to stop the bubbles. what we have, we have too much money sloshing around the world and in the '90s. the tech bubble, it blew up.
8:55 am
but the fed cannot let wealth be destroyed. they've got to move in and try to rescue the economy so until we all feel a lot of pain it's going to be one bubble after another, and the tech stocks and housing and now commercial real estate and it was energy. >> we felt the pain of those bubbles bursting, they can't ignore them. they were prepared to ignore them ten years ago, they can't ignore them any more. >> like bernanke's book "the courage not to tell the truth" would be the appropriate title. the all time high rent, and we have a rental bubble. these are federal reserve facts. i don't know why we don't have the courage to talk about that. >> this is the other story that we could have talked a little bit more about today, this blackstone deal, buying property. and this is where i think the investment community is moving next, rents. you know, investment properties. >> it's one of the few places in the economy next to biotech
8:56 am
gouging, is rent. >> you could get a bubble after that. >> good analysis, guys. be back after this. the wolf was huffing and puffing. like you do sometimes, grandpa? well, when you have copd, it can be hard to breathe. it can be hard to get air out, which can make it hard to get air in. so i talked to my doctor. she said... symbicort could help you breathe better, starting within 5 minutes. symbicort doesn't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms. symbicort helps provide significant improvement
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cheese? cheese! patient care can work better. with xerox. that's it. >> looks like lower opening. take a look at futures. we're off the worst levels. real quick, dagen, what a great show it was today. dagen: i love all of you. maria: we love you back. dagen: i was sitting in the break thinking, it's crazy that we get paid to have this much fun. maria: keith mccollough? >> i want to put darth vader's hand on the s&p futures. >> i think that darth vader's hand has been on the futures for a bit. maria: great shows. and u.s. attorney general loretta lynch says it's time to prosecute people who commit crimes instead of a past. joe nacchio and others served time, we'll find out what they
9:00 am
think the government will do, whatever it takes to get a conviction. thanks for joining us, everybody, he zoo-- see you tomorrow. "varney & company" is next. stuart: thanks, maria. trump is on the show and more support than ever before in a wall street journal poll. 25% trump, a new high in that poll for him. 22% carson, nearly half the vote goes to outsiders, nonpoliticians, it really looks like the gang of six, the top two, trump and carson, pulling away from the rest of the pack. only rubio at 13% is anywhere near close. separately, jeb bush says trump's view of 9/11 history is just wrong. we'll put that to the donald later on today's program. then there's joe biden. numerous sources say he's running and will declare soon. by the way, he's already attacking hillary clinton. you can't avoid this, you might want to, but "star wars," disney r


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